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Buffy Episode 8.3 147. Clouding Over

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  • Buffy Episode 8.3 147. Clouding Over

    Hi, this is the third episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.3 147. Clouding Over

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    In the Hellmouth

    Buffy VO: Tomorrow morning I'm opening the seal. Every girl in the world who might be a slayer will be a slayer.

    Willow's hair glows white.

    Willow: Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Dawn: What are we gonna do now?

    Cut to the sign that says "Welcome to Lincolnshire". Cut to Darkley

    Buffy: Now we just need five other job vacancies.

    Giles: I already have a job. I'll do extra curricular classes for those who want to broaden their horizon.

    Cut to Darkley at night.

    Dawn: It appears Siobhan here's a Slayer.

    Siobhan: Hi.

    Cut to Summer's house, night.

    Buffy: I know that in your case you've accepted what you are. But I can imagine ten other Slayers now thinking that they're cursed or something and rebelling. Believe me, I've experienced the damage a rouge Slayer can do.

    Cut to Giles and Willow.

    Giles: The Slayer spell may have helped you a lot, I'm not disputing that. I just don't think you stop being cautious just because you know more about what you're doing. It doesn't change the risk.

    Willow: Well, ok, thanks for the advice, but?I'm not gonna use it unless we have to.

    Giles: And you're sure you know when you have to, and when it's convenient?

    Willow: I am. Really Giles, it's not a problem.

    Giles nods. Cut to Willow using the spell on PC Michaels. Cut to Willow using a spell to take the car from the ditch. Cut to Giles and Kennedy.

    Giles: Kennedy this could be serious.

    Kennedy looks worried. Cut to Summer's house, day.

    Robin: We're going to Boston.

    Buffy: Are you sure?

    Faith: Pretty much.

    Buffy: Everything's normal again really.


    ACT I

    Camera shows Buffy sitting on the sofa in the living room. She is reading a magazine. The front door opens, and Buffy looks up, throws down her magazine and walks over to Willow who has just entered.

    Buffy: Hey!

    Willow: Hi!

    Buffy: So how'd it go?

    Willow: Well I?kinda got the job.

    Buffy: Yay go you!

    Willow: No I mean I kinda got the job.

    Buffy: Huh?

    Willow: Well I was being interviewed to be more of a teacher, but this guy who worked nearby asked to speak with the interviewer and they talked and then he talked to me, and in the end?

    Buffy: What?

    Willow: He offered me a job as a grief counsellor at the local youth centre. Or at least the British version?

    Buffy: Oh?well that's good.

    Willow: I know that I'm kinda stealing your area of expertise, but it sounds really interesting and I think I need to be with kids more, you know?

    Buffy: Will, I'm totally fine with it. I'm glad you got something you wanted to do.

    Willow: To be honest I'm just glad I'm not unemployed, cos that was just?oh?sorry?

    Buffy: Nah it's ok. I'm sure that England has its equivalent of Doublemeat Palace somewhere around here too. I'm just waiting to find it.

    Willow: Aw Buffy I'm sure there's gotta be some place around here that you could work at?that doesn't sell fast food.

    Buffy: Or mummy hands.

    Willow: What?

    Buffy: Oh never mind. I guess you're right. I'll probably go look for something once Faith and Robin have gone.

    Willow: You know what I'd almost forgotten about that. So they're really, really serious then?

    Buffy: Yeah. At least Boston will have a Slayer on guard. If it doesn't have 30 already that is.

    Willow: Well I wouldn't be surprised. I mean there must be at least thousands of Slayers now. I bet they're doing a great job.

    Buffy: Maybe. Or maybe they're not. I'm thinking finding them all wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all.

    Willow: Well we didn't exactly have the money to do that back in May and we still don't.

    Buffy: Yeah I guess global operations aren't really within our grasp right now.

    Willow: Exactly. But hey we're doing what we can right? I mean, Siobhan for a start.

    Buffy: You're right. I'm sure it's not as bad as I'm imagining it is.

    Cut to: a city street at night. Two men are running down the road. One of them looks behind him.

    Man: Keep running they're right behind us!

    The men continue running and turn down an alleyway. When they turn a corner once more they are confronted by a dead end. They frantically look around for a way to get over the wall, but it is too high.

    Man: Look man there's no need both of us get caught. Get on my shoulders.

    The other man looks worried.

    Man: Now! C'mon!

    The other man reluctantly accepts and climbs on his friend's shoulders and climbs over the wall. The other man smiles but then hears footsteps behind him. He looks around .

    Man: What is this? Why can't you guys just let this go?

    The camera moves up to show a teenage girl standing with her arms folded. Two other girls are standing behind her.

    Girl: Robby you just don't get it do you? You crossed us and you think we'd just let you go? Sorry babe, doesn't work like that.

    Robby: Hey c'mon. What's up with you?

    Girl: Robby honey, don't act all innocent?

    The girl walks up to Robby who backs into the wall. She begins to stroke his chest with one finger.

    Girl: I know you stole that money from me. You were gonna spend it on the house again weren't you?

    Robby: Kass I didn't-

    Kass: No more lying honey. Cos now it's crunch time.

    Robby: Huh?

    An arrow hits him in the neck. He splutters and wheezes. Kass turns round angrily.

    Kass: Kelly!

    Kelly: Sorry?it's just he's was, uh, asking for it.

    Kass: What have you done?

    Kass looks over at the other girl who has not spoken yet.

    Kass: I told you it was Marie's turn.

    Marie: Well?I'll just take Kels' turn next time right Kass?

    Kass: Sure babe. Soon.

    She smiles darkly as Robby falls to the floor.

    Opening credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    DB WOODSIDE - Robin Wood
    JASON DOHRING - Chris Ashton
    KATIE HOLMES - Kelly
    GIGI EDGLEY - Kirsty

    Cut to the drive next to the Summers' house. Xander's car pulls up into it and he, Dawn and Siobhan get out of it.

    Dawn: Thanks Xander. But you know we can always get the bus if we need to.

    Xander: No worries ? I could be driving around worse places.

    Siobhan: You'd be surprised.

    Xander: Come on, it's great here.

    Siobhan: Well yeah, outside the town it is. But when you've seen Darkley for what it really is you'll see it's not so great.

    Siobhan and Dawn make their way inside while Xander puzzles over what Siobhan has said and then follows. They enter the house to find Faith and Robin standing with their luggage packed.

    Dawn: Oh?you're going now?

    Faith: Yeah we gotta get this plane in 3 hours. And it's a pretty long drive to the airport.

    Everyone looks saddened.

    Faith: Aw, c'mon guys, we'll keep in touch. And you never know we could be back to visit sometime.

    Dawn smiles and hugs Faith. Everyone else present does too.

    Robin: Don't I get a hug?

    Faith: Oh no. You get way more than that?

    Faith kisses Robin passionately.

    Faith: Right we're done.

    Faith makes her way out, and Robin and the others follow her. The camera follows Buffy walking up to Faith.

    Buffy: To keep up tradition with our past goodbyes I should really be punching you right now.

    Faith: Nah, we didn't even say goodbye last time.

    Buffy and Faith both smile.

    Buffy: Seriously though, I know we're all gonna miss you.

    She looks at Robin.

    Buffy: Both of you. I know we haven't always been the best of friends-

    Faith: Big understatement.

    Buffy: Yeah well, you know what I'm trying to say.

    Faith: I do. But we'll be back. With our millions of dollars from Robin's job.

    Buffy: Which will be so useful in the land of the pound.

    Robin: Faith, we uh?

    Faith: Right?it's really time to go now. Bye B, and everyone.

    Faith puts the rest of her luggage in a convertible car and she and Robin get in. Faith looks back and Buffy stand in front of the others who are waving. Faith smiles as the car drives and continues to wave until it turns the corner. Buffy's smile fades. The others turn to go in, while Buffy waits a moment. She looks up at the sky, and rain begins to fall. She turns to go in quickly.

    She walks inside and into the kitchen where everyone has sat down.

    Dawn: So?what do we do now?

    Buffy: I guess I should try and find a job?I mean I'm like the only one who hasn't got one.

    Xander: You could work with some of us until you get one.

    Buffy: Thanks Xander, but do you remember what happened last time I became construction worker Buffy?

    Xander: (smiling) Point taken.

    Dawn: I'm sure Giles could find you something to do at his classes.

    Buffy: I dunno?I'd feel like I was interfering.

    Dawn: Well Kennedy and Andrew are both helping him there and since you're stronger than at least one of them I'm sure I'd work out.

    Buffy: Well I'll look into it, but I kinda want to assure myself that I can find a job without help. Other than at a fast food restaurant.

    Xander: Didn't Willow put that leaflet in Buf?

    Willow glares at Xander.

    Xander: Sure Buf, you made that on your own so other jobs shouldn't be a problem.

    Buffy looks doubtful.

    Buffy: I wasn't even good at being a Doublemeat Palace worker. The only thing I'm really good at is the one thing I can't tell anyone about. I guess I'll just have to wait for a job to knock on the-

    Frantic knocking is heard on the front door.

    Buffy: ?Door.

    Buffy rushes over to the front door and opens it. The young man who Robby helped escape is seen standing trying to shelter himself from the rain which has started to fall more heavily now.

    Man: Buffy Summers?

    Buffy: Yes?uh can I help you?

    The man looks relieved. Cut to Kennedy in Giles' office at the school. She looks unimpressed at the pouring rain outside the window. Giles walks in.

    Kennedy: Hey.

    Giles: Ah, Kennedy good.

    Kennedy: Where's Andrew?

    Giles: I gave him some paperwork to do. I'm a little disturbed at his enthusiasm, but I suppose if he's willing to do it I can't really complain.

    Kennedy smiles.

    Giles: Hopefully the actual classes will be a little more exciting than that.

    Kennedy: Hope so. But, uh, are you sure these kids really need to know about?demonic stuff?

    Giles: I think more people in Sunnydale would have survived if they'd known what they were dealing with. We might have defeated The First but I doubt things are going to get easier. If the pupils of this school know what they're dealing with, then maybe they'll be able to combat it more effectively.

    Kennedy: Well, I can't argue with that. You want me to teach ?em some moves?

    Giles: If you would. The school aren't paying much, but it'll get everyone by. I hope.

    Kennedy: Yeah, that'd be good.

    Giles: Good. Next week then?

    Kennedy: Sure, no problem.

    Giles smiles. Kennedy nods. She looks uncertain.

    Giles: Something the matter?
    Kennedy: Kinda.

    Giles: What is it?

    Kennedy: Well, it's Willow really.

    Giles: Ah. Has she done-?

    Kennedy: Oh, no, it's not her, exactly. Well yeah it is but?you said this could get serious. Do you mean like?evil Willow serious?

    Giles: Uh, I doubt that evil would return easily. But I'm not sure what's possible when it comes to Willow's power, most others can't do what she does on a daily basis. I'd like to think she's not taking risks but?I'm not sure she can tell the difference between what's necessary and what's not.

    Kennedy: What can I do?

    Giles pauses.

    Giles: I'm not sure we can do anything.

    Kennedy looks worried. Cut back to Buffy at the front door facing the man.

    Man: Thank god you're here. I've been looking for you for days.

    Buffy: Oh?um well who are you and I'll see what I can do.

    Man: I'm Chris. Chris Ashton. I need your help.

    Buffy: What?

    Chris: It's kinda complicated. I mean?wait. You are the, uh, you know?Slayer, right?

    Buffy looks surprised.
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    ACT II

    Willow walks up to Buffy.

    Willow: Buffy? Oh.

    She sees Chris.

    Willow: Hi.

    Man: Hi.

    Willow: Uh, what's going on?

    Buffy: This guy says he needs my help. He, uh, knows I'm the Slayer.

    Willow looks uncertain.

    Willow: Oh.

    Man: Look, I'll explain everything, just?can I come inside?

    He hints at the rain. Buffy looks unsure. She takes the cross from her neck and hands it to Chris.

    Buffy: Hold this a sec.

    Chris takes it. Nothing happens. Buffy nods.

    Buffy: Sorry, just a precaution. Uh, come in.

    Chris looks confused, but hurriedly walks in. He wipes the rain from his face. Buffy gives him a towel.

    Buffy: Here.

    Chris: Thanks.

    Xander, Dawn and Siobhan appear. Chris looks at them. He smiles. Dawn looks curious. Xander looks confused.

    Xander: Hey, uh, who's this?

    Cut to everyone sat in the living room.

    Buffy: So, what is it exactly you think I can help you with?

    Chris: Ok. The problem is girls.

    Xander: What?

    Chris: Slayers, like you.

    Everyone looks worried. Willow and Buffy share a glance. Buffy turns to Chris.

    Buffy: What about them?

    Chris: They're terrorizing New York.

    Buffy closes her eyes looking worried. Willow looks to the ground looking equally dismayed.

    Chris: From your expressions I guess you knew something about this?

    Buffy opens her eyes.

    Buffy: We knew there were other Slayers?we hoped none of them would turn out?uh?

    Siobhan: Rouge?

    Buffy: Right.

    Chris: Oh. Well, they have. There are at least five, Kass might have gotten more by now.

    Xander: You know their names?

    Chris: I knew them. Well, some of them. They weren't always like this.

    Buffy: No, they wouldn't be.

    Willow looks grave. Chris looks confused.

    Buffy: Uh, how did you know about me?

    Chris: I went to a fortuneteller.

    Dawn: Really?

    Chris: Yeah, I was kinda dubious too. But they did stuff I?I knew they were genuine. Told me where to find you, said you could help.

    Buffy: Oh.

    Chris: Look, if you can?you really have to, cause, these girls aren't gonna stop unless someone's there to stop them. They killed a friend of mine. A friend of theirs. Or?he was.

    Buffy looks sad.

    Chris: And they did this to me.

    Chris lifts his shirt. There is a barely scarred wound on his stomach.

    Chris: They do that kinda thing for fun.

    Buffy: Oh god?

    Chris: But I mean?you can stop them, right?

    Buffy and Willow look at one another.

    Chris: Ok, there is definitely something going on here that you're not telling me.

    Buffy: Uh, Chris it's complicated.

    Willow: No it isn't.

    Buffy: Willow it's ok=

    Willow: No Buffy, it's not. He has to know.

    Chris: Know what?

    Willow: It was me.

    Buffy looks tense.

    Chris: What was you?

    Willow: I made them this way.

    Buffy: Willow you know that's not-

    Willow: Yes it is. I was wrong Buffy. You were right. And now I have to face up to that.

    Chris: Ok, sorry if I'm missing something here, but what do you mean you made them this way?

    Willow: I made them Slayers.

    Chris looks shocked.

    Chris: What?

    Xander: Ok look, it's not as simple as that.

    Dawn: Right. There were reasons-

    Chris: I?I mean, do you have any idea what you've done?

    Willow: I?I'm sorry.

    Buffy: Willow-

    Chris: No, no thanks for filling me in. Looks like I was wrong too. The fortune-teller lied. You can't help me. I'll show myself out.

    Chris walks away. Buffy stands up.

    Buffy: Chris wait!

    Chris slams the door. Everyone stands in silence. A car is heard driving away. Buffy turns around and looks at the others. Everyone is silent.

    Xander: Well?New York has demons. Who knew?

    Dawn smiles slightly. The others remain frowning.

    Xander: Look?this Rouge Slayer thing?is it really that much of a big deal?

    Willow frowns at him.

    Willow: Didn't you hear him? They're-

    Xander: Terrorizing New York? We don't know how much of an overstatement that was.

    Dawn: We saw what Faith could do. And that was just her. Five Slayers could?do a lot more.

    Xander: But wasn't it just a matter of time before something like this happened anyway? I mean, not every girl was gonna just accept being a Slayer right?

    Willow: They shouldn't have to.

    Siobhan: Well, I don't mind.

    Willow: That's good for you. But that doesn't mean they don't. I mean?obviously?they don't.

    Buffy: Will, I get how bad you must feel. I do too-

    Willow: You didn't give them the power.

    Buffy: It was my idea. I'm as much to blame as anyone.

    Dawn: Guys, I don't think this should be about blame.

    Willow: Why shouldn't it? Those girls lives are wrecked cause of what I?we did. And now, hundreds more people could die, and it all comes back to the spell.

    Buffy: If we didn't do the spell-

    Willow: Then we'd have died? You don't know that Buffy.

    Xander: I think it's a pretty good guess. You think Spike's amulet alone would have done it?

    Willow: There would have been another way.

    Buffy: Maybe there was. But we had no time to try and find one. We did what we had to do. And ok, there are Rogue Slayers, but we don't know how many other Slayers are doing something better-

    Willow: There's no one to explain to them what they have. I can't see any of them just getting on with their lives. We should be there for them.

    Buffy: We already went through this. Besides, could I get on with my life?

    Willow: No. And we've just made thousands of other girls go through that.

    Buffy: Yeah well I don't know if I'd be standing here if we hadn't had the spell. Maybe none of us would be. I didn't escape without getting impaled as it is.

    She looks at Xander.

    Buffy: Some of us lost more.

    Willow: It wasn't our choice-

    Buffy: Yes it was. Look, I get that this is bad, and I'm sorry, but somewhere along the line someone's always gonna have to make the tough choices. And that's generally gonna be us.

    Willow pauses.

    Willow: Well it's still a problem now. And I can't help feeling responsible for everyone those girls kill.

    Willow walks off upstairs. Everyone else stands around. Buffy collapses into a chair and puts her head in her hands.

    Xander: Buff, you couldn't have known-

    Buffy: Yeah I could. Willow's right, she is. I just don't wanna face up to it. This shouldn't have happened.

    Dawn: No, Buffy, like you said, we did what we had to do. What no one else could do. There's always gonna be consequences. Now we're just gonna have to fix them. Even if Chris doesn't want our help?I think we should at least try.

    Buffy nods slowly.

    Siobhan: So, maybe we should try and find this Chris guy?

    Buffy: Yeah good idea.

    Dawn: Think he went to Darkley?

    Buffy: Maybe. We should check it out.

    Xander: Ok.

    Buffy: We should tell Giles too. He needs to know.

    Dawn: Well me and Siobhan can go to the school, you guys can look around for Chris maybe?

    Xander: Good idea in theory, but we're not gonna get very far in this weather.

    Buffy: We have to try. Before it gets any worse.

    Cut to a man walking backwards. He looks terrified.

    Man: Please!

    Camera draws back to reveal Kass casually walking towards him.

    Kass: Please what? Please don't kill you? Cos that's not really an option anymore. Although I could settle for maimed. What do you guys think?

    Camera draws back again to show Kelly, Marie and two other girls standing behind Kass.

    Girl #1: I don't think he deserves to live. He was very mean not telling us what we wanted to know at first.

    Marie: I think I wanna hear him scream though. Although?

    She looks at her watch.

    Marie: We are a little short on time.

    The man falls over and begins crawling backwards. Kass stops and looks unimpressed.

    Kass: See if my girls think you should die then I should really humour them. I'm sorry, I wish there was another way.

    She has a look of fake sympathy on her face before lifting the man up by his neck. He starts to choke, before Kass flings him over the edge of the building. She looks over the edge and turns around.

    Kass: Wait for it?

    She holds her finger up. A bang is heard from far below.

    Kass: (happily) There we go! Now let's go catch ourselves a plane ladies!

    All the girls laugh as they walk away.

    Cut to Dawn and Siobhan getting out of the car in Darkley, just outside the school. Dawn puts her coat over her head to shelter from the rain. Buffy leans out the passenger seat.

    Buffy: We'll be back some time soon. Hopefully with Chris. Remember if you happen to see him-

    Dawn: I know. Good luck.

    Buffy: Thanks. Tell Giles everything.

    Dawn nods. Buffy smiles as she and Xander drive off. Dawn and Siobhan rush under the roof of the school porch.

    Siobhan: I'm not in the way or anything right?

    Dawn: Of course not!
    Siobhan: Ok, cool. Just?I get the feeling this is really big, and I'm not so great with stuff like that.

    Dawn: It'll be ok. Giles'll?think of something.

    Siobhan: That doesn't sound very enthusiastic.

    Dawn: Well, yeah to be honest I'm not sure what's gonna happen. But you're fine, really.

    Siobhan smiles. Dawn smiles back and walks into the school. Siobhan follows, looking worried.

    Cut to Kennedy and Andrew sorting through books in Giles' office. Andrew is reading from one.

    Andrew: Wow, Lavaro demons can shoot lasers out of their eyes. Isn't that cool?

    Kennedy: Uh, yeah I guess. Not exactly very helpful if you're trying to kill them though.

    Andrew: Uh, I think they're extinct.

    He reads for a second.

    Andrew: Yeah, since 450 BC.

    Kennedy: Oh. Unlucky them.

    Andrew smiles slightly.

    Kennedy: You look like your getting pretty into those.

    Andrew: Well, I always liked this stuff. I mean when I was Buffy's arch nemesis I learnt a lot.

    Kennedy: Like how to get your ass kicked?

    Andrew: Hey! It wasn't like that!

    Kennedy: Oh, right, sorry I forgot, you kicked your own ass by crashing into a roof with your rocket launcher, right?

    Andrew looks annoyed.

    Andrew: Like you haven't made mistakes.

    Kennedy: Never said I hadn't.

    Andrew: Well that was back then anyway. I'm different now.

    Kennedy: Yeah, you are. This time last year I don't think anyone would ever have thought you'd be living with us.

    Andrew: Or you.

    Kennedy: I guess not. But now I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

    Andrew: Yeah it's cool. I kinda miss Sunnydale thought.

    Kennedy: I don't think I was there long enough to really appreciate the fun and darkness of that place.

    Andrew: Well, yeah it was pretty scary sometimes. I think you saw the worst of it though. You know, The First, the Bringers, the Turok Han. You missed Evil Willow though, I mean that was?

    Kennedy looks at him surprised.

    Andrew: Uh?I mean?

    Siobhan and Dawn appear.

    Dawn: Hey.

    Kennedy: Oh, hey.
    Siobhan smiles at Andrew in particular. He looks awkward.

    Andrew: Hey?

    Dawn: You guys seen Giles?

    Kennedy: Not recently, he's teaching his class. Why?

    Dawn: Easier to explain in front of Giles.

    Kennedy: Oh, ok we'll go find him then. The class will probably be finished by now anyway.

    Dawn: Ok.

    Dawn and Siobhan walk out into the hallway. Kennedy and Andrew prepare to follow.

    Andrew: Kennedy.

    Kennedy stops and looks at him.

    Andrew: I didn't mean to?I shouldn't have said that. Sorry.

    Kennedy pauses and then smiles slightly.

    Kennedy: No, forget about it. Come on.

    Andrew nods and follows her out.

    Cut to Buffy and Xander driving. The rain is getting worse and thunder can be heard in the distance.

    Xander: So much for "sunny spells". Looks like the weather forecast people got that one wrong.

    Buffy: Yeah. Really not helping.

    Buffy is looking around.

    Xander: You know, he's probably gone inside if it's like this.

    Buffy: Or maybe he didn't.

    Xander: Buffy, I know how much you wanna find this guy, but-

    Buffy: If you really do, then you know I'm not gonna let the rain stop me.
    Xander: It was already a while before we got here. He could be anywhere by now. Maybe he went to Lincoln instead of something.

    Buffy: But-

    Xander: Look, he already told us his name, Willow can do that thing where she finds people illegally.

    Buffy: I don't think Willow's gonna be wanting to do much right now.

    Xander: Yeah?hit her pretty bad.

    Buffy: I don't blame her. I should have been more careful.

    Xander: We did what we-

    Buffy: Had to do, I know, I know. But that's what's made this mess, now we have to fix it.

    There is a pause.

    Buffy: But you're right. This is pointless. We should go back to the school, see what Giles has to say.

    Xander: Right.

    Xander turns the car around and drives back the way they came. The camera moves across the houses to another street. The camera zooms in on a figure. It's Chris. He walks determinedly in the rain.
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      ACT III

      Cut to Giles at the school main hall, waving people out the door.

      Giles: Thanks for coming! Bye!

      Dawn, Siobhan, Kennedy and Andrew appear.

      Giles: Hello!

      Kennedy: Hey. Was it good?

      Giles: Yes! People actually came! To something I was running!

      Kennedy: Amazing what can happen.

      Giles looks slightly irritated.
      Giles: Yes, well, it went well. We didn't get on to uh, anything, supernatural yet but-

      Dawn: Giles we really need to talk to you.

      Giles looks concerned.

      Giles: What is it?

      Dawn exhales.

      Cut to Dawn, Kennedy, Andrew, Siobhan and Giles sat in the hall. Kennedy looks worried. Giles looks grave.

      Giles: You're sure he was telling the truth?

      Dawn: Why would he lie?

      Giles: Yes, good point. I suppose I was hoping there'd be a way around this.

      Dawn: I think we'd all like that.

      Kennedy: But there isn't. So what are we gonna do?

      Siobhan: Buffy and Xander are looking for Chris in Darkley.

      Giles: He could be miles away by now. I'm not surprised he left though. Under the circumstances we must not be the saviours he was hoping for.

      Kennedy: Willow didn't mean-

      Giles: I'm not trying to blame anyone Kennedy. We can't change things now.

      Dawn: So, what, we go to New York?

      Giles: Even if we could, I don't think it would be much use. I doubt New York is the only place this is happening. Probably much nearer than we'd like to think.

      Kennedy: We can't help them all.

      Giles: No we can't. But the Watcher's Council might be able to.

      Andrew: What? I thought they all got blown up.

      Giles: Not all of them. There are still a few members who could help with this. That and the army.

      Kennedy: The army? Wait, we can't kill them-

      Giles: There may not be another choice Kennedy. Faith was one matter, this could be a hundred. Working together, against us. If the Watcher's Council can get to them beforehand then that's all very well, but if not?we may not have a choice.

      Everyone looks worried.

      Giles: I have to tidy things away here.

      Andrew: Want us to help?

      Giles: No no, you've done enough for today. Both of you.

      He smiles at Kennedy and Andrew.
      Giles: Hopefully it'll continue to be a success.

      Dawn's mobile begins to ring. She looks down and picks it up, reading the screen.

      Dawn: It's Buffy. She and Xander are on her way back.

      Siobhan: Any luck with Chris?

      Dawn: No.

      Giles: I thought so. You four better go and meet them. Tell Buffy I'll be round later.

      Dawn nods.

      Dawn: Bye then.

      Giles: Bye.

      Kennedy/Andrew/Siobhan: Bye.

      They walk out leaving Giles looking worried. He puts his hand to his mouth, rubbing his lips anxiously.

      Cut to Dawn and co. walking along the school corridor. Dawn and Kennedy are walking in front while Siobhan and Andrew walk behind.

      Dawn: You ok?

      Kennedy: Yeah I guess. Just?those girls. I could have been one of them.

      Dawn: Well, I guess it's lucky for us you weren't. Something tells me we're gonna need everyone we can find sometime soon. I'm glad you're one of them.

      Kennedy smiles.

      Kennedy: Thanks.

      Dawn nods smiling back. The camera moves back to Siobhan and Andrew who are walking in silence, looking awkward.

      Siobhan: So, uh, weird weather we're having right?

      Andrew: Uh, yeah. It's weird.

      Siobhan: Mm.

      There is another pause.

      Siobhan: How long you been with Buffy and the others?

      Andrew: Oh, about a year. I was kinda bad before.

      Siobhan: Oh. Well I like bad in guys.

      Siobhan smiles. Andrew smiles awkwardly.

      Andrew: But I'm good now.

      Siobhan: Yeah, it's nice. We can fight together and stuff.

      Andrew: Right.

      Andrew nods but still looks awkward. Siobhan looks unimpressed at their conversation. There is suddenly a crashing sound from down the corridor. The four of them stop.

      Dawn: That didn't sound good.

      Siobhan: No it didn't.

      Kennedy walks down the corridor a little way. She looks left and right before looking back at the others.

      Kennedy: I'm not sure where it came-

      There is another crash accompanied by a crackling sound. Everyone looks alarmed.

      Andrew: Maybe someone's breaking into the school?

      Dawn: At 6pm?

      Andrew: It could happen.

      Siobhan: Guys I think it's coming from the store cupboard.

      Kennedy: Uh, you don't happen to have some teachers having some wild love affair do you?

      Dawn: Ew, no.

      Siobhan: Well technically it's not a cupboard. It leads to the basement.

      Kennedy: I think we should check this out.

      Siobhan opens the door. There are stairs leading down into the darkness. Another crash is heard.

      Siobhan: Yep, definitely from down there.

      Dawn: Think we should wait for Buffy?

      Kennedy: Me and Siobhan should be able to handle it if it's a demon.

      Andrew: It sounds pretty big.

      Kennedy exhales and makes her way down the stairs. Siobhan follows. Dawn looks hesitant but then follows them, and then Andrew does too. The door shuts behind him. Everyone jumps.

      Dawn: God, Andrew!

      Andrew: Sorry.

      Another crash can be heard, accompanied by more crackling. The wind can be heard.

      Siobhan: Ok, what the hell is that?

      Kennedy: Only one way to find out. Where's the light switch?

      Siobhan: I haven't been down here before.

      Kennedy walks down the steps a little and feels the wall with her hand. After a few seconds she gets lucky and hits the switch. She smiles.

      Kennedy: There we go.

      A flash suddenly illuminates the room. Everyone shields their eyes at first, and then Dawn looks towards where the light is coming from and her eyes widen.

      Dawn: Guys?

      Everyone else looks.

      Siobhan: What the hell is that?

      The camera shows a huge creature veiled in mist. Part of it has broken one of the open windows and rain is flooding into the room. The creature is crackling with electricity, which is making the crackling noise everyone was hearing. It has a small head in the middle of its huge cloud-like body.

      Creature: Why do you invade my nesting ground!?

      Kennedy: This aint your nesting ground pal, it's a school.

      Creature: Irrelevant! Once I have enough power from the storm I will give birth to my young and they will consume all living things here!

      Siobhan: You caused the storm!

      Creature: Of course, it is the only way!

      Kennedy: That's not gonna happen Cloud 9.

      Creature: You cannot stop me!

      Chris OS: No, but I can.

      Everyone turns round to see Chris standing staring directly at the demon.

      Dawn: Chris! What are you doing here?

      Chris: It's complicated.

      Kennedy: What do you mean "you can"?

      Chris holds up a crossbow. Everyone looks confused.

      Siobhan: What the hell?

      Chris: I'll explain later, just move aside.

      Creature: I am the lord of the skies! I control every raindrop, every bolt of lighting, every wisp of wind! You cannot defeat me!

      Andrew: Oh you're like Storm from X-Men! Except without the hair, or the figure. Or anything else actually.

      Chris: It makes itself sound impressive, but actually it's just a Tempestas demon. An a-sexual species that likes to make storms to power itself up and give birth.

      Andrew: So not like Storm at all.

      Kennedy: How do you know all this?

      Chris: Cause I'm a Demon hunter.

      Everyone looks surprised.

      Dawn: Huh?

      Chris: Look I'll explain everything just move.

      Buffy and Xander appear down the stairs.

      Dawn: Buffy!

      Buffy: Oh thank god. We heard crashing are you guys-

      Buffy notices the Tempestas demon.

      Buffy: Oh?

      Xander: Chris!

      Chris looks at them.

      Chris: Uh, hi.

      Buffy: We've been looking for you.

      Chris: Now's not a good time. This thing's gonna give birth soon and if it does?believe me, it's not a good thing.

      Xander: What?

      Dawn: He's a demon hunter.

      Buffy: Excuse me?

      Chris: Yes ok you're all confused, but seriously you need to get of here right now.

      Kennedy: How are you gonna stop it?

      Chris: With magic.

      Xander/Buffy/Kennedy/Dawn: What!?

      Chris sighs and quickly points the crossbow at the Tempestas demon. He blasts magic into the arrow with one hand and then shoots the demon. It hits the demon but nothing happens. Chris looks confused.

      Chris: What? That should have worked-

      Magic suddenly explodes from the arrow engulfing the Tempestas demon.

      Tempestas demon: Aiiiii!

      Electricity sparks everywhere.

      Chris: There we go.

      Buffy: Nice. Now do you wanna tell us what the hell's going on?

      Chris: We have to get out of here first.

      Dawn: Why?

      Chris: When this thing dies, it'll explode.

      Everyone's eyes widen. They quickly file up the stairs. Chris is last and looks back at the demon before running up the stairs also. At the top of the stairs he slams the door shut. There is a louder crash than the others as light shines through the gap between the door and the wall and floor. Chris is breathing heavily as he looks relieved.

      Chris: Finally.

      The others look at him expectantly.

      Buffy: Well done. Now?who are you?

      Chris hesitates.
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        ACT IV

        Open on Buffy with Giles in the school main hall. Chris is sat with the others talking.

        Giles: A Demon hunter?

        Buffy: Yeah. Since he found out about the Rogue Slayers anyway.

        Giles: So why didn't he tell us?

        Buffy: He wasn't sure he could trust us.

        Giles: Yes, well I suppose after hearing what you and Willow had to say?it didn't help matters.

        Buffy: No.

        Giles: And now?

        She looks over at Chris.

        Buffy: I'm not sure.

        Buffy looks troubled.

        Giles: I know you must be feeling awful. But the Watcher's Council may help.

        Buffy: Heavy on the "may" right? I mean?there are thousands of Slayers now Giles, how many of them are they gonna be able to reach before?it might be too late for all of them.

        Giles: Faith was helped. They could be as well.

        Buffy: Maybe?I just can't stop thinking about them. I refused the power the original Watchers tried to give to me?now I've just gone and done the same thing.

        Giles: Yes. It was reckless.

        Buffy looks at him surprised.

        Giles: We should have considered this before hand. But we didn't. Now we'll have to deal with that.

        Buffy pauses and then nods.

        Cut to Chris and the others.

        Dawn: You learned all that in five months?

        Chris: I had some help. Turns out there's a lot more magic users around than I thought.

        Xander: So you knew about Slayers?

        Chris: Well I'd heard some stuff, but I didn't know much. Until?

        Kennedy: It's ok. We're gonna help. Giles has a plan.

        Chris smiles vaguely.

        Dawn: Sorry about your friend.

        Chris: Look, you guys don't have to apologise. Under the circumstances?I can see why you did the spell. I had no idea things were that bad. But the whole world might have done if you hadn't saved it. Again.

        Siobhan: Doesn't change what's happened afterwards though.

        Chris: Well, maybe we can at least salvage something. Help the girls. If it's possible.

        Kennedy looks over at Buffy and Giles talking. She looks doubtful.

        Cut to Heathrow airport. The camera moves onto the luggage compartment of a plane. A man is flung out of it. Kass jumps down followed by Kelly, Marie and the two other girls.

        Kass: They really need to work on the hospitality here.

        Other girl #1: Yeah, what happened to English people being polite?

        Other girl #2: Oh well, hopefully we'll do what we have to do and be outta here right?

        Kass: It may take some time Kirsty. We still gotta find where this bitch lives. Shouldn't be too hard though. Just gotta pummel someone tell they tell us.

        Other girl #1: Looking forward to that.

        Kass: Me too Line. But remember no killing unless you have to. I don't want too much blood on our hands?yet.

        Kass smiles at the others. She looks up.

        Line: It's starting to rain.

        Kelly: What do you expect from England?

        Kass: Oh well. I guess it knows that a storm's coming.

        All five girls begin walking. The camera zooms out and upwards. Fade to black.

        THE END
        Banner set made by Lex
        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6