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Buffy Episode 8.16 160. Heaven's Tears

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  • Buffy Episode 8.16 160. Heaven's Tears

    Hi, this is the sixteenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.16 160. Heaven's Tears

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Dawn: I'm pregnant. I just can't let it go.

    Cut to Dawn being pushed over. Cut to her trousers with blood trickling down them.

    Chris/Willow: How long's this been going on?

    Dawn/Stephen: I think, uh, a month maybe.

    Chris/Willow: Dawn you could be seriously ill! Our baby, could die. I know I had doubts. But then I didn't expect to fall in love with someone like you. It's still you that I love.

    Dawn/Stephen: I will do something.

    Chris/Willow: And I'll help you. Whatever it takes.

    Buffy/Andrew VO: Right now we have a more immediate problem.

    Cut to Luce. Cut to John. Cut to Clare. Cut to Jake.

    John: Keep in mind Luce that Jake is our warrior. Do not try and encourage him with your lustful feelings.

    Cut to Clare smiling at Luce. Cut to Luce looking angry.

    Buffy: Dawn's pregnant now, I have to be supportive.

    Faith: You are. You will be. But we have to deal with the guys that are still out there.

    Buffy looks out of the window.

    Buffy: Yeah?all of them.


    ACT I

    Open on a demon slowly walking along. Another demon walks up to him.

    Demon #2: Do you sense something?

    The first demon sniffs the air.

    Demon #1: You're just smelling things, now stop pestering me.

    Demon #2: Well I tell ya; there's something nearby.

    Demon#1: Would you just-

    The wall blasts inwards burying both the demons under rubble. Several other demons rush up. The camera shows Clare, Luce and Jake standing in the space. The demons growl.

    Clare: Goodbye.

    Clare flicks her wrists and the necks of all the demons snap. Jake smiles.

    Luce: What happened to "let's share the killing"?

    Clare: We are in a hurry, there was no time to prolong the battle.

    Luce: Yeah, yeah. Where's this stone anyway.

    Jake: Here.

    Jake is looking at a statue. It is holding a light blue, tear-shaped stone between its hands.

    Clare: At last!

    Clare walks up to the statue. She seems to bow to it. Luce narrows her eyebrows.

    Luce: What the hell are-

    Clare: Silence!

    Clare places one hand over the stone. She closes her eyes. It glows. The statue's hands part and the stone rises in the air. Clare puts out her hands and seems to carry the stone within them in mid-air.
    Luce: Wow?that's almost awe-inspiring.

    Clare: You have no idea what this is.

    Luce: Well why don't you educate me then?

    Clare: Because we have already talked about this earlier Luce. It is one of the three Tears of Alenya.

    Jake: Alenya?she sacrificed herself to save her people, and ascended to heaven.

    Clare: Yes. Her sacrifice shook the world. Now her tears will shake the world once more. Before drying up all together.

    Luce: You mean-

    Clare: Yes ? we're going to finish this world once and for all.

    She smiles at Luce. Luce shrugs.

    Luce: Fun.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    LANI TUPU - John

    Open on Buffy, Willow, Kennedy, Faith, Xander, Giles and Siobhan sitting in chairs in a hospital waiting room. They all look anxious.

    Xander: Do you think they'll be much longer?

    Buffy: I don't know.

    Xander: Do these things really take this long?

    Buffy: Well I don't really know, I've never seen an ultrasound first hand but yeah, I guess they do.

    Kennedy: My friend had one, they were in the room a while.

    Xander: Well they should be quicker. It's not the most complicated thing in the world.

    Giles: Xander this isn't a normal check-up ultrasound. They're looking for something specific. They need to be sure that they know if there is a problem and if so how serious it is. It can't be rushed, for Dawn's sake and her child's.

    Everyone looks sombre.

    Xander: I know. I'm sorry. It's just this waiting?we don't even know what we're waiting for.

    Faith: Well soon we will. Just need to prepare for whatever.

    Buffy looks worried. Cut to a shot of everyone. Giles looks up and notices something.

    Giles: Buffy.

    Buffy looks up and gets up. The camera moves around to show a female doctor walking towards them.

    Buffy: Doctor?

    Female doctor: Hello Ms. Summers. The ultrasounds over and both Dawn and Chris know the situation. I uh, I'd like to speak to you about it with them.

    Buffy: Oh?ok, sure. Guys, I'll tell you about it soon.

    Buffy follows the doctor down a corridor. The others look after them.

    Giles: It'll be fine.

    Cut to the doctor opening a door. Buffy walks in and sees Dawn.

    Buffy: Dawn!

    She and Dawn hug gently.

    Dawn: I'm glad you're here.

    Chris smiles but looks worried still. Buffy and Dawn stop hugging and Buffy looks at the doctor.

    Buffy: So, uh, what are we dealing with.

    Female doctor: Well, Dawn has a healthy baby, which is the most important thing.

    Buffy smiles.

    Female doctor: A baby girl, to be exact.

    Dawn smiles slightly.

    Buffy: That's great.

    Dawn looks worried.

    Buffy: There's something wrong?

    Female doctor: Uh?the ultrasound showed several areas of scared tissue in the womb.

    Buffy: What does that mean?

    Dawn: It means?that I could lose her.

    Buffy turns to Dawn. She looks shocked.

    Female doctor: The likelihood of a miscarriage occurring at five months into the pregnancy is still-

    Buffy: How likely?

    The doctor hesitates.

    Female doctor: There's a 30% chance.

    Buffy looks away. She looks at Dawn.

    Buffy: 30%? That's like?

    Chris: Less than a third.

    Buffy: Sorry I don't share your optimism.

    Female doctor: Chris is right, it could be much worse; Dawn's incredibly lucky considering the extent of the damage

    Buffy looks at Dawn. Dawn looks back and smiles slightly.

    Dawn: Don't worry Buffy.

    Buffy: How can I not?

    Dawn: If this is meant to be?it'll happen.

    The doctor look sympathetic. Chris puts his hand on Dawn's shoulder.

    Buffy: Uh, how was the damage caused do you think?

    Female doctor: I really couldn't be specific, but um, if Dawn has had a fall or any sudden pressure against her stomach then that could easily have caused it.

    Buffy looks at Dawn. She looks shocked. Dawn looks at Chris who looks grave.

    Cut to the front door of the Summers' house opening. Buffy walks through followed by Dawn and the others. Stephen and Kelly appear.

    Kelly: Hey.

    Buffy: (quietly) Hey.

    Stephen: We uh, we made dinner.

    Dawn: Thanks, that's sweet.

    There is a short silence.

    Faith: Well personally I'm starving and not gonna see good food go to waste.

    Faith walks into the kitchen.

    Xander: I'm with her.

    Willow: Yeah I'm kinda hungry too.

    Dawn: It's ok you guys, you can go eat if you want. I'll eat something soon, but uh, right now I'm feeling kinda fragile.

    Willow: Right, well you know if you need anything.

    Dawn: I'll have a lot of people to help me, I know. Now go eat.

    Willow smiles. She, Kennedy and Xander follow Faith in the kitchen. Kelly follows them.

    Giles: I'll uh, I'll join them. Are you going to bed Dawn?

    Dawn: Yeah it's late, I'm tired. Unlike her.

    Dawn laughs slightly. Buffy looks at her sadly.

    Dawn: Buffy?

    Buffy: Please don't say it's gonna be ok. Because there's a 30% chance it won't be.

    Buffy walks off to her room. Dawn frowns slightly.

    Siobhan: She's got a point.

    Dawn: Yeah, well?I can't do anything about it so there's no use getting all worked up. Things happen, and I just hope that certain things won't.

    Siobhan smiles and they hug. Chris smiles too. Siobhan walks into the kitchen. Dawn looks at Chris.

    Chris: So what do you want to do?

    Dawn: You know I think I'm gonna go to bed. Long day, and I'm pretty tired.

    Chris: Right. Well if you need anything-

    Dawn: Actually I do. I need you to be with me.

    Chris smiles.

    Dawn: I know it probably sounds selfish?but I need to keep telling myself I'm not alone in this.

    Chris: Well you're not.

    Dawn and Chris smile at each other and walk up the stairs.

    Cut to Willow getting some food from the fridge. She closes the fridge door and see a package on top of it. She looks at it and sees it's addressed to her. Kennedy walks up to her.

    Kennedy: What's that?

    Willow: I dunno. It's addressed to me but I don't know what it could be.

    Kennedy: All I can say is that it better not stop time and start destroying the house.

    Willow: Good point, especially since it's kinda just appeared.

    Kelly walks to the fridge.

    Kelly: Oh, Willow that package arrived this morning, while you were all out.

    Willow: Oh?well I guess that makes it a little less suspicious. I'll look at it later; there are more important things right now.

    The camera remains fixed on the package as Willow puts it down.

    Cut to Buffy sat on the step of the back door. Giles walks out and sees her. He looks serious and sits beside her.

    Buffy: Giles you don't have to sit here to comfort me.

    Giles: Someone has to.

    Buffy: This is happening to Dawn, not me.

    Giles: That doesn't mean you don't feel just as bad. You once told me Dawn was more than just a sister to you.

    Buffy looks at Giles.

    Giles: I didn't listen to you then. But I can see now. Anything she goes through, you're bound to feel as well.

    Buffy: Maybe I feel bad for her?but I can't begin to feel the weight of that child.

    Giles puts his hand on Buffy's shoulder.

    Buffy: Remember last year? I told you I'd kill Dawn if I had to, to save the world.

    Giles: Yes.

    Buffy: Now?I don't think I could even hurt her. More than I already have done.

    Giles: Buffy, you mustn't blame yourself for what's happening. Like you said you wouldn't even hurt Dawn, you're her protector and you'll go on being.

    Buffy: Maybe. But?I think I am to blame for what's happening.

    Giles: What? How?

    Buffy: When, when the Rogue Slayers attacked the house about a month ago, things were bad.

    Giles: Yes, I know. But what does that have to-

    Buffy: I pushed Dawn out the way of the Slayers' fire. She fell and?I can only think that's how it started.

    Giles frowns and stares at Buffy. Buffy looks at the ground. A tear streams down her cheek. Giles looks at the ground too. He then looks at Buffy and puts his arm round her.

    Giles: At least?it's not the end of world.

    The camera zooms out showing Clare looking at Giles and Buffy through her mirror. She smiles.

    Clare: Not yet.

    John appears behind her.

    John: Clare.

    Clare turns around and smiles sweetly.

    Clare: John. What a pleasant surprise.

    John: Hardly. I hear you've taken it upon yourself to try at your own apocalypse.

    Clare: Only a small apocalypse.

    John: That's not the point. You know The Judge's orders, we are not to attempt anything without-

    Clare: Her permission? Clearly John you have not been paying attention.

    John frowns.

    John: What do you mean?

    Clare smiles.

    Clare: I've been speaking with The Judge as a matter of fact.

    John: What!? I am the liaison!

    Clare: Not anymore. The Judge agreed that the idea of an apocalypse was most?enterprising.

    John: I don't believe you.

    Clare: I'm sorry. Not that it matters.

    Clare pushes her hand forward. John suddenly winces as his head raises forward.

    John: What?are?you doing?

    Clare: The Judge also said that now that Jake has so much power?others are expendable.

    John's eyes widen.

    Clare: I'm sorry John.

    Clare flicks her wrist. John's neck snaps. Clare pulls her hand away and his body falls in a crumpled heap.

    Clare: We just don't need you anymore.

    Clare turns back to the mirror. She lifts up Alenya's tear and smiles.
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    ACT II

    Open on Andrew and Lloyd walking through the front door of the Summers' house in the morning.

    Andrew: Hey guys.

    Siobhan appears.

    Siobhan: Andrew!

    Andrew: Hey Siobhan.

    She smiles at seeing him. She sees Lloyd and her smile fades slightly. She forces a smile.

    Siobhan: And Lloyd?hi.

    Lloyd: Yes, hey indeed.

    He smiles. There is a short silence.

    Andrew: So uh, how's Dawn?

    Siobhan: She's sleeping right now.

    Andrew: Right. But is she, you know, worried?

    Siobhan: She says she isn't but I think she might just be saying that to stop everyone else worrying.

    Andrew: And are you?

    Siobhan: Kinda. Buffy definitely is.

    There is a silence.

    Lloyd: You know, I best be heading home, there's a lot going on here, I'm probably just getting in the way.

    Andrew: Lloyd you don't have to go.

    Lloyd: Maybe I don't have to but I'm gonna anyway. I don't know everyone else here that well and I'd feel a little awkward getting involved. I'll see you later?gimme a call when you're free.

    Andrew nods. Lloyd smiles at him.

    Lloyd: See ya later Siobhan.

    Lloyd walks out. Andrew looks a little sad. Siobhan bites her lip. The telephone rings. The camera moves past Siobhan and Andrew to the kitchen. Giles picks up the phone.

    Giles: Hello? Oh?it's you.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy in the living room.

    Kennedy: Do you think Dawn's gonna be ok?

    Willow: I really don't know.

    Kennedy: Isn't there?I dunno, a spell you could do to protect the baby.

    Willow: As a rule, that kinda thing is really not recommended.

    Kennedy: But it's possible?

    Willow: Well, maybe but Kennedy-

    Kennedy stands up.

    Kennedy: Why don't we try then? I'm not gonna just look on while Dawn loses her baby.

    Willow: You think you're the only one feeling like that?

    Kennedy looks away.

    Willow: I really wish that I could do something. But the last time I tried averting the natural order, I ended up taking my best friend out of heaven. I know this isn't the same, but I can't risk it.

    Kennedy: How do we know this is the natural order?

    Kennedy sits down. Willow puts her hands on Kennedy's.

    Willow: We don't. If Dawn has the baby, and it survives ? then that's what meant to happen. But we won't know until it happens.

    Kennedy looks at Willow.

    Kennedy: You're right. Sorry to snap.

    Willow: It's ok. Things are pretty tense?I'm sure everyone's losing it a little bit.

    Cut back to Giles on the phone.

    Giles: Yes I'm afraid it does make a difference if you're still working for them. It means we can't trust you?I'm sure you'll find some way of saving her thanks to all your resources.

    Giles slams the phone on the hook. He looks angry.

    Buffy OS: Who was that?

    Giles turns around. Buffy is standing at the doorway.

    Giles: Uh just someone trying to sell us something.

    Buffy: Oh I hate those.

    Giles: Hmm. Buffy, uh I've been doing a little research into anything Clare, Jake and company might be planning.

    Buffy: Great. So, anything major?

    Giles: Well?yes. There are three stones known as Alenya's tears. To cut a long story short, Alenya sacrificed herself to save her people ? she was betrayed by those she trusted but still died to save them. She ascended to heaven and supposedly left these stones behind.

    Buffy: Why?

    Giles: No one knows. What is known however is that within the stones is great power. With the right rituals they can potentially destroy-

    Buffy: -the world?

    Giles: Yes.

    Buffy: Great. On top of everything. But why do you think Alenya or whatever is connected to Clare and the others?

    Giles: One of the tears ? kept deep within a heavily guarded fortress was taken recently. I've had a few phone calls with members of the council nearby. They saw the fortress sunk into the earth, but the few survivors mentioned a silver woman, a man with god-like strength and um, a heavily sarcastic witch.

    Buffy: That sounds like our resident psychos.

    Giles: I'm afraid it does.

    Buffy: So you know where these other two tears are?

    Giles: One of them?possibly. The other I don't have a clue about.

    Buffy: Well we'll have just have to hope they don't either and go and to find this other one.

    Giles: I'll have to talk to a few people-

    Buffy: Right. I'll um, I'll let the others know what we're dealing with.

    Buffy walks away.

    Giles: Buffy.

    Buffy stops walking and turns around.

    Buffy: Are you gonna tell me we can still win?

    Giles: Yes. Because it's true.

    Buffy: Maybe. But somewhere along the line we're gonna lose.

    Buffy turns around and walks away. Giles looks serious.

    Cut to Dawn lying over the covers of the bed. Chris is lying next to her, resting his head on his arm and stroking her hair. Dawn opens her eyes and turns over with a start. Chris pulls his hand away.

    Chris: Sorry.

    Dawn: Don't worry. It was a bad dream, not you.

    Chris: Bad dream?

    Dawn: It doesn't matter.

    Dawn sits up.

    Dawn: See? All better.

    Chris smiles. Dawn smiles back.

    Dawn: I'm guessing it's morning?

    Chris: About an hour ago it still would have been.

    Dawn smiles.

    Dawn: Oh.

    Chris: You needed the rest.

    Dawn: Yeah, wouldn't wanna be tired when?

    Dawn stops herself. Chris' smile fades. He sits up too.

    Chris: Dawn, we don't know for sure it's gonna happen. You said yourself it's unlikely.

    Dawn: I know. But it happens in my nightmares. And I can try and make everyone else believe it's ok?but I don't think I can convince myself.

    Chris: Well I believe that you're strong enough to get through this.

    He places his hand on Dawn's stomach.
    Chris: This child?it's ours. Now not meaning to sound bigheaded or anything but I've had a bit of power in my time.

    Dawn: But I haven't really had-

    Chris: Yes. You have. Your courage. And your wisdom.

    Dawn looks tearful.

    Chris: They are what keep you going. And I know that any child with half of what you have will be able to get through this.

    Dawn smiles and she and Chris kiss.

    Chris: And when it does ? we can a family.

    Dawn: I'd like that. More than anything. There's just a lot in the way right now. Not that I don't feel close to you, it's just that-

    Dawn stops mid-sentence. Chris is holding a box.

    Chris: Closer?

    Dawn looks at Chris in disbelief.

    Dawn: Oh my god. Is this what I think it is?

    Chris: Open it and find out.

    Dawn smiles and takes the box. She opens it. A simple ring with a small tear-shaped diamond is in it. Dawn looks at Chris and smiles widely.

    Chris: You've been saying about being a couple. A family. And yeah at first it looked daunting. But this child ? it's proof. Proof that things are coming together. For the better. It's gonna tough, like you said before. But, Dawn, I know that as a family we can get through anything. I told you I'd do whatever it takes. Well this seemed like a good place to start.

    Chris smiles at Dawn. Dawn smiles too and looks down at the ring.

    Dawn: Chris?I?wow, I, I don't know what to say.

    Chris: I can think of one possibility.

    Chris smiles and raises his eyebrows. Dawn laughs nervously and then looks more relaxed. She nods her head.

    Dawn: Yes.

    She smiles more widely.

    Dawn: I will. I want to.

    Chris smiles back. He and Dawn kiss more passionately.

    Dawn: But you know, after all the gloom and doom.

    Chris: There's an after?

    Dawn: Well, ok, maybe not after but-

    Chris: Once things look a little brighter?

    Dawn: They do already.

    They smile at one another. There is a knock at the bedroom door.

    Dawn: Come in.

    Buffy walks in.

    Buffy: Hey guys. Dawn, uh, how are you?

    Dawn: Better, after the rest.

    Buffy: I'm glad.

    She smiles at Dawn.

    Dawn: So what's happening?

    Buffy: Well?I've got some less than great news.

    Chris and Dawn look anxious.

    Cut to Clare looking at the mirror.

    Clare: We aren't we a clever Slayer.

    She turns around to face Luce and Jake.

    Clare: They are on their way.

    Lucy: Are they crazy? Don't they remember they way we pummelled their faces in last time.

    Jake: Sounds like fun.

    Lucy: Really is.

    She and Jake smile at each other seductively. Clare's smile fades and her eyes narrow slightly.

    Clare: We need to get to the cave immediately Luce.

    Luce turns to Clare and smiles.

    Luce: I just wanna ask ? are you sure you're killing the right people Clare? I mean John's pretty dead, after you snapped his neck.

    Clare: John was no longer in this.

    Luce: Well he definitely aint now.

    Clare: It doesn't matter just do the spell.

    Luce: Fine, fine.

    Luce closes her eyes. Clare, Jake and Luce disappear.

    Cut to Buffy standing in front of Xander, Kelly, Willow, Kennedy, Stephen, Faith, Siobhan and Andrew.

    Buffy: So that's what we're dealing with.

    Xander: Right. Well you know, apocalypse beware, we're coming for ya.

    Kelly: When you say apocalypse?that's not a metaphor for something less terrifying.

    Buffy: Yeah sorry.

    Willow: And after eight they're no less scary.

    Siobhan: Don't worry this is my first as well. But I'm sure it won't be my last.

    Buffy: That's why we have to go now ? or it could be.

    Faith: Well I know I'm up for kicking some psycho ass.

    Andrew: I'm kinda not.

    Buffy: Yeah, Andrew you should stay here. Dawn and Chris are staying as well. Giles has to come because of directions. But I think maybe it would be best if Xander and Stephen ? you guys stay here too.

    Xander: Again?

    Buffy: Xander-

    Xander: No, it's fine, wouldn't wanna crash your apocalypse party now.

    Xander sighs.

    Xander: Good luck.

    Stephen: Yes. I'm sure that it won't be a problem.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: Thanks. Everyone that's going ? let's go.

    Buffy opens the front door. Willow and Kennedy follow her. Kelly hesitates and turns to Xander.

    Kelly: It'll be ok.

    Xander: I hope so.

    Kelly kisses Xander on the cheek. She smiles at him. Xander smiles back.

    Kelly: In case I die.

    Xander looks sad. Kelly walks away.

    Cut to Giles, Buffy, Kennedy, Faith, Willow, Siobhan and Kelly walking up to edge of a large, abandoned quarry.

    Buffy: This is it?

    Giles: Yes. The shrine is at the bottom.

    Cut to Faith jumping down the last ledge. Giles walks towards the shrine entrance and holds up a torch.

    Giles: This looks like the place.

    Buffy looks back at the others.

    Buffy: No pressure guys but if we don't get this we might all die.

    Everyone looks anxious.

    Faith: Thanks for boosting the moral B.

    Giles: Unfortunately she's right.
    Faith: Yeah. Well let's go.

    Faith walks ahead. Giles, Buffy and the others follow her. Giles shines the torch in the cave.

    Buffy: How the hell are we supposed to find anything in here?

    Kennedy: Maybe there's an alter or something?

    Giles: There should be. Wait.

    Giles flashes the torch on a pedestal. There is a small, tear-shaped space.

    Kelly: Oh.

    Siobhan: Does that mean-

    Buffy: We're too late.

    Light suddenly fills the area. Everyone shields their eyes. Buffy looks forward and her eyes widen. Clare is standing in front of them. She is holding both stones.

    Clare: Not quite.

    Clare looks around.

    Clare: Now this is a real shrine. The real place to keep something so powerful as this.

    Buffy: You haven't got them all.

    Clare: Yet. The last is nearby I can feel it. It's only a matter of time before we find it. And then, well, the end.

    Faith: Sorry silver surfer not that easy.

    Clare: Ah yes, I expect you think you can stop it just in the nick of time.

    Buffy: No ? we'll be stopping you now.

    Buffy gets her cross bow and shoots it at Clare. Clare stops it inches away from her neck. She looks at it inquisitively before flicking her wrist and shattering it.

    Clare: Try harder.

    Buffy: Will.

    Willow shoots her binding spell at Clare.

    Clare: Uh, not this time thank you.

    Clare pushes her hands forward. Buffy and co. fly back into the walls. Clare smiles as she walks up to Buffy.

    Clare: And you thought it would be so easy. I look forward to finishing this soon.

    Willow raises her hand. Clare winces as a large cut appears across her face. She looks angry.

    Clare: You will regret that later.

    Luce suddenly appears at the cave entrance.

    Luce: So we going?

    Clare: Yes.

    Clare turns around. Buffy gets up to rush after Clare. In slow motion Clare gently strides towards Luce. Buffy reaches out to stop Clare but she and Luce are already starting to fade. Buffy falls to the floor as Clare disappears completely. Buffy looks up. She looks devastated. Giles walks up to her and kneels down next to her.

    Giles: Buffy, it's, it's not over yet.

    Buffy look serious.

    Buffy: It will be soon.
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      ACT III

      Open on Buffy sitting at the kitchen table with Faith, Willow, Kennedy, Siobhan, Kelly and Stephen.

      Stephen: I'm sure that Giles will have better news about the whereabouts of the third tear after he's finished speaking to the council.

      Buffy: What if he doesn't? Clare might already know where it is. If so then we're screwed.

      Faith: Do we know how long it'd take for the world to end?

      Buffy: Giles says the power of the three tears together could blast open the continental shelf. And then the hellmouth would open.

      Siobhan: And then we all go to hell?

      Kennedy: Even if Clare does know where it is?she said it's nearby. Why don't we look?

      Buffy: It'd take too long. We'd be looking forever.

      Faith: So what? That's it? We're doomed? We're just gonna sit here and wait to die?

      Stephen: It doesn't exactly look very hopeful right now.

      Faith: Well I have a motto. It's called "live". While the world's still here I'm not going out without a fight. I know there's a lot to loose, but I've lost a lot and I'm not gonna stand by and loose any more. I say we take the fight to these guys. Now.

      Buffy smiles.

      Kennedy: We know where Clare's lair is. We could, you know, go there.

      Buffy: We could. But I dunno, after the way they kicked our asses last time and killed?

      Buffy looks sad. So does Willow.

      Faith: Yeah people have died. My boyfriend's one of them. But we can't let it drag us down.

      Kelly: Faith's right. There's still time.

      Buffy: Ok. I agree, things could be even worse than right now. We just have to wait for Giles?

      Buffy looks up. Giles is standing at the doorway.

      Buffy: Hey. Anything good? At all?

      Giles: Well from what I can tell, the last tear is also nearby. But its exact whereabouts are unknown. The good thing is ? I doubt even Clare knows where it is.

      Buffy: That's good. Means we have a little bit more time.

      Dawn OS: Time for what?

      Everyone turns their heads. Dawn and Chris are stood at the doorway.

      Buffy: Dawn?are you sure you-

      Dawn: Yeah I'm not gonna stay in bed anymore. Thought we should come down, find out what's happening with Clare

      Buffy: Right, well um?

      Chris: They got the stone didn't they?

      Buffy pauses.

      Buffy: Yeah.

      Dawn: So they win?

      Buffy: No, there's still one more tear but uh, we don't know where it is.

      Dawn: Then why aren't we trying to find it.

      Kennedy: Pretty much needle in a haystack situation. But a minute ago we were planning on taking the fight to Clare right?

      Buffy: Yeah. Yeah we were.

      Faith: Well then let's get an arsenal together or something.

      Buffy nods. Everyone gets up.

      Cut to Xander lying on his bead reading a magazine. Kelly walks in.

      Xander: Oh, hey.

      Kelly: Hey. Um, just coming to tell you that we're planning on going to find Clare.

      Xander: Right. Well since I know I'll be told to stay here, have fun with that.

      Kelly: Xander, you don't have Slayer strength. You know that Clare could kill you in one second. She could kill any of us probably.

      Xander: I just wanna be able to contribute somehow. Even if I went along I know I'd just get in the way or whatever. I feel powerless.

      Kelly sits next to Xander.

      Kelly: Well I don't think you are. It might not seem that you have any super powers, but you do. Your super power is your heart. You keep everyone together even when it's tough. Don't think for a second people don't see that.

      Xander smiles at Kelly.

      Xander: Thanks. I remember saying something similar to Dawn.

      Kelly: Well she's strong too. Everyone here is. Otherwise we wouldn't be fighting for good like this. You know when I was fighting with Kass, she made it seem like we had a cause; well we never really did. This is a cause worth fighting for. I never realised the battles you have to fight. You face death almost every day. But you're still fighting. You're still strong.

      Xander smiles widely.

      Xander: Wow. Didn't see that coming.

      Kelly smiles back. She moves closer to Xander. They kiss slightly. After a few seconds Xander moves away.

      Xander: That either.

      Kelly laughs nervously.

      Kelly: Sorry.

      Xander: There's nothing to be sorry about. I'll see you off downstairs.

      Cut to Faith swinging a sword in the kitchen. Everyone is sorting out weapons. Giles walks up to Buffy.

      Giles: Buffy, I've also thought of one possibility if necessary.

      Buffy: What?

      Giles: It may be possible, if we find the tear, to take it out of this dimension completely. If so, there would be no way Luce, or anyone could find it in the millions of possible dimensions it could fall into.

      Buffy: Why don't we do that now?

      Giles: Because creating the portal would need a great of energy ? it could overwhelm Willow if she tried. Also ? to balance the force I believe it would be necessary for someone to take the crystal through the portal themselves.

      Buffy looks uncertain.

      Buffy: Would that person die?

      Giles: Possibly, but Buffy-

      Buffy: Then we're not doing it.

      Giles: Buffy-

      Buffy: No. I'm sorry, but I know what would happen. Just like last time. Remember? You took out of heaven. I don't blame you for that, because you thought you were helping me. But I know that we would try and get that person back ? by any means. I am not gonna watch us fall apart again.

      Giles frowns.

      Buffy: (to the others) Are we ready?

      Kennedy: Almost.

      Xander and Kelly come down the stairs. Andrew appears also and heads for the fridge.

      Buffy: Right. Well guys, this is it.

      Andrew tries to reach a biscuit tin on top of the fridge.

      Buffy: We're gonna finish this.

      Andrew knocks off the package from the top of the fridge. He catches it just before it hits the ground.

      Andrew: That was close.

      Giles: What's that?

      Andrew: Uh, it's addressed to Willow.

      Willow: Oh right, I found it earlier, wasn't too sure if I should open it since the last one kinda exploded.

      Giles: It just appeared?

      Willow: Apparently.

      Giles walks up to it.

      Giles: Mind if I open it?

      Willow: Uh, sure.

      Everyone steps back from Giles. He rips the packaging. He takes out a tear-shaped stone. Everyone's eyes widen.

      Dawn: Oh my god.

      Siobhan: Is that-

      Buffy: Yeah. It's the last stone.

      Buffy smiles. Suddenly there is a flash. The screen fades to white. Buffy opens her eyes. Everyone is suddenly in a large cave. Buffy's eyes widen as she realises where she is. The camera shows Clare standing a few feet away.

      Clare: And thank you so much for finding it for me.
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        ACT IV

        Luce and Jake suddenly appear. Everyone looks serious.

        Luce: Nice of you all to make an appearance. Especially nice to see you again Chris.

        Chris narrows his eyes at Luce.

        Chris: What happened to you Luce? Why this?

        Luce: What happened to me? This has always been me. You just couldn't see it before because you didn't want to. And as for why, well, I'm out of a job thanks to you and your friends and well, because I can.

        Luce smiles at Chris. Dawn looks angrily at Luce. Chris smiles.

        Clare: Exactly. We can. Now once again you are faced with a dilemma. You can either hand over the stone now, and die in about half an hour, or valiantly try to protect the stone and all die in the process.

        Faith: Or we kick your ass, how about that?

        Clare: Don't try and convince yourself that's possible. I could kill you all instantly.

        Buffy: Well why don't you?

        Clare: Because I know it would be quick and painless. I'd much rather see you all die slowly in the hell on earth. And since I know that you're so sickeningly self-righteous, that you will just have to try and save everyone, it looks like we're going to get our five star performance after all. Luce.

        Luce smiles and blast fire forward. Everyone backs away. Buffy looks worried.

        Buffy: Dawn, you have to get to safety. Chris-

        Chris: I will.

        Buffy: Wait. Take the stone.

        Buffy throws the tear to Chris. He nods at Buffy and then takes Dawn by the hand. She and him rush towards some stairs. Dawn looks back at Buffy as she runs.

        Luce: I don't think so.

        Luce shoots a larger fireball at Dawn and Chris. Dawn looks worried as it approaches. Willow pushes her hand out and creates a barrier stopping the fireball. Dawn and Chris hesitate.

        Willow: Go!

        Dawn and Chris rush up the stairs.

        Luce: You think you're pretty impressive with all that don't you honey.

        Luce produces bolts of purple lighting from her hands and blasts them at Willow. Kennedy rushes over to her. Buffy looks back and then forward at Luce.

        Buffy: You want a fight? Then you can have one.

        Buffy rushes forward at Clare. Everyone else rushes forward too. Xander, Kelly, Siobhan and Stephen fight Jake, while Buffy, Faith and Giles take one Clare. Clare produces her silver sword and shield from 8.12 and begins to slash at them. Kennedy helps Willow up and then they head towards Luce. Andrew breathes heavily before rushing towards Luce and smashing her over the head with his crossbow.

        Luce: Ow! Little freak!

        Jake punches Siobhan in the face. She flies back into the nearby wall. Kelly swings her axe at his neck but he catches it and swings it back slashing her side. She screams in pain.

        Xander: Kelly!

        Clare slashes her sword at Buffy. Faith swings her own sword. Clare blocks it by flicking her wrist and then flicks both her wrists knocking over Faith and Giles. She swings her sword at Buffy who flips in the air to dodge it.

        Clare: You're just prolonging the inevitable.

        Buffy: That's what I was told last apocalypse. Doesn't really incite much fear now.

        Cut to Dawn and Chris at the top of the stairs. There is a ledge hanging over the fight below. Dawn stops suddenly.

        Dawn: Chris.

        Chris: Dawn we-

        Dawn: Ah!

        Dawn falls down in pain. Chris looks worried.

        Jake uses his twin swords to fight both Xander and Stephen. He stabs one at Stephen which stabs through his hand. Stephen winces in pain. Xander swings his own sword and cuts behind Jake's knees. Luce sees and blasts Xander, Stephen, and Kelly away. Willow blasts a beam of energy at Luce but Luce pushes her hand out and blasts her own magic at Willow's beam. The two beams collide and energy begins to build up between them. Faith and Clares' swords clash but they stop as the build up of energy between the beams expands.

        Kennedy: Willow?

        Willow: If I stop?we all die.

        Clare: Luce, stop!

        Luce: I would but we'd kinda all be dead if I did.
        The energy expands even more.

        Faith: Then we have to get out of here.

        Buffy: No, not without Willow.

        Cut to Chris and Dawn.

        Dawn: Is this the end?

        Chris: No. No it's not over.

        Cut back to the ever expanding energy.

        Clare: If it can't be stopped then allow me to take advantage of the situation.

        Clare holds the two tears she has close to the energy. They begin to glow and the energy suddenly changes to a purple colour.

        Buffy: What did you do?

        Clare: I changed it into a portal. Allowing myself and Jake to escape when the apocalypse starts.

        Luce: What about me?

        Clare: I'm sorry Luce, there's nothing I can do for you.

        Luce looks angry. Clare looks at Dawn and Chris. She heads towards the stairs.

        Buffy: No!

        Clare blasts everyone else back. Cut to Dawn with Chris.

        Chris: She's coming.

        Dawn: Oh god. We're gonna die. Right here.

        Chris: No.

        Dawn: There's no other way.

        Clare puts a foot on the first stair. Willow struggles with the portal. Chris stares at the portal and then at the tear he is holding. He looks at Dawn.

        Chris: There is.

        Dawn: What?

        There is a flashback to Giles and Buffy in the kitchen earlier. The camera shows the conversation from the other direction, showing Chris overhearing what they are saying.

        Giles: It may be possible, if we find the tear, to take it out of this dimension completely. To balance the force I believe it would be necessary for someone to take the crystal through the portal themselves.

        Buffy: Would that person die?

        Giles: Possibly.

        Cut back to Chris.

        Chris: Dawn I can stop this but you're gonna have to listen to me.

        Dawn: What? What are you talking about?

        Chris: The portal. If I go through then it'll stop.

        Dawn: Chris, there's no way-

        Chris: I have to.

        Dawn: That's what Buffy said. Before she died for me. I'm not gonna let anyone else do that. Especially you.

        Chris: I'm not necessarily gonna die. Giles said it might not kill me.

        Dawn: And you're gonna take that chance?

        Chris: I have to. For you. For our baby. For everyone.

        Dawn: We can stop it, some other way, there's s-some other way-

        Chris: Maybe. But the tears are still here, the world could still end. This way everyone gets to live.

        Dawn: But not together.

        Chris: Dawn. I know it's a big price to pay.

        Clare is slowly walking up the stairs. Buffy looks up and sees her.

        Chris: But I said I'd do anything, whatever it takes, remember?

        Tear's form in Dawn's eyes.

        Chris: Well this is part of that. And I know you'll be an excellent mother.

        Dawn: I don't think I can do it without you.

        Chris: You can. I know you can.

        Buffy stands up and begins running towards Clare advancing towards Chris and Dawn.

        Chris: When our daughter grows up ? she'll be strong like you.

        Dawn: Like you.

        Chris kisses Dawn on the lips. Dawn's tears roll off her chin. Chris pulls back. He takes the ring out of Dawn's pocket and places it on her finger.

        Chris: So that you don't forget ok?

        Dawn: I won't.

        Clare is now nearby. Buffy is still running towards them. Chris smiles at Dawn and then looks at the portal. He picks up the tear and begins running. Dawn cries as she watches him. On the ground, Jake and the others have begun fighting again. Siobhan suddenly looks up and gasps as she sees Chris running. Everyone freezes and he runs in midair. Clare is only a few feet away from Dawn. Buffy bends her knees and jumps up at the wall. Her eyes widen as she sees Chris. Chris falls into the portal. It wavers and suddenly blasts a shockwave out. Everyone on the ground is pushed back. The cave begins to shake and rocks fall from the ceiling. Dawn is also pushed back and gasps. Clare and Buffy are also blasted back into the wall of the stairs.

        Cut to everyone on the ground. Willow looks up.

        Willow: We have to go ? now!

        Faith: But Buffy, and Dawn-

        Willow: They'll be ok.

        Buffy runs up to Clare and punches her. Clare loses her balance and falls from the ledge. Buffy rushes up to Dawn.

        Buffy: Dawn! I'm so sorry.

        Buffy hugs Dawn sadly. She picks up Dawn and jumps down from the ledge. She lands on her feet and runs out the cave as it collapses around her. She reaches outside where everyone else is recovering. She looks back and gently rests Dawn down.

        Buffy: Guys are you ok?

        Most people nod.
        Xander: We need to get to a hospital.

        Buffy: Right.

        Dawn looks at the cave. Tears are still falling from her cheeks. Suddenly gasps and looks down. Blood is trickling over the ground.

        Dawn: Buffy?

        Dawn suddenly screams. Buffy rushes up to her. Everyone else does to. Dawn cries in pain. Rain begins to fall. Dawn falls back. The camera zooms out from a birds' eye view. Dawn wretches in pain as everyone else tries to help. The camera shows Dawn's hand. Her ring falls off her finger to the ground. It lands amongst the blood, which is being washed away by the rain.

        THE END
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