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  • Buffy Episode 9.8 174. Kaleidoscope

    Hi, this is the eighth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.8 174. Kaleidoscope

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on a small reception. A woman is sat behind a desk, her head leaning on her hand. She looks thoroughly bored. A door opens nearby. The woman looks up vaguely. A figure walks towards her. It's Julia. She looks resolute.

    Julia: Julia Flint, here to see Agent Sarel.

    Receptionist: Sorry, visiting hours finished at 8.

    Julia: She is expecting me.

    Receptionist: Well I'm afraid that-

    Julia: Look, you've obviously nearing the end of a long shift, and I'm sure you really don't want any more hassle. So if you'll let me through then I'll get out of your way and we'll both be happy. If not?then you're in for a very long evening.

    Julia raises an eyebrow. The woman sighs.

    Receptionist: Go on then.

    Julia: Thank you so much.

    Julia smiles falsely and then carries on walking. Cut to her walking into an office. Emma is sat behind a desk writing something. She looks up.

    Emma: Julia?I had a feeling I'd be seeing you here.

    Julia: Yes well, you do happen to have the world's main line of defence locked in your cells. I could hardly ignore it.

    Emma sighs.

    Emma: I'm sorry, Julia, I am, but it was out of my hands.

    Julia: Oh don't try and pass on the blame Emma.

    Emma: I have a job to do, I can't refuse to follow a direct order, you know that.

    Julia: You have a job, yes. To catch criminals. Buffy and the others are hardly that.

    Emma: They broke the law. As did two of your own people.

    Julia: They did what they had to do.

    Emma: The demon world may give the Slayer and her friends to right to do whatever they want, whenever they want, but-

    Julia: This isn't demons? You obviously failed to recognise in the report that demons were involved.

    Emma: It was a government matter. Not Buffy's. She and her friends crossed the line, and now they must face the consequences.

    Julia: Consequences? Emma you know as well as I do that Ethan Rayne and Thomas Webber were a danger to us all. Buffy and co. have done the world a favour. Again.

    Emma: That may be so, but the law states-

    Julia: They are above the damn law!

    Man OS: May I quote you on that?

    Julia turns round. A man is stood at the doorway. Emma stands up.

    Julia: I beg your pardon?

    Emma: Julia this is Malachi Edison. He's been sent for the enquiry by the CIA.

    Julia: Enquiry?

    Malachi: Yes. I, and my organisation, strongly believe that we have been lenient enough with the Slayer's erratic nature. It is time that justice is carried out. Don't you agree Ms??

    Julia: Flint. Julia Flint.

    Malachi: Ah. I have heard a great deal about you.

    Julia: I see. Then you know I do not suffer ignorance lightly, Mr Edison.

    Malachi: Neither do I Ms. Flint.

    Julia looks annoyed.

    Malachi: The enquiry begins tomorrow. Will you be there?

    Julia: Most definitely.

    Malachi: Then I look forward to it.

    Malachi smiles and nods at Julia before walking out.

    Emma: Like I said, it's out my hands.

    Julia: Oh and I'm sure your very best to keep it that way.

    Emma: Julia-

    Julia: I'm sorry Emma but you and everyone involved here have really buggered this up!

    Emma: And you're conveniently leaving yourself out of this. Don't forget who authorized the operation. You have your part in this Julia, just like everyone else. At least I'm not denying it.

    Emma gets up and walks out. Julia looks annoyed.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia Flint
    SAMUEL L JACKSON - Malachi Edison

    Cut to Buffy opening her eyes. She is lying in the bottom bunk of a prison cell bed.

    Voice: Buffy?

    Buffy looks up. Giles is standing on the other side of the bars.

    Buffy: Giles?this isn't one of those dreams right, where you give wacky hints about stuff?

    Giles: Uh, I don't think so. But I suppose I would say that if it were a dream wouldn't I?

    Buffy sits up. She bangs her head on the bottom of the bunk.

    Buffy: Ow?never mind. It's real.

    Someone stirs on the top bunk. Buffy looks up. She looks around at the cell walls.

    Buffy: Unfortunately.

    Giles smiles awkwardly.

    Giles: Yes?I, uh, I'm so sorry about all this.

    Buffy walks over to the bars.

    Buffy: Don't worry, not like you asked us to rescue you right?

    Giles: Well, don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate being saved?again. But with hindsight, maybe it would have been better if you hadn't.

    Buffy: And let you die?

    Giles: I don't believe Ethan would have killed me that quickly.

    Buffy: I dunno Giles. I mean it looked like he was planning to kill all of us. We're not dealing with evil candy anymore. And as disturbing as that was, it wasn't like this. He's serious about getting me out the picture. And maybe he's succeeded.

    Giles: Buffy you're getting out of here. Julia has agreed to be your defence when the enquiry begins. I assure you she's a very formidable opponent.

    Buffy: I can imagine. And I'm grateful. But I have a feeling that these guys are gonna do their very best to make this prison thing a permanent arrangement. What if they convince the rest of the CIA or whatever that we're the bad guys?

    Giles: Then it'll go to the government. And while they may have people involved in Ethan's work, I'm positive the majority will see things from your point of view.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: I've missed your advisory talks.

    Giles: I know. Once again it looks like I shouldn't have left.

    Buffy: Maybe not.

    Giles smiles slightly. Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: Giles?there's some stuff, that I need to talk to you about?

    Giles: Yes, I don't doubt that. I imagine you want to talk about Angel.

    Buffy: Right. He told me he tried to call a while ago. But you hung up.

    Giles: Yes.

    Buffy: Why didn't you tell me?

    Giles: I?

    Giles sighs.

    Giles: While I was on the way to meet Chao-Ahn and Rona, I stopped by the coven. They warned me that the next time you and Angel met it would be in the face of death. I was trying to prevent anything else happening.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: You could have told me that.

    Giles: Well I also didn't trust Angel. Neither did you when you found out he was working for Wolfram and Hart.

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: So they were right. The coven, I mean. Just not in the way you thought.

    Giles: Yes. I, uh, I'm sorry I couldn't be there for Faith's funeral.

    Buffy: I think it's probably better you weren't. There was enough arguing already.

    Giles smiles.

    Giles: Are things between you and Angel, and uh, Spike all right now?

    Buffy: Yeah. They're good.

    Giles nods.

    Buffy: So, are you coming back?

    Giles: Back to Lincolnshire?

    Buffy nods.

    Giles: I don't know.

    Buffy: But I thought you said you shouldn't have left.

    Giles: I know, and I'm not trying to contradict myself. But there's important things to be done with the coven. I think I'm still needed there. For now.

    Buffy: I need you too. Not for advice, or training or whatever. Just you. I'm not sure I can hold all this together for much longer.

    Giles puts his hand on her shoulder.

    Giles: I'll come back some time soon. I promise. But I honestly believe that you have it in you to counter whatever happens.

    Buffy: Except this.

    Giles' smile fades.

    Giles: We'll see.

    He turns round to look at a clock on the opposite wall, taking his hand off her shoulder as he does.

    Giles: The, uh, enquiry will begin soon. I need to have a word with Julia before they do. I'll let you know what happens. Will you be all right here?

    Buffy: Sure, I mean I got Dawn to keep me company. When she wakes up.

    Giles: Right. It's uh, been good to talk to you again.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    They smile at each other again and then Giles walks away. Buffy turns around and walks back to her bed. Dawn looks over at her from the top bunk.

    Dawn: He's right you know.

    Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: Well thanks. Sorry if we woke you up.

    Dawn: Hey it's fine. Feels kinda late anyway.

    Buffy: Uh, it's actually just after 7:30.

    Dawn: a.m.?

    Buffy: Uh, yeah.

    Dawn: Wow, I swore after school finished I'd never wake up this early again.

    Buffy: Well, welcome back.

    Buffy sighs. Dawn looks anxious.

    Cut to several pairs of legs walking through a pair of doors into the reception area. The camera moves up to show a woman in her 60s with a man and woman in their 30s walking behind her. They walk up to the reception desk. The receptionist looks up vaguely and then looks shocked. She sits up straight.

    Receptionist: Uh, Lady Parker. It's very nice to see you here again.

    Lady Parker: Hello, and thank you. I'm sure you know why we're here.

    Receptionist: Yes, yes please go on through.

    Lady Parker smiles and walks through the door on the left followed by the other man and woman.

    Cut to Julia walking into a large room. Malachi is stood staring out the window. Julia looks annoyed when she sees him. He smiles at her.

    Malachi: Ms. Flint, good morning.

    Julia folds her arms.

    Julia: I was looking for Emma.

    Malachi: I thought you might be. No doubt to try and talk her out of this.

    Julia: I'm only trying to avoid blowing this out of proportion Mr. Edison, that's all.

    Malachi: Out of proportion? So you truly believe that these people should be allowed to go where they want, do what they want. Kill who they want?

    Julia: They should be allowed to do what the need.

    Malachi: A bold statement indeed. I'm afraid many would disagree.

    Julia: Yourself included I'm sure.

    Malachi: Yes.

    Julia: By what means exactly? Analysing reports and documenting and coming to your own twisted conclusion?

    Malachi: Well, Ms. Flint, isn't that what you have done?

    Julia: I've seen far more of what Buffy and her friends have done than you.

    Malachi: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

    Julia looks angry. She turns around only to find Emma standing in front of her.

    Julia: Oh, Emma.

    Emma: Julia, morning.

    Julia: I was looking for you actually, could I have a word?

    Emma: Uh, not really.

    She stands aside, revealing Lady Parker and her two associates. Julia looks shocked.

    Julia: Lady Parker?

    Lady Parker: Julia, it's nice to see you again.

    Malachi smiles.

    Lady Parker: You too, Malachi.

    Malachi nods.
    Julia: I had no idea you were coming.

    Julia turns to Emma.

    Emma: They were, uh, slightly earlier than I had anticipated.

    Lady Parker: Yes, sorry about that. Still, I suppose starting sooner than later is for the best.

    Julia: You're here for the enquiry?

    Lady Parker: To judge it, yes. I look forward to hearing what you both have to say.

    She smiles at Julia and walks past to sit at the head of the long table. Malachi raises and eyebrow at Julia before sitting down also. Julia looks at Emma.

    Emma: Good luck.

    Julia: You're not staying?

    Emma: Remember what I said? Out of my hands.

    Emma smiles slightly and walks away. Julia turns around. She smiles, but looks worried.

    Cut to Xander lying on his bed. He is staring straight upwards, frowning. He hears movement from the next cell over. He turns his head. The camera moves across and past the wall to show Kelly sat on her bed. She looks anxious. Xander gets out of the bed and stands near the bars.

    Xander: Kelly?

    Kelly blinks slowly and gets up. She clutches her stomach as she does, in pain.

    Kelly: What?

    Xander: How's your stomach?

    Kelly: It's been better. But it's healing. Thanks for asking.

    There is a pause.

    Xander: Don't you think we should talk?

    Kelly: This isn't exactly a good time or place.

    Xander: I know. But I don't think I can stand putting it off any longer.

    Kelly looks over at Vanessa on the opposite bed.

    Kelly: Vanessa?

    There is no response. Kelly walks up the bars. Vanessa opens her eyes, still facing the wall. She puts her head partially though and looks at Xander who is doing the same.

    Kelly: What do you want me to say? That I feel so bad that I killed Webber? Well I wish I did but I don't.

    Xander: I'm not blaming you. It was the drug.

    Kelly: That's what I keep saying to myself. But?I'm not so sure it's as simple as that.

    Xander: Sure, you hated Webber. But I don't believe you would have killed him if it was your choice.

    Kelly looks at him. She looks tearful.

    Kelly: Thank you. But I'm not even sure I know what I am anymore. The drug's apart of me now, who knows for how long. It's changed me. It's become me.

    Xander: No. You can fight it.

    Kelly: Yeah I've done a great job so far.

    Xander: I'll help you.

    Kelly: I know you'll try. And I appreciate it. But what if I can't overcome it?

    Xander: You will.

    Kelly: Saying that doesn't make it happen.

    Xander: Well sorry for trying to be the optimist, but doubting yourself won't either.

    Kelly: Then give me an alternative.

    Xander: Kelly I'm not giving up.

    Kelly: Look I'm not either, ok? But I just?I'm not sure I can do this anymore.

    Xander hesitates. The camera shows Xander and Kelly stood by the bars, still separated by the prison wall. Cut to a close up of Vanessa in her bed. She frowns.

    Cut to Willow lying on her bed. She looks in pain. Golda kneels next to her. Lauren can be seen lying in the top bunk opposite.

    Golda: Willow?

    Willow turns over.

    Willow: Hi. It's morning right?

    Golda: Yeah.

    Willow: Thank God. Now I have a reason to be awake.

    Golda: You haven't slept?

    Willow shakes her head.

    Golda: Are you ok?

    Willow: You know?I don't think I am.

    Golda: It hurts?

    Willow: Sometimes. But it's not just the pain?I know something's wrong. I can feel it. On top of-

    Willow stops. Golda frowns.

    Golda: On top of what?

    Willow frowns.

    Willow: It doesn't matter.

    Golda: Willow you just made it clear it does. Look, I get you might not wanna tell me what's up if it's really that serious, I mean we don't know each other that well. But you should tell Buffy or, or Xander or someone.

    Willow: I probably should. But I can't.

    Willow lays back down. Golda looks concerned and puts her head on Willow's shoulder. Willow closes her eyes and once again looks in pain.
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    ACT II

    Open on Lady Parker sat at the head of the table, her associates stood behind her. Julia is sat to her left, with Malachi sat to her right.

    Lady Parker: Now, before we begin anything else I'd just to say this. I have been aware of the demonic world for some time now. I saw things?I never could have thought possible. I met India Cohen, Buffy's predecessor, shortly before she died. What she did was remarkable and I admire anyone willing to put their life on the line for the world in such a way.

    Julia looks at Malachi. Both do not change their expression.

    Lady Parker: Saying that, I do not believe saving the world gives a person the right to deal out death and judgement as they see fit.

    Julia: Lady Parker, Buffy has never actually-

    Lady Parker: (firmly) Nor should it allow anyone to take control of unstable situations such at that which we are discussing today. At least, not always. To come to a conclusion on this matter I need details. I need facts. While I may not be the most objective person to deal with this?I am not swayed by anything other than the truth. And I expect nothing less.

    Malachi: And that, Lady Parker, is what I intend to tell you.

    Julia: Exactly.

    Lady Parker: Very well. Malachi?would you care to begin?

    Lady Parker presses "play" on a tape recorder".

    Malachi: Thank you. Basically, after analysing the Slayer's actions over the years, my superiors and I suggest that such an unpredictable band of insurrectionists be held under government imprisonment for an indefinite amount of time.

    Julia looks at him in disbelief.

    Julia: What the hell are-

    Lady Parker: Julia, please.

    Julia purses and lips and looks coldly at Malachi.

    Julia: (slowly) You cannot seriously be suggesting that Buffy be locked up. Do you realise how much danger doing so would put the world in?

    Malachi: The world, as I'm sure you're aware Ms. Flint, no longer relies on the efforts of one girl.

    He turns to Lady Parker.

    Malachi: There are no thousands of Slayers, many of which are operating under our own authority.

    Malachi gives a quick glance to Julia.

    Malachi: However, the spell in question is one of the reasons that I believe the world should not be left in Ms. Summer's hands.

    Julia: You're contradicting yourself.

    Malachi: No, I am simply suggesting we make the best out of an unfortunate situation. The Slayer spell of 2003 ruined lives-

    There is a flash to Kass looking upset in Open Wounds.

    Malachi: And cost many more.

    There is a cut to Robin frowning as he opens the door in A Deeper Shade of Blood.

    Malachi: The fact that these girls are willing to work with us is remarkable, and I believe we should seize this opportunity graciously.

    Julia: Lady Parker, while these girls may be Slayers, none of them have experience that matches that of Buffy. She has fought of more apocalypses than anyone in history.

    Malachi: Over a period of eight years. Most Slayers are killed before that, perhaps for good reason.

    Julia: Buffy survived because she had the strength to do so.

    Malachi: Indeed, but perhaps such "experience" has caused her to become too sure of herself. Too careless. You cannot deny, Ms. Flint, that Buffy Summers is lead strongly by her emotions. Yesterday was not the first time.

    Julia: She was thrown out of her house because she knew how to win a war, when others protested. I think that shows she has her priorities very much in order.

    Malachi: Ah yes, the battle against The First Evil.

    Malachi turns to Lady Parker

    Malachi: Buffy's goal in Sunnydale, I believe, was to destroy this entity yes?

    Julia: The First cannot be destroyed, Mr. Edison.

    Malachi: Then Buffy's efforts were futile?

    Julia: She balanced the odds. And that's what counts.

    Malachi: But if this evil can never truly be stopped?why do we really need the Slayer to battle on?

    Lady Parker looks like she is thinking.

    Julia: The battle is endless Mr. Edison. While it may appear pointless to you, that is the world we live in. As you say, we are making the best out of an unfortunate situation.

    Lady Parker smiles at Julia. Malachi stares at Julia, smiling very slightly.

    Malachi: Well. I am glad of your optimism. But I'm not sure Ms. Summers is the person to fight this war anymore. The weight of the world is a great one indeed. The amount of pressure she has been under has at times been overwhelming. How can be certain this has not had long term effects upon her?

    Julia: I have already explained-

    Malachi: Yes, you have. But Ms. Summers' faults are plentiful. She has been accused of criminal charges on many occasions-

    There is a flash to Buffy being arrested in Becoming, part 1.

    Julia: All of which have since been dropped.

    Malachi: Why? Because she is the Slayer?

    Julia: Because she was innocent.

    Lady Parker: These accusations were not recent Malachi, and in the present day-

    Malachi: Very well, Lady Parker, but there are other issues. Ms. Summers has had several?unhealthy relationships.

    There is a flash to Buffy kissing Angel in What's My Line, part 1, then Buffy sleeping with Spike in Dead Things.

    Julia: Her relationships are none of your business.

    Malachi: Oh but they are, Ms. Flint.

    He turns to Lady Parker once more.

    Malachi: In 1998, Buffy's lover, Angel, reverted to his soulless self, Angelus. Before Buffy eventually sent the creature to hell, many innocents died.

    There is a flash to Angelus snapping Jenny's neck in Passion.

    Malachi: I think this clearly shows that Buffy cannot always separate her business and social lives. While this may be a simple trivial problem for most people, for Ms. Summers it could be fatal. And has shown itself to be. Again, in 1999 Buffy sacrificed an important artefact to save her friend Ms. Rosenberg. Keeping the artefact would have prevented Sunnydale's Mayor from becoming a pure demon and ultimately killing a number of innocents.

    Julia: Buffy did kill Angelus though. And the Mayor was defeated as soon as possible.

    Malachi: Too little too late Ms. Flint. Besides, Angelus, or Angel as you may call him is once again alive. I believe the line between these two personas is far thinner than you would admit and-

    Julia: Angel, or indeed Angelus is not the issue at hand Mr. Edison.

    Lady Parker: Yes, Malachi, Julia has a point. Please focus more on Buffy herself.

    Malachi hesitates.

    Malachi: Very well. But to do so I must bring up her second relationship with a vampire.

    Julia: Why is that relevant?

    Malachi: Ms. Flint, being involved with a vampire with a soul is one thing?but William the Bloody had nothing but a chip to prevent him from damaging her, and others. In fact I believe that he could hurt Ms. Summers whenever he pleased.

    There is a flash to Spike punching Buffy in Smashed.

    Malachi: To the point that he tried to sexually assault her.

    There is a flash to Spike pinning Buffy down in Seeing Red.

    Malachi: And then in 2003, only several months later, Buffy removes this chip.

    Julia: He had a soul then.

    Malachi: I'm not sure this "soul" factor really does change who a person is as much as you'd like it to Ms. Flint. Many human beings have done unspeakable things and yet had a soul. I don't think Ms. Summers could see past her feelings for Spike, and that is why she had the chip removed. We all know souls are not the most permanent things; who's the say Spike would not lose his soul again just like Angelus?

    Julia: He hasn't so far. And he saved the world, just like Angel has several times.

    Malachi: I'm talking about the long term Ms. Flint. Vampires have a tendency to live as long as you allow them to. Who knows what could happen in the future? If he does?I'm afraid the fault lies with Buffy.

    Lady Parker: Malachi?I agree Spike is potentially dangerous, but currently he is fighting the same fight as us. I don't think we need to focus on him any longer. Or Ms. Summers.

    Malachi: Lady Parker there is more to discuss. The fact that Ms. Summers allowed Spike to live when she had several perfect opportunities to kill him. The incident in 2003 where Buffy tried to kill all of her friends, a symptom that we have no reason to think is gone for good. The fact she hid the fact that Angelus was alive again from her friends-

    Lady Parker: Yes, Malachi, I realise what you are trying to say, and Buffy obviously has her faults, but no one is perfect. I really don't see what benefit locking her up would do. I believe she has done a good job so far and will continue to do so.

    Malachi: A job so important does require a certain amount of perfection.

    Lady Parker: Which I believe she has shown. I'm sorry but I'm going with Julia on this. Buffy Summers is free to go.

    Julia smiles triumphantly at Malachi.

    Lady Parker: But not until we have reviewed the actions of her friends also. We'll continue after a short break.

    Lady Parker presses "stop" on the tap recorder. Julia's smile fades. Cut to her walking down the corridor. Giles is sat on a nearby chair. He looks up as he hears her approach and looks anxious.

    Giles: How was it?

    Julia: Uh, Lady Parker's decided Buffy's innocent.

    Giles: Oh thank god. Then, then it's over?

    Julia: It doesn't look like it.

    Giles: What?

    Julia: Buffy may not be the only one under scrutiny today. This man?knows a great deal about, well, everything that you've all done. More than me, by the looks of it. If there's anything I don't know?anything that could change the outcome of this, I need to know as soon as possible. Do you think you could find out?

    Giles: Of course.

    Julia: Good, thank you. I better get back.

    Julia smiles vaguely and walks away. Giles frowns. Cut to Julia sitting back down next to Lady Parker and opposite Malachi. Lady Parker presses "play" on the tape recorder.

    Lady Parker: Right, Malachi if you'd like to continue.

    Malachi: Of course.

    Malachi takes a paper a reads from it. He cuts himself on the edge and winces slightly. He looks at Lady Parker.

    Malachi: While Buffy Summers is arguably an unstable young woman, she is nothing compared to her associate Willow Rosenberg.

    Julia rolls her eyes and looks irritated.

    Julia: This is starting to wear thin, Mr. Edison.

    Malachi: You may be sceptical Ms. Flint, but I am simply pointing out the truth.

    He turns to Lady Parker.

    Malachi: Ms. Rosenberg has been a magic user for the last seven years. In that time she has made differences, both positive and negative. Yet I believe her current instability can lead to nothing but disaster.

    Lady Parker: Go on.

    Malachi: Since 2002, Ms. Rosenberg has shown signs of using her magic precariously, and without thought. She became so dependant on its power, that she became addicted by the end of the year.

    Julia: And she recovered. Most do not.

    Malachi: Indeed, and I commend Ms. Rosenberg for her strength. But her use of magic was questionable even after her recovery. As I'm sure you are both aware, Willow Rosenberg killed a man in May, 2002.

    There is a flash to Willow flaying Warren in Villains.

    Julia: It has been dealt with.

    Malachi: Has it? The Slayer has a policy of not killing humans, and for good reason. Ms. Rosenberg crossed the line, and I believe that her actions in that period have simply been swept aside for convenience.

    Julia: As I'm sure you are aware Mr. Edison, Willow was stopped and cured of the darkness that was inside her.

    Malachi: A darkness that could very well return. It happened only months after this "cure" you speak of.

    There is a flash to Willow screaming in Get it Done.

    Malachi: For a short time, yes, but it is clear that the darkness within her has a hold of her, whatever she does. Besides, you have missed the point Ms. Flint. Willow killed a human.

    Julia: He had just killed her girlfriend, and almost killed the Slayer. She was fuelled with grief-

    Malachi: So are many. Most do not then go on a homicidal rampage, threatening not only the killer of their loved one, but also their friends and the entire world. Those that do should be dealt with accordingly.

    Lady Parker: Julia, I have to agree with Malachi. Willow is a potential danger.

    Julia: Perhaps she was. But she is a different person now. When she performed the Slayer spell she had a temporary epiphany, ever since she has shown nothing but improvement.

    Malachi: I'm afraid I must disagree again, Ms. Flint. Earlier this year Ms. Rosenberg injured herself greatly whilst performing a spell. One that she lost control over.

    There is a flash to Willow being burned in Cold Twilight.

    Malachi: She believes magic will solve most of her problems, and takes on far more than she can realistically handle. If you are not concerned for the world's well being, then perhaps you will take into account the damage Ms. Rosenberg may do to herself. She is clearly not well as we speak, once again due to the effects of magic.

    Julia pauses. She turns to Lady Parker.

    Julia: (slowly) The answer to this, is not imprisonment.

    Lady Parker: I agree.

    Malachi: Lady Parker I must-

    Lady Parker: But I'm not saying your points aren't valid, Malachi.

    Julia looks concerned.

    Lady Parker: We will review the situation with Ms. Rosenberg later. For now I suggest her usage of magic be strictly monitored.

    Julia is about to speak.

    Lady Parker: For her own safety, if no one else's.

    She turns to Malachi.

    Lady Parker: Please continue.

    Malachi: Very well. I'd like to turn your attention to Alexander Harris-

    Julia: Oh this is absurd! What do you possibly hope to gain by throwing these wild accusations around-

    Lady Parker: Julia! I realise you strongly disagree, but you specifically asked to be a part of this debate, and I would ask you to keep it that way.

    Julia sighs but nods.

    Julia: Sorry.

    Malachi: As I was saying: Alexander Harris has no "power" as such. I believe that he highly jeopardises the Slayer's attempts to fight evil, just as her sister Dawn Summers does. The Slayer cares for both of them, and therefore they are a liability in battle.

    Julia: Xander is quite capable of fighting.

    Malachi: With on eye?

    Julia: As a matter of fact, yes. Dawn too has proven herself more than able in a battle situation. Besides, Dawn is no more involved with investigative work rather than fighting.

    Malachi: Yes, I wonder how legitimate this placement actually is. She has been given a position that would normally require a great deal more than?well, nothing. Quite frankly I believe she could be the downfall of your own operation Ms. Flint.

    Julia: Well, thank you for your concern, but who I employ is hardly the issue here.

    Lady Parker: Yes, Malachi, you did have a point, yes?

    Malachi: Xander and Dawn both follow Buffy into battle blindly?or rather half blindly, in Mr. Harris' case.

    Julia looks angry.

    Malachi: I do not believe they have a positive effect on the Slayer's work.

    Julia: You're forgetting that Xander saved the world on his own, and both he and Dawn helped in other apocalyptic situations.

    Lady Parker: And therefore I see no reason to continue discussing these two any further. Malachi, a part from the crime they have committed today, I see no reason to prosecute either Xander Harris or Dawn Summers.

    Malachi: Allow me to bring up one more point, Lady Parker. Both Mr. Harris and Miss Summers have killed humans.

    There is a flash to Dawn shooting Luce in Different Destinations. Cut to a flash of Xander pushing Webber's minion into a spike in Crisis.

    Julia: If you're talking about Dawn killing Luce, she had no choice. And whether or not Luce was still human by that point is questionable.

    Malachi: The Slayer had not killed her beforehand. She obviously felt it was not so questionable.

    Julia: It was necessary. And Xander?it was an accident.

    Malachi: So he claims.

    Julia: Kelly Rivers is a witness, ask her if you must.

    Malachi: As we will discuss shortly, Kelly Rivers is hardly the most reliable of sources-

    Lady Parker: We will do so, yes, but not now. But I must say that while I do not penalize Dawn and Xander for what they did?I'm not sure that they can remain ignored. We'll continue again shortly.

    Lady Parker presses "stop" on the tape recorder and gets up. Julia looks at Malachi coldly, who is staring calmly at her. She gets up and walks away.

    Cut to Julia walking into a cell area. Giles is sat, talking to Xander, Kelly and Vanessa who are on the other side of the bars. They look solemn. Julia looks concerned as she notices the tension.

    Julia: And I thought I had bad news?

    Giles: Julia, welcome back. Is it going well?

    Julia: Uh, well yes I suppose it is. But uh, I sense things aren't going so well here.

    Kelly closes her eyes.

    Julia: Kelly?

    Giles: Kelly, she needs to know.

    Vanessa: Wait. Have you guys discussed Kelly yet?

    Julia: No. I think Malachi's about to get to that point though.

    Xander: Well if he really is Mr. Omniscience-

    Kelly: Then he probably knows what happened today.

    Julia: What happened?

    Kelly: With Webber.

    Julia frowns. Kelly exhales.
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      ACT III

      Open on Lady Parker sitting back down in the meeting room. Julia and Malachi give each other cold looks.

      Lady Parker: Right, welcome back both of you. I'd just like to ask you, Malachi, how close are we to the conclusion of this issue.

      Malachi: Well that all depends, Lady Parker. But technically speaking I only have a small number of points left to raise.

      Lady Parker: Very well. Go ahead.

      Lady Parker presses" play" on the tape recorder. Malachi nods and then gives a quick glance at Julia. He smiles slightly.

      Malachi: I realise you wish not to discuss Buffy Summers any further. But I feel it is important to register the significance of the events that transpired yesterday in Devon.

      Lady Parker nods.

      Malachi: Well, firstly I would like to say that the fact Julia's own people participated in the operation, does merit some analysis.

      Julia: If you want to blame someone for their actions, blame me.

      Malachi: Well, perhaps you are a good starting point. You knew that the legitimacy of the operation in question was subject to change. And yet you gave full authorization to the Slayer, her friends, and your own people to begin.

      Julia: I was told that while it was still legal, Buffy had every right to go ahead.

      Malachi: Ah, but the situation did change while Ms. Summer and company where still on their way.

      Julia: There was no way of contacting them.

      Malachi: Perhaps more should have been done to ensure such a situation did not occur. Besides, Buffy Summers was clearly notified of the change of plan. And yet she hospitalised one of my own men and continued to do so anyway.

      Lady Parker: Why was none of this mentioned before?

      Malachi: I believe that the past events that I have covered over the last hour are part of the contribution to why the Slayer made this decision. She knew full well the consequences of what she was doing, and still went ahead with the plan, backed by your own people, Ms. Flint. While they may be innocent of other crimes we have discussed, there is no denying each and every person who went on the retrieval mission is guilty as charged.

      Julia: You seem to be ignoring the benefit that has come from it. Ethan Rayne is now imprisoned.

      Malachi: After escaping your own custody on several occasions.

      Julia: We are not always prepared to deal with the supernatural means criminals sometimes use.

      Malachi: I believe you should be.

      Lady Parker: Enough. Julia, while there is a benefit here, Malachi is right. Buffy and her friends are guilty. Concerning your own organization?I think a re-analysis of its effectiveness is in order.

      Julia: Lady Parker please, I-

      Lady Parker: I'm sorry Julia. But that does not automatically mean the GSPST will be closed down, mark my words I will personally see to it that a thorough, yet fair investigation takes place. As for Buffy and the others?I'm not going to make a decision until I have heard about all of them. So far we've only discussed four.

      Malachi: Yes the others are Golda Lawowich and Kelly Rivers. While they have only been with the Slayer for a short amount of time compared to the others, Ms. Rivers is perhaps the most controversial member of the Slayer's ranks.

      Julia: All right, before you bring it, I'm going to.

      Malachi: I assume you're talking about the murder Ms. Rivers is responsible for?

      Julia: Yes.

      Lady Parker: What?

      Julia: Kelly?killed Webber.

      Malachi: I'm sorry?

      Julia: You may be surprised that I'm mentioning it but-

      Malachi: I was not aware of this.

      Julia frowns.

      Julia: I beg your pardon?

      Malachi: The murder I was referring to before was that of Robby Franceno in 2003.

      There is a flash to Kelly shooting Robby with a crossbow in Clouding Over.

      Malachi: I had no idea Ms. Rivers had since killed a human. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      Julia looks angry, more at herself.

      Malachi: If what Ms. Rivers has told you is true, then we are dealing with a very dangerous girl indeed. I trust you realise the severity of this Lady Parker.

      Julia: Wait, it's more complicated than that.

      Malachi: I'm sure it is.

      Julia looks at him angrily.

      Julia: Webber was injecting Kelly with a chemical that severely increased her adrenaline levels. A process that began several months ago.

      Malachi: I know of no such chemical.

      Julia: Take a blood sample if you must.

      Lady Parker: Perhaps that will be necessary, but go on Julia.

      Julia: As I was saying, she was unable to control her emotions.

      Malachi: Emotions that I believe she already possessed. Kelly said yesterday, and I quote, "if Webber ever tries to hurt you, or me or anyone else again. I'll kill him".

      Julia: How can you know that?

      Malachi: My methods of obtaining evidence are not the issue Ms. Flint. But you're tone would suggest it is the truth.

      Julia pauses. Malachi turns to Lady Parker.

      Malachi: What I am suggesting, is that while Ms. Rivers may have been under the influence of such a chemical, her aim was clear even before she and the others infiltrated the base in Devon.

      Julia: That is not necessarily the case. While Kelly was held captive by Webber, he stabbed her and planned to kill her to create a race of demon/Slayer hybrids. If anything, Kelly has saved us the trouble of dealing with a disaster like that. Besides, if any of us were to undergo similar treatment we too would do things we normally would not.

      Malachi: An interesting theory, Ms. Flint. Perhaps you would be willing to act as a test subject?

      Julia rolls her eyes.

      Malachi: Even if Ms. Rivers has an alibi for her actions yesterday, there is no denying she is clearly guilty of killing Robby Franceno.

      Julia: She was miss-guided. Many girls responded similarly after the Slayer spell.

      Malachi: Well therefore Buffy is guilty.

      Julia: Oh so we're back to that are we?

      Malachi: I think you'll find most of these events are connected Ms. Flint. Buffy has been indirectly responsible for many deaths, and in particular that of Vi Sanderson last year.

      There is a flash to Vi being stabbed in Endeavour.

      Malachi: The risks of the spell were, in my opinion, far greater than the benefits, and yet the Slayer either ignored or did not seem to register it's dangers. And as a result many young girls now resort to murder because of them.

      Lady Parker: Malachi-

      Malachi: But I won't dwell on the matter, as you've already made your decision Lady Parker. What I will say however is that unlike Willow Rosenberg who - as you noted Ms. Flint ? has been far less violent recently, Ms. Rivers is a danger to us now. She could kill again.

      Julia: She will not.

      Malachi: How can you be so positive of that Ms. Flint?

      Julia: I will monitor her myself if necessary.

      Lady Parker: Maybe it will come to that Julia, but there is still one matter to be discussed.

      Malachi: Yes, Golda Lawowich.

      Julia: She has been working with the Slayer for only a month or so, I don't see what you could hope to accuse her of.

      Malachi: Murder, Ms. Rivers.

      Julia: Oh, please!

      Malachi: You may be interested to learn that long before Ms. Lawowich's arrival in the United Kingdom, she did kill a man.

      Julia looks shocked.

      Julia: (softly) What?

      Malachi: In Sunnydale Willow Rosenberg performed the Slayer spell at the exact same moment Golda was being assaulted by a young man. As a result of her newfound strength she repelled him with such force that he died from the impact.

      There is a flash of Golda slamming Jimmy into a shop window in Lest We Forget.

      Julia: Then that is hardly her fault.

      Malachi: You were not the only one to think this way. The charges against her were dropped and the verdict was self-defence.

      Julia: As it should be.

      Malachi: I am merely stating that the power that these girls now possessed may not be such a beneficial thing. We have seen it before with Faith, and the Rogue Slayers that threatened Buffy Summers last year. After all, a Slayers job is to kill, and only they decide how far to take that power.

      Julia: Most of the girls affected by the Slayer spell are now working with us.

      Malachi: It is the few remaining that I am concerned about.

      Lady Parker: I think I've heard enough. I'll get back to you on the decision. We're adjourned. Thank you both for your time.

      Lady Parker presses "stop" and gets up. Julia begins to get up.

      Malachi: May I say Ms. Flint that you're diplomatic skills are very-

      Julia: Don't even try to compliment me.

      Malachi: How do you know I was going to?

      Julia: Because that's what people like you always do. You use words to try and manipulate people and situations, like you have done all morning.

      Malachi: I am simply doing my job Ms. Flint.

      Julia: Oh, so you're completely impartial to all of this?

      Malachi: I stand by my organisations concerns.

      Julia: For no other reason than the greater good, I'm sure.

      Malachi: Exactly.

      Julia: Well, let's just hope the greater good prevails.

      Malachi nods. Julia walks away.

      Cut to Giles sat in the corridor. Julia walks up to him.

      Giles: Julia. Are things finished?

      Julia: Lady Parker will tell us the verdict shortly.

      Giles: Right.

      Julia: I, uh, I'm not sure it will be what we're hoping for. She already said that the GSPST will go under an investigation.

      Giles: You think they'll do the same for Buffy and the others?

      Julia: Perhaps. I think you should just be aware that it could happen.

      Giles: I see. I'll let Buffy know the situation.

      Julia: I, uh, better go back. It shouldn't take long.

      Giles: Yes. I hope it goes well.

      Julia nods.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Julia sitting down in the meeting room. Lady Parker presses "play".

        Lady Parker: After due consideration, I believe both parties have valid, yet biased points. Obviously this is to be expected, in all such cases, and unfortunately it makes my job all the more difficult. The truth is often elusive. But after listening to both sides of the story I believe I've come to a decision about what we're really facing here. These people do not need imprisonment. Neither do they need to be stopped from doing what they do best. Saying that, I believe it is necessary to monitor Buffy and her friends, just to be sure that they are still fighting the war they are meant to be fighting. I realise that neither of you will be entirely satisfied by this decision but that is how I, and my colleagues feel. Thank you both for being here today. Uh, Julia you may inform Buffy and the others that they are free to go. I'll be in touch.

        Lady Parker gets up. Julia and Malachi stay seated.

        Malachi: Congratulations.

        Julia: What?

        Malachi: While you may have been set back slightly you have more-or-less won.

        Julia: I suppose so. But please, spare me the false praise.

        Julia gets up and walks away.

        Malachi: Very well. But let me tell you this.

        Julia turns around.

        Malachi: You may have won this battle Ms. Flint, but the war goes on still.

        Julia: I'm sure it does.

        Malachi: One way, or another, you will lose.

        Malachi gets up and walks out. Julia looks concerned.

        Cut to Julia with Giles.

        Julia: It's over. Everyone's free to go.

        Giles: Really? I thought you said-

        Julia: Yes well?look they're free but, the eye of Big Brother is still upon them.

        Giles: What?

        Julia: Lady Parker wants to monitor their progress for an indefinite amount of time. I wish she thought differently but?Malachi has a way with words.

        Giles: I see. And don't worry, I'm sure you prevented the outcome from being any worse.

        Julia: Perhaps. You should tell Buffy and the others. There's something I have to do.

        Giles: Right.

        Giles smiles and walks away. Julia frowns. Cut to Julia walking into Emma's office. Emma looks up from her desk.

        Emma: Julia, thank you for knocking.

        Julia: I'm sorry, but this is rather urgent.

        Emma: Why?

        Julia: When Malachi Edison came here did he come alone?

        Emma: Well, yes but-

        Julia: And did he have identification.

        Emma: We wouldn't have let him in without it. Here.

        Emma passes an ID card to Julia.

        Emma: What are you getting at Julia?

        Julia studies the card.

        Julia: I'm not sure. But something tells me Mr. Edison is not entirely trustworthy.

        Emma: Well you are arguing on different sides, it's not surprising you don't trust him.

        Julia: You're right, I don't. You know why? Because he just told me that he would win this "one way or another".

        Emma: That could have been a figure of speech.

        Julia: Not by his tone of voice.

        Emma: Look, Julia, Lady Parker obviously recognises Malachi, he must work for the CIA.

        Julia: Yes well this card would suggest that too.

        Emma: Exactly.

        Julia: But there is a such a thing as a double agent.

        Emma: Well who else would he be working for?

        Julia: Ethan Rayne's organization perhaps?

        Emma: Oh, come on.

        Julia: It makes sense. Ethan and Malachi both want Buffy out of the picture, working together could solve it.

        Emma: No, Julia, it doesn't make sense. There are reports, I've seen with my own eyes, that show Malachi's done a lot of work for the CIA, he's been with them for years.

        Julia: I'd like to make sure. We can ring the local CIA branch, just to check.

        Emma: Uh, I'm not supposed to give the number to anyone else.

        Julia: Well then you'll have to do it.

        Emma: And say what? "Oh hello I was just wondering whether one of your best men is in fact double crossing you".

        Julia: Just?use you initiative.

        Emma sighs. She slowly picks up a nearby phone and calls a number. There is a pause. Julia waits anxiously.

        Emma: (to phone) Oh, hello, yes, this is Emma Sarel, I believe we spoke earlier? Yes. Uh, well?

        Emma looks at Julia.

        Emma: (to phone) It's gone smoothly thank you. Uh?

        Emma frowns. Julia raises an eyebrow.

        Emma: (to phone) "She"? Uh, no, no, the representative that came here is a man. Malachi Edison.

        Emma looks shocked.

        Emma: (slowly) What?

        Julia frowns.

        Cut to Malachi walking down a corridor. There is something clutched in his hand.

        Cut to a guard unlocking the prison doors. Dawn walks out and hugs Giles. Giles closes his eyes as they hug. He smiles at Dawn and turns to Buffy. They also hug. Dawn smiles and then sees Malachi. He stops at the corner of the corridor and lifts his hand to the wall. He places a device there. He begins walking away in slow motion. He takes out a device, similar to that Webber and Ethan had. Cut to Dawn frowning.

        Dawn: Uh, Giles?

        Giles looks up. Dawn is standing next to the device, looking worried. Giles walks over, followed by Buffy.

        Dawn: That doesn't look so friendly.

        The device is blinking slightly. Giles carefully moves over the upper cover. There is a timer on the device. It shows 1 minute 37 seconds. Buffy's eyes widen.

        Cut to Xander, Kelly and Vanessa walking out of the cell section. Julia and Emma are walking hurriedly down the corridor.

        Vanessa: Julia?

        Julia: Uh, Vanessa hello. Have you seen, uh, a man walking down here?

        Xander: Bald, African American?

        Julia: Yes.

        Xander: Yeah you just missed him.

        Julia: Damn.
        Kelly: What is it?

        Emma: He could be up to something.

        Buffy, Dawn, Giles and the guard are rushing down the corridor. Julia frowns.

        Julia: What is it?

        Buffy: There's a bomb. We have to go, now!

        Everyone looks worried and they start running. Emma stops by a phone quickly. She dials a number quickly. Her voice can be heard on the speakers around.

        Emma: This is Agent Emma Sarel, everyone evacuate the building immediately!

        She starts running again. The others pass Golda and Willow. Xander stops.

        Golda: What's going on?

        Xander: The countdown to us being blasted to oblivion.

        Golda: Oh.

        Xander: Quickly!

        Golda and Willow start running also. Cut to Lady Parker walking quickly followed by her associates. The others run outside, as Julia runs up to her.

        Lady Parker: Julia, is there really a bomb?

        Julia: Yes, and we have to go.

        Lady Parker: Who could have put it there?

        Julia: It was Malachi.

        Lady Parker: What? I?no, he couldn't-

        Julia: I'll explain later, but Lady Parker we have to go now!

        Lady Parker nods. Cut to the last few people hurrying out of the building. The building explodes. Lady Parker stops running and gasps, putting her hand to her mouth. Julia frowns. So does Emma.

        Emma: Oh god.

        Julia: Emma, I'm sorry.

        Emma: Don't be. If it hadn't been for you we might not have realised in time.

        Lady Parker: I still don't understand why Malachi would do this.

        Julia: That man, Lady Parker, was not Malachi Edison.

        Lady Parker: What?

        Emma: The real Malachi Edison was found dead in his home last night.

        Julia: We spoke to the local CIA branch. They said they sent another member. Her car exploded on the way here. It looks like?someone had planned all this.

        Lady Parker looks horrified.

        Lady Parker: Then?then who was that?

        Julia: I don't know.

        Emma: Looks like we never will.

        Buffy: I have a fair idea

        Buffy walks towards them.

        Buffy: It could have been a shape shifter.

        Giles: It makes sense.

        Julia: Yes?no. Malachi cut himself earlier, I saw blood. The shape shifters don't.

        Buffy: Then what?

        Giles: Well I assume he had some way of getting out of there. Perhaps something similar to the device Ethan had.
        Buffy: Which means they're working together.

        Emma: Well, Julia, looks like you were right.

        Lady Parker: Yes, Julia, well done.

        Julia: Thank you.

        Lady Parker: Uh, while this is obviously going to be taken into account, it doesn't change anything I'm afraid. The facts remain the same.

        Buffy: How long are you gonna monitor us?

        Lady Parker: I'm not sure. And Buffy it's not that I don't trust you.

        Buffy: Right. You just have to do, what you have to do right?

        Lady Parker: Yes. I wish you luck in the future. Julia, Emma, Giles, I think it's best I get back to London.

        Julia: Yes. Goodbye.

        Lady Parker nods and begins walking away.

        Buffy: Wait.

        Lady Parker: Yes?

        Buffy: You recorded the interviews, right?

        Lady Parker: Yes.

        Buffy: Could I?borrow the tape?

        Lady Parker: Uh, Buffy-

        Buffy: I think we have a right to know what was said.

        Julia: She has a point.

        Lady Parker hesitates. She looks at one of her associates. He takes out a tape and gives it Buffy.

        Lady Parker: You're lucky. It was nearly left in the recorder.

        Buffy: Oh. Well we'll give this back soon.
        Lady Parker: All right.

        Lady Parker nods and walks away. Buffy looks at the tape. Xander walks over to her.

        Xander: So are we really going home this time?

        Buffy: Yeah, we are.

        Buffy looks at Julia.

        Buffy: Thank you for what you did.

        Julia: It was nothing.

        Buffy smiles. She turns to Giles.

        Buffy: Are you-

        Giles: I'll stay. For a while.

        Buffy looks glad.

        Cut to Buffy, Giles, Dawn, Willow, Xander, Kelly, Golda, Lauren and Vanessa sat in the Summers' living room.

        Buffy: You sure you guys all wanna hear this?

        Lauren: Yeah. I mean we're all on it, right?

        Giles: I think so.

        Buffy: Ok. So let's listen.

        Buffy presses "play" on the tape recorder.

        THE END
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