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Buffy Episode 8.13 157. A Deeper Shade of Blood

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  • Buffy Episode 8.13 157. A Deeper Shade of Blood

    Hi, this is the thirteenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.13 157. A Deeper Shade of Blood

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Siobhan VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Cut Faith and Robin leaving.

    Faith: We'll be back.

    Cut to Kass punching someone.

    Buffy VO: These Slayers are making life hell for us.

    Giles: Stephen and I have arranged to find Rona, Vi and Chao-Ahn. We need them for this Buffy.

    Shot of Vi being impaled by a demon. Shot of Kelly on the bus. Shot of the "now leaving Lincolnshire" sign.

    Buffy: These girls want a fight? Then we'll fight. Because I am not gonna let them kill anyone else just to get at me.

    Cordelia VO: There's something big that's gonna be rising nearby.

    Cut to Luce blasting magic at Willow. Cut to John punching Kennedy. Cut to Clare smiling. Cut to the Chained Man. White light shines through his eyes and mouth.

    Cut to Siobhan and Andrew.

    Siobhan: I want you to be my Watcher.

    Andrew: Ok.

    Cut to Dawn and Chris.

    Dawn: I'm pregnant. I just?I can't let it go.

    Chris looks worried.

    Cut to Buffy and Cordy.

    Cordy: Don't forget.

    She dies.

    Buffy: I won't.


    ACT I

    Open on Robin sitting in the kitchen in Boston. He is reading the newspaper. Faith walks up behind him and puts her arms round his neck.

    Faith: Anything interesting?

    Robin: A woman grew the biggest turnip ever.

    Faith: Great?

    Robin: Oh and um, there've been a few more "young girl" related deaths.

    Faith: Man I should really ring B up tell her what's happening.

    Robin: I think she probably knows. I mean when she rang up a few days ago she seemed to be on top of things.

    Faith: I just can't help feeling responsible you know? Like we shoulda known.

    Robin: Well we don't have to deal with that anymore. Buffy'll handle it.

    He and Faith kiss.

    Faith: Still I think I'm gonna call her sometime. It's been a while anyway.

    Robin: Yeah.

    Robin finishes drinking some coffee and then looks at his watch.

    Robin: I should get off to work; dad'll be wanting to get this appeal done as soon as possible.

    Faith: Ok have a good day.

    They kiss more passionately this time. Robin walks to the front door. Faith follows him. Robin looks back at Faith as he opens the door. He looks forward and frowns.

    Faith: No-

    A gunshot is heard. Blood splatters the walls.

    Cut to Buffy waking up with a start. She looks around her. Cut to everyone in the living room sorting through boxes. Buffy walks in.

    Buffy: Hey guys.

    Willow: Hey Buffy. We're just sorting this stuff from the basement.

    Dawn: Which seems to be half the stuff we own.

    Kennedy: Gotta say there is a hell of a lot here.

    Buffy: Well it's gotta be important if we kept it.

    Siobhan lifts up a small model.

    Buffy: Ok that not so much. One of yours Andrew?

    Andrew looks at the model and looks disgusted.

    Andrew: Ew no, that's so fake.

    Xander: It's not fake! I got it at a convention a few years ago.

    Willow: The same one where the managers got arrested for false advertising?

    Xander: That was never proven.

    Chris: Well there's definitely some stuff in here worth keeping.

    Dawn: Hey look!

    Everyone looks over at Dawn.

    Dawn: Photo albums!

    Dawn opens a large book. There is a photo of Buffy and Angel. Buffy blinks and smiles slightly.

    Buffy: I'd forgotten we took these.

    Dawn turns the page and there is a picture of Dawn, Joyce and Buffy.

    Dawn: That one's nice.

    She turns the page again. There is a picture of Xander and Cordy. Xander looks sad as he sees it. Buffy does too.

    Xander: There's uh?gotta be some more recent ones in there right?

    A photo falls out. It's one of Faith and Robin in the Summers' old house.

    Kennedy: They look great together.

    Buffy: Yeah?I wonder how they're doing.

    Xander: Probably having the time of their lives.

    Buffy: Maybe?it's just Faith hasn't called for a while. It's been months since I told her about the Slayers.

    Willow: She'd call if there was a problem.

    Buffy: I guess you're right.

    There is a knock at the door.

    Buffy: And what's behind door number one?

    Buffy walks over and opens the door. She smiles.

    Buffy: Giles!

    Giles is standing in front of her. He grins and they hug.

    Giles: Buffy it's good to see you.

    Buffy: You too! I missed you. Were you?uh successful?

    Giles: Yes?and no. I was able to find Rona and Chao-Ahn ? they're in Darkley right now. But Vi seems to be missing.

    Buffy: Missing?

    Giles: Yes. I um?I'm not sure what's happened. But I have found another person who may be able to help us though.

    Buffy: Who?

    Giles stands to one side. Kelly is standing there looking at the floor. Buffy frowns.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    D.B WOODSIDE - Robin
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    LANI TUPU - John
    KRISTY WU - Chao-Ahn
    INDIGO - Rona

    Open back on the scene.

    Buffy: What is this?

    Giles: Buffy listen-

    Buffy: You think she can help us? She and her friends tried to kill us!

    Kelly: I'm not with them anymore.

    Buffy: Oh so that makes up for everyone you killed?

    Giles: Buffy. She wants to be forgiven.

    Buffy: Oh well that's ok then? Giles it's not that easy.

    Giles: It has to be in times like this. Kelly has information here that could be vital if the Rogue Slayers attack.

    Buffy: How do you know she's not still working for them? Because she told you?

    Kelly: I'm not. I don't want anything to do with them.

    Buffy: Listen I-

    Kelly: No you listen.

    Buffy looks taken a back.

    Kelly: I joined them because I believed they'd be able to help me get back what I lost. They couldn't. They just wanted to punish you for taking it away. I know why you gave us this power, and?and I understand you didn't want things to turn out this way. But neither did I. Now I can't make you believe anything I say, but I hope you will because you need me in this and I need you.

    Buffy frowns. She looks at Giles.

    Giles: Well?

    Buffy sighs and stands aside to let them through. Kelly smiles slightly.

    Kelly: I won't let you down.
    Buffy nods as Kelly walks in.

    Buffy: What about the others?

    Giles: I'll go fetch them now. I just thought it best you and Kelly met like this.

    Buffy smiles and nods.

    Buffy: You're probably right.

    Giles smiles too and walks back to his car. Buffy closes the door. A crash is heard from the living room. Buffy looks shocked and rushes in. Cut to Chris with his hands around Kelly.

    Chris: You killed him you bitch, you killed him!

    Kelly is gasping for breath. Xander and Andrew are trying to pull Chris away from Kelly. Buffy rushes over and pushes him with one tug.

    Chris: What are you doing? She's a murderer!

    Kelly rubs her neck in pain.

    Kelly: I was. Not anymore.

    Dawn: What's going on Buffy?

    Buffy looks at Kelly.

    Buffy: She's telling the truth. She wants to help.

    Chris: Don't tell me you believe her?

    Buffy: It's not that simple-

    Chris: Yeah it is! Once you've gone down that road there's no turning back.

    Kennedy: Willow did.

    Chris looks at Kennedy. Willow smiles at her but then looks at Chris.

    Andrew: And technically - so did I.

    Chris: Oh?great you're all defending her.

    Willow: Look Chris, I understand you're angry. What I felt after Warren killed Tara, my girlfriend?it was beyond rage.
    Kennedy frowns at the mention of Tara's name.

    Willow: Now I know what that girl took from you. But if she's willing to repent then you gotta let her.

    Buffy: She can help us. She knows stuff.

    Chris shakes his head.

    Dawn: Chris it's ok.

    She moves her hand to put on his shoulder but he brushes her off.

    Chris: No. It's not. You can believe what you want, I know she'll never change.

    Chris walks into the hallway and opens the front door, slamming it behind it. Dawn walks after him.

    Buffy: Dawn I don't think you should.

    Dawn: But I don't know where he's going.

    Buffy: He'll be back. I think he just needs some time alone.

    Dawn looks at Buffy and nods. She glances at Kelly.

    Dawn: What is she doing here anyway?

    Buffy: Like I said before she can help us.

    Cut to Siobhan. She is staring coldly at Kelly.

    Siobhan: Ok then. Tell me when you're done, I don't really want to stick around to hear what she had to say.

    She turns away.

    Kelly: I?I don't-

    Siobhan: (without turning round) Don't! Don't say anything to me. I really couldn't care less what it is.

    She turns round.

    Siobhan: Chris was right. Am I the only one to see that?

    Andrew: Siobhan I-

    Siobhan: How can you defend her like this? She was part of the group of people that shot you through the gut Andrew!

    Andrew: Part of. But it wasn't her that did it.

    Siobhan looks at him frowning. She looks from him to Kelly.

    Andrew: Come on Siobhan, it's all right.

    He smiles at her. She does not smile back. Instead she shakes her head.

    Siobhan: I can't. Not yet. Not yet.

    She walks away down the corridor and slams her own door. Andrew looks upset and turns around. Kelly looks upset too.

    Kelly: You know maybe I should just go.

    Xander: Maybe you should.

    Buffy: Xander.

    Xander: I'm sorry. I'm not gonna go all angry and slam a door behind me. But I'm not gonna act like we're best buddies either ok?

    Kelly: I know. I know I've hurt you all. And I'm-

    Dawn: Don't say it. It won't make up for anything.

    Kelly: Well what do you suggest?

    Buffy: For a start you can tell us what you know about the Slayers. And believe me when I say you better tell us the truth.

    Kelly: I will.

    Kelly looks around at the others.

    Kelly: About a week ago, I saw them. Kass and the others. Only now the others are like twenty.

    Cut to Buffy's shocked face. Cut to the others looking shocked too.

    Kelly: She's planning something big. And it could happen any day now. I'm thinking a big scale attack here.
    Buffy: Great?bet she's told them all who's responsible for them suddenly being great contenders in this year's wrestling championships.

    Kelly: The seemed pretty serious.

    Xander: So now we've got twenty Rogue Slayers, and a band of magic using freaks after us? I wish I could say we lived boring lives.

    Kelly: Magic users?

    Buffy: Three of them. They've all tried to kill us on several occasions.

    Kelly: Why?

    Willow: Because we're in their way.

    Kelly: I remember Kass used to say that was a good enough reason to kill anybody.

    Buffy looks at her.

    Buffy: Well Kass is your enemy now Kelly. Can you fight her?

    Kelly: If I have to.

    Buffy: You will. We all will. This isn't just some vendetta anymore. Kass wants a fight? Then we'll give her one. I know her brother died because of something we did, and I can't change that. Now she's just killing for no reason and you know what it's selfish. And I'm gonna stop her.

    Kelly: I wish it was only her. But Marie and Line are just as good as she is, and the others are learning pretty quick.

    Buffy: Then we'll need all of us. Giles is coming here with Chao-Ahn and Rona right now.

    Shot of Willow and Kennedy smiling.

    Buffy: They fought with us before and we won then. We can win again.

    Xander: Against everyone?

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: Fight by fight. But we can't do this if we've got too many enemies at once to deal with.

    Xander: Like we can ever say we don't?

    Buffy: Exactly. Kelly, how nearby were Kass and company when you saw them?

    Kelly: A few miles away.

    Buffy: Then they're probably pretty nearby now. I'm counting on getting them out the way first. Then we can move on to the others.

    Dawn: I guess we've given up on trying to help them then?

    Buffy: We'll help who we can. If not?then I'm not gonna go easy on anyone. I wish I could say that no one's gonna get hurt. But I can't. I just hope it won't be us.

    Kennedy: So?that's good and all, but how do we stop Clare, Luce and John from attacking whenever they want? It's been almost two weeks since we fought them last, they must be planning something.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: I hope not.

    Cut to Luce, Clare and John's cavern which is now caved in almost. The caption says "two weeks previously". Luce's head appears from under some rubble. She coughs.

    Luce: Well that went well. I told them we shoulda gone with a proper estate agent, but no, it's not the "villain" thing to do.

    She looks around.

    Luce: Anyone else alive? No? Ok then I'll just be-

    A hand grabs her shoulder. Luce gasps. It's Clare.

    Clare: Going somewhere Luce?

    Luce: Uh?no, it's great here really; I especially like the destroyed effect.

    Clare: We no longer need this place now that we have fulfilled what The Judge intended.

    Luce: Yeah well I don't see anyone.

    There is a scrambling. John appears.

    John: Ladies. Are we all all right?

    Clare: Perfectly fine thank you John.

    She smiles slightly psychotically. John smiles back cautiously and looks at Luce.

    Luce: I've been better.

    John: Don't worry, wait till you see this.

    John walks down the tunnel. Clare follows. Luce sighs and follows also. John stops at a large boulder.

    Luce: So where's our guy?

    Clare points.

    Clare: There!

    The camera speeds over to a man looking out of a window in the rock. He turns around and is shown to be the Chained Man from before. He sees the others and smiles. As he does so his eyes glow yellow.

    Luce: Well that's unoriginal for a start.

    John: Must you pick at every little detail?

    Luce: Sorry it's in my nature.

    Man: And this is in mine.

    He walks over to the boulder and lifts it up with ease. He then smashes it at the wall of rock breaking through it. A valley can be seen below them. The man smiles and walks through the opening. John looks impressed. Clare is staring at the man fixatedly smiling. Luce bites her lip and smiles.

    Luce: I like him already.
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    ACT II

    Open on Giles getting out his car. The door of the back seat opens and Rona gets out. She has a large scar from her forehead to her right cheek. The other passenger door opens and Chao-Ahn gets out.

    Giles: Now before we go in-

    Buffy: Hey!

    Buffy is walking towards them smiling.

    Rona: (smiling slightly) Hey Buffy.

    Chao-Ahn smiles. She looks at Giles and he nods.

    Chao-Ahn: Hey Buffy!

    She walks up to Buffy and hugs her. Rona smiles.

    Buffy: Wow Giles been teaching you English?

    Chao-Ahn: Yes?a bit. But so has Rona. We are learning to pun right now!

    Buffy looks at Rona and smiles.

    Buffy: Wow?pretty advanced stuff.

    Chao-Ahn: Yes! Yesterday I learned "that's my axe you fu-"

    Rona: Hey Chao-Ahn let's not bore Buffy with things like that.

    Buffy raises her eyebrows and looks at Giles who frowns disapprovingly. Chao-Ahn continues smiling and shrugs.

    Buffy: You guys should come inside.

    Rona nods and walks towards the house. Chao-Ahn smiles at Buffy again and follows Rona.

    Giles: Buffy, a word?

    Buffy: Sure what's up?

    Giles: Before getting here, Stephen and I went to the Council. Or what's left of it. They had information on a new evil rising very soon, only a few miles away from here.

    Buffy: Oh god?it wouldn't happen to be involving Clare, Luce and this other guy would it?

    Giles: You spoke with Clare?

    Buffy: Yes, and then we had a big fight.

    Giles: Ah.

    Buffy: Seems she preferred trying to end our futures rather than reveal them.

    Giles: I did say she was untrustworthy.

    Buffy: You didn't say she was homicidal.

    Giles: Yes?well now we know. Who were the others?

    Buffy: Luce is a time-travelling psycho. She and Chris dated for a few centuries.

    Giles: Centuries?

    Buffy: Long story.

    Giles: I see.

    Buffy: And then there's this other guy who tried to make us all stop fighting.

    Giles looks at her.

    Buffy: Didn't work, don't worry.

    Giles: I'm glad.

    Buffy: You've told Rona and Chao-Ahn the deal with the Rogue Slayers right?

    Giles: Yes. They know how serious it could get.

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Giles: And I trust everyone else is all right here?

    Buffy looks at the living room windows. Dawn is hugging Chao-Ahn next to them.

    Buffy: Yeah. We're all good.

    Cut to Rona, Chao-Ahn, Siobhan and Kennedy in the living room talking.

    Rona: So it wasn't really that hard in the end.

    Chao-Ahn: Yeah we kicked his ass!

    Siobhan smiles.

    Siobhan: I haven't seen so many vampires myself as uh, weird demony things.

    Rona: Vampires are pretty lame compared to those.

    Kennedy: Oh I dunno, you got some pretty nasty ones. I remember the Bringers were the worst though.

    Rona: Yeah they were bad.

    Siobhan: Buffy told me, I'm glad I never had to deal with them.

    Rona: Man why couldn't I have not been told I was a potential. Then I might have actually had a life between January and May.

    Siobhan: True, but if you didn't know what it was then?you could be out there right now wanting to kill Buffy.

    Rona: I guess.

    Kennedy: So where's Vi? And the others?

    Rona and Chao-Ahn look at each other.

    Rona: We don't know.

    Kennedy: What?

    Chao-Ahn: Vi disappeared in October.

    Kennedy: Oh?

    They look sad. Buffy, Dawn, Andrew and Giles walk in.

    Buffy: Guys there's someone I want you to meet.

    Buffy stands aside to show Kelly. Siobhan frowns.

    Kelly: Hey.

    Rona: Hey..uh-

    Buffy: This is Kelly. She uh, she used to fight with the Rogue Slayers, but not anymore.

    Siobhan: Yeah, right. She's suddenly a saint.

    Siobhan walks away. Andrew follows her into the corridor.

    Andrew: Siobhan.

    Siobhan: I know what you're gonna say. But I am not gonna introduce her to those girls as if she's some kind of friend.

    Andrew: She is.

    Siobhan: Because we need her. She's just using us for a place to stay.

    Andrew: Look just stop!

    Siobhan looks taken aback.

    Andrew: I'm not asking you to make her tea or anything, just play nice, we have to stick together on this.

    Siobhan: Really?

    Andrew: Yeah. I'm not gonna make you, but I'm trying to give you advice because I'm your Watcher.

    Siobhan: Ok thanks. But remember that next time you go on a little trip.

    Andrew: That's not fair.

    Siobhan: Life generally isn't.

    Siobhan walks away. Andrew looks upset.

    Cut to the living room.

    Rona: (to Kelly) So let me get this straight: you wanted to kill Buffy but now you don't?

    Kelly: Right.

    Rona: Just like that?

    Kelly: No?I saw a lot of what it was like with Kass. I don't wanna go back to that.

    Rona: Right. Well how can we be sure that you won't betray us?

    Buffy: We can't.

    Kelly looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: But I'm willing to trust her.

    Rona: Well I'm not.

    Buffy: I trusted you remember Rona? When I needed you, you thought I was wrong. You threw me out. I know it wasn't just you?and I don't wanna use it against you. I'm just saying that if we're gonna win this we're gonna have to trust everyone. Including Kelly here.

    Rona looks from Kelly to Buffy. Eventually she nods.

    Giles: Well I'm glad. I just hope we can convince Siobhan and Chris.

    Kennedy: He's not back yet?

    Dawn: No?

    Buffy: Maybe I should-

    Dawn: It's ok, I'm sure he can take of himself.

    Buffy: But Dawn, the Slayers-

    Dawn: He knows what he's getting himself into. Besides if they attack and you're not here?it would a world of bad.

    Buffy nods.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Andrew sat on the front step. It's getting dark. Xander appears and sits with him.

      Xander: You ok?

      Andrew: Not so much.

      Xander: Siobhan?

      Andrew: Hmm. I think she's mad I went to LA.

      Xander: You had to.

      Andrew: Maybe. It was just bad timing.

      Xander: Yep I know all about that.

      Xander looks up and frowns.

      Xander: Speaking of which?

      Andrew looks up and smiles. The camera shows Lloyd walking towards them.

      Lloyd: Hey.

      Xander: Hi, uh, we're kinda busy right now if you'd like to-

      Andrew: Hey Lloyd.

      Xander looks from Andrew to Lloyd.

      Xander: Oh?you guys know each other?

      Lloyd: (smiling) You could say that.

      Andrew blushes. Xander raises an eyebrow and nods.

      Xander: Ok I'll uh leave you two alone.

      He opens the front door. The camera shows him smiling slightly. Cut back to Andrew and Lloyd.

      Lloyd: So how you been?

      Andrew: Good, yeah.

      Lloyd: Have you uh, told them where you were for that little five-day detour after LA?

      Andrew smiles embarrassed.

      Andrew: No?I might not at all.

      Lloyd: Right.

      Andrew: I'm not like ashamed or anything.

      Lloyd: It's ok. Really. I understand that it's a new thing and people can't always deal with new things.

      Andrew: I think they could deal?maybe Siobhan might have a problem. I dunno, I guess I'm still kinda new at things.

      Lloyd: You were a quick learner.

      He smiles at Andrew. Andrew smiles slightly but looks embarrassed.

      Lloyd: Sorry, do I make you uncomfortable?

      Andrew: No?
      Lloyd raises his eyebrows at Andrew.

      Andrew: Not uncomfortable exactly.

      Lloyd: New thing for you too. I understand. Well I'm not gonna force you to do anything you don't wanna do. Let's take it as it comes yeah?

      Andrew smiles. Lloyd smiles back.

      Lloyd: So, uh, you gonna invite me in?

      Andrew: Oh?I would but-

      Lloyd: Right. Don't worry.

      Andrew: No, it's not-

      Lloyd: It's fine. Seriously. I better get back anyway. I'll see you later.

      Lloyd puts his hand on Andrew's shoulder. Andrew puts his own hand on Lloyd's. Lloyd smiles and walks away. Andrew looks after him and his own smile fades.

      Cut to Kelly sitting alone at the kitchen. She looks worried. Xander comes in.

      Xander: Having fun?

      Kelly: Yeah?sure.

      Xander: What did you expect?

      Kelly: This. I just hoped it would have been easier.

      Xander: Yeah, well you can hope, but from my experience, a lot of stuff just happens. And we can't change all of it. Just gotta try.

      Kelly: You know if Kass had thought more along those lines, things would probably be different.

      Xander: Sure. Andrew would have two years more life expectancy probably.

      Kelly turns away.

      Xander: Look, I'm sorry I'm not trying to make you feel bad. I understand you wanna try and make it up. And maybe you can to begin to, but some people can't adjust that easily. Give ?em time.

      Kelly: Time which we don't have.

      Xander: Maybe. But there's still some time. If you want my advice you should probably go talk to Siobhan or something.

      Kelly: She doesn't wanna hear what I have to say. She hates me.

      Xander: Maybe she does. But that's not gonna change if you just sit at the table like this.

      Kelly looks at Xander. She smiles slightly.

      Xander: Give it a shot.

      Kelly nods. Xander smiles slightly and walks off. Kelly turns back and bites her lip worriedly.

      Cut to Xander walking in the living room. Andrew follows him. Buffy, Dawn, Siobhan, Willow, Andrew, Rona, Chao-Ahn, Giles and Kennedy are sat down. Buffy is talking.

      Buffy: So when they come, I want everyone at action stations. We need to be prepared for this.

      Rona: Uh, can I just ask how we can be prepared when we don't even know how close they are?

      Buffy: That's why I'm trying to hurry now. They could be coming right now.

      Siobhan: So what do we do first?

      Buffy: Uh, we'll need to sort out weapons.

      Kennedy: I will.

      Buffy: Right. Dawn?

      Dawn: I'll get to cover.

      Buffy: Good, Andrew and Xander you'll go with her.

      Xander looks a little disappointed.

      Buffy: Sorry Xand. But you know what these girls are like. Besides if they come after Dawn, I need people who can defend her.

      Xander smiles.

      Andrew: I'm a defendy person?

      Buffy: You are. Willow could you do a protection spell?

      Willow: Yeah.

      Buffy: Great. Rona, Chao-Ahn, Siobhan you'll be downstairs with me. Giles-

      Giles: I'll go with Dawn, Andrew and Xander. I'll probably be getting in the way otherwise.

      Buffy smiles.

      Buffy: Ok then.

      Siobhan: What about Chris?

      Buffy looks at Dawn.

      Dawn: He'll be back. I know he will.

      Buffy: Dawn I wish I could agree with you but if he gets caught up in this he could die.

      Dawn frowns.

      Dawn: Wait?he has his cell phone on him. I'll ring him up and tell him the deal.

      Buffy: Good?do it quickly.

      Dawn nods.

      Buffy: Everyone know what they're doing?

      Kelly OS: What about me?

      Everyone looks. Kelly has appeared next to Xander.

      Siobhan: You can piss off.

      Xander: Siobhan, give her a chance.

      Siobhan: Why should I?

      Buffy: Because you need to. If you don't then fine you can leave.

      Siobhan looks hurt. She glares at Kelly. Kelly looks at the floor.

      Buffy: Kelly, you can go upstairs, Kennedy'll give you a crossbow.

      She nods.

      Buffy: Ok well that's it. We're doing this now.

      Everyone nods. Dawn looks out of the living room window. The camera suddenly speeds away from the house and turns around. It suddenly zooms towards the ground and stops to show Kass, Line, Marie and at least 20 other girls walking towards them. Kass is smiling.

      Kass: Almost there.
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        ACT IV

        Open on Kennedy sorting through some weapons in her and Willow's room. Willow walks in.

        Willow: Hey.

        Kennedy turns around and smiles slightly.

        Kennedy: Hey.

        She turns back to sorting through the weapons.

        Willow: Getting ready for the fight?

        Kennedy: Yep, another one.

        Willow: Seem to be a lot lately.

        Kennedy: Never a dull moment.

        Willow smiles. Kennedy continues sorting. There is an awkward silence.

        Willow: Kennedy I think-

        Kennedy: We need to talk. Right.

        She turns around.

        Willow: I know these last few months haven't been great for us.

        Kennedy: Yeah.

        Willow: We haven't really talked since before Christmas. And I want to find out if we're still good.

        Kennedy sits on the bed. Willow sits next to her.

        Kennedy: The thing is Will, at Christmas I felt?I felt I was in the way.

        Willow: What? Why?

        Kennedy: Because of Tara. She's been in your mind even before Christmas. And I can only guess, but I think you were with her in your dream.

        Willow frowns and looks at Kennedy.

        Willow: I'm not gonna say I don't think about Tara. I always will. But she's gone, and I love you too. I can't not think about what Tara and me could have had, but I'm also looking forward to what we could have.

        Kennedy: I am too. I just wanna be sure this is serious.

        Willow: We've been together for more than year. Feels pretty serious to me.

        Kennedy: As serious as it would have been with Tara?

        Willow gets up and walks a little way away.

        Willow: Don't ask me to compare you to her.

        There is a pause. Kennedy gets up to and stands by the window. She turns around to look at Willow.

        Kennedy: I'm sorry.

        Willow turns around.

        Willow: Don't think that I don't love you. Because I do. And I want things to go back to the way they were. Before things were bad.

        Kennedy: So do I. Do you think we can get there?

        Willow smiles slightly.

        Willow: I do.

        Kennedy smiles back. Suddenly the window smashes and an arrow appears through Kennedy's left arm. Willow's eyes widen. Kennedy gasps slightly and falls to the floor. The camera speeds towards Willow. There is a flashback to Seeing Red. There is shot of the broken window. There is a shot of Tara's bullet wound. There is a shot of Willow's shirt covered in blood. Cut back to present day.

        Willow: (quietly) Tara?

        Kennedy looks up at Willow, still clutching her arm in pain. She looks upset. Willow rushes over to her.

        Willow: I didn't-

        Kennedy: Don't. Get Buffy.

        Willow: No you need-

        Kennedy pulls the arrow out of her arm. She looks at it. Close-up of a drop of blood hitting the floor.

        Kennedy: Get Buffy!

        Willow looks upset but runs into the hallway anyway. Kennedy clutches her arm and closes her eyes tightly in pain. Cut to Willow running downstairs. She walks into the living room where everyone is still sat down.

        Willow: Buffy!

        Buffy turns round.

        Buffy: They're here?

        Willow: They really are.

        Dawn looks out the window. She can see a line of girls armed with swords and crossbows.

        Dawn: So much for being prepared.

        Chao-Ahn looks out the window.

        Chao-Ahn: Oh no!

        Buffy: So the "oh nos" for later, we gotta move fast.

        The living room windows suddenly smash. Everyone ducks. Fire arrows hit the wall above everyone's heads.

        Siobhan: Bloody hell!

        Buffy: We need something to put it out!

        Willow: Glaciare!

        The arrows freeze and drop off the walls.

        Rona: Nice.

        Buffy: Everyone get into positions! Dawn quickly!

        Dawn: But Chris?

        Dawn looks worried.

        Buffy: Ok. Do it quickly!

        Dawn nods.

        Willow: Buffy, Kennedy's hurt I-

        Buffy: Right, you go, we'll hold ?em off down here.

        Willow rushes upstairs. Cut to a close-up of Buffy. She looks tired and worried.

        Cut to Willow rushing into the bedroom. Kennedy looks weak and is lying on the floor.

        Willow: Kennedy?

        Kennedy: (slowly) I think?theses arrows. They're poisoned or something?

        Willow's eyes widen. She looks down. The blood for Kennedy's wound is turning black. Willow looks at Kennedy and closes her eyes.

        Willow: Curare.

        The black liquid in Kennedy's blood rises up and turns into a ball. It bursts. Willow smiles at Kennedy. Kennedy smiles back faintly. But still looks weak.

        Willow: It's gonna be ok.

        Kennedy: I hope so.

        Cut to Dawn in the hallway with the phone to her ear. Rona runs past her.

        Dawn: Hello? Chris! Chris where are you?

        Cut to Chris on his mobile. He is walking along the road.

        Chris: Near the house, why?

        Cut back to Dawn.

        Dawn: Chris run! The Rogue Slayers are here!

        Cut back to Chris.

        Chris: Oh my god. How near?

        Chris suddenly cries out in pain and falls to the floor. Kass is standing behind him with a shovel in her hand. She smiles and picks up the phone.

        Kass: I'm sorry, Chris can't come to the phone right now, he's unconscious.

        Cut back to Dawn. She looks shocked. Buffy rushes up to her.

        Buffy: Dawn? Is Chris nearby?

        Dawn: Buffy?he's-

        Buffy suddenly looks past Dawn and her eyes widen. Marie has broken the window glass and has an axe. She throws it. Buffy pulls Dawn to one side and ducks herself. The axe embeds itself in the TV. Dawn falls back into the wall and lands face down on the ground. Buffy gets up.

        Buffy: Dawn. You ok?

        Dawn Yeah, yeah I think so.

        Buffy looks relieved. Dawn looks at her trousers. Blood is trickling down her leg.

        Cut to the front door. Kass kicks it down and walks in. She aims her crossbow at Siobhan and shoots. Kelly pushes Siobhan out the way and the arrow goes through her wrist. She cries out in pain. Kass looks surprised.

        Kass: Kelly?what the hell are you doing?

        Kelly looks up at Kass. She pulls the arrow and her wrists free from the wall. She winces in pain.

        Kelly: I'm fighting for what I believe in.

        Kass: Oh god, don't tell me that you're listening to her.

        Kelly: You don't know what you're talking about Kass.

        Kass: Hey, I'm not the one who betrayed her friends.

        Kelly: Betray? I did not betray you.

        Kass: Then what are you doing here?

        Kelly looks at Buffy.

        Kelly: Doing what's right.

        Kass: No?no you're fighting with the people we cam here to fight!

        Kelly: Yeah at first I thought they were as bad as you made them out to be. Well they're not Kass, they are fighting for a cause that's worth while. You're just fighting for revenge.

        Kass: Which is a damn good enough reason to-

        Kelly: To kill people needlessly?

        Kass: They die because of what she did to us.

        Kelly: No. No they die because you slam a knife in them. I know why you're angry Kass. Because you killed your brother. But that does not give you the right to do whatever you want. It's selfish, and it's not the right way.

        Kass looks upset. Everyone looks from Kass to Kelly.

        Kass: You know what? You're not even worth fighting. Any of you. You think you're so righteous and noble, and fighting for the cause, but all you're doing is just making up for the fact that you are the ones in the wrong.

        Kelly: You better shut up and get out Kass.

        Kass: Or what Kelly? You'll use violence on me? Oh gee, I'm scared. Please?you couldn't even smile after punching someone when you were with me what's so different n-

        Kelly punches Kass. She flies back through the door. Buffy looks at Kelly shocked. Kelly walks forward.

        Kelly: What's changed is that I'm no longer listening to your lies.

        Kass gets up and looks behind her. The other girls all look uncertain.

        Marie: Kass?

        Line: What are we gonna do?

        Kass looks at the house. Her expression changes to rage and she rushes at the house. Kelly looks behind her. Kass pulls out a dagger. In slow motion the knife comes closer and closer to Kelly's face. Buffy gasps. Kelly closes her eyes. The knife suddenly stops and a white light appears between Kelly and Kass. Cut to show the whole house. A white barrier is covering it. Kass smashes the knife at the barrier. It smashes. She hits her fists on it. Nothing happens. She looks angry. Kelly looks at Kass. She slowly closes the front door in her face. Kelly turns to Buffy.

        Buffy: Wow?

        Kelly: Yeah. Great barrier.

        Buffy: No, I mean?you.

        Siobhan stands up.

        Siobhan: Yeah! What you did?thank you.

        Kelly smiles.

        Kelly: No problem.

        Everyone smiles and exhales with relief.

        Kass OS: Don't worry, we'll be back. Anyway we have a little something of yours?hope you don't mind if he's cut up a little.

        Dawn looks upset. She rushes at the door.

        Buffy: Dawn no!

        Dawn: But?Chris.

        Buffy: Not yet.

        Willow and Kennedy comes downstairs.

        Buffy: Nice thing that you did there Will.

        Willow: That's the thing Buffy?I didn't.

        Cut to Clare looking at a mirror with the gang in.

        Clare: Oh no, we can't have you die yet. There's plenty of time for that later.

        Man: Are we going in?

        Clare: We are.

        Clare smiles.

        Cut to everyone sat in the living room in the morning. Kennedy's shoulder is bandaged as is Kelly's wrist.

        Chao-Ahn: So?does this mean we win?

        Buffy: No. No, we've still got a way to go.

        Rona: What fun.

        Dawn: We have to save Chris.

        Buffy: Dawn, we will.

        Dawn: It might be too late by then.

        Buffy: No?they need him alive.

        Dawn: I just keep thinking?what they could do to him?

        Kelly: Because of me?

        Buffy: Kelly it's not your fault.

        Kelly: He left because of me!

        Siobhan: If you hadn't have been here I'd be dead. So don't blame yourself.

        Dawn: I just hope he's ok.

        Buffy: He will be.

        There is a knock at the front door. Buffy frowns and goes to it. She opens the door. Faith is standing there. There is a close up of her arm with cuts all over it. There is a close up of her trousers with bloodstains all over them. There is a close up of her face with blood smeared on it and cuts all over it. Faith looks at Buffy.

        Faith: (weakly) Buffy?

        Faith falls into Buffy's arms.

        Buffy: Guys! Come quick!

        The camera zooms in slowly on Faith. A drop of blood from a cut on her eyebrows drops to the floor. The camera shows it falling. It falls on to a gun that has fallen out of Faith's pocket. The words "R. Finn" are engraved on the handle.

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