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Angel Episode 6.2 112. Torn at the Seams

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  • Angel Episode 6.2 112. Torn at the Seams

    Hi, this is the second episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.2 112. Torn at the Seams

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on the Hyperion lobby. Everything is still. Angel walks into the lobby from his office looking serious. He looks around at the empty place. The front doors suddenly burst open. Angel turns his head quickly. Gunn rushes in, followed by Wesley who is helping Fred walk.

    Angel: What happened?

    Gunn: Those portals you said you saw? Well we just got front seats at one of ?em.

    Wesley: Fred got hit by part of the blast.

    Fred: Wesley I'm ok-

    Wesley: No! We need to get you to a doctor.

    Fred: There isn't time! We need to find out what's causing this before someone else-

    Angel: Else?

    Fred looks sad.

    Gunn: Angel?when the blast hit Fred it hit Spike too.

    Angel: What? Where is he?

    Wesley: Angel he's dead.

    Angel frowns. There is a pause.

    Gunn: Uh, we also have another problem.

    Angel is still staring into space.

    Wesley: Angel?

    Angel suddenly looks at Wesley.

    Angel: What?

    Fred: A whole bunch of demons came outta the portal. We barely got away.

    Angel: We need more muscle than this.

    Gunn: We can at least try.

    Angel: Face it Gunn, we're nothing without-

    Wesley: Angel, Spike is gone. I'm sorry to be so blunt but we need to-

    The roof suddenly blasts open. Several armoured demons pour through. One of them looks at Angel and narrows it's red eyes; all that can be seen through it's helmet.

    Fred: Oh god!

    Wesley: We have to get out of here!

    Angel: We don't have anywhere to go.

    Gunn: Anywhere but right here and right now and it'll do.

    They start running towards the front doors. Angel punches a demon. Wesley kicks one out of their way. He and Fred run out the door. Angel follows. Gunn looks back momentarily. A demon shoots an energy beam towards him. Gunn gasps as the camera zooms towards his head. Cut to black.

    Cut to Angel in his old room in the Hyperion. He is drawing a picture of Faith. He shades in her hair a little more and then sits back and stares at it. He looks sad. There is a knock at the door. Angel sighs and doesn't get up.

    Angel: Spike I don't wanna talk about things right now.

    Gwen OS: It's not Spike. It' Gwen.

    Angel: Oh, uh come in.

    Angel looks at the door. Gwen walks in. She sees the picture of Faith.

    Gwen: Sorry I didn't mean to disturb-

    Angel: It's ok, it's finished. I think.

    Gwen: It's excellent. Is it um?Faith?

    Angel: (quietly) Yeah?did you want something?

    Gwen: Yeah uh, Gunn found a few of the older Angel Investigations posters. He stuck a few up outside and we've already got calls about some more portals. We figured you'd wanna check ?em out?in person.

    Angel: Yeah I'll?I'll come down.

    Gwen nods and begins to walk away. She stops and turns around.

    Gwen: I, uh, I know it's not my place. But I'm sorry.

    Angel: Thank you.

    Gwen: I didn't know her but?I can tell she was important to you. Just like Cordelia was.

    Angel looks away.

    Gwen: I didn't see her around I figured something musta happened-

    Angel: Yeah?it did.

    Gwen pauses.

    Gwen: Whenever you're ready we'll be downstairs ok?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Gwen bites her lip and walks out. Angel continues staring at the picture of Faith.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Special Guest Stars:

    ALEXIS DENISOF - Wesley Wyndham Pryce

    Guest Starring:

    ADAM BALDWIN - Hamilton

    Open on Gwen walking down the stairs of the Hyperion. Gunn is taking dustsheets off the furniture. Gunn looks up at Gwen.

    Gunn: How's he doing?

    Gwen: Didn't say much. He was drawing pictures of Faith, is that a bad sign?

    Gunn: Well he drew pictures of Cordy about the time he got that axis thing from you.

    Gwen: Right. So it's just that he's grieving?

    Gunn: The time before that he drew about 50,000.

    Gwen: Oh. He sure does have a lot of girls.

    Gunn: Well technically Darla wasn't a girl. And technically Faith was never his. He just?helped her. And she helped him too. I mean I only met her once but I could tell they were damn close.

    Gwen: Right. I guess I don't really what that's like. To lose someone you're that close to.

    Gunn: I do.

    Gwen frowns as she stares at Gunn. Illyria appears from nearby. She cocks her head slightly staring at Gunn. Gunn looks at Gwen momentarily and then looks away.

    Illyria: Have you not finished uncovering the furniture?

    Gunn: I'm getting there.

    Illyria: I should be slaughtering our enemies currently. And yet I am reduced to pulling material of pointless human objects that you insist on indulging yourselves on.

    Gunn: And the hotel loves you too Illyria.

    Illyria: How can it when it is-

    Gunn: Look just don't worry ok? We'll be finished soon. Gwen was just giving me the low-down on how Angel's doing.

    Illyria turns her head to look up the stairs.

    Illyria: He has been up there for hours. Alone.

    Gunn: Well yeah that's what people do when they grieve. They spend some time alone.

    Illyria stares at Gunn.

    Illyria: I don't.

    Gunn looks awkward. Gwen frowns.

    Gwen: What do you do then?

    Illyria: When Wesley died I smashed his killer's skull as if it were made of glass.

    Gunn and Gwen continue staring at Illyria.

    Illyria: Vengeance was mine. Yet I was not content.

    Gunn: Well it aint as simple as that. You need to give it time.

    Illyria: If every living being on this earth gave up their time for the dead there would be none to spare on the living.

    Gwen: Well aint you just full of handy info.

    Illyria: More than you it seems.

    Gunn: Look Illyria Angel's just-

    Illyria: Here.

    Gunn and Gwen look to see Angel walking down the stairs.

    Gunn: Angel?are-

    Angel: Gunn I appreciate that you're concerned but I really don't need to discuss it.

    Gunn nods.

    Angel: Where's Spike and Eve?

    Gunn: Out helping someone move out of their house.

    Angel: What? Since when do we do that?

    Gunn: Since their house got blasted into oblivion by a portal.

    Angel: Oh. Did anything come out of any of them we know of?

    Illyria: Various people have claimed that otherworldly creatures have emerged from the portals.

    Angel: Then we need to find them.

    Illyria: Have you had enough time to grieve?

    Angel pauses. Gunn and Gwen look awkward. Illyria looks curious. Angel grabs a sword and walks towards the door.

    Gwen: Want us to come along?

    Angel: Whenever you're ready.

    Angel walks out the door. Gunn and Gwen look at Illyria.

    Illyria: Your human emotions are difficult to decipher.

    Gunn: You're gonna have to work ?em out sooner later there's gonna be a problem.

    Illyria: Problems can be solved.

    Gwen: Not all of them.

    Illyria: You are once again acting as if I am a child. Do not patronize me!

    Gunn: We aint trying to. Just we know a little more about this stuff than you and you need to understand how we deal with this.

    Illyria: This?

    Gwen: Loss.

    Illyria: Wesley was the embodiment of loss. He never truly recognised me as anything other than what Fred used to be. As he died he wished to see her face rather than mine.

    Gwen: (questioningly) Fred and Wesley were-

    Gunn: Yeah. He loved her more than anything.

    Illyria: But not me.

    Gunn: No. Cos it aint the same. But?at least Wesley could still have that small reminder of what he loved. Even if it made it harder at first, he still wanted it to be the last thing he saw. Angel can't have that with Faith.

    Illyria pauses.

    Illyria: Then I?I apologise if Angel was offended by my question. I was simply eager that we now act against Wolfram and Hart if what that female human with the irritating voice told us is true.

    Gwen smiles.

    Gunn: You don't need to apologise to him. He's just on edge. Probably best to stay out of his way.

    Illyria: I will try to do so. But we must still follow him still.

    Gunn nods. He and Gwen walk towards the door, and Gunn grabs his axe from the table. Illyria frowns a little as she follows.

    Cut to Eve and Spike walking along the street.

    Eve: You haven't said much.

    Spike: I know.

    Eve: Look if you're still angry with me for the whole Lindsey thing-

    Spike stops walking and looks angry.

    Spike: Bloody hell do you think every single thing is about you?

    Eve: I-

    Spike: Faith is dead. Do you even know who she i?was?

    Eve: A Slayer.

    Spike: One of the best. She was one of the only people out of Buffy's lot I got. And I think she got me too.

    He and Eve start walking again.

    Spike: She shouldn't have gone out like that.

    Eve: I know how you feel.

    Spike raises his eyebrows.

    Spike: You-

    Eve looks at him coldly.

    Spike: Yeah I guess you do.

    The continue walking in silence for a few seconds.

    Spike: And then Buffy knows I'm alive.

    Eve: (sarcastically) Whoopee do for you.

    Spike: Not really. She probably hates me for not telling her sooner.

    Eve: Anyone would be angry.

    Spike: Thanks for that.

    Eve: Well what do you want me to say? That she'll welcome you with open arms? I don't really know and I don't really care.

    Spike: Sounds like somebody's a little jealous.

    Eve: Yeah well, I guess that's what happens when the love of your life dies and everyone else is just-

    Spike: Don't try and make it seem like you're the only one who lost someone.

    Eve: And don't try to tell me that's not how you feel right now.

    Spike opens his mouth to reply but Angel, Gwen, Gunn and Illyria appear.

    Spike: Angel. Got here quick.

    Angel Yeah. You finished?

    Eve: That house, yeah. There's about another 50 that are exactly the same.

    Angel: We can't do anything about that now.

    Illyria: We must attend to what has come through the portals.

    Angel: Illyria, we get it.

    Illyria frowns.

    Gwen: She's just trying to help.

    Angel: If I need it I'll ask.

    Gwen looks at Gunn. Eve sighs. Spike looks at Angel.

    Spike: Don't-

    Angel: Spike, for once you've said the right thing. Don't. Ok?

    Spike: No. Because you're taking this too far.

    Angel: Really? I wonder what you've just been talking about with Eve.

    Eve: Oh it was just riveting.

    Spike: Yeah I was talking about it. Not making it seem like it's my time of the month and biting everyone's heads off.

    Angel looks angry. He then closes his eyes and exhales.

    Angel: Spike. Everyone. This is how I deal with things.

    Gunn: And it's gone so well every other time.

    Angel: I'm not asking for you to like it, I'm just telling you to deal with it. Because I can't just talk about it. Because none of you, not even those of you who knew her can understand what this means. There's only one other person who I could talk to about this but she's made it perfectly clear that that's not gonna happen.

    Spike: You could ring her-

    Angel: No. She'll call if she needs to. But I'm not gonna try and make this harder than it already is for Buffy by trying to make amends. And right now we have more important things to deal with so let's just not talk about it and do what we have to do.

    Angel walks forwards. The others look after him. Spike follows, followed by Eve. Illyria cocks her head.

    Illyria: He is a very complex creature.

    Gunn: You can say that again.

    Illyria: Did you not hear?

    Gunn: Never mind. We should go like you said.

    Gwen: Yeah. Time to stop the tourists making any more mess.

    Illyria: That all depends on what they are.

    Cut to a park somewhere else in the city. Three men are walking along the path. A portal suddenly explodes in front of them. They are blasted back. One the men looks up shock.

    Men: What the hell is that?

    A figure falls from the portal. The man's expression changes from shock to terror. The camera moves slowly up the body of the figure, showing heavy armour and several weapons. He is holding a sword. The camera shows the figure's face. All of it except his eyes is masked by a helmet. They are blood red. His eyes narrow as he sees the men lying in front of him. The man in the middle tries to back away. The figure pulls a rod of some kind from his belt. He points it at the man. A blue beam of energy blasts out. A squelching sound is heard.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Angel running. The camera moves to show Wesley and Fred running behind him.

    Fred: I?I can't run anymore!

    Angel: We have to keep going!

    Wesley: To where? Angel we're running into nowhere, we can't keep doing this!

    They slow down. Fred breathes heavily. Angel frowns

    Angel: I don't know Wes but unless you have a better-

    Fred: Where's Gunn?

    They look around.

    Wesley: I thought he was behind us.

    Fred: Oh God.

    Angel: No it?it doesn't mean that he's-

    Fred: Well what else could it mean?

    Fred looks tearful. Wesley puts his arm around her. Angel looks back. The armoured demons appear from around a corner in the distance.

    Angel: We have to go.

    Wesley and Fred see the demons approaching.

    Wesley: We can't outrun them. But?but you could.

    Angel: No. No way.

    Fred: Listen to him Angel-

    Angel: No Fred you listen. Those things are hear because of a fight I started. You and Wes aren't part of this anymore. People have already died because of this I'm not leaving anyone else-

    Fred: You think we're just gonna run? Leave you to finish this? Angel I am not the scared little girl you met in Pylea. These visions haven't just given me migraines for the last three years they've also given me the will to fight. Even them.

    The demons are about 50 metres away.

    Angel: Those visions are the important thing here. I know you can fight because I've seen it with my own eyes but right now you are the most important thing in this fight. And Wesley can help you.

    Wesley and Fred look at Angel gravely.

    Angel: Now go!

    Wesley: Angel I-

    Angel: There's no time. Just go. And don't look back.

    Fred and Wesley start running. Angel looks at the demon horde approaching. He raises his sword. The demons raise their crossbows. A flood of arrows fly towards Angel.

    Cut to Angel, Gunn, Gwen, Illyria, Eve and Spike walking down the street.

    Eve: So right now we're just wandering around hoping that maybe we'll find some demon that came through a portal which, knowing how fate hates us, will probably want to kill us all?

    Angel: Eve we really don't need a commentary.

    Eve: I'm just saying that we can't exactly look for clues.

    Gunn: There's mutilated corpses, wrecked houses?

    Everyone looks at Gunn.

    Gunn: Well there are.

    Illyria: Not necessarily. The creatures appearing through the portals may be harmless. They may even be other versions of ourselves.

    Gwen: What?

    Spike: No I'm not having another me around again, the last time was quite exciting enough thank you.

    Gwen: Last time?

    Spike: First Evil, long story.

    Illyria looks at Spike and frowns. Spike notices and looks confused.

    Angel: They don't belong here, this isn't their world. Whatever they are we have to-

    Gunn: Kill them?

    Angel looks away from Gunn.

    Spike: Oh so that's it is? Kill first, think later?

    Angel: We don't have time to try and save people.

    Gwen: Couldn't we send them back or something?

    Eve: When you learn how to open portals then yeah that'd be a great idea.

    Gwen turns to Gunn.

    Gwen: You know I'm really starting to not like her.

    Eve rolls her eyes.

    Illyria: I agree.

    Eve: Oh this is really helping.

    Illyria: But annoying as you are, you speak the truth. We must learn how to open portals.

    Spike: Like that can be done in the time we have?

    Gunn: Actually?it can.

    Angel: You mean Seidel.

    Gunn: Well all he needed was a book. If we could do it then-

    Angel: I appreciate that Gunn but that doesn't answer the more important part of what Eve said. We need to find out whether these things are evil or not before we work out what we're gonna do.

    Spike: The maybe splitting up would be a good idea. Portals could be springing up all over the place and we wouldn't know right now.

    Illyria: We may not be able to counter whatever appears through the portals if we are separated.

    Gwen: We did before.

    Illyria: Those we have seen have either been mortal or weak. Or both. They had not had time to adjust to this world. By now, some things may have. And they may be considerably more than weak.

    Eve: There's no "may" about it. These things are gonna be bigger than whatever you think they might be and-

    Illyria: Do not try and educate me on this matter. I have seen more bloodshed, chaos and terror caused by the things of which you speak of, than you could imagine. Any of you. Because I was one of them.

    Angel: We know what they're capable of Illyria. What you're capable of. And luckily you're fighting beside us, so I say we have a pretty damn good chance of fighting this and coming out alive. Spike is?right. Splitting up is the best option. We will be against things we can't handle. But that's a risk we'll just have to take.

    Gwen: Did you write that down?

    Spike: Oh you haven't heard the best ones.

    Angel looks at Spike.

    Spike: On another note, yeah I say we go our separate ways and try and find an answer to this whole mess.

    Illyria: I agree. But we must be evenly matched.

    Gwen: Well we can all handle ourselves in a fight except?

    Everyone looks at Eve.

    Eve: It's true. I'd die. I should go back to the hotel.

    Angel: You're not going anywhere Eve.

    Gunn: Angel she can't help us.

    Eve: I really can't.

    Angel: She might run.

    Gwen: I thought you said Wolfram and Hart were after her.

    Angel: Oh I bet I know she's thinking. They're pretty preoccupied with us so she thinks she's in the clear. She thinks she can get out of here.

    Spike: So? We don't need her. She's told us all she knows, she's whined, she's got on everyone's nerves and now she should go.

    Eve: Yeah so I'll be going then-

    Eve turns around to go.

    Angel: Wait.

    Eve stops. Angel walks up to her.

    Angel: I can tell you're still upset about Lindsey Eve. It's natural you would be. But you've had your revenge or whatever you wanna call it. It ends here. I see you trying to cause trouble again around here, or anywhere?and I might just have to finish what started with Lindsey. You got that?

    Eve stares at Angel coldly.

    Eve: Believe me Angel, I never wanna see you again either. Or any of you, actually. And you better win this thing. Wouldn't wanna see everything I've done go to waste now.

    Angel: Goodbye Eve.

    Eve begins walking away.

    Angel: And don't even think about trying to find Lorne.

    Eve stops. She half looks back at Angel before walking away.

    Spike: Think that's gonna stop her if she really set on doing it?

    Angel: Lorne doesn't wanna be found. She'll be looking for a while.

    Gwen: Well, good for him. But uh, now that our average annoyance level has gone down by like 50%, what do we do?

    Illyria: I will go with Angel.

    Angel: You will?

    Illyria: Is there a problem with my suggestion?

    Angel: No?no it's fine.

    Gwen: So it's me, Gunn and Spike?

    Spike: Great, I always wanted to be the third wheel.

    Angel: You were generally the fourth.

    Spike: Hey!

    Illyria: We must go.

    Angel: Yeah. Good luck and?just keep fighting.

    The others nod. The two groups split.

    Cut to Illyria and Angel walking a park area.

    Illyria: I feel that there is a great disturbance here.

    Angel: Yeah I think there's a portal around here somewhere.

    Illyria: I meant between us.

    Angel looks at Illyria.

    Angel: What?

    Illyria: I irritate you. You grow weary of my presence.

    Angel: I don't I just?

    Illyria: I still remind you of her.

    Angel: Yeah. But I know you're not her. And I can live with that.

    Illyria: Gaining your acceptance would once have been an irrelevant factor for me.

    Angel: And now?

    Illyria: I am compelled to strive for a sense of belonging.

    Angel: Everyone does.

    Illyria: I didn't.

    Angel: Illyria. You can't be what you were. You're gonna have to get used to this world.

    Illyria: But that is my predicament. I believe I am.

    Illyria looks at Angel.

    Illyria: And now I have no one to guide me.

    Angel: I'll help you if I can.

    Illyria: You tire of my questions, and of my lack of understanding of your ways. You cannot help me.

    Angel: Ok yeah I get a little frustrated sometimes, but it's not you. I just?I'm not the best person to be around right now. Faith was the one person I know who could begin to understand what I've gone through. She didn't know everything but she'd seen the darkness like I had. She'd come so far. But so have you. I mean when you first came you were ready to kill all of us, so it's a pretty big deal that you now wanna help.

    Illyria: I understand. Because I too have lost the one person who felt as lost in this world as I did.

    Angel frowns.

    Angel: Yeah?

    Illyria: So many dead. Why do we even go on living, knowing how much more we have to lose?

    He and Illyria stop walking.

    Angel: Because we also have a lot to gain.

    Illyria: You don't. Not anymore.

    Angel: Well, I guess I'll just to find something kne-

    A sword suddenly appears through Angel's chest. Illyria looks shocked.

    Cut to Gwen, Gunn and Spike walking down another street.

    Gwen: How many weapons?

    Spike: Tons. Well a lot at least.

    Gunn: I've lived in LA my whole life and never heard of this guy you're talking about.

    Spike: Well you obviously weren't looking in the right places. He's well hidden and only does business with people he trusts. So you two'll have to stay outside.

    Gwen: What fun.

    Gunn: You're choosing the arsenal? I don't think so.

    Spike: Hey I have good taste when it comes to weapons. And you've already got that big axe?thing.

    Gwen: Get something light for me. Oh and uh, wooden.

    Spike: Got it.

    Gunn: We close?

    Spike: Boiling.

    Spike turns to a huge building in front of them.

    Gwen: Whoa!

    Gunn: This is it? How the hell did I miss this?

    Spike: Probably because you were looking in the wrong place.

    Spike walks over to a side door on a much smaller building. Gunn and Gwen frown.

    Gunn: Oh.

    Spike: Won't be a minute. You two uh?yeah.

    Gwen raises an eyebrow at Spike as he walks away. Gunn smiles.

    Gunn: Yeah?like we could.

    Gwen looks awkward.

    Gunn: Sorry I didn't mean-

    Gwen: No, you're right. We can't. Not again anyway.

    Gunn: You know that's it not like important or anything right? It doesn't stop us-

    Gwen: Of course it does, Gunn.

    Gunn frowns.

    Gwen: I mean we can't even touch each other let alone do anything a little more intimate. And I know I might be going out on a limb here but I think we deserve better than that!

    Gunn: We do.

    Gwen: You see why I can't live like this.

    Gunn: I know. But it helps you fight. It's a gift.

    Gwen: No. It's a curse. Please Gunn, I need you to help me get rid of it.

    She looks upset. Gunn reaches for her face. Gwen pulls away.

    Gwen: Don't! Don't make it seem like you can!

    Gunn: I?I forgot. Sorry I didn't mean-

    Gwen shakes her head.

    Gwen: And how many more times are you gonna forget? Next time I could kill you. Like that other guy. I don't want to-

    Spike OS: Here we go.

    Gwen and Gunn see Spike carrying several weapons. Spike frowns.

    Spike: Well you two look like you're having fun.

    Gwen: Let's just go. Angel and Illyria might have found something by now.

    Cut to Angel, Illyria and the demon. Illyria rushes towards the demon but it pushes her away with ease. Angel gasps in pain as the demon drives the sword upwards. Angel suddenly grabs the sword and pushes himself free. The demon pulls the bloody sword away. Angel rolls on the ground and gasps as blood soaks through his shirt. Illyria gets up and runs over to Angel.

    Illyria: Are you able to fight this creature?

    Angel: I think so?I'll be ok.

    The demon rushes towards them.

    Angel: Watch out!

    The demon swings its sword downwards towards Illyria.

    Cut to Gwen, Spike and Gunn.

    Gunn: (looking at a sword) These are pretty good.

    Spike: Yeah usual price for one of these beauties is more than any of us have got right now. Luckily that guy owed me and so got ?em for free.

    Gunn: Free!? But these look authentic or something.

    Spike: Probably. Didn't stick around to ask.

    Gunn: Silver?

    Spike: Don't be a bloody-

    Gwen: Shut up.

    Spike: Uh I think I know a bit more about these things than-

    Gwen: No I mean I need to concentrate.

    Gunn: What is it?

    Gwen: Something's happening. I can feel the power in the air rising.

    Spike: What do you mean?

    Gwen: I think this has suddenly become a bad place to be.

    Gunn and Spike look worried. Cut to Angel and Illyria. Illyria grabs the sword as the demon swings it at her head. She pulls it out of its hand and hits it at the armour, barely scratching it. The demon laughs.

    Demon: You foolish girl. I know you don't belong here.

    Illyria looks confused. The demon punches her in the face causing her to fall back. Angel gets up.

    Angel: Who are you?

    Demon: You don't remember?

    Angel: We've never met.

    Demon: Ah. This really is another dimension. We have actually fought many times Angelus.

    Angel frowns.

    Demon: And now we will for the last time.

    The demon punches Angel back. It raises its sword. Suddenly it frowns. Angel and Illyria look up. The demon lowers the sword and backs away. It begins running. Angel pushes himself up painfully.

    Angel: Well I guess we showed-

    A portal explodes in the distance. Angel and Illyria turn around. Another portals explodes nearby. Then another. Then another.

    Illyria: I believe we have bigger problems.

    Cut to Gwen, Gunn and Spike. A portal explodes above the building next to them. Concrete falls downwards. Gwen looks up as it hurtles towards her. Gunn jumps pushing her out of the way. He gasps as electricity runs through him. Spike backs away and another five portals explode simultaneously. Gunn breathes heavily. Gwen look worried. Cut back to Angel and Illyria. Portals are exploding everywhere around them at the same time. Cut to Spike, Gwen and Gunn. Gunn looks around.

    Gunn: Somehow I think Wolfram and Hart are packed and ready to go.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Wesley and Fred running. They turn a corner and stop in an alley.

      Fred: Wesley I don't think we're gonna make it.

      Wesley: We are! We can!

      Fred: No. No Angel was wrong. We should've stayed behind. They're faster and stronger than both of us. But we should have stayed to fight.

      Wesley: I can't lose you. Not now.

      Fred: Don't make this cliché.

      Fred smiles at Wesley. He smiles back.

      Wesley: I'm not just going to give up.

      The sound of the demons approaching can be heard.

      Fred: Well?let's give them something to remember us by.

      Fred looks confident. Wesley smiles and nods. Fred grabs a dagger from her belt.

      Fred: I've only got the one.

      Wesley: It's fine. You have it.

      They walk back around the corner. The demons are very close. Fred closes her eyes slowly and then opens them again. The demons roar. Suddenly portals explode everywhere. Wesley grabs Fred. The demons stop and look around. The portals suddenly begin to pull the demons in. Fred grabs on to Wesley as wind blasts around them.

      Fred: Wesley!

      Fred suddenly has a vision. She sees Gunn and Gwen fighting, then Spike and Illyria. Finally she sees Angel raising his sword. She looks worried. The camera moves to show a demon get sucked in through a portal, and follows it through. It spins around as it passes through a corridor of silver and blue light. The screen fades to white suddenly. The demon falls past on to the ground in the park area. The demons pour out through the eight portals that have exploded. Angel and Illyria look on in shock. Gunn gets up as demons appear.

      Gwen: We can fight.

      Gunn: Not all of ?em.

      Spike: He's right.

      Gwen shoots electricity at one of demons. It bounces of their armour.

      Spike: Oh that would have to happen wouldn't it?

      Gunn: Let's go.

      Gunn runs with Gwen and Spike. Cut to Angel and Illyria.

      Illyria: We are once again outnumbered.

      Angel: I can see that.

      Illyria: We will not survive even if we locate Gunn and the others.

      Angel: We have to get out of here.

      Illyria: It is not in my nature to run from any fight.

      Angel: Then what do you suggest?

      The demons start to get up.

      Illyria: However on this occasion I will make an exception.

      They start to run. Cut to Gunn, Gwen and Spike running also. They stop suddenly.

      Gwen: Ok, so any suggestions other than running for a few forevers?

      Spike: Well as much as I'd like to kill all of them back there I think it'd be a bit suicidal.

      Gunn: What about Angel and Illyria are they-

      Gwen: Running like hell.

      Gunn: Maybe but-

      Gwen: No, look.

      Angel and Illyria appear nearby.

      Spike: Take it you've seen our new friends?

      Angel: And seen what they can do.

      Angel pulls his jacket back to show the blood on his shirt.

      Gwen: Oh. Ok now I'm glad we ran.

      Angel: Yeah well I'll be ok. But I don't think the city will be unless we do something right now.

      Gwen: Like?

      Illyria: Closing the portals may be an option we would wish to consider.

      Gunn: Still doesn't take care of the demon guys.

      Illyria: The armoured demons may appear menacing but I believe much worse may follow if the portals remain open.

      Spike: Always the bloody way.

      Angel: We'd need to do a spell. And since none of us are really qualified in that area-

      Gunn: Aren't there some of Wesley's books at the hotel still?

      Angel: I don't know. Maybe.

      A roar is heard from nearby.

      Gwen: I think it'd be a good idea to check anyway. Right now.

      Angel: You guys go. I've gotta find someone.

      Gunn: What? Angel we need-

      Angel: No you don't. You'll find a way.

      Spike: Heard that before.

      Illyria: Good luck.

      Illyria smiles slightly at Angel. Angel nods and begins running.

      Gunn: Who's he gotta find?

      Illyria: You wouldn't know him.

      Cut to the demons running through. People are running away screaming. A demon stabs a man through the chest with its sword. Another smashes the windows of a house. Cut to Angel running along the street. He sees a car pull up. A man gets out looking terrified and runs into what appears to be his house. Angel looks at the car and looks uncertain. Cut to Angel driving the car away. The can comes out.

      Man: Hey come back!

      Cut to Angel driving the car and using his mobile phone.

      Angel: Yeah a taxi to uh-

      Angel looks out the window.

      Angel: Silver Street please. Yeah the guy'll probably be shouting. Now would be great. Thanks.

      Angel puts the phone down and continues driving.

      Cut to Spike running through the Hyperion doors followed by Gwen, Gunn and Illyria.

      Gwen: Those things are ripping up whole city!

      Spike: Guess we're they're next stop.

      Gunn: We're gonna have to do this fast.

      Illyria: Where are the books?

      Gunn: They were in a pile somewhere in here.

      Illyria walks over and looks behind the desk.

      Spike: And how long is it gonna take to play "find the magic book"?

      Gunn: As long as it takes.

      Spike: Uh hello, army of Armageddon headed this way any minute.

      Illyria: I believe I have found them.

      Gwen: I really hope you mean the books.

      Illyria: Yes.

      Illyria flicks through a book quickly.

      Illyria: They are full of incorrect assumptions that humans have made over the last three millennia concerning supernatural activity. I knew them instantly.

      Illyria passes the books to the others. Spike looks through one.

      Spike: Uh I don't speak whatever this is.

      Gunn: Illyria we can't read these.

      Illyria: You cannot read ancient Selophenian?

      Gwen: It wasn't on my school's syllabus.

      Illyria looks annoyed and grabs the book from Spike. She flicks through it.

      Gunn: Anything?

      Illyria: No, but I believe I am almost there.

      Spike: Now would be good!

      Illyria: When you are able to read this more quickly than I, then I will appreciate your opinion.

      Illyria turns over a few more pages. A crash is heard from outside. Gwen and Gunn run to the windows. They seem the demons in the distance. There is an explosion.

      Gwen: (quietly) We're not gonna be able to fix this.

      Gunn: We can, we just-

      Gwen: Look out there. More people are dying every second. We can't make that better. And soon we won't even be able to because we'll be dead too.

      Gunn: I aint gonna let that happen.

      Gwen: Don't make promises you can't keep.

      Gunn frowns. Cut to Angel getting out of the car. He runs down a driveway. It is Connor's house. Is about to knock on the door when Connor appears from the back garden.

      Connor: Dad?

      Angel: Connor!

      Connor: What are you doing here? Wait let me guess, it's the end of the world again?

      Angel: Well?yeah.

      Connor: And you're here to tell me to leave town?

      Angel: I need to know that you'll be safe. You need to protect your family.

      Connor: Yeah and I would be if you'd just let me fight with-

      Angel: Dammit Connor just do what I say for once!

      Connor looks hurt.

      Angel: I?I didn't mean-

      Connor: No, no you're right, I'll just fade into the background like you always want me to.

      Angel: Connor-

      Connor: (shouting) You never give me a chance dad.

      Angel: You're not?not ready to-

      Connor: You told me all that stuff two years ago. Why can't you just-

      Connor suddenly freezes in mid speech. Angel frowns. Hamilton is suddenly stood behind Angel.

      Hamilton: Hello again Angel.

      Angel swiftly turns around and his eyes widen as he sees Hamilton.

      Cut to Illyria and the others at the Hyperion.

      Illyria: I may have found it.

      Gunn: You're gonna wanna hurry!

      Illyria: The spell is most complex.

      Gwen: Well make it un-complex!

      Spike rushes over to the window. The demons are about ten feet away running straight at the hotel.

      Spike: Illyria!

      Illyria: I am trying!

      The doors suddenly burst open. Gwen blasts electricity at the demons but it has hardly any affect. Gunn and Gwen fall back. One of the demons shoots a blue beam at the book Illyria is holding. It bursts into flames. The demon points it at Gwen and shoots. Suddenly everything stops. Gwen opens her eyes. The demon's beam is about 3 inches from her face. She, Gunn, Illyria and Spike look around.
      Spike: Well?that was handy.

      Gwen: Whatever "that" was.

      Gunn: Maybe the powers that be again?

      Illyria: They have already interfered in this matter today. I do not believe they would do so a second time.

      Gwen: Well we were all just about to die maybe-

      The air nearby suddenly begins to fluctuate.

      Gunn: Oh hell.

      Spike: Not another-

      Illyria: Wait! Look?

      The fluctuations suddenly spin together. An image is formed. It shows Angel, Connor and Hamilton.

      Gwen: Ok who the hell are all these other people with Angel?

      Illyria: Hamilton?

      Gunn: Guess he's done a Lilah?

      Spike: Who?

      Gwen: Glad I aint the only one who's lost here.

      Gunn: Well I don't know both of ?em there. Who's that other guy?

      The camera moves towards Illyria who frowns.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Angel with Hamilton.

        Angel: What the hell are you doing here?

        Hamilton: Well I suppose I should have expected that. Perhaps you'd have preferred miss Morgan to make a re-appearance? Though I'm afraid she couldn't do the honours this time. Right now she's in hell, probably annoyed that I'm on Circle 7 while she is only on Circle 4.

        Angel: Cut the pleasantries Hamilton. I wanna know why you've stopped time like this.

        Hamilton: How can you be sure it isn't just here?

        Angel looks angry.

        Hamilton: Don't worry. The Senior Partners have enough time to spare on this. Because it's important. You know that.

        Angel: Still not told me why you're here. And I'm getting impatient.

        Hamilton: Yes well I would have thought that was quite obvious. The side you will play in the final fight that is scheduled?in the not too distant future, is now determined. We no longer need you. And as you're aware the Senior Partners have decided that this dimension is too much trouble for its worth. We're going. But we can hardly have the likes of you running around as if you own the place. That's why this is all happening you realise. Because of you.

        Angel: Cut the crap Hamilton.

        Hamilton: Very well. We?don't want you to lose.

        Angel: What?

        Hamilton: The game is not over yet.

        Angel: Lilah told me last year that-

        Hamilton: You'd won? You had. But a new game started then. And you and your friends have been playing it ever since. And now?you're about to lose. We can change that. For a price of course.

        Angel: I'm not making any-

        Hamilton: You're son is looking well isn't he?

        Cut to Gunn, Spike, Gwen and Illyria looking at the image of Angel and Hamilton. Hamilton's VO continues as the camera moves across.

        Hamilton VO: He's really come so far.

        Spike looks confused. The camera moves over to Gunn who looks equally confused.

        Hamilton VO: It's touching to think that you wanted to save him rather than yourself.

        The camera moves over to Gwen.

        Hamilton VO: Though in reality you may be saving yourself rather than him.

        The camera moves over to Illyria who looks serious.

        Angel: You stay the hell from Connor.

        Hamilton: Oh we have no intention of harming him. Or any of your friends for that matter. For now. That's the price Angel. We'll solve your little problems now. In exchange for something that you lose something which you will ultimately choose.

        Angel: What do you mean?

        Hamilton: I'm sorry Angel, but that's as much as I can tell you. It's a straightforward deal. We save the world now. And you'll repay us in something else later. Perhaps life. Perhaps blood. Perhaps something worse. And we really do need an answer now.

        Angel hesitates. Hamilton smiles. Cut back to the others.

        Gwen: Do you think he'll-

        Spike: I bloody know he will. Because I know would if it was me.

        The image suddenly fades. There is a flash of light. The demons are suddenly gone. Everyone looks around.

        Spike: Told you.

        Gunn looks out the window..

        Gunn: Quiet on the front line.

        Gwen: Well?that's good. Right?

        Spike: We wouldn't be stood here if Angel didn't just choose for us to.

        Illyria: However any of our lives may be the price.

        Gunn: Or his son's! What the hell was that about?

        Gwen: Yeah. Wow. And hey, he musta' been around for a while cos he's like 19.

        Spike: Angel kept that hidden well.

        Illyria looks away. Spike looks at her.

        Spike: Hey did?did you know?

        Illyria: It is not my place to tell you what I did not witness myself. Angel will tell you when he returns.

        Illyria begins walking up the stairs.

        Illyria: I wish to be alone. This decision may have been for the better but it may still result in even more loss. That is something I do not wish to comprehend at this moment.

        Illyria walks away. The others look after her.

        Gwen: Guess it's true.

        Gunn: Well then I guess we die saving the world kinda.

        Spike: That'd go nicely next to my other one. Shanshu here I?though if I'm dead?I dunno how it works, but Gunn's right. I reckon Angel made the right call for once.

        Gwen: Yeah. Well I'm just glad that this whole portal is over I've had just about as much excitement today as I can-

        A portal suddenly explodes above them. Spike, Gunn and Gwen are blasted back. However it closes again. Gwen pushes herself up painfully.

        Gwen: Why did I have to-

        Gwen stops as she looks at where the portal was. Gunn is next to her. He looks disbelieving. Spike is also staring forwards, speechless. The camera shows a woman lying on the floor. She looks around. It's Fred. Illyria rushes through and looks down from the balcony. She looks shocked. Fred looks around. She sees the others. Her eyes widen.

        THE END
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