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Buffy Episode 9.22 188. Risen

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  • Buffy Episode 9.22 188. Risen

    Hi, this is the final episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it, and the rest of Season 9. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.22 188. Risen

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    For Lex and Amber.

    ACT I

    Open on the Sun shining down. The sky is blue, with a few wisps of cloud evident. The camera moves down to show the tops of palm trees, their leaves wavering slightly in a slight breeze. The camera moves further down to show a small area of grass. A creature that looks similar to a rabbit, except with sharper claws, munches at a leaf held between its paws. Suddenly a roaring sound is heard. The creature flees the area. The ground begins to shake. A large machine appears through the trees, knocking down those in its way. The camera moves round to show a large settlement in a valley; the same valley seen at the end of "Lights Grow Dim".

    Cut to a crowd of people. Many of them are shouting, anger evident on their face. Blue helmets can be seen surrounding the crowd. The camera moves over to show a huge screen behind them. A reporter is talking on it. The display is fairly average quality. The camera continues moving along.

    Reporter: Three weeks after the exodus to the new world began, and many of the public are still without accommodation. Officials claim that food and water are their priorities currently-

    The screen goes out of view, but the reporter can still be heard. We see a man run past. Two police run after him.

    Reporter: ?but it appears that not even these are being rationed correctly, due to convoys arriving later than scheduled from the old world.

    Two men are fighting at the entrance to an alley. A woman is seen sat against the wall nearby, crying.

    Reporter: The UN maintains that everything is being done to rectify this problem?

    The reporter's words fade as the camera moves away. The crowd are continuing to protest. It can now be seen that they are in front of a three-storey building, which appears to have been built post-exodus. A blue helmet soldier is forced to the ground by several protestors as the camera sweeps over them towards one of the third floor windows. High fences can be seen around the building. The camera continues to zoom until we see the faint outline of a figure behind the darkened window. It's Buffy. She looks worried.

    Cut to inside the building. Buffy turns and walks towards the door. Cut to her walking into another room. Giles, Willow and Xander are seen inside. They appear to be sorting through blueprints.

    Willow: Buffy! Hi.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Giles narrows his brow.

    Giles: You all right?

    Buffy: Uh, sure.

    Xander: You've seen outside huh?

    Buffy nods.

    Giles: We knew it wouldn't be easy.

    Buffy: I know. I shoulda realised things would only get worse, not better.

    Willow: It's not like we had much time to prepare. Everyone's done the best they could.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Yeah. I guess I hoped people'd be a little more?grateful. It's not like we did all this for a laser quest alternative.

    Willow looks sympathetic.

    Xander: Yeah well, that assumes that people think beyond their own little bubbles. Not gonna happen easily.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: It's gonna have to.

    Xander nods gravely.

    Buffy: I'm gonna go back.

    Willow: Want us to-

    Buffy: It's ok. I wanna see?there are some things I have to do. While I have the time.

    The others seem to accept this.

    Giles: Let us know when you're back.

    Buffy: I will.

    Willow: And say hi to Dawn and the others.

    Buffy smiles a little and nods again. She walks out. The others look concerned.

    Xander: I hate seeing her like this.

    Giles: I doubt there's much we can do to help her right now.

    Xander: I guess not even the Old Ones package holiday back to the Deeper Well courtesy of Willow Express was much comfort to her.

    Willow looks a little embarrassed at Xander mentioning this. Xander smiles at her.

    Giles: To the rest of us of maybe, but you're right?now that she knows what may happen to Spike?

    Willow looks sad. Xander looks serious.

    Xander: What may happen to all of us.

    Giles sighs.

    Giles: True.

    Willow: I think we should just carry on with this and try not to think about that. It's not gonna help.

    Xander: Yeah.

    Giles: Yes, we still have a lot to do.

    The three of them begin to return to their work. The camera moves past them to show a calendar on the wall. There are red crosses across every day up to May the 13th. As the camera moves closer Willow comes into view and crosses off May the 14th. She walks away. May 15th has words written in red pen, and is circled several times:

    Ascension Day. The image begins to fade, but not entirely as we see Malachi's head turning slowly into view.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques

    Special Guest Stars:

    AMY ACKER - Fred

    Guest Starring:

    SAMUEL L JACKSON - Malachi Edison
    ALICE KRIGE - Alethea
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    JAMIE BELL - Mark
    PHINA ORUCHE - Olivia
    JULIANNE MOORE - Laverica
    CYNTHIA WATROS - Volariant
    KIRSTY WU - Chao-Ahn
    INDIGO - Rona

    [i]Cut to several low flying fighter planes. They speed across the sky and away as the camera lowers to show Dawn and Heather walking across the edge of an airfield. Many soldiers can be seen around, loading weapons on to planes and transporting others.

    Heather: It's one thing that's actually going according to plan. Fighting as a united race isn't something that anyone's had much experience with but as you can see, we're rising to the challenge.

    Dawn looks out at everything being organised around her.

    Dawn: It's great.

    Heather: Well it's something anyway.

    Dawn looks at Heather.

    Dawn: No seriously; without all this we'd have no chance against Malachi; and you've done so much to create it.

    Heather smiles, looking embarrassed.

    Heather: Thank you. Unfortunately, firepower alone won't be enough to win this war.

    Dawn looks serious.

    Dawn: It's a start.

    Heather nods.

    Dawn: Listen, I uh, I have some stuff to do. Gotta get back.

    Heather: Oh, yes of course. I hope it goes well.

    Dawn smiles.

    Heather: I'll be over there, later?it might be an idea that we talk as a group.

    Dawn: Sure. We'll arrange something.

    Heather nods. The two of them begin walking towards the air base.

    Cut to Golda, Mark and Lauren walking down a corridor. Golda and Mark still have a few small scars from the holy water they were exposed to in "Lights Grow Dim". Guards are seen every now and then as the trio walk past.

    Lauren: You sure you're gonna be all right?

    Golda looks apprehensive but nods.

    Golda: We'll be fine.

    Lauren doesn't look entirely convinced but nods anyway. She walks to a locked door. She enters a code in the keypad. The door clicks and slides across. Lauren looks at Golda and Mark.

    Lauren: I'll be just out here if you need anything.

    Golda: Thanks.

    Mark smiles at Lauren also. She smiles back and walks into a nearby room. Mark looks at Golda as they walk into the new room.

    Mark: "We'll be fine"?

    Golda: I know, ok? But we gotta do this so?it's just easier if she thinks we can definitely handle it.

    Mark looks worried.

    Golda: I can do the talking if you want.

    Mark: Not the talking I'm worried about.

    Golda hesitates. She turns down the new corridor. Mark hesitates and then follows her.

    Cut to a dimly lit room. Figures are talking amongst themselves, mostly in whispers. The main doors to the room open. The lights in the room grow brighter. The figures all turn to look at Golda and Mark at the doorway. Soldiers are stood on either side of the door. Golda and Mark look around at the figures who are all staring back. A man smiles, slightly malevolently.

    Man: Well. Now we're all saved cause you two've dropped by.

    Golda: Shut up.

    Woman: Oh honey, you got spark. Surprised they didn't kick that outta you. Us girls gotta hold to it, aint that right?

    Golda glares at the woman.

    Golda: You all wanna make jokes? Fine. You can stay down here, for?I dunno, how about ever?

    Some of the men and women exchange glances. Their smiles waver a little. Mark steps forward.

    Mark: On the other hand you can consider the situation we're all in.

    Woman #2: You really think the two of you are in the same situation as us? We don't have a pretty little Slayer to run back to when the going gets tough.

    Mark: Well you better get ready cause the goings about to get a lot tougher.

    The woman doesn't respond. Mark looks around.

    Mark: You reckon you're all hard done by cause of all the crap that's happened? Well yeah, we've been through hell. But now you've all got the chance to send hell straight back. We don't owe anything to the human race?

    Golda looks at him.

    Mark: But we owe each other the chance to live. Any of you reckon you can overcome your self-pity and take a stand?

    The men and women, who are clearly the cure victims, glance at one another. Golda and Mark hold their breath waiting for a response.

    Cut to Kennedy and Kelly in a limo. They are being driven past the same crowds as seen before in the new world. Kelly frowns as she looks outside at the protestors.

    Kelly: God, you'd think we were the ones trying to end the world.

    Kennedy looks over at Kelly. She looks like her mind has been elsewhere.

    Kennedy: What?

    Kelly looks over at her.

    Kelly: Doesn't matter. You ok?

    Kennedy exhales.

    Kennedy: I um, I keep thinking about Willow lately. About what's gonna happen?

    Kelly looks serious. Kennedy looks upset as she looks away.

    Kennedy: I'd been able to put it away, for a while. At least, I didn't have to look at the future head on. But now after Gunn and Illyria, and maybe even Spike; any hope that I had before?it's just gone.

    She looks tearful.

    Kelly: I wish I could tell it'd all be ok. But I really can't.

    Kennedy looks at her.

    Kelly: If it were Xander?I know I'd feel the same. As it is, I can't help but feel that there should be a solution. A way to save?

    She trails off and exhales.

    Kelly: It's not easy to fight something that hasn't even happened yet. You only need to look out the window to see that much.

    She does so and looks solemn.

    Kelly: I guess all you can do is try, and then pick up the pieces once it's happened.

    Kennedy: What if there aren't any pieces left?

    Kelly turns to look at her.

    Kelly: There's always at least one. You just have to look hard enough.

    Kennedy considers this. The limo slows to a halt. Both Kelly and Kennedy gather themselves and then open the doors. Cut to Giles looking down at the limo from the third floor window. He turns away.

    Giles: They're here.

    Willow and Xander both look at him.

    Xander: Right. Better go down.

    He and Willow put down what they're doing and turn to the door. As Xander walks out, Willow turns to Giles.

    Willow: You're not coming?

    Giles: There's uh, actually something I need to do. I'll be back tonight.

    Willow looks a little surprised but nods and walks away. Giles pauses for a few seconds and then takes out his mobile. He dials a number and puts it to his ear. He sits down as he waits for it to pick up.

    Giles: (to phone) Hello? Yes, this Rupert Giles. Yes, I uh, wanted to know the contact details of a civilian, if possible. Yes?yes I understand it's not your priority. I?oh, thank you.

    Giles listens to the person on the other end. He looks surprised.

    Giles: (to phone) S-she isn't? Oh. I see, I?right. Right thank you.

    Giles puts the phone down. He stares into space. Cut to Buffy on her own mobile. She is walking up a stairway.

    Buffy: Yeah, just got here. Wasn't too bad?though remind me never to teleport across the Atlantic again. That is if there's still an Atlantic after?

    Cut to Dawn on the other end.

    Dawn: Ah ah! I believe that comes under the category of fatalistic thinking. Which we banned earlier.

    Buffy rolls her eyes, smiling despite everything.

    Buffy: Yeah well?fate seems kinda present, right now.

    Cut back to Dawn. She sighs.

    Dawn: It doesn't have to be. Look the army, and everyone else here, they're doing so much. And Heather and her guys are working on new stuff all the time. Listen she wants to meet up when you get back, ok?

    Buffy walks into a corridor.

    Buffy: Yeah, that's fine. Or more like necessary.

    Cut back to Dawn.

    Dawn: Yeah?

    Buffy is looking at the numbers on the doors in the corridor.

    Buffy: Listen, I'm here. So I better go.

    Dawn: Oh.

    Cut back to Dawn.

    Dawn: Well good luck and everything. If luck's the right word.

    Cut back to Buffy. She smiles.

    Buffy: It works. See you soon.

    Dawn: Bye!

    Buffy puts her phone back in her pocket. She exhales deeply and then knocks on the door in front of her. There is a pause. After a second the door opens. Fred is stood facing Buffy. She looks surprised.

    Fred: Oh! Buffy, hi!

    Buffy: Hey Fred. Good to see you again.

    Fred: Yeah, you too! You should come in.

    Buffy: Thanks.

    Buffy walks in as Fred holds the door open. It is a fairly spacious apartment, and quite well furnished.

    Buffy: Wow. Wish we had one of these when we had to move.

    Fred smiles awkwardly.

    Voice OS: Yeah, we'll get a good view of all the smouldering death from up here.

    Buffy turns to see Spike a few metres away. She stares at him. He stares back and manages a smile.

    Cut to Heather standing in front of a desk. She looks quite shocked.

    Heather: I?I had no idea.

    Cut to an older woman sat behind the desk. She stands up.

    Woman: I realise it's a little controversial, Miss Marques. But the UN have approved its use if necessary.

    Heather: I see.

    The woman smacks her lips.

    Woman: You should inform Miss Summers and her companions. After all this could be our light at the end of the tunnel.

    Heather nods slowly.

    Heather: It's a little dim in this tunnel, ma'am.

    The woman exhales and walks up to Heather. She puts a hand on Heather's shoulder.

    Woman: I know. But we make the light we can, with what we have.

    Heather nods and manages a smile.

    Heather: I'll make the phone call.

    The woman nods. Heather turns and walks away. She still looks a little concerned.
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    ACT II

    Cut back to Buffy, Spike and Fred. Fred smiles despite the tension.

    Fred: I should probably leave you two to uh?talk.

    Spike nods. Fred smiles awkwardly and walks into another room. There is a pause.

    Spike: Surprised you managed to find time to come round these parts.

    Buffy: Teleportation's useful in that way.

    Spike nods. He looks around.

    Spike: Fancy a drink?

    Buffy frowns. Spike looks at her.

    Spike: This is a social call isn't it?

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: Like I said on the phone; I needed to talk to you without Angel around.

    Spike: Right.

    Spike grabs a beer off the table and sits down on a chair. He opens the beer and takes a swig.

    Spike: Well, talk away. Less than 24 hours and all. Maybe less for me.

    Buffy looks annoyed.

    Buffy: I'm glad that you're taking this so seriously.

    Spike stares at her.

    Spike: What else am I supposed to do? Gunn and Illyria are dead. I'm the last person alive at the end of the Final Destination movie. Not like I can avoid it now.

    Buffy walks towards Spike.

    Buffy: So that's it?

    Spike takes another drink. He stares at Buffy.

    Spike: I dunno when it'll be. There's that at least.

    Buffy looks upset.

    Buffy: Today could be the last-

    Spike: For all of us. Remember?

    Buffy looks at a loss for words.

    Buffy: I already lost you once.

    Spike: And I got back.

    Buffy: I don't wanna fight. Not now.

    Spike stands up. He clutches Buffy's hand in his own.

    Spike: Then don't.

    A tear runs down Buffy's cheek. Spike wipes it away softly. The two of them lean towards one another. Buffy closes her eyes. The door suddenly opens. Angel walks in. Buffy and Spike break away. Buffy looks directly at Angel. He stares at the scene in front of him, frowning.

    Buffy: A-Angel. I thought you guys were gonna be gone a while.

    Angel looks at Spike and then at Buffy, seriously.

    Angel: We were. But something's come up.

    Fred has appeared from the other room.

    Fred: What is it?

    Angel looks at her. Buffy and the others look concerned. Angel then looks at Buffy.

    Angel: Maybe our one shot at winning this.

    Buffy looks surprised.

    Cut to Giles walking along a street. There is a far away shot of the street, entirely empty apart from him. He is holding a piece of paper in his hands. He looks at the street name and then at the house next to him. He hesitates and then walks up to it.

    Cut to Giles ringing the doorbell. After a few seconds it opens. Olivia is stood facing him. She looks very surprised. Giles smiles, but then looks surprised also; Olivia is clearly pregnant.

    Olivia: Giles!

    Giles regains his composure and looks up from Olivia's stomach.

    Giles: Olivia. I, uh, it's good to see you.

    Cut to Giles and Olivia sat in her living room, on opposite sofas. They are both holding mugs.

    Olivia: My doctor thought that the trip could damage the baby at this stage. I didn't want to risk it.

    Giles looks concerned.

    Giles: You don't think staying here is quite a risk in itself?

    Olivia smiles, appreciating Giles' concern.

    Olivia: I know you're worried. And I know everything's a little?frantic right now, but I also know you'll come through.

    Giles smiles awkwardly.

    Giles: It's a little more complicated than that.

    Olivia: Always was wasn't it?

    Giles nods.

    Giles: You know that Malachi's planning to strike tomorrow don't you?

    Olivia: I do.

    Giles: Nowhere on this planet will be safe when that happens.

    Olivia sighs and walks over to Giles. She sits next to him and clutches his hand.

    Olivia: My dear old friend; I have my husband, and I have my daughter. And I have faith?that this isn't the end.

    Giles: No one can know that. Don't you understand Olivia? Everything that I've seen as a Watcher, nothing comes close to what tomorrow could bring.

    Olivia looks serious.

    Olivia: It means a lot that you came here Rupert. But we can't go with you.

    Giles looks serious, but Olivia smiles calmly.

    Olivia: Who knows? Maybe we'll see each other again once all this is?said and done.

    Giles manages a weak smile.

    Olivia: You better drink up, I'm sure you've got a lot to do.

    Giles' smile widens a little. He and Olivia share eye contact for a few seconds.

    Cut to Willow standing in a rest room. She looks weak and is supporting herself with her arms leaning on the sink. The door opens. It's Kennedy. She smiles initially but then notices that there is blood trickling from Willow's nose. There is a close up of a drop of blood splashing in the sink, joining the pool that's already there. Willow quickly grabs for a tissue and wipes her nose.

    Willow: Hey?

    Kennedy: Oh my God.

    Kennedy rushes up to her. Willow looks awkward. Kennedy notices the blood in the sink.

    Kennedy: This is more than last time?

    Willow nods.

    Kennedy: You need to stop the blood flow sooner than this.

    Willow: Sometimes I just let it run its course-

    Kennedy: Well you can't. You need to put your head back and the blood flow will stop.

    Willow looks at her.

    Willow: I'm not a child.

    Kennedy looks surprised at this remark.

    Kennedy: What?

    Willow: You're treating me like one.

    Kennedy looks upset.

    Kennedy: Willow I just wanna help you-

    Willow: This isn't something that you can help with. The nosebleed, the headaches, they're just symptoms, they're only gonna get worse from now on.

    Kennedy looks sad.

    Kennedy: Why are you trying to fight me?

    Willow turns away from her.

    Kennedy: Is it so wrong that I want to make the time you have left as comfortable as possible?

    Willow looks saddened by this. She looks at Kennedy.

    Willow: I?I hate feeling weak like this. Like I'm gonna be reduced to nothing.

    Kennedy's anger fades. She looks resolute instead, she cradles Willow's head in her hands.

    Kennedy: You could never be nothing! You understand me? I couldn't love you if you were nothing. You're the strongest person I've ever known, and nothing can change that.

    Willow looks tearful. They kiss and then Kennedy takes the tissue from Willow.

    Kennedy: We just need to get this cleaned up.

    Willow nods. Kennedy turns to the sink and turns on the tap. Heather walks in. She looks a little surprised to see the blood.

    Heather: Oh! I'm sorry I?I uh?thought I'd let you know that Giles is back, and uh, Buffy should be soon.

    Willow smiles.

    Willow: We'll be right through.

    Heather nods and looks a little awkward before closing the door behind her.

    Cut to Heather walking into her office. It can clearly be seen to be dark outside through the window. Golda, Mark and Dawn are sat down while Kelly, Xander and Giles are stood around.

    Golda: I think they realised it was the right thing to do. They're not much, but they can fight. Could make a difference on the ground.

    Dawn: Good job.

    Golda: Thank Mark. He said what they needed to hear.

    Mark smiles, looking embarrassed.

    Mark: Yeah well, I think it was a joint effort.

    Golda smiles at him. Willow and Kennedy walk in.

    Kelly: So we're just waiting for Buffy.

    Dawn: She called before; said she might be a while.

    Heather: This really needs to be said now.

    The others look confused.

    Willow: What is it?

    Heather looks at her. She looks excited.

    Heather: There may have been?somewhat of a breakthrough.

    Everyone looks interested.

    Heather: Though from an unlikely source.

    Giles: Go on.

    Heather: Well; you all remember the attacks last month. The explosions that literally wiped out everything they touched.

    Xander: How could we forget?

    Heather: Yes, well we've found the designs for them. Apparently they were taken from Malachi who had initially designed them as prototypes but then abandoned them.

    The others wait for Heather to continue.

    Heather: Amongst the designs?is something bigger. The ability to build a much larger version of the devices that caused the previous explosions.

    The group react to this.

    Dawn: You mean we can build one?

    Heather: It's already been built.

    Everyone appears shocked.

    Kennedy: When did this happen?

    Heather: I only found out today. With the right kind of magic?it doesn't take long, apparently.

    Voice OS: Why did no one tell us this before?

    Everyone turns to see Buffy standing across the room.

    Giles: Welcome back.

    Buffy smiles for a second.

    Willow: How was?everything?

    Buffy looks awkward. She can't quite look Willow in the eye.

    Buffy: I'll talk to you guys about it later. Right now it looks like we have bigger things to discuss.

    Buffy looks at Heather.

    Buffy: So what's the story?

    Heather: I suspect the CIA are still a little obsessed with secrecy. But what counts is that now we know.

    Dawn looks hopeful. However Kelly looks serious.

    Kelly: How big a radius are we talking?

    Heather hesitates.

    Heather: An estimate of?ten miles.

    The group look alarmed.

    Xander: And this is known as a plan?

    Heather: Only if absolutely necessary Xander. And by the looks of things, it could well be. Malachi is surely going to strike from the Hellmouth in Darkley, it's where he's always based his power. If we could eliminate that?it would be a huge, huge victory.

    Golda: But all this'll be gone?

    Heather looks at her.

    Heather: It may well be gone either way.

    There is a pause.

    Heather: Despite not telling us until now?they do want our opinion on the bomb-

    Buffy: Tell them to go ahead.

    The others look at her, quite surprised.

    Giles: Buffy-

    Buffy: I know. It's extreme. But there's no one around who's gonna get hurt. Losing an area ten miles wide is nothing compared to what we could lose.

    No one else responds. Buffy looks at Heather.

    Buffy: What do you think Heather?

    Heather looks a little surprised to be asked.

    Heather: I think?I think that you're right. I don't see any other way.

    Buffy looks awkward as Heather says the last sentence but smiles at her.

    Heather: I'll go and let them know.

    Buffy: Wait. I need to talk to all of you.

    Heather obediently sits down. Buffy looks around at everyone.

    Buffy: Tomorrow?we all know what tomorrow is. We've been here, I dunno have many times. Enough to expect the worst.

    Everyone looks serious.

    Buffy: Doesn't seem so long ago that I was talking about making a choice. To be strong.

    There is a close up of Kennedy.

    Buffy: I know that some of you haven't had much of a choice when it comes to power.

    There is a close up of Golda and Mark.

    Buffy: And I know that sometimes the choice has been taken away from you.

    There is a close up of Kelly.

    Buffy: But power, and strength?they aren't always the same thing. I look around at you, and I see courage, determination?the will to fight for life. None of you have to make the choice to be strong; you're already there.

    There is a close up of Willow smiling.

    Buffy: You're not just my friends?or even my family. All of you are my life. I look at the defining moments of my life, and all of you are at the centre of them.

    There is a close up of Xander looking abashed. Buffy's smile fades a little.

    Buffy: Realistically I think we all know?not everyone's gonna survive.

    There is a close up of Giles frowning.

    Buffy: But I know that I'm not finished. I'm not gonna let Malachi take down this world as easily as he thinks he's going to. This is my plan.

    Buffy hesitates.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Buffy walking down a corridor. She looks confused. There is darkness?and yet light appearing from under the doorways. She tries to open one of the doors. It won't open. She wrestles with it, desperately trying to get in. There are sounds of creatures scuttling around near her. She looks worriedly around and tries to break into the room, with no luck. She stands back from the door. A figure rises just behind her: The First Slayer. She leans towards Buffy's ear.

      The First Slayer: Rise.

      Cut to Buffy's eyes opening. She looks around and contemplates this. She leans back. The day is here.

      Cut to Xander's eyes opening. He is lying on a mattress, a duvet covering most of him. Kelly is lying next to him, staring at him. Both are fully clothed. Light is barely shining through the window near them.

      Kelly: Hey.

      Xander smiles.

      Xander: Hey. How'd you sleep?

      Kelly shakes her head.

      Kelly: Glad you were able to though.

      Xander: Guess I'm getting numb to the thought of imminent doom.

      Kelly: Don't say that.

      Xander looks at her, a little surprised at how she took this comment.

      Xander: I'm just kidding, you know?

      Kelly: I know. I just?don't wanna think like that. Not today.

      Xander nods.

      Xander: I guess getting up is in order.

      Kelly: Yeah, it's almost 6.

      Xander pulls the covers off of him. He starts putting on his shoes. Kelly looks uncertain for a second.

      Kelly: You know?

      Xander looks over at her.

      Kelly: Apart from all the Ascension stuff?there's gonna be a lot of other fighting. There's gonna be a lot of casualties on both sides.

      Xander nods.

      Xander: Yeah.

      Kelly bites her lip.

      Kelly: I?

      She looks away.

      Kelly: I don't want you to be one of them.

      She looks at him again.

      Kelly: I want you to stay here, Xander.

      Xander frowns.

      Xander: Here?

      Kelly nods slowly.

      Kelly: Look, I know you wanna fight-

      Xander: You bet I do. What else could I do?

      Kelly: Live.

      Xander stares at Kelly. She looks back, pain evident in her expression.

      Kelly: I couldn't?I couldn't carry on if you were gone.

      Compassion appears on Xander's face. He reaches across the bed and kisses Kelly's forehead. He then kisses her on the lips.

      Xander: If I could promise not to die you know I'd do it for you.

      Kelly looks touched.

      Xander: As it happens, I can't. But I can't stand back and watch my friends die either. I was fighting when Sunnydale fell, I'm sure as hell gonna fight when the world might fall too.

      Kelly looks sad.

      Xander: Besides?if I manage to kill a demon, that's one less that you have to fight.

      Kelly smiles despite herself. She and Xander kiss once again.

      Cut to Heather walking down a corridor with Giles and Buffy, hurriedly.

      Heather: Vanessa and Joe should have teleported to Beijing by now. They're being joined by a fairly large amount of Slayers, I think that covers Asia.

      Buffy nods.

      Buffy: So you guys are in Paris?and Willow and Kennedy in Rio.

      Heather nods. There is a slight pause.

      Heather: You're sure she's prepared to take part in the spell?

      Giles looks serious at this. Buffy looks serious but nods.

      Buffy: Althanea'll be with her. So will Tap. Not physically but?she'll feel them near her. She's in good hands.

      Heather and Giles nod, agreeing.

      Heather: It's the right thing to do.

      Buffy hesitates but then nods.

      Buffy: Yeah?

      Giles: Kelly and Xander have elected to stay in Lincoln. With the bomb.

      Buffy looks a little surprised.

      Buffy: They have?

      Heather: I think we trust her to look after it.

      Buffy realises this is a good point.

      Buffy: So Dawn and Lauren in Sydney. And Golda and Mark in Cleveland. That's everyone.

      Heather: Yes. Except?for you.

      Buffy looks at her. The three of them stop walking.

      Buffy: Right?I have to be somewhere.

      Giles: If you want to be with Dawn-

      Buffy hesitates.

      Buffy: I have to be in London.

      Heather and Giles look a little surprised.

      Buffy: I dunno why I just?it's the heart of the country I've been defending. It feels right. There's a hellmouth there too.

      Giles nods, understanding.

      Heather: We'll help you as much as we can.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: I have to say?goodbye to everyone else.

      Heather: We'll join you.

      Buffy smiles at them.

      Cut to Dawn putting on a jacket. The others are around her getting ready. Mark looks at Xander.

      Mark: Don't suppose you know when this eclipse is happening?

      Xander: Probably just before the party starts.

      Golda: Doesn't give us much time.

      Kelly: You'll do it.

      Kelly smiles kindly. Golda looks glad that at least someone has faith, even if she doesn't. Kennedy clutches Willow's hand.

      Kennedy: I'm glad we're doing this together.

      Willow smiles sadly.

      Willow: Me too.

      She turns to see Buffy appearing at the doorway, followed by Heather and Giles. They make their way past Buffy. Buffy smiles at everyone. They all look sad.

      Buffy: I don't know how to do this.

      Xander: I guess good luck would be a good starter. That's luck from me to you by the way.

      Buffy smiles looking tearful and hugs Xander tightly. From now on the images fade into one another as they transition; we see Dawn and Willow hugging also. Xander and Mark shake hands but then hug anyway. Heather and Kennedy break away from a hug, smiling at one another. Golda and Kelly hug tightly; the two friends who have always been there for one another. Golda looks at Buffy. Buffy looks from her to Mark.

      Buffy: I?I feel like I should say sorry for everything, I-

      Mark: Don't. You've nothing to be sorry for.

      Golda: He's right. You gave us both a home. And a family. When no one else would.

      Buffy hugs Golda warmly. The image fades. Xander breaks from a hug with Willow.

      Xander: I know you'll be amazing.

      Willow smiles.

      Willow: You trying to make me cry?

      Xander smiles, but looks like he's about to cry himself. Willow looks at Buffy.

      Buffy: All I can say?is thank you?and I love you.

      Willow smiles sadly. She shakes her head as a tear falls down her face.

      Willow: See what you guys do!

      Buffy smiles tearfully. Willow looks from Buffy and Xander, her dearest friends. Willow looks at Kennedy.

      Willow: We should go.

      Kennedy nods. She then looks at the others.

      Kennedy: I suck at this?so, I'll just say what Buffy said yesterday, but shorter; be strong.

      Buffy smiles. Kennedy smiles back.

      Giles smiles at Xander and Kelly.

      Giles: Take care of one another.

      Kelly: We will.

      Giles smiles. He and Xander hug.

      The image fades as we see the group hugging one another. The image fades. Golda and Mark are gone. Then Kelly and Xander. Then Willow and Kennedy. Only Buffy, Dawn, Heather and Giles are left in the room. Buffy looks at Dawn, uncertain of what to say.

      Dawn: You know what I said at Sunnydale; I can't say goodbye to y-

      Buffy: I'll see you later.

      Buffy smiles warmly. Dawn nods slowly. She then hugs Buffy despite herself.

      The image fades. Buffy looks to Heather and Giles.

      Heather: I need to thank you, Buffy; you've opened my eyes to a world I thought I knew.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: And you've helped me keep the world from crushing me. Both of you.

      Buffy looks at Giles. He smiles, clearly touched by this. Buffy and Giles hug. She puts her hand on Heather's shoulder smiling. She then looks resolute.

      Buffy: Let's roll.

      Anticipative music begins to play. We see the Sun rising over thousands of soldiers marching. Cut to hundreds of rocket launchers being loaded.

      Cut to Willow and Kennedy standing above a valley near Rio de Janeiro, many others behind them. The valley is a hellmouth. They stare nervously.

      Cut to a helicopter lifting off, joining many others in the sky. Cut to the priestesses under Althanea's order chanting. Cut to Vanessa and Joe smiling at one another as they approach what appears to be the hellmouth in Beijing.

      Cut to Kelly and Xander taking their positions in Darkley, outside the Town Hall. Before them are many people, civilians included, all armed and ready.

      Cut to Chao-Ahn and Rona training. Cut to Lauren and Dawn talking to several soldiers, explaining what will happen.

      Cut to Golda and Mark, with the other cure victims in New York, in the shadows of a building lobby; waiting.

      Cut to Angel staring out of the window in the flat that the Fang Gang are now occupying. He picks up a sword and looks over at Spike. Angel closes the curtains of the building.

      Cut to Heather and Giles, standing on a raised area above many soldiers including tanks. The look at each other and smile. The camera moves across them to show Buffy standing at the edge of the Tower Bridge; holding the Scythe. The streets along the Thames River are lined with thousands of men and women. Buffy stares at the water; the hellmouth is underneath.

      Cut to Avryx standing on a street in L.A. He is smiling calmly; waiting. Other men and women join him; yet they are not human?they are pure demons, waiting for the chance to escape their human guise. Cut to Alethea walking towards the camera, a dark look on her face. Cut to Malachi in Lincoln standing before a line of tanks. He looks upwards.

      The Sun begins to fade as the eclipse begins. Cut to Willow and Kennedy looking at it. Cut to Volariant. To Xander. To Detrell. To Dawn. To Avryx. To Heather. To the Fang Gang walking out of their apartment in L.A joining a large amount of soldiers and tanks. An army of demons stood less than 100 metres away. Cut to Golda and Mark walking out, followed by the other cure victims as the light fades. Cut to Buffy. The water of the Thames begins to flow unevenly. Cut to at least twenty dark mystics chanting. The ground begins to rumble around them as energy swells.

      Cut to Buffy looking worried. She looks up at Giles who is also standing watching. He looks down and the two of them make eye contact. Seeing Giles seems to give Buffy confidence and she smiles to herself. She turns to face the hellmouth, as the water creates a whirlpool.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to the whirlpool growing more violent. Cut to the valley near Rio. The ground is shaking. Some of the soldiers look worried as they happening. Kennedy and Willow stand their ground. The earth begins to crack open in the distance.

        Cut to the town hall in Darkley; it is shaking violently. A crack slowly appears in the stonework. The tower leans to one side and then begins to fall. It crashes down. Xander and Kelly watch, worriedly, from a distance.

        Cut to Dawn and Lauren in Sydney. They are staring out over the harbour. The water begins to recede as the ground begins to rumble. Cut to Golda and Mark watching the ground split open. Buildings begun to crumble as the fall into the earth.

        Cut to Malachi. He raises his arms. His body shudders. Claws begin to extend from his fingers. His teeth grow longer. Cut to the same thing happening to Avryx. Laverica. Volariant. Cut to the mystics. They all push their left hand towards the middle of their circle. Black energy extends from their palms and swirls together as all of it meets. The energy turns red.

        Cut to Willow and Kennedy. Before them fire explodes from the earth. Cut to the same thing happening in Sydney. Dawn stares, open-mouthed as the water drains away into the opening hellmouth. Cut to another hellmouth. And another. And another. Each open opening as violently as the last. Buffy watches the Thames the water falls down into the ever expanding earth. The Tower Bridge begins to sway, cracks forming all over it. One of its tower falls slowly. Heather watches in awe as it crashes down on the earth. All of those present are slightly shocked by the impact this made. There is silence.

        Suddenly a demon appears from the Hellmouth. It snarls. It is followed by another. Then four more. Then ten more. Within seconds there are hundreds of demons crawling out from the hellmouth like rats. Buffy braces herself. Heather looks at Giles and puts a megaphone to her mouth.

        Heather: Fire!

        The missile launchers below all rise slightly. A wave of missiles are shot out towards the demons. They hit with several explosions. Flame engulfs a crowd of demons. Buffy watches earnestly. Suddenly a terrible scream is heard in the distance. Buffy turns to see a pure demon where the scream came from. It screams once more as it smashes through a building.

        Malachi, his body morphing grotesquely and growing larger. His true form erupts from within as a huge red dragon demon. His wings spread out, destroying the buildings on either side of him. He roars.

        Cut to Kelly and Xander turning as they hear the roar from Darkley. They turn back to see the town fall collapsing in front of them. Demons rush out. Kelly turns to the soldiers around her.

        Kelly: Now!

        They shoot ammunition into the demons and Turok-Han running towards them. Some of them fall but most continue to approach.

        Cut to Willow and Kennedy. Demons are rushing towards them. Willow closes her eyes.

        Willow: (telepathically) Luminaire.

        The camera shows a line of witches and other mystics extending into the distance.

        All: Luminaire!

        Sunlight bursts from their hands towards the oncoming demons and Turok Han. The demons ignore the light but the Turok Han begin to burn. The demons begin climbing the cliff. Kennedy turns to Willow but Willow is not there. Kennedy looks confused but has little time to be, as a demon jumps towards her. Kennedy swings her sword.

        Cut to Golda and Mark. Demons rush towards them. Golda and Mark both vamp out and begin to fight. Golda punches a demon in the face. The other cure victims begin to join in.

        Cut to Dawn and Lauren. A pure demon flies over them. They look up worriedly. Demons and Turok-Han are close by. The soldiers shoot ammunition at them. In the distance a pure demon appears. A helicopter flies by shooting missiles at it. One of them hits the demon in the face. It screams out before crashing down. The helicopter pilot looks pleased but suddenly gasps. Another demon is ahead of him. It smacks the helicopter hard, knocking it out of the sky. The helicopter hits a building, exploding in flames. Dawn and Lauren look over, shocked.

        Cut to Darkley. There is a sweeping shot as the demons run closer and eventually hit the front line of soldiers and other fighters. A demon jumps on a man, tearing him apart. A man runs a demon through with his sword. Xander and Kelly watch, from their position further behind. There is a close up of their hands clutching. They then run forward as those in front of them are doing.

        Cut to snipers on top of buildings above the Thames. They shoot demon after demon. However the claw of a pure demon smashes through the middle of one of the buildings. A sniper screams as he falls to his death. Buffy looks over at the demon. Several Turok-Han rush toward her. She raises the scythe and swings it killing them. A man near her is attacked by a demon. She rushes over to help.

        Cut to the pure demon that just killed the sniper. It turns to another sniper who tries to run. It breathes flames, incinerating him. Giles watches, not so far away. He turns to Heather.

        Giles: We need to get to safety.

        Heather looks reluctant as she watches the battle occurring below her.

        Giles: There's no use dying like this.

        Heather pauses but then nods. She turns to go inside. However a figure suddenly appears from nowhere and attacks Giles, knocking him to the ground. Heather looks shocked; it is one of the men last seen in "Threshold" who were working alongside Ethan. Apparently Malachi has recruited them to his own cause. Giles wrestles with the man before stabbing him with a dagger. Giles turns to Heather, a cut on his forehead.

        Giles: Get going!

        Heather reluctantly turns and runs into the building. She hurries down the stairs but is suddenly grabbed from behind. It's Alethea. She presses her arm against Heather's neck as Heather struggles.

        Alethea: Going somewhere, my dear?

        Cut to Dawn and Lauren. The fight has begun nearby. A pure demon flies low, killing people with its talons as it does. It bites at several more, and then flings them aside as if they were seeds from an apple. Dawn looks horrified. She notices a man aiming a missile at the demon below. However he is killed by a Turok-Han who bites him from behind. Dawn looks serious and turns to Lauren.

        Dawn: Keep at it.

        She jumps over the edge of the small base-point that she was occupying with Lauren. Lauren looks shocked.

        Lauren: Dawn!

        Dawn ignores her and continues running.

        Cut to Golda and Mark fighting. Blood is trickling down Golda's forehead but she seems relatively non-phased. One of the women they talked to earlier punches a demon, but is suddenly decapitated by another. Mark watches as she dusts. Suddenly the building behind Golda and Mark appears to explode. Concrete flies out, as Golda, Mark, and those on both sides shield themselves from the rubble. A roar comes from within the cloud of smoke that has just been created. A pure demon. Golda and Mark look anxious, as helicopters fly over in an attempt to shoot at it.

        Cut to a demon jumping up from the edge of the cliff. Kennedy stands looking ready for battle and immediately swings her sword, killing it. A wiccan blasts magic at a demon who falls back over the cliff. Bigger demons are now emerging from the Hellmouth. Kennedy notices and looks worried. However she has little time as another demon attacks her. She stabs her sword forwards. The camera moves up and away from her, travelling over many demons, wiccans and soldiers all fighting. Willow is seen travelling away from the battle as fast as she can. She opens the door to a small wooden shack and leans against the door breathing heavily. She closes her eyes and slides down the door. She sits for a few seconds. There is a close up of a drop of blood falling on her clothes. Willow looks down. Blood is trickling from her nose. She frowns and gets a tissue, wiping the blood away. She looks serious and crawls over to the middle of the shack. She crosses her legs and closes her eyes.

        Cut to Xander stabbing a demon. Nearby Kelly narrowly avoids a slash from a Turok-Han before chopping it in half. A horribly familiar roar sounds, much closer than before. Malachi is approaching. Both Xander and Kelly look nervous. A Turok-Han scratches Xander's arm. He winces in pain, but the Turok-Han suddenly bursts into flame as sunlight engulfs it. Xander and Kelly look up to see beams of sunlight bursting from sections of the sky.

        Cut to Althanea and her coven chanting. They are channelling sunlight upwards, spreading it wherever they can.

        Cut to Buffy stabbing a demon. Below her the hellmouth gets wider and uglier. However beams of light shine down as they did in Darkley, killing many of the Turok-Han as they hit. Buffy looks pleased, however her attention is diverted to the pure demon from before still present. Others can be seen in the distance. Buffy looks adamant and runs toward the demon. The camera moves up quickly to show Giles fighting two more men. One of them tries to punch him but Giles kicks back. The man falls back over the edge of the building. The other man stabs at Giles, and impales him in the arm. Giles cries out in pain.

        Cut to Heather struggling with Alethea. She manages to elbow Alethea in the ribs. Alethea grunts in pain but then punches Heather. Heather is forced back and hits the wall. Alethea raises a gun. She smiles as she points it at Heather's head.

        Alethea: Send Julia my regards when you-

        Heather suddenly gets a gun out herself and shoots Alethea in the head. Alethea looks stunned and then falls back. Heather glares at her body.

        Heather: I'm sure she'll appreciate the gesture.

        Heather hears shouting from outside and is about to go down the stairs but then stops. She comes to a conclusion. She runs back outside. She sees Giles struggling to fight the man that stabbed him. She aims the gun and shoots the man. He gasps and falls. Giles looks surprised at Heather. She lowers her gun.

        Heather: We're still needed here Giles.

        Giles looks serious but then nods.

        Cut to one of the pure demons in Sydney, still flying low and attacking as it was before. Lauren watches from afar. She turns to see Dawn running below. Dawn ducks and rolls to avoid a slash from a Turok-Han. She decapitates it with her sword before running up to the missile launcher. She begins to aim it at the pure demon. Lauren continues to watch and notices a demon running towards Dawn. She quickly grabs a sniper rifle and aims it at the demon. She shoots but misses. The demon gets closer to Dawn. Dawn moves the missile launcher a few centimetres over to its destination. Lauren looks determined and aims again. The demon is about to attack Dawn but Lauren shoots. A bullet flies through the demon's skull. The demon falls to the ground, metres away from Dawn. Dawn shoots the missile. It hits the demon in the wing. The demon tumbles to the ground. Dawn looks pleased. Lauren looks relieved, though Dawn is unaware that her friend just saved her.

        Cut to Golda and Mark looking up at the pure demon. It slams its hand down. Golda and Mark dive in opposite directions to avoid it. Mark gathers himself but is suddenly stabbed through the chest. He gasps. Golda watches, her eyes widening in horror.

        Cut to Xander and Kelly in fighting in Darkley. The menacing shape of Malachi appears through the darkness, eerily illuminated by the rays of sunlight shining down. He smashes through houses as he approaches. Many heads are turned as he approaches. Kelly and Xander look at one another and then to the missile launchers that are being readied. However there are not enough soldiers to man them. Malachi comes into full view. He swipes at a group of people, sending them all hurtling into the air, to their deaths. He roars as he waves his wings. Kelly turns to see larger, more grotesque demons emerging from the hellmouth. A slug like demon engulfs a group of people. She runs over to help.

        Cut to Willow still sitting like before. There is silence as the screen falls into a kind of semi-slow motion. She exhales. The camera suddenly zooms upwards leaving the earth far below. It gets higher and higher until all of South America can be seen. Fire can be seen bursting from various locations across the continent, and across Africa and Europe also as the camera moves over. The camera then zooms towards the UK and London. The Thames grows closer and closer until the battle comes into view. The camera zooms towards Buffy. We then see her look surprised.

        Willow: (telepathically) It's time.

        Buffy closes her eyes looking serious.

        Buffy: (telepathically) I'm with you.

        Cut back to Willow opening her eyes. The screen turns white.

        Cut to a flashback of Buffy and Willow back in the corridor outside Heather's office.

        Willow: What is it?

        Buffy: There's a little more to the plan. Involving you.

        Willow: Me?

        Buffy nods.

        Willow: Well, I mean, I can do whatever you need me too.

        Buffy looks serious.

        Buffy: It could be dangerous.

        Willow hesitates but nods.

        Willow: I kinda assumed it would be.

        Buffy still looks serious. Cut to Willow speaking words. However she cannot be heard as Buffy continues.

        Buffy VO: Will, one of Angel's friends; they have a link to The Powers That Be. They told Angel, and he told me?that they can be contacted. They want to be contacted. But only by someone worthy. Will, you are the only person I can think of that's worthy.

        Cut to Buffy swinging her sword in slow motion.

        Willow VO: How?how do contact them?

        Buffy VO: Astral projection.

        Cut back to Willow in the shack.

        Buffy VO: When you contact them?you'll know.

        Cut back to the flashback. Willow nods slowly.

        Buffy: Will there's a chance you might not come back.

        Willow looks serious. There is a pause.

        Willow: But there's a chance I might.

        Buffy looks serious. Cut back to Willow in the shack.

        Buffy VO: I believe you can do it.

        Willow stares forewords as she utters another word. Suddenly she stares upwards. White light explodes around her causing the shack to explode. Kennedy looks over from the battle, having just killed a demon. She puts two and two together.

        Kennedy: Willow?

        She begins running over to the light.

        Cut to Dawn fighting. Suddenly the ground begins to rumble again. She looks worried.

        Cut to Mark fighting despite his wound. A missile hits the pure demon and it falls to the ground. The ground begins to shake. Mark and Golda both look worried also.

        Cut to Buffy. The ground shakes there also. Heather and Giles look down. The rest of the Tower Bridge begins to collapse.

        Cut to Kelly fighting. She is kicked by a demon and falls at the feet of a nasty looking demon that has emerged from the hellmouth. She rolls to avoid its slicing claws. She looks over to see Malachi's wing smashing through the crowd. She sees Xander fighting nearby.

        Cut to Kennedy running up to Willow. White light blinds the screen. Kennedy shields her eyes as she makes her way towards Willow who can be seen, still sat with her legs crossed in the middle of the light. Kennedy stares, in awe of what she is seeing. The camera zooms towards Willow.

        Cut to Willow staring outwards. Instead of the remnants of the shack and Kennedy, Willow is staring at several figures cloaked in dazzling white. She looks around at them. One of them walks forwards. They remove the hood of their cloak. It is Azure, last seen in the Angel episode "While Mortals Sleep". She smiles at Willow. Willow stares back. Azure nods. White light blinds the screen once again.

        Cut to London. Suddenly the hellmouth opening begins to close. Buffy smiles slightly looking pleased.

        Buffy: Thanks Will.

        Cut to Sydney. The same thing begins to happen there as the harbour begins to refill with water. Dawn looks surprised, but smiles. Cut to demons falling into the earth as it closes up in Cleveland. There is a cheer from the crowd. Golda and Mark both look at one another, pleased.

        Cut to the earth closing in Darkley. Kelly drives her sword into a demon that had emerged from it. She turns to see Xander fighting still. Malachi's tail hits one of the houses. Debris flies from it. Xander runs to push a woman out of the way. He narrowly avoids the debris himself. Kelly runs over to help Xander but a demon stops her. Kelly battles it, but another attacks her from behind. Kelly kicks it in the face. Xander swings his sword and kills another demon. He then looks up at Malachi. Malachi looks down at him. Xander backs away as he continues to stare directly at Malachi. Kelly pushes one of the demons out of the way and then runs further on. She notices a woman being outnumbered. She hesitates and then runs to help the woman.

        Malachi swings his claws down towards Xander. Xander jumps back, missing them. Malachi swipes once again. Xander rolls forwards and appears on the other side of Malachi's huge body. Malachi begins to turn. As he does his tail destroys yet more houses. Xander shields himself from dust. Kelly, and the woman she went to assist both kill the demons that were attacking her.

        Xander throws his sword as Malachi. It hits Malachi in the stomach. Malachi roars and quickly claws at the sword, tearing it from his chest. Malachi looks down at Xander and briskly swings his claws down.

        He hits Xander.

        The screen turns to slow motion. No sounds can be heard. Kelly turns to look. Xander flies backwards and hits the broken wall of on of the houses. The sound of cracking stone is heard as he does. Xander looks in pain as blood spurts from his mouth. He falls to the ground. Kelly runs towards him.

        Cut to Kennedy and Willow. Kennedy stares at Willow who is still glowing.

        Kennedy: Willow??

        Willow looks at her.

        Willow: Kennedy.

        She smiles. Kennedy still looks confused.

        Kennedy: What's going on?

        Willow: I'm closing the hellmouths.

        Kennedy looks surprised.

        Kennedy: You can do that?

        Willow: With their help?I can.

        Kennedy shakes her head.

        Kennedy: I don't understand-

        Willow: Ssh.

        Willow puts her hand on Kennedy's cheek. She smiles sadly.

        Willow: Kennedy?if I stay here, I'm gonna die soon.

        Kennedy frowns and shakes her head.

        Kennedy: No-

        Willow: Yes. We both know it.

        Kennedy looks upset.

        Willow: But The Powers That Be have given me something. A chance.

        Kennedy looks confused.

        Kennedy: A chance?

        Willow nods.

        Willow: A chance to be with them. To ascend.

        Kennedy stares, shocked.

        Cut to Kelly rushing to Xander's side. He looks bad. Kelly looks horrified and tearful.

        Kelly: Xander?please don't be-

        Xander splutters slightly. He looks up at Kelly.

        Xander: And miss?the big finish? Couldn't do?that?couldn't miss?you?

        Kelly looks happier.

        Kelly: Hey!

        She clutches his hands in hers. Xander smiles at her. She looks behind her. Malachi has gone to fight others. Kelly turns back to Xander. His eyes are closed. Kelly's face freezes.

        Kelly: Xander?

        He doesn't reply. He is still, his hands limp in her grasp. Kelly looks down at them and then at his face. Her face contorts in grief. She shakes her head.

        Kelly: I love you.

        She cries over his body.

        Cut to Kennedy and Willow. Willow smiles at her.

        Willow: I love you. But I don't belong here anymore.

        Kennedy looks upset.

        Kennedy: Did you know?that this would happen?

        Willow shakes her head.

        Willow: I didn't know?that it'd happen quite like this. But I know?that up there, I can do so much more. I can save the world for you.

        Kennedy looks upset.

        Kennedy: I love you so much?I?

        Willow smiles sadly.

        Willow: I love you too. In fact I never stopped. That's not gonna change, even now.

        Kennedy cries. She and Willow kiss. Willow grows brighter. Kennedy puts her hands on Willow's cheeks, desperately trying to hold on to her.

        The screen goes into slow motion. Cut to Buffy as she kills a demon, her mind focused on the battle.

        Cut to Willow engulfed by the light as it rises into the sky; her body can no longer be seen. Kennedy stares upwards, her hands falling. She looks helpless.

        Cut to Kelly with Xander. She turns, her face stained with tears as. The woman she saved earlier is being killed by a demon. Others are running. Malachi roars with triumph. Kelly narrows her eyes. She slowly stands up. She turns and walks away silently, unnoticed by anyone else.

        Cut to the light disappearing in the sky. As it does, the Sun returns. Cut to Dawn fighting. She stares up at the Sun. She looks at the scene; the soldiers now outnumber the demons.

        Cut to Kelly. She is driving an army truck. She stares forwards, her face void of emotion. Behind her Malachi can still be seen wreaking havoc. The camera zooms over to him. Hardly anyone is left; they have either fled or been killed. Some of the demons feed on the dead bodies.

        Cut to Golda and Mark fighting back the hordes of demons. They appear to be winning. Golda notices the Sun is returning. She grabs Mark, but the light is already on them?yet it does not burn them. It stops only inches from them and the other cure victims. Around them other Turok-Han burn to dust. Golda smiles.

        Cut to Giles and Heather. A pure demon is near them. It swings a hand down, destroying some of the building they are on. They back away from it. A helicopter appears behind them. He shoots a missile and it hits the demon in the face. The demon falls back. Heather and Giles turn to look at the pilot; it's Riley. He smiles at them.

        Buffy recoils from a punch from a demon. She swings the scythe ad knocks it back. She sees more pure demons destroying buildings in the distance. She looks worried as the sky begins to darken again. The Sun flickers.

        Cut to the mystics chanting once again. They are attempting to cause the eclipse to re-emerge. They hold their arms out as they did before. However the door to their room bursts open. Gunfire fills the room. The mystics all fall as they are hit by the bullets. Vanessa and Joe stand at the doorway.

        Joe: Knock knock.

        Vanessa smiles.

        Cut to Kennedy kneeling looking at a loss. She turns back to see the battle. She stands up and looks angry. She runs forward, ready to kill.

        Cut to helicopters speeding to the pure demons approaching Golda and Mark as the Sun returns fully. They shoot missiles down. One of the demons catches a missile and throws it back. The helicopter it hits explodes immediately. Golda and Mark look worried. They begin to run as the building next to them begins to fall.

        Cut to Dawn appearing next to Lauren.

        Dawn: We're winning.

        Lauren: Wouldn't be so sure?

        Lauren points to the distance. Between the buildings in the distance come many more pure demons. Dawn looks concerned.

        Cut to Buffy running down the street next to the Thames. Giles watches her go. He wonders if this is the last time he'll see her. Riley's helicopter lands next to him and Heather. He follows Heather on board.

        Cut to Golda and Mark reaching relative safety. Golda stares at Sun; for the first time since she was affected by the "cure". Mark stares up also. Both of them return to their human face. Suddenly they are interrupted by a ringing sound. Golda looks surprised. She looks at her pocket and takes her phone out. She frowns and puts it to her ear.

        Golda: Kelly?

        Cut to the camera moving slowly across the floor of a room.

        Kelly OS: Hi?

        She speaks quietly. Cut back to Golda. She turns.

        Golda: What is it? Are you ok?

        Cut back to the camera moving across the ground. We see a figure knelt down. The camera moves up to show that it's Kelly. She looks empty. She holds the phone to her ear, staring forwards.

        Kelly: No. Xander's dead.

        Cut back to Golda. She closes her eyes sadly. Mark stares at her. He knows something is wrong.

        Golda: I'm sorry.

        Cut back to Kelly.

        Kelly: It's not your fault. But the bastard who killed him?he's gonna die?

        Cut back to Golda. She frowns.

        Golda: Where are you?

        Cut back to Kelly. Her free hand appears to be typing something.

        Kelly: Where I have to be. Just thought you should know. You were my friend an' all.

        Cut back to Golda. She looks worried.

        Golda: Kelly?what are?what are you doing. I can hear something?

        Cut to Kelly. The camera moves down to show that she is typing something into a keypad. It is next to a timer. The timer is at twenty seconds and is counting down. There is a wide shot of the room. Kelly is knelt beside a large device?the bomb.

        Kelly: Tick tock, right?

        Golda seems to realise what is happening.

        Golda: Kelly please don't do this.

        Kelly stares at the timer. 7. 6. 5.

        Kelly: It's already done. Goodbye.

        Cut back to Golda. The phone goes dead. She looks at Mark.

        Cut to Kelly. She stares at the timer. She closes her eyes. 4. 3. 2.


        Cut to an aerial shot of Lincoln. The offices explode. The explosion grows bigger as the impact spans across the city.

        Cut to the Summers house. The radius of the explosion is near. Cut to inside the house; the living room. The kitchen. Buffy's bedroom. Willow and Kennedy's bedroom. The entire house. The explosion wipes it out.

        Cut to Malachi. He sees the explosion drawing near. He narrows his eyes. He notices some demons running. He then looks back at his oncoming oblivion. In engulfs him, and the screen. The screen fades to white.

        Cut to the scene in London. "Looking As You Are" by Embrace begins to play. The scene is in slow motion. The pure demons destroy Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. A demon destroying a building in Cleveland. Helicopters shoot down at demons in Rio.

        Cut to Giles and Heather staring at the pure demons' destruction from the helicopter.

        I told the Devil and the deep blue sea to hide

        Cut to Dawn and Lauren looking over at the demons.

        I thought that you were after them
        I was right

        Cut to Mark and Golda wondering whether they will survive.

        But it's a picture I'll always keep in mind
        Where you say I've never been even liked

        Cut to Buffy staring up at the demons ahead of her. She looks uncertain?but comes to a resolution.

        For anything truly mine

        She begins to run. Despite the hopelessness. Despite the odds. Despite everything.

        And you did it - looking as you are

        She swings the scythe killing a demon.

        Looking as you are

        She then turns to kill another. She turns to the pure demons ahead.

        Looking as you are

        She begins to run forwards once again.

        Looking as you are

        As the instrumental plays we see Giles and Heather's helicopter flying overhead.

        Cut to Kennedy swinging her sword, her fighting fuelled with rage.

        Love enters, and leaves you through your eyes
        You threw away the only thing that I like

        Cut to Dawn and Lauren attacking still, never losing hope.

        And oughtta tell ya, that things will be alright
        It never really seems that way, late at night

        Cut to Golda and Mark returning to the battle. Golda punches a demon, who falls.

        When you did it looking as you are

        Cut to Althanea staring out. She looks hopefully at the Sun as it begins to set.

        Looking as you are

        Cut to Vanessa and Joe fighting onwards.

        Looking as you are

        Cut to Chao-Ahn and Rona fighting as well.

        Looking as you are

        Cut to Buffy swinging the scythe again. She turns to see the Sun. It somehow gives her hope. She smiles.

        Now I know, that the world's not waiting for you, nor for me
        And I know that the world gets heavy, will it change?

        The camera zooms out slowly as we see the scene; Buffy fighting alone, heading towards the pure demons. The camera zooms out further and further. We see helicopter with Giles and Heather and Riley. Other helicopters. As the camera moves out further we see the true devastation caused?yet there is hope. The camera moves further away to show the earth.

        'Cause you did it looking as you are
        Looking as you are
        Looking as you are
        Looking as you are

        The camera moves round. Various colours fill the screen, an overlying shade of silver. Willow stares down at the earth she has left behind. She closes her eyes as she hopes for something better.

        Now you're gone, I stand on my own

        THE END
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