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Buffy Episode 8.10 154. Infinite Possibilities...

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  • Buffy Episode 8.10 154. Infinite Possibilities...

    Hi, this is the tenth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.10 154. Infinite Possibilities?

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Buffy VO: Every girl who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

    Willow: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Shot of Spike and Buffy in the hellmouth.

    Buffy: I love you.

    Spike: No you don't, but thanks anyway.

    Buffy looks sad. Cut to Buffy and Angel in the sewer from The Prom

    Angel: Don't.

    Buffy: Don't love you? I don't get a choice in that. I want my life to be with you.

    Angel: I don't.

    Buffy looks upset. Cut to Tara and Willow in Entropy.

    Tara: Can you just be kissing me now?

    Tara is shot.

    Willow: Tara?

    Willow cries over Tara's body. Willow kneels by Tara's gravestone. Cut to Willow and Kennedy in The Killer In Me.

    Willow: I let her be dead!

    Willow breaks down in Kennedy's arms.

    Kennedy: You'll be a kite, and I'll be your kite string. Ok?

    Willow: Ok.

    Cut to Kennedy's mum in Legally Mine. Willow joins hands with Chris.

    Kennedy's mum: Kennedy!

    She disappears.

    Kennedy: (to Willow) Thanks.

    Cut to Xander with Anya in All the Way.

    Xander: We're getting married.

    They kiss. Cut to Hell's Bells. Anya and Xander part hands. Cut to them in bed together in Storyteller.

    Xander: I knew we'd always do that again.

    Anya: Do you think there should be more?

    Xander: It felt like a one more time.

    Cut to them on the kitchen floor kissing in Touched. Cut to Anya getting sliced by the Bringer's knife in Chosen. Cut to her lifeless body.

    Xander: Anya! Anya!

    Cut to Andrew and Xander.

    Andrew: She died saving my life.

    Xander: That's my girl.

    Cut to Andrew in Storyteller.

    Andrew: Here's the thing. I killed my best friend.

    Cut to Andrew stabbing Jonathon in Conversations With Dead People.

    Andrew: Warren was cool. And wasn't Jonathon just the cutest thing?

    Cut to Siobhan by Andrew's hospital bed in Open Wounds.

    Siobhan: Andrew you gotta wake up. I've never felt this way about anyone before.

    Andrew wakes up in Endeavour.

    Siobhan: You heard me?

    Andrew: It's so great that we can be friends.

    Siobhan looks shocked. Cut to them in Fractures.

    Siobhan: Andrew I don't wanna be friends!

    Andrew: I don't love you.

    Siobhan looks upset. She shuts the door in Andrew's face.

    Cut to Siobhan and Dawn in Back to Reality.

    Siobhan: My mum is hardly ever around. She goes to work, comes back late, goes to bed, sleeps and works the weekend away. I don't think she even noticed the blood on my cardigan the other night.

    Dawn: I'm sorry.

    Siobhan: No. You shouldn't be. I should really be grateful that she's still around.

    Cut to Buffy in The Body.

    Buffy: Mommy?

    Paramedic #1: Your mother's dead.

    Cut to Buffy telling Dawn in school. Dawn breaks down and cries on the floor. Cut to Conversations With Dead People.

    Dawn: Mom?

    Joyce fades.

    Dawn: No!

    Cut to Dawn and Chris in How Do You Like My Darkness Now?.

    Dawn: I can trust you.

    Chris: I'm not sure.

    Dawn: I am.

    They fall back on the bed.

    Dawn: Last night was um?new.

    Chris: You wanted to-

    Dawn: I wanted to. I just wasn't prepared.

    Chris: You should have told me.

    Dawn: I just did.

    She walks away.


    ACT I

    Open on everyone sat around the kitchen table. They are all laughing and eating Christmas dinner.

    Buffy: You know it's so great that life is easy for once.

    Willow: Yeah, I mean it's been two weeks and Rogue Slayer count is zero.

    Kennedy: Maybe they realised they'll never win?

    Xander: Cause Buffy'd kick their asses!

    Buffy: Thank you Xander.

    Dawn: Well I'm just glad that we can have a hopefully normal Christmas for once.

    Buffy: Hey last year's was?ok so we were kinda rebuilding the house and the threat of ultimate evil was upon us, but I got some wicked shoes.

    Willow: Which you left in Sunnydale.

    Buffy: That's not the point, it was good.

    Dawn: Well I think Christmas three years ago was good.

    Chris: What did you do?

    Dawn: Mom was there.

    Buffy smiles at Dawn. Dawn smiles back.

    Willow: And I remember Anya with Santa Claus.

    Siobhan: There's a Santa Claus?

    Xander: Long story.

    Siobhan: Wow.

    Dawn: But he disembowels kids.

    Siobhan: Oh. Won't be leaving a mince pie for him this year.

    Everyone laughs.

    Kennedy: Well I remember two years ago. Me and my mom had Christmas together.

    Willow smiles at Kennedy.

    Buffy: That Christmas was bad I remember.

    Willow: Oh I was a total wreck.

    Buffy: No not that. Well yeah that. But I remember I burnt the turkey.

    Dawn: Oh god I remember.

    Siobhan: So did we.

    Chris: We dropped the stuffing.

    Everyone laughs.

    Dawn: And then-

    Siobhan: It was so funny-

    Buffy: We took ages to find another one-

    Everyone continues to talk. The camera zooms out suddenly and shows that they are being watched through a crystal ball of some kind. The camera zooms out further to show the box seen in Fractures next to it.

    Voice: We have collected information on all of them sir.

    The camera scrolls up to show a smaller demon and a larger demon.

    Large Demon: Good.

    Smaller Demon: We will begin at once then?

    Large Demon: Yes. Make it slow.

    Smaller Demon: Yes sir.

    The demon salutes and walks off. The large demon moves closer to the crystal ball.

    Large Demon: Yes, enjoy yourselves children. You haven't got long left.

    The camera zooms in on the crystal ball and we are back in the Summers' kitchen. Everyone is still laughing. Suddenly white light explodes from the middle of the table. The camera shows everyone one by one frozen in time. There is silence.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Special Guest Stars:


    Guest Starring:

    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    GIGI EDGLEY - Kirsty
    ADAM BUSCH - Warren
    DANNY STRONG - Jonathon
    LANI TUPU - Demon
    SONYA WALGER - Siobhan's mother

    Cut to everyone still frozen. The camera moves around and stops. Everyone fades from the surroundings. Xander appears in the dimension that man was in before. He shakes himself.

    Xander: Ok what the-

    Voice: Don't worry Xander, this is a dream.

    A man appears. Cut to Dawn in a similar place.

    Dawn: It is?

    Man: Yes. You ended up here.

    Cut to Willow

    Willow: Where's here? Cos if this is another dimension I gotta tell ya-

    Man: No no. Just a dream. But not an ordinary dream.

    Cut to Chris.

    Chris: I don't feel asleep.

    Man: You are. In a way. I have a message for you however.

    Cut to Siobhan.

    Siobhan: What kind of message?

    Man: You'll see.

    Cut to Kennedy.

    Kennedy: What do you mean?

    Man: Let me show you.

    Cut to Andrew.

    Andrew: Why should I trust you?

    Man: Because I can give you the world.

    Cut to Buffy.

    Buffy: Ok then. Give it to me, whatever it is.

    The man smiles. Cut to Xander. The man pushes his hand towards Xander's face. He doesn't hit Xander, but Xander gasps and closes his eyes as if something is in them. He slowly opens them and looks shocked.

    Cut to Xander and Anya sitting on a sofa watching TV. The captions say it is the year 2006. Xander no longer has his eye patch. Anya is visibly pregnant and she is leaning against Xander.

    Anya: This movie's boring. Why couldn't you have got one with monkeys?

    Xander: There were no monkey movies. Or at least, none that were any good.

    Anya: Well there could at least have been one with some kind of sex in it. Remember we used to enjoy watching that.

    Xander: Uh?the baby might see.

    Anya: I don't think the baby has x-ray vision.

    Xander: Well, this is all we have.

    Anya sighs.

    Anya: Well I'm glad that it's with you.

    They continue to watch. Anya frowns slightly and sits up.

    Anya: Hey! There's a bunny in this movie!

    Xander: Anya it was on for two seconds.

    Anya: Yeah but did you see how it looked at me? It's gonna kill that couple isn't it? They're just happily eating lunch on that hill, and it's gonna eat ?em!

    Xander: Anya I don't think?oh god it is!

    Anya: Turn it off, turn it off!

    Xander reaches for the remote. He turns off the TV. Anya lies back relieved.

    Anya: You see what I mean now? Bunnies are evil. Every single one of ?em.

    Xander: Not all bunnies are gonna kill you.

    Anya: Well if any try, will you stop them?

    Xander: Sure. No bunny's gonna get my girl.

    Anya smiles at Xander. Xander kisses her forehead. Xander turns on another channel. He looks at Anya. The fatal wound she got in Chosen has appeared.

    Xander: An, what's that?

    Anya looks down.

    Anya: Oh that? Don't worry about that. It was a battle I didn't win.

    The continue to sit together. Cut back to Xander. He looks up at the man. The man smiles. Cut to Dawn. She opens her eyes and looks shocked.

    Cut to her, Joyce and Buffy sitting around the table in the Summers' old house. The year is 2005.

    Joyce: Honey I'm just so proud of you.

    Dawn: Mom I'm not the only person to ever get into Harvard.

    Joyce: That doesn't matter! You got through all this trouble and still managed to get into a college as good as that.

    Buffy: I obviously wasn't her role model.

    Joyce: Now Buffy don't talk like that. You were offered a place in Northwestern remember?

    Buffy: Yeah, I also remember the not going to it.

    Dawn: Well I'll send you a postcard from Harvard.

    Buffy: (sarcastically) Thanks Dawn.

    Dawn giggles.

    Joyce: Now honey you must remember to come home right?

    Dawn: Oh I will.

    Buffy: Try not to make it too long ok?

    Dawn and Buffy smile at each other. Joyce smiles at them both.

    Joyce: Well, I need to go and get the pudding. Dawn come and help me with the dishes?

    Dawn: But I'm the guest of honour!

    Joyce: You can still wash dishes though.

    Dawn smiles and rolls her eyes. She follows Joyce.

    Buffy: Don't worry I'll help too.

    Oh Buffy that's sweet of you. Joyce turns around. Her face is white like it is in The Body. She frowns slightly.

    Dawn: You ok mom?

    Joyce: Yeah just um?my head it uh, it felt like it used to.

    Dawn: Oh my god, are you-

    Joyce: Dawn I'm fine. I think it was just a small headache.

    Joyce walks back into the kitchen. Dawn follows frowning slightly.

    Cut back to Dawn. She looks at the man. He turns around.

    Man: This is what I can show you.

    Willow: Ok?what is it?

    Man: This.

    Willow gasps too. Cut to Willow and Tara walking in a field holding hands. The sun is shining down on them. The year is 2004.

    Tara: Don't you juts love days like this?

    Willow: Yeah. Made better be a certain someone.

    Tara smiles.

    Tara: I guess it's just tomorrow, it's bringing back so many memories.

    Willow: The anniversary of the accident.

    Tara: Thinking I almost died I-

    Willow: But you didn't.

    Tara: No?you saved me.

    Willow: Well ok maybe just a little.

    Tara: Are you kidding? Not many people can get a bullet out like that.

    Willow: Xander saved Buffy. I saved you. Everything worked out.

    Tara: It does. In the end.

    Willow: Well this better not be the end, cos I'm still in the interval here.

    Tara and Willow laugh. Tara looks up at the sky.

    Tara: It looks like it's gonna rain.

    Willow: I can put a stop to that.

    Willow shoots some yellow sparks at the clouds. They part and the sun shines on them.

    Tara: You, uh, you missed a spot.

    Tara shoots on spark at the last remaining cloud. She and Willow smile at each other. The continue looking at each and do not notice a small slope ahead. Willow trips and Tara falls with her. They roll to a halt laughing. Tara is on top of Willow.

    Willow: Sorry.

    Tara: It doesn't matter.

    They kiss. Blood drips from Tara's chest.

    Tara: Guess the wound's still there.

    Willow: Shouldn't we get it checked?

    Tara: No, it'll always be there.

    Cut to Chris. He looks impatient.

    Chris: Are you sure this is a dream because I-

    Chris gasps. Cut to him and Dawn walking into a restaurant. It's 2004. He looks around and then recognises someone.

    Chris: They're over there. You're gonna love them. And they'll love you.

    Chris and Dawn walk over to a table. Robby, Kass, Kirsty, Kelly, Marie and Line are sat around the table.

    Kass: Chris hey!

    Chris: Hey guys. This is Dawn.

    Line: Dawn come sit by me.

    Dawn: Oh, ok.

    Dawn smiles enthusiastically and sits down.

    Kass: Sorry I'm being rude, I'm Kass. This is Kirsty, Kelly, Marie, Line and Robby. Robby's our little bitch.

    Robby: What? No way.

    Everyone laughs.

    Marie: So Dawn where you from?

    Dawn: Well until recently, Sunnydale California.

    Kelly: You mean that place that collapsed?

    Kirsty: Wow, everyone's been talking about it here.

    Dawn: They have? Well yeah it was pretty crazy. But everyone I know was ok so it's not too bad.

    Kass: Well that's good at least. Nothing amazing happens here.

    Chris: Except next week remember?

    Kass: Oh yeah how could I forget! Chris here's actually gonna star in a movie!

    Dawn: I know I'm really looking forward to it. You'll all be there?

    Kirsty: Sure wouldn't wanna miss Chris' big night.

    Chris: Aw, you guys. But it's not like I'm in Scooby Doo or anything. It's just a normal movie.

    Marie: Well we'll be cheering you on offset. Quietly cheering.

    Everyone laughs.

    Dawn: I'm just gonna go to the toilet, I'll be back before they have to take our orders.

    She gets up and walks away.

    Chris: So what do you guys think?

    Robby: She's definitely a looker!

    Kass rolls her eyes.

    Kass; If you want a girl's opinion ? or well five ? she seems great.

    Kirsty: Yeah Chris, you too look great together!
    Chris: Thanks you guys.

    The scene changes ? Kass, Line and Marie suddenly have blood all over their hands. Kelly has a few specks, while Kirsty and Robby suddenly look like corpses, with blood all over them. Chris looks up.

    Chris: Shouldn't you guys wash your hands?

    Kass; Oh, no this stuff never comes off.

    Cut back to Chris. He gasps and falls on the floor breathing heavily. The man smiles again. Cut to the smaller demon from earlier. Several other even smaller demons are stood around him.

    Smaller demon #1: Is all going well?

    Small demon: Yes?it's working.
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    ACT II

    Cut to Siobhan. She is looking sceptical.

    Siobhan: This supposed to be some kind of a-

    She gasps. Cut to her in a house. It is 2010. She goes to the door and opens in. Dawn and Chris are stood there looking much older.

    Dawn: Hey!

    Siobhan: Hey so glad you could make it!

    They hug.

    Siobhan: Andrew's in the garden telling everyone another of his stories.

    Chris: Great I'll go join him if you don't mind.

    He walks past Siobhan and Dawn. Dawn walks with Siobhan through the house.

    Dawn: I can't believe it's already your one-year anniversary!

    Siobhan: I know! Time flies so fast.

    Dawn: Any small bundles on the horizon?

    Siobhan: I'm not thinking that far ahead.

    Dawn: But maybe later?

    Siobhan: I dunno-

    Dawn: Oh come on, when I had Olivia, I was so happy.

    Siobhan: I know. It's just, well we seem happy as we are right now.

    Dawn: Well as long as you are, that's all that counts.

    They walk into the garden. A woman gets up to see them.

    Woman: Dawn! It's so nice to see you!

    Dawn: Julie, hey.

    Julie: How are you?

    Dawn: Pregnant again I'm afraid.

    Julie: Oh it'll be so great having another christening!

    Siobhan: Mum! She's not gonna be thinking that far ahead.

    Julie: Well why shouldn't she, after all remember it takes a long time to prepare for a baby!

    Dawn: I remember.

    Julie: Now why don't you sit down?

    Dawn: Sure. Hey Andrew.

    Andrew turns to Siobhan. He has light stubble all over his face.

    Andrew: Dawn! Long time no see.

    Siobhan: It's been three months Andrew.

    Andrew: Well it feels so much longer.

    Julie: Doesn't it just!

    Siobhan sits down. She smiles as everyone talks. Her mum begins to fade from the picture, and Andrew's seat begins to turn into a wheelchair.

    Siobhan: Mum?

    Julie: Yes dear?

    Siobhan: Are you ok?

    Julie: Never better dear, why do you ask?

    Siobhan: Oh um?no reason.

    Everyone continues to fade. They fade back to Siobhan with the man. She stares at him worriedly. Cut to Kennedy. She turns around and stares wide eyed in front of her.

    Cut to Kennedy sitting at a long dinner table in a huge hall with her mum and Willow. They are all eating dinner. The year is 2005.

    Kennedy: The wanted to sacrifice the baby?

    Mrs. Elisonne: I know isn't it absurd?

    Willow: Poor little thing!

    Mrs. Elisonne: Oh don't worry, I think it was sorted out.

    Willow: Oh, good.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Have you two any ideas about adopting?

    Kennedy: Mom!

    Willow: I don't think we've got much chance about that.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well if you have any problems with state laws, remember who I work for.

    Willow: That's really great of you to say that.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well we may be an evil law firm, but we try.

    Kennedy and Willow smile at each other.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Oh yes, Kennedy, before I forget, I scheduled that class for you. To help with your slaying.

    Kennedy: Mom you really didn't have to.

    Mrs. Elisonne: No I want you to have the best training. I mean Buffy is a great teacher I know, but this can introduce you to a lot.

    Kennedy: Well I'll try it out.

    Mrs. Elisonne: I think you'll love it. And Willow, um, would you me to get any magic classes for you or-

    Kennedy: Mom, Willow has the equivalent of a PHD in magic.

    Willow: I'm not that great.

    Kennedy: Are you kidding?

    Willow smiles but then frowns slightly. Cut to Willow and Tara.

    Tara: Are you kidding?

    Cut back to present day. Kennedy is frowning to.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Something wrong girls?

    Willow: Um nothing, just some d?j? vu.

    Kennedy: Me too.

    Willow's hair begins to turn black, as do her eyes. Flames suddenly appear around Kennedy's mom.

    Kennedy: Mom you're not going anywhere are you?

    Mrs. Elisonne: No honey, I'm staying right here.

    Kennedy: Ok. Just felt like you were gone for a second.

    Willow smiles at Kennedy. Veins have appeared on her face. Kennedy looks a little concerned. Cut to Kennedy. She shakes her head suddenly. Cut to Andrew. He opens his eyes wide. Cut to him, Jonathon and Warren sat in their van from season 6. They are watching a movie.

    Warren: You know why did they even bother making these.

    Jonathon: Yeah, compared to Return of the Jedi, ep I and II really don't do it for me.

    Andrew: But Ewan McGregor's really cool in episode II. Oh and Amidala was pretty hot too.

    Jonathon: She doesn't compare to Leia.

    Warren: No way.

    Andrew: Does to.

    Jonathon: Ok arm wrestle?

    Andrew: You're on little man!

    They kneel at a table.

    Jonathon: 3, 2, 1-

    Andrew: So it begins! You're going down little guy!

    They struggle for a moment. Warren walks around behind Andrew. Andrew looks like he is about to win, when Warren pokes Andrew in the ribs. Andrew jumps and Jonathon wins.

    Jonathon: And Leia triumphs!

    Andrew: Hey no fair! You poked me!

    Warren: You shouldn't be such a girl then should ya!

    Andrew: I won't give you my limited addition Frodo!

    Warren looks worried.

    Warren: Oh, um, I'm sorry.

    Andrew: Well, I still might not.

    Jonathon: Frodo's lame. The limited addition Aragorn is way better.

    Andrew: Frodo's more expensive.

    Warren: Well remember Andrew that I'm giving you three of the rarest LotR cards there are.

    Andrew considers this.

    Andrew: Uh?ok.

    Warren: Yes! Andrew you're not that big a loser after all.

    Andrew smiles. He looks at Jonathon who is suddenly pale, rotting and has blood all over his shirt.

    Jonathon: What else do you have Andrew?

    Andrew: Not much?

    Andrew looks at Warren who's skin is peeling away.

    Andrew: What have you got Warren?

    Warren: I have this.

    Warren takes out a gun. Andrew looks uncertain. Cut to Andrew. He is on his knees looking shocked.

    He looks up. There is a quick montage of everyone looking up except for Buffy. The man looks at them.

    Man: That is what you desire. What could have happened. This world, as you know, is not simply four-dimensional. Many other aspects of space and time can contribute to alter the past, present and future. We can give you this.

    Everyone: But why would you?

    Man: Because?we can.

    Cut to Buffy. She is in a different place to the others.

    Buffy: What happens now?
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      ACT III

      Open on the larger demon walking in a dark passageway. The small demon appears.

      Small demon: Um?sir there may be a, a small problem.

      Larger demon: What!?

      Small demon: They're, they're not r-responding as we thought they would. They're still not b, believing it all.

      Larger demon: Well?

      He pauses.

      Larger demon: We'll just have to go for the kill then.

      Small demon: S, sir?

      Larger demon: You heard me.

      Small demon: B, but isn't that a, a bit extreme sir?

      Larger demon: It is. But it's also the best part. Now do it.

      The smaller demon rushes off. The larger demon smiles.

      Cut to Xander and Anya sitting on the sofa. Anya's wound is bleeding and her skin is pale.

      Xander: I really think that we should go to a doctor honey.

      Anya: Oh it's a just a scratch!

      Xander: Are you-

      There is a quick flash of the Bringer slicing Anya in Chosen.

      Xander: Sure you're ok?

      Anya: I'm-

      There is a quick flash of her lifeless body with blood streaming from her mouth.

      Anya: Fine.

      Xander stands up.

      Xander: No?

      Anya is suddenly behind him wearing her wedding dress. He turns around. Blood soaks through it.

      Anya: But it wasn't real.

      The camera zooms in on Xander. It cuts to Dawn. They are now in the sitting room.

      Joyce: Dawn why don't you sit down.

      Dawn: Ok I-

      Dawn looks at the sofa. There is a quick flash of Joyce's body lying there. Dawn looks shocked.

      Dawn: What's going-

      Joyce's image appears shining. The house is suddenly a wreck like it was in Conversations With Dead People.

      Joyce: Buffy won't choose you.

      Dawn: No!

      Joyce fades from everywhere. Buffy stares at Dawn.

      Buffy: She's really gone.

      Buffy looks sad. There is a flashback to Dawn and Buffy crying in Forever. Dawn looks upset.

      Cut to Willow and Tara. Blood is dripping on to Willow from Tara's bullet wound.

      Willow: It looks bad.

      Tara: It is.

      Willow: What?

      Tara: You took the bullet out but the hole?it's always gonna be there.

      Willow stands up.

      Willow: But we can fix it right?

      Tara: No?look?your shirt.

      Willow looks at the blood on her shirt. There is s flashback to Tara being shot from Seeing Red. There is another of Willow using Tara's blood to find Warren in Villains. Cut back to Willow looking shocked. She looks up. Tara is gone, and all that remains is a grave. There is a flashback to Willow putting stones on Tara's grave in Help. Willow's eyes open wide and tears stream down her face. Kennedy appears behind her.

      Kennedy: You let her be dead.

      Cut to Chris in the restaurant. Blood is pouring all over the floor. Dawn comes back.

      Dawn: Hey guys.

      Chris: Dawn?

      Dawn: What?

      Kass suddenly points a crossbow at Dawn. She shoots and Dawn falls.

      Kass: Sorry Chris, in the end she just wasn't your type.

      Chris runs over to Dawn. He looks back at the others. There is a flashback to Robby dying in Clouding Over. There is another to Kass shooting Andrew in Open Wounds. Blood appears over Kass' face as Chris stares at her. Chris looks at Dawn. She is suddenly alive.

      Dawn: Can we not.

      Cut to Dawn and Chris together.

      Dawn: Chris, um maybe we-

      Chris: We should. We're ready. C'mon?

      Chris backs away from Dawn, looking shocked.

      Cut to Siobhan in the garden with Dawn and Chris.

      Siobhan: Anyone want some tea?

      Everyone turns to her. Her mum suddenly looks serious.

      Julie: Siobhan I haven't got time for any of this. You know how busy I am. I'll be back late, so don't wait up.

      Julie walks away. Siobhan looks confused. She looks at Dawn, Chris and Andrew.

      Siobhan: Guys? What's going-

      There is a flashback to Endeavour. Andrew is lying in the hospital bed.

      Siobhan: Andrew?

      Andrew: I don't love you.

      Dawn and Chris fade. Andrew and Siobhan are alone. Andrew gets up and walks away. Siobhan looks tearful.

      Cut to Kennedy still eating dinner. Dark energy is crackling around Willow. A gun suddenly appears on Kennedy's mom's plate.

      Kennedy: Mom what is that?

      Mrs. Elisonne: Well what does it like dear? It's your fate.

      Kennedy: No.

      Willow: Mrs. Elisonne you better shut up, you might hurt Kennedy's feelings.

      They continue eating.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Get out of my house you little bitches!

      Kennedy: Mom please!

      Willow: No. You can leave!

      Willow shoot energy at Mrs. Elisonne. The gun explodes into blood. Kennedy's mom looks at Kennedy and disappears. Willow smiles at Kennedy and stands up.

      Kennedy: Willow?

      Willow: It's ok Kennedy. It's ok.

      Tara suddenly appears. The two kiss each other and look at Kennedy. They give her a pitying look and continue kissing. Kennedy looks horrified.

      Cut to Andrew. He looks confused.

      Andrew: Are we gonna watch them again?

      Warren: No Andrew, it's over.

      Jonathon: What did you think would happen?

      Andrew: What? I meant-

      Warren: You were supposed to help me but you were just so stupid that you couldn't even work out how to use a jetpack properly.

      Andrew: I-

      Jonathon: I was your friend. You killed me.

      Warren's skin begins to peel off. Blood streaks down Jonathon's chest. Both are growing pale.

      Andrew: I know I did but-

      Warren's skin disappears and he explodes in flames. Andrew looks shocked and looks to Jonathon who falls forward. The table they arm-wrestled on has suddenly turned on to the seal. Blood pour on it. Andrew looks devastated. He walks back and suddenly bumps into Siobhan.

      Siobhan: I don't wanna be friends.

      Andrew has a flashback to Kass shooting him in Trouble. He falls to the floor and falls back in the dream world. Everyone but Buffy is stood around him.

      Siobhan: Andrew!

      She hugs him.

      Siobhan: I didn't know what had happened to you!

      Andrew: I'm ok. But suddenly I can walk. Huh?

      Siobhan: Oh my god.

      Chris: Does anyone know anything?

      Willow: I think we are in a dream.

      Xander: Oh god, is the First Slayer around?

      Willow: This isn't the First Slayer. I don't know what this is.

      Dawn: Where's Buffy?

      Willow: Buffy!

      Xander: Buffy!

      Andrew: We've lost her?

      Dawn: No?she's gotta be around here somewhere.

      Cut to Buffy's face. She opens her eyes suddenly.

      Man VO: This is what you want. This is what you desire.

      The camera moves around to show Buffy in darkness.

      Buffy: I am not gonna listen to you.

      Man VO: Don't listen. Watch.

      Buffy: No I?what?

      Man VO: You must have asked yourself this? What if they became human. Permanently?

      Buffy: Oh god?

      Buffy looks shocked. Fade to white.
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      Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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        ACT IV

        Silence by Jars of Clay begins to play. Everything that happens from now on is on slow motion. No sound apart from the music can be heard.

        Take till there's nothing

        Cut to Buffy smiling. The sun is shining down on a beach. The wind blows Buffy's hair gently. Buffy is wearing a white sleeveless top and a light purple skirt. A man's hands hold hers. She smiles at him.

        Nothing to turn to
        Nothing when you get through

        The camera scrolls up to show it is Spike. Then it changes to Angel. Both are wearing the same grey-blue short-sleeved shirt and black shorts. Buffy doesn't seem to notice the change. Hand in hand they stand together.

        Won't you break
        Scattered pieces of all I've been

        Buffy smiles at everyone. She and the man kiss, but his face is not seen.

        Bowing to all I've been
        Running to

        Cut to Buffy and Spike half laid down in the same scene. Both are barefoot and are lying on a rug on the beach. Siobhan and Andrew are running nearby with a kite, Siobhan wearing a purple bikini and Andrew wearing a white t-shirt and red shorts. Dawn and Chris are nearby throwing a ball to one another, Dawn wearing a black strappy top and three quarter length jeans and Chris wearing blue swimming shorts. Xander is with them, wearing a white shirt and navy shorts Kennedy and Willow are holding hands walking beside the others on the edge of the water. Kennedy is wearing a black bikini and burgundy skirt while Willow is wearing a green sleeveless top and darker green skirt. Giles is stood next to them talking, wearing a light blue short-sleeved top and jeans.

        Where are you?
        Where are you?

        Cut to Willow and Kennedy kissing. Cut to Siobhan and Andrew kissing. Cut to Dawn and Chris kissing. Cut to Buffy and Spike kissing, then she and Angel are.

        Did you leave me unbreakable?
        You leave me frozen?

        Cut to Buffy and Spike laughing. Cut to the others nearby smiling and talking.

        I've never felt so cold
        Thought you were silent

        Cut to Buffy and Angel standing up together still holding hands. Cut to the others nearby watching and smiling as they notice Buffy and Angel.

        And I thought you left me
        For the wreckage and the waste

        Cut to Buffy and Spike smiling at each other. He changes into Angel. The camera shows many other people on the beach smiling at Buffy and Angel and then Buffy and Spike. For a split second there is no one but Buffy and Angel and then Buffy and Spike as they kiss again. Then everyone is back.

        On an empty beach of faith
        Was it true?

        Cut to Buffy and Spike/Angel sitting down on the rug again. Giles walks up to them and begins talking. Xander is at a barbecue nearby as everyone else walks up.

        Cos I?I got a question
        I got a question

        A bullet hits Giles in the heart suddenly. His expression changes to pain as he falls back. Buffy and Spike/Angel look up in shock.

        Where are you?

        Cut to more gunfire. The camera cuts to nearby where the four Rogue Slayers minus Kelly are holding guns shooting at everyone. People near them get shot and fall to the ground dead as Buffy and Spike get up and begin to run.


        Andrew turns to look at the Slayers. Siobhan screams.

        Deeper I don't wanna scream

        Andrew is shot multiple times. Chris pushes Dawn behind him to protect her. He too is shot multiple times. He falls back. Dawn looks horrified.

        I want you to hear me

        Siobhan looks angry and turns to the Slayers. So does Xander.

        Want you to find

        Dawn runs around the other side of Xander. Willow and Kennedy begin to follow Buffy and Spike/Angel.

        Cause I?

        Xander dodges an array of bullets. Siobhan pushes a deck chair out of the way. A sandcastle is destroyed by bullets.

        I want to believe

        Kennedy and Willow turn to look back at the scene. Siobhan punches Kirsty who falls.

        That all I pray is wrong

        Kass shoots at Dawn multiple times. She falls back dead, her expression distant.

        And all I claim is gone

        Line shoots at Xander who falls back into the barbecue dead.

        And I?

        Buffy and Spike/Angel continue running as the waves break beside them.

        I got a question

        Kass shoots in front of her. Siobhan is shot. She twists in mid air from the force of the shot and falls to the ground lifeless.

        I got a question

        More people fall down dead.. Kennedy and Willow are running and Kennedy is shot multiple times. She falls back.

        Where are you?

        Willow is shot several times to. She falls sadly to the ground. Buffy and Spike/Angel continue running with the Slayers in hot pursuir


        Buffy looks around her devastated. Buffy and Spike/Angel run on still.

        And well...I got a question

        Spike/Angel is shot in the back. He splutters. Buffy looks at him in shock.

        I got a question

        Buffy is holding Spike/Angel but he still falls to the floor. He lies on the ground spluttering still. Buffy is crying.

        Where are you?

        Spike looks up at Buffy.

        Spike: It'll be alright.

        Where are you?

        He changes into Angel.

        Angel: As long as you're here.

        Where are you?

        He smiles at Buffy she smiles back sadly. His smile fades. He changes from Spike to Angel one last time and then dies as Angel. Buffy cries.

        Where are you?

        Cut to Giles' body leant against the wall. Cut to Andrew lying with his eyes open across a chair. Cut to Chris lying on the ground with blood trickling from his mouth. Cut to Dawn's body with blood streaming down her. Cut to Xander's lying flat on his face in a pool of blood next to the barbecue. Cut to Siobhan lying in a broken position, with her eyes emptily looking upwards. Cut to Kennedy lying, blood streaming from the wound in her head and flowing into the tide. Cut to Willow lying on the ground next to Kennedy with blood pouring from her neck. "Silence" ends. Slow motion does to. Sound can be heard again.

        Buffy is weeping over Spike. A figure appears next to her. She looks up with tears streaming down her face.

        Buffy: Why?

        The man is stood there.

        Man: To show you. You can never live a normal life. You think that you can be happy with these people? Never.

        Buffy: I can I-

        Man: As long as evil remains, you will never be able to rest. These girls are not going to stop.

        The camera shows the Rogue Slayers frozen.

        Man: You are doomed Buffy Summers. As are all that follow you.

        Buffy stands up slowly. She stares at the man.

        Buffy: I may not be able to live a normal life. But I'm not gonna stop living.

        She punches the man in the face. He falls back and changes into the larger demon from before. The beach scene fades and Buffy and the larger demon are back in the dream world.

        Larger demon: You'll die.

        Buffy: Been there. Done that. Twice. And here I am now. Funny how much that really doesn't stop me.

        Larger demon: You can't-

        Buffy: Can't what? Can't fight you. You're nothing. You're a dream. Trying to stop me. Well you know what? Don't. Because I'm not gonna stop even if it kills me.

        She walks up to the demon and punches her fist through his face. He screams and the world fades.

        Cut back to the kitchen in the Summers' house. Everyone can move again. They all look around uncertainly.

        Dawn: (softly) Wow?

        THE END
        Banner set made by Lex
        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6