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Buffy Episode 9.1 167. Wish You Were Here

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  • Buffy Episode 9.1 167. Wish You Were Here

    Hi, this is the first episode of Buffy Season 9 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 9.1 167. Wish You Were Here

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    ACT I

    Faith opens her eyes slowly. She sits up and looks around. She is in her bed in her bedroom at the Summers' house. She smiles and gets up. She looks out the window. The sun is just rising.

    Cut to Faith walking downstairs. She walks into the kitchen. There is no one there. Faith looks puzzled. She walks through to the sitting room. There is no one there either. Faith looks around.

    Faith: Guys?

    Faith looks cautious as she walks down the other corridor. She opens Xander's bedroom door. There's no one in there. She opens the now spare room, which was Siobhan's room. There's no one there either. She looks slightly worried and walks down to the end of the corridor. She puts her hand on the other spare room door. Bright light pours through. Faith shields her eyes from the light. A cloud moves over the sun and the light fades. Faith looks at the empty room. She turns around. She gasps as she sees Buffy in front of her.

    Faith: B! You scared me.

    Buffy: Oh, sorry.

    Faith: Where were you?

    Buffy: We were in town. Been here a year and still getting lost.

    Faith: Oh right. Well you're back now.

    Buffy: Mm-hmm.

    Faith and Buffy walk down the corridor into the living room.

    Buffy: Shoulda' been there Faith. Quite a ride.

    Faith's smile fades. She stops walking. Buffy continues.

    Faith: Buffy?

    Buffy stops ahead of Faith. She turns her head around slightly to look at Faith. Faith's eyes widen. Sudden cut to Luce blasting magic. Sudden cut to Buffy running towards the orb. Sudden cut to the house exploding. Faith stares at Buffy.

    Buffy: You should go.
    Buffy walks on. Faith tries to follow but a bright light shines in front of her. Fade to white.

    Faith opens her eyes. She sits up and looks around. She is in her bed in her hotel room. She frowns and gets up. She looks out the window. It is raining.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly Rivers
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith

    Guest Starring:

    MAX PERLICH - Whistler
    SELMA BLAIR - Seldya

    Open on Faith walking through the rain in Darkley. She stops at a phone booth and walks in. She wipes raindrops of her face with her hands and then wipes her hands on her jacket. She picks up the phone dials a number. She looks nervous. The ringing on the other line can be heard. Eventually the ringing stops and a voice answers.

    Voice: Hello.

    Faith looks relieved.

    Faith: (to phone) Giles? Oh thank God I thought-

    Giles' voice: This is Giles' phone.

    Faith looks saddened.

    Giles' voice: I'm sorry I'm not in at the moment.

    Faith moves the phone away and prepares to put it on the receiver.

    Giles' voice: Please leave a message after the tone.

    Faith pauses. She puts the phone back to her ear. The tone sounds. Faith swallows.

    Faith: (to phone) Giles. It's me. Faith. I?I need to talk to you. Urgently. What's happened here. You need to know. Maybe you already do cos of the seers at that coven or whatever. But you need to come back. I can't do this on my own Giles, I don't know what to?look just please call me when you get this. Please. Bye.

    Faith puts the receiver back on the hook. She stares into space for a few seconds and then opens the phone booth door and walks out back into the rain.

    Cu to Faith in her hotel room. She is lying on her bed, but she isn't asleep. There is a sharp knock at the door. Faith looks up with a start.

    Woman's voice: Cleaners.

    Faith: What?

    Woman's voice: It's scheduled. This room's meant to be free in, um, five minutes.

    Faith frowns. She looks at the clock and sees it is 12:45. She looks at the door.

    Faith: Oh, well uh hang just a minute, I uh, have to pack a few more things then I'll be out of your way.

    Woman's voice: Ok, thank you.

    Faith gets up and reaches down for small bag. She turns around and picks up some lipstick from the bedside table. In doing so she knocks a glass of water off the side. Faith sighs. The glass suddenly slows down in mid air and freezes. Faith looks confused. She stands back.

    Man OS: Faith.

    Faith spins around. Whistler is stood in front of her. Faith puts her hand behind her back and points a knife at Whistler.

    Faith: Who the hell are you?

    Whistler: It's ok, you don't need that. I'm not your enemy.

    Faith: I'll be the judge of that. Now tell me who you are and how you know my name before-

    Whistler: Before you attack me with that thing? Well A: I don't die that easily, and B: I know you want answers Faith and you know I might have them so you're not gonna do anything with that knife.

    Faith hesitates. She lowers the knife slightly.

    Whistler: Right. Well first things first, I'm Whistler. I work for the Powers.

    Faith: The Powers That Be? But I thought you only helped Angel-

    Whistler: No we go right across the board. Right now, you're the one that needs a little push in the right direction.

    Faith: What do you mean?

    Whistler: I would have thought that was kinda obvious. Buffy, Willow, the rest of your friends. They're dead.

    Faith: You can bring them back?

    Whistler: Whoa, whoa, things are never as easy as that. You should know.

    Faith: So what? If you can't do that you can't do anything to help me.

    Whistler: Really? Guess you won't need to know about The Judge then. I'll see myself out.

    Whistler begins to fade.

    Faith: Wait! Please.

    Whistler reappears.

    Faith: What about The Judge? She's dead.

    Whistler: You think it's as simple as killing her? She's a damn high power.

    Faith: She's still a threat?

    Whistler: Well you may not have killed her but you were close. She can't access this dimension cos her power's as good as out. But she can control things in this dimension. Vampires, demons. She had a lot of respect from those guys and believe me when I say they're not too happy about you killing her.

    Faith looks uncertain.

    Faith: So what do you want me to do? Fight them? I can't do it on my own. There must be a way to-

    Whistler: Faith. You have to understand that sometimes things happen, and they can't be undone. This is one of them.

    Faith: But alone, I-

    Whistler: You'll have the Powers on your side. You're a Slayer, Faith. You have the strength, and the will to fight. Even without Buffy and the others. You have to do this.

    Faith pauses. She looks Whistler in the eyes.

    Faith: How do I stop The Judge controlling them? I mean she could have like a thousand right outside the door.

    Whistler: The Powers are working on that. We just don't wanna see these demons kill anybody else before we can cut off The Judge's hotline. And I don't think you do either. Oh, and actually it's two outside the door.

    Faith: What?

    Whistler: Those cleaners? Guess again. You might wanna deal with them first. Good luck.

    Faith looks at the door. She looks back and Whistler is gone. There is a smash behind her as the glass hits the floor.

    Woman's voice: Everything alright? Can we come in now?

    Faith walks towards the door slowly.

    Faith: Uh?just a moment.

    Woman's voice: Oh well it's pretty urgent.

    Faith grabs the door handle and swings the door open, staying behind it. Two vampires rush in. Faith grabs a stake from her pocket and drives it into the male vamps heart. He dusts. The female vamp turns around. Her eyes widen.

    Female vamp: You killed him! You're gonna pay!

    The vamp rushes towards Faith. Faith kicks her in the stomach. She hits the wall and lands on the floor. Faith walks up to her. The vamp jumps up and punches Faith in the face. Faith punches the vamp. She ducks one of the vamp's punches. The vamp tries to kick Faith but Faith grabs her leg and pushes her into the wall. Faith grabs the stake and dusts the vampire. Faith stands back and looks serious.

    Faith: I know the feeling.

    Faith picks up her bag and walks out the door. Cut to Faith walking down the street. A cat runs past her. Faith doesn't seem to notice. The camera follows the cat, which slowly slows down. It stops in mid run. Faith carries on walking.

    Whistler OS: Well done.

    Faith jumps. She turns around and looks at Whistler. She sees the frozen cat.

    Faith: God what is with that frozen time thing? It's creepy.

    Whistler: Hey it's quieter. Stops interruptions, means we can have a little chat for as long as we like without taking up any time. Plus, it's a pretty cool entrance right?
    Faith: Sure.

    Whistler: Well, anyway where are you going?

    Faith: I'm?I, uh?I?

    Whistler: Guess you don't really know huh?

    Faith: I get the feeling you're about to tell me though.

    Whistler: And you get a gold star for initiative.

    Faith: Just tell me.

    Whistler: It's the warehouse where you and the other fought The Judge and her guys.

    Faith: Well that's easy enough I'll just-

    Whistler: Yeah it's easy to get to, but you might not feel so enthusiastic when you find out how many demons are inside that thing.

    Faith pauses.

    Faith: Tell me then.

    Whistler: Approximately? About 1000.

    Faith looks shocked.

    Faith: Whistler, not even with Buffy and the others could I fight that many!

    Whistler: I know, I know we're not asking you to try and storm the place. But that's what they're planning on doing. They want Darkley as their base of operations. And now they know that Buffy's out of the picture ? well they think that the town's theirs. But they don't know you're still alive and kicking.

    Faith: Ok so they don't know I'm alive, I don't think the element of surprise is gonna make a big difference it's 1000 to one.

    Whistler: No. No it probably wouldn't. But like I said, The Powers don't expect you to fight them all. There is an easier way you can take care of them though.

    Faith: How?
    Whistler: A little spell.

    Faith: I can't use magic. I don't want to. Look what it did to Buffy and the others. I can't take the risk.

    Whistler: You gotta take risks sometimes Faith. Besides what happened with Buffy?you couldn't control that. You can control this.

    There is a pause.

    Faith: What spell?

    Whistler: Go to this address. It's not too far. You'll find what you need there.

    Whistler pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket and hands it to Faith. She takes it and reads it.

    Faith: What do I-

    Faith looks up and Whistler is gone. The cat runs off around a corner. Faith looks back at the paper. She folds it up and walks on. Cut to Faith sitting at the bus station. There is no one else around. Faith is staring ahead of her. She looks at her watch. It says 2:15. She looks up. Kelly is suddenly sat beside her.

    Kelly: Got a while to wait yet.

    Faith looks at Kelly with a sideward glance.

    Faith: What are you doing here?

    Kelly: Isn't it obvious? It's you. I may be dead?but not forgotten. Got you to thank for that.

    Faith: You can't stay here.

    Kelly: As long as you keep obsessing over us being dead then I'm not going anywhere.

    Faith: What do you expect? I can't just get over it.

    Kelly: No. No you can grieve. But you blame yourself for our deaths. Guess that's where this is all coming from.

    Faith: If I had gotten there sooner I'd-

    Kelly: Be dead too. It's true. You have to face it. You couldn't do anything Faith. And you still can't. Not this time. I know you feel helpless because of that but you have to accept it Faith. It was just meant to be.

    A bus pulls up at the station. Faith stands up and walks towards the bus. She stops but doesn't turn around.

    Faith: Not if I can help it.

    Kelly: You can't.

    Faith turns around quickly.

    Faith: I-

    Kelly has disappeared. The bus doors open.

    Bus driver: You coming on love?

    Faith turns back to the bus. She nods and walks on to it. Cut to the doors closing. Faith is sat down next to the window. There is no one else on the bus. She looks out at the seat and watches it as it fades into the distance as the bus drives away.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Faith getting off the bus into a suburban area. It is getting dark. The bus drives away and Faith looks around. Cut to her walking along the street. She stops and looks at the paper. It says number 31. Faith looks at the house and it says "31" on the door. She walks up the path past an overgrown garden. She rings the doorbell. There is no answer. Faith frowns. The door slowly opens and a short, old woman peers through the gap at Faith.

    Old woman: Are you Faith?

    Faith: Yeah.

    The old woman narrows her eyes. She blasts white energy at Faith. Faith gasps as it swirls around her. It turns green and disappears. The old woman smiles and opens the door.

    Faith: What was that?

    Old woman: I had to be sure. And now I am. Come in dear.

    Faith hesitates. The old woman folds her arms.

    Old woman: Do you really think Whistler would tell you to go somewhere that was dangerous?

    Faith sighs and walks in. The old woman shuts the door behind her. She walks in to a small living room.

    Old woman: I suppose you'd like to know who I am?

    Faith: Would be a good start.

    Old woman: My name is Emily. I help those working for The Powers. Which currently is you, Faith.

    Faith: You can help me?

    Emily: I think it's more of a question can you help yourself.

    Faith looks puzzled.

    Emily: You'll see what I mean. Would you like a drink of anything dear?

    Faith: I'm fine thanks.

    Emily: Suit yourself. Now what are you after?

    Faith: Uh, Whistler didn't tell me. He just said to come here.

    Emily rolls her eyes.

    Emily: Oh he's always like that. Never mind we'll just have to do it the old fashioned way.

    Emily waves her hand. Books fly from the bookshelves nearby and land on the table. Faith looks at Emily surprised.

    Faith: That's the old fashioned way?

    Emily: You'd be surprised.

    Emily sits down on her sofa and opens one of the books. Faith walks over and looks at the books. Emily shakes her head and sighs.

    Emily: There are a lot of possibilities. And if I know Whistler he'll have made sure only you know which one is right.

    Faith: But I don't know anything about this stuff.

    Emily: You will. Just have a look through.

    Emily stands up.

    Faith: Hints on where to start?

    Emily: Well I know that you won't be the one doing any killing. That's not your role this time. You need something to prevent the demons killing anyone else. Some kind of hindrance for them. I'm sure you'll find something soon.

    Emily walks away. Faith looks at the pile of books. She frowns.

    Cut to Faith still looking through the books. It is dark outside and Faith looks tired. She looks out the windows.

    Faith: Soon huh?

    She opens yet another book. She flicks through a few pages and the pauses. At the top of the page it has a picture of the orb that Luce used. Faith reads down the page. She turns the page. A subtitle at the top of the page says "Reversing the effects". Faith's eyes widen. Willow is suddenly seen sitting next to Faith.

    Willow: Shouldn't get distracted.

    Faith gasps and looks at Willow. She frowns.

    Faith: This could be the only chance to bring you back.

    Willow: You don't need us.

    Faith: Of course I do!

    Willow: There are some things, Faith, that aren't meant to be messed with.

    Faith: This isn't one of them. The world was a better place with you guys in it. If I can just-

    Willow: Read it.

    Faith: What?

    Willow: Read what it says.

    Willow indicates the book. Faith reads the passage. The camera shows the last sentence: "Any who are killed by the orb's power cannot be resurrected". Faith looks disappointed. She looks at Willow.

    Faith: I'll find another way.

    Willow: You won't. I don't think even I could. Nothing can bring back so much loss. You should know that.

    Faith: But-

    Willow: You just need to think about what's important. Go back to looking for what you need to find.

    Faith looks at the books. She looks back. Willow is gone. Emily is stood at the doorway.

    Emily: Find anything?

    Faith: I, um-

    Faith suddenly looks at an open book. She frowns and picks it up. She smiles slightly.

    Faith: Yeah. Yeah I think so.

    Emily smiles.

    Emily: I'm glad. You can take it with you.

    Faith: Are you sure?

    Emily: Yes of course. I've got far too many of those things.

    Faith smiles. Emily looks at Faith warmly.

    Emily: I know you've lost a lot. I can relate. But, you have to fight this, Faith. Or you'll lose even more.

    Faith nods. Emily smiles. She walks over to the door.

    Emily: Good luck dear.

    Faith smiles. Suddenly the door smashes open. Faith is knocked back on the floor. Emily backs away to the stairs. A female demon is standing in the doorway. She seems human except for her red skin, orange hair and red eyes. She walks through. She stares at Emily coldly and grabs a small dagger from her waste. She throws it at Emily and it embeds itself in her neck. Emily falls back on the stairs, dead.

    Faith: No!

    The female demon looks down at Faith who is picking herself up. She places her foot on Faith's back and pushes down. Faith winces as she is pushed to the ground. The female demon kneels down puts her head close to Faith's ear.

    Female demon: You're probably feeling bad that you couldn't save her. Just like you couldn't save the others.

    Faith looks angry.

    Female demon: And now you can't even save yourself. What a way for a Slayer to end.

    The demon grabs another dagger from her waste and prepares to stab Faith with it. Faith suddenly pushes upwards and stands upright, knocking the demon aside. The demon rolls over and stands up also. Faith kicks the demon in the stomach. The demon hits the wall and rebounds off. She punches Faith in the face and then in the stomach. The demon breaks a banister from the stair and hits Faith in the face. Faith falls back into the living room. Faith grabs a book and throws it at the demon. The demon hits it away with ease and approaches Faith. She kneels down and looks at the book Emily told Faith she could keep. She reaches to get it. Faith tries to punch the demon but she grabs her first. The demon smiles and picks up the book.

    Female demon: Did you really think this could save you?

    Faith looks worried. With her other hand Faith punches the female demon the shoulder and kicks herself upright. She kicks the demon in the face. The demon is forced back into the hall. Faith kicks her again. She grabs the book. However the demon does not let go. They both pull it. The demon kicks Faith's leg, and Faith kicks back. Faith eyes a mirror on the wall. She quickly uses one hand to grab the mirror and she smashes it over the demon's head. The demon flinches and lets go of the book. Faith grabs it and rushes to the door. She looks back at Emily's body. Faith frowns and then rushes off. The demon looks up, her face cut. She narrows her eyes and gets up.

    Cut to Faith running down the street. The female demon walks out of the house and turns the corner following Faith. Faith looks back and sees the demon. The demon begins to run. She begins to catch up with Faith. Faith reaches the corner of the street where she got off the bus before. She runs across the road without looking. The female demon is only a few metres behind her. A car suddenly turns out into the road in front of Faith. Faith's eyes widen. She turns around to see the female demon lunge at her with another dagger. Faith backs away as the car is about to hit her. The female demon drives her dagger close to Faith's neck. Faith braces herself for impact. The female demon suddenly slows down in mid air and the car comes to a halt about a quarter of a metre away from Faith. The demon's dagger comes to a halt about two inches away from Faith's neck. Faith opens her eyes and looks around. Whistler is standing on the path nearby. Faith exhales deeply.

    Whistler: Looks like I got here just in time.

    Faith: Hell yes.

    Faith walks over to Whistler.

    Faith: Thanks for saving my ass.

    Whistler: Not a moment too soon by the looks of it. I know what happened with Emily.

    Faith: I'm sorry I couldn't-

    Whistler: It doesn't matter. Just because someone's time on earth is up doesn't mean they still can't make a difference elsewhere.

    Faith smiles slightly.

    Faith: Nice philosophy.

    Whistler: Not just philosophy ? it's the truth. But currently you need to think about the difference you can make right now.

    Faith: I know. I mean I've got this spell and all but what about her?

    Faith looks at the female demon.

    Faith: Who is she?

    Whistler: We don't know. Yet. When we do we'll let you know.

    Faith: How am I supposed to get back to Darkley before her? I mean she's like a blue Road Runner.

    Whistler: I can keep time frozen. You should be able to get far enough back by then.

    Faith: Darkley's 20 miles away!

    Whistler: Which won't take you any time at all.

    Faith: Right. Great.

    Whistler: Either that or you'll be Wiley Coyote.

    Faith: Well when you put it that way?it still sounds like running 20 miles.

    Whistler: Hey, you're a Slayer, it'll be a breeze. Just don't take too long.

    Faith: What happened to "no time at all"?
    Whistler: I can't keep things like this indefinitely. Be as quick as you can. I'll meet you in Darkley.

    Faith: Ok. Thanks again.

    Faith smiles. Whistler fades away. Faith looks around. Time is still frozen. She breathes a sigh of relief and turns around. She starts running.

    Cut to Faith walking along the roadside on a country road. She looks tired. She sees a style nearby. She walks over to it and sits down. She exhales heavily. She reaches into her small bad and takes out a small bottle of water. She opens it and starts to drink. She looks to her right. Xander is sat on the style. Faith lowers the bottle and puts the top back on.

    Xander: Running that far's pretty tiring huh?

    Faith: Yeah. And I should get back to it.

    Faith gets up.

    Xander: So you got the spell. Go you!

    Faith: Thanks. Now get out of my head.

    Xander: Yeah well I would but you can't stop thinking about us. And you've got to Faith. At least put it in the back of your mind while you fight this.

    Faith: I don't want to.

    Xander: Well then good luck trying to do the spell. You know it takes your full concentration. Getting distracted will only get you killed. Unless that's what you want?

    Faith turns away and begins walking.

    Xander: So that's it huh?

    Faith stops walking but doesn't turn around.

    Xander: You die too, then we can all be together and it'll be a hell of a lot easier? Remember what Angel told you when you were in his mind? Well I'm gonna say the same thing now I'm in yours. Get over it. Dying's the easy way out. And I know that someone as strong, and as powerful as you would never take that option. Especially now, when thousands of people are depending on you. And you think The Judge is gonna stop there? You know it'll just get bigger and bigger until no one can stop it. You gotta keep fighting. You gotta keep surviving.

    Faith smiles. She turns around slowly.

    Faith: Than-

    Xander is no longer there. Faith's smile fades. She looks back and continues running down the road.

    Cut to the car and the female demon. They suddenly start moving again. The demon is knocked forwards on to the road. The woman in the car's eyes widen.

    Woman: Oh my god!

    The female demon gets up swiftly however. She walks forwards determinedly. The woman opens her door and begins to get out. She looks forwards.

    Woman: Are you?what's with your skin it's-

    The demon punches the woman through the window, shattering the glass. The woman falls back unconscious, showered with glass. The demon walks on looking angry.

    Cut to Faith walking into Darkley. It is obviously late at night as no one is about. She looks out of breath. She walks down the street slowly. She puts her hand on a lamppost and sighs. A bird swoops nearby and slows down near Faith. Faith smiles slightly as Whistler appears in front of her.

    Faith: Well here I-

    Whistler: Faith I've got bad news.

    Faith frowns slightly.

    Faith: What is it?

    Whistler: That demon you fought before? Her name's Seldya. She's a Rekerian demon.

    Faith: So what the hell does that mean?

    Whistler: She can read minds.

    Faith looks confused.

    Faith: She knows what I'm coming to do?

    Whistler: Yeah. And what's worse is that she's working for The Judge. She probably hasn't had time to contact her cos she's after you right now, but-

    Faith: What if she has? The Judge is gonna know the whole deal. She's gonna be able to stop me. Stop us.

    Whistler: Faith don't start with the nihilist thinking, it's not gonna help.

    Faith: But there's no point if-

    Whistler: Yeah there might not be, but "if" is the definitive word here. If Seldya has to come back to Darkley to tell The Judge ? it's likely she'll try and take you out first. But that gives you the chance to kill her before she can tell The Judge.

    Faith pauses.

    Whistler: Faith look I know it might look hopeless but-

    Faith: No. It's not hopeless. I get that, really I do. Sorry, before I?I kinda felt it would be easier if this failed.

    Whistler: Don't tell yourself that.

    Faith: I didn't.

    Whistler: What?

    Faith: It doesn't matter. Look I know what I have to do. But I don't know if I can fight her and win.

    Whistler: You weren't ready before. And you didn't have anything to fight with. Look I know you might not like the idea, but I think you should go back and get the scythe. I can keep time frozen for a little longer while you do.

    Faith: I?I can't go back there.

    Whistler: Faith you're gonna have to overcome this some time in your life. And now would be a good time, cos if you can't then yeah it pretty much is hopeless. The scythe could change the outcome of this. Don't let ghosts get in your way.

    Faith stares at him.

    Faith: Easy for you to say.

    Whistler: Maybe. But just remember that you're Faith, the Vampire Slayer. You'll get it done.

    Faith: You make me sound like Buffy. I'm not her.

    Whistler: No. No you're not. But you have what she has: the will to carry on. Just believe in yourself.

    Faith looks away.

    Faith: I'll try.

    Faith walks along the street. She begins to run.

    Cut to Seldya frozen in time near Darkley. The camera zooms up to her face. Her eyes suddenly move. She looks left and right and then straight forwards.

    Cut to Faith walking along the road. She looks nervous. However as she turns the corner she sees police cars everywhere and police tape surrounding the remains of the house. Everything is still frozen in time. Faith walks up the tape and climbs under it. She looks around and sees a table. It has the scythe in a large see-through bag and also Dawn's ring in another. Faith frowns. She walks over to the table and takes the scythe out of the bag. She stares at it sadly. She swings it a little, turning round. Dawn is stood opposite her. Faith looks at her seriously. Dawn smiles slightly.

    Dawn: You know, that's kinda breaking the law.

    Faith: You know I have to-

    Dawn: I do. And hey, I'm used to be Miss Klepto so I can't exactly take the moral high ground.

    Faith turns around. She puts the scythe down.

    Faith: What do you want this time?

    Dawn shrugs.

    Dawn: I wouldn't be here if you didn't need me to be.

    Faith looks round again.

    Faith: I?I don't.

    Dawn: Yeah and that uncertain tone's really convincing.

    Faith: Look Xander told me I need to get over it?and I'm trying.

    Dawn: Hey I understand. Coming here's not exactly the best way to do that but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Faith nods. Dawn walks over to the table.

    Dawn: I guess I'll be pretty mad I left this behind.

    Faith looks over at her.

    Faith: I dunno why it didn't get destroyed.

    Dawn: Some things are much powerful that fire and magic. They're the things that last. Like love, hope?faith.

    Faith: You think?

    Dawn: Yeah. And so do you apparently since I'm in your head.

    Dawn looks down at the ring. She reaches forwards to it. Then she stops.

    Dawn: But then there are rules. You can't take everything with you when you go.

    Faith: Like you'd want to?

    Dawn: Depends I guess. But you can't forget to say goodbye. You'll need it.

    Faith: You never got the chance.

    Dawn: Maybe. Sometimes these things are harder to see.

    Faith looks confused. Dawn looks past Faith slightly. She frowns a little. Faith look s to where Dawn is looking.

    Faith: What is it?

    Faith looks back. Dawn is gone. Faith looks at the scythe and picks it up. She looks at the ring. She hesitates and then walks away from it towards Darkley. Suddenly Seldya appears in front of Faith. She smiles slightly. Faith's eyes widen as everything else is still frozen in time.
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      ACT III

      Seldya: You can't outrun me. Even time is no limit for me little girl.

      Faith looks anxious. She lifts the scythe slightly. Seldya notices.

      Seldya: And neither is that.

      She rushes towards Faith. Faith swings the scythe. Seldya jumps over it and lands behind Faith. Faith spins around and Seldya kicks her in the face knocking her back. Faith gets up and swings the scythe at Seldya again. Sedlya dodges and smashes Faith in the chest with her arm. Faith is knocked into a police car. Seldya runs over and tires to punch Faith. Faith moves over and Seldya's fist punches through the window. Faith jumps on the car bonnet. She kicks Seldya in the face and swings the scythe down. Seldya dodges again. Seldya flips onto the car roof. She punches forward but Faith blocks her with the scythe. Faith punches Seldya in the face and Sedlya is forced back a bit. Faith jumps onto the roof as well and swings the scythe at Seldya. She catches it in mid swing and pushes Faith back. Seldya takes the scythe and Faith falls back on to the bonnet of the car. Faith looks up and rolls to her left as Seldya swings the scythe down. It goes straight through the car bonnet. Faith jumps up again and grabs the scythe. The two wrestle over the scythe before Faith kicks Seldya in the stomach and successfully retrieves the scythe as Seldya falls back on the ground.

      Faith jumps down and swings the scythe. It slices Seldya in the face. She screams puts her hands on her face. Faith swings the scythe again but Seldya catches it without looking and forces Faith back. Seldya looks at Faith. The scythe has cut right across her face, through her eye. Blood streams down her face. Faith looks horrified. She runs up and stabs the scythe forward. Seldya dodges and jumps back. She grabs a piece of wood from the ground and throws it at Faith. It stabs Faith in the arm. Faith winces and pulls it out. Seldya smiles slightly.

      Seldya: How do you like that?

      Faith looks angry.

      Faith: About as much as I like you.

      She rushes back at Seldya but Seldya leans back and grabs the scythe. She hits Faith in the chin with the end of it and stabs it forward, narrowly missing Faith's head. Seldya swings the scythe right round slicing through the side of the police car. Faith successfully ducks and then stands up again. Seldya slams the scythe down, cutting through the roof and luckily empty passenger seat of the police car. Faith grabs a piece of glass. Seldya lifts the scythe preparing to hit Faith. Faith drives the piece of glass into Seldya's chest. Sedlya gasps. Faith looks satisfied. However Sedlya reaches down and pulls out the glass.

      Seldya: If I had a heart, that's not where it'd be.

      Faith's eyes widen. She ducks and rolls to her left as Seldya swings the scythe. Faith is now in-between two police cars. She looks for a way out at Seldya approaches. She pushes her hands down on the backs of the cars and back flips to the other side of them, narrowly missing the scythe. Seldya jumps over and tries to stab Faith again, but Faith grabs the scythe this time swings it sharply. Seldya gasps and looks down. Blood trickles from a line across her stomach. She stares at Faith as blood trickles from her mouth. She falls in two pieces. Faith looks a little sombre but then turns around. She begins walking towards Darkley.

      Cut to Faith walking through Darkley, still holding the scythe. It is still dark. A car drives past. Faith realizes that time has started again. She looks around for Whistler. Nothing happens. She frowns slightly. She looks up and realises that she is next to the hotel she was in before. She looks up and decides to go in.

      Cut to Faith inside the hotel. There is a faint light on but everything else is dark. Faith looks around.

      Faith: Hello?

      Faith looks around. There is no one behind the reception counter. Faith walks through the hallway.

      Faith: (to herself) I thought this place was open till 12.

      Faith suddenly stumbles and falls on the floor. She gets up slowly. She walks over to the wall quickly and turns on the light. She gasps.

      Five bodies are lying on the floor. One of them has been bitten by a vamp. The others have many wounds all over them. Faith looks horrified and back away. She turns around and walks through to another room. She turns the light on there as well. The camera shows at least 10 bodies lying in the room. Some have been killed by vamps, a few have other wounds. There is a little girl near Faith whose neck seems to be broken. Faith stares speechless. She backs away again and gasps as she backs into someone. She turns around. Whistler is there.

      Faith: God don't do that!

      Whistler: Sorry.

      Faith: Did you know about this?

      Whistler: Only just heard. Came as fast as I could.

      Faith: Is this?did this happen before I?

      Whistler: It happened after you left. It seems those vampire you fought were after you specifically. Like Seldya. This happened about an hour ago it seems. Looks like The Judge is trying a little starter before the main course.

      Faith: This was her.

      Whistler: And it's nothing compared to what could happen. If?

      Faith: We don't stop her.

      Whistler: Right. But you will.

      Faith: I know.

      Whistler smiles slightly.

      Whistler: Looks like someone's got their fire back.

      Faith doesn't smile.

      Faith: Damn right. If this is what The Judge wants to then she's gonna have a hell of a job. I wanna do this as soon as possible.

      Whistler: I know. But we're gonna wait.

      Faith: Why? If we can do this now then-

      Whistler: If we did this now we'd lose. Faith I know you wanna stop The Judge, and I understand what that means to you but you're exhausted. You know it as well as I do. You should get some sleep. We'll do this tomorrow.

      Faith: I can't stay here. Not among?them.

      Whistler: You have to stay somewhere Faith. And right now this seems like the only option. Besides, if any vampires do decide they wanna come and make this their new home since the owners are dead, you'll be here to make sure that doesn't happen.

      Faith looks around her.

      Faith: It's just I can smell death in the air. You don't know what it's like until you're experienced it with yourself.

      Whistler: I know.
      Faith: I'll go upstairs. Come as soon as possible ok?

      Whistler: You know I will.

      Faith nods. She turns up the stairs.

      Whistler: Oh and Faith. I know it might seem like you're alone in this but-

      Faith: Whistler I appreciate what you're trying to do ok, but just don't.

      Whistler: I think you need to hear it.

      Faith: Hear that it'll be ok? That I won't be alone when this is over? I've heard it already, I know the score here. Don't lie to me to make me feel better.

      Whistler: I'm not lying. Faith there are two ways this can end-

      Faith: No there's only one way this can end. Whatever happens I've lost. Even if he do the heroic thing and save everyone I'm still gonna be alone. It's the truth.

      Whistler: You have to see the bigger picture.

      Faith: I've seen the wide screen version. It's all the same. You can't do anything to change it, you've already said.

      Whistler: You can change how you feel. You have to try and just live your life rather than pick up the pieces of those left behind.

      Faith: I am. That's why I'm alone. Like a Slayer should be I guess.

      Faith turns around and walks up the stairs. Whistler frowns and sighs. He slowly fades away.

      Cut to Faith in the same hotel room as before. She is sitting on the bed looking out of the window. The camera pans round to show Buffy stood nearby.

      Buffy: Can't sleep?

      Faith continues to look out of the window.

      Faith: What do you think?

      Buffy: I think you should at least try. Would be pretty bad if you couldn't defeat them after getting this far.

      Faith looks around at Buffy.

      Faith: I haven't got anywhere.

      Buffy: God what is this nihilistic thing with you lately? Yeah things are pretty bad. But you fight back. That's what you've always done. Didn't you listen to anything Xander said?

      Faith: Of course I did. But it doesn't change the truth.

      Buffy: Truth? You have no idea what's true. You just expect it to be difficult because that's what life is. But it's really not. You win this fight ? I know that things'll be better.

      Faith: You don't know that.

      Buffy: No one ever does. Just stop obsessing over what you've lost and start thinking about what you've gained.

      Faith: I've got nothing B.

      Buffy: That's not true. There is still a war to fight out there. And you've gotta help do that. You think you're alone but you're not. There are others fighting with you.

      Faith: Like who?

      Buffy: Angel. He's never given up on you. So don't start give up on yourself now.

      Faith: I just don't know what's gonna happen after this.

      Buffy: That's life. We never know. But you will.

      Faith frowns.

      Buffy: Just keep the faith.

      Faith smiles slightly. Buffy smiles as well. Suddenly Faith opens her eyes. She has been asleep. She looks around. It is morning. Sunlight pours through. Faith blinks a little and sits up. She smiles slightly to herself.

      Cut to Faith walking downstairs. She walks cautiously. However she gets to the bottom of the stairs and finds that the bodies from before have all gone. Faith frowns. She looks around. She walks outside. The streets seem busy. Faith looks at her watch. It's almost 9. She looks around. She sees Whistler on the other side of the road. She crosses and walks up to him.

      Whistler: Ready to shine?

      They begin walking.

      Faith: If I did I guess the vamps wouldn't be such a problem.

      Whistler: There probably won't be many. The Judge works in bigger circles.

      Faith: So just demons?

      Whistler: Probably the whole fruit salad.

      Faith: But I got those vamps before in the hotel.

      Whistler: Just a little message like I said before.

      Faith: Right. How did um?all the bodies get cleared up anyway?

      Whistler noticeably shifts.

      Whistler: They're gone?

      Faith: Yeah. What is it?

      Whistler: Oh, nothing. I had my guys clear it up while you were asleep. Best not to get the police involved right?

      Faith: I'll say. Though they were at the old house checking out the scene. Guess they think I'm dead too.

      Whistler: Yeah well. What do they know?

      Faith: Right?

      Whistler and Faith turn a corner. The camera pans out and shows a demon watching them from a roof. It jumps across to another roof.

      Cut back to Faith and Whistler. They turn the corner to the warehouse. Faith looks around.

      Faith: So what do we do now?

      Whistler: The Powers have got your back. The demons are inside.

      Faith: You checked it out?

      Whistler: I did.
      Faith: Ok so the way I see it this is a strictly stealth. I go on, do the spell, then let The Powers deal with the rest.

      Whistler: Sounds good. Killing demons would also be good additions to the list.

      Faith: Yeah kinda thought that'd be compulsory for today's lesson.

      Whistler: Which is?

      Faith: Hey you're philosophy guy.

      Whistler: Guess you'll have to find that one on your own.

      Faith: Well maybe that's it?

      Whistler smiles slightly.

      Whistler: Good try. But it's never that simple.

      Faith rolls her eyes.

      Faith: It's too early for that. I better go kill me some demon anyway.

      Whistler nods. Faith smiles.

      Faith: Thanks. For everything, you know? I mighta quite back there if you hadn't helped.

      Whistler: I don't think I did most of the helping. You know what I mean.

      Faith nods. She turns around the looks at the wall of the warehouse. She looks back at Whistler and smiles.

      Faith: See you in a few.

      Faith begins to climb the wall. Whistler begins to frown. His image fades.
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        ACT IV

        Faith jumps off on to the fire escape. She walks along and opens the door. She enters the warehouse. It appears to be empty. Faith looks confused.

        Faith: Great army she's got here.

        Buffy is suddenly seen to be standing behind Faith.

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Faith turns around. She frowns.

        Faith: B? But you're not-

        Buffy punches Faith in the face. Faith falls over the railings and lands on the ground below. She winces from the fall. Buffy is suddenly stood over Faith. Faith gets up painfully.

        Faith: What are you?

        Buffy laughs.

        Buffy: I'm Buffy.

        Faith: What do you take me for?

        Buffy: A fool. You really don't have any idea what's going on do you?

        Faith: Care to enlighten me?

        Buffy smiles slightly.

        Buffy: You're not ready to know.

        Faith: Try me.

        Buffy: Well if you really wanna know?I am The Judge's army.

        Faith raises an eyebrow.

        Faith: You? A petty imitation of someone I knew?

        Buffy: Oh I'm much more than that. I'm everything you've ever known.

        Faith suddenly gasps as she looks around her. Hundreds of people are surrounding her. The camera makes a close up on The Mayor stood next to Cordelia and Willow. The camera scrolls along to show Kelly, Fred, Angel, Molly, Luce, Carlos, Xander, Spike, Gunn, Connor all stood around. Faith looks shocked as she sees Wood. Faith looks at Buffy who is smiling.

        Faith: This isn't real.

        Buffy: What is real Faith? I mean do you even know?

        Faith: I know you're not them.
        Buffy: Well no, I'm not alive as them. But they're what you remember.

        Faith: Are you The First?

        Buffy: Oh please. The Judge and The First don't talk, it's some domestic thing, I don't get involved.

        Faith: Then what are you?

        Buffy: You.

        Faith looks at Buffy, puzzled.

        Buffy: This is your mind Faith. Don't they say that's the strongest weapon? Well The Judge thought so anyway. And here we are.

        Faith: They're just memories. You can't fight me with what I remember.

        Buffy: Oh we can. I'm nothing without a powerful persona like yours. Look what you've created Faith. Everyone you see here lives on, because you refuse to let go of them. You're fighting to keep a hold of everything you knew.

        She leans in close to Faith.

        Buffy: (quietly) And guess what? They wanna fight back.

        The people suddenly rush towards Faith. Buffy stands back and smiles. Faith jumps upwards and flips in mid air to grab hold of a small pipe. The people try and grab her. The pipe breaks and Faith swings down to the other side of the mass. She gets out a short sword as they turn around. Joyce runs up to Faith. Faith's eyes widen as she realises what she has to do. She drives the sword into Joyce's chest. Joyce falls back. Faith looks shocked as she sees other familiar faces running towards her. She looks upwards.

        Faith: Don't fail me now guys.

        Faith kicks a middle-aged woman in the face and then stabs Chao-Ahn. She swings her sword killing Gunn and Oz. People are now surrounding her again. Cordelia drives a sword forwards at Faith. Faith dodges and then swings the sword decapitating Cordy and Anya who is nearby. Faith drives it backwards killing Lorne. Buffy watches from the balcony. She narrows her eyes. Fred suddenly grabs the sword from Faith. Angel punches Faith in the face. Faith is forced back. Fred runs towards her with the sword. Faith grabs a stake from her belt and drives it into Fred's neck. Faith rolls over picking up the sword. She picks up the sword and decapitates Angel, dusting him. More and more people have started appearing. Faith realises she has dropped her bag. She stabs Riley and then rushes through the crowd. Willow bars her way. Faith jumps upwards and flips over landing on the other side. Faith sees her bag nearby. She rushes over to it and opens it. The others are closing in on her. Faith finds the book and then starts running again. She looks behind her. Willow blasts some magic at her. It hits Faith in the back as she tries to dodge. Faith falls forward. She opens the book and flicks through it quickly.

        Faith: Two can play at that game.

        Faith gets up and begins running again. She opens the book and begins reading.

        Faith: Janus I invoke thee, come forward and-

        A crossbow bolt zooms past Faith. Kennedy is pointing it at her. Faith finds she has run into a corner. She looks back at the book.

        Faith: -let chaos bleed through the shadows. Let it come forth and consume.

        The others are very close to Faith now. She looks up.

        Faith: Come forward.

        The others raise their weapons. Faith closes her eyes.

        Faith: Come forward now!

        Energy suddenly blasts forward. Orange mist pours from the others. They begin to fall back, apparently dead. The orange mist collects above them in a large sphere. Faith looks upwards.

        Faith: Now would be good guys.

        The mist blasts apart and rushes towards the others. It almost reaches them when suddenly the screen fades to white.

        Faith opens her eyes. She is still in the corner of the warehouse, but she is alone. She looks confused. She gets up. Cut to her outside. She looks around. Whistler is stood there. Faith frowns.

        Faith: Whistler?are you-

        Whistler: It's me, Faith. The real me.

        Faith: Good. But the thing is?all those faces in there. I remember seeing them. But I can't remember who they are.

        Whistler: I know. It's because of the spell. Trying to use a body-switching spell on memories simply?erases them.

        Faith: Then how come I know what they look like?

        Whistler: That's all that's left.

        Faith: I want to remember.

        Whistler: I know. And I can give you those memories back. But if I do, you'll remember the whole thing. Are you sure you want to?

        Faith: I guess it's not all hugs and puppies huh?

        Whistler: No. No it's not.

        Faith: I need to have identity, Whistler. I can't live my life without knowing what happened.

        Whistler: You will.

        Whistler puts his hand on Faith's forehead. There is suddenly a flash of light.

        Cut to the Summers' house. Luce is there with Kelly, Faith, Xander, Dawn, Willow and Buffy.

        Luce pulls out a silver orb.

        Luce: The Judge wasn't planning on your little victory five days ago. This is what she had in store. This thing has the power to destroy everything in a 20-metre radius. Only need to charge it up, and let it fly. Five seconds later?kaboom.

        Faith: Five seconds? But that means-

        Luce: I'll go too? Yeah see I don't care anymore. I just want you to pay.

        Buffy's eyes widen. Luce narrows hers. She aims to throw the orb. Buffy shoots her second crossbow bolt. Luce blasts it away. Faith rushes up to Luce. Luce holds the orb in front of her. Faith comes into contact with it. She stops and gasps. The orb jolts blasting Faith across into the field opposite the house.

        Cut to Faith lying in the field. She is lying with her eyes open. Buffy looks shocked.

        Cut back to Faith. Her eyes widen. She looks at Whistler. He looks back at her seriously.

        Faith: No.

        Whistler: Faith?

        Faith: No.

        Faith turns around. She runs away. Whistler looks solemn.

        Cut to Faith running along the roadside. She looks desperate. She turns the corner in slow motion. She comes to a halt. The Summers' house is intact, but with boards laid across one of the walls. She puts her hand over her mouth.

        Faith: This?this isn't-

        Whistler: Real? You didn't know what was real Faith. You do now.

        Faith: But?but this last week-

        Whistler: Faith the orb's power. It's absolute. You know this. It was built to kill. But it sent your mind somewhere else. The gap.

        Faith: The gap of what?

        Whistler: Life and death. Everything you've seen has been just a memory.

        Faith: Why didn't you tell me this be-

        Faith stops.

        Faith: It wasn't you, was it?

        Whistler: No. Just a form. The Powers knew where they were, they had to try and get you to find a way out. And you did. You had to fight against your own mind to get out. The Judge was trying to keep you inside but you were stronger than that.

        Faith: But what about Seldya?

        Whistler: She's known as The Collector. She kills those that?

        Faith: What?

        Whistler: That are meant to be dead.

        Faith looks at him in disbelief. Seldya has suddenly appeared nearby.

        Seldya: You got away before Faith. No one's ever been able to before. I suppose congratulations are in order.

        Faith: I killed you.

        Seldya: You thought you did.

        Faith: What about Buffy and the others. How come they died?

        Whistler: They didn't. The place where you were had no room for them so it erased them. But you refused to let go. That's why The Judge tried to fight you with your memories. She didn't count on the orb not killing you.

        Faith looks at the house. Buffy has walked out the front door.

        Cut back to Buffy and co. Dawn shoots Luce. One of the bullets hit her heart. The other hits the orb which smashes.

        Whistler: And it ended there. The Judge has been trying ever since to make you let go. We've been trying to make you climb higher. And you did. You fought better than most people would have done in the situation.

        Faith: So what happens now?

        Whistler: We can't erase what happened. You did die. Even they know it. And now it's time to go.

        Faith looks at Buffy. Both look sad. Seldya puts her hand on Faith's shoulder. They begin to fade.

        Faith: Will they forget?

        Whistler: Would you forget them?

        A tear falls down Faith's cheek. They fade. Cut to Buffy standing outside. Willow opens the door.

        Willow: Buffy lunch's ready.

        Buffy: Oh, thanks.

        She goes inside. Cut to Buffy sat at the table with the others.

        Xander: Buffy you look kinda tired.

        Buffy: Yeah, didn't sleep too well. I uh had a dream. About Faith.

        Everyone goes silent.

        Dawn: What happened?

        Buffy: She was alive. We weren't?or something like that. I told her there was still a war to fight. That she shouldn't give up just because we were gone.

        Dawn: Did she listen?

        Buffy: Yeah?I think she did.

        Everyone smiles. They go back to eating lunch.

        THE END
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