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Buffy Episode 8.22 166. Different Destinations

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  • Buffy Episode 8.22 166. Different Destinations

    Hi, this is the final episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.22 166. Different Destinations

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Open on Clare, Luce and Jake fighting Buffy and co.

    Buffy VO: I know what I'm gonna have to do. Kill Clare, Luce, Jake, all of them.

    Cut to Luce and Jake kissing.

    Clare: The Judge is well aware of your little "relationship". The Judge feels it would be better if it did not continue.

    Clare gives Jake her own personality. Luce looks upset and tearful. Cut to Luce with Buffy, Giles, Xander and Willow.

    Luce: I've got a proposal for you. It's Clare. I wanna her dead. You stay the hell away from Jake.

    Cut to Buffy sat with everyone.

    Buffy: So who wants to do this?

    Most people raise their hands.

    Giles: So we're supposed to go along with this whether we like it or not?

    Buffy: Look for god's sake, I am sorry that it has to be this way, but before Luce came we had nothing to work with. Now we at least have a little more of a chance.

    Giles frowns. Cut to Andrew and Lloyd kissing. Cut to the demon bursting through the door. Cut to Buffy's eyes widening as she sees the demons advancing. Cut to Lloyd falling down the stairs. Cut to Andrew with Siobhan.

    Siobhan: Me and Lloyd spoke while you were in Rome. He's great.

    Andrew: You're right.

    Cut to Xander and Kelly lying in bed together.

    Xander: Well?that certainly cleared a few things up.

    Kelly: What?

    Xander: I know the person facing me right now is good. And I know that they're a person I love.

    Kelly smiles tearfully. She lays her head on his chest. Cut to Siobhan with her mum.

    Siobhan: Mum, I have been waiting eight months for you to come back so we can actually spend some time together, and now you wanna invite some random guy to come along? Do you know how lonely it's been?

    Julie: You said you've made friends I really don't see-

    Siobhan: Yeah. I have made friends. And you know what? They feel more like a family than you do.

    Cut to Kennedy and her mum.

    Kennedy: I don't know you anymore.

    Mrs. Elisonne: No, now you do know. What I am. My job, it's all part of my life. Unlike you any longer.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy together.

    Kennedy: Honey you don't need to prove anything. To anyone.

    Willow: I need to prove it to myself. That I can let things work naturally without me altering them. It's the way it should be. You don't have to worry Kennedy, this is good for me.

    Buffy with the monk.

    Monk: We had to hide The Key, made it human. And sent it to you?

    Cut to Dawn with her arms folded.

    Buffy VO: Dawn.

    Cut to Dawn filling in the entry form for Harvard. Cut to Buffy with Whistler.

    Whistler: Dawn's never seen her true self. The Powers are giving her a chance to wield it as a weapon.

    Cut to Dawn punching Glory. Cut to Dawn punching a vampire. Cut to Dawn's eyes glowing green. Cut to everyone fighting in the cave. Cut to Luce and Jake kissing. Cut to Jake transferring energy back to Luce. Cut to Luce smiling darkly. Cut to Clare punching Buffy. Cut to The Judge appearing. Cut to the triangle of energy passing through Dawn, Jake and The Judge. Cut to Willow grabbing Jake's ankle. Cut to energy blasting through Clare. Cut to her dying. Cut to Faith killing Jake. Cut to Luce look horrified. Cut to Buffy and Faith with Dawn.

    Dawn: Buffy I feel different. I feel?powerless.

    Faith: What do you mean?

    Dawn: I think?I think I'm human.

    Buffy smiles. Cut to Luce.

    Luce: This?isn't?over.


    ACT I

    Open on a dark room. The light turns on. The room looks like a cheap hotel room. Faith walks in. Her face is tearstained and she looks serious. She looks around and closes the door. She walks over to the bed and sits down. She looks thoughtful. Then she looks upwards. Her eyes seem to fill with tears. She lays down on the bed. The camera shows a wide shot of her lying alone in the small room.

    Faith: Where did everything go wrong?

    Fade to white. Cut to Dawn opening an envelope at the kitchen table. The caption underneath says "three days earlier". Buffy is sat next to her. Dawn takes out a piece of paper and looks at it. Buffy bites her lip and raises her eyebrows.

    Buffy: So?any good?

    Dawn reads the letter. She looks at Buffy. She suddenly smiles.

    Dawn: I got in!

    Buffy smiles and gets up. Dawn does too. They hug.

    Buffy: Oh my god! That's so great!

    Dawn: Thanks.

    They sit down again. Buffy smiles at Dawn. She strokes her hair.

    Buffy: I knew you would.

    Dawn: Well I didn't. But now, it's all good. Guess it's a good job I did since, well, me fighting with you's kinda out the window now.

    Buffy's smile fades slightly.

    Buffy: That doesn't mean you don't have a place here you know. I mean yeah Harvard is great?but don't feel like you're not needed. Cos you are.

    Dawn: I guess I can help in the whole Watcher area when I'm home. Which I hope will be often.

    Buffy: Well, don't get me wrong me too, but uh, plane tickets to America every week are gonna add up.

    Dawn: Oh yeah?I forgot about the Atlantic Ocean thing.

    Buffy: At least it's worth it.

    Dawn nods.

    Dawn: It is good. It's just I wanna find out more about what me being human now actually means. I guess the whole superpower thing's out the window but what else? Is it all real or what?

    Buffy: I wish I had the answers, Dawn, but I don't. I guess if the Powers, or whoever need you to know, they'll give us a call.

    Dawn: Well I hope so. I mean I thought I just found my place?and now I'm back to not knowing anything.

    Buffy: Except where you belong. Right here.

    Dawn: Until September. Cos, end of vacation.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Right.

    Dawn: Well I'm not going yet. Guess there's still some stuff to sort out.

    Buffy frowns.
    Buffy: Yeah?

    Cut to the warehouse. The caption says "two days earlier". Buffy and Dawn are helping the others up. Luce is lying on the other side of the warehouse. She is still crying. Buffy walks over to Clare's body. She looks serious. She looks over and sees Jake's.

    Buffy: Clare and Jake are dead.

    Faith: Well Jake would be. Unless stabbing ?em in the chin doesn't work anymore.

    Buffy: It did the trick.

    Willow is stood nearby clearly shaken.

    Buffy: You ok Will?

    Willow: Not great?too much to explain, but I think I'm gonna need some time.

    Buffy nods.

    Dawn: What about Luce?

    Cut to Luce lying down. She reacts as she hears her name. She disappears silently. Buffy looks around. She frowns.

    Buffy: I don't know. She must have gotten out.

    Dawn: You think she's gonna want revenge? I mean her and Jake?I got the feeling there were issues.

    Buffy: I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Or not, preferably.

    Cut to Luce watching Dawn and Buffy through one of the windows. She looks deadly serious. The caption says "two days later".

    Luce: You think there are issues little Dawny?

    Luce blasts a hole in the house. Dawn and Buffy look up worried. Faith runs down the stairs.

    Faith: What-

    Luce throws a knife at Faith which hits her throat. Faith falls back dead. Buffy's eyes widen. Luce punches the ground. The earth shakes. An energy shockwave blasts through the warehouse destroying it. Fire engulfs it.

    Sudden cut back to Luce staring at the house. Everything that was just seen was Luce's fantasy. Dawn can seen hugging Willow through the window. Luce glares.

    Luce: Well you got that right.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen
    SONYA WALGER - Siobhan's mother
    ANGELICA HOUSTON - Mrs Elisonne

    Open on Buffy and Faith sat with Giles in the Summers' kitchen. The caption says "two days earlier."

    Buffy: I still dunno if The Judge is alive or?

    Faith: I kinda thought that her burning up like paper meant she was outta the picture.

    Buffy: We thought Glory was dead before and?

    She looks at Giles.

    Buffy: Look what happened with that.

    Giles: Well I suppose that's not the only problem. If Luce did survive?then she'll probably be out for revenge.

    Faith: That woman we spoke to?she said Luce would die before this is over.

    Buffy: But didn't she also say that we wouldn't all survive this? Cos well, Lloyd's awake, we all survived the battle. Maybe she was wrong.

    Giles: That's hardly ever the case. And besides?perhaps this isn't fully over.

    Buffy frowns.

    Faith: You know I'm gonna take a walk. I'd go lie down but I don't feel tired or whatever. Just?I need some fresh air.

    Buffy: Ok. Dinner'll be later.

    Faith nods. She walks out the back door. Buffy looks at Giles.

    Giles: So how's Dawn doing?

    Buffy: I honestly have no idea. I'm gonna try and talk to her later.

    Giles nods. He sighs. Buffy looks up.

    Buffy: Um, about before. When I told you to, uh-

    Giles: Shut up?

    Buffy: Yeah?I'm sorry. I was just in a hurry and angry that everything seemed to be going wrong and-

    Giles: Buffy, you don't need to tell me this.

    Buffy: But I have to. Things have been so screwed up lately I just wanna try and fix them. Between you and me I mean.

    Giles: I?I don't think that's possible.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: What?

    Giles: I think today made it clear you no longer need me. You said yourself last year I'd taught you everything you need to know. And now I think you've mastered everything you want to know. I have no reason to be here. So I'm going.

    Buffy: What?

    Giles: I hardly need to point out that we've barely been civil to each other recently. I know you feel you can't trust me. And you already know what I think about some of your decisions. I don't want things to deteriorate any further Buffy. That's why I'm going back to Devon. I believe I will be of more use there than here.

    Buffy: So you're just gonna leave. Run away? You did last time and then look what happened when you went!

    Giles: I know you think I'm just giving up but Buffy I've thought about this. Things are different now. Everyone here has been through a lot, they're different people now. We're different. Maybe in the past these things could have been sorted out, but?I think it's time I left. For good.

    Buffy looks confused and angry. She shakes her head.

    Buffy: You don't wanna know me anymore?

    Giles: I don't mean that at all. Believe me I'd love to stay. If I was needed. But I'm not. Dawn and Andrew are both becoming fine Watchers. They'll neatly fill any space I might leave. And I really don't think it would be that big anyway.

    Buffy stares at him frowning.

    Buffy: When?

    Giles: Tomorrow, probably.

    Buffy looks up shocked.

    Giles: Stephen is going down there then. I'll go with him. The coven is trying to gather Slayers. I'll still be helping you there. In a way that I can.

    Buffy continues to stare. She stands up. Giles looks at her.

    Buffy: I wish that you didn't feel like that. But since I can't change your mind?I'm not gonna try and say anything else.

    Buffy turns away. She walks out the kitchen. Giles looks after her as she walks away. He looks down and frowns.

    Cut to Andrew and Lloyd in bed together at night. The caption says "one day later." Lloyd still has the large bandage over his head. Andrew looks over at Lloyd.

    Andrew: You decided what you're gonna do yet?

    Lloyd turns to look at Andrew.

    Lloyd: I um?I know what I'd like to do. But I don't know if it's the same as what you'd want.

    Andrew: What? Lloyd you don't have to worry about what I want I-

    Lloyd: Of course I worry. You're part of my life now. If I take this job?I'll have to go to Scotland to live permanently. I don't wanna make you leave here too.

    Andrew: Lloyd if you go. I'm coming too. I mean there's no question. I'll go, I'll stay.

    Lloyd: But what about?you know Siobhan and the others.

    Andrew: Siobhan doesn't just have me. She has Dawn, and everyone else. To be honest?I pretty much have her, and you. Siobhan's great, but if I had to choose between staying here without you, and going to Scotland with you, I know what I'd choose.

    Lloyd smiles.

    Lloyd: Thanks. Same if it was you going somewhere. I mean I like it her and all, everyone's great. But after that fight?I think it shows I'm not really meant for the battle against evil.

    Andrew: Me neither really. I guess I was ok as a Watcher?but I don't think I can do anything else.

    Lloyd: You can. You just don't see it.

    Andrew smiles. They kiss. Lloyd lies back.

    Lloyd: Guess we'll be going tomorrow then.

    Andrew: That soon?

    Lloyd: Yeah my mum wants me up there as soon as possible. No time like the present yeah?

    Andrew: Mm-hmm.

    Cut to Giles walking outside the Summers' house. The caption says "one day earlier." Everyone else is stood nearby. Giles looks back.

    Giles: I suppose there's not really time for a long goodbye.

    Dawn: If you care about people enough you make time.

    Buffy: Dawn don't.

    She looks at Giles.

    Buffy: I'm not gonna be bitter. Cos, well I've done enough of that recently. I'll just say goodbye.

    She and Giles walk up to each other. They hug. Buffy shuts her eyes tightly as she does so. They break apart. Giles smiles and nods. He looks at the others.

    Xander: Bye Giles. Good luck.

    Willow: Yeah?don't forget us or anything.

    Giles puts his hands on Xander and Willow's shoulders.

    Giles: How could I?

    He looks at Dawn. She glares.

    Dawn: Bye.

    Giles nods. Stephen's car pulls up. Stephen gets out.

    Stephen: All ready?

    Giles; Yes.

    Giles walks over to the car. He looks back at the others.

    Giles: Take care.

    He gets in. Everyone looks sad. The car reverses and drives off towards Darkley. Buffy looks down. She turns around and the others begin to walk inside. The phone rings. Dawn walks past Buffy to answer it.

    Faith: Think he'll come back?

    Buffy: I dunno?I guess if he needs to.

    Dawn reappears.

    Dawn: Lloyd. It's your mom.

    Lloyd: Oh. Ok cheers.

    He walks past Dawn and picks up the phone.

    Lloyd: (to the phone) Mum, hey. How are you? That's great. I haven't spoken to you for ages, what's been happening?

    Lloyd listens. He frowns. Andrew walks up to him smiling. Lloyd looks at her and smiles awkwardly.

    Lloyd: (to the phone) Right. I see.

    Cut to Lloyd and Andrew in Lloyd's car driving along a road. The caption says "one day later." The back seats are covered in boxes. Andrew is staring out the window. Lloyd looks at Andrew out of the corner of his eye.

    Lloyd: You ok?

    Andrew: Yeah. I guess. Except?it's weird. I expected Siobhan to hate me. For leaving, again. But she didn't get angry, or storm off or anything. She took it well. Really well.

    Lloyd: Guess she's grown up a bit maybe?

    Andrew: Yeah. Yeah I guess she has.

    Lloyd smiles. Andrew smiles too. Andrew looks forward and suddenly his eyes widen.

    Andrew: Lloyd!

    Lloyd looks forward and gasps. The car runs off the road and breaks through a fence. Lloyd bumps his head on the steering wheel. Blood appears from beneath his bandage. Lloyd heaves on the steering wheel. The car swerves to the left and hangs on the edge of the hillside. Andrew breaths quickly. The car suddenly overbalances and topples down the 20-foot drop. It hits the bottom with a thud. It is engulfed in fire.

    Andrew suddenly opens his eyes with a start. He looks around. He is sat in the passenger seat still, and he and Lloyd are driving at night. Lloyd looks at him.

    Lloyd: Good sleep? I would've woken you but I thought you probably needed it.

    Andrew: Right. Thanks. You're probably right.

    Andrew leans against the side of the seat. He smiles. Cut to their car driving off into the distance.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Andrew, Xander, Kelly and Siobhan sat around Lloyd's bed. The caption says "two days earlier." He is sat up and still looks a bit weak.

    Siobhan: If you need anything just don't hesitate to ask yeah?

    Xander: You bet.

    Lloyd: Thanks guys. I think all I really need is a bit of rest.

    Kelly: Yeah I know I would.

    Lloyd: Except less of course. Wish I had Slayer healing abilities.

    Siobhan: Well since you don't I guess we better leave you to it.

    Lloyd: Thanks guys. I'll probably be up and about soon.

    Siobhan, Kelly and Xander smile and get up. The walk away. Andrew gets up to.

    Lloyd: Andrew?can you stay?

    Andrew: Sure.

    Andrew puts his hand on Lloyd's. Cut to Kelly and Xander walking out of the room.

    Xander: So what do you wanna do?

    Kelly: I guess just spending some time relaxing really. I mean today?it was tiring.

    Xander: Gotta agree.

    Kelly: Are you sure you're ok? I mean I'm still hurting and I'm a Slayer.

    Xander: Well I'm not unconscious, so that's a plus. But relaxing sounds pretty good.

    Kelly smiles. Buffy appears.

    Xander: Buffy hey.

    Buffy: Hey. You guys ok?

    Xander: Getting there. You?

    Buffy: Uh, I guess. I mean I was?but anyway, Kelly there's a letter for you.

    Buffy holds out a letter.

    Buffy: Was a little too busy to check the mail from earlier with all the imminent fighting.

    Kelly: For me? Who?

    Buffy: Uh?it's from New York. Family maybe?

    Kelly looks worried.

    Kelly: Maybe. Uh, I'll go look. I'll be right back?

    Xander: You think it might be bad news?

    Kelly: I dunno. Hence the going to look. Be right back.

    Buffy: Ok.

    Kelly walks into the upstairs bathroom. Xander frowns.

    Buffy: Hope it's ok.

    Xander: Yeah. So what was the sudden change in okness?

    Buffy: Um?it's Giles.

    Cut to Kelly in the bathroom. She breathes heavily, leaning against the wall. She closes her eyes and then looks at the letter. She reads through it. Her eyes widen as she does so. She drops the letter to her side. It falls to the floor. The camera shows her looking tearful. She puts her hands over her mouth and nose and looks uncertain. The camera shows the bottom of the letter. It says:

    "We've missed you so much,


    Xander walks in. He frowns when he sees Kelly's expression and the letter on the floor. Kelly looks tearful. Xander walks over and hugs her. Kelly lays her head on his shoulder. She looks up at Xander who has him arms around her.

    Xander: You wanna tell me what it is?

    Kelly: It's my mom and dad. They, uh, they're back together after they split up a few years ago.

    Xander: Well that's great. Isn't it?

    Kelly: Yeah, it is.

    Xander: So why do you look like you just found out someone died? Unless-

    Kelly: No. No it's nothing like that. They, uh, they wanna be a family again. They want me to go back to live with them.

    Xander frowns. Kelly looks serious.

    Cut to Kennedy washing some dishes in the kitchen. The caption says "two days later". Willow walks in.

    Willow: Shoulda said you were doing those. I coulda come and helped.

    Kennedy: Oh, no it's fine really. There weren't that many that weren't destroyed.

    Willow smiles.

    Kennedy: Anyway I thought you'd probably be resting.

    Willow: I guess I am still kinda drained. When the link between me and Luce broke?I felt like I was just floating in the middle of nowhere. It was weird.

    Kennedy: I can imagine.

    Willow: No I don't think you can. No one could unless they felt it.

    Kennedy: Well in that case I'll just try.

    Willow smiles.

    Willow: How about you?

    Kennedy: Oh I'm fine?ish. The getting-smacked-against-the-wall feeling's pretty much gone.

    Willow: Then what?

    Kennedy: I guess I'm just a little confused by everything happening so quickly. Everyone seems to be leaving. I mean Giles, Andrew and Lloyd?and now Kelly seems to have decided. Who's next?

    Willow: Well I know I'm not going anywhere.

    Kennedy: Me neither. But if you did, you know I'd go with you right?

    Willow: I know.

    They kiss. Kennedy smiles.

    Willow: Wanna go for a walk?

    Kennedy: Sure. I'll just get my shoes.

    Willow nods. Kennedy walks past. Cut to Kennedy walking into her room. She opens the cupboard door and takes some shoes out. She closes the cupboard door. Her mum is stood behind her. Kennedy turns around and gasps. Kennedy's mum smiles.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Hello Kennedy.

    Kennedy just stares in disbelief.

    Cut to Siobhan sat in the living room. The caption says "later that day". She looks serious. Cut to Dawn coming out of her room. The camera moves over to Willow and Kennedy in their room

    Kennedy: I?I hate this.

    Willow: I understand.

    Cut back to Dawn in the living room.

    Dawn: Mind if I join you?

    Siobhan: Go ahead.

    Dawn sits down next to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: Before you say anything ? you don't need to worry about me. Andrew going?I'm fine with it. He's happy, Lloyd's happy. It's good. I'm just glad Lloyd's ok.

    Dawn: Right. You told yourself that how many times?

    Siobhan: Dawn-

    Dawn: Come on Siobhan, I know how much Andrew means to you.

    Siobhan: Meant.

    Dawn: No. You can't lose a feeling like that. I know that all you've gotten in your life is people going away. I can relate. So I really do empathise with you. But you can't hide it away like it's not there. You gotta let your emotions?go.

    Siobhan: But this isn't like my parents wanting me to go back living with them, or my mum making me go back to her. God you know if she did say something like that I'd probably be happy.

    Dawn: Maybe compared to some of the other problems people have?this isn't so big. But it is to you. Don't feel like you can't feel sorry for yourself because of everything else that's going on.

    Siobhan: I guess.
    Dawn: You should.

    Buffy walks in.

    Buffy: You guys, wanna set the table for dinner?

    Dawn: Sure.

    Buffy: It's uh, only for seven now remember.

    Dawn nods. She and Siobhan get up. Siobhan looks out the window and suddenly her smiles fades. The camera shows a car pulling up. It parks outside the house. Siobhan's mum gets out and heads towards the door. Siobhan looks serious.

    Cut to a montage of Andrew and Lloyd hugging everyone. The caption says "earlier that day". Cut to Lloyd and Andrew in Lloyd's car. Andrew is looking out the window. Everyone else is waving them off. Andrew smiles at Siobhan who smiles back.

    Lloyd: Bye guys!

    Xander: Bye!

    Siobhan: Bye!

    Andrew and Lloyd drive off. Siobhan looks sad. People start to walk inside. Xander puts his hand on Siobhan's shoulder.

    Xander: It'll be ok.

    She smiles and nods. Xander puts his arm around Kelly who is standing next to each other and they walk indoors. Siobhan smiles as she sees them together. Then she frowns.

    Cut to Xander and Kelly inside. They walk into their room.

    Xander: Well...that came outta the blue.

    Kelly: Mm.

    Xander: Guess pretty much the same as your letter.

    Kelly frowns.

    Kelly: I'm sorry.

    Xander: For what?

    Kelly looks at him. Xander seems to realise.

    Xander: So you're going?

    Kelly: I think I have to.

    Xander: I don't wanna make this difficult?but why? I mean didn't your mum basically say she didn't wanna know you after you got your power?

    Kelly: Well?it wasn't exactly like that. She and my dad are making an effort. For me. I have to as well.

    Xander exhales.

    Xander: Kelly?if you go. I can't come with you.

    Kelly: I know. You belong here.

    Xander: I just can't help feeling?that we won't be able to keep on going if we're separated by an ocean.

    Kelly: People have managed before.

    Xander: Yeah?those people weren't me. I'll be honest ? I'm not exactly Mr. Commitment.

    Kelly: Well, I'm not Mrs. Commitment either. But Xander?I'm not gonna be away for ever. You can come visit?I can come back. Slaying's important to me ? you're more important than anything else to me here. Maybe more than anyone else. But my family?it was my life once. I have to do this.

    Xander looks at her. He kisses her on the lips. Kelly closes her eyes as they kiss. Xander breaks away and looks at her.

    Xander: I know.

    Kelly smiles. She and Xander hug.

    Cut to Kennedy staring at her mum. He mum is smiling.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Not happy to see me?

    Kennedy: Wh, what?

    Mrs. Elisonne: I realise this must be a bit shocking

    Kennedy: A bit? Mom you died. I saw you die.
    Mrs. Elisonne: Well no you didn't. But yes?I did die. My contract with Wolfram and Hart however?that's still as alive as ever.

    Kennedy: Oh.

    Mrs. Elisonne: They brought me back for a reason. To see you.

    Kennedy: If it's to do with Wolfram and Hart ? you know what my answer is. I don't trust them. Or you.

    Mrs. Elisonne: That's hardly any way to speak to your mother. Respect for the dead Kennedy.

    Kennedy: Respect? Remember you trying to kill me and Willow? How respectful is that?

    Mrs. Elisonne: If I recall, your girlfriend killed me.

    Kennedy: Shut up. You know you deserved it.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Maybe. But I'm not here to discuss the past. I'm here about the future. Your future.

    Kennedy: What about it?

    Mrs. Elisonne: Remember last time we talked? I told you how you'd inherited the house from your father. And then of course you tried to give it to your sister.

    Kennedy: Yeah?

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well it turns out she doesn't want it either. Her and her husband have moved to Canada. That old house is just sitting there with no one in it.

    Kennedy: If you think I'm just agree to take that place then-

    Mrs. Elisonne: Look, Kennedy. Wolfram and Hart aren't trying to exploit you or anything. They simply think that having a Slayer around would be?helpful.

    Kennedy: There's no way I'm working for them.

    Mrs. Elisonne: You wouldn't have to ? just move in the house and protect the area. That's what Slayers like you do best.

    Kennedy: No?no it's not that simple. There's gotta be a catch.

    Mrs. Elisonne: No catch. Believe me. I'm a lawyer. Alright, a dead lawyer, but I still know the facts. You move in?you're helping us.

    Kennedy: You think I'm just going to agree? No. Never.

    Mrs. Elisonne: There isn't any catch.

    Kennedy: I don't care I-

    Mrs. Elisonne: If you take the offer. If you don't?well, Wolfram and Hart have recently had talks with demon slavers. They need somewhere for a new base of operations. The old house is almost perfect.

    Kennedy looks shocked.

    Mrs. Elisonne: If it was chosen as the new headquarters?it would allow the slave-owners to exploit?and technically kill millions of innocents. If however, there was someone already living there?

    Kennedy narrows her eyebrows. She stares at her mum.

    Kennedy: You've got this all figured out huh?

    Mrs. Elisonne: That's what we do. We figure things out. And now you're going to have to figure things out.

    Kennedy's mum suddenly pulls out a gun. Kennedy's eyes widen.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Don't worry. It's not for me. It's for you.

    Kennedy's mum hands her the fun.

    Mrs. Elisonne: If you want me, and the offer to go to hell. Then shoot that gun straight at me.

    Kennedy: I'm not gonna shoot you.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Go ahead. It's not as if I'll feel anything.

    Kennedy: Like you ever could.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Touch?! Of course, if you want to take the offer?then lay the gun on the table. It'll be as good as done.

    Kennedy takes the gun. She looks at her mum who raises her eyebrow.
    Mrs. Elisonne: Oh and before you make your decision?this offer ? it's just for you. No extras.

    Kennedy: But?Willow?

    Mrs. Elisonne: I'm sorry ? it's out of my control.

    Kennedy looks upset. She looks at the gun.

    Cut to Siobhan and her mum sat in the Summers' living room. The caption says "later that day". Her mum is holding a cup of tea.

    Julie: It's um, nice here. Glad you've at least been having healthy surroundings.

    Siobhan: Yeah.

    Julie smiles and takes a sip of her tea. Siobhan looks at her.

    Siobhan: Mum?what did you want to say?

    Julie: I-

    Siobhan: Just tell me.

    Julie pauses. She puts her mug down.

    Julie: Well?I uh, I broke up with James.

    Siobhan: Oh.

    Julie: It couldn't have worked. He wanted children and well?I've got you already.

    Siobhan: Have you?

    Julie: Well?I see your point. I know I've been away so much. I thought that if I got my life back together?if I had some kind of connection with someone?that it might help. But it didn't. I realise now, there's only one person I really want to connect with. And that's you Siobhan.

    Siobhan looks surprised.

    Siobhan: What are you saying?

    Julie: I uh, I've found a more permanent position. But?but it's in London. I?I bought the old house back.
    Siobhan: What? But I thought you hated it.

    Julie: I did. But then I realised?I only hated it because it reminded me of your father?and I couldn't stand feeling the loss every day. I think it's time I went back. We went back.

    Siobhan smiles slightly.

    Siobhan: You mean-

    Julie: Yes. I want it to be just you and me again. And I promise I won't be working impossible hours this time. It'll be civilized time. I know you haven't finished school, and I know there's-

    Siobhan: Ok.

    Julie: Siobhan I think I should-

    Siobhan: No?no I don't need to hear anymore. You can tell me later. Right now?all I know is that hearing you say this is something I've been waiting for, for as long as I can remember. So my answer is?ok.

    Julie smiles. She and Siobhan hug. Siobhan looks out the window. Kennedy and Willow are stood outside.

    Cut to Kelly walking on to a train at the train station. The caption says "one day later". Kelly looks back at Xander behind her. She walks back and kisses him on the lips. She hugs him. She smiles. Xander smiles too, looking sad. Kelly walks on to the train.

    Cut to Kennedy with her mum. The caption says "one day earlier". Kennedy raises the gun, with it pointing at her mum. Slowly she lowers it and puts it on the table. Kennedy's mum smiles.

    Cut to Siobhan and her mum getting into her mum's car. The caption says "later that day". Dawn, Buffy and Faith watch on. Siobhan smiles.

    Siobhan: Guess it's for real this time.

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Buffy: You know you're always welcome here.

    Siobhan: Thanks.

    Faith: Yeah, don't be a stranger.

    Siobhan: I won't.

    Siobhan looks at Dawn. They hug tightly.

    Siobhan: Stay strong.

    Dawn: You too.

    Siobhan turns to Buffy.

    Siobhan: Thanks. For everything. Bye.

    Siobhan gets into the car.

    Cut to Kelly on the train. It slowly moves away leaving Xander standing behind. He looks after it, as Kelly looks back sadly. Cut to Kennedy walking down the stairs. Willow appears and smiles at her. She frowns as Kennedy looks at her.

    Willow: What?

    Cut to Siobhan and her mum driving into Darkley. Siobhan is looking out of the window smiling. Cut to Xander looking after Kelly. He looks down and then walks back to his car.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Kennedy and Willow sat in their bedroom. Kennedy looks at Willow. The caption says "earlier that day".

      Kennedy: I hate this.

      Dawn walks past the door into the hallway.

      Willow: I understand. It was a hard choice. You had to make it right there. I would have hated it. And I would probably have the same choice you did. I'm just?I'm just sorry that it had to be like this.

      Kennedy: Willow I-

      Willow: You don't have to explain how you feel. Because I'm feeling for you what you're feeling for me. Not even magic can change the conditions set in deals. There was no way it could have turned out any differently.

      Kennedy: It just feels so wrong?agreeing to something that I know is against what I believe in.

      Willow: Yeah. I get that. But letting that place become a slave house? I couldn't live with that. So I know you couldn't. I don't blame you. I?

      Kennedy: What?

      Willow: I wish there could be a happy ending.

      Kennedy looks tearful. So does Willow. She hugs Willow.

      Kennedy: Baby I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

      Willow: It's ok?it's ok.

      Cut to Xander lying on his bed. The caption says "one day later". He looks serious. He turns over and frowns. He sees a jacket lying behind the bedside table. He sighs and gets up. He picks it up. It has Kelly's name on the nametag. Xander goes to the cupboard and hangs it up. He closes the door and looks at himself in the mirror. He shakes his head.

      Xander: What are you doing?

      There is a knock at the door.

      Xander: Yeah?

      There is no answer. Xander frowns and goes to the door. He opens it and his eyes widen. Kelly is stood at the doorway.

      Xander: Kelly!

      Kelly: Hey.

      Xander: What?how come-

      Kelly: I, uh, I got to the airport. And then I came back.

      Xander: But I thought?your family, I thought you wanted-

      Kelly: I know. I did. But then I realised something. I didn't say goodbye.

      Xander looks confused.

      Xander: That's it? You only came to say goodbye?

      Kelly: I can't leave without saying it.

      Xander looks sad.

      Kelly: But I can't say it. Not to you.

      Xander looks up he smiles.

      Kelly: So I guess I'm not leaving.

      Xander gives a relieved smile. Kelly smiles back tearfully. She and Xander kiss.

      Cut to Kennedy and Willow stood outside the Summers house. The caption says "one day earlier".

      Willow: Bus should be here soon.

      Kennedy: Mm-hmm.

      Willow: Hopefully before it starts to rain.

      Kennedy looks up. She looks up the road.

      Kennedy: It's coming.

      Willow: Oh?already? I thought it'd be late. It's usually late. Remember it was that time we were going in to get new clothes?

      Kennedy: I do.

      Willow: It's usually late?

      Kennedy and Willow look sad. Kennedy kisses Willow. The bus can be heard nearby. Kennedy holds her hand out.

      Kennedy: I'll call you at the airport.

      Willow nods. The bus pulls up next to them. Willow smiles. Kennedy smiles back.

      Willow: Kennedy?what am I supposed to do now?

      Kennedy: Take care. Get things back on track. And don't hog the covers.

      Willow smiles slightly. Kennedy smiles and walks on to the bus. She pays the fare. She gets a seat at the front. The bus starts to move. Willow watches as Kennedy disappears into the distance. She begins to cry.

      Cut to Dawn sat sorting some clothes out in her room. The caption says "two days later". Buffy walks in.

      Buffy: Packing already?

      Dawn: Oh, hey. No I'm just working out which clothes I can be seen in and which I really can't.

      Buffy: Right. I did the same before I went to college.

      Dawn: Make the right choices?

      Buffy: I hope I did. I mean I got lai-?I mean uh-

      Dawn: It's ok Buffy. I remember the whole Parker thing.

      Buffy: Well remember how badly it ended. Except me hitting over the head, that was pretty good. But be careful ok?

      Dawn: I know. I'm not gonna dress like a slut.

      Buffy: Hey, I so didn't.

      Dawn: Whatever you say.

      Buffy smiles and rolls her eyes.

      Buffy: But seriously, be careful.

      Dawn: I will do. After the end of the world, college doesn't look that daunting.

      Buffy: Oh, you'd be surprised. Stay away from evil frat houses.

      Dawn: I'll remember that.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: Mom would be so proud you know?

      Dawn: Yeah.

      Dawn smiles back.

      Dawn: So what about you? I mean things are pretty quiet now right? You gonna go see Angel and Spike?

      Buffy: And here we go into the world of complicatedness.

      Dawn: Why so complicated? Luce isn't a threat-

      Buffy: As far as we know. She could be plotting something right now. And besides?seeing both Angel and Spike together. It would be awkward to say the least.

      Dawn: Well it's gonna have to happen sooner or later. You know it as well as I do. Cos you can't live your life without knowing the answers.

      Buffy: Yeah. Yeah you're right. I guess I just wanna wait for the right time. And I'll know when that is. It's just?hard.

      Dawn: No one said it wouldn't be. But yeah, I know.

      Cut to Buffy sat with Faith, Dawn, Xander, Willow and Kelly. The caption says "later that day".

      Buffy: Wow?it feels so empty.

      Willow: Mm.

      Buffy frowns.

      Buffy: I'm sorry about Kennedy.

      Willow: Thanks. But she had to do it.

      Xander: God I hate Wolfram and Hart. No offence Buffy.

      Buffy: No?no I get that you would. I don't blame any of you for thinking it. But there are unresolved issues between me and Spike and Angel. I don't know how much power they have, if any at all. We're assuming a lot?because all the evidence points in that direction. But until I see it with my own eyes?I'm not gonna make any judgements.

      Faith: Well that's sounds pretty smart to me.

      Buffy smiles.

      Faith: Just wondering what we're gonna do now.

      Buffy: What do you mean?

      Faith: Well?I feel we should be fighting some evil somewhere. I dunno, I just need something to occupy me.

      Buffy: I get that. But right now?I don't think there is.

      The kitchen wall suddenly blasts open. The table is blasted back. Buffy looks up from the floor. Her eyes widen. The camera shows Luce's figure emerge from the dust. Her eyes are narrow.

      Luce: Guess again.
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        ACT IV

        The camera zooms in on Luce who blasts magic at Buffy. Buffy dives out the way. Willow looks at Buffy.

        Willow: I can hold her off while you get weapons.

        Buffy: Are you sure? It's not too much.

        Willow: Should be ok.

        Buffy gets up and rushes to the living room. Luce tries to follow but Willow blasts magic at her. Luce flies back smashing the plates that are drying by the sink. One of them rolls off and smashes on the floor. Willow looks sad. Luce gets up. Dawn backs away and tries to follow Buffy out, but Luce is too quick. She throws several dart-like energy bolts at Dawn. They hit Dawn's arm. She winces in pain as she pulls them out. Xander grabs a chair and throws it at Luce. Luce smashes it out the way. She picks up a broken chair leg and smacks Xander round the face. He falls to the ground, his nose bleeding.

        Kelly looks angry. Luce blasts magic at her but she dodges. Faith throws a sharp piece of wood at Luce which hits her leg. Luce cries out. She rips it out and then crushes it in her fist.

        Luce: You think you can kill me? You have no idea.

        Willow: Cos you're full of revenge right?

        Luce: Oh baby you bet. And now I get to serve it out cold.

        Luce blasts magic at Kelly and Faith who are blasted back into the shelves. Willow blasts energy at Luce who blocks it. However with her other hand, which has bandage around it, Willow blasts some other magic. It hits Luce in the stomach and she falls back.

        Willow: Cos you see I know the feeling.

        Luce: I'm sure you do. Unlike you I'm not gonna fall down crying cos you tell me you love me. You can't stop me.

        Buffy OS: Wanna bet?

        Buffy has appeared with a sword. She throws it at Luce. Luce catches it by the hilt. She smiles.

        Luce: Yeah.

        Buffy: Then I gotta tell you the house wins.

        Luce raises and eyebrow. Buffy takes a crossbow out from behind her back. She shoots a bolt at Luce. It hits her in the stomach. Luce looks confused. She stumbles backwards. Buffy looks satisfied. Kelly helps Xander up. Faith picks herself up. Luce walks through the hole in the wall. She looks weak. Buffy stands looking at her.

        Buffy: I didn't aim to kill. You should probably live. And I don't want you to come back here. Ever again.

        Luce looks down at the arrow. Blood drips from her mouth.

        Luce: You really didn't aim to kill. Your mistake.

        Luce pulls the arrow out. Everyone looks shocked.

        Luce: Guess I'm a little stronger than you thought huh?

        Buffy: Get out of here.

        Luce: Let me see?no. You're getting what you deserve.

        Buffy: You were the one that broke the deal Luce. If we hadn't fought then we'd all have died.

        Luce: There are more important things. Love. Love is more important that life.

        Buffy: You think I don't know that?

        Luce: I know you do. Which is why I want you dead. Cos someone that puts life before love when they know what real, passionate, raw love really is. Those are the people that deserve to die.

        Buffy frowns.

        Buffy: You're too weak to fight anymore.

        Luce: Don't need to fight.

        Luce pulls out a silver orb.

        Luce: The Judge wasn't planning on your little victory five days ago. This is what she had in store. This thing has the power to destroy everything in a 20 metre radius. Only need to charge it up, and let it fly. Five seconds later?kaboom.

        Faith: Five seconds? But that means-

        Luce: I'll go too? Yeah see I don't care anymore. I just want you to pay.

        Buffy's eyes widen. Luce narrows hers. She aims to throw the orb. Buffy shoots her second crossbow bolt. Luce blasts it away. Faith rushes up to Luce. Luce holds the orb in front of her. Faith comes into contact with it. She stops and gasps. The orb jolts blasting Faith across into the field opposite the house. Kelly and Xander look worried.

        Luce: That?is only a taster.

        Luce is about to throw the orb. Her fingers clutch around it.

        Buffy: No!

        Dawn suddenly appears. She moves her hands up showing that she is holding the gun Kennedy's mum left behind. She shoots it at Luce twice. Two bullets shoot out Everything slows down. Luce's eyes slowly widen as the bullets edge closer. One of them hits her in the stomach. She cries out in pain. Another hits her in the heart. She gasps. Cut back to real time. Luce looks down at her wounds. She looks at the orb. She drops it next to her. She looks back at Dawn.

        Luce: Bitch?

        Luce falls backwards. She lies back. Dead. Dawn breathes heavily. She lowers the gun. The other stare at her, shocked. Dawn looks at Buffy.

        Dawn: I know she was human but-

        Buffy: It's ok. I think I can safely say?she was an exception.

        Dawn nods. Buffy hugs her. Everyone relaxes. Kelly and Xander hug. Buffy lets go Dawn and hugs Willow. Dawn looks out towards the field.

        Dawn: We should go see if Faith is?ok.

        Buffy: Oh god. I almost forgot.

        Buffy walks out on to the lawn. The others follow her. Cut to Faith lying in the field. She winces as she gets up.

        Faith: (shouting) Guys I'm ok! I think.

        Cut back to Buffy. She smiles. She and the others continue walking towards Faith.

        Buffy: (shouting) I thought you could be?I thought it was bad.

        Faith: (shouting) Takes more than that to down me.

        Buffy smiles. Next to Buffy's shoulder the orb can be seen glowing, ten metres away.

        Faith: (shouting) You guys stay there, I can back.

        Buffy: (shouting) Ok.

        Kelly looks out the corner of her eye. She sees the orb. Her eyes widen. She turns around.

        Kelly: Buffy!

        Buffy looks around. She sees the orb. Everything suddenly slows down. Buffy starts running. Xander does too. Dawn puts her hand over her mouth. Faith looks forward in real time. Her eyebrows narrow as she approaches the house. Suddenly she sees the glow of the orb. He eyes widen. She tries to walk as fast as she can.

        Buffy is now five metres from the stone. In slow motion she begins to reach out. The orb glows brighter. Cut back to Faith in real time. She is near the road. Cut back to Buffy in slow motion. She reaches out for the orb. It is now humming. Cut back to Faith in real time. She reaches the edge of the road. Cut to Buffy almost touching the orb. Suddenly it explodes. A shockwave blasts outwards. Cut to Faith on the other side of the road.

        Faith: No!!

        The energy hits Buffy in full blast. She melts away. The energy hits Xander behind her. He melts away also. Kelly reaches out for Xander. Her arm melts away followed by the rest of her. Dawn and Willow melt away as the energy hits them. It hits the house and blasts through it. Debris scatters everywhere. The energy hits trees, blasting them out the way. Faith looks on in horror. The energy approaches her. She closes her eyes, bracing herself for impact. However only a few inches from her, the energy fades. Faith opens her eyes and looks around at the devastation before her. She walks, numbly, over to the driveway. She looks around. She looks down. The tear stone from Dawn's ring is lying, broken in half. Faith looks forwards. The scythe lies a few metres away, blackened and scratched. Faith falls to her knees. She looks tearful. She lays her head on the ground and begins crying. The camera zooms out on Faith. Crying. Alone.

        Open on a dark room. The light turns on. The room looks like a cheap hotel room. Faith walks in. Her face is tearstained and she looks serious. She looks around and closes the door. She walks over to the bed and sits down. She looks thoughtful. Then she looks upwards. Her eyes seem to fill with tears. She lays down on the bed. The camera shows a wide shot of her lying alone in the small room.

        Faith: Where did everything go wrong?

        THE END
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