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Buffy Episode 8.6 150. Open Wounds (part 2 of 2)

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  • Buffy Episode 8.6 150. Open Wounds (part 2 of 2)

    Hi, this is the sixth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.6 150. Open Wounds (part 2 of 2)

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters will result in legal action .

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Buffy VO: Every girl who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

    Rona, Vi and Chao-Ahn become Slayers. Kennedy becomes a Slayer. Siobhan smiles. Kass smiles.

    Chris: The problem is girls. They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rogue?

    Chris: There are at least five.

    Buffy: You knew them.

    Cut to Kass and co. punching and killing people

    Cut to Dawn and Siobhan.

    Siobhan: You and Chris would make an amazing couple.

    Dawn: Shouldn't you be more concerned with you and Andrew?

    Siobhan: What? No?we're great?

    Dawn: Really?

    Siobhan: Ok so maybe not great but we could be worse.

    Cut to Xander and Courtney.

    Chris VO: She seemed pretty into you.

    Xander smiles to himself. Cut to Kass grabbing Dawn's neck at the school. Cut to Siobhan and Kass.

    Kass: How much did it screw your life up? It did, didn't it?

    Cut to Buffy and co. staring at Kass and the other Slayers, with Marie and Kirsty holding Siobhan.

    Kass: I know that one day last May I was happily fighting with my little brother when suddenly I punched a hole through his chest. Police were on me just like that. Woulda gone to prison if it wasn't for that strength you cursed me with.

    Buffy and co. look shocked.

    Buffy: I'm sorry.

    Kass: Oh save it for when you're begging me not to kill you.

    Cut to Stephen, Xander and Andrew walking towards the school from different directions. A figure is at the door.

    Kass: Remember what I said about people in my way?

    Giles: Wait.

    Willow: Don't!

    Kass aims the crossbow and fires.

    Buffy, Giles and Willow: No!


    ACT I

    A moan is heard as the crossbow bolt hits the figure followed by them collapsing on the floor. Buffy's eyes widen as do everyone else's'. Kass looks at the figure whose identity is still a mystery. She smiles and looks at Buffy.

    Kass: Bye.

    Siobhan: No?

    Buffy's expression suddenly changes to anger. She rushes towards Kass and punches her in the face. Willow too suddenly looks angry and blasts magic at Kirsty who flies back into Line. Siobhan looks hurt and Dawn rushes over to her. Marie punches Willow in the face. Chris, Kennedy and Giles rush up also and everyone is fighting. Kelly is still staring at the figure lying wounded.

    Marie: (to Kelly) Come on! Fight!

    Kelly shakes herself and nods. She punches Chris in the face, but he suddenly grabs Willow's hand and she grabs Kennedy's. All the Slayers fly back into wall. Buffy walks up to Kass.

    Kass: Go on. Kill me. I'm your mistake, you gotta fix it.

    Willow walks up to Buffy. Buffy turns to look at her.

    Buffy: I will. But not today. There are more important things.

    Kass winces slightly as she gets up. The others do to. She smiles.

    Kass: Oh you're so gonna regret that choice. But yeah you should concentrate on that guy before he bleeds to death.

    Buffy turns to look at the figure. Kass punches her in the face. She and the others run out. Kelly is last to leave and she looks back uncertainly before following again.

    Willow helps Buffy up. They both look over to the figure. Dawn, Siobhan, Chris, Kennedy and Giles are crowded around.

    Dawn looks at Buffy and Buffy looks back. The camera speeds towards to Dawn and she moves slightly revealing Siobhan crying over Andrew who is loosing blood fast.

    Xander and Stephen suddenly arrive and look shocked at seeing Andrew lying there. Xander looks at Buffy.

    Xander: Oh God?was this them?

    Buffy: Yeah. This was the start.

    She stares into space, seriously.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    GIGI EDGLEY - Kirsty
    CLAUDIA BLACK - Courtney

    Open on the school main corridor. Some paramedics are pushing Andrew on a trolley quickly down it. Everyone else is following.

    Siobhan: Andrew? Can you hear me?

    There is no response from Andrew who is unconscious. Siobhan looks tearful and then looks at his wound. From under the bandage, blood can still be seen trickling out of it. They reach the school doors.

    Paramedic #1: One, two, three.

    They lift him from the trolley to a stretcher, which they carry towards an ambulance. Siobhan, Buffy and Xander follow.

    Paramedic #2: Sorry only room for two.

    Buffy: Oh?um Xander will you go with Siobhan?

    Xander: Yeah, sure.

    Buffy: Right.

    Siobhan looks at Buffy and smiles. She mouths "thanks" before rushing into the back of the ambulance with Xander. It drives off. Buffy stares after it sadly and turns around slowly. Giles, Dawn, Willow, Kennedy, Stephen and Chris walk towards her.

    Giles: We've seen much worse. He'll be fine.

    Buffy: How can we know that? If he dies?then it's my fault.

    Willow: Buffy-

    Buffy: No Willow, you were right. Everything these girls have done is down to me.

    Willow: Down to us. You're not alone in this Buffy.

    Buffy: Yeah but you cared about the consequences. What did I do? I just ignored it, said it wasn't our fault, someone else could deal with it. And now Andrew could die, and I have to deal with it?

    Buffy becomes tearful. Giles walks up to her and hugs her. The others seem sad too.

    Willow: We told Andrew not to come Buffy, he shoulda listened.

    Buffy: I was treating him like a child. He could handled it, he's done it before. If I'd let him come in the first place he wouldn't be in that ambulance right now.

    Stephen: No but I might be. Or Xander. We were only moments behind Andrew, if he wasn't there they might have shot us. Andrew basically saved our lives by sacrificing hi-

    Kennedy: No one's dying. Well not Andrew anyway.

    Everyone is silent for a second or two.

    Dawn: We should get home.

    Chris: Yeah?best thing we can do right now.

    Buffy frowns.

    Buffy: You guys go. I have to find these girls and finish this.

    Willow: Buffy we can't do anything to help them right now.

    Buffy: They could kill again. And again. They might not stop until everyone is dead.

    Dawn: I don't think that's their agenda. Kass said she'd only kill people that got in her way.

    Buffy: That could be anyone. I have to do this.

    Willow: Well then I'm coming too. You can't fight this on your own Buffy, these girls are fragile and could do anything. We're gonna have to fight them together. But not right now.

    Buffy: We have to do something. And I don't even know if I wanna fight them, I mean they're my mistake.

    Willow: Our mistake.

    Stephen: Why don't Giles and I stay here for now and keep an eye out for any trouble? We'll tell you if anything else comes up. And you never know they could be lying low for now.

    Buffy: I just wish I did know. But thanks, and sorry we had to meet under these circumstances.

    Stephen: Ah don't worry I've met people in far worse situations. Although so far I've met Willow here in a car accident, and you in a potentially deadly fight. Must try and improve the record.

    Buffy: I hope so. It's just with these girls about, I think normal is not an option right now. They hate me and they're not gonna stop until I'm out of their way for good.

    Dawn: Well remember what Kass said, I mean it's not like she's been through the best of times. Imagine if you'd done that to me.

    Buffy: I don't think I can.

    Cut to New York, May 2003 at night. Close up of small terraced house. The camera moves through the open window to show a figure lying on a mattress. The camera scrolls round to show it is Kass. She slowly gets up and it is obvious she has been crying and hasn't slept. She walks through a doorway to the kitchen. A door is heard opening and Kass looks up and walks towards it quickly. A man and a woman are stood at the door looking grave. Kass' hopeful expression fades as the man stares at her.

    Kass: He's?he's not?

    Man: He's dead Kass. A wound that big, he didn't have a chance.

    Kass: But, we were only playing?I, I didn't-

    The woman walks up to Kass.

    Woman: (crying) Oh honey we know you didn't mean to. You're dad and I talked about it and we realised that you're very troubled.

    Kass: What? You think I did this because I'm a psycho?

    Kass' dad: No, we think that you might not know your own strength.

    Kass: I wasn't like this before, something happened, I-

    Kass' mum: We know honey, we know. You took something didn't you?

    Kass looks horrified. She shakes her head.

    Kass: No, no!

    Kass' dad: Don't lie to us Kass, it's the only way this could have happened and you know it. We're not blaming you, we just want to know where you got it from and how long you've been taking it.

    Kass: I haven't! I can't believe you'd think that!

    Kass' mom: (crying again) Kass, you're not doing yourself any favours here.

    Kass: I'm telling the truth!

    Kass' dad: Then how did you get like this? Some magic trick?

    Kass: I don't know?it just happened.

    Kass' dad: Things don't just happen Kass. You know that better than anyone.

    Kass' mum: Honey if you don't accept what happened, then we can't help you.

    Kass: I don't want your help, I just want to get outta here.

    She opens the front door and sees a police car parked in front of the driveway. She looks shocked as two policemen get out and walk towards her. She turns back to her parents.

    Kass' mum: (crying again) We're sorry honey.

    Kass' dad: There's no other way.

    Policeman: Kassandra Baker, you are under the arrest for the manslaughter of Jack Baker and the consumption of illegal amphetamines.

    He voice grows quieter as Kass stares into space looking hurt.

    Policeman: You do not have to say anything, but anything you do say will be taken as evidence, which you may later rely on in court.

    Kass' eyes widen as the policeman is about to handcuff her. She suddenly kicks him in the crotch and punches him in the face.

    Kass' mom: Kass no!

    Kass punches the other policemen and then turns to look at her parents.

    Kass: Bye mom and dad.

    She runs off and her mum is about to follow. Her dad pulls her back.

    Kass' dad: No, this is her choice. She's on her own now.

    They turn to go in.

    Cut to Kass and co. laughing together except for Kelly who is quite quiet.

    Line: Aw come on Kels, it's time to celebrate.

    Kass: Yeah babe, why so down?

    Kelly: That guy?he might be dead.

    Kirsty: Yeah, so?

    Kelly: He was innocent.

    Kass: That's never stopped us before. Wait a minute, are you having doubts about being in this?

    Everyone's smiles fade slightly.

    Kelly: No, no I, I just think that we should go after the actual Slayer next time.

    Kass: All in due time babe. They won't see us coming.

    Everyone laughs again. Kelly smiles a little but then looks worried again. Kass looks at her and looks a little concerned.

    Cut to the hospital. Andrew is lying in bed still unconscious. Siobhan is sat next to him. She has been crying but is not any longer. Xander walks up to her.

    Xander: Nurse says you can stay the night here if you want, but I won't be able to stay with you.

    Siobhan: He needs someone here. He'll be lonely otherwise.

    Xander sits down with her.

    Xander: Man I hate hospitals.

    Siobhan: I've never really been to one.

    Xander: Really?

    Siobhan: Not until today.

    Xander: I've seen a lot in places like this. A scary child eating demon that no one could see unless they were sick. Buffy almost dying from a bullet wound. Her mom being taken out to prepare for the funeral.

    Siobhan looks up.

    Siobhan: Guess this kinda thing is nothing new to you then.

    Xander: No, no not really.

    Xander's phone rings. He walks off to answer it.

    Xander: Hello? Courtney, hey. Don't worry, I just had a lot to?tonight? I don't think?

    He looks at Siobhan.

    Xander: ?uh, I guess I could actually. Sorry, just one of my friends is hurt and?no, no it's ok I'll be there. Thirty minutes?ok?right, see ya then?bye.

    He walks back over to Siobhan.

    Xander: Siobhan I have to go.

    Siobhan: Ok.

    Xander: Do you want me to take you back to the house?

    Siobhan: I'm gonna stay. I have to know he'll be ok.

    Xander: Right. I'll, uh, I'll tell the others. And I'll pick you up tomorrow.

    Siobhan: Ok. I'll ring if there's any news.

    Xander: What about your mom?

    Siobhan: She's on business trip for the next week. So it's fine.

    Xander frowns slightly.

    Xander: Ok then?bye.

    Siobhan: (bitterly) Bye.

    Xander walks off. The camera slowly zooms out from Andrew's hospital bed. Siobhan begins to cry.

    Cut to the Summers' house. Buffy, Kennedy, Willow, Dawn and Chris walk in.

    Chris: At least he's not dead right?

    Kennedy: Yeah Xander said he'd probably wake up in a few days.

    Buffy: That's the thing about "probably"?it's only probably.

    Everyone is silent again.

    Dawn: I'll make some coffee.

    Buffy: Not for me thanks.

    Dawn: Buffy come on.

    Buffy: I'm just not thirsty right now, ok?

    Dawn: Ok?

    Dawn goes to the kitchen. Chris follows her.

    Willow: I could do a locator spell. See if I can find the Slayers.

    Buffy: Oh, that'd be good.

    Kennedy: I'll help you with that.

    They go upstairs. Buffy sits down on the sofa looking sad. She sees a video camera that appears to belong to Andrew. She picks it up and there is a flashback to Storyteller.

    Buffy: When your blood pours out, it might save the world. What do you think about that? Does it buy it all back? Are you redeemed?

    Andrew: (crying) No.

    Cut back to Buffy holding the camera.

    Buffy: (Sadly) Guess you are now.

    Cut to Dawn and Chris in the kitchen.

    Chris: Are you ok?

    Dawn: Yeah, of course, I've just watched someone get shot through the stomach with an arrow, why wouldn't I be.

    Chris: Sorry, I just-

    Dawn: No, no Chris sorry I didn't mean to snap. It's just it's like this whole Faith thing all over again.

    Chris: Faith?

    Dawn: She's a Slayer too. Five years ago she ruined Buffy's life by doing what these girls are doing now.

    Chris: But hey, Buffy said she was your friend.

    Dawn: She got better. I don't know if we can do the same here.

    Chris: I think we can. If I can get through to Kass. She's been through a lot, some of which I don't know about. But I'm not gonna let her hurt anyone else.

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Chris: We'll solve this.

    They both smile. They move closer to each other as if they are about to kiss. Suddenly the windows smash in the kitchen. Dawn screams. Cut to Buffy in the sitting room. She gets up.

    Buffy: Dawn!

    The sitting room windows smash too. Willow and Kennedy rush down the stairs, and the front door smashes open in front of them. Kirsty and Kelly jump through the kitchen windows. Line and Marie jump through the sitting room windows. Kass is standing at the front doorway.

    Kass: (slowly) Knock, knock.

    She frowns this time, instead of smiling.
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    ACT II

    Cut to New York, June 2003, night. A girl is walking quickly down the streets. It is revealed to be Marie. She looks upset. She looks up to see a man standing in front of her.

    Marie: Get outta my way.

    Man: Nope.

    He vamps out. Marie's eyes widen. He starts towards her but she punches him in the face. He falls backwards.

    Man: What the hell? Why are you so strong?

    Marie: You tell me.

    She continues to punch him continuously. Someone else stands in front of Marie. Marie looks up, still holding the vamp to the ground by the neck.

    Marie: Who are you?

    The camera reveals that it's Kass.

    Kass: I'm like you babe. All that strength flowing through you freely. Making you a freak in a world of people that think you're dangerous.

    Marie: You mean I'm not the only one?

    Kass: Seems not. I thought I was until I saw you just now. With that vampire you got there.

    Marie: Vampire?

    Kass: Yep, they're real, it's a whole big thing. You're gonna need this by the way.

    She throws Marie a stake.

    Marie: So I just stab him?

    Kass: Gotta get the heart. Seems all those fairy tales were actually pretty accurate.

    Marie hesitates but then plunges the stake into the vamp's heart. He dusts. She gets up and looks at the stake.

    Marie: What am I?

    Kass: Well I don't know exactly, but apparently there's a whole lot of stuff I don't know about. But what I do know is that this power however handy it is has ruined my life. Same with you?

    Marie: Yeah. My mom through me out because of this.

    Kass: Their just scared. Of what you could do. Or in my case, of what I did. Hey, you know what? We have no reason to trust this world anymore. I say we give back a little of what it gave to us.

    Marie: You mean I can come with you?

    Kass: Sure babe. Us freaks gotta stick together. Oh and just so you know, I don't know where the hell I'm going.

    Marie: Sounds good. I'm in.

    Kass: Great! Now you just gotta keep up.

    Kass walks on and Marie smiles and follows.

    Cut to the Summer's house.

    Kass: So this is where Buffy the Slayer Bitch lives huh? I like what you've done with place. Reminds me off my old place.

    Buffy: What are you doing here?

    Marie: Attacking you obviously. And I thought I was blonde.

    Buffy: So you've come to kill me?

    Kass: Well not necessarily. We could maim you for a few hours? How does that sound?

    Dawn: Buffy are we gonna fight?

    Line: Oh come on, you're up against five Slayers here. And you've got what, two slayers a wannabe magician and two little girls?

    Willow: You're wrong. I've got more power than all of you.

    Line: Oh so you're a wannabe too huh?

    Willow: No.

    She holds a ball of white energy in her hand. Her eyes have turned black. The slayers look worried.

    Willow: I'm a pro.

    She closes her eyes and begins to speak Latin.

    Willow: Defende nous!

    The white ball begins to glow and vibrate. Chris smiles.

    Kass: What the hell is-

    The ball seems to explode but actually expands. The slayers are all thrown back through the way they came in. The ball has created a shield over the whole house. Kass gets up from lying on the ground. She hits at the wall.

    Kass: (frustrated) Damn.

    Kelly: Kass?

    Kass: What is-

    Kass stops in mid sentence. Marie is kneeling next to Kirsty. A large piece of glass is embedded in her chest. Kass looks shocked.

    Cut to New York, July 2003, dusk. A man is thrown across the floor. He winces as a girl walks up to him. The camera moves round to show that it is Kirsty.[/I]

    Kirsty: Sorry Will, it's my job.

    She gets a knife out of her pocket, looks at it for a second and then throws it at Will. He groans and then dies. Kirsty smiles and turns around. Kass and Marie are standing looking at her.

    Kass: Now that was good. I like you.

    Kirsty: Do yourselves a favour and stay outta my way.

    Marie: But then you wouldn't hear the offer we have for you.

    Kirsty: Offer?

    Kass: Yeah. You're an assassin huh?
    Kirsty: That's right. A lone assassin.

    Kass: Oh no babe you're not alone. There are hundreds of girls like us.

    Kirsty: Us?

    Kass: I can tell that you've got a lot of strength there. And I'm thinking you didn't have it before May.

    Kirsty: How did you?so what? It's helped me.

    Marie: Helped? Is this really the life you wanted to lead? Before I got the power I had friends, family. Now all that's gone. Because of this strength.

    Kirsty stares silently.

    Kirsty: Yeah that pretty much happened to me too.

    Kass: Well we're on a little?rampage for revenge you might say. We got this power and we can use it.

    Kirsty: I already got this deal.

    Kass: Yeah, I can see that's really working out for ya.

    Kirsty: Well I get paid.

    Kass: Babe we don't need money. We got the strength to get anything we want. Now would you prefer to be apart of something like that? Or something with rules, where someone is your boss? Cos with us you're your own boss.

    Kirsty ponders this for a second and then smiles.

    Kirsty: I'm in.

    Kass: That's great!

    She laughs and Kirsty laughs too.

    Cut to Kirsty's lifeless body with the glass shard through it. Kass rushes over to her.

    Kass: Kirsty, babe, c'mon?

    Kelly: Kass she's gone.

    Kass looks at Kirsty in disbelief. She looks at the glass. She has a flashback to her and her brother playing. She is smiling then suddenly a groan from her brother is heard and his body is heard slumping to the floor. Kass's expression changes to shock and she screams. Cut back to the present day. A single tear rolls down Kass' cheek.

    Cut to Buffy and co.'s perspective.

    Willow: Oh god.

    Dawn: Is she?

    Cut back to Kass.

    Kass: (slowly) That bitch is gonna pay.

    She looks back at the house.

    Kass: You don't quit do you? You ruined my life already, now you gotta keep on pouring salt on open wounds.

    Buffy and Willow just stare in disbelief. Kass slowly picks up Kirsty's body.

    Kass: Let's go.

    She walks off into the trees. Marie and Line look back at the house darkly. Kelly follows too looking confused. Cut back to inside the house.

    Kennedy: I hate to be the one to break this awkward silence but should be feeling sad that a girl who wanted to kill us all is dead?

    Buffy turns to her looking angry.

    Buffy: How can you say that? She was human?

    Kennedy: So was Warren. So was my mom. Being human doesn't stop people being monsters Buffy, it just makes it harder for us to stop them.

    Buffy: Warren and your mom did what they did by their own choice. That girl-

    Chris: Kirsty. That was her name.

    Buffy: ?Kirsty had power forced upon her. I don't know what happened with her, but I know that whatever it was ruined her life. I was responsible for getting her back on track again.

    Chris: Buffy, I hate to say this, but I really don't think you could've got them back on track. Especially Kirsty. I mean she enjoyed the killing more than any of the others, maybe even more than Kass. She killed her boyfriend. If you asked her she'd tell you her was gonna beat her up but all he was doing was leaving her cos she cheated on him.

    Buffy: That doesn't make her any less of a victim.

    Everyone is silent.

    Buffy: Can no one else see that? Willow you were the one who first thought about this, you understand right?

    Willow: I dunno Buffy, ever since the thing with Andrew, I'm not sure what I think anymore.

    Buffy: Well I'll tell you what I think. We have to save these girls from turning even darker. And to do that I think we need someone who's been there.

    Willow: You mean Faith?

    Buffy: I do.

    Dawn: But she's in Boston, living the life she always wanted,

    Buffy: I know. But we need her. And we need her now. If anyone can get through to them it's her. And I don't care what they've done, I believe they can all be saved.

    Cut to New York, July 2003, evening. Marie, Kirsty and Kass are walking down the street when they see a girl and a man fighting. The girl is revealed to be Line and the man is revealed to be Robby. Marie and Kass look at each other and smile and walk towards the fight.

    Kass: Well hey Robby, long time no see.

    Robby looks over at Kass and looks scared suddenly.

    Robby: Kass?

    Kass: Yeah remember me? You helped me out before. It was really sweet of you.

    Robby: Yeah, I, I remember.

    Kirsty: You look nervous. What would you be nervous Robby?

    She begins to walk towards him, he walks backwards.

    Line: Um, excuse me for being rude, but who the hell are you?

    Marie: I'm Marie, that's Kirsty and this is Kass. We're um; well I'd guess you'd call us Slayers.

    Line: Oh so you give yourselves a big name and you're suddenly so tough?

    Kass: No babe, we're already tough.

    Robby: Yeah they are Line you should-

    Line: Shut up Robby.

    Kass: Ah so you know our friend Robby too huh?

    Line: Yeah he's been a thorn in my side for a while now.

    Kass: Really? Have you been a bad boy Robby? You know what happens to bad boys. Remember what happened to Ray?

    Robby: Man he didn't do nothing.

    Kirsty: You're lying to us again Robby, we told you not to do that last time.

    Robby backs into a wall. Kass, Marie and Kirsty walks up to him.

    Line: Excuse me, I thought this is my fight?

    Kass: Oh don't worry babe, we're not gonna fight him. He's like family now. But he can probably do with being knocked into shape for a bit.

    Line: You got that right. He owes me a lot.

    Kirsty: Honey you should never have given him anything in the first place. Men are all the same when it comes to debts. They can't handle it.

    Robby: Oh come on, I paid back most of it and said I'd give you the rest tomorrow.

    Line walks up to Robby and draws her face close to his.

    Line: Well guess what. Tomorrow's now too late.

    She punches Robby in the stomach.

    Line: You know I don't even time for this but I've got no choice.

    She punches him in the face.

    Line: Cos you crossed.

    She punches him in the face again.

    Line: Me.

    She punches him again

    Line: One time.

    She throws him to her left.

    Line: Too many.

    He groans in pain. Line turns to face Kass, Marie and Kirsty.

    Kass: Well that was quite good.

    Line: Quite good? I didn't even break a frickin nail!

    Kass: Good, but a tip for next time babe: kill him.

    Line: Whoa, whoa, kill?

    Kirsty: Well yeah. Only way to know something's finished for good.

    Line: But what about the cops?

    Marie: Pfft, the cops in this city don't do nothing except sit around on their asses all day eating doughnuts. You aint got nothing to worry about from them.

    Line: Well I guess, but?hey, he's gone.

    They look over to see he has indeed gone.

    Line: What do we do now?

    Kass: We hunt. We find. We kill. That's our motto. Like it?

    Line: I think I'm beginning too.

    Kass: Well that's good. Let's go.

    Line: Where are we going?

    Kass: Wherever.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Willow and Kennedy sat in their bedroom.

      Kennedy: I guess this hasn't helped at all with what happened last week.

      Willow: You could say that.

      Kennedy: But remember, whatever you do, I'll still be here, I won't judge you.

      Willow: You should. Saying that you'll always be here's nice and all but when it comes down to murder I don't even know I can trust myself.

      Kennedy: You see a pattern here? Cos I do. You've killed what, three people?

      Willow nods. The phone can be heard ringing downstairs.

      Kennedy: Ok so Warren, evil guy who killed your girlfriend. I'm not trying to stir memories here but that'd be motive enough for me. And you got over that anyway. Then my mom who was gonna kill me, and you didn't know about what was gonna happen so that wasn't your fault. And now, well we'd probably all be dead by now if it wasn't for that spell. And you never meant to kill anyone, just to stop them from killing us. So honey, don't start blaming yourself all over again, it's all for the best.

      Willow: You know, you have this way of making everything better. I just hope it will be.

      Kennedy kisses Willow on the lips quickly.

      Kennedy: It will. Just give it time. I mean it's not as if they're an immediate threat to anyone else right?

      Buffy appears the doorway suddenly.

      Buffy: That was Giles on the phone. The Slayers are in Darkley. And they're on a rampage.

      Willow looks worriedly at Kennedy and Buffy.

      Cut to Andrew in his hospital bed. Siobhan appears and sits back down next to him. She grabs his hand and holds it with both of hers.

      Siobhan: The doctor says the results from the x-ray are pretty positive. And also that you'll be waking up any day now.

      She closes her eyes and opens them again slowly looking like she is trying not to cry.

      Siobhan: I wish I'd got to know you better Andrew. I mean I've been trying these past months but I just backed off cos I thought you weren't interested. Is it me? Or is what Dawn said true? God I don't even know that.

      She lowers her head and looks up again.

      Siobhan: I had our first date planned. We'd go to that Italian restaurant in town, you know the one I pointed out the other day? We'd have a little table in the corner, and there'd be candles. And it'd be just us. It would've been, I mean it'll be nice.

      A tear falls down her cheek. She breathes slowly.

      Siobhan: Andrew you gotta wake up. I know you never knew, but you're the first person I've really liked. I mean I've had boyfriends, but they were nothing special. And even though I would've like to be closer to you, I've felt something between us I've never felt with anyone before. Even my mum. You just gotta wake up. Please.

      She looks down and bites her lip. Andrew stirs slightly. Siobhan's eyes widen and she looks slightly hopeful. Suddenly the status alarm begins to sound more quickly. Nurses and doctors rush towards the bed.

      Nurse: We've got internal bleeding here.

      Doctor: Ok, usual procedure everyone.

      Siobhan backs away from the bed and looks worried.

      Cut to Xander and Courtney eating dinner in her house.

      Courtney: Well your very chatty this evening.

      Xander: Sorry, got a lot on my mind.

      Courtney: Your friend?

      Xander: Yeah.

      Courtney: I wouldn't worry about it too much, he's in a good place right now.

      Xander: What?

      Courtney: The hospital.

      Xander: Oh, right yeah.

      Courtney: You didn't have to come you know. I know I was very forward before, and I'm sorry just caught in the moment really.

      Xander: It's ok. I needed to be away from the violence going on.

      A crash is heard from outside. Xander gets up and goes to window.

      Xander: Oh god what now?

      Courtney gets a small phial out of her pocket and pours it in Xander's wine glass.

      Courtney: What is it?

      The camera looks out of the window. People are running around and Marie and Line can be seen breaking into shops and homes.

      Xander: The slayers are here.

      Courtney looks shocked. She goes up to the window too.

      Courtney: Oh my god. And they're coming this way.

      Xander: We gotta get outta here.

      Courtney: Yes, there's a back way downstairs.

      They walk to the stairs.

      Courtney: Wait, you should finish your drink. I got it specially.

      Xander smiles slightly and downs his drink. He walks down the stairs. Courtney follows smiling darkly.

      Cut to Darkley. Buffy, Kennedy, Chris, Dawn and Willow get off the bus and walk quickly down the street. They see the wreckage around them.

      Kennedy: We're too late.

      Chris: No?I don't think they're finished yet.

      Buffy: They'd have hit this area first since it's nearest to the house. They're around here somewhere. I just wish I coulda gotten through to Faith.

      Dawn: Well like you said, she's probably out there living a life.

      Willow: Shouldn't we get to Giles' house? And what about Xander, he was at his boss's house right?

      Buffy: Oh god I forgot about that. And Siobhan, she's in the hospital!

      Dawn: We have to find them.

      Buffy: They should be ok for now, but yeah. We'll split up. I'll go to find Giles and Stephen, Will you can go with Kennedy to find Xander and Dawn and Chris you go to the hospital. We'll meet back in the town centre at 8 pm ok?

      Willow: Right. But what if we find the Slayers?

      Buffy: Run. We have to be together before we can do anything.

      Cut to Xander and Courtney in her garden. Xander begins to blink a lot.

      Courtney: Something wrong?

      Xander: Um, I feel kinda tired.

      Courtney: Maybe we should go back then?

      Xander: No, I?I just need to sit down for a, a moment.

      Xander sits on the bench he frowns and his head sways.

      Courtney: You really don't look too good.

      Xander: I, wha?I must of taken someth?wait?the drink...

      Courtney: What?

      Xander: There?there was something?in the drink wasn't there?

      Courtney: I don't know what you're talking about.

      Xander: You?what did you do?

      He tries to stand up but falls back unconscious. Courtney looks like she is thinking what to do. She gets a mobile out of her pocket and rings a number.

      Courtney: It's done. And they're here.

      Cut to New York, June 2003, night. Close in on an alleyway. A man walks towards Kelly.

      Kelly: Mike I didn't mean-

      Mike: You did! You always mean it! You're always with other men!

      Kelly: Mike we are not together anymore, just accept that!

      Mike: No it's you that can't accept that we're meant for each other! But still you just act like a slut.

      Kelly: You know you better shut up or-

      Mike: Or what Kelly? You'll do something? You can't do anything.

      Kelly: You're wrong.

      Mike: Then hit me. Go on.

      Kelly: You're being insane.

      Mike: No c'mon if you're so tough then hit. Hit me! Hit me bitch!

      Kelly looks angry and punches Mike in the face hard. He flies across the alley and lands on some railings where he is impaled. Kelly walks over to him.

      Kelly: You said I couldn't do anything. You were wrong. But I didn't mean to-

      Mike looks up at Kelly.

      Mike: You always mean to?

      He dies. Kelly frowns and turns around.

      Kass: Can I just say?wow! That was inspired.

      Kelly: You saw?

      Marie: All of it.

      Kelly: Please don't call the police, I didn't want-

      Line: Hey don't worry, we're not calling any cops. They'd put you in jail. And we don't want that.

      Kelly: What do you want?

      Kass: You babe.

      Kelly: Me? I'm nothing special.

      Kirsty: You don't know what you are.

      Kelly: What am I?

      Kass: You're a Slayer, girl.

      Kelly: A what?

      Cut to the Slayers in the present day.[/I]

      Kass: Slayer. That's what she is. But she's nothing like us. She thinks we're the ones that abuse our power? She hardly uses hers. We need to get going. Gotta find this bitch soon. I wanna make her pay.

      Kelly: Right.

      Kass: (to Kelly) You gonna throw that then?

      The camera shows Kelly is holding a brick.

      Kelly: Oh?yeah.

      Kelly throws the brick through a window. A groan is heard from inside the house. Kelly looks shocked.

      Kass: (without emotion) Bonus.

      She walks into the house. Kelly follows looking worried.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Dawn and Chris at the house clearing up.

        Chris: God, they really made a mess.

        Dawn: We've had worse. At the old house I mean.

        Chris: Right.

        Dawn: Especially now it's under 20 feet of rock.

        Chris smiles slightly.

        Chris: I guess you've seen a lot worse than the Rogue Slayers too huh?

        Dawn: Well?yeah, kinda. They're different though. This time, they're not the big bad monsters that Buffy can kill.

        Chris: Not just Buffy.

        Dawn: Well yeah there's the other Slayers, and Willow-

        Chris: No I mean you.

        Dawn: Me? No, I mean the killing part isn't really my area of expertise.

        Chris: Well maybe not, but you handled yourself well with the Slayers before.

        Dawn: Yeah, I was a really good hostage.
        Chris: Some people would crack under the pressure that you're put under every day Dawn. You're a lot stronger than most.

        Dawn smiles.

        Dawn: Thanks.

        Chris smiles at her.

        Cut to Buffy at Giles' house. She knocks frantically at the door. Giles opens it.

        Giles: Oh thank god!

        Buffy: Giles!

        They hug.

        Buffy: Are you ok?

        Giles: Yes, so's Stephen. Come in.

        She walks in.

        Buffy: You know where the Rogue Slayers are?

        Giles: No. But I know where certain other girls are.

        Buffy: What do you mean?

        Giles: Stephen and I have arranged to find Rona, Vi and Chao-Ahn. We need them for this Buffy.

        Buffy: But that means they won't be able to protect their homes. That's why they went back.

        Giles: There are many other Slayers around the world, as you know Buffy. But these three have been at the front line of battle, an apocalyptic one at that. And this is the place most at threat right now as far as I know.

        Buffy: We could use the help. I tried getting through to Faith but she wasn't there.

        Giles: Yes so did I.

        Buffy: You don't think that she's in trouble do you?

        Giles: I doubt it, she's not part of this anymore. But if we need her then she might have to be.

        Buffy: Great. Ruin even more people's happiness.

        Giles: You can't keep blaming yourself for this Buffy.

        Buffy: Why not? It's my fault.

        Giles: Well I'm only going to say this once. And it's this: you couldn't have known things were going to spiral out of control like this. None of us could. We did what we had to do. Like we're doing now.

        Buffy smiles. Stephen appears at a doorway.

        Stephen: Buffy, hello. Um I think there's something you'll want to see.

        Buffy walks into the living room and the TV is on. It's the news.

        Female reporter: The town of Darkley, Lincolnshire has come under siege from several young girls possessing unusual strength. They seem to be on some kind of a rampage. The body of a young girl was found in the chaos. The girl has a large wound through her stomach. Whether the events are connected or perhaps connected to the deaths of PC Michaels deputy head of police and Sarah Jones, a student at Darkley Secondary School is unknown. Supt Grigson, head of police in Darkley had this to say:

        Supt Grigson: We've never seen a problem quite this big in Darkley but be rest assured that it will be sorted out. So far we have a name to match to one of the culprits, a Miss Buffy Summers who moved into the area recently. We caution anyone approaching this girl as she is said to be very unstable.

        Female reporter: That was Supt Grigson, chief of police in Darkley. Other news tonight-

        Stephen switches off the TV. Buffy looks very shocked.

        Giles: Buffy it's alright, we can still fight.

        Buffy just shakes her head repeatedly.

        Cut to Kass in the upstairs of the house. She sees the same news extract. She smiles as she hears Buffy's name.

        Cut to New York, August 2003. All five Slayers walk out of a shop that has a big sign: "Psychic readings" above the door.

        Marie: Well that was interesting.

        Kirsty: Yeah! Now we know who's responsible for all of this!

        Line: I so wanna kick her ass.

        Kass: Oh we will. What was her name again?

        Kirsty: Buffy. God it sounds so lame. I'd die first before having that name.

        The Slayers laugh.

        Kelly: So are we going there? England?

        Kass: Yeah. But we got some time to kill.

        The Slayers all laugh. The walk off.

        THE END
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