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Buffy Episode 9.4 170. United in Grief

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  • Buffy Episode 9.4 170. United in Grief

    Hi, this is the fourth episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.4 170. United in Grief

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.


    ACT I

    Open on Buffy in a cemetery at night. She is staring at a grave. The camera moves round to show the name:

    March 1982 – September 2004

    Buffy continues to stare at the grave. She slowly smiles but doesn’t move.

    Buffy: Sorry I’m late.

    The camera moves to show Faith standing nearby.

    Faith: Hey don’t worry. Can’t rush these things, right?

    Buffy: No. I guess not.

    Faith walks up to her and stands next to her.

    Faith: It’s pretty cold. You sure you wanna stay here?

    Buffy: I don’t have anywhere else to go.

    Faith: Sure you do. You gotta a world of places you could be right now. But then I guess this is the thing you can’t get off your mind. Take a step back, B. Otherwise you’re gonna be waiting here forever.

    Buffy: Not forever. Just…just until tomorrow’s over.

    Faith: Yeah. Big day.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Faith: Don’t worry, you’re not gonna be alone. Everyone’s gonna be there. I sure will be.

    Buffy looks sad.

    Buffy: That’s part of the problem.

    Faith: Hey I know you’re worried about Angel and Spike but something tells me there’s more to this deal than you think. Don’t blame them too much, you don’t have the full story. Yet.

    Buffy looks at Faith. Faith smiles sympathetically. She looks back at the grave.

    Faith: No surname I see.

    Buffy: Oh, I don’t think you told-

    Faith: Nah I did. That first night in The Bronze. You remember?

    Buffy: I remember being annoyed at the friendly competition. That soon became less friendly.

    Faith: But now? Never been closer. I mean hey I’m dead, and still in your dreams. You were in mine too. I mean I’m just guessing. But it’s gotta mean something, right?

    Buffy: Yeah.

    She looks at the grave again.

    Buffy: We can change it, you know.

    Faith: No, it’s fine. It’s simple. I like it.

    Buffy: But it’s not complete.

    Faith: It will be.

    Faith puts her hand on Buffy’s shoulder. She begins to fade. Buffy frowns. Cut to Buffy opening her eyes in bed. Someone is knocking at the door. Buffy sits up.

    Buffy: Come in.

    Willow walks in. She smiles vaguely.

    Willow: Hi, Buffy, sorry to disturb but I think they’re gonna be here soon. Figured you’d wanna be up and ready when they arrive.

    Buffy: Yeah. Thanks Will.

    Willow smiles and closes the door. Buffy’s smile fades and she lies back.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg

    Special Guest Stars:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith

    Guest Starring:

    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    TOM LENK - Andrew

    Cut to Buffy walking into the kitchen, now dressed. Kelly, Xander and Willow are eating breakfast at the table.

    Buffy: Hey guys.

    Willow: Hi.

    Kelly: Hey.

    Xander: No offense, but you look kinda shattered.

    Buffy: Yeah I didn’t sleep too well.

    Willow: Worried about today? And yeah, that’s a pretty dumb question.

    Buffy smiles slightly.

    Buffy: I just hope it all goes well.

    Kelly: You mean Spike and Angel?

    Buffy nods. She sits down at the table.

    Willow: I know this probably won’t help but I invited Kennedy. I thought…I thought she’d wanna be here. Though I could get through to an answering machine so I dunno if she’s coming or not, but, I hope it’s ok. It’s ok right?

    Buffy: Oh. Well yeah, sure, I mean she should be here.

    Xander: I, uh, also called Andrew. I just thought he’d wanna know, and well he asked if he and Lloyd could come and I said…sure.

    Buffy: Great. Party.

    Willow: Buffy-

    Buffy: No, no it’s fine. They should be here too. Just the more people, the more complicated stuff gets. I don’t really think I’ll be in the mood for entertaining afterwards.

    Kelly: Well we’ll take care of that.

    Willow: Yeah sure. Though it’s gonna be complicated whatever happens.

    Buffy: Right. How is Kennedy anyway?

    Willow: Haven’t spoken to her since she left.

    Buffy: Really?

    Willow: Yeah. Seems they really like the answering machine being on. I guess she’s just busy or something.

    Xander: Guess you’ll find out.

    Willow: Yeah…

    Willow looks at Buffy who is staring at the kitchen clock.

    Willow: They’ll be here.

    Buffy turns quickly.

    Buffy: What?

    Willow: Well, you just seemed kinda doubtful.

    Buffy: Oh. Well yeah a little. Not sure what I’m feeling actually. Kinda stuck between optimistic and pessimistic right now.

    Willow: And that equals normal. You’re normal. That’s good.

    Buffy: I hope so.

    Dawn comes down stairs quickly.

    Dawn: Are they here yet?

    Xander: No we’re still waiting for the oncoming doom.

    Buffy looks at Xander.

    Xander: Sorry.

    Dawn: I’m just glad they didn’t arrive before I got down here. Gives me a chance to have some breakfast before-

    There is a knock at the door. Buffy turns her head and sees a car is parked outside. She looks pale suddenly.

    Buffy: Better hurry.

    Everyone looks anxious. Buffy gets up. Dawn stands aside as Buffy goes to the door. She exhales and opens it. Spike and Angel are stood there. Buffy looks shocked. They stare at her.

    Angel: Buffy…hi.

    Buffy: (quietly) Angel.

    She turns to look at Spike.

    Buffy: Spike.

    Spike smiles slightly and nods a little.

    Spike: Hello Buffy.

    Buffy folds her arms.

    Buffy: You guys should come in.

    Spike and Angel stand aside for each other to walk through. Buffy looks taken-a-back. Spike and Angel sigh and both go for the door at the same time. Spike eventually squeezes past Angel. He stands close to Buffy facing her. Buffy looks into his eyes and looks very pale. Spike looks anxious. The others have come through from the kitchen.

    Willow: Wow.

    Dawn: Mm-hmm.

    Xander: Spike…Angel.

    Angel: Xander, Willow, Dawn. And uh…

    He looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: I’m Kelly. You must be Angel. With the forehead and all.

    Angel frowns slightly. Xander looks away. Buffy continues to stare at Spike. He smiles as he looks at her.

    Spike: I, uh-

    Buffy: I have to get changed, these, these clothes I-

    She turns away. She puts her hand over her mouth and looks like she is about to cry. She runs up the stairs. The others look awkward.

    Angel: Told you you should have let me talk to her first.

    Spike: Like that would have gone down any better.

    Willow: I think she needs a minute. Or a hundred. Seeing you guys again…probably up there with riding Space Mountain ten times in a row.

    Spike: Yeah. Know how she feels.

    There is an awkward silence.

    Dawn: So, uh, how have you guys been?

    Willow: Yeah what’s been happening in LA?

    Angel: Not a lot.

    Spike: Pretty much an understatement.

    Angel: Ok, well a lot. But the usual. Apocalypse.

    Dawn: Yeah same here.

    Spike: Take it you won yours?

    Xander: Yeah. And we didn’t even need you to help us out.

    Spike stares at Xander.

    Willow: Xander don’t.

    Xander: I’m just saying. Woulda been a little courteous to just let us know you were alive after you oh-so heroic death.

    Spike: Missed me that much?

    Angel: Spike.

    Spike: Oh come on Angel, it’s not gonna be long before he starts having a go at you for Wolfram and Hart probably.

    Angel looks at Xander. There is another silence.

    Spike: So I uh, see you got a new girl then. You and Anya didn’t work out after all.

    Kelly: You don’t know?

    Dawn: Uh, Spike was…he wasn’t around when it happened.

    Spike: What?

    Xander: Anya’s dead.

    Spike looks shocked.

    Xander: Yeah. You weren’t the only one. Unlike you, she didn’t come back. Funny how these things work isn’t it?

    Kelly looks at Xander sadly.

    Spike: I, uh, I didn’t know, I’m-

    Xander: I don’t need to hear it. Far as I’m concerned you’re here for Buffy. Both of you.

    Angel: No. We’re here for Faith.

    Xander: Ok then. Doesn’t mean I have to have anything to do with it.

    Xander turns away and goes past them in the direction of his room. Kelly follows looking concerned. Willow and Dawn look awkward.

    Willow: Sorry, he’s-

    Angel: Still Xander.

    Willow smiles vaguely.

    Willow: Right so, coffee anyone? Uh, I mean...well we don't have much in the way of the hemoglobin variety lately.

    Angel smiles.

    Angel: We can drink coffee. It's fine.

    Spike: Not for me, thanks.

    Dawn shakes her head slightly. Willow smiles and walks through to the kitchen followed by Angel. Spike is about to follow but Dawn turns around and faces him.

    Dawn: He’s got a point though. Xander I mean. How come you didn’t want Buffy to know you were alive? Or any of us?

    Spike: It’s complicated.

    Dawn: Not really. I mean either you wanted us to know or you didn’t.

    Spike: I did. I would have, but as time went on…it just became too difficult.

    Dawn: For you?

    Spike: For everyone. How easy do you think it would have been to just show up after burning into ash like that?

    Dawn: Well here you are now doing just that.

    Spike: And I’ve already frightened off half of you.

    Dawn: I don’t’ know about Xander. But with Buffy…just give it time.

    Spike: What about you?

    Dawn: Well I thought I’d be mad at you. But I’m not. I guess I understand why you didn’t call. Things haven’t exactly been smooth this last year. So you know as long as you don’t start calling me niblet again or anything…I think we’re ok.

    Spike smiles at Dawn who smiles back. They walk into the kitchen where Willow and Angel are talking.

    Angel: Who?

    Willow: Mrs Elisonne? I thought maybe you might have met her or something.

    Angel: No, no I haven’t.

    Willow: Oh. Well she worked with Wolfram and Hart. She was my girlfriend’s mom.

    Angel: I see. And she told you, about me and Wolfram and Hart.

    Willow: Yeah.

    Dawn: Guess we might not have known if wasn’t for her. Were you gonna tell us?

    Angel: Well I was thinking about it until Andrew showed up.

    Willow: What?

    Spike backs away and heads back into the corridor. He starts walking up to stairs.

    Angel OS: Look I get that you guys don’t trust me anymore I-

    Willow OS: Angel what are you talking about?

    Cut to Spike at the top of the stairs. He looks around and then sniffs the air. He turns to Buffy’s room and pushes the door ajar. Buffy is sat on the bed facing the window. Spike walks in. The door creaks a little. Buffy turns around quickly. She exhales deeply as she sees Spike. Spike looks serious.

    Spike: We need to talk.

    Buffy looks serious too. Cut to Angel, Willow and Dawn in the kitchen.

    Willow: Andrew never told us about that.

    Angel: What? But…he said Buffy told him to tell me.

    Dawn: Ok wait, Andrew wouldn’t make stuff up like that.

    Willow: Looks like he kinda did.

    Angel: I figured you were all thinking the same thing.

    Dawn: Well…we were kinda unsure. I mean it just seemed so weird that you went over to Wolfram and Hart after you’ve been fighting them for like five years. We actually figured you might have gone evil and lost your soul again. Well Xander did mostly, but-

    Angel: Yeah I get that you have no reason to trust me. I just wish I could prove it to you.

    Willow: Angel. Look I’ve seen what Wolfram and Hart are really like. The kind of people that they employ. My girlfriend’s mom, Kennedy, she was about as evil as you can get and still have a soul. If that’s what everyone there’s like, then yeah it seems like a pretty bad place to be. But I’ve been darker places than that, and I know that you wouldn’t do something like that without a good reason. So as dark as it may be, I don’t think it rubbed off on you. You still saved the world, right?

    Angel: Yeah. Well we had some help, but effectively. And you’re right, it was a bad place to be. It was a mistake going there. We paid the price. Some of us paid a bigger one than others.

    Willow frowns slightly.

    Willow: Who? You mean Wes-

    Angel: Yeah. But there’s something else. Someone else.

    Willow frowns.

    Cut to Xander and Kelly. Xander is reading something.

    Xander: Wow these hymns they’re…really depressing.

    Kelly: I kinda think that’s the idea. So that you can reflect.

    Xander: Yeah. Well there’s gonna be plenty of that going on.

    Kelly: Yeah…

    They sit in silence for a few seconds.

    Kelly: Xander there was something I-

    The doorbell rings from downstairs.

    Kelly: We should go do our entertaining thing.

    Xander: Ok sure. But what were you gonna say?

    Kelly: Oh, it can wait.

    Xander: Sure?

    Kelly nods.

    Kelly: I just have to get changed out these first.

    Xander: Ok I’ll wait here.

    Xander smiles at her. Kelly turns around and walks out frowning slightly. Cut to Willow, Dawn and Angel in the kitchen. Willow gets up. She looks uncertain.

    Angel: I’m sorry, maybe I should have waited later to ask.

    Dawn: Yeah I think you should.

    Willow: No, it’s ok. No time like the present. Speaking of which, I should get the door.

    Willow walks into the hall still looking worried. She opens the door. Her eyes widen. Kennedy is stood on the doorstep. Willow looks shocked but smiles. Kennedy smiles back a little.

    Kennedy: Hi.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Buffy and Spike sat on Buffy's bed in her room in silence. Spike finally speaks.

    Spike: You know this would be the point where you tell me it's alright and you understand.

    Buffy: Yeah. But it's not that simple Spike.

    Spike: Why not?

    Buffy: Because!

    Buffy stands up and walks away a little. She turns around and faces Spike again.

    Buffy: For nine months I thought you were dead and you didn't even call to tell me you were back. I get that you couldn't at first but?you had almost a year.

    Spike: And what, you'd be all hugs and roses? I didn't wanna do that to you.

    Buffy: So you were just gonna hide forever, is that it?

    Spike: No. I was waiting for the right time. It was difficult. There was a lot going on.

    Buffy: Don't give me that. You would have had time to call. Just once. It would've only taken a minute.

    Spike: Oh right, what we had to discuss would've taken a minute. You know that's not true. And if you knew since Rome that I was back, then how come you didn't ring eh?

    Buffy: I?

    She hesitates. Spike stands up.

    Spike: Face it, you were as reluctant as me.

    Buffy: Well what was I supposed to say?

    Spike: What were either of us supposed to say? Apart from what we're saying now. Which isn't exactly what I had in mind for our first meeting since?

    Spike sighs and sits down. Buffy sighs too and stares at him. She walks over and sits back on the bed next to him. They sit in silence again.

    Spike: Look. I know I should have told you sooner. I'm not gonna try and make an excuse as to why I didn't. It's just with me being a ghost and all for half the year?I didn't get the chance. And the longer I put it off, the harder it got and I thought you'd be angry. Turns out I wasn't far wrong.

    Buffy: I'm not angry. Not exactly.

    Spike: Coulda fooled me.

    Buffy: I just felt like you didn't care enough to tell me.

    Spike: Of course I did. I never stopped caring about you. Even when I was in flames.

    Buffy stares at Spike.

    Buffy: But you know, I understand now. I was angrier with Carlos at the time actually. And Andrew.

    Spike: The Immortal?

    Buffy: Yeah. Both of them knew you were alive and didn't tell me.

    Spike: Oh. Well?being angry at The Immortal's good. And I told Andrew not to tell you. You shouldn't blame him.

    Buffy: You weren't around to blame.

    Spike: Yeah sorry about that. We were in a bit of a hurry though.

    There is silence.

    Spike: So, uh, you and The Immortal. Guess it didn't work out after all, since you're here now.

    Buffy looks guilty.

    Buffy: Uh, no, no it didn't. But Spike-

    Spike: Look you don't have to explain. I know he's irresistible and all that crap. You deserved to be happy with someone. Even if he is a bloody git.

    Buffy smiles awkwardly.

    Buffy: Spike?there are some things, that you were told that aren't exactly?or at all true.

    Spike frowns. Cut back to Willow and Kennedy.

    Willow: Oh my god! You came!

    Kennedy: Yeah sorry I didn't call.

    Willow: No, no it's fine you're here now!

    Willow goes to hug Kennedy. Kennedy hugs her back and smiles.

    Kennedy: I've missed you.

    Willow: Me too.

    Willow pulls back.

    Willow: Come on in.

    Kennedy walks in.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy walking in the kitchen with Angel and Dawn.

    Dawn: Kennedy, hey!

    Kennedy: Hey Dawn! How ya doing?

    Dawn: Good.

    Kennedy: Wait what happened to Harvard here we go?

    Dawn: Long story.

    Kennedy: Thought so.

    Willow: Uh Kennedy this is Angel.

    Angel: Hi.

    Angel smiles slightly. Kennedy smiles back a little.

    Kennedy: So you're really him.

    Angel: Yeah.

    Kennedy: I don't know Willow told you about me and-

    Angel: Wolfram and Hart. She did.

    Kennedy: They say a lot about you back at the house.

    Angel: Well yeah it wasn't that long since I was running the place. Or part of it anyway.

    Kennedy: Actually they say a lot about how disappointing you were.

    Angel: Oh.

    Kennedy: I guess they were expecting you to go all evil. Willow told me you do that sometimes.

    Angel: Right. Well I didn't. Well they thought I did but uh, it's complicated.

    Willow: Well, you know that's actually encouraging. I mean if the bad guys were disappointed, then you had to be doing something right. Right?

    Angel: I guess we did.

    Dawn: We should tell Buffy. Might make her less worried about?well you.

    Angel: Worth a shot I guess.

    Xander and Kelly come down the stairs. Kelly smiles as she sees Kennedy.

    Kelly: Kennedy?

    Kennedy: Hey there!

    Kelly: I thought you couldn't make it?
    Kennedy: Well I managed it. Eventually. Obviously.

    Kelly smiles and she and Kennedy hug. Xander smiles but frowns as he looks around.

    Xander: Wasn't Spike with you guys?

    Dawn looks around and frowns.

    Dawn: He was?I guess he went somewhere else.

    Xander: Ya think?

    Dawn raises an eyebrow at him.

    Angel: He must have gone to find Buffy.

    Xander looks annoyed.

    Willow: Oh. Well?that can't be good. Can it?

    Xander: Are you kidding? The last thing Buffy needs right now is Spike trying to get her to love him.

    Kennedy: Spike's here too? Will I thought you said that Spike and Angel together with Buffy was always trouble.

    Willow: Well we haven't got to that part yet.

    Angel: Hey we're not always trouble together. I mean we're working on it.

    Xander: Yeah, sure. We should find Buffy, stop Spike upsetting her or anything.

    Dawn: You don't know he's doing that at all.

    Xander: I know Spike. He'll try.

    Angel: No. You think you know him. But you don't.

    Xander: You two are buddies now? Gotta be that good stuff at Wolfram and Hart that brings people together in hell.

    Angel: You don't know anything about Wolfram and Hart. Or what's gone in the last year.

    Xander: I know enough to not trust you.
    Kelly: Xander-

    Angel: You never did trust me Xander. Or Spike. And that's what this is really all about. As far as you're concerned we're always gonna be the bad guys.

    Xander: You haven't proved me wrong so far.

    Kennedy: (Quietly to Willow) I came just at the best possible time didn't I?

    Willow smiles awkwardly.

    Angel: I don't have to prove anything to you. Whatever you think?really not caring right now.

    Xander: You think you can just waltz in here like you own the place? Sorry but this isn't Wolfram and Hart.

    Dawn: Guys come on you-

    Angel: Oh you just play the same card over, and over again. Do you ever have anything remotely original to throw at me? Cause I'm getting kinda bored of it. In fact, I got kinda bored of it six years ago.

    Xander steps confrontationally towards Angel. Kelly grabs Xander's arm.

    Kelly: Xander stop!

    Willow suddenly blasts some magic forward. Xander and Angel fly back.

    Willow: Ok, guys, you know this macho confrontational thing is pretty much traditional now, I get that. But if you really have to, then you do it outside. Neither of you are here to fight, ok? None of us are. So let's just sit down and play nice. Got it?

    Angel sits down. Dawn sighs. Xander folds his arms and stands by Kelly. She looks at him, looking a little annoyed. Xander sighs.

    Xander: We should still check on Spike and Buffy.

    Willow: Xander-

    Xander: Even if he's not trying anything, speaking to him again might be too much for her right now.

    Dawn: Well we don't know that, it might be going really well.

    A crash is heard upstairs.

    Dawn: Or maybe not.

    Everyone rushes upstairs. Xander, Angel, Dawn, Willow, Kennedy and Kelly burst in through Buffy's bedroom door. Buffy and Spike are knelt down.

    Buffy: Uh, thanks for knocking guys.

    Willow: Sorry?but we heard crashing.

    Xander: (to Spike) What did you do?

    Spike looks annoyed.

    Spike: I broke a vase.

    Everyone looks surprised. Buffy holds up a broken shard and smiles awkwardly.

    Angel: Well that was an anticlimax.

    Xander: Wait?how come the vase broke?

    Spike and Buffy look at each other. Xander looks serious.

    Buffy: Xander it's not what you think.

    Xander: Then tell me.

    Spike: Look, you're not her bloody dad, just keep your nose out of other people's business.

    Xander: You wanna try and make me?

    Willow: Am I gonna have to do that whole "take it outside" speech again? Cause I don't think I could get the inspiring part to work a second time.

    Buffy: No it's ok. Look, me and Spike were having?a discussion, and it kinda got a little heated and Spike moved his hand and the vase broke. Simple as that.

    Dawn: Except the heated discussion part. What was that about?

    Buffy: The Immortal.

    Dawn: Oh.

    Willow: Uh oh.

    Angel: What?

    Buffy looks at Spike.

    Spike: Perhaps you'd like to explain?

    Angel looks at Buffy. She sighs and bites her lip. Cut to everyone stood around in Buffy's room. There is an awkward silence. Dawn is leaning against the wall and stands upright.

    Dawn: You know it's be interesting to see how much time you guys take up with these silences. We could probably get a world record or something.

    Willow smiles slightly. Angel looks at Buffy. Spike sighs. Kelly looks around.

    Kelly: You know, we should really leave you guys to it, because I've delved into the past too much this week already and besides it's nothing really to do with us.

    Buffy: Yeah, sorry you guys.

    Willow: Well, maybe we should all take a break from this stuff. I know, it's not easy to just pretend everything's ok, but the funeral's in a few hours and there's still stuff to do. And Andrew and Lloyd have still gotta arrive.

    Spike: And then everything'll kick off again I bet.

    Dawn: Why would it?

    Angel: Andrew basically told me Buffy never wanted to speak to me again.

    Dawn frowns.

    Dawn: That's so weird. He never mentioned any of that stuff.

    Buffy: Well I'll be sure to ask him why when he gets here. But Angel how come you didn't call to ask what was going on?

    Angel: I did. And got pretty much the same impression from Giles as I did from Andrew.

    Buffy: You spoke to Giles? When?

    Angel: A few months ago. He didn't tell you?

    Buffy: No?no he didn't.

    Buffy looks annoyed.

    Willow: Maybe he had a good reason not to tell you.

    Angel: Or maybe he just didn't want to you to know we'd spoken.

    Buffy: As much as I prefer that first option Will, I think Angel's right. And I want answers.

    Kennedy: In theory that's great but if Giles is still with the coven it's not gonna happen anytime soon.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Spike: At least we can ask Andrew why the hell he's been stirring it.

    Xander: You don't know that.

    Spike: You didn't know what had been happening with me and Angel and you bloody long-jumped to the conclusion that we were evil.

    Xander: Andrew's not like you.

    Spike: Oh. So now because Andrew's your little buddy, he must be innocent.

    Buffy: This is getting us nowhere!

    Spike and Xander glare at each other.

    Buffy: Look, Willow's right, we should just go downstairs and not do this right now.

    Kelly: You got my vote.

    Kelly looks at Xander a little annoyed. Xander looks away.

    Buffy: I know there's a lot of unresolved stuff, but we haven't got the whole picture here and until we do, let's just not do this. Ok?

    Xander and Spike nod.

    Buffy: Good.

    Buffy stands up. The others walk out slowly. Willow and Kennedy walk in front.

    Kennedy: So uh, you wanna talk about things?

    Willow: Sure let's go to our?I mean my bedroom.

    Willow looks awkward as she and Kennedy head towards Willow's bedroom. Kelly walks past Xander towards their room.

    Xander: Kelly?

    Kelly looks around.

    Xander: What's wrong?

    Kelly: Partly the fact you have to ask.

    She walks off. Xander follows looking confused. Dawn turns around.

    Dawn: I'm just gonna?do something, somewhere.

    She smiles a little and walks off. Buffy rolls her eyes. She then sees Angel looking serious.

    Buffy: Forgetting everything I just said?are you guys-

    Angel: Ok? Well you went behind our backs. Made us believe a lie for months. And didn't even try and talk to us about it. But then we pretty much did the same to you, so?I guess we're even.

    Angel smiles slightly. Buffy smiles back.

    Angel: Just try not to have another fake boyfriend.

    Spike: Especially not that git.

    Buffy rolls her eyes smiling. They walk down the stairs.

    Buffy: Well I don't plan to.

    They walk through into the living room. Dawn is sat there reading something. She looks up and smiles as they walk in. Buffy smiles back.

    Dawn: Buffy we should tell them about the service.

    Buffy: Oh! Right, do you guys wanna say something?at the funeral I mean.
    Spike: Oh. Uh, yeah.

    Angel: Sure.

    Buffy smiles slightly and nods.

    Buffy: I could go and find something for you if-

    Spike suddenly looks shocked. An arrow flies through the window and hits him the shoulder.
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      ACT III

      Spike: Ah!

      Buffy looks shocked. So do Angel and Dawn. Buffy stands up and sees a figure running away. She gets up and rushes to the front door followed by Angel. Dawn kneels down and looks at Spikes' wound.

      Dawn: Oh god! Does it hurt?

      Spike: No it tickles, what do you think?

      Dawn looks worried.

      Spike: Sorry.

      Spike pulls the arrow from his arm. He clenches his teeth together in pain as he does so.

      Dawn: I'll tell the others.

      Spike: No, I'll be alright.

      Dawn: No?I mean that's good an' all, but what if we're under attack or something. It's happened before.

      Spike: Well not this time. This was a one hit deal.

      Spike and Dawn look out the window. Cut to Buffy and Angel in the field near the house. They are looking around.

      Buffy: You see anything?

      Angel: No.

      Buffy: Not even with vampire vision?
      Angel: That doesn't really help when there's nothing there.

      Buffy: Well there was a few seconds ago. And it couldn't just have-

      Angel: Vanished into thin air. That's what mystical assassins do. They vanish.

      Buffy: You think this was an assassin?

      Angel: It was aiming for one of us. Probably you.

      Buffy: Great.

      She looks around. She sighs.

      Buffy: We should go back inside. I really hope it wasn't a poisoned arrow.

      Angel looks at her and raises an eyebrow.

      Cut to Kelly walking into her and Xander's bedroom. Xander follows her.

      Xander: You might wanna help me out here?

      Kelly turns around.

      Kelly: It's you constantly picking a fight with Angel and Spike.

      Xander frowns.

      Kelly: I know you don't like them Xander, and that's fair enough, but you could at least try and keep things civil.

      Xander: Kelly, you don't know what's happened with them in the past. They've done a lot of things?they've hurt Buffy a lot. And we don't know if they can be trusted yet.

      Kelly: No you just don't wanna believe they can be trusted. I get that you're naturally cautious because of what's happened in the past but-

      Xander: No I'm naturally cautious because of what might happen. Every time Buffy invites them back into her life, something happens, and then suddenly she's miserable and my friends are getting hurt. So I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna give them the chance this time.

      Kelly: It's not your choice Xander. You can't decide what's best for Buffy.

      Xander: Well I'm not gonna sit back and watch her get hurt by them.

      Kelly stares at him sadly. She walks up to him.

      Kelly: Remember what you told me once? That although you hated to admit it, there was some good in them? You told me that to help me. And it worked. But if you were just saying it for the sake of saying it?then how do I know you meant anything you've said to me?

      Xander looks sad. Kelly looks him in the eyes.

      Xander: I think they can do good. I just don't think they help doing evil at the same time.

      Kelly: Well?maybe things are different. Just try and play nice. Until the funeral's over. Please.

      Xander looks at her and nods. She smiles slightly and they hug. Kelly frowns without Xander seeing.

      Cut to Willow and Kennedy in Willow's room.

      Kennedy: I guess it wasn't too bad in the end. I mean recently they've been freaking out about stuff, I never really learn what's really going on, but they don't have me stealing people's lives or anything, so overall it's better than I expected.

      Willow: Oh, well that's?great.

      Kennedy smiles sympathetically.

      Kennedy: You know if I could come back I would.

      Willow: I know?I wish you could too.

      Kennedy: Well maybe eventually I can find someway to sort out things there for good. But you don't have to worry about me. I've been more worried about you actually.

      Willow: What? Why?

      Kennedy: Well?the magics and everything, I thought you'd want someone to talk to about it.

      Willow: The magics are ok?but you're right, I do miss the talking part. It's not really the same with Buffy and the others.

      Kennedy: Yeah?anything on your mind?

      Willow: Well?there is one thing, I need to talk to someone about. And I know that we're not strictly?you and me anymore, but I think you're the best person to tell.

      Kennedy looks concerned.

      Kennedy: What is it?

      Cut to Buffy and Angel walking into the living room. Spike and Dawn are sat on the sofa.

      Spike: Find that bugger?

      Buffy: No. Definite case of gone.

      Spike: Thought as much. Lucky they missed.

      Dawn: I wouldn't call that a miss.

      Spike: My heart I mean. That arrow's got a wooden tip, so they were shooting to kill. And whoever it was musta' known we'd be here.

      Angel: But only Gunn and the others know we're here.

      Buffy: Apparently not. Oh this would just have to happen right now wouldn't it?

      Spike: It'll be all right. Just have to keep on our guard is all.

      Buffy: Yeah because playing dodge the arrow is really what I wanna be doing at the funeral.

      Spike: Well what do you-

      The doorbell rings. Everyone turns and to look at it. Buffy exhales and walks towards the door slowly. She opens it. Andrew and Lloyd are stood outside. They smile.

      Andrew: Hi!

      Lloyd: Hey Buffy!

      Buffy continues frowning. Andrew's smile fades.

      Andrew: Are we late?
      Buffy: You better come inside.

      Andrew and Lloyd walk in looking confused and follow Buffy into the living room. Andrew's eyes widen as he sees Spike and Angel.

      Andrew: Oh?

      Dawn stands up.

      Dawn: Hey, Andrew, um we should go into the kitchen before-

      Buffy: No, Dawn, we need to know.

      Andrew: Know what?

      Angel: What the hell have you been telling Buffy.

      Andrew: Is this about Spike being alive? Because she saw him with her own eyes.

      Angel walks confrontationally towards Andrew. Dawn looks alarmed. Buffy does too.

      Dawn: Hey!

      Buffy: Angel!

      Lloyd stands in between Angel and Andrew.

      Lloyd: Hey, big guy, I dunno exactly what's going on here, but back off!

      Andrew: Lloyd, it's ok. You know, thanks and everything, but it's ok.

      Andrew looks at Angel in the eyes.

      Andrew: What are you talking about?

      Spike: He's talking about you telling us Buffy didn't wanna know us anymore.

      Andrew: What?

      Buffy: Now is really not the time to play the dumb act Andrew.

      Andrew: I'm not playing any act. I saw you guys about Dana, talked to Spike and then got punched in the face. Then I came back and heard about...about Cordelia. Then I left.

      Angel: No, then you took Dana from us and left.

      Dawn: Dana?

      Andrew: She's a Slayer. Pretty much a psycho.

      Spike looks serious.

      Buffy: Andrew how come you never told me any of this?

      Andrew: Because it didn't happen.

      Everyone looks confused.

      Andrew: Look I left after the fight and the Watcher guys who were there told me they got Dana and it was all under control. And then I left to see?to see Lloyd.

      Lloyd: It's true. I wouldn't forget something like that.

      Andrew smiles awkwardly at Lloyd.

      Angel: No, Andrew you took Dana with the other Slayers.

      Andrew: There weren't any other Slayers.

      Dawn: Ok?guys this is getting really complicated, especially for those of us who don't know what the hell's going on. Which I guess includes everyone.

      Buffy: Well, I don't see how everyone can be lying?so something else must be going on.

      Buffy sits down and puts her hands on her forehead.

      Buffy: Now we've got this, Giles, the assassin guy.

      Andrew: Assassin guy?

      Spike: Got shot. Not lethal, luckily.

      Lloyd: Nice shoulder.

      Everyone looks at Lloyd.

      Lloyd: And also: ow.

      Buffy: I'm gonna get the others. Everyone needs to know what's going on. Oh and by the way, Andrew and Lloyd: thanks for coming.

      She smiles hopefully. Andrew smiles back awkwardly. Cut to everyone sat in the living room. They all look concerned.

      Willow: The funeral's still on right.

      Buffy: Of course. We're just, you know, gonna have to be really, really careful.

      Spike: Or at least I'm just gonna have to be really, really careful. You maybe I should just not go, that way the rest of you aint got nothing to worry about.

      Buffy: No. You're coming. Everyone is. We're gonna have this funeral and it's gonna be what Faith deserves.

      Buffy looks at her watch.

      Buffy: We should get going.

      Buffy gets up. The others look sad but get up too.

      Cut to Xander's car pulling up in Darkley next to the cemetery. Xander, Buffy, Dawn, Spike and Kelly get out, all wearing black. Kennedy, Willow, Andrew, Lloyd and Spike get out of the last. A man wearing a dog collar walks up to them. Buffy smiles as she sees him and walks up to him.

      Buffy: Hi, Vicar Thompson.

      Vicar: Please, Buffy call me Jon.

      Buffy: Oh, ok.

      Jon: I take it this is everyone?

      Buffy: I hope so.

      The vicar frowns.

      Buffy: (off his look) Don't want things to get too crowded.

      Jon: I understand. Hopefully the skies will remain clear for Faith today.

      Buffy nods.

      Buffy: Right.
      Jon: (raising his voice so the others can hear) If you'd all like to follow me.

      Everyone starts to follow him through the cemetery. Spike and Angel walk either side of Buffy.

      Angel: Well so far it's-

      Buffy: Don't say anything. Because you know it'll be your fault if anything goes wrong.

      Spike: Place looks pretty uneventful to me.

      Buffy: Oh you'd be surprised.

      The camera moves back to Dawn, Andrew and Lloyd.

      Andrew: Dawn this might not be the best time to talk about this but?have you heard from Siobhan lately?

      Dawn: Oh, uh, yeah she rang last week. She's in Scotland right now.

      Andrew: Really? Then she can't be too far from us. And she's ok?

      Dawn: As far as I can tell she's never been happier.

      Andrew: Great.

      Andrew smiles. Lloyd puts his arm round him shoulder and smiles.

      Lloyd: Told you.

      The camera moves back to Willow, Kennedy, Xander and Kelly. Willow and Kennedy look deep in thought.

      Kelly: You guys ok?

      Kennedy and Willow turn suddenly.

      Kennedy and Willow: Sure.

      Kelly raises an eyebrow.

      Willow: Just thinking.

      Kelly: Aren't we all?

      Kelly looks at Xander. Xander looks at her and smiles slightly. Suddenly he frowns as he looks past her. Kelly frowns too.

      Kelly: What?

      Xander: I saw something move.

      Kelly: You sure? Cause I don't Buffy's gonna be too happy if we stop the procession for a squirrel or something.

      Xander: Squirrels aren't that big.

      Kelly looks worried. She and Xander walk towards Buffy.

      Xander: Buffy there's something nearby. I think it's following us.

      Buffy: Oh. Can't we just ignore it until after the funeral?

      Arrows suddenly fly past them and hit a nearby tree. Everyone turns to see three men approaching.

      Xander: I'm thinking no.

      Everyone looks worried.

      Lloyd: Well we're definitely back in Darkley.

      Buffy: Vic?I mean Jon you should-

      The vicar turns around and hits Buffy in the face suddenly. Buffy looks shocked.

      Buffy: Not be evil!

      Buffy punches him back. One of her nails catches his cheek and a scratch appears but no blood appears. Buffy frowns before turning to the others. Angel and Spike are already running towards the other men. Kelly follows. One of the men shoots a crossbow bolt towards Dawn. Xander dives and the bolt narrowly misses them both. Several other people appear nearby. Willow looks worried. She puts her hands together. Kennedy looks concerned.

      Kennedy: Be careful!

      Willow smiles and nods slightly. Fire races forwards and knocks the other people back. Angel punches one of the men in the face and Spike punches one of the others. Buffy blocks Jon's punch and then kicks him in the face. He falls back on the ground. One of the men punches Kelly. He then grabs a dagger and plunges it towards her. She grabs it and snaps his wrist, and then impales him. She looks shocked for a second, before his features fade and he becomes a white, generic figure. Kelly frowns.

      Kelly: Guys these things aren't human!

      Buffy looks at Jon.

      Buffy: Good!

      She grabs a dagger from her coat pocket and stabs Jon in the chest. He also turns into a white, generic figure. Spike snaps the neck of one of the men and Angel manages to turn the crossbow around and shoot the other man in the neck with it. The other remaining people near Willow get up, badly burned. The race towards her and the others and Willow suddenly starts to panic. Buffy runs over and punches her fist through the stomach of one of them. The last two both have daggers. Lloyd runs forward, and Andrew looks alarmed, but Lloyd kicks the dagger out of his hand. Buffy catches it and throws it into the figure's chest. The last figure dodges a punch from Kelly, but swings his dagger, slicing Kennedy's side. She gasps and falls to the ground. Willow's looks angry and blasts fire at the figure who falls to the floor in a burning heap. Buffy looks around at the figures seriously. Her eyes widen as she sees Kennedy wounded. Willow looks devastated as she kneels over Kennedy. Everyone else has gathered round.

      Willow: Kennedy? Oh god I?

      Willow suddenly stops and her eyes widen. She looks at Kennedy uncertainly and then moves back. Kennedy looks up at Willow. She moves her hand slightly and shows that there is no blood coming from her wound. Everyone else looks shocked. Buffy stands over Kennedy and glares at her.
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        ACT IV

        Buffy: What are you?

        Angel: I know.

        Everyone looks at Angel.

        Buffy: What?

        Angel: I've seen these guys before?one of them pretended to be Whistler. They're shape shifters.

        Xander: Big fans of The First by any chance?

        Kennedy: Hardly.

        She smiles darkly.
        Kennedy: The First can only take the form of those passed away. We can be anyone. We could be any of you.

        Everyone looks around anxiously.

        Kennedy: Just kidding.

        Willow: Shut your mouth. What did you do with Kennedy? The real one.

        Kennedy: Oh honey, I don't have to meet her to take her form. Everything I needed was in that little brain of yours. Just needed to get close enough. She could be dead for all I know, I really don't care.

        Willow looks shocked.

        Buffy: So this was your big plan huh? Infiltrate the Slayer's house and tell your buddies our next move? Guess it kinda failed.

        Kennedy laughs.

        Kennedy: Failed? You have no idea how far we've gotten. Angel didn't even question us when we took the form of little Andrew.

        Everyone looks alarmed.

        Andrew: You?you were me?

        Angel: You lied about Buffy.

        Kennedy: You and her together are not something we would have wanted to go up against?at the time. It doesn't really matter now though.

        Spike: Who do you work for? Senior Partners, is that it?

        Kennedy: No, sweetie, we work for ourselves.

        Buffy: What do you want?

        Kennedy: You'll find out soon enough.

        Spike: You better start talking love.

        Kennedy: Or what? I'm dying. You can't do anything. Wouldn't matter though. You can't stop us.

        Buffy looks at Angel worriedly.

        Kennedy: I could be convinced to tell you one thing though. A little discussion me and Willow had today. I hadn't planned on learning that little piece of information.

        Willow looks shocked.

        Kennedy: Do you want to tell them Willow? Because I'm to tell them that you're-

        Willow suddenly drives the dagger into Kennedy's neck. Kennedy splutters and dies. Kennedy fades to a white figure. All the figures suddenly melt away. Buffy looks at Willow. Willow looks back seriously.

        Willow: Whatever she was talking about. It was lies. It was all a lie.

        Dawn: Almost fooled me.

        Xander: Tell me about it.

        Kelly: What does this all mean?

        Buffy: I dunno. Guess we'll find out.

        Spike: Shoulda known Andrew wouldn't double cross us like that.

        Andrew: Uh, thanks.

        Angel: Yeah sorry Andrew.

        Andrew: It's ok. Easy mistake to make.

        Spike: You know this means Dana?she could be-

        Angel: We'll find out.

        Spike nods.

        Dawn: These shape-shifters?maybe it wasn't just Andrew and Kennedy. They could have been anyone. I mean?Giles?

        Buffy frowns.

        Xander: Well that makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

        Buffy: Look we can't be certain on too much at all right now. Maybe Giles is a part of this but we can't know anything until we start figuring out what these guys want with us and what they plan to do. And we will. But right now though?we've got a funeral to go to.

        Lloyd: But no vicar.

        Vicar Jon suddenly runs up to them looking breathless.

        Jon: Buffy! So sorry I'm late. You know how things can hold you up.

        Buffy: Really do. Don't worry.

        Jon: Good. Shall we get started?

        Buffy: Yeah?let's do it.

        Cut to everyone stood around Faith's grave. A single voice sings a melancholy tune over the whole scene. Several men are lower Faith's coffin into the ground. The vicar can be seen conducting the service. Kelly leans her head on Xander's shoulder and looks sad. Andrew looks tearful as Lloyd puts his arm around him. Spike and Angel are stood on either side of Buffy. She looks from one to the other and then grabs both their hands tightly. Dawn and Willow are stood together. Dawn has her arm around Willow who still looks shocked. Buffy looks up and sees several girls walking towards them. Everyone sees them. The song quietens.

        Spike: Oh not the bloody shape shifters again.

        Buffy: No?I don't think so. It's the Slayers.

        Chao-Ahn, Rona, Caridad and several other Slayers are walking up towards Buffy. They smile at Buffy. Buffy smiles back tearfully. The vicar smiles and the song grows loud again. He carries on speaking. Eventually he closes the Bible in front of him. The song dies away. Everyone stares at the coffin in silence. Eventually Buffy looks up. She nods gently.

        Cut to Buffy, Angel and Spike stood next to the grave. Dawn appears next to them.

        Dawn: I think the others are thinking of going back. Not that you guys should but-

        Buffy: I think we're done here.

        Spike: Yeah. She's finally got some peace, probably wouldn't want us lurking around.

        Buffy smiles slightly. She looks from Angel to Spike.

        Buffy: When do you guys have to go?

        Angel: Probably sooner rather than later. I dunno if Willow said-

        Buffy: Yeah, she mentioned it. I hope it goes well.

        Angel: So do I.

        She hugs Angel. Spike looks on but instead of frowning he just smiles slightly. Angel smiles at Buffy and walks off with Dawn. Buffy turns around to Spike.

        Spike: Well, didn't expect to have this much fun.

        Buffy: No. Neither did I.

        There is a pause.

        Spike: Buffy-

        Buffy: Don't. It's not that I don't wanna talk about us, Spike, but I can't right now.

        Spike: I know. I just wanna know. Did you mean what you said? Back in the hellmouth?

        Buffy pauses.

        Buffy: I did.

        Spike: And you still do?

        Buffy: You know, it'd be nice. But I don't think there's enough time anymore.

        Spike: We can make time. If we both want it.

        Buffy: Spike?we're heroes. We don't get what we want.

        Buffy looks at him. She kisses him on the cheek and then leaves her hand there. She smiles. He places his hand on hers. Then they let go and slowly walk away from the grave. The camera moves back as they do so. It slowly moves around. Faith is stood next to the grave wearing the same black jeans, tank top and jacket she wore in Buffy's dream. She looks happy.

        Faith: And there they go.

        Cordelia appears next to Faith, wearing the same outwit she wore in You're Welcome.

        Cordelia: Yeah. And we're done here too Faith. Time to go.
        Faith: I know. You think they'll be ok?

        Cordelia: Whatever happens?we'll be watching.

        Faith smiles to herself. Cordelia puts her hand on Faith's shoulder. They fade.

        THE END

        Special Guest Star:

        CHARISMA CARPENTER - Cordelia Chase
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6