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Buffy Episode 8.17 161. Requiem

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  • Buffy Episode 8.17 161. Requiem

    Hi, this is the seventeenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.17 161. Requiem

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Dawn: I'm pregnant. I just can't let it go.

    Buffy: There's something wrong?

    Female doctor: The ultrasound showed several areas of scarred tissue in the womb.

    Dawn: I could lose her.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Chris: This baby, it's ours. I know that as a family we can get through anything.

    He gives Dawn the ring.

    Dawn: I don't know what to say.

    Chris: I can think of one possibility.

    Dawn: I will, I want to.

    Cut to Giles with Buffy.

    Giles: There are three stones known as Alenya's tears. They can potentially destroy-

    Buffy: -the world?

    Giles: Yes.

    Cut to Clare, Luce, John and Jake.

    Buffy: Sounds like our resident psychos.

    Cut to Clare holding one of the tears. Cut to Buffy and co. in the shrine.

    Buffy: We're too late.

    Clare appears holding the second tear.

    Buffy: You haven't got them all.

    Clare: Yet. The last is nearby I can feel it. It's only a matter of time before we find it. And then, well, the end.

    Cut back to the Summers' kitchen.

    Faith: Do we know how long it'd take for the world to end?

    Buffy: Giles says the power of the three tears together could blast open the continental shelf. And then the hellmouth would open.

    Kennedy: We know where Clare's lair is. We could, you know, go there.

    Buffy: I dunno.

    Cut to Kelly with Xander.

    Kelly: You keep everyone together even when it's tough. Don't think for a second people don't see that.

    He and Kelly kiss.

    Xander: Wow, didn't see that coming.

    Cut to Giles with Buffy.

    Giles: It may be possible, if we find the tear, to take it out of this dimension completely. To balance the force I believe it would be necessary for someone to take the crystal through the portal themselves.

    Buffy: Would that person die?

    Giles: Possibly.

    Andrew knocks the package off the fridge.

    Giles: What's that?

    Willow: I found it earlier.

    Giles: It just appeared?

    Willow: Apparently.

    Giles opens it.

    Buffy: It's the last stone.

    Everyone is transported to Clare's lair. Clare smiles. Dawn and Chris run up the stairs. Everyone else begins fighting. Dawn falls over and gasps. Willow and Luce's energy beams collide and energy begins to build up.

    Willow: If I stop?we all die.

    Chris sees what's happening. Clare throws the tears into the energy and turns it into a portal. Chris turns to Dawn.

    Chris: Dawn I can stop this but you're gonna have to listen to me.


    Chris: I have to. I know you'll be an excellent mother.

    Dawn: I can't do this without you.

    Chris: You can.

    Chris puts the ring on Dawn's finger. Dawn begins to cry.

    Chris: So that you don't forget me.

    Dawn: I won't.

    Chris jumps into the portal. The shockwave blasts everyone backwards. Clare approaches Dawn. Buffy pushes Clare off the ledge. The cave begins to collapses and everyone runs out. Dawn falls to the ground.

    Dawn: Buffy?

    Dawn screams in pain. The ring slips off her finger. Blood trickles along the ground and begins to be washed away by rain.


    ACT I

    Open on Buffy sitting at the kitchen table. She is resting her hands on her temples. She is staring at the table and looks serious. Cut to Willow and Kennedy sat in the living room. Willow is lying her head on Kennedy's shoulder. Kennedy is gently stroking Willow's hair. Both are staring into space. Cut to Xander and Kelly on the other living room sofa. Xander is sat back also staring into space. Kelly is sat forwards staring at the floor. She has her hand clutched to her side. Cut to Faith in her room. She looks deep in thought. She gently wipes a tear from her eye and rests her head on her pillow. Cut to Andrew lying on his bed. He looks like he has been crying. He is resting his head on Lloyd's chest. Lloyd looks grave. Cut to Siobhan walking in to the living room. Willow, Kennedy, Xander and Kelly look up. Siobhan smiles momentarily and then sits down. Willow smiles back faintly and then continues looking at into space sadly. Cut to Buffy again. A hand is placed on her shoulder. The camera moves up to show its Giles. Buffy smiles slightly and places her hand on Giles'. He sits down next to her.

    Giles: Any word from the hospital?

    Buffy: No. No, still nothing.

    Giles: I'm sure that they're doing everything they can to help Dawn.

    Buffy: That's just it. What can they do? She's lost her whole future in one day.

    Giles: But she hasn't lost you.

    Buffy looks at him.

    Buffy: I'm hardly a replacement for Chris. They were so happy.

    Giles looks grave.

    Giles: I know.

    Buffy: Now they can never be together. Ever. She can't even have their child to remember him by.

    Giles looks up. He puts his arm around Buffy. She looks tearful.

    Cut to Dawn lying in a hospital bed. She is lying on her side. Her face is stained with tears. She looks empty, and is motionless. She blinks slowly. She looks at the table next to her. Beside a glass of water is the ring Chris gave her. She slowly reaches out. She picks it up and stares at it for a few seconds. Suddenly she throws it at the wall. She lies back down. Tears once again form in her eyes. Cut to the ring. There is crack down the middle of the tear-shaped stone.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    ENUKA OKUMA - Alenya

    Open on Buffy, Giles and Faith walking down the hospital corridor. All three are looking serious. They stop in front of a door.

    Buffy: Faith, are you wanna come?

    Faith: Dawn's lost her guy, I lost mine. I wanna be there for her.

    Buffy nods. Giles smiles at Faith and opens the door. They walk in.

    Buffy: Hey Dawn.

    Dawn turns her head. She smiles slightly.

    Dawn: (softly) Hey.

    Buffy exhales deeply and walks over to a chair next to Dawn's bed. She sits down.

    Buffy: The uh, the doctor said that we can take you home later today if-

    Dawn: Ok.

    Buffy hesitates.

    Buffy: Are you sure?

    Dawn: I thought "ok" pretty much covered that.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: But I mean-

    Dawn: Buffy, I can't stay here. This place can't do anything more for me.

    There is a pause.

    Faith: I get that.

    Faith sits down on the bed beside Dawn.

    Faith: Being in a hospital bed brings it all back. But, Dawn are you really ready to leave it behind you?

    Dawn looks at Faith. Buffy looks between them. Giles frowns. Dawn lifts up the covers and gets out of bed. She walks towards the bathroom.

    Dawn: There's nothing left to leave behind.
    She opens the door and walks in. Faith and Buffy look at each other. Giles exhales and puts his hand on Buffy's shoulder.

    Cut to Xander and Kelly in Xander's bedroom. They are both sat on the floor leaning against the bed and staring into space. Kelly looks down and then looks at Xander.

    Kelly: Think they'll be back soon?

    Xander pauses and then turns to look at her.

    Xander: I really don't know. She might, you know, need to stay in for tests or something.

    Kelly turns away.

    Kelly: I guess I never thought about this side of what you do.

    Xander looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: You fight all these battles, and you generally win. I never realised that someone, somewhere along the lines has to pay the price.

    Xander looks serious.

    Xander: Yeah. My ex-fianc? died in the last apocalypse.

    Kelly looks at Xander shocked.

    Kelly: Oh my god. I'm sorry.

    Xander: You don't have to be. Anya died fighting for what she believed in. She didn't have a broad horizon ahead of her or that much she cared about except saving the world. Chris had his whole life ahead of him. A happy life with Dawn and their child, who never even got to take her first breath.

    Kelly: That doesn't make the loss you feel for Anya any less.

    Xander: No. No it doesn't.

    Xander smiles at Kelly. He puts his arm around Kelly. She rests her head on his shoulder. Cut to Andrew and Lloyd in Andrew's bedroom.

    Lloyd: I can't believe I missed so much.

    Andrew: It's better that you did. You might have gotten hurt.

    Lloyd smiles slightly.
    Lloyd: Thanks for worrying. But you know, I'd jump at the chance to kick a bit of ass.

    Andrew: Yeah?so did I. Then I realised it's not as glamorous as it first seems.

    Lloyd looks at Andrew sadly.

    Lloyd: I get that. Guess no one expected this. Not now. Not when everything started coming together.

    Andrew: It always seems to. I mean I've seen people die?but Chris dying seems like such?

    Lloyd: A waste?

    Andrew nods and lies his head on Lloyd's chest.

    Andrew: I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

    Lloyd: No?not anymore.

    Lloyd and Andrew smile at each other.

    Cut to the front door opens slowly. Giles walks through follows by Faith. Dawn then walks through slowly with Buffy behind her. Willow and Kennedy are coming downstairs. Siobhan appears from the kitchen followed by Kelly and Xander. Dawn exhales deeply.

    Siobhan: Dawn, hey.

    Dawn smiles slightly at Siobhan.

    Dawn: Hey.

    Xander: Do you want me to get you anything or-

    Kennedy: We could make you some lunch.

    Kelly: I think you probably aren't too hungry right Dawn?

    Dawn: I-

    Xander: But she hasn't eaten anything since-

    Willow: Yeah but still-

    Buffy: Guys!

    Everyone looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: Back off.

    There is a pause. Willow nods.

    Willow: You're right. Sorry Dawn.

    Dawn shakes her head.

    Dawn: You don't have to be.

    Willow smiles at Dawn.

    Dawn: I know you guys feel you have to do something but?there's really nothing you can do.

    Willow frowns. The others look sad. Dawn frowns too and walks past Andrew to her room. Siobhan walks up behind her.

    Siobhan: Dawn?

    Dawn stops and turns around.

    Siobhan: I'm sorry.

    Dawn: Believe me, so am I.

    Dawn walks off to her room. Siobhan exhales. Cut to Buffy and Faith in the kitchen.

    Buffy: Maybe I should go talk to her?

    Faith: I dunno Buffy, after something like that?I don't think she's in a very "talked to" kinda mood.

    Buffy: Then what am I supposed to do.

    Faith: Like she said?you can't do anything. Give it time B, she'll be ok.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: I guess you're right. I just feel like I'm sitting here doing nothing. I mean shouldn't we at least be going back to the cave to find?anything?

    Faith: I don't think there's much left to find. Clare might be strong but I doubt a ten tonne rock on her head pretty much finished her, Luce and Jake off.

    Giles OS: Maybe not.

    Buffy and Faith turn to see Giles in the doorway. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: Giles?what do you mean? They can't have survived that.

    Giles: They weren't necessarily there.

    Faith: Huh?

    Giles: The portal?while the cave was collapsing it began to expand. It's possible that Clare, Luce and Jake jumped through it. There's no trace of them at the cave. They may be somewhere out there?trying to find a way back.

    Buffy: But they can't?right?

    Giles: With Luce's trans-dimensional powers?it's possible.

    Buffy: But that means?

    Faith: Chris could have survived?

    Giles: Again?it's possible.

    Buffy: Wait a minute. How do you know there's no trace of them at the cave?

    Giles hesitates. Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: You went back?

    Giles: I didn't. Stephen did in fact. With a few Council members who are still alive.

    Buffy: What has any of this got to do with the Council?

    Giles: Alenya's tears are legendary Buffy. Before now?no one was completely sure they even existed in our dimension. The events of the last few days may be of great importance not just to us but the rest of the world also. That's why I've been given this.

    Giles reaches into his bag. He takes out of the tears. He places it on the table. Buffy and Faith's eyes widen.

    Giles: They want us to keep it safe. The other remaining crystal has been taken by them.

    Buffy: Giles you can't be serious.

    Giles: We're not in any immediate danger. Besides if we can work out how to use these?we could benefit from them.

    Faith: Right, because they've been such a help these last few days.

    Giles: I know. I'd much rather we never found them. But you must understand that using the power of this we could re-open the portal.

    Buffy stares at Giles.

    Faith: You mean?we could?find Chris?

    Giles pauses.

    Giles: Maybe.

    Buffy smiles slightly. Cut to everyone except Dawn in the kitchen. They are all looking at the tear.

    Kennedy: Ok that's great and everything, but that thing was really unstable last time ? remember the whole cave falling in thing? It was because of that.

    Siobhan: How do we know it's not gonna explode or something if we start poking around with it?

    Giles: That's why we need to find out more. The spell Clare used, if there were any other events that caused the portal to open.

    Xander: I dunno?I mean isn't this right up there with resurrecting in the "really bad ideas" list? It's powerful magic. I'm not sure we wanna mess with this.

    Willow frowns.

    Willow: I guess we have to try.

    Giles: Yes?and besides, with the Council's help, things will be safer.

    Xander hesitates.

    Xander: Well as long as they don't all die in an explosion or try and kill Buffy again I guess we can trust them.

    Giles sighs.

    Buffy: Ok guys so are we gonna do this?

    Faith: I guess we are.

    Buffy: Ok. But let's wait until tomorrow. And maybe we shouldn't tell Dawn unless we have to.

    Dawn OS: Tell me what?

    Dawn has appeared at the doorway. Everyone turns to look at her.

    Buffy: Dawn?uh, are you hungry?

    Dawn: No?I came for a glass of water, then I heard you guys talking. What do you not want to tell me?

    Buffy pauses.

    Dawn: Buffy?I'm not a kid anymore. Don't try and cover stuff up because little Dawn can't handle it.

    Buffy: Dawn it's not that it's-

    Dawn: What is that doing here?

    Dawn is staring at the tear.

    Dawn: You've found something. About Chris. I can tell, you're all looking hopeful.

    Buffy: We don't know anything for certain, we're just trying to-

    There is a faint buzzing sound. Buffy frowns and turns around. The tear has stared to glow and vibrate. Everyone is staring at it.

    Buffy: Giles, what was that about us not being in immediate danger?

    Giles: I don't know, it's?it's not supposed to do this.

    Xander: You think?

    The tear begins to vibrate faster.

    Lloyd: I don't even wanna say what that looks like.

    Willow: It's charging up something.

    The tear rises into the air.

    Buffy: Uh, Giles?

    Dawn: What if-

    White light bursts into the room. Fade to white.
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    ACT II

    The light fades. Everyone opens their eyes slowly. Buffy looks around and her eyes widen. Everyone is now standing on a plateau, surrounded by forests. Hills surround them, and there is a larger mountain in the distance. Buffy looks around confused.

    Buffy: Oh?

    The others look around too.

    Giles: Ah?

    Willow looks up.

    Willow: Um?guys.

    Everyone looks up. There are two suns in the sky.

    Andrew: Oh my god!

    Faith: I second that.

    Xander: So, where the hell are we?

    Giles: I, uh, I think?

    Dawn: We've gone through the portal.

    Everyone looks at Dawn.

    Dawn: It's gotta be. That thing opened up the portal again. The portal Chris went through.

    Buffy: Dawn, I-

    Giles: Buffy I think she might be right.

    Buffy: Oh?

    Buffy looks around. The camera shows mountains and forests surrounding them.

    Lloyd: You mean we're in another world?

    Xander: Wouldn't be the first time.

    Lloyd: Well it is for me.

    Kelly: Me too.

    Lloyd: Body-switching I can just about handle but this? But also wow, I'm in another world that's?pretty?

    He looks around.

    Lloyd: ?pretty much the same as back home.

    Andrew: I don't think so. We've boldly gone where no man's gone before!

    Woman OS: It worked!

    Everyone turns to look at the woman.

    Andrew: Or not?

    Buffy looks hesitant.

    Woman: It actually worked.

    Buffy: Uh, hi?

    The woman smiles warmly.

    Woman: Hello! Believe me it is a joy to see you all finally here.

    Kennedy: Uh, as nice as that is ? really, um, why are we here?

    Woman: I'm sorry, I should explain. But first tell me something. Which one of you is the Slayer?

    Buffy/Faith/Kennedy/Kelly/Siobhan: I am.

    The woman smiles confusedly. The Slayers look at each other.

    Buffy: Which one did you want?

    Woman: I'm not sure?I didn't think that there was more than one.

    Siobhan: Long story.

    Woman: Oh well, I'm sure five Slayers are better than one. I brought you here for a reason.

    Buffy: Well I'm Buffy. And how did you bring us here?

    Woman: It's very complicated. All about trans-dimensional forces. Anyway, you're here and that's what counts. I know you have great power?all of you. And that is why you must help me.

    Faith: Hang on princess Leia, first you tell us who you are since you seem to know so much about us.

    Woman: Of course, I'm sorry. My name is Alenya.

    Buffy's eyes widen. Dawn looks up shocked. Alenya frowns slightly.

    Alenya: What? You've heard of me?

    Buffy looks at Giles. Cut to Alenya sat on the hillside alone. Buffy and co. look at her worriedly several metres away.

    Buffy: What do we do?

    Willow: I guess we just wait until?

    Dawn: She gets over the fact that she knows she's gonna die? You don't just accept that.

    Alenya OS: I will accept it.

    Everyone looks at Alenya who has appeared next to them.

    Buffy: Oh?hi.

    Alenya smiles.

    Alenya: You might think I'd be angry, or saddened by hearing this but?I suppose that nothing's really changed. I don't know how, or when, or even why I'll die. I just know that I will. But I knew that already, just like all of us do. It's strange how much of an impact hearing what we already know has.

    Dawn: Yeah?

    Dawn looks sad. Buffy looks at Dawn and then at Alenya.

    Buffy: Maybe we shouldn't have told you.

    Alenya: No, no you were right to. I could tell you knew me already. I wouldn't have been able to trust you until I knew how. And now I do trust you. Now I know that you can help.

    Giles: Ah, the reason why you need us?

    Alenya: Yes. When the time comes, I will accept my death, but currently millions more are threatened. In fact, this whole planet could be extinguished if we don't act fast.

    Xander: Great, another apocalypse.

    Alenya: I know you are warriors ? the Slayer is legendary among my people. I know you have fought huge foes, and saved your own world many times. And that you have made sacrifices.

    Buffy nods.

    Alenya: Well now I beg you to help this world. It's not much?in fact there are probably thousands of worlds more valuable than this. But this world, and yours are linked. Not just by the portal that I used to bring you here. But also by what threatens us.

    Buffy looks at the others.

    Faith: Well I don't know about you guys but if this world needs saving then I say let's at least try.

    Kelly: Yeah I'm with Faith.

    Buffy: It's ok guys, I agree.

    She turns to Alenya.

    Buffy: It's just we can't promise anything. An apocalypse isn't always as easy as stopping the bad guys.

    Andrew: Who are the bad guys?

    Kennedy: Well yeah, that's a good point.

    Alenya: There's a force trying to destroy this world. I don't know what it is exactly?but it's powerful. And it's going to act soon.

    Willow: Anything we can work on? Preferably something corporeal.

    Alenya: Well it's complicated?but the direct threat is from a terrorist organisation. Unfortunately the organisation itself if shrouded in mystery. But there have been threats of a worldwide attack for months now.

    Xander: And when you say "attack"??

    Alenya pauses.

    Alenya: They have the power to attract passing objects in space. Last year they submerged an entire country when they summoned a meteor into the surrounding seas. This time?they are threatening to summon something much bigger.

    Kennedy: Ok?not to sound pessimistic but how the hell are we gonna stop that?

    Alenya: We stop them before they have the time to act.

    Kennedy: How? You just said they're shrouded in mystery.

    Alenya: Well?I have some suspicions. We should go back to the city ? you can learn much more from there.

    Buffy nods. Alenya walks off and the others gradually follow her. Dawn walks up to Buffy.

    Dawn: Buffy?do you think that-

    Buffy: I don't know.

    Dawn: What? I-

    Buffy: You were gonna ask if I thought Chris might be here. Dawn you know that the portal Clare created ? this is only one of thousands of possible exits Chris could've taken. That's if he even-

    Buffy stops.

    Dawn: You're telling me to give up?

    Buffy: No. I'm telling you not to get your hopes up.

    Dawn: I'm not gonna believe he's dead until I see it.

    Dawn walks away. Buffy looks sad and follows her and the others. Cut to Alenya opening a door.

    Alenya: This is my home. You can stay here for now. I have to go for a while but I'll be back.

    Buffy: Ok.

    Alenya: I just want to say thank you again. Make yourselves at home.

    Alenya smiles and walks out the door. Buffy turns to Giles.

    Buffy: Speaking of home ? how the hell are we supposed to get back?

    Giles: I suppose?the way we came?

    Buffy: And it's as easy as that? Look I wanna help Alenya and this planet as much as the rest of you but can we really afford to try and help if we don't even know that it's possible for us to get back if?

    Siobhan: If it goes wrong.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Siobhan: Well, I gotta agree with Buffy guys. If it goes wrong?and we're trapped here ? then we die. We're needed back home to fight evil. Yeah so there are other Slayers but we've already seen how that can go wrong.

    Lloyd: And what if that mardy bitch Clare's still causing trouble? Who's gonna be there to stop her? It might end up that this aint the only world that gets destroyed if we can't get back.

    Kelly: But think about it; Alenya is fighting the same battle as us - against evil. Yeah so it's terrorists and not demons, but they both amount to the same thing here ? an apocalypse. Sure I don't wanna be stuck here forever, but we've beaten apocalypses before we can do it again.

    Andrew: How do you know we can trust Alenya? She might, you know, be evil.

    Faith: We just told this chick she's gonna die, and she didn't freak out and call us crazy. I think we should at least trust her back.

    Buffy: Ok, ok. We can at least check this out. I just don't want to get your hopes up-

    Dawn: Yeah we know.

    Buffy looks at Dawn and frowns.

    Dawn: I'm sorry?I just uh, I'll go for a walk.

    Siobhan: Let me go with you.

    Dawn: I'll be fine.

    Siobhan: Hey you don't know this place. None of us do. There might be killer demons out there. If so you're gonna need Slayer strength.

    Buffy: She's right Dawn.

    Dawn nods and walks out. Siobhan smiles slightly. She mouths "I'll be careful" to Buffy who smiles back. Buffy turns to the others.

    Buffy: Willow, I don't suppose you'd have any way of stopping a meteor collision?

    Willow: Not so much. I mean even at my best I don't think I could stop something that big.

    Buffy: Then we're gonna have to go in for the offensive like Alenya said. Just have to wait till she gets back.

    Giles: Are we completely sure we want to get involved in a global vendetta?

    Buffy: Since they're the ones getting involved in global destruction, we don't really have a choice.

    Giles: I just think we should learn more about their motives before we storm them. Politics is complicated Buffy.

    Buffy: Not when they try and kill thousands of people.

    Giles: For all we know thousands of their own people could have been killed.

    Lloyd: Guess this place really isn't that different to back home.

    Everyone pauses.

    Willow: We can ask Alenya when she comes back.

    Alenya OS: Ask me what?

    Alenya is standing at the doorway. Cut to Dawn and Siobhan walking down a path. There is an awkward silence between them.

    Siobhan: Um?can I ask where we're going?

    Dawn: I dunno. I'm trying to find someone who might have seen Chris.

    Siobhan: Oh?

    Dawn: There's gotta be someone around here.

    Siobhan: Dawn I know you don't want to hear it but-

    Dawn: Don't tell me it's hopeless.

    Dawn continues looking straight ahead. Siobhan stops. Dawn carries on walking. Dawn stops and turns around.

    Siobhan: Maybe I wouldn't have to if you'd listen.

    Dawn: Well I'm sorry but I'm not giving up. That's the one thing Chris told me never to lose. Hope. If there's even the slightest chance he's here ? I'm not gonna stop looking.

    Siobhan: Until you find him? What if he really isn't here? You can't keep looking forever Dawn. What if you're just wasting your time.

    Dawn looks upset.

    Dawn: You didn't have to come.

    She turns around and carries on walking. Siobhan looks upset.

    Cut to the others with Alenya.

    Alenya: It's true that my own people are not 100% innocent in this. There was a lot of hatred towards any with demon blood in them. Those who felt most strongly acted and this is the result. I wish that we could've lived together side by side. But you must understand, I will not stand by and watch them destroy this world.

    Giles: We do understand. Things aren't so different in our own politics. But are you completely sure they're serious about this? Surely destroying the planet wouldn't benefit them at all.
    Alenya: They are capable of dimensional travel themselves. This world, to them, is only temporary.

    Everyone looks worried.

    Alenya: But, uh, on the bright side, I may have found a way of finding them.

    Buffy: Oh, good.

    Alenya smiles but then her smile fades as she looks around.

    Alenya: Someone's missing.

    Buffy: Oh Dawn and Siobhan - they went out. Dawn's had a pretty rough time recently and?what?

    Alenya looks shocked. She stares at Buffy.

    Alenya: They're not safe out there.

    Cut to Dawn walking into a building. It seems to be a restaurant of some kind. A few people are sat at tables. Siobhan appears behind her.

    Siobhan: Don't you think we should be getting back? Alenya's probably returned by now.

    Dawn: I just wanna look around. No harm in that.

    Siobhan: But-

    Dawn: You can go back if you want.

    She walks forward.

    Dawn: Doesn't look like there's any demons around-

    She bumps into someone. Her eyes widen as she sees its Jake. Siobhan looks shocked too. He smiles as he recognises Dawn.
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      ACT III

      Open on Buffy, Alenya and co. hurriedly walking down the same path Dawn and Siobhan had earlier.

      Buffy: You mean there's actual terrorists wandering the streets?

      Alenya: Possibly. If they see Dawn?they'll know she's new. They could do something.

      Giles: Why didn't you tell us this before?

      Alenya: I didn't think you'd be going anywhere. Look I'm sure they can't have gone far, they might just be-

      Alenya walks into the restaurant and sees Dawn and Siobhan standing with Jake.

      Alenya: Here.

      Buffy looks shocked as she sees Jake standing next to Dawn. He smiles. The others look shocked to.

      Dawn: Buffy?

      Jake: Well, well. Isn't this a nice surprise?

      Buffy: You?

      Jake: Me. Well not just me. Luce'll be here in a minute or so.

      Buffy: Dawn get behind me.

      Jake: Don't worry, if we wanted you dead, at least right now, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

      Alenya: Buffy how do you know this man?

      Jake: Less of the "man", thanks. I'm way past that.

      Buffy: He uh, he's from our world.

      Jake: We're not exactly best mates mind.

      Buffy: What are you doing here Jake?

      Jake: We owe it all to you in fact. That portal didn't just swallow up lover boy.

      Dawn narrows her eyes.

      Jake: Got us too.

      Xander: Well gosh, we were really hoping that the cave woulda' crushed you all.

      Jake narrows his eyes at Xander.

      Siobhan: But wait if you survived-

      Faith: That means Chris might have too.

      Dawn looks at Faith and smiles.

      Jake: Wouldn't count on it children. He's not here at least. We've got this planet in our grasp.

      Alenya: What do you mean? I've lived here all my life there's no way that?

      Jake smiles. Alenya looks shocked.

      Willow: What is it?

      Alenya: He?he's part of the terrorist movement.

      [I[Everyone looks at Jake.[/I]

      Jake: Wow, that was pretty fast. Not fast enough though. You can't stop this. Soon this world will be dead. Like certain other worlds will be in due time.

      Buffy: We stopped you before. We can stop you again.

      Jake: Good luck with that. But I must be off ? got a planet to destroy.

      Alenya: Why are you doing this? This world has nothing to do with you.

      Jake: That's where you're wrong. But if you think this is the part where I tell you all our evil plans ? you're outta luck. However you can see the big show in a few hours.

      Luce appears next to Jake.

      Jake: Luce. Right on time.

      Luce: Thanks hun. And hi guys, nice to see you all again. Bet you're really kicking yourselves you didn't finish us all last time.

      Faith: We didn't huh? So where's Clare?

      Luce: I dunno. And quite frankly I don't care. What can I say? Three's a crowd.

      Jake: We don't need her anymore.

      Buffy: So Luce, you pumped him full of your own personality. Got rid of the others so you could have him just as you wanted him.

      Luce: Yep, there's been a whole lot of pumping.

      Luce smiles at Buffy who looks a little disgusted. Buffy stares at Luce.

      Buffy: You won't-

      Luce: Save the speech Slayer. You'll probably be spending the next hours or so trying to stop us, but that's not gonna happen this time. It's been fun.

      She kisses Jake on the lips and they both fade. Buffy looks serious. The other few people in the restaurant get up and run away. Alenya looks sad.

      Alenya: I'm sorry to bring you here for nothing.

      Buffy turns to Alenya.

      Buffy: No. We've beaten them before we can beat them again.

      Xander: Can we?

      Buffy frowns at Xander.

      Xander: Hey I'm not saying it's impossible or anything but we don't even know where to start looking. And we only have a few hours to stop them. If we don't then we all die. Shouldn't?you know ? maybe we should, uh?

      Alenya: I know what you're trying to say. You think you should be trying to find a way home. I don't blame you for that ? you owe this world nothing. I brought you here without even thinking about how you'd get back. I'm sorry.

      She walks away.

      Buffy: Alenya wait.

      Alenya stops.

      Buffy: We said we'd fight with you. And we will.

      Andrew: So we're not going to try and get home?

      Buffy: There are enough of us here to do both at the same time. Willow do you think you might be able to find a way?

      Willow: I guess it would be possible?but it would require a lot of power.

      Buffy: Do you have enough?

      Willow: I, uh, I don't think so.

      Buffy looks uncertain.

      Alenya: There?there may be something that can help you. A weapon kept by my people. It's supposed to have great power within it.

      Willow: Oh, ok, then I'd probably be able to tap into it.

      Kennedy: I'll go with her.

      Buffy: Kennedy I need you in the fight.

      Willow: I'll be fine.

      Kennedy frowns slightly.

      Buffy: Siobhan, Kelly, Faith, you're with me too. The rest of you should go with Willow. If this fails?you shouldn't have to pay the price.

      Siobhan: Can I just ask?what are we gonna do? We don't know where Jake, Luce and Clare even are.

      Buffy pauses.

      Buffy: I might. Alenya I need to talk to you about where these guys might be, but can you take Willow and the others to the weapon?

      Alenya: Yes.

      Buffy: Right then. Are you ready?

      Lloyd: Frankly?no.

      Giles: We're talking an awful lot of guesswork here Buffy.

      Buffy: Look trust me. I'm sorry that I can't tell you everything, but remember we're working with a pretty short time-scale here.

      Faith: Buffy's got a point. Last time we were in this situation, she was right. We threw her out then and I almost ended up dead. I think we should just go for it.

      Buffy smiles at Faith.

      Willow: I'm up for trying, at least.

      Kelly: Me too.

      Giles sighs. He nods.

      Buffy: Ok. Then we can do this.

      Alenya: Thank you.

      Willow walks out the door. Alenya waits by the door and so does Giles.

      Giles: Buffy, a quick word?

      He and Buffy walk over to the corner.

      Giles: Are you sure that asking Willow to always sort these things out is the best option?

      Buffy: It's our only option.

      Giles: There are other ways.

      Buffy: Then please tell me them.

      Giles: I just think we should think about the affects all this might have on Willow. She can never completely recover from what she's been through and using powerful magic so frequently can hardly be helping.

      Buffy: I know. Believe me, if there was a choice between using, and not using magic, I'd be first in line in the "not using" section. But there isn't Giles. If it comes between all of us dying, and Willow using magic ? I'm gonna have to try and save us.

      Giles: Alright. But don't ever force Willow to go further than she wants to.

      Buffy looks hurt. Giles walks out. The camera shows Kennedy standing nearby. She frowns, as she has overheard Buffy and Giles. Buffy walks over to Alenya and the Slayers.

      Kelly: So you know where they are Buffy?

      Buffy: I might do. Alenya, have you checked that lone mountain over there?

      Buffy is looking out of the window at the mountain she saw when she and other others first arrived.

      Alenya: Uh, no ? anyone who's ever approached it hasn't come back. There are no survivors to say why.

      Buffy: Sounds like a pretty good place to start an apocalypse to me.

      Cut to Buffy, Alenya and the other Slayers approaching the mountain.

      Kelly: Are we sure this is such a great idea?

      Alenya: Yes?I mean when I say there are no survivors that's what I mean. It's a death trap.

      Buffy: Hmm.

      Buffy walks forward.

      Kennedy: Buffy!

      Faith: Hang on. Buffy knows what she's doing. Right?

      Buffy: It doesn't make sense. There's no bodies, skeletons or anything. If so many people died here then where are they?

      Buffy picks up a rock. She throws it in front of her. Nothing happens. Buffy turns back to the others.

      Buffy: Guess it must be something-

      A clawed hand appears from under the ground and grabs the stone. It disappears underneath with it. Buffy's eyes widen. Then she looks serious. She walks back and begins to run forward.

      Kelly: Wait!

      Buffy jumps upwards. The two claws reach upwards. In mid air Buffy rips them of their arms. The arms fall to each side and begin to shrivel up. Buffy lands next to them and smiles at the others.

      Siobhan: That?was excellent.

      Buffy grins. Alenya smiles.

      Alenya: I'll go back to the others.

      Buffy: Ok. We shouldn't be too long.

      Alenya nods and walks away Buffy looks upwards.

      Buffy: Time to storm this place.
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        ACT IV

        Open on Buffy and the other Slayers walking into a small opening in the cliffside.

        Faith: They've really got a thing about caves huh?

        Buffy: Looks like they've had to lower their budget.

        The lights suddenly flash on. Buffy blinks, looking shocked. Jake and Luce are standing in front of them, along with at least twenty demons.

        Jake: Slayers. Just what we needed.

        Kennedy: Guess this wasn't such a great hiding place after all.

        Luce: Maybe not. But hey, just cos you've found us doesn't mean you've won. Which you haven't got a hope in hell of doing by the way.

        Siobhan: Wanna bet?

        Luce: Sorry babe ? us winning's pretty much a dead cert.

        Buffy: It's not over till-

        Luce: Do it!

        One of the demons slams a knife into a slot in the wall. Energy builds up next to it and blasts through the wall. Buffy and co. look shocked.

        Luce: You were saying?
        Cut to the energy beam hitting a large meteor. It changes course and flies directly towards the planet. Cut back to Buffy and co. Buffy looks out the opening and sees the meteor growing ever closer. Buffy looks at Luce and Luce smiles at her.

        Luce: Guess you can't save ?em all.

        Buffy narrows her eyes and rushes at Luce. Luce blasts Buffy into the wall with her magic.

        Luce: Hey is that really necessary. I think you have more important things to do than fight me. Save the world perhaps? Anyway we'll be going since this is one show I could do with missing. If you survive this ? see ya!

        Luce and Jake disappear. The demons in the cave approach Buffy and the others.

        Kelly: Buffy what are we gonna do?

        Buffy looks out of the opening again. The meteor is very close now.

        Buffy: We fight.

        Buffy punches one of the demons out of her way. Faith kicks another in the face, as Siobhan punches two either side of her. Kelly ducks a swipe from one, and punches it twice. Kennedy pushes several out of her way. Cut to Buffy running out of the cave with the others behind her. She sees the meteor flying overhead.

        Buffy: Quickly!

        Cut to Alenya staring outside. People are running around screaming. The meteor is flying towards them. Dawn and Xander are standing with her. Dawn watches the people running.

        Dawn: Chris could be one of them.

        Alenya looks at the ground.

        Alenya: It's too late. I failed.

        Xander opens his mouth but doesn't know what to say.

        Xander: Will, you better hurry.

        Willow and the others appear.

        Willow: I know.

        She is holding the scythe. Willow closes her eyes. White light appears around her and on the scythe. She screws up her eyes and suddenly they burst open, shining white. Energy builds up. Buffy rushes up to the scene followed by Kennedy, Faith, Siobhan and Kelly.

        Buffy: Guys?

        She looks at Willow.

        Buffy: What? Is that-

        Energy blasts outwards knocking everyone over. In front of Willow a large glowing portal appears. Kennedy rushes over to Willow who looks exhausted. Giles looks shocked, as does everyone except Alenya who looks sad. The meteor flies over the mountains.

        Alenya: It's happening.

        Buffy: Alenya?I'm-

        Alenya: Wait. Willow.! She, she could try and stop the force of the impact, save at least this part of the planet.

        Kennedy: She's exhausted! She can't do anything to help. None of us can.

        Alenya: But?it's the only way. Otherwise?

        Buffy: Alenya we tried. I'm sorry but-

        Alenya: But what? You want to get back home. I know. I said I can accept my own death ? and I can. But not the deaths of millions. They're innocent they?they deserve to live. Their deaths will be for nothing!

        Dawn looks at Alenya.

        Dawn: My fianc?e died recently. And at first I thought his death was for nothing. But then I realised he died to save me. All of us.

        Alenya: I'm sorry you lost him. But how can these deaths be for anything I?

        A tear runs down Alenya's face. As it falls to the ground it turns solid. Everyone looks at it. Suddenly the earth shakes. An explosion can be seen on the horizon.

        Giles: Alenya's tears?

        Alenya: What?

        Giles: She was betrayed by her people. She sacrificed herself to save them.

        Buffy: Giles?

        Giles: I remember seeing it written.

        The tear glows. Another tear falls. Then the final one. All three glow together. Alenya looks up.

        Alenya: Then?then it is my death that makes the difference?

        Buffy is about to speak but then she sees a shockwave speeding towards them. Her eyes widen.

        Buffy: Guys!

        Everyone looks. They start running through the portal. Soon only Buffy, Dawn, Kennedy and Willow remain.

        Willow: Buffy I don't think I can hold the portal from the other side. You have to go first.

        Buffy looks at Alenya. Alenya looks back.

        Buffy: I'm-

        Alenya: Sorry? I'm not. Go.

        A wave of energy explodes forward from the tears next to Alenya. It collides with the shockwave in the distance and it is stopped. Alenya exhales deeply as the power of the tears overwhelms her. Dawn looks tearful. She runs through the portal. Buffy is still staring at Alenya. Alenya smiles at Buffy before becoming overwhelmed altogether. In the distance the shockwave has gone. People stop running and start cheering. Willow puts her hand on Buffy's shoulder.

        Willow: We have to go. It's weakening.

        Buffy nods. She, Willow and Kennedy walk through the portal. It fades to white.

        Cut to everyone back in the kitchen in the Summers' house. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Cut to Buffy sitting with Willow, Kennedy, Giles and Dawn at the table. The scythe is lying on the table.

        Buffy: So what are we thinking? This is a different staff, or-

        Willow: No. No I think that this is the same staff. Just in another dimension. With Alenya dying like that, like it said in the prophecies, and us with the scythe now?I think what happened?had already happened. It was meant to happen.

        Buffy frowns and stares at the scythe. Dawn gets up.

        Buffy: Dawn, are you-

        Dawn: I'm ok. I think I just need to lie down.

        Buffy nods. Cut to Dawn walking into her room. She sees the ring Chris gave her on the table. She walks over to it and picks it up. She sits on the bed and then rests her head against the pillow. Cut to the other side of the bed ? empty. Dawn slowly puts the ring on her finger. She closes her eyes and clutches her hand together tightly.

        THE END
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