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Buffy Episode 9.5 171. The Distance

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  • Buffy Episode 9.5 171. The Distance

    Hi, this is the fifth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.5 171. The Distance

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.


    ACT I

    Open on the back door of the Summer's house. Buffy walks through, followed by Dawn, Rona and Chao-Ahn. The stand in the kitchen.

    Rona: Well I gotta say, I wish we could stay here longer.

    Chao-Ahn: Yes. I enjoyed killing vampires in such a beautiful location.

    Buffy: You know I wish I could say I do, but?I don't. But anyway, you know you guys are welcome to stay here as long as you want.

    Rona: Thanks. And you know, we probably would, these last few days have been nice. Considering what's just happened.

    Buffy: Of course. I guess it woulda been nice for the other girls to stay too, but I think the last invasion was enough for one lifetime.

    The others smile.

    Rona: But we've got people to see, things to kill. So we really gotta go.

    Dawn: Today?

    Rona: Soon as possible, yeah.

    Dawn looks sad.

    Chao-Ahn: We'll come back.

    Buffy: Anytime.

    Buffy smiles. Chao-Ahn smiles back. She then looks at Rona and her smile fades. Rona notices her looking at her. Chao-Ahn nods. Dawn and Buffy look confused.

    Dawn: What is it?

    Rona looks uncertain.

    Rona: Uh?before we go?there's something you should know.

    Dawn: I don't like the sound of that.

    Buffy: What?

    Rona: Well?a few weeks ago my Watcher got a phone call. It was from Vi's grandmother.

    Buffy suddenly looks worried. Rona pauses.

    Buffy: Go on.

    Rona: Buffy?Vi's dead.

    Buffy looks shocked. Dawn does too. Buffy looks Rona in the eyes.

    Buffy: Uh?wh-when?

    Rona: Last year.

    Buffy: Last yeah? How come no one knew before this?

    Chao-Ahn: She was fighting a Nerati demon. They are vicious. We fought them once and barely got away.

    Rona: They?they eat the bodies of their victims after they kill them.

    Dawn: So, Vi? she was-

    Buffy: (slowly) Oh god.

    Everyone looks sad. Rona looks hesitant suddenly.

    Rona: Buffy there's more. There's worse.

    Buffy looks at her, frowning.

    Buffy: How can there be worse?

    Rona: I don't know exactly how to say this?

    Dawn: Then just say it.

    Rona exhales.

    Rona: The day she went missing must have been the same day she died.

    Dawn: So?

    Rona: It was the day we all lost our Slayer power. The day you tried that spell.

    Buffy: What do you?what, no, I-

    Chao-Ahn: We don't know for certain that that's why she died, but?it makes sense.

    Buffy stares at the floor.

    Buffy: First Faith now this.

    Dawn: Buffy, if this was the spell, it wasn't?you didn't know ok?

    Buffy: No?no we should have. This is exactly like the Slayer spell. I didn't even think.

    Dawn: Wait, I'm not gonna let you obsess over something like this again.

    Dawn looks at Rona,

    Dawn: Why did you tell us this?

    Rona: Hey, I just thought you should know.

    Buffy: She's right. We should know. Thanks, you guys.

    Chao-Ahn: We're sorry.

    Buffy: You haven't done anything. Um, if it's ok I just need some time?alone.

    Rona: Right, we should start packing anyway.

    Buffy nods. Rona and Chao-Ahn smile sympathetically. They walk into the hall. Dawn turns to Buffy frowning.

    Dawn: Ok, look-

    Buffy: Dawn?please don't.

    She walks away looking pale. Dawn looks after her looking worried.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:

    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda
    KRISTY WU - Chao-Ahn
    INDIGO - Rona
    DANNY DeVITO - Tony

    Open on a train pulling up at a small train station. The camera shows the feet of two people walk out. The camera follows the third pair of feet. It rises up to show Willow. She looks around looking anxious. She looks to her right and then starts walking over in that direction. She walks up to a conductor.

    Willow: Um, excuse me.

    The conductor smiles.

    Conductor: Well hello miss, what can I do for you?

    Willow: Could you tell me the quickest way of getting to Elisonne manor?

    The conductor's smile disappears.

    Conductor: Well?yes but, why on earth would you want to go there?

    Willow: I need to see someone there.

    Conductor: Family?

    Willow hesitates and then smiles.

    Willow: She used to be.

    Cut to Buffy in her room. She looks pale and in shock. There is a knock at the door.

    Buffy: Dawn I said-

    Xander OS: It's Xander.

    Buffy: Oh, uh, Xander now's not a great time.

    Xander OS: It's ok. Dawn told me what's up.

    Buffy: Did she tell you I wanna be left alone?

    Xander OS: Yes.

    Xander opens the door. Buffy looks round.

    Xander: But I figured you were just saying that so someone would come in. And well, here I am.

    Buffy: Oh. Well, no actually it was the non-cryptic version.

    Xander: Right. But see here's the thing; you need to talk to someone right now.

    Buffy: Xander you can't say anything to make me feel better.

    Xander: Well I'm gonna at least try.

    He walks closer to her.

    Xander: I know you feel bad, and I know it's not great timing for you to find out about this. Sure you should feel sad. Hey, we all do. But you weren't the demon who killed Vi.

    Buffy: I let it happen. And we don't know Vi was the only one. It could have happened to loads of girls.

    Xander: They only lost their power for a few minutes. It's not like every Slayer in the world was fighting at the same time.

    Buffy: We don't know that.

    Xander: Ok look. Maybe people have died from that spell. But you did it to stop the Rogue Slayers.

    Buffy: It didn't work Xander. You know that. Maybe if it had it might possibly have been worth what's happened, but it didn't. So Vi, and anyone else who died from that spell died for nothing. You can phrase what happened any way you want, but it doesn't change that. Nothing can change that.

    Buffy gets up and walk out of the room. Xander looks after her sadly.

    Cut to Kelly, Rona and Chao-Ahn at Darkley train station.

    Kelly: I hope you guys have a good journey.

    Rona: Thanks. Compared to a lot of journeys we've had recently, here to Devon's not that bad.

    Chao-Ahn: Would you like us to tell Giles anything?

    Kelly: Uh, just tell him things are ok. Don't mention the whole Vi thing though ok? He doesn't need to deal with that.

    Rona: What about Buffy? Do you think she can deal with that?

    Kelly: I'm not sure. Xander said he'd talk to her, but to be honest?I don't think there's anything he can say.

    Chao-Ahn: Maybe we shouldn't have told you.

    Kelly: We'd have found out sooner or later. And I think Buffy would have reacted the same whenever she found out. When you find out you're responsible for someone's death it goes deep.

    A train pulls up behind them.

    Kelly: This for you?

    Rona: Yeah. Let us know how things turn out.

    Kelly: Will do.

    Kelly hugs Rona and then Chao-Ahn.

    Chao-Ahn: Bye Kelly.

    Kelly: Bye.

    The walk through the train doors. The camera moves round to show an old woman walk out of another carriage. She has a resolute expression on her face. The train starts moving and Kelly turns around. Cut to her walking along a road. She takes a piece of paper from her pocket that reads "Crescent Hotel, Sampson Lane". She looks up and sees "The Crescent Hotel" above one of the buildings in red letters. She bites her lip and walks towards it. Cut to her walking down a corridor. She stops by one of the doors. She knocks on it. Cut to the other side. A woman opens the door. Willow is stood on the doorstep. The house appears to be a large mansion surrounded by private grounds. The woman smiles slightly.

    Woman: Can I help you?

    Willow: Yeah, uh, my name's Willow Rosenburg.

    The woman's smile fades.

    Woman: (disdainfully) Oh. What are you doing here?

    Willow: By your expression I think you already know.

    The woman walks forward and closes the door behind her.

    Woman: Miss Rosenburg, I'm afraid Miss Elisonne is far to busy for personal engagements currently. If you'd like, I could arrange an appointment, however the earliest Miss Elisonne could see you is-

    Kennedy OS: Willow?

    Willow turns around. Kennedy is walking up the path towards her. Willow smiles.

    Willow: Kennedy!

    Kennedy smiles back and they hug. Kennedy looks tearful as she does.

    Kennedy: It's so good to see you!

    Willow: You too.

    Kennedy looks at Willow. The woman behind them folds her arms and looks disapprovingly at them. Kennedy looks at her.

    Kennedy: Maria cancel the appointments for the rest of today.

    The woman (Maria) looks startled.

    Maria: Miss Elisonne, you know that's impossible.

    Kennedy: Then make it possible.

    Maria: The Junior Partners will not be pleased to hear this Miss Elisonne!

    Willow looks concerned. Kennedy looks at Maria levelly. She walks up to her.

    Kennedy: Do I have to remind you who's in charge here?

    Maria: Miss Elisonne I-

    Kennedy: The Junior Partners can't make me do anything, and you know it. Right now I have better things to do than deal with demons that need me to get them off the hook, and if the Junior Partners have a problem with that, then you can tell them where to shove it, ok?

    Maria glares at Kennedy. Kennedy raises her eyebrows. Maria sighs.

    Maria: Whatever you say, Miss Elisonne. But let me just say this. Your predecessors knew what their priorities were, they didn't let their personal lives interfere. Ever.

    Kennedy: Well?that must have sucked.

    Maria looks angry.

    Kennedy: Now, go and, file, or something.

    Maria glares again and opens the door before walking inside. She slams it behind her.

    Willow: She sounds?

    Kennedy: A bitch? Yeah, she is.

    Willow and Kennedy both laugh slightly.

    Kennedy: So, how are you?

    Willow: I'm ok, yeah. And you?

    Kennedy: Pretty well under the circumstances.

    Willow: Right. Well, uh, the house looks nice.

    Kennedy: Yeah it's great. On the outside.

    Willow: Oh.

    Kennedy: Well you might as well see for yourself. The coffee's at least pretty good.

    Willow: Sure.

    Kennedy walks in. Willow follows looking content.

    Cut to Dawn and Xander in the Summers living room.

    Xander: I hope she's ok.

    Dawn: I think she just needed some air. Give it time.

    Xander: Yeah?I just feel so helpless. I mean trying to make people feel better is kinda my area of expertise, and I can't do that right now. I just wish she'd let me.

    Dawn: As long as she thinks she's to blame?it could take a while.

    Xander: Not to sound heartless, but I don't see how this is different to the Rogue Slayers. I mean I'm sad Vi's dead, I just don't see why Buffy's freaking so much more over this.

    Dawn: I guess because it feels more personal. We all knew Vi. It's harsh but, when it's people you haven't even met, I guess it's easier to live with. Besides, Buffy feels she did this directly. And I kinda agree.

    Xander frowns.

    Xander: You think it's her fault.

    Dawn: Well whose fault is it Xander? The demon?

    Xander: Yes. Vi coulda gotten killed by it anyway.

    Dawn: But she died because of what Buffy and Willow did. I'm not saying she needs to do anything about it. It was an accident. But at the end of the day, who would Vi's grandmother blame?

    Xander pauses.

    Xander: Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing?

    Dawn: In theory, yeah.

    Xander: You know I didn't even think about Willow. Has anyone told her?

    Dawn: No. And?maybe we shouldn't. You know how she was when she heard about the Rogue Slayers.

    Xander: But that means Buffy gets all the blame. Believe me, I don't wanna see Willow suffer from this any more than you do, but she did cast the spell. Besides I think she'd wanna know. She has a right to.

    Dawn sighs.

    Dawn: I guess you're right.

    Xander looks at her and smiles sympathetically.

    Xander: So, how are you doing?

    Dawn: Ok I guess. I mean I'm glad we finally know I just?wish it wasn't now.

    Xander: Yeah. Me too.
    Dawn and Xander hug. The camera moves past them to the living room window. Buffy is stood several metres away looking through the window. She looks contemplative as she sees Xander and Dawn. Dawn looks up and sees her. She smiles slightly and beckons for Buffy to come inside. Buffy smiles slightly and walks in. Cut to Buffy walking through the front door. Dawn and Xander meet her on the porch.

    Dawn: Hey. How was your walk?

    Buffy: Helpful.

    Dawn: Oh. In what way?

    Buffy: Just gave me time to think. That I have to be realistic about this. That although I'm part of what killed Vi, I can't dwell on that.

    Xander: Well not forever or anything, but we get you have to grieve. If wanna do it on your own it's fine.

    Buffy: Nah, I tried that. Kinda lonely.

    Xander: Uh huh?

    Buffy smiles.

    Xander: But seriously, we're here for you. Only if you need us.

    Dawn: Totally.

    Buffy: Thanks. And I do.

    Xander and Dawn smile. Buffy looks around.

    Buffy: Kelly still out?

    Xander: Yeah. Said she had to meet someone. After seeing Rona and Chao-Ahn off.

    Buffy: Right. I should really have gone with her.

    Dawn: They understood, don't worry.

    Buffy: I see.

    Dawn: So, what now? I mean we were kinda planning for the funeral forever and now?whatta we do?

    Xander: Oh there'll be some demon out there.

    Buffy: Always is.

    A car is heard pulling up outside.

    Xander: And let's hope that's not one of them.

    Dawn opens the front door. The car is revealed to be a taxi.

    Dawn: Um, no she looks human enough to me.

    Xander: Well you know looks can be-

    Buffy: Xander.

    Buffy looks serious as she stares at the taxi. The old woman seen getting off the train is seen getting out. The taxi drives off.

    Xander: What?

    Buffy: (slowly) I think I know who that is.

    The old woman walks towards them.

    Woman: Uh, hello, I'm looking for Buffy Summers.

    Xander: Well you've found her.

    Woman: Oh! Good. Uh, now you don't know me, but-

    Buffy: You're Vi's grandmother.

    Dawn and Xander look at Buffy shocked. They then look at the woman who looks surprised.

    Woman: Well?yes, how did you know? Were you expecting me?

    Dawn and Xander look worried. Buffy looks pale as she tries to answer Vi's grandmother.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Kelly stood outside the hotel room door. Golda is facing her. Kelly smiles.

    Golda: Oh. Hey.
    Kelly: Hey! I hope this is a good time.

    Golda: It's fine. Come on in.

    Kelly walks in. She looks around.

    Golda: Uh, you want anything?

    Kelly: I'm fine.

    Golda: Oh, ok. So, uh, what brings you to these parts?

    Kelly: Well, believe it or not, you.

    Golda: Right. What about me?

    Kelly: I wanted to how you were doing.

    Golda: Kelly you don't have to check up on me.

    Kelly: I know, I'm trying to. But after what happened with Krolov, and since we're friends, I just wanted to make sure you were ok.

    Golda: Right. Well, thanks. And so you know, I'm ok. Good even.

    Kelly: Good. But you know, I can't help but notice what little space you have.

    Golda: It's not that bad. I manage.

    Kelly: Is this managing indefinite?

    Golda: I'm just taking every day as it comes right now.

    Kelly: Not really gonna work in the long term.

    Golda: Well I don't really have much other choice.

    Kelly: Yes. You do. Buffy said she'd be fine with you coming to live at the house with us.

    Golda: I don't wanna be in your way.

    Kelly: As if you are. Look, I know it's daunting, I didn't belong with them once either. But now I've never been happier.

    Golda: You have Xander though. I don't have anyone like that.
    Kelly: I have the others too. They'll be there for you. I'll be there for you.

    Golda sighs and sits down on her bed.

    Kelly: Say you'll think about it at least.

    Golda: Ok.

    Kelly: Great!

    Kelly hugs Golda. Golda smiles.

    Golda: That's not a definite yes you know?

    Kelly: I know, I know. But it's a start.

    They smile at each other.

    Kelly: So what you doing tonight?

    Golda: Oh my plans consisted of?staying here, lying down, not moving much at all.

    Kelly: Well as fun at that sounds, why don't you come patrolling with me?

    Golda: Kelly?

    Kelly: No, it'll be great.

    Golda: It's not that I don't appreciate the offer. I just?since Krolov?

    Kelly looks sympathetic.

    Kelly: I know it brings back a lot of memories for you. But Golda, if you don't confront this now, you might not ever be able to.

    Golda hesitates.

    Golda: I suppose. What did you have in mind?

    Kelly smiles. Cut to Vi's grandmother walking in to the Summer's house. Buffy, Dawn and Xander follow her looking pale.

    Vi's grandmother: Oh this is nice!

    Buffy: Thank you.

    Vi's grandmother: You know I used to have a house like this when I was a girl. Oh it brings back memories.

    Buffy smiles slightly but then looks sad. Xander notices Buffy's look.

    Xander: Uh, Vi's grandma-

    Vi's grandmother: Please, call me Alice.

    Xander: Right. Uh, Alice, would you a drink of something?

    Alice: Oh, yes, coffee would be wonderful.

    Xander: Great. Why don't you come with me into the kitchen?

    Alice: All right, thank you.

    Xander smiles as Alice accompanies him to the kitchen. Buffy is about to follow. Dawn grabs her arm.

    Dawn: (whispering) Buffy what are you doing!?

    Buffy: I can't just turn her away.

    Dawn: I know but?what are you gonna tell her?

    Buffy: The truth.

    Dawn looks surprised. Buffy turns away and walks into the kitchen. Dawn follows slowly. Xander is making coffee in there. Alice is sitting down at the table. Buffy stands nearby. Dawn folds her arms and stands near the kitchen entrance.

    Alice: So, I take it you're the Slayer, Buffy?

    Everyone looks shocked.

    Buffy: You know about Slayers?

    Alice: Oh yes, my husband was a Watcher once. Not to Vi, but, still he was as good as one to her for a while. He told me where I could find you.

    Buffy: Right.

    Alice: You probably wondering exactly why I'm here.

    Dawn: Just a little.

    Alice: Yes, well, I'm afraid I have?some bad news. Vi died last year.

    Buffy closes her eyes.

    Xander: Uh, we already found out.

    Alice: Oh, when?

    Dawn: Today.

    Alice: Ah, I'm sorry.

    Buffy: (tearfully) Please don't apologise.

    Alice: Oh, maybe I should come back later, you're obviously-

    Buffy: No, uh, please stay.

    Alice: Are you sure?

    Buffy: Yes

    She wipes her eye.

    Alice: All right then. Uh, well her parents were very disturbed as you can imagine. The heartbreaking thing is that I can't really explain how she died to them.

    Dawn: No?you really can't.

    She and Xander share a look.

    Alice: But they want to know that Vi was happy these last few years. They hardly saw her even when she came back to Chicago. I can't tell them everything obviously, but I want to be able to know myself. I want to be able to answer them honestly, when they ask me if Vi died for a reason. I want to tell them yes.

    The others look sad.

    Alice: But, uh, if you only found out today, then perhaps talking about this right now isn't such a good-

    Buffy: I can tell you what you need to know.

    Alice: Oh, thank you.

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: Vi was great. She uh, held her own in the fight. I don't think her friend Rona would still be alive if it wasn't for her. She was a Slayer to the end.

    Alice smiles sadly.

    Buffy: An end that came far, far too soon.

    Alice: Yes. But, that is the life of the Slayer.

    Buffy: No. Not Vi. She had the potential. She should be alive today.

    Alice: Some things are inevitable.

    Buffy: And some things happen?because of what other people do.

    Alice's smile fades slightly.

    Alice: I don't follow.

    Buffy look sad. Cut to a quick montage from Endeavour. Willow casts the spell. Buffy looks shocked. The Judge smiles. Energy builds up. Slayers across the world lose their power. Vi gets stabbed. Cut back to the Summer's kitchen. Alice drops her coffee on the floor. She looks devastated. Dawn and Xander look sombre. Buffy is staring at Alice sadly.

    Buffy: I-

    Alice: No. Don't try to explain yourself.

    Dawn: We're sorry.

    Alice: You think that makes it better?

    Xander: What else can we say?

    Alice: Oh, please don't say anymore. I think I've heard enough.

    Buffy: All right. That's up to you.

    Alice: Oh thank you so much. You?you people have right to meddle with people's lives this way!

    Dawn: Can't you let us-

    Alice: Explain? You killed my granddaughter. What is there to explain?

    Buffy: It wasn't?I was trying to help. And Xander and Dawn didn't have anything to do with it. It was me.

    Alice: I see. Well as I don't really wish to spend any more time with murderers, I better be going.

    Xander: Hey! The spell was done for a reason.

    Alice: And you think Vi died for a reason? She could have won that fight. Now she never will. I can't even give her parents the peace of mind they need.

    Dawn: You're gonna tell them?

    Alice pauses.

    Alice: I think they've suffered enough. And they certainly don't deserve to feel how I do now. I'll show myself out.

    Buffy: Wait, it's getting late, and Darkley's not so near-

    Alice: I'll take my chances.

    Alice walks off angrily. She slams the door. Buffy, Dawn and Xander stand in the kitchen in silence.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy walking into a large hall; the one from Infinite Possibilities. Willow looks around amazed.

    Willow: Wow?it's amazing! What was that you said about the inside?

    Kennedy: Oh, it's not so much what it looks like. It's what goes on.

    A short middle-aged man walks in to the room on a mobile phone.

    Man: (to phone) Yeah make sure they settle. Well if they don't then just tell the assassins, we talked about this. I don't care if they make you nervous, I'm gonna make you a whole lot more nervous if that bitch doesn't settle tomorrow! Understand? Excellent, now get the hell on with it!

    He comes off his phone and notices Kennedy.

    Man: Kennedy!

    He holds his arms out and walks up to her.

    Man: We are in business my dear, yes we are!

    Kennedy smiles awkwardly.

    Kennedy: Hi Tony.

    Tony: We are this close to settling.

    He holds his thumb and index finger close together.

    Kennedy: That's?great.

    Tony smiles. He looks at Willow, smiles and walks towards her.

    Tony: And who, may I ask, is this beautiful young lady?

    Willow: I'm Willow.

    Kennedy: My girlfriend.

    Tony raises his eyebrows and smiles.

    Tony: Really? That's very interesting! You know some people might have a problem with that kind of thing, but me, nuh-uh, what two consenting women do is really no one else's business. And it's even better when you can watch them doing it.

    He raises his eyebrows several times at Willow. Willow looks disgusted. Kennedy looks annoyed.

    Kennedy: Tony! Don't you have stuff to do?

    Tony: It can wait.

    Kennedy: I don't think it can. Go. Do it!

    Tony looks disappointed.

    Tony: All right, fine. You two have your fun.

    He winks at Willow. Kennedy glares at him, looking embarrassed. He looks apologetic before walking away. Kennedy looks at Willow.

    Kennedy: I'm really sorry.

    Willow: It's fine. But maybe we could not see him again. Ever.

    Kennedy smiles.

    Kennedy: I'll do my best. Just they all come and go every now again. Tell me this stuff I don't really care about. I find nodding and smiling usually makes them go away.

    Willow smiles.

    Willow: So this is your life now?

    Kennedy: Yeah.

    Willow: And you're happy?

    Kennedy looks sad.

    Kennedy: Willow, of course I'm not. You know, I try not to think about the people that suffer because of the pieces of paper I sign every day, but still?this isn't me. I wasn't born to live this life. I want my life to be with you, in Darkley. But that's not gonna happen. So I just have to deal with it. Which I'm doing. Kinda.

    Willow: I'm sorry.

    Kennedy: Hey, you being here's really brightened my day. Month even.

    Willow smiles. She and Kennedy hug.

    Kennedy: Do you wanna see some more of the house?

    Willow: Sure!

    They walk off. Maria appears from behind a corner looking suspicious.

    Cut to Buffy, Xander and Dawn walking down the road towards Darkley. It is dark, and Xander is using a torch to light the way.

    Buffy: Xander did you have to bring that?

    Xander: Not all of us have Slayer night-vision. Especially with one eye.

    Buffy: Right. Sorry.

    Xander: It's ok. You know, I really don't think she wants to be found.

    Buffy: That's not the point. There are vamps out here. I don't wanna be responsible for anything else.

    Dawn: Buffy-

    Buffy: Look let's not talk about that right? Not until we have to.

    Xander: Ok, but I hope we find Vi's grandma soon. She's gotta be around here some-

    A woman's cry is heard nearby. Xander flashes his torch. Two vampires looks up. A figure is lying on the ground. Buffy's eyes widen.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Kelly and Golda walking along the same road.

      Kelly: I mean I never met her but for some reason?it feels like I've lost someone I knew.

      Golda: Maybe because she was a Slayer too?

      Kelly: I think so. From what Dawn was saying she was pretty great.

      Golda: God, the world's so screwed up.

      Kelly: Not always.

      Golda: Well from what I've seen, good people die and the bad guys do whatever they want.

      Kelly: I know. But at the same time the bad guys get stopped. At least, we try and stop them.

      Golda: Sounds good.

      Golda smile. Kelly looks hopeful.

      Kelly: Would this be you accepting the offer?

      Golda: Yeah, I think so. I think I'm really kidding myself with that hotel room.

      Kelly: Well I did kinda hold back a little.

      They laugh a little.

      Golda: Besides, I wanna be a part of it. With you.

      Kelly smiles. They hug. They hear a distant woman's cry. They look shocked.

      Kelly: You ok with starting right now?

      Golda: Uh, sure let's do it.

      They begin running forward. Cut to Buffy, Xander and Dawn. The vampires rush towards them. Buffy immediately pulls a stake out of her pocket and stakes one of them. The other goes for Dawn who kicks him in the stomach. Xander grabs him round the neck and Buffy dusts him too. She smiles quickly at Xander before rushing past towards the figure on the floor. It is a young woman. Buffy feels her neck.

      Buffy: She's alive!

      The woman stirs.

      Woman: Oh?

      She clutches her neck. She opens her eyes and sees Buffy.

      Buffy: It's ok. You're gonna be all right.

      Woman: Wh-what? Ah?

      She looks in pain.

      Buffy: We need to get her to a hospital. Can you guys do it?

      Dawn: Yeah, but, what about you?

      Xander: Buffy, Vi's grandma's still out there.

      Buffy: And I'll find her. But she needs you.

      Dawn: Ok. Be careful!

      Buffy nods. Dawn and Xander help the woman up.

      Woman: Wait! The others they're?ah?

      Buffy: What others?

      Woman: Those men that?attacked me they?they?

      Buffy: Took them somewhere?

      Woman: Yes they?they took them?that way?

      She points into the distance.

      Buffy: Ok. I'll find them.

      Woman: Thank you?
      The woman seems to be drifting in and out of consciousness.

      Buffy: You guys hurry.

      Xander nods. They walk off helping the woman along. Buffy walks away in the other direction, on to a dirt track.

      Cut to Kelly and Golda walking hastily. Golda suddenly stops.[/I]

      Kelly: What?

      Golda: I heard something.

      Kelly: You sure it wasn't just the wind or something?

      Golda: You notice how people always say that when it's not gonna be?

      Kelly: Well, yeah.

      A noise is heard. Kelly turns her head. She and Golda walk slowly towards a hedgerow. They raise their stakes. Nothing happens.

      Golda: Ok, so maybe it was the wind.

      They slowly turn round. They jump as they see Buffy standing in front of them. Buffy looks startled also.

      Kelly: God, you so almost got staked then!

      Buffy: Sorry.

      Kelly: It's ok. What are you doing here?

      Buffy: There's some vamps?Golda?

      Golda: Hi.

      Buffy: It's great to see you again. Did Kelly tell you about-

      Golda: Yeah. I uh, I'd love to.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: I'm glad.

      Golda smiles back.

      Kelly: So what was that about vamps?

      Buffy: There's some more around here apparently. I think they might have Vi's grandma.

      Kelly: Vi's grandma!? Since when is she here?

      Buffy: Oh, right, you haven't seen her yet. Well she came by wanting to know stuff about Vi. So I told her.

      Kelly: Oh you didn't tell her about-

      Buffy: I had to. I couldn't to her. She trusted us.

      Golda: Not anymore, I'm guessing.

      Buffy: No. She ran out, and here we are. Dawn and Xander are helping this other woman to a hospital.

      Kelly: Got bit?

      Buffy: Yeah.

      Golda: And she's not a vampire?

      Buffy: Oh god. I didn't even think about that.

      Kelly: Well it's not gonna happen till morning. And she wasn't dead right?

      Buffy: She was getting there. She'd lost a lot of blood.

      Golda: They have to know.

      Kelly: Well maybe they realised.

      Golda: If they didn't then the people at the hospital are gonna have a pretty big shock in the morning.

      Buffy: We can't take that chance.

      Kelly: But I thought you said there were other vamps. We can't go after Xander and Dawn without taking care of them.

      Buffy looks hesitant.

      Kelly: We can catch up with the others after.

      Buffy: You're right.

      Golda: So uh, where are the other vamps?

      Buffy: I saw footprints. Here.

      Buffy sees a trail of footprints on the ground.

      Buffy: Let's go.

      They follow the footprints. Cut to Kennedy and Willow in a bedroom, which appears to be Kennedy's. They are sat on a large four-poster bed.

      Willow: This bed is huge. Like everything here.

      Kennedy: Yeah. Gets kinda lonely. Especially the bed.

      Willow smiles.

      Kennedy: Can you stay the night?

      Willow: No my flight leaves just after midnight.

      Kennedy: Oh, ok.

      Willow: Sorry.

      Kennedy: Don't worry. But, you know, maybe we could?do something now?

      Willow: I don't think that's such a good idea.

      Kennedy: Right, sorry I'm an idiot.

      Willow: Kennedy it's not you I just?I mean what are we now?

      Kennedy: Can't we just be us?

      Willow: I don't think there can be an us anymore.

      Kennedy: Yeah?I get that feeling too. I wish there could be but-

      Willow: Let's not think what could be. We should just try and enjoy the time we have. Today.

      Kennedy smiles and nods.

      Kennedy: So how's Dawn?

      Willow: Well she's doing ok actually?

      Willow's voice dies away as Maria is seen peering through a crack in the door. She turns around resolutely and walks down the corridor. She walks into a room and locks the door behind her. The room is fairly small, with several shelves with old books stacked in them. In the middle of the room is a pedestal with a drape over it. Maria walks towards it and throws off the drape. Underneath it is a red orb in a gold hand. Maria touches the orb with her index finger. It glows and red energy swirls up Maria's arm. She pulls away. She walks out and locks the door again. A mouse scrambles along the corridor. Maria's gaze follows it as it draws near her. She frowns slightly and points her index finger at it. The mouse is engulfed in red energy and disappears. Maria smiles to herself and turns around looking at Kennedy's doorway.

      Cut to Buffy, Kelly and Golda walking up to a manhole cover at the edge of a field.

      Kelly: Well that's knew.

      Buffy: Footsteps stop here. This must be it.

      Golda: How many do you think there'll be?

      Buffy shrugs.

      Buffy: Let's find out.

      Buffy opens the manhole cover and starts climbing down a ladder. Golda turns to Kelly.

      Golda: We check first sometimes, right?

      Kelly: Oh, yeah. Sometimes.

      Kelly nods reassuringly. Golda doesn't look completely convinced. Cut to Golda dropping down at the bottom of the manhole ladder. The tunnel in front of them stretches out for about 10 metres before turning to the left. Buffy looks at the ground.

      Buffy: Looks like ten vamps came through here.

      Kelly: Or one came like, twenty times.

      Buffy looks at her.

      Kelly: Just trying to be optimistic.

      Buffy looks forward and frowns.

      Buffy: Better hurry.

      She walks down the tunnel. Golda and Kelly follow uncertainly.

      Cut to Kennedy and Willow on the bed still.

      Kennedy: Wow it's been like a month, and I've already missed so much.

      Willow: Well some stuff it's probably best you missed. The hostage situation for instance.

      Kennedy: I'm just glad you're ok. I mean I know I don't need to protect you or anything but I still worry.

      Willow: I worry too. We should call more often.

      Kennedy: I know, I really wish I didn't have so much work to do.

      They stare into space for a second.

      Kennedy: I, uh, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

      Willow: Oh ok. I'll be right here.

      Kennedy: Oh, you're free to look around and stuff if you want.

      Willow: I think I'll stay here and not get lost, thanks anyway.

      Kennedy smiles and gets up. She walks out. Willow looks around and gets up too. She walks around the room. She reaches the window and looks out. She sees two men arguing in the large garden. She frowns as they start to get physical. One of the men suddenly grabs a knife and stabs the other in the chest. Willow looks shocked as he falls to the ground, dead. The other man simply straightens his tie and walks off. Willow turns around and jumps as she sees Maria facing her.

      Maria: Going somewhere?

      Cut to Buffy, Kelly and Golda turning a corner. They hear voices from nearby. The camera moves around to show seven vampires sitting around and laughing in an average sized room. There are fifteen humans tied up around the room, almost all of them unconscious. One of the vampires grabs the wrist of a pale-looking man and starts drinking. Golda closes her eyes and looks away. Kelly notices and looks concerned. Buffy notices Alice as one of the humans. She is sat quietly staring at the vampires. One of the vampires notices.

      Vamp #1: Hey what you looking at grandma?

      Alice: I'm not.

      Vamp #2: What?

      Alice: I'm not a grandmother. Not any longer.

      Vamp#3: Aw something happen?

      Alice: You wouldn't imagine.

      Vamp #1: Oh I think we would wouldn't we guys?

      Vamp #2: Maybe as we kill you, you can tell us how it compares to how she died?

      The vamps laugh. Vamp #3 suddenly gasps as an arrow hits him the chest. He dusts. The other vamps all look over. Buffy is standing looking determined with a crossbow. Alice looks up hopefully but then frowns. Vamp #1 looks angry.

      Vamp #1: Get them!

      The vamps approach. Kelly turns to Golda.

      Kelly: Ready?

      Golda: I think so.

      They both get a stake out. Buffy punches vamp #2. Kelly and Golda move around her and take a vamp each. Vamp #2 gets up and vamp 1 joins him. Golda kicks vamp #5 in the face. He falls back into vamp #6. Kelly ducks as vamp #4 swing a punch. She drives her stake upwards and he dusts. Vamp #7 looks angry and charges at her knocking Kelly to the ground. Buffy jumps and does a spin kick knocking back both vamp #1 and #2. Vamp #5 punches Golda and then grabs her shoulder. Vamp #6 gets up to help her. Kelly punches vamp #7 twice, and then turns to help Golda. Vamp #7 punches her as she lets her guard down.

      Cut to Willow and Maria.

      Willow: That guy just killed someone.

      Maria: Yes, but don't worry, that's how we do things here. If someone gets in the way?we dispose of them.

      She glares at Willow.

      Willow: Does Kennedy know about this?

      Maria: What Miss Elisonne does and does not know, is really no concern of yours. This isn't Sunnydale or Darkley or anywhere else you might have the delusion that you're in control. Here, I make the rules.

      Willow: And here's me thinking that was Kennedy's job.

      Maria: Oh please. She has no idea. But nevertheless she can be used.

      Willow: When she finds out about-

      Maria: Oh but she won't, Miss Rosenberg. Because no one's going to tell her.

      Willow: As threats go that's kinda lame.

      Maria: Really?

      She blasts Willow back with energy. Willow hits the wall and slides to the floor.

      Maria: How about that?

      Cut to Buffy and co. Vamp #2 growls and charges at Buffy. She does a back flip kicking him in the face. As she lands she stakes him. Vamp #1 looks angry and goes to punch her. She grabs him by the collar and flings him over into the wall. Vamp #5 tries to bite Golda, as Vamp #6 holds her arms. Buffy punches Vamp #6. Golda smiles at Vamp #5 before punching her hard. She drives her stake down and the vamp dusting can be heard below screen.

      Cut to Willow and Maria. Maria walks towards Willow, her arm still outstretched. . She seems to be pinning Willow to the wall.

      Maria: Kennedy is needed for far greater things than you'll ever conceive of. I may not share her mother's enthusiasm that she can be cooperative, but that will hardly be relevant in the end. Unfortunately you are an obstacle in what we need to do Miss Rosenberg. Kennedy is on this road now and I will let nothing deter her from it.

      She moves her hand forward and red energy begins to flow towards Willow.

      Kennedy OS: Sorry, I got off at the last junction.

      Maria turns her head and Kennedy punches her in the face. Willow sinks to the floor and Kennedy rushes over to her.

      Kennedy: Are you ok?

      Willow smiles and nods. Maria looks angry.

      Cut to Buffy punching vamp #6. Vamp #1 looks up from the floor. He looks angry and then notices Alice. He smiles and crawls towards her. Alice looks worried as she notices him. Kelly smacks vamp #7 aside. Golda goes to stake her at the same time as Kelly, but from behind. The vamp dusts. Kelly and Golda smile at each other. Alice gasps as vamp #1 grabs her smiling. Kelly notices.

      Kelly: Buffy!

      Buffy looks over. She grabs her stake from the floor and quickly stakes vamp #6. Vamp #1 opens his mouth and is about to bite Alice. Alice closes her eyes tightly.

      Cut to Maria getting up.

      Maria: Miss Elisonne I'm afraid I really must intervene.

      She blasts energy at Kennedy. Willow counters it with her own magic. Maria's eyes widen.

      Kennedy: Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention she's a witch.

      Kennedy smiles at Willow but frowns as she sees Willow looks serious.

      Kennedy: Willow?

      Willow: I can't.

      Kennedy: But you have to! I don't think I can stop her on my own!

      Willow: No there's something else-

      Maria: Ah, Miss Elisonne I see where you get your weakness from now.

      Kennedy glares at her but then an idea seems to hit her. She backs away and starts running down the corridor. Willow follows. Maria looks worried and chases them. Cut to Kennedy kicking the door Maria went into earlier down. Maria looks enraged.

      Maria: No!

      Willow stands at the doorway as Kennedy stands in front of the red orb. She kicks the pedestal as Maria reaches the doorway. She looks shocked.

      Cut to Vamp #1 and Alice. Buffy runs over. She hesitates and then kicks the vamp in the head so his head hits the wall. Her heel goes straight through his temple, ripping his head from the rest of his body. He dusts. Buffy looks down at Alice and looks relieved..

      Alice: Thank you. And I'm sure they'd say all the same. We must hurry.

      Buffy smiles slightly. Alice remains frowning. Buffy looks sad.

      Cut to Kennedy. The pedestal falls and the orb smashes. A sphere of red light encircles them all. It grows bigger. Cut to the outside of the house. The circle stops at the gates at the end of the houses long driveway. Cut to a close up of Kennedy's eyes. She opens them. Maria is gone. Willow is knelt nearby looking around. She looks confused.

      Willow: What was that?

      Kennedy smiles.

      Kennedy: That was me showing them who's boss.

      Willow smiles.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Alice sat on the bench by the stream near the Summer's house. Kelly appears from nearby.

        Alice: A little late for a walk isn't it?

        Kelly: Not for Slayers. How come you're out here anyway?

        Alice: I don't want to be in that house.

        Kelly: Right. You still blame Buffy.

        Alice: You think I shouldn't?

        Kelly: I'm not saying that. I mean can't really say much cause I wasn't around at the time.

        Kelly sits next to Alice on the bench.

        Kelly: But the reason Buffy did that spell, was to stop Rogue Slayers. Believe it or not I was one at first. Because I didn't know what the hell was going on. Vi was lucky, she had Buffy to help her.

        Alice: Yes, well, I'm afraid that becomes a little ironic considering what's happened.

        Kelly: I know. And Buffy realises that. She can't feel any worse right now. I'm not saying she shouldn't, but what happened with Vi was an accident. Buffy couldn't have predicted that. She never meant to hurt anybody. Only to help them. Like she helped me, Vi, and so many others.

        Alice: That doesn't make things right.

        Kelly: Of course not. But hopefully you can see that she's on our side. She's on the world's side. She just made a mistake. Just like everyone else does.

        Alice looks Kelly in the eyes. Kelly smiles slightly and gets up making her way back to the house. Alice stares into space.

        Cut to Kennedy and Willow in front of the house.

        Willow: So what was that thing?

        Kennedy: Maria told me it was how she kept order around the house. Thinking about how she got that power, I figured that was what was doing it. It was linked to Maria so, I guess we won't be seeing her again.

        Willow: Well, that's good. But still, the other stuff she said?

        Kennedy: I know?my mom. But without Maria around, there's no real link to Wolfram and Hart. Except me.

        Willow: You're staying? After all this?

        Kennedy: Believe me if there was another way?but there isn't. People will die if I go. And I can't live with that.

        Willow: You might not be able to stop what Wolfram and Hart throw at you.

        Kennedy: Well, from what you say about Angel I'm the least of their worries right now. Besides, the other guys that work here aren't so bad. And now I'm the only they'll be listening to I think we start to make some changes.

        Willow smiles. She and Kennedy hug. The part and Tony appears in the distance.

        Kennedy: Oh here we go.

        Tony: Hey, if it isn't my beautiful young ladies.

        Kennedy: Do you know how easily I could fire you?

        Tony: But you'd feel so bad about it afterwards.

        Kennedy: Really wouldn't.

        Tony: Ok, ok, I'll take it down a notch. But back to business.

        Kennedy: I'm kinda in the middle of something.

        Tony: Oh but Kennedy this is big stuff here!

        Willow: It's ok. I better go anyway. Bus to catch before the plane, it'll arrive soon.

        Kennedy: Oh.

        Willow: I could come back.

        Tony: You will? That is great.

        Willow raises her eyebrows at him.

        Tony: Because?you seem really nice!

        Willow: Thank you.

        Kennedy roles her eyes. She smiles at Willow.

        Kennedy: Well, sorry about the whole Maria thing.

        Willow: Hey it's fine. I had a great time, even with that included.

        Tony: Oh, Maria, I never liked her. Good job you took her out Kennedy, she had it coming.

        Kennedy smiles slightly. She hugs Willow and kisses her on the cheek. Willow looks sad.

        Willow: I'll keep in touch.

        Kennedy nods. Willow begins walking away. Tony turns to her.

        Tony: You know I'm really gonna miss her. So anyway about this deal we have going.

        Kennedy: Sure, let's hear it.

        Kennedy turns to him. Cut to Willow walking away sadly. In the distance, Kennedy looks over at Willow and looks sad too.

        Cut to Buffy and co in the Summer's living room.

        Kelly: So she really wasn't a vampire.

        Xander: We got a bandage for her wound. Once she stopped losing blood she started getting better.

        Buffy: I'm glad. I'm just sorry we couldn't take longer.

        Dawn: Hey, it's fine. You had more important stuff to do.

        Buffy: We still don't know about that vampire nest. What they were trying to do now.

        Xander: This is one of those times I really wish evil things didn't have plans. Would make things a whole lot simpler.

        Golda: At least we stopped them from hurting anyone else.

        Buffy: Yeah. And thanks, you guys for helping me out.

        Kelly: Couldn'ta done it without you.

        Buffy smiles. Alice appears from the kitchen.

        Buffy: Alice. Hi.

        Alice: Hello. I, uh, I think it's time I go. For good.

        Buffy: Oh. Well you know if you us to order you a taxi or-

        Alice: Oh, no I've done that myself. It appears walking is perilous around here at night.

        Xander: Really is.

        Alice smiles slightly. She then looks at Buffy.

        Alice: Buffy I?I can't forgive you, for what you did.

        Buffy looks upset.

        Alice: But I can understand why you did it.

        Buffy looks up. Alice smiles gently before turning around. She walks out and closes the door behind her. Buffy smiles back.

        THE END
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