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Buffy Episode 8.14 158. Prayer

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  • Buffy Episode 8.14 158. Prayer

    Hi, this is the fourteenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.14 158. Prayer

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Soldier: Where are we headed sir?

    Riley: Boston. Got some unfinished business to take care of.

    Dawn and Chris are sat together.

    Dawn: I'm pregnant. It's not gonna be easy. I just can't let it go.

    Cut to the Chained man, with light pouring out of his eyes and mouth.

    Cordelia VO: There's something big that's gonna be rising nearby.

    Cut to Luce, Clare and John smiling. Cut to the man throwing the boulder.

    Luce: I like him already.

    Man: Are we going in?

    Clare: We are.

    Clare smiles.

    Robin opens the front door of his and Faith's house in Boston. Faith looks shocked. Blood splatters on the walls.

    Cut to Andrew and Siobhan.

    Siobhan: I want you to be my Watcher.

    Andrew: Ok.

    Cut to Lloyd and Andrew.

    Lloyd: Have you uh, told them where you were for that little five-day detour after LA?
    Andrew: No?

    Lloyd: New thing for you. I understand. You were a fast learner.

    Andrew blushes.

    Cut to Kass, Marie and Line with guns.

    Buffy VO: These girls want a fight? Then we'll fight. Because I am not gonna let them kill anyone else just to get at me.

    Cut to Chao-Ahn and Buffy hugging. Cut to Rona smiling. Cut to Kelly standing at the doorway.

    Giles: She wants to be forgiven.

    Buffy: It's not that easy.

    Willow: If she's willing to repent then you gotta let her.

    Buffy nods. Cut to the windows braking. Cut to Dawn on the phone to Chris.

    Dawn: The Rogue Slayers are here!

    Chris: How near?

    Kass smashes a shovel in his head. Dawn looks shocked.

    Dawn falls on her front. Kelly pushes Siobhan out the way. Kass smiles. Cut to blood trickling down Dawn's trousers.[/I]

    Kelly: You're just fighting for revenge.

    Kass: Which is a damn good enough reason to-

    Kelly: To kill people needlessly?

    Kass: They die because of what she did to us.

    Kelly: No. No they die because you slam a knife in them. It's selfish, and it's not the right way.

    Kelly punches Kass. Kass rushes up but the barrier goes up.

    Siobhan: What you did?thank you.

    Kelly smiles.

    Kass OS: Don't worry, we'll be back. Anyway we have a little something of yours?hope you don't mind if he's cut up a little.

    Dawn: We have to save Chris.

    Buffy: Dawn, we will.

    Dawn: It might be too late by then.

    Buffy: No?they need him alive.

    The doorbell rings. Buffy opens the door. Faith, with cuts and bruises all over her face and arms falls into Buffy's arms. A gun falls on to the floor. It has the initials R. Finn on it.


    ACT I

    Open on Faith lying unconscious in the spare bedroom. The camera pans out to show Buffy sat next to her. Willow walks in.

    Willow: Hey.

    Buffy: Hey Will.

    Willow: Any change?

    Buffy: No. You know I'm noticing a pattern with Faith lying in a bed unconscious.

    Willow: Well exactly Buffy, I mean she's woken up from all of them. She'll wake up from this one too.

    Buffy: We can only pray that she will.

    Willow: Yeah. But you know what worries me more is uh?the-

    Buffy: Gun. I know. I don't wanna believe it but somehow it makes sense. I mean Riley would view Faith as a Rogue Slayer right? And probably still be angry with her for the body-switch.

    Willow: He wouldn't try and kill her though?I mean he was still Riley when you saw him last time right?

    Buffy: He seemed the same. Except?he was kinda bitter. I guess losing Sam hit him harder.

    Willow: Yeah. But do you really think he'd attack someone like that in cold blood? And what about Robin?

    Buffy: Oh god?where is he? He shoulda been with her! Something bad has to have happened.

    Willow: You don't think that?Riley killed Robin do you?

    Buffy: I don't want to think he would. But if he did, then we have even more problems than we do already.

    Willow sits on the bed next to Buffy's chair.

    Willow: I know things aren't too great right now.

    Buffy: Big understatement.

    Willow: Luce and Clare and those other guys haven't shown up for a while. And at least Faith's alive.

    Buffy: I'm not so worried about those guys. Maybe I should be, but what I'm really worried about is Chris. And Dawn for that matter.

    Willow: She's not coping too good?

    Buffy: Really not.

    Willow: She's strong. She'll get through this. And so will Chris.

    Cut to Chris unconscious. A fist punches him in the face. He awakens and winces in pain.

    Kass OS: Morning honey.

    Chris looks up and narrows his eyes. Cut to Kass smiling at him. Chris tries to move his arms but they are tied behind his back. The camera pans out to show he is tied to a chair in the middle of nowhere.

    Kass: You'll find you're kinda tied up right now. So don't bother trying to escape or anything.

    Kass walks over to a table and starts sorting through some things.

    Chris: What do you want?
    Kass: (without turning round) Oh Chris hun, we'd be here all day if I told you everything I want.

    She turns round and slowly walks towards Chris smiling still.

    Kass: But right now? I wanna hear you scream.

    She draws out a small knife from her belt. She smiles and advances towards Chris. Chris looks afraid.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    LANI TUPU - John
    KRISTY WU - Chao-Ahn
    INDIGO - Rona

    Cut to Buffy on the phone. She sighs and hangs up. Xander appears.

    Xander: No luck getting through to agent Finn?

    Buffy: No?the number he gave me didn't exist apparently. I kinda expected it really.

    Xander: Reckon he could do more damage?

    Buffy: I dunno. I guess he could try killing more of the girls. What am I saying? I don't even know if he did this to Faith.

    Xander: Buffy we found his gun in her pocket. All the evidence points to him.

    Buffy: I know. It's just?why would he give it to her? And how did she even get here.

    Xander: I wish we knew, but I think we can safely say that-

    He indicates Faith in the bedroom.

    Xander: Those were not self-inflicted.

    Buffy looks at Faith.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Cut to Faith in her bed. Rona, Kennedy and Chao-Ahn walk in.

    Rona: Man?

    Kennedy: I know it looks bad, but she'll be ok.

    Rona: You can't know that.

    Chao-Ahn: Why did they do this to her?

    Kennedy: We don't know.

    Chao-Ahn walks up to her.

    Chao-Ahn: I remember?when the bomb hit her. She looked like she was?dead.

    Kennedy: She's not dead.

    Chao-Ahn: She could be?

    Chao-Ahn looks sad. Kennedy puts her arm on her shoulder.

    Rona: Maybe?maybe this wasn't who we think it is.

    Kennedy: What?

    Rona: Maybe this was the Rogue Slayers.

    Kennedy: But they've been here for so long, they couldn't-

    Rona: They're not the only Rogue Slayers out there. There could be others. Maybe they tried to get Faith on their side or something?

    Kennedy: Wait, let's not jump to conclusions.

    Rona: All I'm saying is we should consider the possibility.

    Buffy OS: Possibility of what?

    Rona turns around.

    Rona: I was just thinking?maybe the Rogue Slayers could have been behind Faith's condition. Like she refused to join them so they did this to her.

    Buffy looks at Faith. She looks back at Rona.

    Buffy: You could be on to something.

    Rona smiles.

    Buffy: Damn I need to speak to Riley! I have to hear him tell me he didn't do this.
    Kennedy: What if he did Buffy?

    Buffy pauses.

    Buffy: Then I need to hear him tell me why.

    She walks away. Kennedy frowns. She looks back as Chao-Ahn clutches Faith's hand.

    Cut to Dawn in the bathroom. She looks worried. She looks at her hands. They have blood on them. She rubs her hands together and washes the blood off. She looks at herself in the mirror and exhales. She walks out and sees Siobhan.

    Siobhan: Dawn!

    Dawn: (quietly) Hey.

    Siobhan: How you doing?

    Dawn: Ok I guess.

    Siobhan: Right. Um, anything I can get you?

    Dawn: I uh?I just need to think about stuff.

    Siobhan: Maybe you should do something to take your mind off things?

    Dawn: Maybe I should do what I need to do.

    She walks away. Siobhan frowns. Andrew appears behind her.

    Andrew: Was that Dawn?

    Siobhan: Yeah?

    Andrew: Did she say something to you?

    Siobhan: No, no it's fine. She's hurting.

    Andrew: Well yeah. Her boyfriend could be dead.

    Siobhan: Chris is a bit more than that.

    Andrew: What do you mean?

    Siobhan looks Andrew in the eyes. She nods her head slightly.

    Siobhan: If I tell you something, you have to promise to keep it a secret. That means not telling anyone you know this, especially Dawn.

    Andrew: Ok?I, I promise.

    Siobhan exhales.

    Cut to Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander sat at the kitchen table.

    Buffy: I think Rona could have a point.

    Giles: It's possible. They'd view Faith as a possible ally certainly.

    Willow: I don't get why they didn't kill her though? I mean that's their motto right "if you can't use someone, you kill them".

    Xander: Maybe they were having a sensitive day.

    Buffy: I don't think sensitivity is on their daily roster Xander. Besides, maybe they knew she'd come looking for me and they followed her here.

    Xander: more Rogue Slayers? Oh this just gets better and better.

    Giles: We don't know that for sure. Besides, I would assume Kass has picked up all the girls willing to fight with her against us she could find. Even those from over seas. She's had plenty of time to travel.

    Willow: Maybe. But there are a lot of reasons that it might not be them. There are a lot more reasons that point to-

    Buffy: Riley?

    Giles: I know it's difficult to accept Buffy-

    Buffy: Actually it's not. I can see why he would. And I could understand what I felt. I just don't wanna think he's turned into that. A cold-blooded murderer.

    Willow looks away.

    Buffy: Sorry Will.

    Willow: It's ok. I know what you meant.

    Buffy smiles at her. Giles frowns slightly as if he is remembering something.

    Xander: Just wondering what we're gonna do now though. Faith's out of action, the Slayers have Chris, Riley or even more Slayers could be a potential threat, and then we got Clare and company still on our backs. I'd say we're fully booked with battles for the death for the next few months.

    Willow: At least? no vampires. Or apocalypses.

    Giles: I wouldn't be so certain of that. Clare and the others are definitely planning something.

    Buffy: I wish they'd just do it now. Save us the trouble of fighting a lot of pointless battles.

    Willow raises her eyebrows.

    Buffy: Which, I know we'll always be fighting.

    Giles: Pointless? We're fighting for a reason Buffy, and a good one at that.

    Buffy: I know. It's just kinda different when everywhere you turn there's someone who wants to kill you.

    Giles: I'm going to go find Stephen, see if he can come up with anything that could help.

    Buffy: Thanks.

    Giles smiles.

    Giles: We've been through worse. At least eight apocalypses.

    Buffy: Not to mention Doublemeat Palace.

    Giles: Exactly. We'll get through it.

    Buffy: Yeah. I just hope Chris will.

    She looks at the others. They look concerned.

    Cut to Chris still tied to the chair. His shirt is ripped open and he has cuts on his chest and some on his face too. Cut to Kass walking up to him.

    Kass: Enjoying yourself Chris?

    She strokes his chest. He shifts uncomfortably. She then dig her nails straight in to his chest. He exclaims in pain.

    Kass: Sorry babe, did that a hurt a little?

    Chris looks up at Kass and narrows his eyes.

    Kass: Now that's not very nice!

    She pulls his head back by his hair and kneels down next to him. He breathes quickly.

    Kass: If I were you I'd start realising that this is all you're gonna be seeing from now on. Even if your little Buffy comes round the corner she won't stand a chance against us. And I know she will.

    Chris: You?(coughs)?don't even?know her.

    Kass: I know how she thinks. "Oh Chris is in trouble, we gotta save him!". If she had any sense she'd leave here to die. But don't worry, that won't happen for a while yet.

    Kass pulls out a lighter. She smiles psychotically.

    The outline of the screen blurs. The camera pulls out to show Clare watching Kass and Chris through a mirror. Luce appears.[/I]

    Luce: Do you get off on that or something?

    Clare: Hardly. But it is rather intriguing. Her technique is impressive.

    Luce: Right?

    Clare: You wouldn't understand. Watch how she uses the fire.

    Luce: Yeah, yeah it's great. But um, John says it's time to go.

    Clare: Does he? What about Jakenos?

    Luce: He wants to be called Jake you know.

    Clare: Names are irrelevant. What does he want?

    Luce: To see if twisting peoples' heads off is fun, probably.

    Clare: You speak of him as if he were a child. Remember your place Luce.

    Luce: Remember yours Clare.

    Clare turns to look at Luce. Her eyes flash orange. Luce stares back and smiles as if she is daring Clare to make a move. Clare carries on looking at Kass torturing Chris. She smiles.

    Clare: Well. If he wants to kill?then that fits in nicely with our schedule.

    She smiles darkly as Luce looks over shoulder. Chris' cries of pain are heard.
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    ACT II

    Open on Andrew and Lloyd sitting in at a table in the "Queen's Caf?". Andrew is noticeably uncomfortable. Lloyd is drinking from a bottle of bear, Andrew has nothing.

    Lloyd: Ok.

    Andrew: What?

    Lloyd: Let's go.

    Andrew: We don't have to.

    Lloyd: But you want to though.

    Andrew looks away.

    Lloyd: You don't have to just do anything I want you know. If you didn't wanna come here you shoulda' said. I don't mind.

    Andrew: I did?

    Lloyd raises his eyebrows.

    Andrew: I just?feel people staring at me, and with all the stuff going on at the house, it's kinda difficult to concentrate.

    Lloyd: I see.

    Andrew: It's not you-

    Lloyd: No, I get you've got more important stuff going on, you should go back.

    Lloyd gets up and Andrew walks after him.

    Andrew: But-

    Lloyd: Andrew look I-

    Andrew suddenly kisses Lloyd on the lips. Lloyd blinks but then kisses back. Andrew moves away and smiles.

    Andrew: Don't think it's you. Because it's not.

    Lloyd smiles back.

    Man: Get a room!

    Andrew and Lloyd both laugh.

    Lloyd: Now that's an idea.

    He smiles at Andrew. Andrew smiles back but blushes a bit. Andrew walks outside with him.

    Cut to Buffy sitting at the kitchen table. She is looking at the picture of her, Cordy, Xander and Willow from when they were in high school. She looks sad. Dawn walks in. Buffy hides the picture.

    Buffy: Dawn, hey.

    Dawn: (quietly) Hey.

    Buffy: Are you-

    Dawn: No, I'm not ok Buffy.

    Buffy: Right, that was obvious.

    Dawn: It's just I don't see what we're doing. Just sitting here? For what? Every minute we think about how bad things are, Chris could be dying! What are we waiting for?

    Buffy: We don't even know where they are Dawn.

    Dawn: Well maybe we should start looking!

    Buffy frowns. Dawn looks upset.

    Buffy: We don't have enough to fight them.

    Dawn: We do. Because they don't even know what they're fighting for anymore! We have to save Chris!

    Buffy: I know Dawn, but that's what they want us to do. Don't you see it's a trap?

    Dawn: Trap or not, they are holding Chris captive!

    Willow appears around the doorway but Buffy and Dawn don't see.

    Dawn: He's not just my boyfriend or whatever he's the father of my child!

    Willow looks shocked.

    Willow: Child?

    Buffy and Dawn turn to see Willow. Dawn looks at the floor.

    Cut to Kelly sitting on the bench next to the river near the house. She looks concerned. Xander appears and site next to her.

    Xander: Still worried huh?

    Kelly: Yeah?

    Xander: It'll be ok.

    Kelly: Will it? Chris could be dead already. You have no idea what Kass is capable of.

    Xander: I get the impression they're using Chris as bait more than anything.

    Kelly: She can shred him up and still keep him alive.

    Xander frowns.

    Kelly: We should go after them.

    Xander: We don't where they are, or how we're gonna fight. Plus you won't know this but, we've got more than just Kass and co. on our backs. Right now one of our friend's is in a coma and we really can't leave the house without wondering if there might be someone just waiting to jump out and impale us with our own swords.

    Kelly: Right?that's kinda how I felt when I was with Kass and the others?

    Xander: You thought we were gonna kill you?

    Kelly: I didn't know what to think. When Mr. Giles found me?I thought he was gonna kill me.

    Xander looks concerned.

    Xander: Giles wouldn't kill anyone. He never has. And I know Buffy wouldn't kill you either.

    Kelly: If I was still with Kass she might.

    Xander: No. If we can, we'll find a way of solving this without killing anyone.

    Kelly smiles weakly but then frowns again.

    Kelly: It might be too late for that.

    Xander frowns too. Cut to Siobhan on the phone.

    Siobhan: So, another business trip? Two months? But mom?yeah I know it's important but-?no you listen, you say you wanna spend all this time with me, but then you?well I might not be here when you get back!

    Siobhan slams the phone down. Buffy has appeared behind her.

    Buffy: Trouble?

    Siobhan: Oh, Buffy hey. Um little bit yeah?my mum's going away again, she seems to think I'll be ok about that.

    Buffy: Right. Well you know you're always welcome here. Gotta stick together.

    Siobhan: Yeah. So uh, any news on what happened with Faith?

    Buffy: No?I don't well get any until she wakes up. Which she will.

    Siobhan smiles slightly.

    Siobhan: And uh, what about Chris?

    Buffy: Um?

    Siobhan: Are we gonna go and find him?

    Buffy: I don't think we should?yet.

    Siobhan: Why? What's stopping us?

    Buffy looks over at the kitchen. Dawn and Willow are sat next to each other. She turns back to Siobhan.

    Buffy: I think some of us need to sort out some stuff first. But we will find them.

    Cut to Dawn and Willow at the table. Dawn looks tired.

    Dawn: So yeah, basically I'm going ahead with it.

    Willow: I see.

    Dawn: You don't think it's a good idea?

    Willow: No it's not that?I can understand that it must be important to you.

    Dawn: It is. It's the most important thing in my life now. But what's also important to me is Chris. I can't do this without him. Not alone.

    Willow: You won't be alone, Dawn! I'll help you, we all will.

    Dawn: I know. And I'm grateful for that. But Chris is in this as much as me. Like no one else here. I need him.

    Willow: I understand.

    She smiles at Dawn. Dawn smiles back.

    Willow: He'll be ok.

    Dawn: Even if he is right now?it won't be for much longer. We need to go now, but-

    Rona: Guys!

    Rona has appeared. Buffy walks around the corner.

    Buffy: Rona?

    Rona: It's Faith! She's awake!

    Buffy smiles with relief and looks at Willow and Dawn. Cut to Faith sitting up in bed with Chao-Ahn sat next to her. Buffy, Dawn, Kennedy and Willow walk in.

    Buffy: Faith!

    Faith: Buffy, nice to see you alive.

    Buffy rushes over and hugs Faith. Faith hugs her back and closes her eyes.

    Faith: I'm glad I got here.

    Buffy: So am I. But what happened?

    Faith looks sad.

    Willow: Faith we need to know.

    Faith: I know. I'm not sure you're gonna like what I have to say though?

    Buffy: Oh god?I knew it.

    Dawn: Riley really did this.

    Faith: What? No!

    Buffy looks confused.

    Faith: Riley was the one who got me here. After what happened.

    Kennedy: You mean he helped you?

    Faith: Helped me? He saved my life! If he hadn't gotten there after those?whatever they were did this to me?I probably be dead.

    Buffy looks relived.

    Faith: You thought he was the one who did this?

    Buffy: We didn't know. It's just?we found his gun-

    Faith: Right. The gun he gave to me in case I was attacked again.

    Buffy: Oh?

    Dawn: But then who attacked you?

    Faith looks upset.

    Faith: I'm pretty sure it was the Rogue Slayers.

    Rona: I knew it.

    Buffy looks at Rona and then looks back at Faith.

    Buffy: Do you know why?

    Faith: I have an idea?they knew who I was. They knew I'd choose you over them given the choice.

    Chao-Ahn: So they tried to kill you?

    Faith: Yeah?and here I am now.

    Chao-Ahn: What about Robin?

    Buffy: Yeah Faith where is he?

    Faith looks angry and upset. A tear rolls down her cheek.

    Faith: He's dead.

    Everyone looks at Faith shocked.

    Cut to Willow, Dawn, Buffy, Kennedy, Siobhan and Rona sitting around the kitchen table. They all look sad. Buffy is holding the picture of Robin and Faith seen in 8.13. Kennedy walks in.

    Buffy: How's Faith doing?

    Kennedy: She's ok. She said to carry on without her. She just needs time.

    Buffy: Right

    Dawn: I can empathise?

    Buffy: Chris isn't dead Dawn.

    Dawn: How can you know that?

    Buffy: I just?know.

    Dawn looks upset. Kelly and Xander walk in. Everyone remains silent.

    Xander: Well this is eventful.

    Everyone remains quiet.

    Kelly: What's happened?

    Cut to Xander and Kelly looking sad too.

    Xander: They just?shot him?

    Buffy: Yeah. Would have killed Faith too if Riley hadn't been there.

    Siobhan: And if I didn't hate the Rogues already.

    Kelly looks away.

    Siobhan: No offence.

    Kelly: It's ok. You have right o be angry. But I need to know. Was it?was it Kass?

    Buffy: We don't know. Faith hasn't seen any of the Rogues before, she wouldn't know.

    Kelly: It could have been?

    Buffy: Kelly don't blame yourself.

    Kelly: I'm not. I just wanna be sure we're blaming the right people for the right things.

    Kennedy: There's enough blame to go around for everyone.

    Buffy: I know. We will find out who's done this. And we'll take on whoever comes between us and them.

    Dawn: So we're gonna find the Rogues then?

    Buffy: I?yes. But we have-

    Dawn: To wait? You keep saying that. I can't wait any longer.

    Buffy: We've just found out Robin's dead. It's not as easy as saying "that's bad, but let's go fight now".

    Dawn: I feel bad for Robin. Of course I do. I feel worse for Faith. But things carry on happening no matter how bad things get and right now Chris, the guy who is gonna father my child-

    Everyone looks up at Dawn.

    Dawn: -is probably being tortured to death and I am not just gonna sit around here thinking how bad things are. It's time to do something!

    Dawn looks upset and stares at Buffy. Buffy looks back. There is an awkward silence.
    Xander: And by father of your child?that's not a teenage slang expression is it.

    Dawn: I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.

    Xander: No I get that, it's ok. But that changes things?

    Kennedy: Yeah, we have to do something.

    Buffy: Ok guys look. We will. It's just Faith is lying in that bed alone. She needs us right now.

    Kennedy: Not all of us.

    Dawn: I'll stay.

    Buffy: Dawn?

    Dawn: When I say I wanna do something?I'm just kidding myself. I can't do anything. Not right now. You can. All of you.

    Cut to Willow smiling. Cut to Kelly smiling. Cut to Buffy smiling.

    Chao-Ahn: But what do we do?

    Kennedy: We find them. They gotta be somewhere close by.

    Xander: It's getting light outside. Should be easier to find them.

    Buffy: If that's what everyone wants. I know better than to make radical decisions on my own, but you know, if we're all going. Then let's do this.

    She smiles at Dawn. Dawn smiles back but is a bit taken aback by Buffy's comment.

    Cut to Chris lying on the ground. He is no longer tied to the chair now, but his hands are still tied and he is too weak to move. Kass walks up to him and kicks him in the stomach. He wheezes and breathes heavily. She circles him.

    Kass: You know, I never got to tell you how much I didn't appreciate you telling Buffy and company about us.

    She punches him in the face.

    Kass: It was really quite selfish.

    She kicks him in the back. He cries out in pain.

    Kass: But this is what you get for that Chris.

    She kneels down next to him.

    Kass: It'll be all over soon though. You might wanna start praying now, because if your friends do turn up, they'll be in for one hell of a surprise.

    She kicks him once again in chest and walks off. Chris looks after her.

    Chris: Then?I'll pray.

    He looks upwards and sits up as well as he can.

    Chris: You might wanna start helping me now?if you're there. Cause I'm just about ready?to give up. I've got no one?else to turn to. So if you're out there. Then I beg you?please?help?

    He falls back down. Shot of him alone on the ground. His heavy breathing is still heard clearly.
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      ACT III

      Open on someone walking down a corridor. The camera moves round to show it is John. He is smiling. He walks into another room and Luce, Clare and "Jake" are stood there.

      Luce: I hope you're ready.

      John: Of course.

      Clare: Remember the plan?and stick to it.

      Luce: Yeah I do know. It's not like I'm gonna go and kill anyone in there.

      Clare: Actually Luce I was speaking to Jake.

      Jake: I will kill?any that stand in my way.

      Clare: Yes Jake but remember who our targets are. Killing the other party now?would somewhat complicate things.

      Luce: Aka we'd be screwed.

      Clare: If Luce's basic and irritating way of putting things is easier to understand then listen to her by all means.

      Luce: Or if you want to try and decipher whatever the hell Clare is talking about then you should probably listen to her.

      Jake looks confused. John looks angry.

      John: Listen, fight all you want after we do this, but if we end up not doing this now then The Judge will have us all very, very sorry. Think about what you value more: your egos, or all of our livers.

      Clare looks contemplative. Luce looks disgusted.

      Luce: Fine. I'll play nice. Let's go.

      Cut to Buffy and co. all sorting weapons out and getting ready.

      Xander: What about Andrew?

      Buffy: Oh?um, Dawn'll be here. She'll explain. But if we're doing this, we can't wait any longer.

      Kennedy: (to Rona) Right here's a crossbow for you, and uh, Rona?

      Rona: Axe girl myself.

      Chao-Ahn: I'll take this.

      Chao-Ahn grabs a large sword.

      Kennedy: Are you sure you can-

      Chao-Ahn swings the sword. It cuts into the wall.

      Kennedy: ?handle it?

      Cut to Dawn sat with Faith.

      Dawn: They'll be fine.

      Faith: Yeah. I just hope your boy is.

      Dawn smiles and looks worried.

      Dawn: I, uh, I'm sorry about Robin.

      Faith: Aren't you all?

      Dawn: We are.

      Faith: I know. I'm sorry. It's just my boyfriend was kinda brutally murdered. Doesn't really make my day full of sunshine.

      Dawn: Sorry, do you want me to go?

      Faith: No?I really am sorry. Even though a hell of a lot's happened these last few weeks - or more specifically years ? it's not reason to get angry at any of you guys.

      Dawn: I'd feel the same. If something happens to Chris.

      Faith: It won't. It won't.

      Faith smiles and Dawn smiles back.

      Cut to Kass and Marie.

      Marie: They're definitely coming.

      Kass: Right. Get everyone ready.

      Marie nods and walks away. Kass picks up a knife and turns around and looks at Chris who is now tied to a wall. He looks worriedly at the knife.

      Kass: Oh, babe, don't worry, this one isn't for you. I know, I'll cut up each of your girls and make you watch. What do you say?

      Chris: Kass. You're a fu-

      Kass throws the knife. It hits the wall inches away from Chris's neck.

      Kass: You finish that sentence, and this knife explores the inside of your stomach. K?

      She turns around.

      Chris: You don't have the guts.

      Kass turns around and looks angry.

      Kass: Soon babe, you won't either. Now don't push me!

      Chris: Like if I was to say that you were a stupid bitch who needs to get over herself and her problems, would that push you?

      Kass walks up to Chris and slam the knife next to his head.

      Kass: Shut up!

      Chris: Whatever. You know the truth as well as I do Kass. Go fight your little war, you're gonna lose.

      Kass walks away. She stops momentarily but doesn't turn around.

      Kass: Nope, that one's not gonna be answered.

      Cut to Luce, Clare and John are surrounding Jake. The camera circles them as they chant. Energy from all of them suddenly transfers to Jake. He glows silver and smiles.

      Clare: It is done!

      Her eyes flash orange.

      Cut to Buffy and co. walking out of the house. Buffy looks determined. Cut to Kass, Marie and Line lining up in front of their hideout. Kass smiles. Cut to Luce, Clare, John and Jake walking confidently. Cut to Andrew staring out of a window.

      Lloyd: You coming to bed?

      Andrew turns around and smiles.

      Andrew: Yeah. I was just thinking about a few things, but it's ok.

      He walks over to Lloyd.

      Cut to Buffy and co. stopping. The moves around to show Kass and the other Rogues standing about 20 metres away.

      Kass: So you finally decided to show?

      Buffy: Disappointed?

      Kass: No?no I knew you'd wanna collect your little Chris. Sorry I couldn't resist a little slice n' dice. He should still work properly.

      Kelly: Where is he?

      Kass: Well hey Kelly, nice to see you here. And Chris is exactly where I want him to be.

      Kelly: We're not leaving until we get him back.

      Kass: Then I guess you're not leaving.

      Buffy: This is for real this time Kass. No more running away. We finish this tonight!

      Kass: Whatever you say! Now!

      All the Rogues lift bows and arrows. They pull back. The camera zooms on Buffy's face and her eyes widen.

      Buffy: Get down!

      Buffy and co. all duck as a shower of arrows pass over them. Buffy gets up.

      Buffy: Willow now!

      Willow clenches her fist. A wave of green energy moves towards the Rogues. Many are forced back by it.

      Buffy: Quick!

      Buffy and co. rush forward. Buffy gets her sword out and everyone starts fighting. Buffy and Kass fight with swords, Rona and Chao-Ahn fight Line and Marie, Kennedy fires her crossbow, Xander swings his axe to protect Kelly from a random Rogue, Willow blocks the Rogues' weapons with magic, Siobhan kicks a Rogue in the face.

      Cut to the doors of the hideout opening from the back.

      Cut back to the fight. Kelly pushes Xander out of the way of a Rogue's axe, and kicks the Rogue over. Xander smiles at her but then goes back to fighting. Three Rogues attack Kennedy, but Willow shoots fireballs at each of them. Siobhan flips over kicking two Rogues in the face. Buffy and Kass get locked in a stalemate temporarily, but then Buffy release her sword and it cuts into Kass' arm. Kass clutches it in pain and looks angrily at Buffy.

      Cut to Jake, Luce, Clare and John in the Rogues' hideout. Luce smiles.

      Jake: Is it time?

      Clare: Patience my friend. We will get the massacre we deserve.

      Cut back to the fight. Marie hits Rona, but Chao-Ahn knocks her out the way. Rona gets up and kicks Line in the face. Line is forced backwards into Chao-Ahn's sword. She gasps and looks down.

      There is a flashback to Line impaling Claudia in 8.7. Back to the present and Line falls down dead.

      Many of the Rogues are wounded and some are unconscious/dead. Siobhan and Kelly rush past the rest of the Rogues into the hideout. They spot Chris and rush over to him.

      Siobhan: Chris! Oh my god, are you ok?

      Chris opens his eyes and smiles slightly.

      Chris: Siobhan?

      He looks at Kelly.

      Chris: What are you doing here?

      A Rogue shoots an arrow at Chris. Kelly catches it inches away from Chris' face. Chris screws his eyes up tight. Kelly unties Chris.

      Kelly: I'm rescuing you. But if you'd like to stay here-

      Chris: No, no, it's ok.

      Buffy and the others rush in.

      Buffy: They're still in pursuit! Run!

      Siobhan and Kelly help Chris out of the back exit to the hideout. Everyone else runs after them. Cut to Luce and Jake.

      Jake: We missed them!

      Luce: (smiling) No we didn't.

      Buffy and co. rush out the back exit. Suddenly the sound of energy being charged is heard. Buffy and co. all turn round.

      Buffy: What is that?

      Shouts are heard from inside. Suddenly they turn into screams. Crashing sounds are heard. Buffy and co. look at each other confused. Suddenly there is silence.
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        ACT IV

        Siobhan: What the hell just happened?

        Buffy: I dunno?.

        She walks forward.

        Rona: Are you sure it's safe?

        Buffy: I don't think?they're still a threat.

        She walks in through the exit followed by Kennedy and Siobhan. All through look horrified as they look around. Cut to the bodies of the Rogues lying about. Many are bloody. Xander, Willow, Rona, Chao-Ahn and Kelly look in and look equally shocked. Buffy walks forward.

        Eyrie music plays as they walk through the now tomb-like hideout.

        Xander: What happened here?

        Buffy look confused.

        Buffy: I don't know?

        The camera moves down as they walk. Marie's lifeless body is shown.

        Willow: I do?

        Willow points. On the wall of hideout are the words "from Luce, with love". Buffy looks serious. Everyone else looks confused.

        Kelly: Wait?where's Kass?

        Buffy looks around. Cut to them walking through the front exit. Buffy looks around and then sees something. The camera shows Kass lying, with blood all over her. Buffy walks up to her followed by the others. Buffy kneels down.

        Buffy: Kass?

        Kass raises her head slightly.

        Kass: Are you happy now?

        Buffy: No. I didn't want this.

        Kass: This?this isn't over.

        Buffy: Kass, you're dying.

        Kass: That?won't?stop me.

        Willow kneels down next to Kass. She moves her head near Kass.

        Kass: What are you doing?

        Willow: Giving you one last moment of happiness. I know it won't make up for everything you've been through. But just?let this happen.

        Kass frowns. Gold light passes from Willow's hand to Kass' face. The camera zooms on Kass' face.

        Cut to Kass in her house in New York. She walks down the corridor. Her parents appear.

        Kass: Mom?

        Kass' mum: Kass? Oh Kass! We've missed you so much!

        They hug. Tears run down Kass' cheeks.

        Kass: I missed you too. Both of you.

        Kass' dad: It's so good to have you home Kass.

        Kass' brother appears.

        Kass' brother: Kassy?

        Kass looks shocked. She cries as she hugs her brother. Her mother puts her arms around her. Her dad puts his hands on her shoulder. Kass smiles.

        The image fades. Kass's head falls to one side. She dies.

        Willow stands up.

        Willow: She's gone.

        Buffy stands up too.

        Buffy: They all are.

        Everyone looks around.

        Buffy: Let's go home.

        Cut to black.

        Cut to Buffy walking out of the front door of the Summers' house. She smiles.

        Buffy: You two off?

        Rona and Chao-Ahn turn around.

        Rona: Yeah?hellmouths to protect, people to save.

        Buffy: Right.

        Chao-Ahn: It was an honour fighting with you again.

        Buffy: Likewise.

        Chao-Ahn: I just wish that Vi could have been here.

        Rona looks at the floor. Buffy smiles but looks upset. They hug. Rona smiles. Xander comes out.

        Xander: Let's be getting you girls to the airport.

        Xander smiles and gets in his car. Rona and Chao-Ahn look back at Buffy and smile. They get in the back seats. Xander drives them away.

        Buffy frowns. Faith, on crutches comes out of the house.

        Faith: So how you feeling B?

        Buffy: Tired.

        Faith: Well yeah, big mega fight. Wish I could have been there.

        Buffy: You know?even though Kass was twisted, and caused us so much pain-

        Faith: You felt bad when she died?

        Buffy: Yeah?

        Faith: Well I can understand where's she's coming from. Considering I went through a similar phase myself. The torture, and the power seem pretty cool at first, but then you realise there's nothing more lonely than sticking a knife in someone's gut and not feeling anything.

        Buffy looks at Faith.

        Buffy: Guess she won't feel anything now.

        Faith: Maybe. Maybe she's looking down on us now. With Robin.

        Buffy and Faith smile at each other.

        Buffy: Amen to that.

        They turn to go inside.

        THE END
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6