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Buffy Episode 9.20 186. World Without End

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  • Buffy Episode 9.20 186. World Without End

    Hi, this is the twentieth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.20 186. World Without End

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Paula on the phone. She looks like she is listening to whoever is on the other end, an irritated expression on her face. Behind her, office buildings can be seen.

    Paula: Then perhaps the following week?

    She pauses and sighs.

    Paula: I see?well perhaps they need to be reminded that time is not a luxury we have anymore, considering that Malachi's ritual-

    Paula appears to be cut off. She wipes her free hand across her mouth looking weary.

    Paula: Yes I'm sure they do have to prioritise.

    Paula takes the phone away from her ear and presses a button. She sighs to herself. She looks to see a figure in the room. It's Trevor.

    Paula: Oh?hello Trevor.

    Trevor: Paula. No luck with the high and mighty then?

    Paula manages a slight smile.

    Paula: Unfortunately not. I mean I realise that I've not been the most open-minded person concerning the issues of the demon world lately but?we're talking about an actual apocalypse. The world could be annihilated by next Thursday.

    Trevor: Well I might as well not start the reports for Friday then.

    Paula smiles, despite her mood. Trevor smiles back.

    Trevor: Don't you worry Paula. They'll come round once they realise what's at stake.

    Paula: Perhaps they will. I just wonder what will need to happen for them to realise that-

    A bright light suddenly shines outside the window. Paula and Trevor shield their eyes. A sound similar to an airplane flying over is heard as the light engulfs the screen.

    The light fades upon another office. Heather is sitting at her desk. She looks up, looking confused at what has just happened. Some things on her desk have been knocked over. Heather frowns as she looks at them and quickly walks to the door. She walks out into the corridor where many others are walking out of their offices?but only on the left hand side of the corridor. There are worried voices heard from everyone. Some people are opening doors on the right hand side of the corridor. Heather turns to some of the others in the corridor.

    Heather: Does anyone know what happened?

    No one replies, only mutterings of confusion can be heard.

    Man OS: Good God?

    Heather turns round to see a man standing at the threshold of one of the rooms on the right hand side of the corridor. She frowns.

    Heather: Lex?

    He is staring forwards. She walks up to him. Her eyes widen as she stares through the doorway.

    Before them are a few feet of flooring and then?nothing. There is a high shot showing that this is the same for the seven floors below; the right side of the building has been cut off as if it was never there. Papers are floating down silently from the remainder of the room; others can be seen staring out from the floor below. The left hand side of the building on the other side of the road is the same. People are staring across from it. Heather looks down at the ground far below. A car can be seen, half of it missing. Heather puts her hand to her mouth in shock. The camera moves behind her to the door. A name is engraved on it:

    "Paula Dowell".

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques

    Special Guest Stars:

    AMY ACKER - Illyria

    Guest Starring:

    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    IMELDA STAUNTON - Paula Dowell
    ALICE KRIGE - Alethea
    ERIC MABIUS - Glenn
    JAMIE BELL - Mark

    Cut to the Summers' living room. The camera moves across to show Buffy, Xander, Kelly, Kennedy, Giles are watching the television screen. Dawn is seen in the hallway on the phone. The camera cuts to the screen to show news footage of the damage seen in the last scene. There is a headline at the bottom which says: "Global strikes", as the footage cuts to other similarly devastated areas in other cities.

    Reporter VO: As can be seen from this footage, the damage was relatively isolated, but everything within the relatively small radius has been completely eradicated, there's simply no trace of anything. This has led to serious speculation that these attacks were caused by magical devices, perhaps linked to the notorious Malachi Edison responsible for the attack on Lincoln cathedral in February-

    Willow walks through looking anxious.

    Willow: Buffy the Prime Minister's on the phone.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: Uh oh?what should I say? What if he wants me to do something about this?

    Buffy looks to Giles.

    Giles: Tell him you'll do what you can.

    He smiles a little. Buffy smiles thankfully and gets up, but still looks awkward as she walks past into the kitchen. Dawn smiles at her supportively as she continues on the phone.

    Dawn: (to phone) Uh huh. Well yeah I think we'll somehow manage without Switzerland?

    Cut back to the living room where the others watch the screen.

    Xander: Gotta say?Malachi sure likes variation in his evil plans.

    Kelly looks at him.

    Xander: Demon transforming explosions, robots that turn people crazy, mind chips?

    Xander trails off as he looks at Giles, who looks grave. The others also seem grave.

    Xander: Now this.

    Kennedy: I don't get it though. What advantage does this give him? I mean he's gonna end the world anyway right?

    Kelly: Maybe he wants to show us that he's still in control.

    Kennedy realises that this could be true.

    Willow: Sure.

    She sits down on the arm of the sofa.

    Willow: He's not really done any super evil since the thing with Rebecca. Maybe he figured it's time to show us that he's still capable of it.

    Giles: And there's the added bonus of crippling the world. These kind of things can cause severe ripples?

    Giles' phone starts to ring. He looks at it.

    Giles: Ah it's Heather I better go and take this.

    The others nod as he gets up and walks away. As he does, Dawn walks back, exhaling deeply.

    Kelly: So, gossip?

    Dawn: Some good and some bad. Lauren says 163 countries are on board with mobilisation, at last count.

    Kennedy: But that's not all of them right?

    Dawn: Right. Some have bigger problems, I mean there were more attacks in Central America than anywhere else so, we're not expecting them to start discussions right now.

    Willow looks at Dawn.

    Willow: What about the others?

    Dawn: Uh well?The US is kinda not helpful. People are freaking out at what's happening.

    Kelly: Can't exactly blame them.

    Dawn: No, but there's talks of implementing martial law.

    The others look concerned.

    Dawn: And it's not just the US. Other countries are taking the "every nation for themselves" approach.

    Xander: Do they not get the idea that when the world ends?it all ends? I don't think Malachi's the kinda guy to go for a partial apocalypse.

    Dawn: We're working on them. It might just take time. But considering that before these attacks less than 100 countries were interested?it's kinda ironic.

    Buffy walks into the room.

    Buffy: Hey. Giles on the phone to Heather?

    The others nod.

    Xander: How was the call?

    Buffy: Pretty much what I expected I guess. He asked me to read a speech.

    Willow frowns.

    Dawn: To the world?

    Buffy nods.

    Xander: Chock full of wonderful words of inspiration for all to hear?

    Buffy: I'm guessing so.

    Willow frowns at Xander.

    Willow: It's not such a bad idea. I mean if anyone's gonna be able to calm people down, maybe even reassure them, it's Buffy.

    Buffy smiles a little.

    Buffy: That all depends on whether they wanna listen.

    Dawn: They might not have a choice. We're not just being portrayed as the last hope. We are the last hope.

    Buffy frowns, knowing this to be true. Giles walks up behind her.

    Kennedy: Hey.

    Buffy rounds to look at Giles.

    Buffy: Hey?how's Heather doing?

    Giles: She's uh, still a little shaken which is understandable considering?

    The others look uncomfortable at the thought that Heather could have been caught in the attacks.

    Giles: But she's been able to help investigating the attacks.

    The others look surprised.

    Buffy: Oh! Any progress?

    Giles: Well, yes actually but not exactly what we had in mind. Or what anyone predicted actually.

    The others look confused.

    Kennedy: The attacks weren't magic-based?

    Giles: No, they almost definitely were. But it looks like it wasn't Malachi who caused them.

    The others look shocked and confused. Buffy stares at Giles.

    Cut to the Summers' house front door opening. Heather is stood on the porch. She smiles at Buffy who is standing before her.

    Buffy: Hey, come on in.

    Heather smiles, but still looks shaken deep down.

    Heather: Thank you.

    She walks through into the living room, followed by Buffy. Everyone looks up. Dawn stands up.

    Dawn: Hey, Heather! You wanna sit down?

    Dawn indicates where she was sat. Heather smiles thankfully.

    Heather: I appreciate everyone's concern, I do, but it's not necessary. I'm far from fantastic but it's not the first time I've brushed against death and I'm sure it won't be the last.

    She smiles at the others.

    Heather: But thank you, all the same.

    The others smile and nod in recognition.

    Xander: So, Giles told us about your non-Malachi theory.

    Heather's smile fades.

    Heather: Ah yes.

    She leans against the arm of the sofa, exhaling.

    Heather: Believe me I was sceptical too. But as I'm sure you're all aware, these attacks have, ironically, had a positive effect. The world is uniting in grief and outrage against Malachi. He's more intelligent than to do something like this.

    The others consider this.

    Buffy: So if it's not him?then who?

    Heather hesitates.

    Heather: Earlier today the GSPST received a transmission via telepathy. Everyone in the building could hear it. The voice that spoke, threatened more attacks would follow if their demands weren't met.

    Everyone looks troubled to hear this.

    Kelly: Terrorists?

    Heather: Yes. And Malachi would have no reason to ask for threats. He'd have nothing to gain from them.

    Buffy: What were their demands?

    Heather: $50 billion.

    The others look worried.

    Heather: It's not as bad as it sounds; it's a manageable amount of money to access in an emergency.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: You're gonna give it to them?

    Heather: We hope not. If worst comes to worst then we might have to, considering the atmosphere that the attacks have caused.

    Willow: So let's say slightly not worse comes to slightly better. What's the plan?

    Heather hesitates.

    Willow: There's a plan, right?

    Heather: Well yes, there is. Willow we'd like you to try and track the location of the transmission. Do you think it's possible?

    Willow hesitates.

    Willow: I dunno. I could always try.

    Buffy: Are you sure Will?

    Willow: I don't seem the harm. Worst that could happen is that I don't get a lock.

    Buffy hesitates but then nods. Heather looks pleased.

    Heather: Thank you. Of course that's only one part. If we do discover the location-

    Buffy: You want us to find them.

    Heather pauses. She stares at Buffy.

    Heather: I know it's a lot to ask.

    She looks around the room.

    Heather: But right now, you are the people the world's looking at for something, anything. If they can see you defeat a threat like this?it could convince sceptics that there's still hope.

    Buffy pauses. The others looks conflicted.

    Kelly: If this is a group like you said?are we even gonna be enough to take them on?

    Xander: Mm could get fatal.

    Heather: If you do go, we'll track your every move. And you won't be alone. This is a global problem. I've asked some?others whether they will accompany you.

    Dawn: Like who?

    Heather: Like Angel and Spike.

    Buffy looks surprised.

    Cut to Golda and Mark in their room. The curtains are closed, leaving the room fairly dark. Mark appears to still be asleep as Golda sits on the edge of the bed, facing away from him, rubbing her hands across her face as if she's very tired. Mark stirs and slowly sits up looking uncomfortable.

    Mark: Why do I feel like I've had less than two hours sleep?

    Golda looks around at him.

    Golda: That's not too far from the actual amount.

    Mark sighs.

    Mark: I dunno why I?I thought it'd get better.

    Golda looks down at the bed. She shakes her head.

    Golda: I don't think it will. Not anytime soon anyway?

    She glances up at Mark who stares back. He places his hand over hers.

    Mark: We've got time.

    Golda smiles weakly. There is a knock on the door. Golda and Mark look over. Mark slips out of bed and puts a t-shirt on. Golda walks up to the door and opens it. Willow is on the other side. She smiles.

    Willow: Hey.

    Golda smiles.

    Golda: Hey. What's up?

    Willow smiles awkwardly.

    Cut to Golda and Mark sat on the side of the bed. Willow is stood near them.

    Willow: I know it's kinda much to throw at you guys since you just got here.

    Mark: Well yeah a little maybe, but it's ok. Just didn't expect to be talking about global warfare in anything other than "Risk" terms.

    Willow smiles slightly and looks at Golda who looks like she is thinking. She looks at Willow.

    Golda: This is really important isn't it?

    Willow nods.

    Willow: But it's up to you-

    Golda: No, it's ok. I wanna help. Mark?

    She looks at him.

    Mark: I, uh, I guess we're on board then.

    He smiles at Willow who smiles back looking pleased.

    Mark: Reckon I'm gonna get some food. Might wake me up a bit.

    Willow and Golda nod as Mark walks out.

    Willow: Are you gonna come through?

    Golda: I might a little later.

    Willow frowns a little.

    Willow: Are things?well, not good cause I know they wouldn't be but, maybe non-bad?

    Golda smiles a little more genuinely than before.

    Golda: I guess they could be worse, thanks.

    Willow nods.

    Willow: I feel kinda bad. Like we should be doing more for you?

    Golda hesitates.

    Golda: I don't think there's anything anyone can do.

    She uses her hand to support her forehead.

    Golda: I dunno, I feel?I feel like I'm slipping away. There's things to hold on to but I can't reach them. I feel like I'm dying.

    Willow looks affected by this. She hesitates and then sits next to Golda.

    Willow: I am.

    Golda looks up at Willow. She looks confused.

    Golda: W-what?

    Willow: I'm dying.

    Golda looks disbelieving.

    Willow: I probably shoulda told you before. There's just never a right time for it really.

    Golda stares at her. Willow continues.

    Willow: I know that sooner or later, I'm not gonna be around anymore. And that scares me. ?Cause I don't feel like I'm done yet. But even though it might be a short amount of time, there's still a lot worth doing. And that's the one thing that stops me from just sitting down and waiting.

    Golda takes this in. She looks worried.

    Golda: I don't wanna wait.

    Willow: Then come through with me.

    Golda looks at her and exhales. She then smiles a little and nods. She and Willow stand up. Golda then hugs Willow, deep sadness in her expression. They part after a few seconds.

    Golda: Let's go.

    Willow nods. Together they walk through into the hallway.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Buffy sat in a plane seat. Kelly is sat next to her reading a book. The clouds can be seen below, through the window, which Buffy is staring through. Buffy is fiddling with a bottle, which she then twists too much causing it to fall out of her hands. Kelly looks up as Buffy goes to pick the bottle up.

    Kelly: You realise you've been doing that since like the beginning of the flight, right?

    Buffy: Uh huh?

    Buffy casually places the bottle next to her. She smiles at Kelly.

    Buffy: See, I'm good.

    Kelly raises an eyebrow and closes her book.

    Kelly: You don't have to pretend you're not nervous.

    Buffy sighs and looks at her.

    Buffy: I'm not nervous?maybe ambivalent.

    Kelly: Cause things are still up in the air with you all?

    Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: Xander fill you in on everything?

    Kelly: Well I didn't need him to tell me what was obvious at Faith's funeral. Issues are kinda clearly there.

    Buffy: Mm. There's issues. And the fact that mortal peril, Spike and Angel are always some kind of wacky threesome?

    Kelly considers this, as does Buffy, and the two of them seem to be content for a few seconds staring into space. Buffy then shakes herself and looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: We're uh, we're all here. We can avoid mortal peril together.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: I hope so.

    Willow appears next to them.

    Willow: Hey. I just spoke to the pilot. We're gonna land in an hour or so. Which might be a good idea cause they've shown the same episode of Friends three times now.

    Buffy and Kelly laugh a little. Kelly then looks a little more serious.

    Kelly: It's gonna be weird being back.

    Buffy: Mm?

    She looks out of the window.

    Buffy: Evil really should just choose one side of the Atlantic and stay there.

    The camera moves away from the window as we see the plane flying high above the clouds.

    Cut to Heather walking down a corridor. She looks anxious. Xander appears behind her from around a corner.

    Xander: Heather!

    Heather looks around and then manages a smile.

    Xander: Was just looking for ya.

    Heather: Oh, sorry I was called away rather urgently. I was coming to talk to you all about it now, actually.

    Xander looks serious.

    Xander: Something bad urgent?

    Heather: Unfortunately yes.

    Xander: Is whoever gonna attack again?

    Heather: Um no, actually. This time, it is Malachi.

    Xander looks worried.

    Cut to Heather with Xander, Giles, Dawn and Lauren in what used to be Julia's office in the GSPST, last seen in "Threshold". Everyone looks anxious as Heather shows something on the screen in the middle of the table. There are around 100 blue dots seen on a map of the United Kingdom.

    Heather: These are only the cases found in the UK. They're all exuding the same chemical traces that Rebecca had?

    Everyone looks worried.

    Xander: I thought Ethan built Rebecca as his little experiment?

    Heather: Yes, but it seems that Malachi was keen to follow in his footsteps.

    Lauren: Everything that Ethan created, Malachi has incorporated.

    Dawn: He got him to do all the hard work beforehand?clever.

    Heather: Mm, and he's added it to his own work?

    Heather glances at Lauren; the two of them know something else.

    Giles: What is it?

    Heather bites her lip and presses several buttons on the keyboard on the table and many more green and red dots appears with the blue ones.

    Heather: The red dots indicate areas where we've successfully defused radiation bombs planted by Malachi's organisation.

    Xander: Well that's good right.

    Lauen: Yeah?though there could be more.

    Dawn: What about the green dots?

    Heather exhales.

    Heather: The green dots represent individuals that have been implanted with chips. The same that Julia was?

    Giles looks serious, as do the others. However Dawn frowns at the screen.

    Dawn: There's one on Lincoln.

    Heather nods gravely.

    Heather: Yes. That one?is me.

    The others look at Heather shocked.

    Dawn: No?

    Heather: I know it may look grave but we do have a possible solution. Just as there are those working on dismantling the chemicals that cause the paranoia as seen last month, there are those who may be able to prevent the chips from activating.

    Xander: Aren't they really deep?

    Heather: Yes.

    Lauren: But magic can solve that.

    Xander: Willow's not here though.

    Heather: Willow may be the best but she's not the only magic user on our side. There are others who work for the GSPST who can help.

    Giles: How much time is there?

    Heather: We have no idea. But we suspect that they are all to be activated at the same time.

    Xander: Widespread terror?

    Heather: Exactly. And due to the fact that they were able to implant one in me without my knowledge?it seems we have a double agent.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Dawn: Like who?

    Heather: We're working on that, but in the mean time?

    The camera slowly moves away from them as they continue to talk. Then it moves away faster and faster across the main area of the GSPST to another room where it stops on a room where several men and women are stood listening to another talk. The camera moves past them to a figure at the back: Alethea. She stands with her arms folded; watching.

    Cut to a shot of the cityscape, evening of Cleveland. Cut to Buffy walking down the walkway from the plane onto the concrete of the airfield. No other planes can be seen, indicating this to be a private landing strip. Willow walks next to her. Golda, Mark, Kelly and Kennedy are seen behind them.

    Willow: You look like we're about to walk into something bad.

    Buffy notices a group of people walking towards them; Angel, Spike, Illyria and Tap.

    Buffy: Maybe we are.

    Willow notices them too.

    Willow: It'll be fine.

    Buffy nods, but still looks ambivalent. She exhales as Angel and the others meet them. Spike and Angel both smile at Buffy.

    Spike: Buffy.

    Buffy: Hey!

    She smiles awkwardly.

    Willow: It's good to see you guys.

    Angel: You too.

    There is a slight pause. Everyone looks awkward.

    Kennedy: So I'm the only one here who knows everyone?

    Buffy: Oh, uh, I guess so.

    Kennedy: Ok well we can chat on the way right?

    Angel: Sure.

    Buffy: Know where we're going?

    Spike: More or less.

    Tap: Thanks to Willow here.

    Willow smiles at Tap even though she doesn't know who he is. He nods in recognition. Several soldiers appear.

    Soldier: Ms Summers we've prepared a minibus for you. It'll take you southwest of the city. If you'd like to follow me.

    Buffy: Right, thanks.

    The soldier begins walking away. Buffy and the others all start to follow. Golda, Mark and Kelly walk behind the others.

    Mark: Well you were right about the tension.

    Kelly: Mmhmm.

    Tap turns round to look at them. He and Golda make eye contact.

    Cut to Dawn, Lauren and Xander watching various magic users gathering together.

    Dawn: There's a lot of them.

    Lauren: GSPST has quite a few contacts.

    Xander: That's good. More the better?

    Dawn and Lauren look serious.

    Dawn: I feel kinda helpless just standing here.

    Lauren: If there was something we could do we'd be doing it. Right now it's best for us to just let them do their thing. It's what they do best.

    Xander nods.

    Dawn: I kinda hoped we'd do more than just watch.

    Xander looks at her.

    Xander: We will. Just think about the near future when watching won't be an option anymore cause people watching'll die.

    Dawn raises an eyebrow.

    Dawn: Inspirational?

    Xander: I thought so.

    The three of them smile and then go back to watching the magic users prepare.

    Cut to Buffy and everyone walking on the outskirts of a forest. They are being led by several soldiers.

    Soldier #1: We've circled the building. No sign of anyone, but then it's supposed to be abandoned so, they probably wouldn't be too conspicuous.

    Kennedy: How big is it?

    Soldier #2: Take a look for yourself.

    As they turn a corner they look down a hill. The remains of a hydro plant are seen below them, next to a fairly small river.

    Buffy: Wow. How effortlessly shifty.

    Angel: This is definitely the place right Willow?

    Willow nods.

    Willow: I mean I don't see any other possible secret base locations.

    Soldier #1: This is definitely as good as you're gonna get. We'll take you down.

    He indicates to the others to follow. Everyone walks forward cautiously. Illyria, Golda and Mark are the last three left behind. Illyria cocks her head at them.

    Illyria: You are both vampires.

    Mark: We are?

    Golda and Mark look confused as Illyria stares at them.

    Illyria: You possess what appear to be fragments of once intact souls.

    Golda looks awkward.

    Golda: It's difficult to explain-

    Illyria: On the contrary; I share your fate. To walk in a world that you can never truly belong to. A world that cannot accept anything that derives from its view of normality.

    Golda and Mark listen, sadly. Illyria looks away.

    Illyria: Take care that you do not succumb to its will.

    Illyria walks forward. Golda and Mark hesitate.

    Mark: Well?she's, uh, unique.

    Golda: Maybe not?

    Golda glances at Mark and then walks through. Mark follows frowning.

    Cut to everyone next to the entrance of the base.

    Tap: Sure there are no cameras around here?

    Soldier #2: We've looked but, it doesn't look like it. And we've been this close all day and nothing's happened.

    Buffy looks up at the building.

    Soldier #1: There are several entrances so you might think about splitting up.

    Buffy nods.

    Illyria: Their numbers may be vastly greater than ours.

    Soldier #1: Well their vastness are doing a good job of hiding in that case.

    Angel: We'll be ok Illyria.

    She cocks her head.

    Buffy: Uh, Will, Kennedy, Kelly you guys ok together?

    They nod.

    Golda: We'll go with Illyria.

    Illyria looks at them. She nods however.

    Tap: Yeah I'll go with you guys.

    Buffy realises who is left.

    Buffy: Right. Looks like you guys are with me.

    Angel and Spike both look awkward. Everyone prepares to enter the building.

    Cut to Buffy, Angel and Spike walking down a corridor of the building. Buffy is walking in between them. The building certainly appears to have been abandoned, as cobwebs covers the walls and there is little trace of human presence.

    Buffy: Wow. And she's?you know, like you guys?

    Spike: She's still Dru. Doubt that'll change.

    Angel: But, yeah she is.

    Buffy nods.

    Buffy: And she's ok alone back in LA?

    Spike: The others are with her. Mind you, if Gwen comes back?

    Angel looks grave. Buffy looks between the two of them.

    Buffy: I guess you guys have had trouble too.

    Spike: Could say that.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: Sorry we didn't do more.

    Angel: In between terrorist attacks?

    Buffy sighs realising that he has a point.

    Angel: You had work to do.

    Buffy: Yeah?but it still feels like I'm out of my depth.

    Spike: Maybe ?cause you are.

    Buffy and Angel look at him.

    Spike: Well we all are. Nothing like this 'as ever happened before. Can't really look at see what anyone else has done about it, ?cause there ain't no one else who's had to. Reckon we've done the best we can.

    Buffy considers this.

    Buffy: I guess so?

    Spike smiles at Buffy. She smiles back. Her hand brushes against Angel's by mistake. Buffy pulls back from him and then looks awkward as he looks surprised at her.

    Buffy: Sorry?

    Angel smiles a little.

    Angel: It's ok.

    Buffy smiles back. Spike frowns. Buffy notices out of the corner of her eye. Angel looks at Spike awkwardly. Buffy looks annoyed and stops walking.

    Buffy: Ok this? Is stupid!

    Spike: Buffy-

    Buffy: No! There will be no "Buffy"! I'm not gonna stand in between you guys while you glare and stuff.

    Angel: Well I wasn't exactly-

    Buffy: I'm not done!

    Angel falls silent.

    Buffy: Look I know how awkward this is. Believe me I had a nine-hour plane journey to think about it.

    Angel and Spike don't respond.

    Buffy: We're here to do a job. We should just?not glare or smile, just walk. Ok?

    Angel and Spike hesitate.

    Angel: Ok.

    Spike: Whatever you want.

    Buffy nods to herself.

    Buffy: Ok.

    She begins walking in front of Angel and Spike. After a few seconds, the lights suddenly switch off. The screen is pitch black.

    Buffy: Uh oh?
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      ACT III

      Cut to Heather walking through the GSPST with Giles; both of them look weary.

      Heather: All personnel are accounted for. If they're here?they'll be found.

      Giles nods. He puts his hand on Heather's shoulder.

      Giles: We can't lose you.

      Heather smiles and looks a little tearful.

      Heather: I don't plan on going anywhere.

      Giles smiles but still looks worried. A sophisticatedly clad woman appears next to them. She speaks with a strong Kenyan accent.

      Woman: We are ready.

      Heather nods.

      Heather: Very well. Begin whenever you can.

      The woman nods once and then returns to the group of other magic users. Heather and Giles make their way up the small set of stairs to the balcony overlooking the main area of the GSPST, where Xander, Dawn and Lauren are stood.

      Xander: Sure are a lot of them.

      Heather: Yes. They're all needed.

      Dawn: To deactivate the-the chips?

      Heather and Giles glance at one another. Heather then looks at Dawn.

      Heather: Well, yes?but that's not what they're doing first.

      Dawn, Xander and Lauren look confused. The magic users below them are all stood in a circle and begin chanting. The GSPST workers have mostly gathered to watch. Alethea walks up the stairs to join Heather and the others.

      Alethea: Well isn't this remarkable? Let's all hope it works mm?

      She smiles falsely. Heather looks irritated.

      Heather: Let's.

      She walks away from the group, who glare at Alethea. She looks unphased however as she watches the magic users. Heather presses a button, connecting herself to the speakers around the building.

      Heather: GSPST workers.

      Everyone looks up at Heather on the balcony.

      Heather: You may all be aware of the internal?difficulties we've been experiencing. I know many of you have put everything you have into trying to help us here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I know that not everyone in this room is as honest as I'd like you all to be.

      Some people look confused. Alethea's smile wavers.

      Heather: So now?that everyone who works in this building is here, we can find those of you that are dishonest.

      Alethea turns to see armed guards blocking the exits of the building.

      Heather: Those of you that would attempt to kill those that trust you with their lives on a daily basis.

      Giles and the others watch, fascinated.

      Heather: Those of you?whose plan, has now failed.

      The magic users' chanting grows to a climax as gold energy swirls within their circle to the centre of it. A ball is formed as the energy collects and rises into the air. Alethea looks around her for a way to escape but there is nowhere to run. The ball suddenly splits into many smaller balls, which begin to travel through the air. Heather and the others watch in slight disbelief as the orbs hit more and more men and women, exposing the many traitors amongst the GSPST workers. Those around them who have not been hit also stare in disbelief as they see that their friends and colleagues have been working against them all this time. Alethea's eyes widen and she begins to walk down the stairs but is hit by an orb. Heather and the others turn to look at her in shock. The camera zooms towards Heather, her expression changing from shock to anger.

      Cut to a black screen. Light appears from nowhere and swirls above Willow, Kelly and Kennedy illuminating them and their surroundings in a different part of the building. Kennedy and Kelly look up at the shimmering light, as it grows a little bigger. Kennedy looks at Willow.

      Kennedy: You don't have to say the words anymore?

      Willow looks at her.

      Willow: It kinda just happens now.

      Kennedy looks serious but nods.

      Kelly: So, I'm thinking we're not alone.

      Kennedy raises her tazer.

      Kennedy: Whoever's out there's gonna wish they were in a few.

      Kelly smiles.

      Kelly: Well I feel reassured.

      Gunfire is suddenly heard in the distance. The three of them look worried.

      Kelly: And now not.

      They hurry in the direction of the gunfire.

      Cut to a figure shooting in the dark. Tap has cast a similar spell to Willow, illuminating the area a little, but the figure is keeping to the shadows. Tap, Illyria, Golda and Mark are ducking for cover as best they can. Tap looks up as a bullet graves his shoulder. He winces in pain and then pushes his hand forwards. The figure is forced backwards on to the floor.

      Illyria takes the opportunity to walk forward. The figure attempts to get up but Illyria breaks the gun in half and then places her foot down firmly on the figure's chest. The figure grunts in pain. Tap, Golda and Mark walk over.

      Mark: Well. That could have been wo-

      Golda: Don't.

      Golda glances at him and then at the figure. Tap waves his hand slightly and the light moves over above them and the figure; it is a young man in his 20s. He stares at them.

      Man: We didn't expect company.

      Tap: Who's we?

      The man doesn't respond. Illyria pushes her foot down a little more firmly on his chest. The man grimaces in pain.

      Man: You already know what you need to.

      Golda: About the attacks?

      The man looks at Golda and nods.

      Tap: So you're behind them?

      Man: Of course.

      Tap looks angry. Footsteps are heard. Tap clenches his fist and the light expands to reach the whole tunnel. Buffy, Angel, Spike, Willow, Kelly and Kennedy appear from around a corner and approach the others.

      Willow: We heard-

      Willow notices the man on the ground.

      Willow: Oh.

      Buffy frowns and looks at the others.

      Buffy: He talk?

      Illyria: Minimally. He has alleged responsibility for the attacks upon this world.

      Buffy glares at the man who raises his head as best he can. He smiles a little.

      Man: Buffy Summers.

      Buffy continues to give him a dark look.

      Man: Didn't think you'd be as stupid as to walk right in like this, just the ten of you.

      Buffy: Huh. Well I gotta say I'm intimated by you down there on the floor.

      The man laughs to himself.

      Spike: Mind telling us what's so funny mate?

      The man continues to smile.

      Man: You have no idea. We're not your enemy.

      Kelly: Really? Cause shooting at people isn't generally seen as a friendly gesture.

      Man: I didn't know who you were. I'm sorry.

      Everyone looks surprised to hear him say this.

      Angel: Who are you?

      Man: My name is Glenn. But that's not important. All you need to know is that we?we're fighting for the same thing.

      Buffy stares at him, looking angry.

      Buffy: How can you possibly say that?

      Voice OS: Because it's true.

      Everyone turns quickly, pointing their tazers. A woman is standing near them.

      Cut to the GSPST. Those that have been exposed suddenly begin to try and escape as a group. Alethea runs down the stairs away from Heather and co. The magic user who spoke to Heather earlier looks up at her. Heather nods in her direction. The woman smiles knowingly and looks at the other magic users.

      Woman: Begin!

      Some of the loyal GSPST workers are attempting to stop the others but there are approximately equal numbers. However the magic users enter the fray using binding spells on those trying to escape. Some of the workers try to fight back, using magic of their own. The battle grows fierce below Heather and co. as they watch in amazement.

      Dawn: What should we do?

      Giles is about to answer when he realises that Heather is no longer with them. He looks down the steps to see Heather grabbing Alethea's neck.

      Heather: Was it you? The one that did this to me!?

      Alethea chokes as Heather slams her against the wall. Giles runs down with the others.

      Giles: Heather!

      Heather: Stay out of this Giles!

      The battle rages on behind them. Several of the undercover workers are struggling past the armed guards, whose guns are no use in such close combat. A magic user notices and shoots fire up at them. However one of the workers notices and deflects the fire. It shoots across the room and hits the giant globe computer which wavers slightly on its stand.

      Alethea: You think you can stop us this easily?

      Cut to the battle behind them; the Kenyan woman seen before dodges energy thrown in her direction, which hits a computer behind her.

      Cut back to Heather and Alethea. Heather narrows her eyes.

      Heather: I think I'll settle for stopping you.

      The others look worried as she appears to strengthen her grip on Alethea's neck.

      Xander: Heather!

      Heather doesn't look round.

      Heather: Xander, I don't need your assistance.

      Xander: Maybe not but; this isn't you.

      Heather turns to him, her grip still firm.

      Heather: Really? And what do you know about me? Other than the smile and accent? You don't know that this is or isn't me!

      Heather glares back at Alethea.

      Heather: And as it happens; this might just be me after all?

      A blast of magic energy is seen behind them. It hits the globe screen, which flickers as one of its stands bends.

      Cut to Buffy and the others in the tunnel. The woman raises her hands defensively.

      Woman: I'm not armed. Shoot if you want, it'll just delay things.

      Buffy looks confused and looks from Glenn to the woman.

      Buffy: Who are you?

      Woman: I'm Asha. But what you want to know is that Glenn and myself are involved in an organisation that arranged the attacks.

      Kennedy: Uh, "Glenn", kinda established that.

      Asha: Yes well I doubt he's told you why.

      Glenn frowns at her.

      Glenn: Asha-

      Asha: No Glenn. They came here for answers, and they'll get them.

      Everyone stares at her. Asha stares back.

      Asha: We're not terrorists.

      Willow: You asked for a $50 billion.

      Asha: That was a bluff.

      The others look confused.

      Spike: Then why'd you-

      Asha: We carried out the attacks for the world to take notice.

      Glenn stares at her and then looks away. Buffy and the others look amazed.

      Tap: This was all about attention?

      Asha: Yes. The right kind of attention. You may have noticed that support for taking radical action against Malachi and his forces has been?lacking. Until now.

      Everyone looks horrified. Buffy looks enraged.

      Buffy: You realise?how many people you killed!?

      Buffy advances towards Asha angrily.

      Angel: Buffy.

      Angel grabs her arm gently. He shakes his head as she stares at him angrily. She exhales and realises he is right. She looks at Asha.

      Asha: Of course we realised the consequences. But consequences are needed for people to realise the severity of a situation. Would you have rather waited for Malachi to kill thousands more?

      No one responds. Illyria has released Glenn in the revelation. He quickly gets and runs towards Asha.

      Glenn: Ok, let's go.

      Asha nods without looking at him.

      Kelly: You think you can just walk outta here.

      Asha: Consider the alternative; we're arrested and we're forced to reveal, very publicly, that we caused the attacks. They will have been for nothing.

      Buffy realises she is right. The others also seem to.

      Buffy: Get out of here.

      Asha nods.

      Glenn: You'll thank us when your friends are still alive-

      Buffy: I said get out!

      Glenn and Asha pause for one more moment and then hurry into the darkness. Buffy and co. are left standing by themselves.

      Mark: Guess that's job done.

      Buffy still looks bitter; bitter that she could not do anything. Spike puts his hand on her shoulder but she looks ungrateful for his comfort and shrugs him off.

      Buffy: Let's go.

      Buffy begins walking, as do the others. Spike watches after her and then follows them.

      Cut back to the GSPST. The globe screen tilts forwards. Dawn's eyes widen.

      Dawn: Move!

      The others look up as it begins to fall. Giles grabs Heather, pulling her away from Alethea. Alethea rubs her neck as she looks up at the globe screen falling towards her. She quickly grabs a device from her pocket; one of Malachi's teleport devices. She presses it, seconds away from being crushed by the screen. Heather and the others watch as she vanishes. The screen lands with a deafening crash. They look over to where the battle is taking place; Malachi's forces are being subdued. Heather breathes deeply, taking in what just happened. The others look relieved and then look at Heather. Dawn frowns.

      Dawn: You would have regretted killing her.

      Heather stares into space seriously.

      Heather: Perhaps?

      Heather looks at Dawn.

      Heather: Perhaps I'll get another chance to decide whether I want to feel regretful or not.

      Dawn frowns, as do the others. Heather looks over to the battle and exhales.

      Heather: We've got work to do.

      She walks forwards. The others follow, uncertainly.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to a wide shot of the airfield where Buffy and co. landed only a few hours earlier. Cut to inside the plane. Golda and Mark are sat side by side. Golda is staring to the aisle. Mark looks in her direction.

        Mark: You reckon she was right then?

        Golda turns to him.

        Golda: Huh?

        Mark: Illyria. What she said earlier. Seemed like you took it to heart.

        Golda hesitates.

        Golda: What can I say? I think she had a point?

        Mark frowns.

        Golda: I know I've changed, Mark. Don't you think you have?

        Mark: Well obviously, but-

        Golda: I don't mean just the physically stuff. I mean deep down.

        Mark doesn't reply.

        Golda: I'm not trying to say it's bad.

        Mark: Well yeah I mean you look at Spike, Angel, even Illyria to some extent?they're all somewhere between the lines.

        Golda frowns.

        Golda: Why are trying to categorize us?

        Mark opens his mouth to speak but isn't sure how to reply.

        Golda: We're not gonna fit in some neat little box, ever again.

        Mark: Illyria said we had the remnants of a soul. Maybe that's enough-

        Golda: No Mark. It's not. Not enough for this world anyway.

        Mark looks away from her, not wanting to believe this. Golda pauses and exhales.

        Golda: I'm sorry. I'm not trying to say that we should give up.

        Mark looks at her.

        Mark: Then what are you saying?

        Golda pauses.

        Golda: That we should make our own direction.

        Mark frowns. He goes out of focus as we see Buffy, Willow, Angel, Tap, Illyria and Spike on the concrete. Willow is hugging Angel. They part.

        Willow: Well it was good to see you guys again.

        She and Spike hug and then part as she talks.

        Willow: Even if it was kinda pointless.

        Angel smiles.

        Spike: It'd be a lot easier if they were all like that.

        Willow laughs a little. She looks at Tap.

        Willow: And nice to meet you.

        Tap: You too. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

        Willow: I doubt it.

        Illyria: Your powers are impressive. You will be valued when this world requires the aid of those willing to defend it.

        Willow looks at Illyria uncertainly but then smiles thankfully.

        Willow: You will be too.

        Illyria considers this as Willow clutches her hand. She then lets go and looks at the others.

        Willow: Take care you guys.

        Angel: You too.

        Willow smiles and walks away. Buffy, Angel and Spike look awkward. Tap notices.

        Tap: I guess we'll leave you guys to do your thing. Good to finally meet you Buffy.

        Buffy smiles as Tap and Illyria turn and then walk away. Buffy hesitates and then looks at Spike and Angel.

        Buffy: About before-

        Spike: I don't see much point in talking about before.

        Buffy looks confused.

        Buffy: You don't?

        Spike: Not really. Made it pretty clear where you stand.

        Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: That was just then, I didn't like being in the middle-

        Angel: You still are.

        Buffy looks at Angel and then back at Spike. She shakes her head smiling in confusion.

        Buffy: The two of you are agreeing now?

        Spike: It's like you said; there's work to do. Now's not the best time to get back into all this. As it turns out there wasn't much need for it anyway.

        Buffy continues to frown.

        Spike: Thing is, I reckon you like being in the middle.

        Buffy looks annoyed.

        Buffy: You think I like the two of you fighting over me?

        Spike: Well?yeah. Gotta be a good feeling.

        Buffy folds her arms.

        Buffy: I can't believe you think I'm that petty.

        Angel: He's not saying that. But you're assuming that we are.

        Buffy hesitates.

        Spike: Truth is Buffy we've all gotten by without complicating things this last year. Maybe?maybe until all this is done, it should stay that way.

        Buffy doesn't respond.

        Spike: I don't?I mean, we don't have the time.

        Buffy stares at him.

        Spike: Now you better be getting back. You've got a few world leaders to put in place.

        Spike smiles but Buffy doesn't return it.

        Angel: We'll see you soon.

        Angel and Spike walk away leaving Buffy standing alone. She takes a moment to let what just happened sink in and then she slowly turns round and heads to the plane.

        Cut to Buffy inside the plane. The others are sat inside.

        Kelly: Hey.

        Buffy: Hey.

        Willow notices Buffy's expression.

        Willow: Everything ok?

        Buffy looks at her.

        Buffy: It's fine. Things are sorted out, I guess.

        Willow smiles. Buffy puts her hands on her hips.

        Buffy: I guess I'll go tell the pilot we're ready.

        She turns round. As she walks she still looks troubled.

        Cut to Xander, Giles, Lauren and Dawn in the GSPST. Some of the magic users and loyal employees can be seen in the background. Some are clearing the wreckage from the fight. Heather walks up to the group.

        Heather: They're going to carry out similar?methods in the other centres around the world. Of course, word may spread and by that time it may be too late.

        Giles: At least we did what we could here.

        Heather smiles a little.

        Heather: Yes, there's that.

        Xander: And Alethea's off the grid?

        Heather: She's nowhere to be found. Naturally. It looks as though she was fairly close to Malachi all this time.

        The others look serious.

        Dawn: There's still time though; I mean they weren't prepared today, so it shows they're not totally unstoppable.

        The others consider this.

        Lauren: What scares me is how many of the employees were working for him?I know some of them. I've considered them friends.

        Heather: So have I, Lauren. I completely empathise.

        Lauren smiles thankfully at Heather who sighs.

        Heather: I think we'll just have to come to terms with the fact that Malachi's power runs very, very deep. Whether the world can deal with that amount of power could all depend on what Buffy says tomorrow.

        Xander: So?no pressure on her or anything?

        Heather smiles a little.

        Heather: I wish I could say so.

        They stand reflectively amongst the damage caused only hours earlier.

        Cut to Buffy stood in a small room. She is reading something, muttering words under her breath as if trying to memorize them. Giles walks into the room. Buffy turns and smiles.

        Buffy: Hey.

        Giles smiles.

        Giles: How is it?

        Buffy: Oh?full of long words and stuff. I guess this is what they need to hear.

        Giles hesitates standing closer to Buffy.

        Giles: They need to hear you.

        Buffy smiles, touched.

        Buffy: And that's not scary at all.

        Giles: I can imagine.

        Buffy sighs.

        Buffy: I guess in a way it's always been like this. The GSPST have been watching for the last few years, the governments probably always knew when we were facing an apocalypse.

        Giles: Probably. The difference being of course that most of those attempting to end the world liked to keep it quiet.

        Buffy nods.

        Buffy: And Malachi's making this his big show.

        Giles looks serious.

        Giles: There are more people than you think that believe that you can upstage him. With help, yes, but without you Buffy we'd have very, very little chance of success.

        Buffy smiles at Giles' supportive words.

        Giles: Now, you need to go out there and convince the rest.

        Buffy nods.

        Buffy: See you after.

        Giles nods. Buffy exhales and then folds the paper in two and walks to the door.

        Giles: Oh, and Buffy?

        Buffy turns to him.

        Giles: I never asked how things were?with Angel, and uh Spike.

        Buffy hesitates.

        Buffy: Uh?it was ok.

        Giles: You're sure?

        Buffy: Yeah you know we just decided to get on with things and focus on all this for now.

        Giles nods.

        Giles: Right.

        Buffy smiles a little and then walks out.

        Cut to an auditorium; every seat is filled. Delegates from many countries can be seen sat around, muttering to one another. A man walks on to the stage. Behind him words come up in various other languages.

        Man: Delegates; I'd like to thank you all for attending. And now may I present to you, the Slayer, Ms Summers.

        Buffy breathes deeply and then walks on to the stage. There is a fair amount of clapping from the audience. Buffy smiles, embarrassed as the man who spoke leads her to the podium. Buffy stands and clears her throat.

        Buffy: Um, hello. Um?

        She looks at the sheet of paper and then looks up again.

        Buffy: You're all here because this world is under threat from a-a terrible menace. The world has seen many such, uh, foes before now?

        Buffy glances over to see Giles waiting in the wings.

        Buffy: ?B-but few can compare to the one known as Malachi.

        Buffy hesitates. She glances at Giles again and then puts the paper down. She stares straight at the audience.

        Buffy: Well that's what you might think; but it's not strictly true.

        There is murmuring from the crowd. Buffy swallows.

        Buffy: There's always something stronger; I've seen it. You've probably seen it. But that doesn't mean that that something can be beaten. Believe me, I've fought pure demons, cyborgs, Gods, even the very essence of evil itself. And you know what? They weren't that tough. Each of them has a weakness.

        She hesitates.

        Buffy: Malachi, and whoever else is working for him?they all have a weak spot. And I find it. I promise you all, that while I'm still alive I will protect this world with everything I have. Because that's what I do. I've been doing it since I was 15. It's not easy; but it's doable.

        Buffy looks around. Giles watches, looking proud.

        Buffy: What I can't promise you?is that I'll be strong enough to protect everyone. The world's too large for every man, woman, child, animal to be safe. So this is what I'm gonna tell you all: the people that can't fight, that can only watch?they have to be evacuated.

        There are louder murmurings from the crowd.

        Buffy: I know it sounds extreme-

        A man stands up in the audience, speaking with an Eastern European accent.

        Man #2: Uh, excuse me Ms Summers, but when you say "evacuate", I-I do not follow?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: I mean they can't stay on this earth.

        There is louder talk among the audience. Buffy realises she has to speak above them.

        Buffy: (louder) But there are other places.

        The audience quieten.

        Buffy: There are other worlds. Safe worlds, that they can go to.

        A woman stands up. She speaks with an Australian accent.

        Woman #1: You mean sending over 95% of the world's population to another dimension?

        Buffy stares at her.

        Buffy: That's what I'm saying.

        A second woman stands, with a Japanese accent.

        Woman #2: How could this be possible Ms Summers?

        Buffy: It's possible if you all realise that you can't take short cuts. You can't think about your economies or keeping your countries thinking that you'll save them. Because you won't be able to. If this apocalypse is as bad as we all know it could be?then no one is safe.

        A third man stands up and speaks with a Saudi Arabian accent.

        Man #3: But what about the world itself?we will be able to return, yes?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: You might have to come to terms with the reality that this world can and will end.

        There are fearful whispers from the audience. Buffy stares out looking serious.

        Buffy: But we?we will never end.

        Giles smiles as the audience contemplate this. Buffy glances at him and smiles a little too before looking back to the crowd. She knows that everything depends on their decision.

        THE END
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