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Buffy Episode 8.8 152. How Do You Like My Darkness Now?

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  • Buffy Episode 8.8 152. How Do You Like My Darkness Now?

    Hi, this is the eighth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.8 152. How Do You Like My Darkness Now?

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Chris VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy VO: Every girl who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

    Kennedy becomes a Slayer, Vi becomes a Slayer. Siobhan smiles. Kass smiles.

    Willow VO: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Chris: The problem is girls. They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rouge?

    Chris: There are at least five.

    Kass punches someone. Marie looks up smiling darkly. Kirsty laughs. Line kicks someone. Kelly smiles slightly.

    Buffy: They're my mistake.

    Willow: Our mistake.

    Cut to everyone in the school.

    Kass: Well hey there!

    Kass: Remember what I said about people in my way?

    Buffy, Giles and Willow: No!

    Kass releases the crossbow. The camera zooms over to show it's Andrew.

    A shot of Andrew in a hospital bed with Siobhan by his side.

    Siobhan: Andrew you gotta wake up.

    Cut to him awake. Siobhan runs up to him.

    Siobhan: Andrew!

    Andrew is sat up watching TV.

    Andrew: Oh! Hey! You stayed with me.

    Siobhan: Yeah I did. How did you?

    Andrew bites his lip.

    Siobhan: You heard me?

    Siobhan suddenly looks embarrassed.

    Andrew: I don't know how much. But I heard what you said about me. It was really nice. No one's ever said those things about me before.

    Cut to Courtney and Xander in her backyard.

    Courtney: Something wrong?

    Xander: You?what did you do?

    He collapses.

    Courtney: It's done. And they're here.

    Cut to Willow, Kennedy and Courtney.

    Willow: You drugged him!

    Willow unties Xander.

    Xander: So you were just trying to get to Buffy?

    Courtney: Smart boy. But I can't stay and chat, have to-

    Courtney gasps suddenly and looks down. A swords is sticking through her.

    Kennedy, Xander and Willow run.

    Cut to Buffy and Willow.

    Willow: We just gotta keep going until we make it better. I know we can never do it completely, but little by little.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Kelly gets on the bus. Cut to the "Now Leaving Lincolnshire" sign.


    ACT I

    Open on Kass and Marie sitting in a house in Darkley. Both are silent. Line walks in through the door.

    Line: Kass I think she's gone.

    Kass: No, no not Kelly. She wouldn't.

    Marie: Are you sure? Because you know she was having doubts before.

    Line: She'd have been back by now if she was still here.

    Kass stares straight foreword

    Kass: I'm not gonna believe it until I know for certain.

    Line: Then what are we gonna do? Cos I don't think this town excels in back street psychics.

    Kass: No. No psychics. We're gonna find dear Kelly ourselves

    Marie: Leave? But we're in the perfect position to get to Buffy!

    Kass: We need Kelly for that. She's part of it. Need the full team.

    Marie: Kass we don't have the full team anyway. Kirsty-

    Kass: I don't care. We're gonna find Kelly if it's the last thing you two do. Unless either of you have got a problem with that?

    Line and Marie look at each other. They nod at Kass.

    Kass: Good.

    Kass opens to door of the house. She smashes the window of the car and opens the door. She turns around to Line and Marie.

    Kass: Are you coming or what?

    Line and Marie get in the back of the car.

    Kass: Don't worry. We'll be back. This is far from over.

    Kass drives off down the road. The camera moves to the left slightly to show a gust of wind that blows a leaf. The leaf continues to blow in the wind and suddenly freezes in mid air. The colour of the surroundings fade slightly as the figure of a woman appears. She is dressed in black but has long blonde wavy hair.

    Woman: Nope, it hasn't even begun.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly

    Open on Buffy putting down the phone receiver. Chris is standing next to her.

    Chris: So it went ok?

    Buffy: Yeah thanks. Faith was pretty mad and confused at first, but well who wouldn't after having half a ton of pure energy being forced into you.

    Chris: It was that bad?

    Buffy: Felt like it. It was so weird, like I was falling in on myself but then being stretched again. Like a slinky.

    Chris: Really? I've never been a slinky myself.

    Buffy: Don't try it.

    Chris: I'll remember that.

    Buffy and Chris smile at each other.

    Buffy: I just hope Giles and Stephen find Vi, Rona and Chao-Ahn soon. So we can fix this.

    Chris: We will.

    The smile at each other.

    Buffy: So um what happened with you and Dawn?

    Chris looks embarrassed.

    Chris: What?

    Buffy: Oh?no I didn't mean um?uh?

    Dawn enters smiling. Her smile fades as she sees Buffy and Chris smiling nervously at each other. Chris and Buffy look over.

    Buffy: Dawn, hey.

    Dawn smiles sadly and turns around.

    Dawn: Hey?

    Chris starts to go after her. Buffy stops him.

    Buffy: I think she's angrier with me. I'll tell her what's what?

    Chris: You know what's what? Cos I don't.

    Buffy: You don't? I thought you did?

    Chris: I thought I did, but then?

    Buffy: Well I don't know what's what for definite but I?ok this is getting to that point where we're not gonna get anywhere so I'm just gonna go talk to Dawn.

    Chris: Buffy.

    Chris looks her in the eyes.

    Chris: What are you gonna say to her?

    Buffy: What I know you want.

    She walks away. Chris frowns slightly not knowing exactly what Buffy means. Dawn is sat in the living room. Buffy sits down next to her.

    Buffy: So?

    Dawn: Why didn't Chris come? He didn't have the guts to say it himself.

    Buffy: What? Dawn-

    Dawn: I know you two like each other Buffy.

    Buffy: No. Look I know that the last time with jacket guy you might think I'm trying to get your guy but I'm not. Ok?

    Dawn looks surprised.

    Dawn: My guy?

    Buffy: He likes you. A lot. And I know you like him a lot too.

    Dawn smiles slightly.

    Buffy: It's ok you know.

    Dawn: It is?

    Buffy: I mean ok he's a demon hunter but after all dating two vampires, a soldier and a couple of jerks, I've learned that the better guys are often the ones that don't fit the normal pattern.

    Dawn smiles happily at Buffy and hugs her.

    Buffy: Just?be careful ok?

    Dawn: I know, I know.

    Buffy: Seriously Dawn. I mean me and Angel?we went too fast as it turns out, and?you know what happened there.

    Dawn: Chris isn't gonna lose his soul.

    Buffy: No but you'll lose something. You don't wanna give it away just like that.

    Dawn pauses.

    Buffy: Was that "the talk"?

    Dawn: I think so.

    Buffy: Wow. Easier than I thought.

    Dawn smiles.

    Cut to Siobhan and Andrew in the hospital. Andrew now looks very well and is surrounded by cards, grapes and a box of chocolates which he is eating.

    Andrew: Did it hurt?

    Siobhan: No it just felt like all the power I'd ever had was gone, like I couldn't move. Having it back made me feel I could live again.

    Andrew: It's made that big an impact in your life?

    Siobhan: I think so. Not having it just felt so?empty.

    Andrew: Well I'm glad you got it back then.

    Siobhan smiles warmly at Andrew.

    Siobhan: And how about you? Feeling better?

    Andrew: Well still kinda impaled, but better yeah thanks.

    Siobhan: And your head's good too? I mean after the deep sleep. Well I guess not that deep.

    Andrew: My head's fine. Except it's trying to work out what you meant by everything you said.

    Siobhan: Oh dear?

    Andrew: What?

    Siobhan: I, um, I'm not very good at these things.

    Andrew: Things?

    Siobhan: Yeah you know?um?us.

    Andrew: Right, well do you want me to say it then?

    Siobhan: Ok then.

    Andrew: Ok, so I'm just really glad.

    Siobhan smiles. Andrew smiles back.

    Siobhan: Me too.

    Andrew: Yeah! It's so great than we can be so close as friends.

    Siobhan's smile fades.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy in Willow's bedroom.

    Kennedy: So um, it's over now right?

    Willow: Yeah, it wore off a lot quicker than last time. I'm not sure how legit the spell actually was. But I could tell it wasn't the same. Like darkness pouring into me.

    Kennedy: Darkness?

    Willow: Not the "I'm gonna kill my friends now" darkness, but similar. I just can't help feeling I've tapped into something deeper than any of us know.

    Kennedy looks at the floor.

    Kennedy: I know.

    Willow: What?

    Kennedy: Remember I said last year I'd almost like to see your dark side? Well I think I almost did.

    There is a flashback to the other world. Kennedy is gasping from the loss of power. She looks at Willow and for a split second Willow's hair and eyes turn black and then back to normal again.

    Willow: Oh?

    Kennedy: That must have been what you felt.

    Willow: You mean I was all veiny again? Because I don't wanna be that, I don't want it Kennedy!

    Kennedy: I know.

    She kisses Willow on the forehead.

    Kennedy: Believe me that evil will have to go through me before it can ever get back to you.

    Willow: That's what I'm afraid of. I don't want anyone else to get between it and me and pay the price.

    Kennedy: Willow I know you're strong. I know that that evil whatever it was can't fight what you have. Remember the goddessness of it all back in Sunnydale? That was you. The darkness was just something else. But you fought it off.

    Willow smiles slightly.

    Kennedy: And besides now I know what that darkness looks like. Horror movie directors really have no idea.

    Willow: I'm glad you can accept it.

    Kennedy: I do. But I also know it's gone.

    Willow rests her head on Kennedy's shoulder. She still looks worried. The camera pans out.

    Cut to Siobhan and Andrew.

    Siobhan: Friends?

    Andrew: Well yeah?

    Siobhan: You don't see?

    Andrew looks awkward.

    Siobhan: I, uh?I gotta go.

    Andrew: So soon?

    Siobhan stares at Andrew and looks upset.

    Siobhan: Yeah?

    She gets up and walks to the door. She turns around to face Andrew again. She opens her mouth as if she is about to say something.

    Andrew: Siobhan what is it?

    Siobhan just shakes her head and walks out of the door. Andrew looks confused.

    Cut to Chris sat in the kitchen. Dawn walks in. Chris looks up and looks anxious. Dawn bites her lip.

    Chris: Dawn hey.

    Dawn: Hey Chris, uh, how you doing?

    Chris: To be honest kinda confused.

    Dawn smiles but opens her mouth at the same time then shuts it quickly and looks at the floor embarrassed.

    Dawn: About what?

    Chris: Um us actually.

    Dawn: Right?

    Chris: Cause well I was just talking to Buffy and she went off to tell you something and I didn't know what she was gonna say to you exactly and well I hoped that you would kinda-

    Dawn: I like you.

    Dawn looks embarrassed. Chris smiles however.

    Dawn: Sorry I didn't mean-

    Chris: You do?

    Dawn smiles back.

    Dawn: Yeah, yes.

    Chris: And so Buffy said-

    Dawn: She doesn't. I mean no offence to you I'm sure. Just uh, ignore her.

    Buffy appears from round the corner. She looks embarrassed when she realises she has blown her cover. Dawn folds her arms and raises her eyebrows.

    Buffy: Carry on.

    Dawn: You were spying on us!

    Buffy: No I wasn't! I just wanted to make sure it would all work out right.

    Chris: Well I think it has. Right Dawn?

    Dawn: (smiling) Yeah I think so. But uh we have to like go out right?

    Buffy: Well yeah.

    Dawn looks at Buffy.

    Buffy: Sorry I'll be over here.

    Chris: First date.

    Dawn: Hmm?

    Chris and Dawn: Well-

    They both laugh.

    Dawn: Anything's good for me.

    Chris: Great. Me too.

    Dawn walks over to Chris. Buffy peers round the corner. Dawn and Chris look like they are going to kiss.

    Buffy: (whispering) Go on!

    Suddenly the house begins to shake. Buffy looks around as do Chris and Dawn. Willow and Kennedy come downstairs.

    Willow: What's going on?

    Dawn: Not another portal!

    Chris: No?

    Dawn: Chris?

    Chris looks afraid. Suddenly the colour near the door fades and the woman seen earlier appears.

    Woman: Well Chris, isn't this a nice surprise.

    She smiles. Dawn, Buffy, Willow and Kennedy look at Chris confused.
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    ACT II

    Chris: Uh?

    Woman: Got no words for me Chris? Cause I got a few for you.

    Dawn: Chris who is this?

    Woman: Well hey, Chris hasn't told any of you about me? We go way back don't we Christopher.

    Buffy looks at Chris and mouths "Christopher?". Chris shakes his head quickly and looks back at the woman.

    Chris: Well guys, this um, this is Lucy-

    Woman: Luce. Lucy's out of fashion in places. Have to change with the times. In several dimensions.

    Dawn: Dimensions?

    Luce: Of course. No self respecting time traveller limits themselves to one dimension.

    Willow: Time traveller?

    Luce: Wow Chris you really haven't told them about me have you?

    Chris: I didn't think that-

    Luce: You'd have to mention me? C'mon Chris we were together for thousands of years. Are you saying it was all meaningless?

    Everyone stares at Chris shocked.

    Dawn: What does she mean thousands of years? And t-together?

    Chris doesn't say anything.

    Luce: Looks like I'm gonna have to be narrator again.

    She turns to Dawn.

    Luce: Well sweetie as I said earlier I'm a time traveller. I took Chris places he'd never been before. And to times he never even knew existed.

    Dawn: But he's only like-

    Luce: 18? Yeah his age never changed no matter how many little trips we went on. It does here though. Sometimes.

    Chris: Look guys, remember I told you I had some help with the magics? That was Luce.

    Dawn: She helped you?

    Luce: I really did. How else could he have learned so much in a few months?

    Chris: Why are you here Luce?

    Luce: That's all I get? I could have been watching the moon landing but I gave it up for this you know.

    Chris: Well tell me why you're here and then you can go back to it.

    Luce: No I really won't. I need your help?

    Chris: I'm sorry I thought you just asked me to help you.

    Luce: Don't play games with me Chris.

    Chris: Well you'd know all about that now wouldn't you?

    Buffy: Um, I'm gonna leave you guys to uh talk.

    Willow: Yeah we'll be upstairs.

    Chris: Guys you don't have to-

    Buffy: Yeah we do.

    Dawn: I wanna stay.

    Buffy: Dawn this isn't any of your business.

    Dawn: How can you say that?

    Luce: Oh! You're his new girl? Well, um, no you shouldn't have to leave.

    Chris: Luce you don't need to involve-

    Luce clicks her fingers. She and Chris are suddenly stood at the top of a mountain.

    Luce: We'll leave.

    Cut to Xander walking in the house.

    Xander: Hey guys I'm back from another day of manly construction!

    Buffy: We're in here Xander.

    Xander walks into the living room. Buffy, Willow, Kennedy and Dawn are sat around looking sombre.

    Xander: Gosh, did a puppy die?

    Dawn: Chris' ex arrived.

    Xander: (knowingly) Ohh?I'm guessing that he's with her?

    Dawn: We don't know. They disappeared.

    Xander: Disappeared?

    Kennedy: We think they might be in another dimension.

    Xander: Well that would go with the whole demon hunter thing I guess?

    Dawn: It wasn't supposed to. He was supposed to be normal.

    Buffy: So was Riley Dawn. And look what happened with that. Actually bad example, it'll be fine.

    Dawn: Why did this have to happen now?

    Willow: That's life in the demon world Dawn. Things generally go good and then bad pretty much in the same day.

    Dawn: I just wanna know that they're not doing anything together.

    Buffy: Do you trust him?

    Dawn: Well yeah I?I dunno it's just this is someone who spent thousands of years with him. She's gotta know him pretty well.

    Xander: Thousands of years?

    Buffy: Time traveller.

    Xander: Ah right?hey do you reckon she could take me to the premiere of Terminator? Cause that would be-

    Buffy: Doubt it Xand. She needed Chris' help.

    Dawn: Whatever that means.

    Buffy: Dawn I really don't you should be that worried. Chris is totally into you. He wouldn't give that up for an ex.

    Dawn: Really?

    Buffy: Totally.

    Cut to Chris and Luce kissing in a posh hotel room. They smile at each other. The camera pans out to show another Luce and Chris watching.

    Luce: That was us Chris. That's what we had.

    Chris: Yeah notice the past tense in that sentence.

    He turns around. Luce does too and the image of them kissing fades. They are back on the mountain top.

    Luce: C'mon Chris you know as well as I do past tense means jack in the long run. The big things don't change. And I can tell you after travelling from the beginning to end of time that what we had was big.

    Chris: Things do change. I'm with Dawn now.

    Luce: As of like, today right? I can tell.

    Chris looks annoyed.

    Luce: I'm not saying you can't have a new girl, I mean she's pretty cute. But those feelings you have for me will never change.

    Chris: And you think that I'll look back at what we had and think "oh wow I should really help you out for old times sake".

    Luce: Well?yeah.

    Chris: I can't believe you. You think I'll just do whatever you want and not care about the people you might hurt.

    Luce: You used not to care.

    Chris: There's that past tense again.

    Luce: Well maybe you need to look at the past Chris. Remember I'm not the only one to blame for what happened to us. You were the one who-

    Luce and Chris are suddenly back in the Summers' living room. Willow sits down and the black fades from her eyes.

    Willow: Got them.

    Luce: Hey private conversation going on!

    Dawn: You can't just transport people through time without asking.

    Luce: Oh honey I really can.

    Dawn narrows her eyes at Luce and Luce rolls her eyes at Dawn.

    Xander: So you're Chris' ex huh?

    Luce: Yeah. And who are you?

    Luce smiles at Xander and raises an eyebrow.

    Xander: Uh?

    Chris: Don't play around Luce.

    Luce stops smiling and frowns at Chris.

    Luce: Fine. Let's get down to business. Are you gonna help me or not?

    Dawn: What does she want you to do Chris?

    Luce: Oh don't worry it's none of your business.

    Dawn: It is.

    Chris: She wants me to help her seal a dimensional portal.

    Everyone: What!?

    Chris: It's not as bad as it sounds.

    Buffy: Not as bad as it sounds? Remember me telling you about the fun little inter-dimensional trip we had a few days ago?

    Luce: Oh everyone knows about that trip, I mean you have no idea how much diverting time flows costs and-

    Everyone stares at Luce.

    Luce: Carry on.

    Chris: Buffy I know what I'm doing. We wouldn't actually travel into another dimension just seal off what's already there.

    Dawn: Why do you need to do this?

    Luce looks at the floor. Chris looks at Luce.

    Chris: Because if that portal isn't sealed off?she'll die.

    Everyone looks sombre.

    Willow: Why?

    Luce: I made the tear. Soon hell'll be pouring out all over this other dimension ? not this one don't worry ? and I'll get the punishment. Which is death. So I need Chris here to help me seal it off. And he's the only magic user I know.

    Everyone turns to look at Willow. Willow looks at Chris and he looks at Luce.

    Luce: What?

    Willow: I could help you too.

    Luce: Why who are you?

    Chris: She's Willow.

    Luce opens her eyes wide.

    Luce: You mean Willow the Wiccan? The Willow? Oh. My. God.

    Kennedy: (irritated) Goddess.

    Luce: Yeah I heard about all that. Wow I mean this is just?wait, you wanna help me?

    Willow: I can probably do more than Chris could.

    Luce: Yeah I mean you could fix it just by a click of your fingers. Chris you have to still come along though cause, well, I know I can count on you.

    Chris: Yeah?

    Luce: (to Willow) I can't believe I'm actually meeting you. And does this mean you're Buffy?

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Luce: Wow?so many legends all in one room. It's like being in the ninth circle of hell. (off everyone's looks) You wouldn't believe how many famous people betray.

    She turns to Dawn.

    Luce: Hang on a minute. You're new.

    Dawn: What? I-

    Luce: Oh! You're The Key! You will not believe how much trouble we had with you little miss Dawn. I mean opening the biggest dimensional portal would have really spoiled my schedule.

    Dawn: I'm not-

    Luce: Don't worry I don't blame you I blame that bitch hell god. Still wondering though Chris, why the hell you're dating a ball of energy.

    Dawn looks hurt.

    Buffy: Hey! She's my sister.

    Luce: Ok backing off here. It's time to go anyway.

    Willow: Right.

    Willow walks towards Luce. Kennedy stands in Willow's way.

    Kennedy: Willow you can't be serious. I mean portal closing? That's big magic. You know what ha-

    Willow: I can help here Kennedy. I need to be able to do something to help.

    Kennedy: But remember what Giles said?

    Willow: You spoke to Giles?

    Kennedy pauses. Willow looks confused.

    Kennedy: He spoke to me. He was worried. So was I.

    Willow: I know that a lot's happened-

    Kennedy: You don't need to put your life on the line.

    Willow: I won't be.

    Kennedy: After all you've been saying about how dangerous magic is, and-and now you're just gonna forget that?
    Willow: Giles probably told you that he thinks I'm using magic for convenience. This isn't convenience Kennedy, it's necessary.

    Kennedy looks sombre. Everyone else looks worried. Willow looks at Luce.

    Luce: Wow. Issues much?

    Willow: You want me to help you or not?

    Luce: Ok ok! I just hope you know what you're doing.

    Willow: I do.

    Luce: Well I'm glad. Because I respect you and anything but if you mess this up for me I'll take you back to the 9th century BC and leave you there. K?

    Willow look seriously at Luce.

    Luce: God you people really have lost your sense of humour haven't you?

    Buffy: Things have been?difficult lately.

    Luce: You mean the Rogue Slayers?

    Buffy: Yeah?do you-

    Luce: Oh they're gone. For now.

    Chris: Where did they go?

    Luce: I dunno. To find their friend or something.

    Chris: Friend?

    Luce: Look all I know is that all three of them have gone.

    Buffy: Three? But there were-

    Willow: I think one of them might have left. The taller black haired girl. Back in the science lab?she seemed unsure.

    Buffy: Maybe you're right. That's good.

    Buffy smiles at Willow slightly and Willow smiles back but then turns to Luce.

    Willow: Luce, Chris we should go.

    Chris: Right.

    Kennedy looks concerned as does Dawn.

    The phone rings. Xander gets it.

    Xander: Hello? Oh hey Siobhan do?are you ok? Oh right I'll, uh, I'll just get her for you?

    He turns to Dawn.

    Xander: It's Siobhan for you.

    Dawn takes the phone and looks at Chris. She shakes her head.

    Dawn: Go if you want to.

    She goes into the kitchen. Chris looks after her and looks sad.

    Luce: Well Chris do you think you want to?

    Chris: No. I have to.

    He walks towards Luce. Willow looks at Kennedy who frowns but nods her head. Willow nods back and walks towards Luce.

    Willow: It's not gonna be a-

    Willow, Chris and Luce are suddenly standing in on the side of a road.

    Willow: -rough trip is it?

    Cut to Dawn on the phone to Siobhan.

    Dawn: Are you sure that's what he meant?

    Cut to Siobhan on her mobile. She looks as upset.

    Siobhan: It has to be. I mean I don't think he understood any of what I meant?I just can't understand why he wouldn't.

    Dawn: Well Andrew's not exactly the most mature person when it comes to sex and sexuality.

    Siobhan: I know, I know, but I mean how can I make him see?

    Dawn: You should talk to him about how you feel.

    Siobhan: I can't do that! He'll think I'm an idiot.

    Dawn: Well he's not gonna think anything of you if you hide away all day long. You gotta do this.

    Siobhan sniffs.

    Siobhan: You're right. I will, thanks.

    Dawn: Anytime.

    Siobhan: So how goes the Chris conquest?

    Dawn: Oh don't even ask.

    Siobhan: He turned you down?

    Dawn: No he was great. We were great. Then his ex arrived.

    Siobhan: Oh god?she a bitch?

    Dawn: Pretty much. Anyway he's gone off to save her ass and we're waiting for him to come back.

    Siobhan: So he chose her over you? What a bastard.

    Dawn: I dunno, I mean it's her life at stake so I guess I can understand.

    Siobhan: Well I better go, I'm running out of credit. I'll talk later. And thanks again.

    Dawn: Ok. No problem. Bye.

    Dawn puts the phone down and looks worried.

    Cut to Willow, Luce and Chris on the side of the road.

    Luce: Welcome to the MDTR.

    Willow looks confused.

    Luce: Mainline Dimensional Travel Route.

    Willow: You use a road?

    Luce: Yeah I know everyone thinks there's a huge vortex thing and lights and explosions. But really there's just this.

    She points to her hand.

    Willow: So you just click and-

    Luce: We're there. I get 100 free rides for only $70. It's pretty good. But I just gotta check the route, so not that you really can, but don't go anywhere.

    Luce disappears.

    Willow: Thousands of years huh?

    Chris: Yeah it all started getting a bit too much after 800.

    Willow: Is that why you broke up?

    Chris looks ashamed.

    Chris: No actually I um-

    Luce reappears. She smiles and suddenly they are all next to a forest.

    Luce: Well this is it.

    Willow: Where's the?oh.

    Willow looks to her left and sees a huge spiralling vortex in the distance. Trees and rocks are being pulled into it. A strange deer-like creature suddenly disappears through it.

    Luce: Keep your distance. You wouldn't imagine the power that thing has. Now to seal it you're gonna have to make some kind of power between you. Don't explain it to me because I really couldn't care less. Just do it.

    Willow: You haven't really asked a lot of people to do stuff really have you?

    Luce: Usually I do it all on my own. Chris used to help out once upon a time. Before he started helping himself.

    Willow: What do you mean?

    Luce: He stole some of my power. How else do you think he learned it all? It's not because he's a fast learner I'll tell you that.

    Willow looks at Chris shocked. Chris looks ashamed.

    Willow: Why?

    Chris: I was-

    Luce: Jealous. He was always jealous. Might wanna mention that to his little key by the way.

    Chris: Are you trying to ruin my life or something?

    Luce: No Chris you did that when you gave up a life with me.

    Willow: Um maybe we should just do the spell and be done with it?

    Luce: Yeah go ahead. I just gotta make our exit loop.

    Willow's eyes turn black as bright yellow energy swirls around her hands. Chris begins to do the same. Luce turns around and looks at them through the corner of her eye. She smiles and suddenly clicks her fingers again. The vortex moves towards Willow and Chris. They look at each other and then Luce who's still smiling.

    Luce: Gotta say Chris?you really weren't as gullible as this when we were together.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Dawn walking into the living room. Buffy, Kennedy and Xander are sat in the living room.

      Dawn: Uh, I think I better go see Siobhan. She's kinda upset about some things.

      Xander: Oh I'm headed into town anyway gotta fix some stuff up at the site after the Slayers had a little fun with it.

      Buffy: They did? I'm sorry.

      Xander: Now let's not start that again. Dawn uh your carriage awaits.

      Dawn: Thanks.

      She goes out the front door followed by Xander. He smiles at Buffy and Kennedy before going. There is a short pause as Buffy and Kennedy sit in silence.

      Kennedy: Think Willow and Chris'll be back soon?

      Buffy: I hope so.

      Kennedy: Willow said she knows what she's doing but?

      Buffy: You saw it too huh?

      Kennedy: The darkness?

      Buffy: Yeah.

      Kennedy: I thought I was the only one.

      Buffy: I dunno I think Siobhan might of seen it too. Maybe they all did.

      Kennedy: You think it did something?

      Buffy: I really don't know. I'm just that maybe, they saw a new side to this deal they didn't bet on. Maybe it made them think about what they were really getting into.

      Kennedy: Well I mean they're loosing numbers by the day. Shouldn't be too hard to stop them from here.

      Buffy: We can stop three maybe. It's the other 5000 I'm worried about.

      Kennedy: Yeah well before I came along you saved the world a load. Shouldn't be too hard to do it again.

      Buffy and Kennedy smile at each other. Cut to Luce, Willow and Chris. The portal is closing in.

      Luce: What did you think Chris? I'd just let you get away with stealing power off me like that?

      Willow: You lied to us.

      Luce: Oh I did? I'm so sorry I see now that it was wrong.

      She rolls her eyes and smiles.

      Luce: It got you here didn't it. Why do you think I brought you here? To save my life? Oh please. The Powers can't lay a finger on me and they know it.

      Luce clicks her fingers and the portal closes.

      Luce: Wow I feel so accomplished. Now I didn't actually plan for you to be here Willow but thanks for coming along. Means I can have your power too! And once I'm done with you two I can move on to Slayer strength and little miss key. Oh don't you miss this Christopher?

      Chris: You want my power? Then your gonna have to-

      Luce slams her hand out in front of her. Chris exclaims in pain.

      Luce: I know this is gonna be tough but if I search around long enough I'll eventually be able to find it. You took my power Chris hun, and that hurt. Probably like it's hurting you now. And now Chris, I'm taking it back.

      Willow hits Luce with a blast of energy.

      Willow: You're not getting anything.

      Luce: Want me start with you? Cos you know I'd really love to see what's inside of you.

      Willow gasps as Luce takes a hold of her. Suddenly her hair turns black and her eyes turn black too.

      Luce: Whoa?I think this deserves an audience.

      Cut to Kennedy and Buffy they suddenly gasp. Cut to Xander and Dawn. They also gasp.

      Willow: You think you're so smart huh? That you've got us under control? Well try controlling this.

      She blasts energy at Luce who screams. Cut to the Summers' living room.

      Kennedy: Willow! Don't kill her!

      Cut back to the forest.

      Willow: What's the matter Kennedy? You don't like the darkness anymore?

      Luce: Get off me!

      Willow: You have no idea what you unleashed do you?

      Luce: I've seen everything you're capable of. You still can't compare to me.

      Willow: Oh yeah?

      Willow snaps her fingers. The portal suddenly appears right behind Luce. She screams. Chris suddenly makes a magical rope appear. Luce grabs a hold of it.

      Willow: What are you doing? You don't owe her anything.

      Chris: I don't want her dead. She's still human. Just.

      Willow: It doesn't matter.

      Chris: Willow you don't wanna do this. Remember Warren? Kennedy's mom? Kirsty? This isn't you.

      Kennedy VO: Willow come back to me.

      Willow looks upset. She falls to the floor and the portal disappears. Luce falls to the floor too.

      Chris: Get the hell outta here.

      Luce: You think this is over Chris? It's not over till I'm finished. With all of you.

      Cut to Kennedy and Buffy looking worried. Cut to Xander and Dawn stopped in the car looking worried. Willow and Chris are suddenly on the floor of the Summers' living room. Luce is nowhere to be seen. Willow's hair and eyes are back to normal. Kennedy runs over to her and Willow begins to weep in Kennedy's arms. Buffy helps Chris up. She smiles sympathetically at him and he smiles back.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Xander and Buffy in the living room.

        Xander: Well?funny what you can find out in one day isn't it?

        Buffy: Yeah. I get why Chris didn't tell us though. About Luce, and?what happened with them.

        Xander: Maybe he should have done.

        Buffy: A lot of bad things happen Xander. People want to forget.

        Xander: Something tells me certain people aren't gonna forget too easily.

        Buffy: Dawn'll be ok. It's Willow that I'm worried about.

        Xander: Think it's happening again?

        Buffy: I hope not but?I think she might be worried herself.

        Xander and Buffy look concerned. Cut to Willow and Kennedy in their room. Willow looks ashamed. Kennedy looks worried.

        Willow: I'm sorry.

        Kennedy: Look, you don't have to be. What matters it that you're ok. And so's everyone else. Everyone that matters.

        Willow: No, Kennedy you were right. But I just did what I wanted anyway. I thought I could help.

        Kennedy: Luce tricked you.

        Willow: I should have been able to stop the evil.

        Kennedy: Yeah well evil happens to be pretty much unstoppable sometimes.

        Willow: I know but?back in Sunnydale when you saw me like that?I didn't want you to ever see me like that again, but now it's all happening again.

        Kennedy: You can control it.

        Willow: Sometimes I just wish I didn't have to. I wish it was gone.

        Kennedy: You know you don't mean that.

        Willow: Deep down, I don't think I can ever truly control it.

        Kennedy: Well maybe if you cut down a little-

        Willow: It has to be a lot.

        Kennedy pauses.

        Kennedy: Well ok. And I'll be here to help you.

        Willow smiles at Kennedy.

        Willow: I know. But if I go back to that place?the place I was after Tara died. Will you still be here? You won't be able to help.

        Kennedy frowns. She and Willow sit side-by-side looking worried. Cut to Chris in Dawn's bedroom. Dawn walks in.

        Chris: Siobhan's ok?

        Dawn: Yeah she said it didn't matter that I didn't come. She said it was more important for me to be here with you.

        Chris: Do you think it is?

        Dawn: Yeah.

        Chris: I know I was stupid trusting Luce after everything she did. And I know you probably can't trust me after learning that I stole from her.

        Dawn: No. I can trust you. Because you could have stolen from me. But you didn't.

        Chris: But the things I did I-

        Dawn: You tried to save the life of someone you hated. I couldn't do that. And Luce would have used her power for bad anyway. She probably still is. You may have saved lives.

        Chris: I'm not sure.

        Dawn: I am.

        Dawn moves towards Chris. Chris moves towards her. They kiss for the first time. They lie back on the bed still kissing.

        THE END
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