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Buffy Episode 9.7 173. Behind Closed Doors (Part 2 of 2)

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  • Buffy Episode 9.7 173. Behind Closed Doors (Part 2 of 2)

    Hi, this is the seventh episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.7 173. Behind Closed Doors (Part 2 of 2)

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.


    ACT I

    Open on Buffy staring at the TV, or perhaps into space, still in shock. Everyone else looks similarly speechless. Xander looks around and then turns off the TV quickly. Willow looks at Buffy.

    Willow: Buffy?

    Buffy seems to snap out of a daze and then looks at Willow. She looks around and nods to herself slightly. She looks at Lauren who still has the phone to her ear.

    Buffy: Lauren is Vanessa still there?

    Lauren: Yeah, but-

    Buffy: Tell her to call Julia, or whoever else needs to be called.

    Willow: Wouldn't they already know?

    Lauren: Yeah probably but Buffy-

    Buffy: That's good, then we need to get back to your place Lauren.

    Lauren: (to phone) Vanessa I'll ring you back.

    Buffy frowns as Lauren puts the phone back in her pocket.

    Lauren: Buffy listen to me, this isn't as easy as just making a call and whipping up an army out of nowhere.

    Buffy: That's what you guys do! You did it today.

    Lauren: We got lucky today. If Riley wasn't nearby things would probably have been very different.

    Xander: Can't we just call him up; tell him we might need another chopper?

    Lauren: Doesn't work that way.

    Buffy: Why?

    Lauren: Look these guys?we don't even know that it's Webber and Ethan on that video.

    Xander: Well we don't exactly know anyone else who'd wanna kidnap people we know.

    Lauren: Oh believe me, there are a few.

    Xander: Oh?

    Buffy: It has to be them. You heard what they said; we took from them so they're taking from us. And I'm not gonna standby while they do.

    Lauren: And I'm not saying you should, but when we come up against things like this there is a procedure.

    Buffy: This is a person's life at stake, not someone's reputation. There isn't time to plan.

    Lauren: Then you might as well say goodbye to Giles now because without planning we're basically walking in unarmed.

    Buffy frowns.

    Dawn: Buffy we all want Giles to be safe?but I think Lauren's right. We need to find out if they're asking for ransom, how many people we're up against?

    Buffy: Then let's do it.

    Lauren: We will?but I can't simply tell Julia and the rest of the organisation what to do. As much as I hate they decided what's important?there are priorities.

    Buffy looks surprised.

    Buffy: Priorities?

    Willow: I woulda' thought Julia would be able to see that Giles is a priority.

    Lauren: Yeah she probably does. But it's not entirely her decision. Look I will ring her, she probably already knows what's going on. If we can we'll help. Even if they can't I will.

    Buffy looks at Lauren. She nods and smiles vaguely.

    Buffy: Thank you.

    Lauren smiles back and then gets her mobile out. She walks into the hallway. Buffy exhales and sits down. She holds her forehand in her hands. Willow sits next to her. The others look awkward.

    Willow: Buffy?I know this is bad but Giles is strong.

    Buffy: He's strong. But maybe not strong enough to deal with them. That video's only a glimpse of what they could be doing to him.

    Xander: Buffy you sound as if this is your fault.

    Buffy: Well if I had listened to him instead of acting like he was the one in the wrong, maybe he'd still be here. Then none of this would've been happening.

    Kelly: Then maybe it would be some other innocent person Webber and Ethan would've kidnapped. Sometimes you can't prevent things like this Buffy. And I know for a fact this isn't your fault.

    Buffy looks at Kelly and then at the floor.

    Willow: Kelly's right Buffy, and besides Giles left because he felt he needed too. I don't think you coulda' stopped him.

    Buffy: I didn't even try. I haven't even spoken to him since he left.

    Xander: He didn't exactly leave a number. I think he just wanted to be out of this for a while Buf.

    Buffy looks at Xander.

    Buffy: And now he's back in it.

    Xander frowns. Buffy stares into space. The camera moves away from her and zooms upwards showing a satellite map of the UK. The camera moves back down this time near the Devon area. It zooms in on a large building and on to Giles who is tied up and gagged. He breathes heavily.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda Lawowich

    Guest Starring:

    CELIA IMRIE - Julia Flint
    ROBIN SACCHS - Ethan Rayne
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    IAN McEWAN - Thomas Webber

    Open on Lauren walking back in to the Summer's living room.

    Lauren: Ok, I called Julia she says Riley and his team are already half way to the Hellmouth near Madrid. Big disturbance there apparently.

    Golda: Well there are other armies.

    Lauren: There are?but we only have jurisdiction over a few.

    Xander: You'd think the government would realise having more guys fighting the apocalypse than various dictators would be a plus.

    Lauren: Yeah?though you'd actually be surprised at how many times those come hand in hand.

    Xander raises an eyebrow.

    Lauren: Anyway after the attack today it looks like most of those we do have at our disposal are being ordered to stick near the base.

    Buffy: So what are we getting?

    Lauren: Julia's getting together a few volunteers. But I can't say how many'll help in a one-man rescue mission. Julia might even be overruled if her bosses decide to hit this with the diplomatic hammer.

    Buffy: That could take weeks!

    Lauren: I know. So while we've got the go-ahead we should probably?go ahead.

    Buffy: Right.

    Buffy looks around.

    Buffy: You know?I really don't want to ask you guys to face these men for the second time in one?ever. But if you-

    Willow: Buffy there's no question about it. You don't have to ask. We're all going.

    Buffy smiles as everyone nods.

    Buffy: If you're all sure, then good.

    Xander: Yeah, I mean what's another hostage situation to add to the list?

    Kelly: Right, we should finish this. Finish them.

    Xander looks awkward. Golda seems uneasy as well.

    Dawn: Right. My own slight concern is?where we're going. I mean do we even know?

    Buffy: Giles said he was going to Devon.

    Lauren: Yeah Julia'll have the address. That's why we're going there first. Getting to Devon from there shouldn't be a problem.

    Xander: So you do have a spare chopper.

    Lauren: Not a chopper. Private jet.

    Everyone looks a little surprised.

    Lauren: Cuts the time in half. And we need all we can get. Speaking of which?

    Buffy: Yeah. Uh Xander, Kelly you know where the weapon's chest-

    Lauren: That won't be a problem. We have more than enough firepower. Which I know isn't always your thing so; we've got a nice selection of stakes and crossbows as well.

    Buffy nods.

    Xander: What about Stephen?he went with Giles, maybe he knows something?

    Buffy: You're right. Do we still have his cell phone number?

    Everyone looks clueless.

    Lauren: I imagine Julia could find it. If we can get through to him, she'll let us know.

    Buffy: Good. Ok so if that's everything?we should get going.

    Everyone seems agreed and starts walking into the hall.

    Cut to the elevator doors opening in the GSPST headquarters. Lauren walks through followed by the others, but is immediately greeted by several pairs of guns. Lauren raises an eyebrow.

    Lauren: Uh, it's me.

    The men don't move. Lauren looks annoyed.

    Lauren: We're in a hurry, you can piss about with protocol later.

    Julia OS: Yes, yes, let her through you idiots.

    Man #1: Uh, sorry ma'am, just you said there could be shape shifters so we thought-

    Julia OS: I'm expecting them for goodness sake! Now go do something useful all of you. Go on.

    The men walk away. Julia rolls her eyes. Lauren smiles and is about to speak. However Julia walks straight past Lauren and Lauren frowns and turns round.

    Julia: I'm so sorry about that, things are a little tense around here since the attack earlier. Before today we had no idea organisations such as the one Webber and Ethan are apart of knew of our whereabouts.

    Willow: Organisations?

    Julia: Ah, yes, uh, you better follow me.

    Cut to everyone walking into Julia's office.

    Julia: Please, take a seat all of you.

    Buffy: Uh, Julia thanks, but we really don't have time for "let's sit and talk about how bad things are".

    Julia: I, understand Buffy, really I do. Rupert Giles and I were?acquainted many years ago. The private jet is being towed to the nearby airfield at Scampton as we speak. But this really is important. I promise it won't take a moment.

    Buffy hesitates, nods and then sits down followed by the others. Julia sits down at the head of the table.

    Julia: Now, you're obviously aware of the Watcher's Council's demise in 2002. It appears those remaining either joined causes similar to our own or?something else.

    Buffy: Like what?

    Julia clears her throat.
    Julia: A traditionalist group who really view you as their nemesis. Between you, you and Giles have effectively destroyed the image of Slayer and Watcher that the Watcher's Council strived so vigorously to uphold.

    Dawn: So these are ex-Watchers?

    Julia: Not just ex-watchers. Criminals like Ethan and Webber have been extracted from prisons all over the world. There also appear to be using demons, as you no doubt saw with Webber previously, though we're unsure of the details. And at the top of this society could some very influential political powers.

    Buffy: I thought you said the government was working with us.

    Julia: Some of them, yes. You see they've only recently been fully notified of the supernatural world, and of your part in countering it. A few individuals were?sceptical to say the least. But enough of such talk, I'm really telling you this so that you understand what you're dealing with. This isn't just two of the world's most dangerous criminals; it could be hundreds. Are you sure you can deal with that? And remember, while they may be using demons, some of them are human. I understand your policy on mercy when it comes to human life, but as much as I'd like to I can't give you a license to kill. This may be a little out of your grasp.

    Buffy pauses. She looks up at Julia.

    Buffy: You said you knew Giles right?

    Julia: Uh, yes, yes for a time. He's a remarkable man.

    Buffy: He is. And he's been there for me in the past when I needed him. So I'm gonna be there for him now.

    Julia: I see. Well if your decided then?I wish you all the best. But it still doesn't answer the question about effective weapons.

    Buffy considers this.

    Buffy: Got any tazers?

    Cut to everyone walking through the GSPST all carrying tazers, except for Julia who is walking next to Buffy.

    Dawn: So we know where we're going?

    Julia: Yes our experts were able to trace the video feed to a complex in the north of Devon. Looks like that's where they're keeping Giles. Oh and, we've managed to gather several volunteers.

    Xander: Is that several, plural?

    Julia: It should be enough. They'll be waiting for you when you land in Devon.

    Buffy: Good. We should go.

    Julia: Wait, I uh, I know I don't have to say this but, be careful. Don't underestimate them for a second, any of you.

    Kelly: We won't.

    Julia: Right. Just remember that. And good luck.

    Buffy: Thanks.

    They smile and begin walking towards the escalator. Julia looks concerned as they do.

    Julia: Buffy.

    Buffy turns to look at Julia.

    Julia: I'd like word. In private. It won't take a moment.

    Buffy nods. She turns to Julia as the others carry on walking. Julia looks serious.

    Cut to everyone walking in an airfield. Vanessa is stood next to a jet.

    Vanessa: Hey.

    Buffy: Vanessa, hi. Thanks for coming.

    Vanessa: Hey it's what I do. Besides I'd like another shot at these guys.

    Kelly: I'll say.

    Xander frowns to himself.

    Buffy: Right. How's Joe?

    Vanessa: Oh he's stable. He needs surgery, but it should be ok.

    Buffy: I hope so.

    Vanessa smiles.

    Vanessa: Well I guess we should go.

    Buffy: Right.

    Buffy starts walking up the steps to the jet. Golda turns to Kelly.

    Golda: So, I uh, guess this would be a bad time to mention a fear of flying? Well actually no, it's not too much the flying, it's the crashing that I'm worried about.

    Golda looks anxious but smiles. Kelly smiles back.

    Kelly: I think it's unlikely. Besides we'll only be in the air for about an hour.

    Lauren: Yeah these things fly at phenomenal speeds?though I guess that's probably not too encouraging.

    Golda: No?but less time is good. In more ways than one.

    Everyone looks serious. They begin to get on. Cut to a shot of the jet flying through the sky. Cut to inside the jet, where Buffy and co. are sat in fairly spacious seats. Buffy is staring out the window. Willow, who is sat next to her, turns to her.

    Willow: We'll get there soon.

    Buffy looks up suddenly. She smiles vaguely.

    Buffy: I know.

    Her smile fades.

    Willow: You're expecting the worst aren't you?

    Buffy: I don't know what to expect.

    Willow: Well it's not exactly the first time we've dealt with something like this.

    Buffy: No?we haven't.

    Willow frowns.

    Buffy: These aren't demons Willow. Not all of them. They're human, and you know, I don't have the right to hand out punishment as I see fit.

    Willow: The human world, Buffy, it's not ready for people like them. They broke out of jail before; they could easily do it again.

    Buffy: I guess you're right. And I know they're what's standing between us and Giles but?it just doesn't seem right.

    Willow: They'd kill us all if they had the chance.

    Buffy: So that makes it ok to kill them?

    Willow: No?it makes it necessary.

    Buffy looks serious.

    Willow: But I guess we won't need to while we've still got 50 volts.

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Buffy hesitates and then looks at Willow.

    Buffy: Will I need to ask you to do something.

    Willow: Sure. What?

    The camera moves back past them and Dawn and Lauren to Kelly sat next to Xander.

    Xander: Are you, uh, worried about this?

    Kelly: Not so much. I know what to expect.

    Xander: Right.

    Kelly smiles slightly. There is a pause. Xander looks awkward.

    Xander: So?when you said you were gonna kill Webber, that was just, uh, exaggeration right?

    Kelly's smile fades. She looks at the floor.

    Kelly: I'm not sure.

    Xander: What?

    Kelly looks at him.

    Kelly: I?I don't know what's gonna go down.

    Xander: A few hours ago you were telling me how bad I should feel because of someone who I killed by accident. Now you're talking about killing someone in cold blood?

    Kelly: It's not as simple as that. I'm not sure I can stop myself if he does anything us to hurt any of us. Especially you.

    Xander: Well I can't promise anything but I'll try my best not to make that happen. Look Webber is a bad, bad man, I'm the first to admit it. But don't let him make you do anything you'll regret.

    Kelly hesitates.

    Kelly: Right. Wouldn't want that.

    Kelly smiles vaguely and looks away. Xander looks concerned. The camera moves back to show Golda sat behind them. She looks worried, and appears to have just heard the conversation between Xander and Kelly. Kelly turns round.

    Kelly: How's it going?

    Golda: Oh, I'm fine.

    Kelly: Great.

    Kelly smiles and turns back around. Golda looks worried. Cut to the plane flying.
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    ACT II

    Cut to the plane edging to a halt. Cut to Vanessa walking off followed by Buffy. Xander follows carrying a bag with what appears to be the tazers inside. A car is pulled up near the runway and a man in a suit is leaning against the car. He gets up as he sees Buffy and co. getting off and walks over.

    Man: Well hello. You must be Buffy.

    Buffy: Uh, right. Who are you?

    Nick: Agent Nick Foster, CIA. You can call me Nick.

    Vanessa: I didn't know you guys were getting involved in this.

    Nick: Oh we're involved in all of these cases. And who might you be by the way?

    Vanessa: Agent Vanessa Delguanto, GSPST.

    Nick: Really? Well, you know?you guys are doing a great job.

    He smiles rather falsely. Vanessa looks unimpressed.

    Vanessa: Well thanks, wish I could say the same about you.

    Lauren smiles as Nick frowns. Buffy intervenes.

    Buffy: So before anyone comes to blows?are you here to take us to the complex Nick?

    Nick: Well I was.

    Buffy: Huh?

    Nick: There are a few problems. I'm afraid the operations called off.

    Willow: (earnestly) What!?

    Nick: Julia's been overruled. We've no longer got legal rights to attempt a reconnaissance mission.

    Xander: Says who? The government?

    Nick: Yeah.

    Xander: Oh.

    Buffy: Look they obviously don't understand who's in there.

    Nick: They do. And that's why they think a little more care is needed.

    Buffy: I'm talking about the man that's being held hostage.

    Nick: Well I'm sorry, but when it comes down to it there's only one man in there. Now we're getting diplomats ready to-

    Vanessa: If the government thinks diplomats will solve this then they obviously have no idea what they're dealing with.

    Nick: Well you're entitled to your opinion Miss Delguanto but-

    Buffy: Ok that's it, Nick we're doing this with or without your help.

    Lauren: Uh, Buffy I don't mean to defend this guy, but if we do this without government support then we're basically, uh, breaking the law.

    Buffy: I know?and I don't care, Giles needs us.

    Nick: Buffy you should really listen to you friend. You could get into a lot of trouble if you go there now.

    He takes a piece of paper from his jacket pocket.

    Nick: Besides I have the directions and without them you can't-

    Buffy punches Nick in the face swiftly. She kneels down and takes the piece of paper with directions on it from him and stands up again. The others look slightly alarmed and walk up to Buffy. They look down at the now unconscious Nick.

    Xander: Well, I guess that solves that problem.

    Buffy raises an eyebrow as she looks at Nick.

    Buffy: Maybe we should put him in the car.

    Golda: Or a hospital.

    Dawn: Either way, I think people might just get suspicious if they find someone unconscious on the edge of a runway.

    Xander: They might just think he didn't look both ways.

    Buffy: It's probably best not to rely on that.

    They pick the man up and walk over to the car. Xander opens the door and they stuff him across the back seat.

    Xander: Assuming Buffy didn't just put him in coma he's gonna be pretty pissed off when he wakes up.

    Dawn: Yeah. We should probably go right?

    Lauren: Well I guess since we've already knocked a CIA agent unconscious, breaking another few laws can't hurt that much.

    Buffy looks at the piece of paper. Vanessa walks up to her. Buffy looks up.

    Vanessa: You ok?

    Buffy: Yeah. I just, don't wanna get you guys into trouble. You could lose your jobs.

    Lauren and Vanessa look at each other.

    Vanessa: Well technically we could all go to prison. But, you know, we're here now and I think this is too important to not do. For a lot of reasons.

    Lauren: Yeah. Besides I'm sure Julia'll find some way of sorting everything out if things go wrong. She's good at that.

    Buffy smiles. A mini-van pulls up nearby. Everyone looks up. A man leans out the window and looks at Buffy and co.

    Taxi-driver: Taxi for Foster?

    Buffy: Uh, hi, that's us.

    Buffy smiles slightly and begins walking over. Dawn walks next to her.

    Dawn: You know this means we're our own now.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Dawn: I don't mean to be pessimistic but I don't like the odds of us versus a hundred ex-watchers, demons, and who knows what else.

    Buffy considers this.

    Buffy: Don't worry. We'll find a way.

    Cut to the mini-van pulling up outside a large, run-down building surrounded by a tall wall which is entangled with weeds. The is a large metal gate at the front, which is locked. It appears to be in the middle of nowhere with fields on every side. Buffy gets out and looks up followed by the others. The taxi driver leans out the window and raises his eyebrows.

    Taxi-driver: You sure this where you wanna be? I mean it's not exactly?a nice place.

    Buffy: I'm sure.

    Taxi driver: Well all right then. You gonna need another lift later?

    Buffy: Uh, we'll let you know.

    The taxi driver nods and drives off. Everyone stands looking up the building.

    Golda: So?whatta we do now?

    Vanessa: Well the original plan was to surround the building but?that might be difficult with eight of us.

    Xander: And those definitely look like security cameras over there?

    Kelly: And I think the gate's locked. Those spikes on the top don't look very friendly.

    Lauren: Ok guys, yes it's bad, and we can probably see why these things aren't supposed to be done without?you know, people that actually know what their doing. But there's gotta be something we can do.

    Dawn: Oh it's ok, we'll just "find a way" right?

    She looks at Buffy. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: I didn't say this would be easy.

    Dawn: There's a difference between not being easy and impossible.

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: We should split up.

    Kelly: Are you sure that's such a good idea?

    Buffy: We're way too obvious in a group. This way we might be able to sneak in.

    Dawn: I don't see any other way in.

    Golda: Well maybe there's a manhole cover around somewhere? Or something similar.

    Willow: Golda's right, we should at least look.

    Xander: Well I don't think Ethan and Webber'll have left Giles out in the open. Probably gonna have to zap our way through a lotta guys to get to him. And we're spread thin as it is.

    Buffy: I know. But at least this way some us might be able to get to Giles if the rest can keep the guards away from wherever they're keeping him.

    Everyone looks at each other. Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: Or we could just stand here and get captured. You guys, I realise they probably know we're coming, but they don't know when. Besides they're probably expecting more than just us, and who knows, maybe the fact that there's so few of us will catch them off guard. But we're not gonna get anyone else to help us here so if you're backing out, then do it now.

    No one says anything. Buffy smiles slightly.

    Buffy: I'll take that as no one then?

    Everyone nods.

    Kelly: So how do we split?

    Buffy: You go with Xander, Golda and Vanessa. I'll go with Dawn, Lauren and Willow. I think that evens out ok.

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Buffy: Ok so Xander?

    Buffy indicates the bag full of tazers. Xander realises and opens the bag.

    Xander: Right; pick a tazer, any tazer.

    Dawn smiles as everyone begins taking one. Xander looks at Buffy.

    Xander: They do work right? Cause I'm not gonna try and fix one of these ever again.

    Buffy: Don't worry Xander. They'll be fine in the right hands.

    Golda: So we just click the little trigger and-

    Lauren: (quickly) Yeah don't click the trigger yet.

    Golda: Oh, right ok.

    Kelly: So I guess we'll see you guys on the other side?

    Everyone looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: Of the building.

    Dawn: Oh, right, yeah.

    Buffy: Good luck.

    Vanessa: You too.

    Vanessa and co. start walking along the left wall, while Buffy and co. start walking along the right. Cut to them still walking, but the screen is now black and white. There is a figure sitting with his hands outstretched, apparently creating the image between them. Ethan is stood watching nearby, with several other men. One of them turns to Ethan.

    Man #1: Should I alert the base sir?

    Ethan: No?let them come to us. It'll be easier once they're inside.

    Ethan watches Buffy walk.

    Ethan: That's it Buffy, keep walking, your grave's the next one on the left.

    The image flickers then fades. The hooded figure grunts. Ethan frowns.

    Ethan: Uh, we were watching that you know.

    The figure pulls the hood back, revealing itself to be a green-skinned demon, with small spikes covering its skull.

    Demon: I only have limited power, that's all I can give you for now.

    Ethan: Well you better start eating your spinach again because I need to see what she does next.

    Ethan turns to the other men.

    Ethan: Why don't we have any bloody CCTV around here?

    Man #2: Well, sir, we have only been here a few hours, we haven't really had a chance to-

    Ethan: Well in that case you better go and welcome Buffy when she comes inside.

    Man #2: But we can't-

    Ethan: Oh take a few demons with you.

    The men begin walking out. Ethan looks serious.

    Cut to Xander, Kelly, Golda and Vanessa walking alongside the wall. Kelly notices something.

    Kelly: That could be a way in.

    There is a small door built into the wall that does not reach the floor.

    Golda: That could lead to anywhere.

    Xander: Well I guess we won't know until we look.

    Cut to Buffy and the others on the other side. Dawn sees a similar door.

    Dawn: What about this?

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: I'm not sure. Looks kinda obvious.

    Lauren: Hey I think I found a better option.

    Lauren is scratching at some earth nearby.

    Dawn: Uh I don't think digging our way in's gonna work.

    Lauren pushes back some grass to show the corner of a manhole cover.

    Dawn: Oh.

    Willow: Uh, I don't wanna be pessimistic but maybe that was covered up for a reason?

    Lauren: Well I could see the corner from where we were walking. I reckon it was done quickly, because someone didn't want us to find it.

    Buffy: You could be right. Let's check it out.

    Cut to Kelly pulling at the wheel-shaped handle on the door.

    Kelly: Wow, this is stuck pretty fast.

    Vanessa: Looks like someone didn't want us going in.

    Golda: Let me help.

    Golda pulls too and the handle starts to turn.

    Xander: Slayer strength saves the day again.

    The door creaks open slowly. It then swings open and a tranquilliser dart flies out narrowly missing Xander. He and the others look up in alarm as several men and demons stand before them.

    Golda: Or not.

    One of the demons punches Golda in the face. She moves back slightly but turns forward as Vanessa zaps the demon with her tazer. Several more men and demons run out as Xander fires a tazer bolt at one of them. A man punches him in the face as Kelly wrestles with another demon nearby. The man who punched Xander grabs his tazer and tries to aim it at Xander as Xander struggles to gain control. Xander manages to push the tazer back towards the man, as Golda kicks a demon into the wall. Vanessa smacks a demon across the head with her tazer, but is hit across the head by another. Kelly punches the man she was wrestling with in the face, and then notices Xander struggling as he shoots the man. The man is blasted with electricity, but his thumb is touching Xander's hand causing Xander to also get shocked. Xander appears to be unconscious as a demon kicks Golda in the back, knocking her to the floor. Kelly looks around worriedly, as a man picks up Xander's tazer. He aims it at her and fires.

    Cut to Buffy, Dawn, Lauren and Willow walking through an old sewer system, as light pours through the manhole cover and from several dimly lit lights on the ceiling.

    Buffy: And I almost forgot how great sewer systems were.

    Willow: Yeah, Darkley not having a big one was certainly a plus.

    Lauren: This one certainly looks pretty big.

    Dawn: Well there's gotta be a ladder or something around here right? I mean we're under the building right now.

    Lauren: I don't see any. Probably due to the pitch black up ahead.

    Willow: Illuminare!

    A light flashes from Willow's hands illuminating the tunnel. A ladder can be seen in the distance.

    Lauren: Wow, nice.

    Willow smiles. Buffy looks at the ladder.

    Dawn: Think that's the way to go?

    Buffy: I don't see any other way up.

    Willow: What if we find, you know, an army on the other side?

    Lauren: I think they're probably still waiting by that door we saw.

    Buffy: She's right. I'll go first.

    Buffy walks over to the ladder as the others follow. She looks at the others, exhales and starts climbing. Cut to another manhole cover. It raises slightly, but appears to be locked. There is a pause and suddenly is broken open and Buffy's head appears.

    Dawn OS: So you see anyone?

    Buffy: Uh?no.

    Buffy climbs up and looks around. She is in a small room, which appears to be empty. Lauren appears behind her followed by Willow and then Dawn.

    Lauren: Well that either means they're waiting round the corner or they've gone.

    Buffy: Let's hope it's that second one.

    Willow: I think it is.

    Willow has found a coffee mug half full.

    Dawn: Looks like they left in a hurry.

    Lauren: Why would they?

    Buffy frowns and walks over to the mug. She looks over and sees a mobile phone, which appears to be still on. She picks it up.

    Willow: What does it say?

    Buffy frowns and looks worried. The camera shows it says: "2 Slayers + man and other girl found, waiting 4 nxt orders".

    Buffy looks up worriedly at the others.
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      ACT III

      Cut to a pair of eyes opening slowly. Webber can seen ahead, smiling. The camera shows that it is Kelly's eyes seeing this.

      Webber: Good afternoon Kelly. We're very pleased by seeing you again.

      She blinks slowly and appears to have shaky vision.

      Webber: Yes, it may take a minute or two for the affects of the sedative to wear off.

      Kelly: S-sedative?

      Webber: Yes. Among other things.

      Kelly tries to move her arms only to find she is strapped down. She looks down to see she is strapped to a board, which is almost vertical. She blinks slowly and looks at Webber frowning.

      Kelly: What?what did you do?where are the others?

      Webber: They're alive. For now. You're other little Slayer friend may prove useful later. The other girl and boy?well?for one of them, judgement starts now.

      Kelly looks worried.

      Webber: As for you?well you're something different altogether my dear.

      Kelly appears to be more conscious now.

      Kelly: What do you mean?

      Webber: You're fulfilling my life's work.

      Kelly: What? Tying girls up and pumping them full of crap?

      Webber: Hardly. You may or may not know about the origins of the Slayer.

      Kelly: Buffy told me.

      Webber: Well then you know that the key to the Slayer's power is in fact the essence of the demon.

      Kelly: Yeah?

      Webber: A long time ago, myself and others decided this could work to our own advantage.

      Kelly: You're outta luck. The original Watcher guys tried that with Buffy, they never-

      Webber: They were millions of years old. And besides, I never said anything about giving you the power of the demon. I'm talking about you giving it back to them.

      Kelly looks fearful.

      Webber: Imagine it Kelly?demons with the abilities of a Slayer. The power of only 50 working together would be vast. Enough to destroy a town I would think. Of course, before recently there was a sever lack of Slayer blood. But thanks to your friends, we have thousands at our disposal. Starting with you.

      Kelly: (softly) God?you really are a sick bastard aren't you?

      Webber: Thank you so much.

      Kelly: What makes you think you can control them? You'll die. You'll die in your own blood, just like everyone else.

      Webber: It's possible, but then all of the greatest ideas have risks. And currently, I'm more concerned with your progress.

      Kelly: You, you stop whatever you're doing to me!

      Webber: Oh my dear, I couldn't even if I wanted to. The process began months ago when you were in my care.

      Kelly looks shocked.

      Webber: I believe my men explained that we had big plans for you. I'm sure that you're feeling that special feeling of belonging inside.

      Kelly's eyes narrow. Webber walks over to a nearby table and picks up a syringe.

      Webber: This drug, is known as Anterraphene. It causes one's blood to develop in very interesting ways?and ultimately triples its potency. It's a vital part of this process?though it has some unavoidable side effects.

      Kelly: What?

      Webber smiles.

      Webber: I was very impressed by your display of aggression earlier today. The fact you were unable to control your emotions shows that the drug is working as it should. And the best is still yet to come.

      Kelly looks horrified. Webber turns round and opens a nearby door.

      Webber: Bring them in.

      A large demon walks in that smiles at Kelly. Two men also appear, carrying an unconscious Xander. Kelly looks worried.

      Kelly: Xander?

      Webber: Don't worry, he's in a much better position than you currently. Kelly I'd like you to meet K'nargo. He's a Ferentem demon. I thought it only polite to introduce him to his generous donor.

      The demon smiles at Kelly who stares angrily at Webber.

      Cut to Willow looking at the mobile.

      Willow: Oh god! We have to help them!

      Dawn: As well as Giles.

      Buffy: I know it's kinda harder to deal with-

      Lauren: Buffy you may be a Slayer and Willow may be a witch and me and Dawn may be?um the point the is, while we may have had a hard time before, we're now not gonna get anywhere.

      Willow: I think we might.

      Everyone turns to Willow.

      Buffy: Willow?

      Willow: There are some papers here, one of them looks like a map of this place.

      Lauren: Wow. You leave in a hurry and this is the price you pay.

      Buffy: Will can you work out where we are?

      Willow: I can.

      Cut to Buffy and co. walking a long a corridor. Willow is holding the map.

      Willow: These corridors all lead to a large main room. I'm guessing that if something's happening, that's where it'll be.

      Dawn: So Giles is probably there too right?

      Willow: Maybe.

      Buffy: And this corridor ends some time soon?

      Willow: It should do. Uh, it's the next door on the right.

      Buffy and co. hurry forward. Buffy tries to open the door and finds it's locked. She stands back and kicks it. It swings open. Buffy looks forward. Giles is sat in the middle of the room, tied to the chair, and gagged. Buffy looks worried.

      Buffy: (softly) Giles?

      Buffy runs up to him. Lauren looks around concerned.

      Lauren: Buffy, wait-

      Buffy tears the gag away from Giles' mouth and Giles breathes heavily.

      Giles: (weakly) Buffy?

      Buffy: Oh god! Are you hurt?

      Giles: I?I'm?

      He seems to be drifting in and out of consciousness. Willow rushes over, followed by Lauren and Dawn.

      Dawn: Giles!

      Giles opens his eyes a little wider.

      Giles: What are you?doing here?

      Willow: He looks pretty bad, I think they must have drugged him.

      Buffy starts untying Giles' hands. Lauren looks around.

      Lauren: I'm not liking this. I mean why would they leave Giles unguarded? It's gotta be a-

      Buffy: Trap? Maybe, but I don't think we should stick around to find out.
      Buffy helps Giles up.

      Ethan OS: Oh but you must!

      Buffy looks shocked as she sees Ethan and a crowd of demons and men stood behind him. He lifts up a device similar to that which Webber used to escape in 9.6, and smiles.

      Cut to the room with Kelly, Xander and Webber. Xander is tied to a wall and is still unconscious. Webber is preparing some medical instruments on the nearby counter. Kelly looks at him. Xander shuffles and appears to be waking up. Kelly looks over.

      Kelly: Xander?

      Webber looks up.

      Webber: Ah, Mr. Harris welcome back. We've missed you.

      Kelly looks at Webber. He smiles coldly and looks back down at the instruments. Xander looks around, appearing dazed. He sees Kelly tied up.

      Xander: Kelly!

      He tries to get up but is restrained.

      Webber (without looking up) Ah-ah! None of that. You be a good boy and you might survive for a few more hours yet.

      Xander looks serious. He looks at Kelly.

      Xander: What are you doing to her?

      Webber: I'm afraid if you were unconscious when I gave the explanation then that's your fault. You may, however observe and try and work it out for yourself.

      [I]He picks up a small scalpel and examines it for a moment. He then walks up to Kelly slowly smiling slightly. Kelly looks worried as Webber tilts the board forward, so that Kelly is now hanging over the floor. He place a large container beneath her.

      Webber: Now, there is no specification as to how much blood is needed. I suggest we simply?let the blood pour?

      He swiftly stabs Kelly in the stomach. She cries out. Xander looks angry and tries to break free. Webber looks irritated and turns to Xander.

      Webber: Unless you wish to join Kelly here, I suggest you calm down.
      Webber turns to Kelly and smiles.

      Webber: Let's hope it doesn't take too long, hmm?

      Kelly looks in pain but gives Webber a look of pure hatred. She spits at him. He wipes his face slowly and then grabs the scalpel. He twists it slightly and Kelly gasps.

      Webber: Remember your place, my dear.

      He walks away but looks at Xander.

      Webber: Do tell me if anything goes wrong, won't you?

      He smiles and walks away. Xander looks at Kelly concerned. The camera shows blood running down the scalpel. A drop splatters in the container, followed by another and then another.

      Cut to Buffy and co. with Ethan.

      Ethan: Buffy, it's so good of you to come. Despite the fact that you're breaking the law right now.

      Buffy: Oh right, and kidnapping's really what every good citizen should do.

      Ethan smiles.

      Ethan: I only kidnapped old Ripper here so that you'd come and fetch him. I was relying on your tendency to play the hero at every opportunity possible. And it worked.

      Buffy: What do you want Ethan? Has your life really become so meaningless that you have to play at being some mastermind when in fact you're just a pathetic middle-aged bachelor with nothing better to do?

      Ethan: Playing? Oh no, no I'm afraid that if you think this is "playing" then you've really missed the point Buffy.

      Lauren: But the rest is true, right?

      Ethan's smile fades slightly.

      Ethan: You may have forgotten Buffy, but the reason I've been locked up in prison for five years is because of you. I think it's fair to expect I'd be a little angry.

      Giles: Buffy didn't put in that prison Ethan. You drove yourself there.
      Buffy turns to Giles who appears to be more conscious.

      Buffy: Giles!

      Giles smiles slightly and stands upright.

      Giles: Buffy, it's good to see you clearly again.

      Ethan: And Ripper's back in the room. And you know maybe you're right. Maybe Buffy isn't so much to blame for what happened as you are old mate.

      Giles: That's what comes of worshipping chaos. You have no one to blame but yourself.

      Ethan: Well, I'm sure that's up for debate. Right now, I'm working on a schedule so we should really be going.

      Willow: Going?

      Ethan: Yes, I'm sure you'd like to see you're friends?at least once more, before you die.

      Buffy frowns. Ethan examines the tazer.

      Ethan: This is quite an impressive weapon isn't it?

      Ethan blasts it at Dawn who falls back. Buffy looks worried and kneels next to her.

      Ethan: I like it already. Now I'm sure you're trying to think up some masterful plan. Well don't bother Summers. Because here's where it ends for you.

      He aims the tazer at her and sets the voltage to full blast. Buffy looks at Willow.

      Buffy: We can't wait for them. Willow do it now.

      Ethan frowns slightly as Willow turns to him and closes her eyes. The ground begins to shake.

      Cut to Golda and Vanessa who appear to be tied up in a small cupboard. They feel the rumbling. Golda stirs.

      Golda: What is that?

      Vanessa looks up.

      Vanessa: Doesn't sound good?

      A glass on one the shelves vibrates and then falls off on to the ground, smashing. Golda looks at it.

      Golda: Good enough.

      Cut to the other side of the cupboard door. The door slams open as Golda stands on the other side after kicking it. The rumbling continues as Vanessa and Golda look around.

      Vanessa: They could be anywhere.

      Golda: Well I guess if we go towards them rumbling, maybe we'll find the others.

      Vanessa: Or a ready-to-open apocalypse.

      Golda: It's a risk, sure. But if so, then trying to find an exit's not really gonna help.

      Vanessa: True.

      Golda looks both ways.

      Golda: Uh let's try left.

      They start walking. Cut to Kelly and Xander. Kelly looks faint as she blinks slowly. Xander stares at her helplessly. The rumbling gets more intense and Xander looks around. Cut to Webber in the nearby hallway. He looks worried. Cut to Buffy and co. with Ethan.

      Ethan: What the hell are you doing?

      Ethan approaches Willow. She blasts a bolt of purple energy at him.

      Willow: Back off!

      Ethan is pushed back into the men behind him. A purple sphere appears around Willow. Buffy looks at Willow a little worriedly. Lauren looks at Buffy.

      Lauren: Um I don't wanna get fried or anything, but what is going on?

      Buffy: Willow's doing what she does best.

      Giles: She sounds rather similar to the way she once was.

      Buffy: No?no she said she could handle this.

      Giles looks concernedly at Willow whose eyes are now black.

      Cut to Kelly and Xander. A nearby shelf collapses on top of Kelly, causing her and the board holding her up to collapse also. Xander looks worried. Kelly falls on the floor painfully. One of her restraints has come lose. She slowly pulls the scalpel from her stomach and clenches her teeth in pain as she does so. She breathes heavily. She pulls vaguely at her other restraint and manages to snap it.

      Cut to Ethan getting up and looking around. He gets the tazer and zaps it at Willow. It seems to vanish a few inches in front of her. Willow appears to be deep in concentration. Buffy helps Dawn up. She looks at Lauren and Giles.

      Buffy: We have to go. Now!

      Lauren: Go where?

      Buffy: Just trust me.

      Giles nods. Buffy smiles and then starts walking. Ethan looks angry.

      Ethan: Oh no you don't!

      He runs up to Buffy. Giles punches him in the face before he is able to reach her however. The purple sphere around Willow begins to expand.

      Cut to Kelly snapping the last restraint around her ankle. She gets up slowly and painfully, only to be met with a punch from Webber. He calmly stares at her, this time deadly serious.

      Webber: I'm afraid not.

      Kelly looks up and looks angry. She clenches her fist and punches Webber in the face hard. He falls back, knocking over the tray of medical instruments. Xander looks impressed.

      Xander: Kelly! Quick, untie me!

      Kelly looks at Xander. She hesitates however as Webber begins to get up. She walks up to him and punches him again. Xander frowns.

      Cut to Buffy and co. The men and demons stand in their way. Buffy punches one, as Lauren ducks a punch from another. Giles punches a demon in the face. Buffy turns to Willow.

      Buffy: Will!

      The purple sphere around Willow suddenly explodes outwards. Cut to the outside of the building. The sphere is covering it all. A car pulls up nearby. Julia is sat in the passenger seat. She smiles as she sees the sphere.

      Cut to Golda and Vanessa rushing through the corridor. The demon K'nargo from earlier suddenly appears. Golda's eyes widen as it rushes towards Vanessa. Golda kicks it in the stomach, but it is hardly phased.

      Cut to Kelly and Webber. Kelly lifts Webber up by his collar and throws him across the room into the wall. She clutches her stomach slightly as blood trickles down to her legs. However she only does this for a moment before grabbing another scalpel from the floor and walking towards Webber resolutely.

      Cut to Vanessa and Golda once again. The rumbling is getting bigger and bigger still. Golda dodges a punch from the demon, which then rushes at Vanessa bringing her to the ground. Golda runs over to aid her and eventually manages to pull the demon off of her. Golda staggers back as the demon growls at her. A nearby cabinet wavers slightly however and begins toppling over. Golda appears to brace herself. However the cabinet misses her by a few inches and crushes the demon. Golda smiles.

      Golda: Well, whatever's making this happen sure is handy.

      The rumbling suddenly stops. Cut to Buffy and co. standing around. Willow collapses on the ground looking exhausted. The men and demons look around puzzled, as does Ethan. Giles rushes over to Willow, as Buffy helps Dawn, who is now partially conscious, to walk. Ethan looks around.

      Ethan: Well. That was a good show. Looks like you were out of luck when it comes to an outcome.

      Buffy: I wouldn't say that.

      Ethan frowns.

      Buffy: You may think we came in here blind, but there's more. One of your own guys, actually. He told me how to get in, where a map would be. Even left me a phone to call Julia when we ready for her and the rest of the GSPST squad to come by.

      Ethan: You can't be-

      Buffy: Serious? Oh I am. And as for the spell's outcome? You just try walking out the door. You might have a problem. No one gets out, until Willow says so. See, the GSPST've been on this society's trail for longer than you know. They've got people everywhere watching your every move.

      Ethan looks worried.

      Buffy: Frightening isn't it?

      Ethan: You?you may have an insight on our current plans. But you have no idea about the future of this place.

      Buffy: Maybe not. But I know about your future. Jail. For pretty much ever.

      Ethan's hand begins to close. Buffy notices and kicks it. The escape device flies out and hits the wall, smashing.

      Buffy: Now I'm sure you're trying to think of some way out of this. Well don't bother Ethan.

      [I]Many footsteps can be heard. Ethan turns back, as several figures dressed in army gear appear at the doorway, pointing guns at the crowd.

      Buffy: Cause here's where it ends for you.

      She punches him in the face.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Xander, Kelly and Webber. Webber looks up as Kelly kneels over him. She raises the scalpel. Xander looks over at her.

        Xander: Kelly! Don't?don't let him do this to you.

        Kelly: I can't help it Xander. He made me like this.

        Xander: I know. You know how I can tell? Because you're not like this. It's a drug isn't it.

        Webber: (hoarsely) A rather intriguing one at that.

        Kelly: Shut up!

        She raises the scalpel more, and stares directly into Webber's eyes all the time.

        Xander: Right, don't listen to him. Listen to me. Kelly, you know what killing someone does to people. You don't wanna be that again!

        Kelly: Maybe just one more time won't hurt.

        Xander: You know it will. Just put the-

        Kelly suddenly swipes the scalpel downwards slitting Webber's throat. He gasps and chokes. Xander looks shocked. Webber lies still. Kelly looks in shock also. She moves backwards and slowly stands up. She looks at the scalpel and tosses it aside.

        Xander: (softly) Kelly?

        Kelly looks at him and then looks at the ground. She kneels down next to Xander and slowly unties the ropes around his hands. She stands up again afterwards and walks away slowly. She stops in the middle of the room.

        Kelly: (quietly) I'm sorry.

        She continues walking as Xander stares after her in disbelief. Kelly walks into the corridor as Golda and Vanessa appear.

        Golda: Kelly! Oh god, I thought you were?wait you're hurt!

        Kelly looks down.

        Kelly: I?I almost forgot.

        She puts her hand over her wound.

        Kelly: I think I'll be ok. For now.

        Golda: Good.

        Vanessa: What about Xander? Is he-

        Xander: I'm here.

        Xander is stood behind Kelly. He looks serious.

        Golda: Are you ok?

        Xander: I guess so.

        Golda: Oh, good.

        Golda smiles but soon stops as she sees Kelly and Xander's faces. Kelly looks at Golda.

        Kelly: Let's go.

        Kelly starts walking. Vanessa and Golda look confused. Golda turns to Xander.

        Golda: What happened? Did Webber-

        Xander: Webber's dead. That's all you need to know.

        Xander walks on. Golda and Vanessa follow uncertainly.

        Cut to Buffy and co. walking out of the building, as army men escort several of the men and demons out of the building. There are many police vans and cars around the place. Julia runs up to Buffy. Buffy smiles.

        Julia: Buffy! Oh, all this in one day?it's really too much for my heart.

        Buffy: Sorry. But hey, it worked.

        Julia: Yes!

        Julia looks past Buffy and sees Giles helping Willow. She looks worried.

        Julia: Oh no, she's not-

        Giles: She's alive. She's just exhausted I imagine.

        Julia: Yes well, one would be.

        Giles nods. Julia smiles at him.

        Julia: It's, um, good to see you again Rupert.

        Giles: Likewise, Julia.

        Julia: I'm glad you're safe.

        Giles: Thank you.

        Julia nods. She turns to Lauren.

        Julia: Well, you've certainly proved you can handle yourself.

        Lauren: Thanks.

        Julia: Well done. Again.

        Julia smiles. Julia looks around.

        Julia: May I ask where the others are? You appear to be running rather thin.

        Buffy: I don't know. We split up like you said.
        Xander, Kelly, Golda and Vanessa appear walking through the entrance.

        Julia: Ah, here we are!

        They walk over to Buffy and co.

        Vanessa: Hi. Everything sorted out on your end then?

        Buffy: Pretty much.

        Buffy catches Ethan's eye as he is escorted away by the army men.

        Buffy: How about you?

        Xander and Kelly looks awkward.

        Golda: Uh, it's taken care of.

        Buffy: Oh, right. Good.

        More army men appear, carrying a body bad. Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: Who's that?

        Kelly: Uh, a demon, maybe?

        A woman and several men appear next to Buffy and co. Julia looks at them.

        Julia: Emma, it's good to see you again!

        Emma: Hello Julia.

        Julia: Buffy this is, uh, a friend of mine who works in the police. She's remarkable.

        Buffy: Hi.

        Lauren frowns.

        Emma: I wish I was here on more pleasant business.

        Buffy: Right. I'm just glad it's over.

        Emma: Um, no Ms. Summers, I'm afraid not.

        Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: What?

        Emma sighs.

        Emma: Buffy Summers, I am arresting you on charges of unauthorized assault, and interference into a government operation.

        She places handcuffs on Buffy's hands. Buffy looks speechless.

        Emma: You do not have to say anything-

        Emma continues as the man to her left walks up to Kelly.

        Man: Kelly Rivers I am arresting you on charges of unauthorized assault-

        He continues as another man walks up to Xander.

        Man: Alexander Harris I am arresting you?

        He too continues as more policemen walk up to Lauren, Vanessa, Golda and Dawn in turns. Two paramedics and policeman appear next to Willow and Giles.

        Paramedic #1: She needs medical attention.

        Policeman: As long as she comes with us afterwards that's fine.

        Julia turns to Emma.

        Julia: Emma what is-

        Emma: I'm sorry Julia. This is the way it's got to be.

        She and the men start walking taking Buffy and co. with them. Giles and Julia stand helplessly as they do. Cut to Ethan in a nearby van. He watches Buffy and co. being escorted away. He begins laughing to himself.

        THE END
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