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Buffy Episode 9.14 180. Catch the Sunset

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  • Buffy Episode 9.14 180. Catch the Sunset

    Hi, this is the fourteenth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.14 180. Catch the Sunset

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on paramedics carrying Golda out from the entrance to Ethan's secret lair, on a stretcher. An oxygen mask is over her face, and a white cloth is taped across her neck. There is a large crowd and several ambulances surrounding the scene. Buffy and Willow both watch looking horrified, as Golda is carried into an ambulance. More stretchers appear this time carrying Kelly and Xander. Willow looks sadly at Xander. His eyes open slightly as he looks up at the sky weakly. Buffy looks slightly broken as she sees them both being taken into another ambulance. The ambulances drive off as Dawn is brought out, conscious but injured. Buffy rushes over, but so do a news crew. Buffy reaches Dawn and the paramedics as Willow follows.

    Buffy: Dawn!

    Paramedic #1: Buffy right?

    Buffy nods. The paramedic.

    Paramedic #1: Dawn's gonna be all right if we can get her into the ambulance so-

    Dawn suddenly coughs and blood trickles down her mouth. Buffy looks alarmed. We see the scene through the view of the news camera as it zooms in on Dawn's injuries as she is rushed past by the paramedics.

    Reporter VO: Buffy Summers! Can you give us a comment on how you're feeling right now?

    Buffy looks at the camera angrily. The paramedic looks up from the ambulance.

    Paramedic #1: Ms Summers we need to go now, if you're coming-

    Buffy needs no further encouragement and she steps into the back of the ambulance as it speeds off. The reporters walk towards Willow who looks devastated.

    Reporter: Willow Rosenberg, perhaps you could give us a comment or two on how-
    Willow puts her hand up to the camera in disgust.

    Willow: No I really can't, get away from me.

    The camera shows this same scene on a television. Paula is watching from her office. She sips tea slowly and stares seriously at the images. There is a knock on the door.

    Paula: Come in.

    Heather walks in. Paula sighs and puts her tea down. Heather notices the television. She looks angry.

    Heather: I hope you're satisfied.

    Paula stares at Heather seriously.

    Paula: Do you really think I want to see these children maimed and killed to prove a point?

    Heather: Sometimes Paula?I'm not sure.

    Paula looks angry.

    Paula: I never wanted it to come to this.

    Heather: Well, certain witnesses have claimed that Alethea shot at Xander, Kelly, Golda and Dawn. Someone must have given those orders.

    Paula: She was shooting to protect them, I'm sure.

    Heather: From what exactly? The assassin who you sent there?

    Paula: Buffy Summers and her friends involved themselves in an operation, which was both dangerous and none of their concern-

    Heather: Maybe we involved ourselves in an operation that's none of our concern.

    Paula: How can you say that? We're all at threat. You yourself know that Buffy and company can't handle this situation alone no matter what their ideals may be. The demon world is everyone's concern!

    Paula walks past Heather.

    Heather: So what are we planning then?

    Paula stops.

    Heather: Ethan Rayne has vanished, as has Malachi Edison. Half of Buffy's friends are lying in hospital in critical condition. How are you going to miraculously solve all these problems?

    Paula looks Heather in the eye.

    Paula: There are ways Heather. The vampire antidote recovered from Ethan Rayne's lair is being looked into?it may be possible to make more.

    Heather looks shocked.

    Heather: You're actually planning on marketing that thing? After seeing what it can do?

    Paula: It may be the only hope for a huge number of people. Including Golda.

    Heather looks serious.

    Heather: Things aren't meant to be tampered with this way.

    Paula: Allow me to disagree. Saving lives is what I'm here to do. By any means possible.

    Heather: So, to hell with the risks?

    Paula: The risks became irrelevant when the world realised it faces extinction every day. You can either help us try and rectify that Heather?or not. It's up to you.

    Paula walks out. Heather stands where she is, angry with Paula and the situation that they are all in. She looks at the television and sees photographers hounding Buffy as she gets out of the ambulance. Heather looks grave.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Special Guest Star:

    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    MARC BLUCAS - Riley Finn

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia Flint
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    ROBIN SACCHS - Ethan Rayne
    RAELEE HILL - Rebecca Rayne
    ALICE KRIGE - Alethea
    IMELDA STAUNTON - Paula Dowell
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques
    RUPERT EVERETT - Michael Donahue

    Cut to Buffy sat next to Dawn in a hospital room, night. She stares at Dawn looking serious. There is a knock at the door. Giles' face can be seen through the glass. Buffy smiles slightly as she sees him. Giles walks in.

    Giles: Buffy.

    Buffy: Hey?

    Giles: How are you?

    Buffy: I'm?coping.

    Giles nods sympathetically and looks at Dawn and frowns.

    Giles: How is she?

    Buffy: Not so bad, actually. They wanna keep her in another day for observation, but other than that?

    Giles smiles and nods. Buffy looks concerned.

    Buffy: How are the others?

    Giles: Uh, as far as I know, Xander and Kelly are undergoing some tests to see what it is that's inside them. They're still unconscious, but far from critical.

    Buffy nods but looks worried. She swallows.

    Buffy: And Golda?

    Giles hesitates. Buffy looks grave.

    Buffy: Not so good huh?

    Giles: No. Buffy she's consumed vampire blood. She's on the verge of death right now and when she does wake up?

    Buffy looks upset.

    Buffy: I shouldn't have let this happen.

    Giles: Buffy you know as well as I do this isn't your fault.

    Buffy: I asked her to come along. I asked all of them.

    Giles: They went because they believe in doing what's right. They were prepared for things to get out of hand.

    Buffy: I'm not prepared for Golda to die.

    Giles pauses.

    Giles: She might not have to.

    Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: What do you mean?

    Giles hesitates.

    Cut to Buffy sat in a chair in a hospital consultant room. She looks shocked. Heather is stood near the door looking uneasy. Giles is stood across the room leaning against the wall looking serious. Buffy stares from Giles to Heather.

    Buffy: No.

    Heather: Buffy-

    Buffy: Maybe you didn't see what was going on down in Christine's house of fun, but I did. I'm not gonna risk Golda becoming one of those?things. She wouldn't want that.

    Heather: We don't know that. But listen, I realise that you're sceptical, I was as well, but Christine was very close to perfecting the formula, and our experts are working day and night-

    Giles: But they only have one night. Isn't that the point?

    Heather pauses.

    Heather: I think they can do enough to try and eradicate the flaws.

    Buffy: Yeah, you think. You don't know. No one does.

    Heather: Experiments have to be carried out, it's the only way for a cure to be found.

    Giles looks concerned. Buffy stares at Heather and seems to realise something.

    Buffy: You wanna market this don't you?

    Heather hesitates.

    Heather: Some do, yes. In the long run?maybe it will work.

    Buffy: After you use a few hundred dying patients to work on though right?

    Heather: Buffy if it's not Golda it will be someone else, at least try and see that Golda has one chance to wake up tomorrow with a heartbeat and this is it.

    Buffy hesitates.

    Giles: Buffy, as much as I wish there was something else that could be done here?there isn't. Heather's right. Golda will die anyway if we do nothing.

    Buffy looks at him seriously. She closes her eyes and looks to the ground. She opens them again.

    Heather: Buffy?if Golda becomes a vampire?we will be forced to kill her, immediately. A Slayer with vampire abilities is not something anyone would want to face. Yes, there is a chance she may die anyway, but even if she does?maybe then we'll know why. And others may be able to live.

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: You think vampires are a threat? Try multi-millionaire companies fighting over the rights to market something like this.

    Buffy walks out. Heather sighs. She looks over at Giles who has remained silent.

    Heather: I, uh, forgot to mention earlier Giles, the quantity of radiation antidote Buffy and Willow retrieved from Ethan's lair will be sufficient in curing the people affected in Lincoln.

    Giles nods. Heather smiles momentarily and then walks out. Giles stares into space.

    Cut to Buffy staring through a thick glass window. Golda is lying in the room she is staring into, unconscious and attached to a life support machine. There are restrains around her wrists and ankles. The door is bolted shut and has several locks. A figure appears behind Buffy.

    Voice: Thought I might find you here.

    Buffy turns round and sees Riley standing behind her, wearing civilian clothes. He smiles at her. Buffy looks overwhelmed with relief as she sees him.

    Buffy: Riley.

    Buffy hugs Riley who hugs her back. Buffy screws up her eyes and looks tearful as she opens them again. They break away. Riley frowns as he sees Buffy looking upset. Buffy smiles embarrassedly.

    Buffy: Sorry?not in the best place right now.

    Buffy wipes her eyes. Riley looks sympathetic.

    Riley: Yeah I thought as much.
    Buffy nods. Cut to Buffy and Riley sat on chairs in the corridor.

    Buffy: So I guess you've heard about everything.

    Riley: Yeah, the news channels certainly haven't wasted time in telling everyone.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: So?how are you?

    Riley: Uh, unemployed. But, good.

    Buffy looks surprised and then a look of realization appears across her face.

    Buffy: They fired you.

    Riley: They fired a lot of people. Apparently I wasn't what they were looking for.

    Buffy: Someone who'll follow their every wish blindly?

    Riley: Apparently.

    Buffy smiles momentarily.

    Buffy: I'm sorry.

    Riley: Don't be. Buffy, people don't blame you. But I guess you do.

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: I still have to fix it.

    Riley: There's only so much you can do alone. You know one good thing about all this is that the weight of the world's pretty much an equal load for everyone.

    Buffy: What about the weight of one person's life? I know what I have to do but?I'm just not sure I can do it.

    Riley hesitates.

    Riley: You know, back when I needed that operation to fix what The Initiative did to me?I was scared. I didn't wanna lose what I had. But you knew I had to do it. As it was I almost died cause I didn't listen to you. So listen to yourself now. If you know what needs to be done Buffy?don't wait around. Cause time will always run out if you do.

    Buffy is silent but then nods slowly.

    Buffy: You're right.

    Riley smiles and clutches Buffy's hand. Buffy looks glad to have his company.

    Riley: I hate to say it, but I should probably be getting back.

    Buffy loosens her grip on Riley's hand.

    Buffy: Oh.

    Riley: Yeah, I'm going back to Iowa for a while. Think I've had enough fun in England to last a while.

    Buffy smiles weakly. Riley gets up as does Buffy.

    Buffy: Keep in touch.

    Riley: Of course. And you?

    Riley puts his hands on Buffy's shoulders.

    Riley: You take care. And I hope things work out as best they can.

    Buffy: Thanks. Maybe they just might.

    Riley smiles. Buffy hugs him one last time. They break away after a few seconds and Riley walks away. Buffy watches him go. She stands alone in the corridor and sighs.

    Cut to Willow sat in another part of the hospital. She looks very anxious. A doctor appears beside her. The camera shows their exchange from afar. Willow looks relieved as the doctor speaks to her. She nods at what he is saying. However her smile slowly fades and she looks upset.

    Cut to Willow walking into a room the hospital. Kelly and Xander are both lying in beds. While Xander is still unconscious, Kelly is merely staring in the opposite direction to the door. Willow looks at Xander for a second and then at Kelly.

    Willow: Hey?

    Kelly looks over as Willow walks towards her. Her face is pale and her eyes look tired. She manages to form a smile.

    Kelly: Hey there.

    Willow sits on a chair between Xander and Kelly's beds. Willow smiles at Kelly and takes her hand. Kelly looks grateful for Willow's company. The two sit in silence in the quiet room.

    Cut to Buffy walking along the corridor of the hospital. A young woman walks in the opposite direction. She looks at Buffy for a second and then looks shocked.

    Woman: Oh my God!

    Buffy turns and looks surprised.

    Woman: Buffy Summers!?

    The woman looks delighted and rushes towards Buffy.

    Woman: Oh my God! You're really her!

    Buffy: Uh, yeah, I am-

    Woman: You are so totally cool, all my friends back in Florida are gonna be sooo jealous when I tell them I met you! Do you think you could sign this?

    The woman holds out a small notepad. Buffy smiles awkwardly.

    Buffy: Sure.

    The woman smiles widely as Buffy takes the pad.

    Woman: Thank you so much! God wow, you know you really are so inspiring.

    Buffy signs the name and stares at the woman.

    Woman: Seriously! Everyone I know is like, wow, this woman who just came out nowhere has been saving the world all this time and we just took it all for granted. It just?sucks that all this bad stuff happens to you.

    Buffy smiles genuinely as the woman smiles back.

    Buffy: Yeah, yeah it does. But it's good to know I'm doing something right at least.

    Woman: You are! You know I'm surprised you're not like hounded by people all day.

    Buffy: And thank God I'm not.

    The woman laughs a little.

    Woman: Well, thanks! Good luck with stuff, an' all!

    Buffy smiles and nods.

    Buffy: Thanks. Take care.

    The woman nods enthusiastically and walks away. Buffy stares after her and looks deep in thought.

    Cut to a house in suburbia. Cut to inside the house. Andrew is on the phone. He twiddles the cord with his fingers and looks impatient. He sighs after a few seconds and puts the phone down. Lloyd appears from another room.

    Lloyd: No luck?

    Andrew: No. Dawn's cell phone isn't responding. And I don't expect they're at home right now?

    Lloyd frowns.

    Lloyd: Maybe with everything that's going on we should just leave it for a bit yeah? They'll ring when they get the chance.

    Andrew nods.

    Andrew: I just feel kinda helpless. It sucks that they have to deal with all of this.

    Lloyd: Hon it ain't your fault this happened. And you don't need to deal with it. We don't.

    Andrew: I know?it's just if this happened this time last year we would.

    Lloyd: Believe me, you don't want that kind of fame. I'm worried about everyone too?but I don't think either of us belongs there anymore. We left because we wanted to get away from all that didn't we?

    Andrew nods.

    Andrew: Yeah. You're right.

    Lloyd puts his hand on Andrew's shoulder. Andrew smiles.

    Andrew: Hey, maybe I could call Siobhan. See if she knows whether Dawn's changed her cell phone. You know?just to check everything's ok.

    Lloyd smiles.

    Lloyd: Go for it. Fancy lunch?

    Andrew starts dialling.

    Andrew: Sure.

    Lloyd walks away. Andrew puts the phone to his ear. He waits a few seconds.

    Andrew: Hey, Siobhan? Hi it's Andrew.

    The camera moves away from Andrew across the room.

    Andrew OS: Oh I'm good. You? Yeah, yeah I saw?I was trying to get through to them actually.

    The camera moves across the window. Malachi is seen looking through at Andrew. He smiles.
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    ACT II

    Cut to outside Lincoln hospital, morning.. Security teams are preventing crowds of people including newsgroups from entering the building. Some people are being searched and identified by several men. One the security men nods and a man and woman walk through into the hospital. Michael Donahue from Pandora's Box is talking to a reporter. The scene is seen through the view of the news camera.

    Michael: All I can tell you currently is that Kelly Rivers and Alexander Harris are both stable, but the extent of their condition is far from determined. Golda Lawowich is also making a recovery from her injuries.

    Reporter OS: What about reports that Golda Lawowich consumed vampire blood?

    Michael: Well all I can say is that they're incorrect. There was a bite wound but thanks to a large amount of blood donors she's now improving rapidly.

    Reporter OS: And what about Dawn Summers'.

    Michael: She's still unconscious. But doctors are optimistic about her recovery.

    Cut to Dawn walking in the Summers' house. It is eerily quiet. She looks around confused at the silence. She opens her mouth and tries to say "Buffy?" but her voice seems to have vanished. She looks at the kitchen suddenly and sees Chris at the kitchen table smiling and laughing. She looks shocked and walks forward quickly into the kitchen. As she passes the threshold she finds herself in Ethan and Malachi's lair, alone. There is a close up of the right side of Dawn's face. The lower half of a man's face appears next to her ear. His eyes can't be seen as they are higher than the camera shows.

    Man: Boo.

    Cut to Dawn opening her eyes in a hospital bed. She has a bandage over her head. A nurse walks across the room nearby and smiles.

    Nurse: Morning.

    Dawn sits up slightly.

    Dawn: It is?

    The nurse opens the curtains. Dawn turns her head away as light floods into the room.

    Nurse: Uh huh. It's good you were able to sleep for so long.

    Dawn pauses.

    Dawn: Where's Buffy?

    Nurse: Oh, uh, I think she went to check on your other friends.

    Dawn looks confused.

    Dawn: What?

    Dawn suddenly has blurred flashbacks of Golda being carried on a stretcher. She also sees Kelly be carried. There is a shot of blood on the ground from Dawn's perspective.

    Cut back to Dawn in the hospital bed. She looks at the nurse, upset.

    Dawn: Oh God?what happened?

    The nurse hesitates.

    Nurse: I'm not sure I'm the best person to tell you. But I can try and find Buffy for you if you want?

    Dawn: Thanks.

    The nurse smiles sympathetically and nods. She walks out. Dawn lies back on her pillow looking anxious.

    Cut to the perspective of an eye opening. Willow, Buffy, Giles and Kelly, as well as several doctors are seen staring at a person in the bed. We then see that it is Xander who is waking. Buffy smiles at Xander. Xander screws up his eye slightly and then opens them more widely.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Xander: Hey?

    Xander looks around.

    Xander: Hey one and all.

    Willow: How do you feel?

    Xander: Uh, a little weird but?not bad.

    Kelly looks concerned.

    Doctor #1: We'll do the tests now.

    He nods at Giles who smiles and nods. He then looks concerned. Buffy does too.. Kelly closes her eyes and looks worried. Xander notices everyone's expressions.

    Xander: I'm guessing "not bad" is a little off?

    Buffy hesitates.

    Xander: Someone wanna tell me what's going on here?

    Willow: Well?when you were injected back in Ethan's lair?

    Willow hesitates. Kelly exhales quickly.

    Kelly: We're infected with Webber's drug.

    Xander looks confused.

    Xander: But Webber's-

    Kelly: Dead, yeah, but apparently his research isn't.

    Xander looks worried.

    Giles: It seems Ethan and Malachi have continued experimenting. The radiation turning people into demons, manipulating the vampire process, and this?it's all part of their plans to weaken their opposition. Which is, basically, everyone else.

    Xander: So?what does this mean? I don't think many demons are gonna jump at the chance for a bit of my strength.

    Willow: No, but maybe that wasn't the point this time.

    Xander looks confused.

    Buffy: Xander, the drug's not the same one Webber used on Kelly before. It's way more powerful. Magically enhanced. More?long lasting.

    Kelly: It's not meant to bring out the worst in us. It's meant to kill us. Our bodies are just gonna shut down if we can't get this damn thing out of us. It won't wear off this time.

    Xander looks shocked. Kelly looks him in the eye and looks upset. The others look grave.

    Buffy: The effects are starting with Kelly. They're just checking now if?if it's the same with you.

    Xander nods to himself and bites his lip.

    Xander: Guess there's no handy vaccine around this time.

    Buffy shakes her head. Everyone sits in silence.

    Xander: Well ok?so we can sit around thinking about how much this sucks, or we can try and do something about it.

    Giles: That might not be possible Xander. I think Malachi and Ethan might have planned for us to be preoccupied with this.

    Buffy: They're gonna do something.

    Giles: I wouldn't be surprised if they already are.

    Xander looks serious and then looks at Willow.

    Xander: Will, can't you work up a spell or something?

    Willow: I'm not sure that'd be such a good idea. I mean, magic and biology this complex aren't supposed to mix so much.

    Xander narrows his brow.

    Willow: I'm sorry?it's just if I tried, whatever I did could kill you. And me?

    Xander: I get it. Don't worry.

    Willow looks upset. Kelly stares into space sadly. Buffy looks around.

    Buffy: Look, just cause there isn't a vaccine right now doesn't mean that one doesn't exist.

    Giles: Buffy's right. They have a lot of people working on this.

    Kelly: Like they have a lot of people working on locking us up for just existing?

    Buffy looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: They care more about looking good than doing what they should do.

    Buffy: I think you're right. They are worried about how they're seen. And saving lives is probably gonna give them a big thumbs up from the public.

    Kelly doesn't say anything. Xander looks at her, uncertain of what to say. The nurse seen with Dawn appears at the open door.

    Nurse: Hi, Buffy Dawn's awake, I told her I'd come and find you.

    Buffy: Right, thanks.

    Buffy stands up and looks awkward.

    Buffy: I'll be back. I better go and check on Golda too.

    Willow: Ok.

    Kelly: Mmhmm.

    Buffy nods and then leaves. Everyone else is left in silence. Xander looks at the others.

    Xander: What's up with Golda?

    Cut to Buffy and Dawn standing in front of Golda's room. Golda is still lying in the same position she was earlier, unconscious.

    Buffy: I guess the fact that she's still unconscious is good news. We don't know how long it took for Christine?

    Dawn nods.

    Dawn: So we won't know if it worked until she wakes up?or doesn't.

    Buffy: I think it's more whether she'll wake up as her or?not.

    Dawn looks upset.

    Dawn: Guess I got off pretty lightly.

    Buffy says nothing she simply clutches Dawn's hand.

    Buffy: I shouldn't have brought you down there.

    Dawn frowns at Buffy.

    Dawn: You didn't force anyone to do anything Buffy. Bad things happen to people. That's all there is to it.

    Buffy looks at Dawn sadly. Dawn looks at her and gathers her thoughts.

    Dawn: Malachi?and Ethan, has anyone-

    Buffy: Not yet. But they can't hide forever. They keep doing what they're doing and one day?they'll slip up.

    Dawn nods but then frowns. Cut to a flashback of Dawn, Kelly, Xander and Golda inside Ethan's lair. There are shots of Rebecca. Cut back to Dawn in the corridor.

    Dawn: There was a woman.

    Dawn turns to Buffy.

    Buffy: What?

    Dawn: In Ethan's lair. The assassin?

    Buffy: What about her?

    Dawn looks serious.

    Cut to everyone in Xander and Kelly's hospital room. Xander is lying in his bed, and Kelly in hers, with Buffy, Giles, Dawn and Willow stood around the room.

    Giles: Daughter!? Are you sure?

    Dawn: Well she said "hello daddy", so unless something gross is going on, I'm thinking yeah.

    Buffy looks a little disgusted.

    Giles: Uh, yes well if she really is his daughter then this may prove an advantage to us.

    Kelly: I don't know if everyone else had amnesia, but I remember her attacking us before she saw Daddy Dearest. Just cause she attacked him doesn't necessarily mean she's on our side.

    Willow: But at least she's more interested in killing him than us.

    Xander: She mighta already got that last part covered. They were gone when you found us right?

    Buffy: Yeah. Not a trace. And who else do we know that can do that?

    Giles: Malachi?

    Buffy: Right.

    Kelly: Maybe he was the one who?injected us.

    Xander looks serious.

    Xander: And took father, daughter and all the little vampires back to one of the other strategically positioned secret lairs full of bombs and drugs. Fun for all the family.

    Giles smiles weakly.

    Buffy: Heather and her guys have gotta have more than one source of intelligence. They need to find them.

    Giles: Easier said than done.

    Buffy: They did it before. And if we work with them then?what happened last time won't happen again.

    Xander: Buff We're not exactly in a position to infiltrate right now.

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: I'm talking about after you get better.

    Kelly: You mean when we get this currently non-existent drug?

    Xander looks grave.

    Kelly: Look, I'm just trying to be realistic ok? We might not get better. Golda might not get better. Maybe we should take some recovery time before we move on to Plan J in finding and stopping Ethan.

    Everyone is silent. Buffy looks from Xander to Kelly.

    Buffy: Yeah. Yeah we should.

    Kelly looks serious.

    Kelly: Buffy I'm not trying to-

    Buffy's mobile phone starts to ring. She looks down.

    Buffy: I should take this.

    Willow nods at Buffy who walks out. Everyone else is left in awkward silence. Cut to Buffy in the corridor. She puts the phone to her ear.

    Buffy: Hello?

    Voice on phone: Buffy?

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: Siobhan?

    Cut to Siobhan at her house. She looks upset.

    Siobhan: Yeah it's me, Buffy listen I think something's really wrong.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: What is it?

    Siobhan: I was on the phone to Andrew just now and we, we were talking and then I heard a scream and then the phone went dead.

    Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: What do you think-

    Siobhan: His and Lloyd's house was on the news. It was broken into and the phone was ripped off the wall. Their neighbours said they saw a black middle-aged man lurking around the area.

    Buffy looks shocked.

    Siobhan: Buffy?they found blood on the floor.

    Buffy hesitates, clearly worried. She then looks resolute.

    Buffy: Don't worry. We'll?we'll find them.

    Siobhan looks tearful. Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: Siobhan has anything happened where you are?

    Siobhan hesitates.

    Siobhan: Now that I think about it?yeah. My mum said some guy followed her home from work last night. He was parked near the house all evening. When she went out there?he drove off.

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: You and your mom should get of the house.

    Siobhan: And go where?

    Buffy: Anywhere you won't easily be found.

    Siobhan: You reckon we're in danger?

    Buffy: You might be. You see anything suspicious?call me and run. Not in that order.

    Siobhan looks worried.

    Siobhan: Ok. I'll get mum.

    Buffy: I'll call back if we find anything. Hurry!

    Siobhan: Right, ok. Good luck.

    Buffy closes her eyes.

    Buffy: Thanks.

    Siobhan puts the phone down. She starts walking towards the entrance of the room she's in.

    Siobhan: Mum?

    Cut to Buffy and Giles with Heather in a consultation room in the hospital.

    Heather: Buffy it's all right. We saw the report and we're working on it.

    Buffy: Working on it?

    Heather: People are searching the area as we speak.

    Buffy: They could be miles from there now. We were lucky to find Giles in Devon.

    Giles frowns.

    Heather: Yes well as we have nothing to work on except a few vague accounts from witnesses and their last known location, we have to follow those facts.

    Buffy looks at Giles.

    Buffy: Will could do a locator spell.

    Giles: I wish it were as simple as that. But I don't think it is.

    Buffy: Look, I know she's been kinda reluctant to do magic since that spell but-

    Giles: It's not just that. Willow would need something physical to work with. We don't have that.

    Buffy looks annoyed.

    Buffy: We have to do something. We need to get out there and find them. We thought Kelly and Xander were supposed to keep up busy while Ethan and Malachi do something worse? Well this is it.

    Heather: If you haven't noticed, there's a pattern with what Malachi and, if he's still alive, Ethan are doing. They take a hostage and then wait for you to come and get it. And that's when they strike.

    Giles: Buffy?I'm afraid she's right.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Giles: If Malachi wants us to try and save Lloyd and Andrew he'll give us something to work with. And then we'll know we definitely shouldn't work with it.

    Buffy: So, what, we're supposed to just wait? Giles I get that Malachi's sense of fun doesn't get old and this might be another trap. I do. But if we go with Heather-

    Heather: We? Buffy, you have no one to fight with you right now except Willow.

    Buffy: I have Joe and Vanessa.

    Heather: I'm not sure it'll be possible to grant them access.

    Buffy: They're trained and experienced.

    Heather: So are our own men and women who are doing exactly what you've just described. I realise you want to be involved first hand with rescuing your friends, but maybe this time that isn't possible.

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: Fine. But you won't save the day without more information. Where are you gonna get it?

    Voice OS: From me.

    Everyone turns to see Rebecca standing in the doorway. She smiles slightly at Buffy. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: Who are you?

    Rebecca: I'm Rebecca. Rebecca Rayne.

    Heather, Buffy and Giles stare at Rebecca, shocked. Rebecca stares back, waiting for their response.
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      ACT III

      Cut to a large furnished room. The caption says "one day earlier". Malachi, Ethan, Rebecca and several vampires suddenly appear in the room. Ethan is on the floor, wounded by the blast of energy Rebecca hit him with. Rebecca looks a little disorientated for a moment and then sees Ethan again. She heads towards him. Malachi nods at the four vampires who then rush towards Rebecca to attack. Rebecca blasts energy at them and they fly back against the walls. Ethan's eyes widen as Rebecca is only a few feet away from him. Malachi takes the gun that was seen shooting both Kelly and Xander previously. He shoots at Rebecca. She turns to look in Malachi's direction just as the dart filled with the Anterraphene drug hits her in the neck. Rebecca gasps and looks from Malachi to Ethan with a look of pure anger as she falls to the ground. Ethan breathes heavily and looks at Rebecca lying in front of him and then at Malachi who lowers his gun and stares seriously.

      Cut to Rebecca with everyone in Xander and Kelly's room. Xander in particular looks distinctly weaker and paler than he did earlier.

      Rebecca: When I woke up I was alone. But I headed further into the lair and found many men, vampires and demons working together.
      Willow: On what?

      Rebecca: On experiments. Most of the subjects were girls. If I'm not mistaken?Slayers.

      Buffy looks worried. Kelly looks angry.

      Kelly: What were they doing to them?

      Rebecca: I didn't stay long enough to find out. But it's nothing unusual. From what I can tell Malachi Edison has people working for him all over the world. People who will readily carry out his every wish.

      Buffy and the others look worried.

      Rebecca: I realised my opportunity was gone. I headed here, as I understand you all have your own reasons for finding my father and his accomplice.

      Rebecca glances around, with only her eyes moving.

      Xander: You said you got injected by something. Why aren't you weak?

      Rebecca: I can cure myself of most common diseases. Even a concoction as efficient as that is hardly a problem.

      Kelly: Can you cure us?

      Rebecca pauses. She holds out both hands and green energy passes slowly from her palms to Xander and Kelly. Rebecca frowns.

      Rebecca: No. The process is already too far gone. I'm sorry.

      The colour from Kelly's face fades even more than it already has done. Xander looks at her sadly. The others look grave also.

      Buffy: Uh?do you know how to get back to where Ethan and Malachi are?

      Rebecca: I do.

      Buffy: That's probably where Lloyd and Andrew are.

      Heather: Um, this is all very well but how do we know we can trust you Miss, uh, Rayne.

      Rebecca: Well?you don't.

      Everyone doesn't look very reassured.

      Willow: Why exactly do you wanna kill your dad?

      Rebecca: Explaining that would take up more time than we have. But believe me, I have good reason to want him dead.

      Xander: Good enough for me.

      Buffy looks at Xander.

      Rebecca: I know our last meeting wasn't exactly pleasant-

      Heather: Speaking of which, how could you not tell me about this before now?

      Kelly: Uh, Alethea tried to kill us yesterday. That doesn't exactly give us the incentive to tell you all we know.

      Rebecca: Alethea? Her organization was the one that hired me to kill my father.

      Heather looks shocked.

      Heather: They?never told me any of this.

      Buffy: Looks like you have bigger trust issues to work out.

      Heather looks serious. Rebecca looks around.

      Heather: The fact remains that you could be leading us into a trap.

      Rebecca: I am not your enemy. Before I thought you were trying to stop me.

      There is a pause.

      Rebecca: If I wanted to kill you, you would all be dead already.

      Dawn: She has a point.

      Buffy pauses.

      Buffy: So?you take us there, we save Andrew, Lloyd and the others and you can finish off Ethan.

      Rebecca: That suits me perfectly.

      Giles: Buffy-

      Buffy: Look, I know I was basically the founding member of the "Let's Save Ethan" club before-

      Giles: That wasn't what I was going to mention.

      Buffy: Oh?.

      Buffy hesitates. Giles looks from Rebecca to Buffy.

      Giles: You're not going to stop this on your own.

      Buffy: I know.

      She turns to Heather.

      Buffy: Heather can you get me some guys?

      Heather sighs.

      Heather: I?should be able. But I'll need time to explain the situation.

      Buffy nods. Heather hesitates and then walks out. Buffy looks at Rebecca.

      Buffy: Is it far?

      Rebecca: Not for us.

      Buffy: Right.

      Buffy looks at the others. They all look awkward. Buffy looks at Xander and then Kelly.

      Buffy: I don't want you guys to think I don't care about what's going on here. I do.

      There is a pause.

      Kelly: We know. Go do what you have to doe.

      Buffy smiles thankfully. She looks at Xander.

      Xander: You heard her.

      Xander smiles back. Buffy looks at Rebecca and then back at the others.

      Buffy: I'll try and be back before the end of today.

      Dawn: Ok.

      Buffy: If Golda?if anything happens, call me.
      Willow: We will.

      Buffy smiles.

      Giles: Good luck.

      Xander: Right.

      Buffy: Thank you.

      Buffy nods at Rebecca and they walk out. Dawn looks worried. Willow seems to think of something.

      Willow: I uh, need to make a call.

      Giles nods. Willow walks out. She sees Buffy and Rebecca walking down the corridors. She takes her phone and dials a number. She puts the phone to her ear.

      Willow: (to herself) Come on, come on.

      Willow waits.

      Willow: Hey! Kennedy!?

      Cut to Kennedy in her room in the mansion. There are many people around her busy working. She frowns.

      Kennedy: Willow?

      Willow: Yeah, it's me, Kennedy listen is everything ok over there?

      Kennedy looks surprised.

      Kennedy: Uh, it's fine if not a little hectic. Is everything ok there?

      Willow: No?not really.

      Kennedy: What's happened?

      Willow: Uh, Andrew and Lloyd have been kidnapped by some guys.

      Kennedy: Oh God.

      Willow: I know. And Siobhan might be being stalked or, or something. I figured they were going after people we knew.

      Kennedy smiles.

      Kennedy: So you called me?

      Willow: I needed to know?you were ok. You are, right?

      Kennedy: I am. It's ok, hon. I'll let you know if I see anything suspicious.

      Willow: Right. I mean, I don't think you're gonna get kidnapped easily cause that sounds a lot like a crowded room.

      Kennedy: One of the most crowded.

      Willow looks relieved.

      Willow: Well just?keep me posted.

      Kennedy: You know I will. You take care.

      Willow: Yeah, you too.

      A woman appears next to Kennedy. Kennedy looks at her.

      Kennedy: Uh, I gotta go. Bye.

      Willow: Bye?

      Willow puts down the phone. She looks anxious.

      Cut to Buffy and Rebecca stood with Joe and Vanessa in another part of the hospital. Joe and Vanessa are sat down and look uncertain.

      Joe: I?see.

      Buffy: Look I know it might look like a long shot-

      Joe: Oh not long, exactly, but pointed and sharp and one of those doubled edged shots.

      Rebecca looks at Buffy unimpressed.

      Rebecca: Your friends aren't interested. Time is running out, we should go.

      Buffy looks from Vanessa and Joe.

      Buffy: Guys I wouldn't ask you to come if I didn't think she could be trusted.

      Vanessa: But that's the point. You think. You don't know. She could be leading us into a trap. I'm surprised Heather just said "ok".

      Rebecca: I have no need for traps or plans. I have the power to do more damage than the bomb that destroyed Lincoln cathedral. But I don't unleash that power needlessly, because for the last seven years my only aim has been to find my father's identity and kill him. And that's what I plan to do today.

      Vanessa and Joe hesitate.

      Buffy: This isn't gonna be like before-

      Vanessa: It's ok, Buffy. I'll help you.

      Joe: Me too.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: You're sure?

      Rebecca: We can't delay with formalities.

      Buffy nods.

      Vanessa: Only thing is, we don't have weapons anymore.

      Buffy: It's ok. We'll get you them.

      Joe: You do realise that if some of the people working for Ethan are, well?people, we're gonna have to-

      Buffy: I do.

      Buffy looks at Joe seriously. Joe and Vanessa get up.

      Cut to Kelly leaning back on her pillow in the hospital room. She is breathing heavily and looks in bad shape. Xander is lying back on his pillow looking pale and possibly worse than Kelly. He looks over at Kelly slowly.

      Xander: Are you cold?

      Kelly: Yeah?

      Xander: Goddamn that air-con.

      Kelly frowns and looks at him.

      Kelly: Why do you always do that?

      Xander: What?

      Kelly: Pretend that everything's fine. That this isn't happening to us.

      Xander glances away from Kelly. He then looks her in the eyes.

      Xander: Gotta stay optimistic; that we can beat this.

      Kelly: Right with the cure they're supposed to be cooking up?

      Xander looks serious.

      Kelly: Maybe things won't turn out the way you want them to this time.

      Xander: I'm not gonna give up.

      Kelly stares at the ceiling.

      Kelly: Maybe I am?

      Xander looks at her confused.

      Xander: How can you-

      Kelly: Xander, I'm tired of people blaming me, people experimenting on me, people manipulating me. I just don't think I can go on fighting and$ something like that happening each time. I got through all those?but I don't think I'm supposed to survive this time. Maybe we're not supposed to. You can't fight fate.

      Xander: That's what we do every day.

      Kelly: No we fight things that might happen. Or could happen. Or maybe even things that'll probably happen. Some things are just meant to happen. And we can't fight those, Xander, no matter what happens. You might as well try and catch the sunset. But you can't. Ever. You try?and all you'll do is burn.

      Xander stares at Kelly. She stares sadly at him and then at the ceiling again, her breathing still heavy and her face pale.

      Cut to Buffy, Rebecca, Joe and Vanessa walking down the corridor. Heather and Alethea are nearby. Buffy looks at Alethea and then at Heather.

      Buffy: What's she doing here?

      Alethea: Someone has to verify whether what you're doing is in the best interests of everyone it concerns.

      Alethea gives Rebecca a narrow stare.

      Buffy: Right, like shooting my friends is in everyone's best interests?

      Alethea glares at her. Heather sighs.

      Heather: We've been able to get some soldiers to accompany you.

      She glances at Joe and Vanessa.

      Heather: Are you sure it's wise to take them?

      Vanessa: Uh, "them" have names.

      Buffy: They're coming.

      Alethea: You're not exactly in a position to dictate what happens. We're helping you.

      Joe: You're helping yourselves look good more like.

      Buffy: Alethea, if I didn't already feel like you were a power-hungry bitch before you attacked us, I sure as hell do now.

      Alethea says nothing. Buffy turns to Heather.

      Buffy: Where are the soldiers?

      Cut to Willow and Dawn outside Golda's room, staring through the glass at her.

      Willow: You think it's good thing? That's she's still asleep?

      Dawn: Buffy thinks so. I'm not so sure.

      Willow stares sadly at Golda.

      Willow: Guess she probably wishes she never came here.

      Dawn: I don't think so. She told me, in Wragby, this is the first time she's ever felt like she's doing what she's supposed to do. Or?was doing.

      Willow looks at Dawn.

      Dawn: I think she was happy.

      Willow: Yeah?I hope so.

      There is a pause.

      Willow: I wish I could do something?

      Dawn: So do I. So does everyone. But we can't. There's nothing that can be done now.

      Willow stares at Golda and then frowns. She looks resolute suddenly.

      Willow: Yes there is.

      Dawn: What?

      Willow stars walking away. Dawn looks confused and looks after her.

      Dawn: Where are you going!?

      Willow: (while walking away) To do what I can.

      Dawn is left standing behind her out of focus.

      Cut to Buffy getting out of a military van. It is now almost dusk. Rebecca, Joe, Vanessa also get out. Two other vans also pull up and soldiers rush out. Buffy looks and sees a large warehouse type building about half a mile away on the straight road. An electric fence blocks their path.

      Buffy: How are we gonna get in there though?

      Rebecca: I escaped from an underground hatch. I'll lead you to it.

      Buffy nods. One of the soldiers approaches Buffy.

      Soldier: Ms Summers, we've been told to follow your orders.

      Buffy looks a little surprised.

      Buffy: Oh.

      Soldier: Just tell us where you want us to go and we'll be there.

      Buffy: Uh, ok. Just follow us for now, we're going underground. When we get inside?stay alert. There'll be demons, vampires?and armed men.

      Soldier: And prisoners?

      Buffy pauses.

      Buffy: Yes.

      The soldier nods.

      Soldier: We'll save as many as we can.

      He turns to the other soldiers.

      Soldier: (to soldiers) Listen up, we're going under.

      He continues talking as Buffy looks at Joe and Vanessa. Rebecca is staring towards the house in the distance. She smiles to herself.

      Cut to Willow walking into Kelly and Xander's room. Both are now looking incredibly weak. A doctor is stood by Kelly's bed. She looks up.

      Doctor: Hello.

      Willow: Hi.

      Doctor: I'm sorry to say that?it doesn't look like there's much time left for either of them.

      Willow looks past the doctor at Kelly.

      Doctor: We're doing what we can to give them a little more time.

      Willow smiles vaguely and nods.

      Willow: I know.

      The doctor smiles back and walks past Willow. Willow makes sure she has gone and then shuts the door. She walks up to Xander. His eyes open slightly.

      Xander: Will?

      Willow: Ssh. Don't try to talk.

      Xander: She left me?

      Willow looks at Kelly, who is apparently unconscious. Willow looks back at Xander firmly.

      Willow: No she hasn't.

      Xander doesn't have the energy to respond. Willow stands back and stands directly between the two beds. She closes her eyes and puts her hands in front of her, parallel to one another.

      Willow: Goddess Persephone, I invoke thee.

      Cut to Buffy and co. in an underground tunnel, leading to Ethan and Malachi's alternative lair. Buffy and Rebecca are a little ahead of the others. Buffy glances at Rebecca as they walk.

      Buffy: Is it much further?

      Rebecca: The tunnel will end soon, but it will take us longer to reach the area where the captives are being held.

      Buffy nods. They walk on, with the footsteps of the soldiers behind them.

      Buffy: You're not human are you?

      Rebecca glances at her and then looks forwards.

      Rebecca: What gives you that impression?

      Buffy: Well the "curing yourself of any disease" kinda hinted towards that conclusion.

      Rebecca hesitates.

      Rebecca: I have the ability to tap into the raw energy around me. It's true that as a result?I am not entirely human.

      Buffy: So part of you is magic?

      Rebecca: The purest form. Like your sister.

      Buffy frowns.

      Buffy: But Dawn's human now.

      Rebecca smiles.

      Rebecca: I'm sure she is.

      Buffy looks confused as they walk on deeper into the tunnel.

      Cut to Giles getting a coffee from one of the vending machines. Heather walks towards him hurriedly.

      Heather: Giles?

      Giles takes a sip from his coffee and then looks over at her as she stands next to him.

      Heather: (quietly) We have a problem.

      Giles looks worried.

      Giles: Malachi?

      Heather: No, worse. A batch of the vampire inoculation has been stolen.

      Giles looks serious.

      Giles: By who?

      Heather: Uh, possibly a member of the general public. Regardless, it could be on the black market in less than an hour. If it gets out that we have this technology at our disposal-

      Giles: I understand. Do you have a suggestion?

      Heather hesitates.

      Heather: I wish I did.

      Dawn: Giles!

      Dawn appears from nearby looking worried.

      Giles: Dawn?

      Dawn: Giles, it's Willow.

      Heather raises her eyebrows. Giles frowns.

      Cut to Willow in Kelly and Xander's room. Her body has begun to glow orange. Her eyes are closed. A doctor appears in the doorway. His eyes widen as he sees what's going on.

      Doctor: What are you-

      Willow's eyes open and the doctor is blasted back into the corridor. An energy barrier has appeared around the room.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Buffy and co. now in a cellar type room.

        Rebecca: We're beneath the building

        She looks around and sees a small door. She reveals a panel on the brick wall with a card slot. She blasts a small amount of energy at it and the door clicks. She looks at Buffy and the others who look impressed.

        Rebecca: This way.

        Rebecca leads them forward. Cut to them walking up stairs. Rebecca turns to Buffy.

        Rebecca: We're here. The prisoners, my father and his associates are beyond us.

        Buffy looks at the door apprehensively as do Joe and Vanessa. Buffy looks at the chief soldier. He nods at her look and looks at the other soldiers.

        Soldier: Prepare for combat. Shoot any vampires or demons you can. Shoot humans only as a last resort. That is, all of them except Ethan Rayne and Malachi Evans.

        Rebecca: I will deal with Ethan Rayne.

        The soldier looks a little intimidated.

        Solider: Except Malachi Evans?there will also be civilians present so watch your fire.

        Buffy looks anxious. She nods to Rebecca who opens the door.

        Cut to Willow in Kelly and Xander's room. Willow is muttering something under her breath. There is now a crowd near the door. A doctor looks at Heather, Giles and Dawn as they appear.

        Doctor: No one can get in she?she won't let them-

        Giles walks towards the entrance to the room. He looks shocked at the scene at front of him. Heather and Dawn join him. They look shocked also.

        Heather: What's she doing?

        Dawn seems to realise something.

        Dawn: Doing what she can?

        A message sounds through the hospital's speakers.

        Voice: Doctor Carter to observation room #4 please. That's Doctor Carter to observation room #4.

        The doctor who spoke before looks slightly conflicted and then heads off. Dawn's eyes widen slightly and she looks at Giles..

        Dawn: That's Golda's room!

        Giles looks worried.

        Giles: I'll try and take care of things here, you go and check on her.

        Dawn hesitates and then nods. She hurries down the corridor. Heather watches her worriedly.

        Cut to Buffy and co. rushing through into a much larger room; the interior of the warehouse. About thirty men and twenty or so vampires and a handful of demons are scattered around the room. People, most of them female, are strapped to benches around the room. Ethan and Malachi are stood in the middle of the room. Buffy runs forward but hits an invisible barrier. A soldier shoots at a nearby demon but his bullets simply hit the barrier as well. Buffy looks up from the ground as Vanessa and Joe help her. Ethan smiles.

        Ethan: Well. Welcome again Buffy.

        He looks at Rebecca.

        Ethan: And thank you dearest. Couldn't've done it without you.

        Buffy, Vanessa and Joe stare at Rebecca who is staring at Ethan, her expression neutral. The soldiers look uncertain as to what to do. Buffy stands up looking furious.

        Buffy: You set us up!?

        Rebecca looks at her and smiles.

        Rebecca: No.

        Rebecca looks at Ethan who's smile fades slightly.

        Rebecca: I set you up, dearest father.

        She slams her hands forward and energy blasts out breaking the barrier. The men, demons and vampire around the room look shocked and move forwards. Buffy looks uncertain what to do, as does Ethan as Rebecca stands towards him. Buffy turns to the soldiers.

        Buffy: Now!

        The soldiers rush forward and collide with Ethan's men. Rebecca menaces towards Ethan and Malachi takes out the same dart gun seen before. Rebecca however is a step ahead of him and blasts it away. She glances at him as if to say "not this time" and then blasts more energy, knocking him against one of the benches. Vanessa punches a man in the face as soldiers and Ethan's men fight across the scene. One of the demons, similar to the large demon seen in Behind Closed Doors attacks one of the soldiers and throws him to the ground while others spray him with bullets. However most of these bounce off.

        Joe helps a Slayer escape from one of the benches and she gets up and looks thankfully at Buffy. One of the men swings an axe down and the Slayer rolls on to the ground as the axe embeds itself into the bench. Buffy kicks him in the face and takes the axe and swings it around, neatly dusting a vampire.

        Ethan tries to run but Rebecca blasts energy at him and he skids along the ground. She walks up to him once more.

        One of the soldiers is knocked in the face with his own gun by one of Ethan's men, who turns it around and shoots him in the neck. The man shoots it in the direction of Joe who dives to one side. Buffy notices a vampire about to bite one of the Slayers. She runs and flips over a bench and kicks the vampire away. The Slayer looks thankful as Buffy slashes her chains the axe. The chief soldier tackles the demon seen before. He tries to punch the demon but the demon catches his fist and breaks his arm. The solider cries out and the demon punches him on the ground. Vanessa grabs what appears to be a drip used to experiment on the Slayers and runs up the demon. He turns to look at her just as she drives the drip into his face. The glass goes straight through and the demon falls back and shakes on the ground as his nerves continue to react to the force.

        Rebecca stands over Ethan and holds her arm towards him. He slowly rises into the air, green energy surrounding him. Rebecca's eyes narrow as she concentrates on her power.

        Malachi slowly comes to and sits up stiffly. He sees Buffy and Joe freeing more of the Slayers and the soldiers, men, demons and vampire fighting. Gunfire litters the space above him as Malachi slowly sits up. Some of the Slayers who have been freed have now started to fight also. One of them slams a man down on a bench and drives a crate of syringes into his stomach. The man cries out but the Slayer is clearly unmoved by his pain. Another is punched by a demon but quickly gains her composure and kicks the demon in the stomach. The demon falls back into the wall and the Slayer grabs a gun lying next to a dead soldier and shoots the demon in the head.

        Malachi heads towards Buffy but Joe notices.

        Joe: Buffy!

        Buffy spins round after dusting a vampire and dodges a punch from Malachi. She kicks Malachi in the stomach and he falls to the ground again. However he grabs a gun and shoots it at Buffy. She rolls on the ground but a bullet skims her shoulder. Buffy grabs her shoulder in pain, blood trickling down her arm. Nearby Vanessa is attacked by two vampires and Joe runs to assist her. The vampire bites into Vanessa's neck but she throws him off. One the Slayers slices through the vampire's neck with a scalpel and he dusts as Joe kicks the other vampire in the crotch and she falls to the ground. Some of the soldiers have used an overturned bench as a barricade and are firing from behind it. They strike several of the remaining men who are fighting and accidentally hit a Slayer who also falls.

        Buffy rushes towards Malachi and kicks the gun out of his hand. She hesitates and is about to swing her axe down when Malachi clicks one of his devices and vanishes. Buffy looks serious and then goes to aid one of the soldiers in taking down a vampire. Most of the opposition are now dead. Buffy notices Rebecca with Ethan and stands back. She then notices an open door beyond Ethan, with a figure tied to a chair visible. Buffy frowns and runs up into the room. Inside, Lloyd is tied to a chair and gagged, his head bleeding. Buffy rushes towards him and un-gags him.

        Lloyd: Buffy?

        Buffy: It's ok.

        Lloyd: I kept praying you'd turn up but?never thought it'd actually happen.

        Buffy: Well you got lucky.

        Lloyd smiles vaguely and then almost collapses.

        Buffy: We need to get you to a doctor.

        She looks back into the main room of the warehouse.

        Buffy: We need to get a lot of people to a doctor.

        Lloyd: Wait?Andrew?where's Andrew?

        Buffy looks around and then notices a corridor leading to a second door in the room. It is lying ajar. Blood can be seen seeping from under the crack in the door. Buffy looks stunned. Lloyd notices where she is gazing. He grows ever paler than he already is.

        "Comforting Sounds" by Mew starts to play. In semi-slow motion Buffy heads to the door, her expression empty.

        I don't feel alright

        Lloyd watches her, perhaps too afraid to follow her because of what he might see in the room ahead

        In spite of these comforting sounds you make

        Cut to a team of doctors and nurses hurrying into an elevator with Golda on a stretcher. Dawn appears nearby and watches as the elevator doors close.

        I don't feel all right because you make promises that you break.

        Cut to Willow still performing her spell. Kelly and Xander both react suddenly as Willow stares upwards.

        Into your house, why don't we share

        Giles watches, in awe of what is happening.

        Our solitude?

        Cut to Buffy still approaching the door.

        It's hard to make sense

        Cut to Rebecca still attacking Ethan, who looks in great pain as energy swirls around him.

        Feels as if I'm sensing you through a lens.

        Cut to Golda being operated on in an operating room. The camera moves towards her still figure from above as the doctors work frantically around her.

        If someone else comes, I'd just sit here listening to the drums.

        The instrumental part of the song begins. Cut to Willow looking down. The room is glowing a faint shade of orange. Kelly and Xander open their eyes.

        Cut to Buffy near the door. She puts her hands on the door and opens it. The stares inside. The camera pans across the room. On the floor, lying in a pool of blood is Siobhan. Buffy looks horrified.

        The music swells as there is a flashback to Siobhan running into her living room at home just after the conversation with Buffy. Siobhan stops abruptly as she sees two men standing on either side of her mother with guns. Cut to Siobhan being tied up in a van. She struggles but it is no use. Her mother runs out after her as the van drives away. Siobhan watches her mother disappear in the distance as the van drives away. Tears run down her face.

        Cut to Rebecca with Ethan. Her resolution unstoppable. The remaining soldiers and Vanessa and Joe stare at her as she blasts even more energy at Ethan. He looks at her pleadingly but it is useless. Green energy envelops him and he explodes into green sparks causing the soldiers, Vanessa and Joe to be blasted back.

        Cut to the van entering through the electric gates near the warehouse as they open slowly. Cut to Siobhan being pulled out the van roughly by the two men. Cut to her being escorted past the Slayers being experimented. Cut to her passing Lloyd. She sees him but he does not see her. Cut to her seeing Andrew also tied to a chair in the room Buffy is now in. She and Andrew make eye contact. Malachi appears next to Siobhan and takes out a knife.

        Kelly and Xander look at one another and smile slightly as they realise they are cured. They then look at Willow. The figure seen last in Tactics when Willow performed the summoning spell is stood next to Willow. The figure smiles and holds out her hand. Willow looks uncertain and then holds out her hand. As the their hands clasp the room is filled with white light. The next moment, they have both vanished.

        Cut to Buffy in the doorway. She sees Andrew tied up nearby, looking weak and crying through his gag. She slowly walks past the blood pool and Siobhan and unties him, tears streaking down her face. She un-gags Andrew, and as she does so he sobs once more as he stares at Siobhan. She holds him close to her as they both look away from the horrific sight. Lloyd appears at the doorway and looks horrified also. He weakly rushes over to Andrew and hugs him as best as he can. Buffy cries gently as she looks at Siobhan once again. All three of them remain frozen in mutual grief.

        Cut to Golda in the hospital. The doctors look grave as there is a straight line on her heart monitor. Suddenly it starts again. The doctors look surprised. Golda's eyes open.

        THE END
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