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Buffy Episode 9.2 168. Crisis

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  • Buffy Episode 9.2 168. Crisis

    Hi, this is the second episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.2 168. Crisis

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Open on Buffy in Faith's room. She is sorting through some of Faith's clothes. She looks tired. Willow opens the door slightly.

    Willow: Buffy?

    Buffy looks round quickly.

    Buffy: Hi.

    Willow: I didn't think you'd be in here.

    Buffy turns back to folding Faith's clothes.

    Buffy: Gotta be done sometime. I don't have anything better to be doing right now anyway.

    Willow looks sad. She walks over to Buffy and sits on the bed next to her.

    Willow: Well yeah. But I mean it's only been two weeks since?since it happened. No one's really talked about it. Maybe if we did wouldn't end up here. Again. Might make it easier.

    Buffy: Right now I find this kind of thing less difficult. I don't really know what to say. I've been here before?we all have, but?it just feels so surreal, you know? What with everything else going on with Dawn, so many people leaving?talking to Angel.

    Willow: Have you invited him to the funeral?

    Buffy: Well we hadn't arranged it then and-

    Willow: Buffy, I think he'd wanna come. Spike too.

    Buffy: That would be part of the reason why I didn't invite them.

    Willow: I get that it'd be hard seeing them again. But without meaning to sound harsh, this isn't about you. It's about Faith. She was important to a lot of people, not just us. I don't think it'd be right to not tell them.

    Buffy: You're right. Faith was in Angel's mind?probably taken a piece of him with her. And anyway I guess seeing him-?uh, seeing them again would probably be best anyway. Got some time to get ready at least.

    Willow: Yeah. Another two weeks.

    Buffy: I wish it could have been sooner, but apparently a lot of other people lost someone first.

    Willow: Well like you said at least we can prepare.

    Buffy: Yeah. I just think she'd be happier if she could rest, for good.

    Willow: At least Dawn'll still be here.

    Buffy: Mm-hmm?

    Willow: You're gonna miss her huh?

    Buffy: This house already feels empty. Soon it'll just be four of left when Dawn goes. I don't think I can cope with the silence.

    Willow: Well I'm not going anywhere. You're not either right?

    Buffy: Nope. We're not done here.

    Buffy and Willow smile at each other. Xander looks in through the door.

    Xander: Not interrupting anything am I?

    Buffy: No I was just finishing. What's up?

    Xander: I was just into town with Kelly, wondered if Willow wanted to come.

    Willow: Oh right, yeah.

    Buffy: What do you need to do?

    Willow: I'm gonna see one of my professors at the college in Lincoln. Hopefully I'll be able to do my PHD there this year.

    Buffy: Oh, cool. Good luck.

    Willow: Thanks.

    Buffy nods. Willow and Xander walk out. Buffy looks at the shirt of Faith's she was folding. She folds it once more in two and puts it on to the pile with the others. She gets up and walks out.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg

    Guest Starring:

    MARC BLUCAS - Riley
    IAN McKELLAN - Webber
    COLIN SALMON - Terry

    Open on Buffy walking into the living room. She sees Xander's car drive out. Dawn appears from the corridor.

    Dawn: Thought you might not be coming down this morning.

    Buffy: Oh I was just sorting some stuff out.

    Dawn: Faith's room huh?

    Buffy: Yeah.

    There is a pause.

    Dawn: What's gonna happen to all her stuff? I mean?she didn't say what she wanted to happen to it.

    Buffy: It's complicated. I guess we'll have to see.

    Dawn nods.

    Dawn: Hey, you still coming with me for the interview thing?

    Buffy: Yep, hadn't forgotten.

    Dawn: Great. But remember you don't have to come in or anything just-

    Buffy: Don't worry, I'm not gonna be the embarrassing sister who keeps checking to see you're ok. Cos you will be.

    Dawn: Yeah?I hope.

    Buffy: Dawn you got this far, you can go the rest of the way.

    Dawn: You know how it'll totally be your fault if I don't get accepted now.

    Buffy: Oh, um, well actually I think it's really unlikely you'll get in. Maybe even improbable.

    Dawn smiles.

    Buffy: Want some lunch before we go?

    Dawn: Sure.

    Buffy smiles as she walks through with Dawn into the kitchen. Cut to Xander's car pulling up next to the university. Willow opens the back door and gets out. She looks in through the passenger seat window.

    Willow: I'll see you guys later.

    Xander: Ok. Hoper it goes well for ya.

    Kelly: Yeah good luck.

    Willow: Thanks. Have fun.

    Willow walks towards the university. Kelly looks at Xander. He is frowning.

    Kelly: You ok?

    Xander: What? Oh, yeah I'll be ok. Just need to time to get used to certain people not being here anymore.

    Kelly nods.

    Kelly: I know what you mean.

    She places her hand on his arm. He puts his hand on hers.

    Kelly: So you wanna do something?

    Xander: Like go out somewhere for lunch?

    Kelly: Sure. If was there somewhere to go.

    Xander: Hey Lincoln's not that bad. We could try that new place. You never, could be nice.

    Kelly: Hmm, ok.

    Xander: Hope it's not as expensive as the last one though.

    Kelly: If it is you're paying.

    She smiles at Xander who smiles back. They drive off towards the centre of town.

    Cut to Willow walking up some stairs in the university. She looks around and walks towards a door with "Professor Webber". She knocks. A man of about 50 opens it and smiles.

    Man/Professor Webber: Hello, can I help you?

    Willow: Hi, I'm Willow. Willow Rosenberg. We spoke on the phone yesterday.

    Professor Webber: (smiling) Oh yes, hello, come in.

    Willow smiles and walks in.

    Professor Webber: Uh, please take a seat.

    Willow and professor Webber sit down. Professor Webber starts looking through some papers. Willow sits patiently.

    Professor Webber: (without looking up) Right. Hmm, interesting.

    Willow raises her eyebrows hopefully. Professor Webber nods to himself and looks up.

    Professor Webber: Well Miss Rosenberg your CV is, uh, excellent. I must say I'm very impressed.

    Willow: Really? Good?and thanks, cause well I thought maybe some stuff from two years ago might be a little, uh, deterring for you.

    Professor Webber: Hmm?well, there is one thing.

    Willow: Oh. Well see that year was-

    Professor Webber: Oh, no that's fine. You picked up well. No, I wanted to ask something concerning that you were initially offered places at some of the world's top universities. You could have got into Oxford if you wanted. Yet you chose the small, largely unknown town of Sunnydale for your first three-year course. And now you come to Lincoln, which is hardly leading in excellence. Why?

    Willow: I guess, I, uh, I just like being near home.

    Professor Webber: Really? But uh, Sunnydale's in California, and now you're in England.

    Willow: Well that wasn't exactly my choice to leave; I mean there wasn't much of a university left by the time?uh-

    Professor Webber: Ah don't worry about what you say. Every university has its faults.

    Willow: Probably not as many as Sunnydale.

    Professor Webber: Well I suppose I should be grateful you've decided to come here rather than somewhere with a much larger profile. I look forward to supervising you.

    Willow: You mean you're letting me do it?

    Professor Webber: Of course! Turning you down would be a crime.

    Willow: Oh, great! Should I come in on Monday or-

    Professor Webber: Yes, that'll do fine.

    Willow: Ok. See you then! And thanks again!

    Professor Webber: Bye!

    Willow walks away smiling. Professor Webber smiles to himself. He walks over to his desk and starts sorting through some other papers. The camera slowly zooms in on the papers he was looking at before. There is a profile on Willow, and a newspaper report on Sunnydale. On the profile it clearly says "advanced magic-user, approach with caution".

    Cut to Buffy and Dawn getting off the bus outside the school. Dawn and Buffy walk up towards the steps.

    Buffy: I don't think I really need to say it, but good luck.

    Dawn: Thanks. And yeah you do need to say cos apparently this guy is tough to please.

    Buffy: Well you're good at pleasing?um?

    Dawn raises an eyebrow.

    Buffy: You know what, I'm gonna go.

    Dawn: Right. See you later. Will you be around or-

    Buffy: Yeah, uh I'll be back here at about 5 ok?

    Dawn: Ok. Bye.

    Dawn walks into the building. Buffy looks after her and then turns around.

    Cut to Dawn inside the school. She walks up a corridor and then into a waiting area. She sits down next to another, older girl.

    Girl: Going to Harvard?

    Dawn: Uh, yeah?how'd you know?

    Girl: Well I am so I was hoping I wasn't the only one.

    Dawn smiles.

    Dawn: Nope, you're not. I'm Dawn by the way.

    Girl: I'm Lauren.

    Dawn: Oh right, I uh don't think I've seen you around school.

    Lauren: No I've actually just come here to get the interview. I lived further north before.

    Dawn: Right.

    A girl walks past. She smiles slightly at Dawn and walks down the stairs.

    Dawn: So, why Harvard?

    Lauren: Well you know it's got a great reputation.

    Dawn: Sure.

    Lauren: And I dunno, just seems a good choice. You?

    Dawn: Same really. I mean I hate to be so far from home but-

    Lauren: But?you sound American.

    Dawn: Yeah I am originally. We moved here last year. From Sunnydale, California.

    Lauren: Oh, really? You live near hear?

    Dawn: Yeah just outside the town.

    Lauren: It's nice aint it?

    Dawn: Yeah it is. I guess it'd be good to be back in the US yeah.

    Lauren: Right. I know sometimes I wish I could go back home.

    Dawn smiles sympathetically.

    Dawn: Uh listen you're probably going in before me, I just need to go to the bathroom. Could you make sure no one steals my seat?

    Lauren: Good as done.

    Dawn: Thanks.

    Dawn gets up and walks towards a nearby door. A girl walks out. Dawn bumps into her.

    Dawn: Oh, sorry!

    Girl: No it's fine, my fault.

    The girl smiles and carries on walking. Dawn walks through the door. Lauren looks after her and then gets a mobile phone from her bag. She dials a number and puts the phone to here ear.

    Lauren: (to phone) Yeah it's her.

    Lauren gets up and walks towards the door.

    Cut to Kelly and Xander waiting in a queue outside a restaurant. A waitress comes out.

    Waitress: I'm afraid it'll be at least 30 minutes until we have a table free, but if you'd like to wait at the bar you can.

    Xander looks at Kelly.

    Xander: You wanna wait?

    Kelly: Uh?I guess. Though I dunno if I'll have time to go into town at this rate.

    Xander: Hey, I can stay here if you wanna go in.

    Kelly: Are you sure?

    Xander: Yeah. Probably be waiting about another two hours if I went too.

    The waitress looks a little annoyed. Xander notices and looks embarrassed.

    Xander: Have fun in town.

    Kelly: Will do.

    They kiss. Kelly walks away.

    Xander: (to waitress) So, uh, where's your excellent?um?nice bar?

    The waitress raises an eye but smiles slightly.

    Waitress: Follow me.

    Xander smiles awkwardly and follows. Cut to Kelly walking along the street nearby. The camera moves across the road to show a man walk out of a shop. He watches Kelly walk down the opposite side of the street.

    Man: (to a phone) The target has appeared.

    Cut to Xander at the bar. A woman sits down next to him.

    Woman: Half an hour waiting for a meal. Didn't think it'd be that bad.

    Xander smiles slightly.

    Xander: Yeah, it's pretty bad.

    Woman: Hmm, American. You know I love your accent.

    Xander: Thanks.

    Xander smiles and takes a sip from his drink.

    Woman: I'm Vicky by the way.

    Xander: I'm Xander.

    They smile at each other.

    Xander: Hope I'm not here too long or I might not be able to drive home.

    Vicky: I know it's so tempting to just?carry on. Especially when you're on your own. Though, drinking together's not so bad either.

    Vicky edges a little closer. Xander looks uncomfortable.

    Xander: Right. So it's a good job my girlfriend's gonna be back soon.

    Vicky's smile fades. She moves back. Xander smiles a little and gets up.

    Xander: I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be?right back.

    [I}Vicky smiles a little too widely. Xander walks away. Vicky gets out a cigarette and stares darkly after him. She picks up her phone and dials a number before putting the phone to her ear.[/I]

    Vicky: (to the phone) What now?

    Cut to Buffy staring at some shoes in a shop window.

    Buffy: Who thinks of these prices? Can't they be a little realistic?

    A man is stood behind Buffy. She sees his reflection in the glass and turns around.

    Buffy: Oh sorry, I'm in the way.

    Man: It's fine, I'm not shopping.

    Buffy: Oh. Comparing company prices? Cos I gotta tell ya if they're less than this I'll-

    Man: I need to speak with you, Buffy.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: How do you know my name?

    Man: Listen I'm Terry a friend of Riley's-

    Buffy: Riley? Is he ok? Slayer trouble or-

    Terry: He's?well I don't know how he is. Or where. And it's not Slayer related this time. It's?something bigger.

    Buffy: Bigger? I?I didn't think there could be much bigger.

    Terry: Buffy you're in danger.

    Buffy: So I've been told.

    Terry: It's different this time. Riley went missing when he tried to contact you about this last month.

    Buffy looks shocked.

    Terry: He was trying to tell you that you're being tracked down by a terrorist organisation. They're prepared to go to any lengths in order to find whoever they want as hostages.

    Buffy: Me?

    Terry: Not just you. Your friends too.
    Buffy looks worried.

    Terry VO: Right now they're probably being tracked down.

    Cut to Willow walking out of the college. Professor Webber looks out of his window speaking into a phone.

    Terry VO: We don't know how many there are.

    Cut to Kelly walking down the street. Another man joins the one who was on the phone before. They continue to follow her.

    Terry VO: And we don't know what kind of technology they have at their disposal.

    Cut to Dawn returning to the waiting room. Lauren smiles.

    Terry VO: But what we do know is that they need you because they know how important you are to the government.

    Cut to Xander sit back down. Vicky smiles and slips her phone into her handbag.

    Terry: We have to go now. Do you know where any of your friends are?

    Buffy: Dawn. She's at the school.

    Terry: She's too obvious. They'll expect you to go after her. I think they'll try and get someone who you think can handle themselves in danger.

    Buffy: Willow. And Kelly! They're in Lincoln.

    Terry: Let's go.

    Buffy: What about Riley? Is he-

    Terry: We think he's already been captured. But if we hurry we'll find out for sure.

    Buffy nods.

    Terry: We can use my car.

    Cut to Kelly walking down the street. A hand is placed on her shoulder. Kelly jumps. She looks at the figure and smiles with relief.[/I]

    Kelly: God you made me jump! You didn't wait at the restaurant?

    The camera moves round to show Xander.

    Xander: I thought we could find somewhere better.

    Kelly smiles. She and Xander walk off. Xander looks forward and smiles darkly.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Buffy and Terry in Lincoln. Buffy stops as she notices Xander's car parked.

    Buffy: This is Xander's car.

    Terry: One of your close friends?

    Buffy: Hell yes. Do they know that?

    Terry: It's likely. They've got all kinds of ways of finding out what they need to know.

    Buffy: So they know we're trying to stop them?

    Terry: By now?probably.

    Buffy: Oh god.

    Terry: Buffy listen to me, we'll be able to find them if we just-

    Buffy: Willow!

    Willow is walking towards them.
    Terry: ?Look over there.

    Buffy runs towards Willow.

    Willow: Hey Buffy. What's up?

    Buffy: God I'm glad to see you're ok.

    Willow: Thanks?though by the "God" in that sentence I'm guessing I shouldn't be?

    Buffy: No?no you should cos that's good. But um-

    Willow: Who's that?

    Terry is stood a little further away.

    Buffy: Oh, oh don't worry he's a good guy.

    Willow smiles at Terry. He walks up to her and flashes a light in her face. Willow closes her eyes and then blinks several times. Buffy looks at Terry confused. Willow looks from Terry to Buffy.

    Willow: Do the good guys try and blind you now?

    Buffy: (to Terry) What the hell are you doing?

    Terry: Sorry. I was just checking it was really you.

    Willow: Well yeah, I'm really me.

    Terry: I know. Now. But like I told you Buffy the terrorists have ways of finding what they need to know. Using spies to masquerade as others is one of them.

    Willow: I'm not a spy! And: terrorists!?

    Buffy: Uh yeah Will, we have a new problem.

    Cut to Dawn and Lauren in the waiting area. Dawn looks at the clock on the wall.

    Dawn: Wow, he's sure taking his time.

    Lauren: I know, I just wish he'd get on with it.

    Dawn: I'm gonna have to go in like ten minutes.
    Lauren: Do you reckon we should knock, see what's up?

    Dawn: Oh, sure. Probably shoulda done that already.

    Lauren gets up and knocks on the door. Dawn stands behind her. There is no answer. Dawn frowns.

    Dawn: (calling) Hello?

    Lauren: Maybe we should go in just to make sure?

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Lauren opens the door slowly. Dawn looks a little worried as she slowly walks through. The door creaks open. Lauren looks round the door, as does Dawn.

    Dawn: Oh.

    The camera shows the room is empty.

    Lauren: Looks like we've been waiting all this time and no one's been in here.

    Dawn: Wait?wouldn't he have left a note or, or something?

    Lauren: Maybe he had to rush out?

    Dawn notices a pen on some paper. She looks at the writing. The writing has been stopped mid-word.

    Dawn: Or maybe he was rushed out.

    Lauren: What?

    Dawn: I think something happened.

    Lauren: You think?

    Dawn: I do. We should probably go check-

    Dawn's mobile rings. Dawn goes out into the hall and answers it.

    Dawn: (to the phone) Hello? Hey Willow. Yeah I'm?what??oh my god?uh-

    Dawn looks at Lauren who is stood in the office.

    Dawn: ?I see. Uh yeah I, um, I'll go back right now. He wasn't there anyway.

    Dawn puts the phone away. The camera shows Lauren stood behind her, staring. Dawn looks around slowly.

    Cut to Xander looking at his watch. Vicky raises an eyebrow.

    Vicky: Something the matter?

    Xander; Uh yeah, just wondering where my girlfriend is.

    Vicky: Maybe she got held up?

    Xander: Maybe?but she's usually pretty fast at shopping I mean you just let her in there and she comes out five minutes later with-

    Vicky: Would you like me to help you look for her?

    Xander: Uh I think I can find her on my own.

    Xander gets up.

    Vicky: Two heads are better than one.

    Xander: Yeah but you don't know what she looks like.

    Vicky: You could describe her then I could-

    Xander: Look, Vicky, you're really nice and helpful and all but?I don't know you.

    Vicky: This is your chance to.

    Xander: While I'm sure that'd be?interesting, uh, I really have to find her.

    Vicky: Oh come on, Kelly'll probably be here in a minute.

    Xander frowns and stares at Vicky.

    Xander: How do you know her name?

    Vicky: You uh, you said earlier-

    Xander: Don't try and play the fool with me. How the hell do you know her name?

    Vicky: I um, I-

    Xander: (raising his voice) Who the hell are you!?

    Some other customers turn to look. The waitress from earlier walks over.

    Waitress: Everything alright?

    Vicky: Everything's fine.

    The waitress smiles and walks away. Vicky whispers to Xander.

    Vicky: Wouldn't wanna make a scene now would we?

    Xander stares at her angrily.

    Xander: (icily) What have you done with Kelly?

    Vicky stars back coldly.

    Cut to Kelly staring forward. She looks shocked.

    Kelly: Oh god!

    The camera moves round showing that Kelly is looking in the mirror in a changing cubicle wearing a black top. She turns around and opens the curtain. Xander is stood nearby.

    Kelly: This really doesn't work right?

    Xander: It's fine.

    Kelly: You don't have to pretend. I mean?

    She looks down.

    Kelly: It really doesn't work.

    Xander: I think it does on you.

    Kelly smiles. She and Xander kiss.

    Kelly: I'll just get changed then we can go.

    Xander: Ok then.
    Kelly walks into the cubicle. Xander moves his hand into his pocket and pulls out a syringe.

    Xander: Should probably get a move on.

    Kelly: I am! It's just these buttons are really stiff. Home our destination?

    Xander: Sure.

    He smiles darkly. He walks towards the cubicle.

    Cut to Kelly inside the cubicle. She is pulling on one of the buttons on the shirt. She turns around as she says it.

    Kelly: You know at this rate I'm gonna have to buy this cause I really can't-

    Kelly's smile fades. Xander is looking through, frowning.

    Kelly: What?

    Xander suddenly rushes towards Kelly. She looks shocked. She pushes him away. He hits the side of the cubicle. She tries to run past. He grabs her arm and drives the syringe into her upper arm. She gasps and turns to look at him in disbelief. She blinks slowly and tries to hit Xander but only does so gently. She slowly sinks to the floor. Xander smiles and suddenly morphs back into the man seen earlier. He looks down at Kelly. He kneels down and gets a knife out of his other pocket. He holds it above Kelly. He then drives it downwards.

    He cuts through her shirt. He unzips her jeans. He smiles and unzips his own jeans. He leans over her. The curtain is suddenly pulled open. The other man seen with him earlier looks down. He looks disgusted.

    Man #2: What the hell are you doing?

    Man #1: I thought there'd be no harm in having a little fun with her before-

    The second man picks up the first and slams him against the side of the cubical.

    Man #2: This aint no time for fun. We get her and we go. That clear?

    The first man nods. A woman appears at the doorway.

    Woman: Is everything all-

    The woman sees Kelly.

    Woman: Oh my god, what are you-
    The second man hits a button on a small dial on his waste. He grabs Kelly's arm while still holding the first man against the wall with the other. They disappear.

    Cut to Xander and Vicky facing each other. Vicky laughs a little.

    Vicky: Kelly? I don't know what you're talking about.

    Xander clenches his fist.

    Vicky: Careful Xander. You know you can't do anything to me. They won't see it your way.

    Xander looks at the people at the table nearest them. He looks at the waitress serving some people nearby.

    Vicky: All these people?and none of them can help you. Funny the way this world works.

    Xander: Is that a tourist perspective?

    Vicky: You wouldn't imagine.

    Xander: Oh I think I would. What are you, a demon?

    Vicky: So now you're interested huh? Maybe what they say about evil chicks getting the guys more easily is true?

    Xander: It's probably the fact you look like a whore.

    Vicky's smile fades.

    Xander: Ok listen Vicky, if that is you real name; Kelly's someone very, very important to me. She's got something you'll never have. And I know something's happened to her, because of you. So quit it with the lame innocence act and tell me what the hell you've done. Because if you don't?crowded room or not, I might just have to make you tell me.

    Vicky narrows her eyes but smiles.

    Vicky: Gee I'm so threatened I-

    The doors suddenly burst open. Three figures carrying guns storm in. People gasp. The waitress drops a glass she is holding.

    Gunman #1: No one move or try to leave and no one gets hurt!

    Professor Webber seen earlier with Willow walks in smiling casually.

    Webber: Please everyone calm down. As my friend said you're in no danger as long as you don't panic.

    Vicky raises an eyebrow.

    Vicky: Well Malcolm you took your time.

    Xander looks from Vicky to Webber.

    Xander: What is this?

    Webber: Well Vicky I'm impressed that you were able to find one of the targets.

    Xander: Target?

    Webber grabs Xander's wrist suddenly. Xander gasps and tries to move but realises he can't.

    Webber: Yes I'm afraid that won't work.

    Xander: What did you do?

    Webber: You ask too many questions. Leave the technology to those who need to know.

    Xander: At least tell me who you are.

    Webber: You'll learn soon enough.

    Vicky: Which'll save you having to do anything that you'd regret, to find out.

    Webber: Yes, we had noticed that you were rather insistent with Vicky, Mr. Harris.

    Xander: I needed to know. Is she-

    Webber: If you continue asking your tiresome questions I may do something I regret.

    Xander stares at him coldly.

    Webber: Like your friend Willow you are?very impressive.

    Xander: Well thanks, I'm so happy the psychotic guy thinks I'm impressive.

    Webber: Now now, Mr. Harris. We don't go that far.
    Vicky: Nope, we do what's right.

    Webber: So of us do at least. I'm a little concerned at how near Mr. Harris was of gaining the truth from you Vicky.

    Vicky: I didn't tell him anything.

    Webber: I know, I know. Still?

    Webber grabs a gun and suddenly shoots Vicky in the head. Blood splatters over the counter as Vicky falls back, dead.

    Webber: You may be a liability.

    Xander: What was that about not being psychotic?

    Webber: We have our methods and they work. Whether they are "psychotic" or not is up for debate but we don't have time for that now. Let's be going.

    Waitress: I don't know what the hell is going on but-

    Webber: Don't worry my dear we are about to leave.

    Buffy, Willow and Terry suddenly appear at the entrance.

    Webber: Or?

    Buffy: Oh my god. What the-?Xander!

    Buffy and Willow begin to walk towards him. The gunmen point their guns in their direction. Willow looks shocked as she sees Webber.

    Willow: Professor Webber!? No, you-

    Webber: I see now why you chose this instead of academic prosperity Miss Rosenberg. Foolishness. And here you are displaying it yet again. Perhaps I should reconsider supervising you on your PHD.

    Terry: Cut the trivial act Webber. There's nowhere to run. Soon my backup'll be here and-

    Webber: I'm sure you're very proud of your little operation. And I must say you were clever tracking us this far. But this isn't about you. It's about them. Unfortunately Mr. Sanderson, this is where it ends for you.

    Buffy looks shocked.
    Webber: Kill him and prepare the others.

    One of the gunmen aims at Terry. He jumps out the way as the gunman begins shooting. Willow puts up a magical shield. Webber takes a syringe from his pocket and moves it towards Xander's arm. Willow notices and blasts a fireball at Webber. He moves his hand and blocks it without looking. He averts his eyes at Willow and blasts the fireball back. It hits Willow. She flies back into a table of people. They begin to run out. Buffy punches a gunman and grabs his gun. She smacks him in the stomach with it and then in the face.

    Terry: Shoot him!

    Buffy: Not my style.

    Buffy runs towards another gunman. The other runs towards Willow. He grabs her arm and sticks a syringe in. Xander sees.

    Xander: Buffy!

    Buffy back flips kicking the gunman she was fighting before in the face. Webber drives a syringe into Xander's arm too. He falls down unconscious. Buffy runs towards Willow and kicks the gunman in the face. Willow mumbles slightly before falling unconscious too. One of the gunmen sits up and aims his gun at Terry. Buffy turns her head in slow motion. The gunman shoots Terry multiple times. Buffy looks shocked. Terry falls back. Webber smiles and walks towards Buffy. The gunmen pick themselves up and point their guns at Buffy.

    Webber: You see my dear, you really don't know who you're dealing with.

    Buffy: I know what you want.

    Webber: Yes. And because I don't care if you mind or not, without further ado I'll finish taking it.

    Buffy jumps up quickly. She tries to punch Webber but he catches her fist in his hand and drives another syringe into her neck. Buffy gasps. She looks at the waitress who looks on in disbelief. She falls back. Cut to Buffy's point of view. Webber smiles as her vision blurs.

    Fade to black.
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      ACT III

      Back to Buffy's point of view. She slowly opens her eyes. Webber is stood over her smiling.

      Webber: Welcome back, Miss Summers.

      Cut to Buffy tied to a chair. She struggles but somehow cannot break free.

      Webber: Don't expect to be able to use your notorious strength to break free this time Buffy. It really is futile.

      Buffy: You drugged me.

      Webber: Bright aren't we? Yes, I think you're aware of how efficient this drug is. Your 18th birthday?

      Buffy: You've been looking into my past?

      Webber: We know you've ever done. Especially over the last eight years. Tell me, what was heaven really like? I'm sure theologians worldwide would eagerly ask your opinion on that.

      Buffy glares at him.

      Webber: And how did you feel after you unleashed the plague of Slayers on the world? I'm sure many of those whose lives are now ruined because of them would ask your opinion on that just as eagerly. As historical figures go Buffy you're up there with Abraham Lincoln.

      Buffy: Wow. I'm touched.

      Webber: Yes, I knew that sarcasm would be your main weapon in this. Believe when I say: don't waste your breath.

      Buffy: What do you want?

      Webber: Ah now you're asking intelligent questions. Of course you're probably expecting me to reveal all my evil plans at this point and then get captured moments before I kill each and every one of you. And yes, we have your friends.

      Buffy: That's pretty much my ideal scenario, yeah.

      Webber: Nothing in this life is ideal Buffy; you of all people should know that. Consider, for example, Rupert Giles' betrayal of you when he injected you with this drug. Just as I have done now.

      Buffy: You don't get to talk about Giles.

      Webber: You're voice strikes so much fear in me I won't dare do it again.

      Buffy: Like you said ? if you're gonna use sarcasm, don't waste your breath.

      Webber: Unlike you I can afford to. But don't worry, I have no respect for Rupert Giles. That promising stunt has been ruined by a lifetime of righteous foolishness. Like yours.

      Buffy: If you really knew about me you wouldn't think that.

      Webber: No I do. And I would. The difference is that I'm well, not your ally.

      Buffy: You're evil? Wow, never have seen that coming.

      Webber smiles slightly.

      Webber: Now now Miss Summers. I told to save your breath. You'll need as much as you can get shortly.

      Buffy looks worried. Webber begins walking around the room.

      Webber: This room intrigues me a lot. The air can be released from it in only ten minutes. That, Miss Summers, is what you have to look forward to, if your government doesn't cooperate with us. And even if they do?you may not be out of the woods yet.

      Buffy: Right. So you give us back when the government agree to give you?what? Weapons of mass-

      Webber: Oh please. I'm not a former member of the Watcher's Council for nothing. Our methods are?more interesting than that.

      Buffy: So that's where you got all your little gadgets from huh? You think you're so unstoppable? I've fought former council members before?even the council itself. Nothing I couldn't handle.

      Webber: Yes, but uh, unlike Gwendolyn Post I'm not complete idiot. She attempted something far too rash and risky for there to be any hope she would escape with her life. Tactics is the key Buffy. And we are so very good at using them.

      Buffy: I'm still not shaking.

      Webber: Then perhaps you'd like to see one of our other guests. I know he's been dying to see you.

      Buffy frowns.

      Webber: (to the gunmen) Bring him in!

      The gunmen walk through a doorway. They bring a beaten man through and through him on the ground. Buffy looks down. The man looks up. His face is covered in cuts and bruises. It's Riley. Buffy's eyes widen as Webber smiles.

      Cut to Willow and Xander. Willow opens her eyes slowly. She struggles but finds she is tied up. She nudges Xander with her elbow. He shifts a little.

      Willow: (whispering) Xander!

      Xander opens his eyes and jumps slightly.

      Xander: What? Willow?

      Willow: I'm here.

      Xander: Where are?did I really get jabbed with a syringe?

      Willow: Yeah. Hence us being here.

      Xander: Oh. And ow. And um?wait?Kelly where's-

      Willow: I dunno. I don't know about Buffy either. I think uh, prof-?I mean Webber took them somewhere.

      Xander: We need to get out of here.

      Willow: Don't think I haven't been thinking of a way to do that. There's a guard outside that door.

      Xander: How do you know?

      Willow: I can sense him.

      Xander: Can you sense an exit?

      Willow: Apart from the door no. This place is underground somewhere.

      Xander: And this just gets better.

      Willow: Maybe.

      Xander: Really?

      Willow: It's easier to connect with the earth here. Less far to travel downwards I guess.

      Xander: Oh well, good. Connect!

      Willow: Right. Except this drug, whatever it is?I don't think I've got enough strength to free us both. It's kinda draining.

      Xander: No need to explain, feeling it first hand. Why don't you free me and then I free you?

      Willow: I could?but I dunno if I control the spell properly. I might burn your hands off.

      Xander: That's less encouraging.

      Willow: I could just try and free myself it'll be-

      Xander: No free me first I'll untie you.

      Willow: But Xander-

      Xander: If this works we're still gonna need to save Buffy and Kelly and get out here. Your hands are gonna be more useful than mine.

      Willow smiles at Xander. She closes her eyes.

      Xander: When will it start working?

      A energy ball explodes near Xander's hands. He winces and pulls his hands away.

      Willow: It worked!

      Xander: And my hands are only slightly singed! Coulda been worse.

      The door bursts open. Two gunmen walk through. Xander and Willow look worried.

      Xander: And now it is.

      Cut to Kelly tied up. The other man from earlier is staring at her from two feet away. She opens her eyes and gasps as she sees him.

      Man #2: Morning sleepyhead.

      Kelly struggles with the ropes.

      Man #2: Don't fight it love. This is one of very few occasions The Verve were wrong.

      Kelly: Who are you?

      Man #2: You don't need to know.

      Kelly: Then tell me what I'm doing here.

      Man #2: Aint you figured it out yet?

      Kelly: Didn't have much of a chance being unconscious an' all.

      Man #2: Yeah well now you aint. And I'll let you in a little something. We have big plans for you. You think the muscle relaxant is potent? Wait till you see what Mr. Webber comes up with for you. We've had our eye on you ever since you became a Slayer. And you were coming along nicely until Buffy ruined all you'd done.

      Kelly: She didn't. I chose not to be like that. And you know why? Because it made me sick. Like you do.

      Man #2: I'm all upset now. Keep your temper love. I don't react well when people are as rude as you.

      Kelly: You think I'm scared of you? I'm a damn Slayer. That's something which you can-

      Man #2: -Never conceive of? I've been working for the Watcher's Council since I was 16. I'm trained to put girls like you in your place. Mind you?I do enjoy the odd extra-curricular activity now and again. To help me relax after a long day of blasting the crap out of scum like you.

      He moves his face close to hers.

      Man #2: Scared now, aren't ya?

      Kelly looks horrified. The other man who pretended to be Xander walks in.

      Man #1: No time for fun eh?

      Man #2: I aint touched her.

      Man #1: Whatever. It's time anyway.

      Kelly: Time for what?

      The man turns back to look at her.

      Man #2: We're gonna make you like you once were.

      The man grabs her shoulder. Kelly looks terrified.

      Cut to Buffy and Riley with Webber.

      Buffy: Riley?oh my god what have they-

      Webber: We tortured him, obviously. And he was very brave and didn't even tell us anything. Of course we had other ways of finding out where you were. He went through all that for nothing. Because of you. Has he proved his loyalty to you yet Miss Summers?

      Buffy looks horrified. Riley looks up at her.

      Riley: Buffy?I'd say glad to see you but since it's here?not so much.

      Buffy: Don't worry we're-

      Webber: Don't fool yourself Buffy. Your friends cannot help you this time. You can't even help yourself. My men have just been in contact with your government. They have refused to give us what we wanted. I'm afraid to say that time is up.

      Buffy's eyes widen.

      Webber: But not for you. Sadly Mr. Finn must say his goodbyes to both you and this world now.

      Buffy looks shocked. Webber gets a gun out of his pocket. He points it at Riley.

      Riley: Buffy?

      Buffy: No!

      The door suddenly blasts open. Willow is hovering I mid air. The two gunmen are hovering also, unconscious. Willow drops them simultaneously. Webber looks angry but speaks calmly.

      Webber: Miss Rosenberg. Joining us for the execution I see?

      Willow: Sorry to poop the party.

      Willow blasts magic at Webber. He catches it and blast it back. It hits Willow and she falls to the ground.

      Webber: You're really not very good at this are you?

      Willow: Wanna bet?

      Willow blasts magic at Buffy and Riley. Their ropes snap. Buffy gets up but wavers. Webber smiles.

      Webber: You really think that makes a difference? You may be powered by borrowed magic but your friends do not have that privilege.

      Buffy: You think?

      Buffy punches Webber who falls back.

      Buffy: I think it's coming back to me.

      Riley smiles at Buffy. Buffy smiles back and looks at Willow who picks herself up.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Xander walking along the underground corridor. He looks into a room. Kelly is there with the two men. They have some kind of mechanism.

        Man #1: Almost time for you to return to where you were love.

        Kelly: No?please?

        Man #2: Beg all you want, we really couldn't care.

        Kelly's eyes widen. She smiles a little.

        Kelly: Thank you.

        Man #1: Yeah, now you're coming around.

        Xander smashes a fire extinguisher over the man's head.

        Xander: She wasn't talking to you.

        The other man runs up to Xander and tries to punch him. Xander ducks. He kicks the man in the stomach. The man flies back and gasps. He looks down. The sharp end of the mechanism is poking through his stomach. His eyes widen and his head falls forward. Xander frowns. He rushes over to Kelly. She smiles.

        Kelly: I'm so glad to see you!

        Xander hugs her.

        Xander: Likewise.

        Xander helps her up.

        Xander: I think the drug's wearing off.

        Kelly: I hope so. You like my shirt?

        Xander: Uh?not really, why?

        Kelly: Just checking it was you.

        Cut to Buffy walking towards Webber who is still on the ground. He picks himself up. Willow and Riley stand beside Buffy.

        Webber: You?you haven't won.

        Buffy: Beg to differ.

        Willow: Your guys are having a bit of rest. They won't be coming to help you this time.

        Webber: Really?

        Riley: Give it now Webber. You might get away with?actually no, it really does look like life imprisonment for you.

        Webber: You know I really wish I could but, this room has one other helpful feature. CCTV. I'd say at least?20 more of my men are on their way right now.

        Footsteps are heard. Buffy looks around worriedly. Xander and Kelly walk in. Buffy looks relieved. She raises an eyebrow at Webber.

        Xander: So?this is where the party's at huh?

        Xander and Kelly begin to walk over to the others. Suddenly many more footsteps are heard. More gunmen appear, surrounding Buffy and co. Buffy looks worried. Webber smiles darkly.

        Webber: It is now. You know it's funny; you can defeat pure blood demons, gods, even those you love. But you can't beat this. What mankind has created. It was the same with Warren.

        Willow narrows her eyes.

        Webber: And once again history repeats itself.

        Webber aims his gun at Willow. She screws up her eyes. Suddenly one of the walls explodes. Daylight pours in. Everyone shields their eyes. About 50 gunmen rush in, but aim their guns at Webber's men. They drop their own guns.

        Kelly: Are these the good guys now?

        Dawn and Lauren appear at the entrance. Dawn smiles at Buffy.

        Buffy: Yeah. Finally.

        Cut to Webber being taken into a police van. Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Xander and Kelly are stood nearby. Buffy looks serious as he stares at her one last time before being taken away.

        Dawn: It's ok Buffy. He's gone.

        Buffy: I know. Thanks to you.

        They hug. Lauren walks over.

        Buffy: Lauren right?

        Lauren: Yeah. Hi.

        Buffy: Hey. And thank you. So much.

        Xander: Likewise over here.

        Lauren: You're welcome. Don't often get the chance to meet people like you. You're amazing. And I'm not just saying that.

        Buffy: Are you kidding, you're the amazing one. You and Dawn. Lucky you too met at the school or we might not be here.

        Dawn: Less luck, more government plan.

        Lauren: We were pretty sure that something like this was gonna happen before long. Thought Dawn would be the least likely target, since she seems to have been every other time. And thankfully I got to the school in time.

        Willow: So what's gonna happen now?

        Lauren: I, uh-

        Riley is stood nearby. Buffy gets up.

        Lauren: I think things should sort themselves out.

        Riley smiles as Buffy walks over.

        Riley: Buffy?finally, it's good to see you.

        Buffy: You too. I'm sorry that all happened because of us. And Terry?

        Riley: Hey you've been listening to too much of Webber's crap. This is my job Buffy. And Terry knew what this job could mean. He died protecting you, which is what he would have wanted. And it all worked out in the end.

        Buffy: But it could easily not have.

        Riley: It's best you not think about that. We'll continue working with the government to stop whatever might be left of Webber's organisation. Stop this kind of crisis from happening again. Meanwhile you can?get your life back together.

        Buffy smiles and nods. Dawn and the others walk over.

        Dawn: It's getting late. Maybe we should head back.

        Xander: God yes.

        Kelly: Sounds good to me.

        Buffy nods.

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Riley: Well, uh, hope I see you all again soon. In better circumstances.

        Willow: Bye.

        Xander, Kelly and Willow walk away. Dawn smiles at Lauren.

        Lauren: You did good today Dawn. Keep it up.

        Dawn: Thanks. Take care.

        Lauren nods. Dawn walks away. Buffy looks at Riley. She hugs him.

        Buffy: See ya.

        Riley: Right. Oh, and Buffy just before you go. Where's Faith?

        Buffy's smile fades.

        Cut to Buffy sat in the kitchen in the house. Dawn walks up to her.

        Dawn: Hey.

        Buffy: Hi.

        Dawn: So, uh, how did Riley take the news about Faith?

        Buffy: As expected. He couldn't believe it.

        Dawn sits down next to Buffy.

        Dawn: Well?we've got to. Or we'll never get past it.

        Buffy: I know.

        Dawn: Buffy, I need to tell you something.

        Buffy: Something good?

        Dawn: Well?yeah.

        Buffy: They're never good, but go on.

        Dawn: I'm not going to Harvard.

        Buffy: What!? Dawn you-

        Dawn: I know, I got in and everything. Before today I thought it was the best thing for me. But I realised something working with Lauren. That helping people is what I can do. And I want to. And the end of the day that's better than academic achievement.

        Buffy: But?but I told you. You don't need to fight here, to be special.

        Dawn: It's not about being special. It's about the difference I can make. Right here. And right now.

        Buffy pauses. Dawn raises her eyebrows. Buffy slowly smiles.

        Buffy: If you're sure. Then ok. Don't think it's gonna be an easy ride though.

        Dawn: No. No I know it's gonna be tough. But that's what helping people demands. So bring it on.

        Buffy: Liking what I hear.

        Dawn: Plus you know the space I'd leave behind couldn't be filled.
        Buffy laughs.

        Buffy: No. It couldn't.

        Dawn smiles. She gets up.

        Dawn: I, uh, I think I'm gonna go to bed. Long day.

        Buffy: Hell yeah. Sleep well.

        Dawn: You too.

        Dawn walks away. Buffy's smile pauses. She slowly gets up and walks towards the phone. She picks it up and dials a number. She puts the phone to her ear and waits.

        Buffy: (to the phone) Angel? Hi, it's Buffy. Sorry I hung up so quickly before. I'm...I'm ok yeah just tired. Um, I need to talk to you about something. You got a sec?

        THE END
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