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Buffy Episode 8.18 162. Dismantled

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  • Buffy Episode 8.18 162. Dismantled

    Hi, this is the eighteenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.18 162. Dismantled

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Buffy to Dawn: What are you doing here?

    Joyce: Buffy if you're going out why don't you take your sister.

    Monk: We had to hide The Key, made it human.

    Cut to the monks chanting.

    Monk: And sent it to you?

    Buffy: Dawn?

    Cut to Dawn smiling.

    Monk: She is innocent. Human.

    Cut to Glory torturing the monk.

    Glory: You won't tell me where my precious Key is!

    Cut to Dawn, Buffy and Gregor in the gas station.

    Dawn: What about the key?

    Gregor: The key ... is almost as old as the beast itself. Where it came from, how it was created ... the deepest of mysteries. All that is certain is that its power is absolute. Countless generations of my people have sacrificed their lives in search of it, to destroy it before its wrath could be unleashed.

    Dawn: But the monks found it first.

    Gregor: Yes, and hid it with their magicks.

    Buffy: Why didn't they just destroy it? If the key is as dangerous as-
    Gregor: Because they were fools. They thought they could harness its power for the forces of light. They failed, and paid with their blood.

    Dawn: What do I do? What was I created for?

    Gregor: You were created ... to open the gates that separate dimensions. The beast will use your power ... to return home and seize control of the hell she was banished from.

    Dawn looks worried. Cut to Ben morphing into Glory.

    Spike: Ben is Glory. Glory's Ben. They're one and the same.

    Cut to Ben lying bloodily on the ground. Giles comes up to him. He breathes painfully. Giles comes over and kneels beside him.

    Giles: Can you move?

    Ben: Need a ... a minute. She could've killed me.

    Giles: No she couldn't. She's not like us.

    Ben: Us?

    Giles suddenly reaches down and puts his hand over Ben's nose and mouth, holding them shut. Ben struggles weakly as Giles keeps him still. Giles keeps his calm expression throughout. Cut to Dawn and Spike in the Summers' old living room.

    Dawn: It's not like anyone's coming after me. I'm not the key. Or if I am, I don't open anything any more.

    Cut to Dawn and Xander.

    Xander: You're not special. You're extraordinary.

    Dawn smiles tearfully. Cut to Xander and Kelly kissing.

    Xander: Didn't see that coming.

    Cut to Siobhan walking with Dawn.

    Siobhan: My mum is hardly ever around. She goes to work, comes back late, goes to bed, sleeps and works the weekend away. I don't think she even noticed the blood on my cardigan the other night.

    Dawn: I'm sorry.

    Cut to Chris and Dawn kissing. Cut to Dawn sat beside Chris.

    Dawn: I'm pregnant. I just can't let it go.

    Buffy: There's something wrong?

    Female doctor: The ultrasound showed several areas of scared tissue in the womb.

    Dawn: I could lose her.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Chris: This baby, it's ours. I know that as a family we can get through anything.

    He gives Dawn the ring.

    Dawn: I don't know what to say.

    Chris: I can think of one possibility.

    Dawn: I will, I want to.

    Cut to Giles with Buffy.

    Giles: There are three stones known as Alenya's tears. They can potentially destroy-

    Buffy: -the world?

    Giles: Yes.

    Cut to everyone fighting. The portal opens. Chris looks at Dawn.

    Chris: Dawn I can stop this but you're gonna have to listen to me.

    Dawn: Chris, there's no way-

    Chris: I have to.

    Chris jumps in the portal. Cut to Dawn outside in pain. Blood trickles on the ground. Cut to Buffy with Giles.

    Buffy: They can never be together. Ever. She can't even have their child to remember him by.

    Cut to everyone in Alenya's world.

    Lloyd: We're in another world?

    Alenya: I'm Alenya.

    Buffy looks confused. Cut to everyone and Luce and Jake.

    Buffy: What about Clare?

    Luce: I dunno. And quite frankly I don't care. What can I say? Three's a crowd.

    Jake: We don't need her anymore.

    Buffy: So Luce, you pumped him full of your own personality. Got rid of the others so you could have him just as you wanted him.

    Energy blasts into space and the meteor heads for the world. Alenya dies. Cut to everyone back in the Summers' house. Cut to Dawn lying on her bed. She puts the ring Chris gave her back on her finger. She closes her eyes.


    ACT I

    [I]Open on a hooded woman hurriedly walking down an alleyway in Darkley at night time. Behind the woman a figure can be seen following. The camera shows it is a rugged man, smiling darkly. The woman's pace quickens as the man's does. He reaches for the woman's shoulder and draws a knife. The woman suddenly turns around and reveals herself to be Clare.

    Clare: I don't think so.

    She flicks her wrist and the man flies upwards dropping the knife. Clare's other hand grabs the air. The knife suddenly flies upwards and through the man's chin. He wheezes and drops of blood drop on to the floor. Clare looks unimpressed. The man falls to the ground. Clare sighs and walks towards a nearby door. She puts the hood over her head again and knocks. A light flashes on in the room and the door opens. Luce is standing at the doorway.
    Luce: What?

    Clare: Would you let an old woman in from the cold?

    Luce: Cold? It's like 20 degrees.

    Clare looks up at Luce. Luce gasps as she realises it's Clare.

    Clare: And getting warmer.

    Clare pushes her hand forward. Luce flies back into the wall. Jake appears from another room. His eyes widen as he sees Clare. Clare smiles.

    Clare: Jake! I hope you're been well.

    She pushes her other hand out and he flies back into the wall next to Luce. Clare continues to smile as she walks slowly towards them.

    Luce: Clare?

    Clare: Yes. Fast as always Luce.

    Jake: How are you?I mean?you're-

    Clare: Alive? Yes. Even though you both left me for dead I managed to escape.

    Luce: Hey wait a minute you were ready to leave me to die in that portal!

    Clare pauses.

    Clare: It would have been unfortunate if all of us had died trying to save you. But after the cave in, both of you were unharmed, in no immediate danger. And you left. Without even seeing whether I was dead or not.

    Jake: Guess we know now.

    Clare: Yes, well ? I now know I can trust neither of you.

    Luce: Uh, hello since when did we ever trust each other?

    Clare: We didn't. But if I need to in the future ? I know you are more interested in your own welfare than the greater good. The Judge knows the greater good.

    Luce: You've spoken to The Judge?

    Clare: Yes. She is displeased by your feeble attempt at destroying the primal planet through the portal.

    Luce: Hey you know who was on that planet?

    Clare: I'm aware that Buffy and her friends were there. But they are needed for The Judge's plans in the future. As for Alenya ? a ghost from the past can hardly alter what is inevitable. We need to act in the present.

    Jake: So what did you have in mind?

    Clare: You may not have bothered to look into the Slayer's company but I have. Her "sister" is far more than human. She is The Key. An ancient weapon of darkness. In its primal form of course. It may be a great asset to us if we can undo what the monks of light once made.

    Luce: Uh I do know a little something about The Key. Undoing that spell would be?well it'd be damn difficult!

    Clare: Of course. Our whole endeavour is difficult. But soon it will not only be the Slayer that opposes us. We do, however, have one ally. Actually?

    Clare closes her eyes.

    Clare: She's-

    Clare suddenly morphs into Glory.

    Glory: Here.

    Glory looks confused. She looks around.

    Glory: Uh?

    She looks at Luce and Jake.

    Glory: Who the hell are you?

    Luce and Jake look at each other worriedly.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen
    SONYA WALGER - Siobhan's mother
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    CLARE KRAMER - Glory
    MAX PERLICH - Whistler

    Open on Dawn at the kitchen table in the Summers' house. She is writing on some paper. Buffy comes in.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Dawn: Hey.

    Buffy: You nearly finished those?

    Dawn: Yeah. Just gotta finish the Harvard one. Not that I've got much chance you know.

    Buffy walks over to Dawn.

    Buffy: Dawn you've got As in almost all of your tests so far. Do you know how good that is?

    Dawn: Heavy on the almost. Might not be good enough.

    Buffy: Well it could be. There's no harm in applying. And I think you have a good chance.

    Dawn smiles.

    Dawn: Thanks.

    Buffy: Thank yourself for getting this far. I know I was never good enough to get to Harvard.

    Dawn: You could have gone to Northwestern. If, you know?you didn't have to stay in Sunnydale.

    Buffy: Well I don't regret that. Even if it did get destroyed. But I think it mighta been destroyed a lot sooner if I hadn't stay there so I guess in the end it was the right choice.

    Dawn smiles but then frowns slightly. Buffy's smile fades.

    Buffy: Maybe my speeches aren't as inspirational as they once were?

    Dawn: No ? it was as enthusiastic as ever. I'm just thinking about if this is really the right choice. Going to college and all. Remember when I said I didn't need an education cos I'm...I mean was, just a blob of energy. Well maybe I was right. I'm sure I could be more helpful here.

    Buffy: Remember what I said when we were fighting underground? I know you're gonna live to be a strong, beautiful woman. And you really do make a difference here. But I don't want it to get in the way of what you want in life. What you can be. It shouldn't keep you here.

    Dawn looks at Buffy and nods.

    Dawn: You're right. I mean I don't have that much power. I guess it's for others to use.

    Buffy's smile fades slightly.

    Dawn: But don't worry, it's ok. Not everything has to be about power.

    Buffy smiles at Dawn . Giles comes in.

    Dawn: Hey Giles. I've just finished writing these if you're ready.

    Giles: Ah, good. Why don't you go to the car, I'll be there in a minute.

    Dawn smiles and hugs Buffy.

    Buffy: Good luck.

    Dawn: Thanks.

    Dawn goes outside. Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: I'm so happy for her.

    Giles: Yes. She could go far. Is she, uh, doing better?

    Buffy: Yeah. Yeah I think she is.

    Giles sits down next to Buffy. Buffy looks at him and frowns as she sees he is frowning.

    Buffy: So, anything happening?

    Giles: Well right now?nothing. But I've had a call from the coven in Devon. They say that they can see a primal power rising nearby.

    Buffy: Is there ever anything not rising nearby?

    Giles: If only.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Which primal power would it be then? One of the ones that just kill you or the ones that really get in the way, pun a lot, give a lot of speeches and then kill you?

    Giles: The seer there made out the images of Luce and Jake. What they're doing however is unknown.

    Buffy: Oh great. Guess it's the latter. Apart from the killing you part hopefully.

    Giles: Yes, it's not exactly the best news. But it does mean we're going to have to be prepared.

    Buffy: Well if we don't know who or what it is then how can we?

    Giles: The Council are looking into it. At the same time as looking into the power of the tear stones.

    Buffy: Great, I'm sure they'll be a real help.

    Giles: With Stephen there, they're more likely to be.

    Buffy: I guess. It's just the whole thing with Chris, Alenya portal thing. I don't understand. Like the scythe, I mean it just doesn't make sense.

    Giles; I'm as lost as you are. But I dare say there's an explanation to it all.

    Buffy: I hope so.

    Giles: I, uh, I want to apologise for what I said before. About you pushing Willow too far.

    Buffy: No, you were right. I rely on her way too much.

    Giles: She is sometimes the only one who can save us.

    Buffy: Yeah but even when she isn't I just ask her to use a spell. She says she can handle it, but seeing her after she opened the portal, I?

    Giles: You're worried?

    Buffy: Not worried?concerned. I don't want to see her like she was Giles. Ever again.

    Giles: None of us do. No, I think Willow knows her limits. I just sometimes feel that she pushes them.

    Buffy: I hope she knows what she's doing.

    Giles: I'm sure she won't go overboard.

    Buffy: Me too. Well she's in town with the others right now, and I said we'd meet them there. That ok?

    Giles: Yes it's probably better to be together in case of an attack.

    Buffy: Yeah. Hope it's not too apocalyptic.

    Cut to Glory changing into a red dress.

    Glory: Mmm that is so much better. (to Luce) Don't you think honey?

    Luce: Uh, sure, but listen how the hell are you here. And, well, alive? I saw what happened three years ago, I do know that since that mortal Ben died you did too.

    Glory: Well no actually, Ben died. I didn't. Guess I'm way too powerful for this world's laws.

    Luce: So where've you been since then?

    Glory: Waiting. For now.

    Jake: And that would be?

    Glory: Your buddy Clare didn't tell you? Well basically I can do just what you need me to do. Break little Dawny down to green pulp. Might even be able to make my deadline for my whole homecoming thing.

    Luce: You can do that?

    Glory: Were you even listening? And did you forget who I am? She'll be a blob of energy again in no time. And her sister's gonna pay. As is her damn Watcher for killing Ben. Even if he was a pathetic little mortal.

    Luce: But you're here now-

    Glory: Yeah thanks to The Judge and her guys. But Ben's death seriously screwed up my timetable, so you know, I'm kinda pissed off.

    Jake: So what are you gonna do to them?

    Glory: Stuff you two couldn't even imagine.

    Jake: Hey I do happen to be 3000 years old. And counting.

    Glory: That's cute. Try 3 million millennia and you're getting close to my age.

    Jake raises his eyebrows.

    Glory: Not that I look that old right?

    Jake: Uh, no of course not.

    Glory: Great! I can see why Clare has a thing for you now.

    Luce looks at Glory and frowns. Jake looks from Luce to Clare.

    Glory: Oh you didn't know? Oops.

    Glory smiles and heads over to the door.

    Luce: Where are you going?

    Glory: Uh hello? Got some Slayer to kill.

    Glory opens the door and walks out. Luce follows.

    Luce: We should come with you.

    Glory: Hey immortal here. Really don't need a couple of lackeys getting in my way.

    Jake: We're not lackeys!

    Glory: Whatever. See you later.

    Luce: What if you change back into Clare? She's not immortal you know.

    Glory: She can handle herself. Certainly better than you two.

    A woman dressed in a small pink, tight, dress walks up to Glory.

    Woman: Do you mind getting out of my area of business? It's pretty-

    Glory punches her fist through the woman's chest. The woman gasps and falls to the floor.

    Glory: Slut.

    She looks at Luce and Jake.

    Glory: People are so rude. Well I'll be off. Have fun!

    Glory speeds off. Luce shakes her head.

    Luce: This isn't gonna go well.

    Jake: So what do we do?

    Luce: Hey, this is Clare's thing. If she screws it up it's not our problem.

    Jake nods. He and Luce walk up to the house.

    Luce: And what did she mean by "a thing for you" anyway?

    Cut to Siobhan walking down the stairs of the Summers' house. Buffy is waiting at the bottom of them.

    Siobhan: Thanks for giving me a lift.

    Buffy: It's fine, we're going in anyway. And besides, you should go on this trip with your mom.

    Siobhan: Yeah, it's good. After not seeing her for eight months, guess this means she hasn't forgotten about me completely.

    Buffy frowns slightly but Giles walks through the front door.

    Giles: Are you two ready?

    Siobhan: Yeah, I'll go to the car.

    Siobhan smiles at Buffy and walks out. Giles looks at Buffy.

    Giles: Buffy, while we're in Darkley I think it might be best if we speak to Stephen.

    Buffy: You do? Do the Council have anything we don't already know?

    Giles: Maybe. Stephen thinks it would be a good idea.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Well I guess if it's Stephen. I just don't want them interfering in everything again.

    Giles: They won't, trust me.

    Buffy smiles and Giles smiles back. Buffy walks out to the car. Giles' smile fades.

    Cut to Giles' car pulling up in Darkley. Dawn and Siobhan are in the backseat, Giles is driving and Buffy is in the front passenger seat. Everyone gets out.

    Buffy: Dawn you sure you don't want me to come with?

    Dawn: I'll be fine. I do know how to give a piece of paper to the school secretary. And besides, Siobhan's house is on the way so she can protect me if there's any vampires in the middle of the day.

    Buffy: Ok, ok. I just?you know?

    Dawn: I do. And thanks, but it's ok. I'll be quick.

    Buffy: Take your time. If the Council have as much to say as they usually do I guess we will.

    Dawn laughs a little as Giles rolls his eyes.

    Siobhan: Um, Buffy I forgot to say before; thanks for having me these last few months. It's been um?interesting. And you know, really great too.

    Buffy: It's no problem. Just remember that you're welcome at the house anytime. And we could probably use your help since it's likely we'll be under attack several more times in the next few months.

    Siobhan laughs. Buffy smiles. They hug.
    Buffy: Want me to say anything to Andrew?

    Siobhan: Uh, I'll give him a ring when I'm on the road. Probably for the best. Anyway I best go, she's probably waiting for me.

    Dawn: Right. I'll be back soon.

    Buffy: Ok. Bye guys. Have a good time Siobhan.

    Siobhan and Dawn walks off. Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Gonna miss her.

    Giles: She'll be back.

    Buffy: Yeah. Ok then, guess it's time to see Stephen. He's still on our side overall right?

    Giles: Buffy you know that it's not about sides. The Council are only trying to help. And believe me they're not so pretentious as they once were.

    Buffy: I'll believe it when I see-

    Buffy stops. Giles frowns and looks at her.

    Giles: Buffy?

    Buffy is staring fixatedly in front of her. She looks beyond shocked. Giles looks along her line of sight when he sees what she sees too. He opens his mouth in shock. The camera moves around to show Glory walking along amongst the crowded street in front of them. She is smiling to herself. Buffy narrows her eyebrows and exhales deeply.
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    ACT II

    Open on Willow holding a top in a shop. She is looking at the price tag. Kennedy walks up to her and puts her arms around her waste.

    Kennedy: That looks nice.

    Willow: Yeah it is. But kinda outside our price range right now.

    Kennedy: Maybe I could get it for your birthday?

    Willow: Maybe.

    They smile at each other and kiss. The camera moves over to show Kelly and Faith looking through some clothes.

    Faith: Hell I need more money. Then I could buy a ton of these.

    Kelly: I know the feeling. This is actually way better than what I had at home.

    Faith: Hmm, when I was younger the best place to shop ? well actually the only place to shop with my mom's budget was the thrift store.

    Kelly raises an eyebrow.

    Faith: Don't ask.

    Kelly: Well this must be a refreshing change then.

    Faith: Yeah. But now it's "touch but don't buy". You know sometimes I really think my "want, take, have" motto wasn't that bad.

    Kelly: What?

    Faith: I didn't tell you about that?

    Cut to Xander, Lloyd and Andrew walking down the street.

    Andrew: I can't believe they didn't have this month's issue of the Model Collectors magazine. I was really looking forward to reading it.

    Lloyd: Maybe you could read a few of my magazines instead?

    Andrew blushes. Xander looks up.

    Xander: Well if Andrew doesn't want ?em I'd sure-

    Lloyd: Xander, I really don't think it's your kind of thing.

    Lloyd raises his eyebrows. Andrew bites his lip. Xander realises.

    Xander: Oh! Uh, yeah I'll pass.

    Lloyd smiles as they stop at the clothes shop. Willow, Kennedy, Kelly and Faith walk out.

    Xander: So was there success too be found with you guys?

    Willow: Well in a profitable kind of way I guess.

    Xander looks confused.

    Kennedy: I found 10p on the floor.

    Kelly: And since we didn't spend anything, we've made a considerable gain.

    Xander: Right. Well in that case the best thing would be to return home and consider our next non-shopping spree.

    Everyone smiles. Xander turns to look across the street but suddenly frowns. Willow sees him frowns and looks. Her eyes widen. Glory is walking along the street..

    Kelly: Someone you know?

    Xander: Uh?

    Kennedy: (to Willow) Honey?

    Willow looks deadly serious.

    Lloyd: Ok this obviously aint great, so I'm thinking she tried to kill you at one point?

    Xander: Points. Heavy on the plural.

    Glory suddenly sees Xander and co. out and turns her head. She smiles at them.

    Willow: Xander!

    Glory walks across the road. A car screeches to a halt in front of her. The driver looks out the window.

    Man: Watch where you're going!

    Glory frowns.

    Glory: Rude! Ever heard of peoples' right of way?

    Glory lifts up the car. The man inside screams as she throws it across the street. It hits the shop next to Xander and co. Glass showers them. People in the street scream and start to run. Glory walks up to Willow and grabs her by the neck.

    Glory: Hey lover! Remember me?

    Kennedy: Get off her!

    Kennedy punches Glory in the face. Glory winces slightly.

    Glory: Are you insane or something?

    Glory smacks Kennedy into the wall.

    Buffy OS: No.

    Glory and the others turn to see Buffy and Giles standing nearby.

    Buffy: But you are.

    Glory smiles and looks at Willow.

    Glory: Guess it's you lucky day.

    She lets go of Willow who falls to the floor. Kennedy limps over to Willow and Kelly and Xander help Willow up. Glory turns to Buffy and Giles and smiles.

    Glory: And now the Slayer's arrived. The party's really started now.

    Buffy continues to stare at Glory.

    Glory: What's the matter Buffy? Surprised to see me alive and immortal?

    Buffy: You could say that.

    Glory: Yeah well I expected it. But the surprise is half the fun.

    Buffy: Why are you back Glory?

    Glory: To finish what we started three years ago. Why else?

    Buffy: You can't. The portal it won't-

    Glory: Yeah, yeah, the whole once a century thing. Well since I've been back I've been working in bigger circles. Seems I'm not the only one that wants you to suffer.

    Buffy: So kill me.

    Glory: All in good time. And there's plenty to go around. You. Dawny.
    Lover. And don't forget Watcher boy.

    Buffy looks confusedly at Giles. Glory smiles.

    Glory: Oh wait! Don't tell me you never told ?em what you did!
    Giles looks uncomfortable.

    Buffy: Giles what does she-

    Glory: Well this is just perfect. I'll tell you what I mean Slayer. You may have failed to kill little Ben, but Giles was quick enough to get in there and finish the job.

    Buffy looks at Giles and frowns.

    Giles: Buffy, it was the only-

    Glory: Only way to stop me? You know I'd probably rethink that. You can't stop my power. Cos well?it's bigger than any of you'll ever know. Except Dawny of course. Where is the little brat anyway?

    Buffy: I won't let you hurt Dawn. Or anyone.

    Glory: Oh I know. You won't have a chance to stop me. You know I think just for old time's sake I'll kill little sis first. I'd love to see you all run again.

    Buffy looks angry.

    Glory: Cos I remember when-

    Glory stops and blinks.

    Glory: No, no not now Clare we're getting to the-

    Glory morphs into Clare.

    Clare: -Good part.

    Clare looks around. She looks at the red dress she is wearing and shakes her head.

    Giles: How did I know that you must be behind this.

    Clare: Yes I know only a mind as brilliant as mine could have thought of it. I'm glad you've had a chance to see Glory again. Believe me it won't be the last time. If I were you I'd seriously consider trying to save Dawn now. Best of luck I'm sure.

    Clare's image fades. Everyone looks at Buffy worriedly.

    Xander: Well that was really at the top of the worst case scenario list. How the hell did Glory survive?uh?
    Buffy looks at Giles out of the corner of her eye.

    Giles: Buffy I-

    Buffy: Don't.

    Giles frowns. Buffy walks up to Willow and Kennedy.

    Buffy: Are you guys ok?

    Kennedy: Should be.

    Willow: Yeah. But I have a feeling it's not gonna last.

    Buffy: You're right. We need to find out why she's back.

    Giles: I would have thought killing all of us would be at the top of her agenda.

    Buffy: Then maybe how? She didn't die a magical death or anything so what?

    Willow: If, uh, if Ben died then I guess Glory would stop existing in this dimension. But that doesn't mean she died altogether I guess. With enough power she could have been, I dunno, threaded back together maybe.

    Buffy: Power like The Judge has.

    Willow: Right. Of course the same rules apply; she has to inhabit a mortal body.

    Buffy: Yeah. Guess once again that's her weak spot.

    Giles frowns.

    Buffy: I need to find Dawn. You guys go back to the house. Find out anything you can about other possible ways we might fight Glory.

    Giles: We found out everything there was to know about Glory when she was a threat last time I really don't think-

    Buffy: Giles, right now I really don't wanna know what you think.

    Giles looks at Buffy evenly.

    Giles: Buffy, I'm sorry that you have such a problem with me killing Ben, but I knew that you couldn't and that's why I-

    Buffy: Murdered him? You know, it's not so much that as the fact that you didn't even bother to tell me. It's been three years Giles!

    Giles: I didn't really see the point I-

    Buffy: It doesn't matter. I don't have time to argue. I'm gonna find Dawn. You guys know what to do.

    Buffy turns and runs down the street. Giles looks grave. The others look uncomfortable.

    Faith: Just when clothes seemed the biggest issue. So what did this bitch do anyway?

    Willow: She tried to end the world.

    Xander: Killed a whole bunch of people.

    Willow: And a lot of other really bad stuff.

    Lloyd: What was that about Dawn? I mean?she's just a girl right?

    Xander and Willow look at each other. Giles looks serious.

    Cut to Dawn walking out of the school doors. She is smiling to herself. She begins to walk down the street. Suddenly she frowns and clutches her head in pain. There is a flash of green light. It fades and Dawn looks confused. She shakes her head and walks on. Then she stops. She screws up her eyes and gasps. Green light fills the screen for several seconds. It fades and Dawn is on her knees in the street. Footsteps are heard. Dawn turns to see where they are coming from. Stephen is running towards her.

    Stephen: Dawn! What's wrong, what's happening?

    Dawn: I?I dunno. I think-

    Dawn clutches her head in pain again. She gasps. She opens her eyes suddenly. They have a green tinge to them. She shakes here head the tinge fades. Stephen looks serious.

    Stephen: We need to get you to Buffy. Where is she?

    Dawn: Around somewhere. I dunno, she said-

    Dawn breathes heavily. Stephen puts his arm around her.

    Stephen: Dawn it will be alright. You just need to keep breathing.

    Dawn looks shaken but nods. She closes her eyes and looks in pain. Stephen looks around.

    Dawn: Green light. I remember?when I was-

    Stephen: I know. I think the answer may be nearby but just keep-

    Buffy OS: Dawn!

    Buffy is running towards her and Stephen.

    Dawn: Buffy?

    Buffy reaches them.

    Stephen: Buffy, thank god you're here.

    Buffy: Yeah. Dawn are you ok?

    Dawn: No?no something's happening.

    Stephen: Buffy I think I might know more about this.

    Buffy: You do? You mean?Glory?

    Stephen: How did you-

    Buffy: She's already taken the time to have a welcome back party. I dunno where she is but she's looking for-

    Dawn: Glory? But, but that's impossible I mean she's?she died. Right?

    Buffy: Not so much apparently. But Dawn we need to get you to safety. She could be nearby.

    Dawn: No?not again. No she's gonna try and?you can't let her-

    Buffy: Dawn it's gonna be ok. Not like last time. I promise.

    Dawn: How?how is she back?

    Buffy: Clare's been busy. Looks like she's Glory's new mortal body.

    Dawn looks serious.

    Stephen: Buffy, Giles told me about your experiences with Glory before ? I think there's more to it this time. Something's happening to Dawn.

    Buffy narrows her eyebrows.

    Dawn: There's green light and I feel like?like something's ripping me apart.

    Buffy's eyes widen.

    Buffy: Hold in there. Stephen maybe you could take us to your place?

    Stephen: Of course.

    Buffy: Dawn it's gonna be ok. She doesn't know-

    Glory OS: There you are!

    Dawn, Stephen and Buffy turn. They look worried as they see Glory standing nearby.

    Glory: I've been looking all over for you.

    Glory smiles darkly. Cut to Xander, Willow, Andrew, Lloyd, Kelly, Kennedy, Giles and Faith walking hurriedly through Darkley.

    Lloyd: Wow?Dawn looks good for her age. So am I the only one that didn't know about this?

    Kelly: No don't worry.

    Xander: We would have told you guys sooner but?I guess it's not really our place.

    Kelly: It's ok I understand. But if Glory can use Dawn to open the portal?again, does that mean.

    Giles: Apocalypse. And not just this world. All of them.

    Andrew: So stopping Glory would be good right now.

    Kennedy: We can fight her.

    Willow: No. No you can't. She's immortal. Buffy barely survived fighting her all those times. And well, she didn't the last time.

    Kennedy: But-

    Giles: Kennedy Willow's right. We can't kill Glory.

    Kennedy: But we can kill Clare right? She's not human or anything?

    Giles looks away.

    Willow: Giles, I just wanna let you know I don't hold you killing Ben against you. Cos well, it had to be done.

    Giles smiles.

    Giles: Thank you, Willow.

    Willow smiles back.

    Faith: So killing Clare's good. How? I mean she thrashed us before, how's this any different?

    Willow: I guess there's a spell I-

    Giles: Yes maybe that would be the best decision, but any other suggestions?

    Willow: Giles it's ok, I can handle one spell.

    Giles: Yes, I know, it's just?you've been doing a lot lately.

    Kennedy: He's right baby. You should hold back a bit.

    Willow: If I do ? then Dawn, Buffy, all of us might die. I know you're worried, but really I can do this. We just have to-

    Faith: Find them?

    Everyone looks forward. They have walked into the street with Buffy, Stephen, Dawn and Glory.

    Buffy: I'm not gonna let you near here. Not again.

    Glory: Really?

    Glory punches Buffy in the face. She flies back into a car.

    Glory: Wow, you've really come a long way.

    Glory advances towards Dawn. Stephen helps her up and they back away.

    Glory: (to Stephen) Well you're new.

    Glory punches Stephen backwards. He groans in pain as he hits the ground.

    Glory: But just as predictable.

    Glory smiles at Dawn.

    Glory: Just you and me now Dawny. Reminds me of old times.

    Glory reaches out for Dawn's hand. Her hand hits a purple barrier. She looks confused and looks around. She narrows her eyes as she sees Willow in the distance.

    Glory: Maybe you should start thinking of something more original lover. Something that actually-

    Willow's eyes turn black. She blasts energy at Glory who flies through the wall of a house. Willow approaches Glory. Buffy looks up and sees Willow. She runs to Dawn.

    Buffy: Dawn we gotta go!

    Dawn: But the others-

    Buffy: Willow can handle herself?for now. (to the others) Guys!

    Xander and co. notice Buffy and Dawn. They rush over to her. Giles helps Stephen up.

    Buffy: We need to get back. Let's go.

    Kennedy hesitates.

    Kennedy: I'm not leaving Willow.

    Giles: Kennedy she'll be alright.

    Kennedy frowns and follows the others. Willow walks through the hole in the house.

    Willow: You've been gone a while Glory. I've been just as bad as you are since then.

    Glory: I doubt it honey.

    Willow slams energy at Glory who falls to the floor.

    Willow: Doesn't really matter. You're not gonna hurt Dawn. Or anyone.

    Glory: You think?

    Glory kicks Willow through the hole.

    Glory: You really thought you could stop me witch? You have no idea what you're?damn not now?not now you stupid-

    Glory morphs into Clare. Clare looks around and sees Willow.

    Clare: This isn't over.

    Clare vanishes. Willow looks around. Her eyes go back to normal again. She looks worried. Suddenly Clare appears behind her. She blasts magic at Willow who falls down unconscious. Clare morphs back into Glory.

    Glory: Gotta try that again sometime.

    Cut to Buffy and co. running. They reach Xander and Giles' cars.

    Faith: You think Will can hold her off this long?

    Buffy: I hope so. What I do know is that she's the only one who's ever been able to hurt Glory properly.

    Kennedy: But Glory's immortal. Isn't that the whole point?
    Buffy: I-

    Buffy stops as white light flashes around her. Buffy looks confused as she looks around. Everyone else is frozen around her. She looks around and then her eyes widen as she looks to her left. Whistler, the demon from Becoming is standing in front of her. She walks towards Buffy.

    Whistler: Hello Buffy.
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      ACT III

      Open on Siobhan walking into her house. She looks around.

      Siobhan: Hello? Mum?

      She walks down the corridor. She frowns and shrugs and makes her way upstairs. She walks down the hallway. A door opens. Siobhan jumps and then looks relieved.

      Siobhan: God mum, you scared me!

      Siobhan's mum (Julie): Oh darling I'm sorry. It's so good to see you again.

      They hug.

      Julie: So you've been alright?

      Siobhan: Yeah, uh, my friend Dawn and her sister let me stay round a few times.

      Julie: Well I hope you we very grateful. I'm really sorry that I haven't spent more time here. This job is really pushing me to the limits right now.

      Siobhan: It's ok. But I'm really looking forward to this trip. It's still on right?

      Julie: Of course dear, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Just have to wait for James to come and pick us up?

      Siobhan: James?

      Julie: Oh didn't I tell you? He's a friend of mine from work. He's taking us there. Might even stay with us.

      Siobhan: What? But I thought it was just gonna be you and me.

      Julie: Darling you know how unreliable the car is on long journeys. It'll be much easier for James to take us up to Scotland. And it'll be a good chance for you to get to know each other.

      Siobhan frowns.

      Siobhan: So he's a friend huh?

      Julie: Yes.

      Siobhan: Are you sure it's not more than that?

      Julie: Darling that's not really your business is it? You should go and pack anyway, I've got some calls to make before we go.

      Siobhan: Not my business?

      Siobhan mum frowns.

      Siobhan: Mum, I have been waiting eight months for you to come back so we can actually spend some time together, and now you wanna invite some random guy to come along?

      Julie: Siobhan he's not just a random guy he's-

      Siobhan: A friend. Yeah well it amounts to the same thing. I don't want him there.

      Julie: Siobhan you're being quite selfish in this I really think-

      Siobhan: Selfish? How can you that? I'm not the one that's never home. Do you know how lonely it's been?

      Julie: You said you've made friends I really don't see-

      Siobhan: Yeah. I have made friends. And you know what? They feel more like a family than you do.

      Siobhan's mum looks hurt.

      Siobhan: Have fun with James.

      Siobhan turns and runs downstairs. She opens the front door.

      Julie: Siobhan please!

      Siobhan hesitates. A tear falls down her cheek. She walks through the door and closes it behind her. Siobhan's mum looks sad.

      Cut to Buffy with Whistler. Buffy looks confused.

      Buffy: You?

      Whistler: Yeah, me. Good seeing you again. Especially alive. I was worried I'd be too late. Sorry the whole time stopping thing by the way, I just thought I'd be easier.

      Buffy: Why are you here?

      Whistler: I thought that'd be obvious. A lot's been happening to you these last years. And even more these last few months.

      Whistler walks over to Dawn.

      Whistler: And with Dawn.

      Buffy: Glory?

      Whistler: Yeah. And more besides. Glory wasn't supposed to come back Buffy. But you know why she is.

      Buffy: Clare. And The Judge.

      Whistler: The Judge, yeah. Clare might seem powerful to you, but in the long run she's just a puppet. Nothing more than a tool for The Judge to use. Just like Luce, Jake, even Glory.

      Buffy: What does The Judge want?

      Whistler: Right now? She wants you sister there dismantled. Back to the energy she once was. With that kind of power ? you aint got a chance in hell of stopping her. And that's what you really wants. To stop you.

      Buffy: Why?

      Whistler: Mainly cos she's an evil bitch. But she knows that you're gonna be in her way when it comes down the final fight. She's planning on much more than an apocalypse Buffy, she wants to rule existence entirely. And with The Key in its primal form, she just might pull it off.

      Buffy looks grave.

      Buffy: What is she?

      Whistler: Ah. Now that is a question. She's actually a fallen power. Your buddy Angel met one last year ? hell that was a mess. The difference this time is that this fallen power aint taking the warm and nurturing approach. She's going for the all out dictatorship onslaught.

      Buffy: So how do I stop her.

      Whistler: Whoa, steady there. You won't get a chance for a while yet. But first you gotta stop Glory.

      Buffy: By killing Clare?

      Whistler: Well that's one way of doing it, but there's an easier way. In fact, all you gotta do is keep her occupied until we ? that is The Powers ? get a chance to stop her.

      Buffy: You mean kill?

      Whistler: Not necessarily. There are other ways. Oh and another thing ? you personally can't fight Glory. You may have realised that from the beating you got before.

      Buffy: So who can? Willow?

      Whistler: Willow's strong. But she's wavering right now. You were right to worry about her using too much magic, she could slip over the edge pretty soon if you tried going up against Glory's power. Even Clare. No, the person who can fight Glory is Dawn.

      Buffy: What? But she's-

      Whistler: A kid? Well yeah maybe. But she's also something almost as old as the Powers and Glory. And way more powerful in the right circumstances.

      Buffy: What do you mean?

      Whistler: Dawn's never seen her true self. The Powers are giving her a chance to wield it as a weapon. The Key may be evil originally, but in Dawn's hands it can used for good. Like the scythe. It's just a weapon, and it's the wielder that decides if it's used for good or evil.

      Buffy: The scythe?how-

      Whistler: Thought you'd wanna know about that. You're gonna need it in the fight. We couldn't just leave it broken. That's why we sent Willow the third tear. So you could go back in time and reclaim it.

      Buffy: You mean?Alenya's death? The whole portal thing? Even Chris's death? That was all planned?

      Whistler: Everything is to an extent Buffy. But sometimes, like in this case, things go off the rails. Together we can put it back on track.

      Buffy: But I-

      Whistler: I know you got more questions. But I gotta go. There's a whole world to sort out, and?

      Whistler looks at his watch.

      Whistler: I got a thing in LA to get to.

      Buffy: What about Dawn?I mean how will she know to-

      Whistler: She'll know. Believe me.

      Buffy: How long will it take you to help?

      Whistler: Not too long. We'll be there. Good luck.

      Whistler's image fades. Buffy looks uncertain as time starts again.

      Xander: Do you think we should go back to the house?

      Buffy: No.

      Giles: Buffy, we have to go somewhere, and the house is the furthest from-

      Buffy: No, I mean I know what we have to do.

      Kennedy: How?

      Xander: You mean like you had a sudden revelation about everything in 2 seconds?

      Buffy: Yeah.

      Xander: Oh?how'd you do that?

      Buffy: You guys ever meet Whistler?

      Giles: I've heard of him. He's a liaison to The Powers That Be.

      Buffy: Yeah. Well I met him before when Angelus was gonna awaken Acathla. And he came back just now. Except he froze time so only I got to hear what he had to say.

      Dawn: So you know how to fight Glory?

      Buffy: Yeah. Except I don't do the fighting. You do.

      Everyone looks confused.

      Giles: Buffy are you sure about this?

      Buffy: I am.

      Dawn: But?there's gotta be a mistake, I mean I'm-

      Buffy: More powerful than any of us. If you harness your power.

      Dawn: I can't, I mean it's not me anymore.

      Buffy: Dawn?Glory is on her way right now. She could be just around that corner. Whistler knows what he's saying. I believe it. And I know that you can control this. I think that those headaches you were having before were trying to tell you what you have to do. Only you can figure it out though.

      Dawn looks confused. She looks to her left and her eyes widen. Buffy turns around and look shocked. Glory is standing in front of them. Willow is lying unconscious next to her. Kennedy sees and looks upset.

      Kennedy: Willow!

      Buffy holds her back from running over to her.

      Buffy: Kennedy, no she'll kill you.

      Glory: Oh so there's a new one for our little witch huh? Guess that magical love they had wasn't as eternal as we thought.

      Kennedy looks angry. Buffy looks at Dawn.

      Buffy: Dawn?

      Dawn: Buffy I don't know how.

      Buffy: You can. Just?try. Please.

      Dawn still looks uncertain. Glory walks towards them.
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        ACT IV

        Glory: Still trying to work out how you can fight me Slayer? You can't.

        Buffy: I know.

        Glory looks surprised.

        Glory: Wow ? didn't expect you to give up so easily.

        Buffy: We're not. In fact we're gonna win. It just won't be me doing the fighting.

        Glory: Is that right? In case you hadn't noticed, lover's not looking to well and none of the rest of you have the power to fight me. Face it, all of you are weak compared to me. Now I'd love to kill you all but luckily for you The Judge only wants Dawny?for now.

        Dawn: You won't get me.

        Glory laughs.

        Glory: You think you fight me? Dawny you're just a pathetic excuse for a former power.

        Dawn: No. You're wrong.

        The camera shows a close up of Dawn's eye. It is turning green.

        Glory: You think you can defeat me? Like you could even try and fight me. You may be as old as me Dawny but you're seriously lacking in the power department.

        Dawn closes her eyes. Glory raises an eyebrow.

        Glory: Oh this is gonna be funny.

        Dawn keeps her eyes closed.

        Dawn: Maybe.

        Glory looks unimpressed. Dawn suddenly opens her eyes and green light pours out. Glory's smiles fades as the others back away from Dawn.

        Xander: Buffy what is that?
        Buffy: It's Dawn.

        The green light fades. Dawn looks at her hand. She makes it into a fist.

        Glory: Ok nice show. But now it's time for the real one.

        Glory walks towards Dawn. Dawn puts her hands together. Green energy sparks between them.

        Dawn: It really is.

        As Glory stand in front of Dawn, Dawn smashes her fist into Glory's face. Glory falls back shocked. The others gasp.

        Faith: Man, when did this happen?

        Glory looks up.

        Glory: How the hell are you-

        Dawn: For someone as old as you Glory you really don't know that much. About me. Or about anything in fact.

        Glory gets up.

        Glory: Really? Well I know one thing. You can't handle that forever.

        Dawn: I don't need forever. I just need a few more minutes.

        Glory looks angry. She punches Dawn who winces slightly. Dawn tries to punch Glory again but Glory grabs her fist. Dawn uses her other fist to punch Glory in the stomach. Glory flies back.

        Giles: Buffy are you sure this isn't harming Dawn?

        Buffy: No. It shouldn't be. Whistler said it was the only thing that could be done, I-

        Giles: Maybe it is. It's not the easiest, in several ways. But maybe.

        Buffy looks worriedly at Dawn. Dawn walks up to Glory and picks her up by the neck.

        Dawn: Still wondering how much power I have?

        Glory kicks Dawn in the stomach. She smashes her fist down as Dawn rolls out the way. Dawn punches the ground and a shockwave hits Glory. Glory looks up and looks angry.

        Glory: How can you-

        Dawn blasts some energy at Glory who screams as it hits her body. Dawn wavers a bit.

        Buffy: Dawn!

        Dawn looks back at Buffy. She suddenly falls to her knees. Buffy runs towards her. Glory suddenly gasps. Red light appears all over her. She screams as her image begins to burn away. Dawn and Buffy look on as she fades leaving Clare's heavily wounded body. Clare winces as she tries to move. She stares at Dawn angrily.

        Clare: You will pay.

        [I]Clare fades. Buffy holds Dawn.[/]

        Buffy: You did it.

        Dawn smiles and nods. The green light in her eyes fades and she falls unconscious. Buffy looks worried.

        Cut to everyone back at the Summer's house except Dawn and Buffy. They look grave.

        Andrew: Guess that means Glory's gone. For good.

        Giles: Yes. Yes it would appear so.

        Willow has a cut on her forehead. Kennedy is dabbing a wet cloth on it.

        Willow: Doesn't mean that The Judge and Clare won't stop.

        Kelly: No. I bet they've got a whole lot of fun in store for us.

        Lloyd: Well you know I say bring it on. I mean I might not have any special powers myself, but after seeing you all after today. And well, these last few months. I reckon that no one can be a match for us.

        Everyone smiles.

        Faith: I do love your attitude.

        Lloyd smiles.
        Willow: Well today was good. A little draining maybe, but Dawn was just?

        Xander: Incredible.

        Willow nods.

        Giles: I just hope that she can recover from it.

        Everyone looks serious. The front door opens. Siobhan walks through.

        Siobhan: Hey guys.

        Everyone is silent.

        Siobhan: Did I miss something?

        Cut to Buffy and Dawn in Dawn's room. Dawn is lying in bed unconscious and Buffy is sat beside her. Dawn's eyes open slowly. Buffy looks hopeful.

        Buffy: Dawn?

        Dawn smiles.

        Dawn: Hey. Guess this mean's I'm not dead. Unless you are too.

        Buffy: No. No you're alive. You were hurt pretty bad though.

        Dawn shuffles.

        Dawn: Hmm, you have to tell me that.

        Buffy: Are you feeling better though?

        Dawn: Kinda tired.

        Buffy: Yeah sure. You know you really were amazing today.

        Dawn: Thanks. Felt weird though. Like I was someone else.

        Buffy: Well I know for a fact it was you.

        Dawn smiles slightly.

        Dawn: It's not that I'm not thankful for the power. Glory'd probably be sacrificing me right about now if I didn't have it. I just don't know what that makes me.

        Buffy: It makes you strong.

        Dawn: Does it? I mean I've always had that, in me. I don't even know how to control it properly. And that power was what I was once. Primal?destructive?evil.

        Buffy: You are not evil Dawn.

        Dawn: Maybe as Dawn I'm not. But I was once. I could kill billions in the wrong hands. How could power that evil?ever be used for good?

        Buffy: The power you have ? it's controlled by you. Nobody else. I know that it's in the right hands with you.

        Dawn smiles.

        Dawn: I remember when I found out I wasn't a potential Slayer. That I didn't have that power. And now having something that's like it ? if only from time to time ? I don't know what to do with it.

        Buffy: You should do what makes you happy.

        Dawn smiles.

        Dawn: I guess going to Harvard would be a good start. I just?I just wish Chris was still here.

        Buffy looks sad. She kissing Dawn on the forehead.

        Buffy: So do I. Want me to get you something from downstairs?

        Dawn: No. No I'll just stay up here for a bit.

        Buffy Ok.

        They smile at each other and Buffy gets up. As she walks towards the door she hesitates. There is flashback to her and Whistler talking.

        Buffy: You mean?Alenya's death? The whole portal thing? Even Chris's death? That was all planned?

        Whistler: Everything is to an extent Buffy. But sometimes, like in this case, things go off the rails. Together we can put it back on track.

        Cut back to real time..

        Dawn: What?

        Buffy turns around and smiles.

        Buffy: Nothing. It's nothing.

        Dawn smiles and lies back down. Buffy looks uncertain as she walks out the door.

        THE END
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