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Buffy Episode 9.15 181. Moment of Silence

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  • Buffy Episode 9.15 181. Moment of Silence

    Hi, this is the fifteenth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.15 181. Moment of Silence

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Cut to Buffy sat at the kitchen table, her elbows leaning on the table, her hands supporting her temples. She is staring at the table. Cut to Xander quietly pouring a glass of orange juice nearby, staring downwards. Cut to Kelly sat next to Buffy, sipping a cup of coffee silently. She stares into space. Cut to Giles leaning against on of the kitchen cupboards. He holds a cup of tea in his hands as he stares into space also. He looks up as he sees Dawn.

    Giles: Dawn?morning.

    Dawn tries to form a smile but can't manage it. She just nods slightly. Buffy, Xander and Kelly look at her. Buffy sighs. She looks tired, her face pale.

    Buffy: Do you want some breakfast?

    Dawn: No. No I'm not really hungry.

    Xander: I got a couple of pancakes here that really need some eating.

    Dawn: Maybe later.

    Xander nods and turns the cooker off. There is a short pause as Dawn walks over to the table. She looks at the others.

    Dawn: So?do we know where Willow is?

    Giles takes a sip of tea.

    Giles: I, spoke to the coven in Devon. Althanea, one of the-

    Dawn: I know who she is. What did she say?

    Kelly looks a little awkward at Dawn's tone.

    Giles: She, uh, she thinks Willow is probably in one of the higher dimensions.

    Dawn: So how do we get her back?

    Buffy: We don't know.

    Dawn looks at her frowning.

    Giles: There are an infinite number of higher dimensions Dawn. It would take a lifetime to search even a fraction of them.

    Dawn hesitates.

    Giles: But?I don't think Willow is necessarily in danger.

    Xander: Yeah the woman we saw was the one who told us about Clare and the others. So for once one of our friends isn't being taken by a psychotic terrorist.

    Kelly forms a weak smile. Dawn pauses and then nods.

    Giles: I think she'll return when they want her to.

    Dawn: Right.

    Kelly finishes her coffee and then looks at Xander.

    Kelly: Xander we should uh, probably get going.

    Xander: Right.

    Kelly gets up.

    Dawn: Where are you going?

    Kelly: Uh, to see Golda.

    Buffy looks grave. Dawn nods she stares at the ground.

    Dawn: Guess she doesn't know that?

    Dawn looks up. Kelly looks awkward.

    Buffy: She might not turn. She doesn't have to know.

    Giles: But then again she might-

    Buffy: Giles! I know that, ok?

    Giles pauses.

    Giles: I'm just not sure it's fair leaving her in the dark like this.

    Kelly: Giles I don't think anyone likes doing this. But she could freak out if she knew. That's not gonna help anyone.

    Giles nods. Xander looks uncomfortable.

    Kelly: We'll be back soon.

    Buffy: Right. Send her our love.

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Xander: Will do.

    Xander smiles, as does Kelly, and then they walk away. Dawn, Buffy and Giles are left in silence as the door is heard closing. Dawn sits down. Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: Dawn, uh, Siobhan's mom called.

    Dawn looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: The funeral's gonna be on Thursday.

    Dawn: Right. Thanks.

    Buffy's smiles a little and then gets up. Giles looks grave. There is a wide shot of the three of them hurting in their own ways, but quietly carrying on with life as they must.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Special Guest Star:

    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia Flint
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    ALICE KRIGE - Alethea
    LEE GARLINGTON - Mrs Harris
    IMELDA STAUNTON - Paula Dowell
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques
    COLIN FIRTH - Trevor

    Cut to Golda lying on one side on her pillow in her room. She is no longer chained down and is simply staring into space. There is a knock on the door and Golda turns as Kelly and walk in. They smile.

    Kelly: Hey?

    Xander: Hi Golda.

    Golda smiles back.

    Golda: Hi.

    Xander: Thought we'd drop by, see how you're doing.

    They walks towards Golda.

    Golda: Oh, thanks. I'm not so bad.

    She points at a bandage over her bite wound.

    Golda: Kinda itchy, but no big.

    Kelly smiles and nods.

    Kelly: Good.

    Golda's smile fades.

    Golda: Any news on Willow?

    Xander looks serious.

    Xander: Not the helpful kind.

    Kelly: She's?just gone.

    Golda looks sad.

    Golda: It's so weird.

    Kelly: Yeah. But the woman who appeared from the spell?she helped us before. Giles seems to think it'll be ok.

    Golda: I hope so. And all that other stuff is still going on right? With the vampire cure?

    Xander: Yeah. Yeah it is.

    Golda looks serious.

    Golda: No one should have to undergo that. It's so wrong.

    Kelly and Xander look guilty, but Kelly nods. Golda sighs.

    Golda: God I just wanna get out of here and try and help.

    Kelly opens her mouth a little about to speak and then pauses.

    Kelly: Yeah.

    Golda: How much observation can they do? I'm totally fine.

    Kelly smiles as best she can. Xander bites his lip.

    Xander: I'm sure it'll be soon.

    Golda smiles. Kelly smiles back with a hint of awkwardness in her eye. She glances at Xander who tries to avoid her gaze.

    Cut to the phone ringing in the Summers' house. Buffy picks it up.

    Buffy: Hello?

    Heather: Buffy, ah, hello.

    Buffy: Hi.

    Cut to Heather in an office. She pauses.

    Heather: I, um, what happened?I just want to say, again, how very sorry I am.

    Buffy: Right. Thanks. But that's not why you called is it?

    Heather exhales.

    Heather: Not the only reason, no. Well a few things actually. Firstly we have news about Malachi. I think you might be interested to hear about it.

    Buffy frowns.

    Cut to Kelly and Xander walking into the house. Giles appears.

    Xander: Hey.

    Giles: Welcome back. How was Golda?

    Kelly: Oh, you know, oblivious.

    Giles nods gravely.

    Kelly: Where are the others?

    Giles: Uh Dawn decided to get some air. Buffy's gone to see Heather. There's been some developments with Malachi apparently.

    Xander: Developments?

    Giles: Yes, Heather wanted to talk about it in person though.

    Kelly: Sounds?serious.

    Xander: Maybe they got him.

    Giles: I doubt it. But maybe it is at least something positive.

    Kelly: I hope so. We've had enough negative for like, ever.

    Giles smiles weakly. Xander's mobile phone starts to ring. He smiles as if to excuse himself and walks into the living room.

    Giles: How are you doing? I mean?there aren't any side effects or anything are there?

    Kelly: No?not that I can tell anyway. Willow did great.

    Giles nods knowingly. Cut to Xander on the phone.

    Xander: Hello?

    Woman's voice: Xander?

    Xander smiles slightly.
    Xander: Mom?

    Mrs Harris: Yes.

    Xander: Wow, I?you got my messages right?

    Mrs Harris: Yes, yes we did?uh Xander-

    Xander: I know I should really have called more-

    Mrs Harris: Your father's dead.

    Xander's smile vanishes as his face freezes. He sits down on the sofa and stares into space.

    Cut to Buffy sat down in a chair in what appears to be Heather's office. A door opens and Heather walks in, followed by Trevor. Buffy looks annoyed and looks at Trevor.

    Buffy: What is he doing here?

    Trevor: Good morning to you too Ms. Summers.

    Heather: Buffy, Trevor is playing a large part in the investigation into Malachi and his organisation; it makes far more sense that he explain what is going on here.

    Buffy pauses and looks at Trevor.

    Buffy: I thought you dealt with demons.

    Trevor moves across the room and stands by Heather's desk.

    Trevor: That's just it really.

    Heather turns on an interactive white board. A large diagram is seen on the board, with hundreds of names listed.

    Trevor: On the board are the names of all those we've been able to link to Malachi.

    Buffy stands up and walks towards the board, her mouth open slightly as she frowns. Her eyes focus on a particular part of the list. The camera shows a close-up of:

    John Korilekki
    Vasa Clare Listra
    Luce McAllister
    Jakenos (Ianitor)
    The Judge (Ksyaknara)

    Buffy looks shocked.

    Buffy: John, Clare, Luce and Jake.

    Heather: Yes.

    Buffy looks at Heather.

    Buffy: You know about them?

    Heather: We know what they were. That they were working for the being you knew as The Judge. But it appears that before this John was working for Malachi, or at least those working alongside Malachi.

    Trevor: Connections between the organisation and John broke down around fifteen months ago. Around the time he took an interest in you, Ms Summers.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: Why'd he switch? I mean they both want the same thing.

    Trevor: I think originally they did. But apparently The Judge's plans contrasted with what Malachi's organisation had in mind. Now we're not entirely sure how Clare and the others fit in to the whole scheme, but John is only one of a number of demon connections to the organisation.

    Buffy: Meaning what?

    Heather: Well, we originally assumed that Malachi, Ethan, Webber were aiming to undermine the modern world and therefore gain some form of control. While they still did this?it appears that they have been planning something a lot more drastic. Namely, opening the hellmouth.

    Buffy looks shocked.

    Buffy: That's why Malachi's working with demons.

    Trevor: Yes?but there's more.

    Buffy: Go on.

    Trevor: We thoroughly searched the area you infiltrated. Amongst the blood of the Slayers and demons?we found phials of Malachi's blood.

    Buffy: Why would Malachi take samples of his own blood?

    Heather and Malachi look serious.

    Heather: We found the phials amongst those of other demons' blood.

    Buffy stares, realisation dawning upon her.

    Heather: He's not human Buffy?not on the inside anyway. He's a pure demon.

    Buffy looks incredibly shocked. She stares at the ground and then back at Heather.

    Buffy: You're sure?

    Heather: We've done conclusive tests-

    Buffy: Are you sure it's his?

    Trevor: Yes we are. This isn't the only case like this we've come across. Senator Brucker in the US was a member of The Circle of the Black Thorn. Different organisation but?the same aim. She would have secured the American Presidency for them had it not been for Angel. Luckily for us, Malachi is a wanted man in several countries and can no longer manipulate his way into power. Others in his organization can, because that list is far from complete. There may well be other pure demons masquerading as ministers in other countries. We need to know more. About them?and about what Malachi might do next.

    Buffy: You have Malachi's guys from the attack-

    Trevor: Yes, we do. But they won't talk to us. We don't have jurisdiction to ?persuade them. But the CIA does. We're handing them over shortly.

    Buffy glances upwards and shakes her head smiling slightly. She folds her arms.

    Buffy: Right, now I remember your policy on criminals.

    Trevor pauses.

    Trevor: It may take time though. We may have a more immediate way of gaining answers.

    Buffy: But you just said-

    Trevor: We want you to talk to them.

    Buffy looks confused.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Xander and Kelly sat side by side on their bed at the Summers' house. Xander looks pale and Kelly looks sad. She puts her hands around his arm and looks at him.

    Kelly: When?

    Xander: Uh?last month.

    Kelly looks at him in disbelief.

    Kelly: Last month!?

    Xander: My mom lost the contact numbers I gave her. Apparently she wasn't even sure where I was, until she found them in her address book.

    Kelly looks sympathetic.

    Kelly: God?Xander?

    Xander lowers his head and stares downwards. He shakes his head.

    Xander: I shoulda kept in touch more. They should have been able to reach me.

    Kelly: Well, I haven't exactly been contacting my mom and dad at all since that letter they sent.

    There is a pause.

    Kelly: We left a lot behind there.

    Xander: Maybe too much.

    Kelly frowns.

    Xander: I have to go there.

    Kelly: Sure.

    Xander: There's gotta be a last minute flight out there.

    Xander stands up. Kelly looks at him as he stands uncertain what to do next.

    Kelly: Do you want me to come with you?

    Xander turns round to look at her.

    Xander: If you want to.

    Kelly frowns and stands up, staring straight at Xander as she does so.

    Kelly: Of course I do. This is important to you?I wanna be a part of that.

    Xander nods. Kelly sighs and then closes her hands around his.

    Kelly: I know what I said last week?might have been a major downer to say the least-

    Xander: Kelly-

    Kelly: I stand by what I said. Cause that's what I believe. But we were saved. And I know Siobhan, and now your dad?but what I'm trying to say is, maybe not everything is as doomed as I thought it was. Maybe this is a new start. And I wanna keep going. With you.

    Kelly smiles. Xander smiles back weakly.

    Xander: Ok.

    He and Kelly's hands fall away from one another and he turns and walks away. Kelly's smile fades as she watches Xander walk away.

    Cut to Xander walking down the stairs. The front door opens and Buffy walks in. She looks serious but smiles at Xander a little.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Xander: Hey. What did Heather have to say?

    Buffy: Uh?it's probably better I tell you all at once. It could be pretty big.

    Cut to Buffy, Xander, Kelly, Giles and Dawn in the living room of the Summers' house. Xander and Kelly are sat next to one another, but are not close. Buffy looks around at the others with her arms folded. Everyone else is looking serious.

    Giles: Well?that's certainly?a development.

    Buffy: Uh huh. Didn't think we'd have to deal with them again.

    Dawn: But they're dead.

    Buffy: Yeah. But if powers like The Judge are involved in this, Malachi just got a whole lot more dangerous.

    Dawn: Why doesn't he just destroy the world if that's what he wants? I mean we know they have a lot of firepower. They could take control easily.

    Buffy: That's what I wanna find out.

    She looks at Giles.

    Buffy: Giles?Trevor doesn't think Malachi's guys will talk. At least not on their own.

    Giles looks serious.

    Buffy: Maybe it doesn't have to get to that. Some of them are ex-Watchers Council, I was thinking maybe you could talk to them.

    Giles: Oh. Well?I'm not sure why they'd be more likely to talk to me than anyone else. I may have known some of them but I don't think that's going to have much relevance now seeing as they'd probably want to kill me.

    Buffy: I see your point. But, it's worth a shot. We don't have anything to lose right now.

    Dawn looks grave as Buffy looks at Xander and Kelly.

    Buffy: Guys I was thinking maybe-

    Kelly: Uh, actually, Buffy me and Xander aren't gonna be around.

    Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: Why?

    Xander: We're gonna see my mom. I, uh, haven't seen her in a long time. I need to go.

    Kelly looks at Xander confused. He avoids her gaze. Kelly gathers herself and then looks at Buffy.

    Kelly: That's?right.

    Buffy: Oh. Well sure, you should go. How are you getting there?

    Xander: Uh?I'm looking through the trusty

    Buffy: The GSPST is taking some of the Slayers back to the US tomorrow. You could go, get a connecting flight.

    Xander smiles slightly.

    Xander: Sounds good.

    Buffy: Great. They pretty much owe us a favour or two anyway.

    Kelly forms a weak smile. Buffy looks around at the others.

    Buffy: So then it's just the other guys working for Malachi. I'm gonna try and talk to them?maybe I can make them see the big picture.

    Dawn: I'll help you.

    Buffy looks surprised.

    Buffy: Dawn?are you sure you-

    Dawn: Yes. They killed Siobhan. I wanna know why.

    The others look grave.

    Giles: I think that the answer to that is because they could. I doubt Siobhan meant anything more to them than a means of hurting Buffy.

    Buffy looks guilty and closes her eyes as she glances downwards. Dawn swallows.

    Dawn: Then I wanna make sure no one else has to go through what she did. I know what to say; I did have a little training at the GSPST.

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: Ok.

    Dawn nods. Buffy turns to Xander and Kelly. She smiles slightly.

    Buffy: Guess you guys wanna pack.

    Xander nods.

    Buffy: Right. Well whenever everyone's ready, we can go.

    Everyone acknowledges this, but they stay where they are. There is a pause.

    Cut to Xander packing in his room. Kelly walks in to the room. Xander looks up. Kelly closes the door behind her and looks annoyed.

    Kelly: Ok?what was that down there?

    Xander looks back at his case.

    Xander: They don't need to know.

    Kelly looks at Xander incredulously and walks towards him.

    Kelly: How can you say that?

    Xander: Everyone here's been through a lot lately. They don't need my problems on top of?everything.

    Kelly pauses. She closes the lid of Xander's suitcase in irritation. Xander looks at her seriously.

    Kelly: These are your friends. They'd wanna know.

    Xander stares away and shakes his head.

    Xander: I don't wanna put them through more grief. Not right yet anyway.

    Kelly: You shouldn't have to pretend that everything's ok-

    Xander: It's my choice.

    Xander looks angry. Kelly looks serious.

    Kelly: I don't wanna see you suffer in silence.

    Xander: I told you didn't I?

    Kelly: I know but?what can I do?

    Xander's expression softens, though he still looks serious. He walks next to Kelly and puts his hands on her arms.

    Xander: You can be you. And that'll be enough for me to get by.

    Kelly smiles, touched by Xander's words. She and him kiss gently for a second. Xander smiles at her, but looks weary. Kelly looks at the suitcase.

    Kelly: Want me to help?

    Xander: Sure.

    Kelly smiles back and opens the suitcase again. Xander looks serious as he starts to pack again.

    Cut to Buffy walking out of a lift into a busy hallway. Giles, Dawn, Kelly and Xander appear behind her. Kelly and Xander are both carrying small suitcases. They all walk down the corridor. Heather and Trevor appear.

    Trevor: Hello, everyone.

    Buffy: Hi. We're ready.

    Heather: That's good. The, uh, prisoners are downstairs. But Xander and Kelly if you'd like to follow me; your flight's ready.

    Kelly nods. Buffy, Giles and Dawn look at Kelly and Xander.

    Buffy: Send our love to your mom and dad.

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Dawn smiles. Kelly looks awkward, but the others do not see. Xander nods and forces a smile.

    Xander: I will.

    Kelly: We'll see you guys soon.

    Giles: Have a good journey.

    Kelly nods and smiles, and begins to follow Heather. Xander looks at Buffy and then follows also. Buffy watches him go and then turns to Trevor.

    Buffy: So?let's go downstairs.

    Trevor: Of course. Follow me.

    Trevor turns and goes down a side corridor. Buffy, Giles and Dawn follow.

    Trevor: By the way.

    He looks back at Buffy as he continues to walk.

    Trevor: There's someone else that will be working with you.

    He looks forwards again.

    Trevor: I believe you know them quite well.

    Cut to a woman turning round in a lower corridor. The lighting suggests this is an underground area.

    Giles OS: Julia!

    He looks pleased to see Julia as she smiles at him, and Buffy and Dawn. Trevor smiles also, but more formally.

    Julia: It's good to see you all.

    Giles: You too.

    They share a smile. Buffy smiles knowingly. Giles looks a little embarrassed.

    Julia: I know things have been less than relaxed these last few weeks. I'm very sorry to hear about Siobhan Bligh.

    Dawn, Buffy and Giles look reflective but then Buffy smiles at Julia.

    Buffy: Thank you.

    Julia smiles sympathetically.

    Buffy: So you got your job back?

    Julia opens her mouth and glances at Trevor.

    Trevor: There are?talks about Ms Flint being reinstated as leader of the GSPST.

    Buffy's smile widens. Julia looks embarrassed but pleased. Giles smiles warmly at Julia. Dawn smiles to herself and looks at Trevor.

    Dawn: So Alethea got busted huh?

    Trevor: Uh?that's one way to put it. Her recent behaviour is being examined to say the least, but she's still working with us.

    Dawn: Fun.

    Trevor: I feel Ms Flint's abilities can be put to good use here as they once were.

    Julia: Thank you, Trevor. But that's enough flattery for now, perhaps we should get started.

    Everyone's smiles fade.

    Giles: Yes.

    Buffy: How many are there?

    Trevor: Eleven.

    Buffy nods.

    Trevor: Once again, I should emphasise that we're not expecting them to tell you everything about their operation. But?whatever you can get.

    Buffy: I have a few ideas.

    Trevor: Good.

    Trevor opens the gate and Buffy and co. walk through. Buffy looks apprehensive.

    Cut to a man sat at a desk, looking bored. He looks up and sees Giles sat opposite him, behind a wall of glass. He smiles.

    Man: Well, well, well. Never thought I'd see the day when Mr Rupert Giles would be interrogating me.

    Giles smiles to himself slightly and then leans back.

    Giles: We've got all day Bernard. If that's how long it'll take to get past the small talk.

    Man (Bernard): But that's the best part. Surely you remember-

    Giles: Anything we did as colleagues is irrelevant now.

    Bernard: Really? Funny that, cause I thought that's why the Slayer got you to talk to us. To appeal to our more?human side, as it were.

    Giles leans forward.

    Giles: I'm trying to appeal to your logical side.

    Bernard: Is that so?

    Giles: Yes Bernard. Now, it appears I was wrong when I thought I knew what kind of a man you were?but do you really think working for a pure demon is going to bring about rewards?

    Cut to Buffy with another man. This one is handcuffed to the desk. Dawn is watching from nearby.

    Man #2: Demon?
    Buffy: Malachi.

    The man looks confused.

    Buffy: That's right. Pure demon.

    The man pauses and then scoffs slightly.

    Man #2: You don't fool me.

    Dawn: You're fooling yourself.

    The man looks up. Buffy continues staring at him.

    Man #2: And who are you?

    Dawn: You've been doing a lot of experimenting right? On the Slayers, demons?probably any spare work partners lying around.

    The man looks away, unimpressed. Dawn walks close to the glass.

    Dawn: You're the ones being experimented on. Malachi doesn't care about you.

    The man's expression hardens a fraction.

    Buffy: She's right. You think you being alive or dead is something Malachi is worried about? He has another ten men willing to replace you. They probably already took your spot.

    The man looks at her seriously.

    Buffy: The only way you're gonna survive is if you help us.

    Cut to another man, this time older.

    Man #3: I think not.

    Julia is sat on the other side of the glass.

    Julia: Are you really that willing to throw your life away like this?

    Man #3: I don't have much of a life left.

    Julia: What about the lives of your family? People that you care about. You realise that Malachi will disregard the damage he'll do to all of them.

    Man #3: I have no family. If I had something to lose, at this point, do you really think I'd be doing this?

    Julia stares at him, frowning. The man leans towards the glass.

    Man #3: I understand perfectly, what Malachi is, and is capable of. So if this was an attempt to make me see how I've been mislead, or misinformed?it won't work.

    Julia stares into the man's eyes, seeing nothing but malice in them.

    Cut to Xander staring out of a plane window. Kelly is sat beside him leaning on her chair.

    Kelly: I can never sleep on planes.

    Xander: I don't think I could right now anyway.

    Kelly looks grave and puts her hand on Xander's. Xander looks at it and then at Kelly.

    Xander: I think I need some alone time right now. If that's ok.

    Kelly frowns slightly but then her expression softens and she nods.

    Kelly: Sure.

    Xander smiles momentarily and then stares out of the window. Kelly sighs and then gets up and walks down the aisle. The plane is revealed to be quite small, but spacious as a private jet. Kelly walks past several girls sat in adjacent seats. Some of them have bandages over them. One of them makes eye contact with her. Kelly smiles and the girl smiles back sadly, and shifts to show a large scar down the side of her face. Kelly looks sad as she passes by.

    Kelly walks into back of the plane, and hears someone crying in one of the toilets. She frowns and knocks on the door. There is silence. Kelly walks in and sees a girl crouched next to the toilet, her face stained with tears. Kelly frowns as the girl looks up at her.

    Cut to Kelly sat on the toilet seat, the girl sat next to her. They look as if they have been there for several minutes.

    Kelly: Are you ok now?

    The girl nods slowly, not looking at Kelly. Kelly looks unconvinced.

    Kelly: Maybe I should get one of the other girls, are any of them your friends?

    The girl shakes her head.

    Girl: There wasn't much bonding at torture camp.

    Kelly hesitates. The girl looks at her.

    Girl: You're a Slayer too aren't you?

    Kelly: Yeah.

    Girl: Why weren't you taken?

    Kelly: I?

    Kelly hesitates.

    Kelly: Don't know. But, they did experiment on me, once.

    Girl: Once, huh?

    Kelly: Well obviously it wasn't as bad as what you've gone through but?I do know what's it's like to-

    Girl: No. You don't.

    Kelly: It's gonna get better though. Believe me, I-

    Girl: Stop pretending like you know me.

    Kelly frowns.

    Girl: They experimented on me. Every. Day. For months. I have no idea what kind of stuff they put in me. What's still in there. And what they took.

    She starts to choke up as she says the last words. Kelly frowns.

    Kelly: What they took?

    The girl looks tearful and pulls up her shirt a little to show a large scar across her stomach. Kelly looks shocked.

    Girl: I was pregnant. They let it grow. They let me think it was gonna be ok. And then they took it.

    She begins to cry heavily.

    Girl: They cut my baby out of me! And that's something you can never understand.

    Kelly looks horrified. A woman opens the door frowning.

    Woman: Is everything all right?

    Kelly holds up her hands, looking uncomfortable and walks out hurriedly. She walks back down the aisle and sees Xander asleep. She hesitates and then walks up to him. She looks pale. She slowly sits beside him and leans against him, her hand clutching his once again. She looks as if she doesn't want to let him go.

    Cut to Xander getting off the plane, now in the US. Kelly gets off behind him. A woman smiles at them at the bottom of the steps, several of the Slayers stood around nearby. Kelly looks anxious as she sees the pregnant girl from before approach her. Xander looks confused, as the girl smiles weakly.

    Girl: Hi.

    Kelly: Hey.

    Xander seems to realise there is tension.

    Xander: I'll just go and talk about our return flight.

    Kelly: Ok.

    Xander walks away. The girl watches him walk away and then looks at Kelly.

    Girl: I'm sorry I freaked out, before.

    Kelly: It's ok, really-

    Girl: No, I don't have any right to treat you like that. You're part of the people that saved us. I never met, uh, Buffy Summers, but I admire her. And you.

    Kelly smiles, touched. The girl smiles back, but looks tearful.

    Girl: So I guess this is where my life begins huh?

    Kelly looks sympathetic.

    Kelly: Yeah it does. And things are gonna get better, ok?

    Girl: Yeah?they have to.

    She nods to herself.

    Kelly: Just remember?you're stronger than a hell of a lot of people. In more ways than one.

    The girl smiles, some of her confidence restored in hearing these words.

    Girl: Thanks.

    Xander reappears.

    Girl: Well, I better go. Good luck with fighting and stuff.

    Kelly: You too.

    The girls smiles one last time and rejoins her group as they walk away. Kelly and Xander watch them for a second.

    Xander: Everything ok?

    Kelly: Uh?yeah.

    Kelly looks at him.

    Kelly: We should get going.

    Xander nods. The two of them begin to walk away.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Golda sat up in bed, watching television. The screen shows a chat show with "My Husband Left Me For a Demon" in the left hand corner. Several people are arguing on the program. She is eating grapes, looking bored. Heather walks in. Golda turns and looks surprised to see her.

      Golda: Oh?hi.

      Heather: Hello, Golda. I hope you don't mind my intruding like this.

      Golda: No, it's fine. I welcome a change from the relentless assault of daytime television.

      Heather smiles awkwardly. Golda smiles back.

      Golda: Grape?

      She holds out a bowl. Heather shakes her head.

      Heather: I'm all right, thank you.

      Golda shrugs and eats another grape. Heather looks awkward.

      Heather: I wanted to make sure you were all right.

      Golda: Well I feel fine, but apparently there are some more tests and stuff. So I'm still here.

      Heather: I think that's for the best.

      Golda: Why? I mean look-

      She takes the bandage off of her bite wound to show that it has almost completely healed over.

      Heather: Yes, I see your point.

      Golda sighs.

      Golda: So, the vampire cure.

      Heather looks alarmed.

      Golda: You found out who stole it yet?

      Heather relaxes and shakes her head.

      Heather: No, no we haven't. But, some of my colleagues have been fired because of it. Because we said it didn't exist.

      Golda: Oh. Well, I guess it was never really a good idea to pretend. Might as well be honest with the world now that they know so much already.

      Heather looks award and nods slightly. Golda frowns.

      Golda: Ok, is there something else bugging you? Cause, you keep doing that look.

      Heather looks at her.

      Golda: That one.

      Heather: Oh, uh, it's just everything that's happened recently. Willow's still missing, and even the best efforts of those most capable of finding her aren't doing any good at all.

      Golda frowns.

      Heather: And we still have to face the fact that most of the world is still adjusting to the demon revelation.

      Golda: Yeah. What about Malachi? Any news on him?

      Heather: Not yet. But, Buffy and the others are trying to get information as we speak. Hopefully they'll be successful.

      Golda: The only way is up from here, right?

      Heather pauses and then nods. Golda smiles kindly.

      Heather: Well I better be going. I'll, uh, see you soon I'm sure.

      Golda: Yeah, sure.

      Heather smiles and walks out, her smile disappearing. Golda turns back to the television. She rubs her eye slightly, however. As she moves her hand away, it is clearly visible that her eyes have a tint of yellow to them. Golda continues watching the screen, oblivious.

      Cut to Xander and Kelly walking down a suburban street. Xander looks at the gates.

      Xander: It's this one.

      Kelly: Oh, ok.

      Kelly opens the gate. Xander looks at the house, and stops walking. Kelly stands on the other side of the gate and looks at Xander. She looks troubled.

      Kelly: We've come this far.

      Xander looks at her and then nods. He and her slowly walk down the garden path towards the house. Xander rings the doorbell. He and Kelly wait, anxiously. The door opens. Xander's mother is stood in the threshold. She looks relieved to see Xander.

      Mrs Harris: Oh?God, Xander!

      She embraces Xander, and the two stand hugging for several seconds. Xander's mother looks tearful as she stares upwards. Xander closes his own eyes. Kelly looks glad to see them reunited.

      Xander: It's good to see you mom.

      Mrs Harris: Oh yes. You too sweetie.

      They part, but Xander's mum holds his arms, as if she needs them to support her. A hint of sadness taints the joy in her eyes at seeing her son again. She then notices Kelly..

      Kelly: Hi, I'm-

      Mrs Harris: Kelly?

      Kelly: Right.

      Mrs Harris: Yeah, of course, Xander said you'd be coming. I'm glad you're here.

      Kelly smiles, and Xander's mum smiles back. She then looks at Xander.

      Mrs Harris: Well, uh, you should come inside.

      Kelly: Thanks.

      The three of them head inside the house.

      Cut to Buffy and Dawn sitting opposite a fourth man, glass between them. He smirks.

      Man #4: The Slayer and her little sister meant to make me crack eh?

      Buffy: Maybe we can make you look a little more closely at what's going on here. You've been torturing girls for months. It's sick.

      Man #4: My heart bleeds.

      Dawn: Yeah, well maybe you don't care about that, because you're a pathetic excuse for a human being. But you are human. Which Malachi isn't.

      The man looks serious.

      Buffy: News to your ears huh?

      The man laughs dismissively.

      Man #4: Piss off. You think I'd listen to you two?

      Buffy: Yes. Malachi is a demon. You're roll in his plan is nothing more than a means to an end. You don't register as anything other than a tool. When he's done with you, he'll treat you like you've treated these girls. And I'm guessing that time's gonna be pretty soon.

      The man looks slightly worried now.

      Man #4: How can I trust you?

      Buffy: That's something we're just gonna have to skip for now.

      The man looks uncomfortable.

      Buffy: We can give you protection.

      Man #4: Against the end of the world eh?

      Buffy looks serious.

      Dawn: You know about that?

      Man #4: I overheard?something about?an apocalypse.

      Buffy: Tell us.

      The man hesitates.

      Man #4: He'll kill me. He has ways you know.

      Buffy: Not if we kill him first.

      The man shakes his head.

      Man #4: Not as easy as you think.

      Buffy: We know he has teleporting devices.

      Man #4: No, not that! He's?

      The man hesitates. Dawn frowns.

      Man #4: He's gonna try and ascend.

      Buffy and Dawn look shocked.

      Cut to Xander's mother pouring tea into a cup in what appears to be her living room. Kelly and Xander are sat on a sofa nearby.

      Mrs Harris: We all saw you on the television and, well, everyone was excited. Your cousin Carol has been keeping up with the Slayer fashions.

      Xander: That's?great for cousin Carol.

      Mrs Harris gives him the cup of tea and then sits back with one of her own.

      Mrs Harris: I was almost expecting you to come with a trail of bodyguards or something.

      She laughs.

      Xander: We're not that high profile mom.

      Mrs Harris: Oh. I see.

      She smiles.

      Mrs Harris: Well it was certainly strange?knowing the whole world can see your boy. And his own family couldn't reach him.

      Xander and Kelly frown. Mrs Harris sips her tea, looking vague but then smiles.

      Mrs Harris: You know, it certainly explains Anya's, uh, relatives Xander.

      Kelly looks sad. Xander looks serious.

      Mrs Harris: And a lot of the things that happened back in Sunnydale, I mean?sewer outbreaks were a little hard to believe, but now it all makes a lot more sense-

      Xander: We need to talk about dad.

      Mrs Harris looks uncomfortable.

      Mrs Harris: I don't suppose you'd like a refill Kelly? I love herbal teas, I've been collecting-

      Xander: Mom!

      Xander looks at her. Mrs Harris looks serious. Kelly looks awkward.

      Kelly: Actually, could I use your bathroom?

      Mrs Harris: Oh, uh, yes of course, it's down the hall on the left.

      Kelly: Thanks.

      Kelly hesitates and then gets up and walks out of the room. Xander looks at his mother who closes her eyes and exhales. She then looks back at him.

      Mrs Harris: I'm not sure what there is to discuss.

      Xander: I wanna see him.

      Mrs Harris: The cemetery's about ten minutes away-

      Xander: I want you to come with me.

      Xander's mum shifts uncomfortably.

      Mrs Harris: I don't think I can do that.

      She stands up, picking up the tray as she does. Xander stands up also.

      Xander: Why?

      Mrs Harris: I made my peace with your father Xander, there's no point bringing up the past again.

      Xander: Yeah, you had your chance to do what you needed to do mom. I didn't; until now.

      Mrs Harris stares at him.

      Mrs Harris: I don't see what help I can be-

      Xander: You can help me. Maybe we can help each other.

      Xander holds out his hand, but his mother recoils from his touch. She shakes her head thoroughly. Xander frowns.

      Xander: I know what he did to you. To us.

      Mrs Harris: You weren't married to him. There are some things you didn't see.

      Xander: Just because he didn't hit me doesn't mean I had a perfect time.

      Xander's mother looks at Xander, her expression now a mixture of anger and sadness.

      Mrs Harris: You haven't been here Xander, you've been out there.

      She flicks her arm out randomly as she says "there.

      Mrs Harris: I resent you for that.

      Xander: Why would you-

      Mrs Harris: (shouting) Because you've had a better life than me!

      Xander looks surprised at her tone.

      Mrs Harris: You didn't have to watch your father drink himself to death for the last seven years. You haven't needed marriage counselling three days a week. You weren't trapped?here!

      Xander's mother looks angry and tearful. Xander stares at her.

      Xander: The door was always open mom.

      Mrs Harris: No it wasn't Xander, it was not. I couldn't leave you. Or him. I didn't have another life I could escape to. And I see you?on the television?doing amazing things, like saving the world?and I am so jealous of how free you are.

      Xander: I'm not gonna let you make me feel bad for doing what I do.

      Mrs Harris: No?of course you shouldn't.

      Xander: And you know this isn't my ideal choice in life either. Me, and Buffy and the others do what we can do, but I've never seen so much despair as I have these last few years mom.

      The camera shows Kelly stand behind him looking sad. Xander's mother looks at him sadly, but calmer now.

      Xander: But you're right. I did get out of here, because I needed to. Now you can. You don't need herbal teas, or counselling sessions anymore mom. Life isn't inevitable for you. You can be free.

      Xander's mother stares at him, and smiles a fraction realising he's right. Kelly smiles also as she hears Xander modify her own advice. Xander walks up to his mother, as Kelly walks away to give them a moment.

      Xander: You know?dad did a lot of stuff I hated him for. But he was still dad. Sometimes I think he did the best he could with what he knew. So that's why I need to go there. And I need you to come with me.

      Mrs Harris looks serious but then nods. She and Xander hug, their problems resolved.

      Cut to Dawn, Buffy and the man in the cell.

      Dawn: But?if he's already a demon-

      Man #4: Then half the work's already there. He has to wait for the?right time.

      Buffy: When is that?

      Man #4: I don't know. I don't, I swear.

      Buffy stares at him and then nods. Dawn looks at Buffy.

      Dawn: We need to tell the others.

      A high-pitched ringing sound is suddenly heard. Buffy and Dawn stand up looking confused. Armed guards rush in. The man suddenly looks scared and his eyes widen.

      Man #4: Oh God!

      Buffy and Dawn stare at him.

      Buffy: You know what that is?

      Man #4: I do.

      The man closes his eyes, and opens them, looking terrified.

      Man #4: (fearfully) Malachi was developing a way of controlling people, he'd implant a chip into their nervous system and use them to do his dirty work from afar.

      Buffy: What's that got to do with the sound?

      Man #4: One of them's been activated! One of them's here!

      Buffy's eyes widen. Cut to Julia in another room, standing up looking worried as armed men come in.. Man #3 is sat opposite them. He smiles.

      Man #3: It's time.

      Buffy and Dawn walk through into the room, followed by Giles. Julia stares at them.

      Julia: What's going on?

      Buffy: Malachi's implanted a chip in someone here. So he can control them.

      Giles: Here!? How!?

      Buffy: I don't know but-

      The man laughs on the other side of the glass. Everyone looks at him.

      Man #3: You really have no hope whatsoever if your own bodies can be infiltrated under your very noses.

      Buffy: Tell us how to stop this.

      Man #3: You can't.

      Buffy looks angry. Julia suddenly gasps. Buffy turns in slow motion to see Julia clutching the back of her neck in pain. Julia's eyes widen in horror as the soldiers slowly move their guns in her direction. The camera zooms in several times and we see under Julia's skin. A chip is there, emitting the sound.

      Cut to Golda sat in her bed. She looks bored. It is getting late. She hears her stomach rumble and rolls her eyes. She slowly gets out of bed, takes a small amount of change from the table next to her and walks towards the door and into the corridor.

      Cut to her walking past a man. She stares at him and seems to be drawn to his neck. However she looks past him as they past one another and arrives next to a vending machine. She takes the money and slots it in. She presses the buttons and a packet of crisps falls out. She reaches down and takes the packet out. As she does so, the sunlight shines on her arm for a second. After a few seconds, Golda scratches her arm absent-mindedly. She gets up and happens to glance at her arm. She frowns, looking surprised. Her arm is noticeably red, from only a few seconds in the sunlight. Golda's face freezes, as a terrible possibility enters her mind. She holds her trembling hand towards the light of the sunset shining into the corridor. She hesitates and then places her hand in. Nothing happens for a second. Then, to Golda's horror, her skin turns redder. She pulls her hand back in pain, her skin almost beginning to blister. Golda stares into space, looking terrified. She drops the packets of crisps, and sways, leaning against the vending machine for support. She looks very pale. She stares for a few more seconds and then turns round and walks down the corridor.

      Cut to Buffy and the others in the cell. Julia stares at the others, who have backed away from her. The sound fades.

      Julia: Buffy I-

      Julia steps forward. The soldiers aim their guns at her.

      Buffy: Don't shoot!

      Trevor appears from nearby.

      Trevor: What's happening?

      Giles: Julia may have been implanted with a controlling device.

      Trevor stares at her, shocked.

      Julia: I?I don't know how?

      Julia looks in pain, and then stares pleadingly at Giles who looks horrified to see her in this condition. Julia cries out and her face contorts with pain. Her eyes then open and she looks calmer. Buffy wastes no time and rushes towards Julia as Julia grabs one of the soldiers. The others shoot. Giles, Trevor and Dawn duck as Julia holds the soldier she grabbed as a shield. Buffy dives past the array of bullets as Julia throws the solider into several others while grabbing his gun. She shoots the soldiers one after the other in the head. Buffy looks up as Julia shoots at the glass between her and the man. The man now looks serious. Julia kicks at the glass between the bullet holes and it shatters as Buffy tackles her to the ground. She and Buffy wrestle with the gun. Julia kicks Buffy in the face as Buffy grabs the gun from her. Dawn runs at Julia but Julia punches her into the glass. Julia grabs another gun lying by a soldier's body. Giles runs towards her but she smacks him with the gun and then shoots through the glass at the man who is shot several times. He slides down the cell wall, bullet spilling from the bullet holes in his chest. Julia doesn't wait to see if he is dead but walks down the corridor in the direction of the next cell. She appears at the entrance. The fourth man is seen cowering against the wall as Julia holds up the gun. Buffy is stood behind her holding the gun in Julia's direction.

      Buffy: Julia!

      Julia doesn't respond. Buffy looks pained, as Giles, Dawn and Trevor join her. She shoots Julia in the leg. Julia cries out and falls to the ground. Her expression softens slightly and Buffy looks hopeful as Julia looks up at them. The man stares at her terrified. Julia stares from him to the others as Giles begins to walk over to her. Julia suddenly looks scared and her hand slowly points the gun at her own temple, as if it is being controlled. Buffy's eyes widen, as do the others. Julia begins to cry as Giles reaches out to her.

      Giles: No!


      Julia: Giles, I can't-

      The sound of the trigger being pulled can be heard.
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        ACT IV

        "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant begins playing.

        Cut to Golda rushing down the corridor in slow motion. She enters a room and approaches a mirror. She closes her eyes and steps forward.

        Her expression changes to show her complete and utter horror at what she is seeing. She puts her hand over her mouth, her eyes filling with tears. The camera moves around slowly to show that her reflection is translucent and faded. Non-lyrical notes are sung during this scene.

        Golda holds up her burnt hand at the mirror, her lip trembling. A tear runs down her face. She closes her eyes as she tries to come to terms with the truth. The betrayal. The violation of her body.

        Take a look at my body
        Look at my hands
        There's so much here that I don't understand

        Cut to a paramedic team taking away what appears to be Julia's body, covered by a black bag, on a stretcher. Buffy, Dawn, Giles and Trevor watch from nearby. Trevor looks grave, Giles looks broken, and Dawn and Buffy cry gently clutching one another hands tightly.

        Your face say these promises
        Whispered like prayers
        I don't need them

        Cut to Xander and his mother standing in front of one of many gravestones in a cemetery, holding hands. Xander's mother cries as Xander stares at his father's grave, unable to say the many things he would have if he only he had time. Kelly watches from the distance looking happy that the two of them are able to share their grief, but also sad due to the circumstances.

        Because I've been treated so wrong
        I've been treated so long
        As if I'm becoming untouchable

        Cut to Buffy and Dawn walking past the other cell, Buffy's arm round Dawn. The third man's body lies against the wall with several forensics standing around taking pictures etc. Buffy stares into the cell momentarily and then looks forwards again as they pass.

        Well content loves the silence
        It thrives in the dark
        With fine winding tendrils
        That strangle the heart

        Cut to Golda, now dressed, taking several packets of blood from a cabinet. A doctor is lying unconscious nearby, a cut on his head bleeding slightly. Golda puts the packets of blood in a bag before closing the cabinet door across the camera lens.

        They say that promises sweeten the blow
        But I don't need them, no
        I don't need them

        Cut to Golda walking down the hospital corridor as people pass by oblivious to what has happened to her. She stares at some of them, perhaps wondering if there is anyone she can still trust now. She stares forward, decidedly.

        I've been treated so wrong
        I've been treated so long
        As if I'm becoming untouchable

        Cut to Giles stood dressed in black at a funeral. Buffy and Dawn are stood nearby, looking sadly as a coffin is lowered in a grave. Vanessa, Joe and Lauren are also stood nearby, as are Heather and Trevor.

        I'm the slow dying flower
        In the frost killing hour
        Sweet turning sour and untouchable

        Non-lyrical notes are sung once again, as Dawn and Buffy appear once again dressed in black, but looking slightly different. Giles is also there, but this time so is Siobhan's mother, Andrew and Lloyd. They look on as the last shovel of earth is poured onto the grave as the camera focuses on the gravestone:

        Siobhan Bligh
        1986 ? 2005
        She fought. She saved.
        She will not be forgotten.

        Golda walks out of the hospital, past a crowd of people as a man gives a speech about an important demonic issue. Golda does not pay attention, their worries meaningless to her now.

        Oh, I need the darkness
        The sweetness
        The sadness
        The weakness
        Oh, I need this

        Cut to Xander, Kelly and Xander's mother walking away throw the graveyard. Xander's mother smiles at them both and the three of them continue to walk on.

        I need a lullaby
        A kiss good night
        Angel sweet love of my life
        Oh, I need this

        Cut to an empty, dark hospital room. The Sun has now set. The room is dark until a blinding light is emitted from the centre.

        I'm the slow dying flower
        In the frost killing hour

        A figure is lying on the floor. They look around looking surprised. It's Willow.

        Sweet turning sour and untouchable

        THE END
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