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Buffy Episode 8.21 165. Vendettas

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  • Buffy Episode 8.21 165. Vendettas

    Hi, this is the twenty-first episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.21 165. Vendettas

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Cut to Willow and co. with the woman.

    Woman: The Judge.

    Willow: Yeah. What is she?

    Woman VO: She was once like myself. A Power of the highest realm. She was created before all other things.

    The Judge look serious.

    Woman VO: She fell. Into darkness. She no longer followed out order and went her own way. She is now mortal.

    Cut to Clare smiling and fighting.

    Woman VO: Clare is a priestess of darkness. Her people have worshipped The Judge for millennia. Clare is only the newest of many that have made the world suffer.

    Cut back to Willow and co.

    Kelly: Why?

    Woman: Because they can.

    Cut to Jake fighting.

    Women VO: The Key is a weapon of evil. Jake as he is now called is a catalyst of that evil. He once controlled the gateways to each and every dimension. His power is absolute ? and if unleashed it could completely erase existence in all realms. Even the higher planes. He will be a key part to The Judge's final plan.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Dawn: And Luce? Is she a big ultimate evil like the others?

    The women pauses.

    Women: No. She is human. One with great power, yes?but human. She is innocent ? and yet guilty. She will die before this is over.

    Cut to Luce smiling. Cut to Clare giving Jake her personality. Cut to Luce looking upset.

    Cut to Andrew kissing Lloyd. Cut to Kelly lying with Xander. Cut to Buffy with Giles.

    Buffy: I know what I'm gonna have to do. Kill Clare, Luce, Jake, all of them.

    Giles nods. Cut to Willow and co.

    Willow: So what else can you tell us?

    Woman: That this will be resolved shortly. Not all of you will survive its true extent.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Faith: Who?

    Woman: We do not know. I can reveal no more. Your questions have been answered.


    ACT I

    Open on Buffy sitting in the living room with Xander, Giles, Willow and Dawn.

    Dawn: You mean he's been alive all this time? And didn't tell us?

    Buffy: Dawn he knew that it'd be easier for us not to know right now.

    Xander: Yeah, easier for him maybe. You wouldn't have to judge him then and he wouldn't have to face seeing you again.

    Buffy: It'd the same for me too.

    Willow: So you're not angry with him?

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: A little I guess. I mean it would have been nice if he'd actually have been planning to tell me eventually.

    Xander: Looks like he didn't want you to know he was at Wolfram and Hart.

    Buffy: Maybe. Then again The Immortal One doesn't know everything ? Spike might just you know, be stuck there or something?

    Dawn: Do you think we should try and find out why he's back?
    Giles: I'm sure the nice people at Wolfram and Hart have looked into that. They may even have been behind it. Perhaps getting both Spike and Angel working for them rather than against was their goal.

    Xander: Yeah, cos having two vampires with a soul ? that's gotta be a plus. Except for the fact they're Spike and Angel.

    Buffy looks at Xander.

    Xander: I'm sorry, I know they've done good stuff. But I just can't like them.

    Buffy: I know. And yeah they've done good. I'm just worried about what they might do with the power they have now.

    Willow: I guess the real question is whether you wanna go to LA and see him.

    Buffy: I dunno. I mean it'd be nice?to talk and sort stuff out. But then if I did I'd probably see Angel as well, and when it comes to me, Spike and Angel really don't get along. Actually they never really did get along at all. I'm surprised they haven't ripped each other's heads off before now.

    Giles: Looks like they've been forced to work together. Perhaps against the greater evil of Wolfram and Hart.

    Buffy: I hope so. Talking about greater evil ? that's another reason I wanna stay here. Before this thing with Clare and the others is over I don't want to get involved in anything else. Especially after what you told me happened while I was gone.

    Dawn: At least we didn't get attacked.

    Xander: Yeah that was a plus.

    Buffy: I don't wanna lose anyone here.

    Giles: We may not be able to help that. I don't know much about the higher powers but if one thing's certain they never lie. Or give anything other than what we need. We now at least know about what we're up against.

    Xander: About that ? if Luce is human and all. I mean?are we gonna kill her?

    Willow: The Judge said she was gonna die. So?maybe. Either that or she might fall on a sharp rock or something.

    Everyone looks at Willow.

    Willow: Weirder things have happened.

    Buffy: I don't know. I mean I don't even know where to draw the line between killable and non-killable.

    Dawn: I guess with the power Luce has - I don't think we can afford to try and keep her alive. She could pretty much do anything.

    Energy suddenly builds up in the room. Everyone looks worried. Luce appears in front of them. She smiles. Buffy's eyes widen. Willow blasts energy at Luce but she blocks it. She looks Buffy in the eyes.

    Luce: You're all so rude.

    Xander: Yeah we get like that with people that try to kill us.

    Luce: Well I don't wanna kill you now. I'm just here to talk.

    Giles: Really? I suppose you'd like some tea as well.

    Luce: No thanks. I'm more of a coffee person.

    Buffy: Just say you what you wanna say and get out.

    Luce: Oh once you here it I think you'll want me to stay.

    Buffy glares.

    Luce: Ok, ok. I've got a proposal for you.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    MELISSA JAFFER - The Judge

    Open back on the scene.

    Buffy: A proposal?

    Luce: Yeah.

    Buffy: You think we're stupid enough to make any kind of deal with you?

    Luce: I think you're stupid enough to do a lot of things.

    Everyone looks angry.

    Buffy: Willow I think it's time to say goodbye to Luce don't you?

    Luce: Ok I realise that didn't help my case. But really you'd be stupid not to take me up on this.

    Buffy: Really? Let's hear it first?

    Xander: What? Buffy you're really gonna listen to what a homicidal maniac has to say?

    Luce: Hey I resent the maniac part! And yeah she is gonna listen. See I know Clare's been a thorn in your side for while now. Well she's been less than an asset to me too.

    Buffy: You don't like her?

    Luce: Honey I want her dead.

    Willow: What did she do?

    Luce: You don't need to know. But the wanting her dead part is where you come in. I mean I know killing Clare was probably on your schedule somewhere, but I doubt you'd really know how to with what you're working with.

    Xander: We were pretty much gonna go for the "kill her with magic and sharp weapons approach".

    Luce: What can I say? She's pretty much a pro in those areas. Plus she could kill you all before you get half as close enough as it'd take to kill her. No, you're gonna need something specific. And I know just the thing.

    Cut to Buffy, Xander, Dawn, Willow, Giles and Luce in the living room. Luce is leaning against the wall looking bored while the others look thoughtful.

    Xander: Is it weird that all that makes sense?

    Luce: Of course it does. I do know a lot about this stuff you know.

    Xander: Another weird thing is that you're in our living room and we're not killing each other.

    Luce: All in good time sweetie.

    Buffy: So let me get this straight: you help us deal with Clare ? what do want in return?

    Luce: What I want is for you not to kill Jake.

    Everyone looks surprised.

    Dawn: What!? No way! Do you even know what he is?

    Luce: Yeah I know about the whole gatekeeper thing. Why do you think The Judge wanted him on her team?

    Giles: Yes his power is incredible. You can see why we'd be less than enthusiastic at not trying to kill him.

    Luce: Something you don't know about Jake ? his personality can be altered. Clare's got him whipped right now but if I can get close enough I could probably get him back to my way of thinking.

    Buffy: Right. And then you never come back, right?

    Luce: Sure.

    Giles: I suppose that only really leaves one question ? where do you stand in all this Luce? You come here, asking to make a deal with us after wanting to kill us for the last six months. How do we know that we can trust anything you say?

    Luce: Well I guess you don't. But if don't help me on this ? then you're fighting against me. The way I see it you've got nothing to lose, and a hell of a lot to gain.

    Xander: Except all our lives if you're lying.

    Luce: I know I have in the past, but this time I'm serious. I want Clare dead. The kind where she doesn't come back. And I can't do it alone, and neither can you. Two rivals brought together to fight a common enemy. There's probably some poetic crap in there somewhere but I'm not really into that. So what's it gonna be?

    The others look at each other.

    Buffy: Well I guess-

    The back door slams shut.

    Faith OC: Hey we're back.

    Buffy looks worried. Faith, Kennedy, Siobhan and Kelly walk through.

    Siobhan: Was a pretty good training session.

    Kelly: Yeah apart from-

    They notice Luce. Siobhan jumps.

    Siobhan: Hey it's Luce!!

    Buffy nods.

    Siobhan: Right there!

    Dawn smiles slightly and nods.

    Siobhan: Am I the only one that has a problem with this?

    Faith: Hell no. Buffy what the hell is this?

    Buffy: Luce wants to make a deal with us.

    Kelly: We do deals with sworn enemies?

    Buffy: It's not as simple as that-

    Faith: It isn't? Buffy she tried to kill us all like ten times at least. How can we trust her?

    Luce: I am right here you know, I can tell-

    Faith: Do I look like I care? No. So shut the hell up.

    Luce: You don't know jack about what I'm proposing ? maybe you should before you starting judging everyone.

    Faith: I'm not judging everyone. I'm just judging you. And besides the fact that it's you that wants to make a deal is my problem.

    Buffy: Faith I know it goes against a lot of what we stand for, but she might be the only one who can help us stop Clare.

    Kennedy: What does she want in return?

    Luce: Am I gonna have to explain all this all over again?

    Buffy: Looks like.

    Luce rolls her eyes.

    Cut to everyone sat down except Luce who is still leaning against the wall. Faith looks annoyed.

    Faith: Well?well I guess that could work. But this doesn't change anything you know, I mean we're not friends Luce.

    Luce: Oh please, I if I wanted to be friends I'd have brought gifts or something else unoriginal. Also I wouldn't have tried to kill you all those times.

    Kelly: What about what Clare and The Judge are planning? You know anything else?

    Luce: Sorry wish I did but Clare's won't let me in on anything. Guess you'll just have to wait for the big show.

    There is a pause.

    Kennedy: So we're doing this?

    Dawn: Not all of us.

    Buffy: Dawn?

    Dawn: Buffy I don't care how much she wants to help us ? she was part of what killed Chris. And it's not like she even cares about that.

    Luce: Hey I never wanted Chris dead. I mean ok I do overrate what we had, but I knew him better than you did. And yeah I am sorry that it had to happen. His death was?unfortunate but I really can't help that. Wrong place, wrong time. You should all know what that's like. And anyway if he didn't jump into that thing we'd all be dead.

    Dawn looks angry.

    Dawn: Maybe you should have saved him the trouble.

    Luce rolls her eyes.

    Buffy: Well if we're not all in agreement I'm not going ahead with anything. Last time I got thrown out of the house cos I made a decision before asking any of you.

    Everyone looks ashamed.

    Buffy: So this time let's have a vote.

    Siobhan: What about Andrew?and Lloyd. Shouldn't they have a say in this?

    Xander: They're in Darkley.

    Buffy: We don't have time to wait for them. We have to do this now.

    Buffy looks around at the others.

    Dawn: This is the part where we make a choice huh?

    Buffy: Right. So who wants to do this?

    Buffy slowly raises her hand. Xander raises his too, followed by Kelly, Siobhan and Willow. Faith looks around, sighs and raises her hand. Buffy looks at Giles.

    Xander: You were right last time about the vineyard. I think you're probably right this time too.

    Buffy smiles at Xander.

    Buffy: Everyone against?

    Giles raises his hand. So does Dawn. Kennedy follows. Willow looks at her and frowns.

    Kennedy: Willow I'm sorry but I can't trust her. But since I'm outnumbered?I guess I'm gonna have to.

    Willow smiles slightly.

    Buffy: Guess that means we're going ahead with this then.

    Luce: Right! Go team! And let's just be clear ? you all stay the hell away from Jake, and let me take care of him. Then I'll help you kick Clare's ass. K?

    Siobhan: What about The Judge? I mean she's gonna be there too right?

    Luce: Oh, sure. I don't care about her ? kill her, don't kill her, play chequers with her, whatever.

    Buffy: I think we'll settle with killing her.

    Luce: Great.

    Luce smiles falsely and stands upright she takes a notebook and paper from one of her pockets. She scribbles something down. She puts it down on the table.

    Luce: This is the address you'll need to go to. Before you ask, you probably can't make sure I'm telling the truth, but if I had a heart, I would have my hand upon it right now.

    Buffy walks over to it and picks it up.

    Buffy: What about weapons? I mean is there gonna be anything else there?

    Luce: Oh I think that's a definite yes. I don't know what but I think it's safe to say it's gonna be big. Or dangerous. Or both. So you know, you'll want your best arsenal.

    Buffy nods. Luce smiles falsely again.

    Luce: Ok well great, see you later!

    She walks away.

    Buffy: Luce.

    Luce turns around.

    Luce: What?

    Buffy: Make sure Clare and Jake don't find out.

    Luce: Well duh. It's fine, I'll make sure they don't find out.

    Buffy: Ok.

    Luce: Well, bye.

    Luce walks out the front door smiling to herself. Everyone looks around.

    Buffy: I guess we better get some weapons ready.

    Dawn: I'm not.

    Buffy: Dawn please-

    Dawn: Please isn't gonna do it. I can't believe you're honestly gonna trust that she is gonna help us!

    Giles: I agree with Dawn.

    Buffy: Look we had the vote, you lost, we're doing with or without you guys.

    Dawn: You need me to fight.

    Buffy: It would be a big help having you yeah. But we've fought worse without you. I rather it not come to that.

    Giles: So we're supposed to go along with this whether we like it or not?

    Willow: Hey, in Buffy's defence, this is only you and Dawn.

    Faith: Giles I hate to admit it but I this really does look like a good plan.

    Giles: Faith less than half an hour ago you were fully against this.

    Faith: Cos I didn't know the whole deal. And now I do.

    Giles: Well I still think-

    Buffy: Look for god's sake, I am sorry that it has to be this way, but before Luce came we had nothing to work with. Now we at least have a little more of a chance.

    Giles: And if we end up getting killed because Luce has double-crossed us?

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: It won't come to that.

    Cut to Jake staring forward. The camera moves round to show he is watching Luce talking with Buffy and co. It moves back to his face. He shakes his head.

    Jake: Now, now Luce. We're gonna have to do something about you.
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    ACT II

    Open on Buffy sitting on her bed. She is staring at the floor. Willow appears at the doorway.

    Willow: Can I come in?

    Buffy turns around.

    Buffy: Oh, sure.

    She moves over as Willow walks towards her. She sits next to her on the bed.

    Willow: Andrew and Lloyd are back. They were kinda thrown by the plan, but I think they realise it's best. The others are getting weapons, I think.

    Buffy: Reluctantly probably.

    Willow: No, no Buffy they're not. They know what they have to do. Maybe they don't agree with the Luce thing but they know they're gonna have to fight. And so do I.

    Buffy: Will this plan of Luce's?tell me honestly ? are you up to it?

    Willow pauses.

    Willow: I think so.

    Buffy: That's all? Will if you're not certain-

    Willow: Buffy I can't be certain I'm gonna be able to pull it off. But with Luce's help and if I try not to let it get a hold of me then I think I can do it.

    Buffy: That's what I'm afraid of. That it gets a hold of you and-

    Willow: I become dark again? I know. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid too. I know everyone's worried that I'm pushing myself, and going too far. But if I don't try my hardest?I don't think it'll be enough.

    Buffy: I just don't wanna push you if you're not able to handle it.

    Willow: You're not pushing me. If you were I'd probably be on the floor.

    Buffy smiles slightly.

    Willow: I know what happened with that spell before with the rogue slayers ? and I can't say for definite it won't happen again. Maybe worse will happen. Especially how this isn't a regular spell we're planning. But before then I'm gonna practise control. Cos that's basically all I need. Once I got that?I can do anything. To an extent.

    Buffy looks at her and smiles. She nods.

    Buffy: You sure can. But, uh, what's the extent?

    Willow: Well maybe destroying?more than one world, at once, would be a bit much, but most things?yeah I can do. Non-bad things of course.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Yeah. I wish we knew what Clare's extent of non-non-bad things is.

    Willow: You don't think we've seen her at full power?

    Buffy: No. I really don't.

    Cut to Clare standing and smiling darkly straight at the camera. The camera switches to her raising her hands slightly. In front of her there are several shards of metal. The begin to rise up. They swirl around in front of Clare and begin to create a circular artefact. The artefact begins to spin around as Clare pushes her hand forward. Her eyes narrow. The artefact becomes a blur and suddenly glows. The Judge suddenly appears before her. Clare smiles.

    The Judge: Is everything ready?

    Clare: Yes. We have enough to counter any move they might make. They would be foolish to think they can stop us.

    The Judge: But the Slayer will be here in time? You're sure of that?

    Clare: The Slayer is, of course, foolish.

    The Judge smiles and nods slightly.

    The Judge: I will return when it is time.

    Clare nods respectfully. The Judge's image fades. Clare turns around. Luce is standing next to her.

    Clare: Hello Luce.

    Luce: Clare. So what's happening?

    Clare: You don't need to know.

    Clare walks past Luce. Luce turns around.

    Luce: Hey I'm fighting this too you know. Or had you forgotten?

    Clare: I chose to forget. I do apologise. You're right?you should know the full story.

    Luce smiles.

    Clare: The Slayer will need to be weakened before she comes here. And it would be in our interests to eliminate as many of her friends as we can before she arrives. It would be unfortunate if you, for instance, were to die fighting against a mere child.

    Luce: Or you.

    Clare: Unlikely as you know. Anyway, I have the perfect way of giving the Slayer and her friends a little?tester before the real fight.

    Luce's smile fades slightly.

    Luce: What?

    Luce flicks her wrist. A curtain pulls back. She and Luce look out from the balcony over the rest of the warehouse. Luce's eyes widen.

    Clare: Aren't they marvellous?

    Luce swallows.

    Luce: Uh, yeah. They're, uh, great?

    Clare smiles and walks away. Luce bites her lip. Cut to Jake looking at her from behind. He narrows his eyes.

    Cut to Siobhan holding a sword in front of her outside. She swipes it forward and back and jumps forward. Andrew is seen standing several feet away.

    Andrew: Try to move it outwards more. You never know if there's gonna be an enemy behind you.

    Siobhan nods. She walks back to her starting position and repeats the manoeuvre, this time swinging right back. She looks at Andrew. He smiles.

    Andrew: That's much better!

    Siobhan smiles.

    Siobhan: Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Andrew: Hey that's what Watchers do. And besides, big fight coming ? if I can't fight with you then at least I can help make you better.

    Siobhan: Well I really appreciate it. Cos not dying's always good.

    Andrew: Well that's a good first rule.

    Siobhan laughs a little.

    Andrew: Why don't you try it again?

    Siobhan: Sure.

    Siobhan walks over to her starting point. She slashes the sword forward and yells as she does so. Cut to Kelly and Kennedy working on punching bags in the basement. Faith walks past observing.

    Faith: That's good keep it up.

    Buffy appears at the steps. Faith sees her and walks over as Kennedy and Kelly keep punching.

    Buffy: Things going ok?

    Faith: Sure. We're all pretty much ready anything those bitches through. Unless they've got a nuke or something.

    Buffy: Let's hope not.

    Faith nods and raises her eyebrows.

    Buffy: I think that if anything?it'll be just us versus them. No tricks. I think they need me?us, alive.

    Faith: How many of us?

    Buffy: I dunno. But it's always like this?I mean Clare, Luce and Jake could've stormed us anytime recently and killed us all. I don't we're in their way so much?as what they need.

    Faith: What about the apocalypse before with the tears I mean if they needed us for some big plan now why would they wanna wreck it all then?

    Buffy: Maybe they knew that I'd be able to stop them. Or I guess they could have been trying to thin the numbers.

    Faith frowns. Kelly and Kennedy stop punching the punching bags and walk over.

    Buffy: That was good you guys.

    Kelly: Thanks. It's kinda nice not feeling like I'm gonna faint after doing that.

    Buffy: Well that's definitely a plus. You think you're ready to fight some more?

    Kennedy: Hell yes.

    Buffy smiles. She looks across the basement. She sees the scythe laid across a box. She walks down the remainder of the steps and walks over to it. She picks it up and swings it in front of her. It makes a hollow sound as it moves through the air. Buffy turns back to the others.

    Buffy: Guess it's time to-

    A smash is heard above. Faith looks at Buffy. Both look worried. All four of them walk up the stairs. Cut to Buffy walking down the hallway. Willow, Lloyd, Dawn and Xander rush down the stairs. Giles walks in from the living room.

    Giles: Buffy.

    Dawn: What's-

    A demon suddenly smashes through the door of the house and lands on Dawn. It pushes her to the floor. Buffy's eyes widen and she swings the scythe decapitating the demon. Everyone looks anxious as the demon's body bursts into silver and orange dust. Siobhan and Andrew rush through from the garden.

    Siobhan: What the hell happened?

    Xander: Looks like Clare's decided to take us out early.

    Dawn: No. It attacked me. It must have been trying to kill me.

    Willow: Dawn I don't think-

    Dawn: What other explanation is there?

    Buffy: This demon. It's weak. Clare knew that. I don't think it was here to kill. I think it was here to keep us occupied.

    Kennedy: Occupied? That took all of two minutes.

    Kelly: Uh?

    Kelly is looking through the hole in the door. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: What?

    Kelly: A couple a hundred might take a little longer.

    Everyone rushes to the gap and the windows. Buffy's eyes widen as she sees hundreds of the demons advancing in the distance.

    Buffy: Everyone get back. Those who can't fight-

    Andrew: Buffy I don't think we have a choice on this one.

    Giles: He's right, they're round the back too. Buffy we're surrounded.

    Buffy pauses and looks worried.

    Buffy: Get weapons.

    Cut to Dawn opening a weapons chest. She takes out a sword. Kennedy takes out a crossbow. Faith takes out a dagger. Cut to Lloyd with Andrew.

    Lloyd: Andrew I have a problem ? I don't know the first thing about fighting!

    Andrew: I know, I don't either really. I mean I've had one or two?but both of those I only just survived.

    Lloyd: I?I don't want you to die today. I don't want to me to die either in fact, but I can't lose you.

    Andrew: You won't.

    Andrew picks up a sword and hands it to Lloyd.

    Andrew: Just, uh, swing, avoid and keep moving. You'll do fine.

    Lloyd looks at the sword and then at Andrew. He looks slightly braver and then nods. Cut to Willow in the kitchen. She is getting a knife out. She begins casting a spell over it. Giles picks up a sword.

    Giles: Willow you shouldn't-

    Willow: I don't have a choice.

    Giles looks down and then at Willow. He nods and puts his hand on her shoulder.

    Giles: Be careful.

    Willow nods. She holds the knife in front of her. Cut to Buffy, Faith, Siobhan, Kelly and Kennedy in the living room.

    Buffy: Guys?you ready to be strong?

    Kelly: I guess.

    Dawn walks in holding her sword.

    Dawn: Buffy what should I do?

    Buffy: Dawn, try and avoid conflict till you know you can tap into your power. I don't want anyone dying today.

    Cut to Clare looking at her mirror.

    Clare: Well that's just asking for trouble.

    Cut to Xander with a curved sword. He looks out the back door. Demons are rushing forwards. He holds his sword out in front of him. Buffy looks forward and narrows her eyes. Demons suddenly smash through the windows in the living room. The same in the kitchen. Buffy drives the scythe forward impaling and killing the demon. Kelly swings her own sword and kills another demon. Some demons start pouring through the door also. Lloyd and Andrew look from the top of the stairs. Demons rush up. Lloyd slams his sword down straight through a demons head. Blood spurts in his face. Andrew impales another.

    Xander decapitates two demons with one swing, while Giles stabs another through the abdomen. Willow stabs a demon in the shoulder. It grins as it was not a fatal blow. However it pauses and gasps and falls back. Giles looks at Willow looking puzzled.

    Willow: Anti-demon blood spell.

    Giles nods but then swings his sword again as a demon comes up behind him. The number of demons around begins to increase. A demon jumps at Dawn and slashes at her face. A cut appears on her cheek. Dawn stabs it with the sword but another appear next to it. Dawn's sword is stuck in the other demon. The second demon smiles and aims a slash at Dawn's neck with it's sharp claws. Dawn's eyes widen as it slashes. However her free hand catches its arm in mid air. Dawn's eyes glow green and she throws the demon up at the ceiling. It hits it and falls to the ground, dead from the impact.

    Faith slashes at demons with her daggers, though one appears behind her and stabs her with its claws. Faith cries in pain as the demon's claws rip into her lower back, but she swings round slices the demon's throat with one swing of her dagger. Kelly kicks a demon in the face and it flies back into Buffy's scythe. Buffy swings the scythe killing several other demons. One demon grabs hold of Kelly's neck and lifts her up. Kennedy sees and after killing a demon with a bolt, she grabs another and shoots the demon with Kelly in the back of the head. It falls back and Kelly smiles at Kennedy, despite the scratches on her neck. Kennedy nods and shoots another with Siobhan, who swings her own sword cutting off a demon's arms before stabbing it through the chest.

    Buffy looks at the oncoming demons ? they are noticeable less. Andrew and Lloyd are fighting demons on the stairs. One demon swipes its claws slashing Lloyd's Achilles tendon on his left foot. Lloyd gasps and falls back, hitting the stairs and tumbling down to the bottom. Andrew's eyes widen as Lloyd lies unconscious. The demon grins. Andrew looks angry and swings his sword down cutting the demon in half.

    At least ten demons are in the kitchen approaching, Xander, Giles and Willow. Willow's eyes turn white momentarily and a force field drives the demons back.

    Xander: Thanks Will.

    Xander runs up to the field's edge and slashes at a demon. In the hall, Dawn kicks a demon and it flies down the hallway and into the kitchen cupboards. Dawn walks to the door and three more enter. Dawn looks angry and does a swing kick. All the three fly out the door at different angles. The camera shows the middle one fly out into some others.

    Dawn turns and sees Lloyd unconscious, blood trickling down from a wound on his head. She looks worried and kneels next to him with Andrew. A demon is behind her and drives its sword towards her. Andrew grabs his sword and drives it upwards killing the demon before it can kill Dawn. Dawn looks up and then looks at Andrew.

    Dawn: Thanks.

    Andrew nods but then looks at Lloyd. He clutches his hand.

    There are now only a few demons left. Faith stabs her dagger forward killing two more and then on either side of her killing yet another two. Siobhan sees a demon several metres in front of her and copies to manoeuvre she learnt with Andrew earlier. She runs and the demon is cut in half horizontally. Kennedy sees three demons and loads the crossbow. She hits the first, and the second, but the third punches her in the face. Kennedy flies back into a glass cabinet. Buffy and Kelly look back and look worried. Faith throws her dagger and it hits the demon in the side of the head. Willow looks around at the remaining demons in the kitchen and seems to come to a decision. She blasts purple energy outwards. The demons all evaporate. Willow breathes heavily and looks like she is going to fall back. However she shakes her head and her eyes return to normal. She looks at Giles. He smiles at her.

    Buffy sees the last two demons approaching. She runs forward and swings the scythe, decapitating both simultaneously. She lands, breathily quickly and looks around. There are no other demons in sight. She looks back the others. The room, like the rest of the downstairs is trashed. Siobhan look at Buffy.

    Siobhan: Well we sure showed them.

    She lifts her sword in celebration but looks a little pale. She almost falls back but Faith catches her.

    Faith: Takes a lot out of ya huh?

    Siobhan: Just a bit.

    Siobhan smiles slightly but then frowns as she looks over at Kelly leaned over Kennedy. Buffy sees and walks over. She kneels down.

    Buffy: Kennedy? Are you-

    Kennedy coughs slightly. Blood spurts from her mouth and she looks around. She seems to be in pain. Buffy looks down at her chest ? a piece of glass is sticking through her stomach. Buffy's eyes widen.

    Buffy: It's gonna be ok.

    Dawn OS: Buffy!

    Buffy gets up and walks into the hall. She sees Lloyd lying unconscious surrounded by the others and halts.

    Buffy: Oh god! Not Lloyd too.

    Willow looks up.

    Willow: What? Who else is-

    Buffy: It's Kennedy.

    Willow's eyes widen. She rushes through to the sitting room. Buffy wants to follow but look back at Lloyd.

    Andrew: (tearfully) Please?.don't die.

    Xander puts his hand on Andrew's shoulder. A tear runs down Andrew's cheek. Xander looks up at Buffy. Buffy looks back at the others looking over Kennedy. Willow is looking over her, tears in her eyes. Faith looks up. She looks very anxious. Cut to a wide shot of Buffy standing in between the two groups of people, kneeling over the wounded. Cut to Clare looking in her mirror. Luce is stood behind her.

    Clare: Well?that worked very well.

    She turns around and smiles at Luce. Luce looks at the mirror. She frowns.
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      ACT III

      Open on Buffy picking up a photo frame from the sitting room. The outer glass has smashed and pieces are scattered across the photo. It is a picture of her and Giles. She looks at it and then places it back on the table. She looks over at the smashed cabinet, specks of blood scattered across it. She looks away and then at the broken windows. She sits down on a chair and holds her forehead with her hands. Dawn walks in. Buffy looks up.

      Dawn: You ok?

      Buffy: Uh, yeah I'll be fine. What about Kennedy and Lloyd? Are they-

      Dawn: Lloyd's still unconscious. Uh, Giles thinks it could be bad.

      Buffy looks grave.

      Dawn: Kennedy's awake, at least, and she seems to be recovering, but uh, taking the glass out would cause severe blood loss.

      Buffy: How severe?

      Dawn: She could die.

      Buffy closes her eyes slowly. She opens them again and glances at Dawn.

      Buffy: And everyone else?

      Dawn: All good I think.

      Buffy nods.

      Buffy: What about Willow? Couldn't she use a recovery spell or some-

      Dawn: I thought that too. But, uh, she said using any more magic right now would probably drain her for a while. She might not be able to fight Clare if we had to.

      Buffy: Guess this was Clare's objective. Weakening us, shattering peoples' hopes. She really doesn't want us strong when we fight.

      Dawn: When will that be?

      Buffy: Luce is gonna give us a message.

      Dawn: What if she was behind this? Maybe she wanted us to have a false sense of security and then she sets an ambush on us.

      Buffy: Don't think that thought hasn't crossed my mind Dawn. I just?I just don't know. We'll wait till she gets her; then we'll see what she knows.

      Dawn: What if-

      Buffy: Look I know there are a lot of what ifs. What if Kennedy and Lloyd die? What if we all do? What if The Judge is planning on destroying the world and she succeeds?

      Dawn: She won't-

      Buffy: She might. Just because we've done it before doesn't mean we can do it again. Right now Luce is all we've got. And I have to believe that she'll keep her word.

      Dawn looks uncertain.

      Dawn: Well I get that. I'm just saying we should be careful. We don't wanna be surprised again.

      Buffy: No.

      She looks away.

      Buffy: We don't.

      Cut to Lloyd lying in his bed unconscious. There is a bandage over his head wound. Andrew and Siobhan are sat next him.

      Andrew: Sorry if you feel you have to be here. If you'd rather-

      Siobhan: No?Andrew I want to be here. Unless you'd rather I go somewhere-

      Andrew: No! No, I, I don't think I could cope with the silence.

      Siobhan nods.

      Siobhan: I know, it was the same when I was waiting with you in the hospital. When you got shot by that arrow.

      Andrew looks at her.

      Andrew: Guess this is the nightmare all over again for you huh? Waiting for him to wake up.

      Siobhan: Yeah?

      She looks down.

      Andrew: Sorry about the whole rejecting thing when I woke up.

      Siobhan: No. No it's ok. You had to tell me how you felt. If you had just pretended you liked me?well believe me our break up would have been a hell of a lot worse.

      Andrew: Maybe. It's just?when you were sat waiting ? you must have felt something like I'm feeling now. I didn't realise. I'm sorry.

      Siobhan: Yeah. Yeah I was terrified that you were gonna die. But I kept hoping. And hey, it paid off. So that's what I'm doing now. It's all we can do.

      Andrew nods.

      Siobhan: I know you might feel I'm only here for you. But me and Lloyd spoke while you were in Rome. Seems he's not a loser like I wanted him to be.

      Siobhan realises what she just said.

      Siobhan: I mean?god! I'm sorry, that was a terrible thing to say. I-

      Andrew: No. No I get why you would. But you're right ? he's really not.

      Siobhan: No. He's great.

      Andrew turns and looks at Lloyd. He looks worried. Siobhan bites her lip.

      Siobhan: I guess this is the part where I tell you it's gonna be ok. Except I dunno.

      Andrew: Just keep hoping right?

      Siobhan: Yeah.

      The continue to stare at Lloyd.

      Siobhan: Andrew, uh, I'm gonna grab a bite to eat. You want anything?

      Andrew: No. Be back soon?

      Siobhan: I'll try. Let me know if he wakes up.

      Andrew: Yeah. I will.

      Andrew frowns again. Siobhan hesitates and then leans down. She kisses him on the cheek. Andrew looks up at her. She looks a little embarrassed but then smiles. She walks away. Andrew smiles a little and then turns back to Lloyd.

      Cut to Kennedy lying on her side on the bed. She looks in pain. Willow is beside her.

      Willow: Sorry I can't help more.

      Kennedy: You're helping by being here. Really. And I understand about you needing your strength to fight Clare. That's the priority.

      Willow: Not to me. You know that right?

      Kennedy: Willow if you don't stop Clare?then we all die.

      Willow looks at the floor frowning.

      Kennedy: That women said that we wouldn't all survive this. Well maybe-

      Willow: Kennedy no.

      Kennedy: How can you know? This might be what she meant.

      Willow looks upset. Kennedy sits up but winces as she does.

      Kennedy: I'm not saying it's for definite ? but right now?

      She looks at the glass protruding from her stomach.

      Kennedy: ?I don't know.

      Willow looks her in the eyes.

      Willow: We'll find a way.

      They kiss. Kennedy suddenly winces.

      Willow: Oh, sorry did I-

      Kennedy: No. Don't worry. I just don't think I can.

      Willow looks sad.

      Cut to Buffy still clearing the living room. Giles walks in. Buffy gives him a sideward glance and continues cleaning.

      Buffy: Whatever you're gonna say, don't.

      Giles: You might not like what I have to say Buffy, but until you start listening I'm not going to just stand back and watch.

      Buffy: Why when you'll only be repeating yourself? I don't wanna hear it again.

      Giles: So what we're just going to wait for Luce to turn up? We seem to be relying on everything falling into place rather too much.

      Buffy: That's the plan-

      Luce suddenly appears in front of Buffy.

      Luce: Well hey-

      Buffy grabs her by the neck.

      Luce: Hey! Did you forget the whole deal thing?

      Buffy: Did you know about the demon army coming here?

      Luce hesitates.

      Buffy: Did you?

      Luce: I saw them. But Clare was just sending ?em out. I couldn't warn you, if I had she's have found out about it. I can only stay for a few minutes now.

      Buffy releases her grip around Luce's neck.

      Luce: But listen those demons ? they were just the start. Clare's got a whole bunch of vampires waiting for you. I'll help as much as I can but you're gonna need a hell of a lot more. Are you good to go?

      Buffy: When?

      Luce: Nowish would be good.

      Giles: We're sorry, we're clearing up after the ambush you sent.

      Luce: I already-

      Giles: I don't care what you have to say.

      Buffy: Giles! Just?just shut up.

      Giles looks thrown.

      Buffy: Uh Kennedy and Lloyd?two of my friends. They were hurt pretty bad. Lloyd's unconscious, maybe a coma. Kennedy's got a piece of shove through her stomach. If we take it out?she could bleed to death.

      Luce: What? Well I can deal with the glass. But comas are pretty much a no go area. Unless he's catatonic?

      Buffy: No?just the regular kind.

      Luce: Well I'll help the girl then.

      Buffy: You will?

      Luce: Yeah you're kinda a vital part of the plan.

      Cut to Luce with her hand over Kennedy's wound with the others gathered around. The glass disappears and the opening heals quickly. Kennedy frowns but then smiles.

      Kennedy: Thanks.

      Luce: Oh don't bother honey. So we going now?

      Siobhan: Lloyd's still unconscious. What should we-

      Andrew: I, uh, I'll stay here with him.

      Buffy looks at him.

      Andrew: I can't help you fight Buffy. I'll be better here ? in case he does wake up.

      Buffy pauses. She nods.

      Giles: I, uh, don't think I'll come either. I wouldn't be able to do much good even I wanted to.

      Buffy sighs.

      Buffy: Everyone else going?

      The others nod.

      Dawn: Guess I have to.

      Buffy frowns.

      Buffy: Kennedy are you sure you can fight?

      Kennedy: Yeah that spell?pretty nifty.

      Luce: Good. Now if we'll all agreed on who's going, get weapons and whatever. I'll take you to them and this can all be over.

      Luce turns to the others.

      Luce: Clare's gonna get what's coming to her.

      She smiles.
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        ACT IV

        Open on the door to the warehouse opening. Buffy walks through followed by the others except Luce. It is very dark.

        Dawn: Do you think they know we're-

        Lights flash on. Clare, Jake and Luce are stood on the balcony.

        Dawn: ?ok then.

        Clare: Welcome.

        Buffy: Thanks. Hope I'm not crashing the party.

        John: Oh no. You're the guest of honour.

        Buffy narrows her eyebrows.

        Buffy: Better get to the main course then.

        She holds up a crossbow. She is about to shoot it but Clare waves her hand, flinging the crossbow across the room.

        Clare: Yes. Enjoy.

        The lower doors of the warehouse opens. Vampires pour through. Everyone's eyes widen.

        Buffy: Here we go.

        [I]Buffy shoots a crossbow bolt dusting a vamp. Everyone else spreads out. Luce smiles as she sees them fighting.

        Luce: This is gonna be good.

        Jake gives her a sideward glance.

        Faith stakes a vampire and then kicks another in the face. Dawn rolls out the way of a vamp with a sword and then swipes at his head with her own sword, decapitating him. Xander gets punched in the face by a vamp. It leans over to bite him. Kelly sees and stakes the vamp she was fighting before rushing over to the vampire attacking Xander. She stakes it in the back. Xander smiles at her. She smiles back and then sticks her stake behind her, staking another vamp. Several vamps approach Siobhan. She looks worried but then sees a window with a black bin liner taped over it. She shoots at the window with a crossbow bolt and light pours through, burning the vamps. Kennedy has some kind of multi shot crossbow. She holds it in front of her and three bolts shoot out killing three vamps. The vamp numbers are now thinning. Willow blasts a fireball at a vamp igniting it. She looks up at Luce. Luce nods at her. Luce doesn't notice, but Jake sees her nod. Willow closes her eyes and so does Luce. Clare's smile at the fight begins to fade. She looks in pain. Jake looks from Luce to Clare and then grabs Luce by the neck. Luce opens her eyes in shock. Willow opens her own eyes, looking shocked. She falls back breathing heavily.

        Kennedy: Willow!

        She rushes over to Willow. Clare shakes herself as Luce punches Jake. Jake rushes at Luce. They fall off the balcony and on to the floor below. Clare frowns. Buffy notices Willow as well then sees Luce and Jake fall. Buffy swings the scythe, decapitating a few of the remaining vamps and rushes over. Clare narrows her eyes as she sees less then ten vamps remaining. Faith throws her stake killing one, and as one tries to stab Dawn, her eyes glow green. She grabs the vampire by the neck and throws her high up into the air. She lands in the sunlight where she dusts. Clare looks angry and jumps from the balcony in slow motion. She stares straight at Buffy and walks hastily over to her and the others.

        Jake punches Luce but Luce blocks it. She then puts her hand on his stomach. He gasps as energy passes from her to him. He then falls back. Luce looks up.

        Luce: Jake?

        He smiles.

        Jake: Luce.

        He gets up and they kiss. Kennedy helps Willow up. Faith looks at Buffy. Buffy nods. Faith throws a dagger at Clare. The camera follows it through the air. Clare moves her hand forward. The dagger slows down and stops several feet in front of Clare. Clare flicks her wrist and the dagger flies back at Faith, who dives out of the way just in time. Clare smiles.

        Luce looks at Clare. She looks at Jake.

        Luce: You know what to do baby?

        Jake nods. Luce smiles and begins to get up. Jake presses his hand on her stomach. She gasps. Energy passes from him to her. The other notice. Clare turns back and smiles as she sees..

        Clare: Luce was a fool to think she could get away with this. Without me noticing. Not that she will pay. You will be the ones who do.

        Luce gets up slowly. She looks at Jake and smiles. They look at Buffy and co. and smile darkly. Clare smiles also.

        Clare: Your little plan doesn't seem to clever now does it?

        Buffy looks at Willow. Willow is still breathing heavily. Willow closes her eyes. She speaks telepathically to the others.

        Willow: (telepathically): Guys, we're gonna have to split up. Kelly, Siobhan, Xander ? you take Jake. Kennedy, Dawn you'll have to take Luce. Me, Faith and Buffy'll get Clare. Now when I say go we-

        Clare: Whatever you're planning you realise it won't make any difference at all surely? There is no way you can-

        Willow: (out loud) Go!

        Everyone rushes over to their specific target. Clare suddenly raises her hands forward. Everyone's weapons fly over to the other side of the warehouse. She smiles and narrows her eyes. Kelly rushes over to Jake. He throws a punch but Kelly dodges. Luce blasts magic at Dawn, but Dawn simply absorbs it in her hand. She throws is back at Luce who is thrown to the ground. Clare smacks Faith in the face causing her to fly back into the wall. She gets up painfully. Jake smacks Xander in the face and then aims a kick at Siobhan. She dodges narrowly and then grabs his leg, flipping him on the ground. Willow aims a magic blast of fire at Clare but she stops it in mid air. She shoots it at Kelly instead, who is burned by it.

        Xander: Kelly!

        Xander rushes over to her as Siobhan punches Jake. He kicks her back in the face and she is pushed back. Buffy tries to punch Clare but Clare pushes her back using telekinesis. She clenches her fist and Buffy rises up from the ground choking, as if Clare is holding her up by her neck. Clare swings her arm around and Buffy flies around Clare knocking over Faith, Siobhan and Willow and as if she is attached by a rope, Clare now unclenches her other hands Buffy flies across and hits the wall. She looks in pain. Willow looks up at Clare.

        Willow: What do you want Clare? What is this all about?

        Clare: Now that would be telling.

        Willow raises her hand. Clare flicks her wrist snapping Willow's wrist.

        Clare: You'll find out soon enough.

        Luce blasts magic at Kennedy pushing her back into the wall. She falls down unconscious. Dawn and Luce repeatedly try and punch each other but they seem to be in a stalemate. Kelly gets up despite her burns and tries to punch Jake but he grabs her fist and crushes it in his hand. Xander tries to punch him as well but Jake punches him to the ground. Clare sees Luce and Dawn fighting. She pushes her hand out Dawn gasps. Clare walks up to Dawn as Luce stands back. She smiles.

        Clare: I could kill you now. But it's not time yet.

        She throws Dawn aside. White light suddenly appears in the middle of the warehouse. Clare looks back. The Judge appears there. Buffy's eyes widen.

        The Judge: It is time.

        Clare: Yes.

        Buffy: Time for what?

        Clare looks at her.

        Clare: You know what Jake is. The gatekeeper. Well obviously so do we. And that's what we're going to do.

        Xander: Uh, sorry, Glory tried that already. And look what happened ? it didn't work.

        Clare: Yes we're aware of that. But we're not going to open them all. Just one. The higher planes. Once they're open ? the others will become completely under The Judge's control. She will return to where she rightfully belongs. Only there will be no one to stop her this time.

        Buffy looks worried.

        Clare: And no. I'm not telling you how.

        Green light suddenly blasts from The Judge. It hits Dawn and Jake and then passes between them creating a triangle of energy.

        Clare: You can see it for yourself.

        Dawn falls to her knees. Buffy's eyes widen. She tries to rush over to her but Clare forces her back. Willow tries to blasts magic at the green energy using her non-broken hand but Luce stops her. Buffy and Faith look at each other and then rush up to Clare. They both try to kick her. Clare pushes Buffy back but Faith kicks Clare back. Dawn now looks faint. Siobhan sees and rushes over to Dawn. Luce rushes over to her but Siobhan punches Luce so hard she is knocked unconscious. Siobhan touches Dawn's shoulder and is blasted back by the energy. She lies unconscious a few metres away. Energy builds up around Jake and red energy starts to mix with the green. The Judge smiles. Clare notices Kelly and Xander getting up to fight Jake. She pushing her hand out pushing both of them against the wall. They seem stuck there. They suddenly fall down, unconscious. Clare smiles. She pushes her hand towards a sword and it flies into her hand.

        Buffy: (telepathically) Willow get Jake.

        Willow: (telepathically) But what about the deal?

        Buffy: (telepathically) To hell with the deal. Luce is out.

        Faith and Buffy try and tag team Clare, but she blocks every move. Dawn is now lying on the ground looking very weak. Buffy manages to kick Clare in the face. She stumbles back into the path of the energy. Buffy looks hopeful. Clare simply smiles.

        Clare: Good try. But it's never that simple.

        Lighting sparks from around Jake. Buffy is blasted back by one. Clare laughs. Willow looks up. She slowly edges towards Jake. Faith runs towards Clare but she simply punches her back.

        Willow reaches out.

        She grabs Jake's ankle. She breathes in and then blasts purple energy on to him. The lightning wavers and Jake screams. The energy blasts back into The Judge. She looks shocked. Jake falls back, still conscious, but looking confused. Dawn slowly gets up, looking exhausted. Jake looks up at Clare. Clare looks worried. Energy suddenly blasts from The Judge into Clare. The two of them stand, frozen. Beams of energy pass through Clare. The Judge screams and seems to burn away. Eventually the energy fades. Clare stands looking confused. Jakes looks up and looks angry.

        Jake: No!

        He rushes over. Faith however stands up. She punches him. Everything turns silent. Clare looks down at all the holes in her body. Silver blood pours from them. She drops the sword she was holding. She looks at Buffy who is standing nearby. Hey eyes flash orange but then seem to haze over. She falls forwards. Dead.

        Buffy looks at Willow. Willow smiles but then seems to faint. Faith is still fighting Jake. Luce suddenly looks up. She shakes her head and gasps at the sight around her. Jake grabs Faith by the neck. Faith grabs a dagger from the back of her belt and shoves it under Jake's chin. Jake releases his grip. He gasps. All that can be heard is his fast paced breathing. Faith stares at him. He looks at her. Blood spurts from his mouth. He looks at Luce, who is still staring at him from afar. He reaches out his hand and then falls backwards. He lies, staring upwards, motionless. Buffy looks around. Faith limps over to her. Buffy looks around. She walks up to Dawn and kneels over her. Dawn looks up weakly.

        Dawn: (quietly) Buffy?.is it over?

        Buffy: I?I think so Dawn. Are you?can you walk?

        Dawn: I think so. But Buffy I feel different. I feel?powerless.

        Faith: What do you mean?

        Dawn: I think?I think I'm human.

        Buffy's eyes widen. Dawn smiles slightly. Buffy smiles back.

        Faith: Wow Dawn that's amazing!

        Dawn: I guess.

        Buffy: Are you happy?

        Dawn hesitates. Then she nods.

        Dawn: Yeah.

        Buffy smiles. She kisses Dawn on the forehead. Then she looks around.

        Buffy: I hope everyone is ok.

        They walk over to the others. The camera moves over to Luce. As it moves closer her crying can be heard. The camera fixes on her. She is crying quietly. The camera zooms upwards slowly. Her crying echoes.

        THE END
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