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  • Shadow Stalker: INDEX

    Season One:

    Meet Xakiel, (played by Milo Ventimiglia), a man who was forced into this reality when Dawn Summers' blood opened the portal that bled every dimension into one another. He entered this world as the dragon we all saw in The Gift, but this reality was not capable of sustaining this form, and as Buffy Summers' sacrifice closed the portal, his dragon form faded away leaving his human self.

    The series follows Xakiel's struggle to exist in this reality with the help of Charlie, (played by Alexis Bledel), a drug addict who is also the daughter of the evil warlock Rack, (played by Jeff Kober, and known by us all as Willow and Amy's dealer in Season 6). Xakiel's path also crosses with Cate, (played by Amanda Seyfried), the love-able ditzy blonde with dark roots, and his new boss Toole, (played by Alan Tudyk), an easy going guy with a past he can't escape.

    Follow the series as Xakiel discovers his meeting with these four people was not at all by chance...

    ...Everything Happens For A Reason

    1.01 - Hitch Hiker
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    Release Date - 16/3/06
    A man stumbles into this reality and attempts to kill Dawn Summers in order to return to his home world. Will a new friend and her father be able to persuade him that what he is prepared to do will solve nothing?

    1.02 - Mockingbirds
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    Release Date - 20/3/06
    As Charlie starts having strange dreams Rack worries they're in more danger than ever and pleads with her to ask for Xakiel's help one more time but a blast from the past is about to change Charlie's life more than she realises.

    1.03 - In This Skin
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    Release Date - 26/3/06
    Xakiel adjusts to his new life by trying to get a normal job, but when the previous worker was murdered horribly, will he suffer the same fate? Cate makes amends with Charlie and her true side is revealed to Rack.

    1.04 - Sticks And Stones
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    Release Date - 31/3/06
    Xak is forced to face the bitter truth about the life he has been living up until this point, will Charlie be able to convince him otherwise? Two characters have an unlikely heart to heart and learn more than they bargained.

    1.05 - Jingle Hell
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    Release Date - 6/4/06
    Christmas in Sunnydale has a twist when Cate's christmas dinner and attempt to reconcile the bond between Xak and Charlie ends in tragedy for one of the characters.

    1.06 - The Rule Of Toole
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    Release Date - 11/4/06
    Toole is forced to relive a painful haunting, which puts him in more danger than any of the other characters had first imagined, and Melody puts her torture of Cate into top gear with disastrous results.

    1.07 - Clique
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    Release Date - 25/4/06
    After discovering Melody's shocking secret, Charlie is forced to face the reality of Cate's past, and has to decide once more if she can live with what her friend has done. (Crossover episode with Rogue Redemption)

    1.08 - To Have And To Hold
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    Release Date - 30/4/06
    Charlie and Xak finally admit their true feelings for one another but Cate and Toole have a hard time coming to terms with recent revelations, and the reason behind the recent hauntings is revealed.

    1.09 - A Darker Shade Of Me
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    Release Date - 7/5/06
    Charlie is forced to turn to Cate for help when she discovers what is in the Onyx Tonic that Rack has been giving her and Xak finds himself seduced by a new power.

    1.10 - So, Metaphysical!
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    Release Date - 18/5/06
    Free from Rack's mind raping drugs, the gang journey into Charlie's freed mind to discover the truth about her lost memories, which unwittingly causes them to each discover a section of one another's past in the process.

    1.11 - Hell Hath No Fury
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    Release Date - 26/5/06
    Rack teams up with The First in order to win back Charlie and annihilate Xak, who finds there is no end to the memories he finds himself remembering. Toole makes a startling discovery regarding Charlie's heritage.

    1.12 - Where She Walks
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    Release Date - 4/6/06
    Sephy has arrived in Sunnydale and she brings with her questions without answers, conflicts, unlikely meetings and more revelations. However, is she to blame for Xak's more pressing matters, the scars that have yet to fade?

    1.13 - Three
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    Release Date - 25/6/06
    The truth surrounding the three women is finally revealed as Sephy elucidates their intentions, and the first battle in an ancient war begins with an unexpected ally joining forces with Xak and the gang, while things take an unexpected twist for Cate.

    1.14 - Cutting The Apron Strings
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    Release Date - 3/7/06
    Cate's powers speak to her causing her to find out their origin and everything about them, forcing Charlie to seek out her father's guidance in a family reunion she had never anticipated. Meanwhile Xak finds himself unwittingly being forced into a transgression, causing Toole to discover the true meaning of friendship.

    1.15 - Hubris (Season Finale)
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    Release Date - 8/7/06
    The season comes to a dramatic end with The Bronze Ball being on a night no one will forget, a night full of murder and chaos. Maybe now, people will not forget that Tara Maclay wasn't the only one who died that day?
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    Season Two:

    Inside this spoiler tag will be the final three main cast members for Season Two. I have done this so as not to spoil people who haven't read Season Two yet. The final line up on the main cast is revealed after 2.04, so bear in mind you will be spoiled if you open...

    After the disastrous end to Season One, the gang face some difficult times ahead. The gang worry more about Xak, as his erratic behaviour increases in reaction to the events that occurred on the night of "The Bronze Ball". Cate and Toole also face unforeseen tragedies and pitfalls in their relationship as they realise the honeymoon period of their relationship is truly over. Everything is made all the more difficult with Dante Turnpike joining the main cast, a man with unimaginable powers and resources, who holds the potential to ruin everything sacred to the gang. Love, and new beginnings?It'll never last?

    ...Everything Happens For A Reason

    2.01 - The Contract (Part One)
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    Release Date - 28/7/06
    Four months after Charlie and Rack's deaths, everyone is still reeling. While Cate struggles to accept the truth, Xak takes action and seeks redemption and apparently a new life in an unlikely and dangerous source.

    2.02 - The Contract (Part Two)
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    Release Date - 5/8/06
    With it being revealed that Cate and Toole have been with Xak all along, we are shown where Cate and Toole have really been these past four months, and Dante's colleagues question his new obsession in Xak, all in time for a spectacular ending to a two part season opener.

    2.03 - A.I.D.A
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    Release Date - 18/8/06
    With Charlie back, Xak finds himself feeling incredible guilt for what he did to her, but he is forced to put his feelings aside when Sofia and Dante are compelled to send a deadly foe after Charlie, meanwhile the gang are forced to bid farewell to a dear friend.

    2.04 - Mood Swings
    Promo Icon by Amber | Promo Banner by Amber
    Release Date - 28/8/06
    After the psychotic battle with A.I.D.A, Charlie takes her anger out on Dante, which causes her erratic and powerful hormones to create a rift in the dimensional walls and transport the gang to a new and dangerous world.

    2.05 - We Used To Be Friends
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    Release Date - 15/9/06
    With Lance and Melody back, Dante's anger goes into over drive. While he takes his wrath out on Toole and Lance by revealing something shocking about their parents, the girls find a very different threat poisoning their future.

    2.06 - Bring It On
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    Release Date - 17/10/06
    The girls are left reeling from the attack and decide to travel to the desert to discover more about their futures, with unexpected results. Meanwhile news about the devastating attacks in L.A force both Leigh and Dante to target Xak and wage the first wave of fire in the war over Charlie's baby.

    2.07 - Green With...
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    Release Date - 5/11/06
    Dante and Leigh struggle to keep one step ahead of the Senior Partners as they reclaim their ownership of Xak's soul, while Toole finds himself feeling the repercussions of his recent actions as Cate turns to someone else for comfort, with shocking results.

    2.08 - The Snowball Effect
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    Release Date - 28/11/06
    Darkness just keeps getting darker. Charlie remembers what happened to her in Wolfram and Hart, Cate and Toole are forced to make a decision about their relationship, and Xak finds himself losing grip of his soul. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

    2.09 - Labour Costs (Special Extended Episode)
    Promo Icon | Promo Banner
    Release Date - 17/12/06
    It's time. All the waiting has come down to this. Charlie's baby is about to arrive, but in conditions she never would have anticipated. With Xak's soul gone, Lance and Toole's relationship in turmoil, and Cate and Melody untrained, will Charlie be able to survive this remarkable ordeal, with a truly shocking ending.

    2.10 - Sin
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    Release Date - 18/1/07
    After the shocking ending to the day which bought Xak and Charlie's daughter into this world, Xak begins to question Sephy's intentions, in fear that she has become more than a grandmother; an assassin. Meanwhile, Dante's punishment looms even closer as Leigh discovers something shocking about Christian's past.

    2.11 - Our Exeunt
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    Release Date - 31/1/07
    Accepting "The Second Legend", Xak and the gang fear the worst. Hoping to find a loophole, the gang leave Sunnydale forever with the full force of Wolfram and Hart behind them; a shocking discovery is made all in time for the ending, which may prove that all of Xak's efforts to defy Sin's future are futile.

    2.12 - ...Envy
    Promo Icon | Promo Banner
    Release Date - 16/2/07
    Tensions are high as good and evil re-unite in Los Angeles; and both are in for a tough time. While Toole puts the whole gang in danger, Dante decides to investigate more about the odd occurrences lately, but it is Leigh who discovers more than she wanted.

    2.13 - Ira's Last Kiss
    Promo Icon by Heather | Promo Banner by Heather
    Release Date - 1/3/07
    After locating Xak and the gang, Wolfram and Hart launch an attack using Toole's deathly eternal link forcing Xak to doubt his friend's loyalty. Not everyone is going to make it through this attack?in fact two people will lose their lives and become the first casualties in the name of Sin.

    2.14 - One Of Us
    Promo Icon | Promo Banner
    Release Date - 18/3/07
    Cate and Melody's full potential is finally revealed as they manage to acquire the Slayer ability mystically. Cate worries about her friend as she realises Melody is on the road to self-destruction as a result of Ashby's death. Will she be able to save her, or is Melody's reign as a Slayer over before it has barely begun? Meanwhile Xak, Charlie and Toole struggle to cope in Sin's absence.

    2.15 - Dubius Sum
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    Release Date - 3/4/07
    While Dante decides where his future lies, the gang decide it is a time to mourn. While they lay their friend to rest Charlie loses control of her magical abilities. Xak must do everything he can to stop her before her powers rule over her emotions and conscious?if he doesn't stop her?could one small circular object change everything for the young mother?

    2.16 - Phase Two (Season Finale)
    Promo Icon | Promo Banner
    Release Date - 20/4/07
    After last episodes shocking revelations the gang get set to face the most important and shocking night of their lives to date as they plan and execute the final assault on Wolfram and Hart's Los Angeles HQ to save Sin from the psychotic and desperate clutches of Christian McArthur and Leigh Sinclair. Will they be able to save the girl they've been fighting for this past year and themselves at the same time, as the dreadful truth of the infamous Phase Two becomes a deathly reality in this devastating season finale?
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      Season Three:

      Inside this spoiler tag will be the final four main cast members for Season Three. I have done this so as not to spoil people who haven't read Season Three yet. The final line up on the main cast is revealed after 3.05, so bear in mind you will be spoiled if you open...

      After the dramatic and devastating end to Season Two, Cate finds herself dangerously alone in the world as she remains resolute about her fianc?'s demise. Xak, Charlie and Dante however continue their search for Sin and come face to face with a mysterious group of people called The Kalipso Syndicate who are hell bent on stopping the pending apocalypse as prophesised in The Second Legend, by any means possible...

      Death, deceit, pain and sorrow is all that will come as the gang, Wolfram and Hart and The Kalipso Syndicate attempt to stop the world from being known of Sin's catastrophic future fate?whether they'll be able to stop it or not?

      ...Everything Happens For A Reason

      3.01 - At Absent Guests
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 28/6/07
      A month after the infamous events in Wolfram and Hart, the gang have moved on with a new vengeful hope in mind?well?not everyone. Cate decides to live her own dark life in seclusion from the gang which offers nothing but death, danger and a permanent end to her grief. Meanwhile Xak, Charlie and Dante relentlessly search for Sin and the kidnappers through any violent means in their new home; New York.

      3.02 - Exigency (Part One)
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 31/7/07
      After discovering the kidnappers and their local location, everyone comes face to face with the true contents of Room 19 now it has reached optimum age. It's a race against time as Xak is forced to diffuse the situation before any more casualties occur, and Wolfram and Hart have time to bomb the building, eradicating any semblance of its contents. Meanwhile Cate discovers more about Sirens than she anticipated as she delves further into the young woman's murder. The clock is ticking, they haven't got long and no one is safe anymore.

      3.03 - Exigency (Part Two)
      Promo Icon by Amber | Promo Banner by Amber
      Release Date - 29/8/07
      Everyone's fate is in questionable in the aftermath of the bomb explosion on Hotel Devarro, as the injured have no choice but to leave their lives in the hands of the NYC emergency services; but the ordinary world is not ready for what this night will bring. One of them will die. One of them will leave. One of them will wake up. One may have moved on. One of them will not move on. Two of them will find solace?All of the world will change.

      3.04 - In Her Wake
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 22/9/07
      The gang are swept into the wake of Sin's escape as an eyewitness of a mass murder places Xak's daughter as the prime suspect. To make matters worse Cain Teramelli continues to viciously interrogate the group regarding their involvement in the hotel explosion and also the horrific murders. Meanwhile, Sin makes a deadly new alliance, Lance questions Dante's strange loyalty to him and a mysterious couple make themselves known to the gang, with disastrous results for Charlie.

      3.05 - When The Walls Bled
      Promo Icon by Amber | Promo Banner by Amber
      Release Date - 18/11/07
      It's the reunion Xak never could have imagined, and the one we thought incomprehensible, with the two people he should never have remembered. His best friend, Ea Brogan?and his wife, Kaia Thorn. How had he forgotten about them? Why were they back? And why are they not where he left them, just before the walls bled, in hell. This episode documents the movements of Xakiel's old gang and how they evolved from low life scum of a war ridden domain to become the highest disciples of one of the most powerful organisations mythology has even seen?

      3.06 - The Kalipso Syndicate
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 1/12/07
      Considering the manhunt on the gang in New York, The Kalipso Syndicate force Xak and the others into hiding, only to reveal more surprises for the couple and for Dante in particular. While everyone, from both sides, struggles to adjust to the reality of the merge, Cate discovers a wooden box with everything she ever needed inside, just as Sin strikes again, with disastrous results.

      3.07 - Black
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 13/12/07
      Following recent revelations more is about to unravel about Sin and her highest disciple, Lord Chancellor Black as some of their secrets become known to the group and Xak becomes inquisitive about his past and unwittingly falls into a trap which could prove catastrophic for him and Charlie. Meanwhile, Elise unearths something forgotten and Cate's new addiction is revealed.

      3.08 - Out With The Old...
      Promo Icon by Heather | Promo Banner by Heather
      Release Date - 12/1/08
      With Charlie in search for her mother, and with the information gained from Christian's disks, Xak, Cate, Dante and Lance break away from the syndicate in search of Misty Meadows to learn more about what she saw in her visions of the future, but with the manhunt still active, Cate running out of her fix and tension between Dante and Lance stronger than ever...every path is a battlefield, and not everyone will make it home alive.

      3.09 - ...In With The New
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 7/2/08
      With Xak and his friends in search of answers, what exactly happened in the headquarters of The Kalipso Syndicate? While Black's disciples start to have second thoughts, another character will show exceptional courage and bravery. But...will the odds prove favourable for the good guys and will order be able to be restored to the two groups when two members are taken hostage...

      3.10 - The Sponsor
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 7/3/08
      With conditions in turmoil in the base considering the attacks, and Ursula and Constance under Sin's grasp, the mysterious and powerful entity known as "The Sponsor" makes itself known to restore order to the group and to declare a plan of action just as Sin's humanity begins fighting back against Black and the remainder of his depleted army. Meanwhile, Cate finds her reliance on Onyx Tonic growing to a life threatening level...

      3.11 - Totally, Metaphysical!
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 30/3/08
      With Cate in a state of euphoric catatonia, she lays prey to many of the creatures in her forgotten dimension and it soon becomes apparent that only one person there can help her. But, considering her recent attitude problem and with the gang unaware of where she is, not to mention the fact that her mind is boasting visions of everything she ever wanted and could hope for, this could be the end of the line for Cate, as her grief for Toole's death comes to a dramatic climax.

      3.12 - Instinct
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 17/5/08
      With Black and his army dead, and reeling from defeat against Sephy, Sin exposes one of the gang member's darkest secrets in order to destroy them from within. Meanwhile Xak tries to make things up to Charlie, Cate asks Trafford for a favour, Elise discovers more about Ursula's secret, and Kaia and Brogan, whilst on a reconnaissance mission, discover more than they bargained for.

      3.13 - The Old Ball And Chain
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 15/6/08
      "How did this happen? How did we get here?" Two characters find themselves asking that exact question when they wake up chained to one another with another character's dead body lying at their feet. They haven't got long to work a way out of the labyrinth they are trapped in as Sin is on her way to finish them off...

      3.14 - Corinne La Fame
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 8/7/08
      The gang are surprised to hear about a celebrity filled memorial service, which is commemorating the life of Macie Coombs; Xak soon realises that Macie's intricately painful, exciting and dark life could lead him to some answers as to Sin's endgame, just as his daughter discovers the identity of her true army. Meanwhile in the wake of recent events, most of the group find unpredictable help and solace from people in the group they would never have thought could help them.

      3.15 - Thorn In My Side
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 19/7/08
      Xak is haunted by dreams of people who have died because of his actions, which puts his inquisitive side into overdrive. Is there more behind it than simple questioning and will these plaguing nightmares lead him to some answers about his origin, Shelter's silence and Ursula's secret? Meanwhile Cate feels she's moving on, Dante makes his decision as to who he wants to be with and a devastating deceit is revealed...

      3.16 - Coma
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 4/8/08
      Everyone is left reeling from Kaia's dark deceit as we learn just what the estranged wife of our dark hero has been up to these past months. Meanwhile Cate puts the past behind her, the truth about Ursula's deepest secret is finally revealed, Sofia's true plans begin to unfold and Kaia's alliance with Sin assists Misty Meadow's deathly visions in becoming a beautiful reality as the apocalypse begins...

      3.17 - For Our Women, For Our World (Special Extended Season Finale)
      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
      Release Date - 23/8/08
      The day Xak never wanted to face, but knew was coming, has dawned: the day he has to kill his daughter. As the survivors of the bomb explosion awaken to the reality of their situation they rapidly resort to calling in all favours from heaven and earth to wage a world changing war in the ruins of Sunnydale in order to stop the apocalyptic plans of Sin and Kaia...

      Before the sun sets on this day the war against Sin will be over, but lives will be lost. Before the sun sets you will see just how many beings are going to have to be sacrificed in the attempt to stop these women and save the world.
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        Season Four:

        Inside this spoiler tag will be the final seven main cast members for Season Four. I have done this so as not to spoil people who haven't read Season Four yet. The final line up on the main cast is revealed after 4.01, so bear in mind you will be spoiled if you open...


        An era has ended. But with every end, there comes a wake. There comes a new beginning.

        Meet Xakiel Thorn. He is a man who has spent three years trying to save the family he's struggled to build in order to live a normal life. But as we saw, it was not possible... or was it? Join him, six months after his legendary war with his daughter, in order to discover the truth behind her fate and the fates of his friends as those who remain are forced to accept an old face joining the ranks.

        Their problems don't just end there though as a new evil from the Ancient Greek world makes itself known under the alias of "The United". Will the Ancient Greek world finally get its wish - to destroy Xak and his family ? or will he be able to prosper in this war just as he did in the last. Join him in this new era where, still...

        ...Everything Happens For A Reason

        4.01 - Dead, Alive, Hello, Goodbye
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 23/11/08
        The battle has occurred and the war has ended, but how? Who died? Who survived? What did Dante tell Xak? Did Xak kill Sin, or did he let his daughter live? The answers to these questions lie six months after that day when the new found "ordinary lives" of the gang are suddenly disrupted when disaster strikes in the base of The Kalipso Syndicate HQ, a letter from The Watchers Council arrives and a set of nightly murders occurs in Manhattan. Meanwhile the call of Sirens forces some of the gang members to put the past behind them and bid farewell in order start a new life elsewhere all in time for a confusing end to the beginning episode of a new era in Shadow Stalker.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.01 - Out Of The Curriculum"

        4.02 - Have You Met Ms. Rae?
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 28/01/09
        Xak is sceptical about Petrina's return and her new role in Cate's life, especially as the gang struggle to adjust to Sin's more demanding presence, the departure of The Kalipso Syndicate and news that Melody is still alive. Meanwhile, Dante returns from business to an inquisition, Charlie's mind is on her health and a new evil makes itself known to the nation via the airwaves who is quick to instruct its first warrior to attack the gang, which leaves one of the group's lives in jeopardy.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.02 - Flutes And Harps"

        4.03 - Hearts Of Stone
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 6/04/09
        With Lance becoming the second-known victim to be encased in stone the gang are thrown into gear by the agent of The United, especially the vengeful Dante. Petrina takes Cate on a soul-searching mission and Xak and Charlie look into various ways to help Sephy and learn more about the explosion that destroyed the underwater base of The Kalipso Syndicate and placed her impossibly in a coma.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.03 - Falling On Deaf Ears"

        4.04 - Partner
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 18/06/09
        What exactly has Dante signed up for? Xak is about to find out the hard way as his trust in his old enemy turned loyal friend is tested once again as Dante's secret position in Wolfram and Hart is finally exposed. Meanwhile, someone from the gang's past becomes a prime suspect for the identity of The United.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.04 - Bliss"

        4.05 - The Audit
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 17/08/09
        Sephy is awake, but she's not as she was. The gang find it hard to remind her of who she is as The United pull out all the stops in order to keep her in a depleted position. Meanwhile, Dante struggles to adjust to life with the gang, Sin's new friends are introduced to the gang and Petrina's progress as Cate's Watcher is closely monitored by her father, Vincent Rae, who arrives in town and quickly makes a harsh assessment of their operation.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.05 - The Song"

        4.06 - Never Ordinary
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 30/09/09
        Stern College faces the wrath of The United's agents as an attack takes place on the campus. Will Sin manage to keep a level head as she comes to realise that she is the only thing standing between the students and their graves? Meanwhile in light of Vincent's visit and the failed soul searching mission, Petrina and Cate travel to Cropley Shores to be reunited with Melody and Charlie and Dante decide to trade places for a day.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.06 - Daughters Of Sineya"

        4.07 - A Long Time Coming
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 22/12/09
        A woman arrives in town and begins exhibiting immense powers far beyond the capabilities of any normal human being. Stephanie is quick to intervene however as her initiative surpasses her amnesia, fearing the woman's true identity. Can she hide the truth about the woman's identity before the world is turned upside down by a revelation that will ultimately decide the fate of the world and mythology as we know it?

        Now read "Sirens - 1.07 - Family Tree"

        4.08 - United We Stand (Special Extended Season Finale)
        Promo Icon | Promo Banner
        Release Date - 28/2/10
        Reeling from Kalipso's departure, Xak is spurned more than ever to destroy the gods of the Ancient Greek world but is he prepared for the destruction of an entire city bought upon by The United in one swift blow that could leave Manhattan dead forever? In this season finale, the true identity of The United is finally revealed, proving just what it means to stand united in a war against true power and ancient evil.

        Now read "Sirens - 1.08 - Our Patron Saint (Special Extended Season Finale)"
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          In the following six chapters, six characters from throughout both Shadow Stalker and Sirens narrate various sections of how the tale of Xakiel Thorn comes to a close. Spanning over 1000 years, these stories have become legends that document the fates and lives of people that changed the face of the planet.

          The Final Chapters run in substitute for the rest of Shadow Stalker Season 4 and Sirens Season 1. They also replace Seasons 5 and 6 of Shadow Stalker and Seasons 2 and 3 of Sirens. The Final Chapters will show the future of the series beyond the series' finale and deal with a future I was planning to document in the novel.

          There is no main cast for The Final Chapters but each chapter will be credited a primary cast and supporting cast.

          Everything contained in these chapters is how I had always planned to end Shadow Stalker and Sirens condensed into six eight-part chapters written in script format.

          This is how it all ends

          Chapter 1
          The Requiem of Duality

          Narrated by: Vincent Rae in the year 2021
          replacing the end of Season 4 of Shadow Stalker
          Promo Icon | Promo Banner
          Release Date - 14/06/10
          On the eve of his death in the year 2021, Vincent Rae discloses the truth behind the tragedy of The United. In his story he uncovers his family's darkest secret, the resurrection of a woman and the dream of two men to relinquish an eternal purpose.

          Chapter 2
          The Battle of the Protogenoi

          Narrated by: Helen Prime in the year 2025
          replacing the end of Season 1 of Sirens
          Promo Icon | Promo Banner
          Release Date - 25/09/10
          As Helen Prime speaks at the funeral of a friend in the year 2025, she recounts the legendary Battle of the Protogenoi and pays respect to the people who lost their lives on that day. In her story we learn more about the rise of a powerful army and the bonds that were made by its founders.

          Chapter 3
          The Collapse of the Legend King

          Narrated by: Leigh Sinclair in the year 2042
          replacing Season 5 of Shadow Stalker
          Promo Icon | Promo Banner
          Release Date - 24/10/10
          High in her fortress in the year 2042, Queen Leigh Sinclair calls forth her scribe to document the reason she became royalty and the sacrifices that people made for the greater good and for the ones they loved.

          Chapter 4
          The Age of the Death God

          Narrated by: Cherry Li in the year 2045
          replacing Season 2 of Sirens
          Promo Icon | Promo Banner
          Release Date - 23/11/10
          Four hours before her wedding in the year 2045, Cherry Li remembers the year that changed her life, her battle to save her friends and everything that led up to her meeting the man she'd spend the rest of her life with.

          Chapter 5
          The Golden Acolytes

          Narrated by: Suspiria in the year 2489
          replacing Season 3 of Sirens
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          Release Date - 05/01/11
          Locked in an interrogation cell far in the future, in the year 2489, the old goddess Suspiria is forced to tell all she knows regarding the fall of The Kalipso Syndicate.

          Chapter 6
          The Eulogy (Saga Finale)

          Narrated by: Kalipso in the year 3055
          replacing Season 6 of Shadow Stalker and acting as the end of the saga
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          Release Date - 24/02/11
          Whilst witnessing the end of the world in the year 3055, Kalipso protects a small girl from the destruction and tells her the eulogy of her son: Xakiel Thorn, the legendary Shadow Stalker.
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