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Buffy Episode 8.2 146. Back to Reality

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  • Buffy Episode 8.2 146. Back to Reality

    Hi, this is the second episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome

    Buffy Episode 8.2 146. Back to Reality

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorised usage of these characters is not permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Buffy VO: Tomorrow morning I'm opening the seal.

    The Slayers cut their hands.

    Buffy VO: From now on, every girl in the world, who might be a slayer, will be a slayer.

    The girls gasp as the power flows through them. Willow's hair glows white.

    Willow: That was nifty.

    Anya is sliced by a Bringer's knife.

    Xander: Anya, Anya!

    Spike: (amazed) I can feel it Buffy. My soul.

    Buffy: I love you.

    Spike: No you don't. Now go! I wanna see how it ends.

    Spike is burnt to a crisp.

    Buffy jumps on the bus and it skids to a halt.

    Giles: I don't understand. What did this?

    Buffy: Spike.

    Dawn: What are we gonna do now?

    Buffy: I want everything unpacked before today ends.

    We see the sign saying, "Welcome to Lincolnshire".

    Giles: Don't worry PC Michaels they're with me.

    PC Michaels: Oh right.

    Giles: I already have a job and I'm living with an old friend. He's actually a friend from the Watcher's Council.

    Buffy: Right?so the job?

    Giles: I'll do extra curricular classes for those who want to broaden their horizon a little.

    Buffy: You're going to teach them about demons?

    Giles: I do intend to pursue those who seem interested in the more colourful aspects of the community. I never asked how you are.

    Buffy: Everything's normal again really.

    Cut to Giles and Willow.

    Giles: The Slayer spell may have helped you a lot, I'm not disputing that. I just don't think you stop being cautious just because you know more about what you're doing. It doesn't change the risk.

    Willow: Well, ok, thanks for the advice, but?I'm not gonna use it unless we have to.

    Giles: And you're sure you know when you have to, and when it's convenient?

    Willow: I am. Really Giles, it's not a problem.

    Giles nods.

    Giles: All right. Well I hope it stays that way.

    Dawn VO: Well it appears Siobhan's actually a Slayer.

    Siobhan smiles.

    Buffy: So, you're not too freaked huh?

    Siobhan: Well?I was at first. But I guess, now that there are all these other Slayers you can do whatever you want really?

    Buffy: Not so much.

    Siobhan: I guess you didn't really want all this.

    Buffy: To begin with?no. But it's my life now. I've experienced what a rogue slayer can do.

    Siobhan: Faith?

    Buffy: In the end she's-

    Siobhan: Just a girl?

    Buffy: Yeah. Like you and me.

    Buffy lies on her bed clutching Spike's lighter.


    ACT I

    Camera shows a vampire running in the park in the centre of Darkley. As she runs she looks back in terror and runs even faster. Suddenly she sees a figure in front of her and stops. Her look of terror changes to smugness slowly.

    Female Vamp: (smiling) You're no slayer.

    Willow: Nope. But in the end, I'm just as bad.

    The female vampire's smile wavers as Willow puts her hands together and fire begins to swirl in her hands. The vampire's eyes widen and she turns round to run back only to find Buffy, Faith, Kennedy and Siobhan looking at her.

    Buffy: Nowhere left to run.

    Female Vamp: You bitch! You've ruined things around he-

    She screams as she is engulfed in Willow's fireball. She dusts quickly.

    Siobhan: Well, that was rude.

    Faith: Too bad we can't beat her up now.

    Buffy: Maybe it's just me but I prefer my vamps dusted.

    Faith: (whispers to Siobhan) Unless they've got a large forehead or bleached blonde hair.

    Siobhan raises her eyebrows and giggles. Buffy gives Faith a wide-eyed look. They all begin walking. Buffy decides to change the subject.

    Buffy: Will, that worked great.

    Willow: Yeah, we've got a good strategy going.

    Buffy: Sure you're doing overdoing it right?

    Willow: Buffy I told you?you don't have to keep worrying about me. If I have a problem I'll let you know.

    Buffy: I know, I know. Sorry to bug you.

    Willow smiles but it wavers a little bit.

    Kennedy: You all right sweetie?

    Willow: Well mostly, yeah, but I'm been thinking a lot lately.

    Faith: That's never good. Didn't do me any favours.

    Willow: (smiles weakly) No I mean about our life now. My life now.

    Buffy: You're not happy here?

    Willow: No, no, it's great here! It's just?well?none of us have a job. I think we need to face reality ? no job equals, no money, equals us on the streets.

    Buffy: Yeah well Xander's looking at that construction sight job for the new leisure centre. And I'm sure the rest of us could find a job somewhere?

    Siobhan: Oh! They're looking for a new teacher at the school. You could do it Willow.

    Willow: Teaching? I'm not sure I-

    Buffy: Oh come on Will, you've got all that knowledge in there. I think you should share some of it.

    Willow smiles

    Willow: You know; I think I'll look into it.

    Buffy: (smiling) Great.

    Her smile fades.

    Buffy: Now we just need another five job vacancies and we're done?

    Opening Credits.


    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Special Guest Star:


    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    DB WOODSIDE - Robin Wood
    DEREK DE LINDT - Stephen Carlson

    Camera shows Xander, Andrew, Dawn and Kennedy eating breakfast in the kitchen round the table. Xander is reading the paper.

    Dawn: So is Willow going to the job interview today?

    Kennedy: Yeah, I'm sure she'll make a good impression. One way or another.

    Dawn: She's not going to use magic. She wouldn't for something like that. Would she?

    Kennedy: Who says I was talking about magic?

    Dawn: Oh?ooh?ew?

    Kennedy laughs at Dawn's expression.

    Dawn: Does everything have to be about innuendo?

    Kennedy: Ok I'll cut down. It's just funny seeing your reaction.

    Andrew: What can I do?

    Kennedy and Dawn turn to Andrew looking confused.

    Kennedy: What?

    Andrew: What job? You know, everyone's getting one, so maybe I should too.

    Dawn: Um?maybe you could?work in a model toy store. I mean you had like the collector's editions.

    Andrew: I'm not very good with retail. I mean I was given some tips by-

    Andrew looks at Xander.

    Andrew: ?a person, but I never really got the hang of it.

    Kennedy: Giles might need someone else for his after school thing. I mean he already asked me to help with the physical stuff, but you could help with, uh?

    Andrew: Ancient runes?

    Kennedy: Um, yeah, sure?

    Xander: I hate to burst your bubble Andrew but Giles has got the ancient everything's pretty much covered.

    Andrew: Yeah he might need an assistant. Or, or I could help you at your construction site!

    Xander: Sorry I've tried introducing my friends to construction work before; it doesn't go well.

    Andrew: Well I can't just sit around here doing nothing all day. That's all I've done really since last November. If I had a video camera it would be-

    Xander: No more cameras.

    Andrew: Ok, there's no need to snap at me.

    Xander: (puts magazine down) Andrew. Just-

    Xander stops and looks straight forwards. From his perspective, Anya is standing by a chest of draws reading a wedding dress magazine. The others look where he is looking but see nothing. He blinks and the image of Anya is gone.

    Dawn: Xander?

    Xander: Um?nothing?I think. I'll, um?I need to go?

    Xander rushes out into the hallway where he sees bumps into Willow

    Xander: Oh?sorry.

    Willow: It's ok?but where are you going? You remember you said you'd take me into town for the interview?

    Xander: Right?I'll um?get ready.

    Willow: Ok?

    Xander rushes past her and goes upstairs. Willow looks after him and look puzzled.

    Willow: What's up with Xander?

    Kennedy: God knows.

    Dawn: He just stared into space for a moment and then started acting all weird.

    Willow: Hmm?sounds odd. I'll ask him about it on the way there.

    Dawn: Oh, right, good luck!

    Andrew: Yeah and if there are any other vacancies then tell me, because now I'm the only one without a job except for Buffy.

    Willow: Buffy'll be able to find something. But remember Faith and Robin are still looking into jobs.

    Andrew: Yeah but Wood's got qualifications and where Faith goes Robin will go too right?

    Dawn: I guess?but you're bound to find something sooner or later Andrew.

    The doorbell rings

    Dawn: Oh that'll be Siobhan.

    Andrew: Who?

    Kennedy: Oh right, you didn't meet her.

    Willow: She's a Slayer.

    Andrew: Oh, cool.

    Dawn runs to get the door and Xander runs past her. We hear her opening the door and welcoming Siobhan in while Xander walks into the kitchen

    Xander: Willow are you coming?

    Willow: Yeah I was just-

    Xander: I haven't got all day.

    Willow: Right?ok is this your time of the month of something Xander?

    Xander: I've just got stuff to do ok? (walking away) come out when you're ready.

    Willow looks concerned and walks after him as Kennedy and Andrew look confused. Dawn enters with Siobhan as Willow walks out after him and Xander slams the door behind them.

    Siobhan: This a bad time?

    Dawn: Don't worry, it'll get sorted out soon. So you already know Kennedy.

    Kennedy waves. Siobhan smiles.

    Dawn: And this is Andrew.

    Andrew: (getting up) Hi!

    Siobhan smiles more widely.

    Siobhan: Hi?

    She looks Andrew up and down and Andrew gets a little self conscious as she's doing it.

    Andrew: Right so I'll go and sit down now.

    He sits down hastily. Siobhan continues to watch him and she goes to sit down next to him

    Dawn: Siobhan you wanna go upstairs?

    Siobhan: No, it's ok, I'd rather speak to your friends. (turns to face Andrew and looks at him smiling) Get to know them better.

    Andrew is obviously rather uncomfortable now and Kennedy only smiles knowingly. Dawn looks rather annoyed that Siobhan would rather speak to Andrew than her.

    Dawn: But, but I need to show you something upstairs.

    Siobhan: (still staring at Andrew) Can't it wait?

    Dawn: No it's um, it's important.

    [I]Siobhan breaks her gaze upon Andrew and turns to Dawn.

    Siobhan: Oh all right.

    Dawn pulls Siobhan into the corridor and up the stairs. Andrew turns to Kennedy.

    Andrew: What was that all about?

    Kennedy: Oh I uh, have no idea.

    Andrew looks confused.

    Kennedy: She seems nice huh?

    Andrew: Uh, sure.

    Kennedy smiles more. Cut to Dawn and Siobhan.

    Dawn: Oh my god!

    Siobhan: What?

    Dawn: You have a crush on Andrew!

    Siobhan: Hell yeah!

    Dawn: Ok, have you seen him?

    Siobhan: Oh?you're just jealous. I bet you fancied him at one point!

    Dawn: No way! I mean no offense to him but...just no.

    Siobhan: Whatever?how old is he anyway?

    Dawn: Too old for you.

    Siobhan: Says the girl whose sister dated two century old vampires.

    Dawn: Yeah well they were vampires, and you're not my sister so just don't go there.

    Siobhan: I might. If I want to. I always get the guy I want.

    Dawn: Yeah well he didn't look like he wanted you.

    Siobhan: (shocked) What!?

    The camera moves away from Dawn and Siobhan, down the stairs and into the kitchen. Kennedy and Andrew are clearing the plates away as Buffy, Faith and Robin enter through the back door.

    Buffy: Hey everyone.

    Kennedy: Hey Buffy, Faith, Robin. Good training?

    Faith: Man this place is great for space. I could get used to kicking some demon ass around here.

    Robin: I have to say, you made a great choice coming here Buffy.

    Buffy: Nah it was Giles idea really. He thought this was a good place for job opportunities too. Speaking of which, has Willow gone for her interview?

    Kennedy: Yeah Xander's giving her a lift there now. He seemed kinda weird this morning though.

    Buffy: Weird? How weird?

    Andrew: He snapped at me, went really quiet, then snapped at Willow.

    Buffy: Well I can see him snapping at you (off Andrew's look) no offence, but Willow? Seems like there could be something more to this.

    Kennedy: Like magic?

    Buffy: I dunno, I'll ask him later. Right now I've gotta get myself a job. Where's the job vacancy paper?

    Kennedy: Uh?

    Kennedy indicates a huge pile of paper and magazines of different types.

    Buffy: Looks like finding the actual vacancies is gonna be the hard job.

    She sits down and starts to sort through them.

    Faith: What about you Robin, you got any ideas about jobs?

    Robin: Well I was thinking-

    The phone rings in the hallway. Andrew automatically goes to answer it.

    Andrew: Hello, Summers residence. Oh hi, yeah he's here. Robin it's for you.

    Robin looks puzzled and takes the phone from Andrew. He begins talking, although the camera has moved back to the others in the kitchen.

    Faith: Hmm wonder what that's all about.

    Buffy: Let's hope Robin hasn't been a bad boy now.

    Faith: (smiling) You couldn't imagine.

    Andrew: I could.

    Everyone looks at Andrew.

    Andrew: You know?if he'd committed a crime or something?

    Faith shakes her head and smiles. Robin appears back in the kitchen looking serious.

    Faith: Robin? What's the matter is everything ok?

    Robin: It's my dad.

    Faith: What about him? Is he?he's ok right?

    Robin: Uh, yeah he's fine.

    Faith: Oh?then what?

    Robin: He's offered me a job.

    Faith: That's great! Where?

    Robin: Massachusetts?

    Everyone stands around looking shocked

    Cut to: Xander and Willow in Xander's car. Both of them are silent, although Willow looks uncomfortable with the silence.

    Willow: So that job at the construction sight. All settled?

    Xander: Yeah.

    Willow smiles, but stops when Xander continues to be silent.

    Willow: Ok?what is it?

    Xander: Nothing.

    Willow: Remember the me knowing you for 22 years? That doesn't apply here. Because even I had known you for a day, I could tell that the nothing you're talking about is definitely something.

    Xander: (smiles weakly). Look I'm sorry for being cold, but?earlier on, at the breakfast table I thought I saw?

    Willow: What? Who?

    Xander: Anya.

    Willow looks shocked.

    Willow: But?wait?are you thinking it could have been The First? Because I really don't want a dose of d?j? vu right now.

    Xander: Well that's it ? I don't know what it is, but when I saw her just now it seemed really familiar. Like I'd done it before. I dunno, I just-

    Xander looks at Willow and his mouth falls wide open. She has taken Anya's appearance.

    Willow (looking like Anya and speaking with Anya's voice): I could check out any magical interferences. Because if it's only affecting you, then?what?

    Xander: Will, you're?you're her!

    Willow: What? No I'm not. I'm me!

    The camera shows Willow from her perspective ? just Willow.

    Willow: Xander? Xander! Xander look out!

    Xander realises he has not been watching the road. He has verged off into the opposite lane and is heading towards another car. He verges off to the left and the car falls into a ditch.
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    ACT II

    Xander's car is almost on its side in the ditch. The other car stops and a middle aged man gets out and runs over.

    Man: (running) Oh my god.

    He looks in through the driver's window. Xander is unconscious with a bloody nose, while Willow is conscious but she cannot get her door open.

    Man: Are you ok?

    Willow: I, I think so, but (shuffles) I'm kinda stuck.

    Man: Hang on; I'll check your friend first.

    Willow: Xander? Can you hear me?

    Xander: ?An?ya?

    Man: (opening the car door) Are you Anya?

    Willow: No, no I'm Willow, I think he's just delirious.

    Man: Willow? Willow Rosenberg?

    Willow: Yeah?how do you know my name?

    Man: (pulling Xander out of the car). Giles has told me about you. I'm Stephen. Stephen Carlson.

    Willow: Oh! Right, hi!

    Stephen pulls Xander on to the side of the road and Willow crawls out of the car also. She has a small cut on her arm, but nothing else. Stephen feels for Xander's pulse.

    Stephen: It's ok, I think he's just a little concussed.

    Willow: Oh thank god. And thank you! If you hadn't been there I could have been waiting a while.

    Stephen: Well I couldn't just drive off. What happened anyway?

    Willow: It's um, it's-

    Stephen: Is he under the influence of a spell?

    Willow: Well I'm not really sure. I don't know if Giles filled you in on the whole Sunnydale collapsing?

    Stephen: He did.

    Willow: Well, Xander's ex fianc? died in the fight and since this morning he said he keeps seeing her. He even thought I was her just now. That's why we ended up in the ditch actually.

    Stephen: Well that really makes it unlikely that it's The First. But there are a lot of disillusioning demons and spells that could cause what he sees.

    Xander: Wha?what?

    Willow: Xander?

    Willow bends down to Xander's side.

    Xander: Willow? What happened?

    Willow: We crashed, after you saw?or thought you saw?her. Remember Buffy telling us about Giles' friend Stephen? Well he helped us.

    Xander sits up and winces.

    Stephen: Careful there. I think you might have slight whiplash also.

    Xander: (Xander winces some more) Hmm I'm thinking that too. But thanks for the help.

    Stephen: Any time. Well not any time, because hopefully we won't be in this situation again, but you know what I mean. I think. But I hope I'll see you both soon. Um about the car?

    Willow looks.

    Willow: Oh, uh don't worry. I'll fix it.

    Stephen: Ah, right. Well sorry anyway.

    Willow: No no, it's ok. Bye.

    Stephen: Bye.

    Xander: Bye?

    Stephen gets back in his car and drives off.

    Willow: Um, Xander are you ok now?

    Xander: I'm feeling a little less like the world is about to spin around and punch me yeah.

    Willow: I mean about what you saw?

    Xander: I?I dunno.

    Willow: I think we should go back to Buffy, see if we can do something about it.

    Xander: What about your interview?

    Willow: Oh don't worry, I'll find another time to do that. Right now I'm more concerned with you.

    Xander: Uh, what about the car?

    Willow: Uh?

    Willow looks at the car. She closes her eyes and manages to lift the car out of the ditch. There is a small dent on the side but with a flick of her hand, Willow manages to make it vanish. Xander looks at her.

    Xander: Nice.

    Willow: No problem. We should get back. Uh, I'll drive.

    Xander: You sure?

    Willow: Well right now, I think my one lesson's experience might be better than yours.

    Xander: Point taken.

    Cut to the Summers' House. Willow and Xander walk in through the front door. Buffy walks quickly towards them.

    Buffy: Why are you back so early? Didn't your interview go well Will?

    Willow: It's not the interview. In fact I didn't even go.

    Buffy: What? Why? What's going on?

    Xander looks at Buffy seriously.

    Cut to: the Summers' kitchen. Everyone except Faith, Wood, Dawn and Siobhan are sat around the table.

    Buffy: So, are we thinking magic here? I mean I wanna choose any option that doesn't have "First" and "The" in it.

    Willow: I'm pretty sure it's not. Stephen agreed with me.

    Buffy: Right. Was he nice by the way?

    Willow: Yeah, very Gilesish. Well Giles minus a few years. Not that Giles is old. Uh yeah?

    Xander: I hate to break up the small talk but-

    Buffy: Right. Sorry Xand. Do you, uh, think you could just be imagining things? I don't mean to sound annoying.

    Xander: She was there. Or at least something that wanted me to think it was her.

    Xander gets up and walks around the table.

    Andrew: Why you? Why not the rest of us? I mean we've all lost people, so why's it only targeting you?

    Xander: Maybe?it's something about me or?her?

    Kennedy: Ok, please don't get mad at me for saying this, but are you actually gonna say her name?

    Xander looks uncomfortable.

    Xander: Does it really matter if I don't? Or is it any of your business?

    Kennedy: I'm just saying ? your denial over her death could be what's making you see her image.

    Xander: I am NOT in denial!

    Kennedy raises an eyebrow and Xander turns away in anger.

    Buffy: Xander, maybe Kennedy's right-

    Xander: Oh that's just great. Gang up on me why don't ya? Make me out to be the crazy one.

    Buffy: Hey! Remember I've been to crazy land too. I saw people there I-. I know what it's like. You just want to breakdown and let it take over you, because fighting it is too hard. And then when the people you love start accusing you, it just all implodes inside your head and you can't do anything but let it.

    Xander: (levelly) I'm not giving up.

    Buffy: I know. But we have to think of all possibilities. If things get too bad, you sometimes feel there might not be a way back to reality. You don't even know what reality is. This is it. We're gonna fix this.

    Willow: Maybe I should ring Giles? He might have a more definite answer than we do?

    Buffy: Right?that ok with you Xander?

    Xander: Sure, sure. Just as long as I-

    Xander look directly past Buffy and freezes.

    Willow: Xander? Can you see her?

    Xander: Yes?she's?it's?

    Everyone apart from Anya and Xander seem to blur suddenly. It is almost as if Xander and Anya are alone in the room.

    Anya: Xander, sweetie? Are you ok?

    Cut to: Faith and Wood by the river near the house. They are sat side by side in thought.

    Faith: So?what are you gonna do?

    Robin: I don't know. There are a lot of things that make me want to go, but at the same time?

    Faith: You like being here?

    Robin: This place reminds me so much of where my father brought me up. So peaceful but at the same time it's eventful enough not to be boring.

    Faith: I get that.

    Robin: But it reminds me so much of my dad?I haven't seen him since I came to Sunnydale and I want to see how he's doing now. To be honest I thought he might be dead. And that wasn't even him on the phone before, just another employee?

    Faith: He was your mum's Watcher right?

    Robin: How did you know?

    Faith: Buffy gave me a little history lesson on you.

    Robin: Right?well yeah you're right. I didn't want to believe it at first; when he told me, my mother had been dead for ten years. Before that he just said he was her Watcher and nothing else, and that my father was missing. I guess in a way he was.

    Faith: You know that if you decide to go I'll want to go with you.

    Robin: I don't want to take this life away from you. I know how much you want to be apart of this family. I do too.

    Faith: What's life if you can't get a little naughty from time to time? Or maybe more than time to time?

    Faith and Robin both laugh a little bit.

    Robin: I'll have to think it over. One the one hand it could solve all my financial problems. On the other it would mean losing a lot of people I want to get to know better.

    Faith: Anything's good. This gang can get a little too pure for me after a while. Except Kennedy. And Anya for that matter. She was always willing to touch Xander whenever. Not in a dirty way or anything it was just-

    Robin: I know what you mean.

    Faith and Robin stare reflectively into space.

    Cut back to the Summers' kitchen. Anya walks over to Xander and puts her hand on his shoulder.

    Anya: You're so tense. Let me?there we go.

    She begins to massage his shoulder.

    Xander: No?please?stop?

    Anya: I'm only trying to make you feel better. Do you ever try and make me feel better? You don't appreciate me anymore!

    Anya walks away and turns her back on Xander.

    Xander: What? I?I can't appreciate you anymore?

    Anya: Why? What have I done wrong now? I can't be this perfect little human Xander!

    Xander: I-

    Anya's image begins to fade. The real world begins to sharpen.

    Xander: No! Come back! I need to-

    Xander opens his eyes suddenly. He is lying on the floor on the kitchen. Giles, Willow, Buffy and Xander are knelt over him.

    Giles: Xander? Can you hear me?

    Xander: What? Giles? When did you get here?

    Giles: About ten minutes ago.

    Willow: You've been unconscious for about twenty minutes. We thought you were in a coma or something.

    Xander: Twenty minutes!?

    Xander stand up.

    Xander: I was only with her for a minute at most.

    Giles: You saw Anya again?

    Xander: ?Yes. But this time she spoke and touched me?

    Andrew: Touched you?

    Xander: (looking annoyed) She touched my shoulder.

    Giles: Hmm?

    He walks away thinking to himself.

    Xander: Giles?if you know what's doing this, then tell me. Please I need-

    Giles: I think I may know what's doing this but?

    Xander: What is it?

    Giles: You're probably not going to take what I have to say very well Xander, but you must remain calm.

    Xander: I can't just?I'll try.

    Giles: I believe a creature called a Mentem Edere has been feeding off your mind for the last few days.

    Xander: What!?

    Xander stands up in alarm.

    Giles: No, you must stay calm!

    Buffy: Giles what do you mean? It's inside of him?

    Xander: Something's eating my brain!?

    Giles: Well not really. The Mentem Edere consumes the mind's essence, not the actual brain. It's trying to disillusion you to stop you from trying to fight it. But remain calm. If you panic too much it may panic also.

    Xander: So what does that mean? I'm gonna go crazy?

    Giles: Well depending on the Mentem's movements-

    Xander: Ok I hate to sound pessimistic, but I'd like to get this thing out of my head before I go insane so can we act now please and talk later?

    Giles: Unfortunately you'll lose more than your sanity. Currently the Mentem is attacking a weaker area of your mind ? your memories.

    Xander: I'll forget stuff?

    Giles: You'll forget whatever the Mentem is targeting.

    Willow: Which means-

    Xander: Anya?

    Everyone looks concerned but also glad that Xander has actually said Anya's name.

    Xander: What's in my mind is all I have left of her. I can't lose that. What do I have to do? I'll do anything.

    Giles looks at Xander.

    Cut to: the field next to the Summers' house. Dawn and Siobhan are walking along the path next to it.

    Dawn: So that's pretty much my life.

    Siobhan: Sounds?fun?

    Dawn: Yeah mostly?it was much better when I got more involved with the slaying and stuff.

    Siobhan: My life's been pretty hectic. Moving from one place to another. We only moved to Darkley a few months ago actually. I've been trying to fit in, but most people don't wanna know. They just talk in their little groups.

    Dawn: Well I've only been at the school a week and so far I know you and?uh...

    Siobhan: Exactly - it's like breaking through a brick wall with people here. Like that PC Michaels? He's one of the worst.

    Dawn: I know what you mean.

    Siobhan and Dawn share a smile.

    Dawn: So what about your family? I mean I've met your mum a couple of times but?

    Siobhan: Well there's me. And my mum. And not much besides. My dad died when I was seven. He was in a road accident.

    Dawn: Oh, I'm sorry.

    Siobhan: Don't worry. He was away so much I hardly even knew him.

    Dawn: My dad walked out on my mum and us. He's now somewhere in Spain with his secretary.

    Siobhan: So it's just been you and Buffy since your mum died?

    Dawn: Oh, no, I've got the others. Willow, Xander, Giles, Faith and Andrew in a weird way. They're all around.

    Siobhan: My mum is hardly ever around. She goes to work, comes back late, goes to bed, sleeps and works the weekend away. I don't think she even noticed the blood on my cardigan the other night.

    Dawn: I'm sorry.

    Siobhan: No. You shouldn't be. I should really be grateful that she's still around.

    The two walk on silently. Suddenly a vampire jumps out from the bushes.

    Siobhan: Oh god, not now. I'm gonna have to change again after this.

    Dawn: Should be over quickly. Where's the stake.

    Siobhan: Don't you have it?

    Dawn: No?

    Dawn and Siobhan stare at the advancing vamp.

    Dawn: Oh?
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      ACT III

      Cut back to the Summer's house. Xander is sat on a chair and Giles and Willow are stood by Xander.

      Giles: Now Xander remember: whatever happens, it's just your memories being intertwined with what you want to see. You must keep detached from them however much you desire to-

      Xander: Ok, I get the idea. Anything I see equals bad.

      Willow: Right. Except me.

      Xander: I know.

      Giles: Willow, are you ready?

      Willow: Yeah.

      Xander: Will when you're in there - don't look around too much?

      Willow: I know, I'll be as quick as I can.

      Kennedy: Willow, this is your first major spell since Slayer-mania. Be careful.

      Willow: You know I always am.

      Kennedy smiles but still looks a little worried.

      Giles: Right then. If we're all ready? And remember it's vital for everyone to remain still during the spell. Just remember Xander: get back to reality as soon as you can. Otherwise we could all be trapped within it and the Mentem will have won.

      Everyone looks at Giles worriedly.

      Buffy: And you left that part out because...?

      Giles: Did I? Sorry, must have slipped my mind.

      Andrew: So we could die?

      Giles: No, but it could be worse since the mind is immortal and so we'd probably be in there for-

      Xander: Do you know how encouraging this is? Our survey says, not at all.

      Giles: Right sorry. We can begin now.

      Giles opens a book and begins to chant while Willow stand in-between Xander and Giles facing Xander.

      Giles: Let the mind be open. Let the spirit pass through. Let the heart be reached by the hand.

      Giles places his hand on Willow's back. She shivers slightly, and suddenly blue wisps of energy travel up Giles' arm. They enter Willow with huge force and she gasps. A white ball of energy passes from her body into Xander and he too gasps. All three are stuck in what seems to be some kind of status.

      Andrew: Buffy I think it went wrong.

      Buffy: No Giles said this would happen. Come on guys?

      Cut to: the Summers' kitchen, but in Xander's mind. Willow appears with a flash and sees Xander sitting in the chair still.

      Willow: Ok?that was fairly tame compared to some of the other rides I've been on.

      Xander suddenly seems to awaken.

      Xander: Willow? Are you-

      Willow: I'm here. I'm not seeing anything are you?

      Xander: No, it's just us. Oh?and that.

      Both of them look to their left and see the Mentem Edere. It seems not to have noticed them and is ripping away at the walls of the kitchen.

      Xander: So Giles was speaking literally when he said it was eating my mind.

      Willow: Yeah. Do you feel weird?

      Xander: No?at least I don't think so.

      The Mentem suddenly makes a heavy breathing sound and jumps through the part of the wall it has been eating.

      Willow: That's our cue. Let's go.

      Willow and Xander crawl through the hole in the wall and find themselves in the Summers' old house.

      Willow: Oh my god?we're here?

      Xander: Didn't think I'd just forget about it did you?

      Willow: Well no, I haven't either. But wow, nostalgia alert.

      Xander: Definitely?

      Xander is staring past Willow. She turns around and for the first time she too can see Anya.

      Willow: Oh?

      Anya: Xander what's going on? I waited for you but you never came. Where did you go?

      Xander: I?

      Anya walks towards Xander. Willow tries to stand in her way but Anya seems to freeze her to the spot.

      Willow: Hey! That's not meant to happen. Xander!

      Xander doesn't reply. He simply stares at Anya who smiles at him.

      Anya: But now you're here. And we can be together again.

      She puts her hands around his waste and tears begin to form in Xander's eyes. Willow is looking frantic, as she sees the Mentem eating faster and growing larger.

      Willow: Xander! You have to stop!

      Xander: Willow?

      Anya: Ignore her. She's just trying to slow you down.

      Xander: Right?no?what?

      Anya: She's just an illusion. Remember what Giles said? Ignore the illusions.

      Xander: This is reality?

      Anya: It can be. You just have to let it wash over you.

      Willow: Xander no! Come on its Willow.

      Xander: (to Willow) You're not real.

      Willow: You have to remember. Anya's dead, I'm not. How can she be real?

      Xander frowns slightly and Anya's smile fades.

      Anya: Xander? What is it?

      Xander looks at Anya, then at Willow. Finally he looks at the Mentem which eating its way towards Willow.

      Xander: (to Anya) I'm sorry.

      Anya: About what?

      Xander: That I couldn't save you.

      Anya: I'm still here.

      Xander: No. You're not. And I can't make you be real anymore. Because you're dead.

      Anya: Xander I-

      Xander looks at Willow and concentrates. Willow is able to move again and she begins to attack the Mentem. It begins to wail and tries to retaliate but Willow is too strong.

      Anya: What are you doing? Xander stop her!

      Xander: No.

      Anya: You don't want us to be together?

      Xander: Stop it. Just stop trying! It's over.

      Anya: I don't understand. I love you.

      Xander: I loved you too.

      Anya looks hurt as Willow finishes off the Mentem. It fades as does Anya.

      Cut back to the present day Summers' kitchen. Xander, Willow and Giles all gasp as they are out of the stasis. Willow smiles at Xander who looks back and he also smiles slightly. Buffy breaks the silence.

      Buffy: So how'd it go?
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        ACT IV

        Everyone is sat round the kitchen table again.

        Buffy: Do we definitely know it's gone for good?

        Giles: It's hard to say, but I would think it very unlikely that it's still in Xander's mind.

        Xander: Thank god for that.

        Kennedy: I would say goddess.

        Kennedy smiles at Willow and Willow smiles modestly.

        Willow: I'm just glad that it all worked out.

        Xander: I can't believe she nearly got to me.

        Willow: I know what it's like. When I thought I was speaking to Tara I was so convinced it was her. I didn't want to lose hold of it, but then I realised I had to.

        Buffy: Yeah same with me when I was thinking the wacky. God illusions really suck.

        Xander: Oh yeah.

        Willow: Yep. Hopefully that one won't be coming back though.

        Xander smiles at her. Faith and Wood enter through the back door.

        Faith: Hey people, what's been happening?

        Buffy: Bunch of stuff that would take a while to explain.

        Faith: Didn't miss anything exciting did we?

        Xander: Just a few mind games.

        Faith raises her eyebrows, while the others just smile.

        Buffy: What about you? Have you decided on anything?

        Robin: Well I've decided to-

        He is cut short as Dawn and Siobhan come in through the front door.

        Buffy: Hey. Are you ok?

        Dawn: No, we're not.

        Buffy: What happened?

        Siobhan: We got attacked by a vamp, and we were unarmed.

        Dawn: And we were assured there "wouldn't be any near the field at this time of the evening".

        Dawn glares at Faith.

        Faith: Hey! I just said it was unlikely.

        Buffy: Oh my god, did you get hurt? You should have told me you were going out!

        Dawn: Hey I've got Siobhan with me ? she is a Slayer remember.

        Siobhan smiles slightly. Buffy's frown fades.

        Buffy: Did ya win?

        Dawn: Well, yeah?Siobhan found a sharp branch and used that.

        Buffy: (nodding) Points for ingenuity.

        Faith: So it was fine, and no fight to the death is needed.

        Dawn and Siobhan laugh.

        Dawn: You got lucky. We'd have won.

        Faith: Wanna bet?

        Robin: I hate to butt in to this very, uh, feminine display?

        Buffy, Faith, Dawn and Siobhan all look at Robin, eyebrows raised.

        Robin: ?but I was gonna tell you what we've decided.

        Buffy: Oh, right.

        Robin: We're going to Boston.

        Everyone's smiles fade slightly.

        Willow: Oh?

        Buffy: Are you sure?

        Faith: Pretty much. And I'll be able to see my home city again.

        Buffy: But?you know, you just got here.

        Robin: Buffy, it's great here, really, but we've both decided that Boston is the best place for both of us.

        Buffy: Well I guess that it's your choice and we'll all help you leave. Not that we want you to go or anything, it's just you want to be there, and not here, and I'm not exactly sure where this sentence is going but I'm sure there's a good luck in it somewhere.

        Everyone laughs at Buffy.

        Faith: Thanks B?couldn't have got here without ya.

        Buffy: (smiling) I'd like to think so.

        Everyone smiles. Cut to Everyone talking in the living room. Kennedy appears from the bathroom. Giles is stood next to the door.

        Kennedy: Oh, hey Giles.

        Giles: Kennedy, hello. May I have a word?

        Kennedy: Uh, sure.

        Giles smiles and beckons to the kitchen.

        Giles: It won't take long.

        Kennedy: Ok. So, what is it?

        Giles: Uh, I just wanted to know?the crash. I know you weren't there, but do you know anything about it?

        Kennedy: Uh, I'm not sure there's much else to know. Xander drove off the road, Stephen helped them, Willow took the car out of the ditch.

        Giles looks at Kennedy as she finishes.

        Kennedy: What?

        Giles: She used magic?

        Kennedy: Well I don't see Willow picking the car up do-

        Giles: Kennedy this could be serious.

        Kennedy's smile fades.

        Kennedy: What are you talking about?

        Giles frowns.

        Xander and Willow look at each other. Cut to them in the kitchen.

        Xander: I'm sorry about your interview.

        Willow: There'll be others. I'm glad just glad we were able to sort it all out.

        Xander: You're amazing. You know that?

        Willow: Enough with the compliments. You're the amazing one Xander. Remember on the bluff, during the fight at the school, today. Most of us wouldn't be here without you.

        Xander: Likewise. And now, I can tell how you felt. How you still feel. About losing someone, and finding the strength to accept it.

        Xander and Willow simply smile at each other. Buffy is seen standing out the hallway entrance watching them. She smiles too, and suddenly flashes to seeing Spike's face at the end of Chosen. She blinks and he's gone. She frowns. She turns around and goes upstairs.

        THE END
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