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How to join the Virtual Seasons Sections on BuffyWorld

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  • How to join the Virtual Seasons Sections on BuffyWorld

    This is a thread for dedicated writers of new Buffy/Angel/Spinoff seasons on this forum to request to have their virtual season included in the VS subforum.

    To be admitted to the VS section, you need to have written at least five episodes already, which must be of a decent standard. Please bear in mind that not all applications will be approved - a place here must be earned.

    So, post here, saying what your season is (a season 8 of Buffy, a spinoff), how many eps you've done so far (with links), and what's good about your season that it deserves a place here with a dedicated index thread. Sell yourselves!

    We will read the episodes you've currently got posted and get back to you.

    Any questions, post them here or PM the moderator.

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    Ok, so there are many of us who already have VS index threads on Buffyworld, myself included. I've just recently finished a new episode of my VS but, alas, I don't have my index thread here. So my question(s) are...

    1. Should those of us who already have VS index threads repost them here?

    2. Do we just post new episodes in this section? Or will there be subsections like on Buffyworld?

    Thanks in advance for any answers!
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      I'm sure we can set up subsections, yes. It wasn't worth taking any action on that front until we knew if anyone wanted to go to the trouble of re-posting their stuff here. Downtime sucks, no?

      I'll talk to Nikki about a spin-off subsection, and then a continuation if anyone working on one of those wants to post it here as well


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        Okay. Subsections have now been set up for Buffyverse Continuations and Buffyverse Spin-offs. Anyone who had a VS over on BW can re-post it here, should they choose to do so. The same method will apply - create the thread in the jossverse section and then move it into the appropriate VS subsection, as that area is set to no posting. Please remember not to leave re-directs! I think everyone who runs VS is a premium member and therefore able to move their own posts, but if there are any problems PM me and I'll sort it out

        Index threads go here in the main section - create them as usual and I will sticky


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          Hello! I'm Ben and I have been writing a Buffy Spinoff about Riley which is simple named, "Riley". This series has five main characters: Riley, Sam, Graham, Intank, and Salomie. Two of them are original, the last two. What I did was I wrote the complete first season but I didn't think that the first ten were up to good quality. So, I decided to rewrite them. I have finished the first five rewrites. After I finish the last five, the originals will go away. And after that, I will move onto my second season. I have two more seasons planned, with my Season 2 episode outline done. The average release date for an episode is usually 2-4 weeks, give or take a few days. I hope you enjoy.

          The first and last sections are the ones I'm putting in. The middle one is just so people reading can understand plot before I rewrite them.

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            Yah... I am Beth... and this is Odelia. *nudges Odelia* Don't be shy, Odelia. Yeah... she's shy. *heck she's not even here. She's in New Zealand and I am in Texas* Anyhoo... our fanfic is RAIN which is a spin off of the BtVS series/Season Seven. The overall concept of this fanfic is really mine with minor characters that wholly belongs to Odelia. So I in my hearts of hearts, feel this fanfic belongs to her too, whether she agrees or not. I write all of the episodes but there are some scenes she did write. She does the lyrics and gives the awesomest feedback. I kiss the ground she walks on. *kiss kiss*

            Okay back to RAIN. The main character of RAIN- is Rain Mason herself, who is one of the activated slayers from the spell Willow did in the episode Chosen. She also has an additional power. You'll just have to read it to find out what that is. Without revealing too much- the other main characters names are: Bella, Michael, Madeline and Nick. Mmm... who are they? The story is set in a fictional town called Haven, Mass. I created Rain, Bella, and Michael while Odelia created Madeline and Nick bless her New Zealand heart. I am actually from Mass myself... so this fanfic feels a bit close to home.

            So far there are five written episodes. I do have additional episodes/scenes written out- pending. I even have an obsessive outline created. Ask Odelia! I already have episode list for Season One and Two each with its own summaries. There is a massive list of character names picked out. I already know what's going to happen up to season four! Like I said obsessive. So even if I don't make it here, that's okay, I'll still keep writing, cuz I love our little fanfic.

            I've been told I have a unique writing style which is a compliment considering my hearing loss. I work VERY hard to correct my grammer and try to be creative, think of abstract ways of writing. I like to think RAIN is different type of character yet still following the Jossverse world. I know I may not follow some of the rules but that's okay to me because I am trying. *Odelia do you want to add anything? Oh that's right, she's not here. Smacks head* OH and I WELCOME feedback or suggestions- I WANT to know!

            Here's the index!

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              Hey, My name is Kevin (Dark Ages) and I’m the writer of a Buffy spin-off series called “East Wick” As you guys know I’ve tried out for a VS before, this is my third and hopefully final time trying out *fingers crossed* East Wick means a lot to me and when I didn’t get a VS for my old series “The Demon Slayer” I was just sad and doubted myself as a writer. After I didn’t get the VS for the second time I stop writing for a while, improving my writing skills and creating a new VS, which is “Eat Wick” Now I’m here with five more episodes, ready to audition again. I promised myself that this time will be different and I will earn a spot in the VS section.

              ANYWHO! East Wick is a spin-off set 2 years after “Chosen” and a year after “Not fade Away” The setting is a small gothic town tucked away in the state of Ohio. A young woman (October Eastwick) Comes to the town to save the citizens, who are in a path of a major apocalypse coming in the near future. Her stay in East Wick October meets a verity of beings. Kat Sherwood: the half demon, flame thrower and her fianc?, Asher: a hunter. Maureen, Spencer & Rorri, siblings. They’re descents of a powerful witch, Elizabeth Cromwell. When October’s new fellow associates discover October is a decent of Natalya Eastwick, which was Elizabeth’s mortal enemy, and she’s on the run from her mother (Selma Eastwick) and her younger sister(Prudence) who are ahead of a evil covenant called Black Blossom. The Cromwell’s trust for October wont go far, which will make her stay in East Wick worst.

              That was my little synopsis! I have five episodes posted underneath and I hope you guys enjoy. I really want this and if I dont get it, I'll just have to try harder next time! ENJOY!!!!

              East Wick

              Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
              Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
              Shane West - Asher Armstrong
              Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
              Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
              Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
              Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
              And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell

              1.01/Pilot "The Book of Enrypted Souls"
              Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
              Released: 8/8/08
              A young woman named (October) comes to the town of East Wick, looking for an answer to saving the town, which will be un ruins in the near future. After searching the town for her answers to her many questions, October discovers that East Wick is on a hell mouth and the seal has to be activated to get a book that will help the town in the battle, that's coming they're way. October will encounter some enemies and friends along the journey to save East Wick.

              1.02 "The Blackest Souls We Carry"
              Episode Banner By: little albatross
              Released: 9/6/08
              Witches and warlocks connected to the Cromwell and Eastwick family start to go missing in. October, Kat and Asher put their heads together to try and figure out what's taking these witches and warlocks. When Maureen goes missing, their time is cut limited. Meanwhile; October's aunt and cousin make their way to East Wick, but Selma's not making it easy for them.

              1.03 "Black Blossom" Pt. 1 of 2
              Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
              Released: 10/10/ 08
              Black Blossom surfaces in East Wick, causing havoc and division in the gang. Meanwhile; October’s past comes back to haunt her.

              1.04 " I'm My Mother's Daughter" Pt. 2 of 2
              Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
              It’s a race against time when Black Blossom and October both go after the ‘ Book of Encrypted Souls’ Meanwhile; Darwin’s ex (a member of Black Blossom) takes him hostage and threatens to take his life. Also Spencer is held hostage by the psychotic-vampire, Melanie.

              1.05 "Mr. Reaper Man"
              Released: 2/22/09
              A Reaper from another dimension breaks it’s way into East Wick. The Reaper is out and ready to collect the souls that were meant to move on. When some of the gang is on death’s list, It's up to Kat and Asher to try to stop it from happening. Meanwhile: October does a spell that causes her to astral project to Black Blossom’s layer, to get more information.
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              East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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                Hey, My name is Jenn and I have a virtual series that is kind of both a continuance and a spin-off. It started as a role-play until a friend of mine convinced me to make it a virtual series, I have been working on it for a few years now, taking a while due to life issues and other personal problems.

                Anyway, Season one begins with an alternate version of Chosen where Buffy and the gang loose the final battle with The First Evil, head to L.A to meet up with Angel and the second front, end up loosing that battle as well and thanks to some help from Riley Finn, they head to an abandoned military base and start fresh, with the help of the united states marine corps they build an army of their own, and attempt to live some kind of normal life within the new apocalyptic world where demons rule.

                End Of Days: Season One

                1x01: "Chosen Redux"

                Buffy and the gang reflect on the failure of their attempt to quash the First and it's army of Turok Han. Be with them for the long ride from Sunnydale To L.A, as they attempt to rebuild their spirits in time to join up with Angel and his crew for the second stand.

                1x02: "The Apocolypse Commeth"
                Buffy and the Scoobies Join Angel and his crew in Los Angeles for the second stand. Past and present clash as the groups fight for the safety of the Free world.

                1x03: "Freeville U.S.A"
                As the gang arrives at their new headquarters, a military presence threatens all they hold dear as mysterious deaths begin to rip through the personnel.

                1x04: "Black Dog"
                Buffy and Angel become dangerously close, Fred and Spike receive some shocking news while The First calls in an old friend of Buffy's for aid in an important project which leaves the Scoobies in devastation.

                1x05: "Vivica"
                Anya is put in charge of a mission just as an incredibly pregnant potential arrives on the base turning Anya and Xander's lives upside down.

                1x06: "Sons And Daughters"
                The First sends a powerful demon sorcerer on an important mission to retrieve Angel's son and bring him home. Buffy an Angelus face off once more, and Buffy is faced with one of her most difficult decisions yet.

                1x07: "True To Form"
                Oz returns with news of a shape shifter who may be on his way to the base. Faith takes over the job of slayer as Buffy heals, seeking out the shape shifter for the ultimate confrontation.

                1x08: "Risky Business"
                Riley is called away to a dangerous military mission in the jungle in which his incredible pregnant wife Sam insists on joining in on unaware that the real danger comes from within.

                1x09: "Alex In Wonderland Part 1"
                Anya's old boss D'Hoffryn returns with a vengeance and it is someone close to her who pays dearly for her choices in the past.

                1x10: "Alex In Wonderland Part 2"

                The gang is separated and thrown into a dimension full of sick and twisted horror. Anya finds herself working her way through a warped Wonderland, only to find the prize at the end is worth alot more then it seems.

                1x11: "Taxes"
                Angelus attacks the base as the Harris family celebrates a new arrival. Xander battles Angelus to protect his family, Willow takes a small trip to the darkside.

                1x12: "Death To Magic"
                The death of a friend causes Wesley to snap and decide to fix the Angelus 'problem' himself, despite objections from Buffy and the others.

                1x13: "Truth and Consequence"
                A healing spell gone awry sends Buffy into an alternate dimension where the first had been defeated, and her life was alot different. Buffy finds herself struggling with the decision to go back home, or stay in this paradise forever.

                1x14: "Jaded"
                As Angelus travels to Louisiana on a mission for The First, back in Freeville, the game is brought up to a whole new degree as we find just how loyal an ex vengeance demon can be.

                1x15: "All The Small Things"

                Willow struggles with her new role as "mother" to a pair of orphaned twins, Giles deals with a difficult decision as Clair's real father surfaces, looking for the child he never knew.

                1x16: "I Would Die For You"
                Angelus is once again stirring up trouble for the gang, but when he kills the wrong person in a fight, he taps into a rage that had been building against him for over a hundred years, and a battle of the ages is sparked, leaving Angelus doubting his survival.

                1x17: "Mother"
                Buffy is informed of an unstoppable power The First wishes to tap, and is sent to Las Vegas to stop it, finding something she never expected. Meanwhile, Doc heads home to Oklahoma to visit her mother, gaining more than she bargained for.

                1x18: "The Party"
                An innocent party turns into a disaster as an ancient relic brings forth a zombie horde from beyond the grave.

                1x19: "Watchless"
                An old and ailing Ethan Rayne shows up at Freeville claiming to want to right his wrongs, and causing events that will turn the remaining Scoobies and their families upside down, and tapping into a darker side to the Slayer.

                1x20: "Faded Light"
                Tara's spirit returns with a message of doom, and Willow makes a tough decision for the survival of the children.

                1x21: "Down With The Sickness"
                A mysterious illness plagues the children of the base, leaving a frantic Buffy doubting the results of Willow's last spell.

                1x22: "Everytime A Bell Rings..."
                The base begins to fall apart with technical failures taking out the main operating systems and leaving Buffy and Co prime for an attack. Angela distances herself further from her mother, a mistake that may prove fatal.

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                  Hi, darkprophet. It certainly looks like you've put a lot of work in, with that many stories. However, the Virtual Series forum is only open to members with fanfic posted here, on this forum. So in order to be eligible you would need to post your stories here.

                  Dark Ages, I haven't forgotten you. Sorry for the wait - I will get back to you soon.


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                    You want me to post the episodes here on this forum to be eligible? I can do that no problem...sorry I guess I didn't read that part.

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                      Hey guys. My name is Lex and I'm sure you all know me as the writer and creator of Shadow Stalker. For some crazy crazy reason I have gone insane and created a spin off for the series, Sirens.

                      You may have seen the first few episodes dotted around the forum but now I have released the fifth episode I'd very much love it to join its sister as one of BuffyForums most successful Virtual Series'. Season 1 will have 18 episodes (just as Season 4 of Shadow Stalker has 18) and I will be writing it side by side with Shadow Stalker so that the seasons finish alongside one another. There are many cross overs planned and I am planning three seasons so that it will conclude when Shadow Stalker finishes in Season 6.

                      The series is completely integral to understanding Shadow Stalker further and it will be completed as always with a high standard, edited by Alex when possible (so far he has been able to edit 4/5 episodes).

                      I really think Sirens will be a success and I've already receieved some lovely praise already and hope that I continue to receive it.

                      Thank you for considering this as a VS. Without further ado, I present to you... Sirens.

                      Season One:

                      “There’s something about this place that calls to me. It calls to me of a great army that will be raised here...”
                      - Sin (Shadow Stalker - 3.16 - Coma)

                      The remnants of The Kalipso Syndicate leave Xak and the others in Shadow Stalker in order to fulfil a powerful and important mission in order to protect their friends and the fate of the human world. Relocating to Cropley Shores to form an army and teach the public more about their world, the Syndicate face prejudice, love rivalry, marriage and death in order for some to escape their pasts and some to find it. Each of them with a common goal and objective, to form a legendary army that no mythology can survive against.

                      1.01 - Out Of The Curriculum
                      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
                      Release Date - 21/12/08
                      Since leaving Xak and his friends the remnants of the Syndicate unite in order to stand strong in their new headquarters: a new, and completely different institution in Cropley Shores, which is quickly faced with a persecuting public front. Two additions join the ranks, one from the past and one new, in order to stand strong against the darkness and the light just as a mysterious family show up in town...

                      1.02 - Flutes And Harps
                      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
                      Release Date - 16/3/09
                      With Melody and Pan becoming the new additions of the gang they find it difficult to fit in, and they haven’t got long as their presence has not gone un-noticed by the Prime family, who rally a quick resistance against The Constance Kyll Memorial School of Justice. Meanwhile a problem student begins attending classes which threatens the safety of the Syndicate more than they will know.

                      1.03 - Falling On Deaf Ears
                      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
                      Release Date - 26/4/09
                      After being hit by a spell cast by Nevan Barnes, Elise is stunned to regain her hearing, but for the young Artair girl her new found gift soon becomes a burden too hard to bear. How did this happen? Will she ever be cast into a world of silence again? And will her new found “gift” reveal more about Cherry’s erratic behaviour?

                      1.04 - Bliss
                      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
                      Release Date - 3/8/09
                      The secret behind Echidna and Pan’s fraudulent marriage is put the test when they are invited to dinner with Edward and Nicola in order to resolve the differences they have with the school. Meanwhile Ursula tries to control the damage she has already caused to her children.

                      1.05 - The Song
                      Promo Icon | Promo Banner
                      Release Date - 6/9/09
                      In the wake of the resolution between the school and the protestors, Brogan takes some of the families on an outing to the beach, which ends in tragedy as two lives are lost... It soon becomes clear that there is something brewing beneath the Shores that could prove deadly as the town is lulled into a false sense of security by the song of an ancient mythological creature.
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