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Buffy Episode 8.5 149. Trouble (part 1 of 2)

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  • Buffy Episode 8.5 149. Trouble (part 1 of 2)

    Hi, this is the fifth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.5 149. ? Trouble (part 1 of 2)

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Chris VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    In the hellmouth

    Buffy VO: Every girl who might be a Slayer will be a Slayer.

    Willow: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Dawn: What are we gonna do now?

    Cut to the "Welcome to Lincolnshire" sign

    Buffy VO: Everything's normal again really.

    Cut to the roadside near the Summers' new house

    Stephen: Giles has told me about you. I'm Stephen Carlson.

    Cut to Dawn and Siobhan.

    Dawn: You have a crush on Andrew!

    Siobhan smiles.

    Siobhan: I don't think he's had much experience. How about you and Chris? You gonna ask him out tomorrow?

    Dawn: What!?

    Siobhan: Oh come on. You think he's dead fit.

    Dawn: Well?yeah maybe, I guess.

    Cut to Xander and Chris.

    Xander: Just my boss ? she was telling me some stuff about a new development.

    Chris: She seemed pretty in to you.

    Xander smiles to himself.

    Cut to Kennedy and Giles. Cut to Willow using magic on PC Michaels and fixing the car.

    Giles VO: I'd like to think she's not taking risks but?I'm not sure she can tell the difference between what's necessary and what's not.

    Cut to Chris in the Summers' house with the others.

    Chris: The problem is girls. They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rouge?

    Chris: There are at least five.

    Cut to Kass and co. punching and killing people.

    Willow VO: Those girls lives are wrecked cause of what I?we did. And now, hundreds more people could die, and it all comes back to the spell.

    Cut to Giles and Andrew.

    Giles: That was Ms Derron, head of the new Watcher's Council.

    Andrew: Did she call about the Rouge Slayers?

    Giles: They think the army should deal with this.

    Andrew frowns. Cut to Kennedy's mum at the door.

    Mrs Elisonne: Is that anyway to greet your mother?

    Cut to Kennedy's mum pointing the gun.

    Kennedy: I don't know you anymore.

    Mrs Elisonne: No now you do know. You might wanna know that the Angel you mentioned before is now the boss of our L.A. branch.

    Buffy looks shocked. Cut to Willow and Chris blasting Kennedy's mum with magic. The amulet reacts and she disappears. Willow looks shocked.

    Kennedy: Thanks. I'm not gonna feel bad. She started this. We finished it. Let's just leave it at that.

    Cut to Kass and the others getting out of a car in Darkley.

    Kass: Well here we are!


    ACT I

    Open on the Summers' house. Buffy is on the phone.

    Buffy: So everything's ok for you?

    Cut to Faith in what seems to be her and Robin's new home in Boston.

    Faith: We're doing great actually. I mean the job interview might not go so well, but hey I mean there are plenty of others.

    Cut back to Buffy.

    Buffy: Hey you can charm any interviewer. Good luck.

    Cut back to Faith.

    Faith: (smiling) Thanks. And I'll call you again if I see any rogue slayers around.

    Cut back to Buffy.

    Buffy: I hope you don't. But then I hope I don't either.

    She sighs. Cut back to Faith.

    Faith: Well if they do show up I'll be sure to make ?em see that I'm the only Slayer that can get away with the bad girl act.

    Cut back to Buffy. She smiles.

    Buffy: Ok well good luck again, say hi to Robin for me.

    Cut back to Faith.

    Faith: Will do. Speak soon B.

    Cut back to Buffy.

    Buffy: Ok. Bye.

    She puts down the phone and stares into space for a second. Xander walks in.

    Xander: Was that Faith?

    Buffy: Yeah, I was just telling her about the Rogue Slayers. From what Chris has said they could be anywhere by now.

    Xander: I wouldn't worry too much about them.

    Buffy: Xander, I have to worry. Whatever these girls do from now on?it's my responsibility.

    Xander: So we're gonna try and help them when they try and kill us?

    Buffy: I guess so. I don't want to be responsible for any more deaths.

    They walk into the living room.

    Xander: I get that.

    Cut to Darkley town centre at night. The camera shows a man walking down the street whistling to himself. He hears a noise and stops. He turns around to face the camera and we see that it is PC Michaels.

    PC Michaels: Hello?

    He walks slowly down an alleyway.

    PC Michaels: Come on out now, this aint the time for messing about.

    Faint laughter is heard.

    PC Michaels: Don't you laugh at me whoever you are, come out now!

    A shadow falls on his back.

    Marie: Whatever you say.

    He turns around and his eyes widen.

    PC Michaels: Hey come on now miss, come on. No, no w-wait, put the weapon do-, no, no, no, no!

    He begins to run down the alley.

    PC Michaels: Aah!

    He runs into another figure.

    Kirsty: Bye.

    She thrusts a stake into his chest. He gasps and looks at her before falling to the floor.

    Kirsty: So Kass, how did we do?

    The camera faces upwards suddenly and zooms towards the rooftop. Kass is standing looking down. She jumps down and lands next to Kirsty.

    Kass: That was great.

    Line and Kelly come out from behind some dustbins.

    Line: Think this town is ready for us?

    Kass: Nope. Should be fun!

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen Carlson
    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    GIGI EDGLEY - Kirsty
    CLAUDIA BLACK - Courtney

    Dawn and sat on the sofa watching TV.

    Dawn: So Buffy did you get through to Angel?

    Buffy: No just got some lawyer telling me he was busy. I still can't believe he runs that place, I mean he seemed to hate it last year. I dunno what changed.

    Dawn: Maybe it's more complicated?

    Xander: Maybe he's evil?

    Buffy: I think everyone at Wolfram and Hart would be dead by now if that were the case.

    Dawn: Maybe they are! Maybe they're all vampires!

    Buffy: Or maybe I'm just thinking the worst. I'll guess we'll find out soon enough. Are Will and Kennedy still out?

    Siobhan: Yeah they are. They had a lot to sort out.

    Buffy: God I know, I just?I don't know how to help.

    Xander: I think this is one of those things where we don't.

    Buffy: Hmm?

    Xander: How about Chris? Do you think he feels bad?

    Buffy: Kinda in shock?I'm not really surprised. But hey, if he and Willow hadn't?you know, then Kennedy's mum could have done a lot worse.

    Siobhan: Yeah he's cool.

    Buffy: Yeah.

    Siobhan: But you know, I uh, think he bats for the other team.

    Dawn looks at Siobhan surprised. Xander looks confused as does Buffy.

    Buffy: Personally I wasn't getting that vibe, but if you say so?

    Siobhan: Well we talked-

    Dawn: Uh, me and Siobhan need to go upstairs right now.

    Dawn grabs Siobhan's arm and walks away quickly. Siobhan smiles at Buffy and Xander awkwardly. Buffy and Xander still look confused.

    Buffy: Ok, I don't know what that was about.

    Xander: I might have an idea.

    Buffy: Huh?

    Xander: I think Dawn has a crush.

    Buffy looks surprised.

    Buffy: Oh. Chris?

    Xander: Well I gotta say "duh" Buff.

    Buffy: Sorry, I just?wait, do you think she thinks that I would?you know?

    Xander: I think she thinks.

    Buffy: Oh?I didn't make it seem that way did I?

    Xander: Not really, but apparently she thought you liked him.

    Buffy: Well, no. I mean he's nice an all but he's like 18.

    Xander nods.

    Buffy: Maybe I should talk to Dawn?

    Xander: Sooner or later, probably.

    Buffy looks towards the stairs.

    Cut to Dawn and Siobhan upstairs.

    Siobhan: What?

    Dawn: What are you doing?

    Siobhan: Just helping out.

    Dawn: No, you're making trouble. Buffy's probably gonna go off Chris now.

    Siobhan: Which means he's all yours.

    Dawn: That's not how I wanna do it.

    Siobhan: You gotta get rid of the competition Dawn. How else do you expect to get anything?

    Dawn: Ok first of all she's my sister, and if Chris is more interested in her than me then I'm not gonna try and split them up.

    Siobhan: There are plenty more fish in the sea for her. Chris and you would make an amazing couple.

    Dawn: Well maybe we'll never know.

    Siobhan: Oh come on, you're not backing out now.

    The camera scrolls over the top of the stairs. Buffy is walking up them and she listens in on their conversation. Cut back to Dawn and Siobhan.

    Dawn: I'm not saying that. Look just?just let me do it my own way ok? If Chris and me are really good for each other then, well, something'll happen soon.

    Buffy frowns slightly but then smiles a little and goes back downstairs.

    Siobhan: So you're just gonna wait for him to make a move?

    Dawn: Yeah.

    Siobhan opens her mouth.

    Dawn: I know you're gonna say something like guys never make the first move so don't.

    Siobhan: Ok, ok, just trying to help.

    Dawn: Shouldn't you be more concerned with you and Andrew?

    Siobhan: What? No?we're great?

    Dawn: Really?

    Siobhan: Ok so maybe not great but we could be worse. We actually had what some cultures would call a conversation last night?admittedly about action figures, but it was something.

    Dawn: He say much else?

    Siobhan: Not much apart from nervous laughter, hello and goodbye. I mean I get that he might never have been with a girl before, but I've really got my work cut out here?

    Dawn: Hmm?remember just now you said about "batting for the other team?"

    Siobhan raises her eyebrows and opens her mouth slightly. Dawn looks upwards and smiles awkwardly.

    Cut to Willow and Kennedy sitting on the bench near the river. They are sat fairly far apart from each other and there is an awkward silence.

    Kennedy: So are we gonna sit like this all day or what?

    Willow: I dunno. Neither of us are saying anything.

    Kennedy: It's not like I don't have anything to say. I mean I was so worried about you. I thought you could have been dead.

    Willow: I know. And I felt so much better in your arms. But then after that I just felt so dark. I killed-

    Kennedy: You didn't kill anyone. You sent her someplace else that's all. And remember Chris had a part in it too.

    Willow: Someplace that she can never escape from ever. She's as good as dead now.

    Kennedy: Well she deserved it.

    Willow: But she was your mom, Kennedy. And she was human. I swore I'd never kill another human again and it's less than a year and a half later and I'm at it again.

    Kennedy: You're not evil or anything. You did what was right. And you didn't know the brooch would release that energy.

    Willow: I shoulda known it was mystical, it had that look.

    Kennedy pauses.

    Willow: It's just?ever since I went?bad, I've tried to use my magic for good, but for whatever reason, it always ends badly. Remember the portal, with you and Anya back in Sunnydale? I could have killed you both then. Then the Slayer spell, and God knows how many people that's hurt. And now this. Can't I do something good for once?

    Willow looks tearful. Kennedy hugs her. They stop hugging but Kennedy keeps her hands on Willow's shoulders.

    Kennedy: You have done something good. A lot of things. Look I know all that stuff turned out badly, but when you never wanted anything like that to happen. You tried to do the right thing every time.

    Willow: But I couldn't. Maybe deep down, there's still part of that power that made me the way I was after Tara. What if I can't get rid of it?

    Kennedy: I'll help you.

    Willow: You can't. I know I saved you, and I know you'd do the same for me. But I don't think you realise how much killing someone affects you.

    Kennedy: So just because I haven't killed someone, I can't know what you feel?
    Willow: Yes. It's too complicated to explain if you haven't.

    Kennedy: Try me!

    Willow: It's not words. It's feeling. I could never describe that to you.

    Kennedy: Well-

    Willow: Look you can't do anything Kennedy, so don't try.

    Kennedy: I'm not just gonna stand by and watch you suffer like this.

    Willow: Then keep your eyes closed.

    [I]Willow walks away. Kennedy looks hurt. Tears fill in Willow's eyes as she heads towards the house.

    Cut to the house. Xander and Andrew are sat around the kitchen table.

    Xander: So what's this about you and Siobhan?

    Andrew: W, w, what?

    Xander: Um, sorry I thought you and her were-

    Andrew: Friends?

    Xander: No the stage after that.

    Andrew: (hopefully) Good friends?

    Xander: Andrew you do know this girl is totally into you right?

    Andrew: She is?

    Xander rolls his eyes.

    Xander: Well, yeah!

    Andrew: Oh?well that's?nice?

    Xander: Nice? It's great! When was the last time you had a girlfriend?

    Andrew looks uncomfortable.

    Andrew: Well, um?not recently.

    Xander: Well here's your chance. I say go for it.

    Andrew: Yeah?right?um?ok.

    Xander: That's the spirit!

    Xander pats Andrew on the back, Andrew laughs nervously. Buffy and Chris walk in.

    Buffy: You guys ok for now?

    Chris: We're going into town.

    Xander: Hey I'll drive ya, save you the cost of the bus.

    Buffy: Oh thanks Xander, the bus driver doesn't like us I don't think. And we do need to get into Darkley.

    Xander: Looking for some Slayer friends?

    Buffy: Well yeah, but I hope we don't find any. I have this feeling though?

    Chris: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they were nearby by now.

    Cut to the school. Dawn and Siobhan walk down the corridor giggling. The camera moves off them and down another corridor, and through a dark passage into a small classroom. A student is working on some kind of science project and is using only a small light for her work. She is studying something, when something smashes. She jumps and looks over to see that a test tube has broken.

    Student: Oh great. More time wasted.

    She goes over to pick it up, but hears something else. She slowly gets up and turns around.

    Student: Ahhhhh!

    Someone rushes towards her. Blood splatters the experiment and the broken test tube on the floor. The girl's body falls to the floor revealing Kass smiling.

    Kass: This'll do for now.
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    ACT II

    Cut back to the Summers' house. Andrew, Buffy, Xander and Chris are walking towards the front door.

    Buffy: Andrew I told you no, if we find any Slayers you're only gonna be in our way.

    Andrew: Why does Xander get to go?

    Buffy: Xander's gotta drive us there. Anyway he's got his own things to do at work.

    Andrew: It's still not fair.

    Buffy: You get to do a lot Andrew but right now you're better off staying here. Willow and Kennedy are still here too so if you need anything ask them.

    Andrew looks annoyed.

    Andrew: Fine.

    He walks off towards his room. Buffy sighs.

    Buffy: And I thought now that Dawn's older we wouldn't have that whiny tone in the house.

    She opens the front door. She, Xander and Chris walk to the car.

    Xander: He'll be ok, just doesn't wanna miss out on any action.

    Buffy: I hope there won't be any. And if there is, it's definitely the kind of action you'd pay to miss.

    Cut to Xander's car pulling up in front of the school. Giles is standing on the pavement. Buffy, Chris and Xander get out of the car.

    Buffy: Giles, hey.

    Giles: Hello. Glad to see you're here.

    Buffy: Why? Has anything happened?

    Giles: Uh, nothing here.

    Chris: Then what?

    Giles: The uh, coven just phoned.

    Xander: The one's in Devon that you took Willow to see?

    Giles: Yes.

    Buffy: What did they say?

    Giles: She's identified the spirits of five Rouge Slayers at Heatthrow. This was a few days ago.

    Buffy: Oh god. Then they could be here.

    Xander: If they know where to look.

    Chris: Well they're looking in England, they know that much.

    Giles: Yes. And uh, although slightly less important, I do have some other bad news.

    Buffy: Oh god, what now?

    Giles: The class has been shut down.

    Buffy: Oh. That's it?

    Giles looks annoyed.

    Buffy: Sorry. Just, you know, I thought it might be a little more serious.

    Giles: Well the school council has had some complaints from some idiotic parents who think I'm teaching their children black magic or something preposterous like that.

    Buffy: Well can you blame them exactly?

    Giles: Perhaps we should have gone a little slower, but still?

    Chris: Have you fired you from working at the school altogether?

    Giles: No?but I'm going to have to find something else for Kennedy and Andrew to do now. Andrew especially was quite promising in the demon area.

    Buffy: Really?

    Giles: Yes, he could very well make a Watcher if he studied hard enough.

    Xander laughs. Giles looks at him.

    Xander: You're serious?

    Giles: I know he used to be an idiot but he's actually quite adept.

    Buffy: I'll take a memo on that.

    I]Xander's mobile phone rings.[/I]

    Xander: I'll just get this, you guys go on ahead.

    Buffy and Chris: Ok.

    Xander answers the call.

    Xander: Hello? Hey Mrs. Strawson.

    Cut to a building in Darkley. Courtney (Xander's boss) is sitting on a sofa in it.

    Courtney: Hello Xander. I was just wondering if you'd finishing those plans for the new site.

    Cut back to Xander.

    Xander: Oh I'm almost done, I'll have them done by?at your place? Um sure I?right well I'll bring them there.

    Cut back to Courtney.

    Courtney: Well I'll see you here at 5 then? You can stay as long as you want.

    Cut back to Xander. He looks a little thrown by Courtney's last statement.

    Xander: ?Right?ok. See ya then. Bye.

    He hangs up the phone and walks towards the school doors. Buffy, Chris and Giles are at the end of the corridor.

    Xander: Guys, something's come up at work I gotta run.

    Buffy: Oh, ok Xander, will you be back?

    Xander: Yeah in a few hours.

    Chris: Ok then.

    Xander smiles and walks away.
    Cut to Kennedy walking into the kitchen. Willow looks up, were tearstains on her face. Kennedy looks sympathetically at her and then sits next to her. She takes Willow's hand in her own hands.

    Kennedy: Ok. Here's the thing. If you wanna be on your own then that's fine. I'll wait.

    Willow: I don't think that'd really help. Besides, it's not you that's the problem Kennedy. I'm sorry. It's me.

    Kennedy: You have nothing to apologise for.

    Willow: Yes I do. I thought I could fix this by pushing you away. I was wrong.

    Kennedy: Well, maybe.

    She smiles at Willow. Willow smiles back, but still looks sad.

    Kennedy: You still worried about the magics?

    Willow: I can't not be.

    Kennedy: Well, you might not see it, but you did something extraordinary last week. It's not always a clean cut between human and non-human Willow. I'm not saying that you feeling bad is stupid or whatever, cause it's not. But sometimes these things happen.

    Willow: Sometimes people let them happen.

    Kennedy: Yeah well in this case it needed to happen. Look, I know I can't understand what you're going through, you've made that clear. But I can still be your kite string.

    Willow smiles.

    Willow: Wind's pretty strong up here.

    Kennedy: I won't let you go. Ok?

    Willow smiles and nods. Kennedy kisses her and then sits back smiling at her. Andrew enters.

    Kennedy: Oh, hey Andrew.

    Andrew: Hi.

    Kennedy: Whatcha doing?

    Andrew: Just gonna make some popcorn. You want some?

    Kennedy: I'll pass.

    Willow: Me too. Where are the others?

    Andrew: Oh they went to the school to look for some Slayers.

    Willow and Kennedy frown.

    Willow: The Slayers are here?

    Andrew: I don't know, Buffy thinks they could be.

    Willow: Why didn't she tell us?

    Kennedy: She's gonna need us.

    Andrew: They didn't wanna disturb you I guess. Don't worry, they wouldn't let me go either.

    Willow: We gotta go.

    Andrew: Great!

    Willow: Andrew, Buffy didn't let you come for a reason. If I bring you then you might get hurt.

    Andrew: Well so might you!

    Kennedy: Look, you help a lot, but since you're neither a witch or a Slayer, you gotta stay here.
    Andrew: Or a taxi driver.

    Kennedy: What?

    Andrew: Nothing.

    Willow: We'll be back soon anyway. I hope.

    Andrew: Whatever, I'll be here.

    Kennedy looks at her watch.

    Kennedy: The bus'll be a while. We could get a taxi?

    Willow: Uh, ok right.

    Kennedy and Willow go to the phone in the living room. Andrew walks to the kitchen table and sits down. He suddenly finds Chris' mobile and seems to have an idea. Kennedy walks back in the room.

    Kennedy: Willow's just ordering the taxi, so we'll be gone in a minute.

    Andrew: Right, ok.

    Kennedy: So you're not angry?

    Andrew: Oh, no you're probably right, it'd be too dangerous.

    Kennedy: Right, good.

    Willow walks back in.

    Willow: Taxi's gonna be here in about 10 minutes, so we should wait outside.

    Kennedy: Ok, bye Andrew.

    Andrew: Bye.

    They go outside. Andrew waits for the door to close and then he walks over to the living room phone and finds the taxi number on the wall. He dials it.

    Andrew: Hi?uh, it's the Summers' residence here?yeah?yeah we did, but we're gonna need another one a little later?yeah in about 20 minutes?

    Cut to the school. The bell rings and Dawn and Siobhan walk out of a classroom.

    Dawn: God, why the hell did I take geography.

    Siobhan: Because you were led to believe by certain teachers who should technically be sued for false advertising that it was an interesting course that you'd love. It happened to me too.

    Dawn: When am I ever gonna need to know about the amount of rainfall in Australia.

    Siobhan: Who knows?

    Dawn: All I need to know is about the UK ? and that's the one thing we don't even look at because apparently we did it last year.

    Siobhan: You didn't miss much. I mean I missed most of it, but the stuff I didn't miss you'll be glad you missed.

    Dawn: You wanna put that in English for me?

    Siobhan: Sorry, sentences are hard to form this time of day.

    Dawn: Hmm, well no more sentences for a while, just kicking some metaphorical ass.

    Siobhan: Yep. Come in useful soon I guess.

    Dawn: Yeah?

    Siobhan: I better just go to my locker.

    Dawn: Oh right yeah.

    The two go down a corridor. It is soon clear it is the science lab passageway from earlier.

    Dawn: Why do you have your locker here.

    Siobhan: Because no one knows it's here. It means I never get-

    She looks over at the lab door.

    Dawn: What?

    Siobhan: Oh nothing, it's just that door's supposed to be closed at all times.

    Dawn: I'll just shut it.

    Dawn goes over to the door and looks inside. She looks shocked as she peers inside.

    Siobhan: What is it?

    Siobhan rushes over and sees what dawn has seen ? the female student from earlier, lying in a pool of blood. Dawn rushes over, kneels down and feels the girl's pulse. Siobhan walks next to her. Dawn looks up at Siobhan gravely.

    Dawn: She's dead?

    Marie: Well obviously!

    Siobhan spins around only to be punched in the face by Marie. Dawn gasps and gets up. Kass grabs her neck.

    Kass: How many people have you seen lying in two litres of their own blood that are still alive?

    She throws Dawn against the wall and she is knocked out. Line, Kelly and Kirsty appear from nearby.

    Kirsty: Well there was that one time-

    Kass: Yeah we did that on purpose.

    Everyone smiles except for Kelly who stares at Siobhan lying unconscious.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Kennedy and Willow walking into Giles' office. Buffy and Chris are sat inside. They stand up as they see Kennedy and Willow.[/I]

      Buffy: Guys.

      Willow: Buffy why didn't you tell us you were coming?

      Buffy: I?didn't think I should bother you. You guys had stuff to sort out.

      Willow: Buffy, this is a little more important than that.

      Buffy: Look Willow, do you realise what could happen here? These girls aren't gonna be easy to capture alive.

      Kennedy: So you're gonna kill them!?

      Willow: Buffy how can you say that?

      Buffy: I know that we're responsible for this, but I'm not gonna let them hurt anyone else. If it comes between them or an innocent then it's gonna be them.

      Willow: They're innocent too.

      Chris: Not after what they've done.

      Willow: How can you say that Chris? You knew them.

      Chris: Yeah, and they killed my best friend. They're not who they were.
      They're murderers.

      Willow: May I remind you of last week?

      Chris: That was different.

      Willow: You can tell yourself that as many times as you want. But it's still murder.

      Kennedy looks at Willow sadly.

      Willow: We're waiting for Siobhan and Dawn right?

      Buffy: Yeah?and Giles has just gone to tell Stephen what's up.

      Willow: Well we should go and see what's keeping Siobhan and Dawn. Let's go.

      Willow walks down the corridor, followed by Kennedy. Chris turns to Buffy.

      Chris: Don't worry, I'm on your side.

      Buffy: This isn't about sides.

      Chris: Then what is it about?

      Cut to Kass staring forward.

      Kass: Power?

      She turns around to stare at Dawn who is being held by Marie.

      Kass: That's what this comes down to.

      Dawn: What do you want?

      Kass: Revenge. And the power we have will give us that.

      Dawn: You don't understand-

      Kass: Oh I think I do. You, you sister, your friends, you made us like this.

      Siobhan: Looks like you're enjoying it.

      Kass glares at her.

      Kass: Are you? I mean really? How much did it screw your life up? It did, didn't it?

      Siobhan remains silent.

      Kass: Sure, it's nifty, but it doesn't replace the lives we had right? Don't try and tell me this is an improvement.

      Siobhan: It is. It's made me strong. In more ways than I knew.

      Kass hits her.

      Kass: No. It's made you weak. You'll conform because you don't have the strength to say no. Simple as.

      Kass turns away.

      Kass: Now?we just gotta wait.

      Cut to Giles' house. He is walking out the front door.

      Giles: If I'm not back soon, then give me a ring alright?

      Stephen: Yes, I'll be sure to. That is of course if you still have both arms.

      Giles: We're not necessarily going to fight them.

      Stephen: No, because rogue Slayers are such a benefit to the community. You saw PC Michael's body. Who's next?

      Giles: Just remember to call.

      Stephen: Yes, yes.

      Giles walks off. Stephen watches him and goes back indoors.

      Cut back to the school. Willow and co. are looking around the corridor.

      Buffy: Dawn had geography in here, so hey must have come this way.

      Kennedy: What about down here?

      Kennedy indicates the science corridor.

      Buffy: Worth a shot.

      They head towards it. Giles suddenly appears from behind them.

      Giles: I've told Stephen what's happening. Where are Siobhan and Dawn?

      Buffy: We dunno. We were juts gonna look down here.

      Giles: Oh right.

      They head down the corridor and see the open door. They walk in the room and see the girl lying on the floor.

      Buffy: Oh my god.

      Buffy rushes over to her, followed by Chris. Kennedy is about to follow, but Willow suddenly frowns and grabs her arm.

      Willow: We're not alone.

      The lights suddenly turn off, leaving the room slightly darker. Everyone looks around.

      Giles: There.

      Kass walks towards the gang with a knife to Dawn's neck. Marie and Kirsty follow behind with Siobhan. Kelly and Line follow too.

      Kass: Well hey there!
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        ACT IV

        Kass: Nice of you to join us. Kirsty.

        Kirsty walks over to them and empties out their pockets. She finds Giles' phone and crushes it in her hand before joining Kass again.

        Kass: There. Now I'm only guessing here, but I think one of you might be Buffy right?

        Buffy: That's right. And get your hands off my sister.

        Kass: Your sister huh? Well that's lucky for us, cos I was really hoping this little bitch would be someone you care about. She's not like you and me though. Not like the other one over there. Boy she nearly got away. Recruiting an army are we? You got any more Slayer soldiers in your gang?

        Kennedy: Yep, and I'm one of ?em.

        Kass: Well hey, that must be great for you. She ruin your life as well?

        Buffy: You have no idea what happened.

        Kass: Really? I know that one day last May I was happily fighting with my little brother when suddenly I punched a hole through his chest. Police were on me just like that. Woulda gone to prison if it wasn't for that strength you cursed me with.

        Buffy and co. look shocked.

        Buffy: I'm sorry.

        Kass: Oh save it for when you're begging me not to kill you. Oh and by the way ? how'd you like to see your sis here with a hole or two in her chest?

        Buffy: Let them go.

        Kass: Come and get ?em.

        Buffy and co. draw their weapons. Kass smiles.

        Cut to Courtney's house. She and Xander are sat on a sofa sorting through papers.

        Courtney: I should really get round to get a better filing system to something other than "fit as much as you can into one draw".

        Xander: Nah, don't worry it's refreshing doing something without lifting a hammer.

        Courtney: I really do appreciate your help, there's just so much.

        Xander: Sure Mrs. Strawson

        Courtney: I know I'm your boss and everything Xander, but don't feel you have to address my formally. Especially when we're alone. Call me Courtney.

        Xander: Oh ok, uh, Courtney.

        Courtney: There, that's much better. Now, uh, can you see the Devon report.

        Xander: I think it's here somewhere. Hey watch out!

        A pile of papers begins to slide off the sofa. Courtney and Xander both grab at it and they pull it back on the sofa.

        Courtney: (smiling) Thanks.

        Xander: No problem?

        Courtney moves towards Xander as if she wants to kiss him. Xander moves towards her but suddenly shakes himself.

        Xander: Are, uh, are we done?

        Courtney: Well, with the papers yes, but-

        Xander: I gotta run. Somewhere I need to be.

        Courtney's smile fades.

        Courtney: I see?

        Xander: See ya.

        Courtney: (smiling helpfully) Bye?

        Xander goes out the front door. Courtney looks disappointed.

        Cut to Giles' house in Darkley. Stephen is sitting in the living room with the phone to his ear.

        Stephen: Come on Giles, where are you?

        He looks at his watch.

        Stephen: Well that's it, I'm going to get you out of trouble again.

        Stephen puts his coat on and walks out the front door.

        Cut to Andrew in the back of a taxi. It pulls up in the town centre.
        Andrew: Yeah this'll do fine.

        Andrew hands the driver some money.

        Andrew: Thanks.

        He gets out and walks in the direction of the school.

        Cut back to the school science lab.

        Giles: So you think just because you have the power it gives you the right to kill anybody?

        Kass: Only those in my way. Well mostly.

        Buffy: This isn't what your power is for.

        Kass: You forced it upon us. Now we can do whatever we like with it.

        Buffy: There was a reason. Did you even consider that?

        Marie: We did. And then we didn't really care.

        Buffy: We did it to save the world.

        Kass: Wow. Big stuff. Ok so girls all across the world have power now right? Well I'm guessing a lot of them will be as angry as us. So you've pretty much endangered the world once again. Congrats.

        Chris: What happened to you Kass?

        Chris walks out from behind the others.

        Kirsty: Oh, my, god!

        Kass: Chris babe! I thought I'd never see you again.

        Chris: After you killed Robby?

        Kass: It was business babe. He shoulda paid up.

        Chris: And this is business?

        Kass: No this is justice. And soon it'll be history.

        Kass points her crossbow at Chris.

        Dawn: No!

        Kass: Oh babe, you got some feelings for him too?

        Dawn and Chris look at each other and smile slightly.

        Kass: Well isn't that just perfect. You can have her Chris b?for now.

        Kass throws Dawn to Chris who catches her. Dawn hugs Chris as he stares angrily at Kass.

        Trouble by Coldplay begins to play.

        Oh no, I see
        The spider web is tangled up with me
        And I lost my head
        And thought of all the stupid things I'd said

        Cut to Xander walking towards the school. Cut to Stephen walking towards the school.

        Oh no, what's this?
        A spider web and I'm caught in the middle
        So I turn to run
        And thought of all the stupid things I'd done

        Cut to Andrew walking towards the school.
        Cut to Kass smiling.

        And I never meant to cause you trouble
        I never meant to do you wrong
        And ah, well if I ever caused you trouble
        Oh, no I never meant to do you harm

        Cut to Marie holding Siobhan smiling too. Cut to Line and Marie smiling as well.

        Oh no, I see
        The spider web and it's me in the middle
        So I twist and turn
        But here am I in my little bubble

        Cut to Kelly looking uncertain. Cut to Buffy, Giles, Willow and Kennedy staring back at the Slayers.

        Singing out
        I never meant to cause you trouble
        I never meant to do you wrong
        And ah, well if I ever caused you trouble
        Oh, no I never meant to do you harm

        Cut to Chris holding Dawn. Cut to several short clips of everyone.

        They spun a web for me
        They spun a web for me
        They spun a web for me

        Trouble fades out as the camera cuts back to the Rogue Slayers with Buffy and co.

        Chris: Let Siobhan go too.

        Kass: Oh, no I think we should hang on to her for now, cause without a hostage you might all run away.

        Chris: We were friends.

        Kass: Yeah and I used to have a brother. Things change.

        Buffy: They do. You know I know someone who used to be as screwed us as you are. She killed people when she liked, tried to kill us. But she got better.

        Kass: That's nice for her. Not gonna happen here though.

        Giles: We can help you.

        Kass: Only if you can turn back time. Cos I don't think Chris and his little magic tricks have gotten that far yet.

        Buffy: So what you're gonna kill everyone.

        Kass: Like I said before only the ones in my way. We'll be leaving now, with our hostage.

        Giles: You won't get out the door.

        Kirsty: If we don't, then neither will she.

        Kirsty draws the dagger even closer to Siobhan's neck. Siobhan gasps.

        Willow: Giles let them.

        The girls walk towards the door. Siobhan looks at Dawn and Dawn looks back devastated. Kass walks towards the door and stops as she is near it. Someone is standing at the doorway but his or her face isn't seen. Buffy looks worried.

        Buffy: You need to get outta here.

        Kass: We do. And remember what I said about people in my way?

        Giles: Wait.

        Willow: Don't!

        Kass aims the crossbow and fires.

        Buffy, Giles and Willow: No!

        THE END
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