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Buffy Episode 9.10 176. Saving Grace

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  • Buffy Episode 9.10 176. Saving Grace

    Hi, this is the tenth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.10 176. Saving Grace

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a woman walking down an alleyway in Darkley. A scuffling is heard nearby. The woman stops and turns round slowly. It's Kelly. She remains silent and turns forward again. A vampire suddenly leaps out from a nearby alcove and leap at Kelly. Kelly tries to fight but the vamp suddenly sinks its teeth into her neck. The camera shows a close up of the vampire's eyes and Kelly's gasping mouth as her struggling becomes less and less. Shouting is suddenly heard. The vampire quickly lifts its head and its eyes widen. A crossbow bolt impales him in the chest. He dusts as Kelly falls. The camera spins round quickly to show that it is Buffy holding the crossbow. She lowers it as she sees Kelly lying there and her eyes widen.

    Buffy: Kelly?

    She advances towards Kelly but Xander, Golda, Dawn and Willow run in from different directions.

    Xander: Buffy we killed all of the vamps back?oh God.

    Everyone has now noticed Kelly's body. Xander looks horrified and rushes up to her followed by the others. Xander flips Kelly on to her front?only to reveal that it is not Kelly at all, but a girl who looks very similar from behind. Everyone looks confused at this, until Kelly appears from nearby.

    Golda: Kelly?

    Xander looks relieved and rushes over to Kelly. He hugs her tightly. Kelly looks confused.

    Xander: God don't ever do that to me again.

    Kelly: Do what? I just-

    She sees the body and looks shocked.

    Kelly: What happened?

    Buffy: You're asking us? We thought it was you.

    Kelly: W-what? I was in the next street.

    Dawn: Well she does look like you. Or did.

    Willow: No, she's still alive.

    Kelly: Wow, tough.

    Willow: Yeah but I don't know how much longer, we need to get her to a hospital.

    Xander: I'll take her.

    Xander picks the girl up gently. She stirs however. Everyone looks anxious. Suddenly several vampires appear nearby.

    Golda: I thought we cleared these guys out.

    Dawn: It was a big group.

    Buffy: Apparently bigger.

    The vampires advance. Everyone starts fighting the vampires. Xander hesitates and then places the girl down carefully on the ground. Suddenly her eyes open with a flash. The sound disappears completely apart from a faint hum. A swirl of silver energy blasts around her and Xander, as Xander stares at her transfixed. The energy disappears quickly as the girl's head falls back. The sound returns. Xander blinks slowly and looks around. A vamp is headed his way. Kelly stakes her own vamp and then notices this.

    Kelly: Xander!

    There is a quick flash. Xander is holding the vamp's fist in his hand. He stands up slowly still grabbing the vamp's wrist. He makes a fist with his other hand and punches the vampire in the face. His hand flies straight through and the vampire explodes into dust. Xander looks shocked as he stares at his fist, which is not damaged at all. Buffy is seen staking a female vampire before looking round. Kelly, Dawn, Vanessa, Joe and Vanessa are all staring at Xander. Buffy looks confused.

    Buffy: What? What is it?

    She looks at Xander for an explanation. He looks at her, obviously very confused.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia

    Open on Xander lying in bed staring at the ceiling at night. Kelly sits up behind him and holds her head up with her arm. She frowns. Xander looks over at her.

    Kelly: Can't sleep?

    Xander shakes his head.

    Xander: You?

    Kelly: Actually you thinking is pretty much deafening over here.

    Xander: Sorry I'll think a little quieter.

    Kelly: It's ok. I mean this?huge doesn't cover it.

    Xander: No.

    There is a pause.

    Kelly: Are you ok? Is it the?whatever it is?

    Xander: To be honest?it's making me feel better than I've ever felt before.

    Kelly frowns. Xander sits up more.

    Xander: Literally Kelly?I've got strength, and not just physically. I feel mentally capable to deal with anything.

    Kelly: Well, uh, that's good?but don't you think we should find out a little bit about what's happening to you before we start celebrating?

    Xander: Can't you be happy for me?

    Kelly: Xander, you don't even know what this thing is yet. You should know after everything, that things aren't always what they seem.

    Xander lies back down and stares at the ceiling again.

    Xander: I knew you wouldn't understand.

    Kelly looks annoyed. She shakes her head slightly and lies down. Xander continues staring at the ceiling.

    Cut to Kelly walking into the kitchen. Buffy, Willow, Golda, Dawn and Giles are sat and stood around.

    Buffy: Kelly, hi. You ok?
    Kelly: Hey. And yeah.

    Giles: What about Xander?

    Kelly: He's?different.

    Willow: How? I mean apart from the obvious.

    Kelly: He said he feels mentally stronger, not just physically. I don't know if that's bad or whatever but?

    Buffy: You're right to be worried. None of us know what this is.

    Golda: That girl probably does.

    Giles: Well unfortunately she won't be much help. I went over to the hospital earlier; luckily the GSPST has several connections there. Anyway; she's in a coma.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Giles: The doctors can't explain it. But by the looks of things, something mystical is definitely going on.

    Kelly: And Xander's in the middle of it. Great.

    Dawn: But we don't know that it's that bad yet, right?

    Giles: I'd like to see Xander.

    Kelly: I'll go and get him.

    Kelly walks back upstairs. Buffy sighs and looks worried, as do the others. Dawn looks at the others.

    Dawn: You know, we still don't know that this is such a bad thing.

    Buffy looks up at her.

    Dawn: I mean, if Xander's now powerful, maybe that's good for all of us.

    Willow: All power comes from somewhere Dawn. I don't think we can say for sure this is good or bad right now, but there's usually something darker behind these things.

    Buffy: She's right. We should-

    Kelly comes rushing in looking very worried.

    Kelly: Xander's gone!

    The others look shocked.

    Buffy: What?

    Golda: He can't have got out the front door without us seeing.

    Kelly: I know; and the window was closed.

    Giles: I was afraid something like this might happen.

    Buffy: Like what?

    The surroundings suddenly fade out slightly, and everyone is in a large, carpeted room with stonewalls and huge windows taking up almost all the left hand wall. Everyone looks completely clueless.

    Dawn: Why are we always getting teleported to weird places?

    Buffy: The why wasn't so much in my mind as the where.

    Voice OS: Welcome.

    Everyone turns. A middle-aged man and woman are stood nearby. Everyone looks cautious. The man raises his hands slightly.

    Man: Please don't be alarmed.

    Golda: Right, cause this isn't alarming at all.

    Buffy: Who are you?

    Man: My identity is irrelevant, you're here because of your friend Xander rather than-

    Kelly: Xander's here?

    Man: Of course.

    Dawn: Where?

    Man: I'll take you too him shortly-

    Buffy: How about now?
    Man: I think it's necessary I explain the situation. Your friend has been blessed with Emynra.

    Dawn: Emyn what?

    Giles: It means "absolute power" in most demon languages.

    Man: Indeed.

    Giles: Though you don't appear to be a demon.

    Man: Appearances can be deceiving, I assure you.

    Buffy: So what about this absolute power thing?

    Man: Your friend has been given it.

    Willow: Well?that would explain why he's suddenly so strong.

    Man: Yes, the chosen one is given advanced physical and mental capabilities. Not to mention a series of other blessings.

    Dawn: You chose Xander? Why?

    Man: No, he chose this. Well he found it at least. The girl you all saved? She was the previous chosen one. In the event of the chosen's one death; which is unlikely, the power is passed on to the one nearest to them.

    Buffy: Xander?

    Man: Yes. You need not worry about your friend's safety; firstly he is stronger than even the Slayer, and he has healing abilities as well as an advanced lifespan. And of course, he is here.

    Giles: Yes, uh, where is "here" exactly?

    Man: This land is name Perega. It's always been linked closely to your own world, so you don't have to worry about travelling to and fro. You just have to return to this room.

    Kelly: But why have you brought Xander here?

    Giles: And us?

    Man: Because here, the one blessed with Emynra is our sovereign.

    Dawn: Xander's your king?

    Man: Oh, he's much more than that. Your friend is now the reason we exist. He is most fortunate. And you are all fortunate to be sharing in his glory.

    Golda: What if Xander doesn't want this?

    Man: Of course he does. You can ask him yourself shortly.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Cut to the man walking through a pair of double doors, into a similar room. Everyone else follows. Xander is stood in the middle of the room staring out the window. He turns and smiles as he sees the others.

    Man: Your friends, sir.

    Xander: Hey guys! Glad you could make it.

    Kelly hesitates but then walks up to him and smiles slightly. They hug briefly.

    Kelly: I was worried.

    Xander: Sorry, woulda said something but before I knew it I was zapped here.

    Buffy: So were we.

    Xander: It's all good though. I mean look.

    He faces the window. The others look out. A huge cityscape is seen below, as the Sun sets in the horizon.

    Xander: Hard to believe this is all mine.

    The others look away from the view and stare at Xander.

    Giles: Xander, I'm not sure you're considering everything here.

    Xander: What else is there to consider?

    Kelly: This, all of this?I mean it's another dimension.

    Xander: You can get back to Earth easily from here. They have this pretty neat system going on, I'll show you-

    Kelly: That's not the point Xander. We have a history of screwing up in these places, remember?

    Xander: Look, everyone, I know you're probably worried, cause this stuff generally turns out bad. But trust me, I know this is gonna turn out right.

    Buffy: You sure that's not your newly advanced brain talking?

    Xander: Buffy come on-

    Buffy: No, Xander, I won't come on. I can't believe you're just accepting this without thinking about the consequences.

    Xander: This is my choice to make-

    Kelly: What you think we're just gonna stand by without saying anything?

    Xander: You guys don't know what's happening to me-

    Giles: To be fair, neither do you. Not fully. Power has to come from somewhere Xander, and not always somewhere pleasant, are you really so sure that this is something you want to keep?

    Xander looks annoyed.

    Xander: You wanna see what this power can do?

    Xander walks over to a table and lifts it up with one hand. He lowers it slowly.

    Xander: I can help you guys now. I'm sure there are demons in this world. Bad demons. Right?

    He looks at the man.

    Man: Oh, yes, definitely. We often rely on the chosen one to help keep back our enemies.

    Xander: (to the others) You see. I can make a difference now.

    Dawn: What about what you said to me?

    Xander stares at her.

    Dawn: You know, about how power does make you special. It's what inside that counts. Does none of that matter now?

    Xander: Dawn, the power is what's inside of me now. You probably wouldn't understand.

    Dawn looks away, evidently hurt. Buffy looks at Dawn and then Xander.

    Buffy: So you're just gonna go ahead and do this, huh? To hell what the rest of us think?

    Kelly: Looks like it.

    Xander looks annoyed.

    Xander: Well, you know I'd hoped that you guys'd be supportive in this, but apparently Xander can't join your power club.

    Buffy: This has nothing to do with who has the most power-

    Xander: It has everything to do with that.

    Willow: God, what is wrong with you?

    Xander looks surprised, as Willow speaks for the first time.

    Willow: You wanna know about power? Well I've had the most, more than anyone?you saw what that did to me. Xander this isn't you, you may have power, but what about your heart? What does that say?

    Xander hesitates.

    Xander: It says?that you're wrong.

    Willow looks upset.

    Xander: You guys can go if you want?but I'm staying. I'm sorry if you can't accept that.

    Xander turns round and leaves through a couple of open doors. The others stand around looking stunned.

    Man: Uh, can I get you anything?

    Buffy: No. We'll see ourselves out.

    Man: Ah. Very well.

    The man exits quickly.

    Golda: But what about Xander-

    Buffy: He's made his choice.

    Giles: Buffy I don't think we should give up on him that easily. I wouldn't be surprised if this newfound power of his is affecting his judgement.

    Buffy: Maybe. And I'm not giving up, ok? But there's no way we're gonna change his mind right now. I'm hoping that he will after he thinks about it for a while.

    Kelly: And if he doesn't?

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: Then we might have to do something more drastic. Are you all prepared to go there?

    There is an awkward pause.

    Kelly: I am.

    Dawn: Me too.

    Willow: Looks like we might have to.

    Giles: Yes, I'm not there there'll be much of an alternative if it comes to that.

    Golda: Yeah, I guess, we have to do what we have to do.

    Buffy: Good. Let's go.

    She walks towards the doors they came in through. The others follow, looking uncertain.
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    ACT II

    Open on Xander sitting in a chair in what appears to be his bedroom in Perega. There is a knock at the door.

    Xander: Come in.

    A young woman walks in.

    Xander: Oh sorry I haven't signed those documents-

    Woman: No, no sir, please take all the time you need, I just wanted to inform you that there's a young lady here to see you.

    Xander: Oh. Uh, send her in.

    The young woman nods slightly and quickly exits. There is a short pause. The camera moves round slightly as Xander continues staring forewords. The door opens and Kelly walks through. She closes the door but walks no further towards Xander. Xander turns round.

    Xander: Kelly?

    Kelly: (quietly) Hey.

    Xander gets up. He walks over to her and hugs her slowly. Kelly doesn't raise her arms to hug him back but just blinks slowly and looks awkward. Xander pulls away and looks at her.

    Xander: Somehow, I don't think this is a social visit.

    Kelly: Right. It's been a few days now, and I thought maybe-

    Xander: Maybe what? Maybe I'd be all humble and give the nice demons their power back? Well you know, I asked about that, and I can't. I have this till I die.

    Kelly: It still doesn't mean you have to live in some demon dimension!

    Xander: Kelly, when are you guys gonna get this; I want this.

    Kelly: What about what I want? Or have your new powers erased the part where you think about other people.

    Xander looks sad.

    Xander: I thought maybe you'd want this too.

    Kelly: Sorry, being queen of another dimension wasn't really on my agenda.

    Xander stares at her.

    Kelly: Xander?this guy, that I'm looking at now. It's not the guy I fell in love with.

    Xander: People change. You did.

    Kelly: For the better, I hope. Not you.

    Xander: You're only looking at the bad side of all this.

    Kelly: And you seem to be ignoring it. Look, no one is denying that your powers could be useful, and believe me I'd love to fight alongside you, but you know next to nothing about where they came from or why they're really here. You're just taking the word of a bunch of demons who are waiting on you hand and foot.

    Xander: I don't need your permission.

    Kelly looks surprised.

    Kelly: So you just don't care?

    There is a pause. Xander looks away. Kelly looks at the ground.

    Kelly: Not enough I guess.

    Kelly turns around and walks away. Xander stands still as she slams the door behind her. He clenches his fists, digging his nails into his palms. Blood is seen dripping in-between his fingers, on to the floor.

    Cut to Kelly appearing in the Summers' kitchen. The others are stood around. Kelly looks at them and shakes her head.

    Kelly: It's gonna take a lot more than me to fix this.

    The others look worried.

    Buffy: Maybe I should talk to him.

    Willow: I'm not sure that's such a good idea. I mean no offence Buffy, but I'm not sure you're the best person to get through to Xander right now.

    Buffy looks surprised.

    Buffy: Well if you think you can do better Will, then please by all means, go ahead.

    Dawn: I'll go.

    Everyone looks at Dawn.

    Giles: Dawn? Are you sure about this?

    Dawn: Look I know I might not be the most obvious person, but I wanna try. I dunno, maybe he'll feel less threatened or something.

    Kelly: Yeah, maybe.

    Dawn: I can't make things any worse, anyway.

    Buffy: Right. Well you can try. But wait till tomorrow, I think that would be best.

    Giles: I agree.

    Dawn nods.

    Cut to Dawn walking into Xander's room the following morning. She opens the door slowly and looks in. Xander is leaning on the desk, and only the back of his head can be seen. Dawn frowns as she sees him.

    Dawn: Xander?

    Xander turns around slowly. His eye is healed. Dawn's eyes widen as she stares at him. Xander smiles slightly. He looks at the eye patch in his fist. And flings it aside. It hits the bottom of the dust bin.

    Dawn: Oh?oh my god.

    Xander: I know.

    Dawn: I didn't?I didn't think that you could-

    Xander: Neither did I.

    Dawn smiles back slightly. She walks over and sits on Xander's bed.

    Dawn: Sit down. Please.

    Xander: And you still won't admit this is a good thing.

    Dawn: Xander, you may not remember, but Willow couldn't even fix your eye.

    Xander: Well maybe I've got something she hasn't. Cause what I've got doesn't stop there. I've healed people here that are about to die.

    Dawn: What?

    Xander sits on the bed next to Dawn.

    Xander: I'm their messiah Dawn. These people need me.

    Dawn: What about us? We need you too.

    Xander: I doubt that.

    Dawn: You may think you were powerless before, but that's something the bad guys always overlooked. You're our strength Xander.

    Xander looks away. There is a flashback to End of Days, in the Summers' kitchen in Sunnydale. Buffy stares at Xander. Her voice overlaps with Dawn.

    Buffy: You're the reason I've made it this far.

    Cut back to the present. Xander gets up.

    Xander: No. That was before, that was when people thought that's all I could do.

    Dawn: No one's asking you to prove yourself. God, you already saved the world, and you didn't even need superpowers to do that!

    Xander: Right. Xander's so great, he saved the world once by talking.

    Dawn: It was great!

    Xander: Yeah well maybe I wanna be greater.

    Dawn: You've done more than I have-

    Xander: Maybe so, it's not that hard.

    Dawn looks hurt.

    Xander: Looks like I've got what you've always wanted, huh Dawn?

    Dawn stands up slowly. She looks tearful.

    Dawn: That's not true. And you know it. Or at least you did. Xander if you're even in there anymore; can't you see what's happening to you?

    Xander: Yeah I see. With both eyes now. And I see more than I ever did as big, funny Xander. I'm better than that now. And if you can't handle it Dawn, then don't even come back here again.

    Dawn shakes her head.

    Dawn: What makes you think I would?

    Dawn hurries away. She slams the door behind her. Xander stares into space. He sits down slowly and places his hand on his forehead.

    Cut to Xander lying in his bed. There is a knock at the door. Xander turns his head slightly towards the door.

    Xander: What?

    [I]The door opens. The man seen before walks in.[/I
    Man: Uh, I don't mean to disturb you Sir-

    Xander: Just tell me what you want.

    Man: Well, uh, Sir as you know there is, and has been for a few months now, the problem of the Sardak demons, that inhabit nearby. They seem to be gathering their forces and if we don't act soon they-

    Xander: I'll take care of it.

    Man: You will?

    Xander stares at the ceiling again.

    Xander: Yeah.

    The man looks relieved.

    Man: Thank you, thank you! I-I mean I knew you would not let your people down.

    Xander: Sure you did.

    The man smiles awkwardly and turns around walking out. Xander continues staring upwards. A woman's hand appears and strokes his chest.

    Voice OS: Why so miserable?

    Xander: You wouldn't understand.

    Xander shrugs off her hand.

    Voice OS: Oh but I would.

    The camera moves up to show that the woman Xander saved in the alley is sat on the bed next to him smiling.

    Woman: After all, I'm one of the only other people that's ever lived who knows how you're feeling right now.

    Xander: You call this living?

    Woman: I feel alive. Isn't that enough?

    Xander: You tell me.
    Woman: How about I tell you what's really going on here? It's your friends isn't it? They haven't been here for days now. This bothers you.

    Xander: I don't need them.

    Woman: No. No you don't. But you want them.

    Xander: I?

    Woman: You won't admit this to yourself. Why?

    Xander: It's complicated.

    Woman: Oh I bet it is. The human mind is a peculiar thing. Always torn between what it wants and what it needs. And sometimes, what it doesn't want.

    Xander: What are you talking about?

    Woman: Well, I don't think you really want to see your friends at all. It's just what's left of the old you that makes you feel like you need them. You don't Xander. You did, but not anymore. Besides, they seem to have turned their back on you. You'd think real friends would make more of an effort to change your mind. Not that they could. But the point is, they could have done a lot more. I on the other hand helped you out when no one else could.

    Xander doesn't respond.

    Woman: Didn't I?

    The camera zooms into Xander's eye. There is a quick flash to the alleyway with Xander staring at the woman's unconscious body. The woman appears behind him smiling. Cut to Xander clenching his fist, drawing blood. The woman grabs his wrist from behind. He turns round to look at her. Cut to Dawn slamming the door. Xander sits down and puts his hand to his forehead. The woman puts her hands on his shoulders and looks down at him. Cut back to the present. Xander smiles eerily.

    Xander: You did.

    Cut to Buffy opening the door of the Summers' house. Julia is stood on the porch. Buffy looks pleased to see Julia, but Julia smiles awkwardly. Buffy's smile fades.

    Buffy: What is it?

    Julia: Uh, I think it best I come inside.

    Buffy frowns and nods. Julia walks past her into the kitchen. Buffy closes the door and follows her. Kelly, Willow and Giles are already sat in the kitchen, as Golda and Dawn walk down from the stairs. Buffy folds her arms as everyone sits and stands around.

    Giles: Julia.

    Julia: Giles, hello. I uh, wish I were here to bring better news.

    Kelly: What?

    Julia: Uh, well Xander, really.

    Kelly looks worried.

    Julia: We, uh, were able to do a full analysis of the girl. It's not good, I'm afraid. Her internal organs are on the brink of failure. She has advanced brain damage and by her dopamine levels I'd say her mental health is sincerely not good. She's also completely infertile. I'd say that the Emynra power was the only thing keeping her alive, but she didn't have long left. Even without the vampire attack she'd have been dead within weeks. The fact that her body is now in stasis is somewhat of a mixed blessing. I doubt she'll ever wake up. If she does?it won't be for long.

    Kelly: And you think the power did this to her?

    Julia pauses and then nods gravely.

    Julia: I do. It seems this power attaches itself to the nearest vessel when its previous host is about to die. God knows how it does what it does but?

    Willow: What if it's alive?

    Everyone looks at Willow.

    Willow: I mean, I know it's unlikely but, it doesn't have to be that advanced. It could be some organism that knows how to feed off of people. Or it could be something worse, but I don't see how it could travel between hosts without having a brain of some kind.

    Julia: You're right. In either case, Xander's in real danger.

    Buffy: We have to go after him. Today.

    Kelly: Right.

    Golda: How?
    Buffy: We'll go over there and get him back.

    Golda: He has those demon guys guarding him. I don't know why they're worshipping him but I don't think they're gonna let us take him back.

    Giles: And neither is he. You saw how strong he was Buffy, he could well rival you.

    Buffy: Not all of us.

    Dawn: I dunno Buffy, he's-

    Buffy: We have to try. You guys this is Xander we're talking about here. We need him.

    Giles: I don't think anyone's disputing that Buffy, I just think that rushing and taking him by force is the best option.

    Buffy: Do you have an alternative?

    Julia: Well perhaps a sedative of some kind? We have dart guns you could use.

    Willow: I could do a spell or two maybe.

    Dawn: What if he's stronger than any drug? And magic might not work either-

    Buffy: There are a lot of what ifs. I get that ok. But we don't have time to think about them all now. We've left Xander for a few weeks because we thought maybe he'd come round, but obviously we don't have that option anymore.

    Kelly: You're right. We have to go.

    Dawn: Everyone?

    Buffy: Dawn if you don't want to-

    Dawn: No, I do. Like you said, it's Xander.

    Buffy smiles slightly and nods.

    Giles: Uh, if it's all right I think I should stay here. I think I have more chance of finding out about the Emynra here than coming with you now.

    Buffy: Right. Don't worry, you and Julia work on it though.

    Julia: Of course.

    Buffy: Good. Everyone who's coming, get ready.

    Buffy walks away. Everyone else gets up. Golda turns to Kelly.

    Golda: Kelly, I, uh, I'm sorry if I wasn't too supportive before; you know me, always have to point out all the things that could go wrong?which is probably really annoying for everyone else.

    Kelly smiles slightly.

    Kelly: No you're only saying what everyone else is thinking. But like Buffy said, we don't have time, ok?

    Golda: I know. I just wanna let you know, that I'm ok with this and all.

    Kelly: Thanks. Just do one thing for me. Don't hold back. Even if I do.

    Golda frowns slightly but then nods.

    Golda: Sure.

    Kelly nods and smiles weakly before walking away. Golda looks anxious.

    Cut to Buffy and co. walking into Xander's room in Perega. The man rushes behind them.

    Man: I really must object-

    Buffy: I already told you, we're not leaving here without Xander.

    Man: He-he's not here.

    Kelly: Where is he?

    The man hesitates.

    Cut to Xander standing in the countryside, apparently still in Pelega, staring forwards. Kelly, with the others not far behind, walk up behind him. Everyone is staring forward, looking horrified.

    Kelly: Xander?

    Xander looks conflicted. The camera moves around to show the remnants of a village, with demon's bodies littered. The camera cuts back to Kelly and the others.

    Willow: What happened here?

    The camera moves over to Xander who remains silent. However it zooms in on his new eye quickly. There is a flashback to people running through the village screaming. Xander is holding an axe. From his perspective, the demons look much more monstrous and violent and are seen growling and trying to attack him. Xander swings the axe. The perspective comes back to our own, as a much more peaceful demon is killed by the axe. The perspective shifts back to Xander's and he is seen killing several different demons at different times. The camera shifts back to our own. There is a demon back in a crib. It is crying. Xander looks at his mother lying dead on the floor. From his perspective she and the baby are just as monstrous as the rest. He raises the axe and stares at the crying, monstrous, baby. The perspective shifts back to our own as the baby continues to cry. Xander swings the axe down.

    Cut to Xander lying on the ground, his eyes wide, surrounded by a black background. The camera zooms out further and further, eventually showing that the black background is Xander's pupil in his eye. The camera zooms out further showing a stony faced Xander staring at the wreckage.

    Xander: What had to happen.

    He turns around and walks away.

    Dawn: (upset) You did this. Why would you?

    Xander: They're the enemy of my people.

    Buffy: Your people? They give you a palace and you massacre anyone they want you to, is that how this works?

    Xander: They need me to fight.

    Buffy: This isn't fighting Xander, these are-

    Xander: Demons. Just demons.

    Golda: They don't look too vicious to me.

    Xander: I don't care.

    Kelly: And you can live with this?

    Xander: I can live with anything. It's you guys that can't.

    Willow: Xander there is something seriously wrong here!

    Xander: You don't know anything.

    Buffy: Yeah well we want to. Come back with us.

    Xander: Right, you think I'd fall for that? Maybe once, but not anymore.

    Kelly: Xander, please-

    She grabs Xander's arm gently.

    Xander: I said NO!

    Xander swings round punching Kelly in the face. She falls back on the ground. Everyone looks alarmed. Kelly lies on the ground, her hands supporting the rest of her. She looks up at Xander. Xander looks conflicted once more. There is an awkward pause. Golda looks angry and suddenly rushes at Xander. Xander knocks her aside with ease. Buffy rushes up too and manages to dodge Xander's punch. Willow hits him with a spell and Xander looks momentarily paralysed. Buffy tries to grab Xander's wrists, but he quickly recovers from Willow's blast and grabs Buffy by the neck. He throws her into Dawn and then walks up to Willow. She creates a magical barrier but Xander punches through it with ease. Willow falls back from the impact. Everyone looks up at Xander from the ground.

    Xander: You guys come back here again?expect that.

    Xander looks away and quickly takes some kind of device from his pocket. He clutches it tightly. Buffy and co. fade and suddenly appear back in the living room in the Summers' house. Giles and Julia come through from the kitchen.

    Julia: What happened?

    Buffy and co. look at each other. Kelly rubs her jaw slightly. The screen splits in too showing Kelly looking sad and Xander on the other side looking cold. Cut to Xander walking onwards. The woman seen with him earlier is stood nearby. She smiles darkly.

    Woman: Well done.

    Xander gives her a sideward glance and continues walking. The woman stares after him, smiling to herself.
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      ACT III

      Cut to the field near the Summers' house, night. A vampire runs followed by Buffy, Kelly and then Golda. The vampire looks over its shoulder and keeps running. It suddenly runs across the road. Kelly follows and Buffy and Golda are about to also but a car is coming. Buffy runs around it but Kelly and the vampire are already quite far ahead. The vampire turns round again and suddenly trips. It slides along the field, mud soaking its clothes and face. Kelly runs next to it and kicks it in the stomach. She kneels over it and begins punching it repeatedly. Buffy and Golda catch up. Buffy looks at Kelly and looks worried.

      Buffy: Kelly?

      Kelly continues punching.

      Golda: Kelly!

      Kelly hears at last. She hesitates and then stakes the vampire quickly. She stands up slowly and looks at Buffy and Golda.

      Kelly: Let's go.

      Kelly walks in the direction of the Summers' house. Buffy and Golda follow looking worried.

      Cut to Buffy opening the front door of the Summer's house. Giles is stood there. Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: Hey.

      Giles: Buffy. How's?everything?

      Buffy: Ok I guess.

      Giles: Is Willow?

      Buffy: Yeah.

      Giles: Good.

      Buffy stands aside to let Giles walk inside. They walk through to the kitchen.

      Giles: How about everyone else?

      Buffy: Dawn's pretty enthusiastic. Golda's been really helpful with Willow. But Kelly?I don't think she's gonna be able to handle it if we don't get through today.

      Giles: It's been almost seven months. I thought she might have?come to terms with things by now?

      Buffy: Well so did I. I mean everyone's probably hoping that we can get through. I'm just afraid of what we might find if we do. And Willow's tried breaking through so many times now-

      Giles: And today she might be able to. It takes time Buffy. Don't just give up just yet.

      Buffy: I'm not. I'm doubting whether this is gonna do anything except drain Willow.

      Giles: What else do we have apart from hope? Willow will stop if she needs to. Until then?let her work at her own pace.

      Giles smiles. Buffy smiles and nods back. Golda appears at the entrance to the kitchen.

      Golda: Oh, hey Giles.

      Giles smiles.

      Giles: Is Willow ready?

      Golda: Yeah, that's what I came to tell you.

      Buffy looks apprehensive. She gives Golda a nod and she and Giles follow Golda upstairs.

      Cut to Willow sitting cross-legged on the floor exhaling deeply in her bedroom. Kelly and Dawn are stood nearby. The curtains are closed so the room is quite shadowed. Buffy and Giles walk in and close the door behind them. Willow looks round and smiles. Buffy smiles back.

      Buffy: Are you really sure that-

      Willow: Buffy don't ask me that ok, if I have the slightest doubt this might not work.

      Buffy hesitates and then nods. Willow nods back and then faces away from them, closing her eyes. Kelly looks anxious. Golda notices and puts her hand on Kelly's shoulder. Kelly looks and smiles momentarily but then looks as Willow hands begin to shake. Everyone looks nervous. Willow's eyes flicker open. They are black. She stares forwards as multicoloured energy flows around her. Everyone watches. Willow suddenly looks confused. The energy begins to fade. Buffy and the others look confused also.

      Buffy: (to Giles) What's going on?

      Giles: I'm not sure.

      The energy suddenly disappears completely. Willow falls back breathless. Golda who is nearest to her helps her up.

      Willow: Thanks, but I'm ok.

      Buffy: Willow what happened?

      Willow: I don't think we're the only ones trying to get through.

      Everyone watches as the energy appears once again. There is a flash, as everyone shields their eyes. Suddenly it fades. The man seen in Xander's castle previously appears. He looks and sees Buffy and co., who look confused.

      Buffy: What the hell are you doing here?

      The man hesitates.

      Man: We need your help.

      Cut to a close up of Xander's face, looking downwards. His eyes flicker up facing the camera. The woman seen with him before is sat on his left, looking at him. She smiles as she looks in the same direction as Xander.

      Woman: You're not afraid?

      Xander: Of what?

      Woman: Of what you've done.

      Xander: Of course I'm not.

      Woman: Good. I wouldn't want to be disappointed.

      Xander: What?

      Woman: Well?it would be such a shame for you to come this far and then not be able to complete the final stages.

      Xander: You have nothing to worry about.

      Woman: I see.

      She stares at Xander and goes out focus in the background, as Xander comes into focus in the foreground.

      Cut to Buffy and co. and the man in Willow's room.

      Buffy: He's what!?

      Man: He's creating Armageddon.

      Everyone looks shocked.

      Kelly: No?no I don't believe-

      Man: I know it's difficult for you to imagine your friend doing this but?he is not your friend anymore.

      Dawn: How could you just stand by and watch this?

      Man: I would have come sooner if the dimensional walls were thinner. I imagine you were waiting for this time also?

      Golda: Well yeah but?I mean if Xander's destroying your world then what can we do?

      Man: Together you may be able to stop him. Yet I am unsure. His power is greater than any an Emynra host has ever had.

      Giles: Host?

      The man hesitates. Buffy looks angry.

      Buffy: When you say that it's not Xander anymore?you mean it literally don't you?

      Man: Not exactly-

      Dawn: What?

      Man: When the power of Emynra has entered a human body it bonds with the human soul, fusing together as one. But it does not control?it persuades. It has always brought out the more exuberant and forceful sides of those it has fused with but?never in this way.

      Giles: What did you expect?

      Man: That he would lead us to prosperity until the time that the spirit must leave him.

      Willow: When he dies.

      Man: Yes. The power?it gives a great deal, but what it takes?

      Kelly: We know. We saw from the girl that?wait, you knew!?

      Man: It's not my place to question customs that have been around for centuries I-

      Buffy: I don't give a damn about your customs. You sat back and watched while some parasite took over his body.

      Man: And what would you have done, if you were in my position, hmm? The only thing I could do is reach you before he destroys our world entirely and moves on to the next.

      Willow: Next?

      Man: I would not be surprised if he returned here with similar plans.

      Everyone looks worried.

      Man: You can prevent that. I have heard tales of Slayers, and although you pale in comparison with the power of Emynra?it is not immortal. Not entirely. A part of the host's human self always remains. That is where you must strike.

      Buffy: What?

      Man: There is no other way. He would not hesitate to kill every one of you now. You must do the same.

      Willow: What if I could do a spell or something, to expel the Emynra-

      Man: You cannot. He is far stronger than that. But mortal still. If you can get close enough, you will be to kill him.

      There is silence as everyone looks around at each other.

      Dawn: We can't.

      Kelly: I think we have to.

      Buffy looks at Kelly.

      Buffy: What?

      Kelly: I know it's weird that I'm the one to say this. But I've thought for a while now that things might turn out this way. And if we don't do this?who will?

      There is a pause.

      Giles: As much as I don't like it. Kelly's right.

      Buffy: You aren't the one who's gonna have to kill him.

      Giles: I appreciate that Buffy. I'm just trying to be realistic.

      Dawn: Why can't we just stop him from coming back into this world? I mean the spirit will eventually leave him right.

      Man: In several hundred years?perhaps.

      Dawn looks away sadly.

      Golda: I?I think we should try.

      Willow: Golda, you don't know Xander like the rest of us-

      Golda: But it isn't Xander. I mean isn't that the whole point? It'll never be Xander again.

      Kelly: Yeah. That is the point.

      Buffy hesitates. After a long pause she exhales deeply.

      Buffy: (quietly) Ok.

      Dawn: Buffy-

      Buffy: Dawn please. Don't.

      Dawn stares at Buffy. Willow looks tearful.

      Man: You have made the right decision.

      Buffy: Just say how long we have.
      Man: As soon as possible.

      Buffy: Right. Everyone who's going, get ready.

      She turns.

      Man: One more thing.

      [I[Buffy stops and looks back at him.[/I]

      Man: Do not hold back. He won't.

      Buffy nods slowly and then walks out.

      Cut to Xander and the woman still staring out the window, now standing. There is fire outside the window stretching to the horizon.

      Woman: He has betrayed you.

      Xander: I knew he would before he did.

      Woman: What are you going to do about it?

      Xander: What I need to do.

      Woman: You're sure you're ready?

      Xander: When the hell are you gonna be satisfied?

      Woman: When I watch you kill them.

      Xander: Fine. Watch.

      Cut to double doors opening. Pieces by Sum41 starts playing.

      Xander's booted foot appears in slow motion, as the camera moves up. Xander has a dark, determined look on his face.

      I tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it
      I don't believe it makes me real

      The woman appears walking behind him smiling. Xander carries on walking through some more doors.

      I thought it'd be easy but no one believes me
      I meant all the things that I said

      Cut to Buffy hugging Dawn. Dawn looks upset and Giles look grave.

      If you believe it's in my soul

      Cut to Xander standing watching next to a balcony as he watches.

      I'd say all the words that I know

      Cut to Kelly looking distant. Golda looks at her helplessly.

      Just to see if it would show

      Cut to Buffy, Kelly, Golda, Willow and the man walking through the window of energy.

      That I'm trying to let you know

      Cut to the man walking through. She appears on the other side, followed by the others. Xander snaps his neck. He gasps and falls. He stares as Buffy looks at him, in shock.

      That I'm better off on my own

      Xander aims a punch at Buffy who dodges. Golda tries to punch him. Xander throws her to one side. Buffy swings her sword at Xander but he crushes it into pieces and smashes the hilt in her face. Willow looks on as Golda gets up, and begins some kind of spell.

      Willow throws some kind of binding spell at Xander. He struggles as it takes effect. Kelly raises her sword but Xander frees his hand and punches her.

      This place is so empty
      My thoughts are so tempting

      Xander grabs Golda and throws her into Willow.

      I don't know how it got so bad

      Xander flinches from a blow from Kelly's sword. However it does not have much of an effect. He swings her across the floor with it and she loses her grip.

      Sometimes it's so crazy
      That nothing can save me

      Buffy throws a dagger but Xander catches it in mid-air

      But it's the only thing that I have

      Willow places an energy barrier in front of Kelly and Buffy as Xander throws it at them. The dagger bounces back and hits Xander in the arm.

      If you believe it's in my soul

      Xander pulls the dagger out and looks angry as Kelly and Buffy get to their feet. Golda and Willow stand together prepared.

      I'd say all the words that I know

      Willow blasts more magic at Xander but he is prepared this time and absorbs it into his hand as Kelly and Buffy rush at him.

      Just to see if it would show

      He blasts them back with Willow's magic. Golda takes a stand and grabs a short sword from her belt, heading for Xander.

      That I'm trying to let you know

      Xander flicks the dagger at her. It hits her in the heart. She gasps and falls back. The others look horrified.

      That I'm better of on my own

      Xander doesn't hesitate. He punches Willow hard and she falls back next to Golda's body. Buffy grabs another sword and it slices a wound through the base of Xander's spine. He looks angry as blood and nerves spill down his shirt. He throws Kelly aside and grabs Buffy's neck. He flings her across the room. She smashes through a stained glass window. The sunset pours into the room. Buffy disappears over the edge. Willow and Kelly look worried. Kelly aims a kick at Xander but he catches her foot and flings her aside into the wall. She flinches at the impact. She cries out as Willow blasts magic at them. Xander puts his hand out blocking and it flies back at Willow knocking her unconscious. Xander faces Kelly who looks back anticipating the fight.

      She stabs her sword at him and Xander knees it out of her grip, and throws her to the floor. She grabs a shard of broken glass, but Xander crushes her hand, embedding it in here palm

      I tried to be perfect it just wasn't worth it
      Nothing could ever be so wrong

      Kelly struggles against Xander's strength as he grabs her fist trying to force the glass into her chest.

      It's hard to believe me it never gets easy
      I guess I knew that all along

      They continue to struggle. Kelly looks in Xander's eyes pleadingly. He looks conflicted suddenly

      If you believe it's in my soul

      The woman appears behind Kelly. She stares at Xander expectantly.

      I'd say all the words that I know

      Xander looks from the woman to Kelly. Kelly looks confused and worried

      Just to see if it would show

      Kelly and Xander both stare at the glass that is near Kelly's chest.

      That I'm trying to let you know

      Xander suddenly throws Kelly aside and jumps out the window that Buffy fell through.

      That I'm better off on my own.

      Kelly stares after him looking lost.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Xander getting up on the street below the palace. He looks up at the broken window high above. He brushes glass off him and stares around at the burning houses. Two female demons notice him and scatter off. Xander gets up slowly and looks around. The woman appears next to him.

        Woman: What are you doing!? You had her in your grasp, you could have-

        Xander: I thought I could. But?

        The woman looks confused.

        Woman: This isn't?you shouldn't feel this way!

        Xander: I'm sorry.

        Woman: No, no you can still do this, you have the power. Feel it. You want this. You need this.

        Xander looks conflicted. He looks at his hands.

        Woman: It's waiting for you.

        Xander suddenly catches an arrow in mid air. It would otherwise have hit his heart. Buffy is stood with a crossbow nearby. The woman has vanished.

        Buffy: Thought you'd got rid of me huh?

        Xander: No. A couple o' hundred feet was never really issue for you.

        Buffy: Nor you nowadays.

        Xander: Things change.

        Xander steps towards Buffy. She holds it up.

        Buffy: That last one was a warning shot. Next one won't be.

        Xander: You don't have it in you to kill me.

        Buffy: Yeah well once upon a time you didn't either. And now Golda and that guy are upstairs, dead. How about Willow and Kelly. You finish them off too?

        Buffy looks angry and tearful. Xander shakes his head.

        Xander: No. I wanted to. But then?I couldn't.

        Buffy: Maybe I'm an idiot compared to your sky high IQ but I can still see when someone's trying to play me. Don't even try.

        Xander: I'm not bluffing.

        Buffy: That guy told us that you and the Emynra were too fused together to part now. And you know, I believe him because I saw what you did. Xander?the Xander I knew, could never do that.

        Xander: I did before. Remember with Webber? I killed a guy then.

        Buffy: Stop. Saying. "I". You're not him.

        Xander: You can't face that I might be. And hey, I might have killed you all today. I didn't.

        Buffy: I think you'd use anything to try and save yourself now.

        Xander: So shoot me.
        Buffy hesitates.

        Xander: You know this body's deteriorating anyway right? Either way I'm gonna die eventually. You have your moment. Take it. You might not get another chance.

        Xander's expression changes slightly. His eyes look sad. Buffy's mouth opens a fraction. She looks into Xander's eyes. A tear runs down her face. She shoots a crossbow bolt. It hits Xander in the heart. Her eyes widen as Xander gasps he falls to his knees. He looks at her. He smiles slightly. Kelly and Willow appear from the bottom of the palace. Buffy looks at them. They stop as they see Xander. Xander turns to look at them and then falls over on the ground. There is an aerial shot of Xander's body and Buffy, Kelly and Willow walking towards him. The screen fades to white slowly.

        Cut to the alleyway, seven months previously. Xander is stood watching a frozen scene. The woman is lying on the ground and another Xander is about to pick her up. Buffy, Kelly, Willow and Dawn are stood around, also frozen. The Xander that is moving looks confused. Another version of the woman appears next him. Xander starts as he sees her and looks annoyed.

        Xander: You?

        Woman: No, no I'm not?not her.

        Xander: Really? Cause you bare a striking resemblance.

        She looks over at the frozen scene in front to them.

        Woman: I'm her. Or who she was before Emynra. You may not have noticed, but it's no longer apart of you.

        Xander: Wait. I'm me again?

        Woman: Yes.

        Xander: So for the benefit of those of us that aren't following?what's happening?

        Woman: The Emynra took over your body, like it did with me before.

        Xander: I died.

        Woman: You did. As I'd hoped.

        Xander shakes his head confused.

        Woman: I knew what would happen to you after it took over your body. Cause it happened to me. I was helpless?almost that is. It wasn't prepared to deal with what I threw at it.

        Xander: Which was?

        Woman: Time manipulation. I made it so you'd come back to this time and this place when you died.

        Xander: How?

        Woman: I don't have time to explain. Let's just say I was trapped within the Emynra for months before I could do it.

        Xander: You set this whole thing up? Why?

        Woman: The Emynra has been destroying people for centuries. I wanted to break the chain. And here we are.

        Xander: What about the not so great version of you?

        Woman: I'm sorry I could do nothing about that. It's the part of me the Emynra took. The Emynra took the form of its past host for me as well. And the creature you became?that was the Emynra, not you.

        Xander: But I remember feeling the same way.

        Woman: No, it was an illusion. But it does not matter now, you will be truly free shortly.

        Xander: What do I have to do?

        Woman: Leave me to die. The Emynra will die too.

        Xander: But maybe I can help-

        Woman: I was always going to die today. You can't change that.

        Xander: You thought this all through, huh?

        Woman: I've had a long time to work on it. You only have to step into your body to restart time and do what you have to.
        Xander steps towards his frozen self. Another version of the woman suddenly appears in front of him.

        Woman #2: What are you doing?

        The first woman looks alarmed.

        Woman #1: No. You do not have authority here. Not anymore.

        Woman #2: Why Xander, have you been listening to her lies? You can't honestly believe her.

        Xander: You're the Emynra right?

        Woman #2: I'm your guide.

        Xander: Yeah well thanks, but I'm getting a refund for that tour.

        Woman #2: You don't know what you're doing.

        Woman #1: Yes he does. Xander quickly. You must break the chain!

        Woman #2: Xander listen to me, I have seen you interior of your heart, and I know that you are stronger than this. She is manipulating you.

        Woman #1: She is the manipulator. You have seen her in action.

        Xander looks conflicted.

        Woman #2: Xander?I know you. The power I can give you is waiting. And you're going to throw it away? You don't want that.

        Xander stares directly at her.

        Xander: You're right.

        The woman smiles satisfied. The other woman looks worried.

        Xander: But I need it.

        Xander walks past the woman towards the frozen scene.

        Woman #2: You will regret this forever!

        Woman #1: Well done Xander.

        Xander turns to look at the first woman.
        Xander: One thing. What was your name?

        The woman smiles.

        Woman #1: Grace.

        Xander smiles at her. He turns and walks into his own body. The scene starts again. Xander looks down at his body. He then looks at Grace on the floor. He stands back.

        Buffy: Xander aren't you gonna get her?

        Xander: She's already dead.

        Willow: What? But I felt her pulse?

        Willow leans to touch her neck. Xander pulls her back.

        Xander: No! Willow, uh?there's no time. Vampires.

        They look to see the vampire's advancing.

        Buffy: He's right. We'll deal with her later.

        Xander: Ok. Let's go.

        Golda: I'll take right.

        Buffy: Left for me.

        Everyone prepares themselves for the fight. Xander looks down at Grace and smiles slightly. He then faces forward, waiting.

        THE END
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