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Buffy Episode 9.13 179. Pandora's Box

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  • Buffy Episode 9.13 179. Pandora's Box

    Hi, this is the thirteenth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.13 179. Pandora's Box

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted

    ACT I

    Open on a distant shot of Lincoln city. The sun is rising high in the sky. There is a gap where Lincoln cathedral once stood, smoke still looming over the area. There is silence as the camera floats over the city. Suddenly it speeds towards an area of the city.

    The area appears completely closed off as figures in radiation suits walk past. A baby is screaming in a woman's arms nearby, both of their skin scaling over as the effects of the radiation from the explosion begin to show. They are being escorted by several suited figures into what appears to be a containment facility. The woman's face is strained with anxiety and fear as she walks inside. A helicopter flies overhead.

    Cut to inside the helicopter. A female reporter is standing in front of a camera inside.

    Reporter: Currently we're flying over the wreckage of where Lincoln cathedral stood only four days ago. The radiation of the explosion here has actually covered a radius of almost ten miles in the city, forcing thousands to evacuate. Others were not so lucky-

    The camera moves to the window of the helicopter as the reporter continues speaking, showing the ground where crowds of people can be seen being escorted along the roads. Some are being forced along by armed police in suits.

    Reporter: - as they have already been caught by the radiation from the blast and are having to go through emergency procedures to cure the effects.

    The camera cuts back to her face.

    Reporter: However the vaccine needed for this is in very short supply, and it's thought that whoever was behind the explosion that decimated this area was well aware of this. Officials have still made no comment upon how the investigation is going, but as this event has caused the startling revelation that was talked about earlier in the program that supernatural creatures do in fact exist, it's understandable that procedures have been slow-

    Cut to a television station in Argentina. The subtitles show what she is saying.

    News Reader: The government admits to have had former knowledge of the existence of supernatural life forms, but claims it will do its utmost to prevent this threat from escalating out of control in our country, while-

    Cut to St Peter's cathedral in Rome. Once again the subtitles explain what is being said.

    Reporter: The Pope has yet to comment officially on the revelation of the existence of demons, yet other senior members of the Church have quashed claims that these creatures existed before humans, while several fundamental groups have taken it upon themselves to directly attack the demonic world, yet-

    Cut to a news room in Australia.

    News Reader: Our correspondents tell us that crowds continue to flood the capital demanding an answer from the Prime Minister, as the government faces revolution from the people-

    Cut to a reporter standing outside a Temple in India. There is a crowd behind him. The subtitles explain what he is saying.

    Reporter: Several extremist groups are stating that the apocalypse is imminent, yet according to primary sources the planet has already been saved from at least fifty apocalypses in the last century, therefore questioning the validity of-

    Cut to two men and a woman talking on a chat show in Vancouver, Canada.

    Woman: I think it's important to remember that our government has actually been preventing these attacks, and without them many, many more people would have died.

    Man: I don't think that's quite the issue that's at hand here though, I think what people want to know now is whether this procedure will change and what they themselves can do to protect their homes.

    Man #2: Well we advise people to carry on their lives as normal, but just take caution in more secluded areas after dark and-

    Cut to a children's television program in Finland, with subtitles. A man smiles happily at the screen. Strange animals are dancing in the background.

    Man: And remember everyone, always ask an adult before letting anyone inside the house, and don't forget to:

    Animals (singing): Keep your holy water by your side! Keep your holy water by your side!

    Cut to a Zairian woman speaking to a reporter from a village on camera.

    Woman: I think people are very angry that this has happened, our culture has relied upon Adroa and the demons in this area, and now that the authorities to just slaughter them without question-

    Cut to a man talking on camera in a chat show. The words "My Lover is Undead" are printed in small print in the bottom left hand corner.

    Presenter: And when you realised that she was a vampire what did you do?

    Man: Well what do you do really?

    He looks tearful.

    Man: She was there but she was gone?it was something else.

    The man begins to cry into his hands quietly.

    Cut to soldiers kicking a demon on the ground and killing others nearby.

    Reporter VO: The demons were quickly dealt with, despite locals' claims that they were not dangerous. However the government is taking no chances, and has officially ordered officials to shoot all demons on site.

    Cut to a woman talking on camera in Texas.

    Woman: Nah, we think this is all a big hoax, I mean the good Lord would not allow demons to walk among us now would he? If I see it myself then maybe I'll change my mind but-

    Cut to Buffy switching off the television in the Summers' house. She looks tired and sighs as she rubs her forehead with her hand. Xander appears at the entrance to the living room.

    Xander: Hey.

    Buffy looks up. She smiles slightly.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Xander: Think we need to go soon. Fashionably late might not work so well this time. I told our new friends outside that we'd be back later.

    Buffy glimpses out the window. Several security guards can be seen. One is adjusting a security camera outside the house.

    Buffy: Right.

    Xander hesitates.

    Xander: You see the news?

    Buffy: I did.

    Xander: Then you're up to date.

    Buffy: Pretty much.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: God, they were not ready for this.

    Xander: Think they ever would have been?

    Buffy pauses and shrugs.

    Buffy: I don't know. But it shouldn't have happened like this.

    Xander: Yeah. But, it did. So, hey, maybe it makes our job a little easier from now on. We got more people on our side.

    Buffy: We'll see. I just got a bad feeling about this Xand. Some of this stuff?

    She looks at the TV.

    Buffy: How do we fix that?

    Xander hesitates as he appears not to have an answer.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia Flint
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    ROBIN SACCHS - Ethan Rayne
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen Carlson
    ALICE KRIGE - Alethea
    IMELDA STAUNTON - Paula Dowell
    ROSAMUND PIKE - Heather Marques
    ALAN RICKMAN - Harold Lethbridge
    RUPERT EVERETT - Michael Donahue
    COLIN FIRTH - Trevor Young

    Cut to Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Kelly, Golda and Giles sat inside a limo, which is driving along. Everyone is quite smartly dressed, and each of them look awkward, as they sit in silence. Eventually Dawn exhales.

    Dawn: Are they gonna want to talk to all of us?

    Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: I don't know.

    Giles: I would assume they'd like to. The papers for instance?

    Golda: Fighting off the press?not something I imagined I'd ever be doing.

    Buffy: I don't think any of us did.

    Golda nods slowly, and there is a pause. Willow shifts uncomfortably.

    Xander: Will, you ok?

    Willow: Uh, I'm fine, just nervous, you know?

    Xander: I do.

    Buffy: I'm sorry you guys-

    Xander: Yeah we blame you entirely.

    Xander smiles slightly. Buffy smiles back.

    Xander: Buffy there's nothing any of us could have done about this.

    Giles: He's right. Malachi obviously has a control over much stronger factions than we can deal with.

    Dawn: So much for demons huh?

    Giles: I wouldn't be too sure about that?but essentially yes, this is the human world we're dealing with now.

    Kelly: No it's not.

    Everyone looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: That's the point. It's not anymore. And they're all realising that now.

    Giles looks serious. Xander clutches Kelly's hand. She looks grateful.

    Willow: And they're gonna want to get involved.

    Buffy sighs and looks worried.

    Golda: But, the governments and stuff already knew, right? Most of them anyway. They were already doing stuff to stop the demons.

    Giles: I think it's the people that didn't know before that are probably more dangerous.

    Xander: Except, you know, the evil organisations around here.

    Dawn: Yeah. It'll probably be part of elections and stuff. "Vote for us cause we'll deal with those demons for ya".

    Golda smiles weakly. Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: It's gonna change a lot of stuff. And that's why we have to make sure we know everything that's going on.
    The others nod at this. Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: As much as we can know, anyway.

    [I]There is silence.

    Cut to the limo pulling up in front of a large crowd filled with photographers. There is a surge of shouting throughout the crowd as Buffy steps out of the limo, and cameras flash around her. Buffy looks up at the large building next to her, as Giles, Willow and the others begin stepping out. Buffy looks over and in the distance sirens of emergency vehicles can be seen flashing. Buffy looks ambivalent and then begins walking as security guards hold back the eager media and members of the public. Xander and Kelly stare around them as they walk behind Buffy, followed by Golda, Giles, Dawn and Willow. A reporter's microphone is shoved in front of Xander. Xander looks speechless but as ushered along inside with the others.

    Cut to them inside. The doors close.

    Security Guard: Sorry about that, we'll let you through in a second.

    The guards walk away. Buffy and co. stand in silence.

    Xander: Well I can see how fun doing that every day will be.

    Buffy: It won't be every day.

    Golda: For as long as they're interested.

    Willow: Well it's still new. We're?new. Soon it'll be just a part of every day stuff.

    Willow looks hopeful but then her smile fades.

    Willow: In a couple of years?

    Dawn: We just have to wait for Jude Law to sleep with a couple more nannies and we'll be history.

    Everyone looks at Dawn.

    Dawn: Or something to that effect?

    Golda smiles. Giles looks serious.

    Giles: I think there's a fair amount of people who won't really be surprised by this. The number of close calls with apocalypses?probably more people than we think have been aware of the supernatural for quite some time.

    Buffy: So, what, they thought people hadn't noticed? The police in Sunnydale tried to pass everything off as snakes in the sewers.

    Giles: Naivety has its virtues.

    Xander: Yeah, sure, don't worry kids, vampires don't exist so they can't possibly be trying to attack us right now.

    Giles smiles slightly.

    Giles: Fair point.

    Dawn: I guess people might actually start learning how to protect themselves from this stuff.

    Kelly: What about when they realise they can't?

    Buffy: Then we show them why we're here.

    Kelly looks at Buffy. She nods slowly. A woman appears from nearby. She smiles as she sees Buffy and the others.

    Woman: Well hello there. You must be Buffy and her entourage, yes?

    Buffy looks a little awkward but manages a smile.

    Buffy: Uh yeah.

    The woman holds out her hand and Buffy cautiously shakes it.

    Woman: It's an honour to meet you all truly.

    She smiles, slightly artificially at everyone.

    Giles: And you are?

    Woman: Oh of course, so sorry, I'm Alethea Redgrave. I'll be running procedures here from now on.

    She smiles once again. The others look confused.

    Willow: What about Julia?

    Alethea: Oh, you haven't heard? Julia's uh, no longer working for the GSPST. There's been quite a lot of rearrangement actually.

    Buffy and the others look surprised.

    Giles: Why?

    Alethea: Well the fact that they use criminals for vampire fodder went down very well, as you can imagine. Someone had to take the fall.

    She smiles once again, her lips pursed tightly together.

    Buffy: That wasn't Julia's fault-

    Alethea: Of course not, but these things happen. She'll be dearly missed, of course.

    Alethea smiles falsely, in an attempt to look sympathetic. The others frown.

    Xander: So now you're in charge?

    Alethea: Yes.

    She smiles at Xander, but shows her teeth for the first time.

    Golda: Great.

    Alethea's smile falters slightly at Golda's sarcasm. Buffy frowns. Stephen appears from nearby. Everyone looks surprised to see him, even Giles.

    Stephen: Hello everyone.

    Buffy: Stephen, hey, what are you doing here?

    Buffy looks at Giles, but he looks blank. Buffy sees Golda looking confused.

    Buffy: Oh, right, uh Golda this is Stephen. He used to be on the Watchers Council with Giles.

    Stephen: Golda Lawowich?

    Golda: Uh, yeah, hi.

    Stephen: I worked with your grandfather. He's a great man.

    Golda smiles.

    Stephen: I've actually been working with what's left of The Council-

    Alethea tilts her head slightly in an artificial way.

    Alethea: Yes, Mr Carlson nice of you to join us, I was just explaining to our friends that uh circumstances have changed somewhat.

    Stephen: Ah, yes.

    Stephen looks awkward.

    Stephen: It's not what I would have wanted.

    Buffy nods.

    Stephen: It's not what a lot of people wanted-

    Alethea: But more still felt that it was correct under the circumstances.

    Everyone else looks annoyed. Stephen smiles an Alethea- esque smile.

    Stephen: Alethea perhaps you'd care to tell the others that we should be ready very shortly?

    Alethea's eyes have a cold as she smiles.

    Alethea: Of course. Goodbye to you all.

    Alethea walks off briskly, everyone watches her go until she closes a door.

    Dawn: Ok, she? Is a-

    Stephen: -very difficult woman to deal with.

    Stephen smiles slightly as Dawn smiles and nods in agreement.

    Stephen: Unfortunately we don't have much choice but to cooperate with her.

    Xander: Or what?

    Stephen: Well, uh, there have been several proposals for a more radical version of the GSPST.

    Buffy: Like what?

    Stephen: It would effectively?put them in control of all supernatural areas. The army would take a much more active role in combating demons.

    Golda: Well that doesn't sound?too bad?ok I'm sensing a "but"?

    Stephen: Yes, uh, all magic users would be licensed and monitored. I would imagine the plans would be for almost all demons to be disposed of. Even those that are actually harmless. That could include Angel and Spike.

    Buffy looks shocked.

    Buffy: They can't just?do that.

    Stephen: Some people are going to try there very best. Unfortunately that's not the most serious problem that they could pose. If the new GSPST is put in full control that may mean that Slayers in general are controlled by them. You could find yourselves deployed somewhere completely different?that is if they don't try and stop Slayers from fighting.

    Everyone looks shocked.

    Willow: That's a pretty big "but".

    Dawn: So it's basically a lamer version of the Watcher's Council?

    She looks embarrassed.

    Dawn: No offence you guys.

    Stephen: I'd actually have to agree.

    Giles: Yes, Dawn, I don't think you'll find anyone defending the Council here.

    Golda: Yeah, my grandpa didn't like them too much either. But these guys?what are they thinking?

    Buffy: They want control. They wanna control us.

    Xander: By stopping you being a Slayer? See, there's control and then there's that. Do they actually understand what vampires can do?

    Stephen: I hope so but?I know it's a lot to pressure you all with but you really are the only people who can try and stop this. The others and myself have tried, but they prefer reminding us that we're a broken organization whose headquarters is currently a memorial.

    Buffy: You think we'll have a better chance?

    Stephen nods.

    Stephen: Well they want to talk to you?to show why the new GSPST should be put in control. I think though that you may be able to convince my superiors otherwise.

    Kelly: I'm not exactly good at the lawyer stuff.

    Stephen: The truth should do the trick. I hope so, anyway.

    Giles: Stephen who exactly will we be talking to?

    Stephen: Oh, well everything will be judged of course, by Daniel Beckett, he's a crown court judge.

    Golda: Court?

    Stephen: I know how it might sound but it's just procedure. You're not being judged. Well, not persecuted anyway.

    The others nod but look concerned.

    Stephen: Uh, then there's Heather Marques and Michael Donahue who are now responsible for controlling the demon element in society. Uh there's Trevor Young who founded the GSPST in the first place.

    Buffy and co. look worried.

    Buffy: So he knew exactly what was going on in the GSPST?

    Stephen hesitates.

    Stephen: I think it's a little more complicated than that. But?yes I wouldn't be surprised if he had some idea.

    Buffy looks uncomfortable.

    Stephen: Uh there's also Paula Dowell she's responsible for the public in all of this. And finally Harold Lethbridge, who's proposing the idea of the new GSPST. He's, uh, fairly formidable.

    Xander: So, no pressure or anything right?

    Stephen: I doubt it will be easy but?you can only do the best you can.

    Willow: Right. But won't the fact that we've been doing this a lot longer than they have count for something?

    Stephen: I don't think experience is much of a bargaining tool any more. They may actually use a lot of it against you, if Malachi is anything to go by.

    Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: You think there might be some of his guys working in the government?

    Stephen exhales. Giles looks grave.

    Stephen: All I can say is that I wouldn't be surprised. But Malachi may very well have hoped for an outcome like this after the explosion. We'll see.

    Alethea appears at the end of the hallway and beckons.

    Stephen: It's time. I, uh, I do have friends in the government but I'm not sure that they'll be able to do much now that?everything's changed.

    Buffy: You've done a lot already. Thank you.

    Buffy smiles. Stephen smiles back. Alethea clears her throat and Stephen looks annoyed.

    Stephen: Well, uh I shall see you all later I'm sure. Good luck.

    Dawn: Thanks?

    Stephen nods and walks away. Buffy and co. look worried but then head towards the doorway.
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    ACT II

    Cut to a news reporter on a news program.

    Reporter: Police are still following the enquiry as to the whereabouts of Malachi Edison-

    A photo of Malachi appears behind him.

    Reporter: -the man suspected of arranging the demolition of Lincoln Cathedral which occurred four days ago. Ethan Rayne-

    A picture of Ethan replaces Malachi's.

    Reporter: -has also linked to the attack, though his whereabouts are also unknown at this time. Both men, and those working with them, are said to have devices that enable them to teleport themselves whenever they wish, therefore making their location erratic and their trail difficult for authorities to trace. However several demon groups claiming to be peaceful have offered their services in finding the men, despite controversy over the demons' motivations-

    Cut to a an interview with a member of the public taking place in a building in York.

    Woman: It does make me scared yeah?you know you think you're safe at night and then you find out that all them criminals could have some way of getting out at any time, and it just makes you wonder really whether they could be walking around us right now.

    Interviewer OS: So do you think the government should crack down on things like this?

    Woman: Well I think they'll have to really, I mean I don't know much about all this magic business but I'm sure they've got a way of stopping people hopping in and out of places like prisons-

    Cut to press hounding a woman outside a building. The woman looks slightly awkward as she tries to walk past. There is a general murmur of people shouting questions.

    Reporter OS: Ms Marques do you have any proposals for stopping this kind of thing happening again?

    Ms Marques (Heather): We're working on ways of accounting for breeches in security using magic yes-

    Reporter OS: But surely if the government has known about all this for so long they should have taken such measures before the world knew about it?

    Heather: We've not actually seen an attack on this scale that has involved magic-

    Reporter OS: Can we be sure that other terrorist groups haven't been using magic as a weapon?

    Heather: I think you'll find magical warfare because of the possible consequences, they're almost equal to the damage nuclear attacks could bring.

    Reporter OS: But in the future we could see more magic used by organisations?

    Heather: I hope people will have more sense than that, but we will do what we can-

    Reporter OS: Is that enough though Ms Marques?

    Heather tries to walk away as security holds back the press.

    Cut to a reporter outside The Hyperion hotel. Large crowds are gathered around.

    Reporter: I'm here outside The Hyperion hotel which has been home Angel for several years, though the second of the two Spike has only recently moved here from Sunnydale, as he was previously working alongside The Slayer. While there have been those who have said that they have been helped at one time by Angel and his co-workers, the fact remains that both vampires have had a violent history, and of course the demon Illyria is currently sharing their accommodation in the body of a woman who she actually killed-

    Cut to footage from a news report in Lincoln. A man affected by the radiation from the explosion is running with a little girl trying to get through the barricades. Security guards in radiation suits are holding him.

    Man: Let us through you bastards!

    The man struggles against the guards as the girl holding his hand cries.

    Reporter VO: This amateur footage shows the extent of what's going on in Lincoln right now, and the brutal stance that some of the authorities are taking.

    One of the guards smacks the man on the ground as another grabs the little girl. The man writhes on the ground as his symptoms get worse.

    Reporter VO: There are no official plans as to how the situation will be rectified, but Paula Dowell, who's in charge of public relations has stated that a clean up operation will take effect shortly. However there are those who wonder if by then, the damage will already have been done.

    One of the guards kicks the man in the stomach as the girl screams in the other's arms. More guards appear. The man tries to get up. There are still shots of the man being pushed by the guard, then hitting the ground again then staring at the camera in agony.

    Cut to Julia watching the program in her house. She is wearing a dressing gown and looks worried by what she is seeing. Her doorbell rings and she looks up. Cut to Julia opening the door. Giles is stood outside. He smiles. Julia smiles gladly.

    Julia: Rupert!

    Giles: Julia, it's good to see you.

    Julia wraps her dressing gown around her a little more tightly and looks slightly embarrassed.

    Julia: Yes you too. Come in.

    Giles smiles and walks in as Julia closes the door. They stand in the hallway.

    Julia: I take it the meeting is over?

    Giles: Uh yes, it was shorter than expected actually.

    Julia looks anxious and nods. Giles frowns.

    Giles: I'm sorry about what happened.

    Julia smiles sadly.

    Julia: Yes, so am I. But-but don't worry about me, what was the outcome?

    Giles looks hesitant. Julia looks serious.

    Julia: I'm already prepared for bad news. It's all right.

    Giles stares at her. Cut to a small courtroom. Buffy and co. are sat along one side of a table. Opposite them are the people Stephen was talking about earlier. Alethea is sat at one end of the table. Daniel is sat at the other. Heather is speaking, turned towards the judge.

    Heather: The fact is there are still Slayers are aren't accounted for, and really more steps should be taken to find each and every one to make sure that they are, well, not breaking the law as we've already seen in several cases.

    Willow: It's not like we didn't try and help them.

    Harold: Really?

    Willow looks at Harold, who is living up to the title of "formidable". Willow hesitates.

    Harold: Even when you all knew about the Rogue Slayers you didn't try to find them.

    Xander: Well yeah cause Riley told us his guys had it covered.

    Trevor: Yes it's definitely fair to say Riley Finn and the GSPST have actually located a great deal of the Slayers.

    Heather: I would still suggest trying to find those remaining.

    Daniel: Mm, I don't think we're really here to allocate blame on uh, Ms Summers and co., perhaps more could have been done but what we can do now is try to find the rest of these Slayers, yes?

    Paula: Well that is an option, Mr Beckett, but I'm not sure even monitoring the Slayers is in our best interests, as they are unpredictable. Anyone can see the facts, I mean, crime levels in the UK alone rose by 5% after the Slayer Spell of 2003.

    Giles: And then dropped, I think you'll find.

    Paula looks at Giles and hesitates.

    Paula: Nevertheless I don't think they can be controlled.

    Heather: They shouldn't be. They're entitled to living their life as much as anyone else.

    Harold: To what danger to the rest of us hmm?

    Kelly and Golda look awkward.

    Giles: Perhaps you're forgetting who's present in this room? They were born to do this.

    Harold: I'm quite clear who's present, Mr Giles. Perhaps you aren't clear on the fact that no one is born to live above the law.

    Giles looks annoyed.

    Cut to Giles and Julia sat at Julia's kitchen table, holding a mug of tea each.

    Julia: I see. Well it's not surprising, really.

    Giles: Nothing's concrete yet but-

    Julia: I think realistically we know what to expect.

    Giles hesitates and nods. Julia takes a sip of tea.

    Julia: What I can't understand is Alethea. I'm not sure they understand what a complete idiot she is.

    Giles: Stephen seemed to, at least.

    Julia: Yes at least he's on our side now.

    Giles: Whereas everyone else is trying to help themselves.

    Julia pauses.

    Julia: I suppose when you think about it it's not that long since you and I were like them. We liked the idea that we could control everything while other people died around us.

    Giles: Yes I suppose so.

    There is another pause.

    Julia: I'm glad we're not like that anymore.

    Giles: So am I.

    Giles clutches Julia's hand. She smiles at him, but there is a hint of sadness in her expression. The two of them sit in silence reflectively.

    Cut to Golda knocking on Willow's door.

    Willow OS: Come in?

    Golda opens the door. Willow is sat cross-legged on her bed, apparently meditating.

    Golda: Oh, hi, sorry I didn't mean to disturb-

    Willow: It's ok. I can do it later.

    Willow relaxes a little more.

    Willow: What's up?

    Golda: Well everyone else is out?I was just wondering if you wanted some company.

    Willow: Oh sure. How are you doing?

    Golda: Not so bad, I guess.

    Golda sits down on the bed.

    Golda: How about you? Was that, uh, meditating you were doing right now?

    Willow: Yeah, I'm not feeling too great lately.

    Golda: Oh, well if you want me to go-

    Willow: No, Golda it's fine. Talking works too. At least, talking about non-world finding out about us all things.

    Golda smiles vaguely. Willow frowns.

    Willow: But I guess that's difficult right now.

    Golda hesitates.

    Golda: It's just?I hear what they're all saying, about the Rouge Slayers and stuff, and I think?that could be me.

    Willow: Golda you-

    Golda: You heard what they said.

    Cut back to the courtroom.

    Paula: (to Golda) You had no contact with Ms Summers until September last year, is that correct Miss Lawowich?

    Golda: Well I didn't know about her then, really, I mean my grandpa told me, but-

    Paula: Yes, your grandfather was a Watcher is that right?

    Golda: Is a Watcher.

    Paula looks irritated.

    Paula: Regardless he helped you, yes?

    Golda: Well, yeah.

    Paula looks at David.

    Paula: What I'm trying to point out here is that it was only the girls who received help and guidance after the initial effects of the spell that were relatively stable. We can see from Miss Rivers that those who didn't were?not.

    Kelly looks uncomfortable.

    Xander: Kelly isn't a threat to anybody.

    Harold: But she was, Mr Harris. And you may trust Miss Rivers, I have no doubt about that, because of your relationship with her but allow the rest of us to be suspicious.

    Kelly: I was already uncomfortable with what Kass and the others were doing. Way before I met Buffy. I don't think I was the only one.

    There is a pause.

    Paula: The fact still remains that the majority of girls who saw this power come from nowhere were still taken by quite a nasty surprise. Ms Lawowich, may I ask if you think you would have coped so easily if you had no support from your grandfather, or anyone else for that matter?

    Golda hesitates.

    Golda: No. I guess not.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Heather: So what you're saying Paula is that the Slayers should be monitored and helped? I agree.

    Paula: Perhaps more than that is needed. Perhaps some of the crimes that these girls have committed should be discussed before we allow them to fight evil in any way they please. Ms Lawowich killed a man herself-

    Giles is about to speak.

    Paula: -which yes, was by accident. But it does not change the fact that this power is unstable and should be treated with far more caution than it is at present.

    Golda looks worried.

    Cut back to Willow and Golda.

    Willow: Golda, I can tell what kind of person you are. You're not like the Rogue Slayers.

    Golda: What about Kelly? She was.

    Willow: Yeah, she was. Not anymore. Maybe she had it in her to kill then, but not now.

    Golda: I think maybe we all do. Giles said we were born to fight?I think we're born to kill. And that's all there is.

    Willow considers this.

    Willow: I think Buffy realised that a long time ago. But it's what you do with the power that's important. You know, maybe you and Kelly and Buffy, and you know even Kass aren't all that different. But you made different choices. And that's what matters.

    Golda smiles and looks at Willow.

    Golda: Yeah. Yeah you're right.

    Willow smiles back.

    Golda: Are you ok with things? I know there was all that other stuff.

    Willow's smile fades slightly. Cut back to the courtroom.

    Michael: I think it's reasonable to expect some cooperation from the magic community-

    Buffy: You think people are just gonna let you control their lives?

    Michael: No I'm sure a lot of people will want to continue using magic recklessly and unnecessarily.

    Giles: I think you're underestimating a lot of those who use magic. They understand the risks, and know their limits.

    Michael: But as Ms Rosenberg has proved, this is not always the case.

    Willow: I know a lot more about it than I did.

    Michael: I'm sure you do, but not before you almost destroyed the world. This fact can't be denied. I think monitoring all magic users would ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

    Giles: You will never be able to stop those who want something badly enough.

    Paula: Quite right, Mr Giles, and that's why I propose that only a select few people should have access to magic.

    Buffy: You can physically prevent people from getting their hands on magic if they want it.

    Paula: That's my point-

    Trevor: Paula you're not listening, magic isn't a physical element you can measure or distribute. It just exists, and those who know how to use it, will use it.

    Heather: I agree, and that's why monitoring magic users is the best option here. I don't think we can rely on people's better judgement.

    Willow: What if people don't wanna be monitored?

    There is a pause.

    Harold: I would think they'd be breaking the law. You yourself Ms Rosenberg could see all charges of murder and attempted genocide swept neatly under the carpet if you comply with us.

    Willow looks surprised.

    David: Harold, I hope you're not blackmailing Ms Rosenberg.

    Harold: Hardly, Mr Beckett. The charges I mentioned are apparently no concern to the government anyway.

    Buffy looks worried. Cut back to Willow and Golda in Willow's room. Willow nods.

    Willow: I'll be ok. At least, as long as I don't see any more politicians for a while.

    Golda smiles.

    Golda: Good.

    Golda walks away. Willow looks anxious and sighs. She goes back to meditating.

    Cut to Dawn sat at a table at a cafe in Lincoln with Lauren. Dawn takes a long sip from her glass. Lauren smiles.

    Lauren: Guess it's one of those times that tequila at 3pm isn't such a bad idea.

    Dawn puts the glass down and nods.

    Dawn: Yeah. God, politicians suck.

    Lauren: Know how you feel.

    Dawn: Yeah I guess so. Can't believe they just fired you all.

    Lauren looks awkward.

    Lauren: Yeah, they?they didn't fire me.

    Dawn looks confused.

    Dawn: But I thought Julia said-

    Lauren: Yeah, she and Joe and Vanessa, and well everyone I know's gone. But not me.

    Dawn: Oh. Well, that's?I wanna say "good"?

    Lauren: It's uh, unexpected. I've only been there a little while. To be frank I'm not sure I wanna stay now everything's changed.

    Dawn pauses.

    Dawn: You should stay. If someone kept you on for a reason, maybe they want you to have some influence in what happens there. We need someone on our side there right?

    Lauren smiles.

    Lauren: I'll do what I can. Even though I'm a "civilian".

    Dawn frowns. Cut to the courtroom.

    Trevor: I don't think you can just say that anyone without some kind of power is unable to fight.

    Paula: Well I think that you can really, Trevor, because if you pit a human against a demon, the outcome isn't really that difficult to predict.

    Dawn: So why have you got the army fighting demons?

    Paula: They're trained-

    Dawn: So are me and Xander. A-and Giles; we all know what we're doing.

    Heather: I think everyone recognises that you can handle yourselves, to some extent-

    Paula: Well I don't. I'm not convinced that allowing civilians to fight on the front line is the message we want to give the public, who will no doubt want to do the same.

    Giles: The public are not going to expect to be able to fight demons whenever they want. Why should Xander and Dawn not be able to fight, when are they're perfectly capable?

    Paula: Because the risks-

    Dawn: There are risks? Huh, I never thought about that.

    Paula rolls her eyes.

    Xander: We know what we're fighting. People die, but hey I don't think most people have fought against a couple a hundred turok-han. Maybe it's just me but I think that means this case is pretty much rested.

    Dawn looks satisfied. Cut to Dawn with a similar expression in the present at the caf? with Lauren. Lauren notices.

    Lauren: What?

    Dawn: Oh, I was just thinking that although some stuff sucks right now?it could be worse.

    Lauren smiles.

    Lauren: I guess so.

    Cut to Xander and Kelly walking by the river near the Summers' house in silence. Both of them have their hands in their pockets. Xander glances over at Kelly.

    Xander: So?we gonna walk all the way to Darkley like this?

    Kelly: God I hope not.

    Xander smiles slightly. The corners of Kelly's mouth also form a vague smile. Xander stares forward.

    Xander: You know, all that stuff; I've decided to take a stand and ignore it.

    Kelly looks at him.

    Kelly: Ignore it?

    Xander: Yeah. I'm tired of walking in silence. And I hate seeing you miserable.

    Kelly smiles at him.

    Kelly: Yeah, me too. But ignoring it doesn't make it go away. And right now, there's too much. I don't care about all the stuff they said about me. I can't change that, I can't, you know, even begin to make up for what I did so I'm just gonna have to live with that. But then there's the people dying in Lincoln right now. We can't ignore that.

    Cut to the court room.

    Giles: Perhaps you're forgetting who's present in this room? They were born to do this.

    Harold: I'm quite clear who's present, Mr Giles. Perhaps you aren't clear on the fact that no one is born to live above the law.

    David: I think that's enough on that now. We can't really do anything about what's happened in the past. But we can focus on the present.

    Paula: I agree, we should focus on those who have been affected by the demon radiation in Lincoln.

    Trevor: There is no vaccine left. We're not sure how to make any more, but research is being done.

    Buffy: Malachi will probably have more.

    Harold: And you expect him to just give it to us?

    Buffy: You can take it.

    Paula: Yes well perhaps force has worked for you in the past, but it's much more complex-

    David: No I think Buffy is right. If we're going to save these people before they turn into demons we need to find that vaccine. If Malachi's gone in to hiding we'll just have to search harder.

    Buffy looks glad to hear this.

    Buffy: We can do it.

    Michael: Are you sure that's wise, considering the events in Devon last year?

    Buffy: So give us backup. Malachi's gotta be hiding out somewhere-

    Heather: Couldn't that be anywhere? He can teleport.

    Trevor: I think you're forgetting that Malachi wants to be found so that he can use the vaccine as a bargaining device. He'll be nearby.

    Golda: Right, and there's a lot of people working on this right? Maybe with Willow-

    Willow: Uh, I don't think I'm the best person. They're already looking, they'll probably have more luck.

    Golda: Oh, sure.

    Harold: How do we know that those people looking aren't in league with Malachi?

    Kelly: God do you really think everyone who has the ability to use magic is working against you all? You have no idea.

    Harold: Find me someone who does Ms Rivers.

    There is a pause. Cut back to Xander and Kelly walking alongside the river.

    Xander: Well tomorrow we're gonna find Malachi. Something tells me he won't be teleporting so easily soon.

    Kelly: We'll be lucky.

    Xander looks awkward.

    Kelly: Look I know you're trying to help, and thanks, but all those people in Lincoln?we could be two of them. What makes us so much more important than them?

    Xander: Because if they were cured they wouldn't be the ones finding a cure for everyone else. This is the best way for everyone to live.

    Kelly nods.

    Kelly: Yeah I guess so.

    Xander puts his arm around Kelly and they walk on.

    Cut to Buffy sat on a sofa with Vanessa in their house. Vanessa still looks a little weak.

    Vanessa: It's good to be back here again though.

    Buffy: Yeah I can imagine.

    Vanessa: I guess it's a little selfish to think about that when all those other people still haven't even been cured. But there's gotta be some more vaccine out there somewhere right?

    Buffy looks as if she is trying to convince herself.

    Buffy: Sure. We'll find it.

    Vanessa nods. Joe walks in.

    Joe: Just been on the phone to Julia. Apparently that lead on Malachi's dried up.

    Buffy: Wow, so unlike the last fifteen.

    Vanessa: I'm not sure what anyone would actually be able to do even if they did find the real Malachi.

    Buffy: I hope for their sake they don't.

    There is a pause.

    Joe: So?apart from Slayers and that, was there anything else big that was discussed?

    Buffy nods. Cut to the courtroom.

    Heather: Yes there is the issue of different demons and how they should be treated-

    Trevor: But none of them have souls. Should they really be given rights?

    Dawn: Well some should. What about Angel and Spike?

    Paula: Both of those individuals are highly questionable. But, that is for America's government to decide.

    Michael: As there aren't any other vampires with souls that we know of in England I think the only real problem is werewolves and demons that pose us no threat.

    Harold: I would be sceptical that such a thing exists.

    Willow: But how many demons have you met?

    Harold: I've seen the brutality that exists.

    Willow: In some. Others aren't like that.

    Heather: Well, focusing on werewolves, we're suggesting a program that will need werewolves to officially state, uh, what they are, and then they can be restrained for three days they're in animal form.

    Paula: Ah but there have been developments in that area allowing werewolves to control their transformation until they get angry.

    Michael: They're still human for 27 days of the month, I don't see how you can propose anything more drastic that incarceration for those three days.

    Paula: Well perhaps I'm more realistic than you Mr Donahue.

    David: I don't think we can stop people taking things into their own hands. As we can see by race riots, anti-gay marches, introducing anyone who's different to a society is difficult. I think it could take many, many years for demons to be accepted. I'm not sure it's possible for people to look past green scales, or fangs or horns.

    Harold: Indeed. And there is no possible way of discerning whether those fangs are used for eating human flesh, or are simply an accessory. Until we can do that, I don't think demons can be trusted at all.

    Buffy looks at Harold angrily. Cut back to Buffy, Vanessa and Joe.

    Vanessa: Oh?

    Buffy: Yeah, so I don't know if even Angel and Spike are gonna be safe.

    Joe: This is all bollocks really. Everything's worked well before. Well, apart from a few times, but it happens.

    Buffy: I don't think people can accept that. They never want anything to go wrong.

    Vanessa: It probably will if they try and screw with the system.

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Buffy looks resolute.

    Buffy: And I'm not gonna let them.

    Vanessa: Buffy?

    Buffy: They can't just make all these new rules and programs and except us all just to fall in line. I didn't let the Watchers Council use me, and I'm not gonna let these guys.

    Joe: What are you gonna do?

    Buffy: You guys come to my house tomorrow. I'll let you know then.

    Vanessa and Joe smile slightly but look puzzled.

    Vanessa: Well I hope you're ready for a battle, cause they'll give you one if they think they're right.

    Buffy: Oh I'm ready. They don't know what a Slayer is?yet. They will.
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      ACT III

      Open on shadows moving against trees at night. A man's voice over begins, his voice deep and atmospheric.

      Man's VO: This September.

      Cut to someone running.

      Man's VO: A legacy will be unveiled.

      Cut to a "vampire" with computer animated vampire features.

      Man's VO: Battles will be fought.

      Cut to an axe being swung by a girl.

      Man's VO: The world will suffer.

      Cut to fire exploding from the ground.

      Man's VO: But she will fight on.

      The camera zooms in on Jessica Alba, whose hair and style is like Buffy.

      Man's VO: Jessica Alba.

      Cut to her staking a vampire.

      Man's VO: Reese Witherspoon.

      Cut to Reese Witherspoon who is apparently playing Willow blasting magic.

      Man's VO: Chad Michael Murray.

      Cut to Chad Michael Murray swinging an axe.

      Man's VO: In "Slayers". Certificate R.

      Various credits are shown. The screen goes black.

      Cut to a vampire in a containment cell.

      Woman's VO: They've lived on earth for longer than us. Some people have been aware of their presence.

      Cut to an old woman.

      Woman: I saw his face, and, and I knew then that he wasn't human.

      Quick cut to a vampire. Cut back to the woman.

      Woman: People said I must have been confused, because it was dark and because I was only a young girl at the time, but I know what I saw.

      Cut to demons running across the screen.

      Woman's VO: The rest of us are in the dark.

      Cut to an amateur camera filming a vampire attack.

      Woman's VO: How much do we really know about the demon world.

      On the camera a man stakes the vampire.

      Woman's VO: And how much do they know about ours?

      There is footage of the wreckage of Lincoln Cathedral.

      Woman's VO: Dispatches: The Demon Menace. Saturday at 10, on Channel 4.

      The screen goes black. Cut to a girl smiling at the camera.

      Girl: As a Slayer, I know what it's like living a tough life.

      Cut to shots of her fighting.

      Girl: Just because I'm born with super power, doesn't always mean my skin's super too.

      Cut to her staring into a mirror, touching her face looking concerned.

      Girl: That's why I use Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil.

      Cut to her applying the oil to her face.

      Girl: In just three hours my skin feels completely revitalized.

      Cut to a fast forward shot of the girl's skin growing more rich in colour.

      Girl: And the effects last the whole night.

      Cut to her kicking a supposed vampire who falls to the ground. She smiles at the camera.

      Girl: So that's one thing less to worry about when I'm fighting evil.

      Cut to a close up of the product.

      Woman's VO: Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil, get it and let your skin glow even in the dead of night.

      Cut to Willow turning off the TV. She, Xander, Dawn, Kelly, Golda and Buffy are sat in the Summers' living room.

      Buffy: And we no longer have to worry if the vampires think we're looking a little pasty.

      Kelly: Yeah now we'll look even more appetising.

      Golda: But nevertheless a helpful promoting icon of the new industry.

      Buffy smiles slightly.

      Willow: Wonder how long it'll be before the "Witch's hair care" range comes out.

      Buffy: Oh I'm sure they're working on it.

      Willow smiles.

      Xander: Right cause the most important thing here is the rich people making yet more money. Maybe we shoulda jumped in there a few years back and made every single Slayer feel worth it.

      Dawn laughs.

      Buffy: Yeah, well it's not gonna end with hair stuff. Or Jessica Alba.

      Golda looks worried. The doorbell rings. Dawn who is nearest gets up and opens the door. Giles, Julia, Joe and Vanessa walk in.

      Dawn: Hey.

      Giles: Hello Dawn.

      Giles smiles. Dawn stands aside as they walk in.

      Buffy: Hey guys.

      Vanessa: Hi.

      Julia: Hello, it's good too see you all.

      Xander: You too.

      Dawn notices Lauren is looking a little ashamed. She frowns slightly.

      Buffy: Uh, anyone want coffee or-

      Giles: We're all right, for coffee actually. We had some before we left.

      Julia blushes slightly. Xander raises an eyebrow. Giles avoids Xander's gaze.

      Buffy: Oh, ok, well I'll get to the point.

      Julia: Of course.

      Buffy: Right. So-

      The phone rings.

      Dawn: It's ok, I'll get it. I'll catch up.

      Buffy smiles and nods at Dawn. Dawn gets the phone.

      Buffy: So like I was saying, these guys think they can control us. I'm not gonna let them.

      Giles: I'm not sure it's a question of letting anyone do anything Buffy. We can't fight the government.

      Buffy: Why? Cause they're smart, rich people who think they know what they're dealing with?

      Julia: Well, to be frank, yes, they do have the power to-

      Buffy: They need us.

      Kelly: Not anymore. I mean, they need people to fight, but they could just choose anyone. The army, other Slayers, whatever.

      Willow: I'm not sure throwing a sword at the wall's gonna work as well as it did last time.

      Willow looks anxiously at Buffy. Buffy frowns and looks around.

      Buffy: You guys, if we don't fight them, they control us. They win.

      Xander: I don't like them anymore than you do Buff. But we start an insurrection they could put us in jail. They could pretty much try and do it right now.

      Buffy frowns. She looks at Joe and Vanessa who remain silent.

      Buffy: What happened to fighting?

      Vanessa: Buffy, I can see what you're saying, really. I just don't think it can work.

      Buffy: So, that's it? We just accept that they're in control and you guys are all out of a job?

      Julia: No. We will fight them. We're just not in any position to make demands currently Buffy, you must see that everything is incredibly delicate right now. We're lucky to have any control left at all.

      Buffy opens her mouth to speak but Dawn comes back looking worried.

      Buffy: Dawn?

      Dawn: That was Lauren. They know where Ethan is.

      Buffy looks surprised. The others do too.

      Cut to several screens. There is CCTV footage on one of them showing Ethan with the vaccine in his hand, in the room seen in Demolition. The camera pulls back to show Buffy, Willow, Giles and Heather watching the picture. Heather clicks a remote and the image stops.

      Heather: We've been able to identify that the building he's in is in Wragby.

      Heather clicks the remote and another screen shows a map of Lincolnshire with Lincoln and Wragby's locations shown. Wragby is only a few miles away.

      Heather: As you can see, he's near.

      Buffy: Yeah. Maybe too near.

      Giles: You think he expects us to find him?

      Buffy: I think he's counting on it.

      Willow: He wants us to go there.

      Willow looks at Heather.

      Willow: How did you find him?

      Heather: The coven in Devon helped us. I think you already know of them.

      Willow looks surprised but nods.

      Giles: They aren't usually prone to affecting the outcome of something like this.

      Heather: I think they realised what's at stake. We needed to find him and?deal with him.

      Buffy looks at the image of Heather.

      Buffy: I am not gonna play into his and Malachi's hands again. Last time was too much of a close call.

      Giles: Yes. And I doubt he'll be easily recaptured

      Heather: Recapture?isn't exactly what we had in mind.

      Buffy frowns.

      Willow: What?

      Heather: Ethan can't be contained, neither can Malachi, they've escaped from custody numerous times before and, really, we have no alternative but to-

      Buffy: You're gonna kill him.

      Heather hesitates.

      Heather: Yes. There are too many innocent lives at stake. Malachi too, if and when we find him.

      Buffy looks serious. Willow looks troubled.

      Willow: How are you gonna do it?

      Heather: Uh, an assassin has been hired. But?we need to know where the vaccine is-

      Giles: You're going to torture him.

      Heather looks awkward.

      Heather: There are far less messy ways of obtaining information Mr Giles as I'm sure you're aware. But yes, if necessary the information needed will be extracted I'm sure.

      Buffy: And then when you've squeezed him dry that's it right?

      Heather: Buffy, Ethan cannot be contained, he's escaped from custody several times now as you know. There is no other way.

      Willow: No easier way, you mean.

      Heather looks at her.

      Heather: Do you have a better idea?

      Willow doesn't answer.

      Heather: Exactly. Look if something else could be done I'm sure that it would be, but we have to think of the greater good.

      There is silence.

      Giles: I take it this assassin is already on their way?

      Heather: I don't know. I wasn't told of the details.

      Buffy: So you're innocent huh? As long as someone else does the murder and torture, and you don't get your hands dirty it's all ok?

      Heather: There's no room for innocence in this job. You should all know that.

      There is a pause. Paula appears at the entrance. Giles, Willow and Buffy give her an icy look.

      Heather: Uh, Paula I've just explained what's happening.

      Paula: I see. I hope you all understand that this is necessary. We are aware of your stance on human death, Ms Summers. A view that you and I share, but under the circumstances-

      Buffy: Spare me the regret. I've heard it all before.

      Buffy walks out. Willow and Giles follow. The door closes behind them. Heather sighs and Paula looks at her.

      Paula: Did you tell them about Angel and Spike?

      Heather shakes her head.

      Paula: I see. I'm sure they'll find out sooner or later.

      Heather looks quite angry.

      Heather: I'm sure everything's very easy when your philosophy is simply black and white, isn't it Paula?

      Paula: When dealing with the monsters of this world, Heather, you can't afford to make the exceptions that others might. Individual demons can't be given rights. It's too dangerous.

      Heather stares at Paula and shakes her head.

      Heather: This won't end in the way you want it to.

      Heather walks away. Paula remains silent, and considers what Heather has said.

      Cut to Buffy on the phone at the Summers' kitchen.

      Buffy: (to phone) Right.

      Xander appears nearby. Buffy notices and smiles.

      Buffy: (to phone) Yeah, thanks Fred. Bye.

      Giles puts the phone down.

      Giles: Trying to get through to Angel?

      Buffy: Yeah. He and Spike are out though so?

      Giles nods. Buffy sighs.

      Buffy: So much is gonna happen. I mean even if Ethan?even if he and Malachi are gone, things aren't just gonna go back to the way they were are they?

      Giles looks concerned.

      Giles: No.

      He walks closer to her.

      Giles: But we'll manage.

      Buffy nods. Giles puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles. Buffy clutches his hand and smiles back gladly.

      Buffy: I'm glad I'm not having to deal with this alone.

      Giles: So am I. And the others, I think they'll agree with what you choose to do concerning Ethan.

      Buffy's smiles fades.

      Buffy: That's just it. I'm not even sure.

      Giles looks serious.

      Buffy: (slowly) Part of me wants to let them kill him?

      Giles stares at Buffy. Buffy looks troubled.

      Buffy: I know how that must sound-

      Giles: It sounds like sense. Because yes, it would be easier. But, I'm not sure if easier means right, in this case. To Heather and the others maybe, but to you?

      Buffy hesitates.

      Giles: But then?Ethan may kill again and again. The human and demon world are no longer so exclusive that you draw a clear line between the two.

      Buffy: I know. Question is, is it my job to save those people? As much as I hate to admit it?Heather's right. He can't be contained, neither can Malachi. It won't end with anything else but their deaths.

      Giles looks serious but nods slowly.

      Giles: Yes. I think so. But, it depends who ends it.

      Buffy looks at him seriously.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Buffy, Kelly, Golda, Dawn, Giles, Willow and Xander in the Summers' living room.

        Xander: Can I say again how much I don't like the government?

        Buffy: I know. But these guys think that killing Ethan is gonna be easy?they're underestimating him.

        Golda: So we're gonna kill him?better?

        Golda raises his eyebrows.

        Buffy: We don't have to kill him. Will.

        Buffy looks at Willow who looks awkward.

        Willow: I might be able to use magic to paralyse him. He won't be able to teleport, or run away or anything.

        Kelly: And then what?

        Buffy: We give him to the GSPST to deal with.

        Kelly looks confused.

        Kelly: You're gonna keep him paralysed forever?

        Willow: No?

        Dawn: They can put him on trial.

        Buffy looks at Dawn.

        Dawn: That's the point, right?

        Buffy nods.

        Kelly: But then he'll escape, right?

        Giles: He'll probably be classed as a demonic threat. And not just to England.

        Willow: So if it's a global thing?he might get the death penalty.

        There is a pause.

        Golda: Isn't he gonna die either way?

        Buffy: Yeah. But this way, he dies the way he's supposed to.

        Xander: What if he doesn't get the death penalty Buff?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: Then they'll probably kill him anyway.

        The others look awkward.

        Buffy: But, we have to try, ok?

        Xander looks confused.

        Xander: You want us to come too?

        Buffy: If something goes wrong, Willow's gonna need us.

        Willow smiles awkwardly. Golda and Kelly look uncertain. Buffy looks serious and looks around at the others.

        Buffy: Look?I realise this is asking a lot of you guys but-

        Golda: Not really. I mean, getting kidnapped, arrested, trapped underground, being on the front page of a bunch of newspapers?after all that, stuff like this isn't such a big deal.

        Buffy smiles.

        Dawn: Yeah, sure, let's do it.

        Xander: Well I would but damn, I forgot my license to fight evil.

        Buffy looks amused. Xander smiles. He looks at Kelly who looks hesitant. Buffy's smile fades slightly.

        Kelly: Ok, I'm in, but we can't underestimate him either.

        Buffy looks relieved.

        Buffy: I know.

        Kelly: He and Malachi are probably still joined at the hip.

        Dawn: So maybe we'll kill two birds with one stone?figuratively speaking.

        Golda: Or, they could kill all of us.

        Everyone looks at Golda.

        Golda: Yeah, figuratively?speaking.

        Willow looks unconvinced. Buffy looks at Giles.

        Buffy: Giles, you mind staying here, hold the fort in case anyone calls?

        Giles: Yes, of course. What about Vanessa and Joe?

        Buffy: Not that time. I don't want too many people involved in something like this. Cause, you know if we get caught-

        Xander: We'll be breaking the law? Well I don't mean to be a bad influence, but hell let's break it.

        Buffy smiles, as does Kelly.

        Kelly: Pace yourself hun.

        Xander: Oh, I'm sure my enthusiasm will have vanished within the next hour as it gets replaced by cold fear.

        Kelly raises her eyebrows.

        Xander: So let's hurry.

        Buffy: Right. Xander, car?

        Xander: Got it covered.

        Dawn: I'll get weapons.

        Buffy nods. She looks at Giles who smiles and she walks away. Giles' smile fades as he stares thoughtfully into the distance.

        Cut to Xander's car pulling up in Wragby. People are walking past getting on with everyday things like shopping, talking etc. Everyone starts getting out of the car.

        Dawn: Unusual place for an evil layer.

        Buffy: Maybe that was the idea.

        Buffy looks around.

        Xander: And there's no sign that says "Ethan's over here".

        Buffy: We'll get on that next time we're here.

        Buffy takes out a map from the back of the car.

        Buffy: We're in the town centre?so we have to go north and then-

        Kelly: Get down!

        Kelly grabs Golda and Xander who are next to her and pulls them down. Dawn follows, and then Willow and Buffy duck too.

        Dawn: What!?

        Kelly: Look.

        Everyone looks to where Kelly is indicating. Alethea is seen walking along the path about twenty metres away, with several men walking with her. There is also another cloaked figure.

        Buffy watches them.

        Willow: She's with the assassin. We're too late.

        Buffy: Maybe not?

        Buffy looks at the others.

        Buffy: You guys up for some stealth work?

        Cut to Alethea and co. walking along another path. They stop and begin talking. Cut to Buffy looking round the corner about thirty metres away. The others are behind her.

        Xander: What's happening?

        Buffy: Not much. But they've stopped, so I figure we're pretty near.

        Golda: Uh, just a quick question, what about the vaccine?

        Buffy looks at her.

        Golda: I mean, if we take it we don't really have a great excuse for how we got it.

        Willow: Maybe leaving that to them would be good.

        Kelly: I don't see how we're gonna get to Ethan before them. They know where they're going?we don't.

        Buffy looks back at Alethea and co., but suddenly they have vanished. Buffy looks confused.

        Buffy: Where did they go.

        Dawn: What?

        Dawn looks surprised.

        Willow: Maybe they went into a house.

        Kelly: But which one?

        Buffy looks troubled.

        Buffy: We're gonna have to split up.

        Buffy notices the sun is setting nearby. She looks worried.

        Cut to Golda and Dawn walking along the street.

        Golda: I'm not sure what we're looking for exactly.

        Dawn: I guess breaking into every house would be a bad idea.

        Golda laughs slightly and nods.

        Golda: Maybe somewhere that looks kinda not lived in too much?

        Dawn: Maybe.
        Dawn looks around concerned.

        Dawn: So, uh, anyway how are you holding up with all this?

        Golda: Oh, not too bad, really. I mean, it's been pretty much a roller coaster ride since I got here but?not one that I really wanna get off.

        Dawn smiles.

        Dawn: Right. Well that's good, cause I don't see things slowing down in the near future.

        Golda: Yeah. But, I've know about Slayers and stuff for a while, so not everything's new.

        Dawn: Really?

        Golda: Yeah, my grandpa told me a lot when I was young. Never thought I'd actually be a Slayer but, now I am, it makes a whole lotta sense. Like I've been waiting my whole life to do this, you know?

        Dawn nods.

        Dawn: I do.

        Golda smiles she turns her head and frowns slightly.

        Golda: Dawn?

        A cloaked figure is stood about thirty metres away at the end of the street. They look around but don't seem to notice Dawn and Golda. A flash of green light appears from their hands and floats over a nearby fence into a field.

        Dawn: And no breaking in needed.

        Golda: Maybe we should tell Buffy and the others?

        The figure hovers into the air slightly and over the fence, following the light. Golda and Dawn look surprised.

        Golda: Oh?

        Dawn: We'll lose them.

        Golda looks hesitant but nods.

        Golda: Ok.
        Dawn and Golda walk quickly, but stealthily towards where the figure was. The green light can be seen shooting up into the air past them and round the back of the house next to the field. The figure hovers quickly behind the house as Dawn and Golda follow.

        Cut to Kelly and Xander in another part of the street.

        Kelly: Weren't Dawn and Golda supposed to be around this part?

        Xander: I think so. Maybe they got lucky.

        Kelly: Or, unlucky, depending on how you look at it.

        Xander looks worried.

        Xander: You think we should find Buffy?

        Kelly: I do. If they haven't already found?

        Kelly trails off as Alethea and several armed men appear from nearby. Alethea notices Kelly and looks surprised. Xander looks shocked too.

        Cut to Buffy and Willow walking out of a small alleyway.

        Willow: Maybe the others had better luck.

        Buffy looks alarmed as she sees Alethea and the armed guards with Kelly and Xander. Willow does to, as both of them back against the wall out of Alethea's view.

        Willow: Or not.

        Buffy watches Alethea talking to Xander and Kelly.

        Alethea: Ms Rivers, Mr Harris. What a?surprise.

        Kelly: Yeah, it's so weird seeing you guys here.

        Alethea smiles.

        Alethea: I'm sure. Perhaps uh, you'd like tell us why you're here?

        Xander: Well, you know, this is a nice place.

        Alethea looks unconvinced.

        Xander: Ok, fine, you know why we're here.

        Alethea: Yes, well this is as far as you go I'm afraid.

        Kelly: Why? We're not doing anything wrong.

        Alethea: You are involving yourselves in matters that are none of your concern. Now, where are Ms Summers and your other friends?

        Xander: Probably not killing Ethan Rayne.

        Alethea looks angry. Cut to Buffy and Willow watching.

        Buffy: We have to find Dawn and Golda.

        Willow: What about-

        Buffy looks worried. Cut back to Xander and Kelly. Alethea turns to the guards with her.

        Alethea: Arrest them.

        One of the guards attempts to grab Xander but Kelly punches him. Xander punches another guard as Kelly dodges and slams a third to the ground. Cut to Buffy and Willow.

        Buffy: They got it covered.

        Cut back to Xander and Kelly. Kelly grabs Xander's hand as Alethea grabs a gun from one of the guards' pockets and shoots several times. Buffy and Willow look shocked but Xander and Kelly duck. Buffy and Willow back away down the other side of the alley as Xander and Kelly run by. Cut to Dawn and Golda looking alarmed as they hear the gunshots.

        Golda: Oh God.

        Dawn and Golda run back and see Kelly and Xander running towards them. The security guards can be seen running after them. Dawn and Golda look alarmed.

        Dawn: Guys!

        Kelly: We're ok. Go!

        Golda and Dawn run with Xander and Kelly around the corner.

        Dawn: Did you see Buffy and Willow?

        Xander: Think they're ok. Alethea hasn't found them yet anyway.

        Golda: Alethea's here?

        Xander: Yeah. The fun just keeps on coming.

        Dawn frowns.

        Dawn: We saw someone go through here.

        They run hurriedly into the back garden of the house where the green light is hovering in front of a garden shed. The door is open and a trap door can be seen.

        Kelly: They might be the assassin.

        Golda: Well, we either run after them or get shot.

        Xander and Kelly look at one another quickly and then run for the trap door. Cut to Buffy and Willow running on the other side of the houses..

        Willow: Where'd they go?

        Buffy: I don't know.

        Buffy looks around worriedly. She pauses and stares for a second.

        Buffy: Will, look.

        Buffy points out many footprints on a path leading out into the field. Willow looks at Buffy hopefully and the two of them follow the path.

        Cut to Xander dropping to the bottom of the trap door shaft. He and the others start down the tunnel, quickly but quietly.

        Cut to Buffy and Willow finding a manhole cover. The footprints end. Buffy grabs the cover and heaves, managing to lift it. She puts it down and looks at Willow.

        Willow: Maybe we should wait?

        Buffy looks over at the houses.

        Buffy: They can handle Alethea and her guys.

        Willow: Can we handle what's down here?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: If Alethea's here, so's the assassin. There's no time.

        Willow pauses and then nods. Buffy starts down the manhole shaft.

        Cut to Xander and the others walking quickly through the tunnel.

        Kelly: (quietly) Something tells me this is not a good place to be.

        In the distance behind them, footsteps can be heard. Everyone looks worried.

        Xander: Yeah, that tells me that too.

        Dawn hurries on, followed by the others. Suddenly the figure appears. It is a woman with long flowing brown hair. Her eyes are cold as she stares at Dawn and the others who look shocked. She holds her hand up, and green light appears. She aims at them.

        Woman: Who are you?

        Cut to Buffy and Willow running through the other tunnel. Buffy notices a door on one side. She stops by it, looks at Willow and then tries it. It appears stuck. Buffy shoves harder and the door gives. Buffy and Willow walk in and find themselves alone in the room Ethan was seen in earlier. Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: This is it, right?

        Willow: Uh, yeah it looks like it.

        Buffy walks forward and notices a box on the table in the room. It is the box from Demolition. There is a flashback to Ethan holding the vaccine from earlier. The box is beside him. Cut back to the present. Buffy looks anxious as she opens the box. She and Willow look inside.

        Cut to Xander and the others with the woman. Her eyes narrow.

        Woman: I said who are you?

        The footsteps are very near now. The soldiers appear and the woman looks annoyed. She blasts magic at the corridor and an opaque wall appears stopping the soldiers from getting any further?and trapping Xander and co. inside. They look at the woman. She looks at Dawn.

        Woman: Speak. Who are you?

        She holds out her hand. Dawn looks surprised.

        Dawn: Dawn Summers.

        The woman looks surprised but smiles. She looks at Xander, Kelly and Golda.

        Woman: Buffy Summers' little family.

        She smiles wider.

        Woman: You're looking for Ethan Rayne aren't you?

        Xander is about to speak when Ethan appears nearby.

        Ethan: Well that's lucky for you because he's?

        The woman turns to look at Ethan. Ethan looks shocked.

        Ethan: (slowly) Rebecca?

        The woman's eyes flash. The others look confused. The woman smiles and raises her hand. Green energy pulsates in her palm.

        Woman (Rebecca): Hello Daddy.

        She blasts magic at Ethan who flies back into the wall.

        Dawn tries to run past but Rebecca hits her. Dawn flies against the wall and is knocked unconscious. Golda runs at Rebecca and knocks her arm against the wall. The energy in Rebecca's palm starts to fly around the tunnel, scattering the light and causing confusion. Kelly runs past and sees a figure in front of her. The figure points the end of a gun at her neck.

        Cut to Buffy and Willow. Willow takes out a plate, full of vials of purple liquid.

        Buffy: Is that-

        Willow: Yeah. It's, not a lot but?

        Buffy notices several cabinets nearby. She walks over to them and opens a drawer. There are many more phials all lined up. Willow's eyes widen.

        Willow: Never mind.

        Buffy: Is this enough?

        Willow: Yeah, yeah it looks like.

        Buffy looks relieved. Willow looks back at the box and frowns.

        Willow: There's something else.

        Willow has found a second row of phials, this time of a clear colour. She lifts them up.

        Willow: This isn't the vaccine.

        Buffy closes the drawer and looks confused.

        Willow: Well, not the one we were looking for anyway.

        Buffy: What?

        Willow: Buffy, I think this is Christine's vaccine. You know, the one that's supposed to stop people becoming vampires.

        Buffy looks surprised.

        Buffy: How much is there?

        Willow: Uh, there might be more in the cabinets I guess, but it looks like she made a lot.

        Buffy looks serious. Willow looks at her.

        Willow: I guess Christine and Malachi were working together?

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Willow: But, it could be useful, right?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: Maybe. I just?hope we never have to use it.

        There are two gunshots heard. Buffy's eyes widen as she looks at Willow. The two of them run out.

        Cut to Golda looking shocked. Xander slumps down the ground next to her.

        Golda: Xander!

        She crouches down but is suddenly grabbed. A vampires face can be seen smiling at her. Golda tries to punch him but another grabs her as well. It bites into her neck. Golda's eyes widen.

        Cut to Ethan on the ground. Rebecca stands over him and smiles. Cut to Kelly looking weak. She has a dart sticking from her neck. She reaches Xander who is already unconscious, also with a dart in her neck. Kelly looks up to see Golda with two vampires. Kelly looks horrified but her eyes start to close and she passes out. Golda breathes slowly as she tries to get away and blood trickles down her shoulder. Her heart can be heard slowing as there is silence. All that can be heard is footsteps. One of the vampires suddenly slashes their wrist and forces it in Golda's mouth. Golda looks alarmed and chokes, and the vampires suddenly run. The energy around the room stops flashing and illuminates the room with a calm light. Golda looks weak as she falls to the ground.

        Suddenly the soldiers appear. The wall has apparently vanished, as Alethea walks in behind them. Buffy and Willow appear also. Rebecca, the vampires and Ethan are nowhere to be seen.

        Cut to a woman being interviewed on camera.

        Woman: You know, people are wondering if they're actually gonna be safe at night from now on.

        Cut to Dawn lying unconscious by the left wall of the tunnel. She has an ugly cut on her forehead.

        Man VO: These things are out there, people aren't just gonna let them terrorize the world.

        Cut to Xander and Kelly unconscious lying next to one another.

        Man #2 VO: Well the idea of a woman with powers like that is a pretty attractive concept for a lot of men.

        He laughs. Cut to Golda, now unconscious also, her bite wound clearly shown on her neck. There is also a small trickle of blood from her mouth.

        Woman #2 VO: Yes I do think it will have a major impact on elections from now on, it could be a vital part of the criteria.

        Cut to Buffy and Willow looking horrified.

        Man #3 VO: All I can say is that a huge amount of people are working on this. The world is as safe as it was this time last week.

        Buffy makes eye contact with Alethea who also looks grave. Cut to a studio.

        Man #4: And that's all the news tonight, if you press the red button on your remote control right now you can look at the most recent news concerning demonic activity in your area.

        Cut to a wide shot of everyone in the tunnel. Buffy looks speechless. Cut back to the studio.

        Man #4: This is Mark Hanley, have a safe evening.

        THE END
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