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Angel Episode 6.1 111. Purgatory

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  • Angel Episode 6.1 111. Purgatory

    Hi, this is the first episode of Angel Season 6 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Angel Episode 6.1 111. Purgatory

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Angel. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Angel, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Angel VO: Previously on Angel.

    Open on everyone at the Hyperion.

    Fred: But there is no Los Angeles office of Wolfram & Hart. The Beast destroyed it.

    Lilah: Oh, it's back, restaffed and zombie-free. We're bigger, better, and shinier than ever, and we want to give it to you.

    Cut to Angel and Lilah in Angel's soon-to-be office.

    Cut to Angel, Fred, Wesley, Gunn and Lorne walking into the Wolfram and Hart lobby. Cut to Angel on the phone in his office.

    Wesley VO: You took the deal?

    Angel VO: Executive decision.

    Cut to Angel with Cordy.

    Cordelia: Angel, do you realize what's happening? You've made a deal with the devil.

    Cut to Spike appearing in Angel's office.

    Spike: What have you done to me? What is this place?! What the bloody hell is happening?!

    Cut to Fred in Wesley's arms. Illyria takes over her.

    Wesley VO: It's called Illyria, a great monarch and warrior of the demon age.

    Illyria punches Spike.

    Cut to Angel surrounded by the Black Thorn members.

    Lindsey VO: To be a Black Thorn is to the senior partner's instrument on Earth.

    Cut to Angel breaking Drogyn's neck. He smiles. Cut to Angel with the others.

    Angel: As far as anyone outside this room is concerned, we're still at each other's throats. I'm talking about killing every single member of the Black Thorn.

    Cut to Gunn killing Senator Brucker. Cut to Spike fighting the Fell Brethren. Cut to Sebassis convulsing. Cut to Lindsey killing the Sahrvins. Cut to Illyria walking away from Izzy's smoking and battered car. Cut to Illyria smashing Cyvus Vail's skull. Cut to Angel snapping Hamilton's neck.

    Cut to Angel with Connor in a coffee shop.

    Connor: I know you're my father. You know... I'm grateful. For what you did. That's as far as I want to take it...ok?

    Cut to Angel and Connor in the Wolfram and Hart lobby.

    Angel: Go home. This is my fight.

    Connor: They'll destroy you.

    Angel: As long as you're ok they can't.

    Cut to Illyria with Wesley in Vail's mansion. Wesley is dying.

    Illyria: This wound is mortal. You'll be dead within moments.

    Wesley: I know.

    Illyria: Would you like me to lie to you now?

    Wesley: Thank you yes.

    Illyria morphs into Fred's form.

    Wesley: I've missed you.

    Fred: It's gonna be ok.

    Wesley: I, I love you.

    Fred: I love you. My love.
    Wesley dies. Illyria as Fred cries. Cut to Lindsey with Lorne.

    Lorne: This was Angel's plan.

    He takes out a gun and shoots Lindsey twice. Lindsey looks confused.

    Lorne: You're not part of the solution Lindsey. You never will be.

    Lindsay dies.

    Lorne: Good night, folks.

    Cut to the walls of Wolfram and Hart crumbling with Eve and Angel in the lobby.

    Angel: Looks like we're getting kicked out of the garden Eve.

    Eve: Where's Lindsey? You-

    Angel: Time to go.

    Eve: Go where?

    Cut to Angel, Spike and Gunn in the rain. Illyria joins them.

    Illyria: Wesley is dead.

    The others look sad.

    Illyria: I am feeling grief for him. I can't seem to control it. I wish to do more violence.

    She looks at Gunn who is wounded badly.

    Illyria: You're fading. You'll last 10 minutes.

    Gunn: Then let's make ?em memorable.

    Cut to all the demons approaching and the dragon.

    Spike: In terms of a plan?

    Angel: We fight.

    Spike: Bit more specific.

    Angel: Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let's go to work.


    ACT I

    Open on Spike and Angel sitting in the lobby on the sofa. They are both looking away from each other.

    Spike and Angel: So-

    They look uncomfortable.

    Spike: You first.

    Angel: I think I was gonna say the same thing as you.

    Spike: Right. Damn tough choice.

    Angel: Yeah.

    Spike: Look. The way I see it ? neither of us are gonna take this Shanshu thing cos we both know how much the other'd hate us for it. And we're not gonna give it to the other one cos that'd just a stupid. So?

    Angel: We give it to Harmony?

    Spike: Oh come on. As a vampire she's bad, as a human?I dread to think.

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: Well?someone's gonna take it. We can't just waste it?

    Spike: Why not?

    Angel: Because this is what I've been fighting for. To be human.

    Spike: You and me both mate. Guess this means that one of us has completed the trials. World's a better place now or something.

    Angel: It'll never be perfect.

    Spike: Guess whoever doesn't take that thing gets to carry on fighting the good fight. That's the bloody consolation prize isn't it?

    Angel stares at Spike seriously. Spike sighs. They look away from each other. The front doors open and Wesley walks through with Gunn. Angel and Spike look up.

    Angel: Any news?

    Gunn: Whole loada' nothing. No one knows why the hell Wolfram and Hart's taken a trip to the demolition factory.

    Angel: No one?

    Wesley: There are, uh, some who think that it's to do with inter-dimensional forces. Something happening somewhere else that's affecting things here.

    Spike: Oh great. You mean a portal?

    Wesley: Maybe. Or a simple fold in the walls of this dimension.

    Spike: Bloody hell. Every time there's something with other dimensions someone ends up dead.

    Angel: Well we'll just have to make sure no one does. No one that matters.

    Gunn: So what, we're gonna ask around more?

    Angel: We've tried that. Didn't work. Gonna have to head to the source.

    Wesley: What source? Angel the whole building is gone. There's no source to reach. Everything they had is lost and there's no way of finding anything of use in that mess.

    Angel: That building isn't the source. It's just an entrance. There are other entrances. And we'll find them. We need to find other branches. I think there's one in Rome.

    Spike: Not there again-

    Woman's Voice OS: Stop!

    The others look up. The camera moves over to show a very human looking Fred on the stairs.

    Wesley: Fred?

    Fred runs down the stairs up to the others.

    Fred: You'll die.

    Angel: You had a vision?
    Fred: Yeah.

    Gunn: What happened? Apart from us dying.

    Fred: You were fighting. In the rain. Near here. There were hundreds of demons attacking. It, it felt so real!

    Wesley holds Fred close to him.

    Wesley: It wasn't. We're fine.

    Fred: You won't be. Not if you try and fight them.

    Spike: Then what? We stay here and talk more about Shanshu, Shanshu who gets the bloody Shanshu?

    Fred opens her mouth to speak but then frowns.

    Angel: Fred?

    Fred: I'm having another one.

    Quick shots Angel, Gunn, Spike and Illyria can be seen standing in the rain. The camera focuses on Illyria. Cut back to Fred. She looks at Wesley worriedly.

    Wesley: What?

    The camera zooms in on Fred's forehead. The camera fades to white. Angel opens his eyes. He, Spike, Gunn and Illyria are stood in the alley still. The rain has stopped and the army has disappeared. They look around confused. There is a pause.

    Spike: What the hell happened?

    Illyria looks around.

    Illyria: We should be dead.

    Gunn looks down at his torso. There is no wound.

    Gunn: Maybe we are.

    Angel: No. No we're not.

    Spike: Well that's a relief. But hey, how do you know?

    Angel: Cos I was the one that got us here.

    Gunn: What?

    Illyria: You do not possess the power to stop an army.

    Angel: No. But The Powers That Be do. It'll take a while to explain.

    Cut to Angel, Gunn, Spike and Illyria standing in the rain. The demons approach. Angel rushes forward about to attack the first demon. It hits him in the face. Gunn swings his axe to hit a demon but gets pushed back in the wall. Illyria jumps to dodge a demon's sword. She decapitates it. The dragon swoops down and smashes her with its wing. She flies back. Angel looks around. Spike punches a demon. Another throws him to the ground. Another demon moves to stab Gunn in the face. The demon with Spike grabs a stake. The dragon prepares to crush Illyria. The demon drives the stake into Spike's heart. Angel closes his eyes. Everything is suddenly silent. Angel opens his eyes. Angel looks confused. He looks around him. Everything seems to have stopped in time. A figure is behind him.

    Whistler: Still not too bright I see.

    Angel looks shocked.

    Opening credits.


    AMY ACKER - Winnifred Burkle/Illyria
    J. AUGUST RICHARDS - Charles Gunn
    ALEXA DAVALOS - Gwen Raiden

    Special Guest Stars:

    ALEXIS DENISOF - Wesley Wyndham Pryce

    Guest Starring:

    MAX PERLICH - Whistler
    RANDY OGLESBY - Professor Seidel

    Angel stands back.

    Angel: Whistler?

    Whistler: Yeah, it's me. And you. Long time no higher intervention.

    Angel: What are you doing here?

    Whistler: Nice welcome. I save your ass from an army of demons and it's straight to the questions. Would a little thanks be too much?

    Angel: Well?thanks, but what is this?

    Whistler: Look Angel ? you know this isn't your time. There's a whole world of evil here that needs you to fight it. All of you.

    Whistler looks past Angel to Spike. He kneels down next to him.

    Whistler: That really aint good. He's gonna need some work.

    Whistler looks up.

    Whistler: They all are.

    Angel: You can help them?

    Whistler: No Angel. But you can. We can, however, help with the current situation. The Powers That Be can't be losing their best guy like this. So, yeah we'll deal with these guys for ya.

    Angel: Just like that?

    Whistler: You're getting the hang of being clever. Yeah well there is a small condition attached. If The Powers wrap this up?then you're gonna have to wrap up something else.

    Angel: There's something worse?

    Whistler: There always is. The Senior Partners at Wolfram and Hart aint happy as you can imagine. Their LA branch was one of the biggest around. Now that's pretty much as good as gone, they're limited to their other five branches on Earth; but none of them can even approach what the LA branch has. Nope, Wolfram and Hart are moving out. And this time not just out of LA. I mean out of this dimension.

    Angel: They're gonna try and destroy it.

    Whistler: Yeah. And in style too. You and you friends are gonna have to stop them. And if you do?you gotta be prepared for the onslaught that'll follow. Can you handle it?

    Angel: I've fought worse.

    Whistler: You might think that?but there are worse things that the Circle of the Black Thorn. Maybe even worse than The Senior Partners. By the end of this?you'll have seen it all.

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: So what happens now? You kill all these guys?

    Whistler: Something like that. But first you have to say it yourself. That you're gonna stay with this fight. Even if you don't have any Shanshu prophecy as a big reward at the end of it. We need to know that you can carry on even without the hope. Time to make the choice Neo.

    Angel: I do. I'll do it.

    Whistler: You're sure? This might seem like a simple offer Angel but-

    Angel: I said I'll do it. You need me to sign anything or-

    Whistler: We're not Wolfram and Hart Angel. Your word is enough. But you can never go back on it. Just be prepared.

    Whistler fades away. Angel breathes heavily. Time suddenly starts again suddenly. Spike gasps. Gunn gets impaled. The dragon crushes Illyria. A demon drives a stake into Angel's heart. Suddenly the screen fades to white.

    Cut to Angel standing with the others.

    Angel: So here we are.

    Gunn: Wow. Thanks for that.

    Spike: Yeah, glad to not have to die trying to kill that lot.

    Illyria: As am I. But did you not think that perhaps the forces The Powers That Be wish you to fight may in fact be unstoppable?

    Angel: They wouldn't set me against something if they didn't think I could beat it.

    Gunn: So we just have to stop an apocalypse?

    Angel: Yeah.

    Gunn: Not like we aint done that before.

    Spike: Yeah well I've seen a few apocalypses in my time. Not all of them were as easy as smashing a few heads in. You know maybe this is the apocalypse. This one seems to have finished an act too early, so I'm guessing that this next one is gonna be it. With the winning and the glory and the eternal humanity for Angel.

    Angel: No.

    Spike: Oh come on, you're the last person to say I deserve-

    Angel: I can't. I can't fulfil the prophecy.

    Spike frowns.

    Spike: What?

    Angel: When I was with the Black Thorn members. I had to sign away my right to Shanshu.

    Gunn: Just like that?

    Angel: It was the only way. We'd all be dead if I hadn't.

    Spike: Angel there must have been something-

    Angel: No Spike, there wasn't. It's done ok? I can't get it. Never. Maybe you can.

    Spike looks serious.

    Illyria: But then you have no reason to carry on fighting. No reason to live.

    Angel: Look to be human?it would've been nice but that's not why I'm fighting.

    Spike: Angel don't give me the big speech about how you're fighting to make the world a better place cos I've pretty much heard it. As much as it pains me to admit it, you and me are pretty much alike in the way we think. And I know what being human means to me. So don't try to say for a second that it doesn't mean the same to you.

    Angel looks at Spike seriously.

    Angel: Doesn't matter now. It's done.

    Spike sighs.

    Angel: And we've got work to do.

    Illyria: How are we to stop an apocalypse when we have nowhere to work, no information and no weapons of any kind? Wolfram and Hart has fallen?where are we to go now?

    Angel looks at her.

    Angel: Got just the place.

    Cut to Angel and co. walking into the Hyperion. There are sheets covering most of the furniture and everything is quite dark.

    Gunn: Feels weird being back.

    Illyria: This is where you used to inhabit? It is indeed primitive compared to the Wolfram and Hart offices.

    Gunn: Yeah well it was good enough for what we used to do. Helping the helpless.

    Angel looks uncomfortable.

    Spike: Guess your little mission went out the window a bit.

    Angel doesn't answer.

    Illyria: Helping the helpless? That seems futile when you cannot even help yourselves.

    Angel: Yeah well things were different then.

    He looks around.

    Angel: This is gonna need some redecorating but it should do for now.

    Gunn: What about weapons? We got nothing.

    Angel: You were pretty intuitive in that department last time. I'm sure you can improvise a little.

    Gunn nods.

    Illyria: We still have no knowledge of how or when the apocalypse will begin.

    Angel: Yes thank you for the update Illyria. You and Spike head out and ask around. I'm sure you can find something useful.

    Illyria: I cannot see how any being on this plane would know. It seems no one does other than you.

    Spike: She's got a point Angel. And besides, social skills aside, do you really think we can be of any use out there?

    Angel: It'll be better than just sitting around here doing nothing. You all know what you're doing. So get started.

    Illyria: And what will you do?

    Angel pauses.

    Angel: I need to check a few things.

    Angel walks out of the front door. Spike, Gunn and Illyria look around.

    Spike: And I guess that's that.

    Illyria: He does not know what he's getting himself into. Nor us.

    Spike: Always the way.

    Gunn: Guess we'll find out.

    Illyria: It may be too late by then.

    Spike: Look Illyria if you're that concerned why don't you do one of your little back to future tricks and find out?

    Illyria: You know I can't. Ever since Wesley-
    Illyria stops herself. Everyone looks sad.

    Gunn: Ok guys just chill. We should get to work. I'll get us some power from the basement. You two head off.

    Gunn walks off in the direction of the basement. Spike looks at Illyria.

    Spike: I-

    Illyria: We must go.

    She walks out. Spike sighs and follows.

    Cut to Angel walking down an alley. A vampire appears behind him. Angel stops and turns around.

    Angel: Look I really don't have time for this right now, so why don't we just-

    The vampire suddenly dusts. Angel looks confused. As the dust falls, Connor is revealed to be behind where the vampire was with a stake.

    Angel: ?Not do this.

    Connor smiles at Angel.

    Connor: Hi dad.
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    ACT II

    Angel stares at Connor.

    Angel: Connor-

    Two other vampires suddenly appear from nearby. One of them rushes towards Angel. Angel punches the vamp. The other vamp tries to grab Connor. Connor grabs him instead and flips him over. Angel throws his vamp on the ground. The other vamp flips up and tries to bite Connor.

    Angel: Connor!

    Connor drives his stake backwards, dusting the vamp. The surviving vampire gets up. Angel goes to punch him again but Connor throws his stake forward. The vamp dusts. Angel looks surprised. Connor smiles.

    Connor: I've been practising.

    Angel: What?

    Connor: You know, fighting and that.

    Angel: You do this often?

    Connor: Occasionally. I was just passing by and thought I could lend a hand.
    Glad to see you alive by the way.

    Angel: Thanks. I'm glad you got out of Wolfram and Hart alright. But, what are you doing here?

    Connor: Killing vampires?

    Angel: You know what I mean.

    Connor: Just trying to help. You said you didn't have time just now anyway so-

    Angel: That's not the point. Connor you shouldn't do this, you could get hurt.

    Connor: Hey I know what I'm dealing with. I fought Sahjahn; I think that shows I can handle myself.

    Angel: Because you had to. You shouldn't take unnecessary risks.

    Connor: Like you never have?

    Angel looks serious.

    Angel: You're not me. You don't have to save the world anymore, that's why I gave you a new life.

    Connor: But I know that's not really me. You can't protect me from the world when I know what's out there.

    Angel: You don't; I don't even know. But I think I will. Connor soon there's gonna be a fight ? a fight bigger even than the one we fought today.

    Connor: There always is with you. But how did that go anyway? I mean you're still alive so I guess it was good.

    Angel: It went?it went better than I thought it would. But that doesn't mean the next one will. I'm gonna be the one that's gonna have to fight whatever it is that's coming. I don't know if I can if I'm worrying about whether you're dead in an alley. Just like this one.

    Connor: I staked the vamps, and you were here-

    Angel: I'm not always gonna be. And besides they get a little harder when it's one on one. Connor I know you wanna make a difference, but I need you to stop. You should be with your family.

    Connor: I am.

    Angel: I can't be that for you. Not now. I'm sorry I-

    Connor: You don't have to say sorry. Cos remember I forgave you for it all. And I understand you're busy and dead and all and that's fine. But I want to fight alongside you. That's what we used to do. And yeah we used to try and kill each other but it's different now.

    Angel: Yeah, it is. You have a better life ahead of you if you just stay away from the fighting. I glad we could fight together for one last time, but that's what it was Connor. Never again.

    Connor frowns.

    Connor: Ok look I understand what you're saying. But now I remember what I really am?I can't turn my back on it completely. I promise I won't go looking for fights; but if the fight comes to me I'm not gonna walk away. Because you wouldn't. And you can say I'm not like you as much as you like, but it doesn't change the fact that I am.

    Angel sighs.

    Angel: Just?be careful.

    Connor: When am I not?

    Angel: I'm serious.

    Connor: Ok, ok. I will be.

    Angel smiles slightly.

    Connor: So what are you doing now?

    Angel: I need to find someone. You remember Eve?

    Connor: Brunette chick? Yeah kinda.

    Angel: Well I need to sort a few things out with her.

    Connor: Can I come?

    Angel looks at Connor.

    Connor: Just kidding.

    Angel: What about your resume? You sent it off?

    Connor: After the fight, yeah.

    Angel: Good luck with it all.

    Connor: Thanks. You too.

    Angel smiles slightly. He walks away.

    Connor: You know you can come visit sometime.

    Angel stops and turns around.

    Angel: Count on it.

    He walks away. Connor smiles.

    Cut to Gunn walking out of the Hyperion. He is holding his axe. There is a rustling in the bushes. Gun slows down and frowns. It is silent. He carries on walking. The rustling continues. Gunn sighs, stops and looks to his left.

    Gunn: Come out, come out whoever or whatever you are. Hopefully a who cos I aint got no time to-

    A woman appears from the bushes. It's Gwen. Gunn's eyes widen. Gwen smiles slightly.

    Gwen: Hey handsome. Bet you didn't think you'd see me again huh?

    Cut to Angel watching a house behind some bushes. He is staring at the door. It opens. Eve walks out. She walks down the path and looks around nervously. She gets into a red Mercedes. She jumps as she sees Angel sitting next to her.

    Angel: Hello Eve.

    Eve: God!

    Angel: You're alive, which is?interesting. I wonder how you managed that.

    Eve: What can I say? I'm resourceful. Now what the hell are you doing in my car?

    Angel: It's a thing. I used to do it a lot more actually.

    Eve: Well you can stop right now. I've got places to go.

    Angel: That's fine; we can talk on the way.

    Eve: No, just?just tell me what you want.

    Angel: I need your help.

    Eve laughs.

    Eve: You think I'll just?help you?

    Angel: I do. I need you to tell me some things.

    Eve: First tell me something. Where is Lindsey?

    Angel: You already know the answer to that Eve.

    Eve: No?no he, he can't be dead. He's stronger, th, than-

    Angel: Strong, yeah. Immortal, no.

    Eve looks at Angel coldly.

    Eve: You killed him didn't you?

    Angel: Like I said, you already know the answer.

    Eve: And you think after that I'm gonna help you? You've taken the one thing I loved most Angel I-

    Angel: Let me remind you of how many times I've helped you. I've saved your life, how many times now?

    Eve: So I owe you is that what you think?

    Angel: Yeah actually, you do.

    Eve looks angry. She looks away and shakes her head. Then she looks back.

    Eve: What do you wanna know? I'm not saying I'm gonna tell you, just-

    Angel: What do you know about the Senior Partners' plans in this dimension?

    Eve: You know I don't work for them anymore. They're probably plotting to kill me right now.

    Angel: But when you did work for them you must have known at least a little of what was going on. Like, for instance, what they would do if things didn't work out between me and them. They had the amulet as a failsafe. But what else?

    Eve: I don't know.

    Angel: You're in an awkward position Eve. I get that. But if you help me with this, then I might just have to save your life again.

    Eve: What? You're not the head of a multi-national law firm anymore Angel; you don't have that kind of power.

    Angel: No. No it'd just be me and the others protecting you. But that seems a better deal than any other you got going right now.

    Eve: Lindsey would have. He told me he wouldn't let anything happen to me.

    Angel: Well you know that's not an option anymore. I'm all you've got Eve. Time to start thinking about number one.

    Eve looks at Angel. She looks tearful.

    Eve: So maybe I could do with your help. But I don't want it to be some kind of favour from you.

    Angel: Well I can't guarantee that everyone'd be so happy to see you again. Especially alive. They might react badly. Plus the Senior Partners have very interesting ways of trying to kill people. I wouldn't be there all the time to try and save you. So it's more of a gamble than a favour. But if you won't help me now, then, well, we're done here.

    Eve hesitates.

    Eve: I'll tell you what I know. It's not much, but it could help with whatever you're trying to do.

    Angel: Thank you Eve. That wasn't so hard was it?

    Eve: No there's something else I want first. Take me to see Lindsey.

    Angel: Eve he's-

    Eve: I know. I wanna see his body.

    Angel: I don't think-

    Eve: I can't be with him Angel. Ever again, thanks to you. Let me at least mourn for him.

    Angel pauses. He nods slowly.

    Eve: (bitterly) Thanks.

    Angel: I'll drive.

    Cut to Gunn and Gwen. Gunn is still staring at her.

    Gwen: I guess a "hi, how've you been" isn't on the menu.

    Gunn: Sorry?I uh, I'm just kinda shocked.

    Gwen: Fond memories?

    Gunn smiles.

    Gunn: Not so much the shocking part. But uh the rest well?it aint saying it was bad.

    Gwen: I know I wouldn't.

    Gwen smiles. Gunn smiles back a little.

    Gunn: So what are you doing back here?

    Gwen: Looking for you as a matter of fact. And, Angel too, is he-

    Gunn: He's out. So are the others.

    Gwen: Right. He with his special Cordy?

    Gunn: There've been a few changes since you've been gone.

    Gwen: Really? You don't seem that different.

    Gunn: I am. But I-

    Gunn reaches out for Gwen's hand. Gwen pulls back quickly. Gunn frowns.

    Gwen: Don't.

    Gunn: What? But I thought-

    Gwen: Yeah. For a while I was out of power. But, uh, when they said L.I.S.A was a prototype they meant it. Bout five months ago it started failing. I thought it was nothing to worry about until?

    Gunn: You hurt someone?

    Gwen: (quietly) Yeah?

    Gunn: How bad?

    Gwen: They, uh, they died.

    Gunn: You couldn't do that shock back to life thing you did for me?

    Gwen: I tried. But I got nothin'.

    Gunn: I'm sorry.

    Gwen: Thanks. Ever since then it's gotten worse. Until I got here. Cos I thought, you know, you could help. You did last time.

    Gunn: What happened when you got here?

    Gwen: You know that portal we tried to get rid of The Beast with? Well it was kinda like that.

    Gunn: Something came through?

    Gwen: Not so much. Though it coulda done by now. No the portal, uh exploded right in front of me. Fused L.I.S.A right out. So here's me as a freak again-

    Gunn: You're not a freak. Not to me anyway.

    Gwen smiles slightly.

    Gwen: Well whatever you wanna call me, I don't wanna be it. You know I was actually understanding what people meant by a normal life ? hey I was even having one. I, uh I thought maybe you and science girl could-

    Gunn: Fix you?

    Gwen: Must be a way.

    Gunn: I, um, I dunno if that's possible?right now at least. We're kinda busy.

    Gwen: Need a hand?

    Gunn: Gwen I don't think you wanna get involved in this. I mean we're dealing with some weird inter-dimensional stuff that-

    Gunn looks at Gwen.

    Gwen: That wouldn't happen to involve portals would it?

    Gunn: I guess it could.

    Gwen: Then hey, I'm on the team. Why don't we say I scratch your back, you scratch mine?

    Gunn: I'll try and help you. But after this is done.

    Gwen: Thanks handsome.

    Gunn: We should go so Angel about that portal.

    Gwen: Lead the way.

    They start walking.

    Gwen: You and me, on a mission together. All we need now is some formal wear and it'll be just like old times.

    Gunn smiles. Gwen does too.

    Cut to Illyria and Spike walking down the street. It is still nighttime. Spike is looking at the shop names as he passes.

    Illyria: Where is this place you speak off?

    Spike: I'll tell you when we get there.

    Illyria: I am sure that there was somewhere closer to the hotel that would have been easier to access.

    Spike: Look I know this guy alright, he'd be more willing to help us than anyone nearer.

    Illyria: I tire of waiting.

    Spike: Will you just-

    There is a suddenly a blast of white light about 20 metres away from Spike and Illyria. They look shocked and run towards it.

    Spike: What the hell is that?

    Illyria: It looks like some kind of portal.

    Spike: Oh and you can never have too many of them.

    Spike looks around

    Spike: Doesn't look like anyone saw.

    Illyria: It will only be a matter of time. We must close it.

    Spike: Easier said than done.

    Illyria: We must try before something comes thro-

    Energy blasts outwards. Illyria and Spike shield themselves from it. A figure falls from the portal. Spike looks up. As does Illyria. The figure looks up. It is Pavayne. Illyria looks shocked. Spike's eyes widen.

    Spike: Oh God no.

    Pavayne smiles as he sees Spike.
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      ACT III

      Open on the scene from Hellbound. However Angel's hair is spiked, Gunn is wearing his casual clothes and there are other lawyers standing around.

      Pavayne: No. No! Defilers! I'll...cut you into nothing! I'll feast on your brains. I'll swim in lakes of your own blood.

      Angel punches Pavayne, knocking him down.

      Angel: You'll shut the hell up.

      Spike reappears.

      Spike: Don't kill him. If he becomes a spirit again, we'll never stop him.

      Angel: Fine. No killing. Just a whole lot of bruisin'.

      He tries to punch Pavayne again but Pavayne dodges. He stands up and looks at Angel. He smiles and pushes his hands together. Black energy swirls around him and he disappears. Angel and co. look on frowning.

      Spike: Oh great?

      Lawyer: Where is he?

      Angel looks around.

      Angel: He's still here.

      Angel looks at the lawyer.

      Angel: Sorry we couldn't help more.

      Wesley: We should get back to the hotel. Deal with the vision Fred had earlier.

      Angel: Right.

      Lawyer: Please! You don't understand what he can do-

      Angel: Not our problem.

      [I]Angel and co. walk away. The camera moves downwards through the floor. A caption appears saying 11 months later. The camera continues moving downwards. Eventually it reaches a figure. It is Pavayne. He is walking along. Suddenly white energy opens around him. The camera follows him down the portal. He falls out in front of Spike and Illyria. He looks up.[I]

      Spike: Oh god no!

      He smiles.

      Pavayne: Spike! How I've longed to see you again boy.

      Spike: H?how?how the hell are you?moving? You're supposed to be in a damn box.

      Pavayne: You tried. You failed. Or have you forgotten. I know I haven't.

      Illyria: Spike if that is indeed a dimensional portal, then this may be a Pavayne from another world. One that we don't entrap in the storage cells of Wolfram and Hart.

      Pavayne: Storage cells? Not me I'm afraid. Unluckily for you I'm as free as ever.

      Illyria: But corporeal.

      Illyria rushes up to Pavayne. She tries to punch him. He vanishes and appears behind Spike. Spike tenses. He seems to be frozen. Illyria looks up. Pavayne circles Spike.

      Pavayne: As are you, it seems. Congratulations.

      He taps his fingers along Spike's shoulder.

      Pavayne: The fun that I could have with you?it could be endless.

      Illyria: No. Eternity is saved for those like you.

      Illyria runs up. Pavayne appears behind her. Spike drops to the ground. Pavayne strokes Illyria's hair aside.

      Pavayne: My, what have you become? You are not so delicate as you were then. You are intriguing. But equally unimpressive.

      Pavayne blasts black energy at Illyria. She gasps. It swirls around her neck forming a noose. It seems to tighten. Illyria gasps as it rises. She pulls at it but it tightens further. Spike looks up.

      Spike: No!

      Pavayne: All too familiar isn't it Spike. Help the girl, or yourself? Once again it's up to you. But either way, you die.

      Spike looks angrily at Pavayne. He growls and runs forward. Pavayne disappears as he does so. Pavayne reappears smiling. Spike grabs a dagger and throws it at Pavayne. It stabs through his foot into the ground. Pavayne falls to the ground in pain. Spike runs over again and punches Pavayne in the face. The noose around Illyria's neck weakens. She falls to the ground. Pavayne looks up at Spike.

      Pavayne: You may not be the Spike I fought. But you're still the same. Thinking you're so righteous and courageous by saving the day like this. You'll never be anything but worthy of hell. You can't-

      His head falls to one side. Illyria is standing behind him. She looks at Spike. He smiles slightly and nods.

      Spike: Thanks for that.

      Illyria: No need. I enjoy inflicting violence on those who deserve it. It is I that should thank you.

      Spike looks at Illyria surprised. She looks away. Spike smiles a little.

      Spike: Are?are you blushing?

      Illyria: No! Don't conceive of such foolish ideas!

      Spike smiles to himself.

      Illyria: There is no time for them. We must see Angel about this.

      Spike looks up at the portal. It flashes.

      Spike: Yeah. And soon.

      Cut to Angel driving up near the Sahrvin lair. Eve looks out.

      Eve: This is it?

      Angel: Yeah.

      Eve gets out of the car. Angel follows.

      Eve: What are you doing?

      Angel: Coming with you.

      Eve: I don't-

      Angel: You may not want me there Eve but this is the way it's gonna be.

      Eve looks annoyed. She turns round and walks towards the lair. Angel follows.

      Cut to Eve walking inside. She looks around. She sees Lindsey's body next to the wall. She gasps and puts her hand over her mouth. Angel appears behind her. Eve kneels down. She moves her hand out to touch Lindsey but then pulls back.

      Eve: (without turning round) How could you?

      Angel: You know it wasn't about that.

      Eve: Don't pretend that you're sorry.

      Angel: I'm not. But this wasn't about me. It was about him. Lorne knew that.

      Eve: Lorne?you had him do it.

      A tear falls down Eve's cheek. Angel looks serious. Eve sees a splinter of wood next to her. She moves her hand over it.

      Angel: You wanna kill me Eve?

      Eve: You already know the answer to that.

      Angel: Then go ahead and try. But you know I'd snap your wrists before you even stand up.

      Eve looks back at Angel.

      Eve: You're really something Angel, you know that? You send a peaceful being to kill someone who was helping you fight your little war.

      Angel: Because I had to. I could see the bigger picture Eve. Lindsey never could. And neither can you.

      Eve looks back at Lindsey.

      Eve: You don't know what I can see.

      Angel: I can guess.

      Eve looks angry.

      Angel: Are we done here?

      Eve stands up. She nods. Angel turns around. Eve follows. Eve suddenly notices the gun Lorne used. She kneels down. Angel stops. He turns around. Eve is standing again.

      Angel: What now?

      Eve: I can't forgive you.

      Angel: I'm not asking you to. But you're gonna have to just accept it.

      Eve: Not yet.

      Eve fires the gun repeatedly at Angel. Angel gets hit in the shoulder and the chest. He growls with pain. Suddenly white energy blasts around them. The roof is about to collapse on Eve. Angel rushes over to her and pulls her out of the way. They run out of the lair.

      Cut to them outside of the lair. White energy blasts out from the building.

      Eve: Lindsey!

      Eve tries to run back. Angel grabs her.

      Angel: No! Eve it's suicide! He's gone. Just let him go.

      Eve looks on tearfully. Angel stares at the white energy.

      Eve: What is that?

      Angel: I think it might be time for you tell me what you know.

      Cut to Gunn and Gwen walking in a suburban area.

      Gwen: Um?do you actually know where we're going?

      Gunn: Angel needs to get info. on the senior partners at Wolfram and Hart. Only one person left who could know about that.

      Gwen: Right. Except I'm having a little trouble understanding this whole Wolfram and Hart thing. This time last year you were fighting against them. Now you're telling me you've been running the place?

      Gunn: It's complicated.

      Gwen: Yeah, it always is.

      Gunn: I'm not saying it was the best move but we did some good there. I mean?I thought we did.

      Gwen: Wasn't all rainbows and butterflies huh?

      Gunn frowns.

      Gunn: I knew it wouldn't be. But I didn't expect?I didn't expect it change me how it did.

      Gwen: Really? Like I said before you don't seem so different to me.

      Gunn: I changed back.

      Gwen: Well?that's comforting actually. Knowing that it can happen.

      Gunn: Gwen there's nothing wrong with the way you are, you-

      Gwen: Try being me, Gunn. It's not so peachy.

      Gunn: Well at least you can-

      A portal suddenly opens next to them. Electrical energy is attracted to Gwen. Gunn is blasted back. Gwen cries out in pain. Gunn looks worried.

      He gets up and runs towards Gwen. The portal builds with electrical energy from Gwen.

      Gwen: Get out of here!

      Gunn: I aint leaving you. Besides this thing is getting bigger. I need to stop it.

      Gunn reaches out to Gwen.

      Gwen: You'll die!

      Gunn: Not this time. Grab this.

      Gunn holds out the wooden handle of his axe. Gwen takes. Gunn pulls on it. Electricity sparks through the wood. Gunn pulls harder, and manages to pull Gwen away from the portal's energy. They land on the ground together. The portal fluctuates. A man falls from it. Gunn and Gwen look over at him. Gunn's eyes widen as the man gets up. It is Professor Seidel. He looks around.

      Professor Seidel: What? What is this?
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        ACT IV

        Gunn and Gwen get up. Gunn looks speechless. The portals energy suddenly collects. It hits Seidel and blasts straight through him. He gasps and falls down dead. Gunn begins to run over. Gwen grabs his arm.

        Gwen: Hey! Unless you wanna become Kentucky fried too I don't think you should get too close to that.

        Gunn looks at Seidel's body.

        Gwen: Who is that anyway?

        Gunn: It's?it's um someone I knew.

        Gwen: I'm getting a bad feeling about the "knew".

        Gunn: I killed him.

        Gwen: Oh?another thing you and me have in common.

        Gunn: I killed him for Fred. Actually he, uh, he was big on portals. Tried to send us through one.

        Gwen: Kinda ironic huh?

        Gunn: Yeah?

        Gwen: Listen don't beat yourself up about it.

        Gunn: I'm not I just?I don't understand why he's here.

        Gwen: Well if he's dead then that obviously isn't him. I don't know much about portals but in comics they link other dimensions. Maybe he's from one of those or something.

        Gunn: Maybe. We should find Angel.

        Gwen: That's what we [I]were[I] doing.

        Gunn: Right. We should probably go back to the hotel. Might have more luck.

        Gwen: Sure.

        Gunn nods. They begin walking.

        Gwen: Oh and?thanks for before.

        Gunn smiles. They continue walking.

        Cut to Spike and Illyria walking along the street.

        Illyria: What if Angel encountered what we did? A portal. He could be dead.

        Spike: I doubt it. I don't think he'd give me the satisfaction of dying now.

        Illyria: You jest at the idea of his death. Yet you fight alongside him still. I do not understand why you continue to when you seem to loathe him so.

        Spike: I don't loathe him exactly. It's just we go way back. Well I guess you'd see it as going back about five minutes but still?we're rivals basically. In more ways than one.

        Illyria: Not anymore. You both strived to become human. Now Angel cannot. Only you can.

        Spike: Yeah well nothing's set in stone. Probably another vampire with a soul'll pop up before this is over and do the champion thing.

        Illyria: That is unlikely. You have shown much courage. I have learned a great deal from you.

        Spike: Well?cheers. But no I don't show so much courage against some things.

        Illyria: Like that human that appeared from the portal?

        Spike: He's a bit more than that. Or was. I dunno how it works but, he basically tried to send me to hell.

        Illyria: I know.

        Spike: What?

        Illyria: Fred was there. She helped you.

        Spike: You remember?

        Illyria: Not exactly. That man?Pavayne. He did not only awaken fear within you. I felt it too. It is a memory of a memory. And yet still vivid. I have not experienced such a thing before.

        Spike: I guess gods don't have much to fear.
        Illyria: I feared nothing. Everything feared me. Yet now?I am unsure. I believe there are things in this world I fear. Death is one of them.

        Spike: Well join the club.

        Illyria: Club?

        Spike: What I mean is?you're not the only one who fears death.

        Spike and Illyria stop. They have reached the front of the Hyperion.

        Illyria: It is mortal to do so.

        Spike: Well then. Guess that shows you're growing as a person eh?

        Spike walks towards the entrance. Illyria cocks her head and looks contemplative. She follows him inside.

        Cut to Spike and Illyria walking inside. Gunn, Gwen, Angel and Eve are already there.

        Spike: Guess you're not dead then. And hey who's the new girl?

        Gwen: I'm Gwen.

        Illyria: You are familiar to my eyes.

        Gwen: And weirdly you're not to mi-?wait. Are you?Fred?

        Gunn: No?Gwen uh?

        Illyria: Fred is gone. Ripped from this world like-

        Angel: It's alright Illyria, you don't need to explain. Basically Gwen, Fred's dead.

        Gwen: Oh?

        Gwen looks at Gunn.

        Gwen: I didn't realise. Probably cause you didn't tell me.

        Gunn: I was getting there.

        Gwen: Well?(to Illyria) What are you then?

        Angel: We'll explain later Gwen. Right now we have to deal with what's going on. That's why we're all here.

        Spike: Even her?

        Spike looks at Eve.

        Angel: Eve's been helping me.

        Spike: Right. Checked for any little bug demons on you? Or?are those bullet holes?

        Angel: It doesn't matter. What does matter is what's causing these portals to appear.

        Spike: You got one too then?

        Gunn: So did we.

        Angel: Right. They're appearing everywhere. And we need to know how to stop them. Eve.

        Eve sighs.

        Eve: The senior partners are moving out of this dimension.

        Illyria: That is not new information.

        Eve: Yeah but what you don't know is that when they make the move they start tugging at the fabric of reality. That's what's causing these portals. Things are entering this dimension from others.

        Gunn: So how do we stop it?

        Eve: You can't.

        Spike: Not the answer I was hoping for.

        Angel: What she means is not yet. There's a way. I know there is.

        Eve: Maybe. But these portals are just the start. The senior partners have an army.

        Illyria: Of how many?

        Eve: Thousands at the least.
        Gwen: Wow.

        Eve: Yeah well what's worse is that these aren't some flunkies. They're known as the Kadar'lor. Roughly translated it means-

        Illyria: Mutilators.

        Everyone looks at Illyria.

        Illyria: I once possessed an army of similar proportion. They were known by the same name.

        Eve: Yeah well somehow I think these guys have got a one up on you.

        Spike: Well they would considering how Illyria's army is a big pile of dust.

        Eve: You don't get it! These guys could kill us all. They could kill the human race. And right now we're all that's standing in the way between-

        Angel: Life and death.

        Everyone looks at Angel.

        Angel: We always have done. One way or another.

        Eve: Before now the senior partners either wanted or had you on their team. Now they want you dead. All of us.

        Angel: Then how come I'm not? If they're so powerful why am I not a pile of dust right now?

        Eve looks away.

        Angel: They might wanna kill me. But they haven't yet. And I'm not gonna just stand around watching things fall apart waiting for it to happen.

        Spike: So what do you suggest?

        Angel: I remember saying something: we might not be able to win this as easily as we'd like, but perhaps we're not supposed to. Not yet anyway. Right now all we can do is fight. Now I've already agreed to go the distance and fight this because I believe that it can be done. And I know I'm not the only one that does. At least I'm hoping that's the case because I can't do this alone. I'm gonna need all of you to help. Even you Eve.

        Eve: I don't see how I can when-
        Angel: You can. And you will. Terms of the agreement are that you fight with us and survive with us. And the rest of you?you're not bound by anything. But I'd-

        Spike: Oh save the speech I'm not gonna stop fighting. I'll help.

        Illyria: As will I.

        Gwen: Sure why not?

        Gunn: Me too.

        Angel smiles. The others smile back except Illyria. Angel looks at Eve.

        Eve: Like I have a choice?

        Angel: Good. I'm glad. Cause I know some of us have lost recently. And even more over these last few years. The new.

        He looks at Gwen.

        Angel: And the old.

        He looks at Gunn.

        Angel: Whatever. It doesn't matter. Because we're all fighting the same thing. And I know that it's gonna take more than an army to-

        Angel's phone starts ringing. He takes it out of his pocket. He puts it to his ear.

        Angel: (to the phone) Hello? B, Buffy.

        Spike looks surprised.

        Angel: No it's a great time. How are y-?

        Angel begins to frown. He looks shocked.

        Angel: What? When? No Buffy wait I-

        Angel slowly moves the phone down from his ear. Spike raises his eyebrows.

        Spike: Well what is it? Is it Buffy is she-

        Angel: She's fine.

        Spike: Then what?

        Angel looks grave.

        Angel: It's Faith.

        Spike looks shocked.

        THE END
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