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Buffy Episode 9.21 187. Lights Grow Dim

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  • Buffy Episode 9.21 187. Lights Grow Dim

    Hi, this is the twenty-first episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.21 187. Lights Grow Dim

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a huge crowd stood in a street. Some are holding banners and signs with slogans such as "No Evacuation!" and "Stay On Earth!" The crowd are shouting loudly and some are being held back by police. The camera moves up to show Dawn staring down at them from the third floor of the building. She looks anxious. Buffy appears next to her, similarly concerned at the scene outside.

    Buffy: We're good to go.

    Dawn turns to her and nods. They walk away from the window.

    Cut to Xander sat on a chair. He is in a small room, with the curtains drawn, the only light from dim lights on the walls. He looks worried as he stares in silence. Kelly is sat nearby, looking equally anxious. Kennedy is sat on another chair near the door to the room. The door opens and everyone looks over at it. Buffy, Dawn and Willow walk through. Xander and the others stand to greet them. Kennedy goes over to Willow and the two of them smile at one another. Buffy looks at everyone and smiles in greeting.

    Xander: How'd it go?

    Buffy: They gave it the go-ahead.

    Xander nods and looks at Dawn.

    Dawn: I'm fine.

    Kennedy: Really? Cause I'm not sure I would be.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Dawn: I know what I'm doing. I trust her.

    Xander: Well that makes sense.

    Dawn smiles; Xander returns her smile with his own.

    Kelly: When's it gonna happen?

    Buffy: Tomorrow.

    Kelly: Oh. That soon?

    Buffy: There's no time to lose.

    Kelly nods. There is a short pause.

    Dawn: There's uh, something I have to do.

    Willow: It's time?

    Dawn looks at her and nods.

    Buffy: Ok. Do you need more room, or?

    Dawn: One of the other rooms should be ok.

    Buffy nods. Dawn looks around.

    Dawn: See you guys in a few.

    The others nod. Dawn walks out of the door.

    Xander OS: So we can go back to the house tomorrow?

    Buffy OS: I guess so.

    Dawn passes several security guards as she walks down the dim hallway. She smiles a little at them. They nod back and begin to follow her. Dawn walks up to another door in the corridor and turns to them.

    Dawn: If I'm not out in ten minutes, let Buffy and the others know ok?

    The guards nod. Dawn enters and closes the door. She closes her eyes and exhales deeply. She walks into the centre of the room, which is basically empty except for some simple furniture. She stares forwards. After a few seconds Dawn begins to glow green. After a few seconds the room begins to break away and fold over itself until there is nothing but Dawn and green light. The light fills the screen.

    Cut to Dawn's bedroom in the Summers' house. The light fades. We see Dawn, our Dawn, shielding her eyes from the light that has just appeared. She stares forwards and suddenly looks surprised. Another Dawn; the Dawn we just saw is standing opposite her. She looks awkward as she stares at the other version of herself.

    AR Dawn: Hey?

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques

    Guest Starring:

    SAMUEL L JACKSON - Malachi Edison
    RAINN WILSON - Sebastian
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    ALAN RICKMAN - Harold
    JAMIE BELL - Mark

    Cut to Buffy, Heather, Giles, Xander, Kelly, Kennedy and Willow in the Summers' living room. Buffy is staring at Heather looking serious.

    Buffy: Where would we go?

    Heather: We'll find a suitable location. Nearby.

    Buffy looks uncertain.

    Kelly: Why now? I mean, we have about as much chance as getting assassinated as we did last week right?

    Heather: Um, actually no, we think you might now be in more danger. Considering the opposition to the evacuation, Buffy could be targeted by certain groups?

    Buffy looks serious.

    Xander: Well I'm sure we all remember how fun our last terrorism experience was. I say we get packing.

    Kelly: What about the evacuation itself. I mean?we don't even know it can be done right?

    Heather: We-we are working on that?there are a number of magic users who are considering working with us, as well as Willow.

    Willow looks awkward. Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: Will?

    Willow hesitates.

    Willow: In theory, we could work together to create a pretty big inter-dimensional portal, but I-I don't see how we could keep it going it for more than maybe an hour or two?

    Buffy looks grave and then looks at Heather.

    Buffy: How many people would get through in time?

    Heather: It's?it's difficult to say-

    Buffy: How. Many?

    Heather swallows.

    Heather: Our current estimations predict around?25%. In the time we have left. And that's not counting animals, plants, belongings.

    Everyone looks serious. Heather looks around.

    Heather: I know it looks bleak, but there's still time to find a way-

    Giles: We don't know what.

    Heather looks at him and then at everyone else.

    Heather: What do you want me to say? That nothing can be done? That we're all doomed?

    No one answers. Heather sighs, shaking her head and looking down.

    Heather: It'd be a lot easier.

    Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: You're right.

    Heather looks up.

    Buffy: It would be easier. But we can't accept easier.

    She looks around at the others.

    Buffy: Heather's the only one of us who's trying to keep hope alive. We have to believe in it. We might not know what's gonna save us, but we have got to keep looking and stop thinking about how unlikely it is that we'll win. Otherwise we definitely won't.

    The others consider this, realising Buffy is right. Heather smiles a little.

    Dawn OS: We don't have to look much further.

    Everyone turns to see Dawn standing at the entrance to the living room. They look confusedly at her. Dawn exhales.

    Dawn: I know what has to be done.

    Buffy stares at Dawn.

    Cut to outside the Summers' house. The muffled voices of Buffy and co. can be heard from within. Many guards can be seen walking around the front of the house, but the camera moves across to the back of it. A guard stands at the entrance to the path that leads down to the stream looking focused. As if from nowhere, something suddenly snatches him by the throat. He cries out but is cut off. Cut to the front of the house. Two other guards hear the cry and look worried. They hurry over. There is no trace of the other guard. They look around confused. We cut to the view of something approaching them from the bushes at high speed. The guard's eyes widen as the camera zooms towards him.

    Cut back to inside the Summers' house. Everyone looks awkward.

    Dawn: I know how it sounds?

    Buffy: You do?

    Dawn stares at her.

    Buffy: Dawn I can't let you risk your life-

    Dawn: To save every life. Isn't that what we do?

    Buffy pauses.

    Dawn: It's not your choice-

    Suddenly a crash is heard from the direction of Golda and Mark's room. Everyone looks worried and rushes down. Cut to inside the room. The door bursts open as Buffy walks in. A large creature is wrestling with Golda against the wall. Mark appears to have just been thrown to the ground, and is now trapped between the opposite wall and the sunlight flooding into the room from the smashed window. Buffy rushes up to the demon and grabs its arm, but it swiftly punches her aside. She lands hard against the bedside. The demon notices the others standing in the doorway; it stares at Dawn. It throws Golda to the ground and begins walking towards Dawn. Kennedy and Kelly both run towards the demon but it effortlessly pushes them aside, hard. Willow quickly pushes her hand out causing the demon to stumble slightly, only a few feet away. Buffy kicks the demon in the back and it is forced into the wall near the doorway. Heather and Giles back away from it, knowing they can do nothing to stop the creature. Xander and Buffy share a look, knowing that the Slayers aren't going to be enough to stop the demon.

    The demon recovers quickly and turns to Dawn. Xander grabs Dawn, and begins to run with her down the corridor but the demon grabs him and throws him back just as it did with the others. Willow attempts another spell but the demon begins to run towards Dawn who is now alone in the corridor. Time seems to slow down as the demon approaches with full force, as Dawn's eyes widen. Buffy appears at the doorway followed by most of the others looking worried. There is a sudden flash of familiar green light, which steadily engulfs the screen. Buffy and the others shield their eyes. The light fades and everyone opens their eyes again. The demon is lying on the ground before them, a large hole through its chest. Buffy looks from the demon to Dawn who is stood exactly where she was before, looking very surprised by what she just managed. She and Buffy share a look. Buffy then looks back at the room. Xander is unconscious, with Kelly beside him looking worried. Most of the others look in pain from the encounter. Buffy turns to Heather.

    Buffy: I think it's time to go.

    Cut to a pair of double doors opening. Sebastian from the Angel episode "While Mortals Sleep" walks through into a small room with two chairs and a desk. Malachi is stood next to one of them. Sebastian and Malachi regard one another for a moment.

    Sebastian: Mr Edison. Please take a seat.

    Malachi: I'll stand. This won't take long.

    Sebastian: I see. And what matter have you come to discuss?

    Malachi: I'm sure you already know the answer to that. The situation concerning Dawn Summers.

    Sebastian: Ah, yes. We thought that might interest you.

    Malachi: It's of interest to me that an assassination attempt was made upon her life today.

    Sebastian: That's correct.

    Malachi's gaze tightens.

    Malachi: I hope that you are wise enough not to patronize me.

    Sebastian: With all due respect Mr Edison; if you believe that Mr Ha-zar would be foolish enough to attempt to defy a prophecy such as that which concerns Ms Summers?then you deserve to be patronized.

    There is a short pause as Malachi stares at Sebastian, menacingly. Sebastian stares back calmly; his neutral smile - unfaltering.

    Sebastian: It's true that Mr Ha-zar's faction have lost many numbers due to revolt of the Old Ones. We can expect them to clutch at several straws to regain their foothold on this dimension; but they know that Dawn Summers is not one of them.

    Malachi considers this.

    Malachi: And those that arranged the assassination?

    Sebastian: Human insurrectionists. Amateurs attempting to save their world, or so they imagine.

    Malachi considers this and then nods.

    Malachi: Can we expect more inventive attempts?

    Sebastian: Perhaps. But even so, Mr Edison, I'm sure you're aware that they will fail regardless.

    Malachi: You have that much faith in its foundations?

    Sebastian: I am aware that our plans were at one time threatened by the prophecy of The Key. At that time, it appeared that fate would intervene to favour us. However it now appears that both destinies are intertwined. A conclusion, that I am sure you have already reached Mr Edison.

    Malachi does not reply.

    Sebastian: I believe that that brings our discussion to a close?

    Malachi stares at him.

    Malachi: Tell Avryx to continue as planned.

    Sebastian nods and walks away. Malachi stares after him.

    Cut to the dingy living room seen in the alternate dimension; except this is our own dimension now. Buffy and the others are stood around the room.

    Golda: I guess the bright side is that Mark and me aren't in danger of bursting into flames in here.

    She indicates the blackened windows.

    Golda: Maybe "bright side" was perhaps a poor choice of words.

    Kelly sighs at the surroundings.

    Heather: This won't be for long. It's the best we could do with short notice.

    Buffy looks at her and nods.

    Buffy: It's fine.

    There is a pause.

    Xander: Think I'm gonna go find the least back-breaking part of the floor.

    Kelly: Me too.

    Xander and Kelly, followed by Mark, Golda and Kennedy walk through to the second room. Buffy looks over at Dawn who is stood near the door.

    Buffy: Heather is there somewhere me and Dawn could talk? Alone?

    Heather: Uh, yes, choose anywhere you like really. Next door?

    Buffy nods and walks over to the door.

    Buffy: Dawn?

    Dawn hesitates and then nods. She and Buffy walk out. Heather, Willow and Giles are left in the room.

    Heather: I imagine they might be a while.

    Willow: I don't think so.

    Heather looks confused. Willow looks serious.

    Willow: They both know what they have to do.

    Heather and Giles consider this.

    Cut to Dawn and Buffy sat side by side on a sofa in one of the other flats.

    Buffy: You really wanna do this?

    Dawn looks at Buffy.

    Dawn: Did you ever want to do any of the stuff you did to save the world?

    Buffy smiles a little.

    Buffy: Point taken.

    Dawn relaxes a little also.

    Dawn: I just know it's what I have to do. Just like every other me knows the same.

    Buffy looks grave and looks at Dawn.

    Buffy: When I saw that demon attack you; I was worried for a second. But then I realised why it was after you. Malachi, or whoever sent it?they're trying to stop you. They know that you're the one who's gonna make the difference here. And it's not ?cause of the power you have.

    Buffy clutches Dawn's hands in her own.

    Buffy: It's the fact that you have the strength to know how to use it. And I know it might be dangerous, but I know you'll pull it off.

    Dawn looks touched.

    Dawn: Thank you.

    Buffy nods.

    Buffy: I guess now all that's left to do is convince the rest of the world.

    Dawn's smile fades a little. They sit in silence.

    Cut to Dawn walking out of the room; except it is not our Dawn. She has just returned from telling our Dawn what she must do. She looks fulfilled and begins to walk down the corridor. However she stops as she notices the two guards stationed outside the flat; they are both unconscious on the ground. Dawn looks confused. A figure suddenly appears behind her. AR Dawn senses this and turns round. A gunshot is heard as the screen cuts quickly to black.
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    ACT II

    Cut to the temporary Summers' flat. Kelly and Kennedy are both sat reading in the main living area. Kennedy glances over at Kelly. She throws aside her copy of "Heat" magazine.

    Kennedy: Ok, I can't read this anymore.

    Kelly looks over at her and smiles.

    Kelly: I'm surprised you read it at all.

    Kennedy: Well it's that or staring into space. The lives of z-list celebrities are marginally more interesting. But then there was another Paris Hilton article and?suddenly rising damp is appealing.

    Kelly laughs and puts down her own book.

    Kelly: So you wanna talk?

    Kennedy: I guess we could. Any topic suggestions?

    Kelly: Well there's always the fun prospect of the apocalypse and all the ways we could die.

    Kennedy stares at her.

    Kelly: Or perhaps other small talk.

    Kennedy: I'll go with that.

    Kelly smiles.

    Kelly: I never really asked?what does your family think about all this?

    Kennedy's smiles fades.

    Kennedy: They don't. Not as far as I know anyway.

    Kelly: Oh. You too huh?

    Kennedy: Your folks not down with the Slaying line of work?

    Kelly: Not exactly. I mean they haven't really talked about it since I was kicked out. You know, back in the rogue days.

    Kennedy: I remember.

    Kelly: But it could get complicated.

    Kennedy: Always the way. My sister and I don't talk anymore, but I imagine she's still out there somewhere living the life she was always gonna live. As for my mom?turned out she was evil.

    Kelly: As in evil evil?

    Kennedy: Oh yeah. Not that I didn't know that from growing up, but still?it was weird. Finding out she worked for Wolfram and Hart.

    Kelly: Wow. I bet?

    Kennedy nods and looks distant.

    Kelly: I mean, she's still your mom. Right?

    Kennedy: Was. She died.

    Kelly: Oh. I'm sorry.

    Kennedy: Don't be. I think she stopped being my mom a long time before that.

    Kelly looks sympathetic.

    Kelly: I can't imagine that.

    Kennedy: Well you shouldn't have to. Don't worry; I came to terms with it a while back. And now I'm fighting everything she stood for. But it makes sense to me.

    Kelly nods.

    Kennedy: But thankfully, I have something more than family now. I have you guys.

    Kelly smiles. Kennedy smiles back. Both of them appear to be considering how true this statement really is, considering how much they could soon lose.

    Cut to Heather walking out of a room and into a hallway. Giles and Xander are sat outside. They stand up as they see her.

    Xander: How's it going?

    Heather: Uh, on the whole not bad. Although some of the delegates are finding it difficult to come to terms with Dawn's potential.

    Giles: Of course, it's not as if the world hasn't been saved by one woman hundreds of times before now.

    Heather manages a weak smile at Giles' remark. Giles sighs as Xander looks serious.

    Heather: Buffy and Willow are doing their best at convincing them. As is Dawn, of course.

    Xander: Do they not get the part about us having no other plan?

    Heather: They may do. It may just take time.

    Xander is about to speak.

    Heather: I know, we don't have much. Unfortunately a mass exodus of the planet isn't something that the world leaders have had much practice at.

    Giles hesitates for a second.

    Giles: But you think that it'll happen?

    Giles stares at Heather as she considers this.

    Heather: I think the men and women in there know deep down that it's the only way to save some part of this world. And I think the rest of the world knows it deep down as well. Whether their fear will cause them to turn one way or another, I can't say.

    Giles nods and smiles.

    Giles: I don't think anyone can.

    Xander: So all Buffy, Dawn and Willow have to do is scare everyone in the right kinda way? That can't be?so difficult.

    Xander raises his eyebrows hopefully. Heather smiles awkwardly.

    Heather: We'll know soon enough.

    Heather's phone begins to ring. She gets it out and looks at Giles and Xander apologetically as she puts it to her ear and steps away a little.

    Heather: (to phone) Hello? Yes. Mm-hmm.

    Heather's expression suddenly cascades into a look of horror. Giles notices as he looks over at her and frowns. The camera zooms towards Heather's face.

    Heather: (quietly) What!?

    Cut to Kelly and Kennedy in the Summers' flat. The front door suddenly bursts open. Kelly and Kennedy get up with a start as armed police rush in. Kelly and Kennedy look confused.

    Kennedy: What the-

    A man in a suit walks up to her. He shows an identification badge.

    Man: Hello. I'm Agent Danvers.

    Kennedy narrows her brow.

    Danvers: I'd like to assure you that neither of you have anything to worry about.

    Kelly: Right, ?cause you just burst in here with a bunch of guns, what could possibly be worrying about that?

    Danvers: They're just a precaution should we encounter resistance.

    Danvers nods at some of the police who begin searching the other rooms. Other stay on either side of Kelly and Kennedy.

    Kennedy: Resistance?

    Danvers: Not from you.

    There are tranquilliser gunshots. Some of the police reappear dragging Golda and Mark who are both unconscious. Kelly and Kennedy look shocked.

    Kelly: What the hell are you-

    She makes to head towards Golda and Mark but the guards hold her back. She pulls away and stands defensively. Some of the soldiers point their guns in her direction. Kelly glances at them. Kennedy looks from her to Danvers.

    Kennedy: What is this?

    Danvers: I'm under orders from Harold Lethbridge to bring these two back to quarantine. A location like this isn't secure enough.

    Kelly: Well maybe now you broke down the door it isn't.

    Danvers ignores her.

    Danvers: We'll be on our way now.

    Kennedy: No way. You can't just-

    Danvers: I'm afraid what we can and can't do isn't up to you Miss Elisonne. This is a CIA matter. I'm sure you can voice your concerns at a more appropriate time.

    Kennedy and Kelly look at one another and glare at Danvers. Danvers nods at the police who drag Mark and Golda away. Kelly watches Golda as she is taken round the corner, and finally is gone from view. Kelly looks conflicted as to what to do but refrains. Danvers walks out and shuts the door. Kelly and Kennedy are left standing in the main living area, helpless. A phone rings. Kennedy swallows, looking shaken and then picks it up.

    Kennedy: H-hello?

    Heather OS: Kennedy?

    Cut to Heather in a limo. Giles and Xander are sat next to her.

    Heather: It's Heather, look I need to warn you, people are heading to you right now and they are going to try and take-

    Kennedy: Golda and Mark?

    Heather trails off. She closes her eyes.

    Heather: I see. Yes. Yes we're on our way, we won't be?no we won't be long. Bye.

    Heather closes her mobile and looks at Giles and Xander.

    Heather: Too late.

    Giles and Xander look worried.

    Cut to Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Heather, Kelly, Kennedy, Xander and Giles in the main living area of the Summers' flat. Everyone looks grave.

    Heather: I'm afraid that the "secure location" line is a rather convenient cover story. The truth is?the UN are ready to face that the evacuation must take place. So ready, in fact, that they are taking measures to ensure the new world is safe.

    Xander: Meaning no demons.

    Heather: Quite.

    Buffy looks angry.

    Buffy: How did this happen?

    Giles: Harold is in a powerful position, considering the climate of fear. I'm sure it wasn't difficult for him to get what he wanted.

    Dawn: But why? Why them? He knows they're not dangerous!

    Willow: I'm thinking shades of grey aren't really big in his eyes. One demon is as bad as any other.

    The others look grave at comprehending this view.

    Buffy: I'm not gonna let him.

    Heather: Buffy-

    Buffy: No. This isn't just about Golda and Mark. It's about every demon out there that just wants to live their life and not hurt anyone.

    Giles: You'd have a difficult time proving which those are. To people like Harold, anyway.

    Dawn: Isn't that what we've been trying to do since the whole revelation? There's not really that much of a difference between Golda and Mark and all of us if you think about it.

    Buffy frowns suddenly.

    Buffy: Oh God. Angel and Spike!

    Willow: You think they'd really-

    Buffy: I gotta call them.

    Xander: Sure. Here, take mine.

    Xander hands her his mobile. She looks grateful and then walks outside hurriedly. The others watch her until the door closes. There is a pause.

    Kennedy: So?the evacuation meeting. How'd that go?

    Willow: Oh, uh, good we think.

    Dawn: They're gonna let me try.

    Kennedy smiles a little but this does not change the general mood in the room.

    Kelly: We have to help them.

    Giles: Kelly-

    Kelly: No. Don't say, it's out of our hands or whatever. The people doing this know as well as we do that Golda and Mark and all the others aren't threats. If we let them do this then everything we've been doing has been pointless.

    There is another pause.

    Heather: We'll definitely try.

    Giles looks at her.

    Giles: Heather?

    Heather: Kelly's right. This is beyond an authoritative measure. I'm almost certain it wasn't discussed for any great length of time.

    Giles: Trying to fight them on this could weaken the evacuation plan.

    Heather hesitates.

    Heather: I know.

    Dawn: Giles?what I have do, it's to save everyone. Leaving people behind isn't part of the deal.

    Giles: You think I want to see Golda and Mark abandoned?

    Dawn doesn't reply.

    Giles: It's the last thing I want to happen. But we have to be patient. Saving the thousands of demons that this is affecting can't be done easily. Heather's in no position to challenge the decision; there's a reason she wasn't informed about it before it happened, as Harold knows she would have tried to intervene.

    Giles looks at Heather who looks awkward but appears to agree. Buffy walks back in from the corridor. Everyone looks up at her.

    Willow: You got through?

    Buffy: Yeah. It's ok. Things are a little less wired over there.

    Dawn: So Angel and Spike aren't in danger?

    Buffy: Not right now.

    The others look relieved. Buffy looks around at everyone.

    Buffy: This is gonna get fixed.

    Xander: Yeah the topic of the day is how.

    Buffy looks hesitant.

    Kelly: Giles thinks we should wait.

    Buffy looks at her and then at Giles.

    Willow: What do you think we should do?

    Buffy: I think Giles is right. Harold expects us to retaliate. If we hold off for just a little while?it'll be better.

    There appear to be mixed feelings about this; Kelly looks unimpressed but Giles seems glad to have Buffy's support.

    Buffy: They're not in any immediate danger right Heather?

    Heather: I shouldn't think so.

    Buffy: Right. So we just have to hope they can hold out. Wherever they are.

    Cut to a dark room. Mark opens his eyes slowly. Murmurings can be heard, indicating there are many other figures in the room. Mark raises his head. Golda turns to him; she is kneeling by his side.

    Golda: Hey.

    Mark looks glad to see Golda but as he rises he appears to be in some discomfort.

    Mark: Hey. Do you feel as bad as I do?

    Golda: Possibly.

    Mark frowns and looks around. Many figures are seen against the walls and corners of the room, which is average sized. Some of the figures are alone while others are whispering quickly to one another. One of the figures glances at Mark and then looks away. Mark frowns and looks at Golda.

    Mark: Are they??

    Golda: Like us. Yeah. Looks like the whole "tolerance" thing was too good to be true.

    One of the others in the room laughs a little. Golda looks over at them. The figure looks over at them; a woman in her twenties.

    Woman: Tolerance? You think humans can truly accept who we are?

    Golda: I think some can.

    Woman: And we should wait until they can? We shouldn't have to. Look at what they continue to do to us.

    Mark: Not everyone's like this. We're friends with the Slayer-

    Man: We know who you are.

    Mark looks over at the man.

    Man: The special two, taken under the ever-hospitable Slayer's wing. While the rest of us were left to rot in this place. Ironic that she couldn't save you in the end.

    Golda: She's gonna get us all out of here.

    Woman: Why? Because you have "faith" in her? When did faith ever help anyone?

    Golda doesn't know how to respond.

    Man: Face it. We were never meant to live alongside humans.

    Golda: We've still got humanity inside us.

    Man: And that's why we've been thrown in here?

    Mark: We have souls.

    Woman: If having a soul means being part of a hypocritical race?I'll pass.

    Golda and Mark frown at this statement.

    Man: They make out as if we're contaminated by the vampire blood inside us. But what truly contaminates us is the humanity. The thing that prevents us from belonging to either world. And we only have those that created this "cure" for that. No surprises as to who that is.

    Golda doesn't respond.

    Woman: You want to wait for your saviour the Slayer to come and rescue you? Go ahead. But we're done trying to be "tolerated". We'd rather take our chances in the world humans have left behind.

    Golda and Mark look around at the other cure victims. Most of them avoid eye contact with the duo, indicating they agree with what the woman has just said. Golda and Mark realise that there is no further discussion here.

    Cut to Buffy lying on a sofa in a room, similar to the temporary flat but with even less furniture. Buffy is staring at the ceiling. There is a knock on the door. Buffy raises her head. Willow walks in. She smiles at Buffy.

    Willow: Hey.

    Buffy: Oh, hey Will.

    Willow: You've been in here a while. Just wanted to make sure you're ok.

    Buffy smiles in appreciation and sits up.

    Buffy: Thanks. But you don't have to worry about me.

    Willow walks towards Buffy.

    Willow: Well I figured you needed some non-filled space to stare into. Which means there's a lot on your mind.

    Willow sits next to her.

    Buffy: There's rarely a time when there's not these days. But right now I'm just thinking about what we're gonna do next.

    Willow nods. Buffy looks at the ground and sighs.

    Buffy: Truth is I don't know.

    Willow: I don't think anyone else does either, for what it's worth.

    Buffy smiles for a second, but it quickly fades.

    Buffy: I wanna do more for Golda. For all of them.

    Willow: I know. But like you said, you can't right now-

    Buffy: I could. It'd be stupid, and probably screw everything else up, but I could.

    Willow stares at Buffy and raises an eyebrow.

    Buffy: Ok, so that's the equivalent of couldn't. I just?

    She hesitates.

    Buffy: I just felt like we were finally getting somewhere. That people were starting to accept that there was more to the world than labels. And now this.

    Willow: Buffy?we have got somewhere. Harold and the UN, they don't represent everybody. Why do you think there was such a big fuss about the vampire cure? It's cause people knew what was happening was wrong, and they wanted to do something about it.

    Buffy: Maybe.

    Willow: Not maybe. Definitely. And if need be, people are gonna do something about what's happening now too. Even if it's out of our hands?it's not out of theirs.

    Buffy smiles at Willow.

    Buffy: Maybe there's some hope for the new world after all.

    Willow: Definitely a glimmer.

    Willow smiles back. Suddenly there is a crash from the corridor. Willow and Buffy both stand with a start and rush out into it.

    When they arrive they are joined by the others. A figure is lying on the ground. Dawn's eyes widen as she realises she is staring down at another Dawn, who is barely conscious and looking in bad shape. Dawn looks over at Buffy who returns her look of horror.
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      ACT III

      Note: AR Dawn stands for alternate reality Dawn. OR Dawn stands for our reality Dawn.

      Cut to the door of the temporary flat bursting open. Buffy is carrying AR Dawn in her arms. Everyone else follows including the two soldiers stationed outside. Buffy lowers AR Dawn gently on to the sofa. Everyone crowds around.

      OR Dawn: Is she bleeding?

      Buffy: I don't think so.

      Kennedy: She looks pretty bad.

      Xander: Shouldn't we get an ambulance?

      Heather: We don't want to attract to much attention to this place.

      Kelly: So we let her die?

      Buffy: Guys give her some air.

      Everyone backs off a little. AR Dawn's eyes flicker a little but she still seems to be wavering in and out of consciousness. OR Dawn looks distressed to see her this way. Buffy looks at OR Dawn and then at Willow.

      Buffy: Will do you think you can do anything?

      Willow: I'll try.

      Willow walks round to kneel beside AR Dawn and places her hand over her stomach. She closes her eyes. The others look anxious. Willow's row narrows slightly indicating she is performing some kind of magic. After a few seconds she moves her hand back and looks a little out of breath. Already AR Dawn appears to have more colour to her.

      Willow: There's nothing serious. I gave her a little of my energy to be safe.

      Kennedy frowns.

      Kennedy: Safe for you?

      Willow looks at her and smiles reassuringly.

      Willow: It's fine.

      Kennedy nods but still looks a little worried. However she and the others turn to AR Dawn who is stirring awake. Heather turns to the soldiers.

      Heather: You should return outside. I'll let you know if we need anything else.

      The soldiers nod in response and walk outside. Heather turns to AR Dawn as she finally opens her eyes. She looks around for a second, still looking a little weak.

      AR Dawn: I made it??

      OR Dawn: You did.

      AR Dawn closes her eyes again in relief and exhales. She swallows and then looks at OR Dawn.

      AR Dawn: You're in danger.

      OR Dawn looks worried, as do the others.

      Cut to Xander walking through from the flat's kitchen into the main living area holding a cup of coffee. He walks up to AR Dawn who is sat on the sofa next to OR Dawn and Buffy. The others are all sat or stood around the room.

      AR Dawn: I don't know how they did it. I guess that the loop's gotta start somewhere, but I always figured that it couldn't be changed. Until now.

      Xander hands AR Dawn the coffee and she smiles in thanks. He then takes a seat next to Kelly. AR Dawn then continues.

      Giles: You're saying you didn't experience this in your own reality?

      AR Dawn shakes her head.

      AR Dawn: I came back from travelling to the dimension?

      Cut to flashbacks to the end of Act I where AR Dawn returns to her own reality. AR Dawn's VO continues.

      AR Dawn VO: And the guards had been attacked?

      The gun appears next to AR Dawn's head. AR Dawn spins round. Before the attacker can pull the trigger they are shot by someone else and fall.

      AR Dawn VO: We didn't know who they were.

      AR Dawn turns to see AR Giles standing across the corridor lowering a gun. Cut to the entire AR group plus several officials in the flat discussing things, though only AR Dawn's VO can be heard.

      AR Dawn VO: And it looked like we were out of the woods but then?

      An explosion engulfs the room. The floor of the building collapses. AR Dawn falls through and lands hard on the ground. She looks in pain as she looks around at the fire and destruction around her. She closes her eyes and green light engulfs the screen.

      Cut back to the present day.

      AR Dawn VO: I knew I had to come here. To warn you.

      She looks at OR Dawn who looks appreciatively at her. Buffy smiles at AR Dawn sympathetically.

      Buffy: Thank you.

      AR Dawn smiles back but looks troubled also.

      Buffy: So looks like someone's trying to sabotage the evacuation plans in your dimension. And maybe ours too.

      AR Dawn nods again.

      AR Dawn: That's what I'm guessing.

      Xander: And we're thinking good old Malachi? Explosions are his speciality.

      Willow: I guess it depends. A world without people doesn't stop an apocalypse.

      Kelly: But it does make it a little less fun. If you're evil, I mean.

      Willow nods, admitting this is true.

      Heather: I'm not sure?

      The others look at Heather. She looks at AR Dawn.

      Heather: The man that attacked you?was his identity found?

      AR Dawn: Maybe after I was gone, I know they were looking into it.

      Heather: Right.

      Giles: You think he was working for someone other than Malachi?

      Heather: I think he was possibly working for himself.

      The others frown.

      Heather: There are a great deal of people who would take drastic measures to, in their eyes, "save the world". I'm beginning to think the demon attack at the other house was arranged by civilians as well.

      The others look worried.

      AR Dawn: Yeah, that happened in my world too. It's why we moved here.

      OR Dawn: People really wanna stop this don't they?

      Buffy looks at her looking serious.

      Heather: I imagine the explosion was planned deliberately to fool us into thinking it was Malachi. Similarly to the insurrectionist group last week.

      Buffy exhales.

      Xander: Everyone uses Malachi's evil genius to get what they want. And we're trying to save these people from the apocalypse?why?

      No one responds.

      Xander: Is it worrying that there's no answer to that?

      AR Dawn: People are scared. That's all.

      Kennedy: Some of us in your dimension could be dead. How can you say "that's all"?

      AR Dawn: The explosion wasn't that big?

      Kennedy: It doesn't matter. When people are trying to kill you, you can't continue making excuses for them.

      Kelly: She's right. People made excuses for me and Kass and the others when we were at large.

      Buffy looks at Kelly, surprised by this.

      Kelly: In the end it just meant that more people got hurt.

      Xander: Kelly?if we hadn't-

      Kelly: I know. But I had to earn the right to be given a chance. These guys aren't gonna stop so easily. Everything that happened in the other dimension could happen here. We're gonna have to do something equally drastic if we want them to stop.

      There is a pause. Willow seems to think of something.

      Willow: Dawn?uh, other Dawn.

      She looks at AR Dawn.

      Willow: What's happening with the vampire cure victims in your dimension?

      AR Dawn: Oh, uh, there was some stuff a day or two ago but it was sorted out.

      AR Dawn looks around as if realising that Golda and Mark aren't here for the first time.

      AR Dawn: Are Golda and Mark still not free here?

      Buffy: They were. But they were taken back.

      AR Dawn: That's not good. In my reality they were gonna be executed. All of them.

      Everyone looks worried.

      Kelly: Ok, we can't wait for that to happen here too.

      AR Dawn: Well I know you, Xander and Heather went to the location in my dimension and sorted things out.

      Kelly looks encouraged.

      Heather: How did we know where to go?

      AR Dawn: I don't know. I mean?I could tell you, but we weren't told by another Dawn. It could screw things up.

      Giles: It looks to me that things are already rather screwed up. A lot's happened to you that hasn't happened, it seems, in other dimensions.

      Giles looks at the others.

      Giles: I know I was against taking any direct action to help Golda and Mark before now. But if their lives are in danger then it doesn't matter anymore. I just hope the repercussions aren't too serious.

      Buffy looks glad to see Giles' change of heart. She looks at AR Dawn.

      Buffy: Dawn?I think I know how I can stop all this, but we're gonna need your help. Will you tell Heather and the others where to go?

      AR Dawn hesitates but then nods. Buffy smiles. Everyone else looks apprehensive.

      Cut to the alleyway behind the apartment building that is now home to the group. It is night. Remnants of an explosion can be seen on the side of the building, indicating this is AR Dawn's world. Police tape surrounds the area and two guards are stood either side of the back door leading into the building. Suddenly green light fills the area. The soldiers look surprised and instinctively **** their guns. AR Dawn, OR Dawn, Buffy, Willow, Kennedy and Giles appear in the middle of the green light. The soldiers raise their guns but Willow quickly holds out her hand. The soldiers freeze. Willow turns to the others.

      Willow: They should be like that for a few minutes.

      Buffy nods.

      AR Dawn: I think we should head to the hospital?I don't wanna think about the worst that could have happened, but I think the others'll be there.

      Giles: We might have difficulty explaining why we're not in a hospital bed, if we're meant to be.

      The others consider this.

      Buffy: We're just gonna have to be careful. All we need is to find out who the attacker was. Then we get out.

      AR Dawn: I wanna find out if the others are ok too.

      Buffy looks at her, and looks apologetic.

      Buffy: Of course, I didn't?we'll give you as much time as you need.

      AR Dawn smiles thankfully but there is a hint of pain in her expression. Only Kennedy notices, but she says nothing.

      OR Dawn: We should hurry. Heather and the others will be there soon.

      Buffy nods. Everyone heads off.

      Cut to Heather getting out of her car. Kelly and Xander get out of the back seats. About fifty metres away is a school. As it is night, the school is closed. Heather, Kelly and Xander stare at the building.

      Xander: As far as unlikely demon prisons go?

      Heather: Exactly. The perfect cover.

      Xander: I bet attending there'd be an experience.

      Heather doesn't smile at this. Instead she looks around.

      Heather: It doesn't look like it's being guarded but we can't be sure.

      Kelly: Are we going in?

      Heather: Not yet.

      Kelly: But we don't have that much time-

      Heather: I know. But the three of us aren't going to be much on our own.

      A car drives up to them, its headlights unlit, followed by another and another. In total five cars are now parked around them. Men and women get out, each of them armed with tazers. Xander and Kelly look worried at first but suddenly see the familiar faces of Joe and Vanessa heading towards them. They smile at one another. Heather looks pleased.

      Joe: Reporting for duty Miss Marques.

      Heather smiles.

      Heather: Thank you for coming.

      Joe: Well we didn't have much else to do other than a prison break.

      Vanessa: Nothing that couldn't wait.

      Xander: Good to have you on the team.

      Vanessa nods. Joe looks at the school.

      Joe: This it then?

      Heather: It looks like it.

      Vanessa: You're not sure?

      Heather: We have a reliable source.

      Joe: Fair enough. Let's get going then.

      Heather nods. Everyone begins walking forwards.

      Cut to Buffy and the others. They are walking along the corridor which isn't too busy, seeing as it is now quite late.

      Kennedy: Why do I suddenly feel more conspicuous than I've ever done before?

      Buffy: Don't worry.

      Kennedy: I'm not.

      She glances at Willow who appears to be concentrating. Another doctor walks between her and Kennedy, again not noticing them. Kennedy looks impressed, but also a little concerned at Willow's power. They continue down the corridor. Suddenly AR Dawn stops as she stares into one of the rooms. The others turn to look. AR Dawn looks worried and walks in without turning to the others.

      Cut to her inside the room. She turns on the light and stares at the figure lying in the bed: it's Buffy. She has a few burns across her face. OR Buffy walks behind AR Dawn and stares at her alternate self, lying in the bed. She looks deeply affected.

      Voice OS: She'll be all right.

      Everyone turns to see AR Heather standing at the doorway.

      Buffy: Heather.

      AR Heather: Buffy. Forgive me, it's a little strange seeing you like this. Both of you I mean. And Dawn. Both Dawns. Which of you is?

      AR Dawn: Me. It's me.

      AR Heather smiles in relief and walks up to AR Dawn. She clasps her hand.

      AR Heather: I knew you'd escaped.

      AR Dawn smiles back. Suddenly AR Heather pulls out a gun. Silence impacts the scene as everyone reacts to what is happening. Everything falls into semi-slow motion. AR Heather, her expression empty, points the gun at AR Dawn's head, at point blank range. Before anyone can do anything AR Heather has fired. The bullet hits AR Dawn who gasps before falling back. OR Dawn looks horrified. AR Heather turns to face her and is about to deliver the same fate upon OR Dawn when Buffy snaps into action. She kicks up and AR Heather's bullet hits the wall above OR Dawn.

      Everything goes back to real time. AR Heather points the gun at Buffy but Buffy punches her. OR Dawn rushes to AR Dawn who stares vacantly at the wall, a small trickle of blood down her face. OR Dawn puts her hand to her mouth. Meanwhile Buffy grabs AR Heather by the neck as she slams her against the wall.

      Buffy: Who are you?

      AR Heather's image flickers between her and a man. Buffy looks confused.

      Cut to Xander and the others walking into the dark interior of the school. The soldiers with them all have their tazers poised for action. Xander leans over to Kelly.

      Xander: Something tells me it's a little too quiet.

      Kelly looks at him, not certain whether to agree or not. Suddenly all the lights come on. Everyone looks startled.

      Xander: Like I said.

      Other soldiers appear from the nearby rooms, but they don't fire. They outnumber those with Heather, Xander and Kelly. Vanessa notices something.

      Vanessa: Look?

      Heather and the others turn. Harold is stood nearby.

      Harold: Miss Marques. What a surprise.

      Heather stares at him darkly

      Cut back to Buffy in the alternate dimension.

      Buffy: I said who are you!?

      AR Heather: It doesn't matter. What's done is done.

      Kennedy, Willow and Giles look stunned. OR Dawn cries quietly over AR Dawn's body. Buffy glares at the man pretending to be Heather. Their image is no longer flickering, as the man is revealed.

      Man: Soon it'll happen in your world too.

      Everyone looks worried, realising this to be true.

      Buffy: Not if I can help it.

      Buffy knocks out the man with a swift punch. He falls to the ground. Buffy rushes over to Dawn.

      Buffy: We have to go.

      Dawn: But?what about them. Their world?

      Buffy: We can't save it Dawn. But we can still save ours if we hurry.

      Dawn looks conflicted but eventually nods. She stands up and closes her eyes. The others gather round. Green light explodes around them. Buffy notices movement in the room. AR Buffy is stirring. OR Buffy stares helplessly, knowing the grief that her alternate self is about to go through. The green light engulfs the screen.

      Cut back to the scene at the school.

      Harold: You're a little later than I suspected. For a moment I thought you'd taken the wise option. But you live up to my expectations once again.

      Heather: And you mine.

      Harold smiles condescendingly.

      Harold: My my aren't you all brave? All this for two scientific mistakes.

      Kelly: Shut up.

      Harold: Ah yes, you see further than that. The kind of attitude that leads to attacks on the men and women who have every right to live in this world.

      Xander: You're gonna try and use the "dangerous" line on us?

      Harold: Well, you may think that your "friends" are harmless but they've killed people. Many of the others being held here have killed far more. They are a threat. You can't say otherwise.

      Heather: For God's sake Harold, there are other ways-

      Harold: We don't have the time. Your remarkable little plan is impressive, and I'm not being ironic now. It will save us. But it can't save them.

      Kelly: Not when people like you are around, no.

      Harold stares at her.

      Harold: Well I see that we're not going to get anywhere here.

      Harold nods at one of the soldiers. They raise their tazers. Vanessa and Joe raise their own tazers. The soldiers begin to fire. Harold immediately retreats as figures around the room get stunned. Joe shoots at a soldier and then another. Heather, Xander and Kelly manage to avoid the carnage and head towards where Harold has gone to. Heather is suddenly hit by a stray burst of electricity. She gasps and falls. Xander manages to catch her just before she hits the ground. He picks her up in his arms as he watches the battle behind him. Joe is hit by a tazer blast and falls to the ground, but Vanessa hits several of the opposition. Xander, realising he can do nothing, places Heather down carefully and then follows Kelly down the corridor.

      Cut to Harold appearing in a dark room. He turns on the lights. It is revealed to be the holding cell of the cure victims. Golda and Mark and a few of the others walk up to the glass separating them and Harold. Harold gives them all a disgusted look and walks over to a nearby console. He inputs something. Golda looks worried. Suddenly the sprinklers above the cell turn on. Those hit by the water suddenly cry out: it is holy water. Others try and avoid the water without much success. Harold stares at the scene with a neutral expression on his face.

      Kelly rushes through followed by Xander. She looks horrified by what is happening. She turns to Harold and then over at the wall. She sees a fire extinguisher. She runs over to it. Harold makes to stop her but is met by a punch from Xander. Kelly grabs the extinguisher and smashes it against the glass. A small crack is made. She hits it again. Xander and Harold struggle. Xander pushes Harold to the ground but Harold kicks back, Xander is forced next to the console. He quickly presses at the console but it does no good. Harold smiles.

      Harold: A little more complex than that.

      Suddenly the sound of Kelly breaking through the glass is heard. Harold and Xander look as the victims begin to escape, some looking badly burnt, others only slightly. Golda and Mark have averages burns on them. Kelly looks horrified, but they look at her gratefully. The woman and man who spoke to Golda and Mark earlier spot Harold. They rush at him without hesitation followed by others. Harold begins to scream as they tear him apart, literally. Golda and Mark stare on, but do nothing to try and this. Xander and Kelly look at one another. Mark looks at Kelly.

      Mark: Cheers for coming.

      Kelly nods and smiles for a second but then notices Golda staring at the vampires gorging on Harold's body. She looks almost glad to see this happening. Golda looks at Kelly.

      Golda: Guess we should go.

      Kelly: What about?

      Golda: They're not done.

      Kelly looks surprised as Golda begins to walk away. Mark follows. Kelly and Xander are left to decide what they will do next. Holy water trickles out of the cell into the rest of the room. There is a close up as it mingles with blood.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to the temporary Summers' flat. Everyone is sat in the main living room, minus Kelly, Golda and Mark. However Kelly walks through from the direction of bedroom.

        Kelly: They're good. Healing process is gonna take time, so I said I'd let them know what's going on later.

        Buffy: Right.

        Kelly smiles awkwardly and then sits next to Xander. Buffy turns to Heather.

        Buffy: So?it's good news right?

        Heather: Yes, yes for once it is. Uh?

        Heather takes out a piece of paper. It has a digital photograph on it.

        Heather: Is this the man who?the man you saw?

        Dawn: It's him.

        Dawn looks serious. Buffy nods at Heather. Heather puts the photograph away.

        Heather: His name's James Sutton. He and a group of around twenty terrorists are responsible for?everything. They're now in secure custody. Some used to work for Webber which explains the technology they had.

        Willow: But Webber and Malachi-

        Heather: Yes, the connection's there. However it does look like they were acting on their own.

        Buffy: You're sure there are no others?

        Heather: I'm certain there are. We just have to act quickly. The evacuation's been given the go ahead to begin tomorrow.

        Giles: Dawn are you all right with that?

        Dawn: Yeah. The sooner the better. The other Dawn she?she told me everything I need to do. I just have to tell the next Dawn what to do before...

        Kennedy: When?

        Dawn: Soon. I?I don't know how I know, but I do.

        Buffy seems to accept this.

        Giles: You sure you'll be all right?

        Dawn: Yeah. I will be.

        Dawn looks thankful for Giles' kindness. Buffy looks over at her.

        Buffy: You can't dwell on what happened.

        Dawn: It happened yesterday!

        Buffy looks a little taken-a-back by Dawn's tone, as do the others. Dawn exhales.

        Dawn: Sorry?

        Buffy looks understanding.

        Buffy: It's ok.

        Xander: I think anyone who saw themselves die like that?would feel like you do now.

        Dawn: It's not just that. So many more people are gonna die because she did. I can't help feeling a little responsible for that.

        Heather: Dawn, you can't seriously think that! You did all you could with the knowledge you had at the time. That's all any of us can do.

        Kennedy: One thing?uh, I don't quite know how to say this but?how can we stop this happening in the next dimension?

        There is a pause.

        Dawn: I can give them what they need. Then they're on their own.

        Kennedy nods but this response doesn't give the greatest amount of hope. Heather's phone suddenly rings. She picks it up and reads the message she's just been sent. She bites her lip slightly at what she reads.

        Buffy: Heather?

        Heather looks at her.

        Heather: Uh, there's been an incident. A woman's been killed by several of the?the vampire cure victims.

        The others don't know how to respond. Kelly avoids the others' gaze.

        Heather: Well we can't sit around looking sombre. I need to go.

        Buffy: Ok.

        Giles: I'll come with you.

        Heather looks thankful for this and nods. The two of them walk out. The others are left to ponder what they've just heard. Dawn stands up. She looks at the others.

        Dawn: I need to uh?

        Willow: It's time?

        Dawn looks at her and nods.

        Buffy: Ok. Do you need more room, or?

        Dawn: One of the other rooms should be ok.

        Buffy nods. Dawn looks around.

        Dawn: See you guys in a few.

        The others nod. Dawn walks out of the door.

        Xander OS: So we can go back to the house tomorrow?

        Buffy OS: I guess so.

        Cut to Dawn's bedroom in the Summers' house. The light fades. We see Dawn, another Dawn, shielding her eyes from the light that has just appeared. She stares forwards and suddenly looks surprised. Our Dawn is standing opposite her. She looks awkward as she stares at the other version of herself.

        OR Dawn: Hey?

        The scene fades to a new scene: the sunset. Perhaps one of the last. "The City Lights" by Umbrellas begins to play as the sunlight shimmers across the rural landscape near the Summers' old house.

        As the piano starts, we cut to a small boy. He is putting toys in a bag. Cut to a girl carrying a puppy in her hands. She places it in a dog carrier. Cut to families walking along streets in groups. Cut to a huge group of people, being sorted into lines. Large barriers surround them. They are watching Dawn who is stood alone. Buffy and the others are watching from around a hundred metres away, the closest anyone is to Dawn. Dawn makes eye contact with Buffy. Buffy nods reassuringly at her. Dawn smiles and closes her eyes. Green light begins to fill the space around Dawn.

        A rim of green energy bursts forth. It travels through buildings, but doesn't damage them. The camera shows the ground far below as the green light forms an opening across the horizon. People watch in fascination and fear, but ultimately in hope.

        If you see me at midnight
        Walking the streets
        You'll know it was me for I cannot sleep

        Soldiers wait for their command. The green light continues one its course until it eventually meets. There is a shot of the Earth from space; the green light forming a perfect circle.

        I've pushed away the dreams
        And spoiled the quiet

        Dawn has her eyes closed still. The portal grows bigger still and then stays still. Buffy can be seen nodding at someone. The soldiers pull down the barriers.

        I'm propelled by fear
        And not the righteous

        People begin walking towards the portal. We cut to other locations where groups of people are doing exactly the same. There is very little struggle; only nostalgic looks as people stare at what they are leaving behind. Families. Individuals. Friends. All heading through to the new world.

        So have you been to a place like this?
        To see your breath as it paints against the sky
        The fever is near
        I wish you were here

        Cut to people taking huge herds of animals through the portal. Jars carrying insects are being stacked in lorries. Plants are also being carried on to lorries. Paintings and artefacts loaded up. Building materials. Refrigerated food. A woman takes a picture of the Eiffel Tower and lowers her camera sadly. A man turns the light off in his house for the last time.

        Cut to another location where demons are being escorted into lorries. Cut to them being driven through a different part of the portal. A demon looks out on the world it is leaving behind. Will there really be that much difference?

        I'm thinking ambitious
        I've got this feeling things will be alright

        Cut to Dawn in what appears to be some kind of stasis as she upholds the portal. Buffy watches her sister, concern on her face despite knowing that this is all for the best.

        So go break a leg now
        Been given the green light

        Buffy looks at Xander, Kelly, Willow and Kennedy. She nods at them and they walk towards the portal. They walk through. Green light engulfs the screen.

        So go entertain them
        They're waiting for you
        They're waiting for you

        As they emerge on the other side they are faced with a lush world, a valley below them, and an ocean beyond that. All untouched by humanity?until now. The sun is rising in the distance. The four of them stare in wonder, as every other person who has walked through is doing.

        So have you been to a place like this?
        To see your breath as it paints against the sky

        The camera shows a shot of the world from high above as humans, animals and demons emerge through the portal and into the new landscape. People look around, wondering what kind of life they can lead here.

        Feeling so right and things will run
        The fever is near
        I wish you were here

        Cut to Buffy walking up to Dawn. She stares back at the world wondering whether she can save it, and whether everyone will be able to return to it after the battle. She looks at Dawn and then proceeds through.

        Heather and Giles watch from nearby. They continue to aid people with their belongings, as many others are doing. The camera pans out as we see that many more people are still waiting to go through. The camera pans out further to show ten queues of lorries driving slowly through. Even further out we can see many more people driving through on the outskirts of Lincoln, people across the country. The scene fades to a large multi-storey building. The camera moves to one of the upper floors. Malachi is stood watching. The camera moves round him and then shows what he is seeing; the green light sparkling in the distance. He smiles to himself.

        So have you been to a place like this?
        To see your breath as it paints against the sky
        Feeling so right and things will run
        The fever is near
        I wish you were here

        THE END
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