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Angel Episode 6.3 113. The Way We Never Could Have Been

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  • Angel Episode 6.3 113. The Way We Never Could Have Been

    Hi, this is the third episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.3 113. The Way We Never Could Have Been

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Angel and Hamilton stood facing each other. Time is still frozen around them.

    Hamilton: Well done Angel. You've made the right choice.

    Angel continues staring seriously at Hamilton.

    Hamilton: I'd tell you that you won't regret it?but you probably will.

    Angel: Are we finished?

    Hamilton: I suppose we are, yes.

    Angel: Good. Then start time again and get the hell out of here.

    Hamilton: Oh Angel I'm hurt. No thank you?

    Angel remains silent.

    Hamilton: I suppose it was too much to ask. But let me tell you one thing: the next time you need a deux ex machina, admittedly, a slightly twisted version, don't look in our direction. Because we're through making deals with the likes of you.

    Angel: Don't worry I've had just about enough of them myself.

    Hamilton: Good. I'll start time again in just a moment. But first, I suppose we do owe you a little something.

    Angel: What?

    Hamilton: It's a long way back to the hotel from here. We thought we'd give you a little shortcut.

    Angel: No thanks.

    Hamilton: Oh I think you'll want to see this now.

    Hamilton clicks his fingers. There is a flash of light. Angel blinks. He opens his eyes and finds himself in the Hyperion lobby facing Spike, Gwen and Gunn. Angel looks a little annoyed until he sees the gang.

    Angel: Oh you guys got here. Glad to see you're?

    He frowns as he sees them all staring past him. He turns around. Fred is standing looking shocked. Angel looks shocked.

    Angel: ?alive.

    Fred backs away and looks uncertain.

    Gunn: Angel.

    Angel: What?what is this?

    Gunn: We dunno she just appeared. We could?

    Angel walks towards her slightly.

    Angel: Fred?

    Fred looks scared.

    Fred: No. It?you can't be hi-

    The portal suddenly blasts energy downwards hitting Fred. She is blasted backwards into the wall. Everyone looks shocked as she falls down unconscious. Angel rushes over to her. The others follow but look uncertain.

    Gunn: Not don't let her be?

    Spike: Is?is she-

    Angel exhales.

    Angel: She's alive.

    Cut to Illyria looking down from the balcony. She turns around to face away from them. She frowns to herself and walks away.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Guest Starring:

    MAX PERLICH - Whistler

    Open on Angel laying Fred down on the bed in her old room. She is still unconscious. The others stare at her. Gwen breaks the silence.

    Gwen: Ok?so?what?

    Spike: Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Angel: How did she get here?

    Gunn: All we know is that she came through a portal.

    Angel: What? That's impossible I-

    Spike: Yeah we know. Made your little deal with Hamilton.

    Angel looks at Spike and looks confused.

    Angel: How could you-

    Gunn: Got front seats at the main event. Saw everything. You, Hamilton. Your son.

    Gun stares at Angel seriously. Angel turns away looking disbelieving.

    Angel: I?

    Spike: Look, Angel you can explain or whatever later, we've got slightly more urgent matters if you hadn't noticed.

    Gunn: You're right. But you think maybe this is what Hamilton was talking about? Someone else paying later?

    Angel glares at Gunn.

    Gwen: Wait, a minute. Ok this is Fred, or something that looks like Fred. But she's dead. I mean she's Illyria now. So who the hell's this?

    Angel: It's her.

    Gunn: How do you-

    Spike: He can smell it. I can too.

    Gunn: But it can't be.

    Gwen: She came through the portal.

    Spike: Yes, we were there.

    Gwen: Everything and everyone who's come through the portals so far has been-

    Angel: Someone we knew.

    Spike: Hardly, they're from different dimensions?

    Spike suddenly realises. He looks at Angel. Everyone looks at Fred.

    Gunn: You mean it's not her.

    Angel: No it is. It's Fred. Just?not the Fred we know.

    Spike: So what the hell does that mean?

    Angel: Look I don't know, ok? We're gonna have to wait until she wakes up.

    Gwen: If she wakes up.

    Angel: She will.

    Gwen: Hey I'm just saying she's lucky she didn't get fried when that thing hit her. Everyone else did.

    Gunn: Except you.

    Gwen: Yeah well she's not electrically charged in any way. Unless she is in whatever dimension she came from.

    Angel: I carried up here without a problem. From what I can tell?she's the same as the Fred we know.

    Spike: On the outside, maybe. But we don't know what she's seen, what's she's done, any of it. And hell we don't even know that that is Fred from another dimension. That portal appeared after Angel sealed the deal with Hamilton.

    Gunn: You think this is someone in disguise or something?

    Spike: You'd be surprised how effective they can be.

    Gwen: Spike could be right Gunn. I'm sorry I-

    Gunn: We don't know anything yet-

    Spike: Well some of us seem to have decided already.

    Gunn: Yeah, you.

    Spike: The point is you just think it's her because you want it to be.

    Gunn: And you don't?

    Angel: Look just shut up!

    Gunn and Spike glare at each other.

    Angel: All I know, is that there's a girl lying on that bed who looks like her. The girl we all lost. And yeah, I'd like for it to really be Fred more than anything. Maybe she can't be everything Fred was.

    Angel looks at Fred. The others look at grave.

    Angel: But she might able to fill the space.

    Spike: What about Illyria? Wasn't so long ago she was doing just that.

    Angel: Where is she?

    Cut to Illyria next to the door listening.

    Gwen OS: She went to think about things. About the decision you made, actually. Do you we should tell her about?about Fred?

    Illyria frowns. Cut back to the others.

    Angel: No. No she wouldn't see it as a good thing. She'd think we'd abandon her or something now that?

    He looks at Fred.

    Angel: Now that this has happened.

    Spike: All right.

    Illyria cocks her head. She walks away.

    Spike: But can you blame her? We haven't exactly given her much reason to think we want her around.

    Angel: I don't need this right now.

    Spike: Angel, Illyria isn't just a substitute you can take and throw away as you please. You may not have noticed but she's becoming more human every day, she can be-

    Angel: Be what? Like Fred? That's who you want her to be Spike, admit it.

    Spike pauses.

    Spike: She's got more of the Fred I knew than the girl lying there has.

    Angel: We don't know that yet.

    Spike: Fine. Then you can wait here and find out. But don't fool yourselves. Things aren't gonna be as easy as you want them to be.

    He points at Fred.

    Spike: She shouldn't be here. You know it.

    Gunn: Maybe you shouldn't either. You died and were brought back. So was Buffy.

    Spike: Yeah well there were consequences then and there's gonna be consequences now. It's only a matter of time.

    Spike walks away.

    Angel: Where are you going?

    Spike: (without turning around) Dunno, don't care.

    He walks out the room and down the corridor. The others look after him. Angel closes his eyes and sighs.

    Gunn: You think he's right?

    Angel: I dunno. Maybe. We'll have to wait and see.

    Gwen: So what if she's something else? Do you think you can kill her?

    Angel looks away.

    Gwen: Thought as much.

    Angel: Gwen, I-

    Angel's mobile phone starts ringing. He walks over to the window and suddenly jumps as he walks into the sunlight. Gwen and Gunn look at him.

    Angel: Not necro-filtered. Right. Gonna have to do something about that.

    Angel answers the phone.

    Angel: (to the phone) Hello? Hey! Yeah, I uh, I do. What is it?

    Gunn and Gwen look on curiously.

    Cut to Spike walking into the lobby. He hears Angel's phone ring in the distance. He turns round and frowns. The camera moves down slowly to show Illyria facing him a few feet away. Spike turns around and jumps slightly as he sees Illyria standing in front of him. Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: Did I startle you?

    Spike: (dismissively) No?of course not.

    Illyria raises an eyebrow.

    Spike: Where've you been anyway?

    Illyria: Contemplating what will happen next.

    Spike: Oh, right. Sorted it out?

    Illyria: That all depends.

    Spike: On what?

    Illyria: Is she awake?

    Spike looks shocked.

    Illyria: Yes. And I have heard you discussing what will be done about it.

    Spike: Oh, well?well I suppose that's good. Because you should know that I-

    Illyria: Do not give a repetition for my benefit. I have heard enough to understand how you feel.

    Spike: Ok?well let me explain-

    Illyria: (raising her voice) Do not give me explanations of your actions! You think I cannot see?

    Spike: See what?

    Illyria walks towards Spike slightly.

    Illyria: You toy with me now you believe I have become human enough to overlook it. You are wrong. I see it.

    Spike: Illyria-

    Illyria: I see the truth in your eyes. You do not value me. You value what I represent. You want me to be her.

    Spike: Hey I understand you're not Fred I-

    Illyria: You would sooner accept the human that resembles your friend than me.

    Spike: That's not true.

    Illyria: And now you try to fool me yet again. As deficient as these ears may be, I heard your views clearly. I was foolish to believe I could cooperate with such lower beings as you. You would choose a stranger over me. You would spare a stranger over me.

    Spike: What? Look whatever you thought you heard, it was a mistake.

    Illyria: Yes. My mistake.

    Illyria suddenly punches Spike across the lobby. Spike hits the wall and looks up. She rolls across the floor as Illyria punches downwards.

    Spike: What the hell are you doing?

    Illyria: What I must.

    Illyria swings a punch which Spike barely dodges.

    Spike: I don't wanna hurt you.

    Illyria swings another punch. Spike catches her fist and kicks her back. Illyria looks up at Spike.

    Illyria: That does not mean you won't.

    Spike frowns.

    Spike: Hey that's my-

    Illyria dives forward knocking Spike to the ground. She grabs his neck and squeezes. He clenches his teeth and rolls over on top of Illyria.

    Spike: Look whatever end of the stick you've got it's the wrong one, so just stop-

    Illyria reaches the side of her suit and suddenly jams a syringe into the side of Spike's neck. He gasps a little and then looks confused and sags a little. He looks at the syringe out of the corner of his eye and begins to sway gently.

    Spike: Brown?

    Spike falls to the side and lies unconscious. Illyria looks serious. She gets up and pulls the syringe out of Spike's neck. She crushes it in her hand.

    Cut to her in the hotel basement with Spike who is still unconscious. She has tied his hand to a pipe. She stands up slowly. She looks up at the basement door.

    Cut to Angel, Gunn and Gwen in Fred's room standing away from Fred.

    Gunn: When?

    Angel: Two weeks.

    Gunn: That long?

    Angel: Yeah they need to prepare stuff.

    Gwen: This is good news right? You get to see Buffy again, and sort everything out.

    Angel: Yeah?it's good.

    Gwen: So how come you look like a kitten just died?

    Angel: She uh, wants Spike to come too.

    Gwen: Oh. I'm guessing you guys have history.

    Gunn: Yeah it gets complicated at the part where Angel looses his soul after getting it on with Buffy.

    Gwen's eyes widen.

    Gwen: You can lose your soul!?

    Angel: Yeah I'll?explain about that later.

    Gwen still looks unconvinced.

    Gunn: But you're still gonna go, right?

    Angel: I dunno. I mean this whole Fred situation, Wolfram and Hart could be planning the apocalypse as we speak and I'm not sure if?

    Gunn: If you can talk to her.

    Angel: A lot's happened since we last met. She thinks I've gone over to the dark side because of Wolfram and Hart. I don't know if I can face her.

    Gunn: Well she aint heard your side of the story. You gotta convince her you're still the guy she knew.

    Angel: I don't think I am.

    Gwen: Ok, I don't really know much about all this, but I know that you can't hide here forever hoping that she forgets. Because she won't. She wants you there as much as Spike, and I get why that might spell trouble but you have to go. For Faith if anything. Cause that's what this is really about.

    Angel looks at Gwen. He nods. Gwen and Gunn smile.

    Gunn: You never may this whole thing will have blown over by the time-

    Fred suddenly starts shifting slightly in the background. Gunn, Gwen and Angel notice and rush over to her.

    Angel: What the hell?

    Gwen feels Fred's wrist.

    Gwen: Her pulse is fine, I don't know.

    Cut to Illyria's face peering through the gap between the door and the wall.

    Angel: Fred?

    The camera slowly zooms downwards on to Fred's face. Angel's voice becomes more distant as the camera gets closer.

    Angel VO: Fred? Fred?

    The camera suddenly speeds towards Fred's face. The screen fades to white suddenly. There is a quick flash to Illyria punching someone. Then there is a flash to electricity blasting forwards. Then there is a shot of Angel grabbing Fred around the neck. Cut back to Fred lying on her bed. She opens her eyes with a start.
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    ACT II

    Open on Illyria staring through the crack on the door. She flinches slightly as she sees Fred is awake. Fred looks around. The others look uncertain. Fred laughs to herself slightly but still looks scared.

    Fred: So it wasn't a dream?

    She looks at Angel and breaths a sigh of relief.

    Fred: I can't believe you're alive!

    She then hugs Gunn who looks equally sad. Fred moves away still smiling. Her smile fades as she sees his frown.

    Fred: What? What's happened?

    She turns back to look at Angel. She notices Gwen.

    Fred: Gwen what are you doing here it's been a year?

    Gwen: Uh?

    Fred: (laughing) Why are y'all staring at me like that?

    Angel: Fred?we, uh-

    Fred: Has something happened?

    Fred frowns.

    Fred: Oh God what-

    Fred looks around.

    Fred: How come my room's half empty?

    She looks around more.

    Fred: Did something happen? Was there a fight, did it get broken?

    Angel: (sadly) Fred?

    Fred: Angel please tell me what's going?wait, w-where's Wes?

    Angel blinks slowly. Fred looks worried.

    Cut to Illyria turning away from the door. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

    Cut to Fred looking pale. She is staring out of the window in her room. Gunn, Gwen and Angel are behind her. The camera shows the view from the window: the busy road, with people walking to and fro on the streets. A single tree can be seen almost out of view.

    Fred: It looks so much like the world I know.

    She turns around and looks at the others.

    Fred: But it's not, is it?

    Angel: It could be.

    Fred: (shaking her head) No. No I-I don't belong here. I'm supposed to be dead here.

    Gunn: Maybe but you're here now, that's what counts.

    Fred: To you maybe. I bet you think I'm your Fred returned from the grave and everything can go back to the way it was. You have no idea what that is for me.

    Angel: We know you're not the Fred we knew, but you have to understand you look exactly like her. You sound exactly like her.

    Fred: But I can't be exactly. I'm sorry but the people that I knew, the, the Angel, the Gunn, the Wes-

    Fred stops herself and looks sad.

    Fred: You're not them. And I can't pretend to be the Fred you knew.

    There is silence.

    Gwen: Fred.

    Fred: What?

    Gwen: You remember me right?

    Fred: Yeah, but-

    Gwen: Then you must have experienced at least a little of what the Fred from this dimension did because otherwise you wouldn't.

    Fred: Perhaps things were kinda similar. But I know about other dimensions and portals and stuff ok, nothing is ever the same.

    Angel: Maybe if you tell us about your life then-

    Fred: I?

    Fred closes her eyes suddenly and frowns a little. The others look worried.

    Gunn: What is it?

    Fred: I keep having this vision. They usually don't recur like this.

    The others look shocked. Fred looks at them.

    Fred: So your Fred didn't have the vision thing huh?

    Angel: No but-

    Fred: I told you. Things aren't the same. They can never be the same!

    Gunn: Yeah Fred didn't have the visions but Cordelia did.

    Fred: What? She n-never passed them on to you?

    She looks at Angel.

    Angel: No.

    Fred: That was three years ago. After she died.

    The others look shocked. Fred looks away. She looks angry.

    Fred: That didn't happen either I guess?

    Angel: It did but?more recently.

    Fred: It doesn't change the fact that we're from totally different worlds. The visions gave me the strength I have now. Without them I'd probably still be the pathetic little girl I was when we?when I first met Angel. And I'm guessing that's what I was here.

    Gunn: No, no Fred you were strong you-

    Fred: Don't tell me, I don't wanna know anymore. This "tell each other our life story" thing obviously isn't gonna work. You have a son, you brought me out of some hell dimension, Wesley's dead I?I can't stay here.

    Fred looks tearful. She walks out the room quickly.

    Angel: Fred wait!

    The others follow.

    Fred: Leave me alone!

    Angel: You're right about one thing, you don't know this world, you shouldn't go out there alone-

    Fred: I'll find out soon enough.

    Angel: Wait, please don't-

    Fred turns around quickly.

    Fred: Don't what? Look I-I get that this must be hard for you, I'm sorry, but I can't try and fit in when I don't even know any of you.

    Gwen: Maybe we're not that different.

    Fred: But you are. The Gwen I knew has a scar above her right eye. From when we fought The Beast. The Gunn I knew has hair, me and him were never together and we never abandoned this place for some law firm that we've been fighting against forever. Don't you see? I don't belong here. I don't belong anywhere.

    Angel: What do you mean?

    Fred: Just before I got sent here, Wesley and me were the only two left against an army of demons. I should be dead, one way or another. I can't live the life she did.

    Fred turns and walks away. Angel is about to follow but Gwen holds him back.

    Angel: I can't just let her go!

    Gwen: Yes. You can. You have to. Give her some time, maybe she'll come round.

    Gunn: Or maybe she'll try and get back.

    Angel continues to frown. Cut to Fred walking out of the hotel. Illyria suddenly appears in front of her looking serious. Fred looks shocked and speechless as she looks at her. She doesn't have time to say anything as Illyria hits her across the face knocking her unconscious. She picks the body up. Cut to her chaining Fred up next to Spike in the basement. She looks at her hand and clenches it in a fist. She turns her head as she hears voices from above.

    Cut to Angel, Spike and Gwen walking down the stairs.

    Angel: If she wants to get back badly enough she can probably find away.

    Gwen: And that's the only reason you want to go after her?

    Angel: Yes!

    Gunn: How would she know where to look?

    Angel: Fred's not stupid Gunn she?I mean our Fred went to college. Maybe this one did too.

    Gunn: Yeah. But maybe she didn't. Spike was right; she looks the same yeah, but on the inside she's a completely different person. And we don't have the right to try and make her the same. I wonder where he is anyway.

    Angel: It's not as simple as that. I'm just trying to help her adjust to this dimension because she might have no alternative than staying here. And what's more I need to figure out why Fred's even here. The portals should have stopped after I made the deal with Hamilton. Something bigger is at work here and I'm not gonna hold back on anything until I find out what it wants with us and what it wants with her.

    There is a pause.

    Angel: And Spike's probably with Illyria wherever they are.

    Gwen: They should be around somewhere.

    Angel: I just hope he hasn't told her about Fred. One thing we don't need is more explaining.

    Gunn: Gonna have to at some point.

    Angel: I know. Just one thing at a time, ok?

    Gunn: Sure. Cause you need to explain some other stuff to us as well.

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: Yeah. I, uh better go after Fred alone. Better if we don't crowd her. And if she comes back then you should be here.

    Gwen: Ok. Good luck.

    Angel nods. He walks out the door. Gwen sighs and then looks at Gunn. He's frowning.

    Gwen: What?

    Gunn: Just thinking. I don't think I've taken it in yet. Any of this.

    Gwen: Yeah I'm getting a little of that too. Mainly because I don't know about any of it in the first place.

    Gunn: Sorry I aint filled you in.

    Gwen: No it's ok, I mean we haven't exactly had much time to talk about life, the universe and everything. And I can handle being in the dark about some stuff?but I'd prefer not to be. Stuff like Angel losing his soul, and the Wolfram and Hart thing. I wanna know. I wanna know about it all.

    Gunn: Well there's a lot to tell.

    Gwen: Yeah I understand. I don't expect a full recap right now, just eventually, if that's ok.

    Gunn: Sure.

    Gwen: There is one thing though. Is there anything really major I should know? Like, uh, anything that's happened to you. I just figure it's better if we don't have any secrets, right?

    Gunn: Uh, yeah, yeah. But, no I don't think there's anything really major.

    Gwen: No regrets or anything?

    Gunn: Everyone has things they regret.

    Gwen: Anything specific?

    Gunn: Uh?nothing that I can think of.

    Gwen: Ok, just curious.

    Gunn smiles. Gwen leans in to kiss him. He moves forward but looks a little cautious. They kiss. Gunn suddenly pulls away and looks behind him. Gwen turns around. Fred is stood behind them.

    Gunn: Fred?

    Fred: Hi.

    Gwen: You're back.

    Fred: Actually I never left. I was going out the door and then I realised I didn't actually know where I was going so I thought I'd just stay here to think about things.

    Gunn: Well that's great; I'm glad. Except Angel went to look for you.

    Fred: Oh, sorry. God I'm causing trouble already-

    Gunn: No, don't worry.

    Fred: Thanks.

    Gwen: So, you're ok now?

    Fred: No, not exactly. But I mean the least I can do is give things a chance. Maybe if you told me a little more about what things are like here.

    Gunn: Well we can try. I mean some stuff?we don't exactly remember. Long story.

    Fred: Well you could tell me that if you want?

    Gunn: Right, ok. Wanna go to your?uh I mean her room?

    Fred: Gunn it's ok. We're gonna end up in some weird grammatical dead end if we keep trying to say things right. And in a way it is my room?I guess it should be, at least. Let's go.

    Gunn nods and follows. Gwen frowns a little but follows too.

    Cut to Angel walking along the street. A car pulls up nearby. Angels stops as he sees Connor get out of the car from the driver's door. Connor walks towards Angel. The two stare at each other. Connor exhales.

    Connor: So you're alive. Thanks for letting me know.

    Angel: I?I was gonna call and tell you.

    Connor: Sure. Like you called to tell me you were alive after the fight at Wolfram and Hart.

    Angel: Look, so much has happened in the last twelve hours-

    Connor: I get that, ok? But dad you just disappeared in the thin air kinda way. I thought?I didn't know what to think.

    Angel: I got sent back to the hotel. Then something came up.

    Connor: Something big?

    Angel: Bigger.

    Connor: Apocalypse stuff huh?

    Angel: Maybe.

    Connor: Well this one seems a pretty non-event. I mean where's the chaos you told me about? Is it like a quiet apocalypse? You know, we're all having fun and then "boom"?

    Angel: Connor, the threat's gone?for now at least. I fixed it. I think.

    Connor: Oh. So we're safe?

    Angel: I think so.

    Connor: "Hope" and "think" aren't very encouraging.

    Angel: Well I don't know for sure. A lot of stuff's going on.

    Connor: What kind of stuff?

    Angel: It'd take too long to explain.

    Connor sighs.

    Angel: Just don't let your guard down.

    Connor: I won't. But you know the best way for me to do that would be to stay with-

    Angel: How many times am I gonna have to explain this to you?

    Connor: I'm not saying I wanna fight or anything. I just wanna stay with you for a while, you know?

    Angel: It's not a good time right now.

    Connor: Is it ever?

    Angel: Look it's not just that. The others are there, it'd take a while to introduce you and explain and everything.

    Connor: Oh, I forgot. They don't remember do they?

    Angel: Only Illyria.

    Connor: Right. The others don't even know I exist right?

    Angel: I'll tell them?soon.

    Connor: I get that it's awkward. I mean this isn't exactly a typical scenario for anyone. But right now I feel like an inconvenience for you.

    Angel: You're not-

    Connor: I'm just telling you what I feel. I wanna be apart of your life dad. Not just something extra that you have to deal with now and then.

    Angel looks sad. He walks closer to Connor and puts his hands on his shoulders.

    Angel: You have no idea how important you are to me.

    Connor: I do. You know, all the stuff you've done for me.

    Angel: Yeah I did that stuff so you'd be happy.

    Connor: Well I am, you know, but I just think I should repay some of it. And I'd be happier if I could actually come by and stuff without having to meet in the street.

    Angel: Ok. Ok, I promise that in the next few weeks we can. But not right now.

    Connor: You're busy, right. Well you know where I am so just gimme a call ok?

    Angel: I will.

    Connor: I should probably go. My dad'll think I've crashed the car again.

    Angel: Again?

    Connor: Uh, never mind.

    Angel: I didn't realise you could drive.

    Connor: Oh I have for about two years now. I mean?you know.

    Angel: Yeah. Drive carefully.

    Connor: I almost always do.

    Angel smiles slightly.

    Connor: Bye.

    Angel: Bye.

    Connor walks towards the car. He gets in and drives off. Angel frowns and looks around. He sighs and turns around walking back to the hotel.

    Cut to the Hyperion basement. The camera moves over to show Spike and Fred still chained up. Fred stirs slightly and opens her eyes. She wipes some blood away from her nose and looks around. She sees Spike next to her and looks a little shocked. She moves her hand forward slowly and touches his cheek.

    Fred: (quietly) Spike?

    Spike stirs slightly.

    Spike: (muffled) What the hell have you done to me?

    Fred: What?

    Spike opens his eyes with a start and looks around. He stares at Fred.

    Spike: You?you're awake. Or am I still not?

    Fred: I'm here. Really here.

    Spike: Oh. Well that's good.

    Fred: Yeah?it's really great.

    Spike: No I suppose it isn't really. For you.

    Fred: Not so much, no. But the part I'm really not liking right now is that we're tied up down here.

    Spike: Yeah. Bloody Illyria getting her wires crossed again.

    Fred: Illyria? That, that girl right? She looked?similar to me.

    Spike: That's because she was.

    Fred: What?

    Spike: She's all that's left of the Fred from this world. Her insides got smashed to bits by Illyria's spirit. And now Illyria inhabits Fred's body.

    Fred looks shocked. She looks away.

    Spike: It's all right though. Well I mean it's not, but Illyria's?complicated.

    Fred: She killed Fred. That could have been me.

    Spike: She aint all bad. Just adjusting to the human way of thinking.

    Fred: Right.

    Spike: Look we'll just get out here:

    Spike clenches his fists and breaks the rope around his hands. He begins to untie Fred.

    Spike: We need to stop Illyria.

    Fred: What happened to "she aint all bad"?

    Spike: Because she's out for blood right now. She thinks we're gonna kill her now you're back.

    Fred stands up now untied. She looks uncertain.

    Fred: What? But-

    Spike: No time. Let's go.

    Cut to Fred, Gunn and Gwen in her room.

    Gunn: And then Angel became a puppet. It's pretty funny actually.

    Fred: I can imagine.

    Fred laughs.

    Gunn: See, I knew we'd get you smiling sooner or later.

    Fred: Well you know I'm starting to like it this way.

    Gwen frowns to herself. Angel walks through. Fred's smile fades.

    Angel: Hey guy-

    Gunn and Gwen look puzzled as Angel stares at Fred.

    Gunn: What is it?

    Angel: Why are you her?

    The others turn to Fred.

    Gunn: What do you mean?

    Fred frowns.

    Fred: I don't know.

    Angel: Quit with the innocent act Illyria.

    Gwen: I knew there was something.

    Gunn: But Illyria? No way-

    Angel: Think again. Looks might be deceiving but I can smell that you're not human.

    Fred looks angry. So does Gunn. He looks at Fred/Illyria.

    Gunn: What the hell are you doing?

    Fred/Illyria: (Illyria's voice) What I had to do.

    Angel suddenly grabs Fred/Illyria by the throat and slams her against the wall.

    Gwen: Wait!

    Angel: You think you're clever doing this? You think you can fool us?

    Fred/Illyria: Indeed, vampire. And it was working.

    Angel: Yeah, well now it ends. Change back!

    Fred/Illyria: Will it make it easier for to kill me?

    Angel: Change back!!

    Gwen: Stop it!

    Gunn: Angel you're going too far man.

    Angel: No. She's the one that's-

    Fred OS: Wait!

    Angel turns. Fred and Spike are stood at the entrance. Fred and Illyria stare at each other. There is silence.

    Fred: Oh god.
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      ACT III

      Open back on everyone in Fred's room. The silence remains.

      Fred: Angel stop.

      Angel: Fred you don't know what's going on here.

      Fred: Yes I do.

      Spike: Illyria's already given us a taster of her little plan.

      Angel: (to Fred/Illyria) You tried to kill them?

      Fred/Illyria: In self-defence.

      Angel: What the hell do you mean?

      He grabs Fred/Illyria around the neck tighter. She knees him in the stomach and then throws him across the room. She rushes forward but Gwen blasts electricity at her and she hits the wall too. Fred walks in between them.

      Fred: Hey everyone just calm down.

      Gwen: We're not the one's trying to kill you.

      Fred: Look that vision I kept having; it was of her. I only have visions of people that need help. Namely from you Angel.

      Illyria slowly gets up, as does Angel.

      Illyria: I require no assistance.

      Gunn: Why are you doing this?

      Spike: She reckons we're gonna kill her.

      Illyria: No. I know you will try.

      Angel: Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Cause you seem to be walking right into one.

      Gunn: And why would you think we'd try anyway?

      Angel: Last time you were wrong.

      Illyria: I was mistaken then. Now I am not. It is because of her.

      She looks at Fred.

      Fred: What?

      Illyria: Your presence in this world conflicts with my own. Only one of us can remain here.

      Everyone looks shocked.

      Gwen: And where've you been hearing this from?

      Illyria: It is not important.

      Angel: Yes, it is. For all you know it could be a lie.

      Illyria: Would you doubt your friend Whistler?

      Angel looks surprised. Illyria looks seriously at him. Cut to Illyria standing outside Fred's room looking through the gap between the door and the wall. Gwen's voice can be heard.

      Gwen OS: She went to think about things. About the decision you made, actually. Do you we should tell her about?about Fred?

      Illyria frowns. Cut back to the others.

      Angel: No. No she wouldn't see it as a good thing. She'd think we'd abandon her or something now that?

      He looks at Fred.

      Angel: Now that this has happened.

      Spike: All right.

      Illyria cocks her head. She walks away.

      Cut to her walking down the corridor. She pauses suddenly. Whistler can be seen behind her. She spins around and punches forward. Her hand passes through him.[/I]

      Whistler: Boy that really is your philosophy isn't it? Kill first, ask questions later.

      Illyria: I do not ask questions.

      Whistler: You're about to.

      Illyria hesitates.

      Illyria: Who are you? And what is your purpose here?

      Whistler: I'm Whistler. Friend of Angel's.

      Illyria: He has spoken of you. You aided us in the battle against Wolfram and Hart.

      Whistler: You're welcome.

      Illyria: I did not thank you.

      Whistler: Don't you think you should?

      Illyria: You have bound Angel to a task he may not survive fulfilling.

      Whistler: Hasn't that always been the case?

      Illyria pauses.

      Whistler: Well yeah I can see where you're coming from. But this is Angel's gig. He's destined for this.

      Illyria: Destiny is a complex idea. I have no time for it.

      Whistler: You should do. You'll be changing your own shortly.

      Illyria: Explain.

      Whistler: Well you know: Winifred Burkle's back alive and not so much kicking but alive.

      Illyria: She does not belong here.

      Whistler: No. But neither do you. And especially at the same time as each other. This dimension aint big enough for the both of you.

      Illyria: Spike and Angel have experienced a similar scenario. In their case it was a lie.

      Whistler: Hey, I'm servant to The Powers That Be. Lying aint our thing.

      Illyria: Then you have a solution to this problem.

      Whistler: Yes. We don't like it, but it's a way to solve this. You might not fit here exactly, but you can be a vital asset to Angel in this fight. But Fred can't. Angel and co. are gonna have to choose between you. Thing is, Fred was a key part of their team before now.

      Illyria: They are blinded by love for her.

      Whistler: Yeah. I hate to say it but-

      Illyria: They will choose to save her.

      Whistler nods.

      Illyria: What would you suggest? That I kill her?

      Whistler: It might be the only way. Listen we have nothing against Fred Burkle. She's innocent in this. She's been fighting for us for three years. But in her world, she was about to die anyway. She doesn't have somewhere to go back to, or a place she can call home any more. Maybe in a different time, in a different place she's still needed. But not now.

      Illyria turns away.

      Illyria: They will not forgive me for her death.

      Whistler: They'll understand eventually. This is war, sacrifices have to be made. Besides, if you don't?they'll kill you.

      Illyria turns around quickly.

      Illyria: I do not believe-

      Whistler: You better. You think they see you as anything more than a stand in for Fred? Don't kid yourself. Now she's back, they'd probably kill you even if they didn't have to.

      Illyria: That is not definite.

      Whistler: You heard them talking just now. Spike, Angel, Gunn they all want you gone. This is a matter of survival.

      Illyria pauses.

      Whistler: You're gonna need to get them out of your way as soon as possible. And then you'll have to kill Fred.

      Illyria: How would you suggest?

      Whistler: You'll find a way. After all: she's only human.

      Whistler fades. Illyria frowns. Cut back to her in the others in Fred's room. There is a pause. Fred especially looks shocked, but the others do too.

      Fred: (quietly) So?it's me or her.

      Angel: Fred-

      Fred: No. Don't try and make this "complicated" or whatever. It's not.

      Illyria: She is correct. And you will choose me.

      Gwen: Hey hang on a minute. What did this Whistler guy look like.

      Illyria: Human. He wore a hat and a long coat.

      Gwen looks at Angel.

      Angel: Uh, yeah that's him.

      Gwen: Well maybe it was just someone pretending to be him.

      Spike: Gotta say it makes sense. I mean that cup of destiny may have been a load of crap but there were definitely conflicting forces between me and Angel. Still are really.

      Angel looks at him.

      Gunn: If this is true?I aint gonna take part in choosing.

      Spike: Thought you'd jump on the Fred bandwagon at the first chance you got.

      Gunn: Yeah, well Illyria pretty much saved my life back in that holding dimension. And she's saved a lot of other people too

      Spike: Oh so when she can help, she's a saint? You want to save Fred just admit it.

      Fred: Hey! We're standing right here you know.

      Illyria: I will not influence any decisions. But I do not promise to accept the outcome.

      Gwen: Well I'm not taking part either. You can't just vote to kill someone. Life's too precious.

      Gunn looks at her. He clutches her hand. She smiles slightly.

      Fred: You have to though. Otherwise who knows what's gonna happen to the world?

      Spike: Hang on. What would happen if you too just hang around Illyria? Blood streaming from people's eyes? Another bunch of portals? Full on Armageddon?

      Illyria: Whistler did not mention it.

      Spike: Well there you go. Think he would've if there was any truth in it.

      Gwen: You can't rely on that. If there is gonna be something along the lines of end of the world we're gonna have to do something and fast.

      Angel: Ok look. None of us want to vote. And we shouldn't have to. I say we find another way to deal with this.

      Spike: Any ideas?

      Angel: Well no but-

      Spike: Exactly. We're bloody screwed.

      Fred: What if?you could return me to my dimension.

      Angel: I don't know if that's possible.

      Illyria: I believe it would be. But it would be difficult, dangerous. It would require a being of great power to even attempt.

      Spike: There's gotta be a few of them left.

      Gwen: But those are probably evil.

      Spike: Yeah well I can think of one person who-

      Gunn: Wait. Fred you said you were just about to die in your world.

      Fred: Yeah.

      Gunn: Then you aint going anywhere.

      Fred: It's not your choice.

      Gunn: It'll be the equivalent of us killing you here right now if we send you back there.

      Fred: At least I'll be going out the way I'm supposed to. With the people I'm supposed to be with. I know it's not great, and I'm sorry but if anything Whistler said was true, it was that Illyria is more use to you than I can be. I can fight, sure but she's more than that.

      Illyria looks at Fred puzzled.

      Illyria: You would sacrifice yourself for me? I do not understand why. I have not given you, as humans would say, a warm welcome.

      Fred: It's not about you. It's about me.

      Angel: I get that Fred, I really do. But hey, have any of us ever really belonged here? This is our life. Fighting the things other people are afraid of. The things other people can't handle. We carry one fighting because we have to. Don't be so willing to throw it away.

      Fred: Well do you have any other suggestions?

      Angel: I say we find Whistler.

      Whistler OS: Well here I am.

      The others turn. Whistler is stood nearby.

      Angel: Whistler?uh we wanted to ask you-

      Another Whistler suddenly appears. Everyone looks confused. The first Whistler rolls his eyes and sighs.

      Whistler #1: Don't you just hate it when the bad guys try and imitate you? I guess you two ladies would know all about that.

      Illyria and Fred look at each other awkwardly.

      Whistler #2: Shut up. Angel this guy's a shape shifter.

      Everyone looks at Whistler #1 who smiles.

      Whistler #1: Aw boo hoo, now I can't have any fun.

      Illyria: It was you. You were the one who told me to kill Fred.

      Whistler #1: And you were so close! I'm disappointed really.

      Illyria looks angry.

      Whistler #2: Get out of here.

      Whistler #1: (mockingly) Aw, why can't I stay?

      Illyria looks pained by hearing this.

      Whistler #2: Or I could make you leave.

      Whistler #1's smile fades. He suddenly morphs into a figure with bright white skin and very basic features. He fades. Everyone looks at the real Whistler.

      Angel: You knew about this. Before, when he came.

      Whistler: I did. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you, but you have no idea what's going on upstairs.

      Gwen: What is going on?

      Whistler: War. Between The Powers That Be and the Senior Partners. And it aint pretty.

      Spike: I can imagine.

      Whistler: We pushed ?em back as far as we could. They won't be going anywhere for a few months. Gives you a chance to focus on this.

      Angel: This?

      Whistler: Fred and Illyria.

      Fred: But that thing it was lying?wasn't it?

      Whistler: I'm sorry. That part's true. But listen, it aint gonna happen right now you got some time to-

      Spike: How long?

      Whistler: We don't know specifically. Five months at the most.

      Fred closes her eyes slowly and then opens them again and looks away.

      Whistler: Your energies are deteriorating. You won't feel anything, but eventually you'll both die. And you might even take part of the world with you. That is, if you stay here.

      Angel: We've already been through the options.

      Whistler: Well here's one more.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to everyone sat in Fred's room in silence. Fred eventually speaks.

        Fred: Well?it could work.

        Angel: Could, yeah. But could might not be good enough.

        Fred: It's our only shot Angel. I'm not gonna be responsible for mass destruction.

        Illyria: I agree. And I believe this woman of whom you speak can perform what is necessary.

        Spike: That's if she wants to.

        Gunn: She helped us before. And we aint go no one else to turn to.

        Angel: I think Willow'll help. I hope at least. We'll ask her when we go.

        Spike: Go where?

        Angel: Oh, I forgot. Faith's funeral. We're invited. You and me.

        Spike: Oh?I see.

        Fred: Faith?

        Gunn: What is it?

        Fred: Nothing I just?she did in my world too. It was this drug it-

        Fred sees Angel's face.

        Fred: I'm sorry, I won't talk about.

        Angel: It's ok. No use pretending it's not real.

        Gwen: The funeral's two weeks though. What do we do until then?

        Angel: What we always do.

        Spike: Try and kill each other?

        Illyria looks uncomfortable. Spike realises it was quite distasteful. Spike looks at Angel.

        Angel: Fight.

        Gwen: Well that sounds good. But you know I think after this incredibly long and eventful day I really need some sleep.

        Gunn: Me too.

        Gwen: Then let's go.

        She smiles and they walk off. Gunn looks back and smiles at Fred and Illyria. Spike stands up too.

        Spike: Sounds good to me.

        Illyria: Spike.

        Spike: You don't have to say anything.

        Illyria: I must. I?I apologise for my actions.

        Spike: Yeah. But it's not that easy. You did something today, that brought back hell for me. I can't forgive you for that right now. But?I get why you did it.

        Spike walks off. Illyria looks serious. She stands up.

        Illyria: I may require rest also.

        She walks out into the wall.

        Angel: Illyria wait.

        Illyria pauses. Angel walks over to her.

        Angel: You cut Spike real deep. But I know you didn't intend to. And I know that it's in your nature to look out for number one. I'm sorry that I lost my cool earlier. That part of you that remembers Connor, will remember that he got manipulated too. It's difficult when you already don't know who to trust, and you can't tell between the truth and lies. So I get what you did.

        Illyria: In the past that is the option any of my kind would have taken. Protecting one's self was the only way we could hope to thrive.

        Angel: Right. Well this is the present. Things work differently. Next time something like this comes up, you come to me, or any of us. You can't always work alone. Because next time you try and fix things using methods from the past?we might not be so understanding.

        Illyria frowns.

        Angel: Fred do you need anything or-

        Fred: I'm ok for now, thanks. I just need to think about things.

        Angel nods and walks away. Fred looks at her. Illyria looks down.

        Illyria: If you are about to tell me how you understand my actions-

        Fred: No?no I really don't. I don't understand why any of this is happening really. It's weird, I don't know what's going on, who these people really are, but it's familiar.

        Illyria: I can relate.

        Fred: I guess we're the same deep down. We both remind them of her. Illyria, I'm not gonna pretend that it's easy to talk to you. You just being here is beyond weird. But then me being here is beyond weird too. My first impression was a punch in the face. But we're in the same boat here. So we're just gonna get along or kill each other. I know which one I'd choose.

        Illyria: I hope it is the former.

        Fred smiles slightly.

        Fred: Yeah.

        Illyria: Then I agree.

        Fred: Well, good. I'm not expecting you to welcome me being here with open arms, but just do me one favour. Don't try and be her. Be anything but her. Because when you do?you make me remember why she's not here. And some other time and place that could have been me.

        Illyria and Fred star at each other for a few seconds. Illyria looks at Fred.

        Illyria: As you wish.

        She turns around and walks away.

        THE END
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