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  • CHOSEN: The Index [on hiatus]

    From the mind of one writer comes the dark, gritty, twisted sister of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." This is...

    Season 1
    By Heather

    Summary: Meet Andrea "Andy" Sullivan, ex-cop...and Slayer. Having received the Slayer essence when Buffy Summers sacrificed her life for the greater good, Andy has befriend her mortal roommate, Natalie Price, and Brett Stewart a former agent of the evil black-ops agency, Celestial Center. When Celestial Center begins to plot against Andy, she faces deadly tasks but trouble ensues as an evil force, greater than the underground agency itself, rises under the alias of "The Queen."

    With the help of Spike and Faith, Andy faces off against two powerful groups and forms unlikely alliances to bring down the Queen and Celestial Center while keeping the good in the world safe.

    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    James Marsters as Spike
    And Eliza Dushku as Faith

    Episode Guide:

    1.01 - "Pilot"/"The Shed"
    Airdate: 12/31/05
    Series Premier
    - Meet Andrea "Andy" Sullivan, ex-cop...and Slayer.

    1.02 - "Inferior"
    Airdate: 1/7/06
    - After witnessing the murder of a young Slayer, Andy goes to the people who know it all: the Watcher's Council - ressurecting bad memories and forcing a major decision on her.

    1.03 - "Smoking Gun"
    Airdate: 1/16/06
    - Andy faces off against a former coworker as she makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile: Brett deals with a deadly demon of his own.

    1.04 - "Flesh and Blood"
    Airdate: 1/29/06
    - With the arrival of Spike and Illyria, Andy deals with the evil forces known as the Senior Partners - who are out to kill the two.

    1.05 - "Penetration"
    Airdate: 2/18/06
    - Illyria's powers are on the fritz as the group goes up against a powerful coven of witches who want to destroy Illyria and restore Winifred "Fred" Burkle.

    1.06 - "The Usual Plan"
    Airdate: 2/25/06
    - A mysterious young girl turns out to be a powerful, evil spawn of demons who want her back. Meanwhile: Faith and Robin show up in New York City with the police on their tail.

    1.07 - "Locus Desperatus"
    Airdate: 3/14/06
    - Having gotten news of Faith hiding out in New York, Buffy and Willow head to Slayer Central. Meanwhile: Andy and Elizabeth both deal with the same murderous assassin.

    1.08 - "Catalyst"
    Airdate: 3/22/06
    - Andy, Buffy, and Faith race to find out who or what Elizabeth really is. Meanwhile: Brett, Natalie, and Willow try to find the missing Slayers.

    1.09 - "Insurgence"
    Airdate: 3/29/06
    - Andy and company wage the final battle against the Queen, only to discover a much larger army of Slayers waiting to fight against them. Meanwhile: Brett confronts Gina; Natalie leaves town; Celestial Center plans an attack.

    1.10 - "Better Days"
    Airdate: 4/24/06
    - Three attacks at Slayer Central force Spike and Willow to stand up to the powerless Slayers. Meanwhile: Andy and company regret their decision to destroy the Essence; Kayla is arrested; Lynn mourns the loss of her daughter.

    1.11 - "Restitution"
    Airdate: 4/30/06
    - The team races to save Faith from the evil beings at Pectus Malum as Willow falls into a magic induced coma where she sees Tara once more, who carries a message to be passed on to her. Meanwhile: Grant and Travis put Slayer Central under surveilance and Lynn gets new information about her daughter's death.

    1.12 - "Natalie"
    Airdate: 6/26/06
    - Who is Natalie Price? Andy finds herself asking that very question when facing the horrible truth exposed to her by Willow. Meanwhile: Brett and Andy face decisions concerning their relationship; Faith takes out her anger on Pectus Malum; Natalie remembers her life before she met Andy - leading to a major revelation made on everyone's behalves.

    1.13 - "Duplicity"
    Airdate: 7/11/06
    - Andy finds herself caught off guard by the arrival of her thought-to-be-dead brother. Meanwhile: Faith struggles with a major decision when her alcoholic mother comes to New York City as a sober woman; Brett has a confrontation with the surveilance crew outside Slayer Central; and Buffy delivers startling news to Willow.

    1.14 - "Aurora"
    Airdate: 7/24/06
    -A vindictive assassin by the name of Aurora is killing the family of government officials in New York City. Andy takes a personal interest when the life of the late Charles Goodmeyer's wife is threatened. Meanwhile: Lynn digs deeper to find out more about Celestial Center and Spike finds himself connected to a New York City orphanage.

    1.15 - "Slashed"
    Airdate: 7/31/06
    -Andy and company deal with the shocking death of one of their own as three of the Prophecies plague the city. Meanwhile: Investigations of the symbol that has been appearing around the city lately begins.

    1.16 - "The Message"
    Airdate: 9/25/06
    Season Finale
    -The mysterious identity of the sadistic and powerful evil being, the Queen, is revealed as Andy and Company prepare to take the final battle into their own hands. Meanwhile: Andy and Faith receive Watchers; Andy and Brett face a large knot in their relationship; Elizabeth and Celestial Center meet the infamous "Big Boss" for the first time.

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    Season 2
    By Heather

    Summary: Having just discovered the shocking identity of the Queen of the Slayers, Andrea "Andy" Sullivan begins to fight back against her. Along with a collection of fighters, witches, and mortals, Andy struggles against evil beings who are trying to take over New York City for themselves. Amongst the chaos with the Good side of the everlasting battle, Elizabeth Holloway and Aurora Newhart reform their alliance and use newly found power against the city.

    But when one of the Slayerettes falls into a coma, a highly lethal virus begins to spread throughout the city. Everyday a life is taken due to this epidemic. Andy and Company feel it is their responsiblities to find the source of the virus and to find a cure for it before things get any worse. Unfortuantely enough, there is no end to the chaos in sight...

    Jennifer Garner as Andrea "Andy" Sullivan
    Maggie Grace as Natalie Price
    Ryan Reynolds as Brett Stewart
    Aubrey Dollar as Elizabeth Holloway
    Milo Ventimiglia as Urban McGrath
    Jessica Alba as Aurora Newhart
    Dina Meyer as Lynn Holloway
    Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane
    And Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

    Episode Guide:

    2.01 - "Arch of Roses"
    Airdate: 11/27/06
    Season Premier
    -Season 2 begins as we find Andy and Company in their own shocking and life-threatening situations, right where we left them in the season finale. As they regroup to pick up the pieces, a badly wounded Andy launches an attack on the Queen with Faith's eager assisstance.

    2.02 - "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
    Airdate: 12/4/06
    -Who is Brett Stewart? Flashbacks dive into his life before Slayer Central, before the Queen, and before Andy. Meanwhile: Andy remains in a state of shock at the hospital; a mysterious man arrives in New York City, claiming to be Brett's brother; Elizabeth hires three new Interns; and the mystery behind Dawn's kidnapping thickens for Buffy.

    2.03 - "Wicked"
    Airdate: 2/7/07
    -The Witch is Back. Amy Madison, radical wicca from Sunnydale who introduced Willow to the darkside of the craft, comes to New York in an attempt to persuade Willow into joining her new coven, the Magnolia Covenant, consisting of the most powerful witches in the country. But Amy is harboring a gruesome secret, one that will force her to push all limits just to get Willow on her side. Meanwhile: Andy meets an old man, one who gives her a look into the future; Dawn discovers new details about another prisoner; and Urban interferes with a general patrol, putting Andy's life in danger.

    2.04 - "Crucifixion"
    Airdate: 3/27/07
    -Armed and Dangerous. With Wicked Willow on the loose, the Slayerettes race against the clock - and Amy - to find her and turn her back to normal. But playing dirty is what Amy does best. Meanwhile: Natalie and Loiselle go on a hunt for answers; Andy investigates a mysterious incident involving a man with an upside-down crucifix burned into his forehead; Celestial Center holds a soiree in Lynn's honor; and the Slayerettes make a shocking discovery about one of their own.

    2.05 - "Prisoners of War"
    Airdate: 4/8/07
    -The Great Escape. Dawn and the Other Prisoner plan their breakout from imprisonment but their only way off the island is lost when Loiselle is captured. Meanwhile: Andy and Spike hunt for Elizabeth's Interns in a desperate attempt to find out who they are and how to stop them; Buffy is pushed to the edge when interrogating Dawn's kidnapper; Aurora makes a deal with a devious client, who has greater intentions than she knows; and Urban investigates a sudden outbreak of coma victims in the city.

    2.06 - "Supermassive Black Hole"
    Airdate: 6/16/07
    -Who is Urban McGrath? Investigating a lead with the sudden Cranial Demon population in New York City, Andy, Natalie, and Urban quickly find themselves trapped in an alternate dimension: a grey world where nothing is quite like it seems. Only a moment too late do they realize a horde of vengeful ghosts want them dead?And that their only escape from this reality closes in three hours. Meanwhile: Elizabeth confronts Andy concerning Brett; and Willow makes a startling relevation of self-discovery after investigating a rave with Faith.

    2.07 - "The Magnolia Covenant"
    Airdate: 12/25/07
    -Nine Months Ago. Amy Madison escapes the clutches of a secret government facility and runs. Scarred and missing the last three years of her life, she has nowhere to hide and no way to rediscover her past. Until she meets Lena Cohen. Suddenly the pieces of her devastating puzzle start to come together as Amy is joined by the most powerful witches the United States has ever seen. And the Magnolia Covenant is formed.

    2.08 - "Rapture"
    Airdate: ???
    -Living a Perfect Fantasy. After her heart gives out while patrolling the city with Faith, Andy wakes up in utopia ? a life excluding demons and evil?and she's reunited with Brett. With a satisfying job at the NYPD, perfect relationships with those around her, and a new outlook on life, Andy gains the stability she's been looking for all these years. But upon learning that everyone she saved as a Slayer is dead, or worse, Andy's happiness begins to spiral downwards. Meanwhile: Natalie and Urban desperately try to find both Andy and Faith ? who has mysteriously gone missing, as well - but so is Elizabeth?and she has more than one ulterior motive up her sleeve; Amy's darkest personal secret is exposed to her coven; and another character falls victim to the Master Virus, with unforeseeable consequences looming on the horizon.

    2.09 - "Hooked"
    Airdate: ???

    2.10 - "Straitjacket Feeling"
    Airdate: ???

    2.11 - "When All Else Fails"
    Airdate: ???

    2.12 - "Careful Where You Stand"
    Airdate: ???

    2.13 - "Vibrations"
    Airdate: ???

    2.14 - "The Entente"
    Airdate: ???

    2.15 - "Everything Will Be Alright"
    Airdate: ???

    2.16 - "Quarantine"
    Airdate: ???

    2.17 - "The Long Fuse"
    Airdate: ???

    2.18 - "Back Roads and Broken Homes"
    Airdate: ???
    Season Finale

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