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Buffy Episode 9.17 183. Keyhole

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  • Buffy Episode 9.17 183. Keyhole

    Hi, this is the seventeenth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.17 183. Keyhole

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a black screen. A baby making gurgling sounds is heard. Suddenly Dawn's eyes open on the screen. She is lying in bed. She sits up and sees Siobhan holding a baby in her arms. Dawn smiles as Siobhan looks up and smiles warmly. Chris appears next to Dawn and smiles at the baby and then at Dawn. Dawn's smile fades slightly.

    Siobhan: Don't worry. She's safe with us.

    Dawn's smile disappears completely as Siobhan, Chris and the baby seem to grow more distant from her. She looks and sees a figure in the shadows nearby. Dawn tries to see who the figure is. Suddenly a hand with notably silver skin is clasped around her mouth. Dawn's eyes widen as her muffled scream is heard.

    Voice OS: Are you a real girl now?

    Green light erupts from around Dawn. Cut to Dawn opening her eyes. She stays lying on her pillow as her expression shows she has realised that this reality. She looks upset.

    Cut to Dawn in the bathroom looking pale. She washes water over her face and breathes heavily. She stares into the mirror and frowns.

    Cut to Buffy washing dishes furiously in the kitchen. Xander appears at the entrance.

    Xander: Need some help with that?

    Buffy looks at him. He smiles kindly at her and she tries her best to smile back.

    Buffy: I?I've kinda got a rhythm going.

    Buffy glances down at the dishes as Xander walks over.

    Xander: Oh, right, the uh, the well-known dishwashing therapy. I'm more of a drier myself.
    Buffy smiles but her eyes look sad. Xander notices.

    Xander: Where's Willow?

    Buffy looks down, and slows down washing.

    Buffy: She went out.

    Xander: Out?

    Buffy: To take a walk.

    Buffy's tone is fairly cold now. Xander sits down at the table and pauses. He then looks up at Buffy.

    Xander: Guess she needs some time.

    Buffy turns sharply.

    Buffy: Time?

    Buffy throws the dishcloth on the floor.

    Buffy: She's had months to come to terms with all of this! What about us? Don't we get time?

    Xander looks grave.

    Xander: It was hard for her. I guess the longer she kept it?

    Buffy stares at him.

    Buffy: Of course I understand that. But now she has?who knows how long she has left.

    Xander stands up. He walks up to Buffy and hugs her. Buffy looks tearful as she lays her head on his shoulder.

    Xander: I'm thinking that's on her mind too.

    Buffy looks up at Xander sadly. They both turn to see Willow standing at the entrance of the back door. She stares at them sadly.

    Willow: I wanted to tell you for so long?

    Xander: We know, Will?it's ok.

    Willow: I don't think it is, though Buffy, you feel hurt that I didn't tell you sooner right?

    She looks at Buffy. Buffy looks speechless but opens her mouth. She closes her eyes and then opens them again.

    Buffy: I feel that we're losing everything. We can ?t lose you too Will. I can't.

    Willow smiles sadly.

    Willow: You haven't lost me so far.

    Buffy manages a weak smile but then walks up to Willow and starts to cry as they hug. A tear streams down Willow's face. Xander walks up to them looking grave. He puts his arms around them both. The three of them stand in their mutual embrace.

    Suddenly the front door is blasted open. Everyone turns looking shocked. Buffy immediately runs forward into the hallway, only to be hit in the face. She hits the wall as Xander and Willow run in. Kelly runs down the stairs. Buffy looks up to see a bald man with silver skin and wearing a long silver robe standing in front of her, his eyes fierce and determined. Buffy's eyes are wide as the man tries to make his way up the stairs.

    Xander tries to stop him but the man holds out his palm and Xander flips in mid air narrowly missing Willow and crashes onto the kitchen floor. Kelly kicks the man in the face from the stairs but he puts his right palm out and she flies towards him. He moves his hand and she moves with it and is pinned to the ceiling as Buffy gets up and Willow runs towards him. The man swings his left arm and Buffy and Willow are both forced backwards. The man runs up the stairs as Kelly falls to the ground. Buffy gets up and her face is overcome with shock as she realises something.

    Buffy: (to herself) Dawn?

    Buffy runs up the stairs. Dawn comes out of her room hearing the noise to find the man speeding towards her. Her eyes widen as he comes closer and closer when suddenly Buffy throws a piece of a broken vase. It embeds itself in the back of the man's brain and he splutters before falling to the ground before Dawn's feet. Buffy looks relieved as she breathes heavily and stares at Dawn who looks shocked and confused.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques

    Special Guest Stars:

    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan

    Guest Starring:

    SAMUEL L JACKSON - Malachi Edison
    ALICE KRIGE - Alethea
    ALAN RICKMAN - Harold

    Cut to Kelly massaging her shoulder in the Summers' living room. Xander is sat next to her applying a bandage to her arm. His own face is fairly bruised. Willow is sat in the chair nearby. Buffy walks in.

    Buffy: Giles and Heather are on their way.

    Xander: What about Paula and her habit of listening in on people's conversations?

    Buffy: Heather said she had a secure line. Should be ok.

    Xander nods.

    Willow: How's Dawn?

    Buffy: She'll be down in a minute?I think she's a little freaked out.

    Kelly: Aren't we all.

    Buffy raises her eyebrows momentarily in agreement. Xander finishes the bandage and then looks from Willow to Buffy.

    Xander: I hate to be the one to bring this up, but I'm distinctly getting some Clare deja vu vibes.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: I know.

    Willow: That woman?when she appeared non-evil, did say Clare was part of a race. Maybe they came to finish off Clare's work.

    Kelly stretches her shoulder and her face contorts slightly in pain as she speaks.

    Kelly: Why wait until now? It's been almost a year since we screwed up The Judge's game, and Clare was definitely dead as I remember.

    Buffy: Uh huh. But what we didn't know at the time was that Clare had connections with Malachi.

    Xander: But they're not working with Malachi. Unless I got confused?

    Buffy: No, you're right. Clare broke away from her groupies when she was starting with him?

    Willow: And they're after Dawn? Why?

    Dawn OS: Cause I'm still The Key.

    Buffy turns around to see Dawn stood behind her. Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: Dawn you're not The Key anymore.

    Dawn: That's what?what I thought I felt, but now I'm not so sure.

    Willow: But your power, I mean why would you lose that otherwise?

    Dawn: I don't know. But lately I've been having these dreams?

    Buffy: Dreams?

    Dawn: Yeah. That guy? I think he was in them.

    Xander: You think?

    Dawn: I have this sense.

    Kelly: Maybe they weren't dreams, maybe they were him trying to communicate with you.

    Xander: You get a message at all?

    Dawn: Not really. But they were pretty weird. And we all remember how Clare was so?

    Willow: And she and The Judge needed you for their spell. Maybe they want to try again.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: Maybe Malachi too?

    Dawn looks at Buffy.

    Dawn: The spell was kinda intense. The power needed-

    Dawn looks awkward. She glances at Willow who smiles sadly.

    Willow: You're right, Dawn. It'd take maybe more than even Malachi to get something like that running again.

    Kelly: I guess we just have to hope no more Higher Powers want to tag along with the bad guys.

    Buffy: The Powers That Be wouldn't get involved?but Clare's people definitely want you for some reason Dawn, and I'm not gonna find out the hard way like last time.

    Xander: What do you think we should do Buff?

    Buffy is about to respond when she hears a car pull up outside. Giles and Heather are seen getting out.

    Cut to Giles and Heather sat with the others in the Summers' living room.

    Giles: I hate to say it, but I do think going to the GSPST with this would be best.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: What could they do?

    Giles: They might be able to protect Dawn better than we can.

    Dawn looks worried. Buffy looks at her and then at Giles again.

    Buffy: Giles I had to deal with this when Glory was around, I can do it again.

    Giles: But Glory was one, admittedly immortal, foe, Clare's people could consist of many more. We might all be in danger if they want Dawn badly enough.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Xander: They do have a lot of experience in keeping people safe Buff.

    Willow: And we don't really have anyway to run to other than with them.

    Buffy: Look I know, I understand what you're saying.

    She looks from Xander to Willow to Giles.

    Buffy: But think about how easily they turned against us less than a week ago. So maybe you'll forgive me if I'm a little precautious about putting my sister's life in their hands.

    Dawn: Um, can I say something since I'm the one that's being apparently targeted by these guys?

    Buffy looks apologetic.

    Buffy: Sorry. Go ahead.

    Dawn: Thanks. Well, sure the government are well equipped but Heather you told us some of them could be working with Malachi right?

    Heather looks serious.

    Heather: It's quite possible. Frankly, I don't think it's a good idea to rely on them with something like this. They can become?overly interested when someone else wants something. Because they want to know why they want to, and what advantage having it can give them. Although I'm not entirely sure how much they know about the uh, The Key. I didn't before you told me yourselves.

    Giles seems to be thinking about what Heather has said. Dawn nods to herself and then looks at Heather.

    Dawn: So we keep them out of this completely?

    Heather: If Clare's people, as Giles suggested, are a great number it may not be possible.

    There is a pause.

    Buffy: This would be the point where someone thinks of a better idea.

    Kelly smiles weakly.

    Willow: What if there isn't one? We don't have any way of stopping their kind of power. Look what happened with just one guy?they could probably turn my own magic against me.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Heather: Are you sure you should be using magic anyway Willow?

    Everyone looks awkward.

    Heather: Uh I didn't mean to remind everyone of?sorry?

    Willow smiles kindly.

    Willow: Don't worry. It doesn't really make a difference actually?it's more a physical thing.

    Buffy rubs her fingers over her mouth looking upset. There is a short pause.

    Kelly: So?should we prepare for another attack? Not that it'll make much difference I guess?

    Xander: They could impale us with our own swords.

    Buffy looks concerned.

    Buffy: I don't know, that guy could have killed us before but didn't.

    Giles: Clare wasn't much of a peace advertiser.

    Buffy: No, but she never killed us either. She could have, like a hundred times.

    Willow: A prophecy?

    Everyone looks at Willow.

    Willow: It's gotta be.

    Heather: We uh, we have copies of quite a lot of prophecies, I've studied quite a few for my degree actually?um I've not seen one with your names mentioned, apart from those that were Slayer related.

    Buffy: They can't all be recorded though right? There'd be others?

    Heather: Well yes, probably. But if we don't have it that means only a few know about it.

    Buffy: The Judge and her gang would be enough.

    Dawn: So they're trying to do it again? But they needed Jake last time.

    Kelly: Maybe they're gonna improvise.

    Buffy: And we have to deal with the same spell that?

    She looks at Willow sadly.

    Willow: Buffy, if I had to do it again?I would. And maybe I will have to.

    Buffy: I can't ask you to do that Will.

    Willow: Like I said?you wouldn't have to ask.

    Buffy looks defeated as the others look grave. Giles breaks the silence.

    Giles: It's always possible there's a second prophecy. Dawn you could still be a use to them even without Jake.

    Dawn frowns. Buffy looks at Giles.

    Buffy: So what do we do?

    Kelly looks worried suddenly.

    Kelly: Uh probably get out of here fast.

    Everyone turns and then sees around twenty of Clare's people approaching the house. Buffy's eyes widen.

    Buffy: Quickly!

    Buffy starts to run through the hallway followed by the others. However the back door is blasted open and a man and woman of Clare's race walk in through. Buffy looks shocked and turns back but sees that the rest of Clare's people are nearing the front door where Dawn is. Dawn looks at Buffy and suddenly glows a familiar green colour. Buffy looks confused as the green light engulfs Dawn, the others, and the whole screen.
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    ACT II

    The green light fades. Buffy and the others find they are stood in the Summers' house; Clare's people are nowhere to be seen. Everyone looks at Dawn who looks back in a confused manner.

    Xander: Score one for the Dawnster.

    Dawn can't help but smile. However it soon fades as she notices something.

    Dawn: Maybe?

    She is staring past Xander seriously and walks towards the living room. She looks at him again.

    Dawn: Did I subconsciously decide on a new interior design?

    Dawn looks doubtful. Xander and the others look to see that the living room is filled with different furniture. There are pictures on the mantelpiece. Dawn walks forward as everyone enters the living room looking around. Buffy stands next to Dawn as Dawn picks up a photo of herself, Chris and a baby. She stares at it in disbelief. Buffy stares with her.

    Willow: This is another world.

    Heather: A-another?

    Willow: A different reality. It's almost like ours but?

    Dawn looks at her. Willow indicates the photograph.

    Willow: Not entirely.

    Giles: The doors are still broken.

    Everyone looks to see this is indeed the case.

    Kelly: And this looks suspiciously like blood?

    Kelly is looking at the carpet, which does indeed have spots of blood on it.

    Willow: But it's amazing, I mean usually even powerful magic users would need an Orlux crystal or something to travel like this. Even I did when I went to help Fred in LA.

    Dawn looks slightly concerned at the amount of power she has.

    Kelly: Um, so where are we? I mean not us?but, the other us. They obviously exist.

    Giles: That's a good point?as is why you brought us here Dawn.

    Dawn stares at him. She looks tearful but gains her composure.

    Dawn: I guess I needed to save us.

    Xander: Well dimensional travel's one way to do it.

    Buffy looks at Dawn.

    Buffy: Has anything like this happened recently? Or since you?thought you lost your power?

    Dawn: No. I don't know why it would happen out of the blue like this.

    Xander: Maybe "out of the green" would be a better term.

    Giles ignores this.

    Giles: Perhaps your subconscious knew there was no other way to escape.

    Kelly: Well that would have been useful for like fifty other occasions.

    She looks at Dawn.

    Kelly: No offence.

    Dawn: It's ok, it's true?

    Dawn still looks saddened by the photograph. Buffy looks sympathetically at her and is about to say something when green light appears around Dawn again. Everyone stares as it engulfs the screen once again. After a few seconds it fades and everyone finds themselves stood in the same positions in their own version of the Summers' house.

    Xander: Guess that answers my next question about how we get back.

    Dawn looks at him. Everyone suddenly realises something.

    Buffy: Clare's guys!

    Everyone looks at the hallway?but they only see bodies lying in the hallway. Led by Buffy they walk through to see that the bodies are Clare's people. They have been completely thrashed, but the means is not clear. Buffy looks out of the broken doorway to see more bodies laid in front of the house, all similarly bloody.

    Heather: Well I suppose we no longer needed to escape?

    She looks at Dawn. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: I don't get it. What did this?

    Xander: I was thinking Dawn.

    Buffy and Dawn both look at him.

    Dawn: I?

    Xander: I mean it would make sense. That inter-dimensional trip could have been enough to wipe these guys out as we went.

    Willow: But why would we need to go to another reality if Dawn could just do all this anyway?

    Buffy considers this but looks up to see a car pulling into the driveway, breaking just short of one of the bodies. Lauren gets out looking around at all the bodies. She looks at Buffy and co. with his eyebrows raised. Everyone smiles at her awkwardly.

    Cut to Lauren stood in the Summers' living room. The others are also sat or stood around. Lauren looks confused.

    Lauren: But?I saw you all.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: The cameras showed us there the whole time?

    Lauren: Yeah, I mean they can't see through to the hallway but they showed you running into the kitchen and then the silver guys came in. There was a flash, and then?Dawn you annihilated them.

    Dawn looks shocked.

    Kelly: But we weren't here-

    Willow: It wasn't us.

    Everyone looks at her. Giles realises.

    Giles: Those of us from the other reality?

    Willow nods.

    Dawn: So when we went there?they came here?

    Xander: Good job they did.

    Giles: I've not heard about this sort of thing happening during dimensional travel.

    Willow: Maybe this isn't normal dimensional travel?I mean we don't really know how powerful Dawn is.

    She looks at Dawn seriously. Dawn looks uncomfortable.

    Lauren: Pretty damn, if you're anything like the one on the video.

    Buffy: I have an idea. What if Dawn, our Dawn, didn't do this? What if it was the other Dawn?

    Everyone considers this.

    Dawn: It'd make sense.

    Willow: Yeah?if the other Dawn used us as a pinpoint or something, I guess we'd switch realities when they came through.

    Xander: Why would they come through? To help us?

    Buffy: I guess if the other Dawn could, she would want to.

    Dawn: I'd help them. If I, you know, could?

    Buffy: Right.

    Buffy smiles kindly at Dawn.

    Kelly: So how'd she know?

    There is a pause as everyone considers this.

    Lauren: While we ponder that uh, Dawn you should know that quite a few people say the footage of you?of her. The might take a new interest in you now.

    Dawn looks worried.

    Heather: And so the inevitable ulterior motive comes into play.

    Lauren: I told them I'd come down and check before anything happened.

    Buffy: Right. Thanks, Lauren.

    Lauren: It's no problem, but they might not believe all this so easily. Could cause problems.

    Buffy: I'm not gonna let that happen.

    Dawn: Buffy they're gonna come for me if they want.

    Buffy: They can't kidnap you.

    Heather: Oh, Buffy they can. You've seen how they're trying to justify getting rid of those who've been infected with the vampire, uh, inoculation. They have people whose job it is to turn things completely on their head and give justification for things just like this.

    Kelly looks grave at the mention of the vampire inoculation. Buffy however looks worried for a different reason.

    Buffy: They'll have to fight through me.

    Xander: All of us.

    Buffy looks at Xander and smiles. Dawn does too.

    Giles: Well yes of course we wouldn't let them but?Heather's right that they can cover things easily. I don't think they'd try and take Dawn for simple research?but they might see her as dangerous.

    Xander: But it's the other Dawn.

    Dawn: It could still be me.

    Kelly: But, wait this means that you didn't have your power back.

    Dawn: I know I'm still The Key though?I just know. Why would they want me if I wasn't?

    No one has an answer to this.

    Heather: Presumably this isn't the last we've heard of Clare's people. They'll return, and soon no doubt.

    Xander: Well if the Super-Dawn returns we won't have to do much.

    Buffy: We can't rely on her.

    Green light suddenly erupts from around Dawn once again. However this time it doesn't fill the screen, it only collects around Dawn. She looks anxious as the camera suddenly speeds towards face.

    Cut to Dawn standing in a dark room. She looks surprised to be facing another Dawn whose hair is longer. She smiles looking pleased.

    (OR = Our Reality, AR = Alternate Reality)

    AR Dawn: It worked!

    OR Dawn looks bewildered to be speaking to herself.

    AR Dawn: Sorry, you're probably freaked.

    OR Dawn: A little?

    AR Dawn: Right, well basically I'm from-

    OR Dawn: Another reality. And you saved us from Clare's guys before.

    AR Dawn looks a little surprised but nods.

    AR Dawn: Worked it out faster than I thought.

    OR Dawn: The sudden alternate reality was a hint.

    AR Dawn: Right?sorry about the lack of warning.

    OR Dawn: How'd you know we were in trouble? And, actually, where the hell are we?

    AR Dawn: Well, basically? It's the power of The Key. I learnt how to use it.

    OR Dawn: So you can travel to other realties?

    AR Dawn: Yeah. And I can see what's happening in them. At least, this one I could, anyway.

    OR Dawn: Wow?

    AR Dawn: Right now this is a mental link. I can't hold it for too long though, cause I think you're gonna have another visit from Clare's people.

    OR Dawn: Uh oh.

    AR Dawn: Big time.

    OR Dawn: Are you gonna help us?

    AR Dawn: No. Last time was to show you what I can do.

    OR Dawn: So now you're done?

    AR Dawn: My reality has its own problems. You have yours. And you can be the one to fix them.

    OR Dawn stares at AR Dawn seriously.

    Cut to OR Dawn lying on the sofa in the Summers' house. The others, minus Lauren, are stood around her, except Willow who is knelt on the ground feeling Dawn's pulse.

    Willow: She's breathing and her pulse is ok. I'd say this is likely something other-dimensionally.

    Xander: When will she wake up?

    Willow: Hard to say.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: But she will, right?

    Willow: Uh, I don't see why she wouldn't.

    Willow tries to look helpful but Buffy doesn't really look reassured. Xander's eyes widen as he looks out of the window.

    Xander: And now there's another reason why I hope it's soon.

    Everyone turns and looks alarmed to see yet more of Clare's people headed towards the house. Buffy looks at Dawn and then comes to a decision. She rushes into the hallway.

    Giles: Buffy you can't fight them!

    Buffy: I have to!

    Giles: Maybe you don't.

    Giles indicates Dawn. Buffy stares at him and is about to speak when she is suddenly forced into the air and flies out of the house. The others look shocked. Suddenly Kelly too is forced through the air and smashes through the front window. Giles and Xander are then pulled too. Both of them fly through the broken windows of the living room. Willow then closes her eyes just as Heather is forced into the air. However she hits a magical barrier before Clare's people can pull her out of the house.

    Cut to outside. Buffy and the others are all hovering a few feet above the ground, unable to move as several of Clare's people stand nearby holding then. The rest approach the house. Heather turns to Willow looking worried.

    Heather: Willow can you hold this?

    Willow looks like she's using a lot of energy.

    Willow: I?think so.

    Her expression changes to fear however as she sees a man and woman of Clare's people walking towards them. The woman smiles raising a hand. Willow looks like she's struggling to keep the barrier up. Her hand begins to move involuntarily. Heather's eyes widen and she looks at Dawn.

    Heather: Dawn?please!

    Willow's hand blasts energy at the barrier and it shatters. Heather turns looking shocked. The man moves his hand and Heather is pulled towards him. He holds her by her neck.

    Man: This one is not in the prophecy.

    The woman looks at him.

    Woman: Kill her.

    Heather looks terrified as she tries to struggle in vain. Willow looks up but can do nothing. Outside, Buffy's eyes glance at the scene in the house. She cannot do anything as she sees the man choking Heather through the broken windows, and the woman approaching Dawn. The camera suddenly zooms past Buffy's face, through the window and towards Dawn whose eyes snap open.

    Heather chokes but suddenly green light appears from behind her. The woman approaching Dawn looks enthralled at what she sees but suddenly looks worried as Dawn stands up, her eyes bright green, and green light surrounding her. The man releases Heather who falls to the ground.

    Cut to outside the house. The man and woman suddenly fly through the broken window, dead and beaten. The rest of Clare's people stare as Buffy and co. drop to the ground. Dawn walks through the front door calmly but purposefully. Buffy looks up and stares, a hint of anxiety in her expression at what is happening.

    Clare's people approach Dawn. Dawn's expression does not change as she suddenly punches a man who flies backwards. Others try and use their telekinesis to control Dawn but it has no effect as she suddenly blasts energy into the crowd. Around four try to attack from behind but Dawn roundhouse kicks them all, then swinging her arm round to punch those in front. Buffy and co. watch on in awe at Dawn who continues to blast energy, and kick and punch Clare's people. Heather and Willow appear at the doorway of the house as the body of a woman hits the wall of the house next to them. Heather and Willow look from the body to Dawn, a little afraid.

    Dawn throws down the last of Clare's people. She stands on his throat.

    Man: More?will come.

    Dawn: Then more will die.

    She snaps his neck with her foot and then looks at Buffy and co. The green energy does not fade as Buffy approaches Dawn, a little warily.

    Buffy: Dawn??

    Buffy stares at her. Dawn looks up, her eyes still green. The others also begin to walk towards her. Dawn looks at her hands and then looks worried.

    Dawn: I?I can't stop it.

    Buffy: It's ok.

    Dawn: No?

    She looks around at the bodies of Clare's people and turns round, the camera following her.

    Dawn: I can't?how can this be me?

    Buffy: Dawn you can control this!

    Xander: You did it before, remember?

    Dawn: This isn't like before!

    Dawn looks upset and stares into space, her face screwing up in disgust and despair. She starts backing away from Buffy and co. and away from the house.

    Buffy: Dawn!

    Dawn starts to run to the road as the others follow, worriedly.

    Willow: Dawn wait!

    Dawn runs into the road and looks back as a car suddenly slams its breaks on in front of Dawn but can't stop it time. The car collides with her as Buffy's expression turns to shock. Kelly puts her hand over her mouth. Everyone stares in shock as green light explodes. However from Dawn's point of view everything goes into slow motion; we can see that the middle of the car is being ripped apart as it hits Dawn's body. The driver has a look of frozen shock on his face as his and Dawn's eyes meet just before the left side of his body is torn away as he collides with Dawn. Time returns to normal speed as the rest of the car is ripped in two, leaving Dawn standing in the middle of the road. The wreckage of the car falls to either side of the road, partially on fire. The green light fades from around Dawn as she stands staring at what she has done, in disbelief.

    The others walk towards Dawn slowly, also shocked by what has happened. Buffy stares at Dawn, uncertain as to what she should say. Xander looks up at the camera in the trees.

    The black and white view from the camera is seen, with Xander staring directly at it. Alethea is seen standing in front of the screen, and several others, showing the aftermath of what has just happened outside the Summers' house. However she is not in the GSPST building?she is somewhere else. A figure appears next to her. Alethea looks slightly concerned.

    Alethea: It appears their prophecy may indeed come true.

    The figure comes into the light. It is Malachi. He continues to stare at the screens, as does Alethea.

    Malachi: We don't have anything to fear from them.

    Alethea glances at him.

    Alethea: Dawn Summers is unravelling.

    Malachi: Yes?but we will not have to intervene.

    Alethea: You mean the prophecy is false?

    Malachi: I have no idea.

    Alethea: It would complicate things rather if the full extent of their prophecy arises.

    Malachi: It will not, Alethea, because while theirs may hold some truth, I have secured my destiny beyond all other interventions.

    Alethea: I wasn't aware fate could be compelled to value one destiny over another.

    Malachi: Fate?can be persuaded.

    Alethea raises and eyebrow but smiles to herself as she looks back at Dawn being consoled by Buffy and the others. Malachi looks at a screen showing the bodies of several of Clare's people.

    Alethea: The GSPST will already be on their way.

    Malachi: Good. Let me know what happens. I have a certain Box of Gavrock to locate.

    Alethea nods as Malachi walks away. She continues watching the camera screens.

    Cut to Kelly walking into the Summers' living room where the others are. Dawn is sat on the sofa, next to Buffy, looking shocked..

    Kelly: Lauren said she couldn't stop them. They're coming.

    Buffy looks anxious.

    Xander: Well, I don't mean to put the pressure on, but I'm not good with high speed chases, and I don't see that we have anywhere else to go, unless?

    He looks at Dawn who looks back. She looks troubled.

    Dawn: I can't.

    Heather: Perhaps you have to.

    Dawn stares at her.

    Dawn: A man out there is dead, because of me! The bodies of all of Clare's people? They could be human too. I could do that?a thousand times over. And I wouldn't be able to stop it.

    Giles: What about the other Dawn? Couldn't she help, if she did before?

    Dawn: I don't know how to talk to her. I don't know if I'd go into overdrive again.

    Kelly: Well maybe you should try.

    Dawn looks uncertain.

    Buffy: Kelly this isn't something she can just "try".

    Kelly: Why? Look, I see what happened out there, it's bad yeah, but The Powers That Be seem to think you can control it Dawn, and as far as we know they don't have some ulterior motive. And the other Dawn gave you the power, why would she do that if you weren't supposed

    Dawn: The Powers That Be told me to use the power almost a year go to fight Clare and the others. Maybe it was supposed to go away, and not come back!

    Kelly: How could it ever go away?

    Dawn doesn't respond.

    Kelly: Besides Clare's people are back now, and so's your power, you think that's a coincidence? Cause I sure don't.

    Xander: Kelly?I'd like to think Dawn would do a better job than I did with massive power like this. Before she worked it out but now it seems to be working her out.

    Kelly considers this. Dawn looks grave.

    Buffy: You're right. Dawn we can't ask you to-

    Willow: Buffy?

    Willow indicates outside. Everyone looks to see many cars pulling up outside the house.

    Kelly: What do we do then?

    Dawn: I have to go with them.

    Buffy: Dawn-

    Dawn: Buffy for once they're doing something right! I shouldn't be let loose right now.

    Heather: Dawn if you give yourself to them, they may keep you for as long as they like. That could be months, or more.

    Dawn doesn't respond, but is clearly considering Heather's warning. However she nods to herself.

    Dawn: It'll be ok.

    Heather: You don't know that.

    Dawn: Then I'm taking a guess. Kelly you were right about one thing; the other Dawn told what to do for a reason. I'm gonna find out what. But I can't start running again.

    She looks at Buffy and then gets up. She begins to head outside and the others follow looking uncertain.

    Paula appears at the entrance of the house with several armed guards, stepping over the bodies of Clare's people. She looks worried.

    Paula: Dawn?

    Dawn: Don't worry. I'm not gonna run, or anything.

    Paula: I see, well that's all right then. But I should let you all know that we think it best that all of you come with us for now. You're clearly under threat?

    She looks distastefully at the bodies.

    Xander: Right, you're doing this for our protection.

    Giles: Are we under arrest?

    Paula: No. As much as you resent our help, we feel this is for your own good.

    Buffy sighs. Dawn nods at her.

    Buffy: Fine. Where are we going?

    Paula: Somewhere secure.

    Heather: Prison?

    Paula: It can be arranged.

    Paula purses her lips. Heather glares.

    Paula: Let's go.

    Paula turns around. Buffy and co. begin to follow. Dawn stares forward as she walks, looking anxious.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Buffy and Dawn sat side by side in the back of a car. Paula is sat opposite them with an armed officer.

      Dawn: What do you know about Clare's people?

      Paula: We know they want you. And they wanted you before, apparently.

      Dawn: But that's it?

      Buffy: Do you know why?

      Paula pauses.

      Paula: We thought you would, considering you were fighting Clare for over a year.

      Buffy: Back then we didn't know there was a prophecy.

      Paula: Prophecy?

      Paula looks confused. Buffy sighs.

      Buffy: This is what we figure?

      As Buffy begins explaining the situation to Paula, Dawn looks out of the window. Suddenly she frowns. In the window, faint images of Buffy running into the hallway of the Summers' house. Then the back door being broken by two of Clare's people. Dawn stares at the images and then begins to realise something. Buffy and Paula's voices can be heard again.

      Paula: Well that makes sense except?Malachi's ascension isn't likely to occur for another month at the very least, I don't think he would be involved with another prophecy that would invalidate his own.

      Buffy considers this.

      Paula: Clare's people may want Dawn for their own uses. They weren't working for Malachi when The Judge wanted her.

      Buffy looks at Dawn but then frowns.

      Buffy: Dawn?

      Dawn has an anxious expression on her face.

      Dawn: I know what I have to do.

      Buffy looks confused, as does Paula. Dawn exhales deeply and then begins to glow green. Paula's eyes widen.

      Buffy: Dawn what are-

      Dawn: It's ok.

      Dawn stares at her. The green light grows wider as the armed officer raises his weapon.

      Paula and Buffy: No!

      Paula and Buffy's eyes meet as the green light fills the screen. As it fades, we cut to Dawn, Buffy, Giles, Heather, Xander, Kelly and Willow stood in the Summer's house?but there are several differences that indicate it is not their own. Everyone looks confused for a second.

      Xander: What?oh!

      Everyone realises that several of Clare's people are standing around them. Buffy looks at Dawn, but her eyes are already green. She approaches Clare's people.

      Cut to Paula standing next to a car. They have all been parked on the side of the road heading to Lincoln. Paula is on the phone.

      Paula: If I knew where they were Harold I wouldn't be talking to you right now, would I?

      Paula looks frustrated. Cut to Harold in his office on the other end of the line.

      Harold: She may be a danger to anyone who approaches her.

      Paula: Well of course but-

      Harold: I don't have to remind you of what The Key can do Paula.

      Paula: I'm well aware of that Harold, and we are searching right now, but maybe I have to remind you that Dawn's power may allow her to travel to different realities, which means we may be searching for a while!

      Paula hangs up. An officer walks up to her.

      Paula: Anything?

      Officer: I told the disposal team to return to the house. They're on their way back now.

      Paula sighs.

      Paula: I doubt they're even there.

      Cut to Harold and Alethea in Harold's office.

      Harold: Alethea I've written down the details of what Paula told me.

      He hands Alethea a piece of paper. She raises an eyebrow.

      Alethea: Another prophecy?

      Harold: Yes. Do what you can to try and find the details of what it might be.

      Alethea: Very well?

      Alethea smiles slightly and then walks out of the office holding the paper. As she walks down the corridor she screws up the paper with one hand and throws it into the bin as she walks past. She stares forwards darkly.

      Cut to Dawn standing up, green light around her fading. The others stare around, looking at the bodies of Clare's people.

      Xander: Again with the "wow".

      Giles: Dawn, does this mean you can control the power?

      Dawn looks uncomfortable but nods.

      Xander: How?

      Dawn: I don't know?I just knew that I needed to bring us here, and do this.

      Everyone looks around realising this isn't their own reality.

      Kelly: Like the other Dawn did for us?

      Buffy realises something.

      Willow: It's a loop.

      The others look at her.

      Xander: A what now?

      Buffy: The other Dawn helped us, now Dawn's helping this reality.

      Kelly: So there are now three Dawns.

      Willow: There are an infinite number. Of all of us.

      Giles: I've not heard of those from realities helping one another so conveniently before.

      Willow: Neither have I, but it makes sense. Especially with Dawn, uh, Dawns plural, being connected so strongly with the other realities.

      Heather: And the, uh Dawn and everyone from this new reality will return back here shortly. Trading places with us-

      Dawn's eyes are already glowing green. Everyone stands back as the green light engulfs the screen once again. They then find themselves back in their own reality as the light fades.

      Heather: Well, here we are again.

      Dawn looks breathless. Buffy looks worriedly.

      Buffy: Dawn are you ok?

      Dawn: I'm fine. Just it kinda takes a lot outta me.

      Xander: Well it makes me kinda nauseous so, I'd guess it's a little worse for you.

      Dawn nods smiling awkwardly.

      Buffy: Maybe you shouldn't try and do anything else.

      Dawn: I have to. I need to tell the other Dawn to use her power.

      Giles: Yes I suppose that is chronologically the next thing to happen.

      Heather: But if you tell her?she won't only kill Clare's people, wouldn't the man driving the car also?

      Dawn looks grave, which answers Heather's question.

      Heather: I see.

      Kelly: He was always gonna die.

      Xander: In every reality? Sucks to be him.

      Willow: Well little differences could mean he was delayed at work or something in other realities. I guess we won't know?

      The others pause.

      Buffy: I guess the other us had this exact conversation.

      Dawn: And we know what she did.

      Buffy realises that Dawn has decided and nods. Dawn looks at the others and then closes her eyes. The camera zooms towards Dawn as green light emerges once again.

      Cut to Dawn standing in the same black background, with another Dawn. They are having the same conversations as before, only this time our Dawn is the one leading it.

      AR Dawn: Are you gonna help us?

      OR Dawn: No. Last time was to show you what I can do.

      AR Dawn: So now you're done?

      OR Dawn: My reality has its own problems. You have yours. And you can be the one to fix them.

      OR Dawn stares at AR Dawn seriously.

      OR Dawn: Let me show you what you can do.

      AR Dawn: I can learn how to control it so quickly?

      OR Dawn: I did. It'll be hard, but you'll know what to do.

      AR Dawn: What's that?

      OR Dawn stares at AR Dawn. AR Dawn seems be affected somewhat.

      AR Dawn: What?what was that?

      OR Dawn: Now you know.

      AR Dawn: Oh God this is?huge.

      OR Dawn: This isn't God. This is?maybe the opposite, but you have to use it.

      AR Dawn: To kill them?I can now.

      OR Dawn sighs.

      OR Dawn: You can.

      AR Dawn: I'll be able to control it, right?

      OR Dawn hesitates.

      OR Dawn: Soon.

      AR Dawn looks hopeful, as OR Dawn begins to fade away. The two stare at one another until OR Dawn is completely gone. Cut to AR Dawn's eyes opening on the sofa in the alternate reality. Just as in our own reality previously, a man from Clare's race is holding AR Heather by her neck. AR Willow is on the ground. A woman from Clare's race approaches AR Dawn. AR Dawn's eyes glow green.

      Cut back to our own reality. Dawn stands amongst the others. She looks solemn.

      Dawn: She knows what to do.

      Buffy looks sympathetically at Dawn. The sound of a car is heard outside as everyone looks out to see several trucks pulling up outside the house.

      Heather: Ah?Paula may not be entirely pleased about our disappearance.

      Buffy: We can explain.

      Heather: If she listens.

      Buffy seems to be thinking.

      Buffy: I think she might.

      Heather looks surprised that Buffy seems to think this. Buffy looks at Dawn. Everyone begins to walk outside.

      Cut to Dawn getting out of one of the trucks on to the side of the road, followed by the others. Paula walks up to them angrily.

      Paula: What on earth-

      Dawn: I had something I needed to do.

      Paula: You just vanished. You could have given some warning-

      Buffy: There was the green light?

      Paula looks at Buffy but still looks annoyed. She turns to Dawn.

      Paula: You know quite a few people are calling you the biggest threat to humanity since-

      Buffy: Me?

      Paula hesitates. Buffy gives her an enquiring look.

      Heather: We're all aware of what Dawn can do, Paula. Now if I remember correctly we were in the middle of being escorted to a safe location, for that very reason?

      Paula purses her lips.

      Paula: Very well.

      Paula turns but is suddenly slammed into the side of a car by an invisible force. She falls to the ground unconscious. Buffy and co. to see one single person from Clare's race standing before them. However he looks different from those seen before, as he has more markings on his body. The armed men and women around Buffy and co. aim to shoot. Buffy's eyes widen.

      Buffy: Don't!

      It is too late. They all shoot simultaneously as the man holds out his hand. The bullets fly back, hitting their owners in the face. They all fall back dead around Buffy and co., who look horrified. The man walks towards them as Buffy looks at Dawn. Dawn looks worried.

      Dawn: I can't?the power, I can't find it.

      Buffy looks worried. The man continues towards them and suddenly sweeps his hands to each side. Everyone apart from Dawn is forced through the air on to the ground nearby. The man holds his hand out and Dawn speeds towards him. He holds her by her neck. He smiles as the others look up from where they landed.

      Man: At last?

      Dawn struggles against his grip but he lets go and she remains hovering in the air in front of him.

      Dawn: Why?do you want me?

      Man: Because of your destiny. Glorificus and The Judge were unable to fulfil the prophecy when the chance arose. Now perhaps I shall.

      The man smiles darkly. Buffy tries to run over but the man pushes his free hand forward and she flips in the air and lands on top of one of the cars where she is pinned down. The man looks at Dawn. He makes the hand is he using to keep her in the air into a fist.

      Man: And the power of The Key shall be ours once again.

      Dawn finds her eyes glowing green, much to her surprise. She realises that the man is harnessing her power with his telekinesis. Green light enraptures them both. They are suddenly in a huge cavern, the ceiling and walls of which can barely be seen it is so high. A circle of Clare's people holding candles are stood around Dawn and the man, who appears to be their leader.

      Man/Leader: Welcome home.

      He smiles at Dawn who stares around as the green from her eyes fades.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Buffy jumping down from the roof of the car she landed on. She looks around hopelessly, in search of Dawn. The others stand around her, looking injured slightly. Buffy turns to them.

        Buffy: What happened!?

        Willow: I don't know?I think he took Dawn somewhere, but-

        Buffy: How is that possible?

        Giles: It may be that he's been able to take control of Dawn's power. In which case they could have gone anywhere.

        Kelly: Or any time?

        Giles looks grim and nods. Buffy doesn't respond but simply looks at where Dawn was stood moments ago.

        Buffy: Will can you find her?

        Heather: Wouldn't that take a?well a very, very long time.

        Willow: A few more "verys" and you're close. Buffy I wouldn't even know where to start.

        Voice OS: I do.

        Everyone turns to see Dawn stood opposite them. But, there are several indications that this is another Dawn.

        Cut to our Dawn in the cavern with Clare's people.

        Dawn: Home?

        Leader: Yes. This, as the legends tell us, is where you were created.

        Dawn looks around her.

        Dawn: You mean The Key.

        Leader: You have no other true form. The skin you wear is a disguise, that you no longer have to be burdened with.

        Dawn stares at him horrified.

        Dawn: What do want from me?

        Leader: As I said?your destiny.

        Dawn: You mean to open the portal?

        Leader: Yes. And more besides.

        Dawn looks worried and tries to concentrate, closing her eyes.

        Leader: You can't escape. I control your power now.

        Dawn opens her eyes.

        Dawn: How can you-

        Leader: Because it is what I was created to do. My ancestors spent their entire lives preparing for the day that The Key would come into our control. Vasa Clare Listra and The Judge wasted that day.

        Dawn looks serious.

        Dawn: I thought you all worshipped The Judge.

        Leader: We did. Until she became involved with the one you know as Malachi. Together they aimed to use you and Jakenos to control the higher planes of the world and enslave the human plane. They failed then?because Jakenos is not mentioned in the prophecy.

        Dawn looks surprised. She hesitates.

        Dawn: What?is mentioned in the prophecy?

        The leader smiles as if he has been waiting for Dawn to say this. A woman from the circle walks forward.

        Woman: In darkness, The Key of old shall rip through wood, stone and flesh-

        A second man steps forward continuing.

        Man #2: -her protectors watching without hope-

        A second woman steps forward continuing.

        Woman #2: -as the ancient power arises, the gateway shall open-

        All three of them speak together.

        Woman, Man #2, Woman #2: -bringing forth utter devastation.

        Dawn looks speechless. The first man walks towards her.

        Leader: That, my Key, is why you were truly created.

        Dawn: But?Glory-

        Leader: Glorificus was the first to attempt to fulfil the prophecy. We saw a glimmer of what you could be then. One year ago we saw an impressive attempt. And now, it is time, to see all the ruin you were built to bring.

        Dawn's eyes widen as the leader makes both his hands into fists. Dawn finds green energy building up around her. She looks in pain as the whole cavern begins to fill with it. The candles each of Clare's people are holding begin to glow green instead of orange. Buffy and co. suddenly appear nearby outside of the circle. The leader smiles widely.

        Leader: Her protectors watching without hope?

        Several of Clare's people in the circle and suddenly knocked aside by a blast of green energy. The leader looks surprised as AR Dawn stands next to where they were stood, her eyes glowing green. Buffy and co. stand around her.

        Leader: Another?

        Xander: We interrupt this prophecy with an important announcement.

        The leader looks angry and unclasps one hand and points it at Xander. However AR Dawn stands in his way and suddenly rushes towards him knocking him to the ground. OR Dawn falls to the ground, the green light fading around her. Buffy looks glad but then worried as the rest of the people in the circle look angry. AR Dawn punches the leader who falls back and then looks at OR Dawn.

        AR Dawn: You take care of half.

        OR Dawn looks a little disorientated but nods. She closes her eyes as Buffy and the others watch. However some of Clare's people approach them. Kelly is suddenly pulled upwards and begins to choke. Xander tries to support her but Kelly involuntarily kicks him in the face. AR Dawn swings a punch knocking back two of Clare's people. The leader punches forward with his arm, not hitting AR Dawn, but she still flinches slightly; he is obviously more powerful than the others. OR Dawn's eyes glow green and she begins to run. She punches the man attacking Kelly and he loses control. Kelly falls to the ground, and Xander, blood running down his face, crouches to help her. Buffy and the others watch in amazement as both Dawns begin to annihilate Clare's people around them. AR Dawn kicks one, while OR Dawn smashes another into the ground. The camera spins round them both as the stand back to back with those of Clare's people approaching.

        AR Dawn runs forward and roundhouse kicks one of Clare's people into another. The leader, wounded quite severely, approaches OR Dawn looking angry. She turns to him.

        OR Dawn: You wanna see ruin?

        She steps towards him and grabs him by the neck, as he did to her before. She swiftly snaps his neck and he falls to the ground. She continues to stare at him.

        OR Dawn: Well there ya go.

        Buffy and the others begin to approach, as does AR Dawn.

        AR Dawn: Wish I'd thought of that when I killed him.

        OR Dawn looks at her confused for a second and then realises.

        OR Dawn: You were in my position?

        AR Dawn: Uh huh. Gotta say it's better from this angle.

        OR Dawn: I can imagine.

        AR Dawn: You won't have to.

        OR Dawn looks at her and nods.

        OR Dawn: Right?when should I-

        AR Dawn: You'll know. Anyway, I can't stay here for too long. Big-ass conflict with they two of us in the same reality.

        OR Dawn: Oh. Well?thank you.

        AR Dawn: It's ok.

        AR Dawn smiles and then looks more serious.

        AR Dawn: The guy that died?it wasn't our fault.

        OR Dawn's smile fades.

        AR Dawn: It just happened. Don't dwell on it.

        OR Dawn hesitates and then nods. AR Dawn begins to glow green and then she fades. Buffy and the others approach Dawn?our Dawn. Kelly has a noticeable limp, Xander is helping her.

        Buffy: She's gone?

        Dawn: Yeah.

        Xander: It's a shame she couldn't help with our Malachi problems.

        Dawn: She couldn't?she wasn't here for that.

        Willow: Well she did good with what she was here for.

        Willow looks around. Dawn does too and nods pensively.

        Buffy: So did you.

        Dawn looks at Buffy. She smiles and the two of them hug tightly. They part after a few seconds and then Dawn looks at the others.

        Dawn: We should get back.

        Xander: Yeah?wherever we are right now, it's not good.

        Dawn looks serious but shrugs.

        Dawn: You're right.

        Kelly: What about Paula. All those people are?well how are we gonna explain that?

        Buffy: We'll find a way.

        Buffy looks at Dawn kindly. Dawn shares her look as she begins to glow green. Everyone vanishes.

        Cut to Kelly, Xander, Willow, Heather, Giles and Buffy sat on a rug having a picnic in Darkley.

        Willow: It's a nice day. Been a long time since we did something like this.

        Heather: I must say it's a nice change.

        She looks annoyed suddenly.

        Heather: Kelly did you take the last jam donut?

        Kelly is seen biting a donut. She freezes looking awkward and swallows.

        Kelly: I'm wounded?I may need several more to recover properly.

        Heather can't help but laugh, as do the others.

        Xander: That's my girl.

        He puts his arm around Kelly. Giles looks over in the distance.

        Giles: Is Dawn all right?

        Buffy looks over and sees Dawn knelt in front of what appears to be a gravestone.

        Willow: She's been there for a while.

        Buffy: I'll, uh, I'll go check.

        Willow nods. Buffy begins to walk over to Dawn.

        Cut to a close up of Dawn. She is knelt in front of a double grave, which shows:

        Miriam Jones Thomas Jones
        1928 ? 1923 ? 2005

        Buffy walks up behind her and sees Siobhan's grave next to it. She stands in front of it in exactly the same way she was shown doing in Bomb Shelter. Buffy turns to Dawn.

        Buffy: Who are they?

        Dawn shrugs.

        Dawn: I don't know?I was just thinking how these always freaked me out. It's like?they're waiting for her?for when they can fill in the gap.

        Buffy looks serious.

        Buffy: Maybe you should come back and join the others.

        Dawn looks at her.

        Dawn: I'm ok. I really am.

        Buffy: You've been through a lot lately. More than usual.

        Dawn: And for some reason?I feel more at peace than I have done since?since before I knew about what I am. Even then I don't think I was truly happy. Maybe I get to be happy now.

        Buffy: I hope so.

        Dawn smiles and stands up. She looks at the Jones' grave and then at Siobhan's.

        Dawn: Maybe she's waiting. And Chris, Julia, Tara, Anya?mom?Olivia.

        Buffy looks confused.

        Buffy: Oliv-?oh.

        Dawn nods, but doesn't look upset?rather she looks calm and thoughtful.

        Buffy: All I can say is that the brief glimpse of what I saw up there?it's not all bad. Even if it seems like that for us.

        Dawn: Yeah. I get that.

        Buffy smiles. Dawn smiles back.

        Dawn: Any donuts left?

        Buffy: I think chocolate?

        The two of them begin walking back towards the group.

        Dawn: Kelly eat all the jellys?

        Buffy: How'd you know?

        Buffy laughs a little. They walk back to the picnic together. Dawn's smile fades a little as she remembers something.

        Woman #2 VO: -as the ancient power arises, the gateway shall open tearing the world asunder,

        All three of them speak together.

        Woman, Man #2, Woman #2 VO: -and bringing forth utter devastation.

        Dawn shakes off this memory however and goes back to smiling with Buffy.

        THE END
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