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Buffy Episode 8.7 151. Endeavour

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  • Buffy Episode 8.7 151. Endeavour

    Hi, this is the seventh episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.7 151. Endeavour

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Buffy VO: Every girl who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

    Kennedy becomes a Slayer, Vi becomes a Slayer. Siobhan smiles. Kass smiles.

    Willow: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Cut to Chris and Buffy.

    Chris: The problem is girls. They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rouge?

    Chris: There are at least five.

    Buffy: You knew them.

    Cut to everyone in the school.

    Kass: Well hey there!

    Cut to Kass and the other Slayers holding Dawn and Siobhan.

    Buffy: Let them go.

    Kass: Come and get ?em.

    Cut to Andrew walking towards the school. Cut to Xander walking towards the school. Cut to Stephen walking towards the school.

    Cut to the lab. Someone is at the doorway.

    Kass: Remember what I said about people in my way?

    Buffy, Giles and Willow: No!

    Kass releases the crossbow. The camera zooms over to show it's Andrew.

    Giles: We've seen much worse. He'll be fine.

    Buffy VO: How can we know that? If he dies?then it's my fault.

    A shot of Andrew in a hospital bed with Siobhan by his side.

    Xander: Hello? Courtney, hey. Thirty minutes? ok?right, see ya then?bye.

    Cut to the Summers' house. Dawn and Chris look like they are about to kiss. The windows smash.

    Kass: (slowly) Knock, knock.

    Willow casts the protection spell. Cut to Kirsty's body.

    Willow: Oh my god.

    Kass: (slowly) That bitch is gonna pay.

    Cut to Line and Marie breaking into shops and homes in Darkley.

    Courtney: Something wrong?

    Xander: You?what did you do?

    He collapses.

    Courtney: It's done. And they're here.

    Cut to Kelly looking worried.

    Kelly: That guy?he was innocent.

    Kass: Are you having doubts about being in this?

    Cut to Buffy in Giles' house. She's watching the TV.

    Supt Grigson: So far we have a name to match to one of the culprits, a Miss Buffy Summers who moved into the area recently. We caution anyone approaching this girl as she is said to be very unstable.

    Cut to Buffy looking upset.


    ACT I

    Cut to Giles' front door. Buffy runs out looking like she's given out.

    Giles: Buffy wait!

    Buffy: No Giles this is it.

    Giles: It's not.

    Buffy: I can't fight this with the whole town against me.

    Giles: You've been fighting against a town all your life. This place really isn't that different from Sunnydale. I'm sure the abnormalities here are covered up just as much as they were there.

    Buffy: But this was supposed to be a place where people could trust me. We can't stay here anymore! Dawn won't be able to go to school, a lot of people know that Willow and Xander and the others know me. Even you could be in danger. And not from something that's gonna kill you, it's the law Giles. One of the things I can't fight.

    Giles looks sympathetically at her.

    Giles: Remember when Kendra died? You were almost arrested then. Again with Faith. You were cleared of all those charges. We can clear you of these as well.

    Buffy: You think?

    Giles: Yes. And remember I do know the police around here. I knew PC Michaels before his death.

    Buffy: Oh god I didn't really think about that?I never really knew him. If the police think I did that they're gonna hate me even more!

    Giles: Well first we have to find out why they think you are responsible for this. Someone must be giving your name to the police.

    Buffy: I'm thinking it's either the Rogue Slayers or someone else here that hates me. I can't think of any though. Maybe there's a spy here or something?

    Giles: Whoever it is we'll find them. You just have to keep going no matter how many people turn against you. I know you've had to before when we did. And I must say I'm not proud of how we treated you. You were right then and you're right now.

    Buffy smiles tearfully.

    Giles: Now why don't you come back inside? I'm sure the others will be here soon.

    Buffy: Yeah. I hope.

    They go inside. The camera moves to a house top window. Marie is standing there with a mobile.

    Marie: Hello is that Darkley police station? Yeah I'd like to give you some information concerning Buffy Summers and the problem in Darkley right now. Yes I understand. Ok well I know where she is. Yep I'll hold.

    Marie smiles patiently.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    INDIGO - Rona
    KRISTY WU - Choa-Ahn
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    CLAUDIA BLACK - Courtney

    Cut to the hospital. Siobhan is lying asleep next to Andrew's bed. Dawn and Chris appear.

    Dawn: Siobhan?

    Siobhan opens her eyes and looks up.

    Siobhan: Oh! Hey.

    She sits up.

    Siobhan: What's up?

    Chris: We were wondering if there'd been any change with Andrew. And if you're ok.

    Siobhan shakes her head but smiles thankfully at Chris.

    Dawn: Buffy wants us to all meet up at Giles' house. A lot's happened.

    Siobhan: Oh? Fill me in.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy walking along the street.

    Willow: I'm pretty sure it was number 35.

    Kennedy: Well it better be, I don't think the nice people of Darkley will be very hospitable right now.

    Willow: It's understandable. This reminds me of when we were trying to bring back Buffy. Only last time it took us six years to almost wreck the town and seven to completely destroy it. Looks like we might break our record.

    Kennedy: Don't be so negative sweetie. I know you'll solve this even if Buffy doesn't.

    Willow: Thanks.

    They share a smile before knocking on the door and wait for about 10 seconds.

    Willow: I wonder if he's actually in.

    Kennedy: Maybe he got further with his boss than he thought and right now they're-

    Willow: I don't think so. I mean it's not that long since Anya?

    Kennedy: Yeah I guess you're right. Maybe around the back?

    Willow: Yeah probably good idea to check.

    The head down the path next to the house.

    Cut back to Dawn, Chris and Siobhan next to Andrew's bed.

    Siobhan: Wow?but everyone else is ok right?

    Dawn: Yeah they are.

    Siobhan: Good. I just wish he was.

    She looks at Andrew sadly.

    Dawn: Buffy wanted us all to come back to Giles' but if you want you can-

    Siobhan: I better go?I have to help.

    Dawn: This isn't your mess though.

    Siobhan: That doesn't matter. I want to be a part of it. I wanna try.

    She and Dawn smile at each other.

    Chris: What about Andrew?

    Siobhan: The doctors said it's unlikely he'll awaken for a while yet. I don't think there's any use me being here anymore.

    Dawn: You think they're right?

    Siobhan: They know more about it than me. So probably.

    Dawn: Well if you're sure.

    Chris: We better get going.

    Siobhan: Yeah.

    Siobhan looks back at Andrew, frowns slightly and walks with Dawn and Chris.

    The camera moves over to Andrew and zooms into him suddenly. There is a montage of things Siobhan said in "Open Wounds".

    Siobhan: I wish I'd got to know you better Andrew. I had our first date planned. And it'd be just us. You're the first person I've really liked.
    I've felt something between us I've never felt with anyone before. You gotta wake up. Please

    The camera zooms out and Andrew opens his eye suddenly. The camera shows him alone in the room.

    Andrew: Siobhan?

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy in Courtney's back garden. Willow is looking in through the back windows.

    Willow: I can't see anything.

    Kennedy: Why are these windows so dark anyway. It's not as if she's a celebrity or anything right?

    Courtney: Excuse me what are you doing?

    Willow and Kennedy turn around to see Courtney standing at her back gate.

    Willow: Oh! Hi! We're not trespassing by the way, just looking for a friend of ours. Xander Harris.

    Courtney: Oh Xander, yes he um, he was here.

    Kennedy: Right?so where's he now?

    Courtney: I don't know. He said he was in a rush to get to meet someone.

    Kennedy: Oh. That means he's probably with Buffy Will we should?Willow?

    Willow is staring at Courtney and frowning.

    Courtney: Something the matter?

    Kennedy: What is it sweetie?

    Willow: Where is he?

    Courtney: I told you I don't know.

    Willow: You're lying.

    Courtney: You can't know that.

    Willow: Wrong again. Never mind I'll just find him myself.

    Courtney: Look I think you better leave, I-

    Willow: Reveal!

    Courtney: What are you try-

    A white beam of light extends from Willow's hand and through Courtney.

    Willow: You drugged him!

    Kennedy: She what!?

    Courtney: What do you know?

    Willow: I know you're working as an undercover agent for the government!

    Courtney looks uncomfortable.

    Courtney: Well?I?you see-

    Willow: Shut up. Take us to Xander.

    Courtney: Why should I?

    Willow: I wasn't talking to you.

    The light retracts for Courtney and speeds through the gate. Willow and Kennedy follow. Xander is lying gagged and bound behind the wall.

    Kennedy: Xander!

    Willow raises her hand and the rope and gag disappear. Xander breathes heavily.

    Willow: Xander are you ok?

    Xander: I think so. Still kinda drowsy though. Guess I got you to blame for that.

    Courtney: Xander I'm sorry I-

    Xander: Oh save it.

    He gets up.

    Xander: Where's Buffy and the others Will?

    Willow: Waiting for us. Sorry we didn't come sooner.

    Xander: It's ok. Couldn't be helped.

    Kennedy: It's been a while, we better go.

    Xander: Right. But what about Miss Congeniality here. We should take her with us.

    Willow: Yeah I think everyone should hear the full story.

    Courtney: I'm not going any-

    Kennedy grabs her.

    Kennedy: You really are.

    Courtney back flips out of Kennedy's grip stands in a martial arts stance. She leans over to her shoulder.

    Courtney: This is Agent 096 we have a problem.

    Xander: What? They teach that at Agent School?

    Courtney: It's too bad Xander. Things might have worked between us. Unfortunate you had to fall in with this crowd.

    Xander: Why?

    Courtney: We've had a problem with a sudden outbreak of unexplainable strength in young girls all over the world since May. And we know that's it's because of you that they're like that.

    Xander: So you were just trying to get to Buffy?

    Courtney: Smart boy. But I can't stay and chat, have to-

    Courtney gasps suddenly and looks down. A swords is sticking through her. She falls to the floor dead. Line is stood behind her. Marie, Kass and Kelly jump over the fence nearby.

    Line: Die?

    She laughs. Willow puts up another protective barrier and she and Kennedy run. Xander looks back at Courtney's body and looks slightly sad. Kennedy turns around.

    Kennedy: Xander!

    He follows as the Rogues punch at the protective screen. It begins to weaken.

    Cut to Buffy, Giles and Stephen in Giles' house.

    Buffy: Everyone should be here by now. Do you think there's a problem?

    Giles: Everyone's got their mobiles they would have called.

    Buffy: But what if they can't call? What if they're trapped somewhere.

    Stephen: Giles is right, you are rather pessimistic.

    Buffy raises her eyebrows at Giles. Giles frowns at Stephen. Stephen looks away.

    Giles: They'll be here soon.

    The front door opens.

    Dawn: We're here!

    Giles: See!

    Buffy, Giles and Stephen run out into the hallway.

    Buffy: Hey! You all ok?

    Siobhan: Yeah.

    Buffy: Siobhan! How's Andrew?

    Siobhan: No change.

    Buffy looks sad.

    Buffy: Oh?

    Willow, Xander and Kennedy rush through the door as well.

    Kennedy: The Rogue Slayers are right behind us.

    Buffy: You found them?

    Xander: Not so much, they found us.

    Willow: Turns out Xander's date was evil.

    Buffy: Again?

    Xander: Yeah I know it just doesn't get any better for me does it.

    Kennedy: She's dead though.

    Buffy: What? You guys didn't?

    Xander: No, uh one of the Slayers killed her.

    Buffy: Oh?I'm sorry.

    Xander: Don't worry.

    He still looks slightly upset.

    Buffy: Right so we're all here?

    Everyone nods.

    Buffy: Well good. Because I have to tell you all that this town is no longer a safe place for us. They think I'm responsible for what's happened. I guess that I am. But I'm telling you all now, that we can't stay here.

    Cut to everyone's worried looks.

    Buffy: I know it's bad. These Slayers are making life hell for us. I know why they're here. Nothing can change that. But I can change what happens to them. They may be my responsibility. My mistake. Whatever you wanna call it. But so is this town now. And no matter how much this towns hates me or us, I'm gonna continue defending it. These girls want a fight? Then we'll fight. Because I am not gonna let them kill anyone else just to get at me.

    Everyone smiles. Buffy smiles back slightly. There is a flash of white light. Buffy closes her eyes as the screen turns white. The white fades and Buffy opens her eyes again. Everyone looks around in a confused way. The camera cuts far away showing them on a tiny platform in a huge sea of silver mist.

    Buffy: Ok...
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    ACT II

    Cut to Giles' house. Siobhan, Chris and Stephen are alone in the living room.

    Chris: Oh no?

    Siobhan: What? Well yeah I know "oh no" because everyone's gone but this sounds like a knowing "oh no".

    Chris: That light meant-

    Stephen: They're not in this dimension any more.

    Chris looks at Stephen frowning slightly.

    Stephen: Sorry. Carry on.

    Chris: Right, well as Stephen says they're not really here anymore.

    Siobhan: You're joking right? There are other dimensions now?

    Chris: Dawn didn't tell you?

    Siobhan: Well she probably did I wasn't listening the whole time, it got kinda confusing after she said about The First Slayer trying to kill them all in their dreams.

    Stephen: Well it's true. No one knows how many, in fact there are probably an infinite number. But that light and the fact that well, they're no longer here either means they're dead or somewhere else.

    Siobhan: I'm going with that second option.

    Chris: Me too. We just have to find out why. God I hope Dawn's ok.

    Siobhan: Well why are we here? What's so different about us that we didn't go?

    Chris: Before they moved here, they didn't know us. It's gotta be something they were all present for and we weren't.

    Siobhan: Maybe-

    The front door smashes open again. Siobhan, Chris and Stephen rush into the passage and stop with surprise. Line, Marie, Kass and Kelly are all standing there. They all smile and rush forward. Siobhan screams.

    Cut to Buffy and co. in the strange dimension. They are all still looking around.

    Willow: Ok this is weird.

    Xander: I'll say?if this is still Darkley then they're definitely gonna need planning permission for this seas of whatever this stuff is.

    Giles: We're not in Darkley.

    Xander: That's where I was going with that.

    Giles: We're not even in our own dimension anymore. This looks very like one of the higher planes.

    Dawn: Higher planes?

    Giles: Yes where the higher powers observe the world from above.

    Dawn looks over the edge.

    Dawn: Well as viewpoints go this has gotta be a pretty good one.

    Buffy: Why are we here? And where are the others?

    Giles: Oh?I hadn't noticed.

    Buffy: Siobhan, Chris, Stephen?where are they?

    Kennedy: I think they're probably still in Giles' house back in Darkley since we're the ones on top of the world.

    Giles: The Slayer Spell.

    Xander: What?

    Willow: You're right!

    Dawn: Right about what?

    Willow: We were the ones present for the Slayer Spell. The others weren't.

    Buffy: You think this has got something to do with that?

    Giles: Well it appears so.

    Strange voice: You are indeed right Rupert Giles.

    Everyone looks to their left. The mist collects and forms the figure of a woman. She glides towards Buffy and co.

    Woman: Welcome. Things must be confusing for you currently. We apologise. But all will be made clear soon.

    Buffy: Who are you?

    Woman: I am an oracle of the high order. I serve the greater powers that ensure that the balance of good and evil remains constant.

    Willow: Is that why we're here? We tipped the balance?

    Woman (Oracle #1): You will understand shortly. Please follow me.

    A doorway opens on the edge of the platform. The oracle moves through it and everyone else looks hesitant.

    Dawn: Do you think we should?

    Buffy: I'm not sure. About any of this.

    Xander: Well she doesn't look like she's gonna rip our arms of or anything. That's gotta be a plus.

    Willow: So we should go?

    Dawn: Um?guys.

    Dawn points to the opposite side of the platform. It is slowly disintegrating.

    Buffy: Ok let's go!

    Everyone rushes through the doorway.

    Cut to Siobhan, Chris and Stephen leaning against a wall in Darkley. They are all breathing heavily as if they have been running.

    Siobhan: Do you think we've lost them?

    Chris: I think so.

    Stephen: How long will your protective barrier last Chris?

    Chris: Not as long as Willow's. By far. But long enough I hope.

    Stephen: We need to find sanctuary somewhere.

    Siobhan: What about the hospital? I mean it's not too far and it's so big that the Slayers probably wouldn't find us.

    Chris: Yeah good idea.

    Siobhan hesitates.

    Chris: What is it?

    Siobhan: God I would really like to punch those little bitch's faces in.

    Stephen: Uh, as good a plan as that sounds, now's not really the time for revenge.

    Siobhan: I know, I know. Let's go.

    Siobhan looks down the alleyway. She walks down it followed by Chris and Stephen. Cut to Kass, Kelly, Line and Marie. They are punching at the protective wall. A shattering sound is heard and they break through. Line and Marie rush ahead, and Kass is about to but sees that Kelly is looking hesitant.

    Kass: What is it?

    Kelly: We killed her.

    Kass: We do that every day, why is this any different?

    Kelly: Didn't you see how that guy looked at her. He cared about her.

    Kass: Not too much, she was playing him. Didn't you here their conversation?

    Kelly: I-

    A moaning sound is heard Kass and Kelly look startled. Courtney moves slightly.

    Kass: No way!

    Kass runs over to Courtney and lifts up her head.

    Kass: Well you're a little survivor aren't you?

    Courtney: Get?off?me.

    Kass: No actually I think this a good opportunity. Kelly.

    Kelly looks worried.

    Kelly: What?

    Kass: Well we can't just leave her like this. It'd be cruel. Kill her.

    Kelly: What? But we could-

    Kass: No babe. This is the only way. You've been having a lot of doubts lately. I think this is a good chance to show that you're still in this.

    Kelly: Why don't you?

    Kass: Are you saying your not going to? Because I'd hate to have to throw you out of our club.

    Courtney: You're cowards.

    Kass looks at Courtney and punches her in the face.

    Kass: (to Courtney) Shut up. (to Kelly) Didn't I help you? Didn't I save you from being beaten up every day?

    Kelly: You did. But-

    Kass: Then do this. Show me how grateful you are.

    Kelly: I?

    Kass: C'mon Kelly, what's wrong? Are you scared? Is that the problem? You think you might be next? Do it. C'mon. Do it!

    Kelly rushes up to Courtney and slits her throat. Kelly looks upset.

    Kass: Good. But next time you do it first time I ask. Or there might not be a next time. Got it babe?

    [I]Kelly nods. Kass walks away. Kelly looks at Courtney and has a flashback to killing Mike. Then to killing Robby. She screws up her eyes and then opens them again slowly before following Kass.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Buffy and co. in a large room. The oracle that they followed is stood near them, and many others are sat are sat around the room. Straight ahead of them there is an old woman who looks different from the oracles, sat in a large chair.

      Old woman: I am glad you are here. We did not know if we could reach you from here. But now we have.

      Buffy opens her mouth to say something.

      Old woman: I know you have many questions. I will tell you all that you desire to know. Beginning with who I am and why you are here.

      She pauses and suddenly she is much closer to Buffy and co. than before.

      Old woman: I have no name as you call it. I am referred to in some languages as The Judge or Ruler. However I do not make judgements, I simply observe and act when your world is in need. Such as now.

      Kennedy: So it's either the WB or the Rogue Slayers.

      Old woman: Not just those that you have fought. As Willow knows well, thousands of young girls and women now possess this power. Power that all of you have given them.

      Willow: Did you bring us here to blame us? Because well I guess you could?

      Old woman: We do not blame. Go back far enough, and every being that ever existed is to blame for at least one misfortune in the world. We have brought you here to discuss what will be done now. The power these girls have enables them to do much damage, some of which you have witnessed. But we do not wish unnecessary harm to come to them. They are still human, and to be rid of them completely would mean killing them all. We know this is not a path you would wish to choose.

      Dawn: Can't we try and help them? Make them come to the good side?

      Old woman: Many of the girls are indeed fighting for good. Kennedy and Siobhan are living examples of that. But at the time a startling percentage of them are like those that are attacking Darkley as we speak. They will not stop because the lives that they once knew are ruined. They will not listen to reason, because they can no longer see it. As a whole, they have the potential to cause great damage to your world, and may in fact be more dangerous than the darkness beneath the hellmouths.

      Giles: So what do you suggest?

      Old woman: We have only one suggestion. You may not be so eager to comply. But we believe it may be your only chance.

      Buffy: Try me.

      Old woman: Send the power elsewhere.

      Willow: Where exactly?

      The old woman pauses.

      Old woman: Back to where it came.

      Everyone looks shocked.

      Willow: You mean back in the scythe?but that would mean going through-

      Xander: No way. The power. It would overwhelm you Will.

      Old woman: The power would not kill you Willow. It would simply cause you to become unstable. You would need to remain here while it is happening.

      Willow: Would I?be normal afterwards?

      Old woman: After the power has slowed down in your body you would be able to tap into it. As a result you would be stronger even than you are now. We have witnessed everything that you have done from you darkest moment to your most righteous act. We believe you are ready enough to control this power. If you are.

      Willow frowns and looks at the others.

      Xander: Willow you can't be thinking of doing this. The power. Remember last time. Almost end of the world. You're fine as you are.

      Willow: I might be?but the rest of the world isn't. They've got this power because of me, I should be the one to give them their lives back.

      Old woman: You can. And once they are normal again, you will have more power to fight what you were intended to fight. The evil within the hellmouth.

      Willow looks thoughtful.

      Dawn: Um, can I just ask, why did you bring us all here. This really only affects Willow and?oh?wait do you mean that Buffy-

      Old woman: Buffy and Faith will be the only ones to keep their power.

      Kennedy: So me and Siobhan?we'll just be like we were.

      Old woman: You will retain some of the power you had as a potential Slayer. But that will be all.

      Kennedy frowns and looks uncertain. So does Willow.

      Dawn: But what about me, Giles and Xander? I mean if you were getting everyone who was present at the Slayer Spell shouldn't Faith, Robin and the others be here?

      Old woman: You are the few who continue to fight for us. All others that fought in the Battle of Sunnydale either no longer fight for us or we could not reach them. And this is a decision you should all have to decide. For it may change your lives considerably.

      Everyone pauses and looks thoughtful.

      Cut to Siobhan, Chris and Stephen in the hospital. They walk into Andrew's room and Siobhan gasps.

      Siobhan: Andrew!

      Andrew is sat up watching TV.

      Andrew: Oh! Hey!

      Siobhan: Oh my god?I was so worried.

      She hugs him. Andrew smiles nervously.

      Andrew: Oh ok! And also ow.

      Siobhan: Oh right. Sorry. Do you remember anything about what happened?

      Andrew: Not really. It was blurry. But apparently I got kinda shot.

      Chris: You kinda did.

      Andrew: Hey Chris! And um, man who looks like Giles.

      Stephen: I'm Stephen, Giles friend. I've been told all about you though.

      Andrew: Oh right, yeah I heard about you too.

      Siobhan: Guys do you reckon you could, uh, get Andrew some water or something?

      She raises her eyebrows at Chris. He understands.

      Chris: Oh right. Yeah I think we could.

      Stephen: Yes let's do that.

      He and Stephen leave the room. Siobhan smiles at Andrew. Andrew smiles back uncertainly.

      Andrew: So how are things?

      Siobhan: Good. Actually that's a lie, things aren't great.

      Andrew: Rogue Slayer troubles?

      Siobhan: Big time. And Buffy and the others have all disappeared to what we think is another dimension.

      Andrew: Wow?you fall unconscious for a few hours and you really do miss a lot.

      Siobhan: Well it's almost midnight. Maybe you should get some sleep?

      Andrew: I dunno, kinda been asleep for a while.

      Siobhan: Right, sorry I'm an idiot.

      Andrew: No?you're not. You stayed with me.

      Siobhan: Yeah I did. How did you?

      Andrew bites his lip.

      Siobhan: You heard me?

      Siobhan suddenly looks embarrassed.

      Andrew: I don't know how much. But I heard what you said about me. It was really nice. No one's ever said those things about me before.

      Siobhan: They haven't? But that's so sad. Also I'm feeling really embarrassed here because I didn't think you'd hear.

      Andrew: Oh?so you wouldn't actually wanna say any of that to my face?

      Siobhan: No I didn't mean-

      Chris and Stephen arrive back with some water. Andrew stares at Siobhan. Siobhan stares back but smiles. Andrew smiles slightly too. She holds his hand once again.

      Cut to everyone in the other dimension. They seem to have just finished a discussion.

      Xander: Well if you're sure?but I still don't like it.

      Willow: I'll be ok Xander, I know that you'll be waiting for me back home.

      Dawn: We'll all be.

      Buffy: I just can't help but think you're taking the blame for all of this. I wish I could do something to help too.

      Willow: You can help by letting me do this Buffy. Then we can continue to fight like we always have.

      She smiles at Xander and Buffy. She looks at Giles.

      Giles: You know what I'm going to say so I'll skip that and just say good luck.

      Willow smiles at him too. Kennedy stares at Willow.

      Kennedy: I understand you have to do this. I'm just afraid I won't be able to fight with you afterwards.

      Willow: I won't let that happen.

      She and Kennedy kiss.

      Willow: Why all the sombre looks? You'd think I was gonna die or something. Well I'm not. We'll do this, I'll get better and I'll be me again. So don't worry ok?

      Everyone smiles back. Willow turns to the old woman.

      Willow: Ok I'm ready. Let's do this.

      Cut to the Summers' house. Kass, Kelly, Line and Marie are inside it.

      Line: There's gotta be something in here worth stealing.

      Marie picks up a top that belongs to Buffy.

      Marie: Definitely not in the clothes department.

      Kass: I think I've struck gold here though.

      Kass has opened the basement door. The other peer down.

      Kelly: What do you think's down there?

      Kass: Let's go check.

      They jump down into the basement. The begin rummaging around with things except Kelly who looks like she isn't happy being there. Kass opens a chest.

      Kass: Now this is what I'm talking about.

      The others rush over. They stare wide-eyed at the contents of the chest.

      Line: Oh we gotta have that.

      Kass reaches inside and picks out the scythe.

      Kass: Now we do!

      They all laugh except Kelly who looks even more concerned.

      Cut back to Buffy and co. The old woman whispers in some ancient language and Willow suddenly begins to glow. She looks back at the others.

      Willow: Get back.
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        ACT IV

        Energy explodes from Willow. The others back away from the blinding light. Kennedy gasps. Cut to Siobhan in the hospital. She suddenly gasps. Cut to the Rogue Slayers. They all gasp. Cut to a montage of shots of different girls gasping from around the world appear and eventually blend into one.

        Cut to Chicago. Rona is punching a demon. She gasps and suddenly a demon's claw rips her throat out. She falls to the ground.

        The light around Willow suddenly pours back into her. Her eyes open wide and the light is drawn into her. It eventually all melds into her leaving her with a faint silver aura. She turns to the gang and they see her eyes are white. Kennedy breathes heavily and looks confused, but stares at Willow. Buffy stares at Willow too and smiles. Willow looks back frowning.

        Willow: Buffy!

        The white light suddenly shoots towards Buffy. Buffy glows like Willow. Cut to Boston. Faith is reading a magazine when she begins to glow. Cut back to the other world. The old woman looks grave but not surprised. The light eventually fades from Buffy who falls on her knees. She looks up at the old woman.

        Buffy: You knew?you knew the power couldn't be contained in one body. So you put it into three?at the cost of us never being able to leave.

        Cut to Faith. She looks confused.

        Old women: We did what we had to do. You unleashed this poison on the world. You deserve to stay here for eternity. Both of you.

        Willow and Buffy stare at each other. Willow then turns to Kennedy. Kennedy looks upset but then the bright light appears again and she, Giles, Dawn and Xander are back in Giles' house. They look at each speechless.

        Cut to the Rogue Slayers. They look confused.

        Kass: What the?what the hell was that?

        Marie: I dunno?but I feel so?so weak.

        Line: I know what you mean?our strength?it's gone!

        Kass: What?why?

        Kelly: Maybe it's the scythe?

        Kass: No?it can't be?

        Marie: I dunno Kass?it looks like it could be cursed or something?

        Kass looks at the scythe. It is glowing with white light.

        Kass: Hmm?

        Cut to Buffy and Willow in the other world.

        Willow: You lied to us!

        Old women: Did you really think it would be that easy? You are a greater danger to the world than those Rogue Slayers. You constantly use your power without regard for others. You think you have learnt to control your power? Remember this?

        The old woman holds out her hand and a scene from "Just a Girl" appears.

        Willow: Obliviscaris!

        She moves her hand over PC Michaels face. He blinks and staggers backwards. Willow look uncertain for a moment.

        The old women stops the image.

        Old women: You may have forgotten. He did.

        Willow: I was only-

        Old women: Abusing your power. Like you do most of the time. Tara tried to make you see Willow. You're still not listening.

        Willow looks sad at Tara's name being mentioned.

        Buffy: Without us the world is in more danger.

        Old women: No. Faith is still there. She is the one who will carry on the line now. Like she always should have done. And you will remain here. Forever.

        Buffy and Willow look at each other worriedly. The power within Willow suddenly begins to overwhelm her. She looks in pain.

        Buffy: Willow!

        Cut to Kass, Kelly, Line and Marie back in the Summers' house. They are looking in the basement again.

        Kass: Find anything?

        Marie: Nope.

        Line: Nothing here.

        Kelly: What about this?

        Kelly has picked up a glass sphere of some kind filled with black mist.
        Kass: I don't think so.

        She throws it over he shoulder. The dark mist rises up out of it.

        Line: Kass?

        Kass turns around to see. She looks startled.

        Kass: Marie quickly! Throw the scythe at it.

        Marie looks hesitant.

        Cut to Buffy and Willow in the other world. Willow is casting some kind of spell. The oracles close in on her.

        Buffy: Willow no!

        Willow: I can't control it.

        Old woman: You never could. You have to accept that.

        Willow: No.

        Old woman: Yes! Nothing can st?no.

        Buffy: What?

        The old woman stands up. She is almost twice as tall as Buffy and Willow.

        Old woman: Not now!

        Cut back to the Rogues.

        Kass: Do it!

        Marie looks at the scythe and throws it. In slow motion it hits the black mist, which wraps itself around the scythe. A cracking sound is heard and the scythe snaps in two. It vibrates in mid air.

        Cut back to other world.

        Old woman: No!

        Willow: What's going- ah!

        She gasps and begins to glow again. Buffy does too. Cut back to Siobhan who opens her eyes wide. Cut to Kennedy who gasps. Cut to Faith who begins to glow as well. Cut to girls all over the world regaining their power.

        Buffy: They've?they've got it back.

        Cut to the Rogues. They smile as the power comes back.

        Kass: Did the trick!

        Kelly: But I thought?I thought we didn't want this power anymore.

        Kass: We need it. To fight. Otherwise we might as well never have come here.

        Kelly frowns. Kass shakes her head and walks off with Marie and Line following her. Kelly turns around and walks back to the Summers' house.

        Cut to the other world. The last of the power leaves Buffy and Willow's bodies. They run to each other as the other world begins to crumble as a result of the power within it.

        Buffy: We have to get outta here.

        Willow: I don't know how.

        Oracle: I do.

        They look at the oracle.

        Buffy: How can we trust you?

        Oracle: You have to. I do not agree with anything The Judge has said. You see now why she is given that name. We were bound by silence and threatened with death if we revealed her true plan. But now you know. No mortal being such as yourselves can survive this. Let me help you.

        Buffy and Willow look at each other.

        Buffy: Ok.

        The oracle grabs their hands and light fills the room. Buffy and Willow find themselves back in Giles' apartment. Everyone else smiles. Kennedy runs up to Willow and hugs her. Buffy hugs Dawn and Giles. The front door opens and Stephen, Chris and Siobhan walk in.

        Siobhan: Ok what the hell happened?
        Everyone looks at each other.

        Cut to Buffy's bedroom in the Summers' house. Buffy and Willow are sat cross legged on Buffy's bed very similarly to how they sat in Same Time, Same Place.

        Buffy: So that's it I guess. The power's in them to stay.

        Willow: It doesn't mean we've lost you know. That old women, whatever she was lying about what would happen in the spell, she was probably lying about everything else too.

        Buffy: I just can't help feeling that we failed.

        Willow: We tried. That's enough. And it was never meant to work out anyway.

        Buffy: So what now? The Slayers are still out there, they've still got their power.

        Willow: Buffy there are other ways. So taking the power back wasn't the right one. We'll find the right way.

        Buffy: I hope you're right.

        Cut to Kelly getting on to a bus in Darkley. Willow and Buffy's VO conversation continues.

        Willow VO: Maybe the temporary loss of power has given some of them time to think. Do they really need it? Is it really about the power?

        Kelly walk over to a seat and sits down.

        Buffy VO: I know it's made me think. About much we gave. Without realising how much we took. And that it wasn't really ours to give.

        The bus starts. Cut back to Willow and Buffy's bedroom.

        Willow: I know it's about choice. They didn't have it. But neither did you or Faith. I guess we shoulda given it to them. But we can't help that now. Now we just gotta keep going until we make it better. I know we can never do it completely, but little by little.

        Buffy smiles slightly at Willow. Willow smiles back. Cut back to the bus. Kelly looks out of the window. She sees Buffy's house and .

        Buffy VO: Yeah. Little by little.

        Cut to the bus. It drives off leaving behind the "Now leaving Lincolnshire" sign.

        THE END
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