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Buffy Episode 9.9 175. The Dark Interior

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  • Buffy Episode 9.9 175. The Dark Interior

    Hi, this is the ninth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.9 175. The Dark Interior

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on the stream near the Summers' house, at night. Buffy suddenly falls into frame, as she hits the ground. A vampire leans over her. Buffy flips up and kicks the vamp in the face. The vamp is hardly phased however and rushes towards her. They fall into the stream. Buffy tries to kick the vamp, but he catches her leg and flips her into the water. Buffy rolls to avoid the vamps downward punch. Buffy looks startled at the vamp's strength. She back flips on to the shore kicking it in the face as she does so. The vamp looks angry and steps towards her as Buffy takes out her stake. The vamp suddenly stops and frowns. It looks at its stomach and starts clutching its stomach in pain. Buffy looks puzzled. The vamp growls. Buffy realises this is her chance and flings the stake towards the vamp. However the stake lands on the opposite shore. The vamp dusted before the stake hit it. Buffy frowns as the vamp's dust is washed away down the stream.

    Cut to a woman in a laboratory, wearing a lab coat. She is staring into a microscope.

    Woman: Oh my god. Kevin!

    A man rushes over.

    Kevin: Christine?

    Christine: I've done it!

    Kevin: What? Y-you can't be serious!

    Christine: No have a look!

    Kevin looks into the microscope. After a few second he looks up. A smile forms on his face.

    Kevin: How?the hell did you-

    Christine: I'll write down the formula later. Right now you need to ring Julia Flint. Tell her we need to arrange a meeting with Buffy Summers as soon as possible!

    Kevin: Right. I'll go now. Well done!

    Kevin walks off hurriedly. Christine takes a pipette and takes a few drops from the sample under the microscope. She squeezes the drops into a test tube. She holds it up and smiles.

    Christine: This is going to change everything.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia
    JUDI DENCH - Christine
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    EWAN McGREGOR - Nathan

    Cut to Buffy opening the back door. Dawn and Giles are sat at the table. Giles stands up.

    Giles: Buffy, welcome back.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Dawn notices Buffy's wet clothes.

    Dawn: The vampires are hiding in the stream now huh?

    Buffy: Oh, not exactly. He ended up in there though.

    Buffy looks uneasy.

    Giles: You all right?

    Buffy: Yeah, just kinda thrown.

    Giles: Why?

    Buffy: Do vampires usually self-destruct?

    Dawn: You mean like explode?

    Buffy: No he just dusted before I had the chance to do the honours.

    Dawn: Oh. Helpful.

    Giles: Well, uh, yes but this kind of thing is very unusual in the vampire world.

    Buffy: Yeah. And this guy was like super strong too. Maybe that had something to do with it.

    Giles: Perhaps. I suppose if it had taken some kind of drug it could have had that effect.

    Buffy: I dunno. He looked perfectly normal beforehand. As normal as vampires can be.

    Dawn: Didn't Angel tell us about that vampire who got his heart removed?

    Buffy: I almost forgot about that. Maybe it's a big craze now.

    Giles: Not exactly the wisest choice for a vampire to make though. I'll uh give Julia a ring, see if she's seen anything like this.

    Buffy: Right. I'll look out for any others next time I go patrolling.

    Giles: Maybe you shouldn't go on your own next time?

    Buffy: I woulda asked Golda or Kelly but?

    Dawn: Things are still kinda awkward.

    Buffy: Right.

    Giles: Ah. You, uh, think differently of them?

    Buffy: No. Not exactly. I mean Golda was just defending herself. Besides, if that guy's death's anyone's fault it's mine.

    Dawn: Buffy you can't blame yourself for everyone who dies because of the Slayer Spell. Think about the number of people who've lived because of it.

    Buffy: I know. And I'm not gonna start with the self-guilt trip. I just hope she knows that we don't blame her.

    Giles: I'll uh, have a word with her. I'd like to hear about Jim as well. It's been a while since I heard anything about him or Golda.

    Buffy: Right.

    Dawn: What about Kelly? And Xander for that matter.

    Giles: Xander only acted in self-defence?and Kelly was under the influence of the drug Webber was using on her.
    Buffy: I know, really I do. I just don't like that they kept it from everyone.

    Giles: It's only natural. If you hid something for long enough, then maybe it won't matter anymore. That's part of the reason I didn't tell you about Ben.

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Giles: I think the main issue right now is convincing the others that we're not blaming them.

    Dawn: Especially Kelly. She looked pretty broken up after she heard.

    Buffy: Right. I will. I should probably have a word with Willow too. She said she's ill but I'm not so sure.

    Giles: You mean the magic?

    Buffy: Maybe. What I do know is that that spell took something out of her. Maybe she's losing control or something. And I don't think any of us wanna revisit that again.

    Dawn: No way.

    Giles: I agree. Still, it's almost 1 now. We should probably wait until tomorrow. I'll ring Julia in the morning as well.

    Buffy: Ok. I, uh, think I'm gonna have a shower before going to bed.

    Dawn: Ok.

    Giles: G'night.

    Buffy: Night.

    Buffy smiles and walks into the hall. She frowns again as she heads up the stairs.

    Cut to Willow standing looking outside her window in the morning. There is a knock at the door.

    Willow: Uh, come in.

    Willow turns round as Golda enters.

    Willow: Oh, hi.

    Golda: Hey. I hope you don't mind me paying you a visit.

    Willow: No, no it's fine. I was just thinking about stuff.

    Golda: Yeah I've been doing a lot of that lately.

    Willow: Right. You know-

    Golda: Uh, we don't have to talk about me.

    Willow: You sure? Cause, Golda no one blames you-

    Golda: Thanks. And I believe you. I just, don't wanna have to deal with that again right now, you know?

    Willow: I know.

    Golda smiles.

    Golda: Besides me and Mr. Giles had a talk?I think I'm ok now.

    Willow: Good.

    Golda: But, uh, I actually wondered how you were doing.

    Willow: Me? Oh, I'm fine.

    Golda: Yeah that's what I thought you'd say.

    Willow: No, i-it's true. See, I'm standing. And me looking out the window should definitely be interpreted as me thinking about taking a walk.

    Golda: Well that's good. But last night-

    Willow: Last night, I was bad I know. And yeah that spell was bad an' all, but it was three days ago now. I think I'm finally better. You don't' have to worry, ok?

    Golda: Yeah I do. Cause I still have the feeling you're not telling me something. Or anyone for that matter.

    Willow pauses.

    Golda: Look, you can tell me to go to hell if you want I-

    Willow: No, no?you're right. There is something. It's just?personal.

    Golda: I get it.
    Willow: I'd tell you?I'd tell everyone. But I can't right now. And the one person I did tell?well it almost went very wrong.

    Golda: I see. Well I hope it sorts itself out.

    Willow: So do I. But, anyway, thanks for being concerned.

    Golda: Any time.

    Willow: You know, a walk certainly sounds good. Wanna go before lunch?

    Golda: Oh, yeah that'd be great.

    Willow: Great!

    Willow smiles and she and Golda walk out.

    Cut to Kelly lying in her and Xander's bed facing the wall. Xander opens the door behind her. He sighs as he sees her lying.

    Xander: You gonna stay in the bed forever?

    Kelly: Maybe I'll set a record.

    Xander walks over and sits on the bed next to her.

    Xander: No one blames you.

    Kelly: Yeah they do. Drugs or whatever don't matter Xander. I still killed the guy.

    Xander: Someone had to do it.

    Kelly looks up at him.

    Kelly: Would you?

    Xander: If I had to?maybe.

    Kelly: No you wouldn't.

    Xander: I did it before.

    Kelly: By mistake. You haven't got it in you.

    Xander: Neither do you, not anymore.

    Kelly: The blade didn't slip Xander. I remember every single second when I was in that room, and you know I think maybe deep down, beyond whatever crap he was filling me full of, that's what I wanted. For him to die in front of me.

    Xander: I can't believe that.

    Kelly: I can't help but believe it. And you know, with just you and me knowing, maybe I could have coped. But now?I'm not so sure.

    Xander: We'll help you. I'll help you. Just don't give up-

    Kelly: I can't give up. I have a job to do like everyone else here. I'm just saying that things aren't gonna be easy as they were. Things are bad. And they're not just gonna go away because you want them to.

    Xander frowns. Kelly gets up.

    Kelly: Guess we should go downstairs.

    Xander nods and follows Kelly. They both look apprehensive.

    Cut to Kelly and Xander walking into the kitchen. Everyone else is stood around or sat at the table.

    Buffy: Guys hey.

    Xander: Hey. Something up?

    Giles: Uh, yes actually. I was just on the phone with Julia.

    Dawn: You sounded pretty friendly.

    Giles frowns slightly.

    Giles: Well we're uh, old friends.

    Buffy: Would that be Anya's version of "friend" or something else?

    Giles: Must I have slept with every woman my own age?

    There is a pause. Buffy screws up her face.

    Buffy: And with that unfortunately in mind, let's move on.

    Giles: Uh, yes. As I was saying, I was speaking to Julia. She wants us to come in to Darkley, there's some good news apparently.

    Buffy: Oh. Ok then. Now?

    Giles: Uh yes I said it'd be all right.

    Buffy: Yeah it should be. Right guys?

    Xander: Ok with us.

    Willow: Yeah.

    Buffy: Great.

    There is a pause.

    Buffy: But uh, before we do I just wanna say something. I, uh, know the tape revealed a lot of stuff. No one's proud of it.

    Everyone looks uncomfortable.

    Buffy: Maybe we should have found out about some of it another way. But it doesn't change the fact that we now know. And I think it won't be an issue if we don't make it one. Ok?

    Golda: I think you're right.

    Xander: Yeah. Kelly?

    Kelly: I uh, I guess.

    Buffy: Ok, good.

    Buffy smiles at the others slightly.

    Buffy: Uh Giles, this thing with Julia. Dangerous?

    Giles: I shouldn't think so.

    Buffy: Ok. Then let's go.

    Everyone nods. There is still a fairly awkward atmosphere.

    Cut to Giles, Dawn, Buffy and Willow getting out of his car in Darkley. Xander, Golda and Kelly get out of Xander's.

    Dawn: Why would Julia be at the post office?

    Giles: She said near the post office.

    Dawn: Well the derelict building next to it doesn't look too promising.

    Julia walks out of the door of the building Dawn was looking at.

    Dawn: Never mind.

    Julia: Ah, good you're all here.

    Giles: Yes.

    Buffy: So what's up?

    Julia: Well, if you'll follow me inside I'd like to introduce you all to someone.

    Buffy: Oh. Ok.

    Buffy looks at Giles as they follow Julia. Giles looks clueless. Cut to Julia walking down a corridor. The building resembles a prison.

    Buffy: Uh, Julia where exactly are we going? I mean this doesn't exactly look like the friendliest of places.

    Joyce: Well it's a research centre you see.

    Willow: Research for what?

    Woman OS: Vampires.

    Julia stops and everyone turns to see Christine smiling from a nearby doorway. Julia smiles.

    Julia: Christine, hello.

    Christine: Julia it's good to see you. And you must be Buffy yes?

    Buffy: Right.

    Christine: As you may have guessed I'm Christine. Christine Sinclair. I uh run this centre.

    Buffy: Oh, that's?big.

    Christine: Very.

    Buffy: But uh, I still don't get why we're here.

    Julia: I thought it best I let you explain Christine.

    Christine: Ah of course, everyone come in here.

    Everyone walks in to a lab room.

    Christine: Now uh, this may seem a little unbelievable, but I think I may have found an immunization for becoming a vampire.

    There is a pause. Everyone but Julia frowns.

    Golda: What? How?

    Giles: Yes, uh Ms. Sinclair-

    Christine: Christine.

    Giles: Uh, Christine, I really don't see how something like this would be possible. I mean the process of a person becoming a vampire is supernatural rather than simply physical.

    Christine: Exactly, and that's why there's been pretty much zero success before now. You see the demon's soul is a constant presence within the bloodstream of a vampire. Similar to infections like AIDS for instance.

    Xander: And just as deadly.

    Christine: Yes unfortunately so. A human soul is no contest for the strength of a demon's presence in the body. However there are certain substances that reverse this effect. The blood of a certain demon, named Mora. Heard of it?

    Buffy: Uh, no, never.

    Christine: That's not surprising they're quite rare. I only have one vial's worth currently. But uh, anyway, I believe injecting their blood into humans would actually counter the affects of the vampire's presence.

    Giles: But uh, there's no telling who is and who isn't a potential target. Immunisation on such a wide scale would be unrealistic I'd have thought.

    Christine: Well yes, as I said unfortunately the Mora demon is rare and therefore there would only be enough for a handful of individuals; to begin with. Yourselves for instance.

    Buffy looks at Christine.

    Christine: It would certainly make your lives easier.

    Buffy: I?I dunno. Are you sure it's safe?

    Christine: Well I have to make final checks obviously. But eventually?I see no reason why it can't be perfected.

    Julia: Buffy I'm no scientist but I've seen Christine's results. They're very promising.

    Giles: I'd like to have a look at them myself if I may.

    Christine: Oh, of course. They're in the lab downstairs. I'll uh go down and prepare some for you.

    Giles: Right.

    Christine smiles and walks away. Buffy looks at Giles.

    Buffy: You don't look to enthusiastic about this.

    Julia: Well Giles is a natural pessimist.

    Giles: Uh, no I didn't say that this would be a bad idea. I just think it's worth seeing it for ourselves first. I mean this goes against everything supernatural I can think of.

    Willow: Yeah. Sounds too good to be true in a way.

    Buffy: Well I'm not ruling anything out. Yet. It could be pretty handy. And the single women who insist on walking down dark alleys at night would be thrilled.

    Willow smiles.

    Julia: Well shall we go to the lab?

    Buffy: Yeah, sure.

    They start walking along the corridor. Cut to everyone walking into the lobby of the building.

    Julia: We'll take the elevator down.

    Golda turns to Kelly as they walk up to the elevator followed by Xander. Julia presses a button on the elevator.

    Golda: So what do you think of this?

    Kelly: Uh, it sounds good, I guess. But like Giles said, this might not be as good as it seems.

    The elevator doors open. Fire bursts out as an explosion occurs below. Everyone looks shocked as the floor begins to give way. Willow quickly mutters something and a shield appears around them. However debris still flies everywhere as the floor collapses below, in flames.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Buffy opening her eyes. Sirens are heard blaring in the background. She moves her head up slightly and winces in pain. Giles rushes to her side.

    Giles: Buffy.

    Buffy: Giles, hey-

    Buffy looks around. There are fire engines and ambulances nearby. Half the building has collapsed and the ruins are still smoking.

    Buffy: (guilty) Oh god.

    Giles: I know.

    Buffy: How are we?I mean there was fire and well more fire. Shouldn't we be?

    Giles: It was Willow. She cast a spell. But uh, it took a lot out of her.

    Buffy: Oh god is she ok? And what about the others are they-

    Giles: She's stable, she uh was taken to hospital quickly. Julia and Dawn are fine they uh, went back to the GSPST. They think this could have been planned.

    Buffy: Oh. By who?

    Giles: We'll find out soon enough.

    Buffy: Right. Wait. What about Xander? And Kelly, a-and Golda?

    Giles hesitates.

    Buffy: Giles!

    Giles: We don't know.

    Buffy looks distraught. She looks over at the wreckage.

    Cut to Kelly lying on the ground in the dark. She is in an underground area. It appears that she has fallen down into the area below. She has a cut on her forehead. Golda appears next to her. She looks badly cut and bruised and slightly blackened.

    Golda: Kelly. Kelly!

    She coughs as she looks around. Dust falls down from the debris piled up to the ceiling. It appears they are trapped underground. Golda looks worriedly at Kelly. She holds her arm and shakes her slightly.

    Golda: Kelly come on!

    Kelly stirs. Her eyes open slowly. She clutches her head straight away.

    Kelly: Ow.

    Golda: Right. But at least you can feel the pain. I mean that's something.

    Kelly: Yeah something, uh, painful. Where?wait. Was there an explosion?

    Golda: Really was. I think we ended up on the floor below. With no way back up.

    Kelly: Oh. Fun.

    Golda: Yeah. I looked around, it looks pretty solid. But I could hear sirens faintly, maybe they're trying to get us out.

    Kelly: Well, slowly but surely right?

    Golda: Uh, well see Kelly we're not the only ones here. Xander's-

    Kelly: Xander's down here!?

    Kelly gets up quickly and looks around. She sees Xander lying unconscious nearby.

    Kelly: Oh god! Xander! Xander!!

    Golda: Kelly I already tried-

    Kelly: Well I'm trying. Xander!

    Golda: I think his arm is broken.

    Kelly: From what I hear it's not the first time.

    She looks at his arm. It's clearly bent backwards.

    Kelly: He's got a head injury too. How come you didn't tell me about him straight away?

    Golda: Well you looked pretty bad yourself.

    Kelly looks at her leg. Blood is stained through her jeans.

    Kelly: I'll be ok. How about you?

    Golda: Just my shoulder really. Could have been worse though.

    Kelly: Yeah?

    Golda: So like I was saying we should really get out of here as soon as possible.

    Kelly: Well there's gotta be some emergency exit or something right?

    Golda: Yeah good point. I'll look around.

    Kelly: You sure?

    Golda: Yeah you should stay with him.

    Kelly: Right. Thanks.

    Golda: I'll be back soon.

    Kelly: Ok.

    Golda smiles and walks down the hallway. Kelly looks at Xander worriedly.

    Cut to a red Mercedes pulling up in Darkley. Buffy and Giles turn to see Julia, Dawn, Vanessa and Joe get out.

    Dawn: Thank God you're awake.

    Buffy: Yeah well it takes more than a collapsing building to put me out of action for long. Thanks, anyway.

    Buffy looks at Joe.
    Buffy: And it looks like it'll be more than bullets for you.

    Joe: Mighta been a different story if it had been a few inches lower.

    Buffy: I know the feeling. Sorry about all that by the way.

    Vanessa: Hey Buffy you weren't to know about Ethan. Don't worry about it.

    Joe: She's right. Anyway now that I'm here, we can maybe help you out with all of this.

    Buffy: Right thanks. What do you guys know so far?

    Julia: Well Christine's work could potentially spell an end to the vampire race. It's like many of them would want to stop it.

    Buffy: So they destroy it.

    Julia: Perhaps.

    Buffy: What do you mean?

    Julia: The lab isn't where the explosion happened Buffy, it's much deeper into the complex. I think it's likely this is just a distraction allowing them the time to destroy the evidence completely.

    Dawn: Cats and Dogs without the fluffy parts huh?

    Everyone looks at Dawn.

    Dawn: I can't be the only one who saw that movie.

    Giles: Uh, Julia, how do think the vampires are getting in?

    Julia: There's probably an emergency exit or two.

    Buffy: So Xander, Kelly and Golda could get out too right? And Christine?

    Joe: As long as they don't find the vampires first.

    Buffy: Oh god. W-we have to go help them!

    Vanessa: We will. We just have to find a way in.

    Buffy frowns. She looks at the firemen at work. There is still a great deal of rubble in the way. Cut to Golda walking a long a passageway. It's very dark. She looks around.

    Golda: Well this is the best place to have a lab.

    There is a sound from behind her. Golda hesitates. The sound can be heard again. Golda stops. She looks round slowly.

    Golda: Hello? Christine? Hello-o.

    Golda frowns and carries on walking. There is a rustling this time in front of her. Golda freezes and swallows slowly. She sees a fork up ahead. She edges alongside the wall and peers round the corner. There is nothing but darkness in the distance. Golda frowns and looks behind her again. There is nothing. Suddenly a figure appears from nearby. Golda's eyes widen as she rolls to avoid a punch. She looks up to see a heavily disfigured vampire. Golda looks horrified as another vampire grabs her from behind. The first vampire approaches her as Golda kicks. She manages to elbow the vampire holding her in the face and he lets go. She begins to run back the way she came but a third vampire stops her. Golda hesitates as the vampire surround her. They rush at her as Golda punches the third. The second scratches at her face, cutting her across the cheek. The first smashes her in her already damaged shoulder.

    Golda: Ah!

    Golda retaliates by kicking the first vampire. However he grabs her foot and spins her on to the floor. The vampire start to kick her on the ground. Golda crawls away as fast as she can and eventually gets to her feet. The three disfigured vamps growl at her as she backs away. She looks horrified. She realises she is at the fork in the passageway. She looks behind her and to the left. She decides to take the left and runs for her life. The vamps can be seen pursuing her in the distance. She trips and quickly gets to her feet when she is suddenly grabbed again. She struggles and tries to punch the figure but a hand is placed over her mouth. The figure appears to be human and puts a finger over his lips. Golda's eyes look confused. She's suddenly aware that the vampires are nearby. The man moves his hand up to say "stay put" and then walks out. Golda frowns as the vampires stop. The man glares at them. One of the vampires steps forward. The man immediately thrusts a stake out which hits the vamp in the heart. It dusts. The other two hesitate and then run away. Golda watches after them and then looks at the man. He turns to her.

    Cut to Kelly climbing up the rubble. She is about 10 feet up. She reaches up to grab a piece of wood as she puts her foot on a foothold. Suddenly it gives way and she falls down onto her back. She winces in pain slightly as she gets up. She looks up at the blocked up elevator shaft and then looks at Xander. She sighs and sits down. She looks at her leg and looks worried. She exhales and puts her head on her knees. Xander suddenly stirs. Kelly looks up and looks over at him.

    Kelly: Xander?

    Xander opens his eye and looks around.

    Kelly: Oh thank God.

    Xander: Wow, I can see this is bad with only half the perspective.

    Kelly: Yeah, it is. But Golda went to find a way out. The others are probably heading this way as we speak.

    Xander: Oh, well that encouraging news makes me feel almost able to sit up.

    Xander tries and then grits his teeth in pain. He lays back down.

    Xander: Heavy on the almost.

    Kelly: Think you can possibly walk?

    Xander: Oh I'm sure there are some bones I haven't broken yet. Wouldn't like to test that though.

    Kelly: Right. Well we'll just stay and wait ok?

    Xander: Sounds like a plan.

    Kelly smiles. There is a pause.

    Xander: How long have I been out?

    Kelly: Oh uh, a few hours maybe? Feels longer.

    Xander: I can imagine.

    Kelly nods and smiles slightly. The awkward silence returns.

    Cut to Golda with the man. She looks uneasy.

    Golda: Who?who are you?

    Man: My name's Nathan. And you are?

    Golda: I'm Golda.

    Nathan: I see. Fell down in the explosion huh?

    Golda: You saw?

    Nathan: I heard. It was an explosion. They tend to be loud.

    Golda: Yeah, well you coulda helped.

    Nathan: Bit more complicated than that I'm afraid. See this place is pretty much swarming with vampires. If you can still call them that. I'm just assuming you know about them.

    Golda: I do. But how can it be like this? I mean isn't this Christine's research area-

    Nathan: Oh yeah "research". I think you fell a floor too far. This is the area she doesn't talk about. Though I suppose you know about her "plans".

    Golda: Stopping vampires from spreading.

    Nathan: Well yes. Bet she didn't tell you how though.

    Golda: What do you mean?

    Nathan: You think it a little strange how all the vampires are disfigured?

    Golda: Well I?wait. You mean-

    Nathan: They're the results of her experiments. She gets people brought in and then gets her captured vampires to bite them. After she injects the victims with drugs that is. This didn't start with Mora demon blood. First she had a good go at manipulating DNA. Let's just say it took a lot of attempts to even get close to finishing. And then she throws ?m out on to the streets when she's finished. Or kills them if they're too far gone. You have any idea how many people that is?

    Golda looks into space.

    Golda: Do they?dust on their own as well?

    Nathan: Sometimes. It depends. Screwed either way though. Every single one. Most probably die from the blood loss anyway.

    Golda looks shocked. She then looks at Nathan.

    Golda: Wait, how do you know all this?

    Nathan pauses.

    Nathan: Cause I am one.

    Golda looks shocked.

    Cut to Christine holding a test tube in the same lab that she was seen in earlier. Kevin rushes in and closes the door behind him. He leans against it panting.

    Christine: (without turning around) What did you find?

    Kevin: Vamps are loose everywhere downstairs. Upstairs is blocked off completely still.

    Christine: I see. Maybe you should do something about the vampires?

    Kevin: D-do something? Christine we need to get out of here. Now!

    Christine turns around.

    Christine: You think I leave? At this stage? Kevin I am days away from creating something people have dreamed about for centuries.

    Kevin: You know as well as I do that this could go wrong like the last seventeen times-

    Christine: It won't. I know it won't.

    Kevin: How do you-

    Christine: Kevin listen to me. You have never given me a reason to doubt you before. Don't start now. No matter how hard those things may try and stop me they won't. I've worked too hard to make this thing work, and I assure you it will. Now I need you to go down and get the rest of the formula.

    Kevin: D-down there?

    Christine: Of course.

    Kevin: I won't survive two minutes-

    Christine picks up a stake. She flings it across the room. It hits a restrained vampire in the heart. It gasps and then dusts.

    Christine: Improvise.

    Kevin looks anxious. He swallows slowly and picks up the stake from the ground. He looks at Christine and walks away. Christine turns back to her formula. The camera pans out to show a long line of vampires stretching out around the lab. More and more can be seen as the camera pans out further.

    Cut to Buffy, Dawn and Joe walking in the field behind the research building.

    Buffy: So you think Vanessa and the others'll be able to find out who planted the bomb?

    Joe: We have a few leads, they point to one general direction. Shouldn't be too difficult.

    Dawn: But they could strike again right? Christine could be in danger from now on.

    Joe: True. We'll think about that later though.

    Buffy: Yeah right now we need to find this entrance. You sure it's around here Joe?

    Joe: Well the building used to be a bomb shelter, the locals said the entrance was around here somewhere.

    Dawn: Like here?

    Dawn is stood in front of a small metal manhole cover engraved into the slope of the field.

    Joe: Oh. Well maybe.

    Buffy opens it and peers inside.

    Buffy: I'm thinking more than maybe.

    Cut to Buffy helping Dawn through the narrow gap.

    Dawn: Wow. Better not eat anything while I'm done here or getting back out might be a problem.

    Voice: Oh I think a few small bites would be all right.

    Buffy, Dawn and Joe turn to see a large group of vampires, as more appear from the nearby corridors. Several are deformed. The one at the front, who spoke, smiles at them.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Golda stepping away from Nathan.

      Nathan: Golda wait let me explain.

      Golda: Explain what? You just told me you're one of them.

      Nathan: No I'm not a vampire.

      Golda: Then what are you?
      Nathan: A hybrid.

      Golda looks confused.

      Nathan: I'm not a demon. But I'm not human either. Not anymore. I'm one of Christine's more successful outcomes. At first she thought I was the first success. But I wasn't.

      Golda: What do you mean?

      Nathan: Eventually I'll become just another vampire. When the vampire's soul takes over.

      Golda: How do you know it will?

      Nathan: It always wins. Besides I heard Christine say it herself. I'm the latest in a long line of failures.

      Golda pauses.

      Golda: How long? Until you-

      Nathan looks away.

      Nathan: (quietly) I don't know. Maybe soon. I've been like this for a few days. Every now and then I?crave blood.

      Golda looks up at him and looks slightly pale.

      Golda: Ok?so, what do you wanna do about it?

      Nathan: There's nothing I can do. Except stop her from doing this to anyone else.

      Golda: Wait, you mean you wanna-

      Nathan: I don't mean kill her. But I think she needs to be stopped. And I think the people of this town have a right to know what she's doing. Will you help me?

      Golda: Whoa Nathan, I wish I could, but?her research, I mean, it could be the most valuable thing for centuries.

      Nathan: If she ever completes it. Look there's not enough Mora blood to go around even half of Darkley. Besides look at the results so far. It's not pretty Golda, and no one deserves to become something like this.

      Golda hesitates.

      Golda: Look, all I'm trying to do is find a way out of here ok? My friends back there are hurt and they're counting on me. I'm sorry about what's going on with Christine, but I really don't see how we can make a difference? I mean all this stuff?it's bigger than, than anything I've ever seen before.

      Nathan: And you can't bare the thought of changing it.

      Golda: You don't know me-

      Nathan: I think I'm beginning to. Look I get that you might be worried about the consequences but I'm not gonna stand back and watch this happen any longer. I'll do it with or without your help.

      Golda pauses. She slowly nods.

      Golda: Ok I'll help you stop her. But we have to help my friends first ok?

      Nathan: Ok then. After that we just need to find Christine.

      Golda: What about the vial?

      Nathan: Vial? You mean the formula?

      Golda: Right. If there's a chance that can work-

      Nathan: You have no way of testing it. Unless you have any vampires willing to give it a go?

      Golda seems to have an idea as she looks at him.

      Cut to a small, untidy room. A vampire is suddenly flung across into the nearby wall. Vanessa holds him up by his collar and looks annoyed.

      Vanessa: So, Derek, long time no see, you miss me much?

      Vamp (Derek): Let me go you bitch!

      Vanessa: I don't see that happening unless you start talking. Now would be good.

      Giles and Julia watch from nearby. Giles turns to Julia.

      Giles: She's very uh, strong-willed.

      Julia: Oh, yes she is.

      Derek looks hesitant.

      Derek: You won't be able to stop them.

      Vanessa: That's our problem not yours.

      Derek: They'll kill me if I tell you where they are!

      Vanessa: And I'll kill you if you don't. Looks like today's your catch 22 huh?

      Derek looks awkward.

      Derek: Put me down.

      Vanessa drops him to the ground. She folds her arms. Derek eyes the exit.

      Vanessa: You won't even make it to the door.

      Derek looks deflated. He stands up slowly.

      Derek: Ok look. The others went back to the facility.

      Giles: What?

      Derek: Said they had someone to take care of. That scientist woman.

      Julia: How do they plan to get in?

      Derek: There's an entrance round the back. Woulda thought you guys would have known that.

      Julia, Giles and Vanessa look worried.

      Giles: Buffy and the others may have gotten in that way too.

      Vanessa: And if they have they've probably already met our friends.

      Julia: They're unarmed! We have to go.

      Derek: You sent your people in without a single weapon? And you call me unorganised. Well hope what I told you helps anyway.

      Vanessa looks at him. She whips out a stake and quickly dusts him.

      Vanessa: Yeah you've been very helpful.

      She turns to the others.

      Julia: Vanessa was that really necessary?

      Vanessa: That guy always bugged me.

      Julia: Yes but even so-

      Vanessa: Look Julia, you know I have no time for defending vampires' rights.

      Julia: I wasn't about to. But he worked for us.

      Vanessa: Not anymore.

      She walks past swiftly. Julia sighs. Giles looks at her.

      Giles: I didn't know you made deals with vampires.

      Julia: Oh, occasionally. They can be very useful.

      Giles: Yes, I'd imagine they would be, uh what is it exactly they get in return?

      Julia: Protection generally.

      Giles: Ah.

      Julia: Giles it's not as if we let them do what they like. We simply target any vampire that looks weak enough to switch sides and then monitor them continuously.

      Giles: So they starve to death?

      Julia: Uh, no, we supply them with what they need.

      Giles: Right.

      Julia looks awkward.

      Julia: Uh, we better get going.

      Giles: Yes, yes of course.

      Julia walks out. Giles follows her looking ambiguous.

      Cut to Buffy, Dawn and Joe surrounded by the vampires.

      Buffy: Dammit. Knew I shoulda brought a stake.

      Joe: You and me both.

      Vampire #1: Well well. It's not often you get the Slayer cornered. How does it feel?

      Buffy: A little damp, actually.

      Vampire #1: Yeah well I imagined killing you in a slightly more flashy location my self. Guess these things never turn out the way you want them to.

      Buffy frowns and looks ready to fight.

      Vampire #1: Relax Slayer. We're not actually here to kill you.

      Buffy: Really? Looks like you just wasted that speech you've probably been preparing for the last five years.

      The vampire looks angry.

      Vampire #1: However your death can still be arranged.

      Several of the other vampires step towards Buffy, Dawn and Joe.

      Joe: What is it you do want then?

      Vampire #1: There's only one person we wanna kill. And that's this scientist.

      Dawn: Because of the cure.

      Vampire #1: Not really.

      Buffy: Then why?

      The vampire stands aside to reveal the others behind him. The two at the front have mutilated faces. Buffy, Joe and Dawn look confused.

      Vampire #1: This is what she did.

      Dawn: How?

      Vampire #1: Allow me to explain.

      Cut to Kelly walking back towards Xander. He looks up as she approaches.

      Xander: Any sign?

      Kelly: No. Maybe this place is a whole lot bigger on the inside.

      There are sounds from above.

      Kelly: Looks like we'll get out of here sooner once they're done up there.

      Xander: Definitely getting closer.

      Xander looks in pain suddenly. Kelly looks worried.

      Kelly: Wish I could do more.

      Xander: Got any spare Slayer healing power?

      Kelly smiles.

      Xander: You know, you probably don't wanna talk about this-

      Kelly: How did I know we'd get on to it eventually?

      Xander: Maybe because we need to.

      Kelly: Xander I told you how it is.

      Xander: Right. It's bad, I get that. But maybe you should consider what you actually have.

      Kelly looks at him.

      Xander: You're a healthy, intelligent, beautiful woman. You're fighting on the winning side of the biggest battle in history. You're strong, and you make a difference every day. You're alive. And I'm in love with you. So I'm thinking that's gotta be something.

      Kelly looks at him tearfully. She smiles.

      Kelly: I guess it is.

      She leans over and kisses him.

      Xander: Ok, uh, gently on the kissage.

      Kelly leans back and smiles.

      Kelly: Sorry.

      Growling is heard. Kelly and Xander look over worriedly. Two vampires are stood nearby. They approach.

      Cut to Christine in her lab. She looks at her watch and looks impatient.

      Christine: Where the bloody hell is he?

      Christine turns and walks out the door. Cut to Buffy and co. with the vampires.

      Joe: No?no Christine didn't seem like the kind of person who would be able to do that.

      Vampire #1: Looks can be deceiving if you hadn't noticed.

      Buffy: Why should we believe you.

      Vampire #1: Well there's that or?

      He indicates the other vampires. Buffy shakes her head in disgust.

      Buffy: You really think I'd help you kill her.

      Vampire #1: Hey I'm not making you do anything. I'm simply advising you on the best course of action, for someone in your position. Because you're really running out of options. And time.

      Buffy hesitates. The lead vampire nods and the others start to rush towards Buffy, Dawn and Joe. Dawn looks worried as Buffy and Joe look apprehensive. Suddenly Vanessa drops down through the hole, landing in front of Buffy and the others. She shoots a crossbow bolt, which hits the lead vampire. He gasps and looks down before looking back at Vanessa. He looks angry as he dusts. The other vampires look angry also. Vanessa steps forward. Several other men and women with crossbows and stakes drop through the hole behind Vanessa. Buffy looks surprised as they appear and start dusting vampires. The remaining vampires begin to run away. Vanessa and the others turn to Buffy and co.

      Buffy: Good timing.

      Joe: Yeah thanks hun.

      Joe and Vanessa hug.

      Vanessa: I try. You guys ok?

      Dawn: Oh yeah. But we learned some stuff.

      Vanessa: Stuff about what?

      Buffy and Joe look at each other.

      Cut to Golda and Nathan walking into a room. Golda stops suddenly and gasps. Kevin is lying on the ground nearby, pale and dead. He has bite marks on his neck.

      Nathan: They're nearby. We better move fast.

      Golda: I thought they respected you or something?

      Nathan: They're afraid of what I am. But I won't kid myself, 5 of them could take me with ease.

      Golda: Well me too probably. So where do you think this formula is?

      Christine OS: Is this what you're looking for?

      Golda and Nathan turn to see Christine holding the vial with the formula. She lifts her other hand to reveal she's holding a crossbow.

      Cut to Kelly and Xander with the vampires. Kelly stands up and quickly punches one of the vamps. The other rushes over to Xander. He fights it off as best he can with his good arm. Kelly kicks the vampire off Xander and into the wall nearby. Sounds are heard above as Xander looks above. The first vampire lunges at Kelly again, as Kelly pushes him away. From behind the second vampire grabs Kelly's shoulders and bites her.

      Xander: Kelly!

      Xander kicks the vampire and gasps in pain as he does. Kelly manages to get the upper hand and tosses the vampire into the nearby wreckage. Sunlight suddenly bursts down from above as a crane can be seen lifting a piece of concrete. Kelly and Xander shield their eyes as the vampire burns up in the light. The second tries to run but Kelly stands in its way and pushes it back into the light. It burns up. Kelly sighs. She rushes to Xander's side.

      Kelly: Oh god, you ok?

      Xander: No. But I will be.

      Kelly smiles supportively.
      Kelly: Thanks.

      Xander nods. Shadows of people above can be seen as Kelly looks up.

      Cut to Golda and Nathan with Christine.

      Christine: I wondered when I'd be seeing you again Nathan.

      Nathan: I hoped it wouldn't come to that.

      Christine: Well you insist on trying to stop me. So I must do what I have to do.

      Golda: So what, to hell with everyone who you kill in the process?

      Christine: Have you seen the figures young woman? I have. On average over 200 people die every day due to vampire attacks. And that's in the UK alone. Worldwide it's probably an unthinkable number. This will put a stop to all that.

      Nathan: You don't know that for certain.

      Christine: Yes I do.

      Nathan: No you're just too lost inside your own ideals. I've seen others die due to your hands Christine. You couldn't even save that bloke on the floor.

      Christine: You would say that. You're already under the influence of the vampire. Just another failure.

      Golda: That's all they are to you. Results. You know the people you're trying so righteously to save would probably take dying from a vampire over living from another victim's death. Why do you think cloning's not legal?

      Christine: Because people haven't had the courage to fight society's images of what is morally acceptable. I however am.

      Golda: No you're just cold enough to not care.

      Christine: What are you going to do? Stop me? I'm pointing a crossbow at your jugular. I haven't developed a cure for that yet.

      Nathan: And what are you gonna do? Keep us down here forever?

      Christine: If I have to.

      Footsteps are heard nearby.

      Nathan: Sounds like the vampires. They're not gonna be too happy when they get here.

      Christine looks flustered. Nathan stares at her. Golda looks between them.

      Golda: Look Christine we'll help you get out of-

      Christine: Shut up!

      The footsteps get louder. Golda looks worriedly at Nathan.

      Golda: Nathan?

      Christine and Nathan continue to stare at each other. Golda makes a rush for the door. Christine shoots the crossbow. Golda turns as Nathan stands in the way. He gets hit in the chest by the arrow. Golda looks shocked. Christine walks to the door hastily. She is met by several vampires. They rush towards her as she backs away.

      Christine: Keep back! Keep back you animals!

      The vampires ignore here, and as others enter they rush towards her. Nathan and Golda watch as Nathan pants from his injury. Golda looks torn between helping Christine and helping Nathan. The vampires start slashing at Christine who screams. She shoots at one who dusts, but more still come. One bites her arm as another sinks its teeth into her neck. She gasps and her hand goes limp. The vial with the formula in drops from her hand. It falls to the floor in slow motion. Golda watches sadly as it smashes. Christine's body falls to the floor as other vampires notice Golda and Nathan. Golda looks alarmed and lifts Nathan up in her arms.

      Nathan: Golda?

      Golda looks confused until she looks at Nathan's chest. The cross around her neck is touching it. It is smoking slightly. Golda looks worried but hurries over to a nearby door and slams it just as several vamps catch up with her. She places Nathan on the ground. They claw at the door as Golda locks it and backs against it. She breathes heavily. Nathan pulls the crossbow bolt out of his chest.

      Nathan: Golda you can't stay in here.

      Golda: Yeah well out there's not looking so good either.

      The glass smashes next to Golda's head. She looks worried as she backs away. Suddenly the vampires begin to dust. Buffy, Joe and Vanessa are now in the room shooting the vampires. Golda looks relieved as she turns to Nathan.

      Golda: It's ok. They're-

      Nathan looks up at her.

      Nathan: I'm changing too quickly.

      Golda: No, no don't say that. There's?there's gotta be something we can do.

      Nathan: I don't think so. But hey, we stopped Christine.

      Golda: Yeah?kinda.

      Nathan: I'm sorry?I know the formula meant a lot to you. And everyone.

      Golda: Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, you know?

      Nathan: Maybe.

      Nathan breathes heavily.

      Nathan: I need you to do one last thing for me. I'm gonna change any minute?

      He indicates the crossbow. Golda shakes her head.

      Golda: No, no way I won't do it.

      Nathan: Please. I don't wanna end up like one of them.

      Cut to vampires being dusted in the other room. Cut back to Golda and Nathan.

      Nathan: Golda please-

      Golda looks upset. She slowly lifts up the bolt. A vampire suddenly flies through the glass. Golda turns to look at it as it dusts in midair. Nathan grabs her hand and pulls the crossbow bolt into his heart. Golda looks shocked.

      Nathan: Thank you.

      He dusts. Golda falls through him and lies on the ground. She closes her eyes and looks tearful. Buffy appears at the doorway. She leans next to Golda.

      Buffy: Golda! I'm so glad you're ok I?how did you get past these guys?
      Golda: I had some help.

      She looks at the dust and then looks back at Buffy.

      Golda: We uh, we should help Kelly and Xander.

      Buffy: They're ok, they got out. They thought you might be?

      Golda: No, no, I'm fine. Let's get outta here.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Willow walking into a hospital room. Xander is lying in bed, with several bandages and a cast on his arm. Willow has a bandage on her forehead.

        Willow: Hey.

        Xander: Hey there. How you doing?

        Willow: Better, thanks. You?

        Xander: Oh you know, couple of broken bones, nothing I haven't dealt with before.

        Willow: Right.

        She smiles.

        Xander: Nice going with the spell. I'm sure I'd be much worse without it.

        Willow: It was nothing.

        Xander: No, Willow it really was something. You do that kind of stuff all the time. Without it?I don't know where we'd be.

        Xander smiles. Willow smiles back.

        Willow: Thanks.

        She kisses him on the cheek. Xander looks bashful.

        Willow: Well you keep getting better ok?

        Xander: I'll work on it.

        Willow smiles.

        Willow: I better leave you to it. I'll be back later, with the others ok?

        Xander: Sure thing.

        Willow smiles and walks away. She looks uneasy.

        Cut to Golda watching the sunset in the back area of the Summers' house. Buffy walks out.

        Buffy: Nice view huh?

        Golda: Yeah. It's great.

        Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: You know, the formula breaking, it's not your fault. Nor's Christine's death.

        Golda: I know. I just?I can't understand how someone trying to create something so good could be so? immoral.

        Buffy: Yeah, it's weird. But I bet they'll be other formulas. Hopefully created by people not quite so psychotic.

        Golda: Maybe. I was thinking maybe Angel and Spike could-

        Buffy: Don't think that thought hadn't crossed my mind. But maybe things like this aren't meant to be reversed. I'm sure if it had happened before there'd be a problem.

        Golda: Who knows?

        Buffy: Guess we never will.

        Golda nods.

        Golda: What's gonna happen about the research lab? The lower basement I mean.

        Buffy: It's been closed off. Sealed up. I think the GSPST are just leaving the vamps inside to finish each other off. Either way it's not safe for anyone to go back there for a while.

        Golda: No.

        Golda stares into the distance.

        Cut to the darkness of the tunnels underground. A vampire walks past and sniffs. The camera moves past it and into the room where Christine died. A hand can be seen on the edge of the screen. The camera moves out to cupboard door, slightly ajar. A lab coat is lying inside. There is a vial of liquid just visible in one of the pockets.

        Golda: And why would they?

        THE END
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