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Rogue Redemption: Index [permanent hiatus]

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  • Rogue Redemption: Index [permanent hiatus]

    A Faith Spin-off
    A killer by accident...a protector by choice.

    Season One:

    Summary: Faith and Robin move to New York City, upon learning that it rests on a Hellmouth. When they arrive, they meet new friends...and new enemies.

    Boxset by Heather here

    Eliza Dushku as Faith
    D.B. Woodside as Robin
    Michelle Williams as Marie Kaloff
    Tina Majorino as Samantha Derevco
    Jason Momoa as Bishop
    Callum Blue as Alan Ross
    James Callis as Brian Edwards

    Which Rogue Redemption Character Are You?

    1.01 "Home Sweet Hell"
    Release Date: 1/29/06

    -Faith and Robin arrive in New York City. When they arrive in their new apartment, they find a man in their closet, talk to himself. Who is this mysterious stranger? Meanwhile, there is a bounty hunter out for a vampire, and he won't let anyone get in his way.

    1.02 "And So It Begins"
    Release Date: 2/11/06

    - Marie, a new Slayer arrives at Faith and Robin's apartment. Just as she arrives, Faith and Robin are told by Alan that girls have been disappearing from the campus he goes to. Is there a new killer running amuck in The Big Apple? Or is someone recruiting for an army, and maybe these missing girls are actually Slayers?

    1.03 "Slayers Ahoy!"
    Release Date: 2/25/06

    -Some Slayers arrive in NYC, but they are not the new Slayers that we have been expecting. You'll see some familiar faces in this episode, as well as two non-familiar ones. There were supposed to be more coming to NYC, but there was a complication along the way?14 of the 18 Slayers mysteriously disappeared one night. Who is the link to these missing girls? Or did they just escape from it all one night because they couldn't handle it?

    1.04 "Into the Darkness"
    Release Date: 3/18/06

    -People are starting to go missing all around Manhattan, and no one has seen them go anywhere. They all went out the night that they went missing, and never returned. Authorities say that there may be a serial killer on the loose, because at first, there is a pattern with the people it takes. But when the pattern is broken, no one knows who's doing this. Will someone ever figure it out? Or will this continue until the people of Manhattan Island are all gone?

    1.05 "Wreckage"
    Release Date: 3/27/05

    -After the occurrences in the previous episode, a few people were injured, and 3 died. One of the injured was Sam, and this leaves Alan to try to figure out who did this. What he finds is more than Sam ever wanted him, or anyone else, to know.

    1.06 "Other People's Shoes"
    Release Date: 4/9/06

    -Brian's empathy starts to physically affect him. We have seen how bad he is in previous episodes, and it continues to get worse. Is there a cure for this supernatural condition? Also, we find out more about Sam, and that Alan is avoiding her. Why?

    1.07 "Pull the Curtain Back"
    Release Date-4/25/06

    -I'm sure you're all wondering- what's up with this Marie girl? One minute, she is shy and stuttering. The next, she is commanding and using magic. C'mon. You've got to think it's strange! In this episode, we uncover a part of Marie's past that she doesn't like remembering?a part of her past that was key to who she is today. *Crossover with Shadow Stalker*

    1.08 "Scar Tissue"
    Release Date: 5/3/06

    -With no sighting of a Big Bad, Faith decides to start a new job. But when she does, people that she has killed keep coming up on her to taunt her?and this isn't the First. They are being acted through someone. The question is- who?

    1.09 "Birds of Prey"
    Release Date:5/16/06

    -Whilst Faith and Robin are on patrol, they see a man being attacked. And who would it be other than Christopher Wood, Robin's father. Someone is after him, because they think that Nikki is still alive, and they are trying to get to her through him. Why do they think that Nikki is alive? And what will this do to affect Robin's life?

    1.10 "Hunting Season"
    Release Date: 5/29/06

    -Bishop continues in his pursuit to kill Faith, stalking her in the shadows. Faith is beginning to catch on. She's a bit more careful when she's patrolling, and keeps an eye out. Will she catch Bishop? Meanwhile, people are being found dead all over Manhattan. Strange symbols on every one that is found are a sign that these aren't just random killings.

    1.11 "Confessions"
    Release Date: 6/24/06

    -After Bishop is caught by Faith, he has some questions to answer. And if he gives in, this may be the end to Hector...the question is- will he give in? Meanwhile, Brian has a vision that shows what Marie did to Joseph, and he's not sure whether it's happened already or if it's going to happen. Either way, he knows this- Marie is not what she appears to be.

    1.12 "Unexpected Relations"
    Release Date: 7/4/06

    -After the battle in the previous episode, Bishop is now aligned with Faith and Co., though they are not quick to trust him, especially not Alan. But when Brian gets another vision that may reveal that Bishop is a good guy in all of this, he tries to convince everyone that he is. Also, Marie has to explain to Faith and Co. why she did what she did. A stranger rolls into town. After that...a shocking secret is revealed...This will be the most revealing episode of this series yet.

    1.13 "Arisen"
    Release Date: 7/18/06

    -Upon finding out who the Big Bad is, Faith and Co. must get ready for the upcoming events. Meanwhile, the Big Bad has found out that Faith and Co. know about them, and they aren't about to let them get away with taking them down.

    1.14 "Moths to the Flame" (Part 1)
    Release Date: 7/26/06

    -Why the Big Bad is truly the Big Bad is revealed in this episode, along with what they are going to do. Certain members of Faith and Co. are hesitating to help in the annihilation of the Big Bad as they are humans. Relationships, whether friends are otherwise, are being torn at this. This is the penultimate episode of the season, and things are starting to heat up.

    1.15 "Break of Day" (Part 2) - Season Finale
    Release Date: 7/31/06

    -The search for a member of their gang continues as the Big Bad begins to wreak havoc- their plan has begun. The gang is alone in this one- no one is coming to their rescue. And even some of their own aren't there to back them up. It all comes down to this episode, and no one knows which way it will go.


    ? Rogue Redemption would have never happened if it hadn't been for me reading other series', but in particular, Chosen. It's a VS that I really got into and inspired me.
    ? Season One was originally supposed to be 22 episodes, but I cut it down to 15 due to I didn't want episodes to be too boring. Later seasons may be longer.
    ? The fact that certain actors in Broken Destiny play in Rogue Redemption as well is a coincidence, really.
    ? Rogue Redemption is officially affliated with Shadow Stalker, the awesome spin-off created by Lex!!
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    "A killer by accident, a protector by choice."

    Season Two:

    2.01 “Not in Kansas Anymore” (Season Premiere)
    Release Date: 8/27/06

    -And they’re definitely not in NYC either. Last season, Faith and Co. were mystically transported to L.A...or at least what’s left of it. Find out what happened after NFA ended...see how Faith and Co. contributed. Meanwhile, Faith and Co. have to try to figure out how to get back to their home.

    2.02 "Worlds Collide"
    Release Date: 10/6/06

    -Faith and Co. are heading back to NYC- by portal. The thing is- they keep getting stuck in alternate dimensions. Several are tempting for our heroes and heroines- will they be able to leave the dimension willingly? It’s all up to them as they try to reach their destination.

    2.03 "Retrospect"
    Release Date: 11/27/06

    -A person from Faith’s past shows up at their doorstep, tagging along someone else that Faith certainly wasn’t expecting. Meanwhile, Angel, Spike, and Illyria have to face the fact that they have to hunt down and kill someone that they thought to be their friend. Will their friendship for him prevent them from doing what they have to? And to add to all the drama, Sam and Alan’s relationship continues to dwindle.

    2.04 “Grey Sky Mourning”
    Release Date: 2/2/07

    -While Faith and Tommy try to figure out why Clark was going to kill her, Brian realizes that he has to face the fact that his brother is dead. Although he used to think that he never really cared about him, he’s starting to think that he was wrong. The fact that his true feelings are showing is a good thing…but very bad at the same time. Two other people have to deal with a loss of a friend as well. Sam and Alan face the fact that they are no longer a couple. This is a time of mourning, and suffering...can everyone deal with it?

    2.05 “S.O.S”
    Release Date: 2/19/07

    -An old friend visits, but this is not a social call. They are in desperate need of help, and Faith is trying her best to help but it might not be enough. Meanwhile, Marie is taken by someone who wants her powers. Why do they need a young witch’s powers? The better question is- Will the gang be able to find her before they take all of them?

    2.06 “Power Outage” Release Date: 4/9/07

    -The ongoing search for our missing Slayer continues, as Alan tries to clear Sam's name. Lena has wriggled her way inside Faith's house, asking for "help"...what is it that she really wants? Marie’s powers have been slightly weakened from the person who took her, and the gang researches how they might be able to get them back. Illyria’s powers seem to have fully disappeared, mostly her strength. Will they be able to get hers back as well? With so much going on, it's a wonder how the gang is going to get anything done at all...and if they do, they might not get it right.

    2.07 “Reverse Psychology”
    Previous Title: “Limelight”
    Release Date: 4/20/07

    -Lena goes on a rampage, revealing a secret to Faith that has been hidden from her since birth. The reason for Illyria's status is explained...but not in full. Meanwhile, jewels of high mystical value are disappearing from museums everywhere...Whoever is taking them wants power, and they'll do almost anything to get it...

    2.08 “Ground Control”
    Release Date: 5/8/07

    -Our mysterious figure’s name has finally been revealed, and soon we will know exactly who they are, which is pivotal.

    2.09 “Beyond Repair”
    Previous Title: “Death Knell”
    Release Date: 6/17/07

    -Asmodai has been defeated, but that doesn’t mean that the chaos has ended. As one of Faith’s own begins to show their true colours, we find out exactly how and why they are the way they are today. Faith cannot hope to stop them right now, though…she has run into a conflict of her own, and the chances of getting out of the situation are slim to none. Not to mention that a whole new company has come into play, their intentions unknown…

    2.10 “Escape Route”
    Release Date: 7/15/07

    -Our new bad guy pays a visit to a “friend” of his. The gang has no chance of stopping him by compromise, because of their own actions. They must stop him by force, while trying to boost Faith out of jail. What they don’t know is where Faith really is. As all of these events unfold around them, we learn more about one of our newcomers.

    2.11 “Be Not Afraid”
    Release Date: 3/6/08

    - The assassins continue to try to convince Tommy to do his job by making him choose between two of the most important people in his life. The police start a new search for Faith…and her friends. Fred makes an interesting alliance. With so many things going on at once, the gang might not notice that something is going terribly wrong in the city itself.

    Coming Soon...

    2.12 “Airborne”
    Release Date: TBA

    -There’s a disease spreading throughout New York City, there’s only one way to stop it, and it’s not simple. Faith and her friends need help from someone who they haven’t seen since her disappearance. Faith is unsure if she can get them to even cooperate without turning against them, but the gang just might have to take the chance.

    2.13 "Something Old, Something New"
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      Rogue Redemption is coming off of hiatus. I'm re-reading season two to remember what direction I was going in, and I will be writing the next episode and posting it as soon as I finish.

      "If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit."