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Buffy Episode 9.12 178. Bomb Shelter

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  • Buffy Episode 9.12 178. Bomb Shelter

    Hi, this is the twelfth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.12 178. Bomb Shelter

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Buffy opening her eyes. She is lying in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown, a white bandage over the left side of her forehead. She slowly sits up and looks around at the empty room. She moves her hand towards her bandage and touches it slightly, wincing. Cut to Buffy walking into the deserted corridor. She looks around for signs of life but finds none. Buffy suddenly stops and looks down. There is a close up of drops of blood dripping slowly on to the floor. She looks up at the ceiling. There are no signs of blood.

    Voice OS: You finished yet?

    Buffy turns around. Spike is stood nearby. Buffy frowns.

    Spike: You done?

    Buffy looks confused. Spike walks towards her slowly. He stops on a few inches away from her and strokes her hair. He smiles. There is a close up of drops of blood on the floor again. This time, they are from Buffy's wound, as a small stream of blood trickles down the side of her face. Buffy looks at Spike who frowns slightly.

    Spike: Didn't think so.

    Cut back to Buffy lying in her hospital bed. She is still, a heart monitor nearby along with several other pieces of equipment. Through the window a pillar of smoke can be seen in the distance, silhouetted with an orange glow.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Special Guest Star:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    MARC BLUCAS - Riley

    Cut to Buffy walking down the hospital corridor, this time fully clothed and without her bandage or head wound. She stops next to the entrance of a room and looks in. She stares at the empty bed, unmade and walks towards it.

    Buffy: Who's it for?

    The camera moves around slightly to show Faith standing next to the window.

    Faith: You don't know?

    Buffy: I thought I did?

    Faith: Not like we can do much about that now.

    Buffy: I want to try.

    Faith: Like we have the time?

    Buffy stares at the clock above her bed. It says 1 o'clock.

    Buffy: Little fast.

    Faith: Could be worse.

    Buffy looks at Faith. Faith is holding the orb last seen in Different Destinations. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: Why won't you put that away?

    Faith: Won't make a difference B. It's what I have to do. I've got my thing. What about you?

    Buffy's wound bleeds down her face. Suddenly it's gone. Buffy stares at her bed.

    Buffy: I think it's mine. It used to be.

    Faith: So make it yours again.

    Buffy: What if I don't leave?

    Faith: You shouldn't think about that.

    Buffy turns to her.

    Buffy: Where did you go?

    Faith: Somewhere bad right? I mean did all those things; I could never make up for that.

    Buffy: We forgave you.

    Faith: Right.

    Faith looks amused.

    Faith: Truth is, you won't know until you get there. And we all get there.

    Buffy looks at the bed. The image of Faith lying in the bed from Graduation Day, part 2 flashes for a moment and then disappears. Buffy looks at Faith.

    Buffy: Can we get back?

    Faith leans over to whisper in Buffy's ear. Her words are too quiet to be heard. Cut back to Faith and Buffy standing apart. Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: I don't want to be here.

    Faith: So go. Not like I'm gonna be lonely or anything.

    Buffy turns round and walks out of the room slowly. Faith slowly turns to the window and draws the curtains.

    Cut to Buffy walking down the hospital corridor slowly. Angel appears walking next to her.

    Angel: How's it going?

    Buffy: Don't.

    Angel: You trying to get away from here?

    Buffy: There are things that need to be done. That I need to do.

    Angel: Not now.

    Buffy stops and looks at Angel.

    Buffy: Will you not go?

    Angel: And here's me thinking you liked that little part of your mind where you could do whatever you wanted.

    Buffy looks saddened. Cut to Buffy and Angel kissing in the corridor. Cut back to them apart.

    Buffy: I'm not done.

    Buffy walks on. Angel stares after her.

    Angel: You will be.

    The scene slowly fades into a new scene where Buffy is walking into the backyard of the Summers' old house. The scene from the beginning of Villains is taking place, but without sound. Paramedics rush to and fro as past Buffy's body is lifted onto a stretcher. Xander looks extremely worried. Willow appears next to Buffy.

    Willow: What are you doing here?

    Buffy: I had to make sure I knew where I was going.

    Buffy looks up at the window of Willow and Tara's old bedroom, the bullet hole clearly visible.

    Willow: You won't know where she went. I couldn't even find her.

    Buffy: Maybe you weren't looking hard enough.

    Willow: Or maybe she had nowhere to go.

    Buffy frowns and stares as paramedics rush past with her past self.

    Buffy: I should have gone that day.

    Willow: Timing and space. Things don't always add up in the way they should.

    Buffy: If I had done something about Warren sooner-

    Willow: We'll never know.

    The scene suddenly changes into a desolate graveyard with dead trees surrounding it. The sky is full of dark clouds. Tara's grave is straight in front of Buffy. Buffy and Willow stare at it. Xander appears on the other side of Buffy.

    Xander: Maybe she's your fault to.

    Anya's grave is next to Tara's.

    Buffy: Where's she?

    Xander: All ex-demons go to heaven. Doesn't really have that ring to it does it?

    Buffy looks unhappy. She stares as more gravestones appear. Jenny, Chris, Amanda, Chloe, Molly, Vi. Giles appears next to Buffy.

    Giles: Did you see her when you went there?

    Dawn appears.

    Dawn: Do other dimensions have heaven? Do they have something else for him instead?

    Rona appears.

    Rona: Suicides don't get in do they? Did the others do enough?

    Buffy screws her eyes up. She opens them. The graveyard is empty except for Joyce who is stood in front of Buffy, smiling.

    Joyce: There are some things Buffy, which we can't change. And if you try?you'll be trying forever.

    Buffy: Maybe that's what I have now. I've seen the end.

    Joyce: You've seen one end.

    Buffy: That's what I'm afraid of.

    Joyce: Because you might go somewhere else?

    Buffy nods.

    Joyce: Oh Buffy. If anyone should know where they'll end up. It's you.

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: Are you there?

    Joyce smiles.

    Joyce: I'm here.

    Joyce puts her hand on Buffy's cheek. Buffy looks sad but then looks past Joyce. She sees a single gravestone. Another Buffy is stood next to it. She kneels down with some flowers.

    Buffy: Whose is that one?

    Joyce turns. She frowns.

    Joyce: The next one.

    Buffy walks past and tries to read what's written on the grave but the other Buffy is in the way. As Buffy walks towards the grave it gets further and further away.

    Buffy: Wait!

    Buffy starts running but she seems to get further away. She suddenly falls.

    Cut to Buffy in Golda's room in the Summers' house. Golda is sat on her bed.

    Golda: Oh my God!

    Golda jumps up.

    Golda: Where have you been? We were so worried!

    Buffy: I didn't realise I'd been gone that long.

    Golda: Are you kidding? Didn't you look outside?

    Golda draws back the curtain. The camera shows them looking out the window from an outside perspective. Buffy walks forward. She frowns.

    Buffy: What was that?

    Golda: You know Buffy. It's what we knew was coming. The thing we can't fight.

    Buffy: No. We can win.

    Golda laughs suddenly. Her laugh echoes around the room.

    Golda: Oh, oh I'm sorry, really. But you get how funny that is right?

    Buffy: What are you not telling me?

    Golda laughs a little.

    Buffy: Tell me what I need to know.

    Golda smiles.

    Golda: Buffy, come on. You already know. I mean sure the whole "vanquishing The First" thing was pretty impressive, but deep down you know that's not the way the game works.

    Golda hands Buffy three dice. Buffy looks at Golda confused.

    Golda: Oh come on, it's our turn, and I'm feeling lucky!

    Buffy stares at the dice and then drops them. They land as three sixes. Golda sighs.

    Golda: Darn. And just as we were winning.

    A door closes in the hallway. Buffy stares at Golda who is suddenly lying dead with bite wounds on her neck. She is suddenly alive again. She lies on the bed looking bored. Buffy frowns and slowly walks out. The camera zooms away from Golda quickly.

    Golda: You're not staying?

    Cut to Buffy in front of Willow's door. She opens it slowly and finds herself looking at a closet. Buffy looks annoyed as she moves several of the dresses Willow used to wear in season 1 out of the way. Buffy carries on through the closet getting further and further. The closet gets darker and larger until finally Buffy reaches the end. Willow is knelt in the distance, in a small cave. She is shaking to and fro. Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: Will?

    Willow looks up.

    Willow: No. No, you can't have it.

    Buffy: I don't-

    Willow: It's mine.

    Buffy: Will?we don't wanna see.

    Willow looks down at her hands. She is carrying a small green spark, as seen in Fear Itself.

    Willow: You will. You'll have to. I can't hide it. Buffy?

    Willow looks pleadingly at Buffy. Buffy walks up to her. She puts her hand on her shoulder.

    Buffy: It's ok.

    Willow looks upset and then stares at the magic spark. It flies up in the air. And illuminates the whole room. There are oil paintings of the battle in Vendettas, with Clare, Luce, The Judge, Jake. Everyone can be seen fighting. Willow looks ashamed and puts her face in her hands. Buffy looks around.

    Buffy: What is this?

    Willow: I know, I know, it's awful.

    Buffy: Will, I don't-

    Willow: Don't talk to me about. Don't. Just go.

    Buffy: But Will what are you-

    Willow: Go!

    Buffy is suddenly in a dark room alone. Willow appears next to her.

    Willow: Sorry about her. She's kinda cranky.

    Buffy: I got that much. What was she talking about?

    Willow: Don't you wish you knew?

    Buffy: Don't I wish you'd tell me.

    Willow smiles.

    Willow: I don't have the answers you wanna hear. Like that.

    Willow stares at something and Buffy looks. There are flashes of Buffy from Get it Done, fighting the demon's essence in the cave. Cut back to Buffy screwing her eyes up.

    Buffy: I don't have a question.

    Willow: You have a fear. And you want to be told it was the right thing to do. That they're happy now.

    Kelly appears next to Buffy.

    Kelly: Sure, I mean there was little anger and death here and there but it's all good in the long run right? We're better off?

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: No one had a better idea.

    Kelly: Because there is no idea. You see some perfect world Buffy. That's not how it can be.

    Angel appears on the other side of Buffy.

    Angel: She's lying. It is perfect. If you want it to be.

    Buffy looks at Kelly.

    Buffy: You have no idea.

    Kelly: And you really think you do?

    Buffy looks at Angel smiling at her. She looks at Kelly frowning at her. She turns around and begins running. Kelly shakes her head.

    Kelly: You can never run far enough.

    Cut to Buffy running still. She suddenly finds herself in an alleyway. Angel is standing opposite her.

    Angel: Well, here we are. Day one.

    He and Buffy are suddenly wearing the clothes they wore when they first met in Welcome to the Hellmouth.

    Buffy: Why are we here?

    Angel: Where else? There was a reason I came here.

    Buffy: You didn't come here to love me.

    Angel: Well, no, but we couldn't really help that could we. Star-crossed lovers, and all, you know?

    Buffy: This is so easy for you isn't it? You come here?you say these things.

    Angel: You say these things.

    Angel puts his hand under Buffy's chin.

    Angel: We're all just listening.

    Buffy: No.

    Angel: Don't.

    Cut to Buffy and Angel in a scene from The Prom.

    Past Buffy: Don't what? Don't love you?

    Present day Buffy is seen standing nearby watching in her hospital gown with her arms folded.

    Past Buffy: I'm sorry. You know what? I didn't know that I got a choice in that. I'm never gonna change. I can't change. I want my life to be with you.

    Past Angel: I don't.

    Past Buffy: You don't want to be with me?

    Another Angel appears next to Buffy.

    Angel: Convincing huh?

    He looks at Buffy. Buffy looks at him and then stares at her past self.

    Past Buffy: How am I supposed to stay away from you?

    Past Angel: I'm leaving. After the Ascension, after it's finished with the Mayor and Faith. If we survive, I'll go.

    Present day Buffy.

    Buffy: You left. That was convincing enough for me.

    Buffy begins to walk away.

    Angel: Do you regret that?

    Present day Angel stands behind Buffy. Cut to past Angel standing in the same way behind past Buffy. Present day Buffy turns to look at present day Angel. There is a short pause.

    Buffy: No. You?

    Angel stares at her.

    Angel: You can't lie about this.

    Buffy: I don't have to tell you anything.

    Angel: I'm still out there.

    Buffy: Not for me. Not anymore.

    Angel: You keep telling yourself that.

    Buffy frowns. She walks away more quickly as Angel stares after her. There is a quick shot of past Buffy looking miserable, then of past Angel staring at her.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Buffy walking down the hospital corridor once again. Xander is sat in one of the chairs.

    Buffy: Hi.

    Xander: Hey.

    Buffy: Are you waiting?

    Xander: Mm-hmm. Gotta tell you, it's been a while.

    Buffy: I know.

    Buffy sits next to Xander.

    Xander: What about you anyway?

    Buffy: Oh?I'm waiting too.

    Xander: You don't have to you know? There's no rule.

    Buffy: There are other things. I don't get to change them.

    Xander smiles.

    Xander: If you don't change them, who will?

    Buffy hesitates. Doctors suddenly start rushing into the room next to her and Xander. Buffy looks worriedly at Xander. Xander raise his eyebrows looking vaguely concerned.

    Xander: Uh oh.

    Buffy gets up and walks in the room. Doctors are standing over her body as the life support machine starts beeping faster and faster. Spike appears next to her. He leans close to her.

    Spike: What if we don't have the time? What if you go like this.

    Buffy looks worried but shakes her head.

    Buffy: No.

    Spike: You gonna stop it when it comes?

    Buffy stares at herself. Blood is trickling down her face once again.

    Spike: Time's running out love. Can't hold on to fantasies. It's me you really crave. I'm here to be craved.

    Buffy looks at the scene in front of her. The life support machine is flat. Buffy turns to Spike.

    Buffy: I did. Not now.

    Spike: You can't wait.

    Buffy stares at herself in the bed. The life support machine is beeping again, slowly. The blood on her own head has gone. Buffy smiles to herself.

    Buffy: Yes I can.

    Buffy walks out leaving Spike alone.

    Cut to Buffy walking through another door. She suddenly finds herself in the GSPST. She looks around as the alarms suddenly go off and soldiers run past. Riley appears next to her.

    Riley: Buffy!

    Buffy: What?

    Riley: We have to go! Ethan's planning world domination and he's using artificial intelligence.

    Buffy: Robots?

    Riley: Worse. Household appliances are killing people everywhere. Come on!

    Riley runs onwards. Buffy starts to follow. Buffy suddenly finds herself running into a smaller room with dimmed red lighting. Vanessa appears next to Buffy.

    Buffy: This wasn't here.

    Vanessa: Yes it was. It's been here longer than you have.

    Buffy: What's it for.

    Vanessa: Oh you know.

    Vanessa indicates a table nearby. She walks up to it and takes a photograph that has been developing. She holds it up. It shows Buffy lying in her bed unconscious at the hospital.

    Vanessa: See now? Isn't that a pretty little picture? Kinda prefer this one though.

    There is another picture on the table showing the scythe. Buffy looks confused. She then starts running. Vanessa stares after her and smiles slightly.

    Vanessa: Like you can ever really run though right?

    The word "right" echoes as Buffy enters the old Summers' house. Joyce appears.

    Joyce: Honey?

    Buffy: Mom!

    Buffy runs forward and hugs Joyce who smiles, slightly bemused.

    Joyce: Uh, love you too sweetie.

    Buffy: Are you ok? Did anything in the kitchen start?moving?

    Joyce: Not that I know of.

    Joyce raises her eyebrows and smiles. Buffy looks relieved.

    Buffy: Good. It's just?you have to be careful with these things, you know?

    Joyce: I do and I read the manuals. Don't worry about me Buffy, I'm fine here.

    Buffy's smiles wavers slightly.

    Buffy: Uh, so doing anything exciting?

    Joyce: Oh I wish I was, but unfortunately not. Think I should go out tonight-

    Buffy: No!

    Joyce looks a little thrown.

    Joyce: Are you ok sweetie?

    Buffy: I?I'm fine, mom. I just think you should stay here right now, ok? There's?bad things out there.
    Joyce: Oh Buffy I don't think there'll be any vampires where I'd be going.

    Joyce smiles and walks into the kitchen. Buffy stares after her and looks sad.

    Buffy: That's not what I'm talking about.

    She follows her into the kitchen. Joyce gets some oven gloves and takes a tray of cookies out of the oven. Buffy watches.

    Joyce: Oh well, these won't be done for a while yet.

    She places them back in.

    Joyce: Guess I'll have to stick around tonight then. Will you be-

    Buffy: Yes. I'll stay here, as long as you want.

    Joyce smiles.

    Joyce: I do appreciate it. But I understand that you're gonna have to move out sooner or later.

    Buffy: No, no I don't, it can just be you, me and Dawn right?

    Joyce: And Dawn?

    Buffy: Right and?

    Buffy stares as she sees a photo on the wall of her and Joyce. There is a gap where Dawn should be. Buffy frowns. Joyce follows Buffy's gaze.

    Joyce: You don't like the picture?

    Buffy: No.

    Buffy walks up to it and takes it off the wall. Joyce stands next to her.

    Joyce: You knew it would happen though Buffy, one day.

    Buffy: Not now.

    Joyce: Things get built and broken so easily. You're still so young, in here.

    Joyce places her hand on Buffy's heart.

    Joyce: Still not fixed.

    Buffy looks unhappy.

    Buffy: I have to go find her.

    Joyce: Oh now Buffy don't talk like that. Why don't I make some lemonade and then we can watch movies? I think Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is on-

    Buffy: No, mom. I can't stay.

    Joyce's smile fades.

    Joyce: Well you won't let me go out, and now you're just going to go?

    Buffy: It's not like that.

    Joyce: No, no you should go do what you need to. I might not be here when you get back but?

    Buffy looks tearful. She kisses Joyce on the cheek.

    Buffy: Maybe not.

    Buffy walks away slowly. Joyce looks confused.

    Joyce: What's out there that's so awful Buffy?

    Buffy carries on without answering.

    Cut to Buffy walking up the stairs. Dan appears at the top causing Buffy to jump.

    Buffy: God Dawn, don't do that!

    Dawn: You thought I wasn't here.

    Buffy: I was looking for you.

    Dawn: You sure you didn't prefer it this way.

    Buffy looks at Dawn confused. She notices Dawn's image flashing in one of the photos on the stairway. Buffy looks back but Dawn is gone.

    Buffy: Dawn? I don't want you to?

    She walks up the stairs but finds herself staring at a statue of Dawn in the hallway. Buffy walks forward. A tear falls from the statue's eye and Buffy looks grave. She turns quickly as she hears a banging sound. Dawn is at the opposite end of the corridor trying to get into her old room.
    Buffy: Dawn what are you doing?

    Dawn: I can't get in. It's locked.

    Buffy: It's not open anymore.

    Dawn: Why won't you open it for me?

    Buffy: I don't?there's no key.

    Dawn: There's no lock.

    Buffy stares at the door and sure enough there is no handle or lock. She stands in front of it.

    Dawn: Let me in.

    Buffy hesitates as she looks at Dawn. Golda is suddenly stood next to them.

    Golda: My my what could we be opening today?

    Buffy stares at her for a second and then kicks the door. A hole is made. Buffy puts her hand through to the other side and opens it from there. Green light appears to explode from within as the scene vanishes.

    Cut to Buffy stood in to Darkley, but most of the houses are ruined and destroyed. Julia appears next to her.

    Julia: Place isn't looking its best.

    Buffy turns to her.

    Buffy: This is the end?

    Julia: This is after.

    Buffy stares around.

    Buffy: It happened quickly.

    Julia: Quicker than you know. Time running out of our hands.

    Buffy: It shouldn't come to this.

    Julia: Not every battle can be fought.

    Buffy: I won't stop.

    Julia: What if you're not here?

    Demons suddenly appear everywhere, destroying what's left. Buffy looks horrified as she sees Willow, Xander, Dawn, Buffy, Kelly and Golda fighting the demons and losing. She tries to run forward but there are suddenly chains around her wrists. She turns around to see them attached to the hospital bed. She looks back towards the scene in Darkley to see she is staring through the window of her hospital room. She uses all her strength to break the chains and then quickly draws the curtains. There is silence. Buffy breathes heavily and slowly turns round.

    A round of applause suddenly starts and celebratory music plays. Giles rushes forward smiling widely as balloons and confetti pour down from the ceiling. A crowd of people is stood behind him.

    Giles: Well done Buffy! You've closed the Hellmouth!

    Giles opens a bottle of champagne, which overflows as everyone else rushes forward. The crowd in the background cheers.

    Kelly: We knew you could do it!

    Golda: Well there was a second there that we worried but hey you pulled it off anywhere?

    Buffy: What did I do?

    Dawn: Oh come on, don't be so modest.

    Xander: It was a great idea.

    Buffy: Tell me.

    Willow: It's ok, it's over now.

    Giles: We're saved!

    Faith: I guess now you can live like a normal person.

    Everything goes into semi-slow motion. Buffy turns to Faith and stares at her. Faith stares back smiling, but her eyes seem unfriendly. Buffy walks onwards in real time as everyone around her celebrates in slow motion. Spike is stood at the door to the room, smiling. He walks forward as Buffy approaches.

    Spike: Fancy a dance love? For old times sake.

    Buffy: We're not dancing.

    Buffy walks past him. Spike looks round as she walks away.

    Spike: How long are you gonna pretend it can happen?

    Buffy stops and looks at him.

    Buffy: It still could.

    Spike shakes his head.

    Spike: Been down that road love. You know as well as I do that it can only ever be in here.

    Spike presses his finger on Buffy's forehead. His finger appears to pass into her head as creamy coloured light shines out. Buffy screws up her eyes. Spike moves his hand back.

    Spike: Now that. That was real. And you feel it.

    Buffy: I feel you. All the time. And right now? It's annoying.

    Buffy rolls her eyes, opens the door and walks out. Spike is stood in front of her.

    Spike: Not quite easy love. Or did you forget this routine?

    Buffy: Unfortunately, no.

    Spike: You're gonna have to choose.

    Angel appears nearby. Buffy looks surprised.

    Buffy: Ego wars part two? Not really on my schedule right now.

    Angel: Not your choice. Of course it's not really a question about who's it gonna be. It's about who it's always been. And you know in your heart that he is nothing compared to the passion you felt.

    Spike: Once.

    Buffy: Oh, ok here we go.

    Spike: How many times was I there for you? How many times did I numb that pain that you feel every day?

    Buffy: How many times did you both screw up my life? My life would have been a whole lot simpler if you two had just-

    Angel: Simple isn't what you want.

    Spike: You crave the pain, love.

    Buffy: That's you.

    Spike: Really? Maybe it's contagious.

    Buffy looks uncomfortable.

    Buffy: I don't need either of you to be happy. Why can't you understand that?

    Angel: You sure need something. And personally, I'm not seeing you in the sunlight.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Maybe you should both try it, tell me how it goes.

    Buffy turns away from them. As she does so sunlight fills the room. She turns back quickly to see dust scattered across the floor. Julia is stood where Spike and Angel were moments ago.

    Julia: And if there's nothing left?

    Buffy stares at Julia.

    Buffy: They won't go down without a-

    Julia: Fight. They could lose. You give your heart so easily. You need someone worthy to hold on to it.

    Buffy: I have my friends.

    Julia: Are they truly what you desire?

    Cut to Xander, Willow, Giles, Golda, Kelly and Dawn stood around Buffy in a circle. Buffy suddenly appears smaller than all of them. Julia is still next to her.

    Julia: You are the loneliest number Buffy. Even they cannot come close.

    She indicates Golda and Kelly.

    Buffy: I won't be alone forever.

    Julia: Perhaps not. But perfection takes time. Too much, and those golden opportunities are gone. You decide.

    Suddenly Julia and the others vanish. Buffy is alone in a house. She walks through a door and finds a bed. Slowly she lowers her head on to the pillow and stares into space. Her wound has returned and is bleeding slowly. Buffy closes her eyes looking exhausted. The camera shows a wide shot of her lying in the bed, alone.
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      ACT III

      Open on Buffy opening her eyes. She is lying in the bed still. She slowly sits up and looks around. There is a piece of paper and a rose on the pillow beside her. "Downstairs" has been written on the paper. Buffy smiles to herself.

      Cut to Buffy walking down the stairs. As she reaches the bottom the camera focuses on a picture of Buffy holding a one-year-old boy in her arms. Buffy walks into a kitchen. An exquisite breakfast has been served with candles in the middle. Buffy smiles to herself. Angel appears from nearby holding the one-year-old boy seen in the photo, now a little older.

      Angel: Hey! Happy birthday!

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: Thank you.

      They kiss. Buffy looks at the child and strokes his head. He grins.

      Buffy: And how's my little guy this morning?

      Angel: Hungry.

      Buffy: Well he's not the only one. But apparently I needn't worry cause someone learned how to cook.

      Angel: Uh well, learning would be a more appropriate term but it should be good.

      Angel place the baby in a baby seat and then pulls a chair out for Buffy..

      Buffy: Why thank you kind sir.

      Buffy smiles at the arrangements and sits down.

      Buffy: Well you definitely get the formalities box ticked. This is great.

      Angel: Thanks. But it was no problem.
      Angel kisses Buffy on the cheek and then opens the fridge.

      Buffy: So did ya get the morning off?

      Angel: Uh, not in so many words. Guys at work are still-

      Buffy: Stubborn old men with no experience of romance since 1972?

      Angel: Something like that. But they did give me tonight off at least.

      Buffy: Oh. Well they are partially forgiven.

      Angel: Still means you're gonna have to stay here with George this morning.

      Buffy: Oh I don't mind, my life could be harder.

      Angel: You were out pretty late last night, shoulda told me you were gonna patrol, I woulda come with you.

      Buffy: And then you might not have been awake enough to do all this. See I have a subconscious schedule.

      Angel: I'm impressed.

      Angel smiles. George starts to cry.

      Angel: Right, right sorry.

      Angel puts the food next to George and feeds him a spoonful. George calms down. Angel looks at his watch.

      Buffy: Ok, you should go.

      Angel: But-

      Buffy: I will eat my breakfast right now and look after George and it'll all be fine.

      Angel: Well, ok. And you'll be ok-

      Buffy: Yes, I will. You go do your thing.

      Angel smiles and then kisses Buffy once again.

      Angel: I'll just go and get ready.

      Buffy: Ok.

      Angel walks out of the room. Buffy smells one of the flowers from the table and then starts pouring herself some orange juice.

      Voice OS: Perfect little world eh?

      Buffy jumps as she sees Spike next to her. Suddenly they are in a small apartment which is quite dingy. Buffy is sat at a much smaller table and Spike is stood nearby.

      Buffy: I'm not asking for something perfect Spike.

      Spike: Well you know it feels like you won't settle for anything less.

      Buffy: Is it really that much to ask that you get a job?

      Spike: I am trying. You know if you'd only taken the pill-

      Buffy: Oh you are not using that against me again.

      Buffy stands up to reveal she is pregnant. She stands by the sink, getting a glass of water.

      Buffy: Even people without children get jobs, maybe that's a weird concept for you but it's what happens.

      Spike: And you've never had one.

      Buffy: I'm currently somewhere between saving the world and preparing this place for our child. How about you?

      Spike: Maybe if you'd let me help a bit-

      Buffy: You don't help, Spike! You only tell me what you don't like, what you want to change.

      Spike: All right then uh?I like what you're wearing.

      Buffy sighs. She looks down. Spike walks towards her.

      Spike: Look I can get a job. And I'll help you around here more. If you let me.

      Buffy: I haven't been trying to stop you.

      Spike: You want control though. Ever since Angel-

      Buffy: Don't start talking about him.

      Spike: Why not? You haven't stopped wishing he was around.

      Buffy: That is not true.

      Spike: I got you want you wanted. Humanity, right? I'm alive. This is what reality is Buffy.

      Buffy pauses. She drops the glass suddenly. Spike looks surprised.

      Spike: Buffy?

      Buffy: I?I think it's started.

      She holds her stomach. She stares at the glass at the floor. Cut to Buffy looking up. She is back in the house with her and Angel, who is stood nearby looking concerned. George is crying.

      Angel: Buffy? What happened?

      Buffy looks at the glass at the floor.

      Buffy: Uh, it slipped, sorry.

      Angel: It's ok. Thought something worse had happened.

      Buffy: Sorry.

      Buffy gets up and goes over to George.

      Angel: Careful of the glass.

      Angel begins clearing the glass from the floor as Buffy comforts George in her arms and he calms down a bit. Buffy smiles at Angel.

      Buffy: You're great you know.

      Angel looks up and smiles.

      Angel: All in the job description. Ow.

      Angel looks at his finger which he has cut on the glass.

      Buffy: Oh, sorry.

      Angel: It's ok, just a scratch.
      The camera focuses on the blood trickling from Angel's finger. Buffy stares at it.

      Cut to Buffy standing in an alleyway. Angel is lying on the ground, blood smeared all over his stomach.

      Buffy: Just a scratch!?

      Angel: Could?be worse. We've both?seen?worse.

      Angel splutters.

      Buffy: When you were a vampire maybe but not now?

      Angel: We can?we can get me to a hospital.

      Buffy: Right.

      Buffy reaches for her pocket.

      Buffy: I?I don't have my cell.

      Angel: I don't either.

      Buffy looks around desperately.

      Buffy: (shouting) Help! Help us someone!

      The camera shows a distant shot of them alone in the alley.

      Buffy: Help!

      Cut to Buffy standing in the Summers' kitchen suddenly. Giles is sat in there.

      Giles: Well, this is odd isn't it?

      Buffy: I know they're not real.

      Giles: Maybe one day.

      Buffy: Could it really happen? I could really be happy with them?

      Giles: If you let yourself be happy.

      Giles smiles at Buffy. Buffy looks undecided.

      Buffy: I need to choose?

      Giles: I'm not sure anyone else is going to.

      Buffy: Giles I?I love them both.

      Giles: Not loved?

      Buffy: No?it's still there.

      Giles: Well then?that is a problem. But you'll see. Who can you be truly happy with?

      Buffy looks undecided. There is a flash of her holding a newborn baby in a hospital bed with Spike. There is a flash of Buffy and Angel kissing in their kitchen. There is a flash of Spike stabbing Angel in the stomach in the alley seen earlier. There is a flash of Spike slouching on a sofa smoking a cigarette while Buffy cries behind him.

      Cut back to Buffy and Giles. Giles nods.

      Giles: The reality isn't perfect. But it's what you have. Anything better will always be a little too far for you to each.

      Buffy closes her eyes and sighs. She opens them again. She watches a future version of herself, in her late 30s enter a living room. The table there is set with a large Thanksgiving dinner. Xander, Anya, Dawn and a teenage boy (George) are sat along one side. Willow, Tara and Giles are sat along the other side of the table. All of them look fifteen years older. Angel is sat at the end, looking as young as ever. Buffy watches her future self sit down at the head of the table.

      Buffy: Aw you all didn't have to wait for me you know.

      Anya: It's customary in most cultures. I mean I'd have happily stuffed my face by now, but that wouldn't have been courteous.

      Buffy smiles slightly bemused. Xander looks embarrassed as the others smile.

      Buffy: Uh, well thanks anyway.

      Tara: I think we should make a toast to Giles.

      Buffy: Oh right, of course.

      Giles: It's not really necessary.

      Willow: Are you kidding? Retiring requires at least one toast and possibly more to come.

      Anya: See, this is why it's better to be immortal.
      Dawn: Ok here we go.

      Anya: If you're immortal you never get older, you can continue to provide society with your services and skills and everything continues working in that way it has done.

      George: So you never stop working?

      Giles: I'd quite happily drink to that not being the case.

      Everyone laughs.

      Buffy: Well anyway. We should toast. It's like an end of an era.

      Xander: Mm, difficult to replace Giles.

      Giles: I'm sure they'll manage.

      Angel: Well, in any case, it won't be the same.

      Angel raises his glass. Everyone else does the same.

      Angel: To Giles. And to everything we've done.

      Everyone: To everything.

      Buffy is suddenly sat in the perspective of her future self. She looks hesitant.

      Willow: Buffy?

      Spike has appeared behind Angel. Buffy looks surprised.

      Xander: What is it?

      Xander looks at where Spike is, but apparently cannot see him.

      Spike: Nice, isn't it?

      Buffy: Shut up.

      Angel looks confused.

      Angel: Buffy what are you looking at?

      Spike is suddenly holding an axe. Buffy shakes her head worriedly.

      Buffy: No?
      Spike: It can't stay this way. You know that.

      Spike raises the axe. The others look confused.

      Giles: Buffy what-

      Spike swings.

      Buffy: No!
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        ACT IV

        Angel appears to break into pieces as the axe hits him, as does the rest of the scene. Buffy is surrounded by fragments floating in the air. She looks upset. Giles appears next to her.

        Giles: Well I suppose that was rather inevitable.

        Buffy: It was fine until-

        Giles: Until they went. They're gone. You can't bring any of it back.

        Buffy looks sad but nods.

        Buffy: It's not like I hate what's real. I don't.

        Giles: You'll always wish for more. It's natural.

        Buffy: I think I saw perfection once.

        Giles: Yes. You remember?

        Giles and Buffy are suddenly stood in a small motel room. Another Buffy is stood by the window. Angel opens the door suddenly. Buffy stares at him, and Angel stares back.

        Angel: Oh God?Buffy?

        Buffy: You're here.

        They rush up to one another and hug. They kiss.

        Cut to them sitting on the bed.

        Buffy: It's mostly blurs. Images that I can't process, or even remember really.

        Angel: But you were happy?

        Buffy: I was?at ease.
        Angel: I can't imagine what it must have been like.

        Buffy: No?no one can.

        Angel looks troubled.

        Angel: But, you're?I mean not, recovered but-

        Buffy: Coping, yeah. It's better being here. With you.

        Angel: I'm glad.

        They smile at one another.

        Buffy: There is one thing I remember.

        Angel: What?

        Buffy: I felt you. I mean?you weren't there, but it felt the same.

        Angel: Oh. Is that why-

        Buffy: Yeah. I thought you being here?might help. And it has.

        Angel: Good. But you know we can't-

        Buffy: I know. I didn't expect anything like that, I don't even think I could right now. But just you being around is enough.

        Angel smiles and puts his arms around Buffy. Buffy lays her head on his shoulder.

        Cut back to Buffy and Giles stood in darkness.

        Buffy: It was a long time ago.

        Giles: It doesn't matter. You still feel the same.

        Buffy: Maybe I do. But I know what can't be.

        Buffy looks at Giles.

        Buffy: Thank you.

        Giles smiles. Buffy smiles back.

        Buffy: You're not just a dream are you?

        Giles' smile wavers slightly.

        Giles: I?

        Buffy: I can tell you wanted me to realise this. For myself.

        Giles stares at her.

        Giles: You needed to. We needed you to see. To accept your life as it is.

        Buffy nods.

        Buffy: And I do.

        Giles: There are terrible things to come, Buffy. You will be in the front line of it all. We needed you to be at peace with yourself, with your life, before you could prepare for what's out there.

        Buffy: I'm ready. But tell me. What are you exactly?

        Giles smiles.

        Giles: The balance. The justice. The grace.

        Buffy: The Powers That Be.

        Giles simply stares at her.

        Buffy: So, you want me to win?

        Giles: It is vital. Equality is the way in which this world continues to exist. A greater evil has been unleashed and will soon grow.

        Buffy: I thought there was no greater evil than?

        Giles stares at Buffy. Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: It's back.

        Chris appears.

        Chris: Oh, I never left.

        Buffy looks startled.

        Buffy: I know we didn't defeat you.

        Chris: Well hey you tried, but you seemed to be missing the whole "incorporeal" part. And no matter what you do, that's not going to change. Evil and good can't be controlled; they can't be measured or stopped.

        Giles: We've come to an agreement.

        Chris: Well you don't have much choices now do you.

        Giles: Neither do you.

        Chris: Fine, let's just cut to the chase. You and I can never beat each other, and while that's kinda annoying, I can live with it.

        Giles: So can the world. Without it you'd be nothing.

        Chris: And neither would you.

        Buffy stares at them both.

        Buffy: You're going to stop fighting?

        Chris laughs.

        Chris: Stop fighting? How would we ever do that?

        Giles: It goes on. And it always will. The world cannot be destroyed.

        Buffy: You're telling me The First Evil wants to save the world?

        Giles: It has no choice. It was greatly weakened when you closed the Hellmouth Buffy, regardless of what it has told you. It now exists as only a fragment in the mind of the human race.

        Chris: Like you.

        Giles: We are all bound by the same rules. That is why we must preserve the world the way it is.

        Chris: Unfortunately some of my guys don't think quite that way.

        Giles: They will be stopped.

        Chris: Probably. Personally I'm looking forward to the show.

        Giles turns to Buffy.

        Giles: If you and others continue to fight, this is possible. If not?

        Buffy: I won't stop.

        Buffy turns to Chris.

        Buffy: Do your worst.

        Chris: You couldn't even conceive of it.

        Chris smiles. They are in the hospital room suddenly. The bed is empty. Chris leans over to Buffy. Cut to a close up of Chris' mouth whispering in Buffy's ear.

        Chris: Just so you remember?no matter what happens?I'll always be in here. I'm never leaving you, my dear.

        Chris mouth smiles. There is a close up of Buffy's eye looking worried. Cut to Giles next to Buffy.

        Giles: You know what to do.

        Buffy looks at the window. Giles and Chris are gone. Buffy walks up to the curtains and opens them. The scene fades to white as light pours through.

        Cut to a close up of Buffy opening her eyes. Buffy is wearing her bandage in the hospital bed. Willow and Dawn are stood nearby. They look relieved.

        Dawn: Buffy!

        Dawn leans close to Buffy, who blinks several times and smiles.

        Buffy: Hey.

        They hug gently. Willow hugs Buffy also.

        Willow: Oh god Buffy, we thought that maybe you?

        Buffy: No?no I'm ok.

        Dawn: Knew that Slayer strength would come in useful.

        Buffy smiles reflectively.

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Dawn and Willow smile. Buffy sits up slightly.

        Buffy: How long was I out?

        Willow: Oh, uh, a few days.

        Buffy: Days?

        Dawn: Yeah. You've uh?

        She looks at Willow who looks uncertain.

        Dawn: A lot's happened.

        Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: What?

        Willow: Well?Lincoln cathedral kinda exploded.

        Buffy looks shocked.

        Buffy: What!?

        Dawn: It was Ethan and Malachi.

        Buffy: The radiation?

        Dawn nods.

        Dawn: Xander and Kelly were nearby-

        Buffy: What?

        Buffy looks in shock.

        Willow: They're ok though. They got vaccinated.

        Buffy: Oh?good?

        Buffy still looks shocked.

        Buffy: But, there are others right?

        Dawn and Willow looks at one another.

        Buffy: What is it?

        Dawn: Well?there's not exactly enough of the vaccine to go around. And, this is such a big scale attack Buffy?the GSPST couldn't get a cover story. People are already turning into demons.

        Buffy: What do you mean they couldn't get a cover story?

        Willow: They?had to go public. The world knows.

        Buffy looks shocked.

        Buffy: How much?
        Willow hesitates.

        Willow: Everything.

        Buffy stares into space. Willow and Dawn look worried.

        THE END
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6