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  • Buffy Episode 9.19 185. Scars

    Hi, this is the nineteenth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.19 185. Scars

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on the edge of a wood, night. The caption says "Outskirts of Sheffield, UK". A faint gasping sound can be heard as the camera moves down. A hand, followed by the rest of a body is shown, lying on the ground. It belongs to a man, whose head drops to one side as he dies. A vampire lifts their head up, after their fill. It's Golda.

    However her vampire features suddenly leave her face as if they were never there. Golda's looks out of breath and confused until she sees the man's body next to her. The camera focuses on the bite wounds on his neck. Golda looks disgusted by what she sees but not entirely surprised. She slowly gets up, wearily. As she turns round, she jumps at the presence of another figure on the scene; a female vampire. The vampire smiles.

    Vampire: Hello again.

    Golda looks wary and annoyed. It appears she and the vampire have already met. Golda exhales and turns away, ready to walk away.

    Golda: I told you not to follow me.

    Vampire: Well that was a little difficult considering the trail of bodies you've left. How could we not follow such an impressive display?

    Other vampires appear from several directions. Golda glances at them, looking a little unnerved. However she stares resolutely at the female vampire.

    Golda: You don't know anything about who I am.

    Vampire: And you can keep telling yourself this aint your world chick, but your standing next to the proof that you aint got nowhere else to belong.

    Golda glances down at the man's body for a second and closes her eyes. The female vampire walks towards her.

    Vampire: Now, we know that you're not quite the same as us. That you only get wild when you're hungry.

    Golda narrows her eyes.

    Vampire: But it can still work. You can do things that are?difficult for us regular vamps. Things that'll make it a whole lot easier for us to get by. You know what I mean.

    Golda: I told you before; I'm not getting involved with you.

    Vampire: I reckon before long chick, you're not gonna have a choice ?bout that.

    Golda looks serious, realising that the vampire has a point.

    Vampire: Since I last saw you, we've found more like you. Not all as skilled as you I might add.

    Golda doesn't seem to be flattered by this "compliment", but looks intrigued by the vampire's mention of others like her. The vampire smiles as she sees the flicker of interest in Golda's eyes.

    Vampire: They were like you too; they couldn't admit what was happening to ?em. Well chick, you better start admitting it soon cause otherwise you're gonna find yourself alone all over again. Wouldn't that be a shame, eh?

    Golda considers the vampire's offer?could she really belong with them?

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques

    Guest Starring:

    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    IMELDA STAUNTON - Paula Dowell
    JAMIE BELL - Mark

    Cut to Kennedy looking stunned. She is sat on Willow's bed. Willow is sat next to her looking anxious. Kennedy rubs her hands over her face and then drops them back into her lap. She glances at the ground near Willow, but avoids eye contact.

    Kennedy: I don't know how to respond to this?

    Willow hesitates and shifts slightly.

    Willow: You don't have to. I just needed you to know.

    Kennedy looks at her.

    Kennedy: How long do you have left??

    Willow looks sad.

    Willow: I don't really know. But I figure it's soon?a-a few months maybe?

    Kennedy closes her eyes and opens her mouth looking horrified. Willow looks helpless.

    Willow: I know I?I should have told you before, I wanted to, I just-

    Kennedy: I don't care about that.

    She looks at Willow as a tear runs down her cheek.

    Kennedy: I disappeared out of your life?and I just expected that I could walk back in and take you back.

    Kennedy smiles sadly as she looks away again.

    Kennedy: I thought we could start again.

    Willow smiles also, her eyes filling with tears.

    Willow: We still could.

    Kennedy doesn't respond.

    Willow: I mean, I know you might not want to since it would be?temporary?but-

    Kennedy turns quickly.

    Kennedy: You think that's what I care about?

    Willow: I don't know.

    Kennedy: Willow I?I could never leave you again, especially now. You're all I have?I need to love you for longer than this?you need so much longer!

    Kennedy begins to cry more heavily. Tears stream freely down Willow's cheeks. She puts her hand on Kennedy's cheek.

    Willow: I wish I could give you the time we both deserve. But I'll give you all that I can.

    Kennedy smiles at Willow's affection but also looks deeply sad. The two of them kiss passionately, their tears mingling with one another's.

    Cut to Kelly standing in the back yard of the Summers' house. Some soldiers walk by about ten feet away. Kelly glances at them, but they more or less ignore her, and carry on patrolling the area. Kelly closes her eyes in relief and then looks at her phone. She starts keying in a number. As she finishes the screen says "Calling". Kelly puts the phone to her ear. We hear a voicemail message on the other end. Kelly looks annoyed and then puts the phone back in her pocket, heading back inside.

    Cut to Kelly walking into the kitchen. Xander and Dawn are sat at the table.

    Kelly: Hey.

    Dawn: Hey. You get through to your dad?

    Kelly: Oh?no, but I didn't expect to really.

    Xander: I'm sorry.

    Kelly smiles and walks next to Xander putting her hand on his shoulder.

    Kelly: Thanks.

    Dawn: Maybe if calling isn't working, you could go over there.

    Xander: Yeah that might be an idea Kel.

    Kelly smiles awkwardly.

    Kelly: Look, uh, it's not really the best time to be trying to start up a relationship with my folks again. Besides, you know, I don't really see any reason why I should.

    Dawn: They're your family.

    Kelly: You guys are all the family I need.

    Xander smiles, he and Dawn look touched.

    Kelly: And there'll always be time to do whatever I want after.

    Xander: After?

    Kelly: After all this is over.

    Dawn and Xander look a little grave. Kelly looks from one to another.

    Kelly: Though that may not be?soon, exactly.

    Xander: What makes you so sure there'll be an "after"?

    Kelly looks at him. She sits down next to him. Dawn looks down looking serious.

    Kelly: Xander, I know in the past I've been a little fatalistic?or maybe a lot, but I realised that I can't be anymore. None of us can. Or we're doomed.

    She looks over at Dawn as she says this. Dawn looks at her.

    Kelly: There will be an after. There always has been after every other potential apocalypse, right?

    Dawn smiles weakly.

    Dawn: I just feel?that we're not gonna get a chance to be happy again. Seeing things like they were last week?it hit me that that's not a million miles from how it really is out there. The world's looking at us to fight something that we don't really have any idea how to stop?I don't know about you guys, but I've never felt more alone.

    Kelly frowns.

    Xander: At least we're all alone together.

    Kelly looks at Xander. Xander smiles at her a little. Kelly smiles back and looks at Dawn.

    Kelly: I guess that we have to do the best we can.

    Dawn considers this and nods slightly. The sound of a car pulling up is heard outside. Everyone looks to the window.

    Xander: Guess that's Buffy and the others back?

    Kelly: Oh?you think it'll be bad?

    Xander: I guess we better find out.

    Xander stands up as Kelly nods. They and Dawn head to the door.

    Cut to Buffy and Giles walking up to the front door. A group of soldiers who have just greeted them stand a few metres behind. The door is opened by Dawn.

    Dawn: Hey.

    Buffy smiles a little at Dawn but looks troubled. Giles and Heather also look serious. Dawn's hopeful smile fades.

    Dawn: What did they say?

    Buffy doesn't respond.

    Giles: We, uh, we should go inside.

    Dawn let's them pass. Cut to Buffy walking into the living room ahead of the others. She stares into space absently, and turns round to look at the others stand around the living room. Xander, Kelly and Dawn look anxious.

    Xander: So are we expecting another sort of major bad or something?

    Buffy doesn't respond. Giles notices and then looks at Xander.

    Giles: Not exactly. We were summoned for something a little more?personal.

    Kelly: What exactly?

    Buffy: Golda.

    The others look surprised.

    Buffy: They found Golda.

    Dawn and Xander look concerned. However the camera moves past them and focuses on Kelly who stares at the ground looking particularly shocked.
    Cut to everyone sat in the living room, including Willow and Kennedy.

    Willow: How much is Heather's opinion worth for them?

    Giles: Not a great deal I should imagine. I doubt it would be enough to change the government's stance anyway.

    Dawn: But this is Golda. I mean?we did this to her.

    Buffy looks awkward. Kelly does also.

    Buffy: They won't make an exception for her.

    Kennedy: But they're like werewolves right, I mean they're only, uh, vampire-ish sometimes?

    Giles: Well yes, but unlike werewolves there's no pattern in when they change. And they uh, footage we saw didn't exactly do Golda any favours.

    Kelly rubs her hand over her mouth anxiously.

    Xander: So they government's decided that they're 100% vampire badness?

    Buffy: Pretty much?

    Xander: And can someone remind me why we're oh-so-friendly with them again?

    Giles: We're never going to be in a position to challenge them on such a level Xander. We may have to face that Golda's fate may be out of ours hands-

    Buffy: No.

    The others look at Buffy, surprised.

    Giles: Buffy, you saw how firm they were on this-

    Buffy: Yeah? Well I've had enough of being talked at by them. This is our fault. I'm not gonna let Golda die because of it.

    Willow: What do you wanna do?

    Buffy looks at Willow, grateful for her support.

    Buffy: We didn't really get a chance to talk back before. It might be worth a shot.

    Giles: I'm not sure they'll let you.

    Buffy: And I won't let them stop me.

    Dawn: How?

    Buffy pauses.

    Kennedy: Who knows about the vampire cure? I mean apart from you guys?

    Buffy: Only the people that need to?

    Xander: Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

    Kennedy raises her eyebrows.

    Kennedy: I know threatening the government's kinda extreme but-

    Willow: We, uh, signed confidentiality clauses.

    Willow smiles awkwardly. Kennedy looks deflated.

    Kennedy: Oh?those are always fun.

    Buffy looks appreciatively at Kennedy but still looks serious. Xander's expression changes slightly.

    Xander: I have an insane idea.

    Buffy looks at Xander, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

    Cut to Buffy putting the phone down in the living room. The others are stood near her.

    Buffy: They're letting me and one other person visit.

    Willow: Who do you think should go?

    Kelly: I want to.

    The others look at Kelly.

    Kelly: I uh, I wanna be the one to do it. We kinda bonded while she was here, and um, if we fail?I wanna see her again before?please.

    Kelly looks at Buffy seriously. Buffy nods.

    Buffy: Sure.

    Buffy looks at Willow.]

    Buffy: You're sure you're ok with this Will?

    Willow: I am. You don't have to worry about me Buffy, I mean we're all ready to say screw it to the government if it means getting Golda back. And it's not like I haven't had my illegal hacking phase so, I'm all for the being naughty.

    Willow smiles happily. Buffy smiles back, as do the others.

    Kennedy: What about the spell? I mean it won't make things?faster will it?

    The others look grave realising what she means. Willow smiles trying to keep be positive.

    Willow: It won't change anything. And the spell might sound complex, but after I've done my part, the rest works like a chain reaction so?it's simple.

    Kennedy nods, still looking apprehensive. Buffy notices Giles' concerned expression. She frowns.

    Buffy: Giles, I know you probably think this is a mistake-

    Giles: If I did I'd tell you. I actually think it's a rather remarkable plan.

    Xander smiles at hearing this. Giles nods, smiling slightly in recognition of Xander's idea.

    Giles: I just worry that it could damage all ties we have with the government, the GSPST, all of what's preventing the outside world from getting in currently. Heather will be forced to choose between them and us.

    Buffy: And she can choose whatever she wants. Look I don't like putting her in this position?I don't like that we have to fight the people who have been helping us-

    Dawn: When it suits them. I mean it's not like we owe them, right?

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: I guess not. But, Giles is right that things could get all kinds of bad if this gets linked back to us. I need to know you guys get that.

    Willow: Like I said. I'm on board the naughty train.

    Xander: Me too.

    Dawn: I think we all are.

    Kennedy and Kelly also nod. Buffy nods somewhat gladly, and then looks at Giles. He pauses.

    Giles: Golda's life is worth it.

    Buffy smiles.

    Willow: I need to fix up the spell.

    Buffy: Right.

    Buffy looks at Kelly.

    Buffy: We should get ready.

    Kelly nods and heads out of the room. Xander watches her looking sad for Kelly as he thinks of what she said a few minutes ago.

    Cut to Kelly knelt on the floor in her and Xander's room, apparently staring into space. Xander walks in behind her. Kelly jumps slightly as she looks round. She smiles a little at her own fright.

    Xander: Sorry.

    Kelly: It's fine.

    Kelly smiles at him and then gets up. She begins putting on her shoes that are next to the bed.

    Xander: Buffy just wanted me to tell you that she's ready when you are.

    Kelly: Uh huh, I'm readying.

    Xander nods. He then shuts the door behind the two of them.

    Xander: You're gonna be fine. And I say that with being as modest as possible.

    Kelly smiles warmly at him.

    Kelly: No, it's a really good idea. I was a little surprised, actually, you know cause I know you're not the biggest fan of vampires?even though Golda's not exactly?well you know what I mean.

    Xander looks serious and sits beside Kelly.

    Xander: You never saw me at my worst. I think back then it was easier for me. There were evil things and there were good people. And now I know that can never be entirely true.

    Kelly: I hope I helped. I mean, I know there's a pretty big red mark next to my name in the scales of good and evil.

    Xander stares at her. She strokes her hair.

    Xander: You convinced me that people could be as good as they wanted as long as they tried to get there. And you've gotten there.

    Kelly smiles but looks awkward. Xander looks concerned.

    Xander: What?

    Kelly: I'm not all good.

    Xander: Kel, the Slayer stuff-

    Kelly: I'm not talking about that. Or Webber, or anything. Xander I?I wasn't trying to get through to my dad on the phone today.

    Xander frowns and his hand drops from Kelly's hair to the bed. Kelly pauses.

    Xander: But?why did you-

    Kelly: I was trying to get through to Golda.

    Xander looks confused.

    Xander: Her phone was found outside the hospital-

    Kelly: This was a new number. She sent it to me.

    Xander looks very serious as he stares at Kelly. Kelly looks ashamed.

    Kelly: She called me about three weeks ago. Not long after she disappeared. To tell me she was alive. But then she hung up, and I tried to get back to her but I couldn't?until one night I did. I only spoke to her twice.

    Xander still doesn't respond. Kelly stares at him.

    Kelly: She told me about what had happened to her. About how she had to live, how she had no control over herself. I know for a fact that she is still Golda despite whatever else has happened, I talked to her only a few days ago, she is still the person we know. And I told her?I told that if anything happened, we would come for her. That is why this has to work.

    Xander looks away from her.

    Kelly: She made me promise not to tell anyone. She doesn't trust many people anymore. Maybe not even me, really. I don't exactly blame her?

    Kelly stares at Xander worriedly, desperate for him to speak to her.

    Kelly: Xander, please, I didn't want to keep this from you but-

    Xander: You need to go save her.

    Kelly hesitates and then nods thankfully.

    Kelly: Thank you.

    She puts her hand on Xander's arm affectionately and then walks away. Xander's expression doesn't change however. He looks hurt, despite his words.
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    ACT II

    Cut to a cityscape, early evening. The caption says "Manchester, England". Cut to a tower block. A woman walks down the outer balcony past several flats. The woman fiddles with her keys and she stops next to one of the doors. We see that it is Golda.

    She eventually opens the door and walks in. The apartment is dark. As she turns the light on, we see that it is fairly shabby, and run down, but still intact enough to live in. Suddenly a hooded figure appears behind Golda and grabs her neck from behind. Golda looks shocked as she struggles.

    Figure: Where's your cash!?

    Golda splutters as she is being choked.

    Golda: I don't have any!

    Figure: Don't lie!

    The figure gets a knife and holds it next to Golda's face.

    Golda: Get away from me!

    Figure: I won't ask you again!

    Suddenly movement can be seen from within the flat. Something flickers past the camera. The hooded figure looks up. We see that it is a boy of about 17. He looks into the flat, a little nervous, but still grabbing tightly. Golda doesn't struggle but only looks around her, a little worriedly. There is a pause. Suddenly hands grab the boy's legs and pull him downwards. The man cries out. The knife falls to the ground. The boy is dragged along the ground into the main area of the flat and cries out as his legs and arms are pinned down. Golda gathers herself. One of the figures that grabbed the boy looks at her. It is a male vampire. Golda doesn't pay attention to him however and walks up to the boy. She looks down at him. We see from his perspective as she looks down. She shakes her head looking grave.

    Golda: I warned you.

    The vampires suddenly lunge at the boy. He screams as we cut to black.

    Cut to Golda, present day. She is sat in a dark cell. Cameras are on each of the upper corners of the room. Both her wrists and ankles are chained to the wall. Although she is silent, it is clear that she has changed greatly since the last scene. Perhaps she is no longer the Golda that Buffy and co. knew?

    Cut to Buffy and Kelly sat side by side in a limo. There is an awkward silence. Buffy slowly looks over at Kelly.

    Buffy: You know?world doesn't end? I hope they give us one of these.

    Kelly smiles. Buffy smiles back as they share the joke. However something more serious is on her mind.

    Buffy: How are you uh, how are you doing since last week?

    Kelly looks at her.

    Kelly: Oh, I'm fine.

    Buffy: Just you know, we haven't really talked since I almost killed you.

    Kelly smiles supportively.

    Kelly: Buffy, everyone was trying to kill everyone that day, ok? And like Dawn said you know, w-we can't control what happened. We certainly can't take it back.

    Buffy listens intently and nods at Kelly's words.

    Buffy: You're right. I just wanted to make sure we were good.

    Kelly: Of course. I mean I am going with you to foil the plans of the government it's not a thing I do with someone I don't trust.

    Kelly smiles. Buffy smiles back, grateful that Kelly has made her more at ease. The limo comes to a halt. Buffy looks at Kelly apprehensively.

    Buffy: Guess this is it.

    Kelly: It'll be fine.

    Buffy nods thankfully. The door of the limo slides open as both of them blink from the light now pouring into the limo.

    Cut to Kelly and Buffy being searched in a building. What appears to be a metal detector is behind them. Heather is stood nearby, as is Heather. Many other security personal can be seen standing nearby or walking around the area. The men searching Buffy and Kelly seem satisfied and let them pass. Buffy and Kelly walk up to Heather and Paula.

    Heather: We're sorry about the security measures.

    Paula: We are?

    Heather looks irritated.

    Buffy: It's ok. I get that you don't want the wrong people getting in?and out?

    She looks at Paula.

    Paula: Buffy, look, I feel bad that it's come to this.

    Kelly: I'm sure you do.

    Paula glares at Kelly.

    Paula: We have no choice-

    Buffy: I've heard it, Paula, all of it ok? I'm not here to discuss anything. Government's made their choice; I haven't anything left to say to them about any of this. All we want is to talk to Golda so please, can we just stop pretending like we're even remotely on good terms, and just go through?

    Paula pauses. Heather looks awkward. Paula nods without saying anything.

    Buffy: Thanks?

    Buffy looks at Heather, her expression becoming much more friendly.

    Buffy: See you later, Heather.

    Kelly: Yeah.

    Heather smiles warmly and nods. Buffy gives one last look at Paula and then she and Kelly head through to the next room, following two guards. Paula and Heather stand side by side. Heather walks away without saying another word to Paula. Paula stands alone.

    Cut to Buffy, Kelly and the soldiers walking down steps. They are much deeper into the building now; the corridors are thinner and the ceiling lower. The reach the bottom of the steps and turn a corner. They pass several identical doors, each with only a tiny plastic window on them. Buffy and Kelly can't see into the rooms, but faint yells of pain, and other horrific noises can be heard. Kelly shivers. A second later, and the soldiers stop outside one of the doors.

    Soldier #1: We've been told to allow you half an hour Ms Summers.

    Buffy and Kelly glance at one another.

    Buffy: That'll be enough.

    The soldier then places his finger on a patch above the door handle. Several beeps are heard and then a green light shows. The other soldier inserts a key into the door and it unlocks. The door opens inwards. Buffy and Kelly walk through. The soldiers then shut the door behind them. A bright light comes on. Buffy and Kelly look at what is in front of them:

    Golda is sat in the same position she was in the previous scene, chained, and looking empty. Kelly and Buffy both stare through the thick layer of plastic that separates them from her. Buffy's expression is full of regret; she finds that she can't speak now that she sees what has truly become of Golda. Kelly also looks guilty, but also because of what Buffy does not know. Golda looks up at them. Her eyes are cold, but human. She does not reveal anything from her expression as she slowly gets up. She walks as close to the glass as she can with the chains and stares at Kelly and Buffy.

    Golda: You came?

    Kelly: We did.

    Buffy nods also, but Kelly glances over, knowing that Buffy does not know the true meaning of what Golda has said. She then looks back at Golda. Golda smiles very weakly but in her eyes it can clearly be seen that she has mixed feelings about seeing Buffy and Kelly.

    Buffy: Golda?I can't begin to tell you how sorry am I about

    Kelly: How sorry we are.

    Buffy looks at her. Kelly glances at her and then at Golda.

    Buffy: We thought it was the only way to save you.

    Golda avoids looking either of them in the eye.

    Golda: And now I'm saved?

    Buffy doesn't know how to respond. Kelly steps towards Golda.

    Golda: You shouldn't. I'm dangerous.

    Kelly: I?

    Kelly hesitates. She looks tearful.

    Kelly: (quietly) We would never have done this to you?if we knew?

    Golda still avoids her gaze.

    Golda: You did know. You knew what happened to Nathan. What was happening to the others!

    Buffy: You were critical Golda-

    Golda: That didn't give you any right to choose for me!

    Buffy doesn't know how to respond. There are no right words. Golda stares at them, angrily. However her emotions are clearly conflicted and she closes her eyes as she tries to sort through them. She opens her eyes, still not looking at Buffy and Kelly.

    Golda: I know what you were trying to do. It didn't work. That's what I have to deal with now.

    Buffy: We have to deal with it too.

    Golda's gaze flickers upwards to stare at Buffy.

    Golda: How? I know what they're planning to do with us, you can't make them change their minds.

    Buffy: With your help maybe we can.

    Golda looks confused. Kelly walks forwards once again so she is very close to the glass.

    Kelly: Think of what you've seen. The things you've heard them talk about. Think of what you went through. What you're still going through. What you think you'll have to go through soon.

    Kelly's tone grows hoarse as she says this. Golda looks upset.

    Golda: What are you-

    Kelly: Please. Just do it.

    Golda still looks confused but seems to be trying anyhow.

    Kelly: Now look at me.

    Golda does so. Kelly smiles slightly. She slowly pulls the zip of her jacket down slightly, revealing a necklace around her neck, with a blue stone in the centre. She takes it off as she and Golda continue to stare at one another. Buffy stares at the two of them anxiously. Kelly brings the necklace near her face. She then crushes it. Blue dust flows from the shards in Kelly's hand. They suddenly flow quickly towards Golda, the glass not stopping them. Golda is taken-a-back and blinks several times as the dust makes contact with her eyes.

    Cut back to the Summers' house, soon before Buffy and Kelly left. Willow, Kelly and Buffy are in Willow's room. Willow takes the necklace from Kelly.

    Willow: This should do fine.

    Buffy: Kelly are you sure you wanna be the one to-

    Kelly: I am. A little cut's not gonna hurt me.

    Willow: Ok. Just make sure it's making contact with your blood at the same time as it hits Golda. The spell'll do the rest.

    Kelly nods.

    Cut back to Kelly, Buffy and Golda in the cell. Golda is blinking furiously against the dust. She then seems to gain focus. Buffy looks on concerned. Golda looks up and makes eye contact with Kelly once again. Kelly squeezes the shards of the necklace in her hand tighter as blood trickles down her fist. The camera then zooms towards Golda's eyes. The camera revolves in slow motion as we have a close up of Golda's eyes staring forwards. The camera then zooms towards Kelly's eyes. She gasps. There are flashes of Golda looking horrified as she realises she has changed. Flashes of her killing. Flashes of Golda being beaten as she is captured by the army. Flashes of someone injecting a large needle into Golda's arm and her screaming in pain. Flashes of Golda being stripped naked. Flashes of Golda being thrown in a cell. Flashes of Golda overhearing the plans for those who have been exposed to the failed cure. We then cut back to Kelly. She looks overwhelmed with what she has seen; it was worse than she could have imagined. She then looks at Buffy. The camera zooms towards Buffy as she does. Buffy also begins to look shocked; she is receiving the images as well. Kelly looks serious but gladness emerges in her expression as she realises that their plan is working. She looks at Golda. Golda seems to be realising what has happened. A faint smile appears on her face also.

    Cut to Buffy and Kelly walking out of the cell. They avoid eye contact with the soldiers and walk down the corridor in semi-slow motion. The door shuts on Golda, but we see through the small window that she is now standing, looking stronger.

    Cut to Buffy and Kelly walking into the room where Paula and Heather were before. They look at the ground as much as they can. Heather appears from nearby. Buffy and Kelly walk over to her, away from the guards. She stares at Buffy and Kelly looking anxious.

    Heather: Buffy I've spoken to Giles?

    Buffy doesn't seem to know where to look.

    Buffy: Heather I-

    Heather: Here?

    She hands Buffy a small mirror. Buffy avoids looking at it directly.

    Buffy: But then we won't be able to?

    Buffy seems to realise something. Kelly looks confused. Heather looks resolute.

    Heather: Let me do this.

    Kelly barely stops herself from staring straight at Heather.

    Kelly: Heather you don't have to-

    Heather: I do. Let me show you that I've made my choice. Show me the truth.

    Kelly and Buffy glance at one another. Buffy then looks to where she was previously looking.

    Buffy: Not here.

    Heather nods. The three of them begin walking out towards the exit. Paula watches them from the other side of the lobby. She stops herself from trying to follow, knowing there is nothing she can say; oblivious to what is about to happen.

    Cut to Heather, Buffy and Kelly in a small alleyway. Heather stares at Buffy and Kelly waiting. Buffy hesitates and then looks up. As their eyes meet the screen zooms towards Heather. She stands back, shocked at what she is seeing. Buffy and Kelly both look at her now; they know how she must feel. Heather looks around her, trying to come to terms with what Golda has experienced. She then looks at Buffy. She breathes deeply and eventually nods. She passes the mirror to Buffy. Buffy takes it. Heather turns and walks away from them. Buffy swallows and then looks at the mirror. Kelly does as well. Nothing apparent happens but both Buffy and Kelly can sense a change. Buffy looks over at Heather as she walks into the main street, amongst other people going about their business.

    Heather walks into the middle of the street in semi-slow motion. Nothing can be heard but a soft piano key every few seconds. People walk past her, oblivious. Heather eventually stops in the middle of the street. She slowly glances forwards. A teenage girl walks along nearby. She makes eye contact with Heather. The camera zooms towards her quickly and then stops. Her neutral expression changes to alarm as she begins to see the images. The camera slowly rotates until we see a man walking in the opposite direction. He makes eye contact with the girl. His expression also changes to shock. Heather notices and then looks at an old woman. The camera zooms towards her like the others. She puts her hand to her mouth. The camera zooms towards a couple holding hands. Towards a young child holding his mother's hand. Towards a shop assistant nearby. Soon the zooming becomes too quick to discern the individuals receiving the images.

    Cut to Heather looking around her at the chaos she has unleashed; the truth spreading quickly throughout the busy street, and soon?even further.
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      ACT III

      Cut to one of the rooms of the apartment where Golda and the other vampires attacked the man previously, night. Golda is lying on a scruffy looking bed, with a thin pillow. However, sleep looks to be the last thing on her mind from her expression, as she stares into space. A hand appears on her shoulder as a man leans over, next to her; the vampire who stared at her before. Only now his face is human. He stares at her, stroking her shoulder gently, looking as pensive as she does.

      Man: This is the third night you haven't slept.

      Golda exhales.

      Golda: I never feel tired. Maybe that's another thing we'll lose?

      The man frowns at this; he knows what is truly bothering Golda.

      Man: Maybe it won't be as bad as you think it'll be.

      Golda turns over at this comment to look at him. She looks serious.

      Golda: How can you think that anything good will come from this?

      Man: Because we're still alive. Isn't that something?

      Golda looks away.

      Golda: You call this alive?

      The man stares at her.

      Man: Being here, with you? It's a big reminder.

      Golda can't help but smile at this. The man smiles back kindly. The two of them kiss; affection kindled in even the most unlikely place. The screen fades as we cut to?

      A small interviewing room, only lit by artificial lighting. Buffy is sat at a table looking serious. The door opens. Buffy looks up to see Paula walking into the room. She doesn't smile at Buffy but doesn't look unfriendly, exactly. She looks rather nervous in fact. She walks over to the table and sits down. There is a pause.

      Paula: This is the proposal.

      Buffy: I'm listening.

      Paula pauses.

      Paula: Those affected by the vampire cure will be released, on the condition that they are ach given a chip similar to the one that Spike had for a time.

      Buffy looks serious at this suggestion, but realises that it may be necessary.

      Buffy: Why haven't you done that with other vampires?

      Paula: Who says we haven't?

      Buffy exhales looking irritated. She stares away.

      Buffy: And they'll be left alone, right?

      She looks Paula in the eye. Paula slowly nods.

      Paula: As I'm sure you're aware, the public demand for their release leaves nothing else to be done. Many people have been fired due to it.

      Buffy: And I'm supposed to feel sympathy?

      Paula: No. I'm just explaining that whoever began this should be proud of themselves. It worked.

      Buffy and Paula stare down at one another confrontationally, each one waiting for the other's next move. Paula is the first to break eye contact.

      Paula: Of course we'll never truly know.

      Buffy: I guess you won't.

      Paula stares at Buffy, but the condemnation that she usually exudes seems to be missing.

      Paula: That's uh, that's all, you can go.

      Buffy gets up slowly and begins to walk out.

      Paula: And Buffy?

      Buffy stops and turns round to look at Paula. Paula looks up at her.

      Paula: I would never have authorised anyone to do what they did to Golda and the others?

      Paula looks genuinely affected. Buffy notices and then nods.

      Buffy: I believe you.

      Paula nods. Buffy walks away. Paula looks back down at the table and closes her eyes looking exhausted.

      Cut to Buffy walking through the building. Heather appears.

      Heather: Buffy!

      Buffy turns and smiles.

      Buffy: Hey.

      Heather: I assume that went well?

      Buffy: It really did. Couldn't have gone much better actually.

      Heather nods smiling.

      Heather: I'm going to be supervising the rehabilitation program?it's not the friendliest word to use but, I'm not sure there's a better term.

      Buffy: When will she?I mean they, be released?

      Heather: As soon as possible. I'll make sure of it.

      Buffy: Good.

      Heather: Um, there's actually something else I wanted to talk to you about, Buffy. I know you've done so much already but?you're the only person who might be able to help.

      Buffy looks confused but nods.

      Buffy: Shoot.

      Heather smiles awkwardly.

      Heather: Come with me.

      Cut to Kelly vacuuming in Golda's room. It can be seen to be night, outside. Xander appears at the threshold of the room. Kelly doesn't notice. Xander hesitates and then goes to the plug socket. He turns the power off. Kelly looks confused for a second and then turns round. She smiles a little at Xander. Xander smiles back, but looks like he has other things on his mind.

      Kelly: Hi.

      Xander: Hey.

      Kelly: I was um, just getting things ready. Room hasn't been stepped in since she left?

      Xander: Yeah I noticed you were.

      Kelly's smile fades a little at Xander's tone.

      Kelly: I guess you wanna talk.

      Xander: Well yeah, you've barely said a word to me since yesterday.

      Kelly looks at the wall, looking irritated.

      Kelly: Has none of this affected you?

      Xander: Of course it has. But I'm not talking about that, and you know it.

      Kelly frowns.

      Kelly: I already told you why I couldn't say anything. Golda made me promise.

      Xander: I get that. But it seems to me making a promise to her was more important than being honest with me.

      Kelly smiles in surprise.

      Kelly: Are you, what, jealous?

      Xander: Maybe just worried.

      Kelly hesitates.

      Kelly: You can't act like you've never kept anything from me. Maybe the same reason I didn't tell you about Golda, is the reason you didn't tell me what happened to you.

      Xander: You know that's different.

      Kelly: Not really. You felt like you couldn't tell me at the time. I understand. So please don't stand there and tell me you feel betrayed that I couldn't break my promise and tell you everything.

      Xander hesitates. Kelly stares at him seriously. Xander sighs.

      Xander: I'm sorry.

      Kelly's frown softens. She hesitates.

      Kelly: It's ok. I know that despite what I just said?it probably hurt you.

      Xander walks up to Kelly.

      Xander: I just didn't want you getting blamed. If things turned out differently they coulda thought you were helping Golda or something.

      Kelly smiles.

      Kelly: You're right. But they didn't so?now we have to help her in a different way.

      Xander frowns. He touches Kelly's hand and their hands intertwine. Kelly stares into his eyes, looking pensive.

      Cut to Kennedy and Dawn in the kitchen. They are packing blood into the fridge.

      Kennedy: Never figured I'd be doing this again.

      Dawn looks at her, confused.

      Dawn: Again?

      Kennedy: Earlier this year I had some vampire clients. They stayed over for a few days, which was?an experience.

      Dawn smiles. Kennedy looks at a packet of blood.

      Kennedy: Is that what we're expecting?

      Dawn hesitates.

      Dawn: From what Kelly and Buffy said?she's still Golda. She has some vampire characteristics but she's more or less human?

      Kennedy raises the packet of blood and raises and eyebrow.

      Dawn: It-it's complicated.

      Kennedy: Yeah, I guess it is.

      Dawn: I think, you know, she still has a soul. And a chip. Though that's only gonna be an issue when this is?

      She looks at a packet of blood and then puts it in the fridge.

      Kennedy: There's a lot?

      Dawn: Maybe Buffy thought we should stock up. So no one realises Golda's here.

      Kennedy: Maybe.

      There's a pause.

      Kennedy: I'm not too clear about how we're gonna get this to her?I mean if she changes so much when she's hungry, then she's not exactly gonna sit quietly while we pour it out.

      Dawn frowns, realising this to be a valid point. Car lights reflects of the walls, and the sound of an engine stopping can be heard faintly. Dawn and Kennedy look at one another and then stand up and walk into the front hall. They are joined by Kelly and Xander. The four of them look apprehensive and then Dawn goes to open the door. As they do, they see many soldiers getting out of vehicles surrounding the large front drive. One car is different, and Giles gets out of the driver's seat. Willow gets out of the front passenger seat. Kelly and the others watch apprehensively.

      The back door of the car opens. Golda steps out. She stares at the house, the place she thought of as home just over a month ago, perhaps in a different light now. Willow goes over to Golda. As she does, Giles walk around to the other side of the car and opens the other door. A man gets out; the same man from the scene with Golda previously. Kelly and co. look confused.

      Kennedy: Do we know him?

      Xander: No?

      Dawn: But I think we're about to.

      The man looks at the house.

      Man: It's big. Step up from where we were living eh Golda?

      Golda nods silently. The man looks deflated as she doesn't really respond to his efforts to make this situation more positive. However he smiles at Willow.

      Man: Though that could be said about anywhere with running water and electricity.

      Willow smiles. Golda has noticed Kelly and the others at the doorway. Giles begins walking up to them, followed by the man. Willow follows, and then Golda does too a little more hesitantly.

      Kelly and the others walk out from the front door.

      Kelly: Hey?

      Golda smiles as best she can.

      Golda: Hey.

      Everyone hesitates. Dawn then walks forward and hugs Golda. Golda looks a little surprised, but returns Dawn's embrace despite herself, her face revealing that she is glad to feel such friendship again. They part and Dawn smiles warmly at Golda.

      Xander: It's good to see you back.

      Golda nods, smiling a little more convincingly. She sees Kennedy.

      Kennedy: Hi, I'm Kennedy.

      Golda: Oh, right, hey.

      Kennedy smiles.

      Giles: Uh, and this is Mark.

      Everyone looks at the man (Mark). He raises a hand in greeting and smiles.

      Giles: He's?also been affected by?he's in the same situation as Golda. He's also going to be staying with us for a while.

      Kelly, Xander, Dawn and Kennedy look a little surprised.

      Kelly: Oh!

      Golda looks at Kelly, concerned about her reaction. Kennedy and Dawn look like they are realising that is why so much blood was sent.

      Dawn: Well?we have like, too much room so, you're perfectly welcome.

      Mark: Cheers. I really appreciate it.

      He looks at Golda. She glances back and gives a small smile. Kelly notices this exchange. There is another pause.

      Willow: Maybe going inside might be good.

      Giles: Yes, yes definitely.

      Everyone heads inside. However as Golda steps up to the door she finds herself barred?the invisible force preventing her from entering the house. She looks surprised for a second but then realises what is happening. The others look awkward.

      Dawn: Come in. Both of you.

      Mark nods appreciatively, but Golda says nothing. The two of them walk inside the house. Kelly looks saddened to see Golda looking as she does. The front door closes.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Golda running on the balcony outside the tower block flat. There is terror in her eyes. Suddenly she gasps and limps, before falling to the ground. A dart is sticking out of her leg, the drugs inside taking effect. She looks up to see other vampires running from the apartment as they are chased by swat team members. She sees a vampire dusted against the railings, then another in the distance. She sees Mark being dragged out of the building, unconscious. Golda looks shocked and then her head falls back, as she too loses consciousness.

        Cut to Golda in her old room for the first time since before the demon revelation. She looks around her nostalgically. Mark also looks around, but with more enthusiasm. Kelly stands next to them.

        Kelly: I hope this is ok for you both.

        Golda: It was before.

        Mark: Yeah it's great.

        Mark smiles at Kelly, who nods and then hesitates.

        Kelly: There's uh, blood in the fridge. I don't know if you guys want anything?else?

        Golda: We can?I mean regular food is-is fine, but blood's the only thing that stops?you know.

        Kelly understands.

        Kelly: Well you guys know where to get it. Is there anything else that you need?

        Golda and Mark look at one another.

        Mark: I think we're good. But thanks Kelly. It's great what you're doing for us.

        Kelly smiles.

        Kelly: Don't mention it. I'll uh, let you two sleep you're probably exhausted.

        Mark smiles appreciatively. Golda nods slightly. Kelly smiles but as she turns round, uncertainty is all that can be seen in her eyes.

        Cut to Kelly walking into the kitchen. The others are sat and stood in there.

        Kelly: I think they're ok for now.

        Xander: We sure they're not gonna?you know, attack us while we're sleeping?

        Giles: They can't, Xander. Their chips are stronger than that which Spike had, attacking a human would cause them severe pain.

        Xander: Doesn't mean they won't try.

        The others look conflicted; Xander has a point.

        Willow: But they're not even like vampires. And they have enough blood to stop them getting, well, any less human.

        Kelly: You're right.

        Kennedy: And if something does go wrong?we're all capable of dealing with that.

        Kelly nods. She and Xander share a look of worry, regardless.

        Xander: Guess I should go pick Buffy up.

        Dawn: Ok.

        Cut to Golda and Mark lying on their bed, fully clothed. They are both staring at the ceiling.

        Mark: At least they're trying.

        Golda: They have to.

        Mark turns to look at Golda.

        Mark: Because it's you?

        Golda: Because they want to try and fix it. That's what they do. That's what I loved about them.

        Mark: Then why am I here? They're going out of their way to help us Golda. Shouldn't we take a few steps forward as well?

        Golda glances at him and then stares back at the ceiling.

        Golda: Ask me tomorrow.

        Mark stares at her sadly and then back at the ceiling. He moves his hand over to hers. Golda looks down as she feels his hand on hers. She looks glad to have someone to be with despite what is happening. She grasps his hand in return.

        Cut to Buffy standing in a dark room. She is watching a girl through a double-sided mirror. The girl is sat by a table, looking nervous. Heather appears next to Buffy.

        Heather: The question is?will you help her?

        Buffy looks awkward.

        Buffy: How can I not?

        Buffy looks at Heather.

        Buffy: I'm ready.

        Heather nods. She opens the door. Buffy walks through.

        Cut to Buffy walking through into the room where the girl is. The girl stares at Buffy. Buffy smiles kindly.

        Buffy: Hi.

        The girl looks worried.

        Girl: Oh God. You're her.

        Buffy frowns. The girl looks tearful.

        Girl: I-I don't know how to do this.

        Buffy sits next to her.

        Buffy: Take as much time as you need.

        The girl nods, staring into space. A tear runs down her cheek. Buffy looks saddened to see this.

        Buffy: I know what happened, Amber.

        The girl (Amber) looks at Buffy.

        Amber: You should hate me.

        Buffy looks serious. She shakes her head.

        Buffy: Everybody's done something they regret.

        Amber: But I've never?I've never been like that before. There was just so much rage, I couldn't-

        Buffy: I know.

        Buffy takes Amber's hand.

        Buffy: I know you didn't mean to kill Robin-

        Amber: Please. Please don't say his name.

        Buffy looks down. There is a pause.

        Buffy: It was a long time ago. Nobody's holding it against you.

        Amber: But his girlfriend, I mean she was there, we?we hurt her so much. How can she not hold it against us?

        Buffy looks sad.

        Buffy: She's not around, anymore.

        The girl looks at Buffy.

        Buffy: But, the thing that was most important to her, beyond anything else, was redemption. She wouldn't take that away from anyone.

        Amber continues to stare.

        Buffy: And the reason you were so angry, it's partially because of me-

        Amber: Oh, no-

        Buffy: Yes.

        Amber looks away.

        Buffy: Heather told me that you needed forgiveness. And I forgive you.

        Amber looks at her again.

        Buffy: If you forgive me.

        Amber looks surprised but then nods. Buffy smiles, her work done. Heather watches from behind the double sided mirror, silently.

        Cut to Buffy in the front seat of Xander's car, looking out the window. Xander is driving. Xander looks over at her for a second and then looks back at the road.

        Xander: See, you said you were ok before, but I'm getting a vibe that there's trouble with the Buffster.

        Buffy looks round at him.

        Buffy: I?I've been better.

        Xander: Something happen with Heather?

        Buffy: Kinda. I'll tell you guys altogether if that's ok.

        Xander: Sure.

        There is a pause.

        Buffy: It's not just that. It's Golda. And the others. There's so much left to change. So much left to fix. You know, I don't know if I'll ever be done.

        Xander pauses.

        Xander: Well, as long as you're not done, neither am I.

        Buffy looks at Xander. She smiles, touched. Xander smiles back.

        Xander: But I do believe?

        He nods to himself.

        Xander: There'll be an after.

        Buffy considers this. After a second she nods. The car drives on back to the house.

        Cut to Kelly opening her eyes, in her and Xander's bedroom. It is the middle of the night. She looks over at Xander who's sleeping soundly next to her. She can hear a faint growling noise. She steps out of bed.

        Cut to Kelly walking down the stairs. The growling noise is much more clear. Kelly looks worried as she reaches the front hall. She walks towards the kitchen where the noise is coming from. She peers round and looks shocked by what she sees.

        Golda is knelt on the kitchen floor in front of the open fridge. Blood is trickling over the floor tiles. She has ripped open several bags of blood and is sucking at one urgently. She turns her head sharply as she senses Kelly's presence. She has her vamp face on. She growls and suddenly rushes up to attack Kelly. Kelly gasps and stands back, but backs into the kitchen surface. Golda is about to punch Kelly, but before she is even close she cries out in pain and falls to the ground. She clutches her head, whimpering slightly. Kelly stares at Golda, horrified, and yet at the same time deeply sympathetic. She steps forward but then notices something out of the corner of her eye. A figure standing in the hallway. Kelly looks worried. The figure approaches; it's Mark, not in vamp mode. He stares at Kelly seriously and then sees Golda on the ground. He walks past her and grabs a packet of blood from the ground. He then walks to Golda and picks her up in his arms. He looks at Kelly.

        Mark: You should go.

        Mark then walks back in the direction of their bedroom as Kelly watches, unable to help, no matter how much she might want to. She stares at the ground and then at the blood illuminated by the light from the open fridge door. After a few seconds she walks towards the blood. She grabs a piece of kitchen towel and begins cleaning the blood slowly.

        The screen fades to the Summers' house the next morning. Cut to Kelly walking down the stairs. As she reaches the bottom she sees Golda and Mark walking through the living room. All of them look awkward. After a few seconds Kelly smiles as best she can.

        Kelly: You guys coming through for breakfast?

        Golda: We?we were, yeah.

        Kelly: Ok.

        There is a pause. Kelly smiles again and then begins to walk to the kitchen. Golda and Mark begin to follow.

        Golda: Kelly?

        Kelly stops and turns around. She looks back at the kitchen where the others' voices can be heard. She takes a few steps forward.

        Kelly: (quietly) We don't need to do this now.

        Golda: If we don't?when are we gonna do it?

        Kelly hesitates.

        Mark: I think, uh, I'll go and see if you've got Shreddies cause otherwise I might have to rethink everything.

        Kelly smiles weakly. Mark smiles back and glances at Golda as he walks through to the kitchen. Golda and Kelly stare at one another.

        Kelly: I don't expect an explanation or anything Golda, ok, I understand-

        Golda: You do?

        Kelly frowns.

        Golda: Cause I don't. I don't even know what I am. Am I a monster?

        Kelly: How can you say that?

        Golda: Well, you got a pretty good look last night of what I can do.

        Kelly: And this. This is what you can do, what you can be.

        Golda: What if the other part tries to take over? How can I stop it? I mean I'm stuck in between, it's possible I could slip away right?

        Kelly hesitates.

        Kelly: We're all here to stop that happening.

        Golda: You can't help me.

        Kelly frowns.

        Golda: Look, I've been holding a grudge against you all. I wish that I didn't but?anyway, I'm not going to anymore. I'm just gonna try and, try and be, for a change. For as long as I can. But even further down the line I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. And even if there is one, I can't see it being very vampire friendly.

        Kelly looks sad.

        Golda: But we can move past this. Ok? We can focus on Malachi or whatever else is out there that needs to be dealt with. And I can have something worth holding a grudge against. So we can start getting back to the way we were.

        Kelly pauses. She then nods.

        Kelly: Ok.

        Golda nods. She smiles weakly.

        Golda: So, Shreddies huh?

        Kelly: I think we have some.

        Golda: Great.

        Golda and Kelly walk through; their issues hardly resolved.

        Cut to them walking into the kitchen where all the others are.

        Buffy: Golda, hey.

        Golda: Hi.

        Buffy: Mark said you guys had a good night.

        Golda looks at Mark. Mark looks up at Golda.

        Golda: Uh, we did. Thanks.

        Mark goes back to eating his cereal.

        Dawn: I'm glad you guys are settling in. Or, back in.

        Golda: Well, we wouldn't be able to without you guys.

        She looks at Buffy.

        Golda: I'm sorry. About how I was before.

        Buffy: I get it.

        Golda: I was just saying to Kelly?I'm gonna move past that. Things aren't so bad.

        Buffy nods.

        Giles: What was it that you wanted to tell us Buffy?

        Buffy: Right, yeah. Now everyone's here I can.

        The others look curious.

        Buffy: Yesterday?there was some stuff Heather needed me to see.

        Xander: Stuff?

        Buffy: Yeah. It was about Malachi.

        Giles: What about him?

        Buffy: Well I wasn't expecting any huge developments?but actually it looks like there are some.

        Willow: What kind of huge are we talking?

        Buffy exhales.

        Buffy: You guys know how Malachi wants to ascend?

        The others nod.

        Buffy: From the information that Heather has?it looks like he's preparing it for more than himself.

        The others look shocked.

        Kelly: Multiple ascensions?

        Dawn: Oh God.

        Willow: F-for how many demons?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: All of them.

        Everyone looks worried. Buffy stares at her friends worriedly, knowing that things have just become a lot more serious.

        THE END
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