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Buffy Episode 9.3 169. Lest We Forget

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  • Buffy Episode 9.3 169. Lest We Forget

    Hi, this is the third episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.3 169. Lest We Forget

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.


    ACT I

    Open on a cemetery at night. Buffy and Kelly are walking nearby.

    Buffy: Haven't done this in a while.

    Kelly: You did know there was a cemetery in Darkley right?

    Buffy: Well yeah I've been here?a few times.

    Kelly raises an eyebrow.

    Buffy: Well you know, what everything happening lately. Most of the action's been back home.

    Kelly: Yeah. Probably some here too though.

    Buffy: If Sunnydale's anything to go by I'd count on it.

    Kelly: What was it like there?

    Buffy: Oh um, sunny, warm?scary?demonic.

    Kelly: Well apart from the sunny and the warm, it's pretty much the same as here.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    They walk around a tree.

    Kelly: Did we come in this way?

    Buffy: Yeah?I think. Wait wasn't it, um?like over there? Or maybe?uh.

    Kelly: Please don't tell me we're lost in this place. I mean it can't be that big.

    Buffy: Well I think it's small.

    Kelly sighs.
    Buffy: Really shoulda come here more often.

    He smiles fades.

    Buffy: Perhaps if I had then Faith would have had her funeral and have been done with it. And there wouldn't be such a big waiting list.

    Kelly: Buffy-

    Buffy: I know. Sorry to get back on to that.

    Kelly: No it's, it's not that. You've done good here. I've seen you do good here.

    Buffy: It wasn't enough for whoever died in this place. Darkley's still a Hellmouth I shoulda done more for it.

    Two vampires appear from the right.

    Kelly: Well, you could start now.

    Kelly punches one the vampires. Buffy kicks the other in the face. The first vampire punches Kelly while the second tries to punch Buffy but she dodges. She knees it in the stomach as Kelly throws her vamp on the ground. Buffy pushes her vamp away. Kelly's vamp flips up kicking her in the face. She falls back on the ground. The vampire leans over here trying to bit her. Buffy kicks her vamp into a tree where it dusts.

    Buffy: Kelly!

    Kelly struggles as the vamp moves towards her neck. Suddenly the vamp dusts. Kelly blinks and looks up. A girl of about 20 is standing over her. The girl smiles awkwardly. Buffy looks confused.

    Girl: Um?hi?

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:

    ANNA PAQUIN - Golda
    SOPHIA BUSH - Anna
    ALAN DALE - Krolov

    Cut to a dark room. Men and women are walking past, some pushing wheelbarrows. The caption says "Bergen-Belsen, Poland, 1944". The people all have their heads shaved and are wearing tattered clothes. A woman of about 18 walks past carrying a large amount of bricks on her shoulder. A man walks up to her. He speaks in Dutch. The subtitles say "are you sure you don't need help with that." The woman shakes her head and speaks back in Dutch. The subtitles say "it's alright, thank you". The man frowns but then nods. The woman sighs. The camera moves down to show she is pregnant. She puts the bricks down on a pile. Another man of about 20 is stood behind her. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She spins round quickly as if to punch him. He puts his hands up.

    Man: (with an American accent) Hey, hey!

    The woman rolls her eyes.

    Woman: (with a Dutch accent) Jim I thought you were one of them. Just don't surprise me like that in future ok?

    Jim: Sorry just trying to be affectionate to my wife.

    The woman puts her hands on his shoulders.

    Woman: I wish there was time for that but?I need to get this done. You know everyone's relying on me to-

    A girl of about 15 runs in suddenly looking scared. The woman and Jim frown as they see her running towards them.

    Girl: Ana!

    The girl speaks in German: "Krolov is coming!" The woman (Ana) frowns. Jim looks at her.

    Jim: Oh god. We have to get back to work.

    Ana: he shouldn't be allowed to treat people like this.

    Jim: Ana don't start that again-

    Ana: I have to Jim. I told you, people are replying on me.

    Ana speaks in Dutch to the girl: "Where is Krolov Anne?" The girl replies: "he's here!" Ana turns around and sees a tall man standing behind her at the entrance to the room. He smiles darkly as he walks forward. Everyone else stops and looks at him with fear. Ana stands in front of Anne.

    Krolov: (with a German accent) Did I tell any of you to stop work?

    Everyone else starts working again. Krolov looks at Ana, Anne and Jim.

    Krolov: Are you deaf?

    Ana: No-

    Krolov: Then get back to work!

    Ana looks at him coldly.

    Ana: You have no right to-

    Krolov hits her.

    Krolov: You think this is about rights? You are the ones who have no rights here Ana. None of you. It is your own doing. I am simply purifying this world from your stink.

    Ana: Going have to try harder than that.

    Krolov: You wouldn't like to see my try. Anyway I have no more time to waste here. Preparations have to be made. In two weeks we make for Treblinka.

    He smiles darkly and walks off. Jim looks at Ana.

    Jim: You shouldn't try to challenge him. You'll get hurt. The baby will.

    Ana: He will hurt all of us whether we stand up for ourselves or not. Jim I don't think he is human-

    Jim: Are you just saying that so you can fight him?

    Ana: I'm saying it because I think it's true. I am the Slayer, Jim, and if he's what I think he is then I will do what I have to do.

    Jim looks serious.

    Ana: I know you are worried about her.

    She rubs her stomach.

    Ana: But I'm not going to stand by and let them do whatever they please.

    Jim: We?we should try and do what we thought-

    Ana: Jim I'm not leaving here until this child is born. I can't.

    Jim: It might be our only chance.

    Anne speaks in German: "Ana what's going on? Are you leaving us?" Ana kneels next to her. She says in German: "Don't worry Anne we're not leaving without you". She looks at Jim.

    Ana: The baby will come when it is ready.

    Jim frowns. He begins walking away.

    Jim: That might be too late.

    Cut to the girl with Buffy and Kelly in the cemetery.

    Buffy: You're a Slayer?

    Girl: Mm-hmm.

    Kelly: Really? Cool.

    Buffy: Uh just to clarify ? you're not here to kill us right?

    The girl raises an eyebrow.

    Girl: Uh?no. Is that what you say to everyone you meet?

    Buffy: No, sorry, just we've had some trouble with Slayers in the past.

    Kelly coughs.

    Buffy: But some are great. Like you seem to be. Though I've only seen you for about two minutes?you know I'm gonna shut up.

    The girl smiles.

    Buffy: But first my name's Buffy. This is Kelly.

    Girl: Shal?I mean hi. I'm Golda.

    Kelly: Oh so you're Jewish.

    Golda: Yeah. Sorry about the Shalom thing it's just I'm used to it just being me and my grandpa.

    Buffy: Oh right. Well it's fine. Is your grandpa around?

    Man OS: Yes he is.

    An old man appears walking towards them with a walking stick.
    Golda: Grandpa you shouldn't be out here! I mean this is a cemetery with vampires.

    Golda's grandpa: Now Golda I don't see any around us do you?

    Golda: There were! You can ask them.

    She looks at Buffy and Kelly.

    Kelly: Uh yeah there were. Only two.

    Golda's grandpa: Ah. Well yes I suppose Golda is right really. I mean two could kill you?twice. Or something like that. Anyway I'm sure you know all about that Buffy.

    Buffy: Oh, yeah, uh how do you know about that? And my name?

    Golda's grandpa: Well I was part of the Watcher's Council for a little while. The American branch that is. Retired now officially but I still help Golda when I can. I uh, thought it would good for Golda to meet you. I mean you've done so much.

    Golda: Yeah. Always wanted to meet the one and original Buffy.

    Buffy smiles embarrassed.

    Buffy: Well thanks. Uh, are you guys staying some place, or-

    Golda's grandpa: No we were going to find somewhere in Darkley actually-

    Buffy: Hey you can stay with us. I mean we have room. A whole lot of room. I'd actually be grateful for it be filled up.

    Golda's grandpa: Really? Thank you!

    Buffy smiles. They begin to walk off.

    Buffy: Oh um sorry Kelly, uh, Golda's grandpa this is Kelly. Also a Slayer.

    Kelly: Hi!

    Golda's grandpa: How do you do? Oh and you can call me Jim.

    Buffy nods and smiles.

    Cut to Willow in the living room sat on the floor. She is flicking the remote at a new TV and coming up with friction on each channel. She throws the remote down and looks annoyed. Xander walks in.

    Xander: Any luck?

    Willow: No. The new TV hates me.

    Xander: I don't think it's personal. It hates me too. Hey maybe the house is possessed!

    Willow: I think we would have noticed by now.

    Xander: Hmm. You could, you know, use magic to fix-

    Willow: Oh, uh I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

    Xander looks a little confused.

    Xander: Ok then.

    Willow smiles awkwardly. The front door opens. Buffy, Kelly, Jim and Golda walk in. Willow and Xander get up. Dawn comes down the stairs.

    Buffy: Hey guys. Got some people for you to meet.

    Cut to everyone sat down in the living room except Buffy. She walks in with some coffee and starts handing it out.

    Dawn: So your grandma was a Slayer too?

    Golda: Yeah. She did a lot of work in Germany. Or I should say she and grandpa did.

    Jim: Not really. She did a lot more than me in the concentration camps.

    Willow: Really?

    Jim: Yes she uh, really was the people's hero. Unfortunately we couldn't stay there forever.

    Xander: Well staying there fore five minutes would be bad so I can see where you're coming from.

    Jim: Ana was pregnant with Golda's mother. They were moving half the camp to Treblinka and we took the opportunity to escape.

    Cut to a guard walking past a large barbed wire fence. The caption says "Bergen-Belsen, 1944". He suddenly gasps and falls on the ground. Ana is stood behind him with her fist raised. Jim walks out of the shadows with a small sack on his back. He has a baby in his arms. Anne is with him.

    Jim: I found a few things. I don't think we could manage any more.

    Ana: I know.

    Ana looks at the baby and kisses it on the forehead.

    Ana: Wait, where's Anne's sister and mother?

    Jim: Ana-

    Ana: I told you to bring them!

    Jim: They're as good as dead. Anne was lucky not to get the illness from them.

    Ana looks at Anne. Anne speaks in Dutch: "where are we going?" Ana replies "away from here." Anne smiles "do you have your diaries?" Anne nods and smiles back. They begin walking. Ana looks at the barbed fence. She pulls at the wire fencing. It begins to snap.

    Jim: Quickly Ana!

    Ana: I'm doing this as fast as I can!

    Ana rips through some more wire. Jim looks around worriedly. Anne looks worried too. Anne speaks in Dutch: "he'll know we are doing this. He always knows!" Anne replies "he won't, just stay calm." Anne looks scared. Ana finally rips the wire apart.

    Ana: (whispering) Jim, go.

    Jim passes through. Ana looks to the left. A guard is walking slowly along. He stops as he sees Ana. He starts running towards them. Ana's eyes widen. She rushes through and then pulls Anne through. Anne's dress gets caught on part of the wire. Anne tugs but it is no good.

    Jim: Rip it!

    Ana tears at Anne's dress. As they do so a hand grabs Anne's hair and pulls her back through the gap. Krolov is stood smiling. Ana looks horrified. Jim pulls on Ana's arm with one hand.

    Jim: We have to-

    Ana: I'm not leaving Anne.

    Jim: Ana please don't do this.

    Ana: How can I not?

    Krolov: How touching. You really believed you would escape?

    Ana: It was worth trying. Now let Anne go.

    Krolov: Let me think?no.

    Ana: You will regret it.

    Krolov: Really? You think you can frighten me girl? You are in no position to do anything or the sort.

    Ana: Jim.

    Jim: What?

    Ana turns to him.

    Ana: I need you to go on without me.

    Jim: What? No, Ana I-

    Ana: Please. For her.

    She looks at the baby. Jim looks at Ana.

    Ana: Protect her. For me. But I have to do what I was born to do now. I'm sorry.

    Jim looks tearful. Krolov raises an eyebrow. Jim begins running. Krolov drops Anne to the floor and takes a gun out of his pocket. He aims it at Jim and is about the shoot. Ana jumps at him. Cut back to the Summer's living room.

    Jim: That was the last time I ever saw her. I expect she died that night.

    Buffy: I'm sorry.

    Jim: Thank you, but there's no need. It was a long, long time ago.

    Xander: I'll say. I mean, no offence but you must be like 80.

    Jim: 82 in fact. But still going.

    Kelly: Wow.

    Golda: Yeah grandpa's got something special in him.

    Jim: No my dear that would be you.

    They smile at each other.

    Buffy: So it's late, uh, I'm gonna go to bed I think.

    Jim: That sounds like an excellent idea.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: I'll show you to your room.

    Everyone gets up. Golda's smile fades as Jim follows Buffy out of the room. Kelly notices. Suddenly Golda closes her eyes tightly. There is a quick flash of her punching someone. Kelly frowns.

    Kelly: Are you ok?

    Golda: What? Oh, yeah, yeah I'm fine, I uh, I'm just a bit tired.

    Kelly: Oh, ok.

    Golda smiles and walks off. Kelly looks uncertain.
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    Cut to Golda sitting at the table with Kelly, Willow, Dawn and Xander. They are eating breakfast.

    Dawn: So was your mom a Slayer too?

    Golda: Oh?no I think it skips a generation. Like twins.

    Kelly: My uncles are twins.

    Xander looks at Kelly. Kelly realises and turns back to her breakfast. Buffy walks in.

    Buffy: Hey guys.

    Willow: Hey. Golda was just telling us more about her.

    Buffy: Oh, right. Where's Jim?

    Golda: He went out for a walk. Just had some stuff he wanted to think about or something.

    Kelly: Something bad?

    Golda: Well that's the thing. He never tells me stuff. Like not even stuff about my mom and grandma. I mean I get that it's difficult for him but I'm 22. I need to know this stuff.

    Dawn: You don't know your mom?

    Golda: She uh, she's dead.

    Everyone looks a little shocked.

    Dawn: Oh?I'm sorry I didn't-

    Golda: No it's ok. You didn't know. It's been 20 years anyway and I didn't really know her at all so?so I guess it's not such a big deal for me as you might think it is. But it is for him.

    Buffy: Yeah. Do you uh, know how she died?

    Golda: He said it was a car crash but?I still don't know for sure.

    Xander: Maybe he'll tell you one day.

    Golda: I hope so. I just don't wanna pry, you know?

    Willow: Well yeah. I mean, losing your wife and daughter?must be hard.

    Golda nods.

    Kelly: So, uh, sorry if this is none of my business but I'm intrigued. What happened after you grandpa escaped?

    Golda: Well I don't the full story but I do know that he and my mom get to New York.

    Cut to downtown New York, 1953. Golda's VO continues as the camera moves through an open window and shows a slightly older Jim and a girl of around 9.

    Golda VO: I don't know how exactly, he said they got smuggled aboard a ship or something, but they get there.

    The girl (Golda's mum) is colouring in on some paper while Jim smiles at her, sitting on a sofa.

    Golda VO: They lived there for like forty years.

    Cut to Golda's mum around 20 hugging her dad. Cut to Golda in her 30s smiling as she walks in through the front door.

    Golda VO: And I also know that she wasn't what he expected.

    Cut back to the Summers' kitchen.

    Buffy: What do you mean?

    Golda: Well?she wasn't exactly housewife material. She wasn't a Slayer like I said, but she had something about her. I have one image of her in my mind that I've always remembered. She and grandpa shouting at each other.

    Xander: Really?

    Golda: Yeah I know it's not the most positive memory of her. But that's what made her stand out according to grandpa.

    Jim OS: What's this?

    Everyone turns to see Jim standing at the doorway.

    Golda: Oh, hey grandpa, how was your walk?

    Jim OS: Fine, fine, thank you. I hope you haven't been boring everyone with more stories.

    Buffy: No, uh, we wanted to know.

    Xander: Yeah your life seems way may eventful than the rest of ours.

    Jim: Well I wouldn't go that far from some of the things I've read about. Never actually saved the world myself. Though I'm not dead yet so who knows?

    Everyone smiles slightly. Golda's smile fades a little.

    Jim: But I suppose it hasn't exactly been a smooth ride between now and then. A lot of memories. Not all of them good.
    Everyone looks a little sad.

    Buffy: You know I better get on with some arrangements we need to make.

    Dawn: You mean-

    Buffy: Yeah. Next week.

    Dawn nods.

    Buffy: Uh Golda I'm sorry I can't be around more. I'll be back later. It's just a friend of ours died recently and-

    Golda: I know. Faith right?

    Buffy: Yeah. These guys told you?

    Jim: No it was me. I spoke to Mr. Giles actually. He mentioned it

    Buffy: You know Giles? Well actually I guess that's a stupid question since you were part of the Watcher's Council.

    Jim: Well we only worked together for a few years but uh, we're quite good friends yes. I'm sorry about Faith, I heard she was doing well after uh, the difficulties a few years ago.

    Buffy: Yeah. She was. Thank you.

    Jim smiles sympathetically.

    Golda: Uh grandpa I thought Mr. Giles was here?

    Jim: He was Golda.

    Jim looks at Buffy.

    Jim: I was wondering why he gave me his number in Devon actually.

    Buffy: It's a long story.

    Jim: Yes, I thought it might be. These things often are.

    Cut to the New York suburbs, 1981. A middle-aged woman wearing a dressing gown is scrubbing a table. The doorbell rings.

    Woman: Just a minute.

    The woman stops scrubbing and goes to the door. She opens it. A much older Jim is standing there smiling.

    Woman: Dad, hi, come in.

    Jim: Thanks Katie.

    Katie: You remember what we talked about? The whole "Kate" thing?

    Jim: Sorry it's just habit. You've been Katie for so long.

    Katie: Yeah well now I'm 37 rather than 14 it's a bit different.

    Jim: I'll do my best.

    Katie: Thank you.

    Jim looks at the table.

    Jim: Spilt something?

    Katie: Oh, yeah just some water, you know how I am.

    Jim: I do.

    Katie: But that doesn't mean you have to move in or anything, ok? I'm fine here. On my own.

    Jim: I know, I know. And I really hate to be the over-protective father that still checks up on his daughter when she's in her mid-30s but it's just I worry.

    Katie: I know. And I'm grateful dad, really I am. But like you say I'm not a little girl anymore. I know how to fend for myself. Well ok not that well but I'm working on it.

    Jim: Well I'm glad.

    Katie: Oh I forgot! Guess who got a job?

    Jim: Katie! That's great!

    Katie: Mm-hmm.

    Jim: What job?

    Katie: Uh, waitressing.

    Jim: Oh. Well, that's?that's a start.

    Katie: Yeah. Because I mean as much as I appreciate you providing for me it doesn't really work with the whole "me moving out" thing.

    Jim: Yeah. Also I thought if you have time we could start training again.

    Katie's smile fades slightly.

    Katie: Oh, um, sure that'd be great.

    Jim: A lot of vampire attacks around here lately, they could really use your help. Ever since Nikki died New York hasn't been the same.

    Katie: Yeah, it's bad. Listen I'm just gonna get changed. Help yourself to whatever and I'll be right back.

    Jim: Ok.

    Katie smiles and walks out of the room and pushes the door until it almost closes. Jim looks around. He looks over at the table and walks over to it. He frowns a little as he picks up some papers. The camera focuses on them. They are all bills.

    Jim: Honey? There are an awful lot of bills here.

    Katie OS: I noticed.

    Jim: You ok paying them?

    Katie OS: Dad I've got it under control. Just don't worry.

    Jim: All right. Let me know if-

    Katie OS: I will.

    Jim nods.

    Jim: (to himself) She won't.

    Katie OS: What was that?

    Jim: I just said "ok".

    Jim looks a little guilty. He sees some food packages on the floor next to the bin. He sighs and picks them up. He is about to put them in the bin when he notices something in there. He reaches in a takes it out. It is a pregnancy test. It shows it is positive. He frowns and looks shocked. Katie walks through smiling.

    Katie: So you want some coffee or some-

    Jim turns around holding the pregnancy test. Katie's smile fades as she sees him holding it.

    Katie: (hopefully) I got decafe.

    Jim: Were you gonna tell me about this?

    Katie: Yes?maybe?I dunno ok it's not your problem it's mine.

    Jim: Not my problem? Katie something this big is certainly not just your problem. And what about the father who-

    Katie: Um, I've been looking into it. But it's difficult.

    Jim: Why? Who have you slept with in the last two months?

    Katie: A few guys.

    Jim: A few?

    Katie: 10 maybe.

    Jim: Why didn't you tell me any of this?

    Katie: Because I knew you'd be like this. Why were you looking through my garbage anyway?

    Jim: I was putting these in there. And I guess you think it's ok to leave stuff like this lying around. You have no idea about kids Kate, they'd be on this in a second. This house is no place to bring up a child.

    Katie: I can tidy it up.

    Jim: Yeah and for how long? A week? You're getting a job, you have all these bills to pay, you're barely living on what you have right now. Do you really think you can support a baby as well?

    Katie: I'll manage.

    Jim: I don't think you will.

    Katie: Yeah and why would that be dad? You never give me the chance to.

    Jim: Well ok maybe I have been a bit overprotective of you.

    Katie: Understatement of the century.

    Jim: But this isn't on your own, this is managing for two.

    Katie: You did it.

    Jim: Because I had to.

    Katie: Well did you ever think I would have liked to try doing it a little earlier than 35? You basically kept me locked up in that house. God even when you were training me you always came along to watch.

    Jim: Cos you're not a Slayer Katie.

    Katie: Yeah, I know that. But I think you wanted me to be. I think you wanted me to be her.

    Jim: Don't be ridiculous.

    Katie: I'm not. I'm being honest. And I think should be to.

    Jim: All right. I think you are just trying to do this to get back at me. I think you have no idea what you're getting yourself in to. You don't even know who the father of your child. You said you slept with 10 guys over the last two months, well for all I know you've got another 10 scheduled for next week. And I think you should be more responsible for the life you have.

    Katie looks hurt. Jim closes his eyes and sighs. He opens them again and looks serious.

    Jim: Look I-

    Katie: No. No thank you for telling me what you think of me. I'm sorry that I wasn't the perfect daughter you wanted. And I'm sorry that I can't be mom.

    Jim: Katie-

    Katie: It's Kate. Please just leave.

    Jim frowns. Katie looks at him coldly.

    Jim: All right. If you need me-

    Katie: Yeah. If I need you.

    Jim looks away. He walks out. Katie looks tired and sits down. She picks up the rubbish next to the bin and throws it away. Cut to Golda watching TV in the living room. A news report comes on.

    TV reporter: Joseph Richards aged 34 was today sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of sexually assaulting and attempting to murder Lydia Dyson, 28.

    Golda stares at the TV. There is a flash of her struggling. There is a flash of a knife. She screws up her eyes tightly.

    Kelly OS: Are you ok?

    Golda jumps. She looks up at Kelly who is looking at her worriedly. Golda smiles awkwardly.

    Golda: Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just had a headache.

    Kelly nods but doesn't look entirely convinced. She looks at the TV.

    Kelly: God, I'd hate to be that girl.

    Golda: Hmm.

    Kelly: So uh, you wanna go somewhere? Xander's taken Buffy into Darkley and I don't really have anything else to do.

    Golda: Sure that'd be great. Uh, if you don't mind you could tell me a little about what you've done as a Slayer. Just I've never met another girl like me.

    Kelly: Oh?ok.

    Golda: Great.

    Kelly sits next to Golda.

    Golda: So what did you do when you first became a Slayer?

    Kelly smiles awkwardly.

    Cut to Willow sitting in the kitchen reading a magazine. She keeps looking at the phone. She is tapping the table and looks nervous. Eventually she gets up and walks towards the phone. She stares at it for a few seconds and then picks it up. She gets a piece of paper from her pocket. It says "Kennedy: 0428 346949". She dials the number and bites her lip as it begins to ring.

    Voice at the other end: Hello.

    Willow: (to the phone) Hi, uh, I'd like to speak to-

    Voice: You've reached the Wolfram and Hart offices of Illinois. If you'd like to speak to one of our associates for non-demonic matters please press 1. If you'd like-

    Willow puts down the phone sadly. Dawn appears behind her with Jim.

    Dawn: Hey.

    Willow: Oh, hey.

    Dawn: Jim was just telling me about what he did as Golda's Watcher. He even trained her mom and grandma too.

    Jim: Well it was my duty. Except with Katie of course. I think she adapted well though.

    Willow: Must have been hard for her.

    Jim: Yes. It was.

    Cut to New York, 1984. Katie is walking through a park at night. The camera moves down to show she is pushing a pram with a girl of about 2 inside. Katie pauses as she hears a noise. She shakes her head and continues walking. There is a rustling in the bushes. Katie stops and looks around.

    Katie: (to herself) God, not now.

    She is suddenly knocked to the ground. She looks up. A vampire is smiling at her. She punches him in the face. He flinches slightly but then grabs her neck. A female vampire appears and moves towards the girl in the pram (Golda). Katie sees and looks terrified.

    Katie: No!

    The male vampire moves towards her neck. Suddenly he gasps. He explodes in to dust. Jim is standing behind him with a stake. He throws the stake at the female vampire. She gasps and turns to dust too. Golda looks up and smiles as Jim. Jim smiles back a little. He then looks at Katie and helps her up.

    Katie: Thanks. And really, thanks.
    Jim: You're welcome. But honey what the hell are you doing out here at this time of night?

    Katie: I was just you know?going shopping

    Jim: This is a residential area.

    Katie: Ok fine I was coming to see you.

    Jim: (smiling) Really?

    Katie: Yeah. I couldn't get a babysitter so I took Golda with me.

    Jim: Well why didn't you say? I coulda come to you.

    Katie: I didn't wanna inconvenience you.

    Jim: I'd be much more inconvenienced if you died.

    Katie: Well I thought it'd be good if I made to first move, you know, because it's been a while.

    Jim: Three years. I think that's more like an era.

    Katie: I know. Too long. I just really felt I had to do this on my own. Prove to you that I could. But it turns out that's really, really hard.

    Jim: It is. I remember.

    Katie: In all honesty I don't think I can do it alone anymore.

    Jim: Then don't. Come back to live in the old house.

    Katie: Are you sure?

    Jim: If I wasn't I wouldn't ask. I want us to be a family again.

    Katie: Me too. But it doesn't mean you have to watch me everywhere I go or anything like that ok?

    Jim: I promise. I'll give you as much space as you need.

    Katie: (smiling) I wonder how long it'll be before you break that promise.

    The camera pans out as they continue talking.

    Jim OS: Hey I'm very good at promises, look at you here with a child and a relatively happy life without much vampire attacks at all.

    Katie OS: I almost had him.

    The camera moves over to some bushes.

    Jim OS: Almost being the operative word.

    The camera moves past the bushes. A man is watching Jim and Katie walking. It is Krolov. He smiles.

    Cut to the outside of the Summers' house. It is getting dark. Buffy and Xander get out his car and walk to the door. Willow and Dawn are at the door and they smile as they walk in. Golda and Kelly can be seen sat on the sofa. Jim is sat nearby talking as well. The camera turns around to show Krolov watching, also smiling.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Buffy and Xander walking through the front door of the Summers' house. Willow is standing next to them. She smiles.

      Willow: Hi.

      Buffy: Hey.

      Willow: So?so it's settled?

      Buffy: Mm-hmm. Really settled.

      Dawn: And how's that different to just "settled"?

      Buffy: I dunno. I guess I was just saying it to tell myself it's actually happening. Four days. And only four before this you were still going to Harvard. And only two weeks ago she was still-

      Xander: Buffy. You're gonna drive yourself insane at this rate. Just?try not to think about it too much. Ok?

      Buffy: I'm sorry. You're right. I know you are. But I can't help obsessing over this whole thing.

      Dawn looks at her frowning.

      Buffy: I know, bad me.

      Dawn: No I know how you feel. Maybe you should spend some time with Golda. Take your mind off stuff?

      Buffy: Yeah. I'll come through in a minute.

      Buffy looks through to the sitting room. Golda and Kelly are sat side-by-side looking awkward. Jim looks at them.

      Jim: I'm going to get a drink of something. You girls want anything?

      Both Golda and Kelly shake their heads and smile slightly. Jim gets up slowly and walks through to the kitchen. Kelly and Golda look awkward. Finally Kelly breaks the silence.

      Kelly: You maybe I shouldn't have told you-

      Golda: No, no I'm sorry if I seem shocked.

      Kelly: Just a bit.

      Golda: I, uh, I didn't realise. Musta' been hard.

      Kelly: It was. But Buffy, Xander?they all helped me. To put it behind me.

      Golda: You were able to?

      Kelly: Not completely. But I'm not who I was back then.

      Golda: I know the feeling.

      Cut to Jim's house, New York, 2001. Golda, aged 19 is punching a punching bag repeatedly. A much older Jim is standing behind her.

      Jim: That's good. Try to keep it fluent.

      Golda stops and nods. She starts punching again.

      Jim: Much better! Great.

      Golda eventually stops. She smiles at Jim.

      Jim: That's enough I think for today, ok?

      Golda: Ok.

      Jim: You really do remind me of your grandmother.

      Golda: (jokingly) Yeah I know.

      Jim: Sorry. You must get tired of hearing that.

      Golda: Well the way you describe her she sounds cool. So not really no.

      Jim nods.

      Golda: What about mom?

      Jim: Oh her too. You all have the same individual attitude. You could be no one else's daughter.

      Golda smiles.

      Golda: I have to go out.

      Jim: What?

      Golda: I'm going to that party. Remember?

      Jim: Oh, right. I musta' forgot. Be-

      Golda: Careful. I know. And I will. I mean, hey, potential Slayer here.

      Jim: But not the full package. Not yet anyway.

      Golda: Well you know, maybe we should go to Sunnydale to see the real one do her-

      Jim: Golda I told you. Sunnydale has a Slayer like you say, but New York hasn't got anybody except people like us. We need to stay here. You understand right?

      Golda: Yeah. I'll um, see you later.

      Jim: Ok. Have fun. Try not to get caught drinking by the police.

      Golda: (sarcastically) Oh, ok then.

      She smiles.

      Golda: Bye.

      Jim nods. Golda walks out into a corridor. She begins walking down. She frowns slightly as she does. She slows down and looks around a corner. She shrugs and turns around. A young man is stood in front of her.
      Golda: Oh, God! Jimmy, you nearly gave me a heart attack.

      Jimmy: Sorry.

      Golda: What do you want?

      Jimmy: You know the answer to that Golda.

      Golda: Oh just?shut up.

      She turns around and begins walking.

      Jimmy: Why do you keep doing this Golda?

      Golda sighs and turns around.

      Golda: And you know the answer to that Jimmy. Whatever we had, it's gone ok? I'm sorry but you have to understand that. It's over. Get over it. I have.

      Jimmy: Then it never meant anything?

      Golda: Maybe it did. But not now. I have to go ok, so please just, leave me alone.

      Jimmy: I can't just watch you walk away from-

      Golda: Well I guess you'll just have to close your eyes.

      Golda turns around and walks off. Jimmy looks angry.

      Cut to Kelly and Golda.

      Kelly: So you're really not freaked out?

      Golda: No. I don't think anyone's done something that haven't regretted. Your just one of them.

      Kelly smiles.

      Kelly: So what about you?

      Golda: Well, I-

      Buffy OS: Hey guys.

      Kelly and Golda turn to see Buffy walking in.
      Golda: Hey.

      Buffy: So I'm really sorry that I haven't been around more, but I'm here now so if you'd like to-

      Golda: Well actually me and Kelly were-

      Kelly: No, it's ok. You should talk to Buffy I mean she's way more experienced than me.

      Golda: Oh, ok. We could go for a walk or something, Buffy.

      Buffy: Sure, let's go before dinner.

      They begin walking to the front door. Kelly gets up too.

      Kelly: I can hear about your stuff later, you know, if that's ok?

      Golda: Right.

      Buffy opens the front door.

      Golda: The past can definitely wait for now.

      She looks afraid as she sees Krolov, in vamp face standing in front of her. He grabs her and throws her outside. Buffy moves to punch him but he suddenly blows purple dust in her face. She coughs, as does Kelly. The dust begins to expand as Buffy and Kelly fall to the floor. Willow and Xander rush through from the kitchen but begin to fall as the dust hits them. Dawn appears and the same happens to her. Krolov looks at Golda who is staring at him from the ground, terrified.

      Krolov: Waiting's over.

      He smiles darkly.
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        ACT IV

        Golda backs away as Krolov slowly walks towards her. She suddenly flips up but Krolov throws her a punch knocking her back on the ground. She looks up at him.

        Krolov: As much as I may hate gypsies, their magic can be very useful in the right circumstances.

        Golda: Who are you?

        Krolov: (with a lesser German accent than he used to have) Oh I have been longing for you to ask me that.

        Golda frowns.

        Krolov: Yes. You do look like your grandmother. Unluckily for you it was easy for me to know who you were. Especially as you were here of all places. Honestly girl, are you entirely stupid?

        Golda: How do you know my grandma?

        Krolov: Allow me to explain?

        Cut back to Ana and Krolov in Belsen, 1944. Ana looks back at Jim running away.

        Krolov: How valiant of you. But he will not get far.

        Krolov begins walking towards a megaphone box. Ana looks shocked and jumps at him.

        Cut back to Golda and Krolov in the present day.

        Krolov: She was strong. But she could not stop herself from trying to be the hero. Like your mother.

        Golda's eyes widen. Cut to New York, 1984. Katie is sat in a bedroom in Jim's apartment. Golda is in her cot. The doorbell rings. Katie gets up. Cut to her opening the door. Krolov is stood wearing a green uniform. Katie smiles.

        Krolov: Electrician.

        Katie: Hi, come in.

        Krolov smiles to himself as he walks in. Cut back to Golda and Krolov in the present day. Golda shakes her head in disbelief.

        Golda: No?

        Krolov crouches down besides her and looks her in the eyes.

        Krolov: Did you grandfather ever tell you the real story?

        Golda looks upset. Cut to Ana and Krolov fighting in 1944. Ana punches Krolov. Anne looks on upset. Cut to Jim running with baby Katie in his arms. Cut back to Krolov who punches Ana hard. She hits the wall but gets up and kicks Krolov in the face. Cut to Katie and Krolov.

        Krolov: Would you mind shutting the curtains? I find it easier using my own light.

        Katie: Oh, ok.

        Katie shuts the curtains. Krolov vamps out behind her. Golda sits up in her pram. Katie turns around. Her smile fades into shock as she sees him. Cut to Ana and Krolov.

        Krolov: You are weak.

        Ana: Then you have no idea what I am.

        Krolov: Oh I know. You're scum. You're filth. You think the world is evil because of people like me?

        Ana: You're not a person.

        Krolov: Neither are you my dear. And even if your disillusioned little mind believes it, it won't for much longer.

        Krolov punches Ana back. Anne clutches the fence. Krolov smiles at her. Cut to Krolov running towards Katie in 1944. She screams and dodges out the way. Krolov stops just short of the window and pushes Katie against the wall. Cut to Jim pulling his car up outside the apartment building. He gets out the car smiling. Cut to Golda and Krolov in the present day. Golda looks very upset. She gets up quickly and punches Krolov. He falls back.

        Golda: Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?

        Krolov: Because a challenge is so much more entertaining. Like your mother and grandmother both were.

        Golda looks tearful and angry. Krolov stands up. Cut to Krolov picking up Ana and throwing her against the wall. Cut to Krolov picking up Golda and doing the same. Cut to Katie trying to punch Krolov. Cut to Jim walking up the stairs of the apartment. Cut to Jim almost tripping while running out of Belsen. Cut to Ana looking up as Krolov towers over her. Cut to Katie opening the curtains. Krolov growls as the sunlight hits him. Katie runs to Golda's cot. Krolov grabs her and slams her against the wall. Cut to Jim walking up the stairs smiling.

        Jim: Katie?

        The door is slightly ajar. Cut to Jim running into a forest near Belsen. He slows a little and looks back. Cut to Krolov towering over Golda in the present day. He smiles. Golda breathes heavily and looks in pain. Krolov kicks her in the stomach. Krolov suddenly grabs Golda by the neck. Cut to Golda in her cot. She is watching Krolov and Katie curiously. Krolov smiles at Katie.

        Krolov: You have your mother's eyes.

        Katie looks horrified as Krolov moves towards her neck. Cut to Ana and Krolov. Krolov smiles as he draws out a pistol and points it at Ana.

        Ana: You think you can finish this by killing me?

        Krolov: No. This is far from over.

        Cut to Katie and Krolov. As Krolov bites Katie the sound disappears. All that can be heard is the beat of her heart thumping quickly. It can be heard in all the different scenes. Cut to Jim pulling down the door handle of Katie and Golda's room. Cut to Krolov pulling the trigger on the gun. Cut to Jim running through the forest with Katie. He hears the distant gun shot. He closes his eyes looking upset. Katie's heartbeat starts to slow and she gasps. Krolov picks Golda up by the neck and slams her against the wall. She kicks him the leg and he lets go. Jim opens to door to Katie's bedroom. Golda in her cot smiles at him. Katie's heartbeat is now very faint. Cut to Krolov smiling at Anne who is cowering behind a building. He throws the gun, which lands on Ana's body. Cut to Katie falling to the floor in slow motion as Krolov pulls away. Jim looks forward but looks horrified. He falls to his knees and puts his hands to his mouth. Golda in her cot looks over. All that can be seen is a small trickle of blood on the floor next to some red hair. Cut to Golda and Krolov. Krolov looks at her still smiling.

        Krolov: And yet you are stronger than your ancestors. You have more will to live.

        Golda: You have no idea.

        Krolov: And what now? Will you take a cross and put it before me, hoping against hope that it will save your life? After three generations?you are all still worthless.

        Golda looks at Krolov with a new look in her eye. She shakes her head.

        Golda: (slowly) I don't do crosses.

        Golda grabs a stake from her pocket and stabs it at Krolov's heart. He grabs her arm. He smiles but then his smile fades. He was too slow. He looks at Golda. Golda looks at him coldly. There is a quick flash to Ana looking at him in the same way. Then Katie looking at him looking shocked. He explodes to dust. Golda exhales and looks exhausted. She sees Jim standing nearby. He looks tearful. Golda does too. She walks up to him. They hug. Golda cries.

        Jim: It's all right Golda. It's over. Thank you.

        Cut to Golda and Jim sat in the living room with the others.

        Dawn: So he's been following you for like 60 years?

        Jim: Yes. I think he felt he needed to finished what was started.

        Golda: He almost did.

        Jim: Almost being the operative word.

        Golda looks at him.

        Jim: Golda you fought. And you won. I've never seen you do anything more amazing than what you did today.

        Buffy: Sorry we couldn't be there to help you.

        Golda: Yeah well that dust was pretty effective huh? Anyway I think?it needed to be me. You get that?

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Xander: Well I'd say it was about time for dinner right?

        Dawn: Sounds good.

        Everyone gets up.

        Golda: We'll be through in a minute.

        The others nod. Golda looks at Jim.

        Golda: Why did you lie about mom's death?

        Jim: I didn't want you to go out seeking vengeance. I knew how dangerous Krolov was. I just didn't want things to be like they were before.

        Golda: Grandpa?I'm 22. And I'm a Slayer. Don't feel like you have to protect me.

        Jim: But I do. I promised your grandmother I would take care of our child. I failed her. I cannot again. But I won't be around forever.

        Golda: I know?but-

        Jim: Golda?I may look young to you. But I'm not. I?I've been taking something.

        Golda: What?

        Jim: It's called Naterium. It's a mystical anti-aging drug. I suppose it'd sell out in a few hours if the cosmetics industry found out about it.

        Golda: Why? Why did you-

        Jim: Because of you. I needed to make sure you'd be ok. And I think you are. I don't need to take it anymore.

        Golda: But?you'll die.

        Jim: Maybe. But that is nature's course. I have no reason to try and alter it any longer.

        Golda: I need you.

        Jim: No. Like you say, you're 22. I've given you everything you need. I think you're ready to face whatever this world throws at you. Because I've seen you fight it.

        Golda frowns.

        Golda: Will you stay here?

        Jim: No.

        Golda: What?

        Jim: Golda there is something I have to do. I need to go back to Germany before I die. I have unfinished business with that place. Do you understand?

        Golda pauses. Eventually she nods.

        Jim: Thank you.

        Golda: What am I supposed to do now?

        Jim: Whatever you want. That's life.

        Cut to everyone stood outside. A taxi is waiting in the front drive.

        Buffy: Good luck. You know I'm sorry that things turned out this way-
        Jim: Don't worry. I think they were meant to.

        Buffy smiles. Jim smiles back and then looks at Golda. They hug as Golda looks tearful. Jim stands back.

        Jim: Take care.

        Golda: Yeah?goodbye.

        Jim: Goodbye.

        Jim gets in the taxi. They drive off. Jim looks back at Golda through the car window. Then he is gone. Golda looks sad. Buffy walks up to her.

        Buffy: You know you're welcome to stay here for as long as you want. Indefinitely really, I mean we've got enough room.

        Golda: Thanks. I'm just gonna need to think things through.

        Buffy: Sure. Take as long as you need.

        Buffy smiles and walks away. The others smile too and walk also. Kelly waits behind a second.

        Kelly: I'm sorry.

        Golda: Don't be. He needed to go. He did what he had to do.

        Kelly: Yeah. Well you know I'll be inside if you need-

        Golda: Wait. Kelly?you killed a man.

        Kelly: Right?

        Golda turns to look her in the eyes.

        Golda: Well?you're not the only one.

        Cut to Golda walking down the street in May, 2003. She turns around and sees Jimmy following her. Cut back to the present day.

        Kelly: What?

        Golda: Last year. When?when I became a real Slayer. That's when it-

        Cut to Jimmy grabbing Golda's shoulder.

        Golda: Get off!

        Jimmy: No, I need you!

        Golda: Stop it!

        Jimmy: I have to have you!

        Cut back to the present day. Kelly looks at Golda worriedly.

        Kelly: Golda?

        Golda screws up her eyes. Cut to Jimmy on top of Golda.

        Golda: (pleadingly) Jimmy get off please!

        Jimmy: This is the only way!

        Golda: No! Stop I-

        Golda suddenly gasps. There is a flash to the scythe glowing. Cut back to Golda and Jimmy. Gold pushes Jimmy. He flies back and flies through a shop window. Golda looks up terrified. Cut back to the present day. Golda looks tearful. Kelly looks at her seriously.

        Golda: They said it was self-defence. That he might've hurt me if I'd-

        Kelly: Golda it wasn't your fault. He was gonna do something could have taken a lifetime to forget. And the Slayer power?you couldn't have known.

        Golda: But he's still dead-

        Kelly: Yeah. But you might have been otherwise. Golda?you're not alone in this. You already know about me?but last week Xander had to kill someone to save our lives. Dawn shot someone who would have killed us all maybe. Willow killed people when she was at her worst.

        Golda: So that makes it ok?

        Kelly: I'm not saying that. I'm just telling you that you can't obsess over these things. If you do they just take over you. You can't let that happen.

        Golda: Believe me I don't want to.

        Kelly: Then I'll help you. But first tell me something. What are you gonna do now?

        Golda turns to face the road.

        Golda: I don't know.

        Cut to Kelly standing behind Golda on the empty road.

        THE END
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