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Buffy Episode 8.11 155. Horizon

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  • Buffy Episode 8.11 155. Horizon

    Hi, this is the eleventh episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.11 155. Horizon

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Chris VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Willow: I think we are in a dream. I don't know what this is.

    Man VO: This is what you want. This is what you desire.

    Cut to Buffy kissing Spike. Then her kissing Angel. Cut to the Rogue Slayers shooting. Cut to Spike/Angel dying in Buffy's arms.

    Man: You are doomed Buffy Summers. As are all that follow you.

    Buffy stands up slowly. She stares at the man.

    Buffy: I may not be able to live a normal life. But I'm not gonna stop living.

    Cut to Siobhan and Andrew.

    Siobhan: Andrew I don't wanna be friends. I wanna be more than that.

    Andrew: I don't love you.

    Siobhan looks shocked.

    Dawn: Last night was um?new.

    Chris: You wanted to-

    Dawn: I wanted to. I just wasn't prepared.

    Chris: You should have told me.

    Dawn: I just did.

    She walks away.


    ACT I

    Open on Chris and Dawn in bed together.

    Dawn: Chris no?

    Chris: C'mon Dawn.

    Dawn: No please, I don't-

    Chris: It'll be fine trust me.

    Dawn: Chris please! No. No! No!!

    [I]Chris sits up with a start sweating. He is alone in his bed. It is still dark. He breathes heavily and lies back down frowning.

    Cut to Dawn lying awake in her own bed. She too is frowning. Cut back to them in bed.

    Dawn: Do you think?we should?

    Chris: Yeah. But only if you do.

    Dawn: I do.

    Chris: Are you sure I-

    Dawn: Yeah just do it.

    Cut back to Dawn alone in her own bed. She cringes slightly. She rolls over and looks at the ceiling. She bites her lip. The camera zooms out slowly from her.

    Cut to Andrew in his bed looking concerned. Cut to Siobhan in her bed looking upset. Cut to Xander in his bed sitting up looking at a picture of him and Anya. Cut to Willow and Kennedy in their bed both turned away from each other awake. Cut to Buffy's bed. She is not in it. The camera moves over to the window to show her staring it out of it. There is a flashback to Spike in her arms, then to Angel in her arms. She closes her eyes and walks away from the window.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    VIRGINIA HEY - Clare
    MELISSA JAFFER - The Judge

    Open on Buffy walking downstairs. She walks into the kitchen where everyone else is sat. She sits down.

    Willow: Hey Buffy.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Everyone is silent again.

    Buffy: So um?good night?

    Xander: Not so much.

    Andrew: Oh is there a bad dream thingy again?

    Xander: No thankfully no one tried to kill me in my dreams last night. But um, I guess I've just had a lot on my mind since?

    Dawn: We all have.

    Buffy: Well you guys have to remember it wasn't real ok? I mean that man?demon guy was just trying to make us stop fighting.

    Chris: But a lot of the things he said?I saw. They could have been real.

    Siobhan: I know some of mine could be in the future.

    Buffy: Don't trust him. You never know he might?

    Kennedy: Try again?

    Buffy: If he does we'll stop him, ok but we have to stick together if he does.

    Andrew: Well it's been two weeks since Christmas. Maybe we won't have any problems from now on?

    Dawn: Andrew remember how we live on a hellmouth and are currently being pursued by several different enemies such as Rogue Slayers, time distorting demons-

    Andrew: Well yeah I know, but the Rogue Slayers haven't done anything for a while.

    Buffy: That's what we thought last time. They nearly killed us a month ago. You know maybe if-

    Dawn: I um?I gotta go to the bathroom.

    Dawn rushes past Buffy to the bathroom.

    Buffy: Is she ok? Should I-
    Chris: I think it's fine.

    Buffy shrugs.

    Buffy: Well?ok.

    Chris looks concerned. Siobhan notices and frowns. Xander looks at his watch.

    Xander: Right well I'm off to work, so all that are coming come now.

    Buffy: Dawn are you coming?

    There is a pause.

    Dawn OS: I um I think I'm gonna stay here.

    Siobhan: Oh ok I will too then.

    Dawn OS: You should see your mom Siobhan.

    Siobhan: No it's really ok; she'll probably be busy anyway.

    Xander: Ok then well we're going now so bye.

    He walks out the door.

    Willow: (to Kennedy) Have a good day sweetie.

    Kennedy smiles awkwardly. Willow frowns but then walks away. Buffy looks worried. Siobhan walks out of the room. Andrew watches her go and looks thoughtful. He follows her.

    Buffy, Chris and Kennedy are sat alone at the table.

    Buffy: So do you know what's wrong with Dawn?

    Chris: She's-

    Dawn OS: Fine.

    Everyone turns around to see Dawn standing at the kitchen door.

    Dawn: I'm fine ok?

    Chris: Dawn-

    Dawn: I um?I just need to be alone.
    She walks off. Buffy looks suspicious. Cut to Andrew walking into Siobhan's room.

    Andrew: Hey?

    Siobhan: Oh?hey.

    Andrew: Um?so you ok?

    Siobhan: Yeah I guess.

    Andrew raises his eyebrows.

    Siobhan: Well what do you expect Andrew? After everything?it's just been too much.

    Andrew: I wanna tell you something.

    Siobhan: Oh good, cos everything else you've wanted to tell me's been so great before.

    Andrew: Look I know I hurt you. And I'm sorry. I've never been with anyone before. Ever. And I'm not even sure I will be. It's complicated?

    Siobhan: Why? Andrew if you don't give things a chance then you can never be happy.

    Andrew: I'm happy right now. Without anyone.

    Siobhan looks at Andrew sadly.

    Siobhan: Well if you can admit that?then I respect you. I just?just had this image of us together. I wanted it to be real.

    Andrew: I don't think it can be. But?I'd still like for us to be ok with each other. I know it's kinda cliché now but: could we be friends?

    Siobhan and Andrew look at each other. Siobhan frowns.

    Siobhan: I don't know.

    Cut to Dawn walking out of the bathroom. She is breathing heavily and looks shocked. She turns into her room. Chris sees her and follows her in.

    Chris: Dawn?

    Dawn: Chris?hey.
    Chris: Are you ok?

    Dawn: Do I look ok?

    Chris: Frankly? No.

    Dawn: Well there you go.

    Chris: You gonna tell me why?

    Dawn: Nope.

    Chris: Oh.

    There is apuse.

    Dawn: Look I don't even know yet.

    Chris: Are you sure? Cause your face looks like it knows.

    Dawn: I don't. I think maybe I'm just a little bit ill. Summer fever or something.

    Chris: It's January.

    Dawn: Look I dunno ok?

    Chris: Ok?

    Dawn: Just?

    She stares at him. He stares back. She shakes her head.

    Chris: If you're not gonna tell me then I can't help.

    Dawn: You've done enough.

    Chris looks at Dawn shocked.

    Dawn: Sorry?I-

    Chris: No?no never mind.

    Chris walks out hastily. Dawn looks annoyed with herself.

    Cut to Buffy looking out of the kitchen window. Kennedy appears behind her.

    Kennedy: Hey.

    Buffy turns around suddenly.

    Kennedy: Oh sorry.

    Buffy: Don't worry, just thinking about something.

    Kennedy: What?

    Buffy: Everything we saw. It had to mean something.

    Kennedy: Oh Buffy I don't think-

    Buffy: I know I've been saying it wasn't real. But you know I think in another time and place it could be. I need to find out what it all meant. We have to find someone.

    Kennedy: Who?

    Buffy: I dunno?I'll call Giles. He should know.

    She looks out of the window again.

    Kennedy: But I mean?these things. Do we really have to find out what they mean?

    Buffy turns around and frowns slightly.

    Kennedy: I'm just saying?that guy was evil right? Why should we believe any of it?

    Buffy: Because?I need to.

    Buffy smiles at Kennedy and walks off. Kennedy looks concerned.

    Cut to Dawn reading a book on her bed. There is a knock at the door.

    Dawn: Chris I told you I don't wanna-

    Andrew OS: It's not Chris, it's um, me.

    Dawn: Oh!

    Dawn gets up and opens the door.

    Dawn: Sorry?come on in.

    Andrew walks in.

    Dawn: Sorry it's so weird seeing you without that wheelchair.

    Andrew: I know?it's nice to be able to walk again. Properly.

    Dawn: So um?what did you want?

    Andrew: I wanted to talk to you?about Siobhan.

    Dawn: Oh?

    Andrew: And well?I know you're having problems with Chris and I thought maybe we could talk to each other and not cope together?

    Dawn smiles slightly at Andrew. But she also looks thoughtful.

    Dawn: What's up with you and Siobhan then?

    Andrew: Well-

    Dawn: Ok so actually I know. You wanna be friends and she wants more?

    Andrew: Pretty much.

    Dawn: I understand. You can't be made to feel something if it's not already there.

    Andrew: But she's so upset.

    Dawn: And that's the last thing I want for her to be. But it's not your fault. You've told her how you feel right?

    Andrew: Yeah?but-

    Dawn: Then there's nothing more you can do. You can try and be her friend but um?give it time.

    Andrew smiles at Dawn. Dawn smiles back.

    Andrew: So what about you and Chris?

    Dawn: Oh that's a much more complicated scenario that we won't be talking about.

    Andrew: Aw c'mon.

    Dawn: No it's boring?let's do something fun. We should go into town.

    Andrew: Oh shall I tell the others?

    Dawn: No, no just you and me. Get away from it all here.

    Andrew: Oh?ok cool.

    She and Andrew and walk out along the corridor to the door. Buffy is there.

    Dawn: Hey we're going out.

    Buffy: Oh? Siobhan and Chris not going?

    Dawn: No um, just me and Andrew.

    Buffy frowns slightly.

    Buffy: Oh?ok. Be back for dinner.

    Dawn: We will be.

    They go out the front door. Buffy looks down the corridor thinking about something.

    Cut to Xander and Willow pulling into the driveway in Xander's car.

    Xander: Was he ok in the end?

    Willow: I think so. I hope so. At first he was just?silent. Seemed like he lost everything.

    Xander: Losing your parents at that age?must feel like he has.

    Willow: Well he started talking to me eventually. I think I made some progress. I just feel terrible knowing who his killer was.

    They get out of the car.

    Xander: Do you think we should tell Buffy?

    Buffy: Tell me what?

    Xander and Willow turn around.

    Willow: Buffy hey! How was your day?

    Willow look hopeful. Buffy raises her eyebrows.

    Buffy: Guys?

    Willow: Well um. This boy I spoke to at work. He um?he'd lost his parents.

    Buffy: Oh god. How?

    Willow: Well?it was uh?it was the Rogue Slayers.

    Buffy's eyes widen. She looks at the ground.

    Buffy: Are you sure?

    Willow: It was three girls with super strength. It had to be them.

    Buffy: When?

    Willow: Last week.

    Buffy looks up suddenly.

    Buffy: Then they could still be here. We have to do something.

    Xander: Fight them again? Cause I don't think-

    Buffy: No not fight. I'm done with that approach. It's gotten us nowhere. No we need answers.

    Willow: What?

    Buffy: I called Giles. He told me there's this priestess nearby. She can give us answers. And not just about the Slayers. About what we saw at Christmas, all of it.

    Xander: Are we sure she's not gonna say?kill us?

    Buffy: She's not completely trustworthy but we can leave at any time.

    Willow: How do even get there?

    Buffy: I know the rest. I know that dark magic isn't your favourite thing in the world right now Will, it's not mine either. But we need answers and we need them now.

    Cut to Willow. She nods. Buffy smiles back.

    Buffy: Dawn and Andrew are in Darkley and I think Siobhan and Chris aren't really in the mood for stuff like this so we need Kennedy. We're going now.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Dawn and Andrew in Darkley town centre.

    Andrew: It's getting dark.

    Dawn: Andrew it's still January, of course it's dark at 5pm.

    Andrew: But maybe-

    Dawn: Look we're here to get away from maybes. And hey there's a caf? let's go order something.

    Andrew: Something alcoholic?

    Dawn: Well I mean you're legal, but um have you actually had a lot of alcohol before?

    Andrew: I had some wine once.

    Dawn: Let's stick to soft drinks.

    Andrew frowns as they enter. Dawn looks around.

    Dawn: This one?

    She is pointing to a table near the window. Andrew nods and they sit down.

    Dawn: See isn't this nice?

    Andrew: Um Dawn.

    Dawn: Oh come on we look at this menu there are nice drinks and?wait a minute. Treat us like queens? Ok that is just-

    Andrew: Dawn!

    Dawn: What!?

    She looks up. The camera shows everyone else in the caf? are men. Several are holding hands. Some are staring at Dawn and Andrew. One in particular is staring at Andrew. Andrew looks uncomfortable. Dawn looks at the name of the "Queen's Caf?" again and her eyes widen.

    Dawn: Oh! Uh, you...wanna go?

    Andrew: Yeah?

    Andrew hurriedly rushes out. Dawn follows more slowly, looking around. The man looking at Andrew looks curious.

    Dawn: Oh my god; who knew Darkley was so progressive? And they had a pretty good drinks menu...I'll go back with Siobhan sometime.

    Andrew: Why were they staring at me?

    Dawn: Well you're a guy and they well, like guys so maybe they liked you?

    Andrew slows down.

    Andrew: They liked me?

    Dawn shrugs.

    Dawn: Maybe.

    She continues walking. Andrew stops and looks a little confused. He continues walking. The man staring at him from before walks out of the caf? and smiles as he follows them.

    Cut to Buffy, Xander, Willow and Kennedy in Xander's car. Everyone is silent.

    Xander: I hate to be the annoying kid, but is it much further?

    Buffy looks at a map.

    Buffy: It's just up here.

    Kennedy: Buffy are you sure about this?

    Buffy: As I'll ever be.

    Willow: What's this women like?

    Buffy: Giles said she was peculiar aka as weird as they get.

    Kennedy: But it's safe right?

    Buffy: I really don't know. But we use this-

    She holds up a blue stone.

    Buffy: To get in and um?throw it at her to leave.

    Everyone looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: That's what Giles said.

    Xander: Oh she's really gonna be pleased if we do that.

    Buffy: Well it's only if there's an emergency.

    Willow: Did Giles give you her name?

    Buffy: Something like um?Clara?

    Willow: Clare?

    Buffy: Yeah that's it.

    Willow: I shoulda known.

    Kennedy: What's the matter Willow do you know her?

    Willow: Not personally but she's well known in the magical world as well one of the most powerful and one of the most unpredictable.

    Xander: Great.

    Kennedy: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

    Xander: Well we're almost there right?

    Buffy looks at the map.

    Buffy: Um?ok apparently?

    Willow: What?

    Everyone is at the entrance to a cave. The car has vanished.

    Buffy: We're here.

    Cut to Chris at the kitchen table. Siobhan appears and sits next to him.

    Siobhan: Hey.

    Chris: (quietly) Hey.

    Siobhan: So um, just us two huh?

    Chris: Looks like.

    The uncomfortable silence continues.

    Siobhan: So um how are things?

    Chris: Just great.

    Siobhan: You know you sound as if you really mean it.

    Chris looks up at Siobhan. Siobhan smiles slightly.

    Chris: What about you?

    Siobhan: Similarly "just great". Andrew and me?I thought you know, we could be together, but I'm realizing it's never gonna happen.

    Chris: It's not your fault.

    Siobhan: No?but it's not his either.

    Siobhan sighs. Chris looks thoughtful.

    Chris: I have to tell you something.

    Siobhan: You do?

    Chris: Yes. But you can't tell anyone ok?

    Siobhan: Well that depends on what it is.

    Chris: Promise me.

    Siobhan looks suspicious. Chris stares at her seriously. Siobhan nods.

    Siobhan: Ok I promise.

    Chris: Right. Well?you see?the thing is-

    Siobhan: Chris, after three sentence fillers I begin to get a little pissed off.

    Chris: Ok?sorry. It's just. Me and Dawn. We?we did things.

    Siobhan: Things? What do you mean thi-

    Siobhan opens her eyes wide in realization. Chris looks ashamed.

    Siobhan: You mean?

    Chris: Yeah.

    Siobhan: Oh. Wow. That was fast.

    Chris: I know. Maybe too fast.

    Siobhan: Ah. Are you regretting it?

    Chris: I?I think she might.

    Siobhan: I see. Have you talked to her?

    Chris: Yeah she wasn't too specific.

    Siobhan: Well you used protection right?

    Chris looks at her.

    Siobhan: Chris!

    Chris: I know, it was stupid, just?one thing lead to another and before I knew it-

    Siobhan: I get the idea. My first time was similar.

    Chris smiles weakly.

    Siobhan: Let me ask one thing. Did you both?you know, want to?

    Chris: I?

    Siobhan looks worried.

    Siobhan: Are you saying one of you didn't?

    Chris: I don't know, Siobhan, ok-

    Siobhan: But you went ahead and did it anyway.

    Chris: It wasn't like that.
    Siobhan: Well that's how you're making it sound!

    There is a pause.

    Siobhan: Have you spoken to Dawn?

    Chris: Like I said, she wasn't too specific.

    Siobhan: But she didn't say anything beforehand right?

    Chris: No. And she told me today that she did want to, but then?she's been acting weird since.

    Siobhan: Bit a grey area then.

    Chris: (quietly) Yeah.

    Siobhan: Well, I think you need to talk to her again, and make her give you an answer.

    Chris: Could you?

    Siobhan: Chris, this isn't about me! It's about you two. You need to work it out.

    Siobhan smiles sympathetically. Chris smiles back. Both stare into space looking worried.

    Cut to Buffy and co. in the dark tunnel.

    Willow: Illuminare!

    There is a flash and light appears around them.

    Buffy: Thanks Will.

    Kennedy: So this is her place huh?

    Xander: It's so?roomy.

    Voice: Thank you.

    Everyone turns their heads. Blue light has suddenly filled the tunnel and a woman is in the middle of it. Because the light is so blue, the colours of her skin, hair and clothes seem blue as well. She is smiling at Buffy and co.

    Buffy: Are you-

    Woman: Clare? Yes. Welcome to my realm. Please don't be alarmed. We are still within your own dimension, simply on the edge of it.

    Xander: We're not gonna fall off?

    The woman laughs. It sounds as if she is singing.

    Woman: No Xander. I control everything here. Even you.

    Xander: What do you-

    Everyone is suddenly right in front of Clare. They are in a large hall now. Clare's skin, hair and dress is now seen to be silver.

    Xander: Wow.

    Clare smiles. She continues to stare at Xander.

    Clare: Your questions?

    She looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: Right, well um firstly?the Rogue Slayers.

    Clare: Ah yes.

    Clare is suddenly behind the gang. She is still smiling. Buffy looks confused. Clare continues to stare at Buffy still smiling.

    Clare: They will be stopped. Eventually. Though some will perish before that time.

    Willow: How many's some?

    Clare: I cannot be sure.

    She walks over to a large chair that has suddenly appeared and sits in it.

    Clare: Three Slayers are your opponents. They are magnificent warriors.

    Kennedy: They're killers.

    Clare: Isn't that what all Slayers are? Some choose the path that you have. Others become reckless in their behaviour. Nevertheless?they are a wonder to observe.

    Buffy: How do I stop them?

    Clare: You don't. This path will make itself clear when it chooses too. I can reveal no more on this subject.

    Willow: But-

    Clare: (suddenly loud) No more.

    Clare's smile has faded slightly. Her eyes have suddenly flared with orange. Everyone looks at each other worriedly. Clare blinks slowly and when she opens her eyes again her eyes are silver again. She smiles.

    Clare: What is your next question?

    Cut to Dawn and Andrew waiting at the bus stop in Darkley.

    Andrew: Is it gonna be here soon or what cause it's cold.

    Dawn: Well we can always go back to the bar-

    Andrew: (quickly) No I'm fine here.

    Dawn rolls her eyes.

    Dawn: I'm just gonna check the bus timetable, if it arrives gimme a shout ok?

    Andrew nods. Dawn walks into a nearby building. Andrew exhales and looks around. He turns to his left and jumps. The man from earlier is sat there.

    Man: Sorry, didn't mean to make you jump.

    Andrew: It's ok.

    The man smiles. Andrew smiles back nervously.

    Man: I'm Lloyd by the way.

    Andrew: Oh ok hi, I'm um, I'm Andrew.

    Lloyd: Nice name.

    Andrew laughs nervously.

    Lloyd: So you were in the bar earlier.

    Andrew: Yeah we were but um?

    Lloyd: What? You saying your not?

    Andrew: Not what?

    Lloyd raises his eyebrows at Andrew. Andrew realises.

    Andrew: Oh! Oh?um?I uh, I dunno?

    Lloyd: Really?

    Andrew shakes his head.

    Lloyd: How old are you?

    Andrew: 20.

    Lloyd: Wow. I mean, no offence, I guess I just knew a while before that.

    Andrew: Well I's not as if I ever needed to before?

    Lloyd: You mean someone as fit as you's never even been out with anyone before?

    Andrew shifts uncomfortably.

    Andrew: Not in so many words. And I'm what?

    Lloyd: Fit. Nice looking, you know?

    Andrew smiles weakly.

    Lloyd: Well you are.

    Andrew looks up at Lloyd and smiles more genuinely.

    Andrew: Um?thanks.

    Dawn walks out of the building.

    Andrew: (quickly) Dawnheyhowareyou?

    Dawn raises an eyebrow.

    Dawn: Uh, hey Andrew. Who's this?

    Lloyd: I'm Lloyd.

    Dawn: Hey I'm Dawn.

    Dawn and Lloyd smile at each other. Andrew looks from Dawn to Andrew. A bus pulls up.

    Dawn: Well that's our cue, gotta go.

    Andrew: Right.

    Lloyd: Ok see you round. Oh and Andrew; when you decide you wanna experiment here's my number.

    Lloyd flicks a piece of paper at Andrew. Andrew smiles slightly. Lloyd walks off. Andrew walks towards the bus. Dawn smiles widely at him and walks on. Andrew's smile fades and he looks uncertain.

    Cut to Buffy and co. in Clare's realm.

    Buffy: What about what we saw.

    Clare: When you saw what could have been?

    Buffy: Yes.

    Clare: That was a rather spectacular display I must say. I had envisioned more primarily but it did the trick. Wouldn't you agree?

    Buffy: That's what I'm asking you.

    Clare: The scenes you saw were nothing that you had already seen in your own dreams. They cannot come to pass, at least in this reality. In others?who know?

    Willow: You mean it was all false?

    Clare: All? Nothing is ever completely impossible. But yes, I believe these dreams are far beyond your reach now. I cannot answer you anymore.

    Buffy: But I haven't-

    Clare: Do not try my patience Slayer.

    Clare's eyes flash with a brighter orange this time, and some of her hair does too. Yet she continues to smile.

    Kennedy: Then we can go?

    Clare: Leave? So soon?

    Xander: Yeah?and, and you can't stop us!

    Xander throws the stone at Clare. In slow motion it rotates in the air and hits her. It falls to the ground. Clare looks down at and then looks at Xander. The others look worried. Xander looks at Buffy.

    Xander: It didn't work. How come it didn't work?

    Buffy: Oh?

    Clare kneels down and picks up the stone. She examines it.

    Clare: It's interesting. You thought this would allow you to leave my world?

    Kennedy: We uh?well yeah.

    Clare smiles.

    Clare: How unfortunate for you.

    Clare is suddenly behind the housemates.

    Clare: Now, you have a problem. As of yet, I have not revealed the extent of my powers. Observe.

    Clare throws the stone to her left. She looks at the palm of her hand. She makes her hand into a fist and the stone is crushed in mid air. She turns to the others.

    Clare: Next time it could be something far more?delicate?

    Clare holds out the palm of her hand. Buffy's eyes open wide and she looks horrified as she sees that Clare is staring at Xander's waist. Suddenly the fragments of the stone glow. Clare turns around and frowns slightly. She looks back to see that she is alone in the room. Her expression does not change. She walks over to the chair. Suddenly the figure of The Judge appears.

    The Judge: Were you successful?

    Clare: Not yet.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Dawn and Andrew walking towards the house.

      Dawn: So that guy Lloyd. New friend?

      Andrew: I guess.

      Dawn: (smiling to herself) Ok.

      Andrew looks nervous. Dawn suddenly stops smiling and clutches her stomach.

      Andrew: Dawn, what's the matter.

      Dawn: Oh um it's nothing. Just a chest pain.

      Andrew: Are you sure.

      Dawn nods. Andrew smiles. Dawn looks away and looks visibly concerned.

      As they walk in the front door, Xander's car drives up. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Kennedy get out.

      Dawn: Hey.

      Buffy: Hey. Did you have fun?

      Dawn looks at Andrew and smiles.

      Dawn: Some of us did.

      Andrew turns to go inside quickly. Xander, Willow and Kennedy walk up behind Buffy.

      Buffy: So do we think we're safe?

      Willow: I dunno?Clare's pretty powerful. She could have followed us.

      Dawn: Who's Clare?

      Xander: A new friend of ours who we think might want to kill us.

      Dawn: Another one?

      Buffy: Well we don't know that she wants to kill us for certain.

      Kennedy: She seemed pretty intent.

      Buffy: You know what have all these big powerful people?or things got against us? I'm just trying to do my job and they have to hate me.

      Willow: Maybe they still blame us.

      Buffy: God I hope not.

      They go inside. The camera moves over to the edge of the woods. A pair of eyes flash and something bounds towards the house.

      Cut to inside the house. Buffy, Willow, Kennedy, Xander and Andrew are sat around the kitchen table.

      Andrew: So what happens now? Are we gonna wait for Giles and Stephen to come back with the other Slayers or look for the Rogue ones now?

      Buffy: Depends if Kass and co. are still around. I'm guessing they are, but uh?I think we should wait.

      Dawn appears out of the bathroom.

      Buffy: Dawn are you sure you're ok?

      Dawn: Yeah! Don't worry about me.

      Dawn goes upstairs. She is frowning. She goes to Chris' door and knocks on it. The is no answer. Dawn frowns.

      Dawn: Chris?

      She opens the door and looks around. The camera moves over to the windowsill. A clawed hand grabs on to it. Chris appears around the corner.

      Chris: Dawn?you're back.

      Dawn: Yeah, pretty smart observation skills you got there.

      Chris looks embarrassed.

      Dawn: Sorry, I didn't mean to snap. I just thought we should talk.

      Chris: You do? Um?what about?

      Dawn: You know what about. I want to tell you. I get this feeling that you think you forced me to do things against my will. You didn't. I wanted to. I genuinely wanted to. I think I made a mistake though.

      Chris: What do you mean?

      Dawn: I don't think I was ready. But at the time I thought I was. Putting everything into perspective now?

      Chris: You think it shouldn't happen again?

      Dawn: No I?well I dunno but?what was I was gonna say is that I'm going to need your help.

      Chris looks confused. Suddenly he looks at the window and his eyes open wide.

      Chris: Dawn?

      Dawn: I know this'll be hard to take in but-

      Chris: Dawn walk towards me slowly.

      Dawn: What?

      Dawn turns around. She gasps. The camera shows a three-foot high lizard type demon with sharp-clawed hands. It is slowly approaching Dawn and Chris.

      Chris: When I say-

      The demon lunges at them.

      Chris: Duck!

      They do and the demon lands behind them. It rushes at Dawn again and she hits at it.

      Chris: Hey you bastard leave her alone.

      The demon looks at Chris and runs at him. Chris misjudges it's next move and the demon smashes him through the bedroom door. The demon tries to rip at Chris' throat with his claws but Chris holds him off. The demon's tail appears and Chris looks worried as he sees it has a large pointed end. The demon smiles as it draws its tale back to stab Chris. Suddenly a squelching sound is heard. The demon looks confused and falls to one side. Chris looks up and smiles. Dawn is standing holding the hilt of a sword. She smiles back at Chris. Buffy and the others appear at the stairs.

      Buffy: What the hell is that?

      Dawn and Chris look over at the demon. It collapses into silver mist rimmed with orange. Buffy and Willow look at each other worriedly. Chris and Dawn hug. Siobhan and Andrew watch smiling, and then look at each other. Siobhan goes back downstairs. Andrew exhales and follows her.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Andrew and Siobhan in the living room. In the kitchen the phone rings.

        Andrew: Looks like we've got more than just Rogue Slayers to worry about now?

        Siobhan: Yeah. A lot more.

        Andrew: Are you ok?

        Siobhan turns around.

        Siobhan: Not really. I've learned about a lot of things lately. Things I couldn't imagine happening before.

        Andrew: Me too.

        Siobhan: I blamed you before. For how I felt. I shouldn't. You can't change the way you feel about someone just because they want you to.

        Andrew: Well I feel I want to be friends with you.

        Siobhan: I don't think we can be friends. I think it's more than that.

        Andrew: Siobhan I-

        Siobhan: I don't mean together. Andrew there's gonna be a big fight soon. I know we'll be together on it. So far I've fought with everyone and all but?I don't think I have what it takes right now. I want you to be my Watcher.

        Andrew looks up at Siobhan. She smiles at Andrew. Andrew smiles at her.

        Andrew: Wow?I never really thought about it. Yeah, I'd like to.

        She and Andrew hug. Buffy walks through.

        Buffy: Sorry to interrupt you guys but Giles was just on the phone.

        Andrew: He was? Is everything-

        Buffy: He's fine. He's gathering Slayers right now. But um, there's a problem in LA.

        Andrew: What kind of problem?

        He stands up.

        Buffy: There's a Slayer there. She's incredibly unstable, worse than any of the others we've met. She could prove a big problem for?

        Andrew: Angel?

        Buffy: Yeah?

        Andrew: What do you want me to do?

        Buffy: Andrew this fight could happen any time now. Everyone else has stuff to do before that. Giles seems to think you're the best person for the job right now. And I agree.

        Cut to Siobhan. She frowns. Andrew looks at Siobhan. She looks up at him.

        Siobhan: You should go. It's for the best.

        Andrew turns back to Buffy.

        Andrew: Ok then.

        Buffy: Thank you. Now you have to be subtle with your approach ok cos?

        Buffy and Andrew walk away. Siobhan sighs and looks at the floor sadly.

        Cut to Willow sitting on her bed alone. Kennedy walks in. Willow looks up. Kennedy smiles at her. Willow smiles back. Kennedy sits next to her on the bed. She looks at Willow look relaxed.

        Cut to Dawn bandaging a scratch on Chris' shoulder.

        Dawn: There we go. Should be ok now.

        Chris: I think it is.

        They smile at each other.

        Chris: You were really brave. Killing that demon. I mean if I'd had my powers still it would been helpful but?you helped me when I needed you most. I'm gonna do the same for you.

        Dawn smiles. Her smile fades.

        Chris: What?

        Dawn: Earlier I was gonna tell you something.

        Chris: Oh, right.

        Dawn: It's not something you're gonna like.

        Chris frowns.

        Chris: Well if it's important?I'll try to understand.

        Dawn exhales.

        Dawn: You may have noticed me feeling ill earlier.

        Chris: Right?I thought it was because you were worried.

        Dawn: Well I am worried, but I wasn't ill because of that. It seems what we did?it had a bigger effect than we wanted it to.

        Chris: Dawn what are trying to say?

        Dawn: Chris?don't freak out?but I'm pregnant.

        Chris looks at Dawn shocked. Dawn looks at the floor worriedly. There is silence for a second.

        Chris: You're sure?

        Dawn: I am.

        Chris looks at Dawn. There is more silence. Chris exhales.

        Chris: Well?whatever you decide?I'll try and help you.

        Dawn smiles with relief.

        Dawn: Thank you.

        Chris: It's my responsibility too. But tell me?what are you gonna do?

        Dawn pauses.

        Dawn: I don't know.

        THE END
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