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Buffy Episode 9.6 172. Threshold (Part 1 of 2)

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  • Buffy Episode 9.6 172. Threshold (Part 1 of 2)

    Hi, this is the sixth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.6 172. Threshold, part 1 of 2

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.


    ACT I

    Open on a long, white corridor with several doors placed along it. The camera moves slowly down it and a man in a suit walks in from another corridor. He opens a nearby door and walks in. The camera moves past that door and turns to move down another corridor. There is a door made of iron bars. A guard walks out of a door on the right and takes out some keys. He opens the door and then locks it behind him. The camera follows him down the corridor. He walks up to one of several doors with small openings near the top. They too are barred. He looks in through the opening and then walks on to the next. He looks through that too.

    Man's voice behind door: Go to hell!

    The policeman rolls his eyes.

    Guard: Not before you Rogers.

    The policeman shakes his head and walks on to the next door. He looks in and walks on. He looks in the next door. He frowns.

    Guard: Webber? What you doing?

    The camera shows the gap through the door. Webber is lying on the floor, apparently unconscious. He gets his keys and opens the door slowly. He locks it behind him and walks up to Webber. He kneels down and feels his pulse.

    Guard: What you been taking?

    He sighs, stands up and takes out a radio.

    Guard: (to radio) Medical emergency, Webber's cell. Looks like he's out.

    The guard suddenly falls forward and cries out in pain. Webber is crouched behind him, his fist clenched. The guard looks up. He grabs the radio close to him.
    Guard: (to radio) Webber's cell now we have-

    Webber punches him in the face and then grabs his keys. He jams them into the guard's neck. The guard splutters and Webber stands upright slowly.

    Webber: You know it's true what they say about prison guards; you really are as stupid as you look.

    Webber pulls out the keys from the guard's neck. The guard gasps as blood stream out on to the floor. Webber seems annoyed as he steps through the blood and opens the lock with the keys. He walks out and walks down the corridor leaving bloody footprints behind him. He turns to a large red handle and pulls it down. There is the sound of many doors unlocking. The prisoners in the cells begin looking round. Webber smiles.

    Webber: Didn't I say it would be easy?

    Man: But we aint go no weapons, what we gonna do when they come down ?ere?

    Webber: Don't worry about that. We'll be prepared any moment.

    Webber walks towards the only prison door that hasn't opened yet. A faint purple light is emitting through the hole and chanting can be heard. Webber opens it.

    Webber: Time to go old friend.

    He smiles.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg

    Special Guest Star:


    Guest Starring:

    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda
    CELIA IMRIE - Julia
    MICHELLE YEOH - Vanessa
    JUDE LAW - Joe
    IAN McEWAN - Thomas Webber

    Cut to Golda and Buffy walking out of what used to be Andrew and Lloyd's room. Kelly is stood in the corridor.

    Kelly: Hey.

    Golda: Hey.

    Kelly: All done with the room any everything?

    Buffy: Pretty much I think.

    Golda; Yeah thanks again for helping me Buffy.

    Buffy: No problem. Helping people move in here's kinda become a monthly tradition.
    Golda: Really? Hope I'm not too much trouble or anything.

    Kelly: Golda for the last time, you're really not.

    Buffy: She's right. And besides if we do happen to have an apocalypse any time soon, you'll be able to help.

    Golda: Uh, great. You're not expecting one are you?

    Kelly: No.

    Buffy: Though the annual average is about 1.4.

    Golda: Oh. So?you're not expecting one are you?

    Buffy: I'd say the coast is clear?for now.

    Kelly: You know something's gonna happen now right?

    Buffy: Yeah well I guess it'd be only a matter of time before something'd happen anyway.

    Golda: You're always expecting the worst aren't you?

    Buffy: Yeah. Generally because the worst likes dropping by.

    Golda: How do you live like that?

    Kelly: We fight, we deal.

    Buffy: Or not so much with the dealing sometimes.

    Golda: Well?I gotta say, as life threatening as what you do sounds, I'm pretty eager to become a part of it.

    Kelly: I'm glad.

    Buffy: Me too.

    Golda: I just wish my grandpa could still be here too.

    Kelly and Buffy look sympathetic.

    Willow OS: (shouting from downstairs) Buffy.

    Buffy walks to the top of the stairs.
    Buffy: Yeah Will?

    Willow: Uh, there's some stuff we need to sort out.

    Buffy: Oh ok. Be right down.

    Cut to Buffy, Kelly and Golda walking into the kitchen. Willow is sat at the table surrounded by papers.

    Kelly: Whoa.

    Willow: Yeah, there's a lot.

    Buffy: What are all??90?

    Willow: That would be one of the many bills we have yet to pay off.

    Buffy: All these?

    Willow: Pretty much. See you know how we're all unemployed except Xander who occasionally gets paid the minimum wage. Well apparently that system doesn't work so well, because?

    She indicates the pile of papers.

    Buffy: What's out total income.

    Willow: Just over ?20,000. Which may sound a lot but for five-

    She looks at Golda.

    Willow: Uh, six people, it's really not.

    Buffy sighs and sits at the table.

    Buffy: So we're back to us needing jobs.

    Kelly: Well there's a waitressing job going in Lincoln. I'm sure I could apply.

    Buffy: No, Kelly you shouldn't have to deal with this.

    Kelly: Buffy I'm here because you've let me stay. There's no way I'm not gonna give you something back. And anyway if I don't we're kinda screwed.

    Golda: I agree.

    Buffy: Well, thanks.

    The front door opens. Xander walks in followed by Dawn and Lauren. Buffy smiles.[/I]

    Buffy: Hey.

    Dawn smiles.

    Xander: Hey guys.

    Lauren: Buffy, hi. Sorry to drop in unannounced like this.

    Buffy: No it's fine. Uh, excuse the mess, just sorting out our economic future.

    Lauren: Oh right. Looks uh?promising.

    The others smile awkwardly.

    Buffy: So Dawn, you have a good time with Lauren at her work?

    Dawn: Yeah. Well, except?

    Buffy: Except what?

    Dawn and Lauren look hesitant.

    Lauren: There's something I really should talk to you about.

    Buffy: Oh. Ok, well I guess it'd be better if we went into the living room.

    Lauren: Sure.

    They start walking through. Xander walks as well, but Kelly stops him.

    Kelly: Actually Xander I've got some stuff to sort out?wanna help?

    Xander: Sure.

    Kelly smiles as they walk down the corridor to their room.

    Cut to everyone else in the living room.

    Buffy: Oh, uh Lauren, this is Golda by the way. Another Slayer.

    Golda smiles.

    Golda: Hi.

    Lauren: Really? That's cool.

    Lauren smiles back but her smile quickly fades.

    Lauren: So I'm gonna have to follow the trend people do when they come here. That one about not having good news.

    Buffy and Willow frown.

    Dawn: Webber's escaped.

    Buffy looks shocked. Willow looks anxious.

    Cut to Kelly picking up a cardigan on the floor. She walks over to the door and hangs it up. Xander is sat on the bed.

    Kelly: Finished.

    Xander: Great. That was a challenging two minutes.

    Kelly: Thanks for helping.

    Xander: Yeah, somehow I don't think you really needed help clearing out your closet. What's up?

    Kelly: Well?

    Kelly walks over and sits on the bed.

    Kelly: You and I haven't exactly had a chance to talk lately. I mean with everything going on it's been less than quiet around here.

    Xander: Well we can talk now.

    Kelly: Yeah. Uh, listen I know some pretty bad stuff's happened recently. And I know it's not your fault, but I guess that doesn't stop you feeling bad.

    Xander looks confused but smiles.

    Xander: Wanna be a little more specific.

    Kelly: I'm talking about when you killed that guy. You know, when we were held hostage.

    Xander: Oh. I guess I hadn't thought about it much.

    Kelly's smile fades.

    Kelly: You haven't?

    Xander: Well you know, I've thought about it, but not recently.

    Kelly: So you don't feel anything?

    Xander: Kelly, I had to kill that guy. He woulda hurt you.

    Kelly: I know why you did it but?it doesn't change what you did.

    Xander: You're saying I should feel bad?

    Kelly: Yes.

    Xander frowns.

    Kelly: Xander killing someone changes you. It makes something else. Whether you realise it or not.

    Xander: So what, if I don't feel bad for killing the guy who would probably have killed both of us, then what, that makes me a monster?

    Kelly: I'm not saying that. But if you don't talk about it, and don't realise the seriousness of it, then it'll come back and haunt you someday. Believe me I know.

    Xander: Oh, so this is actually all about you. You think I have to feel the same as you did. Well you know, I'm sorry but I don't. I know what I had to do and I did it. I did it for. And if you can't accept that, than maybe next I won't bother.

    Xander gets up and walks out. Kelly sits alone, looking upset. Cut to downstairs. Willow looks pale, Buffy looks shocked.

    Lauren: Yeah I was gonna get to that.

    Buffy: What? H-how, I thought you had him secure. Didn't you?

    Lauren: Well we thought so. Looks like he had some help on the inside.

    Golda: Uh, just speaking from the new girl's perspective. Is Webber that guy who-

    Buffy: Kidnapped me, Willow, Xander and Kelly? Yeah.

    Golda: Oh. Well, uh, we were expecting the worst, right?

    Lauren: Well this could be worser than usual.

    Buffy: But Webber's just one guy.

    Lauren: Like I said, he had help. Besides he's definitely working for something much bigger.

    Buffy: Do you know who the help was?

    Lauren: Not yet. That's where you come in actually.

    Buffy: You mean work together?

    Dawn: We'd have a way bigger chance of finding him.

    Willow: And we need to.

    Willow looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: I know. And I'd like to help but?what exactly would it involve? I mean do have any ideas about where he could be?

    Lauren: We have a few. Everything will be easier to explain back at where I work. But look Buffy right now, if Webber's out there he's probably coming for you. No one's safe here right now.

    Buffy hesitates. The others look at her.

    Buffy: Ok.

    Lauren: Great. I'll just give my guys a quick ring.

    Lauren walks out the front door. Willow stands up and she and Dawn walk over to Buffy and Golda.

    Dawn: It'll be ok Buffy, we'll find him.

    Buffy: Something tells me it's gonna be a bit harder than that.

    Willow: If it's Webber, it will be.

    Golda: I really don't like the sound of this guy.

    Willow: You shouldn't.

    Buffy: Will, I know this isn't your favourite trip down memory lane, but are you gonna be able to do this?

    Willow: Yeah. I'll be ok. Even better when Webber's gone for good.

    Buffy frowns slightly at Willow's implication. She's about to speak when Lauren walks back in.

    Lauren: Ok, they're expecting us in about half an hour. Gives us plenty of time to get there, it's not far.

    Buffy: Good.

    Xander comes downstairs.

    Buffy: Xander glad you're here. We've got a little problem, beginning with Webber.

    Xander looks shocked.

    Xander: Whoa. Didn't think we'd have to deal with him anytime soon.

    Lauren: Neither did we, believe me. Anyway it'll be easier to explain the full story on the way.

    Golda: Where's Kelly?

    Xander looks awkward.

    Xander: Upstairs.

    Golda: Oh. I'll go tell her what's happening.

    Xander nods slightly. Golda walks up the stairs.

    Lauren: My car only fits five so someone else is gonna have to drive too.

    Xander: It's ok, I will.

    Lauren: Ok. I'll get the engine warmed up.

    Lauren walks out.

    Buffy: Xander if take Kelly and Golda then we'll go with Lauren ok?

    Xander: Uh, yeah, whatever.

    Dawn: You don't like Golda or something?

    Xander: No it's not?I should get the engine warmed up too.

    Xander walks out. Dawn, Willow and Buffy all look confused but follow. Cut to Kelly in her room. She is crying. There is a knock at the door.

    Kelly: Uh, come in.

    Golda walks in. Her smile fades as she sees Kelly's tearstained face.

    Golda: Oh, are you ok?

    Kelly: Uh, yeah, I will be. Sorry I probably look a mess.
    Golda: No it's ok.

    Golda walks over to Kelly.

    Golda: Wanna tell me what's up?

    Kelly: Me and Xander had a fight. I don't think it's too serious or anything, I hope it'll probably get sorted out eventually.

    Golda: Right. I hope so too. Uh also, we're all going back to Lauren's work place. Something's come up.

    Kelly: Oh, right. What?

    Golda: It's Webber. Apparently he's loose.

    Kelly's eyes widen and she looks shocked. Cut to Buffy and co. getting into the cars in the Summers' driveway. Golda and Kelly walk out the front door. Buffy sees them. Kelly looks pale. Buffy walks over.

    Buffy: Hi. I guess Golda told you.

    Kelly: Uh, yeah she did. But before you ask, I'm ok about coming along. I wanna help stop whatever he's doing.

    Buffy: Well ok, as long as you're sure.

    [I]Kelly nods. She sees Xander across the driveway. He avoids eye contact and gets in the driver's seat of the car. Kelly sighs and she and Golda walk up to the car. Buffy looks worried and walks over to Lauren's car. The others are already in there.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Lauren's car pulling up in a dirt car park outside a gas rig that appears to be out of use. Buffy looks out the window looking sceptical. Lauren gets out the car. Dawn does too, followed by Willow. Buffy looks hesitant but follows. Cut to Xander, Kelly and Golda getting out of Xander's car. Buffy and co. walk up to them. [/I]

    Buffy: So I, uh, really love what you've done with the exterior.

    Lauren smiles.

    Lauren: Just camouflage. Gas rigs are apparently the second least attractive buildings in the UK, so we don't get much publicity.

    Willow: What's the first?

    Lauren: Well nuclear plants but we couldn't get any of those. This works fine though, and in a totally non-radioactive way. More or less. We should go inside.

    Lauren walks on followed by Dawn. The others look hesitant. Dawn turns around and mouths "it's fine". She smiles and carries on following Lauren. The others look at each other and then follow. Kelly looks at Xander but her brushes past her. Golda looks sympathetic and Kelly smiles sadly.

    Cut to Lauren walking through a narrow, dimly lit passageway followed by the others. They look around. Lauren walks up to what seems like a dead end. She places her hand on the left wall. Part of the wall moves back and then up revealing a small keypad and a small metal plate with tiny holes in. Lauren presses a code. She leans close to the metal plate.

    Lauren: Lauren Westwood.

    A green light turns on.

    Buffy: You sure like your security around here.

    Lauren: Pretty much a must in my line of work.

    The wall near the dead end moves back and then moves aside showing tow metal doors. They part to show the inside of an elevator.

    Xander: Oh please say that's not an elevator leading to your secret underground base.

    Lauren: Well it's not exactly an underground base as such. Look I know what you're thinking, but we're not The Initiative.

    Willow: You know about them?

    Lauren: Yeah.

    Golda: Well I don't.

    Buffy: Oh this team of army guys and scientists who captured and experimented demons.

    Xander: Not to mention being a pain in our asses for a year.

    Buffy: That too.

    Golda: Oh.

    Lauren: Yeah they were pretty impressive. Except for the fact they destroyed themselves with their own creation. Which we don't plan to do by the way. Some of their guys got transferred over to us but they're fine now.

    Buffy still looks uncertain.

    Dawn: You guys I told you, it's fine.

    Dawn walks into the elevator and looks expectant. Buffy sighs and follows her followed by the others. Lauren turns to a keypad on the elevator. Buffy turns to Dawn.

    Buffy: I'm so blaming you if anything goes wrong.

    Dawn rolls her eyes. The elevator doors shut and the sound of the elevator moving are heard. The elevator doors open.

    Lauren: Here we are.

    Lauren walks through. Dawn smiles and follows. Buffy and co. look forward in awe. The camera turns round to show a room at least twice as big as the main Initiative room. In the centre is a computer about the size of a tennis court with a map of the world on it. There are hundreds of people walking around, at smaller computer or standing and talking. A huge escalator leads down from where Buffy and co. are standing. Dawn turns around at the others smiling.

    Dawn: Isn't it amazing?

    Buffy walks out of the elevator looking around stunned. There are guards either side of the elevator.

    Buffy: Uh huh.

    Xander walks forward still looking around.

    Xander: (vacantly) This really is?big.

    Dawn: Yep! And I didn't even have to have sex to get in.

    Everyone looks at Dawn. Buffy's eyes widen. Lauren looks awkwardly at her. Dawn looks away smiling awkwardly.

    Buffy: So moving on?Lauren it's?it's something.

    Lauren: Well I'm glad it's that. But we're more than just a big room. There's some people you should meet.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Lead on.

    Lauren begins walking down the escalator followed by the others. Golda turns to Kelly.

    Golda: So you don't usually visit places like this huh?

    Kelly: Uh, no this is definitely new. Sorry it's a bit overwhelming.

    Golda: Oh, no it's fine. It actually feels kinda homely. In a big, open, unfamiliar kinda way.

    Kelly: Oh, ok. I can?kinda see that, I uh, guess.

    Everyone is still looking around when they walk off the bottom of the escalator. Lauren beckons as if to say "follow me" and begins walking. The others follow and look up at the huge computer as they pass it.

    Xander: Bill Gates may be evil but he sure knows how to make good things.

    Lauren: Yeah?and only for $16 billion.

    Everyone looks surprised. Lauren shrugs and they carry on walking.

    Cut to Lauren walking around a corner. There are several people working at computers.

    Lauren: Julia.

    A woman looks up and smiles at Lauren.

    Julia: Lauren, nice to see you back.

    She looks past Lauren and sees the others.

    Julia: Aha, you brought them, excellent.

    She smiles and holds out her arms.

    Julia: Buffy it's an honour.

    Buffy: Oh, thanks.

    Julia: I'm Julia, one of the chief operators here.

    Buffy: That's nice.

    Julia smiles and looks at the others.

    Julia: Xander, Kelly, Willow wonderful to meet you all at last. And welcome back again Dawn.

    Dawn: Thanks.

    Julia smiles again and then sees Golda.

    Julia: Ah yes you're the newcomer, yes? Golda I believe.

    Golda: Uh, yeah actually.

    Julia: Well I'm sure the others are making you feel at home. Obviously being a Slayer you're much more in-the-know than I am, but I must say, welcome to the team.

    Everyone looks a little perplexed by Julia's outgoingness.

    Buffy: Well you sure seem to know a lot about us.

    Julia: Oh dear you're famous worldwide, everybody who's got the slightest bit of knowledge about the demon world knows about you and all your escapades.

    Buffy looks taken-a-back.

    Julia: But don't worry, we're not broadcasting your location globally or anything like that. Only those who need to know where you are do.

    Buffy: Right. And they are?

    Julia: Well everybody here of course, and then the governments of most of the countries we're working with and some others. Now it'll be much easier to explain all this without so much noise don't you think?

    Buffy is about to answer but Julia carries on.

    Julia: Lauren if you would tell the others to meet me in my office as soon as possible and then make your own way there. And if you'd get some tea, we'd all appreciate it. Follow me everyone!

    Lauren smiles a little and nods. Julia has already started walking. Buffy looks back at Lauren and raises an eyebrow. Lauren smiles awkwardly.

    Lauren: Have fun.

    She walks off. Buffy turns round. Julia spins round.

    Julia: Buffy do get a move on, there's a good girl.

    Buffy looks a little exasperated but walks on. Cut to Julia opening a door of what appears to be her office. It is a large room with a table in the middle. The table has some kind of screen lying flat on top of it in the middle and chairs placed around vaguely. Julia strides in briskly and picks up a mug on the desk. She grimaces as she looks inside and pours its contents into the bin. The others look on curiously. Julia looks at her desk and huffs starts sorting through some papers. She looks up and smiles quickly.

    Julia: Do all take a seat won't you?

    Everyone quickly walks over to chairs and sits down. Julia continues shuffling through papers. Everyone sits in silence for a few seconds.

    Julia: Aha!

    Everyone jumps. Julia walks over to the table with a small disk. She presses a small button on the side of the table and a disk drive pops out. She places the disk in the drive and it retracts back into the table.

    Willow: Your table's a computer?

    Julia: Oh no, just the top half.

    Julia smiles at Willow and then everyone looks surprised as a large image appears in front of them from the screen.

    Julia: Now, before we start talking about any of this Webber business I should really give a brief outline of what we're actually trying to do here.

    Buffy: Oh, ok, well that would be easier if we knew what this place was called.

    Julia: Oh what an idiot I am, so sorry I didn't even think about it. Our name is the Global Society of Prevention of Supernatural Threats. Also known as GSPST. We've been around for almost 30 years.

    Buffy: You have?

    Julia nods helpfully.

    Buffy: Then why haven't you helped us before now?

    Julia: Oh but we have. Your friend Riley has been working with us for quite some time.

    Xander: Whoa.

    Julia: We instigated the operation with your doubles placed around the world you see, and whenever there's been a major incident such as that with Webber a few weeks ago or the outbreak of the Rogue Slayer manipulation spell in April he's been keeping us up to date on what's happening.

    Buffy nods slowly. Kelly looks a little uncomfortable at the mentioning of the Rogue Slayer spell.

    Buffy: I can't believe he didn't tell us anything.

    Julia: Ah well he was bound by the official secrets act I'm afraid. We didn't want to expose ourselves to you until we felt it absolutely necessary. After all this is probably quite a shock to you I imagine.

    Buffy: Uh, just a little.

    Julia: Well I'm afraid I have some more information you might be startled by.

    Julia presses another button on the table and a keyboard appears. She types something and a world map appears. The others look curious.

    Julia: These are all the known locations of Hellmouths.

    Julia presses a button and red dots appear all over the global map. Buffy frowns.

    Dawn: Oh my god. I thought when you told me there were other Hellmouths you meant like?four.

    Julia: Unfortunately not. 51 at last count. And possibly more yet to be found. It is, however, very difficult to distinguish hotspots like Hellmouths when there's demonic activity all over the place.

    Golda: Hey there's one in Germany, where my grandma was.

    Julia: Yes a very active one at that. Several of our operatives, uh, Slayers recently diverted an apocalypse there. That's what we look for you see, the places where apocalypses occur most. Now this, I think you'll find, is very interesting.

    Julia presses another button and blue dots appear, most near to the rot dots of Hellmouths. Five of the blue dots are clearly bigger than the others.

    Julia: Now these blue dots are the major offices of Wolfram and Hart. The six larger dots are Los Angeles, Cairo, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Tokyo. Those are their largest offices, one representing each continent. That is of course except for Los Angeles, which was recently demolished, as you know. The fact that these offices are all located within a 50-mile radius of a Hellmouth means that Wolfram and Hart definitely know what they're doing. And what they're leaving behind. Our goal is to stop whatever they or anyone else plans to do concerning Hellmouths. And you've been helping us with that aim. Your work in Sunnydale, Buffy, it really is legendary. And you've continued to do a great deal at Darkley. But some threats such as those we're dealing with now may be a little bit beyond your area of expertise. I know your view on human death, and we certainly agree with it, to an extent. From what Lauren tells me, you're willing to help find and stop Webber.

    Buffy: Help?

    Julia: Buffy, when it comes down to it he's our responsibility. He let an entire ward of criminals escape. Their identities are not yet confirmed, but I can tell you they're all highly dangerous. The details will be with us shortly.

    Buffy looks at the others. Julia taps the keyboard and the screen disappears. She looks at her watch.

    Julia: Oh what is Lauren doing?

    She looks at Buffy.

    Julia: I'll be back in a few minutes. Please make yourselves at home.

    She walks towards the door and walks out. Buffy and co. look around blankly.

    Xander: And we thought we knew the meaning of evil.

    Willow smiles slightly.

    Willow: At least she's better than Professor Walsh.

    Buffy: She seems nice. Maybe a little too nice. I dunno, I guess I don't like this whole agency thing. I trusted The Initiative and look what happened there.

    Dawn: I've been here twice and haven't seen a single demon. This isn't The Initiative Buffy, they're doing good stuff. They've been keeping stuff at bay a lot longer than we have.

    Kelly: She's got a point. And I don't know about The Initiative or anything but I say we trust these guys.

    Buffy still looks uncertain. Julia walks back in followed by Lauren, a woman in her late 20s and a man in his mid 20s. The others look around. Julia smiles.

    Julia: Now we can really get down to business. I'd like you all to meet Vanessa and Joseph.

    The man and woman smile.

    Julia: Vanessa works for our branch in Singapore in charge of three hellmouths. She's not a Slayer but she's trained in several martial arts. She's come to help us out with our little problem.

    Vanessa: It's nice to finally meet you all.

    The others smile.

    Vanessa: We have a friend in common.

    Buffy: Who?

    Vanessa: Chao-Ahn Seeyan. I've worked with her several times. I heard a lot of good things about you from her.

    Buffy: Oh, that's nice of her. She said?not so much about you.

    Vanessa: It's ok. If she had I'd have to kill her.

    Everyone looks blankly.

    Vanessa: That was a joke you know.

    Buffy: Oh, right.

    Buffy and the others laugh awkwardly. Julia smiles but looks a little exasperated.

    Julia: Yes?and this is Joe. He's leading the investigation into the Webber incident.

    Joe: Hi. Hope we can stop this guy for good.

    Buffy: Right. And you're not a Slayer either I'm guessing.

    Joe smiles.

    Joe: Nah, afraid not. Hope I can still pack a punch when I need to though.

    Buffy smiles slightly.

    Julia: Well now we all know each other?we still haven't got all the details about who Webber's actually working with, probably because the people at the prison facility are complete idiots. What we do know however is that he's nearby. He may be on the run but his aim is still probably to find you.

    Willow: Then we can't just wait till he comes to us?

    Julia: Ah in theory we can but we have reason to believe he's not working on completely natural levels. Once magic is involved anything is possible, as I'm sure you're well aware.

    Willow nods uncomfortably.

    Julia: Vanessa and Joe will take you to where he was last spotted.

    Buffy: Ok.

    Julia: I think it best-

    Dawn: I stay here?

    Julia: Well yes. But you can help Lauren with tracking Webber's movements.

    Dawn: Sure.

    Buffy: Wow. Wish I could get you to stay home that easily.

    Dawn: Hey I've figured out what I'm good at ok?

    Buffy: Ok. So, uh, when are we going?

    Vanessa: Now if you're ready.

    Buffy: I think so, right guys?

    The others nod. They get up.

    Julia: Well good luck.

    She looks at Vanessa and Joe.

    Julia: Do try and make sure the job's done properly this time.

    Lauren's looks appalled from behind Julia. Julia doesn't turn round and just smiles sweetly at Vanessa and Joe. They see Lauren's face and smile awkwardly.

    Joe: Yeah, we uh, we'll get it done.

    Julia: Wonderful. Now off you go! If we receive any further news we'll contact you.

    Everyone acknowledges this and then walks out.

    Cut to Buffy and co. walking in the elevator. Xander looks at Kelly and hesitates.

    Xander: Look, Kelly-

    Kelly: Xander don't. Not now ok?

    Xander nods reluctantly and looks troubled.

    Buffy: (to Joe) So you met this Webber guy before?

    Joe: Yeah in his prison cell. Not the kind of guy you'd wanna meet. Anywhere.

    Buffy: Got that right.

    Joe: Guess your dreading a repeat performance.

    Buffy: Just a little. I guess we'll have to see what happens.

    Vanessa: I'd be more encouraging but from my experience it doesn't help too much.

    Buffy: Huh. Me too.

    The elevator doors close. Cut to Julia's office. Dawn and Lauren are walking out.

    Lauren: You know, there are degrees of evil and she's definitely one of those bigger ones.

    Dawn smiles.

    Lauren: Now that is what you have to look forward to if you come here. Still sounding good?

    Dawn: Well, yeah, I mean she's just a small part of it right?

    Lauren: Oh if only.

    Dawn laughs. Cut to Julia's office. Julia is at her desk drinking tea. The phone rings and Julia puts down the tea and picks up the phone.

    Julia: (to phone) Julia Flint's office? Yes. Yes I?

    Julia's smile fades slowly. She looks worried.

    Julia: (to phone) Oh God.

    Julia slams the phone down and runs out of her office. Dawn and Lauren notice.

    Lauren: Julia?

    Julia keeps running. Lauren and Dawn follow. Julia runs towards the escalator. Cut to the elevator. It is still moving. Everyone walks forward. Julia gets to the top of escalator. She sees that has reached the top.

    Julia: Damn!

    Cut to the elevator. The doors open. Everyone looks shocked as a gun is pointed at them. Webber smiles. Behind him are several other men.

    Webber: Buffy, hello. Still no brighter I see.

    Buffy gives him a cold look. Joe and Vanessa walk forward. The other men show their guns.

    Webber: Ah ah! That's far enough. But if everyone else would step out of the elevator quickly I'd appreciate it.

    He cocks his gun. The others walk forward slightly.

    Webber: Now no tricks from anyone; that means you Miss Rosenberg. I really wouldn't test my patience.

    Willow frowns. Webber turns to Vanessa and Joe.

    Webber: And you two. Your guns if you please.

    Vanessa and Joe reluctantly throw their weapons on the ground. Webber smiles.

    Vanessa: You won't get far.

    Webber: Oh my dear, I think you'll find you're mistaken.

    Webber stands aside, as do the other men. Willow gasps as she sees who's standing there.

    Ethan smiles.

    Ethan: Hello everyone. Been a long time.

    Buffy looks concerned.

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      ACT III

      Julia is standing next to the elevator.

      Julia: (to guards) We need this place sealed off.

      Dawn and Lauren catch up with her.

      Dawn: What's going on?

      Julia: Uh apparently Webber is a little closer than we thought.

      Dawn: How close?

      Julia: Uh?possibly just up there.

      Lauren: Oh God. With his whole gang?

      Julia: Apparently so. And there's more.

      Lauren and Dawn look worried.

      Julia: Webber's accomplice?it's Ethan Rayne.

      Dawn looks shocked.

      Lauren: Rayne?wait he's the guy that-

      Julia: We don't need a history lesson Lauren, we all know who he is.

      She turns to the guard.

      Julia: (shouting) We need that lift working! And put the building on full alert.

      Julia looks upwards. The camera moves upwards and speeds up until it reaches Buffy and co. on the surface. Webber and the other men are still pointing their guns at Buffy and co. Ethan walks forward smiling.

      Ethan: I've been waiting for this day for a long time. But you know, now it's here, it feels a little bit disappointing. I mean here you are, completely surrounded, and I can do whatever I want. I really expected more from you.

      Buffy glares.

      Buffy: So you're Webber's accomplice huh Ethan?

      Ethan: Ooh she's quick this one! Me and Webber go back a long way.

      Vanessa: We should have known.

      Webber: Don't be too hard on yourself my dear. It's not every day you come across the likes of us.

      Buffy: What did he promise you Ethan? Power, money?

      Ethan laughs. Webber smiles.

      Ethan: The promise, Buffy, is you. You know once upon a time things like power and money would definitely have appealed to us all. But it's become a bit more personal over the years. We watched you foil attempt after attempt to cut you down to size. Not that I wasn't impressed; you certainly are the world's little hero. But it's really time for that to change. Mind you, we can always kill two birds with one stone. Or seven, depending on how you look at it.

      Kelly: Webber already tried that hostage thing. If you hadn't noticed, it didn't work out.

      Ethan: Uh, I'm sorry little junior miss, were you not listening? We don't want anything. That means your not gonna be hostages. Though you're not exactly gonna be free either.

      He looks around.

      Ethan: Some of you have got big parts to play shortly. The rest? Well, I'm not completely heartless. We won't kill you until we have to.

      Joe: You know it probably won't take long for the others to realise what's happened. This place'll be surrounded before you know it.

      Xander: I sure like working with the big guns.

      Ethan: Don't we all.

      Ethan takes a gun out and shoots Joe in the shoulder. He falls back. Everyone looks alarmed. Golda backs into the wall.

      Cut to Julia, Dawn and Lauren hearing the gunshot. They look shocked. Julia turns to the guards.

      Julia: (shouting) Get a move on!

      The elevator door opens. Several guards rush in. Julia does as well. Dawn and Lauren are about to follow.

      Julia: No, Lauren if something goes wrong we need you two here.

      Dawn looks disappointed. Lauren turns to her.

      Lauren: It'll be ok.

      The elevator doors close. Cut to the surface. Buffy and Vanessa are knelt over Joe who is gasping in pain. Golda looks in shock. Kelly and Xander are staring down worriedly. Willow stares at Ethan angrily.

      Ethan: Now that, was a warning shot. He should live.

      Buffy looks up angrily. Joe coughs and looks up at Vanessa. Vanessa smiles slightly. She clutches his hand tightly. It's clear they have deep feelings for one another.

      Ethan: How very touching. Now let's get a move on.

      Vanessa stares at Ethan looking very pissed off.

      Vanessa: They'll have heard that you know. They'll be up here any minute.

      Webber: We've prepared for that. And in just a few seconds?

      Cut to the elevator rising up. It suddenly goes dark and grinds to a halt. Cut to inside the base. Dawn and Lauren are walking as guards are running around nearby. The lights start to shut down. Cut to the surface. The green light next to the elevator keypad turns off and the lights in the corridor turn off. Emergency lighting switches on. Webber smiles.

      Webber: It'll be taken care of.

      Cut to the elevator. Julia looks around as the emergency lighting comes on. She turns to the guards.

      Julia: Well what are you waiting for? Get up there!

      One of the guards uses his gun to dislodge the cover on top of the elevator. They start climbing up. Julia stands looking worried. Cut to the surface.

      Ethan: You see, Buffy. We're a lot more organised than you or your friends will ever be. Now are you coming? Or am I going to have to shoot someone else?

      Buffy hesitates and stands up slowly.

      Buffy: What is it with you guys and your guns? You think it makes you strong? You have no idea.

      Ethan: Oh I'm so sorry I don't fulfil your ideas about honour or whatever. I do what gets the job done. And I've found these work very well. Now you really might want to start walking this way.

      Buffy looks angry but starts walking followed by the others. Webber and the other men continue to point their guns at the others as they begin walking. Cut to Lauren talking to several people.

      Lauren: Just secure the area!

      The people nod and walk away quickly. Lauren and Dawn hurriedly walk up to some laptops. Lauren starts typing at one of them.

      Lauren: It's no use, all the power's down. We're basically trapped in here.

      Dawn: You don't have stairs?

      Lauren: No, Julia made the wise decision of having them rebuilt. There are access shafts but Julia's the only one with codes.

      Lauren sighs.

      Dawn: Ok, well can you get it back on?

      Lauren: No they've blocked me out. I really hate this system.

      A phone starts ringing. It turns out to be Lauren's mobile. She takes it out of her pocket hurriedly and answers it.

      Lauren: (to phone) Hello?

      Cut to Julia on her own phone in the elevator.

      Julia: (to phone) Lauren, thank god. As you may be aware the power's cut, so the elevator's out. Our men are climbing the shaft but you know as well as I do they'll have a job shifting those doors.

      Lauren: We can get help, give me the access codes.

      Julia: Oh, uh, yes of course.

      Cut to Lauren writing down the codes. Another phone rings nearby. Dawn looks at Lauren. Lauren nods. Dawn answers it.

      Dawn: H-hello?

      A smile forms on her face.

      Dawn: Oh I am so glad to hear your voice.

      Cut to Buffy and co. being lead to two army trucks.

      Webber: In you go.

      Buffy, Golda, Vanessa and Joe get in one of the trucks while Xander, Kelly and Willow get in the other. Ethan gets into the one the first while Webber gets into the second. Other men get in still pointing guns at everyone. Golda stares at Joe, who looks pale, still looking in shock. Buffy turns to her.

      Buffy: It's gonna be ok.

      Golda nods slightly and smiles weakly. Ethan roles his eyes.

      Ethan: Don't kid yourself Slayer. You haven't got anywhere else to turn this time.

      Buffy looks anxious as two more men appear. Ethan smiles.

      Ethan: Nice work with the power outage. Let's be going.

      The men get into the drivers' seats of the trucks. They start driving. Cut to the other truck. Webber smiles at Kelly. She glares at him.

      Webber: You know, I never did get the chance to really meet you. I'm glad that this time, we'll truly be able to get to know each other. You have no idea what fun's in store.

      Kelly glares but begins to look fearful. Xander puts his hand around her shoulder. Willow looks angry and raises her hand. As she does Webber grabs her neck and slams her down on the floor.

      Webber: I told you, no tricks. If you want to stay in one piece I suggest you abide by that!

      Willow: You're pathetic.

      Webber: Sticks and stones my dear.

      Willow: You need me. I can tell. Just like you need Kelly.

      Webber lets go of Willow's neck but points his gun at her instead.

      Webber: Perhaps.

      He points the gun at Xander.

      Webber: But him, we don't need.

      Willow looks worried. Kelly stands between Xander and the gun.

      Webber: A brave attempt indeed. But I know the human body well enough to know that I could give you a flesh wound and still kill him.

      Kelly looks unsure. She slowly sits back down. Xander looks coldly at Webber.

      Webber: Much better. Now, let's say whoever can keep quiet the longest gets a surprise, hmm?

      Cut to the other truck. Joe splutters. Vanessa cradles his head in her lap. She looks at Ethan.

      Vanessa: He won't make it if he doesn't get medical attention right now!

      Ethan: Hardly my biggest concern right now, sorry love.

      Vanessa looks upset. Buffy turns to Ethan.

      Buffy: You think you're the big man Ethan? You're not.

      Ethan: Buffy we talked about this. Shut up, eh?

      Golda turns to Ethan.

      Golda: She's right.

      Ethan: Well, she speaks!

      Golda: That's right. And you know, Ethan you may be pretty damn ruthless, but I've seen a hell of a lot worse. You're nothing on the large scale.

      Ethan: Well?we'll just have to do something about that.

      Vanessa: Where are you taking us?

      Ethan: All in good time. But don't try any of those little plans that I just know are spinning around in that pretty little head of yours. No one's coming for you.

      A helicopter flies overhead. Ethan looks out the window. Buffy looks relieved.

      Buffy: You were saying?

      Ethan looks angry. He kicks Buffy in the face. As he does, Vanessa grabs his gun. They begin to struggle. The helicopter lowers showing that Dawn is on board looking down. Xander and Kelly are looking out of the window also. Webber looks a little worried. Willow smiles at him.

      Willow: Not so cocky now are you?

      Webber remains silent. He turns to the driver.

      Webber: Put your foot down.

      The truck speeds up. Cut to the helicopter. Dawn turns round.

      Dawn: I think we're in position.

      The driver turns round. It's Riley.

      Riley: Great. You better hurry.

      Dawn nods. She takes a microphone.

      Dawn: (into microphone) This is the RAF. Stop your vehicles now!

      Dawn turns to Riley.

      Dawn: That ok?

      Riley smiles and nods. Dawn looks down.

      Dawn: Uh, they're not stopping.

      Riley: Looks like we're gonna have to be a bit more drastic then.

      Riley lowers the helicopter in front of the truck with Xander, Kelly, Willow and Webber in. The driver swerves as the helicopter blocks his view. Cut to the other truck. Ethan throws Vanessa off him. She falls back and bangs her head on the floor. Buffy rushes over to her. Ethan grabs the gun off the floor and shoots. Cut to the other truck. Xander, Kelly and Willow all turn round.

      Kelly: Oh God, did he-

      Xander: I hope not. Hey look!

      They look behind them. Several police cars are racing towards them. Their sirens begin whirring. Webber looks worried. The driver looks annoyed as the helicopter mimics his every move. The driver swerves sharply to the right and the truck slips off the road. Kelly and Xander are thrown forward as the truck keeps going on it side. Glass shatters and Webber is thrown out as the back of the truck opens.

      Cut to Buffy and co.'s truck. Buffy looks up as there is a bullet hole in the window. Their truck zooms past the wreckage of the other. Buffy's eyes widen. Ethan looks annoyed. Golda notices the wreckage too and is knelt down next to Vanessa who sits up slowly. She looks at Joe who appears to be unconscious. Golda looks up at Ethan.

      Golda: Face it. You're screwed.

      Ethan looks at the police cars and helicopter follow them.

      Cut to the wreckage of the other truck. Kelly pushes the half open door out of the way. One of the police cars stops next to them. Lauren rushes out.

      Lauren: Is anyone badly hurt?

      Kelly looks at Xander who has a cut on his forehead but looks ok apart from that. Willow gets up stiffly.

      Kelly: I think we're all good.

      Lauren: Better get you to A&E anyway.

      She looks at the other truck in the distance. Kelly looks out and sees Webber lying a few metres away. She gets up and looks angry. Xander notices.

      Xander: Kelly!

      He gets up and it looks like his leg is hurt. Kelly walks up to Webber and kneels over him punching him. She punches him several times. Xander limps up towards Kelly and grabs her arm. She shrugs him off. Webber looks up, clearly close to unconsciousness. He grabs Kelly's fist and then takes something from his pocket. He clenches it in his hand and disappears. Kelly looks confused. Xander walks up to her. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She falls back into his arms, breathless and upset.

      Xander: It's ok?it's ok.

      Lauren walks up with Willow, followed by two guards. Lauren looks around.

      Lauren: Where did he go?

      Xander looks at her.

      Xander: He's gone.

      He hugs Kelly tighter.

      Cut to the other truck. Buffy elbows Ethan in the face. He turns round and hits her. The two other men in there grab Buffy. Vanessa punches one of them and kicks the other in the chin. The helicopter is now above them. Golda gets up and kicks Ethan in the back. Ethan falls forwards but gets up quickly. The helicopter lowers down close to the van. Cut to Dawn with Riley. Riley turns to her.

      Riley: Take this.

      He gives Dawn a gun. She looks worried.

      Riley: It's ok. Shoot the tires.

      Dawn still looks unsure. But then nods. She looks down as the helicopter moves over to the side of the truck. She shoots and misses. She composes herself and then tries again. She hits the back tire. The driver looks out the window and looks worried. The truck swerves right and then left narrowly missing a car driving in the other direction which quickly swerves to the side of the road to avoid the police cars. Riley looks concerned.

      Riley: Thought they closed the road.

      Dawn shoots again and hits the front tire. The truck starts spinning. Everyone inside is thrown around. It grinds to a halt. Riley turns the helicopter around and lands it nearby. Dawn runs out and rushes towards the truck followed by Riley. The police cars stop behind them. Policemen and women start running towards them. Buffy and Golda get out looking bruised. Vanessa takes Joe and helps him out. An ambulance stops behind the cars and paramedics rush out. Dawn reaches Buffy and they hug. Buffy closes her eyes and smiles slightly looking relieved. She and Dawn pull away.

      Buffy: Hey, thanks.

      Dawn: Oh, no problem. Kinda. Anyway Riley's the one you should be thanking.

      Buffy looks up and smiles at Riley. He nods.

      Riley: We gotta stop meeting like this.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: Yeah, so much for "never again".

      Riley: Where's Ethan?

      Buffy turns round. Only the two other men are lying unconscious in the truck.

      Buffy: Guess he did it again.

      She looks serious.
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        ACT IV

        Fade to everyone standing outside. It's getting dark. Buffy and co. all have blankets on. Lauren walks up to her followed by Julia.

        Julia: Buffy I came as soon as I could. I'm so sorry about all of this.

        Buffy: No, it's not your fault. Ethan and Webber have a way of leaving a trail of destruction through other people's lives. You couldn't have known they'd be so near.

        Julia: Well, I should have done. Are you all all right?

        Buffy: Just major scratching and bruising.

        Willow: Not to mention a slight bullet wound.

        Julia: Oh no, Joe is he-

        Lauren: Uh, the paramedics told Vanessa he should be ok. She's gone with him to the hospital.

        Julia nods.

        Julia: Lauren, Dawn I uh, I wanted to say?you handled the situation very well. Well done.

        Julia smiles more genuinely.

        Lauren: Thanks Julia.

        Dawn: Yeah.

        Julia nods and walks away. Buffy turns to the others.

        Buffy: Well after another exciting visit from Webber, I guess we should go home.

        Willow: Got my vote.

        They start walking. Xander turns to Kelly.

        Xander: Uh Kelly, I just wondered. Is stuff sorted out between us?

        Kelly: Yeah.

        She smiles.

        Kelly: Yeah it is. And I get it now. You were right to kill that guy.

        Xander's smile fades a little.

        Xander: But before-

        Kelly: That doesn't matter. Sometimes you have to do things like that because it's right. Like if Webber, ever tries to hurt you, or me, or anyone else again.

        Xander: What?

        Kelly: (slowly) I'll kill him.

        Kelly says this so coldly and resolutely that Xander looks concerned. Kelly then forms a vague smile.

        Kelly: Better get going.

        She starts walking. Xander looks after her still looking concerned.

        Cut to the Summers house, at night. Everyone is stood in the hall.

        Lauren: Well I better be getting back.

        Dawn: Oh ok. Well it's been good uh, saving people with you.

        Buffy: We really appreciate it.

        Lauren smiles. Lauren's mobile phone starts ringing. She answers.

        Lauren: Hello?

        Lauren frowns.

        Lauren: It's Vanessa. She says turn on the TV.

        The others looks confused. Dawn goes in to the living room and turns on the TV. A cartoon is on.

        Lauren: Uh, ITV.

        Dawn switches the channel. The news is on.

        Reporter: The terrorists issued this video today.

        A man in a black balaclava looks into a camera.

        Man: (muffled voice) They took from us.

        The man stands aside. A man is gagged and bound to a chair. Everyone looks shocked. It's Giles. Close up of Buffy looking shocked.

        Man VO: So we're taking something back. If you want him; come and get him.

        Buffy looks at a loss.

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