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    SEASON 1

    made by BlueMcphluey

    Marc Blucas.....Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic.....Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase.....Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring....Intank Welleee
    And Allison Mack....Salomie Sullivan

    When Riley, Sam, and Graham move back to a small, Iowa town, they meet things they would never expect, spiraling their lives back to demon fighting. When a new ally is revealed to be a demon, an enemy will threaten the gang’s existence, as well as the worlds.

    1.01 "Just The Beginning"
    Release Date: 8/3/07

    - When Riley, Sam, and Graham save a young girl from a vicious vampire, a deadly demon sends them back to an ally, that just happens to be a demon. Meanwhile, the young girl starts college in Laintan and meets her new friends....and enemies.

    1.02 "Unfinished Business"
    Release Date: 9/4/07

    - Calk and Dan, two rogue government officials, return to Laintan to, surprisingly, not come after Riley, but to come after Sam. As Sam faces a race against time, she must face the hardest decision of her every humans' life worth saving?

    1.03 "Breaking"
    Release Date: 11/24/07

    - When a young girl, tortured by a demon employer, asks for help, the gang has nothing to do but help her destroy an evil corporation. One problem: this corporation has top notch security. Meanwhile, the Salomie/John relationship takes a drastic turn for the worse.

    1.04 "What's To Come (Part 1)"
    Release Date: 12/19/07

    - A demon who has the power to make anyone relive their worst memories tortures members of the gang, and reveals some of the most shocking and disturbing truths from Intank and Riley. Also, Salomie digs deeper into the mystery surrounding her unknown rescuers.

    1.05 "Hasn't Even Begun (Part 2)"
    Release Date: 2/3/08

    - The two-parter comes to an epic close as Xad and Intank take one final stand. Riley has to relive the hardest days of his life....the days when he abandoned his old lover, which led to her eventual death. Salomie finally finds the secret behind the monster than attacked her and comes face to face with the darkness.

    1.06 "Returning The Call"
    Release Date: 3/13/08

    - As Salomie is brought into the group, Intank's worst nightmare, Neiki, whose sister he killed, comes back to haunt him, in a very solid form. Neiki goes on a rampage of killings to threaten Intank, and then shows he is not all talk when he kidnaps the newest member of the gang, and then decides to kill her.

    1.07 "Solitude"
    Release Date: 7/10/08

    - As a drug high witch starts ripping up Laintan, a torn up and tired Eliza must face her past once more as Nina comes back into her life and as her plan begins to unfold. Meanwhile, Sam uncovers the secret behind her family and a new mystery comes into play: What is I.S.?

    1.08 "Like Father, Like Son"
    Release Date: 7/20/08

    - When girls show up beaten to death near The Gold, Riley begins to suspect a killer is on the loose. Meanwhile, Salomie begins to investigate another series of murders with fellow reporter, Logan, who just happens to really like Salomie. Also, Jill and Chris get closer! Nina's plan and who she works for are finally starting to be revealed, but her plan does not take place in Laintan. She's going to.....

    1.09 "Sector 41"
    Release Date: 8/11/08

    - DALLAS! As Nina's plan comes to the surface, Eliza, Riley, and other new recruits come to Dallas to stop her, which leads to emotional turmoil, death, and depression. Meanwhile, Graham heads to Chicago to meet up with her sister and grieve their parents, which is cut short when the police believe they were murdered. At the same time, Sam has to fight three vicious demons on her own and Salomie must come to terms with her closest friend being gay.

    1.10 "A Little Trick" (Part I)
    Release Date: 8/31/08

    - Veno and Ian leave cryptic messages for Sam and Intank, leading them to a mysterious factory where they hope to find answers. Unfortunately for them, Neiki is one step ahead of them. Meanwhile, Salomie delves deeper into magic which leads her to death, destruction, and fear for everyone around her, including her friends. At the same time, Graham seeks revenge for his parent's death, and will do anything to get it, including destroying his relationship with Riley.

    1.11 "Changed" (2)
    Release Date: 8/31/08

    - With Riley now as a vampire, he meets up with an old enemy with a past and starts wreaking havoc on the town. Salomie must deal with the aftermath of her magic and must try and make it up to her friends.

    1.12 "Tailspin"
    Release Date:8/31/08

    - As Graham and Melissa try to solve a series of murders, they grow together.

    1.13 "Damage" (Extended)

    Release Date: 8/31/08

    - In this special extended episode, Salomie meets a new girl who has a secret of her own and Michael and Sam get much closer. Neiki takes the danger level one step up and it all ends in two great tragedy's.

    1.14 "Nightmares"

    Release Date: 8/31/08

    - Neiki's plan begins to unfold, and Intank's destiny seems to be coming into play.

    1.15 "Past Tense" (Season Finale)
    Release Date: 8/31/08

    - In this explosive season finale, the gang fights Neiki, Xad, and his army of vampires and tries to stop them from destroying the world. Also, Neiki strikes at the school, and Salomie's life gets a beating when a betrayal is revealed. Betrayal, death, and secrets. Three in one. All will be revealed.


    • Riley The Series was formed after thinking about Riley's past and how he had none. It also came by me knowing that everyone hated him, while I didn't mind him.

    • This index? Not very good right now, so more will be up later with more in-depth summaries, spoilers (spoiler tags, of course), and more artwork!

    • This series is made by Different Dimensions Productions. Also made by DDP is "The Demon Slayer", written by Kevin!


    Boxset Added 12/30/08....

    Riley The Series: Season 1 Boxset

    Welcome to the Season 1 Boxset Collection! I hope you enjoy the extras. The title will be above, and then just click on the spoiler tags saying show, and you will get that extra special bonus feature!

    Season 1 Overview: The Beginning...

    Welcome to our main feature for this DVD Boxset: the Season 1 overview. I’ve been putting off this DVD for a long time, mostly because of the boxart, but then I just went, what the hell!? I made the crappy boxart, but that’s not what you guys want. It’s the extras and the goodies that make it worth it. So, let’s go through this, shall we?

    The Origin of the Story:

    I thought for a minute I could maybe write about how this story first came to be. It all started off with my inspiration: Alex of BuffyForums. Alex, like many others, had begun to write a VS, or Virtual Season. His was a continuation of Buffy, he was writing Season 8 & 9, which he has recently finished. I was enthralled by the stories and the excitement. I decided to write my own VS, which was a Buffy Season 8 as well. To put it sucked…a lot. I got horrible feedback from everywhere, and I gave up on the Season 8 idea. I began to read other Virtual Seasons, like Chosen, The DSR, Shadow Stalker, Raven, and the list goes on and on. I was so intrigued with all these ideas. I began to write a new story of mine entitled “Riley”. I wrote the pilot and sent it to a friend of BuffyForums: Alex. Nope, not the Alex who wrote Buffy Seasons 8 & 9, but yet another Alex. This Alex is the creator of Raven and an excellent writer. He pointed out what I did wrong, and I rewrote it. And I rewrote it. And, again…and again. Eventually, I gave up and just released it. Worst mistake of my whole writing “career”. I released that and just kept writing. I released the rest of Season 1, getting better and better. But, still, the first ten episodes SUCKED. So, I rewrote the first ten episodes. Some of them changed greatly. The pilot was first entitled “Pilot”. It became, “Just The Beginning”. The third episode was originally, “Arachnophobia”, it has turned into, “Belonging”. I’ll get more into this on the feature about rewritten episodes. So, that’s how Riley came to be.

    Seasonal Arcs:

    This season is very low on the season arcs, but there is one major arc: Neiki. Neiki was an idea that was originally conceived of while I was writing a rewrite to the pilot. I was thinking about each of the characters and who they are. Riley – army dude, married Sam, worked for Initiative, left on bad terms with his old girlfriend whom he still kinda loves, Sam – married Riley, tough, army girl, Graham – Riley’s army buddy, Salomie – cute college girl with a crush that gets tangled up in a bunch of crap, and Intank – demon who’s…good? I didn’t really have a whole lot for Intank. I just wanted a demon on the side of good. So, I started to think up a backstory. I wanted to write a horrible person in someone’s past, and Neiki popped up. Neiki, then Jenny, and it all fell into place. That was how Neiki came around. I personally really like the idea of Neiki and Jenny and their flashbacks, but when I tried to write Neiki into the main story, it never really clicked. Which is one thing this season suffered from, along with amateur writing.

    Favorite Episodes:

    I have some obvious choices. I guess these are my picks:

    1.09 “Sector 41” – I loved writing the epic finale to Nina’s story in Season 1, which is the one awesome thing about Season 1, IMHO. Katie, Shawn, Emma, Mara, Eliza, all fell into place, and the deaths were also great. So, yeah, this concluded the great story of Season.

    1.13 “Damages” – The special extended episode had some fantastic events and the death was all good. I made a huge deal out of this death, which I probably shouldn’t have, but it was still an explosive death. So, I’m particularly happy with the way this episode turned out. Also, it introduced Heather, whom I really love!

    1.15 “Past Tense” – the giant revelation of Jill being an evil demon was paid off, IMHO, and I loved the standoff between Jill and Salomie. Also, the epic battle with Heather doing a Russian split and shooting everyone. The fight in the bar, the crazy end cliffhanger, the destruction of Salomie’s dorm room, and the death of Chris. A crazy episode that, IMO, worked.

    Worst Episodes:

    1.01 “Just The Beginning” – I know it shouldn’t be one of the worst episodes, seeing as it’s my opener, but crap, this was bad. I did it horribly. Crappy, crappy episode.

    1.08 “Like Father, Like Son” – Just a horrible story, again. For some reason, when I was rewriting, I kept the story. Stupid me. So, yeah, bad story; bad flashbacks.

    1.14 “Nightmares” – Did this episode make any sense at all? No, no it didn’t.

    So, that’s the Season 1 overview! Make sure to check out the other cool features.

    Past and Present....

    In this feature, I will talk for a short bit about my often flashbacks that showed up all through the season! I’ll go through them by character.

    RILEY: This was the very first thing I planned for this season. I always wanted to add some depth to Riley, and I wanted to see how he was recruited. So I made up Sara, and she turned into a big deal when I decided to kill her in front of Riley haha. Riley still has feelings for her, obviously, which was a huge deal. So, that’s where this originated from.

    INTANK: Like I said in the Season 1 overview, Intank’s flashbacks fell into place when I needed an explanation for the good demon. This seemed like the perfect way. I wrote the flashbacks and slowly fell in love with Neiki and Jenny. That’s what made me bring Neiki back. Also, that’s why I decided to write more flashbacks, JUST SO I COULD HAVE JENNY back. Haha, expect to see either hallucinations or flashbacks with more Neiki and Jenny next season, seeing as I love those two.

    ELIZA: Well, a crazy badass evil but good at the same time intrigued me, so here came Eliza. Her flashbacks changed a lot. They’re confusing and really not my best work. So, I gotta say, I’m sorry for my crappy Eliza flashbacks. I apologize.

    The Rewritten Episodes....

    I’m gonna go through these episode-by-episode to show what changed….

    1.01 “Just The Beginning” – Well, first off, the original name was just “Pilot”. Plain, yes. Not my best name ever. Also, there was much more yelling and punching and screaming and fighting between Intank and Riley. I cut that, because it was just annoying. I also changed the final fight scene between the electric demon and the gang. I still don’t think I changed enough, making this pilot pretty uninteresting. Which is why I ask people to give my series a change; read two episodes.

    1.02 “Unfinished Business” – This episode remained almost unchanged. The title is the same, plots the same, villains are the same. The only two differences is the epic final battle and in the original version, Sam’s tooth was never a secret. Calk and Dan originally just wanted Sam cause they found her more useful than Riley. On rereading, that made absolutely no sense and was just dumb, so I changed it. That’s really all that changed.

    1.03 “Belonging” – Holy crap, I changed almost everything in this episode! The main plot is completely different. The original title was originally “Arachnophobia”, and this episode was about a group of giant spiders attacking the city. Yeah, I know. Idiotic. It had Salomie, Max, and John hiding in the sewers, and Graham, Sam, Riley, and Intank attacking the spiders on the street. It was complete crap, but I never seemed to realize that back when I wrote it. I’m so happy I changed the plot, because this became one of my favorite episodes of the season!

    1.04 “What’s To Come” (Part I) – Well, not much changed, actually. The flashbacks remained the same, and the plot, Xad, Bob’s death. It was pretty similar. The only new thing was probably the addition of Eliza.

    1.05 “Hasn’t Even Begun” (Part II) – What I said above.

    1.06 “Returning The Call” – Another extremely similar episode. Neiki coming stayed the same, the title stayed the same, Salomie fighting, Salomie getting kidnapped, all that stayed pretty much intact. I’m trying to figure out what changed, and the only thing I can think of is the actual writing. The writing of the scenes was different and much better. Salomie, Sam, and Intank had much better interaction in the rewritten version of the episode, too. That’s about it.

    1.07 “Solitude” – A COMPLETELY changed episode. It was originally “Happy Holidays”, about an ice demon that tried to kill Christmas. LAME. I had to get rid of that, but I’m sad to admit that the witch idea didn’t do to well, either! Not my favorite originally or after rewritten. Plus, since Eliza wasn’t in the series originally, it was new with Eliza.

    1.08 “Like Father, Like Son” – I was an idiot and barely changed this episode. I should have changed it a lot, but I didn’t. I’m not the smartest guy. So, basically, nothing changed.

    1.09 “Sector 41” – This is my favorite rewritten episode and probably the episode I’m most proud of from Season 1. I think it really shows how far I’ve come as a writer. Originally, the plot with Nina was nonexistent. Riley’s plot in this episode DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL in the original. Instead, he was reflecting on how much he sucks. I realized that was probably a bad idea, and made this an epic mid-season finale, which worked a hell of a lot better. Graham’s story stayed pretty much the same, actually, but I’m proud of how much I changed with Riley, Nina, Katie, and Eliza honestly. I’m proud of this rewritten episode.

    1.10 “A Little Trick” (Part I) – This episode is another one that barely changed. The ending stayed the same, Salomie went evil, etc. I think the difference was that this eppy was written much better. The fight was longer, the conversations were more in-depth and meaningful. Badass Salomie got to do more in this episode than in the original, seeing as the original was a mere 28 pages, while this one is 40-45 pages long. So, the writing changed, but the plot didn’t.

    That’s all the rewritten episodes! I hope you enjoyed this Boxset as much I enjoyed making it for all of you.

    An Interview With Kevin....

    I have an extra special treat for you here! Awhile back, me and Kevin (Dark Ages) had an interview. So, K obviously means Kevin and B obviously means Ben aka ME! So, enjoy my interview with the creator of Eastwick.

    K: How do you think Season 1 went? Do you have any regrets?

    B: Well, I think it went 'okay' for a first season. I enjoyed some of the episodes I wrote, and love many of my characters. I was very proud when I finished 1.13 because I had never written anything so long, and I felt it was the best I'd ever written. Of course I have regrets. Many, actually. One of them is the pilot, "Just The Beginning". I don't think I pulled in readers very well, and should've added more information or action to keep people interested. Another would have to be Riley's storyline, in general. He didn't have much of one in Season 1, which I am trying to change. And the last biggest one, in my opinion, has to be Neiki. In my mind, it was great, but when I put it on paper and wrote for him, it seemed stale, and his storylines soon ran out.

    K: You said that Riley didn’t have a lot of story in season one. How do you think your fans will react to the fact that the series is about him and in the first season he was put on the back burner?

    B: I hope they won't mind very much. I felt no need to sacrifice more interesting stories, in my opinion, for a forced Riley story. While it seems like I'm contradicting myself, I'm not trying to. I wanted to create an interesting Riley story with great characters, and I wanted a main Riley story, but at the moment, there were no good ones. I wish I could've found one, but I couldn't, so I just moved onto Sam's secret, Eliza and Nina, Graham's parents, and Neiki's past.

    K: Do you think season 2 will out shine season 1 or vise-versa?

    B: I can only hope that it does! In all honestly, yes, I think it will. Now that the series has developed more, and the exposition and pasts are out of the way, I can explore new characters, more storylines, and other new, fun stuff! I think it’ll be more epic, with another huge big bad that I hope isn't as dry as Neiki. There'll be so many new characters, old characters will have more to play with and will come closer. Those are just some of the things I've got planned for Season 2.

    K: Which character or characters has morphed the most through out season 1 going into season 2?

    B: Wow. I can't say the answer without giving something very big away. But, I'll say Salomie, as to not spoil anyone too much. Salomie has seen Graham's death. She has seen death of someone she loved. Yeah, it may have looked as though she didn't "love" Graham, but she did. And with that, she's becoming less cold and distant. She will begin communicating more (that's a slight hint at what Salomie might tell John in a certain season premiere!), and caring more, especially with the rest of the gang, who she was separate from due to being the new kid. And she was very mean and cold to Logan. Let's just say, not as much. Same with Susan. She's just becoming less closed-minded.

    K: Who is your favorite character and why?

    B: You have to give hard questions, don't you? Um...characters you would have to be Heather. I'm sorry, but she is just way too cool. She is a kick-ass slayer, Salomie's friend, and an all-around awesome person. She has one of my favorite personalities, and in Season 2, she will begin to grow, something I didn't have time to do with her in the last three episodes of the season, for obvious reasons. If we're talking about characters you haven't seen just yet, well...we'll talk then.

    K: A lot of people didn’t like the Riley character in Buffy. What makes you think they'll like a Riley series?

    B: Yeah, a lot of people hated Riley. But I didn't mind him. The thing that upset me with Riley was that there was so much to explore, but no one on the show bothered to explore him. If he had some real depth, then maybe people would begin to like him and not go, "hey, he's boring!" So, I wanted to make Riley a past. As soon as I thought of that, I said, "I can make this a VS!" And then, everything just fell together. I want people to give my Virtual Season a try. Read an episode or two, and if you still hate it, don't read it, or at least tell me how to make it better. I hope people like it because of the stories I tell, and the characters I make. Even if you dislike where the main character, Riley, is going, there's a lot more to this show. Just earlier, I said that Riley was given a smaller role than other leads this season. Riley is still the main character, but I think of it as an ensemble show, all the way. I hope people like it.

    K: Will you ever have an original Buffy cast member guest star on Riley? Why or why not?

    B: Oooh, hard. Probably not. And do you want the honest answer why I don't want to? Okay. Well, I'm afraid of writing them out of character, or not doing them justice. Therefore, I'll stick to what I know best: original.

    K: How long do you plan on having Riley run for?

    B: Three seasons. Riley: The Series will most definitely be an epic trilogy. Season 1 was the prologue, and the next two will deal with the big stuff like a mysterious company named I.S.

    K: Give me five reason why people should give Riley a try?

    B: 1. An assortment of interesting characters: good and evil, or maybe both!

    2. Twists and turns everywhere! More and more will be piled on in Season 2.

    3. You'd be joining in on the most interesting part! Season 2 is when Riley will hit its peak, in my opinion, so catch it!

    4. Many storylines, not just one, to keep you interested and entertained.

    5. Because it would please my heart!

    Thanks so much for the interview, Kevin! Kevin has a new series, "East Wick", so check that out!

    Well, there you have it! That is the Riley The Series: Season 1 Boxset. I hope you enjoy. You can leave feedback on the extras and tell me what you think of them in my Feedback Thread, and you can suggest extras that I can either add to my Season 2 Boxset, or, if it's really good, I might have to update the Season 1 boxset with those extras! Thanks for listening to me babble!!!!


    Very few at the moment, but here's some to satisfy your appetite.
    • The I.S storyline will be more discussed in Season 2, as episodes 1.11-1.15 have already been written.
    • Nina, Eliza, Sam's secret, John's secret, and all these other new storylines introduced will not be seen in Episodes 1.11-1.15, obviously, because of the rewrites. They will not be written to a close by 1.10 at all, just stalled due to this weird circumstance.
    • Season 2 will introduce an all new cast member very close to an old friend from BtVS and Ats.
    • A virus will be involved in future plans.

    Okay, so they're vague. Too bad!

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    SEASON 2

    made by obsessed

    Marc Blucas.....Riley Finn
    Ivana Milicevic.....Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase.....Graham Miller
    Jason Dohring....Intank Welleee
    Jennifer Garner.....Heather Cassidy
    Jared Padelecki.....John Doven
    Jensen Ackles.....Dean Aiden
    Aaron Ashmore.....Ryan Harris
    And Allison Mack....Salomie Sullivan

    With Neiki dead, the gang has fallen apart. Sam and Riley have divorced, and Salomie is traumatized by the sight of a dead Graham. Intank is in depression after killing his old friend, so he turns to an unlikely person for comfort. At the same time, a new enemy rises, a powerful company emerges, new characters play major rolls in the events to come, old characters return, an assassination attempt, a new mayor, and more.
    All will be revealed.

    2.01 "Aftermath"
    Release Date: 10/05/08

    - 3 MONTHS LATER. Now, the gang is separated. Ian has awoken from his coma, and Riley is staying with him. Sam and Graham are now alone in the big house, while John moves in with Salomie and her mother, and Intank is hiding out alone in his apartment, visited by hallucinations. All seems very quiet....but it's not. Nina, Patrick, and James are back in time, working for a company known simply as "I.S.". However, with Nina failing to return with Pyro and failing to kill John, she must prove herself worthy.

    2.02 "Welcome To I.S."
    Release Date: 10/19/08

    - KEEP YOU SAFE. After Ryan's unexpected arrival, he must explain himself to the gang. Meanwhile, a mysterious man saves Katie and brings her to a familiar person, while more and more about I.S. is revealed. With John by her side, Salomie tries to fight off her fears subconsciously and awake from her coma, as Intank faces a hard decision. However, the whole gang has to come back together to defeat a huge enemy that just erupted, but the first step is the easiest. It's about to get a lot harder.

    2.03 "Mind Games"
    Release Date: 11/02/08

    - THE REAL WORLD. Sam starts to set up the new business by buying a warehouse, and supplying it with multiple things. Meanwhile, Salomie goes back to the press and learns a lesson from her old friend, Logan, who seems to have toughened over the past few months. Also, Riley confronts the gang about the stolen chip, Sam looks for her father, and I.S. hires a rogue slayer assassin, Abby, to kill Riley's gang. Abby's first action: taunting Riley with a spell that makes hallucinations hauntingly real.

    2.04 "And Then There Were None"
    Release Date: 12/29/08

    - HELD HOSTAGE. As Marie and Sam try to bond, they are taken hostage with eleven other people. As the gang learns about this and tries to save the gang, the intentions of the hostage-takers are slowly revealed, everyone tries to get Sam and Marie out of the hostage-taker's grasps before it's too late!

    2.05 "When I Go"
    Release Date: 1/24/09

    - BETWEEN DEATH AND RESURRECTION. Everything seems to be going normal...Melissa and Graham are happy, Salomie decides to talk to Dean, Heather and Salomie are hanging out, Logan is being nice to Salomie, Marie and Riley are going great...until the assassination attempts against Katie begin to come more frequently. A secret is revealed, and that secret may tear apart Katie Jones. At the same time, the Watcher's Council sends a watcher and three slayers to Laintan, trying to stop Abby, I.S., and a strong demon that Abby is planning on summoning...Alcasies. Can the gang face Alcasies, or will his power of manipulation destroy Laintan...and maybe the world.

    2.06 "Lights Out"
    Release Date: 2/20/09

    - GRIEF. As the gang mourns the death of their friends and lovers, the mystery of Alcasies finally begins to fall into place. Meanwhile, Carey and the assassination group collide, revealing who is really behind it all.

    2.07 "Moldau"
    Release Date: 11/29/09

    - RAGING RIVER. Alcasies has returned, and his followers are ready to fight to the death to protect him and make sure his plans fall into place. The group is separated, and must join together to try and defeat Alcasies once and for all until they learn that perhaps this is not even possible. Meanwhile, I.S. encounters problems with the assassination organization as Carey goes after Heather and Sam meets an I.S. employee connected to her father.


    2.08 "Fresh Out of Salvation"
    Release Date: COMING SOON

    - YOU DIDN'T KNOW I WAS SOMEBODY. The conflict between I.S. and the assassination group finally blows up as a full-out battle between them ensues. The truth about Carey is revealed to the group, which is met with heartbreak, shock, and anger as Riley searches for vengeance. Meanwhile, Sam deals with coming face to face with her father, a shock she never saw coming.

    2.09 "Can't Be Saved"
    Release Date: ????

    - ????

    2.10 "Everybody's Gone To War"
    Release Date: ????

    - ????

    2.11 "Calculation" (Part I)
    Release Date: ????

    - ????

    2.12 "Calculation" (Part II)
    Release Date: ????
    Season Finale

    - ????


    Updated 11/25/09

    It's been practically 9 months since I last released an episode. I deeply apologize and will try to get on that immediately. Just a quick update for you all; sorry!


    Coming after this season ends.....

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