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Buffy Episode 8.12 156. Forgotten Years

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  • Buffy Episode 8.12 156. Forgotten Years

    Hi, this is the twelfth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy episode 8.12 156. Forgotten Years

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Siobhan VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Cut to Buffy and Willow in The Judge's dimension.

    The Judge: You unleashed this poison on the world. You are a greater danger to this world than the Rogue Slayers.

    Cut to everyone in the Summers' living room.

    Chris: Guys this is Luce.

    Luce smiles. Cut to her, Chris and Willow in the portal mouth.

    Luce: You think this is over Chris? It's not over till I'm finished. With all of you.

    Cut to Buffy in the dream world.

    Man: You are doomed Buffy Summers. As are all that follow you.

    Buffy punches a hole through the man's face.

    Cut to Buffy, Willow, Xander and Kennedy in Clare's realm.

    Clare: Now, you have a problem. As of yet, I have not revealed the extent of my powers. Observe.

    She throws the stone and crushes it with her mind. She smiles. Cut to her and The Judge.

    The Judge: Were you successful?

    Clare: Not yet.

    Cut to Andrew and Siobhan sitting on the sofa in the Summers' living room.

    Siobhan: I've learned about a lot of things lately. Things I couldn't imagine happening before.

    Andrew: Me too.

    Siobhan: I blamed you before. For how I felt. I shouldn't. You can't change the way you feel about someone just because they want you to.

    Andrew: Well I feel I want to be friends with you.

    Siobhan: I don't think we can be friends. I think it's more than that. I want you to be my Watcher.

    Andrew smiles. Buffy appears.

    Buffy: There's a problem in LA. Andrew this fight could happen any time now. Everyone else has stuff to do before that. I think you could make the most difference there, for the time being.

    He looks back at Siobhan. She looks sad.

    Cut to Chris and Dawn in bed together. Cut to them in Dawn's room.

    Dawn: It seems what we did?it had a bigger effect than we wanted it to. I'm pregnant.

    Chris looks at Dawn.

    Chris: Well?whatever you decide?I'll try and help you.

    Dawn: Thank you.

    Chris: But tell me. What are you gonna do?

    Dawn: I don't know.

    Siobhan VO: And on Angel.

    Cut to Fred in the Hyperion.

    Fred: Cordy's evil.

    Angel: It's not Cordy.

    Cut to Cordelia giving birth. She falls unconscious. Cut to her in bed in the Hyperion. Cut to Lilah and the gang in Wolfram and Hart.

    Lilah: Cordelia's safe and sound.

    Fred: You found Cordy?

    Lilah: Still in a coma.

    Cut to Cordelia waking up in hospital. Cut to Angel and Wesley meeting with Cordy.

    Angel: Cordy.

    He hugs her.

    Cordelia: Yeah it's me.

    Cut to Cordy and Angel in Angel's office.

    Cordelia: You'll win this in the end. I, uh?just wish I could be there to see it.

    Angel: You mean-

    Cordelia: I can't stay.

    Angel: I need you here.

    Cordelia: I'm just on a different road. The Powers That Be owed me one and I didn't waste it.

    They kiss. The phone rings.

    Cordy: That you have to get.

    Cordy smiles sadly as Angel walks over to the phone. Angel walks over to the phone.

    Angel: That's impossible she's standing right-

    Cut to Angel alone in the room.

    Angel: When did she die?

    Angel puts the phone down.

    Angel: Thank you.


    ACT I[/b]

    Open on Buffy and Dawn sat in Dawn's bedroom. Buffy looks shocked. Dawn is looking at the floor.

    Buffy: How long have you known?

    Dawn: A, a few weeks.

    Buffy: Weeks!?

    Dawn: Well I couldn't find out before I-

    Buffy: No, Dawn, I mean why didn't you tell me sooner?

    Dawn: I?I wasn't sure what I was gonna do.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: How could you let this happen? After what I told you?

    Dawn: Oh yeah I really planned all this.

    Buffy: You should have used protection.

    Dawn: Yeah well we didn't. And now-

    Buffy: And now your whole life could be ruined.

    Dawn: You can't say your first time was any better.

    Buffy: This isn't about me.

    Dawn: So you regret what you and Angel did?

    Buffy stares at her.

    Buffy: I regret the consequences. And you will too. Do you have any idea how much a child needs Dawn? Costs? This is a life long commitment.

    Dawn: I know. Ok I know. I just?I can't let it go. Don't make me.

    Buffy looks shocked. She sits next to Dawn.

    Buffy: Of course I won't make you! God, you think I would do that?

    Dawn: I?I wasn't sure.

    Buffy: Look, Dawn, I know what I've been saying. And I'm not trying to contradict any of that. This could mess up anything you wanna do in the future. But, I can't tell you what to do. If you, and Chris, wanna do this, then you should.

    Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: And I'll help you.

    Dawn smiles tearfully.

    Dawn: You mean it.

    Buffy strokes Dawn's hair.

    Buffy: I do. But, I won't be able to help with everything, you know that right?

    Dawn: I know. I wouldn't ask you to.

    Buffy: Does?Chris know?

    Dawn: He does.

    Buffy: And?

    Dawn: He said he'd help.

    Buffy: Well that's good. God, I can't believe this is happening.

    Dawn: Join the club.

    Buffy: Sorry.

    Dawn: Maybe?maybe this was meant to happen? You know when I found out I was The Key, I?everything I wanted just went out the window. I thought that was gonna be it. And here we are now and?maybe I'll be able to live a life. I'm not sure what I really wanted, but a child was definitely there somewhere along the line. Not now, maybe, but maybe that wasn't my choice.

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: You've sure grown up fast.

    Dawn: Wish I didn't have to.

    Buffy: Oh, I don't think you're alone in that. Just promise me you'll listen a little harder next time?

    Dawn nods.

    Dawn: I will.

    Buffy smiles. They hug.

    Willow OS: Buffy!

    The front door slams. Buffy frowns slightly and walk downstairs. Dawn follows her. They walk into the sitting room and see Willow.

    Buffy: Hey Will what's-

    Buffy looks startled. So does Dawn. The camera moves around to show Cordelia standing next to Willow.

    Cordelia: (smiling) Hey guys.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Special Guest Star:

    CHARISMA CARPENTER - Cordelia Chase

    Guest Starring:

    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    LANI TUPU - John

    Open on Buffy, Willow, Dawn and Cordy sat around the kitchen table.

    Buffy: So everyone in LA's ok?

    Cordelia: Yeah they're all good. But um, working at Wolfram and Hart I think it was?not the best choice in the world for Angel.

    Buffy: I don't understand why he'd do it.

    Cordelia: Oh it's really, really complicated. And well, boring. But he's still working for the cause. Like you. That's why I'm here.

    Dawn: You've come to help us?

    Cordelia: That's what I do. And Dawn can I just say, wow. You're really not that twelve-year-old girl I used to get annoyed with anymore.

    Dawn: Thanks. But you?I mean, higher being? That's amazing.

    Cordelia: Oh it's kinda overrated. Once The Powers are done with ya' they give you amnesia, impregnate you with themselves and then leave you in a coma for a ten months.

    Everyone looks at Cordy.

    Buffy: So you've been though a lot huh?

    Cordelia: Yeah, one hell of a ride. The kind where you almost die every day.

    Buffy: We've had our fair share of that.

    Cordelia: Yeah Willow gave me the low down of what's been happening. Oh and um Angel told me about your mom. I'm sorry.

    Buffy and Dawn: Thanks.

    There is a pause.

    Buffy: Did Willow tell you about the Rogue Slayers?

    Cordelia: She did, but um, I've seen a few of them myself. I can see the problem you have.

    Buffy: Oh right, the Slayer in LA, did Andrew-

    Cordelia: It was fine, this?guy got hurt, but due to Wolfram and Hart's mystical and probably illegal links he was ok.

    Buffy: They're still causing havoc. That's great.

    Cordelia: Well that's why I'm here. Not to cause havoc. To help you fight the people against you.

    Dawn: The Rogue Slayers?

    Cordelia: Oh no they're not a threat right now. No I had a vision ? they're what I have. And there's something big that's gonna be rising nearby.

    Buffy: How big?

    Cordelia: Bigger than most.

    Willow: We can fight it?

    Cordelia: It's not an it. It's a them. Two people. Unfortunately, The Powers decided not to let me in on their identity. There were both cloaked.

    Buffy: Could be anyone. Or anything.

    Cordelia: Well I'm hoping I get another vision. That way there won't be too many more surprises.

    The front door opens. Xander walks through.

    Xander: Hey guys I'm-

    He sees Cordelia.

    Xander: Home?

    Cordelia: Xander!

    Cordelia rushes up to Xander hugs him. He smiles and hugs her back.

    Xander: Cordy?you're here?

    Cordelia: I am. Here to help.

    Xander: How have you been? Over these last five, long years?

    Cordelia: Oh I'd tell you everything but we'd be here a while. Basically I've been Angel's link to The Powers That Be, which at first meant blindingly painful visions of people in trouble, but now they just come and go like this one I'm having now?

    Cordy stares into space.

    Buffy: Are you ok?

    Cordelia: Yeah I'm fine, but this guy isn't. Ok I see the two figures again and this guy is tied up to this pillar.

    Xander: Maybe they do S&M?

    Everyone looks at Xander.

    Cordelia: You really haven't changed. Anyway, it seems that these people are gonna kill this guy as a sacrifice.

    Cordy blinks.

    Cordelia: And the vision ends, just as I was getting to the good part.

    Xander: You can see the future?

    Cordelia: Yeah. Of course the price of making the visions painless was for me to become part demon, but it's working out ok. Anyway things working out for you? What happened to your eye?

    Xander: Ah that was my own little price I paid.

    Cordelia: Ouch.

    Xander: World of. Well not anymore. I adjusted.

    Cordelia: Yeah, I had to as well. You know skull-splitting visions don't seem that bad now. Speaking of which, we should probably go if we're gonna get there in time.

    Willow: Right, sacrifice in need of our help. We could pick up Kennedy on the way there.

    Buffy: Right.

    Cordelia: Sure, another Slayer to help would be great.

    Dawn: I'll um?I'll stay here, wait for Chris and Siobhan to come back from town.

    Buffy: Right.

    Cordelia: But Willow here was telling me you'd jump at the chance to fight.

    Dawn: Well?

    Buffy: Dawn has a lot of schoolwork to be getting on with.

    Dawn smiles at Buffy.

    Dawn: Yeah. I wouldn't be much use in a big fight anyway.

    Cordelia shrugs.

    Cordelia: Ok then, all who are going, let's go.

    Willow and Xander follow Cordy. Buffy turns round to Dawn.

    Dawn: Thanks.

    Buffy: Don't worry. We'll be back soon.

    Buffy walks out the front door and closes it. Dawn turns around and clutches her stomach. She winces slightly.

    Cut to a dark corridor. Two figures are walking down it. There is mysterious music. Suddenly one of them trips.

    Woman: Oh crap!

    Man: Do try to be more careful Luce!

    The woman takes off her hood and shows that she is indeed Luce.

    Luce: I'm trying to, but you shouldn't leave these things lying about!

    She picks up a small orb. The man takes his hood off to show that it is the man from 8.10. His face has a large scar on it.

    Man: Probably one of the minions. I'll have all that use this corridor tortured all right?

    Luce smiles.

    Luce: For me?

    Man: No because I enjoy it.

    He walks on. Luce rolls her eyes and follows.

    Luce: So is this woman gonna be here soon John or what cos I'm getting pretty impatient here.

    John: Don't worry, she'll be here.

    They turn a corner.

    Luce: It's not like I have limited time or anything, cos well, I have all the time in the world ? literally. But-

    Luce suddenly gasps as she looks in front of her.

    Luce: Ok, what the hell?

    The camera shows Clare smiling inquisitively at Luce.

    Clare: Hello.

    John: Luce this is Clare. She'll be joining us in the project.

    Luce: Great. Hi. You're um?very?silver.

    Clare: Thank you. You're rather on the human side yourself.

    Luce: Whoa I'm way beyond human.

    Clare: Do you know how many people have told me that?

    John: Ladies please. We're awaiting The Judge. She'll not be pleased if her warriors are quarrelling now.

    Luce: We're her warriors now?

    Clare: I am much more than a warrior of The Judge. I have known her for centuries.

    John: Look The Judge is-

    There is a flash.

    John: Here.

    John smiles. Clare looks inquisitive. Luce rolls her eyes. The flash fades. John frowns slightly. Clare's expression doesn't change. Luce raises her eyebrows. The camera moves to show a small one-foot high demon.

    Luce: Wow, she's so awe-inspiring.

    John: That's not her.

    Demon: I am simply a messenger. I give you this.

    It hands a metallic disc to John. He presses a button on it and an image appears, but the camera turns away from it.

    Judge's voice: Release him.

    Luce, Clare and John and look at the screen.

    Judge's voice: His location is on the screen. Hurry.

    The screen vanishes. Everyone looks at one another.

    Luce: So we gonna do what she says?

    John: Of course! This could open up a world of opportunities.

    Clare: (to the demon) Thank you for the message. Now do you have anywhere else to be?

    Demon: No?

    Clare: (smiling) Good.

    She blinks and the demon explodes.

    Clare: No one's going to miss you then.

    She walks away looking around smiling slightly. John and Luce stare after her looking surprised.

    Luce: Remind me not to piss her off.
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    ACT II

    Open on Xander's car pulling up at the foot of a hill. He, Kennedy, Willow, Buffy and Cordy get out. Kennedy and Buffy have crossbows, Xander has an axe and Cordy has a long sword.

    Xander: Why does every demon hideout have to be in the middle of nowhere?

    Kennedy: Because they'd fit right in, in the middle of town.

    She raises her eyebrows. They walk down a little. There's a small wooden door in the rock face..

    Buffy: I'm sure the little demons don't want anyone stopping their sacrifices.

    Buffy kicks at the wooden door. They peer through.

    Cordelia: And as a result they go way downmarket.

    Willow: Do you think it's safe to just go straight in?

    Cordelia: Only one way to find out.

    Cordy begins walking through the tunnel. Xander looks surprised.

    Xander: Five years?is a long time.

    Willow: Hmm, it's weird her dragging us along rather than the other way round.

    Kennedy: Well she seems pretty cool to me.

    Xander: She always was. Deep down under many layers of pettiness, based on how you dressed or who you kissed-

    Willow: We had that coming.

    Xander: We really did.

    He and Willow look a little sad. Kennedy looks at both of them.

    Kennedy: Bad history I'm guessing.

    Willow: Yeah?

    Buffy: We better catch up or she'll be dragging us a whole lot further.

    Cut to Dawn and Siobhan at the kitchen table. Siobhan is holding a mug of tea tightly. She looks at Dawn and smiles.

    Siobhan: Thanks for telling me.

    Dawn: You're my best friend, I couldn't not tell you.

    Siobhan: Still, it's a big thing. You're so brave to be going through with this.

    Dawn: It's part of me. I can't get rid of it.

    Siobhan: Well I'll help you, if I can. And remember, it's not an it, it's a he or a she.

    Dawn: (smiling) You're right. And thanks. You know?a few years ago I swore I wouldn't have kids till I was married.

    Siobhan: Maybe you should.

    Dawn: What?

    Siobhan: Well if you're both serious about this?maybe marriage could be a good idea.

    Dawn looks thoughtful.

    Dawn: I dunno?getting married is a big step.

    Siobhan: And having a baby isn't? Wouldn't you prefer your child to grow up in a married life, rather than be in between parents all the time? I know I wouldn't.

    Dawn exhales.

    Dawn: I um?

    Siobhan: Look I'm not saying you should start booking a venue or anything, but think about it. Could be the best for everyone.

    Dawn: I will.

    They smile at each other.

    Dawn: Years really have gone fast.

    Siobhan: Yeah, but I haven't forgotten what it used to be like. No one listening to you, having to do everything older people said. You remember what it was like for you to be a kid?

    Dawn: Um?

    She looks reflective.

    Dawn: It was great.

    Siobhan: I know I won't forget.

    Dawn: (smiling) Neither will I.

    Cut to Cordy, Willow, Buffy, Kennedy and Xander walking down the tunnel.

    Buffy: Cordy does this look familiar to you?

    Cordelia: Well this definitely looks like it. Not too many demon hideouts around here are there?

    Buffy: Um, to be honest I haven't looked, but yeah compared to the Sunnydale hellmouth, there are a lot less.

    Cordelia: It's a shame I never came back to that old place?I mean I'd have loved to visit The Bronze one more time, and visit the mall?

    Willow: And if you had time in your busy shopping spree you coulda come and see us.

    Cordelia: Time in between shopping? I don't think so.

    Willow smiles and rolls her eyes.
    Cordelia: I'm kidding! Of course I'd have come see you guys. It's just, well this last few years I've had a duty, you know?

    Buffy: Yeah I do. I'd have come to LA more if I could.

    Cordelia: LA's good. The mall in Sunnydale was so great though.

    Buffy: We kinda destroyed it.

    Cordelia: Yeah that was bad. But I hear you did it saving the world, so I guess you have an excuse. Our apocalypse was bigger though.

    Buffy: We were being attacked by The First Evil. That's way bigger. Yours was just a weird, higher power thing.

    Cordelia: That used me among?others, to give birth to itself so it could rule our race like a messiah, one which ate people and in the end tried to kill us all as well as putting me in a coma! Not to mention it put me in this black dress, and I don't even wanna think about how I looked in that.

    Buffy: Yeah?well ours-

    Kennedy: Guys.

    Cordelia: What?

    Kennedy: I think we're here.

    Xander: You do?

    Kennedy: Yeah, the guy tied to a rock makes me think so.

    Everyone looks and sees that sure enough there is a young, shirtless man chained to a large rock. He is also gagged as is struggling at the chains. Several demons are chanting around the rock.

    Xander: They look pretty harmless. Maybe we should-

    Cordelia: No?look.

    Clare appears from another tunnel entrance. She is smiling. She walks up to the man who glares at her angrily. He makes muffled sounds.

    Clare: Don't worry dear, if we wanted you dead I could just do this.

    One of the demons chanting explodes. The other demons stop. Clare's eyes flash orange.

    Clare: Continue!

    The demons continue chanting. Cut to Cordy looking back at Buffy.

    Cordelia: Know who this woman is?

    Buffy: Oh yes, she tired to kill us a few weeks ago.

    Xander: Doesn't really narrow it down much.

    Willow: She's called Clare, and she can kill ya kinda easily.

    Cordelia: I noticed.

    Cut back to Clare. She is stroking the chained man's cheek, and he winces at her touch. John walks up behind her. Clare continues to stare directly at the chained man.

    John: Enough of that Clare, don't want him to get too comfortable.

    Cut to Buffy. Her eyes widen as she recognises him, as do Willow, Xander and Kennedy. Cordelia looks back.

    Cordelia: Another friend?

    Buffy: One that I thought I killed.

    Cordelia: It's annoying when they do that.

    Cut to Clare.

    Clare: Oh but we do. He's going to play a very important part.

    John: Yes well?he might get the wrong idea. And by the way if you could try and not kill the demon chanters it would be helpful. They're in limited supply you know.

    Clare: It was just a little display of what's to come. And I do love doing it.

    John: You'll have time to kill whoever you want soon, just refrain slightly.

    Clare: If I must.

    Luce appears. She is frowning. Cut to Buffy who rolls her eyes.

    Buffy: Not her too. And before you ask Cordy, yeah she's an old friend who tried to kill Willow.

    Cordelia: Great?and I thought I was popular.

    Cut back to Luce.

    Luce: Um, are we gonna get this done soon?

    Clare: These things take time dear?I know you're not accustomed to it but in the real world we have to deal with it.

    Luce raises one eyebrow.

    Luce: Whatever.

    John: How did you travels go?

    Luce: If I remembered I would tell you. You know the deal, I see the future go back in time and don't actually get to remembered anything about it.

    Clare: Seems a rather useless ability to me.

    Luce: Excuse me? Time travel allows me to do anything.

    Clare: Such as opening holes in dimensional walls? Yes I can see how wonderful it must be.

    Luce: Oh don't start with me, you had the Slayer and her pals in your grip you coulda smashed their heads up with that thing you do.

    Clare: You mean-

    John: Don't show her!

    Luce: I don't need to see it, it's not that amazing anyway.

    Clare: If I remember correctly, you too could have killed the Slayer. And yet you chose to steal their power. Which almost cost you your life.

    Luce: I was put in a difficult position!

    John: Look, the Slayer has slipped past all of us, we can kill her when the time comes!
    Cut to Buffy and co.

    Buffy: Guess their not gonna call it a draw.

    Xander: We can fight them right?

    Willow: Luce shouldn't be too difficult. John?well we know not to try and smash our fists through his face, but Clare might be a problem.

    Buffy: Cordy you and me can try and take Clare. I don't think she could handle two of us at once.

    Cordelia: Sure.

    Buffy: Xander and Kennedy you target John ok?

    Xander and Kennedy: Right.

    Buffy: And Will-

    Cut to Willow. He eyes are already black.

    Willow: I'll fight Luce.

    Kennedy looks uncertain.

    Buffy: Ok. Let's do it.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Chris walking in the front door of the Summers' house. He looks around.

      Chris: Guys? I'm back.

      Dawn and Siobhan walk down the corridor.

      Chris: Dawn, Siobhan hey.

      Dawn: Hey.

      Siobhan: Hey Chris.

      Chris: Where is everyone?

      Dawn: They went off to save a guy, it's a long story.

      Chris: Right. And you stayed here because of um?things.

      Siobhan: It's ok I know.
      Chris frowns slightly.

      Chris: You do? How many people have you told Dawn?

      Siobhan: Um?I'll let you two talk.

      Siobhan walks away and mouths "sorry to Siobhan". Dawn smiles and shakes her head.

      Dawn: It's really not a big deal I just told Buffy and Siobhan.

      Chris: And you think they'll just keep it to themselves?

      Dawn: Buffy could have told the others earlier and she didn't and I trust Siobhan. I trust them both. Besides why would it be such a big deal if everyone knew anyway? They're gonna find out eventually.

      Chris: Because they'll hate me for it.

      Dawn looks confused.

      Chris: They know you Dawn, they hardly know me at all. They'll think I just came into your life to ruin it.

      Dawn: They do know you. You've been here for almost five months.

      Chris: Yeah five months and then you're pregnant. You think they'll just accept that?

      Dawn: I don't care what they think. They're my friends, and I hope they'll be happy for me. For us. If not well that's their problem, but I'm doing this no matter what people think. Are you?

      Chris: I just don't want them to make it hard for us.

      Dawn: It's not gonna be easy. But I know if we stick together then we can get through it. Besides if they don't like it we can just elope.

      Chris smiles. Dawn kisses him on the lips.

      Dawn: Speaking of family, what about your folks? Would they be interested to know they have a grandchild around the corner?

      Chris: Uh?my parents both died when I was little.

      Dawn: Oh, I'm sorry I-

      Chris: It's ok, I didn't really know them. Everything about them I've forgotten really.

      Dawn: Then who brought you up?

      Chris: Aunts, uncles, whoever was around to look after me.

      Dawn: Must have been tough.

      Chris: It was for a bit?but it makes being closer to people now all the more special.

      Dawn smiles and they hug.

      Dawn: I'm gonna start dinner, hopefully Buffy and co.'ll be back soon.

      Chris: Ok, I'll come help in a sec.

      Dawn: Great.

      Chris: Oh and um, Dawn about eloping. You were joking right?

      Dawn looks thoughtful. She shrugs.

      Dawn: Maybe.

      She smiles and walks off. Chris smiles too but then bites his lip and looks worried.

      Cut to Luce, John and Clare.

      John: The time is approaching.

      Clare: We must be exact?the slightest mistake could ruin everything. It would be a shame to see such a handsome body go to waste.

      Clare strokes the chained man's chest. Burn marks appear where she strokes. He makes a muffled cry.

      John: (sternly) Clare, we must keep the body intact.

      Luce: So quit it with your touch of death.

      Clare: I'm sorry?it's difficult to resist causing such a helpless creature pain.

      Luce: Twisted much?

      Clare: Is sadistic torture a taboo in your culture?

      Luce: Hey I enjoy inflicting pain as much as the next girl, but I prefer it when the bitch whose ass I'm kicking can fight back.

      Clare: All in good time.

      A demon very similar to the one that attacked Chris and Dawn in 8.11 appears next to Clare. It mutters something in a demon language. Clare nods and it runs off.

      Clare: Or perhaps now.

      John: What?

      Clare: It appears we have company.

      Cut to Buffy and co. whispering. Buffy looks shocked at hearing this.

      Buffy: (whispering) Will now!

      Cut back to Clare, Luce and John.

      John: What kind?

      Clare: It seems our resident Slayer and friends have come to visit.

      Luce: Really? Cos I'm just itching for a fight.

      John: Slayer? Where are you!?

      Buffy OS: Right here.

      John turns around and Buffy is standing nearby. Cordy, Willow, Xander and Kennedy are behind her.

      Buffy: Let's do this.

      John narrows his eyes at Buffy. Clare smiles vaguely, while Luce smiles darkly.

      Luce: Well aint this a surprise. I thought you were smarter that this Buffy.

      John: Kill them.

      Clare's eyes spark orange.

      Clare: I thought you'd never ask.

      Clare clenches both her fists together. There is a crackling in the air. Clare's smile fades slightly.

      Luce: A little powered out are we?

      Clare: They are not real.

      John: What do you mean?

      Clare points her finger at Buffy and Buffy's image fades. John and Luce look angry. John turns around and Buffy punches him in the face.

      Buffy: I know it won't kill you, but it's a start.

      The others are standing by Buffy.

      John: This one's real.

      Buffy: Nice job Will. Didn't think you three'd be fooled so easily though.

      Luce: Won't get fooled again.

      Purple energy crackles off Luce. She shoots energy at Buffy. Willow stands in her way and reflects the energy back. The monks chanting suddenly stop and stand back from the chained man.

      Buffy: (to Xander) Get to the guy first.

      John: I don't think so.

      John punches Xander. Xander falls back, but holds his axe up to prevent John from punching him again. Kennedy kicks John in the back. Willow walks up to Luce and punches her in the face, but Luce places her hands around Willow's head and energy crackles. Willow cries out and shoots a green fireball at Luce who flies back into the wall.

      Clare smiles at Buffy.

      Clare: Well I must say this is impressive. But you wasted your time. After all I can just do this.

      Clare flicks her wrist upwards. Willow turns to Clare and shoots a hexagonal missile at her. Clare gasps and looks angry. She clenches her hands but nothing happens.

      Clare: My telekinetic powers. They are disabled.

      Cordelia: Ok now I'm just in awe of Willow.

      Clare: She may have saved you from dying immediately. But I can still do this!

      Clare shoots silver bullet like missiles at Buffy who flips in the air to avoid them. Cordy draws back her sword at Clare, who looks unimpressed. However Cordy uses the sword moves she once learned with Angel as Clare blocks with her own magic. Buffy kicks Clare from behind, but Clare slowly moves her hands to her side. A silver sword and shield appear in her hands. She draws them out and blocks Cordelia's next sword swing with her own sword and smashes her shield into Buffy's face.

      John punches both Xander and Kennedy in the face. Kennedy falls to the ground and shoots a crossbow bolt at John. It goes through his hand.

      John: Ah!

      He rips it out and his hand begins to heal.

      John: Sorry little girl, you can't kill me that way.

      Xander OS: How bout this?

      [I]Xander swings the axe, John ducks. Luce and Willow are both shooting energy at each other but the blasts keep hitting each other. Luce looks frustrated, but then shoots a bolts of electricity at Buffy instead. Willow rushes to block them from Buffy. Buffy turns and begins to duck as Willow jumps up and slams down her fist at Luce' blast causing it to fly back at her. She too hits it back and Willow does it again. It increases in speed between them.

      Kennedy and John punch each other as Xander rushes to help the chained man. He hits the chains with his axe and it breaks. Clare is fighting both Buffy and Cordelia with her sword and shield. Buffy shoots a crossbow bolt at Clare's shield. The bolt shatters as it hits. Buffy's eyes widen as she dodges Clare's sword. Clare looks and sees Xander unchaining the man. Her eyes flash orange and she shoots purple sparks at him. Xander is forced back by the sparks and hits the rock. He slides down in pain, as Kennedy smacks John on the head with her crossbow. She rushes up to the chained man but John flips over and kicks her out the way.

      Willow and Luce seem to be in a stalemate, but suddenly the energy in the middle of their fray overloads. There is an explosion causing both Willow and Luce to fly backwards. Willow lands near Buffy and Buffy rushes over to her. The ground shakes.

      Buffy: Is it your spell doing this?

      Willow: I?I don't think so-

      Xander looks up and backs away from the chained man. He is glowing. The others stop fighting. Clare looks pleased. John smiles, and Luce looks up.

      Luce: Finally.

      John: Sorry Slayer. You're too late.

      Light beams out of the chained man's eyes. His gag burns away and light burns out of that too. The rock behind him shatters and he falls back. Buffy and Cordy look upset.

      Cordelia: No?I failed.

      Buffy: It's not your fault. We shoulda gotten here sooner.

      The whole cave begins to fall apart. Rocks begin to fall, and Xander pushes Kennedy out of the way of one. They make their way over to Buffy, Willow and Cordy.

      Buffy: We need to get out of here. Like now.

      Behind Buffy Clare picks up her sword and prepares to swipe a fatal blow. Cordy sees out of the corner of her eye.

      Cordelia: Buffy look out!

      Cordy gets her own sword and moves behind Buffy. Clare's hand glows and energy sparks up the sword as it hits Cordy in the stomach. Buffy turns around and looks shocked. Willow gets up too. Cordy looks in pain and falls to her knees. Clare smiles and pulls the sword out of Cordy. Willow's eyes turn black and she blasts energy at Clare who is caught off guard. Clare falls back and Buffy and Xander pick up Cordy and with Willow and Kennedy they rush out of the cave as it begins to collapse.

      Cut to them outside the cave. Xander lays Cordy down.

      Buffy: Oh god?we need something to stop the blood!

      Cordelia: I don't think it'll help.

      Xander: Don't say that! C'mon we should get you to a hospital.

      Cordelia: Xander this isn't a natural wound. A hospital wouldn't be able to do anything for me now.

      Xander: Something must.

      Cordelia: No?I don't think there is.

      Xander looks tearful. Willow does too and Kennedy holds her in her arms. Buffy closes her eyes slowly and looks at Cordy sadly.

      Cordelia: Take me to the house. Maybe?maybe there's something. Anything.

      Buffy nods. Xander picks Cordy up. They rush to the car.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Chris sitting at the table in the Summers' house. Buffy walks in. Chris turns to look at her.

        Buffy: Hey Chris.

        Chris: Buffy?hi. How's Cordelia?

        Buffy: She's, uh, not great.

        Chris: Oh. I'm sorry.

        Buffy: Thanks. Mind if I, uh, sit down?

        Chris: Uh, go ahead.

        Buffy smiles awkwardly and sits next to Chris.

        Chris: Are you mad at me?

        Buffy: Thought you'd ask something like that. And no, I'm not. Dawn's explained what happened?I don't blame either of you.

        Chris: Oh. Well that's?good. Great.

        Buffy: Yeah. But I do have something to say though.

        Chris: Go on.

        Buffy: Dawn told me you said you'd be there for her. No matter what.

        Chris: I did. I will.

        Buffy: Good. Cause Chris, she's 17. She has all of us, but she needs you the most. I'm not gonna be able to be there all the time.

        Chris: Buffy I'm not going anywhere.

        Buffy smiles.

        Buffy: Ok. I trust you. Just, be prepared ok? Things aren't gonna be easy, especially in a house like this.

        Chris: I will.

        Buffy nods and smiles. Dawn appears.

        Dawn: Oh, sorry to disturb you two-

        Buffy: No, it's ok, we're done I think.

        Dawn looks worried.

        Buffy: Don't look so worried Dawn, it's all good.

        Dawn looks relieved.

        Dawn: Oh. Well that's a relief. But uh, you need to come Buffy.

        Buffy looks worried.

        Cut to Cordy in Buffy's bed. Buffy is sat beside her. Dawn comes in with a cup of something.

        Cordelia: Hey Dawn.

        Dawn: Hey. Willow says this might help the pain.

        Cordy: Thanks.

        Dawn smiles and walks into the hallway. Buffy walks after her.

        Buffy: Anything else Willow's found?

        Dawn: No?she says this kind of mystical wound?it's very rare. No one's ever recovered from it.

        Buffy: She has to.

        Dawn smiles and hugs Buffy. Buffy looks sad.

        Buffy: You ok?

        Dawn: Yeah?think I've worked out things with Chris, and well I'm feeling good about it all.

        Buffy: Things are changing so quickly. I remember when it was all "get out, get out, get out" and burning diaries.

        Dawn: Well luckily that little girl's left the building. Just me now.

        Buffy: Still?don't wanna forget what it was like.

        Dawn: Some of it.

        Buffy: Well yeah, let's forget I tried to kill you, Willow and Xander believing you to all be figments of my imagination, among other things.

        Dawn smiles.

        Buffy: But the important things are precious.

        Dawn: They'll stay with me. I know they will.

        They smile at each other.

        Buffy: I'm gonna go sit with Cordy.

        Dawn: Ok. I'll be downstairs if you need anything.

        Buffy turns around and walks into her bedroom.

        Buffy: So any good?

        Cordelia: World of no. But it's helping. I think. But uh, I guess you two were just talking about how it's really not.

        Buffy sits down next to Cordy again.

        Buffy: Willow wasn't able to find anything that could heal you.

        Cordelia: Didn't think so.

        Buffy: But you're awake. That's better than most people.

        Cordelia: It's the energy in the sword. Given me a little more strength. But?it's almost run out. I can feel it.

        Buffy: You mean-

        Cordelia: Yeah. When it goes, so will I.

        Buffy looks tearful.

        Buffy: But we had so much to say to each other. Tell me, um?you and Angel.

        Cordy looks up.

        Cordelia: Yeah?

        Buffy: You still good friends?

        Cordy hesitates.

        Cordelia: We've never been closer.

        Buffy: I'm glad.

        She and Cordy smile at each other.

        Cordelia: You know, even though we may have failed today. You'll still stronger than any of the opposition. You keep on going no matter what. And that's the girl I knew. But looking now, I see the woman you've become and I think "darn, those bad guys are really gonna be sorry".

        Buffy smiles.

        Buffy: Likewise. You've changed so much.

        Cordelia: For the better I hope.

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Cordelia: (growing fainter) Well I'm not gonna forget what it was like. When you saved me from the vampires and invisible killer, when you came to my rescue when I turned you away before. When we fought a giant snake.

        Buffy: Good times.

        Cordelia: Yeah. Don't forget.

        Buffy opens her mouth to reply but stops. Cordy's head falls to one side. She lies still with her eyes closed. Buffy frowns and kisses Cordy on the forehead. She gets up and walks out the doorway and sees Andrew standing in front of her.

        Buffy: Andrew. I didn't think you'd be back so soon.

        Andrew: No, well I stayed a little longer. I um, I have some important news for you.

        Buffy: What?

        Andrew: It's um, your friend Cordelia. I went back a few days after sorting out the Slayer problem and Angel told me she'd died.

        Buffy looks confused.

        Buffy: But that's impossible she's-

        Buffy looks and sees that her bed is empty. She walks forward confused. She stares around the room silently

        Andrew: Buffy?

        Buffy: Sorry?when did she die?

        Andrew: She'd been in a coma for months. She never woke up.

        Buffy: Right. I think I understand.

        Buffy hears Cordelia's last words.

        Cordelia VO: Don't forget.

        Buffy sits down on the bed. She looks thoughtful.

        Buffy: I won't.

        THE END
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