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Buffy Episode 8.4 148. Legally Mine

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  • Buffy Episode 8.4 148. Legally Mine

    Hi, this is the fourth episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.4 148. Legally Mine

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Kennedy VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Open on Willow and Kennedy in Willow's old room in Sunnydale.

    Kennedy: Mm-hmm. You'll be a kite, and I'll be your kite string, ok?

    Willow: (nods) ok.

    In the Hellmouth

    Buffy VO: Tomorrow morning I'm opening the seal. Every girl in the world who might be a slayer will be a slayer.

    Willow's hair glows white

    Kennedy: You are a goddess.

    Willow: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Dawn: What are we gonna do now?

    Cut to the sign that says "Welcome to Lincolnshire".

    Cut to Kennedy and Giles. Cut to Willow using magic on PC Michaels and fixing the car.

    Giles VO: I'd like to think she's not taking risks but?I'm not sure she can tell the difference between what's necessary and what's not.

    Kennedy: What can I do?

    Giles pauses.

    Giles: I'm not sure we can do anything.

    Cut to Darkley.

    Buffy: Now we just need five other job vacancies.

    Willow: He offered me a job as a grief counsellor at the local youth centre.

    Giles VO: I already have a job. I'll do extra curricular classes for those who want to broaden their horizon.

    Cut to Kennedy and Andrew looking through magic books.

    Kennedy: You look like your getting pretty into those.

    Andrew: Well, I always liked this stuff.

    Cut to Siobhan and Dawn in the Summers house.

    Dawn: You have a crush on Andrew!

    Siobhan smiles.

    Cut to Chris and the others in the school basement.

    Dawn: He's a demon hunter.

    Chris: With magic.

    Buffy looks surprised. Cut to Chris in the Summers' house with the others.

    Chris: The problem is girls. They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rouge?

    Chris: There are at least five.

    Cut to Kass and the other girls smiling. Willow looks upset.

    Willow: Those girls lives are wrecked cause of what I?we did. And now, hundreds more people could die, and it all comes back to the spell.

    Cut to Kennedy, Dawn, Siobhan, Andrew and Giles in the school main hall.

    Kennedy: We can't help them all.

    Giles: The Watcher's Council might be able to. That and the army.

    Kennedy: We can't kill them-

    Giles: There may not be another choice Kennedy. Faith was one matter, this could be a hundred.

    Cut to Giles with Buffy.

    Buffy: I refused the power the original Watchers tried to give to me?now I've just gone and done the same thing.

    Giles: We should have considered this before hand. But we didn't. Now we'll have to deal with that.

    Buffy looks grave.


    ACT I

    Open on Kennedy and Willow walking next to the river near the Summers' house. They are holding hands.

    Kennedy: So you nervous about your first day sweetie?

    Willow: Well kinda, although technically looking around the school's not exactly what I'll be doing the rest of the time, but still kinda yeah. I mean Buffy says it's different depending on the kids they send. I just hope I don't get any of them prophesising their deaths.

    Kennedy: What?

    Willow: One of Buffy's experiences.

    Kennedy: Oh?well this place isn't on a hellmouth. Well it's near to one, but I'm sure the kids'll be way better here than they were at Sunnydale.

    Willow: Well that's kinda what I'm worried about.

    Kennedy: Why?

    Willow: Mystical disturbances, demon problems I can just about handle after seven years of being around it. But actual teenage problems, like parents divorcing, drugs?I dunno if I can help with that.

    Kennedy: You're good with kids; it'll be fine hun.

    Willow: Thanks. I guess I'm just a little preoccupied with the rogue Slayer business.

    Kennedy frowns.

    Kennedy: Right.

    Willow: I know there's nothing we can do right now but?

    Kennedy: There is something you can do. Think about you. Right now that's the most important thing. You need some serious you time.

    Willow: Well I don't think I'm gonna get much of it.

    Kennedy: Would you settle for some us time?

    Willow: (smiling) Definitely.

    The two kiss passionately.

    Kennedy: And look! You didn't turn into a guy so it's gonna be a good day!

    Willow: I guess there is that.

    Willow opens the back door of the house.

    Willow: Thanks for being here for me.

    Kennedy: Hey, what are girlfriends for?

    Willow: Well there could be several answers to that question, most of which would make me blush.

    Kennedy: (smiling) We'll have time for that later.

    Xander comes down the stairs.

    Xander: Hey guys. You ready Will?

    Willow: Just about I think.

    Kennedy: You should be ready for anything after that pep talk.

    Willow: Just about.

    Kennedy: And remember I'll be nearby-ish, helping Giles out.

    Kennedy opens the front door.

    Kennedy: So we'll be able to face any problems toge-

    Kennedy's eyes open wide as she looks outside. The camera shows a woman of about 40 standing on the doorstep. A limo is parked outside.

    Woman: (with relief) Kennedy! Oh my god, I thought I'd never find you!

    The woman hugs Kennedy and Kennedy looks taken a back.

    Kennedy: (uncertainly) What?what are you doing here?

    Woman: Well is that anyway to greet your mother?

    Willow stares from Kennedy to her mother. Xander looks uncomfortable. Kennedy continues to stare at her mother.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    ANGELICA HOUSTON - Mrs Elisonne
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    GIGI EDGLEY - Kirsty
    CLAUDIA BLACK - Xander's boss

    Cut to Buffy, Chris and Giles in Giles' office.

    Buffy: So they're gonna help?

    Giles: I hope so yes.

    Buffy: Ok good.

    Chris: How long's are they gonna take?

    Giles: I'm not sure.

    Chris: Probably not quick enough to stop Kass and the others.

    Buffy: From what, wreaking some more havoc?

    Chris: Uh, maybe a little worse than that?

    Giles: What do you mean?

    Chris: Well?they were pretty angry about what happened to them. They might be seeking revenge.

    Buffy: Well they don't know how to find us?right?

    Chris: I don't know.

    Buffy looks worried.

    Buffy: Oh god. Why didn't you tell us this before?

    Chris: I'm only guessing. They might not know where you are at all.

    Giles: But if they do, we may have a problem very shortly.

    Buffy: (looking troubled) I hope not. Faith left just at the wrong time I guess.

    Giles: We still have Siobhan, Kennedy, and Willow. And you of course.

    Giles smiles at Buffy and she smiles back. She gets up out of her chair.

    Buffy: Guess we should be getting back now Chris. No one's home so I guess it's just you and me for lunch.

    Chris: (smiling) Ok. Bye Mr. Giles.

    Buffy: Bye Giles. Call me if there's a massacre ok?

    Giles: I'll call you before the massacre.

    Cut to Kennedy standing facing her mum.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well aren't you going to invite me in dear?

    Kennedy: Um?I?

    Mrs. Elisonne: I know you're obviously shocked-

    Kennedy: Big understatement.

    Mrs. Elisonne: I mean we haven't seen each other in five years, but that's the reason I'm here. We have a lot to discuss.

    Kennedy: Right?um?come in, I guess.

    Mrs. Elisonne: It's so great to see you again dear. Are these your friends?

    Willow: Well actually-

    Kennedy: Yeah they are. This is Willow, and Xander.

    Willow looks at Kennedy confused.

    Mrs. Elisonne: (smiling) Nice to meet you.

    Xander: (smiling) You too. And sorry we gotta rush, but we'll be late otherwise.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Oh don't let me keep you, I think me and Kennedy need some time together anyway, don't you think dear?

    Kennedy: Yeah?

    Willow: We'll be back later.

    Willow turns to the car without saying goodbye. Kennedy looks after Willow sadly. Xander smiles at Kennedy and her mum, nods and walks after Willow. Kennedy turns around slowly and closes the door.

    Cut to inside Xander's car.

    Xander: Wow, well that was unexpected. Kennedy doesn't exactly talk about her family much.

    Willow: No, she never has done to me.

    Willow looks back at the house.

    Xander: (looking at the limo) Looks like she's pretty well off though. I wonder why she didn't mention it before.

    Willow: I guess she has some things to sort out. We better go.

    Xander: Right.

    Xander drives off.

    Cut back to the house. Both Kennedy and her mum are sat down, on opposite sides of the room.

    Mrs. Elisonne: (looking around) Well it's, uh, nice here. Lots of space I see.

    Kennedy: Yeah, it's cool.

    Mrs. Elisonne: You're happy here?

    Kennedy: Of course, why would I be here if I wasn't?

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well I don't know, I thought you might be following some boy around.

    Kennedy smiles weakly.

    Kennedy: How did you find me?

    Mrs. Elisonne: You sound like you didn't want me to.

    Kennedy: No I?I was just surprised to see that's all. Especially after-

    Mrs. Elisonne: Yes, well, that's part of the reason I'm here. But to answer your question, we just talked to our British branch and they gave me directions. It was just finding your exact location that was a little difficult.

    Kennedy: Right.

    Mrs. Elisonne: But I really did wonder why you left so suddenly.

    Kennedy: It's a long story.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Don't tell me there's a boy at the bottom of it.

    Kennedy: Not exactly.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well I'm sure you had your reasons.

    Kennedy: Yeah.

    The two sit uncomfortably in the silence.

    Kennedy: How's Kat?

    Mrs. Elisonne: A little lonely without her sister around. But she's engaged now so it won't be for much longer.

    Kennedy: Wow?things really have changed since I've been away.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Yes?quite a lot actually, that we haven't spoken about yet?

    Kennedy: Oh? Like what?

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well you know there was the confusion with your father's will.

    Kennedy: (quietly) Yeah.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well we found the original, and it has some quite surprising information in it concerning your father's inheritance.

    Kennedy: Dad left me something?

    Mrs. Elisonne: He did indeed dear. He's left you the estate.

    [I]Kennedy's eyes widen and she looks at her mother who smiles back.

    Buffy and Chris walk outside Giles' office and find Willow standing there.

    Buffy: Oh hey Will.

    Will: Hey Buffy, Chris.

    Chris: Hey.

    Buffy: Shouldn't you be off counselling?

    Willow: I would but uh, something's come up.

    Buffy: Oh?Will, I don't know what I can say to make things right, I mean what's done is done, ya know? And-

    Willow: No, no I'm not talking about the rogue Slayers.

    Buffy: Oh.

    Chris: What is it?

    The three of them begin walking down the corridor.

    Willow: Kennedy's mom just arrived.

    Buffy: At the house?

    Willow: Yeah, limo and all.

    Buffy: Limo??

    Willow: You bet. Seems like she's planning on staying.

    Buffy: It was nice of Kennedy to tell me this.

    Willow: She didn't know anything about it until she arrived. She looked kinda shocked actually.

    Buffy: Oh?she's not planning to turn Kennedy into a demon is she?

    Willow: (smiling slightly) I hope not.

    Buffy: So Kennedy's mom huh? What was she like?

    Willow: Kinda formidable. I guess Kennedy has some history with her.

    Buffy: Great. I just hope she's not evil. Or dead. Or both.

    Willow: She seemed thoroughly alive to me. But evil I'm not sure about.

    They walk through the main doors of the school and walk up to Xander's car.

    Buffy: Guess we'll have to get Xander to build an extension pretty fast.

    Chris: Sorry if me staying around's gonna be a problem.

    Buffy: No, no it's fine. Siobhan's to and fro, and you can have Faith and Robin's old room.

    Chris: Great, thanks.

    Willow: Well at this rate I think Kennedy might be sleeping elsewhere. She doesn't know Kennedy and me are together, or even that Kennedy's gay.

    Buffy: Wow, she and Kennedy really haven't spoken for a while. I guess we should try and give them some space.

    Willow: Well I'll be back after work, so can you make sure everything's ok until then?

    Buffy: Will do.

    Willow: Thanks?bye.

    Buffy and Chris: Bye.

    Willow goes back inside Buffy looks inside the car but it is empty.

    Buffy: Hey where's Xander?

    Chris: I dunno?oh wait there he is.

    They look to see Xander wave goodbye to a smartly dressed women who is smiling at him. She gets in her car and drives off. Buffy raises her eyebrows at Xander as he approaches.

    Buffy: What was all that about?

    Xander: Just my boss ? she was telling me some stuff about a new development.

    Buffy: (smiling) Really?

    Chris: She seemed pretty into you.

    Xander: What? No?you think?

    Chris and Buffy smile at Xander and get into the car. Xander smiles to himself before getting in.
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    ACT II

    Cut back to the Summers' house. Kennedy and her mum are sat side by side.

    Kennedy: You mean I get everything?

    Mrs. Elisonne: Yes dear. The house, the grounds, all of it. And this.

    She hands Kennedy a broach.

    Kennedy: It's nice.

    Mrs. Elisonne: And hopefully soon you'll get a place in the firm.

    Kennedy: That's if I accept.

    Mrs. Elisonne: What are you talking about dear?

    Kennedy remains silent, her mum stands up.

    Mrs. Elisonne: This was your father's last wish before he died!

    Kennedy: And I understand that, but I have a life here now.

    Mrs. Elisonne: A life? Really? Do you have a boyfriend?

    Kennedy: Well no, but-

    Mrs. Elisonne: Exactly. You can't follow your friends around everywhere dear. There comes a time where you have to make your own decisions, and choose your own life, with your family.

    Kennedy: I just don't think it's as simple as me agreeing just like that.

    Mrs. Elisonne: Well it's not completely that simple. You have to sign this form agreeing to the ownership.

    She looks in her handbag and takes out a form. Kennedy takes it from her and looks at it.

    Kennedy: I'll have to think about it.

    Mrs. Elisonne: What are you saying dear? That you'd choose people you hardly know over your own flesh and blood?

    Kennedy: I do know them. Better than I've known any of the other people you've introduced to me.

    Mrs. Elisonne: You said yourself you're not dating any boy here.

    Kennedy: You know what mom? I'm actually dating-

    Buffy opens the front door and Mrs. Elisonne looks at Kennedy puzzled. Buffy, Xander and Chris walk into the living room.

    Buffy: Kennedy, hey.

    Kennedy: Hey guys.

    Chris: Hi.

    Xander: Hey.

    Kennedy: Guys, this is my mom. Mom this is Buffy, Chris and Xander.

    Mrs. Elisonne: (smiling but speaking down to the others) Hello. I'm sorry to barge in on you like this; I just really needed to speak to Kennedy.

    Buffy: Don't worry; we'll get out of your way.

    Kennedy: Oh ok; bye then.

    Buffy, Chris and Xander: Bye.

    They go into the kitchen. Kennedy turns around to face her mother, her mother looks puzzled.

    Mrs. Elisonne: You were saying?

    Kennedy: Right I was saying. Mom, there are some things about me you don't know.

    Mrs. Elisonne: I suppose you're going to tell me you've changed religion or something.

    Kennedy: Do you even want to know about my life now? I mean even before I left you hardly spoke to me about it; you just kept introducing me to bachelor after bachelor so that I could marry one of them and begin working at the firm.

    Mrs. Elisonne: You never even tried to like them. Any of them. I was only doing it to help you.

    Kennedy: But you didn't even ask me whether I wanted to be a lawyer, or whether I even wanted to get married. You and dad just assumed I would want to follow your image. Well guess what mom, I don't.

    Mrs. Elisonne: So that's it? You're just going to turn your back on your family? Your duty? For what? A cottage with a bunch of lowlifes in the middle of nowhere?

    Kennedy: You don't even know.

    Mrs. Elisonne: I'm not going to listen to any more of this. I want you to think about this.

    She holds up the form.

    Mrs. Elisonne: I'm just glad your father isn't here to see you turn your back on everything he gave you.

    Kennedy looks upset. Mrs. Elisonne walks into the hallway and slams the front door.

    Cut to Andrew reading once again at the school. Giles walks through looking troubled.

    Giles: That was Ms Derron. The head of the new Watcher's Council.

    Andrew: Oh. Did she call about the Rogue Slayers?

    Giles: Uh, yes, partly. They're not going to help.

    Andrew: Oh. Why not?

    Giles: They think the army should deal with this.

    Andrew: You mean, kill all the Slayers?
    Giles: Not necessarily, but I don't doubt some of them will die, yes.

    Andrew: Well Buffy's probably not gonna be too enthusiastic about that.

    Giles: I'm not sure we have any choice.

    Andrew: But I thought those Watcher guys didn't have much power anymore.

    Giles: They have enough. Connections in London mean they can do a lot. They may have already got the army involved.

    Andrew: So what are we gonna do? Buffy should know, right?

    Giles: Yes she should. But there's something more urgent at hand.

    Andrew: Oh. What?

    Giles looks worried. Cut to the Summers' house Buffy, Chris and Xander come through from the kitchen.

    Buffy, Chris and Xander come through from the kitchen.[/I]

    Kennedy: I'm sorry to bring this here you guys.

    Buffy: Don't worry, I understand about family problems.

    Kennedy: Thanks. It's just she doesn't know about me being gay or that I'm a Slayer or anything. Plus she's just told me that I've inherited the estate I used to live in.

    Buffy: Oh?so does that mean you'll be going?

    Kennedy: I don't want to go back to that way of life. It looks cool from the outside, I mean you've got people waiting on you, loads of money, you can do anything you want to an extent. But you never really have any friends. So when I came here it was like a new beginning.

    Xander: What about your mom though?

    Kennedy: I dunno, she can take the house if she wants. I know my sister would probably want it much more than me. She wanted the dream that my parents wanted me to fulfil.

    Xander: You'd have to officially give it to your sister if you've inherited the house. But then you don't have to have anything more to do with it. You could burn it down even.

    Kennedy: That's if I can reach my sister. She lives with her husband somewhere; I dunno the number or address. I doubt my mom I'll give it to me. God I feel like she's trying to own me or something. I wanna find out what she wants. I mean why would she be so desperate to make me take the house.

    Buffy: Do you wanna find her?

    Kennedy: I guess, I mean she may be controlling but she's still my mom.

    Xander: The limo's gone, so I'm guessing she's gone to the town maybe?

    Kennedy: Yeah. I think I just need to tell her about everything. Maybe she'd understand more if I told her about Willow.

    Xander: Well Xander the taxi man is at your service.

    Buffy: Sorry Xand, we rely on you way too much. I should really learn to drive. And that's driving without the crashing.

    Xander: Nah don't worry about it, what else am I gonna do?

    Kennedy: Thanks Xander. You all wanna come?

    Buffy: Sure, Chris?

    Chris: Um, yeah sure.

    Kennedy: Great. I hope we can actually find her.

    Buffy: Me too. Moms can be so much trouble sometimes.

    Cut to Dawn and Siobhan in Darkley.

    Dawn: They are?

    Siobhan: Well mine is at least. She won't let me go out with Andrew tomorrow, because she wants me to stay home for dinner. Although I'm going anyway.

    Dawn: Little Miss Rebel!

    Siobhan: (smiling) Always. But I just wish she would back off a little bit more. I mean I'm grateful she's actually paying attention to my life for once, because usually it's "hey honey, I'm going to work now, I'll probably see you sometime in the next 24 hours but I won't be able to comprehend the English language because I'll have been working for 23 of them".

    Dawn: That bad huh?

    Siobhan: Not always I guess. Sometimes she actually manages a compound sentence.

    Dawn: I'm sorry.

    Siobhan: Hey remember I told you not to be. It's fine really. And I know you lot now so it's much better than it was. Anyway how about you and Chris? You gonna ask him out tomorrow?

    Dawn: What!?

    Siobhan: Oh come on. You think he's dead fit.

    Dawn: Well?yeah maybe, I guess.

    Siobhan raises an eyebrow.

    Dawn: Look it anything's gonna happen then it'll do it in my own time.

    Siobhan: Ok, ok. Just trying to help.

    Dawn: Think you need more help than me with your little unrequited love problem.

    Siobhan: It is so not unrequited!

    Dawn: Does he even know you two are going out?

    Siobhan: Of course.

    Dawn: Do he know why?
    Siobhan: I'm?not sure.

    Dawn: And how much have you two actually spoken? I mean properly.

    Siobhan: A lot over the last few days, actually, so there! Well, it's mainly been me doing the talking, but-

    Dawn: Told ya.

    Siobhan: No, he's probably shy or?something. I don't think he's had much experience.

    Dawn: I don't think he's had any.

    Siobhan: Really? I'd be his first?

    Dawn: Probably.

    Siobhan: Oh. Well that's?good I guess?

    Dawn: Right.

    [I]Siobhan looks uncertain.

    They stop at Giles' office. Siobhan knocks on the door and Andrew and Giles both come out.

    Andrew: (to Giles) So the Mentem Edere actually originated from bad dreams?

    Giles: Well that's one theory, but there are others. I've got quite a few editions of the Demon Indexes you might want to look at actually.

    Andrew: That would be great, thanks Giles. (To Dawn and Siobhan) Hi by the way.

    Dawn: Hey.

    Siobhan: (smiling slightly) Hey Andrew.

    Andrew smiles slightly. Siobhan looks disappointed.

    Giles: Yes hello. I actually need to rush off, bit of an urgent phone call. I'll probably see you soon though, the next class is Monday remember.

    Dawn: Yep, we'll be there.

    Giles smiles and walks away. The camera follows him for a second, and his expression changes from happy to concerned.

    Siobhan: So Andrew how are you?

    Andrew: I'm good thanks. How about you?

    Siobhan: I'm good, just doing whatever.

    Andrew: Oh, whatever's good.

    Dawn raises her eyebrows and looks at Siobhan. Siobhan looks back and frowns at Dawn slightly. Andrew smiles. So does Siobhan. Dawn roles her eyes.

    Dawn: Let's go then.

    Andrew: Right.

    Siobhan: Ok.

    Cut to them walking outside the school's main entrance. Dawn is on her mobile.

    Dawn: Ok then. We'll meet you outside here. Right, bye.

    Dawn puts her mobile back in her pocket.

    Siobhan: Everything ok?

    Dawn: Yeah I think so. Kennedy's mom arrived at the house with Kennedy's dad will. Apparently she's inherited their house back in Chicago. But Kennedy doesn't wanna leave, and so her mom's annoyed etc. etc.

    Siobhan: See what I was saying about mothers. They always wanna control you, make you live their life or whatever. Well I don't care. (Whispering to Dawn, smiling) I'll pull whoever I want.

    Dawn: (shocked) Siobhan!

    Andrew: What is it?

    Siobhan: Oh you'll find out soon enough.

    Siobhan walks ahead smiling, Dawn looks shocked still, Andrew looks confused.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Willow walking out of the school. It's now darkening.

      Willow: (to student off screen) Ok we'll talk again soon, bye.

      [I]She walks along the street and sees Kennedy's mum's limo parked nearby. Willow goes up to it. She knocks on the back window. Kennedy's mother lowers the window.[/]

      Willow: Hi.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Oh hello, it's Willow yes?

      Willow: Yeah it is. Sorry I couldn't stay earlier, I was late for work. It was my first day.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Ah I see. Are you on your way home now?

      Willow: Yeah.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Oh, would you like a lift? I only came into the town to buy a few things; it's quite nice here.

      Willow: Oh, thanks if that's ok. And yeah it is nice here.

      Willow goes round to the other passenger door and gets in the car with Mrs. Elisonne.

      Mrs. Elisonne: (to driver) Patrick, back to the house now.

      The car starts. Willow and Mrs. Elisonne sit in silence for an awkward second.

      Willow: So how did things go with Kennedy?

      Mrs. Elisonne: Well they could have gone better, but you know we haven't seen each other for so long, she was bound to be like that.

      Willow: What did you talk about? Unless that's none of my business.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Oh no don't worry dear. Well we talked about a lot, and she told me a few interesting things about her life now and I told her that her father left our estate in Chicago to her in his will. She has to decide whether she wants to come back with me when I leave tomorrow.

      Willow frowns at this.

      Willow: You, you're making her leave?

      Mrs. Elisonne: (not realising Willow's shock) I'm not making her do anything; it'll be her own decision. Although of course I'd like to see more of her.

      Willow: Well I can't be definite but I think Kennedy's pretty happy here.

      Mrs. Elisonne: I don't mean to be rude young lady, but I don't think that's really any of your concern. I mean you've known Kennedy for what, six months?

      Willow: More like nine.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Well I've known her a lot longer than that, and I know she'll want to be with her family.

      Willow: What about the person she loves.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Oh but Kennedy said she didn't have a boyfr-

      Mrs. Elisonne stares at Willow and frowns. Her eyes narrow slightly.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Are you implying, what I think you're implying?

      Willow: I'm not implying anything. I'm telling you what's what.

      Mrs. Elisonne: (slowly) You mean my daughter, is involved with another woman!?

      Willow: Yeah. And she would be me.

      Mrs. Elisonne: (slowly) You?

      Willow: Yeah, I, I thought you and Kennedy talked about her new life?

      Mrs. Elisonne: (slowly) Not about this. You little?you little bitch!

      Willow looks shocked.

      Willow: Excuse me?

      Mrs. Elisonne: You've taken my daughter away from me! You know how much of a joke I'd be at the next party? This kind of abnormality is frowned upon where Kennedy comes from. Now she'll never be able to have a husband, something I'd been planning for her since she was in kindergarten!

      Willow: Mrs. Elisonne, I don't know what your problem is, but from what I can tell, you were the one who drove your daughter away. Did you ever ask her about her relationships? Did you ever ask her what she wanted?

      Mrs. Elisonne: You wouldn't understand.

      Willow: Yeah evidently we're from very different worlds. I think you should let Kennedy choose her own.

      Kennedy's mum glares at Willow.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Patrick lock the doors.

      Willow looks worried.

      Willow: What are you doing?

      Mrs. Elisonne: I'm taking my daughter back.

      Kennedy's mum flicks something at Willow. Willow blinks as orange energy swirls in front of her face. She falls back. Kennedy's mum smiles.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Drive on, Patrick.

      Cut to the front of the Summers' house. Xander's car pulls up and he, Buffy, Kennedy, Chris, Dawn and Siobhan all get out.

      Kennedy: I dunno where she could have gotten to.

      Buffy: Well the limo's not here so I guess she's still out there somewhere.

      Kennedy: I'll look again later.

      Everyone walks inside. Dawn walks beside Chris and tries to get his attention.

      Dawn: Chris do you-

      Chris: Buffy could I have a word with you?

      Dawn looks crushed. Siobhan smiles sympathetically.

      Buffy: Oh sure.

      Buffy and Chris walk into the kitchen.

      Siobhan: Don't worry; it's probably about nothing.

      Dawn: What if it's something though?

      Siobhan: Be positive.

      She and Dawn go upstairs. Xander and Kennedy sit down in the living room.

      Kennedy: I just wish I knew where she was.

      Xander: She's probably just admiring the slightly less than interesting sites of Darkley.

      Kennedy: Yeah you're probably-

      The sound of a car pulling up is heard. Kennedy gets up and opens the front door. It's the limo. Cut to Mrs. Elisonne. She climbs back to the back seat and opens the door.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Kennedy, hello.

      Kennedy: Mom, I was worried.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Oh there was no need to be. I've had some time to think about things and I realise you're right, you should be able to decide your own life.

      Kennedy: Really? I mean I understand you wanting me to come home, but I just really feel like this is where I'm most useful.

      Mrs. Elisonne: (smiling) I know dear.

      The two hug. Xander looks a little uncertain.

      Kennedy: So can Kat have the house then?

      Mrs. Elisonne: Well anyone can have it. But to give it to her then you'll have to sign this other form I have.

      Kennedy: Oh right ok.

      Mrs. Elisonne gets another form and a pen out of her bag. She hands them to Kennedy.

      Mrs. Elisonne: Just so the house is legally hers.

      Kennedy: Yeah of course.

      Kennedy gets ready to sign. Mrs. Elisonne bites her lip and looks to see Kennedy do it.

      Buffy OS: Kennedy wait!

      Kennedy stops and turns around. Buffy and Chris are headed towards her. Mrs. Elisonne looks infuriated.

      Kennedy: What's up?

      Chris: Kennedy, your mom isn't who she seems.

      Kennedy turns to face her mom. She looks shocked.
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        ACT IV

        Kennedy: What?

        Xander: I knew something wasn't right here.

        Chris: I've been speaking with Mr. Giles and he's told me some interesting things. That law firm she works for. It's called Wolfram and Hart isn't it?

        Kennedy: Yeah?so what?

        Buffy: Kennedy, Wolfram and Hart are an evil firm. Remember me telling you about Angel? He's been fighting them for the past four years.

        Kennedy: (to her mum) Is this true?

        Mrs. Elisonne: (shiftily) Of course not. Now hurry up and sign dear.

        Chris: Let's take another look at that form.

        Chris takes it. He puts his hand over it and closes his eyes. The words on the paper rearrange themselves. Kennedy looks at the form. It now says "by signing here, you are hereby ownership of Wolfram and Hart attorneys at law". Kennedy looks up and stares at her mum in disbelief.

        Kennedy: (quietly) You were trying to make me sign my life away!

        Mrs. Elisonne: Yes well, you were the one to turn your back on it.

        Kennedy walks forwards. Mrs. Elisonne begins to walk backwards as she approaches.

        Kennedy: You want me to choose between my lying bitch of a mother, who tried to make me sign my life away to her law firm who she conveniently forgot to tell me were evil, or a life here, where I'm appreciated for what I am, where I can fight against the kind of thing you work for, and be with my friends and the person I love. Well mom I know which one I'm gonna choose. And do you know what? I don't want you to come here again. Ever. And if you do, I might just have to show you how forceful I can be.

        Mrs. Elisonne: You have no idea how upset you make me Kennedy.

        Kennedy: (turning around) Yeah well you make me sick.

        Mrs. Elisonne: You're the one that's sick! I already know about your little affair with that whore Willow!

        Kennedy stops and turns around.

        Kennedy: You've spoken to Willow?

        Mrs. Elisonne: (smiling) A bit.

        Kennedy walks over to her mum and grabs her by the neck.

        Kennedy: Where's Willow?

        Chris: Hang on.

        Chris closes his eyes again. He opens them and looks at Mrs. Elisonne angrily.

        Chris: You bitch!

        Chris runs over to the boot of the car. He opens it and picks Willow up. Kennedy release her grip on her mother's neck and rushes over to Willow.

        Kennedy: (almost in tears) Oh my god, oh my god, is she ok!?

        Chris: She's alive. I think she's been knocked unconscious by some sensu privare dust. Which by the way is only accessed by using incredibly dark magics.

        Willow stirs. Kennedy takes her from Chris.

        Kennedy: Baby are you there? Come on honey!

        Willow: Wha?what?

        Kennedy: Thank god!

        Willow: Kennedy? I?

        She notices Mrs. Elisonne.

        Willow: You! You tried to kill me!

        Kennedy stares angrily at her mum. So do Buffy and Chris.

        Mrs. Elisonne: It was no more than you deserve.

        Kennedy: Mom just-

        Mrs. Elisonne: No Kennedy shut up for once. You people think you can fight us? Fight evil. You may think you had a major triumph when you closed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale. (off everyone's shocked looks) That's right I know all about it. It's too bad you chose to be apart of this band of freaks Kennedy. You could have been so much more. If you had only agreed to come home, this could all have been avoided.

        Kennedy: I don't care what you have to say anymore. Just go!

        Mrs. Elisonne: Oh I don't have anything else to say.

        She takes out a gun and points it straight at Kennedy.

        Mrs. Elisonne: Except goodbye.

        Kennedy: I don't know you anymore.

        Mrs. Elisonne: No, now you do know. What I am. My job, it's all part of my life. Unlike you any longer.

        She pulls the safety catch. Buffy runs over and kicks the gun out of her hand.

        Mrs. Elisonne: Don't get involved with this. Wait. I know you, you're that bitch Slayer.

        Buffy: That's me.

        Mrs. Elisonne: Oh well you might wanna know, that the Angel you mentioned before is now the boss of our LA branch.

        Buffy looks shocked as do the others. Mrs. Elisonne smiles and pulls out the gun again. Chris walks over to Willow Mrs. Elisonne's gaze.

        Chris: Willow do you think you're strong enough?

        He holds out his hand. Willow smiles at him.

        Willow: Yeah.

        They grab hands and both stare at Mrs. Elisonne. She begins to rise in the air.

        Mrs. Elisonne: What are you freaks doing? Get the hell off of me!

        Chris: We're sending you back to where you belong. Back to the estate you speak so highly of and away from all of us.

        Kennedy: Wait.

        Chris: Kennedy?

        Kennedy: (to her mum) You can have this back.

        Kennedy takes off the broach she's wearing and throws it on the ground.

        Mrs. Elisonne: No?

        Chris: Ready Willow?

        Willow: Yeah.

        Mrs. Elisonne: No!

        They both close their eyes and red light flashes around Mrs. Elisonne. The beams of light break the broach and a wisp of orange smoke rises up. Chris and Willow both open their eyes.

        Chris: Something's wrong.

        Buffy: The broach?

        The orange smoke and the red light crackle.

        Mrs. Elisonne: Ahh!

        The fuse together forming a bubble around her. It falls in on itself and disappears.

        Buffy: What happened?

        Chris: The broach must have had some kind of energy within it.

        Willow: A backup plan?in case we tried to keep you here with a spell that would have happened to you Kennedy?

        Buffy: So what she's stuck somewhere?

        Willow: Yeah?forever.

        Giles' car pulls up. Giles gets out quickly.

        Giles: Where is she?

        Buffy: She's, uh?

        Chris: She's gone.

        Giles: What happened?

        Willow: The brooch it was a trap?backfired on her when I-

        Chris: When we used a spell.

        Giles: She's?dead?

        Willow: As good as.

        Giles looks serious. Kennedy looks up.

        Kennedy: Good.

        Everyone looks at Kennedy surprised.

        Buffy: Kennedy-

        Kennedy: No, I'm not gonna feel bad. She started this. We finished it. Let's just leave it at that.

        Kennedy looks at Willow.

        Kennedy: Thanks.

        She turns around and goes inside. Willow follows confused and concerned at what just happened. Chris, Giles and Buffy stand looking shocked.

        Buffy: Wow.

        Chris: Yeah.

        Buffy stares into space.

        Buffy: At least the worst's behind us.
        Giles: I'm not so sure of that.

        Buffy looks at Giles.

        Cut to Darkley. A car pulls up in the town centre. The car doors all open.

        Kass: (smiling) Well here we are.

        THE END
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