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Buffy Episode 8.19 163. Cold Twilight

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  • Buffy Episode 8.19 163. Cold Twilight

    Hi, this is the nineteenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.19 163. Cold Twilight

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Open on Riley with Buffy.

    Riley: We've got doubles of you and all your friends in Rome, Africa and South America. It's for your own protection. And now I'm clearing up your mess. Again.

    Buffy looks angry. Cut to Faith recovering in bed.

    Faith: Riley was the one who got me here. After what happened.

    Kennedy: You mean he helped you?

    Faith: Helped me? He saved my life! If he hadn't gotten there after those?whatever they were did this to me?I probably be dead.

    Cut to Siobhan with Andrew.

    Siobhan: I want you to be my Watcher.

    Andrew smiles. Buffy appears.

    Buffy: There's a problem in LA.

    Andrew: What kind of problem?

    He stands up.

    Buffy: There's a Slayer there. She's incredibly unstable, worse than any of the others we've met. She could prove a big problem for?

    Andrew: Angel?

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Andrew: What do you want me to do?

    Buffy: Andrew this fight could happen any time now. Everyone else has stuff to do before that. I think you could make the most difference there, for the time being.

    Siobhan looks sad.

    Cut to Kelly and Xander. They kiss.

    Xander: Didn't see that coming.

    They smile at each other. Cut to Lloyd and Andrew kissing.

    Andrew lies his head on Lloyd's chest.

    Andrew: I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

    Lloyd: No?not anymore.

    They smile at each other. Cut to Clare, Luce and Jake together.

    Luce: You've spoken to The Judge?

    Clare: Yes. She is displeased by your feeble attempt at destroying the primal planet through the portal.

    Luce: Hey you know who was on that planet?

    Clare: I'm aware that Buffy and her friends were there. But they are needed for The Judge's plans in the future. We need to act in the present.

    Cut to Clare morphing into Glory. Cut to Buffy with Whistler.

    Whistler: The person who can fight Glory is Dawn.

    Buffy: What? But she's-

    Whistler: A kid? Well yeah maybe. But she's also something almost as old as the Powers and Glory. And way more powerful in the right circumstances.

    Buffy: What do you mean?

    Whistler: Dawn's never seen her true self. The Powers are giving her a chance to wield it as a weapon. The Key may be evil originally, but in Dawn's hands it can used for good. Like the scythe. It's just a weapon, and it's the wielder that decides if it's used for good or evil.

    Dawn glows green and punches Glory. Glory burns away from Clare leaving Clare's heavily beaten body. She disappears. Cut to Buffy with Dawn.

    Dawn: It's not that I'm not thankful for the power. Glory'd probably be sacrificing me right about now if I didn't have it. I just don't know what that makes me.

    Buffy: It makes you strong.

    Dawn: Does it? I mean I've always had that, in me. I don't even know how to control it properly. And that power was what I was once. Primal?destructive?evil.

    Buffy: You are not evil Dawn.

    Dawn: Maybe as Dawn I'm not. But I was once. I could kill billions in the wrong hands. How could power that evil?ever be used good?

    Buffy: The power you have ? it's controlled by you. Nobody else. I know that it's in the right hands with you.

    Dawn smiles. Buffy walks away looking thoughtful.


    ACT I

    Cut to Buffy standing outside. She looks thoughtful. Faith joins her.

    Faith: Hey.

    Buffy turns around.

    Buffy: Oh, hey.

    Faith: Well this looks fun.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Just wanted a moment. To think.

    Faith: Yeah I know those. They're good. So what you thinking about?

    Buffy: A lot of things. But mostly, about the Rogue Slayers.

    Faith: Why? They're not exactly a threat right now.

    Buffy: Not to us maybe. But somewhere out there I know they're causing trouble. People are dying because of them.

    Faith: Buffy, Riley said the CIA had got a lot of it under control when he talked to me. If there was a problem he'd tell us. And besides, we have bigger badasses trying to kill us right now.

    Buffy: Strangely that doesn't put my mind at ease.

    Faith: Hey as far as talks go that was one of my best.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Can't help feeling that something's happening though.

    Faith: Probably. That's what happens when people go about their every day lives.

    Buffy rolls her eyes. Faith smiles.

    Buffy: Guess you're right. I'm not gonna worry about things. At least tonight. Even if it is Tuesday.

    Cut to Luce and Jake sitting on an old sofa in the house they are using as their lair. They are both reading magazines. Suddenly Clare appears near them. She is badly wounded. Luce and Jake look up. Luce rolls her eyes and then looks back at her magazine.

    Luce: (without looking up) Guess that didn't go so well then?

    Clare looks angry. She pushes herself up from the floor and gets to her feet. Luce throws down the magazine.

    Luce: So Glory wasn't as tough as you thought huh?

    Clare: No. She and I were unprepared for an intervention from a higher power. They gave the girl the ability to tap into her ancient energy and-

    Jake: Kick your ass?

    Clare narrows her eyes.

    Clare: I will recover. Thank you for your concern.

    Jake: Oh you don't need to thank me. There's no concern.

    Luce smiles. Clare glares at Jake but begins to smile slightly.

    Clare: You know, The Judge is well aware of your little "relationship".

    Luce looks uncertain but tries to act as if she doesn't care.

    Luce: So?

    Clare walks closer to Luce.

    Clare: She's also aware that you gave him some of your own personality in my absence Luce.

    She smiles at Luce. Jake looks confused. Luce stares back.

    Luce: Look Clare, I know you're jealous of what me and Jake have and I think you really need to back off. It's pathetic really.

    Clare's eyes flash.

    Luce: And what me and Jake do in our private lives is hardly your or The Judge's business.

    Clare: That's where you're wrong. The Judge feels it would be better if it did not continue.

    Luce: Really? Well see I don't really care. She can't do anything about it so-

    Clare suddenly pushes her hand on Jake's chest. He gasps. Red energy shoots beneath his shirt into his skin. Luce's eyes widen and she looks distressed.

    Luce: No!

    Clare looks determined. The energy builds up as Luce tries to push Jake away. It suddenly explodes pushing all three of them back. Luce looks up and gets up. She rushes over to Jake. Clare gets up as well and smiles. Luce grasps Jake's hand and smiles hopefully as he lies with his eyes closed.

    Lucy: Honey?

    Jake's eyes open with a start. He looks at Luce and frowns. He pulls his hand away from hers. Luce looks confused.

    Jake: Yes hello Luce.

    He gets up and walks over to Clare.

    Luce: What? What did you-

    Luce's eyes widen.

    Luce: No?

    Clare: Yes. The Judge told me that it was vital our minds were at the job at hand and not on unnecessary pleasures. With my own personality Jake is far more likely to fulfil this criteria. Yours Luce is, well, less appropriate.

    Clare smiles. Luce looks angry and rushes towards Clare.

    Luce: You bitch! I'll kill you I swear to-

    Jake grabs her wrist as she tries to strike Clare. He pulls her away.

    Jake: No. You won't. Come along Clare, we must talk about what we are to do next.

    He smiles at Clare and they walk away from Luce who looks angry and tearful.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    MARC BLUCAS - Riley Finn
    SONYA WALGER - Siobhan's mother
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    RAOUL BOVA - The Immortal

    Open on Dawn sat with Siobhan in the living room. Siobhan looks upset.

    Siobhan: And then she invites this guy on holiday with us. I mean it was supposed to be just her and me, the whole mother/daughter bonding thing but she really wrecked it.
    Dawn: Well you know maybe she thought you'd be happy that she's found someone. At least she's trying.

    Siobhan: Yeah, right. Dawn she's obviously more concerned about her love life than getting things back on track with me. If she isn't gonna put the effort in ? then I don't really see why I should.

    Dawn: Yeah I know. When my mom first started seeing other guys I was pretty mad. Didn't really see why she wanted to replace dad. But then I realised how lonely it must have been for her ? I see that more than ever now after loosing Chris. You never know ? this James guy might not be that bad. Unless he's a robot. He's not a robot right?

    Siobhan: I dunno. I didn't stick around to find out.

    Dawn: Well there ya go. If he's nice?and human, then maybe it's not so bad.

    Siobhan smiles.

    Siobhan: You know what, you're pretty good at these encouragement talks.

    Dawn: Learnt from the best.

    Siobhan laughs.

    Siobhan: So how are you doing after?you know the whole everything.

    Dawn: Long answer I would imagine. But the short version ? ok actually. I mean finding out I could use my primordial power as a weapon and wondering whether I'm good or evil or something else entirely's kinda stressful but I'm getting through it.

    Siobhan: Wow. And I thought my problems were bad.

    Dawn: No really, I'm ok. I just have a feeling that something's just around the corner.

    Xander walks into the room.

    Siobhan: There we go, it's happened, nothing to worry about.

    Xander: What?

    Dawn: Don't worry.

    Xander shrugs.

    Dawn: So anyway what's up?

    Xander: Oh, nothing really. Not even any windows for me to fix.

    Dawn: Don't you just miss the daily fights?

    Xander: When you say it like that ? hell no.

    Dawn and Siobhan laugh.

    Siobhan: So, Xander ? what about you and Kelly?

    Xander looks uncomfortable.

    Xander: What?

    Siobhan raises and eyebrow.

    Siobhan: Oh come on. I happen to an expert on relationships. Except my own which generally end badly.

    Dawn smiles sympathetically. Xander smiles but still looks uncomfortable.

    Xander: Nothing really.

    Siobhan: Oh there so is.

    Xander: Well you know it's not really of your business.

    Siobhan looks a little thrown.

    Siobhan: Sorry?

    Xander: No it's ok ? I didn't mean to snap.

    He smiles at Siobhan who smiles back. The doorbell rings. Xander gets up to get it but Buffy is already there. She smiles and opens the door. Her smile fades. Cut to Riley standing in front of her clad in army gear. Behind him are several other soldiers also wearing armour.

    Buffy: Riley?

    Riley: Hello again Buffy. Sorry to just appear like this but um, we've got a problem.

    Buffy: Oh. So I guess this isn't a social visit?

    Riley: If only. Do you mind if?

    Buffy: Oh right, sure. Come in.

    Riley smiles and turns to the other soldiers.

    Riley: Get in contact with the others. I'll call for backup if it's needed.

    The other soldiers nod and walk away. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: Backup?

    Riley: Just a precaution.

    Buffy: Riley if we're in danger I need to know.

    Riley pauses and sighs.

    Riley: You might be. It'll be easier for me to tell you all inside.

    Buffy nods and stands to the side to let him past. He smiles and walks in.

    Buffy: I'll go find the others.

    Riley nods. Buffy walks upstairs. Riley walks into the sitting room. Xander and Dawn stand up as they see him. Siobhan looks confused and stands up also.[/I]

    Xander: Riley, hey.

    Riley: Xander, hey. Good to see you. You too Dawn. (to Siobhan) And um, sorry I don't think-

    Siobhan: Oh I'm Siobhan. Friend of the family really.

    Buffy: She's a Slayer.

    Siobhan: And that.

    Riley raises his eyebrows.

    Riley: Right.

    Siobhan: And you are?

    Dawn: Oh, Siobhan this is Riley's ex.

    Siobhan: Oh?you mean (quietly) the vampire?

    Dawn: No another ex actually.

    Siobhan: Oh. Well hi.

    She smiles. Riley smiles back.

    Xander: Well this would be a pleasant surprise but I get the feeling that you're here for something a little less pleasant.

    Riley: Afraid so.

    Buffy comes back with Willow, Kennedy, Kelly, Faith, Andrew, Lloyd and Giles. Giles is frowning, while the others look confused. Willow smiles when she sees Riley.

    Willow: Riley!

    Riley: Hey Willow.

    They hug. Riley turns to Faith.

    Riley: Faith ? glad to see you alive.

    Faith: You too. I didn't get a chance to thank you before so ? thanks for saving my ass.

    Riley smiles.

    Willow: It's been so long.

    Riley: Yeah wish I coulda stopped by last time. But you know, things to do.

    Willow: Yeah. I um, I'm sorry about Sam.

    She smiles sympathetically.

    Riley: Thanks.

    He puts his hand on her shoulder. Buffy, who has been leaning against the stands upright.

    Buffy: So then, what's the problem?

    Faith: Great. There just had to be a problem.

    Riley: Yeah. Well basically ? it's the Rogue Slayers.

    Xander: Oh yay.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: What about them? Are they nearby?

    Riley: Well possibly.

    Giles: You don't know? I thought you were tracking Slayers all over the world.

    Riley: The thing is ? there's been a sudden increase in the amount of the girls who are going Rogue. We don't know why but at least 50% of them are now?out of control.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Xander: Maybe they all just decided to?

    Riley: That's what we thought, but it happened so suddenly that it was doubtful. Besides ? two of the girls that were helping us fight suddenly turned against us. They killed two of my men before we could sedate them. Slayers all over the world that were previously doing really well, suddenly went bad.

    There is a pause. Everyone looks worried.

    Kelly: So?so that might mean that we would-

    Siobhan: No.

    Kennedy: Kelly's got a point. I mean if girls on our side are simultaneously changing sides globally for no apparent reason what's to say we won't?

    Faith: Maybe. Could even affect me and Buffy I mean we are all in the same boat now.

    Buffy: I won't let it happen.

    Riley: Buffy sometimes there are things you can't control. You should know that better than anyone.

    Buffy stares at Riley.

    Buffy: I do. But we don't know yet that we can't control this. If we couldn't stop this you wouldn't here. So what do you propose?

    Riley hesitates.

    Buffy: What?

    Riley: Before I said we didn't know what it was. Well there's speculation going around that it might be some kind of virus that's causing these girls to play dark. A contagious virus.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: What would that mean I-

    Kelly: Oh my god.

    Everyone turns to Kelly. Riley looks uncomfortable. Kelly stares at him.

    Kelly: You're gonna kill them. All of them.

    Everyone turns back to Riley, horrified. Buffy walks closer to Riley.

    Riley: It might not come to that. But yes, one of the proposals is to quarantine and?destroy every girl infected.

    Buffy looks at Riley in disbelief.

    Buffy: You were considering it?

    Riley: Buffy you have to understand that-

    Buffy: No. No there's nothing to understand Riley. You're saying that you're gonna kill thousands ? maybe millions of girls when you don't even know what's causing this.

    Riley: It's the most logical explanation. A lot of them were in groups when they went bad. We could at least quarantine them, see if it carries on.

    Giles: We're not talking about animals here, we're talking about humans.

    Riley: We're talking about murderers.

    Buffy looks thrown. Faith looks angry too. Giles frowns.

    Riley: Now I don't wanna have to go over the whole "who's to blame" thing again Buffy, but remember why they have this power. It's not just a small problem anymore it's a crisis. And we have to do something Buffy, people will die if we just sit around and hope it goes away.

    Buffy: I'm not saying do nothing. I'm saying that there's gotta be another way.

    Riley: Then please tell me. Cause right now, we're as in the dark as you are.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: We'll find a way.

    Riley: We'll help you.

    Buffy: No.

    Riley looks confused.

    Riley: Buffy we-

    Buffy: No Riley. I think I've heard enough of your suggestions. Thanks for telling us about this. Now get the hell out.

    Riley looks thrown. The others glare at him. Riley looks at Faith who is staring at him angrily.

    Riley: Faith I-

    Faith: You heard her.

    Riley frowns. He shakes his head and walks out the front door. Everyone sits or stands in silence.

    Siobhan: Nice ex.

    Dawn looks grave. She looks at Buffy who is leaning against the wall again. She exhales deeply.
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    ACT II

    Everyone is still in silence. Xander looks out the window.

    Xander: Looks like he's gone.

    Buffy looks up and sighs.

    Buffy: I guess, uh, Giles if you could-

    Giles: Yes, I'll get on the phone to the Council immediately. See if they know anything about it.
    Buffy nods.

    Dawn: I guess we could look and see if there's anything about the Slayer spell having side effects in the books.

    Buffy: Right. Thanks.

    Dawn smiles.

    Buffy: Let's get to work.

    Everyone gets up. Buffy walks into the hallway. Willow looks worried and follows her.

    Willow: Buffy.

    Buffy stops and turns around.

    Willow: I?I can see why you're angry but?don't you think working together with Riley for this might be better.

    Buffy: I've heard what he has to say. I don't wanna hear any more.

    Willow: I know. But he came here for a reason ? so we'd know about it. Don't you think telling him to get out was a little?harsh?

    Buffy looks serious.

    Buffy: Willow he's talking about killing girls that were helping him fight a few days ago. Helping us fight. God he's talking about Kelly, Siobhan and Kennedy. Maybe even me and Faith. What if it was Kennedy that was suddenly a Rogue? Would you think me telling him to get the hell out was so harsh then?

    Willow looks upset.

    Kennedy: Do you think it could happen? To us I mean.

    Buffy: I dunno. But like you said I don't see why not. If it's spreading as fast as Riley says it is?

    Faith: We need to find out what the hell's going on right now.

    Buffy: Right.

    Giles comes through form the kitchen.

    Buffy: Anything?

    Giles: Nothing good I'm afraid. They've been bombarded with cases similar to those Riley described over the last few days. They've looked into it and?Buffy they think it could be a viral infection as well.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: We need evidence. I'm not killing anyone unless I have to.

    Giles: I know the feeling.

    Buffy stares at Giles.

    Buffy: Yeah. I guess you do.

    She smiles at him slightly. He smiles back. She sighs.

    Buffy: I'm gonna go out. Make sure that we're alone.

    Faith: I'll come with.

    Giles: I'm going to speak with Stephen personally. See if we can find out whatever's going on.

    Buffy nods. She and Faith go outside followed by Giles. The others stand around looking worried. Kelly bites her lip.

    Willow: Guess we should start researching then.

    The others nod. They separate and only Kelly and Xander are left.

    Xander: Not really my area of expertise so-

    Kelly: Me neither. I, uh, I'm gonna go lie down I think I need to sort things out.

    Xander: Oh ok. Do you want-

    Kelly: No it's ok.

    She turns around, looking worried and walks hastily to her room. Xander frowns and follows. Kelly walks into her room and stands by the window. She puts her hand over her mouth and begins to cry. Xander enters and he stops.

    Xander: I um?

    Kelly turns around wiping her eyes.

    Kelly: Xander I'm fine really.
    Xander: No you're not.

    Kelly looks at the floor as a tear rolls down her cheek. Xander walks up to her.

    Xander: Guess this whole Rogue Slayer thing hits close to home.

    Kelly nods.

    Kelly: I thought I'd never have to deal with it again. The hate?the burning desire to cause pain and death.

    Xander: That's not who you are.

    Kelly: It's who I was. And it might be again from what everyone's been saying.

    Xander: It's not gonna happen.

    He puts his hand on her shoulder. She brushes him off.

    Kelly: You don't know that!

    Xander frowns.

    Kelly: You can't know that. I don't wanna be that person Xander. Ever again.

    She begins to break down into tears.

    Kelly: And I'm terrified that I'm gonna end up hurting people again, people I care about I?

    Xander hugs her tightly as she cries in his arms. He sits down on the bed with her.

    Xander: Kelly. I know you're strong ? I've seen you fight. You can beat something like this. And I don't wanna say to Buffy, but I reckon Riley might be right. That it's an infection doing this. And you haven't been around any Rogue Slayers for months ? none of you have. I think you're safe.

    Kelly smiles.

    Kelly: I guess that makes me feel better. Thanks.

    They hug again. She shivers.

    Xander: Cold?

    Kelly: Little bit. Thanks for being here for me. It's nice having someone that cares again.

    Xander smiles.

    Xander: I actually wanted to talk to you about that. I mean we've got something here right?

    Kelly nods and smiles.

    Kelly: Right.

    Xander: I just wondered how much of something we have. I mean we kissed last month and it was nice but?that seemed to be a one off. Was it?

    Kelly pauses.

    Kelly: No.

    Xander smiles slightly.

    Kelly: I don't think it was. Xander you were the first person to trust me when I came here. Really believe in me. No one's ever said the things you have to me.

    Xander smiles.

    Xander: Well I meant them.

    Kelly kisses Xander on the lips. He looks slightly surprised but then embraces her. They kiss passionately for a few seconds and then stop. Kelly smiles.

    Xander: Did you mean that?

    Kelly smiles. Suddenly she elbows Xander in the face knocking him unconscious. He lies on the floor, nose bleeding. Kelly stands over him, frowning. She smiles slightly.

    Kelly: Sure babe.

    [I]She looks at the open window. She runs and dives through it, flipping over and landing on her feet on the ground floor. She smiles to herself and runs in the direction of Darkley.

    Cut to Willow looking through a large book. Kennedy comes up behind her with a cup of something.

    Kennedy: I made some coffee. I needed warming up and I thought that you might as well.

    Willow smiles.

    Willow: Thanks honey.

    Kennedy sits down next to her and they kiss.

    Kennedy: So, getting anywhere?

    Willow: Ugh, these books. They useless. We need an easier way.

    Willow leans her head on her hand. Kennedy puts her hand on her shoulder and smiles sympathetically.

    Willow: Hey I know!

    She sits up.

    Kennedy: What?

    Willow: I can just use an average locator spell. If I know what I'm looking for. Which is what's causing this whole thing so uh?

    Kennedy: Will, are you sure this is such a good idea?

    Willow: It'll be fine.

    Kennedy: Will it? You're using so much magic. You told me what happened last time.

    Willow: Kennedy it's ok. I'm not like that anymore.

    Kennedy: Willow-

    Dawn: (distant) Oh my god!

    Kennedy and Willow frown and rush upstairs. Andrew and Lloyd appear from their room as Willow and Kennedy reach the landing. Siobhan follows them.

    Andrew: Dawn?

    Dawn: In here!

    They head to Xander's bedroom. Dawn is kneeling over Xander who is still unconscious.

    Willow: Oh my god!

    Kennedy: Is he ok?

    Dawn: He's breathing but-

    Xander coughs suddenly. Dawn's eyes widen. Everyone gathers round. Xander looks around.

    Dawn: Xander?

    Xander: Dawn.

    Dawn: Are you-

    Xander: I'm ok.

    He sits up and winces. He wipes the blood from his nose and looks around.

    Lloyd: You look like you've been punched in the face.

    Xander: First prize for detective work.

    Dawn: What? Who?

    Xander: Who don't you see here?

    They look around.

    Kennedy: Kelly? Oh come on she's?

    Kennedy frowns and she realises. Xander looks serious. Everyone else looks worried.

    Siobhan: The window's open. She musta' taken off through that.

    Willow: Xander?did she seem, you know, evil before?

    Xander: No. No she was upset. Upset that this might happen ironically. Then?she hit me.

    Dawn: It must have happened in here. While you were talking.

    Andrew: But what?

    Willow: Guess that's what we're gonna have to find out.

    Buffy and Faith walk in.

    Dawn: Buffy, Faith you're back.

    Buffy: Yeah. Didn't find anything. You guys have any luck?

    Faith: What y'all doing in here anyway?

    Buffy: Xander your nose! What happened?

    The others look at each other.

    Cut to everyone sat downstairs. They all look worried. Buffy is staring at the floor frowning.

    Buffy: I uh, I have to ring Giles. He might know where Kelly's headed.

    Dawn: Right.

    Lloyd: Um, I hate to be the one to say this, but if this happened to Kelly ? when she hadn't been around any Rogue Slayers ? then that means this isn't a virus. And that means that it might happen again.

    Buffy looks grave. Siobhan and Kennedy look at each other.

    Xander: Do you think it might be a good time to tell Riley?

    Buffy looks up.

    Xander: To help. I mean he was wrong about the virus thing, but now we know that something is turning the slayers Rogue. And if they're planning on attacking us, then having the army helping us out would probably be a good idea.

    Buffy looks at him.

    Buffy: You're right. And so were you Willow. I was too harsh.

    Willow smiles sadly.

    Buffy: I'll go call Giles.

    She gets up and walks to the phone. Faith sighs and looks at Siobhan who is shaking.
    Faith: Siobhan it's?well yeah it's not ok but just try and stay calm.

    She stands up rubbing her arms.

    Siobhan: Calm? I've seen what those Rogue Slayers are like?I don't wanna be that!

    Faith: Yeah so have I. Cos see I've been one. But we're not dealing with individuals now, we're dealing with something magical going wrong. It's not that bad.

    Siobhan: No. No it really is. For you.

    Siobhan suddenly pushes Dawn, who is stood next to her, aside. She rushes for the windows. Faith stands in her way.

    Faith: Whoa there! That whole afraid act was pretty clever. But you're not going anywhere.

    Siobhan tries to punch Faith but Faith catches her fist. Siobhan looks angry. Kennedy suddenly aims a punch at Faith but Faith blocks that with her other hand.

    Faith: Neither of you.

    Siobhan: You can't stop us.

    They glare at Faith. Buffy suddenly comes in.

    Buffy: What's going on?

    Kennedy smiles at Buffy darkly.

    Kennedy: You'll soon see.

    Buffy's eyes widen. Willow looks worried and walks up to Kennedy.

    Willow: Kennedy I-

    Kennedy punches her in the face. Buffy rushes up to Kennedy, and ducks another punch. Siobhan kicks Faith in the stomach and tries to get past her. Faith throws her back. She lands next to Dawn and Andrew. Kennedy flips over kicking Buffy in the face. Willow looks up looking upset. Siobhan looks at Dawn and Andrew and smiles. She punches Andrew in the face and then grabs Dawn's neck.

    Siobhan: Let us go?or she dies.

    Kennedy and Buffy stop fighting. Everyone else looks worried. Faith looks at Buffy who looks at Dawn. Siobhan looks angry.

    Siobhan: Fine.

    Dawn's eyes suddenly glow green. Siobhan frowns. Dawn reaches for Siobhan's arm and pulls it off her neck with ease. Siobhan looks confused.

    Dawn: You're not gonna kill anyone.

    Siobhan looks angry but then she and Kennedy smile.

    Kennedy: Not yet.

    Kennedy punches Buffy in the face. She and Siobhan rush at the windows again, but are this time stopped by an energy barrier. Willow is creating it. Kennedy glares at her and punches the barrier. It wavers slightly. Willow looks strained. She breathes in and blasts magic at Siobhan and Kennedy who fly back into the wall. The front door suddenly opens. Giles walks in.

    Giles: Hello?

    Siobhan and Kennedy look at each other. They run towards Giles. Buffy grabs Siobhan's arm but she kicks Buffy in the face. Siobhan pushes Giles aside and she and Kennedy run through the front door. Buffy runs after but when she looks through the doorway they are nowhere in sight. Buffy breathes heavily and turns around. She closes the front door and leans on it. She slowly slides to the floor where she sits, looking worried. The camera zooms in on her face.
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      ACT III

      Giles stands up and looks at Buffy. He frowns.

      Giles: It's happened hasn't it.

      Buffy nods.

      Giles: Just them?

      Buffy: No. Kelly as well, earlier.

      Giles looks grave.

      Giles: Damn.

      Buffy slowly picks herself up and walks into the living room.

      Buffy: Is everyone ok?

      Most people nod. Tears are running down Willow's face. Andrew has a large cut on his forehead from where Siobhan hit him. Dawn looks shaken. Faith looks angry. Buffy walks over to Dawn.

      Buffy: Dawn, did she hurt you?

      Dawn: No?no I'm fine. Just surprised. In more ways than one.

      Buffy smiles at her slightly.

      Buffy: You did good.

      Buffy turns to the others.

      Buffy: Andrew are you sure it's ok?

      Andrew: Yeah. Compared to an arrow through my chest this isn't so bad.

      Lloyd: An arrow through your chest?

      Andrew: Long story.

      Xander: Except, you know. Same cause.

      Faith: No, no Siobhan and Kennedy they're not?it's not them. They're not doing this by choice.

      Xander: How can we be sure?

      Dawn: Xander you saw them. They were completely different people. They wouldn't hit us, their friends?not purposely.

      Willow: Dawn's right.

      Giles: Yes. And now we know this can't be a virus we need to find out what it really is.

      Buffy: I don't know where to start. I tried getting through to Riley but there was no answer. I guess he took "get the hell out" seriously.

      Giles: I also had no luck with Stephen. It seems whatever's happening?they're keeping it well hidden.

      Andrew: Maybe there are clues?

      Dawn: Like what? I don't think they would have left us a trail to follow. Even if there was?I think we'd just come up cold.

      Everyone looks serious. Xander suddenly frowns and looks at Dawn.

      Xander: Did you just say cold?

      Dawn: Yeah. Why?

      Xander: Before Kelly went psycho. She said she was cold.

      Lloyd: Maybe I'm missing something?but how's that helpful?

      Willow: Wait, earlier Kennedy made some coffee. She said she needed warming up.

      Faith: And hey, Siobhan when she said she was scared ? she was shivering.

      Andrew: So?some kind of sub zero parasite?

      Everyone looks at Andrew.

      Andrew: It could happen.

      Willow: Maybe. There are a few spells that affect your body temperature when they work. This could be one of them.

      Buffy: Can you stop it if we don't know which one?

      Willow: I guess if I raise their body temperature I could-

      Giles: Willow you know how dangerous that is. You could kill them.

      Willow: I won't?I can handle it.

      Giles looks serious. Buffy looks from Giles to Willow.

      Buffy: Right now we don't have much to work with. I say Willow at least try.

      Giles frowns.

      Willow: It'll be ok Giles.

      He nods.

      Giles: Just don't go further than you're prepared to.

      Willow looks confused.

      Willow: Right. I won't.

      Buffy: I'm gonna go into Darkley. Whatever's happening I know it's there.

      Giles: Buffy are you sure that's such a good idea? There may be hundreds of girls there, you can't fight them on your own.

      Faith: She won't be. I'm going too.

      Buffy smiles at Faith.

      Buffy: I was hoping you'd say that.

      Dawn: I'm coming too.

      Buffy: Dawn?

      Dawn: Buffy I'm not a helpless little girl anymore. I could fight Glory easily. I can fight these girls.

      Buffy: But what if you don't get your power.

      Dawn: It comes when I need it. And I'll need it when we fight. It'll be ok.

      Dawn smiles. Buffy looks uncertain and then smiles back.

      Buffy: Ok.

      Faith: We better go then.

      Dawn: Yeah.

      Buffy: Will if they come here-

      Willow: I'll hold ?em off.

      She smiles. Giles looks worried. Buffy smiles at Willow, not seeing Giles' expression.

      Lloyd: Good luck. Again.

      Faith: Thanks. We'll need it.

      Buffy: If?if something happens. Tell Riley what's up.

      Giles: Yes

      Buffy nods and walks away. Faith, Dawn and Giles follows Buffy outside. Buffy folds her arms and looks worried as she heads towards the car. Suddenly a car drives into their driveway. Buffy stops and looks worried. The others do too. Riley gets out, accompanied by several other soldiers and another man.

      Riley: Hope we're not interrupting anything.

      Buffy: Riley. You came back.

      Riley: What can I say? This was too important to be affected by anything you said.

      Buffy looks a little ashamed.

      Buffy: I tried to call you. You know what's happening?

      Riley: Yeah we know. We know this isn't a virus. And that whatever this is has affected your friends. We followed them.

      Buffy: And you didn't try to stop them? Help them?

      Riley: If we had we wouldn't have found what we did ? there's at least a hundred of these girls in Darkley right now. And we know where.

      Buffy looks serious.

      Faith: So can you take us there?

      Riley: Yeah. But you're gonna need help.

      Buffy: We don't need you.

      Riley: You do. Well not me. But even two Slayers can't fight against hundreds and hope to win.

      Riley looks behind him. The non-military man steps forward. He is dressed smartly and is smiling.

      Buffy: Who's this?

      Riley: This is the guy who's gonna help you.

      Man: Ciao Miss Summers. My name is Carlos Pichianno. Also known as The Immortal.

      Buffy and co. look surprised.

      Faith: Immortal? I'm really hoping that's not just a code name.

      The Immortal: No it's the real deal.

      Giles: I've heard of you. You're uh, renowned for being rather ruthless.

      The Immortal: I won't deny that I have been in the past. But I swear?no one shall die by my hands today.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: We might just have a chance.

      Cut to Siobhan and Kennedy walking up to a crowd of other girls. They are in some kind of warehouse in Darkley. All of them look serious.

      Siobhan: Is she here?

      Rogue #1: Right on time.

      Siobhan and Kennedy smile. Kelly appears and stands next to them. All the girls are standing around staring forwards. A door opens and Clare walks through followed by Jake and Luce. Clare and Jake are smiling. Luce looks serious.

      Clare: I am glad so many of you were able to make it. I know you have questions. Soon they will be answered.

      Rogue #2: When do we get to kill the Slayer?

      Clare: We don't.

      The Rogues start to mumble.

      Clare: She joins us. Some of her friends already have. Then we use her to help us.

      Rogue #3: With what?

      Clare: With the apocalypse of course.

      Rogue #4: What? But-

      Clare presses the gem on her necklace. The Rogues suddenly gasp and smile.

      Rogue #4: An apocalypse sounds good.

      Clare smiles.

      Clare: And so-

      An arrows flies past Clare's head and imbeds itself in the wall. Clare looks to her left and sees Buffy and co. arriving.

      Clare: Deal with it.

      The Rogues turn around and rush up to Buffy and co.

      Dawn: Here we go.

      Buffy punches a Rogue as she rushes towards her. Faith kicks another. Riley and the other soldiers arrive. Riley shoots at a Slayer and she falls unconscious from a tranquilliser dart. Siobhan appears next to Dawn. She hits Dawn in the face. Dawn winces. Cut to Willow in the house. She is doing a spell. Giles is next to her.

      Willow: I call upon thee, Hephaestus. Counter the spirit of ice. Reclaim the heart of fire.

      Faith spins around kicking two Slayers down. More rush towards her.

      Faith: Buffy there's too many!

      Siobhan suddenly swings a sword at Dawn's neck. Buffy looks horrified as it flies close to her. Dawn catches the sword. Her eyes glow green. She breaks it in half and slams the hilt in Siobhan's face. Siobhan falls back unconscious. Kennedy rushes up to Faith. Faith throws a punch but Kennedy blocks it and kicks her in the face. The Immortal rushes up to faith and helps her up. Kennedy smiles and tries to punch him. He grabs her fist and shakes his head at her. He breaks her arm and punches her back several metres. He then swings his arm out throwing several Slayers back. Dawn kicks several Slayer aside. Kelly appears and kicks Buffy in the stomach. Buffy kicks her back and then punches her in the face. Kelly looks angry and gets a knife out. She stabs it at Buffy, but Riley shoots a tranquilliser dart at her and she falls back. The Rogues look anxious and fall back slightly. Buffy looks up at Clare. Clare narrows her eyes and clutches her necklace tightly. Buffy looks confused and then gasps. Her breath is cold and the condensation can be seen. Faith's eyes widen.

      Faith: Buffy?

      Buffy turns around. She narrows her eyes and smiles.

      Buffy: That's me.
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        ACT IV

        She kicks Faith. Dawn looks worried. She rushes up to Buffy but Buffy smashes her in the face. Dawn flies back into the wall and her eyes stop glowing green. Blood trickles down her mouth. Tranquilliser darts shoots at Buffy. She kicks them away. Clare smiles and turns around to Jake and Luce.

        Clare: See, it really wasn't that hard was it?

        Luce sighs as Jake smiles.

        The Immortal walks towards Buffy. He punches her in the face. She aims a punch at him but he blocks it. Faith gets up and rushes over to help. Cut back to Willow.

        Willow: Expel the cold. Reclaim the heart of fire. Expel the cold. Reclaim the-

        Willow suddenly gasps. Her eyes turn red and seem to burn. She looks upwards. Heat blasts around her. Giles is thrown back. He looks up, his face scalded. Willow looks in pain and she falls back. Her arms are badly burned. Giles rushes over to her.

        Giles: Willow!

        Willow: Giles?Giles it didn't work!

        Giles: I know. Are you alright?

        Willow: I think so?ah?but?but Giles, Buffy and the others. They're on their own.

        Cut back to the cave. A soldier helps Dawn up. She winces as she gets up. She looks at Clare and sees the blue crystal in her necklace glowing. She looks over to the others fighting Buffy.

        Dawn: Get the crystal!

        She points. The Immortal looks and realises. He rushes through the mass of Rogues forcing them out of his way. Buffy tries to follow but Faith punches her to the ground.

        Faith: Stick around.

        Buffy gets up and punches Faith. They continue to fight. Faith kicks Buffy. Riley shoots a dart at Buffy. She dodges it but a second one hits her arm. She looks at it and looks angry before falling to the ground. Faith smiles at Riley. The Immortal jumps up to the balcony where Clare is. He punches her in the face and grabs her necklace, smashing it. A wave of blue energy blasts out. The Slayers that were fighting suddenly stop and looks confused. Kennedy looks up at widens her eyes. Clare looks around. The Slayers look at her angrily. Luce rolls her eyes. Clare looks angrily at The Immortal. She flicks her wrist. Nothing happens. She does it again.

        Clare: What?

        The Immortal smiles at her and shakes his head. He punches her and she flies backwards. Jake tries to punch him also but The Immortal kicks him back as well. He looks at Luce who smiles.

        Luce: I'll just go.

        He nods as she walks away. He jumps down. He looks at Faith and Dawn. Buffy is opening her eyes. She looks around. Faith smiles at her. Buffy puts her hand over her mouth and looks upset.

        Cut to Buffy walking in through the front door. Giles is standing there.

        Giles: Thank god.

        Dawn: More like thank The Immortal.

        Giles: I can imagine.

        Willow, Xander, Andrew and Lloyd come down the stairs.

        Andrew: Did we win?

        Buffy nods.

        Lloyd: Liking that. Go you guys!

        Buffy: Not so much. I got a dose of Rogue Slayerness.

        Xander: You mean-

        Buffy: Was pretty much lethal.

        Faith: Buffy it wasn't you. It was something you couldn't even control.

        Buffy: Maybe. But it didn't happen to you.

        Faith frowns. Buffy walks away. Kennedy walks in and sees Willow.

        Kennedy: Willow! Your arms what-

        Willow: Seems I'm not as in control with the magic as I thought.

        Kennedy hugs her.

        Kennedy: Baby I am so sorry I-

        Willow: It's ok. I know, and I don't blame you.

        Kennedy smiles. Siobhan and Kelly walk in.

        Siobhan: Riley and The Immortal have gone. They said they have to sort out taking these girls back home.

        Faith: Right.

        Kelly looks at Xander.

        Kelly: Xander-

        Xander: Kelly you don't have to do the whole sorry thing. I know it wasn't you.

        Kelly smiles slightly but looks worried. Siobhan does too.

        Lloyd: Anyone for dinner?

        Most people nod. They go through to the kitchen except Giles. He sees Buffy sat in the living room. He walks over to her.

        Giles: I can't imagine what you're feeling right now.

        Buffy: I guess not. But used pretty much sums it up.

        Giles sits next to her.

        Buffy: It was Clare you know. Controlling the Slayers.

        Giles: Ah. I might have guessed.

        Buffy: We're gonna have to stop them. They went too far this time.

        Giles: We will.

        Buffy: You think? We don't even know how Clare pulled this off. A spell? What kind? Do we even know what they're gonna do next? God there is so much we don't even know.

        Giles: It's been like this in the past. It hasn't stopped us before.

        Buffy: Maybe this time things are different.

        Giles: Not really. We've got each other and-

        Buffy: Yeah we're really close. Especially how we tell each other everything and don't try and hide what we've done in the past.

        Giles: Buffy I-

        Buffy: I'm sorry. I do understand why you did what you did. I would probably have done the same.

        Giles: No, no I did what I had to do because I knew you couldn't. I know how you see killing humans. You're not a killer.

        Buffy: Yes. Yes I am. I kill things every day. And I know what I'm gonna have to do. Kill Clare, Luce, Jake, all of them. That's what a Slayer is. And today I experienced what it was like to not have the boundaries. Anything stopping me. Just power. I am destruction. Absolute...alone. I know what's to come. And I know what I am. It's what I've always been. And nothing's ever gonna change that.

        Giles frowns. Buffy gets up and walks away.

        THE END
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