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Buffy Episode 9.11 177. Demolition

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  • Buffy Episode 9.11 177. Demolition

    Hi, this is the eleventh episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.11 177. Demolition

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permited.

    ACT I

    Open on Dawn walking into the kitchen, wearing a dressing gown and pyjamas. Everyone else is sat at the kitchen table.

    Dawn: Hey guys.

    Buffy: Hey Dawn.

    Dawn smiles and goes to the fridge, opening it. She frowns, closes the fridge and looks at table.

    Dawn: We're eating doughnuts for breakfast?

    Xander: Oh don't let the sugary coating fool you. The jelly's probably full of vitamin C.

    Dawn raises an eyebrow.

    Dawn: What happened to cereal?

    Willow: We uh, ran out of cereal.

    Dawn: And people usually buy more before that happens.

    Buffy: With what? Our non-existent income?

    Dawn: Oh come on, we have money. Well more that we used to anyway, right?

    Golda: Uh, actually we don't have much at all. And what we do have is slowly disappearing.

    Kelly: Hence the cutting back on cereal.

    Golda: Among other things.

    Xander: Looks like it's back to the job centre for me.

    Kelly: For all of us. We shouldn't just rely on you.

    Buffy: She's right. Not that anyone should be kicked out or anything, but until we have enough money to supply basic food needs; we really need jobs.

    Golda: Well I noticed that the McDonald's in Lincoln was advertising for-

    Buffy: Any other suggestions?

    Dawn: Well the GSPST might pay us some time. They can't have their front line homeless and starving to death.

    Xander: Right. And this isn't demanding money from innocent victims. It's asking politely for money from a global company. I'm sure they have enough to spare.

    Dawn: Well you never know, they might just offer it to us. Or Giles might, you know, give us another cheque if things get as bad as they did last time.

    Buffy: Dawn we can't ask Giles for money. And waiting for him or the GSPST or anyone else to give it to us means we could be waiting forever. Maybe we should find other stuff to do. I mean Slayer retirement's gonna be heading my way eventually, and it'd be nice to have a few qualifications other than destroying towns. So until we're really desperate?we'll just have to look around. Tomorrow. In non-fast food places.

    Xander: Define "desperate".

    Buffy pauses.

    Willow: Well we're not?exactly. I mean things could be worse.

    Xander: Yeah we could have run out of doughnuts too.

    Willow looks awkward.

    Willow: Well?yes, but also the vampire count's severely down right now.

    Kelly: Isn't that usually a sign that the world's about to end?

    Buffy: No! It means they just, you know, haven't been biting as much.

    Golda: And we've been killing ?em quicker.

    Buffy: Exactly.

    Willow smiles. Golda nods enthusiastically. Xander looks happy. Kelly nods more slowly. Dawn raises her eyebrows. Willow looks doubtful. Buffy looks deflated.

    Buffy: Who wants the last doughnut?

    Cut to Joe and Vanessa lying in bed in their flat, morning. Joe turns to Vanessa and smiles.

    Joe: Hey.

    Vanessa smiles.

    Vanessa: Hey there. What time is it?

    Joe: Uh?

    Joe turns to look at the alarm clock.

    Joe: Almost 10.

    Vanessa: Really?

    Joe: Mm.

    Vanessa: A little later than usual, don't you think?

    Joe: It's fine. I thought we deserved a lie in for once.

    Vanessa spots something across the room.

    Vanessa: You unplugged the phone!?

    Joe: Uh, yeah-

    Vanessa: Joe! It could be important!

    Joe: Well if it is they'll tell us some other way. Just relax for now hun, all right? Nothing worth getting out of bed for, for the next hour.

    Vanessa bites her lip and then smiles and raises and eyebrow. She and Joe kiss. Suddenly there is a flash and a loud explosion from outside. Joe and Vanessa look up as wood suddenly smashes through the window.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Special Guest Star:

    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    SAMUEL L JACKSON - Malachi Edison
    ROBIN SACCHS - Ethan Rayne
    DANIELLE BRENT - Michelle

    Cut to the vampire cave where Alice was held in "The Distance". The caption says "two months ago". A woman walks in and looks around at the piles of dust and emptiness. She kicks at one of the piles and looks angry. Malachi suddenly appears.

    Malachi: Calm yourself.

    Woman: Do you not see the dust piles around here? That bitch screwed my entire operation.

    Malachi: Yours?

    Woman: Ours, whatever. It's nobody's now anyway.

    Malachi: We'll start again.

    Woman: You have any idea how difficult it is to convince the others to vamp humans for someone they don't even know?

    Malachi: You've persuaded them so far.

    Woman: Yeah, with great difficulty. Once they start biting you'd need a sledgehammer or something to stop-

    Malachi grabs the woman suddenly and slams her against the wall. She vamps out revealing herself to be a vampire, and looks angry.

    Vampire: I could kill you right now.

    Malachi stares at her coldly.

    Malachi: No. You couldn't. Without me you're nothing.

    Vampire: Yeah you said that a couple of times.

    Malachi releases the vampire.

    Malachi: We share a common enemy. The Slayer.

    Vampire: It's plural now.

    Malachi: Yes it is. Which makes me more valuable to you than ever. It won't be long before the vampires of this area are gone entirely, and neither of us want to see that happen. So here's what you're going to do. I don't care what it takes, but you're going to convince your fellow vampires to do what I have asked, unless they wish the to join the dust around us right now.

    Vampire: Ok, ok, I will. Just tell me one thing. Why do you need them alive?

    Malachi: Because only something that is alive can be of use to what we're creating.

    The vampire looks confused. Malachi smiles slightly and walks away.

    Cut to Dawn on the phone in the Summer's house. She smiles.

    Dawn: (to phone) Oh my god really?

    Cut to Siobhan in her house in London.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Mm hmm, he's great! Two months next week. Doubt he'll remember, but I'll leave subtle hints.

    Cut to Dawn laughing.

    Dawn: (to phone) Aw I'm happy for you.

    Cut to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Thanks! Now what about you? Any guy on the horizon?

    Cut back to Dawn, whose smile fades slightly.

    Dawn: (to phone) Uh, no, not right now. I'm not sure I'm really ready for that yet.

    Cut back to Siobhan looking sympathetic.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Well I can understand that. Must be tough.

    Cut back to Dawn.

    Dawn: (to phone) Well it's better now, I mean I feel better about everything really. And you know it's not like I'm never gonna date again-

    Cut back to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Oh yeah, of course, of course. Still believe in that "one" thing?

    Cut to Dawn rolling her eyes.

    Dawn: (to phone) Uh, not exactly. I think there's like?four. Maybe five.

    Cut to Siobhan laughing.
    Siobhan: (to phone) Well that's good.

    Cut back to Dawn nodding.

    Dawn: (to phone) Yeah. Yeah it is.

    Cut back to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Anyway Dawn I've gotta go out and meet Leon soon. He's taking me out to lunch.

    Cut back to Dawn.

    Dawn: (to phone) Aw, how cute.

    Cut back to Siobhan rolling her eyes.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Yeah well it is actually, so I'm gonna take advantage of every second. Especially what might happen after that.

    Cut back to Dawn rolling her eyes.

    Dawn: (to phone) Well have fun now.

    Cut back to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: (to phone) Oh I will. Take care yeah?

    Cut back to Dawn.

    Dawn: (to phone) Yeah you too. Speak soon. Bye!

    Cut to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: Bye!

    Cut back to Dawn putting the phone down. She walks away from the phone when it begins ringing again. Dawn frowns slightly and then walks back to the phone and picks it up.

    Dawn: (to phone) Hello?

    Cut to Julia stood beside a fire engine on a mobile phone.

    Julia: (to phone) Oh Dawn there you are, it's Julia here.

    Cut to Dawn.

    Dawn: (to phone) Oh hey Julia.

    Cut to Julia.

    Julia: (to phone) Yes, hello, uh I was wondering if I could speak to your sister?

    Cut to Dawn.

    Dawn: (to phone) Uh, sure is everything ok?

    Cut to Julia looking at a demolished house in front of her.

    Julia: (to phone) No. No it's not.

    Cut to Xander and Kelly in their room. Xander is lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. Kelly is reading a magazine next to him. She peers over at him.

    Kelly: Xander?

    Xander looks at her quickly.

    Xander: Huh what?

    Kelly: Are you ok?

    Xander: Sure, why wouldn't I be?

    Kelly: Oh, I dunno just for a while now you've been kinda?different I guess. I mean there's been a lot of staring for a start.

    Xander: Oh, right, well yeah I've just been thinking about stuff, you know?

    Kelly: Is this about?anything?

    Xander: No, no, not anything big, just life stuff I guess.

    Kelly: Oh. Ok, well you know I'm here if you wanna talk anytime.

    Xander: Thanks. I will if I need to.

    There is an urgent knock on their door. Buffy walks in quickly.

    Xander: Buffy?

    Buffy: Guys we have a problem.

    Xander and Kelly look concerned.

    Cut to Buffy, followed by the others walking up the corridor of Lincoln hospital. Giles is sat nearby and he stands up as he sees the others.

    Giles: Buffy.

    Buffy: Giles hey. Sorry we took a while.

    Giles: No, no it's fine.

    Dawn: How bad is it?

    Giles: Uh, Vanessa has a head injury but nothing serious. Joe's fine, as far as the doctors can tell. Julia's with him.

    Buffy: Thank God. What happened exactly?

    Giles: Uh, no one's exactly sure. The house next to them simply?exploded.

    Kelly: Houses don't just explode.

    Giles: Well yes, of course, but?we're not sure how it happened.

    Xander: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, maybe, a bomb?

    Giles: Yes, Xander, and if you'd like to tell us all where the bomb came from then we'd all be very happy to hear that.

    Xander: Point taken. But uh, maybe there's, you know, terrorists or something?

    Willow: I don't see them blowing up a random suburban house in a town most people won't even know about.

    Golda: So are we thinking this is something else?

    Giles: Well it could quite possibly be Ethan's organisation.

    Buffy: Or Malachi. I mean he's still out there somewhere right?

    Giles: Yes. It would make sense considering the money that's probably needed to make something with a magnitude this size.

    Xander: So he's gonna blow up Darkley until we come out with our white flags up?

    Dawn: Maybe it aimed at Joe and Vanessa?

    Giles: Perhaps. Julia thinks it may be difficult to tell for sure until the GSPST make a proper investigation.

    Buffy: That could take a while. I mean for all we know they could be planning to do it again.

    Giles: The government's prepared for things like this Buffy, they're not just going to ignore it. Besides right now we don't know if they'll do it again.

    Kelly: And we won't again until someone else gets blown up. Are we just gonna wait for that to happen?

    Giles: Look, we can't do much else but wait until we know more. If it is Ethan then I'll deal with him myself. He's much less threatening in prison.

    Golda: Didn't he allow all those guys to break out and take us all hostage?

    Giles: Uh, well yes but, he's much securer than last time.

    Buffy: So if it's them?maybe they're trying to do this to make us come to them. We're not going to this time.

    Xander: Well for a start we don't know where they'd even be.

    Willow: Right. Maybe there's something else?

    Buffy looks worried. Julia appears.

    Buffy: Julia, Hey.

    Julia: Uh, hello, good to see you all here. I've uh, got some bad news I'm afraid.

    Willow: What!? You mean?is it Vanessa or-

    Julia: No, no, they're fine. But uh, there's been some more explosions, three in fact.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Giles: Dear god.

    Dawn: All in Darkley?

    Julia: Yes.

    Kelly: So what does this mean?

    Giles: Well I suppose it looks like this was planned. Could easily be Malachi or Ethan, or anyone with the money are material to build something like this.

    Buffy: We still need to know more.

    Giles: Yes, I'll be paying Ethan that visit shortly.

    Julia: Not alone you won't. We've already had Ethan escape once, I don't want you involved if it happens again.

    Giles: I can handle Ethan, Julia.

    Julia: I'm aware of that but?just to be on the safe side.

    Giles looks like he is about to object but Joe and Vanessa appear from an elevator nearby.

    Buffy: Guys, hey. How are you doing?

    Vanessa: Oh better thanks.

    Joe: The house won't be, but at least it's better off than next door.

    Willow: Yeah?

    Giles: Are you sure it's all right for the both of you to be up and about?

    Vanessa: Well we got discharged so unless anything else happens we're good to go.

    Joe: Did you find out anything?

    Giles: Uh, well we think so but, that's because there've been more explosions.

    Joe: Oh god.

    Vanessa: Oh?god?

    Buffy: I know, but-

    Dawn looks worried as she sees Vanessa's expression. Vanessa suddenly falls back. Joe looks worried.

    Joe: Vanessa!

    Vanessa is lying on the floor, her breathing restricted. Buffy kneels down next to her.

    Buffy: She's choking!

    Kelly: On what?

    Vanessa's eyes widen as she falls unconscious. Everyone looks worried. Scaly demon-like skin appears on her neck and moves up the left hand side of her face. Buffy's eyes widen as she sees what is happening.
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    ACT II

    Open on the female vampire seen with Malachi before standing looking angry in a small dark room. The caption says 4 weeks ago. A door opens behind her and she turns around. Malachi enters.

    Vampire: Where the hell have you been?

    Malachi: You don't have to worry about that Michelle.

    Michelle: Know how long I've been waiting? Huh?

    Malachi: I appreciate it.

    Michelle: Well you know, I don't. So look either we do this soon or-

    Malachi: Or what? You return to your pathetic existence as a leader of a few newborn vampires with no concept of the Slayer whatsoever?

    Michelle scowls.

    Malachi: I don't think you want that.

    Malachi walks across the room.

    Malachi: You've done well in collecting more specimens.

    Michelle: Ya think?

    Malachi: Christine will be very pleased.

    Michelle looks confused.

    Michelle: Huh? You mean that crazy bitch that works underground? You know what she does to vampires? Besides from what I hear she's trying to make an inoculation so the vampire process'll stop mid flow.

    Malachi: Yes.

    Michelle: Ok so, what the hell?

    Malachi: Those with the greatest determination are often easy to manipulate Michelle. Christine will provide us with exactly what we need.

    Michelle: Like what? I mean why do we need to get her involved-

    Malachi: We don't. We simply wait while she continues with her work, while we concentrate on more important matters. She will provide us with the perfect distraction for the Slayer.

    Michelle: Which is?

    Malachi smiles at her, with a dark look in his eyes.

    Cut to Buffy stood staring seriously through a glass wall, her arms folded. The reflection of Vanessa lying in bed, still with demon skin over half of her face can be seen. A door opens behind Buffy and she turns around. Giles walks in and smiles slightly.

    Giles: Uh, no change, I expect?

    Buffy: No. No she's still unconscious.

    Giles: I see.

    Buffy: What's new with you?

    Giles: Well uh, those near each of the explosions have been similarly quarantined, including Joe. None of them have shown the same features as Vanessa, but uh, we can't risk anything.

    Buffy: You think this thing could be contagious?

    Giles: I know as much as you Buffy. Samples of Vanessa's DNA have been taken, but until they're analysed we won't know anything more.

    Buffy: Yeah. I really wanna know why they'd do this. I mean what advantage would it have?

    Giles: Perhaps, to spread confusion amongst everyone? I'm sure most of the world's population would be rather shocked to see demons walking the streets.

    Buffy: Vanessa's not gonna be walking anywhere like this.

    Giles: True.

    Buffy: It's not the first time we've seen people turning into demons though.

    She looks at Giles. He looks serious.

    Giles: Yes. And that almost ended very badly, for me at least.

    Buffy: So we're thinking Ethan then? Despite the fact he's in jail?

    Giles: His organisation is still at large as far as we know, he could be having an influence on them from inside. But I think it's time I went to ask him myself.

    Buffy: Yeah. If the DNA doesn't give us answers, he better.

    Giles: He will. One way or another.

    Buffy nods and turns back to look at Vanessa. Giles looks at her as well, looking serious.

    Cut to Lauren appearing in the hospital corridor. Dawn, Willow, Golda, Xander and Kelly are sat around and look as she approaches.

    Dawn: Lauren, hey.

    Lauren: Hi guys. Wish I was here with better news.

    Kelly: It's bad?

    Lauren: It's definitely not good. Buffy around?

    Willow: She's with Vanessa.

    Lauren: Ah. How is she?

    Willow: Uh, not great. But uh, what was the result of the analysis?

    Lauren: Right, well uh, we looked and?her DNA's changing.

    Xander: Changing? Is that even possible?

    Lauren: Is now at least.

    Golda: God she's really changing into a demon isn't she?

    Lauren: Looks like. But that may not be the worst of our problems.

    Xander: It gets worse?

    Lauren: Could say that. Vanessa's also sick. It's a form of flu. Highly contagious.

    Dawn: You mean we have it now?

    Lauren: Well that's the thing?we probably do, and so does most of the county by now, but?it's harmless to us.

    Xander: What?

    Lauren: Humans aren't susceptible to its symptoms.

    Kelly: Why don't I feel encouraged by this?

    Willow: Wait. What about demons?

    Lauren: Harmless to all breeds except one. I'll give you three guesses as to which kind.

    Golda: So Vanessa?

    Lauren: Right. And everyone else too. They're all at high risk.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Lauren: We reckon the explosion had some kind radiation in it. Magically enhanced of course. Looks like the DNA shifting and the flu go hand in hand.

    Willow: So anyone who turns into a demon also gets sick.

    Xander: The evil geniuses strike again.

    Lauren: Yeah actually they do.

    Kelly: You know who did this?

    Lauren: We have an idea. The only person doing any kind of research similar to this that we know of, is?well?was Christine.

    Everyone looks worried. Golda especially looks shocked.

    Cut to Buffy walking through a door. Joe is sat behind some glass next to her. He stands up as Buffy walks in. He has demon skin along his arm. Buffy frowns as she notices but composes herself and smiles slightly at Joe. He smiles back vaguely.

    Joe: How's Vanessa?

    Buffy: Pretty much the same. You?

    Joe: Well?

    Joe indicates his arm.

    Joe: Been better. But I'm not unconscious.

    Buffy: Doesn't look like the sickness has affected you yet.

    Joe: Yeah Lauren told me about all that.

    Buffy: Right. We're uh, working on a cure.

    Joe: Yeah, I bet. But I mean it's too likely you're gonna find a way to rewrite DNA in the next few days is it?

    Buffy: Christine's work is pretty impressive.

    Joe: Mm I guess a lot of psychopath's work is when you think about it.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: What I mean is, there could be a cure among it. And besides Giles has gone to see Ethan.

    Joe: And if it's not him?

    Buffy: I don't know. But you know how good the GSPST are, I mean you work for them.

    Joe: Can't stop the inevitable.

    Buffy: You don't know that it's-
    Joe: It's a feeling. A big one. Besides we don't know what the hell Christine was really doing down there. Who says there's gonna be a cure? At all?

    Buffy looks worried.

    Cut to Michelle walking into a room, holding a cardboard box. Malachi is typing at a computer inside. Michelle places the box next to him and looks annoyed.

    Michelle: Here's your damn box.

    Malachi looks at the box and smiles.

    Malachi: Thank you.

    Michelle: Thank the ten guys who died getting it. You should see what that bitch Christine did down there, it's sick, and that's coming from me.

    Malachi: Yes well, Christine wasn't the most ethical of thinkers.

    Michelle: Yeah I got that part. Least she won't be doing much else from now on.

    Malachi: Yes.

    Malachi is opens the box and looks in. Michelle looks unimpressed.

    Michelle: That's how we're gonna kill the Slayers?

    Malachi: No.

    Michelle: What?

    Malachi: This is the distraction.

    Michelle: Oh. Well still, I don't think she's gonna find that particularly threatening.

    Malachi: This is the information that will allow us to manipulate DNA.

    Michelle: Huh? But wasn't Christine-

    Malachi: Christine did more than you could possibly imagine. She studied the process that occurs when a human turns into a vampire very closely.

    Michelle: Are you saying we're gonna turn the Slayer and her guys into vampires?

    Malachi picks something up from the box. It is the phial seen at the end of The Dark Interior.

    Malachi: Better than that.

    He frowns slightly at it as Michelle raises an eyebrow.

    Cut to Golda and Julia sorting through boxes in Christine's office on the floor above the underground area. Golda looks a little uncomfortable as she looks around. Julia looks up.

    Julia: I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable.

    Golda: Oh, no don't worry about me. It's just?weird, you know? Being back. Or above, at least.

    Julia: Mm, I can imagine, it wasn't exactly pleasant down there.

    Golda: No, no it wasn't.

    Julia looks sympathetic and then turns back to the boxes. Golda does too for a second and then stops.

    Golda: Has anyone?been down there?

    Julia looks at her.

    Julia: Uh, yes, yes they have. Most of this was all found in Christine's lab.

    She indicates the boxes.

    Golda: Oh, I didn't figure it was safe.

    Julia looks grave suddenly.

    Julia: It still isn't.

    Golda frowns.

    Julia: Three men and two women died for all this.

    Julia looks sad. Golda looks grave.

    Golda: (quietly) Oh?

    Julia nods slightly and then continues to look at the box. Golda stares at her.

    Golda: Well?we're gonna find the cure. They won't?they won't be dead for no reason.

    Julia: They shouldn't have died at all!

    Julia looks at Golda looking angry.

    Julia: I sent them down there to die!

    Golda: You were trying to-

    Julia: Help? Yes of course I was, but I didn't consider what might happen down there, I was too?too blinded by the fact that?that it was Vanessa and Joe.

    Golda remains silent. Julia exhales.

    Julia: I don't mean to be angry with you, Golda.

    Golda: I get why you're upset, it's ok.

    Julia: Thank you. It's just?we can't find the cure, we've been looking for hours, it wouldn't be that well hidden. Perhaps there isn't one. Perhaps it won't even work; I mean Christine's "inoculations" haven't exactly the best success rate.

    Golda looks sad as Julia continues to search.

    Golda: Yeah?

    She goes back to searching.

    Cut to Buffy and Giles walking along a corridor in a prison facility, followed by several armed GSPST soldiers. Buffy looks at Giles.

    Buffy: I'm coming in with you.

    Giles: Buffy-

    Buffy: Look I know what you're gonna say, but just let me ok?

    Buffy raises here eyebrows. Giles sighs.

    Giles: All right. But they can stay outside.

    Buffy: Well yeah, ok.

    A prison officer is stood nearby.

    Officer: Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles?

    Buffy: Right.

    Officer: Got any ID?

    Buffy: Uh?

    Giles: It's all right, I do.

    Giles hands the officer his driver's license. The officer looks at it and then nods at Giles. Giles nods back and he and Buffy walk through a door.

    Cut to them walking into a small room. Ethan is stood behind a wall of plastic, wearing a blue prison uniform. He smiles as he sees Giles and Buffy.

    Ethan: Ripper, Buffy.

    Giles: Hello Ethan.

    Ethan: Glad you aint forgotten about me. Got out of that tricky arrest situation then?

    Buffy folds her arms.

    Buffy: Know why we're here?

    Ethan: I could take a pretty good guess. Didn't think it was to keep me company anyhow.

    Giles: You're right. We'd like information.

    Ethan: Is that right?

    Buffy: Yeah. You know what's been happening don't you.

    Ethan: Uh, I don't get out much anymore.

    Buffy: In Darkley. You know what's happening.

    Ethan: Well, I know a lot of stuff happens in Darkley.

    Giles: Cut the crap Ethan. We know you're involved with the explosions.

    Ethan: You do? You just?assumed?

    Buffy: The "people-changing-into-demons" thing was a pretty big hint.

    Ethan: Interesting.

    Giles smiles slightly.

    Giles: Well I was prepared for you not to help us.

    Ethan: Not exactly giving me an incentive here mate.

    Giles suddenly takes out a gun and points it at the plastic in line with Ethan. Ethan looks surprised. Buffy does also.

    Giles: Is that better?

    Ethan: Uh?now?steady on.

    Buffy: Giles what are you-

    Giles: A precaution Buffy.

    Ethan: Oh, so this is a vendetta too is it?

    Giles: Ethan I don't want to kill you.

    Ethan: I'm touched.

    Giles: This isn't personal. Not anymore. I'll happily watch you waste away in this place, because death would be quite an easy way out for you, you see.

    Giles walks towards Ethan still pointing the gun.

    Giles: I do think though, that you'd miss several of your limbs if they were to be blown off.

    Ethan: You wouldn't dare. They'll lock you up too mate.

    Giles: No they won't. Ethics don't apply here, you see Ethan. So you help us, or?things are going to get even more unpleasant for you than they already are. No one cares what happens to you, you realise that don't you?

    Ethan walks right up to the plastic so that he is only inches away from the gun.

    Ethan: Is that a fact?

    There is gunfire from outside Buffy and Giles suddenly turn. The door bursts open. Malachi is stood there. Buffy's eyes widen as she runs to tackle him. Malachi smacks her in the face with his gun. Giles points his own pistol at Malachi but Malachi shoots the gun from Giles' hand, blasting Giles' index finger off also. Giles looks in pain as Malachi kicks him the face. Buffy gets up but is met from a punch by Michelle. Michelle grabs Buffy's neck and smashes her head into the wall. Buffy falls to the floor, dazed. Ethan ducks suddenly as Malachi shoots at the plastic wall. Eventually the upper half falls apart and falls next to Ethan. Ethan jumps over the remains of the wall and make their way out, avoiding the bodies of the soldiers as they do. Michelle looks back at Giles and Buffy and then makes her way out. Buffy looks up, blood trickling from her forehead. She looks at Giles who is unconscious looking worried.
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      ACT III

      Open on Ethan lying on the bed in his cell at night, apparently asleep. The caption says "one week ago". There is small whistling sound like the wind suddenly and Ethan opens an eye. He suddenly sits up and looks surprised. Malachi is stood a few feet away. He smiles.

      Ethan: Who the hell are you?

      Malachi: Hello Ethan. My name is Malachi.

      Ethan: Is that supposed to mean something to me?

      Malachi: No. But the fact that I have an offer to make you is.

      Ethan: If it involves getting me out of here then yeah. I mean I assume you're not here just to visit at three in the morning.

      Malachi: You're right. And I'll help you escape from here shortly.

      Ethan: Nice. We teleporting or what?

      Malachi: Not yet I'm afraid. It will be at least a week.

      Ethan: What? Now seems good to me.

      Malachi: I'm sure it does. But Buffy Summers will come to you at some point asking for information.

      Ethan: Ah so you know our resident hero as well? Thorn in your side by any chance?

      Malachi: Yes. And yours. That's why I'm here Ethan. You're attempts to defeat the Slayer have so far failed. Now you can help me to succeed.

      Ethan: Oh, well, that sounds fair. But how can I help you if I'm in here?

      Malachi: When Buffy comes here, so will I. Shortly after she and her friends will no longer be a problem.

      Ethan: What exactly are you planning?

      Malachi: Well this is where you come in. If I had the means to effectively eliminate Buffy and her team I would have done so already.

      Ethan: You want a spell?

      Malachi: No. I need money. And I believe your organisation has a great deal of it.

      Ethan: Uh, well yeah, but?I mean I've been in here a while now, they don't seem particularly fussed about that.

      Malachi: Our goals are the same. I believe once they learn the details of my idea, they'll be willing to donate to the cause.

      Ethan: Right. How much money?

      Malachi: Enough to buy and make the following.

      Malachi takes a piece of paper from his jacket pocket and hands it to Ethan. Ethan looks at it and frowns.

      Ethan: Bloody hell. You starting World War three or something?

      Malachi smiles.

      Malachi: Effectively.

      Ethan seems satisfied with this.

      Malachi: Are you interested?

      Ethan: Well, it looks like a lot of people are going to die.

      Ethan smiles.

      Ethan: I'm in.

      Cut to a man walking out of the room where Vanessa is still in bed. He has a protective suit on. He takes his helmet off as he walks out. Willow and Dawn are stood in the corridor.

      Willow: Did it work?

      The man looks grim.

      Man: No. We can't even begin to understand how Christine transformed her DNA. Perhaps Julia will be more successful.

      Dawn: Uh, she already called. She and Golda didn't find anything.

      The man looks serious. Willow and Dawn look anxious.

      Dawn: Maybe Buffy and Giles will have more luck with Ethan.

      The man nods.

      Man: I hope so. I'll do some tests on Joe anyway.

      Willow: Right, bye.

      The man nods and walks away. Dawn and Willow share an anxious glance. Cut to the elevator nearby opening. Buffy runs in quickly, and notices Willow and Dawn.

      Buffy: Guys!

      Willow: Buffy! What's up?

      Buffy: Ethan and Malachi. We were right.

      Willow: Uh oh.

      Dawn: Ethan escaped?

      Buffy: Yeah. After shooting Giles' finger off.

      Willow: What!?

      Buffy: He's ok.

      Dawn: What about you?

      Dawn looks at Buffy's head wound, which is bleeding. Buffy touches it.

      Buffy: Oh, it's small, it'll be fine. Are uh, Golda and Julia back yet?

      Willow: No but?they didn't find anything.

      Buffy: Oh?and no luck anywhere else?

      Willow: Sorry.

      Buffy: It's not your fault. It's Ethan's. We're gonna have to find him again. Where are Xander and Kelly?

      Dawn: They went back to the house. Kelly has a job interview, Xander said he'd drive her.

      Buffy: Right?

      There is a pause.

      Dawn: Suddenly money problems don't seem so bad huh?

      Buffy smiles weakly. Willow smiles back sympathetically.

      Willow: Think we should see Giles?

      Buffy: Uh yeah sure.

      The three of them head in to the elevator.

      Cut to Buffy walking through a door, followed by Willow and Dawn. Buffy suddenly stops looking shocked as she sees Michelle standing in front of her about to walk out of the door. Giles, lying in bed with a bandage over his hand, Golda and Julia can be seen in the background. Buffy quickly grabs Michelle by the neck and slams her against the wall.

      Julia: Buffy! Wait!

      Michelle grabs Buffy's neck and kicks her in the stomach. Buffy falls back against the foot of Giles' bed before rebounding and throwing herself at Michelle. Michelle however is prepared and catches Buffy's fist as she tries to punch her.

      Julia: Stop!

      Buffy: She's a vampire!

      Julia: I know.

      Buffy turns to Julia looking confused. Dawn and Willow look equally confused. Golda exhales. Giles stares silently.

      Buffy: What?

      Julia: She works for us. She's a spy.

      Buffy turns to Michelle. Michelle raises an eyebrow slightly and sighs. Buffy turns back to Julia.

      Buffy: Her?

      Golda exhales looking uncomfortable. Buffy looks from her to Julia.

      Buffy: But?she was with Malachi an hour ago.

      She looks at Giles.

      Buffy: Giles didn't you-

      Giles: Yes, Buffy, I did. It seems that she's been working with the GSPST for quite some time.

      Buffy pauses. Michelle folds her arms.

      Michelle: Yeah I have been. Which reminds me, Julia, any chance of getting paid any time soon?

      Julia: Not now, for goodness sake.

      Michelle: Hey I don't do this out of the goodness of my heart, you know.

      Willow: What do you do it for?

      Julia looks uncomfortable suddenly. Giles stares downwards.

      Michelle: Julia never told you guys?

      Julia: They didn't need to know-

      Michelle: Know that you pay us in human blood?

      Julia looks annoyed. Willow and Dawn look speechless. Buffy turns to Julia. Giles and Golda look serious.

      Buffy: (quietly) What?

      Julia: Buffy I-

      Giles: No Julia allow me.

      Giles looks at Buffy. Julia looks anxious.

      Giles: The vampires that work for the GSPST are given criminals with life sentences.

      Buffy looks horrified.

      Buffy: Given?so what, they just?kill them?

      Julia: No. Their bodies.

      Michelle: Well you might kill them first Julia but actually a lot of the other guys at your place-

      Julia: Shut up.

      Michelle: Fine, fine, I'll just let you chat away while Malachi and Ethan blow up the rest of Darkley.

      Willow: There's been more explosions?

      Julia: Uh yes at least five more. We've isolated them.

      Buffy: In food storage?

      Giles: Buffy-

      Buffy: No, Giles, there's no explanation for this. This country doesn't even have the death penalty.

      She looks at Julia angrily.

      Buffy: And you think you can just?kill them?

      Julia: No. I don't. I wouldn't, if I had any choice in the matter. My superiors are in charge of this Buffy, not me. I assure you-

      Buffy: I assure you that I don't give a damn. If you don't like it, quit.

      Julia: I'd like to think I'm needed here. Buffy, I'm not going to lie to you, the GSPST does a lot of questionable things, some of which I don't even know about. Their reasoning for this particular system is that the prisons of England are already overcrowded, and this is simply a way of keeping the numbers down.

      Dawn: They don't deserve to die.

      Julia: I'm not saying they do. But that's how it works. I didn't tell you because I knew this would happen.

      Buffy: Because you needed us.

      Julia: Well, yes we do. And right now, we need Michelle as well. She's infiltrated their operation Buffy, she can tell us a lot.

      Buffy pauses. There is silence. Buffy shakes her head.

      Buffy: No. No, you trust her all you like.

      She looks at the others.

      Buffy: You guys wanna be a part of this? I'm not gonna stop you.

      She looks at Giles.

      Buffy: I can't. I'll find Ethan and Malachi myself.

      Michelle: Like hell you will. Not before scales are the new black anyhow.

      Buffy: Don't act like you care what happens here.

      Michelle: You're right, I don't care about you. Any of you really, I mean I know that's harsh, but I'm a vampire, that's how we work. But Malachi, and more specifically Christine, screwed up a hell of lot of vamps. Malachi isn't just planning on wiping out you lot, he wants vampires gone too. Apart from me apparently. But I can help but think he might change his mind sooner or later.

      Dawn: Well once he finds out you're a spy-

      Michelle: Well I'll be long gone by then. Look I just wanna get paid, give you the cure and get out. Can we just do that please, or are we gonna have another ethical discussion?

      Buffy looks surprised.

      Buffy: Cure?

      Michelle: Yeah I nicked it from Malachi. He had a box, Christine's stuff.

      Willow: Why would you give it to us?

      Michelle: This way you stop Malachi and Ethan, you go back to the Slaying, I go back to the killing, and everyone's happy. That's how it works. We don't want some guy trying to change all that.

      Julia: Oh, if you think Malachi's just "some guy" Michelle, you're quite mistaken. I can tell he's a lot more than that.

      Michelle: Well yeah there's a definite sense of immortality about him, but?look enough talk ok, you want this or not?

      Michelle holds up a phial. Buffy looks conflicted.

      Julia: Buffy we need it.

      Buffy: How do we know it's gonna work?

      Julia: Joe's already agreed to be the first one to be inoculated. If it's fake?he's prepared to take that risk.

      Buffy looks grave.

      Buffy: So that's how this whole thing really works huh? Kill people here and there, no consequences.

      Julia: Of course there are bloody consequences Buffy! You think I asked Joe to do this? He offered, because that's the kind of people I employ. People that are willing to put others in front of themselves even if that means death. Can you?

      Buffy looks away.

      Golda: Buffy, look, I don't agree with this any more than you do, but Vanessa, Joe, all of the people affected by this need the cure right now. Vanessa's already almost?it's now or never.

      Giles: Golda's right.

      Buffy looks at him.

      Buffy: Fine. Let's do it.

      Julia nods. She walks up to Michelle and takes the phial. Buffy turns to Julia.

      Buffy: But this changes a lot, you know that right?

      Julia: It may do. But what hasn't changed is that we are both fighting the same enemies Buffy. It's never going to change. They are out there now; more people are dying by the second.

      Suddenly the door opens. Everyone turns to see Ethan standing at the doorway. He sees Ethan and raises a crossbow. He shoots an arrow, hitting her in the heart. She stumbles backwards looking surprised as she collapses into dust. The others look alarmed. Buffy rushes forward at Ethan but he holds up something in his hand.

      Ethan: Ah, ah, ah, not so fast Slayer. One push of this button and most of Lincoln disappears.

      Everyone looks tense.

      Buffy: So, you found another chaos-buddy to play with huh Ethan?

      Ethan: Oh we're not playing anymore sweetheart. You ask your friends upstairs.

      Julia: Oh god what did you-

      Ethan: Relax, they're fine. For now. Looking a little hybrid though.

      Giles gets out of the hospital bed in his hospital gown. He stares at Ethan.

      Giles: You destroy everything, the radiation will eventually reach you as well.

      Ethan: Fraid not. That little cure you've got there, well Michelle wasn't wrong, it works. I'm living proof of that.

      Julia steps forward. Ethan points the crossbow at her.

      Ethan: Now we can't really afford for you to hold on to that, so why don't you give it to me eh?

      Julia looks resolute.

      Ethan: Unless you want everyone to die of course?

      Buffy looks at Julia. She shakes her head. Julia nods.

      Ethan: Fair enough.

      Ethan presses the button as Buffy looks shocked. Nothing happens. Ethan's smile fades quickly. Buffy and the others look confused. Ethan swallows nervously and quickly points the crossbow at Julia. Buffy throws herself at him as the crossbow bolt shoots off narrowly missing Dawn who ducks as it smashes the window. Buffy punches Ethan who falls to the ground as Golda runs to help. Giles to Julia.

      Giles: Get the cure to Vanessa and the others.

      Julia nods and makes for the door. Ethan however grabs her leg. Julia kicks him in the face, causing a rush of blood to pour from his nose, but he doesn't let go.

      Golda: Julia!

      Golda holds out her hand. Julia gives the phial to her and Golda rushes out of the room as Buffy grabs Ethan's neck.

      Buffy: You wanna live? Cause I am seriously close to?

      Julia looks at Buffy surprised. Buffy notices but doesn't say anything, only glances at Julia through the corner of her eye. She stares back at Ethan.

      Buffy: Ethan you're done. Doesn't the fact that every time you try something, we stop you, say something about how effective your plans are?

      Ethan: Not my plan, as a matter of fact.

      Ethan disappears. Buffy looks surprised. Everyone else does also. Buffy turns slowly to look at them. There is silence. Julia stares at Buffy seriously.

      Julia: Uh, we should help Golda.

      Buffy: Right?

      Buffy looks at Giles.

      Buffy: Giles are you ok here?

      Giles: Yes, I'll be fine. I'll visit after I'm released.

      Buffy nods. She walks out, followed by Willow, Dawn and Julia. Julia pauses at the doorway and looks and Giles. Giles smiles slightly. Julia smiles back before walking out.

      Cut to Ethan and Malachi walking along a corridor.

      Ethan: Coulda nailed ?em all you know.

      Malachi: I doubt that. Besides we could never have defeated them with the demon virus alone.

      Ethan: What? Then what was the point of all that?

      Malachi: A window of opportunity. What else?

      Ethan: Well, you know you could have at least made the damn button work.

      Malachi: If you thought the button would work Ethan, you've watched too many movies.

      Ethan: So everything just an act then is it?

      Malachi: Of course not.

      Malachi walks away as Ethan looks puzzled.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Kelly walking in Lincoln. Xander gets out of his car.

        Kelly: I got it!

        Xander smiles as Kelly hugs him.

        Xander: That's great!

        Kelly: I know! I start next week too so we'll be raking the money in, in no time.

        Xander: You're not the only one. We're all gonna make this work.

        Kelly smiles.

        Kelly: Any word from Buffy and the others about the explosions?

        Xander: Yeah seems they've stopped at least. But Ethan got away.

        Kelly: Oh?

        Xander: But they got the cure. Vanessa, Joe, the others, they're all doing ok.

        Kelly: Well that's the main thing, really.

        Xander: Yeah, Buffy said they'd explain more when we get back.

        Kelly: Oh, I?kinda figured we'd go for a drink or something. You know, to celebrate? But, actually, with everything that's been going on maybe we should-

        Xander: No, no, I think it's a good idea. Just a quick one.
        Kelly: Oh, ok then, great.

        Xander smiles as he and Kelly get into the car.

        Cut to Buffy and Joe walking along the hospital corridor.

        Joe: I, uh, I'm not sure I justify what they've?what we've been doing.

        Buffy: I don't blame you, don't worry.

        Joe: Cheers. But don't blame Julia either. I mean yeah, me and Vanessa weren't aware of the details but still new about the vamps, and that was never gonna have a happy story behind it.

        Buffy: She didn't even tell you guys?

        Joe: Doubt it'd make a difference. Buffy, look I feel the same way as you, but you look at any of these big corporations and you'll see that they're all doing something horrible that they try and hide. But Julia's not the one you wanna be blaming if you want to try and stop it.

        Buffy: Think we can?

        Joe: I don't know. We can try.

        Julia appears.

        Julia: Joe! Glad to see you up and about.

        Joe: All thanks to you guys.

        Julia smiles and looks at Buffy. Buffy avoids her gaze.

        Julia: Uh, thanks to Buffy and the others.

        Joe: And Michelle, right?

        There is a pause.

        Julia: And Michelle?

        Buffy: So you're gonna get another vampire to fill her space? Couple more convicts on the menu?

        Julia: Buffy, she saved Joe and Vanessa's lives, perhaps ours as well.

        Buffy: She wasn't doing it for us.
        Julia: Nevertheless we couldn't have done anything about her. Now please, just let this go. I?

        Buffy stares at her.

        Julia: I wanted to offer you all a place at the GSPST.

        Buffy looks surprised.

        Buffy: What?

        Julia: I know your financial situation is difficult to say the least, you're basically helping us for free, we should help you.

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: Julia, I?I don't have anything against you. Or Joe, or Vanessa, or Lauren. But now I know what the GSPST really does?I can't work for them.

        Julia looks sad.

        Joe: Then at least let us give you some money. We've got some to spare right Julia?

        Julia: Uh yes, we do.

        Buffy: I don't?

        Buffy frowns. She closes her eyes looking confused. Julia frowns also.

        Julia: Buffy?

        There is a close up of blood trickling down Buffy's head. She places her hand on it and then suddenly falls to the ground. Julia's eyes widen as Joe kneels down next to her.

        Joe: Buffy!

        Buffy is unresponsive, as more blood pours across the floor.

        Cut to Kelly and Xander getting out of Xander's car.

        Suddenly the cathedral about 500 metres away explodes. Kelly and Xander look shocked as fire races towards them, with people screaming and crying. Xander and Kelly get back in the car quickly and begin to drive. The sound disappears. Cut to Buffy being lifted on to a trolley. Cut to wreckage smashing through houses as Xander and Kelly drive. Cut to Buffy being raced along the corridor. Cut to Xander and Kelly getting out of the car, now at a safe distance. Cut to Buffy being injected with something in an emergency room. Cut to Kelly and Xander looking horrified as they the decimation of the cathedral remains. Cut to Giles staring out of his room window at the pillar of smoke where the cathedral used to be. He looks shocked. Cut to Buffy lying silently in bed as doctors rush around her.

        THE END
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