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Buffy Episode 8.1 145. Just A Girl

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  • Buffy Episode 8.1 145. Just A Girl

    Hi, this is the first episode of Buffy Season 8 by me. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you have feedback, please post it here; both positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome .

    Buffy Episode 8.1 145. Just A Girl

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Fox Studios and Joss Whedon. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore no unauthorised usage of these characters is permitted.

    Giles VO: Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Buffy and Spike in the Summers' basement.

    Buffy: I just realised something. We're gonna win.

    Cut to: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn and Giles in Buffy's room.

    Buffy: What do you think?

    Giles: I think it's bloody brilliant.

    Willow: Whoa, hey. Not to poop on the party here, but I'm the guy that's gonna have to pull this thing off.

    Buffy: I wouldn't ask if I didn't think you could do it.

    Cut to Summers' Living Room.

    Buffy: I believe we can beat this evil.

    Buffy's voiceover continues as the camera cuts to everyone marching into the school.

    Buffy VO: Tomorrow morning I'm opening the seal.

    Cut to: Buffy, Faith and the SITs going down into the Hellmouth.

    Buffy VO: I'm going down into the hellmouth, and I'm finishing this once and for all.

    Cut back to Buffy in the Summers' Living Room. Close up on Buffy's face.

    Buffy: So this is the part where you make a choice.

    Buffy's voiceover continues as camera shows all the slayers around the world being awakened.

    Buffy: From now on, every girl in the world, who might be a slayer, will be a slayer. Every girl who could have the power, will have the power?can stand up?will stand up. Slayers?every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?

    Cut to: Principal Wood's office. Camera shows Willow, her hair is completely white.

    Willow: (falls over) That was nifty.

    Cut to: In the hellmouth. Camera shows Buffy swinging the scythe and killing a turok han, Faith punching a turok han, Vi leaping in the air.

    Buffy is impaled by a turok han's sword. She sees Amanda fall down dead.

    The First (as Buffy): You came pretty close to smacking me down. What more do you want?

    Buffy: (slowly) I want you to get out of my face.

    Buffy swings the scythe smashing several turok han down the cliff.

    Spike: Oh bollocks-

    Spike stumbles backwards and the sunlight beams out from it.

    Cut to: Sunnydale high. Anya gets sliced from her shoulder to her waste by a bringer. A bringer stabs Robin and Giles runs over to him.

    Cut back to the hellmouth: Buffy and Spike are standing next to each other.

    Spike: (amazed) I can feel it Buffy. My soul.

    Buffy: I love you.

    Spike: No, you don't. But thanks for saying it. I wanna see how it ends.

    His face begins to crack and soon he burns to dust.

    Cut to: Sunnydale High corridor.

    Xander: Anya! Anya!

    He doesn't see Anya's lifeless and bloody body behind a pillar. He runs with Dawn.

    Cut to outside of the school. Buffy runs to catch up with the bus. She jumps on to a building as Sunnydale falls apart behind her. She jumps on to the roof of the bus and the bus drives on, eventually skidding to a halt. Buffy jumps down from the roof.

    Everyone gets out and looks at the remains of Sunnydale.

    Giles: What did this?

    Buffy: Spike.

    Xander: (to Andrew) So did you see?

    Andrew: She died saving my life.

    Xander: (puts his hand on Andrew's shoulder) That's my girl.

    Cut to: the bus.

    Faith: (to Robin) We made it. We won.

    Robin smiles and lies motionless. Faith looks sad and goes to shut his eyes. However he coughs startling her and looks at her.

    Robin: Surprise.

    Faith smiles.

    Cut to next to the bus. Faith joins the others outside.

    Xander: We saved the world

    Willow: We changed the world. Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    Dawn: We'll have to find them.

    Willow: We will.

    Giles: We have a lot of work ahead of us.

    Faith: I just wanna sleep yo, for like a week.

    Willow: The First is scrunched, so?what do you think we should do Buffy?

    Dawn: Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?

    Buffy simply stares and smiles to herself.


    ACT I

    The camera shows the legs of a girl. It follows them as the girl walks up some shallow steps. The camera moves up to show the girl is carrying a box. The girl walks to a table and puts the box down. Camera moves up to show that the girl is Buffy. She walks back to the door and the camera pans out to show her standing in the porch of a fairly large cottage. A field can be seen behind the house and it is early evening. Buffy smiles to herself as she stares into the peaceful distance absently.

    Dawn OS: You know that's like the fifth time today you've done that.

    Buffy turns to see Dawn standing nearby also holding a box.

    Buffy: What?

    Dawn: Stare into space for no apparent reason. Like you can't believe we're actually here, and among other things, alive. You want me to pinch you so you know this is real? Cause?that can be arranged.

    Buffy rolls her eyes.

    Buffy: Funnily enough, I'm good. But yeah, it is gonna take some getting used to. I mean?you know; whole new place.

    Dawn: Well, Giles seems to think it's ok.

    Buffy: Oh, I don't doubt that. I'm actually not worried, exactly.

    Dawn: I know what you mean. But it will be ok. Just, make sure you know your English phrases and everything'll be great.

    Buffy raises her eyebrows. Dawn shrugs slightly and carries the box indoors. Buffy remains staring for a second and then follows. The camera moves slowly outwards and towards the road. A sign appears stating "Welcome to the County of Lincolnshire.

    Opening credits.



    NICHOLAS BRENDAN - Xander Harris
    ALYSON HANNIGAN - Willow Rosenberg
    IYARI LIMON - Kennedy Elisonne
    JEMIMA ROOPER - Siobhan Bligh
    TOM LENK - Andrew Wells

    Guest Starring:

    ELIZA DUSHKU - Faith
    DB WOODSIDE - Robin Wood

    The camera shows Buffy sitting down in the kitchen of her new home reading something. Xander walks in

    Xander: Well I've looked, and looked again and I can't see anything wrong with the place.

    Buffy looks up and stares at Xander smiling.

    Buffy: Really? Are you sure you checked everywhere?

    Xander: Well unless this house has any secret rooms Giles didn't tell us about, I'm sure.

    Buffy: (smiling wider) Great!

    Buffy hugs Xander.

    Buffy: You know I just want ? no actually I think I need this house to be perfect. And not have any demonic features.

    Xander: Well knowing our luck, there'll be some demons just waiting for us out back.

    Buffy gives him a look.

    Xander: Just joking! But you know, we're gonna have to visit that other Hellmouth sooner or later.

    Buffy: (looking fed up) I know?but I think we should all just get settled in first.

    Xander: Of course! I know that I personally won't wanna see any demons for a-

    Xander shrieks as he sees what he thinks is a demon in front of him. However it is only Andrew wearing a mask and holding a box full of them. Xander sighs.

    Xander: (slowly) Andrew?what did we tell you about not wearing those things.

    Andrew: Sorry. But you gotta admit these are pretty cool! It's too bad we couldn't save more from the house; because there were a lot of really interesting things that I didn't get a chance to look at due to the oncoming apocalypse and all. Not to mention those quality first editions that I'm really gonna miss.

    Andrew sighs and stares into space.

    Xander: Well luckily, you're the only one that cares about them.

    Buffy looks up and smiles.

    Andrew: No way, you were staring at my Star Wars collection with awe! Plus Amanda really liked?

    Andrew trails off and all three of them stare around looking awkward and sad.

    Buffy: Uh, so Andrew how are you liking the place?

    Andrew: It's pretty neat. Except, who chose that room for me? Cause?I only got a single bed, and everyone else got double, so I'm just wondering-

    Xander: Are you expecting anyone else in your bed?

    Andrew blushes.

    Andrew: Uh?

    Xander: Problem solved.

    Buffy rolls her eyes.

    Buffy: It's nothing personal Andrew. I mean Dawn's bed is only a small double. Not that she's having anyone in their either I hope?

    Xander raises an eyebrow.

    Buffy: ?and perhaps a little more importantly; we just didn't have enough for another double bed. We pretty much stretched our budget to the max as it is.

    Xander: How's that going by the way?

    Buffy: Oh, it could be better. Giles' contribution helped a hell of a lot but we still need jobs. And fast.

    Xander: Well, I'm sure someone round here is in need of a handsome, strong carpenter to fix places. I mean the houses round here are like 1000 years old right?

    Buffy smiles.

    Buffy: I think it's a little less than that. But if we're lucky then they're also in disrepair.

    Xander: That's the spirit!

    Andrew: What can I do?

    Buffy: Uh, I dunno Andrew. Don't worry about it right now, we'll think about it later. Right now I just wanna make sure everyone's settled.

    Willow and Kennedy enter holding hands and giggling, and the others look up to see them come in.

    Willow: Hey guys.

    Buffy: Hey there. Been out?

    Kennedy: Yeah just down to the wood. You should really go down there some time, it's really great.

    Willow: Yeah! There's this little path with lots of flowers around it and it looks so cute! Oh and there's also a little pool at the bottom of the waterfall, which is really pretty!

    Kennedy: Great for swimming in.

    Willow gives her an embarrassed look, as Xander and Buffy smile.

    Andrew: Sounds like fun! Can I come with you swimming next time?

    Willow and Kennedy look at each other. Xander walks over to Andrew.

    Xander: Andrew is there any more stuff you need to go and get from the bus?

    Andrew: (looking a little flattened) I guess.

    Xander: I'll come and help you with them.

    Xander pulls Andrew's arm and Andrew reluctantly comes with Xander.

    Dawn walks past them and looks back. She looks forwards again and shrugs.

    Dawn: Ok so that's me done with the unpacking.

    Buffy: Great, I think everyone else has finished too.

    Willow and Kennedy have started to kiss. Dawn smiles to herself as Buffy raises an eyebrow.

    Buffy: Guys?

    Willow and Kennedy suddenly break apart and look at Buffy.

    Willow: Um yes, I believe we are done. Though, later maybe I could talk to you about some of those spells I told you about on the way here? They could be pretty useful.

    Buffy: Well, ok, but don't go overboard too much with the magics Will. You know that spell was like the most powerful ever. And I'm sure you got at least a bit of what I got.

    Willow: Yeah well, I think the rush is fading now; after four weeks.

    Kennedy: Those have been four very good weeks.

    She giggles and so does Willow.

    Buffy: Well, I'm glad some of us have made good use of our time.

    She raises one eyebrow at Willow and Kennedy and smiles. Willow looks at the floor embarrassed.

    Buffy: Seriously though, if you need to take it slow, don't worry about it. You should take all the time you need.

    Willow: I know. But I think I have. I know you got a taste of the spell, but?I don't think I can describe to you how phenomenal I felt with that power flowing through me, even if it was just for a second.

    Dawn: You haven't talked much about it.

    Willow: Hence the inexplicableness. What I can tell you, is that I think I get it now. What magics really about, how I can really use it. Not just for us, but for everyone. I don't think anyone else could understand what that really means.

    Buffy: Well I think I understand enough to know it's a good thing, right?

    Willow: Definitely.

    They smile at one another.

    Kennedy: So, uh, are Faith and Robin back from Lincoln?

    Buffy: Yeah, they got back just after you two left. They said it was pretty nice.
    Though I think they were pretty eager to get back here, try and settle.

    Faith appears from around the corner.

    Dawn: Speak of the devil.

    Faith: Hey, I must be psychic or something. How's it going?

    Buffy: Good, thanks. I think we're pretty much done with the packing. How about you?

    Faith: Oh, you know, I prefer taking it slow.

    Buffy: Well-

    Faith: Yeah, yeah, I know you're Miss Organisation an' all, but we just had a 13 hour flight, I just wanna crash, you know? Oh and uh, in case anyone wondered, the beds are sturdy.

    Buffy raises an eyebrow. Dawn screws up her face a little.

    Buffy: That's, uh, good.

    Robin walks in from the hallway.

    Robin: Hey.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Faith smiles.

    Faith: Hey!

    They kiss quickly. Robin looks at the others.

    Robin: How's everything going?

    Buffy: Oh, pretty good.

    Kennedy: Faith was just filling us in on the highlights of your morning.

    Robin raises his eyebrows and smiles questioningly at Faith. Faith rolls her eyes at Kennedy and then looks at Robin.

    Faith: There was very little description.

    The phone begins to ring. Buffy goes over to it.

    Buffy: (on phone) Hello? Giles, hey! How did-?oh?right?now? (Short pause). Well I guess we could?what? Oh great? (She sighs) I'll tell the others?yeah ok?bye (she hangs up).

    Willow: (concerned) What is it?

    Buffy: A body's been found.

    Dawn: Already?

    Buffy: Yeah looks like they're not waiting till we're ready.

    Robin: How'd they die?

    Buffy: Was kinda mutilated. And with the full moon last night, I'm thinking werewolf.

    Kennedy: So we've got tonight to find the killer?

    Buffy: Or try. Giles wants me to come into town now, check it out, make sure it's a werewolf and not something possibly more deadly.

    Faith: Want us to come with?

    Buffy: Anyone who wants to.

    Faith: Think I'll stay in that case. Like I said before, not doing much right now would be good.

    Buffy: Ok, no problem.

    Kennedy: We'll go, right Will?

    Willow: Uh, sure. Be good to check out the village.

    Buffy: Yeah, I guess. Better get some more of this stuff done before we go though.

    The others nod.

    Cut to Dawn's bedroom. About an hour has passed. Dawn is lying on her bed looking at something. There is a knock on the door.

    Dawn: Come in.

    Buffy enters, as Dawn turns round.

    Buffy: Hey.

    Dawn: Hi, who was that on the phone?

    Buffy: Giles ? he wants us to come to the town to look at a body.

    Dawn: Great, just how I wanted to spend my afternoon.

    Buffy: Well you don't have to come if you don't want to.

    Dawn: No, it's ok, I'll go. My only alternative at the moment is to stare at the walls since the TV cable's still not installed and nor is the phone line or the compu-

    Buffy: Dawn? What's that?

    Dawn gets up. Buffy has seen something on Dawn's dresser.

    Buffy is looking at a lighter.

    Dawn: Oh?I just found it; I thought it looked pretty cool.

    Buffy: No, that's Spike's isn't it?

    Dawn looks at the floor silently. Buffy walks over to the lighter and picks it up and holds it in her hand as she looks at Dawn.

    Buffy: Dawn I thought you'd put your stealing days behind you.

    Dawn: I didn't steal it! It was on the floor of the bus! Besides, Spike's not gonna use it anymore is he?

    Dawn stops as she realises what she has said. Buffy looks grave and walks over to Dawn.

    Buffy: I understand. You miss him. I do too.

    Dawn: I know, it's just?I don't see why he didn't follow you. He had the chance, why didn't he take it?

    Buffy: He had to stay. There was no other choice. He knew that.

    Dawn: I just wish that there had been more time. That I had had a chance to say goodbye, or, or something.

    Buffy puts her hands on Dawn's shoulders.

    Buffy: We don't always get the chance to say goodbye. Believe me, I know. I've seen ? we've seen enough people to die to know that. But, I know Spike died for a reason. He saved not just us, but the world. I think he was happy when he died.

    Dawn: I hope so.

    Buffy and Dawn hug. Buffy opens the door wide and she and Dawn walk through. The camera stays stationary and watches them walk away.

    Buffy: I hope you weren't using that lighter to light any cigarettes.

    Dawn: Yeah right?you think I stole them off Faith?

    Buffy: You better not have young lady.

    Cut to outside the house. A delivery van drives off to show Xander waving it off. He walks back to Andrew who is leaning on a red Volvo.

    Andrew: I really like it here. It's nice and quiet, and you know I could probably make some quality videos. If I can get another video camera that is. It's too bad I left it in the living room at the old house?

    He sighs and Xander roles his eyes.

    Xander: I think we need to be concentrating more on the house at the moment rather than going all Michael Moore.

    Andrew: Well I can't really help with that. Buffy would probably shout at me or something-

    Buffy: Andrew! Xander!

    Buffy and Dawn have appeared at the front doorway and are walking down the path.

    Andrew: See! Like that!

    Buffy and Dawn are now next to Xander and Andrew.

    Buffy: What?

    Andrew is about to explain but Xander stops him.

    Xander: Never mind, what is it Buff?

    Buffy: Giles wants us to investigate something in the town. Willow and Kennedy are just coming.

    Andrew: Oh that's cool! Can I drive?

    Buffy: Andrew the last time you tried to drive, there were life flashing before eyes issues involved.

    Andrew: Well it's not like that'll ever happen again.

    Buffy: Look I need someone to get the rest of this stuff unpacked ok, so just stay here.

    Andrew: How come Dawn gets to come?

    Dawn: Because I finished unpacking unlike you.

    Andrew: Fine, whatever. You better take me with you next time!

    Andrew walks off. Buffy sighs.

    Xander: So what's the investigating about?

    Buffy: Just a death. The non-plural kind hopefully.

    Xander: A death? Already? God and I thought the English were proper and all.

    Buffy: Don't keep your hopes up Xand. We're five minutes drive from a hellmouth remember.

    Xander: How many hellmouths are there?

    Buffy: Oh God I do not want to think about the number of places I haven't been protecting for seven years.

    Dawn: But it's ok now. Everywhere will probably have at least one slayer, right? I mean Giles took Rona and Vi to Europe, and Chao Ahn's back in Vietnam. And there are so many more?

    Buffy: I hope so?but I also hope they know what they're doing. `

    Cut to a town (apparently the one near Buffy and co.) A male vampire growls and rushes down a small alley, chasing something. The camera shows the vampire stop and smile as it approaches its prey. It is about to bite when the victim suddenly punches the vamp in the face and it goes flying into the left wall. The vamp looks astonished.

    Vampire: What?what the hell? Is that you Slayer?

    The camera moves up the girl to show her face. She is looking anxious and scared but at the same time determined.

    Girl: No?I'm, I'm just a girl.

    Camera cut.
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    ACT II

    Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Kennedy and Willow are all in the large Volvo and are driving through a town square.

    Dawn: What kind of town is called "Darkley".

    Buffy: This one apparently.

    Xander: Sounds like a town trying to give the wrong impression to me.

    Xander pulls up next to a large crowd of people with policeman trying to hold them back. There is police tape surrounding the area.

    Buffy: No, I'd say the impression is correct.

    Everyone gets out of the car and approaches the scene. A middle-aged policeman walks towards them and holds his arms out to bar their way.

    Policeman: No more spectators please. If you tourists want something to look at then go to the old church, but not-

    Giles pushes his way through the crowd and comes to the others' rescue.

    Giles: Ah don't worry PC Michaels they're with me.

    PC Michaels: Oh right. Sorry folks I didn't realize you were with Mr. Giles here. I thought, um, that you might be a little, well?

    He looks at Dawn.

    PC. Michaels: ?Older?

    Everyone forms an annoyed expression, especially Dawn.

    Dawn: Hey, I happen to be 17 you know!

    Willow: And the rest of us are above 20!

    Kennedy: Well?

    Willow: Except Kennedy who happens to be 19.

    Kennedy: But 20 soon!

    Buffy: (to PC. Michaels) Although, of course, we look younger than 20 right?

    Xander: But not too young though?

    PC Michaels just stand with his mouth open and looks at Giles.

    Giles: Um?well if it's all right with you PC Michaels, I'll show my people the body and we'll, uh, see what we can come up with.

    PC Michaels: Right Mr. Giles, ok?just, um, don't disturb it too much will you?

    Giles: No, no, we'll be as careful as possible.

    PC Michaels walks off and the gang begin to walk with Giles.

    Buffy: "Your people"? Since when?

    Giles: Just work with me Buffy, this is a small town, somewhere where the inhabitants are not very ready to accept newcomers. I've explained to PC Michaels that I am a private investigator, and due to some highly believable lies and a very well played out phone call-

    Xander: Giles! Shame on you!

    Giles looks irritated by Xander.

    Giles: ?He's allowed us to investigate here whenever there's a more?sinister case. So long as we, uh "tourists" keep out of everyone's way.

    Willow: But isn't Darkley a tourist town?

    Buffy: Yeah! I mean can you say narrow-minded?

    Giles: Be that as it may, I think?that this is my country and you should just follow my lead.

    Xander: As your people, we obey.

    Giles rolls his eyes and walks under the tape with the gang. He enters a shop and the gang follow.

    Giles: Well?here we are.

    Giles looks at the body of a middle-aged man lying face down on the floor. Buffy walks over the man and rolls him over. She pulls her head away by the sight and the others do too.

    Dawn: You know this once would have been a "Dawn you're not supposed to see this" moment.

    Willow: Currently I'm think this is a "Willow you really don't wanna see this" moment.

    Xander: I second that.

    Buffy: This guy's completely shredded.

    Willow: And we're thinking werewolf?

    Giles: Well yes, that would be the most obvious culprit, but I'm sure there are a few creatures that could do this.

    Dawn: And leave this behind?

    Dawn is looking at some brown hair on the floor by one of the bookshelves.

    Giles: Well, I didn't see that?

    Dawn: Go me the detective gal!

    Giles: (smiling encouragingly) Yes well done Dawn. It looks rather too neat to be that of a werewolf, so?if I just put this in here.

    Giles picks up the hair and places it in a jar.

    Giles: Willow would you be able to-

    Willow ?analyse it? Given enough time we'll get your critter in no time.

    Giles: Right then well?

    Everyone stands looking around.

    Willow: We'll get going with that then.

    Willow and Kennedy leave.

    Xander: I'll come back to give you a lift when you're done here ok?

    Buffy: Sure. I won't be too long though.

    Xander smiles and follows Willow and Kennedy out the door.

    Dawn: Buffy, is it ok if I go with them?

    Buffy: Sure. Oh and remember to get the rest of the stuff in your room sorted out ok?

    Dawn: (walking) Yes ok?

    Dawn leaves. Cut to her outside. She sees Xander, Willow and Kennedy walking towards the car. She looks in the opposite direction and then walks away quickly.

    Cut to Faith walking into the kitchen. Andrew is sat at the table reading something.

    Faith: Hey Andrew.

    Andrew: Hi.

    Faith opens the fridge door.

    Faith: Wow, Buffy wasn't kidding when she said we were out of food.

    Andrew: I got some cookies. Want some?

    Faith smiles.

    Faith: Sure.

    Faith sits down next to Andrew. Andrew passes her an almost empty packet of cookies.

    Andrew: Where's Robin?

    Faith: Sleepin'. I tried but couldn't.

    Andrew: How come you didn't go with the others?

    Faith: Not really into Slayer mode right now. I know I probably should be but?

    Andrew: Hey at least you have the choice.

    Faith: Huh?

    Andrew: I mean?I couldn't go, cause Buffy thinks I'd die or something worse.

    Faith: Well, no offence, but you probably would.

    Andrew: Hey! I fought those ubervamps with you guys. And almost got decapitated when I got possessed by that bringer.

    Faith: Yeah, you were pretty lucky.

    Andrew: I'm not useless.

    Faith: I'm not saying you are, ok? I mean you raised the tone back there just by pointing a video camera around. That's gotta be worth something right?

    Andrew: But I don't have that anymore.

    Faith: Maybe you don't need it. From what I hear you and Buffy and the others weren't so close once upon a time.

    Andrew: No?I was her nemesis?

    Faith: That right huh?

    Faith looks amused.

    Faith: Well the fact you're living in the same house as them now's pretty impressive. Gotta give yourself some credit.

    Andrew smiles.

    Andrew: Thanks.

    Faith: No problem. Just let me know about the cookies before you eat almost all of them in future, ok?

    Andrew nods. Faith smiles.

    Cut back to Buffy and Giles. Buffy turns around to face Giles again. He smiles back and walks towards the counter. Buffy turns around to look at the shelves and frowns.

    Buffy: Giles, isn't this a library?

    Giles: What? Yes, Darkley's very famous for its selection of books. Especially some that would be of interest to us?

    Buffy: Oh God, please don't say you're gonna buy it. Remember every other time you've worked in a place with books or magic? Or both? You tended to get knocked out a lot although there's no evidence of that because they're both completely destroyed now.

    Giles: Buffy I assure you I have no intention of buying this place. It's far too spacious and besides I already have a job and I'm living with an old friend.

    Buffy: You do? Why weren't we informed?

    Giles: Because last time I checked my private life was in fact private.

    Buffy: Well I don't care about who you're staying with. Not that I'm not happy that you've moved in with someone. What's her name?

    Giles: Stephen.

    Buffy: (eyes widening, eyebrows narrowing) Right?so?a very, very old friend right?

    Giles: Yes, and nothing more whatever you might be thinking. He's actually a friend from the Watcher's Council.

    Buffy: Oh?he's not the Quentin Travers type is he? Because respect for the dead aside, he was a real-

    Giles: No, no quite the opposite in fact. He and me were rather the tearaways of the place to begin with. Before the elder generation brought us down a peg or two.

    Buffy: Right?so?the job?

    Giles: Ah, yes well?it just so happens that I have been offered a job from the local school.

    Buffy: You're gonna be a teacher? Ok you know how terrible that would be for Dawn don't you?

    Giles: Well not a teacher exactly ? I'll do extra curricular classes for those who want to broaden their horizon a little.

    Buffy: You're saying you're going to teach them about demons?

    Giles: No, no, just how to defend themselves, about the history of the place etc. Although I do intend to pursue those who seem interested in the more colourful aspects of the community.

    Buffy: Right?

    Giles: You'll encourage Dawn to attend of course?

    Buffy: Um, I guess so, but I think she's pretty much all over the Watcher Junior thing.

    Giles: Well, I think it would be interesting for her at the least.

    Giles looks at his watch.

    Giles: Good lord it is getting late?Stephen will be wondering where I've gotten.

    Buffy raises an eyebrow.

    Giles: (levelly) He's cooking dinner.

    Giles walks to the door, stops and then turns round to face Buffy.

    Giles: I, um, never asked how you are. Everyone settled in all right?

    Buffy: Yeah, everything's normal again really. Just got to look around to see if there's anything I have to kill.

    Giles: Right, well, the hellmouth itself is under the town hall, so head there if anything apocalyptic begins to happen.

    Buffy: Don't talk to me about apocalypses; I've had it up to here with them.

    Buffy holds her hand flat above her head. Giles smiles.

    Giles: Well I'm sure that we won't have too much trouble on our hands at the moment.

    Buffy: Well?

    Buffy indicates the dead shop owner.

    Giles: Well, I'm sure we'll get at least this attack cleared up in no time.

    Buffy: I hope you're right. But what are we gonna do with him?

    Giles: Oh the coroners will be arriving any minute now I should imagine. Look I really must be going, but I hope to see you about all this later.

    Buffy: Sure. I'll phone Willow about the results.

    Giles and Buffy both walk out of the shop. PC Michaels is talking to several people who appear to be from the coroner's office. PC Michaels sees Giles and Buffy and walks over to them.

    PC Michaels: Hello Mr. Giles. And uh?

    Buffy: (holds out her hand) I'm Buffy. Buffy Summers.

    PC Michaels looks a little astounded at her name but shakes her hand anyway.

    PC Michaels: Well, Ms. Summers I hope you like it here in Darkley. We're not a very large community but we do try to give our visitors a warm welcome. Of course you're not staying here long are you?

    Buffy: Um, well we haven't decided yet.

    PC Michaels: Ah, well I should have thought you and your friends would be much more accustomed to city life, coming from America an' all.

    Buffy looks rather put out and Giles sees this.

    Giles: Well we've had a rather long stay in America, and as I know this part of the UK quite well I thought it best that my friends came and lived here.

    PC Michaels: I see.

    He smiles faintly at Buffy.

    PC Michaels: I'll be on my way then?

    He walks off and we see Buffy looking rather annoyed. Giles looks at Buffy.

    Giles: Don't worry Buffy, he'll get used to you.

    Buffy: (staring forwards continually) Right.

    She turns to Giles.

    Buffy: Think I'm gonna do a quick food shop. Since we currently have like one apple left for eight people.

    Giles: Well if you ever need-

    Buffy: I'll ask. But we'll manage. Somehow.

    Giles smiles.

    Giles: I'll be off then. I hope we'll get to the bottom off this soon.

    Buffy: Ok?bye.

    Giles: Bye.

    Cut to Buffy sat on the side of a statue with some shopping. The sun is now setting in the distance.

    Buffy: ?Xander? Yeah could you come and pick me up? ?what??she said she?no she said she was going with you! Oh this is just great, I don't even know this town! Ok well can you come here? Ok then. Oh and what about the results of the hair Dawn found? Inconclusive? It's always inconclusive (sighs). Ok well bring Willow too. And-

    Buffy looks over the arm of the bench and notices a pool of blood near the wall of a small alley.

    Buffy: Um, Xander, I've got to go, but I'll see you in about 20 minutes? Ok, ok bye.

    Buffy turns her mobile off and walks over to the blood. She dabs two fingers in it and sniffs it.

    Buffy: Human?

    Buffy looks down the alley and her eyes widen. A snarling sound is heard and the camera looks from the snarling creature's perspective. Buffy gasps and gets up as the creature pounces at her.
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      ACT III

      Cut to: Willow, Xander and Kennedy in the car. They all look anxious and Xander is driving.

      Willow: Well what I am I gonna tell Buffy?

      Xander: The truth?

      Willow: I don't think she's ready for the truth.

      Kennedy: Are you sure the results were accurate.

      Willow: Yep, no doubt about it. That hair was human.

      Xander: And how different is werewolf hair?

      Willow: Very different. You can tell by the follicles.

      Xander: The what now?

      Willow: Never mind. Basically they're very different.

      Kennedy: So what are we expecting? A human serial killer with a taste for mutilation?

      Willow: Something like that I guess. God I hope Dawn's ok.

      Kennedy: She can handle herself. She is 17.

      Xander: Age means nothing versus a knife. I can't believe she lied to us. Again!

      Willow: Well I guess she's feeling more independent now. And the town can't be that bad can it?

      Xander: May I remind you of the serial killer?

      Willow: Oh god. Drive faster!

      Xander: I would but PC Plod's back. Don't worry it's not much further.

      PC Michaels comes to the car window. Xander pulls the window down.

      PC Michaels: Ah hello there, you're Mr. Giles' friends aren't you?

      Xander: Yeah, but we're kinda in a bit of a hurry. So if you don't mind?

      PC Michaels: Right, well I'm sorry to get in the way.

      Willow pulls down her window.

      Willow: Um, have you seen our friend we were with earlier?

      PC Michaels: You mean the older girl or the younger one?

      Willow: Well both, actually, but we need to find the younger one more urgently.

      PC Michaels: Now let me see. I spoke to that girl, um what was here name?Betty?

      Willow: Buffy.

      PC Michaels: Yes that's it! Very peculiar name don't you-

      Willow: Was she with the younger girl?

      PC Michaels: Um, no she was with Mr. Giles. I saw that other girl go off down Tenor Street though.

      Xander: Where's that?

      PC Michaels: Just down the street from the library. Although I should-

      Xander and Willow simultaneously: Thank you!

      They drive off leaving PC Michaels looking on with his mouth open. He shakes his head.

      PC Michaels: Tourists! Pfft.

      Cut to: another part of the town. The girl seen earlier is walking down the street hastily and frequently looks behind her. She walks straight into another male vampire who smiles as he grabs her shoulders and prepares to bite her. Footsteps are heard and the vamps looks and turns around.

      Dawn: Get off of her!

      Male vamp: This aint the place for you to be girl.

      He turns to face the other girl.

      Male vamp: Wouldn't wanna get caught up in this now would we? You best get home to your mummy.

      Dawn: Like hell I'm leaving.

      Male vamp roles his eyes and lets go of the other girl.

      Male vamp: Well?if you insist

      He smiles and steps towards Dawn but the other girl punches him in the back of the head. He looks dazed as he looks at Dawn. She runs up to hit him, but the other girl smacks him down and then kicks him in the face. The vamp grabs Dawn's leg and Dawn looks at the other girl for help. Dawn can see the other girl has no idea what to do next and so Dawn grabs a stake from her belt and throws it to the other girl. The other girl still looks clueless and Dawn acts out staking the vamp as the vamp gets up. The vamp grabs Dawn's neck but looks confused suddenly. He looks down to see the stake protruding from his heart. He dusts quickly and Dawn stares and smiles with relief at the other girl. The other girl however looks very suspicious.

      Girl: Who are you?

      Dawn: I'm Dawn. Dawn Summers. You?

      Girl: I'm Siobhan Bligh. Well I was. Until last May.

      Dawn: What happened last?

      Dawn's eyes widen.

      Dawn: Oh.

      Siobhan: Oh what?

      Dawn: Let's take a walk.

      Siobhan: No! I'm sick of being in the dark on this I want to know what's happened to me. Now!

      Dawn: There's a lot to explain.

      Siobhan: I'm not going anywhere. I'm stuck here. But I know I don't belong here. Before last May I was no one. Just a girl. Now I have this strength that came from nowhere and everyone thinks I'm crazy since I started going on about these things that look like vampires like. My mum's getting my counselling sessions. Do you know how embarrassing that is?

      Dawn: I can imagine.

      Siobhan: So please, tell me what's happened to me. I'm not promising I'll accept it all, but I'll try.

      Dawn: Well ok. I'll try too.

      Siobhan: Before you go any further?are you like me?

      Dawn: Oh?no I haven't got super strength or anything. I'm just?a girl.

      Camera Cut.

      Cut to: Buffy in an alley. She has blood all over her hands. He looks next to her and the body of a werewolf is lying there, also covered with blood. It has a stake in its chest. Buffy kneels down and pulls out the stake.

      Buffy: Damn. Another person down.

      Buffy gets up with the stake in her hands and walks out the alley. PC Michaels bumps into her and sees the blood and the stake. He looks horrified.

      Buffy: ?Oh?no it's not what it-

      PC Michaels: (angrily) Bethy Summers, you are under arrest.

      Buffy roles her eyes.

      Buffy: Oh this is just great?

      PC Michaels arrest speech continues as Buffy is pushed into the police car.

      Cut to: Dawn and Siobhan sat on the steps.

      Siobhan: Wow?

      Dawn: Yah?

      Siobhan: That's one hell of a lot I didn't know.

      Dawn: Most people say that when they find out.

      Siobhan: It's a lot to take in.

      Dawn: Yeah, well I'm just glad we got to you before you freaked out too much.

      Siobhan: I was pretty freaked out after seeing that thing kill Mr. Mallory.

      Dawn: Oh, I'm sorry. Who's Mr. Mallory?

      Siobhan: He's-

      Willow: Dawn!

      Willow, Kennedy and Xander get out of the car and run over.

      Dawn: Uh oh.

      Willow and co. stop next to Dawn and look annoyed.

      Willow: Where did you go Dawn? Buffy was really worried.

      Dawn: She doesn't have to worry I was just looking around the town.

      Xander: Yeah but you lied Dawn, and that's what we're annoyed about.

      Willow: Right, but also because there's a potential serial killer about and you coulda gotten hurt!

      Dawn: What?

      Willow: The hair we found next to the dead guy? It was human.

      Xander: Pretty much the same colour as your friend here's hair?

      Xander suddenly realises what has he said and backs away from Siobhan.

      Dawn: Xander!

      Siobhan: Dawn, I think I know what's going on. I was at the library earlier.

      Dawn backs away from Siobhan, as do Willow and Kennedy.

      Siobhan: No I don't mean I'm the serial killer or whatever. The hair you found in the library was mine, but I didn't kill that guy.

      Kennedy: Have you got any proof that you didn't kill him?

      Siobhan: Well if you analyse the blood of Mr. Mallory-

      The others look blank.

      Siobhan: The librarian.

      Willow, Xander, Kennedy and Dawn: Oh

      Siobhan: Anyway, if you look at his blood I think you'll find traces of DNA from whatever that?thing was.

      Willow: What did it look like?

      Siobhan: Big and hairy. Almost like a werewolf or something? Don't tell me they're real as well Dawn?

      The others look at Dawn puzzled.

      Dawn: Oh right, well it appears Siobhan's actually a Slayer.

      Willow: What? Are you sure?

      Siobhan: Sudden unexplainable strength around May?

      Willow: Well that would imply-

      Siobhan: Followed by increased speed, aim, stamina-

      Xander: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she's a Slayer. I'm Xander by the way. Sorry for thinking you were evil, nothing personal, just a precaution.

      Xander puts his hand out to shake Siobhan's. She shakes his hand.

      Siobhan: Right, hi. Well basically all that happened to me, and that?werewolf murdered Mr. Mallory and I walked in just as it was finishing him off. It charged at me, but I punched it, and before it went it cut off some of my hair with its claws.

      Dawn: Are you ok?

      Siobhan: Yeah, I was just a bit shaken that's all. I knew if I stayed it would look majorly suspicious, so I ran out as fast as I could.

      Willow: Did you see where the werewolf went?

      Siobhan: I think it headed down Harrod Road, but I'm-

      A police siren is heard and a police car pulls up. Everyone realises that they are standing two houses away from the police station. PC Michaels gets out not noticing the gang and pulls Buffy out of the back seat. Buffy notices the gang.

      Buffy: Guys!

      Everyone looks surprised.

      Xander: What the-

      The rush over.

      PC Michaels: Stand back!

      Willow: What's going on?

      Buffy: I found our werewolf and it kinda ended bloodily. This guy thinks?

      Kennedy: Uh oh.

      PC Michaels: You can tell any story you want, it won't get you out of this. I knew you foreigners were no good, and now I've got the evidence to prove it.

      Willow: Right, well I'm certainly not gonna agree with you on that, so there's only one thing left to do.

      PC Michaels: And that would be?

      Willow begins speaking Latin.

      PC Michaels: Oh I see ? your gonna insult me in your own language whatever that might be. You've got some nerve young lady; I've a mind to-

      Willow: Obliviscaris!

      She moves her hand over PC Michaels face. He blinks and staggers backwards. Willow look uncertain for a moment.

      PC Michaels: Um?why hello?Ms. Summers!

      He smiles at Buffy who quickly hides her hands behind her back.

      Buffy: PC Michaels?hi!

      PC Michaels: What are you doing out here at this time of night? You should all be in bed by now.

      Xander: It's 10:30pm.

      Buffy: Right, but that's very late for us isn't it Xander?

      Buffy raises her eyebrows at Xander.

      Xander: Right, we should go. Nowish.

      Willow: It's been nice to see you again PC Michaels. I think you should go home to.

      PC Michaels: Yes?home?that sounds?good.

      He wanders off, staggering a bit here and there and speaking to himself as he goes.

      Buffy: Well?that was?great! Willow I love you.

      Buffy hugs Willow.

      Willow: Nah it was nothing.

      They all begin to walk.

      Buffy: Will it wear off?

      Willow: No, eventually his memory of the last hour will be replaced by the most suitable event that the spell can find in his memory. So it will just be like a usual evening for him, providing his evenings are usual?

      Buffy: A guy like that? If I were him, I would see today as a trip to Hawaii.

      Willow laughs.

      Buffy: I guess we won't be able to solve the werewolf case though now.

      Xander: There'll be others.

      Buffy: Yeah. Just not too many I hope.

      Kennedy: By the looks of it this place isn't gonna give us the easiest of rides.

      Dawn: Well, you know, bring it on! In minimal amounts, of course.

      Buffy: Yep. (smiling) Oh by the way Dawn - (glares at Dawn) you're grounded!

      Dawn: What? Oh come on. I met Siobhan here and it all turned out right in the end.

      Buffy: Yeah well I can't keep wondering whether you're telling me the truth or not. For all I knew, you could have been dead in an alley somewhere. As it turns out, I almost was, after looking for you.

      Dawn: (sighs) Ok, ok, I won't do it again.

      Buffy: Well you better not. Now who's your friend?

      Dawn: Well?

      They walk off to the car.
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        ACT IV

        Cut to Giles, Buffy, Siobhan, Dawn and Willow in the Summers' house.

        Buffy: So the town apparently hates us.

        Giles: Uh, I think it'll be a little more grateful once you've had a chance to-

        Siobhan: Kill things? Cause I'm not sure I'm?ready for that.

        Buffy: Oh, well you know, you don't have to.

        Siobhan: No, no I should. I mean that's what I'm supposed to do right?

        Dawn: Well kinda, yeah.

        Buffy: I'm sorry if we kinda screwed stuff up for you.

        Siobhan: Nah, you didn't. I reckon I was meant for this sooner of later. And you just made it sooner. It's ok, really.

        Willow: Well, you know, we'll help you.

        Dawn: Definitely.

        Siobhan: Thanks. I better ring my mum now, if she's in.

        Dawn: Oh, ok, well I'll show you where the phone is.

        Siobhan: Cheers.

        They walk off. Buffy sighs.

        Buffy: How many Slayers do you reckon are around here?

        Giles: Oh, it could be hundreds. We won't know until we look around a little more.

        Buffy: Yeah. Well I guess we should leave that till tomorrow. Along with shopping for a microwave, cause currently we got nothing.

        Willow smiles.

        Giles: I should probably be going actually, it's getting on a bit.

        Buffy: Right.

        Giles: Well done today, I know it's difficult, but I suppose it's only natural that it'll take a while to adjust.

        Buffy: Yeah. Hopefully not too long.

        Giles nods.

        Buffy: Guess I better see if Siobhan wants to stay over. I mean we already have eight people here, what's one more? See you tomorrow Giles.

        Giles: Yes. Night.

        Buffy walks off. Willow looks at Giles.

        Willow: You ok?

        Giles: Uh, yes, but I actually wanted to speak to you about something.

        Willow: Oh. Ok well shoot.

        Giles: Buffy told me about the spell you performed.

        Willow: Oh, right, yeah, that PC Michaels guy was being a real jerk so-

        Giles: You altered his memory?

        Willow: Just a little.

        Giles: Yes, Willow, if I remember correctly that's where is started last time.

        Willow: Giles, I'm not the same person I was back then ok? I mean, the Slayer spell alone-

        Giles: The Slayer spell may have helped you a lot, I'm not disputing that. I just don't think you stop being cautious just because you know more about what you're doing. It doesn't change the risk.

        Willow: Well, ok, thanks for the advice, but?I'm not gonna use it unless we have to.

        Giles: And you're sure you know when you have to, and when it's convenient?

        Willow: I am. Really Giles, it's not a problem.

        Giles nods.

        Giles: All right. Well I hope it stays that way.

        Willow nods.

        Giles: I'll see you tomorrow.

        Willow: Yeah, night!

        Giles walks away. Willow looks uncertain.

        Cut to Buffy entering the kitchen. Siobhan puts the phone down.

        Siobhan: Hi.

        Buffy: Hey.

        Siobhan: My mum's just coming.

        Buffy: Oh, right. Well you're welcome to stay around here as long as you want.

        Siobhan: Thanks.

        Buffy: So?you're not too freaked huh?

        Siobhan: Well?I was at first. Luckily I think I've had enough time to digest it. Most of it. I've still got a lot to learn.

        Buffy: We'll help you.

        Siobhan. Thanks?so you're the original Slayer right?

        Buffy: Well not original as in the first, even though I have technically met her, but the last normal Slayer I guess. Apart from Faith. You'll meet her in the morning. That is if she's not too busy doing something else.

        Siobhan looks curious. Buffy smiles.

        Buffy: Believe me you don't want details.

        Siobhan smiles.

        Siobhan: But I guess, now that there are all these other Slayers you can do whatever you want really?

        Buffy: Not so much. But yeah, it takes the weight of my shoulders a little bit.

        Siobhan: I guess you didn't really want all this.

        Buffy: To begin with?no. But it's my life now. The fact that I can share it doesn't really change it for me. I know that in your case you've accepted what you are. But I can imagine ten other Slayers now thinking that they're cursed or something and rebelling. Believe me, I've experienced the damage a rouge Slayer can do.

        Siobhan: Who?

        Buffy: Faith.

        Siobhan: Oh?

        Buffy: But she's ok now. In the end, she's-

        Siobhan: Just a girl?

        Buffy: Yeah. Like you, and me.

        Siobhan smiles and so does Buffy.

        Cut to Buffy walking in to her bedroom. She flicks the bedside light on. She sighs as she sits on the bed and then looks over at her draw. She goes over to it slowly and gets Spike's lighter out. She suddenly has a flashback of her lying with him in Touched. Then it's gone. She holds the lighter in her hand and lies down on her bed clutching it against her chest. She looks like she is deep in thought.

        THE END
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