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Buffy Episode 8.9 153. Fractures

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  • Buffy Episode 8.9 153. Fractures

    Hi, this is the ninth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.9 153. Fractures

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Chris VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy VO: Every girl who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

    Kennedy becomes a Slayer, Vi becomes a Slayer. Siobhan smiles. Kass smiles.

    Willow: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Chris: The problem is girls. They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rouge?

    Kass punches someone. Marie looks up smiling darkly. Kirsty laughs. Line kicks someone. Kelly smiles slightly.

    Buffy: They're my mistake.

    Willow: Our mistake. We just gotta keep going until we make it better. I know we can never do it completely, but little by little.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    A shot of Andrew in a hospital bed with Siobhan by his side.

    Siobhan: Andrew you gotta wake up.

    Cut to him awake. Siobhan runs up to him.
    Siobhan: Andrew!

    Andrew is sat up watching TV.

    Andrew: Oh! Hey! You stayed with me.

    Siobhan: Yeah I did. How did you?

    Andrew bites his lip.

    Siobhan: You heard me?

    Andrew: It's so great than we can be so close as friends.

    Siobhan's smile fades.

    Siobhan: Friends?

    Siobhan runs out. Cut to Darkley. Xander, Willow and Kennedy are staring at Claudia.

    Courtney: This is Agent 096 we have a problem. It's too bad Xander. Things might have worked between us. Unfortunate you had to fall in with this crowd.

    Xander: Why?

    Courtney: We've had a problem with a sudden outbreak of unexplainable strength in young girls all over the world since May. And we know that's it's because of you that they're like that.

    Courtney gasps as a sword sticks through her.

    Luce appears.[/I]

    Luce: Got no words for me Chris?

    Chris looks shocked. Luce attacks Chris and Willow. Willow's hair turns black.

    Willow: Willow: I should have been able to stop the evil.

    And I'll be here to help you.

    Willow smiles at Kennedy.

    Willow: I know. But if I go back to that place?the place I was after Tara died. Will you still be here? You won't be able to help.

    Kennedy looks worried. Cut to Dawn and Chris.

    Chris: I know you probably can't trust me after learning that I stole from her.

    Dawn: No. I can trust you.

    Chris: I'm not sure.

    Dawn: I am.

    They kiss and fall back on the bed.


    ACT I

    Open on Buffy walking down the stairs. She looks to her left. Kennedy, Dawn and Siobhan are sat in the living room watching TV. She looks to her right. Willow is sat in the kitchen. She walks in.

    Buffy: Hey Will.

    Willow: Hey.

    Buffy: Everything ok?

    Willow: I'm not sure.

    Buffy: You mean what happened with Luce and Chris?

    Willow: Yeah?Kennedy hasn't talked to me much since then.

    Buffy: C'mon Will it's only been one day. She'll be ok, it's just seeing darkness like that freaks people at first. Believe me when I saw The First's true form back last Christmas there was a lot of freak.

    Willow: That came out of me. Just like all the other darkness. I think it's me. I'm like a dark magnet. Maybe I have an invisible sign that says "all darkness come here for your vacation it'll be great".

    Buffy: You're don't. Slayer spell remember? Your hair turned white. That's gotta mean major good.

    Willow: Ok so maybe there was good power in that scythe but I dunno if it could fight the darkness that's already there. It's like there's a big battle going on in me. One with those big tanks and bombs and world domination.

    Buffy: Ouch.

    Willow: Sometimes.

    Buffy: Really? Cos I was just being metaphorical.

    Willow: Well I don't know exactly. It's just a lot of pressure. Like I'm fracturing from the inside or something.

    Buffy: There's no pressure right now. The Rogue Slayers are nowhere to be seen and Kenney will come around. You two are good together.

    Willow smiles. The camera moves over to the living room to show Kennedy is not actually looking at the TV but the floor. She looks worried. The camera moves over to Siobhan who is staring at the TV looking upset. The camera moves to Dawn who looks confused and hurt.

    Cut to Darkley. A car pulls up. Kass, Marie and Line get out of it.

    Line: I told you Kelly was gone.

    Kass: I don't understand?I gave her a way out.

    Marie: She wasn't strong enough to deal with it.

    Kass: No. But you two are right? You'll stay with me. We're gonna win this.

    Line: Sure Kass.

    Marie: Yeah of course.

    Kass: Good.

    She smiles at the others.

    Kass: Now we need to-

    There is gunfire. The car windscreen breaks. Kass, Line and Marie dive for cover.

    Kass: What the hell was that?

    Marie: I think we were followed.

    Kass: Make a run for it.

    They run. Gunfire follows them. Marie dives into the bushes. Kass follows her. Line is about to when a bullet hits her leg.

    Line: Ah!

    She falls to the ground. Marie looks behind her and wants to help but Kass pulls her away. Footsteps are heard. She tries to crawl into the bushes but several guns are head being loaded.

    Man: Freeze!

    Line looks up and sees several soldiers.

    Soldier: Sir we got one!

    The soldiers part. Another soldier walks slowly towards Line. He takes off his mask.

    Riley: Good. Arrest her.

    The soldiers close in on Line.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Special Guest Star:

    MARC BLUCAS - Riley Finn

    Guest Starring:

    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly

    Cut to Chris lying on Dawn's bed. He is reading a magazine of some kind. Dawn comes in.

    Dawn: Oh!

    Chris: Hey. Sorry should I go?

    Dawn: No it's ok, I just uh, I didn't think you'd be here.

    Chris: This room's a lot nicer than mine. If it's ok I'd like to stay here for a bit.

    Dawn: Sure help yourself.

    Dawn turns to leave.

    Chris: You don't have to go you know. It's your room.

    Dawn: It's ok. Really.

    Dawn turns to go again. Chris frowns.

    Chris: Is there something wrong?

    Dawn is turned away from Chris. She closes her eyes slowly and opens them again before turning around smiling.

    Dawn: No I'm fine. I just have stuff to do.

    Chris: Are you sure you're like worried about what happened last-

    Dawn: I'm?last night was um?new?

    Chris: But it was good right? I mean you wanted to-

    Dawn: I wanted to. I just didn't realise?I mean it was like so soon?

    Chris: I didn't realise that you wanted to wait. You should have said, I would have-

    Dawn: Chris can we not? I um I don't wanna talk about this right now.

    Chris: Because it upsets you.

    Dawn: God! Chris I?look please I just?I need time?to think about what we did. It was nice. I wanted it. I just wasn't?prepared.

    Chris: You should have told me.

    Dawn: I just did.

    Dawn turns to go. Chris looks worried. He lays back on the bed and exhales.

    Cut to Darkley hospital. Xander is pushing Andrew in a wheelchair.

    Andrew: It'll be good to get home. See my comics again. There are some I missed pretty bad.

    Xander smiles but shakes his head.

    Xander: Yeah everyone's been pretty concerned. Especially Siobhan.

    Andrew: Hmm.

    Xander: You two were pretty close until recently. What happened?

    Andrew: Um I dunno really. She seemed shocked when I said that we should be friends.

    Xander: You said what?

    Andrew: Friends. Good friends you know? I thought that's what she'd want to hear.

    Xander: Andrew, the last thing you say to a girl who likes you is "let's be friends". Even you must know that?

    Andrew: Well?it's not like I ever?had to do it before?

    Xander: Really? Not even a little bit?

    Andrew: No?you mean Siobhan's angry?

    Xander: On a scale of one to ten oh yeah.

    Andrew: Oh?

    They come out of the hospital.

    Xander: But you do like her right?

    Andrew: Well?the thing is I-

    Xander: Oh my god.

    Andrew: I, I don't mean that?

    Xander is staring somewhere else.

    Andrew: Oh?um what are you looking at?

    The camera shows a group of guys. One of them is Riley.

    Andrew: Xander? Xander?

    Xander: I have to tell Buffy.

    Cut to the Summers' house. Everyone is in the kitchen but they are all sat in silence.

    Buffy: So, um, it's good that Andrew's well enough to come back right?

    Dawn: Yeah?

    Siobhan: Mm-hmm?it's just great.

    There is silence again.

    Buffy: So uh Dawn, how go things with you and Chris?

    Dawn and Chris look at each other.

    Dawn: Good.

    Chris: Never better.

    They look at the table. Buffy smiles but soon stops when no one else does.

    Kennedy: Don't ask about me and Willow Buffy.

    Willow stares at Kennedy sadly. Buffy frowns. Siobhan gets up and goes upstairs. Dawn follows. Kennedy goes off to her room. Chris goes to his room. Willow gets up, looks back at Buffy and smiles slightly.

    Willow: Thanks for trying.

    She walks off. Buffy nods to herself.

    Buffy: Ok?I'm not gonna let all this get me down, I'm gonna go for a walk.

    She gets up and walks to the front door. She opens it.

    Xander: Buffy-

    Buffy: Xander hey I?Andrew! Hey!

    Andrew: Hey Buffy.

    Buffy: I'm so glad you're ok. I felt like so bad after what happened.

    Andrew: Don't worry I'm getting better. Just a few fractured ribs. And the people in Star Trek recovered from way worse than this anyway.

    Buffy: Ok whatever you say.

    Xander: Buffy we need to talk.

    Buffy: Oh? About what. I mean Andrew's back now can't we celebrate before-

    Xander: Riley's here. In Darkley.

    Buffy's smiles fades.

    Cut to Buffy and Xander sat at the kitchen table.

    Buffy: And you're sure it's him?

    Xander: Buffy I do remember what he looked like.

    Buffy: It just doesn't make sense. Why would he be here? I don't think he's a tourist kinda guy.

    Xander: I might know.

    Buffy: What?

    Xander: Something Courtney said. Remember I said she was part of the army? Well she said that they were having problems - like we were - with the Rogue Slayers.

    Buffy: You think he knows how I'm involved with them?

    Xander: Well the police do. I wouldn't be surprised if the army did too.

    Buffy: God I forgot about the police. They haven't done anything yet though. Unless they're watching us?

    Xander and Buffy look around.

    Buffy: Ok maybe I'm being paranoid here.

    Xander: Well we just gotta make sure we know what's going on. Are you gonna go find Riley?

    Buffy: I guess. I mean it's probably not long before he-

    The doorbell rings.

    Buffy: ?finds me.

    She goes to the door and opens it. She looks puzzled and looks at the ground. There is a package addressed to the house, but no person in particular. She studies it and takes it back to Xander.

    Xander: I'm guessing it wasn't the army then?

    Buffy: No just this.

    Xander: What is it?

    Buffy: I dunno. I haven't got time to look at it now anyway.

    Xander: Maybe you should. I mean post at this time of day means you've either won the lottery or it's a trap.

    Buffy: Let's hope it's the first one.

    Xander: Is there ticking?

    Buffy listens.

    Buffy: Um, no.

    Xander: Ok. You're not gonna open it?

    Buffy: Might not even be for me. Could be for any of us.

    The camera moves onto the package.
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    ACT II

    Buffy and Xander are at the front door.

    Buffy: Will I need you to hold the fort unless something happens here.

    Willow: Ok.

    Buffy: I'm hoping nothing will but you never know.

    Dawn: We'll be sure to tell any army troops that are looking for ya where to go.

    Buffy: Well if you see Riley then be nice ok?

    Dawn: Sure. Just as long as he doesn't start blaming you for anything.

    Buffy: We don't even know that's what he's here for yet.

    Willow: But you suspect?

    Buffy: Could be. I just hope we can sort it out. Anyway we better go so tell the others what's up and we'll be back soon.

    Willow: Ok.

    Dawn: Bye.

    Buffy and Xander: Bye.

    They leave. Dawn and Willow look at each other, smile and walk in opposite directions. Cut to Siobhan in her room. There is a knock at the door.

    Siobhan: Yeah?

    Andrew OS: Hey it's me.

    Siobhan's eyes open wide. She clears away some clothes off the floor but keep dropping some. She accidentally knocks over her arm clock which breaks.

    Andrew: Everything ok?

    Siobhan: Um?yeah hang on!

    She looks for a place to put the clothes and just throws them in her wardrobe. She shuts the door and closes her eyes and exhales.

    Andrew: Shall I uh?come back later?

    Siobhan rushes to the door. The wardrobe bursts open as she opens the door. She winces and sighs as she hears things pour out.

    Andrew: Hi?

    Siobhan smiles but then frowns.

    Siobhan: Hello.

    Andrew: I um?I'm better.

    Siobhan: As I can see.

    Andrew: Um?can I come in?

    Siobhan: If you must.

    Siobhan turns around and goes to sit on her bed. Andrew wheels himself in.

    Andrew: So how've you been?

    Siobhan: Tired mostly. After waiting for somebody to wake up for three days and then to be told by them that they just wanna be friends.

    Andrew: Oh? Oh?um?I can understand that you're angry-

    Siobhan: Angry?

    Siobhan gets up.

    Andrew: Maybe angry was an understatement.

    Siobhan: Andrew I'm not angry. I just feel like?like you haven't been listening to anything I've been saying. Those things I said I?I don't wanna be friends with you.

    Andrew: Oh?

    Siobhan: I never wanted to be friends. I wanted us to be more than that.

    Andrew: You mean like?dating?

    Siobhan: Yes! Well no not dating exactly because every date I've been out on has gone horribly wrong but-

    Andrew: Um I uh?I don't know what to say.

    Siobhan: Say you will. I know that we'd work.

    Andrew: Siobhan?

    Siobhan: (looking hopeful) Yeah?

    Andrew: I uh?I don't think we can.

    Siobhan's hopeful look fades completely. She looks at the floor shocked.

    Siobhan: Please tell me that you weren't listening. Cos I can say it again. If that would-

    Andrew: It won't.

    Siobhan: How do you know? Have you ever been with anyone before?

    Andrew: No, but-

    Siobhan: Then why won't you just give this a try?

    Andrew: Because I don't love you.

    Siobhan looks hurt. She stares at Andrew who stares back.

    Siobhan: Um?I?can you just um?can you just go?

    Andrew: Don't you-

    Siobhan: God I can't. I can't talk to you right now.

    Andrew looks sad. He turns around. Siobhan sits on her bed. She looks like she is about to cry. She gets up and slams the door.

    Cut to Dawn in her room. She hears the bang and looks towards Siobhan's room. Andrew looks at her. She looks it him and smiles slightly. He smiles back and heads towards his room. Dawn turns around to see Chris standing next to her.

    Chris: Can we-

    Dawn: Not right now.

    Dawn walks away.

    Chris: Dawn you say you're not upset by what happened but everything you've done suggests otherwise.

    Dawn: I'm not upset Chris ok?

    Chris: No it's not ok Dawn. You're not ok.

    Dawn: Look how do you think I'd feel after losing my virginity to you! It was new and weird and yeah it was nice. But I didn't know what to expect and afterwards I didn't know whether to feel happy or worried because we didn't use any protection. And I just never thought it would happen like this, here, when I'm still at school, and yeah I'm old enough but I just never pictured any of it. So please just accept that it's not that I don't want to it's just I can't really talk about how I'm feeling right now.

    She walks away. Chris looks concerned.

    Cut to Buffy and Xander in the car. They are just entering Darkley.

    Buffy: I'm not sure about how safe we are here. I mean if the police really are looking for me.

    Xander: Maybe they know now that you're innocent.

    A police siren is heard behind them.

    Xander: Or?

    Buffy: Xander quick!

    Xander: Buffy they're way faster than us!

    Buffy: Then drive faster.

    Xander: I would but?

    Xander indicates two police cars blocking the road ahead of them.

    Buffy: (meekly) Oh?

    Xander breaks to a halt in front of the road block.

    Policeman #1: (from behind them) Step out of the car.

    Buffy and Xander look at each other and do so.

    The policemen behind them walk towards them. A lot of army men suddenly jump up from behind the police cars. The policemen look shocked.

    Policeman #1: Oi! What do you think you're doing?

    One of the soldiers takes off his mask. It's Riley.

    Riley: My job. Now why don't you two go back the way you came. I'm sure there's a lot more you could be doing.

    Policeman #1: But, but this woman's wanted for murder and-

    Riley: It's a government matter now. You no longer need to be concerned with it.

    The policemen look at each other, shrug and get back in their cars. The back into a driveway and then drive off away from Darkley.

    Buffy: Riley.

    Riley: Buffy, hey. Oh and men you can stand down for now.

    Buffy: I don't mean to sound rude but what the hell are doing here?

    Riley: Like I said before?my job.

    Xander: Hey Riley, let me just say it's swell to see you again, but uh, since when are we your job?

    Riley: Hey to you too Xander, nice eye-patch by the way. And well, since you gave a whole lot of girls a whole lot of power.

    Buffy looks from Riley to Xander. Xander looks at Buffy.

    Xander: Told ya. Oh and yeah, I'm the one that sees 50% of things now.

    Buffy: You've had problems?

    Riley: That's cutting a very, very long story short. They've killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

    Buffy looks devastated.

    Buffy: Oh god.

    Riley: Yeah. They, uh, they killed Sam.

    Buffy looks up at Riley shocked. Xander looks shocked too.

    Buffy: What? H, how?

    Riley: We were tracking a few in Mexico. Thought we'd lost them but they ambushed us in the night. I was lucky to escape with just this.

    He rolls up his sleeve to show a huge scar.

    Buffy: So it's a worldwide problem?

    Riley: You bet.

    Buffy: And you're blaming me for it?

    Riley: Buffy, I know why did you it. You saved the world?again. And well, at the time I'd have been giving that the thumbs up. But you gotta see, that if I don't blame you, who else can I?

    Buffy and Riley stare at each other.

    Xander: Maybe recriminations can wait?

    Riley: Yeah, you're right.

    Xander: And maybe we should finish this back at our place?

    Riley: No, uh, I'm only in town till early tomorrow morning. We have to show you something.

    Buffy still looks in shock, but she nods. She follows Riley. Xander is about to follow.

    Riley: Um, Xander, it's only Buffy we need.

    Buffy: He can stay. He was there when we did the spell.

    Riley: He's not our priority.

    Buffy: Forget about priorities. If Xander can't come then I'm not coming either.

    Riley frowns but nods his head. Buffy and Xander follow Riley into a large building.

    Cut to the Summers' house. Willow comes downstairs and walks towards Kennedy's room. She breathes slowly and knocks on the door.

    Kennedy: Hello?

    Willow: It's me.

    There is a pause. Willow looks anxious. She looks at the floor. The door opens.

    Kennedy: Hey.

    Willow: Hey.

    Kennedy: Come in.

    Willow smiles slightly and goes to sit on the bed.

    Willow: So, um, we need to talk.

    Kennedy: Yeah.

    Willow: But before we do can we say that there won't be any uncomfortable silences?

    Kennedy: Yeah I hate them.

    Willow: Ok good.

    Willow and Kennedy sit in silence.

    Willow: Wow, we kept it up for two seconds.

    Kennedy: I'd like to keep it up for longer.

    Willow: What do you-

    Kennedy smiles a little. Willow realises what she means.

    Willow: So you want to try?

    Kennedy: I do. But all this time I've just been asking myself what I want. I never asked you what you want.

    Willow: We want the same things. Don't we?

    Kennedy: I don't even know. I've been so selfish. Worrying about how things could affect me. How they could hurt me. I never realised that they would hurt you so much more.

    Willow: Well, I was kinda concerned for a while there. I mean the magic I was using?it was too powerful for me. I shoulda been more careful.

    Kennedy: And I encouraged you not to be. I'm like bringing out the worst in you.

    Willow: No?you're not. It's ok.

    Kennedy: I don't think it is.

    Willow: But we're ok right?

    Kennedy: I dunno. Maybe. I'm not saying I'm not gonna try. But if I can't give you what you need, then I don't think we should stay together.

    Willow looks shocked.

    Willow: But you do. You do. Kennedy I'm not on edge here or whatever, I know how to control my power. And yeah ok, there's darkness in me, but it's not you that brings it out of me.

    Kennedy: Maybe I'm a catalyst.

    Willow: If you were I don't think this house would even be still standing.

    The house begins to shake suddenly. Cracks appear on all the walls. Kennedy and Willow fall to the floor. Willow looks up concerned.

    Willow: Ok forget that last part.

    Cut to Buffy, Riley and Xander in the building. It is some kind of warehouse.

    Riley: So after capturing several of these girls, we got to Sunnydale. And found a big crater.

    Buffy: Yeah?

    Riley: Big fight?

    Buffy: Biggest.

    Riley: Well at first I thought you were dead. All of you. Then I got a heads up about you being here in England. So I came here and eventually found this town. In ruins.

    Buffy: It's not exactly in ruins; I mean compared to Sunnydale it's the town of the new century.

    Riley: It's the cause of the problem we're worried about.

    Riley walks over and draws back a cover. It reveals a cell where Line is sat. She is asleep.

    Buffy: Oh my god! You captured her?

    Riley: We had too. She and her friends are planning a wide scale attack on the area. Bigger than any they've already done.

    Buffy: But you have no right to chain her up like this!

    Riley: And you had no right to destroy these girls lives.

    Buffy: You have no idea what it was like back there Riley, it was the only way-

    Riley: It was the easiest way. You gave these girls the power to fight evil. Surely you knew that they would have started to fight for evil as well. I mean did you completely forget what Faith was capable of? I mean she alone could have-

    Buffy: I know what Faith was like. But we helped her.

    Riley: You're saying she's redeemed? For everything she did?

    Buffy: Yes. We fought side by side in Sunnydale.

    Riley: Then where is she now?

    Xander: She's in Boston. She's not a part of this anymore.

    Riley: Really? I beg to differ.

    Buffy: She's not to blame for this.

    Riley: All of you are Buffy. Do you realise how much danger the world is in?

    Buffy: Yeah. Actually I do. And don't give me the lecture I've heard it.

    Buffy turns to leave.

    Riley: Well maybe you need to hear it again.

    Buffy turns around.

    Buffy: We tried ok? We tried to make it better. By taking the power away from the girls. But it didn't work. It's not that easy.

    Riley: You thought it would be easy? Buffy this is a climatic problem. And now I'm clearing up your mess. Again.

    Buffy: What is that supposed to mean?

    She walks towards Riley. Xander stands between them.

    Xander: Guys, guys, we're all friends here. And we gotta work together on this.

    Buffy and Riley continue to stare at each other.

    Riley: Well I'll tell you what we've done to help. We've got doubles of you and all your friends in Rome, Africa and South America. It's for your own protection. Only some of the girls, like this one-

    He indicates Line.

    Riley: They know you're here.

    Buffy: You know that the police think I'm the one that killed all these people?

    Riley: We can sort that out too. Governments got authority over any police. You'll be able to walk the streets again in no time.

    Buffy: What do you hope to achieve finally?

    Riley: I'm hoping that we'll be able to secure all these girls before they do any more damage.

    Buffy: That's your answer? Lock them all up. Their lives are already destroyed enough-

    Riley: They are destroying other peoples' lives as we speak. They're a danger to everyone Buffy, even you can't defeat all of them.

    Buffy: So what's gonna happen to them after you lock them up?

    Riley hesitates.

    Buffy: You're gonna kill them aren't you?

    Xander: What?

    Riley: I don't know. By that time it will be out of my hands. But you gotta work with me on this one Buffy.

    Buffy: You want me to murder thousands of innocent girls?

    Riley: They were. Not anymore.

    Buffy: I am not gonna help you kill them.

    Riley: Then we can't help you. If you don't cooperate with us Buffy then we can't protect you from the police, or anyone.

    Buffy stares at Riley.

    Buffy: Oh I get it. You're forcing us.

    Riley: It's in everyone's interests. And we can't even be sure that they will kill the girls.

    Buffy pauses.

    Xander: Will that girl be?killed?

    Riley: Well not yet. She still has information on the others. When she's ready to tell us then we'll consider what's to be done next.

    Buffy: You think she's gonna tell you? Her friends could be anywhere.

    Line: You're right.

    Everyone turns to Line.

    Line: They're here.

    Buffy, Riley and Xander turn around and see Kass and Marie standing at the doorway. Kass is holding a soldier by his neck.

    Kass: Hey?it's crunch time.

    She crushes the soldier's neck with her hands.
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      ACT III

      Cut Andrew wheeling himself along the corridor of the Summers' house. Cracks are continuously appearing on the walls. He gets to the foot of the stairs. Willow and Kennedy are running down.

      Willow: Andrew!

      Andrew: Willow!

      Siobhan, Dawn and Chris appear.

      Chris: What the hell's going on?
      Willow: I don't know, but it's definitely mystical. I looked out the window, this isn't an earthquake.

      Dawn walks up to the front door.

      Dawn: It's locked.

      Siobhan: Oh god.

      Andrew: Maybe there's an energy overload?

      Dawn: Andrew this isn't Star Trek.

      Willow: He could be right.

      Dawn: He could?

      Willow: It could be me.

      Kennedy: Willow-

      Willow: Well do you see any other explanation?

      Siobhan: What's this?

      Siobhan has found the package.

      Kennedy: I dunno. Anyone else recognise it?

      Willow walks up to it. She picks it up. It begins to shake in her hands.

      Dawn: Maybe we should open-

      Willow: No.

      Dawn: But it might have-

      Willow: No, I mean it's opening on its own.

      Cracks are appearing all over the package. Willow hurriedly places it back on the table. Everyone watches as beams of light pour through the cracks.

      Siobhan: What's it doing?

      Kennedy: I dunno but I think we better get outta here.

      Dawn: The doors locked though. And this time I didn't wish it.
      Willow: What about the back door?

      Dawn: It's blocking our way.

      Kennedy: I'll try and get around it.

      Willow: Kennedy wait!

      Kennedy has already started to run around the kitchen table. Suddenly a humming is heard from the box. Kennedy turns. The humming increases in pitch. Kennedy turns back.

      Willow: Quick!

      Everyone begins running. The box explodes. Pieces of it suddenly slow down in mid air. Kennedy dives for cover in mid air but begins to slow down too. Willow looks around as she slows down also. Everybody begins to slow down and the house stops shaking. Eventually everyone stops, frozen.

      Cut to the warehouse. Kass and Marie get out machine guns. Buffy's eyes widen. Riley pulls her down as Xander dives for cover himself. Gunfire hits everywhere. Several soldiers cry out as they are shot. Buffy looks up, as a bullet narrowly misses her.

      Kass: (to Marie) Get Line.

      Marie runs over to Line's cell still firing. Two more soldiers are killed by her. She blasts Line's cage open and Line rushes out. They rush over to Kass. Kass points her gun at Buffy.

      Kass: Too bad you suck at your jobs.

      They turn to leave. Riley shoots a rope holding a crate above the door. It falls and blocks their exit. Kass turns around slowly.

      Kass: Once again you're in my way. Now we can either kill all of you, or you let us out.

      Buffy stands up.

      Buffy: You won't be killing anyone.

      Kass smiles and aims her gun at Buffy.

      Riley: Buffy get down!

      Cut to the Summers' house. Everyone is frozen, but Willow is speaking telepathically to them.

      Willow (telepathically): There's gotta be some way to get time moving again.

      Siobhan: How?

      Andrew: I think?it'll have to be a spell.

      Kennedy: I don't think?

      Willow: Kennedy I think we might have to.

      Kennedy: Willow c'mon.

      Willow: I know it's dangerous, but we can't be stuck like this forever. Cos well, it's really annoying not being able to even blink.

      Kennedy: There are other ways.

      Willow: I don't think there-

      Willow stops. There is a flashback to Tabula Rasa.

      Tara: When things get rough, you ... you don't even consider the options. You just ... you just do a spell. It's not good for you, Willow. And it's not what magic is for.

      Cut back to present day.

      Willow: Tara no!

      Siobhan: What?

      Kennedy: Tara?

      Willow: Sorry, I uh, I was just remembering something. I think we, uh, should look at the box.

      Dawn: Um?how?

      Chris: I could use my own magic to get it.

      Willow: Ok, but be careful.

      Power emits from Chris. The box begins to reform. As it does, everyone begins to move slowly again. They all fall to the floor except for Andrew.

      Siobhan: Ow.

      Chris: I think?I think that was it. My power. It's gone.

      Dawn looks at him. She smiles slightly. She moves her leg and winces slightly.

      Dawn: Ok now I have cramp.

      Chris: Yeah, but hey we can move.

      Andrew: Yes we were frozen in time, but we bravely fought past that and were once able to move again!

      Dawn: Andrew we were frozen for like 10 minutes, it's not as if we were in a life or death situation.

      Andrew: Yeah but it could have been.

      Willow: I think Andrew's right. This box was sent here for a reason. I think it was aimed at Buffy.

      Dawn: Rogue Slayers?

      Willow: Maybe. I don't think we can find out from this though, even the address label's gone. Better get rid of it.

      Chris: How? I mean magic-

      Willow: No magic. We'll find some other way.

      Kennedy smiles at Willow. Willow smiles back. Suddenly the box begins to glow again. Everyone stares at it worriedly. However it simply disappears.

      Dawn: Oh?

      Siobhan: Ok?

      Kennedy: Where did it go?

      Chris: Well it's not here.

      Andrew: And that's good. We vanquished the evil again!

      Everyone looks at Andrew.

      Andrew: Go team?

      Everyone smiles slightly but then there is an awkward silence. Siobhan, Andrew, Chris and Dawn leave the kitchen. Kennedy and Willow look at each other.

      Kennedy: Are you ok?

      Willow: I am.

      The walk up to each other and hug. Willow smiles and walks away. Kennedy smiles back but then frowns. She has a flashback to before:

      Willow: Tara no!

      Cut back to Kennedy frowning. She follows Willow.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to the warehouse. Kass fires, but nothing happens. She shakes the gun and realises it's out of bullets.

        Kass: Damn!

        Buffy: Out of ammo Kass?

        Kass: Not for long.

        Buffy: No I really think you are. You've all given me and this town hell.

        Kass: We have a right to punish you for-

        Buffy: Ruining your lives? Yeah. Heard it already. And you know what? Get over it.

        Riley: Buffy?

        Buffy begins to walk towards Kass.

        Buffy: You seem to like this power. Yet you wanna kill me because of it. I don't think you really wanna kill me Kass. You just wanna show me how tough you and your little friends can be.

        Kass looks angry. Line and Marie look at each other.

        Buffy: You've done a lot of evil with it. Did you consider how much good you could do?

        Kass: Yeah. Actually I did. Then I realised what we are doing is good. You're weak Buffy. You don't even have the strength to fight me.

        Buffy: That's where you're wrong.

        Buffy punches Kass. She flies back into Marie and Line.

        Kass: Oh I've been so looking forward to this!

        Kass rushes at Buffy. Marie and Kelly follow her. Riley, the four remaining soldiers and Xander go to help too. Kass punches Buffy, and Buffy punches back, while Riley hits Line across the face with his gun. Xander runs up to Marie, but she kicks him in the chest. Two other soldiers rush at her and she falls to the ground before flipping back up and kicking them in the face. Buffy dodges a kick from Kass before grabbing her leg and flipping her over. Line punches Riley in the face, but he kicks her in the leg and then stuns her on the ground. Kass turns to see Line and doesn't see Buffy's fist smash into her face. Kass falls. Marie kicks the soldier, but Xander runs up behind her and pushes her to the ground. Marie is ready to fight more, but Kass indicates Line unconscious. Kass picks Line up, and she and Marie rush at the back exit of the warehouse. Marie looks back.

        Marie: This isn't over!

        They run and Buffy looks after them.

        Cut to Buffy and Riley standing.

        Buffy: Sorry about your guys.

        Riley: It's ok. They knew what they were up against.

        Buffy: This shouldn't have happened.

        Riley: I think it had to happen. I think you can see now why this is such a problem.

        Buffy: Yeah. Before I was too busy trying to help them. I think they might be beyond help now.

        Riley: I hope it doesn't come to the death. But if it does, I know you'll make the right choice.

        Buffy: Don't count on it, I've chosen death before other things before.

        Riley looks confused. Buffy smiles. Xander appears.

        Xander: We should probably get back Buf, the others'll be wondering where we are.

        Buffy: Yeah.

        Riley: We should be off too. The biggest problem right now is in the US - seems that's where the spell was most affective. I know you can keep up the fight here while we fight there.
        Buffy: Take care Agent Finn. I know we'll probably meet each other unexpectedly somewhere again. Seems that's the tradition.

        Riley smiles.

        Riley: Yeah well, I hope so.

        They hug.

        Buffy: I really am sorry about Sam.

        Riley: Thanks. But she died doing what she loved. Could have been worse.

        Buffy: I just hope the death count doesn't increase much more.

        Riley: I don't think we can help that.

        Xander: Well Riley it's been great seeing ya.

        Riley: Yeah. Next time I'm in town you'll have to tell me how your wedding worked out.

        Xander smiles slightly.

        Xander: It was memorable.

        Soldier #1: Sir we have to go.

        Riley: Right. Good seeing you both again. Give my love to the others.

        Buffy: Bye.

        Xander: Bye

        Riley: Bye.

        He walks away. Buffy and Xander walk the other way.

        Soldier: So where are we headed sir?

        Riley: Boston. Got some unfinished business I need to take care of.

        THE END
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6