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Buffy Episode 8.20 164. Tactics

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  • Buffy Episode 8.20 164. Tactics

    Hi, this is the twentieth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.20 164. Tactics

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Open on Buffy and Spike in the Hellmouth.

    Buffy: I love you.

    Spike: No you don't. But thanks for saying it.

    Spikes burns up.

    Cut to Andrew and Siobhan.

    Siobhan: I want you to be my Watcher.

    Andrew: Ok.

    Cut to Giles on the phone.

    Giles: Yes I'm afraid it does make a difference if you're still working for them. It means we can't trust you?I'm sure you'll find some way of saving her thanks to all your resources.

    He slams the phone down. Cut to Andrew and Lloyd kissing in bed.

    Andrew: I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

    Lloyd: No, not anymore.

    Cut to Kelly and Xander kissing.

    Cut to Luce, Clare and Jake. Clare gives Jake her own personality. Jake and Clare walk away. Luce looks angry.

    Cut to Kennedy and Siobhan fighting. Cut to Kelly smiling darkly.

    Riley VO: There's been a sudden increase in the amount of the girls who are going Rogue. We don't know why but at least 50% of them are now?out of control.

    Cut to The Immortal with Buffy, Faith, Riley and Giles.

    The Immortal: My name is Carlos Pichianno. Also known as The Immortal.

    Buffy smiles. Cut to everyone fighting. Cut to Clare looking angry. The Immortal smashes Clare's necklace and punches her. Cut to Buffy in the Summers' house.

    Buffy: I know what I'm gonna have to do. Kill Clare, Luce, Jake, all of them. That's what a Slayer is. And today I experienced what it was like to not have the boundaries. Anything stopping me. Just power. I am destruction. Absolute...alone. I know what I am. And I've seen what's to come. It's what I've always been. And nothing's ever gonna change that.

    Giles VO: And on Angel.

    Cut to Spike appearing in front of Angel and co.

    Gunn: Where'd he come from?

    Wesley picks up the amulet.

    Wesley: From this.

    Fred: What is it?

    Angel: Something I gave to Buffy.

    Cut to Andrew and Spike.

    Andrew: Spike?

    Andrew runs towards him touching his shoulders.

    Andrew: It's you. It's really you!

    Cut to Andrew and Spike by an alley near the docks.

    Spike: So, heard from Buffy lately?

    Andrew: Yeah. Of course, uh...she's in Rome. Dawn's in school there.

    Spike: Well. Rome, eh? Never pegged her for the expatriate show.

    Andrew: Yeah. She was rounding slayers up in Europe, decided she liked it there, I guess. She doesn't know you're alive, does she?

    Spike: I don't think so. I mean...I don't know. Does she?

    Andrew: Do you want me to tell her? 'Cause I, I'm really good with those...uh, delicate personal-

    Spike: No. Don't tell her.

    Andrew: Got it.

    Cut to Wesley, Angel and Andrew at the docks.

    Andrew: That's all right, boys. I'll take it from here.

    Angel: What? You're way outta your league. I'll just clear this with Buffy.

    Andrew: Where do you think my orders came from? News flash - nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram & Hart. Don't fool yourself...we're not on the same side. Thank you for your help... but, uh...we got it.

    Angel frowns. Cut to Angel on the phone.

    Angel: Giles, this is an emergency. No. No, I'm not going. Don't put me on hold. Yeah, I'm still at Wolfram & Hart. What does that have to do with anything? Yeah. I understand.

    He throws the phone at the wall and it smashes.


    ACT I

    Open on Andrew lying on his pillow. Lloyd is next to him, leaning on his elbow and smiling. Andrew turns to look at Lloyd.

    Lloyd: Morning.

    Andrew smiles back.

    Andrew: Hey. Is it late?

    Lloyd: Nah. About 9ish.
    Andrew: Right.

    Lloyd: Sleep well?

    Andrew: Well yeah I guess.

    Lloyd: I didn't keep you up?

    Andrew: Oh you know you did. In a good way.

    Lloyd smiles.

    Andrew: I was just thinking last night. All these fights are going on. People are taking their place. Do I have one?

    Lloyd's smile fades.

    Lloyd: Of course. Everyone does.

    Andrew: Yeah but is it here? I mean I thought I could be a Watcher, but to be honest I hardly help Siobhan at all.

    Lloyd: No one ever said this had to be your life. Is it important to you?

    Andrew: Well?yeah, I guess. I mean I like doing good, it makes up for the bad things I did before. It's important, yeah. I guess I just don't feel I am.

    Lloyd: You're important to me.

    Andrew: I know. I mean since you came into my life, I've been happier, less worried about things. You've taught me a lot.

    Lloyd smiles.

    Andrew: I guess I just hoped I'd learn more about fighting and stuff as well.

    Lloyd: Right. Well you know, you can do both. We don't need to spend every minute of every day together to have a relationship.

    Andrew: I know. And I'd like both.

    He smiles.

    Andrew: Guess I could settle with having just you for now.

    Lloyd: That's my boy.

    He and Andrew kiss. Cut to Buffy sitting alone in the living room. Faith comes in and frowns.

    Faith: Wow, this look fun.

    Buffy: Yeah, it's a real blast.

    Faith: Still beating yourself up about this whole Rogue Slayer thing?

    Buffy: Pretty much.

    Faith: Buffy, you gotta stop obsessing about what happened back there. It was a spell. That's all.

    Buffy: No. It was more than that. You wouldn't know, it didn't happen to you.

    Faith: Well I can't explain why it didn't happen to me.

    Buffy: I can. It's because you're the real Slayer Faith. The one that the line goes through. As far as logic's concerned I died 7 years ago.

    Faith: Screw logic. Logic says we should all be dead considering how many life or death situations we've been in. Maybe I was just lucky.

    Buffy: I just dunno.

    Faith: Well new flash Buffy, none of us do. I don't wanna sound harsh, but you gotta get out of the hole of misery. I mean yeah we do have a few guys fighting us right now and they're annoying but we can fight them. Together. Like we've always done. Except, you know, when we were mortal enemies.

    Buffy: Right.

    Faith: Oh come on ? not even a little enthusiasm?

    Buffy: I guess a little.

    The doorbell rings. Buffy gets up.

    Buffy: This better not be someone coming to add another problem to our already busy-

    Buffy opens the door. She looks surprised. The Immortal is standing on the porch.

    Buffy: Oh. Carlos, hi. I can call you Carlos right?

    Carlos: Of course Miss Summers. Or is it Buffy?

    Buffy: It really is. Do you wanna come in?

    Carlos: Uh, I think that would be best, Mis-?I mean Buffy.

    Buffy smiles and lets Carlos past. Faith smiles when she sees him.

    Faith: Hey it's immortal Carlos!

    Carlos: Faith, it's good to see you again.

    Faith; Likewise! You know, you were really wicked back there with Clare, her face was just-

    Faith stops as she sees Buffy raising an eyebrow.

    Faith: Oh, right, there's a reason you're here.

    Carlos: Not that I don't like visiting, but yes, there is.

    Buffy: Great?so, what is it?

    Carlos: Buffy?I need your help

    Buffy: What a surprise. Not that I mind. What help do you need?

    Carlos: What would you say?if I said I need you to come to Rome with me?

    Buffy raises her eyebrows.

    Buffy: Oh.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Special Guest Stars:


    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen
    RAOUL BOVA - The Immortal

    Open back on the scene

    Carlos: Well "oh" isn't a no I guess.

    Buffy: Sorry, I'm just kinda thrown. I mean?Rome, wow.

    Carlos: It is a lot to ask, I'll understand if-

    Buffy: I'm not saying no. At least not before I know why.

    Carlos: Well?you see the double of yourself that Riley had there. I worked with her.
    Buffy: Oh. Was she nice?

    Carlos: Yes. Heavy on the was. She was killed a few days ago.

    Buffy: Oh. I'm sorry.

    Carlos: It's alright, thank you. She knew what she was getting into. But the problem now is?there's no one to fill her space except-

    Buffy: Me.

    Carlos: Indeed. It would not be for long. There are others that could be found to stand in her place, but for the moment, there is no one. Your own safety, is not so much an issue as it might have been before the Rogue Slayer attacks, but I and your double were in the middle of a critical operation. We need to finish it. We need you.

    Buffy: Are you sure? I mean-

    Carlos: Believe me. I cannot do it alone. Even if I am immortal.

    Buffy: Ok. Well, um, going to Rome is kinda a big thing.

    Carlos: I understand.

    Buffy: Especially when Clare and everyone are still out there. I have to fight here.

    Faith: Well we could handle that here.

    Buffy: Faith, I don't-

    Faith: Buffy. It'll be fine. Maybe Clare'll try and give us hassle but we'll deal with it.

    Buffy: I guess. But going back to the whole me going to Rome thing ? what exactly is this "operation"?

    Carlos: Ah.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: Oh, one of those.

    Carlos: Well I know you won't be thrilled to hear this, but it's to do with Wolfram and Hart. I believe you know of them.

    Buffy: You could say that.

    Faith: Buffy's ex is the new boss.

    Carlos: You dated Angelus? I've met Angelus several times?he's really not the kind that you date, more the kind you avoid.

    Buffy: No?I dated Angel. They're different.

    Carlos: Ah. The soul.

    Buffy: Right.

    Carlos: Well, anyway, they are planning to steal something from me. Something very important.

    Buffy: Stealing now huh? Guess Angel and company really have gone down that dark road of no return.

    Faith: Uh, sitting right here.

    Buffy: Yours was a much?lighter, and complicated road. Angel has no excuse.

    Faith: Maybe we shouldn't be laying the blame so easily? I mean this is Angel, the guy who you dated, who saved my life etc. etc. Maybe he had a good reason.

    Buffy: That's what I thought but?after Andrew saw what they were doing, I don't trust Angel anymore.

    She looks at Carlos.

    Buffy: If helping you stops them from doing any more harm, then I'll do it. But I don't wanna see Angel.

    Carlos: That, might be a problem.

    Buffy: Someone else'll have to come too. Someone's who's not so much needed here.

    Lloyd and Andrew walk down the stairs. Lloyd raises his eyebrows when he sees Carlos.

    Andrew: Hey guys.

    Lloyd: Who's this?

    Lloyd smiles and looks Carlos up and down. Carlos smiles back, a little confused. Buffy looks at Faith. She nods. Buffy looks at Faith. Faith nods. Buffy looks at Andrew.

    Buffy: Andrew, uh, there's something I need to ask.

    Cut to Andrew and Lloyd sat on the sofas as well. Andrew looks uncertain.

    Andrew: For how long?

    Buffy: A day or two.

    She looks at Carlos.

    Buffy: Right?

    Carlos: I should think so, until we hear from Riley.

    Andrew: Oh.

    Buffy: Andrew you've seen Angel since he went to Wolfram and Hart. You already know how he's gonna be. If I saw him now, there'd be too many questions. I really need you to do this.

    Andrew: It's not that I mind. But?

    Andrew looks at Lloyd.

    Lloyd: Andrew, really I don't mind. You know what we talked about earlier? Well here's your chance. I'll still be here when you get back.

    Andrew nods.

    Buffy: Great.

    Carlos: I don't mean to be rude, but if you're coming, it's got to be soon.

    Andrew: I'll get ready.

    Buffy: Me too.

    Cut to Andrew walking outside carrying a suitcase. Carlos follows him. Cut to Buffy standing with Giles.

    Giles: You're sure about this?

    Buffy: Yeah. It'll be fine?I think.

    Giles: Just remember that we're here dealing with whatever might happen. You don't have to worry about it.

    Buffy: I know. Thanks.

    Willow and Dawn appear.

    Willow: Good luck. If you do see Angel?say hi from me.

    Dawn: And me.

    Buffy: Ok. You know what to do if Clare-

    Willow: Right. I won't let her get past. Actually I was looking at something ? something we could try to find out more about Clare and the others. Maybe even The Judge.

    Buffy: Sounds good. Don't go too far though.

    Willow: I won't.

    Dawn: And if they do come here, they'll have to deal with me. And that's no longer a joke.

    Buffy: I know. But be careful still.

    Buffy smiles.. Lloyd walks up to Andrew.

    Lloyd: Take care.

    Andrew: I will. Sorry you can't come.

    Lloyd: Yeah, you know they say Rome's the city of love.

    Lloyd raises his eyebrows. Andrew smiles back.

    Lloyd: I wouldn't be much help though. You know since I'm really only here because of you.

    Andrew: You can help here, I know you can. Just need to find your place, right?

    Lloyd smiles.

    Lloyd: Right.

    He and Andrew kiss. Siobhan comes out smiling but her smile fades when she sees Andrew with Lloyd. She turns around to go inside.

    Buffy: Siobhan, hey. Did you wanna so goodbye to Andrew?

    Siobhan: No, it's ok, I mean we didn't get to say goodbye last time, might as well keep up the trend.

    Siobhan goes inside. She looks upset. Andrew and Lloyd break away. They hug. A helicopter flies down and lands in front of the house.

    Buffy: (to Carlos) You have a private helicopter?

    Carlos: Just a few.

    Buffy raises her eyebrows.

    Carlos: Let's go.

    Buffy Right. Bye guys.

    Carlos and Buffy walk over the helicopter.

    Andrew: Bye.

    Lloyd: Bye. And take care.

    Andrew gets into the helicopter. It takes off a few seconds later. Everyone looks up and then goes into the house. Giles frowns.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Willow walking into her and Kennedy's bedroom. Kennedy is still lying in bed. Willow walks quietly over to the cupboard so not to wake her. Kennedy however is already awake. She looks up and sits up when she sees Willow.

    Kennedy: Morning.

    Willow jumps and turns around.

    Willow: Oh, hey! Almost jumped outta my skin. Thought you were still asleep.

    Kennedy: No, not for the last few minutes. I wondered where you'd gone.

    Willow: Oh I was seeing Buffy and Andrew off. They've gone to Rome with that Immortal One guy.
    Kennedy: They have? Why didn't you wake me?

    Willow: I figured you were pretty tired. I mean it's still kinda early, and after the thing last week?I thought you'd want to lie in.

    Kennedy: Oh?thanks.

    Willow smiles and turns around to the cupboard.

    Kennedy: Are you worried I'm not ok?

    Willow frowns and turns around.

    Willow: What?

    Kennedy: It just seems?like you're walking on eggshells for me or something since the fight. You don't have to. I'm ok. If anything I should be concerned about you ? the whole spell going wrong. Are your arms healing?

    Willow moves up her sleeve to show bad scars. Kennedy frowns.

    Kennedy: Will don't you think that if you can you should use a spell to-

    Willow: No. This is what you, and Giles, and even Tara were telling more all along. I just use a spell to make things better. Without thinking. These scars are a reminder of why I shouldn't. If I let them heal naturally, and slowly then it might stop me from doing a spell without thinking again.

    Kennedy looks worried. Willow sits down on the bed next to her.

    Kennedy: Honey you don't need to prove anything. To anyone.

    Willow: I need to prove it to myself. That I can let things work naturally without me altering them. It's the way it should be. You don't have to worry Kennedy, this is good for me.

    Kennedy: What about that other spell you were talking about. The one where we can find out about The Judge and stuff.

    Willow: Oh well, that's different. I'll be careful.

    Kennedy nods but still looks worried

    Cut to the helicopter landing on a rooftop. Buffy nudges Andrew who is asleep. He sits up.

    Buffy: We're here.

    Andrew: Oh. Cool.

    Carlos opens the door and Buffy and Andrew come out. Carlos follows.
    Carlos: Welcome to Rome.

    Andrew: Thanks. It looks nice. Even though it's night.

    Carlos: Wait till tomorrow. Then you will see its real beauty. Maybe not as stunning as Paris, but?it is still remarkable.

    Buffy: Certainly looks better than any city I've been to. But anyway, when can start trying to look for whatever Wolfram and Hart stole?

    Carlos: Wait until the morning. For now, you should sleep. Below is where your double stayed. I hope it will be good enough for.

    Buffy: Thanks.

    She smiles. Cut to Buffy staring out of a window across the city. She looks deep in thought.

    Carlos OS: Can you not sleep?

    Buffy turns around.

    Buffy: Oh, hi. No not really. I was just thinking about-

    Carlos: Angel?

    Buffy: Is it that obvious?

    Carlos: I'm sorry if this brings back too many memories for you.

    Buffy: No, it's ok. Angel and me are ancient history. Well, we were until he showed us last year and we kissed. I keep telling myself it was hello but?

    Carlos: You think it's more than that?

    Buffy: Maybe. Guess now we'll never know.

    Carlos: Buffy, if you do see Angel?don't blame him for everything. I know Wolfram and Hart is an evil, dark place. But I know that he has saved the world. And that he must have been put into a very awkward position by people with power, when he chose to take the offer of Wolfram and Hart.

    Buffy: Yeah. Yeah you're probably right. I just think it would be better if we didn't see each other at all.

    Carlos: Maybe it would be for the best.

    Buffy smiles and looks out the window again. She bites her lip.

    Cut to the Summers' house, morning. Kelly and Xander are lying in bed together. Both are staring at the ceiling.

    Xander: Well?that certainly cleared a few things up.

    Kelly: What?

    Xander: After, well, everything, I didn't really know where we stood. And since you weren't you when you said we were good, I was kinda confused. But not anymore.

    Kelly: Oh. Well I'm glad. I mean this is the least I can do after?

    Xander: Kelly. You don't have to be sorry. I told you already. I know it wasn't you, I'd know you'd never do that.

    Kelly: But I can remember feeling that way. I can remember hitting you and enjoying it and then wanting to hurt you more. If I hadn't felt I needed to run off to Clare I probably would have done.

    Xander sighs.

    Xander: Listen, Buffy's exes. The other, less human exes. They have souls now, but they used to do evil stuff all the time. I'm usually the last person to defend them, but deep down I know that when they have their souls they're good guys. And they feel like you do now. You can't dwell on what happened, cos it was out of your control. But if it makes you feel better ? you're not alone.

    Kelly: I know but?I just feel like that could be me.

    Xander: Do you wanna kill me now?

    Kelly: What? No!

    Xander: Well exactly. I know the person facing me right now is good. And I know that they're a person I love.

    Kelly smiles tearfully.

    Kelly: Thanks. You really do say the right things at the right time.

    Xander: Hey, I am the one that sees things after all apparently.

    Kelly smiles.

    Xander: Just, you know, more like half of things nowadays.

    Kelly: Well it's a pretty impressive half.

    Kelly hugs Xander lies on his chest. They both continue to stare at the ceiling, smiling.

    Cut to Andrew in the living room of the apartment. He is reading an Italian phrase book. Buffy walks in.

    Buffy: How's the Italian going?

    Andrew: Oh it's ok. Easier than I thought actually.

    Buffy: Well remember, if Angel comes around you've gotta act like you've been here a while. You remember what to say?

    Andrew: Yeah, yeah, you and Dawn have lived here for a while, you're dating The Immortal and you're letting me crash here.

    Buffy: Ok, good.

    Andrew: What if they ask something else?

    Buffy: Um?just make something up. Sorry to make you have to do all this.

    Andrew: Buffy if I didn't want to I wouldn't have come. I understand seeing Angel again, right now, would be weird.

    Buffy: Well, thanks anyway. Oh and um, Carlos said he asked these girls that work for him to come over later. Might look like you've been here a while if you're dating or something.

    Andrew: Girls? Can't they, uh, be boys?

    Buffy: Sorry. Carlos had to make do with what he had.

    Andrew: Oh. Well I guess I can pretend. Lloyd'd probably be mad if I got some action and he didn't so it's probably just as well.

    Buffy smiles and nods. Carlos walks in.

    Carlos: Buffy I just had a phone call. Angel and another Wolfram and Hart associate are headed this way. It seems they have heard the Slayer is living here.

    Buffy: Then we have to go!

    Carlos: Yes. Those that work for me will make sure we are not followed.

    Buffy: Right. Andrew-

    Andrew: Got it.

    Buffy nods. She and Carlos head for the back door of the apartment.

    Carlos: We may be able to locate what was stolen from me at the same time.

    Carlos closes the door behind him and Buffy. Andrew looks around and sighs. Several seconds later the doorbell rings. He gets up and opens the door. Spike and Angel are standing there.

    Andrew: Spike! O mio dio!

    Cut to Siobhan in the kitchen. She is flicking through a magazine. Lloyd comes in and sees her.

    Lloyd: Hey.

    Siobhan turns around. Her smile fades when she sees it's Lloyd.

    Siobhan: Oh, hey.

    She turns back to her magazine. Lloyd opens the fridge and takes a can of beer out. He turns to go upstairs but then stops. He looks at Siobhan and bites his lip. He slowly walks over to her.

    Lloyd: Do you mind if I uh?

    He points to the seat next to her.

    Siobhan: Oh, no, uh, go ahead. Don't mind me.

    Lloyd smiles and sits down. He opens the can and drinks out of it. He exhales and then looks at Siobhan.

    Lloyd: I wonder what Andrew's up to.

    Siobhan: Yeah. Yeah he's probably having a great time.
    Lloyd: He better not be getting any attention from any fit Italian lads or they'll be trouble.

    He smiles jokingly. Siobhan smiles slightly and turns back to her magazine.

    Siobhan: No?wouldn't want that.

    Lloyd frowns. He puts his can down and looks at Siobhan.

    Lloyd: You loved him didn't you.

    Siobhan looks up hastily.

    Siobhan: What? I-

    Lloyd raises and eyebrow.

    Siobhan: Yeah. Yeah I did.

    Lloyd nods.

    Lloyd: You probably hate me then.

    Siobhan: Oh?no Lloyd I-

    Lloyd: It's ok you know. I get why you would be. If the roles were reversed I'd feel the same way. I doubt that makes you feel better but-

    Siobhan: You know strangely, it does.

    Lloyd smiles. Siobhan closes her magazine.

    Siobhan: I remember when he got hurt. By an arrow.

    Lloyd: Yeah I heard about that. Pretty serious huh?

    Siobhan: Totally. I was so scared I'd lose him. But?those feelings I had, things I said. I think I poured my heart our before I really got to know him. I really don't think he ever the same way.

    Lloyd: Unrequited love's harsh. But I know that he cares about you. If he didn't, he wouldn't have agreed to be your Watcher.

    Siobhan: The thing is, we haven't really done a lot in the way of training. And now he's gone away again just when I thought we might be getting back into the schedule again.

    Lloyd: I've pretty much driven a wedge between you huh?

    Siobhan: I think the wedge was already there.

    Lloyd: Maybe I pushed it in a bit more?

    Siobhan: Maybe just a little.

    Lloyd: Well I'm not gonna apologise for being in love with him. But I'm sorry that it's turned out like this.

    Siobhan: You don't have to. It's me. I shouldn't be jealous that you're happy.

    Lloyd: I do understand that you know. Everyone deserves happiness in one way or another. You'll find it. Just give it time.

    Siobhan: Yeah. I guess I can hope.

    [I]Cut to Buffy and Carlos walking down a street at night.[I]

    Buffy: So about this thing Wolfram and Hart stole. What is it?

    Carlos: I can't really go into much detail.

    Buffy: Right. This is a "do it and ask no questions" job.

    Carlos: I wish I could tell you more. But you see?if they take the item they've stolen back to LA?it could be hazardous.

    Buffy: Important huh?

    Carlos: Indeed.

    Buffy: Well then I'll take your word for it. But how are we gonna get it back?

    Carlos: I uh-

    Carlos's mobile rings. He smiles at Buffy and picks it up. He walks off and answers it. Buffy looks around her. She looks up at the rooftops nearby. A man sees her looking and moves back behind a chimney. Buffy frowns. Carlos comes back.

    Carlos: Buffy, uh, my people have located the item. They're dealing with the situation.

    Buffy: What? But that's why you wanted me to come here right, to help you get it back?
    Carlos: They haven't got it back yet. The situation is delicate.

    Buffy: So what? We wait here until they do or go and help?

    Carlos: I'm waiting for more news.

    Buffy: Ok then. We better go back to the apartment.

    Carlos: I don't think that would be such a good idea. Angel could be nearby, and if you really don't want to see-

    Buffy: That where?

    Carlos smiles.

    Carlos: I know just the place.

    Cut to Buffy and Carlos walking into a large nightclub. Buffy looks around. Carlos is smiling. People nearby point and wave at Carlos. He smiles back. People clear a path for him and Buffy.

    Buffy: Wow. You really do have a lot of power here.

    Carlos: Indeed.

    Buffy and Carlos walk down the steps.

    Cut to Willow in the living room. She has set out several pieces of magical equipment on the floor. Giles kneels down next to her.

    Giles: You're sure this isn't going to be a repeat of last week?

    Willow: No. This is different. I'm following strict instructions from this book. And it's not exactly a dangerous spell. The worst thing that could happen is that we all get lost in different dimensions for all of eternity.

    Giles looks astonished.

    Willow: I'm joking! At least I hope so.

    Giles: I just don't want to see you, or anyone else hurt by this.

    Willow: Well they won't. That last spell?I didn't know what I was doing. I do this time. And there's no fire or anything dangerous involved it's just a simple mind link to The Powers That Be.

    Giles: Simple? Willow you know more than anyone that magic is never simple.

    Willow: Well you know what I mean, it's not complicated. Look Giles I do understand the risks and I understand the consequences but this could really help us know what we're up against, and right now we need everything we've got. So just don't worry ok?

    Giles: I can't not worry. But I understand it's important.

    Willow nods. Kennedy, Kelly, Xander, Faith, Dawn, Siobhan and Lloyd come in.

    Lloyd: Wow, this looks?complex.

    Willow: It's not so much. I just have to say the right words and we're there.

    Kelly: What do we have to do?

    Willow: Nothing ? except stand nearby holding these.

    She passes around some candles.

    Willow: They're enchanted and'll gain everyone the ability to talk to, uh, whoever or whatever it is. So make sure you've got one or you might end up talking to yourself.

    Everyone nods.

    Willow: Uh, I'll start then.

    Willow closes her eyes.

    Willow: Realm of old, open now.

    The camera rotates around Willow slowly.

    Willow: Bring forth the old ones, let us speak.

    Xander: (whispering to Giles) This is gonna be ok right?

    Giles: I hope so.

    The camera rotates around Willow faster.

    Willow: Open the link. Bring forth the old ones. Let us speak. Open the link. Let us speak. Now.

    Willow looks upwards and opens her eyes. They are white. White light fills the room. Everyone shields their eyes. The figure of a woman appears before them. However her body glows white. Her eyes are brighter than her body and her other facial features can just be seen. Willow looks forward, her eyes still glowing white. Everyone else looks at the woman uncertainly. The woman smiles.

    Woman: What is it you wish to know?

    Cut to Buffy and Carlos dancing. Buffy is smiling at Carlos. A man walks up to Carlos and taps him on the shoulder. Carlos looks round. The man whispers in his ear. Carlos look worried and turns to Buffy.

    Carlos: Buffy Angel is here.

    Buffy's smile fades. She looks around.

    Buffy: Where?

    Carlos: I don't know. I think it best that we leave.

    Buffy nods. Carlos takes her hand and they run through the crowd. The crowd part. Buffy looks around as if she is trying to find Angel. She looks over at the bar as they walk up the steps to the entrance. She sees Angel talking to the barman. She then sees Spike standing next to him. The camera zooms up to Buffy's face quickly. She is staring in disbelief.
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      ACT III

      Carlos tugs on Buffy's hand. She stays put.

      Carlos: Buffy!

      Spike and Angel walk into the crowd. Buffy nods and follows Carlos outside. They run out the door and into the street. Buffy pulls away from Carlos' hand.

      Carlos: We should keep going.

      Buffy: Wait?I?I need to think.

      Carlos: You saw Angel?

      Buffy: Yeah. But I also saw Spike.

      Carlos does not look surprised.

      Carlos: I see.

      Buffy looks annoyed.

      Buffy: You knew he was here.

      Carlos: I cannot lie.

      Buffy: Really? Cos you've been doing a good job so far.

      Carlos: I know that William the Bloody-

      Buffy: Spike.

      Carlos: ?that Spike has been working with Wolfram and Hart for some time. And I knew of his involvement with you.

      Buffy: Guess you knew about Angel too then.

      Carlos looks at the ground ashamed. Buffy shakes her head.

      Buffy: I trusted you. After the fight and everything. Guess that whole nice guy act was just so you could get me here and tell people you were dating the Slayer.

      Carlos: No. I was truthful about needing you here.

      Buffy: You sure? Cos I am sick and tired of lies.

      Carlos: I have unfinished business with Angel and William-

      Buffy: Spike.

      Carlos: Whatever. They are looking for you. They do not deserve you. They never did.

      Buffy: No, you don't get to make judgements like that. What I had with both of them, is nothing to do with you.

      Carlos: It is now.

      Buffy looks confused.

      Buffy: What do you?

      Buffy looks him in the eyes.

      Buffy: That thing you said they stole. It's connected to this I know it.

      Carlos: Buffy-

      Buffy: Let me guess ? it's actually more like you stole it off them?

      Carlos: They are trying to take the head of the Capo di Famiglia of the Goran demon clan back to LA. I could not let them. The Goran demon clan have been a rivals of my own family for centuries. I was not lying ? taking the head back to LA would cause an international incident. War could follow.

      Buffy: I guess the fact that you get to humiliate Spike and Angel is just a bonus huh?

      Carlos: I told them never to return to Rome last time I saw them. They have only themselves to blame.

      Buffy: You have no right telling people which city they are and aren't allowed in!

      Carlos: This is my city. I have the power here. I can do what I want. I can bar whoever I wish out. And I can keep whoever I wish in.

      Buffy: Well you can't keep me.

      Carlos: Indeed.

      Buffy: Look will you just stop saying that!

      Buffy turns around.

      Carlos: Where are you going?

      Buffy: I need to talk to Andrew.

      Cut to Willow and co. with the white woman.

      Willow: Uh, hi. We wanted to know about uh, The Judge.

      Woman: Ah. The Judge.

      Willow: Yeah. What is she?

      Woman: She was once like myself. A Power of the highest realm. She was created before all other things. And for millennia she watched over the realms of man and demon alike ? keeping order.

      Dawn: What happened?

      Woman: She fell. Into darkness. She no longer followed out order and went her own way. She remains unchanged by time, but as she has descended?she is now mortal.

      Giles: Has this happened before?

      Woman: Yes. The champion in the City of Angels fought one like The Judge recently.

      Willow: Angel?

      Woman: She was defeated.

      Kennedy: So it's possible to defeat The Judge?

      Woman: Yes. But we do not know how currently. You will find out in time.

      Giles: That's all very well, but perhaps you could point us in the right direction?

      Woman: There will be betrayal?anger?blood?we can tell you no more.

      Cut to Andrew sitting in the apartment. He takes a pour cleanser off his nose and sighs and goes back to reading a magazine. The door suddenly bursts open. Andrew jumps. Buffy storms in. She stares at Andrew angrily. Andrew looks at her frowning.

      Andrew: Buffy? Did something go wrong?

      Carlos appears behind Buffy. He looks worried.

      Buffy: Why didn't you tell me about Spike?

      Andrew's eyes widen. Buffy continues to stare at him seriously.

      Dawn: What about Clare? And the others?

      Woman: Clare is a priestess of darkness. Her people have worshipped The Judge for millennia. Clare is only the newest of many that have made the world suffer.

      Kelly: Why?

      Woman: Because they can. And because they believe she will give this world the destruction it deserves. Where they originated from is unknown.

      Giles: She's mortal?

      Woman: Yes. But as you have seen her psychic power is far greater than anything you possess. You could kill all of you instantly.

      Xander: Why doesn't she?

      Woman: Because she knows you are all needed for The Judge's plan.

      Xander: Right, of course she has a plan. What is it? Apart from you know, to destroy the world.

      Woman: We do not know. You will know in time. But beware, for you will all witness death in the final battle that will inevitably happen.

      Everyone looks disturbed.

      Lloyd: That would be Luce, Clare, The Judge and Jake dying ? right?

      Cut back to Buffy, Andrew and Carlos.

      Andrew: Uh?I uh-

      Buffy: Andrew don't lie to me. I've seen him. I know he's alive. You must have seen him when you went to LA. I bet you've seen him here today as well. Why didn't you tell me?

      Andrew: He told me not to.

      Buffy: He wouldn't.

      Andrew: Well he did Buffy, and I didn't wanna go against what he wanted.

      Buffy: And what about what I want? I have a right to know if he's alive.

      Andrew: Because you still love him. Right?

      Buffy: It doesn't matter.

      Andrew: Well it looks like it matters to you! You wouldn't be so angry if he was just someone you cared about. I know you loved him ? probably as much as you're ever gonna love anybody. But now your lives have gone different ways. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you he's alive, but that's what he wanted. If you wanna know why then take it up with him.

      Buffy: No. I don't wanna see him.

      Andrew: Cos he works for Wolfram and Hart now.

      Buffy looks away.

      Andrew: See I knew this would happen if you found out. Maybe that's why he didn't want you to know. Because he knew that you'd see him as an enemy like you see Angel now.

      Buffy looks angry.

      Buffy: You're right. I don't trust him. Either of them. But then I don't trust either of you.

      Buffy turns to Carlos.

      Buffy: You took me for a ride all along. This was never about reclaiming what was yours.

      Carlos: You're wrong. It was. I wanted to reclaim my city.

      Buffy: Well you've done that. Are you happy now?

      Carlos: Yes.

      Buffy: Good. Andrew we're going.

      Andrew: Buffy-

      Buffy: No. Nor more lies. No more of anything. We're going. Italy's starting to bore me.

      Buffy heads to the door. In the window behind her a huge explosion can be seen. A bang is heard. Buffy turns around and looks worried.

      Buffy: What the hell is that?

      Carlos' phone rings. He answers it.

      Carlos: (to phone) Si? Oh?

      He puts his phone down and turns down.

      Carlos: Buffy that was my men. They said they tricked Angelus and William. I couldn't?

      Buffy looks shocked.

      Buffy: Spike?Angel?

      She backs away shaking her head and runs down the corridor.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Willow and co. with the women.

        Willow: What about Luce and Jake? What are they?

        Women: Jake?that is not his true name. Only one forced upon him by others. He is an ancient creature forged alongside the likes of myself.

        She turns to Dawn.

        Women: And such items as The Key.

        Dawn looks serious.

        Willow: They're connected?

        Women: They Key is a weapon of evil. Jake as he is now called is a catalyst of that evil. He once controlled the gateways to each and every dimension. His power is absolute ? and if unleashed it could completely erase existence in all realms. Even the higher planes. He will be a key part to The Judge's final plan.

        Everyone looks worried.

        Dawn: And Luce? Is she a big ultimate evil like the others?

        The women pauses.

        Women: No. She is human. One with great power, yes?but human. She is beyond her depth in this. Her place is not with the evils of Clare, Jake or The Judge.

        Kelly: You mean she's good?

        Women: No. She has become lost in the darkness around her. But she been around it too long to ever turn back. She is innocent ? and yet guilty.

        Giles: Of what?

        Women: Of submitting to evil's lure. She will die before this is over.

        Everyone looks at each other.

        Cut to Buffy looking around the street. There is burning rubble scattered around.

        Buffy: Spike?

        She looks around.

        Buffy: Angel?

        She walks forward. Carlos appears behind her.

        Carlos: Buffy?

        Buffy: Don't say anything.

        Carlos: But-

        He reaches for her shoulder. She punches him in the face.

        Buffy: Don't even try to say you're sorry.

        Carlos: I am. I didn't know-

        Buffy: But you set this up. This whole thing.

        Carlos: I thought you said you didn't trust them after-

        Buffy: I didn't. But love is far greater than trust. I mean do you have any idea what love actually is?

        Carlos: I have loved. But not in the way you have.

        Buffy: Exactly. You can never know. Never.

        A tear falls down Buffy's face and she turns away. Carlos' phone rings. He picks it up.

        Carlos: (to phone)What? They are? Where?

        Buffy turns around.

        Carlos: I see.

        Carlos turns the phone off.
        Carlos: They're alive.

        Buffy: Where?

        Carlos: They're headed to the apartment.

        Buffy's eyes widen. She begins running.

        Carlos: (to himself) Good luck.

        Cut to Willow and co.

        Willow: So what else can you tell us?

        Woman: That this will be resolved shortly. Not all of you will survive its true extent.

        Everyone looks worried.

        Faith: Who?

        Woman: We do not know. I can reveal no more. Your questions have been answered.

        The image of the woman fades. Willow's eyes turn back to normal and she falls back. The flames of everyone's candles go out simultaneously. Kennedy crouches by Willow and helps her up.

        Siobhan: Well?that was inspiring.

        Cut to Buffy running into the apartment. Andrew zips up a suitcase. He looks at Buffy.

        Buffy: Andrew, were they here?

        Andrew: Yeah?but they left.

        Buffy: What?

        Andrew: I told them that you weren't here and I think they decided to go home.

        Buffy: Why?

        Andrew: Well before you said-

        Buffy: I know what I said. Where are they going?
        Andrew: I guess to the airport.

        Buffy: Where's that?

        Carlos OS: I can take you there.

        Buffy turns around. Carlos smiles. She smiles back.

        Buffy: Andrew are you coming? We're going now.

        Andrew nods. He picks up the suitcase and they all walk out. Cut to everyone sat in the living room. They look worried.

        Lloyd: You know awkward silences like this really make me nervous. More nervous. Coffee? Tea? Anything?

        Faith: I'll pass. I don't think I can swallow too well right now.

        Kelly: I know the feeling.

        Siobhan: I could do with some coffee Lloyd. I'll help you make it.

        Lloyd smiles at Siobhan. They walk into the kitchen.

        Willow: I kinda feel like I don't wanna fight?if some of us are gonna die.

        Siobhan: Well yeah?not fighting equals non death.

        Kelly: If we don't fight though?then Clare and the others'll beat us. Then we'll all die.

        Xander: Aint it just great when you can't win?

        Siobhan: Well some us will. Maybe all but one.

        Kennedy: But then who?

        Faith: We can't obsess about this though. I mean this has always been a risk right? In every fight. But we carry on. I mean remember Alenya? She knew she was gonna die sometime but carried on anyway. I really reckon we should.

        Everyone looks grave.

        Willow: We'll wait till Buffy gets back. Then we can decide what we're gonna do.

        Dawn: Right.

        Dawn looks out the window. Cut to the helicopter landing next to Wolfram and Hart.

        Carlos: We can't land nearer the airport. But if you hurry you might catch them before they get on the plane.

        Buffy: Right. Which one?

        Carlos: It's a private jet. It should be the only one.

        Buffy: Ok. Thanks.

        Carlos smiles. Buffy gets out and starts running. Cut to Spike and Angel walking towards a plane.

        Spike: Are we just gonna let Ilona deal with it then?

        Angel: Guess we're gonna have to.

        Cut to Buffy running past several buildings. Cut to Spike walking up the steps. Cut to Buffy running around a corner. Cut to Angel walking up the steps. Cut to Buffy jumping over a security fence. Some men shout at her in Italian. Cut to Angel at the top of the steps. He looks back.

        Angel: Wish I coulda seen Buffy.

        Spike: You and me both. Probably best we didn't though ? she'd probably have go on about how amazing The Immortal is. Plonker.

        Angel: Yeah. Bastard.

        Spike walks into the plane. Angel follows him. Cut to Buffy running around a corner. She sees the plane. She runs towards it. The plane begins to take off.

        Buffy: No! Wait!

        The plane takes off. Buffy slowly comes to a halt. She looks breathless and disappointed. Cut to Spike and Angel in the plane. Spike looks out the window and frowns. Angel looks over.

        Angel: What is it?

        Spike: Oh?nothing ? just thought I saw-

        Angel: Buffy? You said yourself that-

        Spike: Yeah, yeah alright. Can blame a fellow for hoping though.

        Spike looks out the window again. Buffy is still looking at the plane ascending. She slowly looks down and walks away. Cut to her climbing in to the helicopter.

        Carlos: Any luck?

        Buffy shakes her head.

        Buffy: No.

        Carlos: I'm sorry.

        Buffy: No, you tried. I tried. Maybe there'll be another time.

        Carlos smiles and nods.

        Andrew: Buffy are you still angry?

        Buffy: No. There are more important things. Let's go.

        The helicopter lifts into the sky and begins flying back to England.

        THE END
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