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Buffy Episode 8.15 159. Who Do You Want to Be Today?

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  • Buffy Episode 8.15 159. Who Do You Want to Be Today?

    Hi, this is the fifteenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.15 159. Who Do You Want to Be Today?

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Faith collapses into Buffy's arms. She awakens in bed.

    Chao-Ahn: What about Robin?

    Faith: He's dead.

    Dawn: Riley did this.

    Faith: No! He saved my life!

    Cut to Dawn with Chris.

    Dawn: I'm pregnant.

    Cut to Andrew with Lloyd. They kiss. Cut to Kelly arriving.

    Xander: You thought we were gonna kill you?

    Kelly: I didn't know what to think.

    Xander: We'll find a way of solving this without killing anyone.

    Kelly smiles, Xander smiles back.

    Cut to Chris looking worried. Cut to Dawn on the floor. Blood is trickling down her leg. Cut to Buffy and co. vs. Luce and co. Cut to light pouring out of the chained man's eyes and mouth. Cut to him smiling, a new man. Cut to Luce, Clare and John standing around "Jake" transferring their energy to him.

    Clare: Remember the plan?and stick to it.

    Cut to Buffy and co. fighting with Kass and co. Cut to Line dying. Cut to Buffy and co. running out the exit of the hideout.

    Jake: We missed them!

    Luce: No we didn't.

    Cut to Buffy and co. looking confused as screams from within the hideout are heard. Cut to Buffy and co. walking around looking at the Rogues' dead bodies. Cut to Kelly.

    Kass: Are you happy now?

    Buffy: No. I didn't want this.

    Kass: This?this isn't over.

    Buffy: Kass, you're dying.

    Kass dies. Buffy stands up. Cut to Chao-Ahn and Rona leaving. Buffy smiles. Faith appears.

    Buffy: You know?even though Kass was twisted, and caused us so much pain-

    Faith: You felt bad when she died?

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Faith: Maybe she's looking down on us now. With Robin.

    Buffy: Amen to that.


    ACT I

    Open on darkness. A faint light appears and Jake's face appears in the darkness. He is looking downwards. He looks upwards and stares straight at the camera. He smiles darkly. He turns around and stares at the light, which is a match. It burns on his palm, but he does not seem to feel pain. He clasps the match tightly in his grip. There is darkness. Suddenly there is an explosion and fire blasts all around Jake. He smiles as he looks around. Suddenly the flames stop in mid air. Jake frowns slightly.

    Luce OS: Having fun?

    Jake turns around and smiles as he sees Luce.

    Jake: It's interesting. I can control the fire?yet you're beyond even the control I possess.
    Luce: Oh, no, I'm hardly in your league. I mean sure I can stop time and all but who can't? Ok maybe that was a bad example.

    Jake: It's still awe-inspiring

    Luce: Aw, thanks. But considering I can't actually use the majority of my power I'm not as amazing as I once might have been.

    She walks up to him.

    Luce: Now remember the plan we talked about? We're gonna do it soon. You won't let us down?will you?

    She smiles.

    Jake: (smiling) I won't.

    Luce: Because you know?we're counting on you for this one.

    She looks at him seductively. Jake smiles and moves forewords to kiss her.

    Jake: (whispering) You won't be disappointed.

    They kiss. The camera moves over to show Clare staring down at them from a stairwell. For once she is frowning. Her eyes flash orange. Cut to John looking at Clare he looks annoyed. Cut back to Luce and Jake. The fire that was frozen in time begins moving again.

    Cut to Faith on the phone. Buffy is sat next to her.

    Faith: Yeah things are good. Uh huh. Crutches for a while, but I'm getting used to them. Not so much. No, no it's not every day you get shot at. Well I guess it is if you're you?yeah, fun. You do? Ok I'll speak later than. And thanks Riley. For everything. Bye.

    She places the phone down.

    Faith: Glad that's out the way.

    Buffy: Yeah. It's good?

    Faith frowns.

    Faith: Ok B what's up? Still upset about the whole Kass thing?

    Buffy: It's just?going back to whole who's to blame thing. Kass did a lot of things that were wrong, and I'm not justifying them, but?

    Faith: You think that we're all still at the centre of it?

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Faith: Remember it wasn't us who killed those girls a few days ago. It was those other guys. And besides, I know we didn't want it but I don't think Kass and her girls would have ever surrendered. They'd have died fighting for what they believed. Or rather what Kass was feeding them.

    Buffy: I guess you're right.

    Faith: Hey I've been through the Rogue stage. It's tough and you think everyone's against you. The difference between me and Kass is that she had it way worse off. Plus I would have killed you way sooner.

    Buffy smiles slightly.

    Faith: I know it's not over, but we did what we had to do.

    Buffy: I think maybe action Buffy did what she had to do.

    Faith: Yeah well action Faith says it was right.

    Buffy: I'm not sure if I want to be action Buffy though. Dawn's pregnant now, I have to supportive.

    Faith: You are. You will be. But we have to deal with the guys that are still out there.

    Buffy looks out of the window.

    Buffy: Yeah?all of them.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    LANI TUPU - John

    Open on Dawn sat on her bed. She looks worried. She breathes deeply and puts her hands on her stomach. She bites her lip and closes her eyes. Chris walks in. He still has some cuts on.

    Chris: Dawn?

    Dawn jumps.

    Chris: Sorry!

    Dawn: It's ok?actually it's nice. Having you back.

    Chris smiles.

    Chris: Well it's nice to be back.

    Dawn: I was so worried.

    Chris: I know. I was worried about you too. I mean you're more three months pregnant, I wanted to be here for you.

    Dawn: Well you are now.

    Chris: Yeah.

    They smile at each Dawn and kiss. Dawn's smile fades.

    Chris: Something wrong?

    Dawn: No?

    Chris: Right. One of those nos that's a yes?

    Dawn looks away.

    Chris: Dawn please, tell me. I can't help you if you don't.

    Dawn: I don't think you can.

    Chris: What?

    Dawn: Chris?when the Rogues attacked the house at the weekend?I fell.

    Chris: Fell?

    Dawn: In an awkward way?I think?I think there might be a problem with the baby. There was blood.

    Chris looks shocked.

    Chris: Oh my god!

    Dawn: Please don't tell the others.

    Chris: Dawn, this is serious. You could be in danger let alone our child-

    Dawn: I don't want them to know. Buffy's got too much to deal with. She needs to be the leader right now and not worry about me.
    Chris: Dawn, Buffy is your sister, your guardian! I know she'd put you before everything else. She's not just a warrior, she's a protector.

    Dawn: Protector of everyone. Not just me.

    Chris: But-

    Kennedy OS: Hey guys.

    Kennedy is at the doorway. Chris and Dawn both look at her.

    Kennedy: Did I interrupt something?

    Chris: Uh?no it's ok.

    Dawn: Yeah, uh, how are you Kennedy?

    Kennedy: Good?thanks. I, uh thought I should tell you, Giles and Stephen are back from London.

    Dawn: Oh, right. That's good. We'll come down soon.

    Kennedy nods and walks away. She looks concerned.

    Cut to Giles and Stephen walking through the front door with Buffy.

    Giles: Yes the Council were rather unhelpful?

    Buffy: You expected them to jump at the chance to help the people who got them out of their jobs?

    Giles: I expected more than being turned away at the door.

    Stephen: If they even had more to tell us than nothing.

    Buffy: Well I guess it's not as urgent as it was anymore?

    Giles: No?but the problem is still out there. I hate to say it, but just because we're not currently under siege by Rogue Slayers doesn't mean someone else isn't.

    Stephen: Oh Giles come on, we've just a victory, we should have a chance to celebrate without being reminded that the world ? yet again ? is doomed.

    Buffy: Oh he always that, we just ignore him?

    Giles: And then you're surprised when we get attacked.

    Buffy: Not always?

    Xander, Kelly and Siobhan come in.

    Giles: Kelly!

    Kelly: Hey Mr. Giles.

    Giles: Things have been alright I take it?

    Kelly: Yeah! They're uh good.

    Siobhan: Well at first I was really harsh and stuff but now I think we're getting along.

    Kelly looks a little embarrassed.

    Xander: So how your trip?

    Giles: Tiresome. How was the battle?

    Xander: Gruelling.

    Giles: They often are.

    Buffy: I really hope we don't have another one anytime soon.

    Giles: Well no Rogue Slayers on the horizon right now.

    Stephen: But what's this I hear about Clare and some others?

    Buffy: I'll fill you in.

    She, Giles and Stephen walk into the kitchen. Siobhan smiles at Kelly and follows.

    Xander: (to Kelly) You sure you're ok?

    Kelly: Mm-hmm.

    Xander: Are you uh, a little upset about Kass?

    Kelly; Not upset?exactly. I just had hoped things would have gone differently. I didn't agree with anything they did in the end, I just can't help feeling I coulda been among those dead bodies.
    Xander: Well you're not. You're someone different now.

    Kelly smiles at Xander. He smiles back and follows the others into the kitchen. Kelly's smile fades.

    Cut to Andrew and Lloyd in Andrew's room.

    Lloyd: So you've known them for a long time?

    Andrew: Uh?a few years. But we've only been friends for about half of that time.

    Lloyd: Why?

    Andrew: I kinda fell in with a bad crowd. It was bad.

    Lloyd: Right. But I uh, kinda like the idea of you being "bad".

    Lloyd smiles. Andrew blushes.

    Lloyd: Nah, I'm just kidding with ya. Part of what I like about you is that you're honest and that.

    Andrew: Thanks.

    Lloyd smiles at Andrew.

    Lloyd: This would be the part where you tell me what you like about me.

    Lloyd raises his eyebrows.

    Andrew: Oh! Oh, uh-

    Lloyd laughs.

    Lloyd: Don't worry about it I'm only messing.

    Andrew smiles nervously. Lloyd frowns slightly.

    Lloyd: Maybe I should lay off the jokes?

    Andrew: Sorry?

    Lloyd: It's ok?except, I kinda got the impression we'd got past the "oh my god I'm gay" stage. Haven't we?

    Andrew: Uh, I guess.
    Lloyd: Wait?are you saying all last week?you were still unsure?

    Andrew: No, no I am sure.

    Lloyd: You can tell me.

    Andrew: There isn't anything to tell.

    Lloyd narrows his eyebrows. He exhales.

    Lloyd: Well you know - if you don't tell me I can't help.

    Andrew frowns.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy in Willow's room. Kennedy gets up.

    Willow: Where are you going?

    Kennedy: Somewhere that's else.

    She walks to the door.

    Willow: Kennedy.

    Kennedy looks round.

    Willow: What do you want me to say?

    Kennedy frowns.

    Kennedy: I don't think you can say anything.

    Willow frowns as Kennedy opens the door.

    Cut to Buffy, Faith, Stephen, Giles, Kelly, Xander and Siobhan in the kitchen.

    Stephen: Well yes that would seem to be a problem.

    Siobhan: Just a bit. Even though we haven't seen them for a while?

    Buffy: They're still out there. They're just planning something.

    Cut to John looking at the Summers' house from about 100 metres away. He is smiling. He turns around and rolls his eyes as he sees Jake and Luce smiling at each other. Behind them, Clare is narrowing her eyes.

    John: Must everything involve you two staring at each other like that?
    Luce turns away from Jake and rolls her eyes at John.

    Luce: Fine, fine, let's do it then.

    Jake: You mean-

    Luce: No, no honey later. I meant the plan.

    Jake smiles as he realises. Clare's eyes flash orange.

    Clare: Then we should do it, shouldn't we Jake?

    She smiles at Jake. Jake nods. He stares at the house and closes his eyes. The ground around him begins to shake.

    Cut back to Buffy and co. in the kitchen.

    Buffy: They're probably nearby, planning something, I dunno, but I they're hiding something.

    Kelly: Me and Xander could have a look around if you want?

    Buffy: Oh?well you could, but you know be careful. I'm not particularly missing my fights to the death.

    Xander: Right.

    Xander and Kelly turn to the front door. Cut back to Jake and co. Energy is swirling around him. Suddenly it collects in front of him and blasts towards the house. Xander opens the front door and looks shocked as he sees the missile. It hits him in the chest and he and Kelly go flying back. There is suddenly no sign of it as Buffy and co. rush in. Buffy looks shocked as she sees Xander and Kelly's glassy-eyed looks.

    Buffy: Oh my god.

    Faith: They're not?they're not-

    Energy suddenly blasts from Xander and Buffy, Faith, Stephen, Giles and Siobhan are blasted back. Cut to Kennedy who is blasted back into the door of her and Willow's room. Willow is already lying glassy-eyed. Cut to Dawn and Chris lying together lifeless. Cut to Lloyd and Andrew lying similarly motionless. Cut to a close up of Buffy's face, still. The camera moves upwards slowly spinning very slowly as it does so. There is suddenly a rumbling and energy is blasted back into everyone. Buffy and co. the kitchen exhale suddenly as they become alive again. Cut to Willow and Kennedy alive again. Cut to Dawn and Chris alive again. Cut to Andrew. He gets up and looks confusedly as Lloyd. He looks down at his body and his eyes widen.

    Andrew: (with a hint of Buffy's voice) Oh no...
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    ACT II

    (From now on I'll list who each person is by who they actually are first, and then the body they are in second.)

    Open on Buffy/Andrew looking horrified. ?/Lloyd looks equally shocked.

    Buffy/Andrew: Oh god?I'm Buffy.

    ?/Lloyd: I'm Xander.

    Buffy/Andrew: Xander!

    They hug.

    Xander/Lloyd: Ok?was that just weird?

    Buffy/Andrew: Kinda?and, since when are you here anyway? Not you, you, but the other you, um?Lloyd! That's his name right?

    Xander/Lloyd: Right, I uh, think him and Andrew?

    Buffy/Andrew: Oh? Oh?oh!

    Xander/Lloyd: That shocked thing really isn't working.

    Buffy/Andrew: Oh.

    Xander/Lloyd: We should find the others.

    Buffy/Andrew: Uh huh.

    Cut to Buffy/Andrew walking in the upstairs corridor. ?/Dawn and ?/Chris,.

    Buffy/Andrew: Dawn!

    Buffy hugs ?/Dawn. ?/Dawn looks a little taken aback.

    Buffy: Oh. You're not Dawn are you?

    ?/Dawn: I'm Giles. And Chris is now Willow apparently.

    Willow/Chris: Hey guys. Whichever guys you are.

    Buffy/Andrew: Will, I'm Buffy.

    She points at Xander/Lloyd.

    Buffy/Andrew: And that's Xander. Giles what is this?

    Giles/Dawn: Well evidently we've all swapped bodies.

    Xander/Lloyd: Really? I hadn't noticed.

    Giles/Dawn rolls his eyes.

    Giles/Dawn: Look where are the others?

    ?/Willow and ?/Kennedy appear from Willow's bedroom.

    Buffy/Andrew: Guys?

    ?/Willow: Ok, hey, and uh why the hell am I Willow suddenly?

    Buffy/Andrew: It's not just you. And who are you anyway?

    ?/Willow: Chris.

    ?/Kennedy: And I'm Stephen.

    Buffy/Andrew: God this is confusing.

    Giles/Dawn: I think that's what whoever did this had in mind. We're scattered, rather confused and some of us are no longer old enough to vote. And well, the opposite sex.

    Chris/Willow and Stephen/Kennedy look down and then look at each other worriedly. Buffy/Andrew looks at Andrew's hand and frowns.

    Buffy/Andrew: We better go downstairs.

    Cut to Buffy/Andrew, Xander/Lloyd, Giles/Dawn, Chris/Willow, Willow/Chris and Stephen/Kennedy walking into the living room. Everyone else is standing there.

    ?/Siobhan: Me!

    ?/Siobhan rushes over to Xander/Lloyd.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: Ok, can I just ask what the hell is this?

    Buffy/Andrew: We don't know.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: Andrew!

    Lloyd/Siobhan hugs Buffy/Andrew and kisses him. Cut to ?/Faith.

    ?/Faith: Hey! That's not Andrew!

    Lloyd/Siobhan pulls away. Buffy/Andrew looks shocked.

    Buffy/Andrew: No, it's really not!

    Lloyd/Siobhan looks mortified. He looks at ?/Faith.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: Then who are you?

    ?/Faith: The real Siobhan.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: Oh?

    ?/Kelly: Well I'm Andrew.

    ?/Giles: And I'm the real Faith.

    Giles/Dawn: Faith's in my body?

    Faith/Giles: Hey what's that supposed to mean?

    Andrew/Kelly: Then who's Kennedy?

    Kennedy/Buffy: That would be me.

    Buffy/Andrew: Oh. Kennedy.

    Kennedy frowns at Buffy's tone.

    Siobhan/Faith: I thought you were Willow?

    Kennedy/Buffy: Really not. But aren't you Dawn?

    Andrew/Kelly: Who's me?

    Buffy/Andrew: Oh?

    Buffy sighs and sits down at the kitchen table.
    The camera moves out to show Clare watching her in her mirror. She is smiling.

    Jake: Is it working?

    Clare turns around. She smiles at Jake.

    Clare: Jake! I am glad you are here. And yes, it's working perfectly well.

    Jake: Good. Are we ready to move in?

    Clare: Not?yet. I think you might find it interesting to observe their behaviour. Witness the chaos. It's addictive.

    Jake smiles and nods. Clare puts her hand on his shoulder. The camera zooms in between them to show Luce standing away staring at them, her arms folded. Her eyes narrow.

    Cut to Buffy/Andrew sticking a label saying "Andrew" on Andrew/Kelly.

    Andrew/Kelly: Do we really need these?

    Buffy/Andrew: Sorry, uh

    She reads the label.

    Buffy/Andrew: ?Andrew but if we're gonna be body hopping for a while I need to know who everyone is without asking.

    Andrew/Kelly: I guess?but it's gonna be fixed soon right? I mean I'm talking to myself in the non-crazy kind of way and it's beyond weird.

    Faith/Giles: Right there with ya.

    Buffy/Andrew: We all are. And Giles and Dawn ? the real Giles and Dawn ? are doing some research.

    Faith/Giles: Well I hope they have fun with that.

    Faith/Giles moves towards the door.

    Buffy/Andrew: Gi?Faith? Where are you going?

    Faith/Giles: I dunno. I just wanna take my non crutch-dependant body for a walk.

    Buffy/Andrew: I think we should stay together?if we find out how to reverse the spell-

    Faith/Giles: B?please. I need to get out of here ? just for a while. I've been stuck in this house ever since I got in here. It's nice and all but this is the first chance I've got to stretch my legs without breaking them. And besides this whole thing is kinda reminding me of the fun we had on our last body switching adventure. I'd rather not go down that road.

    Buffy/Andrew looks at Faith/Giles and nods.

    Buffy/Andrew: I get that. Be back soon.

    Faith/Giles smiles and walks out the front door.

    Buffy/Andrew: If we find out how to reverse the spell while you're gone, Giles isn't gonna be happy. And neither is anyone else for that matter.

    Buffy/Andrew smiles as Faith/Giles walks away. Faith turns around and smiles.

    Faith/Giles: Hey, they can do a little exploring.

    Faith grins to herself and walks away. Buffy rolls her eyes, smiles and goes inside. Cut to Giles/Dawn and Dawn/Stephen looking through some books. Xander/Lloyd and Siobhan/Faith are sat next to them.

    Giles/Dawn: Ah.

    Dawn/Stephen: You know even when you say that as me it sounds bad.

    Giles/Dawn: Well I'm afraid it is. There are a great many spells of this kind, but only two leave their victims temporarily?dead.

    Xander/Lloyd: We died?

    Siobhan/Faith: Since when?

    Giles/Dawn: I believe when the spell happened our selves were temporarily transported to another realm or dimension, or well, not here. When they returned they entered the wrong bodies, and well here we are.

    Siobhan/Faith: So?how do we get our right bodies back?

    Dawn/Stephen: Uh I think?we don't.

    Xander/Lloyd and Siobhan/Faith simultaneously: What!?

    Dawn/Stephen: No I don't mean we're stuck like this. I think?we need whoever cast the spell.

    Xander/Lloyd: Oh well that's gonna be easy: "hey Clare, I know you wanna kill us and all, but if you'd help us get our bodies back we'd really appreciate it".

    Giles/Dawn: We don't know it's her for sure.

    Xander/Lloyd: Who else wants to kill us right now?

    Giles/Dawn: Ah but she didn't kill us did she.

    Dawn/Stephen: Giles?

    Giles/Dawn looks at her.

    Dawn/Stephen: Ok that is still really disturbing but yeah look at this.

    She shows him a book. He frowns.

    Giles/Dawn: Ah.

    Siobhan/Faith: What?

    Cut to Lloyd/Siobhan sitting in Andrew's room with Andrew/Kelly. Lloyd/Siobhan frowns.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: So?I'm not really high or drunk or anything then? This is real.

    Andrew/Kelly: It's real.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: Great?you know it explains a lot. About some of the stuff that's gone on in Darkley?

    Andrew/Kelly: Random deaths?

    Lloyd/Siobhan: Not so much as really bad taste. Like from the 70s. People would have to have been alive from the 70s to be dead wearing that in the 21st century.

    Andrew/Kelly smiles.

    Andrew/Kelly: Sorry I didn't tell you before.

    Lloyd/Siobhan: I get that. It's probably better I found out by suddenly having the body of a 17 year old girl.

    Andrew/Kelly: I know. It's bad.

    Andrew/Kelly and Lloyd/Siobhan both sigh. Cut to Kennedy/Buffy and Willow/Chris. Willow/Chris looking through a large book. Kennedy/Buffy is sat next to her.

    Kennedy/Buffy: Anything?

    Willow/Chris: No. Doesn't seem to be anything else on body switching other than that a lot of people have gone mad trying to get their bodies back.

    Kennedy/Buffy: Oh?well let's hope that doesn't happen.

    Willow/Chris smiles but looks a little awkward. Kennedy/Buffy bites her lip.

    Kennedy/Buffy: Um, sweetie I just wanna say sorry. For putting you in that position before.

    Willow/Chris remains silent.

    Kennedy/Buffy: It's not fair of me to say you value Tara more than me. And yeah you know I got a little jealous before. But I shouldn't have. Tara's always gonna be apart of you and I can't expect you to just never think of her again.

    Willow/Chris smiles.

    Willow/Chris: Well I understand that you might feel annoyed, I just sometimes felt like you thought that Tara was in our relationship too. Well she's not. This is us. Not anybody else. And like you say Tara will always be apart of me, but not apart of us. Because it is just us and that's all that matters.

    Kennedy/Buffy smiles.

    Kennedy/Buffy: I thought you might be angry or something.

    Willow/Chris: Not angry. Just worried. I don't like the rift. The rift is bad.

    Kennedy/Buffy kisses Willow/Chris passionately. Kennedy/Buffy pulls away.

    Kennedy/Buffy: The rift's gone.

    Willow/Chris smiles but frowns slightly.

    Kennedy/Buffy: Did I come on too strong?

    Willow/Chris: No?it's just?I feel like I'm kissing Buffy and it's really weird.

    Kennedy/Buffy: Yeah?and I feel like I'm kissing a guy.

    Willow/Chris: We have to fix this, right now!

    [I]Cut to everyone sitting in the living room except Faith/Giles.[I]

    Buffy/Andrew: What? You mean we're stuck like this?

    Giles/Dawn: If we don't reverse it within 24 hours?it's seems that way yes.

    Willow/Chris: I don't wanna be stuck in this body. No offence Chris.

    Chris/Willow: It's ok?the feelings mutual.

    Buffy/Andrew: Giles we have to do something. Like now.

    Stephen/Kennedy: Well we can't really ask Clare to help us.

    Kennedy/Buffy: We can make her help us.

    Buffy/Andrew: After the pummelling we got last time? I don't think storming in there's an option.

    Giles/Dawn: Besides we need Faith back. Without her only Willow and Chris can actually get their own selves back.

    Chris/Willow: Well that sounds like?

    Everyone looks at Chris.

    Chris/Willow: ?an idea that we wouldn't even consider.

    Buffy/Andrew: I'll find Faith. She's gotta be nearby.

    Giles/Dawn: You think it's wise to go after her? She might return while you're gone.

    Buffy/Andrew: I'll find her. You guys uh?

    Stephen/Kennedy: Well exactly, I mean are we meant to do?

    Willow/Chris: Clare and company wouldn't have just done this for nothing. I have a feeling they did this for a reason.

    Giles/Dawn: Yes like I said earlier I believe that this chaos that we're in right now was the aim of the body switching.

    Buffy/Andrew: Right. None of us can really fight them in different bodies.

    Kennedy/Buffy: So what do we-

    Chris/Willow sneezes. Suddenly his eyes turn black and orange energy spirals around him.

    Dawn/Stephen: Whoa!

    The energy fades. Chris looks shocked.

    Chris/Willow: Ok?I guess that means I have Willow's power.

    Stephen/Kennedy: Does that mean I have Slayer power?

    Giles/Dawn: I would assume so.

    Buffy/Andrew: Which also means I don't.

    Giles/Dawn: Yes?you realise they probably knew this.

    Siobhan/Faith: So they'll be headed here?

    Buffy/Andrew: Oh great. I better find Faith right away.

    Buffy/Andrew walks to the door. Giles/Dawn walks after her.

    Giles/Dawn: Buffy I think?oh?

    Buffy/Andrew turns around and frowns.

    Buffy/Andrew: Giles?

    Giles/Dawn: I um?I think it was ? ahh!

    Giles/Dawn doubles up in pain. The others rush over to him. Dawn/Stephen looks worried.

    Buffy/Andrew: Giles!? What is it?

    Giles/Dawn: I?I think?

    Giles/Dawn looks at Dawn/Stephen. He looks down. Drops of blood are dripping from Giles/Dawn's trousers.

    Giles/Dawn: I think the real Dawn might have more of an answer than I do.

    [I]Dawn/Stephen looks at the floor. Buffy/Andrew frowns and looks at Dawn/Stephen.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Clare still looking at the mirror. Jake is pacing the floor. Luce is leant against the wall.

      Jake: You know I really wanna fight now.

      Clare: Patience?

      Luce: Yeah?right.

      Clare turns around.

      Clare: We have to wait for John.

      Luce: For what? For a lame attempt at making everyone think they're living their dreams? Oh wait?we did that already. The rest of us don't count Clare. You know that. And besides John had the least power anyway. I say we go in now. Since we have Jake. He's all that matters.

      Jake smiles at Luce and puts his hand on her shoulder.

      Jake: I'm with Luce.

      Clare narrows her eyes. Then she smiles.

      Clare: Jake should go. Alone. After all "the rest of us don't count". Jake here is your chance to show the Slayer and her friends just how powerful you really are. You don't need us for that.

      Luce looks angry. Jake nods. Clare smiles and turns to the mirror.

      Clare: Now?now you can fight.

      Clare turns to the mirror again. Her eyes flash orange.

      Cut to Dawn/Stephen and Chris/Willow sat in Dawn's bedroom. Both are looking away from each other.

      Chris/Willow: Um?how long's this been going on then?

      Dawn/Stephen: I think, uh, maybe a month.

      Chris/Willow: A month? And you didn't even bother to tell anyone?

      Dawn/Stephen: I told you today.

      Chris/Willow: You didn't say it was as serious as this! Dawn you could be seriously ill. The baby?our baby, could die. You could die.

      Dawn/Stephen: I didn't know what it was. It could have been normal.

      Chris/Willow: Normal? The pain Giles was feeling. Did you feel that?

      Dawn/Stephen: Sometimes?but-

      Chris/Willow: That pain is not normal, Dawn.

      Dawn/Stephen: Fine, fine it's not normal, it's bad, what am I supposed to do about it? Giles is in my body and I have no control. I can't do anything about it now.

      Chris/Willow sighs deeply.

      Chris/Willow: Maybe not. But after this is over we have to do something Dawn. Remember what you said? You can't let it go? Well if you just sit there and don't do anything you're basically doing just that. I know I had doubts. I was worried cos I didn't expect to come here and suddenly be a father. But then I didn't expect to fall in love with someone like you either. And ok so right now you're a 50-year-old man, I don't care. It's still you that I love.

      Dawn/Stephen smiles and looks tearful.

      Dawn/Stephen: I will do something.

      Chris/Willow: And I'll help you. Whatever it takes. Whatever body I'm in. I'll help.

      Dawn/Stephen smiles. Chris/Willow smiles back. They hug. The front door closes.

      Cut to Faith/Giles and Buffy/Andrew walking in. Giles/Dawn is sat in the kitchen looking pale and Stephen/Kennedy, Xander/Lloyd, Kelly/Xander, Willow/Chris and Kennedy/Buffy are sat next to him.

      Buffy/Andrew: Giles? Are you ok?

      Giles/Dawn: The pain?is less now. I think uh, it comes and goes periodically. That's what Dawn said.

      Dawn/Stephen and Chris/Willow comes downstairs.

      Buffy/Andrew: Dawn!

      She hugs Dawn/Stephen. Dawn/Stephen closes his eyes and hugs her back.

      Buffy/Andrew: You know I'll be here for you right?

      Dawn/Stephen: I know. Sorry Giles.

      Giles/Dawn: Quite alright. Nothing that really could be done to avoid it.

      Dawn/Stephen: I should have told you. I'm sorry.

      Buffy/Andrew: We'll deal with it.

      Chris/Willow: We will.

      Everyone smiles.

      Buffy/Andrew: Only thing is?right now we have a more immediate problem.

      Stephen/Kennedy: Clare?

      Faith/Giles: I dunno, maybe something to do with her but there's definitely something nearby.

      Kennedy/Buffy: You've seen it?

      Faith/Giles: No I saw a tree broken in half and a car ripped up like it was butter.

      Kennedy/Buffy: Oh.

      Giles/Dawn: Nearby?

      Faith/Giles: Pretty much.

      Buffy/Andrew: We need to prepare. Faith do you think we have time?

      The living room windows suddenly smash. Everyone rushes through. Jake is stood in front of them smiling.

      Faith/Giles: I'm thinking no.

      Xander/Lloyd: I am so not fixing those.

      Jake: Well hello.

      Buffy: You?

      Jake: Yeah, me. Now, I know one of you is the Slayer. Trouble is, the little body-switching spell we cast means that it could be any of you.

      We walks up to the gang and looks around.

      Jake: On the other hand, I could just kill you all, then I'd know that the Slayer would be dead. And besides, when I do find which body you're in Slayer, it'll be so much easier to rip your head off.

      He stops in front of Buffy/Andrew and smiles.

      Jake: Hmm, you may be the wrong gender, but you still have that sickening aura of righteousness. Bye bye, bitch.

      Buffy/Andrew looks worried. Kennedy/Buffy punches Jake in face. Jake is stunned slightly but smiles at Kennedy/Buffy.

      Jake: Wow, she's not the only bitch around here. I'm Jake by the way. Not that you really need to know that after I kill you.

      He punches Kennedy and she smacks into the wall. Willow/Chris rushes over to her. Andrew/Kelly and Lloyd/Siobhan appear.

      Andrew/Kelly: What's going?oh my god!

      Lloyd/Siobhan: Is that a vampire?

      Buffy/Andrew: No, that's something much worse. Get weapons.

      Faith/Giles reach for an axe. Buffy/Andrew turns to Giles/Dawn.

      Buffy/Andrew: Giles you have to get upstairs. If Dawn's body?the baby?

      Giles/Dawn: I know. And Buffy, I think?I think I might have found the reversal for the body-switching spell. I could try performing it.

      Buffy/Andrew: Ok, thanks.

      Giles/Dawn smiles at her. He smiles at Chris/Willow and Dawn/Stephen before rushing upstairs.

      Jake: You think that's gonna make her safe? I can tear this house apart.

      Buffy/Andrew: You'll have to go through us first.

      Jake: Not a problem.

      He swings his arm knocking Buffy/Andrew, Faith/Giles, Kelly/Xander, Siobhan/Faith, Stephen/Kennedy, Xander/Lloyd, Chris/Willow and Dawn/Stephen to the ground. He claps his hands together and creates some kind of energy net separating himself, Willow/Chris and Kennedy/Buffy from the others. He walks over to Willow/Chris and picks her up by the neck.

      Kennedy/Buffy: Willow!
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        ACT IV

        Kennedy/Buffy punches him in the chest with little effect. Jake throws Willow over at the others. He then smiles at Kennedy/Buffy.

        Jake: Well let me guess ? this is the real Slayer's body. Wouldn't be too good if someone were to break it in half now.

        Willow/Chris looks anxious. She turns to Chris/Willow.

        Willow/Chris: (quietly) Chris! You're gonna have to use my magic.

        Chris/Willow: But I don't-

        Willow/Chris: I'll help you.

        Chris/Willow looks uncertain. He turns to Dawn/Stephen.

        Dawn/Stephen: Chris, Kennedy's gonna die if you don't help. We all might. I know you can do it.

        Chris/Willow turns to Willow/Chris and nods.

        Willow/Chris: Close your eyes. And concentrate on finding the power.

        [I]Chris/Willow does so. He begins to shake. Willow/Chris looks anxious. Chris/Willow shifts uncomfortably and fire appears between his hands.

        Dawn/Stephen: Willow?

        Willow/Chris: Chris focus!

        Chris/Willow's eyes open suddenly, black. He punches the energy net and wavers and breaks. Jake looks round and looks shocked.

        Cut to Giles/Dawn. He is reading from a book and unscrewing a jar of some herbs hastily.

        Giles/Dawn: Those not in their rightful place.

        Jake approaches Chris/Willow. Chris/Willow punches him with a magic filled fist. Jake flies backwards.

        Jake: How can you-
        Cut to Giles/Dawn again.

        Giles/Dawn: Return them to their origins.

        He scatters the herbs on the pages of the book.

        Cut back to downstairs. Chris/Willow walks up to Jake and lifts him off the ground by his neck.

        Chris/Willow: Cause I'm a pro.

        Jake punches Chris/Willow in the stomach. Chris/Willow wheezes. Jake punches her again. Chris/Willow shifts as his power becomes unstable again.

        Dawn/Stephen: Chris!

        Buffy/Andrew: We have to do something.

        Willow/Chris: We can't.

        Jake slams Chris/Willow on the floor.

        Jake: You thought you would win?

        Cut back to Giles/Dawn. He places sprinkles some red dust on the page.

        Giles/Dawn: Return. Return.

        Jake smiles at Chris/Willow lying on the floor.

        Jake: Let's see you pro this!

        He raises his fist. Cut back to Giles/Dawn.

        Giles/Dawn: Return!

        Giles/Dawn gasps as energy pours out of him. Cut to downstairs. Everyone else gasps as energy pours out of them. They fall back lifeless. Jake looks around worried.

        Jake: No way.

        Buffy gasps and looks up. Jake looks down at Willow.

        Willow: Ok.

        Willow clenches her fists together and blasts magic at Jake. He flies up and hits the ceiling. Willow closes her eyes and opens her fist. Jake fades away. Willow turns around and her eyes return to normal.

        Willow: So?are we all who we're supposed to be?

        Kennedy: Yes. Thank god!

        Kennedy rushes over to Willow and kisses her. Willow smiles. Everyone smiles at each other. Lloyd rushes over to Andrew.

        Andrew: Lloyd!

        They hug.

        Lloyd: So this means-

        Andrew: I'm sure.

        Andrew and Lloyd smile at each other.

        Buffy: Well, good to be back.

        Faith: Yep, Giles' body is definitely lacking in Slayer strength. Good to have it back. Not so great to have the crutches back though.

        Chris: I guess we all have some stuff we're not glad to have back.

        Dawn: Yeah?

        Chris: Oh, Dawn?are you?is the pain still there?

        Dawn: No, no it's gone I think. Don't know for how long.

        Buffy: Well we are definitely gonna find out what is wrong.

        Dawn smiles. Buffy hugs her. Chris smiles.

        Lloyd: Can I just say?you people?are really not what I expected.

        Buffy: Sorry that you got caught up in this Lloyd.

        Lloyd: Actually, I think it's turned out for the better. Andrew didn't have the difficult job of telling me about all this stuff and now I know. And I'm also pretty freaked out that I had a girl's body for the last few hours, but hey, guess this is normal for you guys.

        Xander: Less with the body switching usually, more with the pain and death and other stuff.

        Buffy: Not all the time is there pain.

        Xander: 75% minimum.

        Buffy smiles slightly.

        Buffy: Yeah well, maybe you're right.

        Faith looks a little sad. The camera shows a shot of everyone looking reflective.

        Cut to Jake falling and landing back in the cave. He lies unconscious. Luce rushes over.

        Luce: Jake! What happened?

        John: He obviously lost.

        Luce: Oh, John, you're back?

        John: Yes. I was speaking with The Judge about our next movements. As I can see you took it upon yourselves to take matters into your own hands. You know what we've said about that.

        Clare: I had nothing to do with it.

        Luce: What? You so had everything to do with it.

        John: I am sure Clare tried her hardest to prevent this. Keep in mind Luce that Jake is our warrior. Do not try and encourage him with your lustful feelings.

        John walks away. Luce looks angrily at Clare who smiles at Luce and follows John.

        Luce: She?is so gonna pay.

        Cut to Buffy and Faith sitting next to the river.

        Faith: I remember me sitting here with Robin. Just before we were going away.

        Buffy looks at Faith.

        Faith: Wish he could be here.

        Buffy: So do I.

        Faith: I know there's nothing that can be done. He's gone, and that's all there is to it.

        Buffy: He'll stay with you. For as long as you remember.

        Faith: I will. I just don't wanna be no-emotion girl.

        Buffy: Well who do you want to be?

        Faith: I?I wanna be me.

        Buffy: Right. Well me too.

        They smile at each other. The camera pans out.

        THE END
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